Sunday, January 12, 2014

Detroit City Council President Pro Tem George Cushingberry Does His Best 'Reconstruction-Era Black Legislator' Impression from "Birth of a Nation"

It's easily the most hated movie ever made, but it's also one of the most profitable (and groundbreaking).

Birth of a Nation.
Detroit City Council President Pro Tem George Cushingberry, seen here lolling in his chair, claimed he was a victim of "driving while black" in an 83 percent black city when two white cops pulled him over. His car smelled of marijuana and had an open bottle of rum (all of this after a night at a strip club)

The silent film master-piece needs no introduction, but it's one scene from the film (set during Republican-mandated Reconstruction of the South) that resonates powerfully when compared to the life of a current Detroit City Councilman -- and, coincidentally, the Council President Pro Tem. It's a scene that's been replicated in city hall's across the nation since:
A scene set in the South Carolina legislature in the early 1870s (introduced with an intertitle that suggests that what is to follow is drawn from “historic incidents”), which depicts newly elected black legislators lolling in their chairs, their feet bare, eating chicken and drinking whiskey, leering at white women in the visitors’ gallery.
 Flash-forward to Detroit, an 83 percent black city. Though, for the first time in 40 years, the mayor is white, the entire city council is non-white (all but one is black). The Council President Pro Tem is a black man named George Cushingberry, who was recently pulled over by two white cops in a town his people run.

Obviously, he was racially profiled.

Obviously, it was a "driving while black" incident.
Birth of a Nation: no, this isn't a scene from a Detroit City Council meeting...

Cited for not using his turn signal (don't those honky cops know black people in Detroit don't have to use turn signals?), Mr. Cushingberry's car was noted to smell of marijuana and he had an open bottle of rum in the back seat of the vehicle. [Detroit Councilman Cushingberry claims police mistreatment in traffic stop, Detroit Free Press, 1-10-14]
Detroit’s newly elected City Council President Pro Tem George Cushingberry Jr. says he was mistreated by police officers during a traffic stop, which ended in a citation for not using his turn signal.
Addressing reports that he was driving with marijuana and an open intoxicant in his car, Cushingberry said that when he was stopped Tuesday night on Livernois, he had an empty rum bottle, left over from a party about a week earlier, in his backseat and a passenger who is a medical marijuana patient and caregiver who had marijuana on him.
Now the department has launched an internal investigation into the actions of a responding supervisor who let him go with the citation.
Cushingberry, who said he had one shot of rum with dinner at the nearby Penthouse Lounge, which he characterized as a neighborhood eatery and not a strip club as some media had reported. He said the officers did not check to see whether he had been drinking.
“It was obvious that I wasn’t drunk because he didn’t give me any field sobriety,” he told the Free Press.
Cushingberry, who is black, said he believes he was racially profiled by the two white officers who pulled him over, in part because he drives an older car. On the citation he was issued, Cushingberry’s violation is listed as “fail to signal.” He said the officers were too far behind him to see whether he was using his signal.
 Translation: if I want to smoke marijuana in 83 percent Detroit, I can; if I want to drive around my vehicle and sip on a bottle of rum, I can; if a white cop dares pull me over, well, there's going to be hell to pay! [George Cushingberry apologizes to council for 'driving while black incident', Detroit Free Press, 1-10-14]:
A day after news broke that he was involved in a traffic stop this week involving alcohol and marijuana, Detroit Councilman George Cushingberry was back to work today and apologized to his colleagues for what he called a “driving while black incident."
Cushingberry apologized at the beginning of a council meeting where members are to consider several appointments to the city’s land bank and public lighting authority.
“I wanted to say to my colleagues, if any of you were embarrassed by the driving while black incident that happened to me, please forgive me,” he said at the council table.
“It’s unfortunate we still have these types of incidents in our city.”
Cushingberry declined to speak with reporters, he said, because he gave interviews on the incident on Thursday and because the incident is being investigated.
 "It's unfortunate we still have these types of incidents in OUR city...."

Another simple translation (courtesy of Birth of a Nation): "We're in charge now, and by God we can do whatever we want in our city. Whatever we fucking want."

So what if he went to strip club, smoked some grass and kicked a bottle of rum?

You know what he'll next?

Well, the scene quoted above from Birth of a Nation accurately depicts what black elected officials do once in office, so it should be obvious what he does next. Fox 2 News Headlines


Anonymous said...

The "neighborhood eatery" (NSFW):

Southron said...


A black city council president is driving drunk, smoking pot, and on his way back from a strip club when he gets pulled over. He only gets a a failure to signal ticket, yet he still climbs the "driving while black" cross and nails himself to it. I guess since the mayor is white, blacks are an oppressed minority again.

I like how it was reported he was driving home from a "neighborhood eatery". I guess it sounds better than a "titty bar". They wouldn't want to report the truth. That might be...racist!

Anonymous said...

Stuff Black People Don't Like also includes "using your turn signals." After all, they don't have to tell no whiteys where they gwine to!

senatortombstone said...

PK, while some might accuse you of hateful hyperbole; you are correct:most blacks don't think they have to follow the rules or obey the law. This - and not racism - is why even the most routine of traffic stops can turn into deadly encounters. And this isn't just with police encounters; I suspect that most black on black crime is the combination of two low impulse control and violent histrionics make a mountain out of mole hill.

Extropico said...

I went to the website for the "neighborhood eatery" and there beez no full-blooded Africans. Mostly YT women in a mostly dark city....

D-FENS said...

Detroit still has White police officers?

TheAntidote said...

I first saw 'Birth of a Nation' on an early TV show that featured silent films. I now have it on VHS from the early 70s which was handed down in inheritance. At some point Spook Lee insisted everyone view the movie to understand how Hollywood had defamed Negroes and institutionalized raycizm. So, I've seen the film many times.
Over the years, as I have witnessed the antics of the Detoilet City Council, I can't tell you how many times I have compared these to the infamous state capitol scenes in Birth of a Nation. At times, the buffoonery, crudeness and stupidity were so similar that I began to think of D.W. Griffith was some kind of seer or prophet, able to look into the future.
Reconstruction was the first federal plan to uplift the Negro. The Negro was made a full citizen with all the duties and rights. The result was failure and chaos. The result was the end of civilized society. So, everyone, North and South, agreed that segregation and separate but equal had to be imposed for the survival and good of all. Too bad the Great Kennedy, the King Fish, and LBJ ended segregation and launched us into Reconstruction 2.

Anonymous said...

I think that a big part of the problem is that this is just making it easier for the next nig to beat similar charges.If a White guy gets a DUI it will cost him thousands-and he will pay it promptly to get it behind him. When the nig drives drunk.the nig now goes to a nig lawyer and watch them turn it into a money-making endeavor.Another example of White money being funneled to nigs-and nigs held to a different,softer standard than Whites.It is everywhere ! Richard Cranium

Anonymous said...

I will give the local Detroit station some credit for how they handled this story.

It is a far cry from how 25 years ago the Washington DC media covered up Mayor Marion Barry's substance abuse issues. William McGowan who went on to write the book "Coloring the News", a great account of the Cultural Marxism take over of the media, wrote some great article on how the WAPO and the local tv stations who use every editing trick imaginable to make Mayor Barry not look and sound intoxicated.

By the time they were done editing his slurred rambling speech, you would have sworn you were listening to Laurence Olivier.

Dissident said...

Slightly off topic, however:

"Black Dogs adopted Less Often". This proves that whites are racist! Since I'm certain that whites adopt most dogs in this country.

The white devil is even prejudiced against African American dogs it seems. Maybe Addison is right after all. Addison, Evergreen, Feedback, Desiree.....I beg your indulgences.

Crackers won't adopt African American Dogs.

Anonymous said...

hey dont you know its all the fault of us oppressing white devils,we as a nation are finished because we keep putting guys like this in positions of power,why would you elect a guy with a 50 iq to run your city,we had a white homeland once it was called the united states of america but we let liberals& scumbags give it away.. royal oak dude..

Anonymous said...

I love the part where he says the cops "were too far behind him" to see if he used his turn signal.

Wouldn't that also indicate they were too far behind him to see he was black?

Anonymous said...

Open liquor in the passenger compartment in a vehicle in Illinois is against the law even a case of beer with one can missing is open liquor. Also smoking weed in a car is an intoxicant to the person not only smoking the weed but the driver who is not smoking.
My wife got nailed for drunk driving and it was $6,000 later that the nightmare was over for .12 at the time when .10 was the law that was 25 years ago in Illinois. This guy should have thanked the police officer and stop his bitching for only getting the ticket. Being black is not being a victim.

Anonymous said...

Zoo keepers.

Anonymous said...

Now wait a minute 6:37 pm - that sounds like some of that magic white juju thinking there (known to whites as logic). I'm sure George Cushingberry has no idea what you be talkin' bout, you racist YT.

And what in the heck is wrong with those stupid white cops. Either don't give the groid a ticket at all or field test him and prove he's high and drunk. I hope those cops learn something useful from this.

Anonymous said...

The white cops didn't give him a sobriety test and let him go with just a citation. Yet still they are accused of racism and placed under investigation. The audacity and shamelessness of these people is stunning. No good deed goes unpunished.

Son of Delbert said...

As a proud blue eyed white devil cop, I must say this is really not unusual. My city is small compared to Detroit. I know of two city council members who are black. One is now retired. They are caricatures of black people. The retired one is male, favored loud garish pimp suits. Did very little. Made noise about the "community" and what it was entitled to. Active black councilwoman is rarely there. Misses most of her meetings. Have met her twice. She always wears one of those peculiar church lady hats in garish colors. Fake flowers in the brim. I work nights, her family is large. Contains a fair number of criminal misfits and fuckups. She shows up on calls and demands special treatment for them when they get in trouble. Blacks are tribal, if they are given political power they try to enrich themselves and their immediate family. Their people. Happens in Africa all the time. Every time some shitty third world black country collapses in war and chaos the ruler flees to Switzerland with as many relatives and all the hard currency they can pack into the last plane out.

They loot the shit out of American municipal governments if given half a chance. Thats why if you find yourself in a black run municipality, RUN! Harvey, IL is great example. The same black family has run it for years Google it. Blacks are not part of Western Civilization. They are parasites who are better suited to mud huts and subsistence agriculture. Growing yams, raising goats in a limited fashion. Shitting and pissing in the streets.

Never saw "Birth of a Nation," looks worth watching. All the right people seem to hate it.

It's truly nice to have enemies a man can be proud of. Stay strong brothers and sisters. Also for Pissed off Irishman, keep the faith little brother. There are damn good women out there. Read your posting a few days back and have been thinking of you. Never settle for less. Find a woman deserving of YOU. And work hard to deserve HER. Earn it! Give her all your love, strength and passion. There is no room for half measures now. Love and life itself is all or nothing. The West is not done yet.


10mm AUTO said...

Man, I would hate to be those Cops! You pull over a negro who is Drunk at the the Wheel and its a damn city councilman. Crap! Better to cut him loose than make waves in a broke city. Next morning, he is on the tube saying "youz be racist and sheet."

If he is going to be that much of a Dick, better to go full Monty and either escort him home or have him blow a test so you can justify the stop. Being a nice guy gets you branded a racist in a negro town.

Anonymous said...

@January 12, 2014 at 4:04 PM

And as expect all the girls advertised as working at the titty bar are white, even in 83% black Detroit.

Here in Chicago I bid on a IT project for a chain of stripclubs. Having never been to one (who wants to pay hundreds of dollars for blueballs?) before I wasnt sure what to expect. All the girls there were white too except one to keep the EEOC off their ass, and she didnt seem to have anyone asking her for dances.

Anonymous said...

Just watched Birth of a Nation last week. My favorite scene is where a mulatto guy says to the white liberal carpetbagger congressman, "I want to marry a white woman". The congressman says how that is so wonderful. Then the black guy says,
"And the woman is your daughter". Well, it did not go well. But the Klan, (the heroes in the movie), shows up to save the day.

rex freeway said...

Dont tell me it was the only two Whites on the police force. Right? Negros and their imaginary racism. Will it never end?

Anonymous said...

@January 12, 2014 at 6:28 PM

When I looked at that video about adopting black dogs all I saw was White people adopting them. Sort of like when they go to the Congo to adopt a kid lol

For some reason the human mind perceives black negatively and this is probably true even in places where the people are very black, although of course they're used to seeing it. Perhaps in our reptile brain we associate black with night and people have always associated night with danger.A lot of dangerous predators hunt at night and you can't see them like when it's light.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

If one is under the intoxicant effect of white liberal ideology, if one is under the jackboot ideology of negros, the movie "Birth Of A nation" is, without doubt, a racist rant totally in opposition to the truth of reality.

However, if one has matured, if one is a non-liberal white, the accuracy of Griffiths movie, based on Dixons 1905 book, "The Clansmen", is undeniable.

White liberals and negros deny the reality of the movie's truth because they prefer the illusion of blaming negro failure singularly upon evil whitey, the blue eyed devil, who headhunts, for the singular intent, to persecute the poor, innocent, unsuspecting negro.

Both white liberals and negros pretend they believe the lowly negro is only a loser because of evil whitey and only because of evil whitey, and not at all because of the negros more r selected, or animalistic gene pool, that among other realities produces a physically smaller, lower IQed cerebrum.

No sir, no sir, the negro is not a loser in the white man's higher culture of civilization because of his low IQ, in fact, if one just allows the negro to dress in the white man's clothes, the negro can leave behind his own lower culture of the primitive savage, and "blend" into the white man's higher culture of civilization admirably.

White liberals and negros go together like tar and feathers.

In fact, they, as an alliance, have been tar and feathering non-liberal whites, aka whitey, for a long time.

Is our white gene pool/race finished? That is the question.

I'm PDK: Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Re: the picture @ the top of this article -

Homeboy just made a BASKET, see? Got that garbage RIGHT in the can. He's so proud, just look at 'im!

italian guy said...

Hey Paul, take a look:
This is how DWL explain Detroit demise... truly disingenuous.

Anonymous said...

A stranger stood at the gate of Hell

And the Devil himself had answered the bell

He looked him over from head to toe

And said “My friend, I’d like to know

What you have done in the line of sin

To entitle you to come within?”

Then Franklin D. with his usual guile

Stepped forth and flashed his toothy smile.

“When I took over in ’33,

A nation’s faith was mine”, said he

“I promised this and I promised that,

And I calmed them down with a fireside chat.

I spent their money on fishing trips

And I fished from the decks of their battleships.

I gave them jobs on the WPA

Then raised their taxes and took it away.

I raised their wages – then closed their shops,

I killed their pigs and buried their crops.

I double-crossed both young and old

And still the folks my praises told.

I brought back beer and what do you think?

I taxed it so high they couldn’t drink.

I furnished money with good loans

When they missed a payment I took their homes.

When I wanted to punish people, you know,

I put my wife on the radio.

I paid them to let their farms lie still

And imported foodstuffs from Brazil.

And curtailed crops when I felt mean

And shipped in corn from the Argentine.

When they started to worry, stew and fret,

I’d get them to chanting the alphabet.

With the AAA and the NLB

The WPA and the CCC.

With these many units I got their goats

And still I crammed it down their throats

While the taxpayers chewed their fingernails.

When the organizers needed dough

I signed up plants for the CIO.

I ruined their jobs and I ruined their health

And I put the screws on the rich man’s wealth.

And some who couldn’t stand the gaff

Would call me up and how I’d laugh!

When they got too hot on certain things

I’d pack up and head for Warm Springs.

I ruined their country, their homes, and then

Laid the blame on the ‘nine old men’.”

Now Franklin talked both long and loud

And the Devil stood with his head bowed.

At last he said “Let’s make it clear,

You’ll have to move, you can’t stay here.

For once you’ve mingled with this mob

I’ll have to hunt myself a job.”

Quite off topic but then again, perhaps not.
MOS 0321



and we expect the common black citizen to follow the laws of he state right? well, when the only words they here out of their sometimes elected officials is blame this one, blame that one, or just blame the white race for even thinking that we(blacks) should follow someone's laws. nigga please my elected official said it's wrong then god damn it it's wrong! blacks are all guilty of driving while black. that's what the councilman said so i'll say the same thing too. rinse repeat just throw another cause in the same tired old sentence.


Anonymous said...

-Fireforce- here..

The phenomenon of "driving while black" is largely a myth.

Yes, blacks do indeed get stopped by the police on trafic stops more than do other demographics. But it is usually for a reason. No doubt everyone here is familiar with the fact that blacks commit crimes at a higher rate than do other groups. Well, crimes do not just include major things like felonies. They also include the minor infractions such as traffic violations.

SKIP said...

TWO WHITE POLICE OFFICERS in Detoilet!!! how the fuck did that slip by the niggers!

RexRazor said...

Yes. "The story is still unfolding" and has been since 1974 (arguably since 1967). The prerequsites for office in Detroit have remained unchanged for four decades. One must be black, unqualfied, undignified and unlearned. Coleman set the bar pretty high and Mathis raised it higher.

Don M said...

What is important to note here is not the TNB of a black politician, but the reaction of the police.

Here we have a prime example of how the Gleeful Armed Enforcers of BRA (LEOs) operate.

Negro politician is drunk, high, and committing crimes behind the wheel... issued a minor violation.

Middle class Joe or Jane Whitebread does that? Well it would be at least $10,000.00 in legal fees and penalties, at least a couple days in the can, and the loss of his/her license and probably livelihood.

And this business of minorities getting pulled over more? Yeah right. I know LEOs and I know all about the "Buck Stop" and how loathe they are to make one. I have personally been singled out by female LEOs for lesser violations just so they didn't have to make a buck stop.

Believe me, I get it: state gets the money and she gets to go home to her hubby/BF. But the resentment I feel is permanent...

No offense to Son of Delbert (you're like the IKAGO of cops, LOL) but we need to realize that the police are NOT there to help us. Right now, their purpose is to protect negroes from righteous retribution and to fleece the white middle class on behalf of their masters.

If the EBT card ever stops, the blue shirts will be as much of a threat as the brown skins.

One Pissed Off Irishman said...

Thanks for the kind words Son of Delbert. My great grandpa was a large Irish cop in Chicago in the 20s, and 30s. He didn't have a squad car, he walked the beat, and from the stories I've heard busted quite a few heads. It's a shame the U.S. has turned into a police state since then just to control the negro crime, well to coddle them really.

I know that the police state is in place to prevent the overthrow of the Government, as vigilante justice would surly be more effective on crime than what we have know. The rampant negro crime is the just the excuse to shred the Constitution, the PTB are laughing in our faces as they destroy they White mans crowning achievement, the U.S. The Irish have sacrificed as much blood as just about anyone else for this country. I have direct relatives that fought for the Union in the civil war, as the story goes my relative was 1 of 3 brothers that served in the Union Army, in the first battle they fought 2 of the 3 brothers died in combat, the one that lived fought in several more battles, and saw the war end, he was also the youngest of the 3.

I'd like Son of Delbert to elaborate a little on the political climate behind the "blue curtain" so to speak. How many White police officers are race-realists, and loyal to the Constitution, on average, in your opinion?

-One Pissed Off Irishman

pat said...

It's true black dogs are adopted at animal shelters less frequently. This is because black skin is a sign of heightened aggression. This is called melano-cortin theory. It was being studied by Rushton when he died.

The theory states that there is a pleiotropic effect of melanin production.

I made a video about this effect last year.


pat said...

Cushingberry has been in the news before. He bought several houses but apparently didn't pay the mortgages. He is over a half million dollars in debt and bankrupt.

The 'driving while black defense' has some prima facie credibility if you are a black man driving around in an all white gated community. The private cops will wonder what you're doing and are likely to stop you. But this is Detroit. At least 8 out of ten drivers on the road will be black. If those officers are going to target blacks they were certainly in a target rich environment.

I don't know the laws in Michigan but in California it is against the law for a medical marijuana patient to smoke in a moving vehicle. Unsmoked marijuana in your pocket doesn't smell. Cushingberry's story smells.

Finally who drives around with a week old rum bottle in their car?

But on the whole considering how often politician's and pro athletes escape all personal responsibility, I'm happy that he at least got cited for failing to signal.


Melanie said...


I have a theory that blacks like to own white dogs in order to deliberately mistreat them, as I have seen this scenario enough times. I have a beautiful, intelligent, loyal, and patient vanilla-colored female lab mix which I "dognapped" from some blacks who were alternately negelcting and mistreating her. She is patient and gentle-until she thinks someone is threatening me, and then she turns into another dog-she will take you apart. I won't go into the ways she was abused, it's too painful to remember, but I had no qualms in dognapping her. Her teeth are ground down from where she chewed off a metal chain to be able to go find food and water-this in the hot Delta sun. She is one of my 5 "rescue" dogs, all lab/setter mixes, except a Jack Russell terrier mix who is the snappiest of them all (I names him "Ares" after the god of war as soon as I saw him, and he has more than lived up to the name, lol).

I am no PETA person, but I think that dogs are God's most perfect creation, and will interfere anyway, anytime, when I see one being mistreated or neglected. I have seen this mistreatment from blacks and mestizos more than from any other groups, generally speaking. I haven't been around enough Asians to have first-hand experience, but my impression is that they (unless liberalised Americans or Europeans, per my impression), have the same attitude towards dogs.

I suppose when human life is cheap, what can be expected towards man's most faithful friend in the animal kingdom? The one we domesticated to our own purposes, even when it costs them misery, suffering, and their lives, in fights which have nothing to do with them?

And no different than the treatment of horses.

Please, don't anyone give me the gory details of any mistreatement they know of, of any dogs/horses/etc. It will oppress me and torment me for at least the rest of the week. Please.

Son of Delbert said...

Irishman. Short answer, not nearly enough. I would say the percentage of race realists in any department depends on how often they deal with black folks. The only antidote in my experience to liberal indoctrination / partial castration of white males is proximity and time. Applies to cops too. I would bet the average Naperville Cop drinks the Kool Aid. Not so much in Chicago, Aurora, Joliet.

As for the constitution. Don't get me started bro. We are so far from where we need to be I believe only a massive calamity can bring us back to True North. Read a brilliant post a few weeks back in these comments about our country needing a "reset." Too true.

Too many cops are careerists. Do what they are told. Allowed to do more and more by a Government that is TAKING more and more. Roadside checkpoints, drug raids. For your safety.

Reason for hope. Watch Colorado. First state to legalize cannibas. Taxed and regulated for consumption. Feds made a big deal last year about the Colorado legislation. Some DEA hack barked about how it was a violation of Federal law to manufacture, sell or posess cannibas. Made mention of the fact that his agents could still make arrests. A group of Colorado sheriffs responded.

Made it clear they would stop Federal authorities from kidnapping Colorado citizens who had violated no Colorado laws. By any means necessary. States rights. No federal arrests have been made. Don't piss off the cowboys!

It's a notable start. The War on Drugs militarized law enforcement. Set up the occupying army that could clamp down on us.

A lot of cops are excited about Colorado. Increasing people's freedom. Government butting out. Could lead to other things. I'd love to see real welfare reform.

No more handouts. No more.

Notably, the county sheriff is the only law enforcement office authorized by the US Comstitution. Which is the basis for our system of government. I believe our founding document established the most perfect form of government in human history. Slavery was accounted for, the founders knew it woul need to be worked out. It was.

Civil War part 1. Maybe we're due for the sequal. We'll see.

We have a long way to go to get back to where we need to be. I think all of us are more than race realists. We are just realists. It's not criminal to notice the difference amongst peoples.

It is fundamentally wrong and unjust to force the productive and useful portion of a population to underwrite the non productive and useless portion. And we can't afford it forever.

As for my profession there's a writer named Dave Grossman who pointed out that the average cop would survive a societal collapse that would kill most of the population. I don't think we are heading to Road Warrior times. But it could get pretty bad. Prepare, ride out the storm. We will be the ones to rebuild.

We always do, and the US Constitution with the Bill of Rights would be a good place to start.


Mr. Rational said...

I think that dogs are God's most perfect creation

God created the wolf; the dog is the work of man.

Anonymous said...

Check out this report from the NY Post on "New York's worst school", PS 106.

The school has no textbooks, no gym, makeshift classrooms "soaked in animal urine", and no nurse's office.

Yet 98% of students (the school is almost entirely BLACK) get federally subsidized free breakfast and lunch.

The principal is a fat-assed Negress who makes $128,000 a year, lives in Long Island, drives a new BMW, shows up at her job an average of once a week wearing fur coats.

Oh, and the school qualifies for and receives a ton of extra Title I federally funding on top of what it gets from the NYC DOE and from the state budget.

Don't worry, inevitably the mainstream media will find a way to blame White taxpayers.

The Black Undertow continues to ruin America, on city/school/social institution at a time ...

The Truth Shall Set You Free!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to DeBlasio's New York.

A woman was sexually assaulted at 4:00 PM (rush hour) on a subway train.

The cowardly, traitorous local NBC affiliate wouldn't mention the perp's race in text.

They did, however, publish a police sketch - which confirms that it was a young Black male wearing a hoodie.

Remember the whole hippie "Visualize World Peace" mantra?

Let's visualize A WORLD WITHOUT BLACKS. Can you really imagine what the US would be like? How much more stable our economy would be? How many fewer homicides? The scientific and engineering achievements we would have accomplished?

Anonymous said...


I'll spare you the details of some of the things I've seen and heard of.

I just want to confirm your observation: Blacks treat animals like absolute crap. Blacks are inherently sadistic and get off on seeing animals suffering and being tortured.

Blacks are predators who prey on the weak. That's why they kill their own children at such high rates.

Jay Santos said...

I tried watching Birth of a Nation a while back. Not living in 1916, I found it pretty hard to watch. I thought the negroes were portrayed as slightly imbecilic, but not too terribly dangerous. So as a cinematic predictor of future negro behavior, after they've wrestled power from YT, I'd call it a huge failure of imagination.

Anonymous said...

An interesting thing has/is happening at my office.

I'm an optometrist. I take "vision plans" (which are all a rip-off joke, but, hey, I want the money).

Since the first of this year I have had 3 "admitted" Obamacare patients with the new Obamacare vision plan riders.

None of the major health care insurance companies do the actual "vision plan" work...(the basic exam, glasses or contacts). They farm this out to one of the dozen or so "vision plan" companies.

Not one worked.

One was Blue Cross Blue Shield. The sucker's, I mean "patient's", card said "vision" but when we tried to call and find out WHO they contracted with the people over at BCBS had no clue. Nobody on my entire staff could "find" their vision plan provider to get the necessary authorization.

The other two were "Davis Vision" (the absolute worst of the vision plan companies) and VSP, (the aholes of the industry...).

With both of these companies, they admitted their computers, in association with the gov. computers, were all messed up and that we were to get back to them in about a week.

Folks, it is a real mess. Thank Odin I only sell glasses and contacts and have nothing to do with real "health issues".

I'm lovin' it.


I'll bet this good BLACK city council member went to the strip club to oggle WHITE WOMEN?

Hmm? Mr. Sambo? Tell the truth. You are "black" when it is convenient but "yo' shore love dem white wimyn".....just like in the movie.

Anonymous said...

This is an article about individuals who request morgue photos of deceased individuals. Most of the examples provided are of individuals murdered in DC, mostly Blacks.

The article provides a disturbing look at just how dysfunctional the Black Undertow is.

Dunkins’s then-28-year-old husband, John Baxter, was shot and killed in Northeast Washington in 1969, and her 24-year-old son, Jonathan Baxter — born the year his father was killed — was shot to death in Northwest Washington in 1993.

E. Newton said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Check out this report from the NY Post on "New York's worst school", PS 106.

Wow. Nice contribution. There are thousands like this proud African-american principle across the nation.

PB said...

"I just want to confirm your observation: Blacks treat animals like absolute crap. Blacks are inherently sadistic and get off on seeing animals suffering and being tortured."

Remarkably, Australian Aboriginals are much the same when it comes to animals. They see torment as funny but they don't get cruelty. Its the childlike inability to truly empathize I think. Entrenched, cultural immaturity. I'm constantly amazed by the general similarities between them and Black Americans/Africans, even though there is almost no cultural contact between the two besides TV. The big difference is that Aboriginals are by nature not a violent people, though that's starting to change as they young ones adopt hip-hop culture.


The kindest and most beneficial thing we can do to the black race them.

We need to take care of them. Poor little darkies.

But, wait. We are taking care of them. We clothe them, feed them breakfast, lunch and EBT dinners. We teach them how to sit still in a class, perhaps, and we show them what a text-book looks like. If they don't understand we provide tutors, even black skinned tutors so they don't feel bad about black skin....

We build them museums to show them what they have achieved, moslty, with displays of peanut butter and pictures of the talented 1% who could fly a single wing- single prop, single engine airplane. Wow.

We provide them with free health care, free or cheap housing and even free bus rides.

They can't take care of themselves, these little darkies.

PB said...

Pacific Islanders, Maoris etc, now that's a different story. Violent, crazy, incapable of honest work, breed like rabbits...great big dangerous rabbits. Usually nightclub bouncers or sports "stars" (rugby, some AFL). They make good enforcers for Drug Lords too, in fact any job where a blunt instrument that can drive a car is needed.

So CAL Snowman said...

I remember watching "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" as a little kid and they had an episode where Carlton (the completely White-washed Tom Jones loving black)and Will are pulled over while driving one of Uncle Phil's luxury vehicles. Clueless Carlton has no idea why they are being pulled over but Will KNOWS they are being arrested for DWB (driving while black). If I remember correctly, Will and Carlton are arrested because they match a description of some car thieves and there is this whole imbroglio with a White racist desk sergeant.

Shows like "The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air" were clearly aimed at a younger WHITE audience. "The Fresh Prince" was extremely popular with White kids in the early to mid 90's (PK has referenced the show numerous times for example). This show is a perfect example of the indoctrination and brainwashing of a generation of young White kids, I mean I'm 30 and I still remember that particular episode. How many White kids watched that episode and came away with the feeling that blacks were being oppressed by the evil Whites? It's shows like "Fresh Prince" that help to reinforce the primary narrative of BRA- "Black is good, White is bad". Now you have a whole crop of White people (like myself) coming to that age when we begin to wield economic and political power. How many people from my generation, growing up with the incessant TV indoctrination will see a story like George Cushingberry's and just blindly believe in the "driving while black" nonsense? It's a frightening thought because the propaganda is so effective. It's like oh my god I saw it on TV when I was a kid and now I'm seeing it in real life! The lie becomes the truth and the truth becomes the forbidden fruit, hidden away in a radioactive, racist garden of Eden.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of PS 106. Here's a photo of some of their staff wearing red in "solidarity", as part of union (UFT) activity.

So the school doesn't have basic facilities, no textbooks, sucks out tons of federal Title I cash, all of the kids are receiving free breakfast/lunch ... yet the UFT wants higher salaries and more benefits for its teachers at this craphole.

By the way, I know some NYC public school teachers and the UFT union is completely full of out-and-out socialists, most of them belong to the so-called International Socialist Organization (ISO).

D-FENS said...

I'm on business travel in a region of the country where there are almost no negroes to be seen.

I'm out there Jerry, and I'm lovin every minute of it!

Anonymous said...

Watching Birth of a Nation it’s striking that this film is 100 YEARS OLD. And it portrayed events from 50 years before that! But the representation of negroes is dead-on. It's uncanny. They haven't evolved AT ALL.

- Blacks all dancing around like idiots. Uncle Slappy dancing his heart out as all his people stand around cheering and join in. I swear, they dance more than they do anything else.

- The ridiculous clothes coloreds love to wear. They LOVE crazy clothes that scream "EVERYBODY LOOK AT ME!!!" And big, stupid hats. They dress as crazy as they can for church. Pimp suits for the males, wild hats for the negresses. I once saw a negro woman attack another female in a hospital. After church several came to visit someone and a female got offended by another negress with a crazier hat. So she attacked her and ripped it off and pulled a bunch of weaves out of her head. When the cops were called they all scattered. That’s just what they do.

- The promotion of negroes into jobs that they simply have no idea how to do. They don’t even care that they don’t know what the job’s about. They just want the title and “respect!!” My friends from SC call those "big niggers". Basically, the Coleman Young self-title. They don't want to work for it, they just want it. They're terrible at the job. And they don't give a shit that they're terrible at it. They just want to be the big nigger. "Respect" is the holy grail to the negro.

- The inability to show any respect or act with even a shred of dignity in appropriate places. This guy and obama both putting their feet up on their desks. They see themselves as kings. Previous Presidents (some more than others) all showed at least a cursory respect for the office of POTUS. The current asshole verifies the picture of negroes in Birth of a Nation when he shamelessly put his feet on the Presidential desk in the Oval Office. That's just what they do. Demand respect but give none whatsoever in return.

- The insatiable desire for white women. For some reason, negro males cannot stop chasing white women. It's just what they do. During reconstruction, in 1915 and now. 20 years ago, I sat in an ignorant black history class listening to limp-wristed liberal whites bemoan all the racism that their fellow whites inflict on poor, helpless blacks. Negro classmates shared examples of made-up racism. "Da clerk wouldn't lets me return all dem CDs an' sayed it wuz 'cause dey was all opened en some was missin' an' I ain't got no receep. But I bet she gimme my money if I wuz white!" Seriously. It was that ignorant for an entire fucking semester. But the negro females would mention that white women were a status symbol for black men and that anytime a black man made money he would immediately get himself a white woman. Things never change with them, do they?

- Blacks are only brave when they know they can win. But they flee like cowards when confronted by organized whites and are terrified of white resistance. I was reading UN reports on Rwanda. Which they managed to make white peoples' fault for not stopping the butchery sooner. Before peacekeeping troops arrived, there were a handful of UN whites there with no weapons. But that tiny number of Europeans, wearing UN jackets and hats, were able to save 1000s of blacks from being hacked to death by simply standing there. The workers marveled that they were far outnumbered and were defenseless against these mobs of beasts, but they were scared of even a tiny number of white people who looked to be in a position of authority. They're total cowards in the face of organized whites.

This Detroit councilman, just like obama, personally show that the portrayal of negroes in Birth of a Nation is true. Nothing has changed with them since 1915. But white America has devolved to where one of those things could slink into our White House and do what they always do when they get their hands on something.


D-FENS said...

Mr. Kersey, I must take you to task and condemn in the strongest possible terms your references to the racist movie, "Birth of a Nation." Just when this country was making progress towards a nation free of racial bigotry, you go out of your way to turn back the clock.

Are you THAT afraid of the future? Are you THAT determined to prevent this nation from realizing the founding father's dream of equality?

As atonement, I must firmly and adamantly request that you provide a harassment free forum for Addison Sarter to present the benefits of equality for all.

Harrison Limprist, PhD. (tenured)
Director of Equality Studies

Anonymous said...

Well said So CAL Snowman. Good to hear from a young race realist.

-- Old So CAL Snowman

Californian said...

"Birth of a Nation" is worth watching as an insight into how white Americans viewed race relations in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Bear in mind that most of D.W. Griffith's movies pushed tolerance, so you have to ask what it was about blacks that drove him to make this one.

Over the years, as I have witnessed the antics of the Detoilet City Council, I can't tell you how many times I have compared these to the infamous state capitol scenes in Birth of a Nation. At times, the buffoonery, crudeness and stupidity were so similar that I began to think of D.W. Griffith was some kind of seer or prophet, able to look into the future.

We can also look at black majority rule countries in most sub-Saharan countries. Think about the situation in Liberia. Or a Mugabe. Or farm-attacks in the rainbow nation of South Africa. Or, again, look at the trashing of many American cities under BRA.

Imagine a silent era science fiction movie set in a future black ruled American city where the white population has been forced out, industry has collapsed, gangs rule the streets, and the electric lights do not work. Presenting--D.W. Griffith's "Detroit!"

Who in 1916 would have believed it?

Reconstruction was the first federal plan to uplift the Negro. The Negro was made a full citizen with all the duties and rights. The result was failure and chaos. The result was the end of civilized society. So, everyone, North and South, agreed that segregation and separate but equal had to be imposed for the survival and good of all.

Here's a point to be considered: the Northern states tended to be very pro-black before, during and in the immediate aftermath of the Civil War. They granted blacks the right to vote, gave sanctuary to fugitive slaves, passed civil rights laws, supported emancipation, and so forth. Yet by the end of the 19th century, the North had imposed de facto segregation. Why was this so?

What drove even a man as liberal as Woodrow Wilson to support segregation?

Could it be that (I am shocked, shocked) large-scale black violence, corruption, educational failure, and race hustling forced the situation?

Be interesting to see a revisionist history of those times.

10mm AUTO said...

"Imagine a silent era science fiction movie set in a future black ruled American city where the white population has been forced out, industry has collapsed, gangs rule the streets, and the electric lights do not work. Presenting--D.W. Griffith's "Detroit!"

Who in 1916 would have believed it"

Dude, they made this movie! It's called Planet of the Apes with Charlton Heston.

dudley said...

It has been revealed that Detroit's Common Council President doesn't have a driver license. He must have thought that he was in Santa Ana and he had just slipped in from Tijuana.

Dissident said...

Y'all ever notice the Negroes fascination for Pit Bulls?

I suppose it's just another status thing with these imbeciles. They like to walk around with these Pit Bulls on thick chains.

Remember back in the 80's when the idiots would wear those African medallions around their necks? The necklaces with the African colors in the shape of the African continent. I remember seeing those fools prance around college campuses like they owned the place wearing their proud African heritage around their imbecilic black necks.

Negroes are driven by status....a sure sign of their juvenile like thinking.

Yo, Dawg! I be chill and sheeet.

You ever wonder what other industrial nations must think of this nation. Wonder what the North Koreans really think of those Negro basketball players they invite over there. Kinda' like a live Zoo exhibit to them.

gkruz said...

They relate to pit bulls. Negroes are the pit bulls of the human race.

Anonymous said...

Dissident said...

...You ever wonder what other industrial nations must think of this nation?…

I have both relatives and friends in Europe and Asia, about a dozen people. They now regard the U.S. as a sad joke. Even the gay, female, black armed forces makes them snicker. Fo' real mufagga.

DFWM said...

Regarding the race realism comment from SOD..

"I would bet the average Naperville Cop drinks the Kool Aid".
yeah, well, seeing as some powerful entity is busily implementing their present, and future plan to ensure that die-versity is vibrantly experienced everywhere, ESPECIALLY in Napervilles, the number of race realist cops should increase accordingly.

AnalogMan said...

Melanie! You're a Dog Lady!

Damn, I knew you were a class act. Now, I think I'm in love.

Bogolyubski said...

The kindest and most beneficial thing we can do to the black race them.

Probably true, but they are not deserving of even the slightest modicum of kindness or consideration whatsoever. They're worthless even as slaves. Wall them off, and leave them to their own devices. Let generals disease, starvation and savagery thin their ranks to the point where the population is a manageable size to ship to Africa - which should likewise be walled off and left to its own devices. The stupid English who bought the slaves for the "cheap labor" from the "Portuguese" slave-traders brought a curse upon the land which only worsens with each passing decade. The societal and civilizational costs of dealing with negroes exponentially exceeds any possible benefit.

Anonymous said...

Regarding dog adoption:

Everybody in my family is white, but my sister-in-law did not hesitate to adopt a black lab/pit bull mix dog just before this one was supposed to be put down at a shelter. My dad did not hesitate to adopt this same dog when my sister-in-law was unable to get her other dog, a black/tan German Shepherd, to coexist with the black lab/pit bull mix dog in her house. The black lab/pit bull mix dog was supposedly mistreated by whoever the previous owner was, but my dad had no problems with this one other than she was old, she had two episodes of pancreatic problems, and she would sneak off sometimes when the door was left open. She only lived for about five years after my dad adopted her. Then my sister-in-law's black/tan German Shepherd suddenly died one day. So she then got a white German Shepherd, and this white one has been so much more obedient and easier to handle than the black/tan one ever was. The black/one had to go to dog obedience school at least three times before she would stop jumping up on people who would visit the house.

Melanie said...


Thank you for the kind words, I am embarrassed :)

Re:"The Birth Of A Nation"-my all-time favorite movie, featuring some of my all-time favorite actors! (not that I'm up on the contemporary ones, but I love love love silent film!) Lillian Gish, if anyone cares to know, was unapologetic regarding this movie to the end of her life, bless her heart, and a defender of DW Griffith for making it till the day she died. (Lillian Gish is an extremely interesting personality, especially for pro-whites). Griffith was the son of a Civil War veteran from Kentucky, and grew up on the stories, in a day when "good negroes" were still deferential to whites. It never entered his mind, when he was making the film, that there would be negative political implications-in his mind, he had portrayed blacks positively, and the only negative portrayals were of blacks who were used as tools by a mulatto leader. In his mind, they were a childlike race, easily led, and therefore in need of proper leadership. In that much, he was correct-but for us, there's no going back.

I must say, everytime I see this movie (own the DVD), I get so involved that I cheer the "men in white" going to the rescue of the trapped whites. I thrill to the music of the "Ride Of The Valkyrie" as Griffith's famed use of inter-cutting the action really puts me on edge, although, this being Griffith, I know the good guys will win in the end.

I love the way he unites northern and southern whites, of all classes, in the fight against murderous blacks on the rampage. That was really the point of the movie-remember, at this time, people were still alive for whom the Civil War was in living memory.

I especially love the way the white women actually lived by the credo "death before dishonor", and so did their men-the picture of the father, out of ammunition, holding the butt of the gun over his young daughter's head as she prays for deliverance, is one I can never forget.

Another early film which lightly touches upon this is the movie "Stagecoach", which made John Wayne a star. John Carradine plays a disenchanted self-exiled Virginian Civil War veteran, who goes west to make his way in the world, leaving the family estate, such as it is, to his brother.

In the obligatory Indian chase scene (before it had become a cliche of westerns), he also runs out of ammunition, except for one bullet, which he saves to shoot the southern lady he has taken under protection (in the true sense of the word) before she is subjected to mutilation and worse by the Indians. The US cavalry saves the day, but he is prepared to deal her her death, and she to accept it, before dishonor.

I love these early films, made in such innocence, before PC had taught us to revise history in case we might "offend" those who didn't like the truth of that history.

Naturally they presented the best of it-and what makes that any different than the patriots of other countries/races? We do that to teach the future generations pride in themselves, in their forebears, in their future.

But no longer. These days little white children are defeated before they even have had the chance to begin.

Which is only one reason why I am a big proponent of homeschooling. Another is a more visceral reason-the actual physical safety of our young white children. Another is more pragmatic-a decent education, in every sense of the word. Considering what passes for "education" in the government indoctrination centers these days (and little enough of even that gets disseminated, thanks to disruptive, disinterested minorities), a decently well-read parent couldn't do much worse. There are ways to "fill in the gaps", ie, if math isn't your strong suit, seek out a white man (yes, a man, unless you know a woman who is unusually gifted in these areas) to teach that.

Just think-this sounds radical now, but for much of history, it was the pattern for how children were taught.

Anonymous said...

Check out this report from the NY Post on "New York's worst school", PS 106.

The school has no textbooks, no gym, makeshift classrooms "soaked in animal urine", and no nurse's office.

Yet 98% of students (the school is almost entirely BLACK) get federally subsidized free breakfast and lunch.

The principal is a fat-assed Negress who makes $128,000 a year, lives in Long Island, drives a new BMW, shows up at her job an average of once a week wearing fur coats.

Oh, and the school qualifies for and receives a ton of extra Title I federally funding on top of what it gets from the NYC DOE and from the state budget.

Don't worry, inevitably the mainstream media will find a way to blame White taxpayers.

The Black Undertow continues to ruin America, on city/school/social institution at a time ...

The Truth Shall Set You Free!

This whole story from New York City about the run down public school and the lazy, uppity, overpaid, fur coat wearing, BMW driving negress that is supposed to be in charge of it is really something else.

Hey PK, you might want to even do your own story about this school.

What I found surprising was when I watched two news videos about this story on the ABC7 website:

In the videos at this link, I noticed that at least two of these parents of the students are white. One of the white parents, a blue-collar type guy, even sticks up for the negress principal while he is being interviewed on camera for his comments. Unbelievable. He looks to be about the furthest thing imaginable from a DWL type, but he actually said he supports this despicable negress.

Melanie said...

@Anonymous January 14, 2014 at 9:27 AM-

What ticks me off the most about that, is that he uses his poor powerless white child as a tool in his ideological experiment. Talk about child abuse! Yet the government harasses homeschooling parents!

Anonymous said...

Northern states had black code and sundown laws locally long before the Civil War.

Rodney Stodeball said...

The cops were black and an arab, the responding sergeant was a colored. No Whites were involved.

Rodney Stodeball said...

Lotsa White officers in detroilet