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"Don't judge the ghetto cop": What a 1994 book about policing East New York tells us about the non-white coalition that elected Bill de Blasio

A 1994 book, which helps describe the very people who helped elect Bill de Blasio
Trying to understand the people who helped elected Bill de Blasio to the mayor's office of New York City (that rising tide of color threatening civilization... every where), I picked up a copy of Joe Poss's book .  It tells the story of a white cop trying to uphold law and order in East New York City, an area of the Big Apple almost entirely devoid of the population who worked to create an  inhabitable environment out of the wilderness that ultimately attracted the very people who made it uninhabitable -- a wilderness far more dangerous than uncultivated nature, where the natural inclinations of the new inhabitants is a reversal of the civilization whites dare build in their absence.
Brooklyn Bounce: The True-Life Adventures of a Good Cop in a Bad Precinct

Poss, who worked as a cop for more than a half a decade, jumps right into describing the black undertow phenomenon, with the early pages of Brooklyn Bounce delineating a world few of us see (save in the defiant face of Bill de Blasio, who owes his election to these very people):
I worked in the ghetto. For six and a half years I put on a uniform, a nightstick, and gun... and patrolled the streets. I was part of a mostly white precinct, policing a predominantly black and Hispanic community. I was one of two accusing white faces staring out the window of a blue-and-white Chevy or Chrysler on the midnight tour. Everyone we saw was a felon, future-felon, or victim. I was one of New York's finest. 
The precinct I worked in was Brooklyn's 75th, known for its record-breaking homicide, felony, and drug arrests. We were one of the precincts that boosted the city's murder rate. Statistically, were were off the fucking scale.

The 2012 New York City Police Department Murder Report... what do you notice?
The "7-5" is 5.6 miles square miles of pot-holed streets, standing foundations, crack houses, and housing projects. It is a community marked by yellow and red-fronted bodegas with tin awning and flashing lights, their windows plastered with beer and malt liquor signs in English and Spanish; by take-out restaurants, where bullet-proof glass divides patrons from employees; and by entire blocks of burned out buildings....

But most of all, East New York is a place haunted by a better, more prosperous past. You can see it in the architecture of the abandoned buildings inhabited by crack heads. It's apparent in the disrepair of post-WWII row houses, fenced in by chain-link trimmed with razor wire. And it's revealed in a history that dates back before the Civil War, when there were hopes that this remote section of farm and pasture land would one day rival the growing metropolis of New York City. In East New York, what was will always better that what is, and, most likely, what will be. (p. 1-2)
 The black undertow effect, powerfully articulated by a man who was tasked with upholding the white man's law in area long abandoned by those same people.

Not a whole lot of white murder suspects in New York City in 2012...
But it's in Chapter 15 of the book that Poss lets shine not only his excellent prose, but a realism of life as a white cop in territory that can only be described as "post-white" that we exposed to the truth of the coalition Mr. de Blasio is working to empower:

Fucking niggers.
Motherfucking niggers.
I've been spit on by little kids.
Cursed out by teenage mothers.
Been called "cracker" by criminals.
And every night - every fucking night- I've gotten those long stares, filled with challenge and hate, by the very people I'm sworn to protect. How can you respect or protect people who hate you? Who hate your very presence.
What do you want to know about racial tension in the ghetto? East New York is mostly African-American and Hispanic. The majority of cops on patrol there are white. What more do you need to know? We are divided by skin color, economics, and lifestyle.
The police in the 7-5 are an occupying force, far removed from its residents.
The 2011 New York City Police Department Murder Report... what do you notice?
We are the white faces in the blue-and-white cars. We are the outsiders, the interlopers, and the authority that is not always fair or benign. You might get smacked for copping an attitude when an officer pulls your car over and tosses (searches) it for a gun. You might get shot for reaching too quickly toward the glove box for your registration. You might get called a nigger, hamster, skell, bone, or scumbag just for hanging out in front of your own house.
Night after night I've gone into homes of people who have the least in our society. I've gone into their living rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms. I've seen the shabbiness, the cheapness, the hopelessness of their lives. I've seen it all and it's vile.
In their own homes, they tell us detailed stories while displaying their wounds. They show us their grief, anger, and shame. Oddly, it doesn't make them more human because most of us in the 7-5 have seen it too often. For us there is no story, no grief, no wound that is not included in the Penal Law. Every horror, tragedy, and indignity matches the numbered paragraphs and its subdivisions the Penal Code.
As ghetto cops we bear witness to the worst imaginable crimes: knowing that most are committed by black males between the ages of 15 to 25. Thousands of crimes and hundreds of arrests - all age 15 to 25. If you're shot in the ghetto, the odds say that a black male between 15 and 25 pulled the trigger. Yes, black, mostly black, but also could be P.R. (Puerto Rican), Columbian, or Dominican. These are the facts.  
Every cop wants to go home at the end of their tour. It's always better to be safe than sorry. You're a fucking criminal until the cops knows differently. 
Wait a second... not a whole lot of white murder suspects in 2011 either!
If you're a black male between 15 and 25, cops come down on you, hard. They curse you. Harass you. Maybe even hit you. In our eyes you're a potential felon. You look like a felon. Maybe you'll do a crime in the future. Maybe you won't. You may be an honest decent human being. The statistics say that you probably are - most 15 to 25 year olds aren't out doing crimes. But when you're a cop, it genuinely seems otherwise. The statistics say there's a good chance. 
For eight hours and thirty-five minutes a day each tour inherits the squalor and violence. Even the dead and the crime scenes are part of our domain. We are the ones who witness and chronicle the daily terrors of the ghetto, working against the tide by force and presence. And seeing hope only at the end of the commute home to a very different kind of ownership. 
So how can Blacks and Hispanics respect the authority that does not respect them? Nor act fairly and justly on their behalf? What faith can they put in a system that preaches innocence, but assumes guilt? The same system created by a society that makes them, and other minorities, recipients of contemptuous neglect. 
The results: fear on both sides, hate on both sides, and guns on both sides. What more do you need to know? That's the reality. 
It's bigger than just one cop in the ghetto. it's bigger than an entire police department.
The hatred, suspicion, bigotry, and contempt is embedded in minds so deep that nothing can dislodge it. 
 But don't you dare judge the ghetto cop. If you're white and living in the suburbs, don't judge him before looking into your own heart and examining your own fears.
Whatever chatter you have ready for a cocktail party, bar, or water cooler, you are not on the street in the ghetto. You aren't a part of it, and you hope with every fiber of you should that you never take that wrong turn that puts you there. 
If you're black and living anywhere, don't you judge the ghetto cop before examining your own shame. If you're black, honest, and hard-working, what secret shame do you possess at every news broadcast or every turn of a newspaper's page? What secret prayer of "please, don't make him African-American," do you repeat silently to yourself? 
All the antecedents, theories, history, well-reasoned rules of decency, and politically correct New York Times editorial aren't worth shit on the street. History is past tense, theories may be wrong, and the editorial writers do not live in the ghetto. Everything on the street is immediate. (p. 164-167)
 Don't judge the ghetto cop... he's the only person keeping alive the flame of civilization that will go out once white people completely vacate an area. With de Blasio in charge of New York City, we will see this eventuality unfold in America's great city.

The scenario Poss described in East New York will overwhelm all boroughs of the Big Apple.


Dissident said...

Good article Paul. I'd like for LA COP to chime in on this if he would be so kind.

Still out there LA Cop?

BlkGrlSeeALot said...

Before this P.K. piece, my knowledge of Easy NY came from this post on Die Hipster.

"The other day the ‘Great Banksy’ went for extra grit and went to da hood in East NY to draw a beaver who gnawed a parking sign. So deep. Anyway, once hipsters got word of this “art” they flocked over there as if their lives and parental gentrification allowances depended on it. But the locals did something really great – they are charging the idiotic hipster culture vultures $20 to snap meaningless pictures."

Watch the video clips...

Anonymous said...

Interesting article. As a former white resident of East New York I have first hand knowledge of how a poor working class neighborhood turns into a slum. City projects are always held up as the bottom of the barrel. I lived in the Linden Projects in the heart of ENY. Yes it was basic, no air conditioning, small rooms, etc. Yet, most of my former neighbors keep in touch and remember living in the projects as some of the happiest times of their lives. I know this may sound corny and downright silly, but can remember my parents and neighbors proudly wearing jackets with NYCHA (New York City Housing Authority) symbols on the back.

When John Lindsey started to let in the minority underclass that was the beginning of the end. Crime, tenants who treated their halls as garbage cans, no work, hanging around all day committing crime. Then it was time to leave. Very depressing and I can sympathize with the cop from the 75th.

Anonymous said...

Idea for a reality show: 'Hipsters In The Hood'.

It's about the first tattooed, bespectacled white hipster couple to move into a hardcore urban jungle, and the daily adventures they have. What fun! First, you see them arrive in their Prius (complete with Obama, Coexist and DeBlasio stickers), followed by a moving truck. They say hello to the first black person they meet; they are greeted with a flying malt liquor bottle. While one "nice" jig distracts them, half their shit is stolen out of the back of the truck. The next day, their Prius is gone. Gunshots pop in the distance ...

Then it's time to do some shopping! They soon discover that the Korean-owned corner store doesn't carry any non-GMO produce or vegan soy products. While paying for their overpriced ravioli in a can (the closest thing to real food a ghetto convenience store sells), their iPhone is swiped. It's getting dark, and on the walk home, they notice more and more young males on the sidewalks, leering at them and grabbing their genitals. They make it back to their 400-square foot love nest, only to find the door has been pried open, and the OTHER half of their shit has been stolen ... and someone took a dump on the carpet! :(

That's just the first episode. Stay tuned, kiddies!

florida said...

My daughter and son-in-law moved to the whitest place they could find to live with my 7 year old granddaughter. My daughter just called me in tears. My granddaughter just brought home her reading material homework. The story of Ruby, the first black girl to go to a white school in the 60's. It's a story full of "white guilt". The powers that be are now indoctrinating white 1st graders to hate their own race. The people in this tiny town have no idea what blacks are like so my daughter has no allies against this kind of evil propaganda. No one has been exposed to TNB, so they just think blacks are "just like us". There really is no where to run away from the liberal agenda.

Anonymous said...

@florida, that story is disgusting. Does your daughter work 9-5? If not, maybe she could homeschool your granddaughter. Failing that, she should complain to the school board. Maybe even fib a little, and say the little girl came home in tears.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....I have not left a comment since last June/July. I broke my internet habit and got tired of all the nigger bullshit that still haunts me after years of living with those animals. The horror of it all stays with you for years afterwards.
My last trip to New York was about 1990. The whole goddamn place was filled with razor wire. Parking lots, fire escapes, roof tops and even fenced in vacant lots had razor wire along the top of the
fences. It was unreal. Dinkins was the Mayor.
If anybody out there wants to read another good book about New York cops I would like to recommend JIM CIRLLO'S TALES OF THE STAKEOUT SQUAD by Paul Kirchner. It's a great read. All they did was blow away niggers.
I hope all you old time commentators are doing good. Twenty years living with the animals is a hard thing to shake. I feel sorry for all the people in New York living with this new dumb fuck mayor.

Anonymous said...

Saw a t-shirt on the web. It's one of those "I (heart) NY" designs, except in the place of the heart, it has a picture of Snake Plissken.

I think that about sums it all up.

Jay Santos said...

Interesting thing not often reported, but in this NYC mayor election, 23% of registered voters voted. Only 23% of eligible NYers voted. De Blasio took 74% of the 23% of those who voted. So, De Blasio was "elected" by 17% of all the eligible NY voters. Only 17% of the people of NY were required to elect this Marxist, disparate impact, negrophiliac clown.

Anonymous said...

Oooooh, I LOVE Banksy! He's such a bold, original artist! He is doing his part to revitalize the Africa-American community, and INSPIRE African-American youth. Huzzah to him!!

I can't wait until my trip to New York! It's going to be so much fun! Maybe I'll take my daughter to a hip hop concert, or maybe a walking tour of the projects in Brooklyn where all of her favorite rappers grew up. She'll love it!

Death to the racist pigs in blue! Break the chains that bind you! Free Mumia!!!!

-A Compassionate Oregonian

Anonymous said...

Here, have some H.P. Lovecraft (excerpt from The Horror at Red Hook, which Lovecraft wrote after going to New York almost a hundred years ago)

Policemen despair of order or reform, and seek rather to erect barriers protecting the outside world from the contagion. The clang of the patrol is answered by a kind of spectral silence, and such prisoners as are taken are never communicative. Visible offences are as varied as the local dialects, and run the gamut from the smuggling of rum and prohibited aliens through diverse stages of lawlessness and obscure vice to murder and mutilation in their most abhorrent guises. That these visible affairs are not more frequent is not to the neighbourhood’s credit, unless the power of concealment be an art demanding credit...

He was conscious, as one who united imagination with scientific knowledge, that modern people under lawless conditions tend uncannily to repeat the darkest instinctive patterns of primitive half-ape savagery in their daily life and ritual observances; and he had often viewed with an anthropologist’s shudder the chanting, cursing processions of blear-eyed and pockmarked young men which wound their way along in the dark small hours of morning. One saw groups of these youths incessantly; sometimes in leering vigils on street corners, sometimes in doorways playing eerily on cheap instruments of music, sometimes in stupefied dozes or indecent dialogues around cafeteria tables near Borough Hall, and sometimes in whispering converse around dingy taxicabs drawn up at the high stoops of crumbling and closely shuttered old houses. They chilled and fascinated him more than he dared confess to his associates on the force, for he seemed to see in them some monstrous thread of secret continuity; some fiendish, cryptical, and ancient pattern utterly beyond and below the sordid mass of facts and habits and haunts listed with such conscientious technical care by the police. They must be, he felt inwardly, the heirs of some shocking and primordial tradition; the sharers of debased and broken scraps from cults and ceremonies older than mankind...

In this work it developed that Suydam’s new associates were among the blackest and most vicious criminals of Red Hook’s devious lanes, and that at least a third of them were known and repeated offenders in the matter of thievery, disorder, and the importation of illegal immigrants. Indeed, it would not have been too much to say that the old scholar’s particular circle coincided almost perfectly with the worst of the organised cliques which smuggled ashore certain nameless and unclassified Asian dregs wisely turned back by Ellis Island. In the teeming rookeries of Parker Place—since renamed—where Suydam had his basement flat, there had grown up a very unusual colony of unclassified slant-eyed folk who used the Arabic alphabet but were eloquently repudiated by the great mass of Syrians in and around Atlantic Avenue. They could all have been deported for lack of credentials, but legalism is slow-moving, and one does not disturb Red Hook unless publicity forces one to...

Anonymous said...

Here's from He, another story Lovecraft wrote about NYC
My coming to New York had been a mistake; for whereas I had looked for poignant wonder and inspiration in the teeming labyrinths of ancient streets that twist endlessly from forgotten courts and squares and waterfronts to courts and squares and waterfronts equally forgotten, and in the Cyclopean modern towers and pinnacles that rise blackly Babylonian under waning moons, I had found instead only a sense of horror and oppression which threatened to master, paralyse, and annihilate me.
The disillusion had been gradual. Coming for the first time upon the town, I had seen it in the sunset from a bridge, majestic above its waters, its incredible peaks and pyramids rising flower-like and delicate from pools of violet mist to play with the flaming golden clouds and the first stars of evening. Then it had lighted up window by window above the shimmering tides where lanterns nodded and glided and deep horns bayed weird harmonies, and itself become a starry firmament of dream, redolent of faery music, and one with the marvels of Carcassonne and Samarcand and El Dorado and all glorious and half-fabulous cities. Shortly afterward I was taken through those antique ways so dear to my fancy—narrow, curving alleys and passages where rows of red Georgian brick blinked with small-paned dormers above pillared doorways that had looked on gilded sedans and panelled coaches—and in the first flush of realisation of these long-wished things I thought I had indeed achieved such treasures as would make me in time a poet.

But success and happiness were not to be. Garish daylight shewed only squalor and alienage and the noxious elephantiasis of climbing, spreading stone where the moon had hinted of loveliness and elder magic; and the throngs of people that seethed through the flume-like streets were squat, swarthy strangers with hardened faces and narrow eyes, shrewd strangers without dreams and without kinship to the scenes about them, who could never mean aught to a blue-eyed man of the old folk, with the love of fair green lanes and white New England village steeples in his heart.

So instead of the poems I had hoped for, there came only a shuddering blankness and ineffable loneliness; and I saw at last a fearful truth which no one had ever dared to breathe before—the unwhisperable secret of secrets—the fact that this city of stone and stridor is not a sentient perpetuation of Old New York as London is of Old London and Paris of Old Paris, but that it is in fact quite dead, its sprawling body imperfectly embalmed and infested with queer animate things which have nothing to do with it as it was in life. Upon making this discovery I ceased to sleep comfortably; though something of resigned tranquillity came back as I gradually formed the habit of keeping off the streets by day and venturing abroad only at night, when darkness calls forth what little of the past still hovers wraith-like about, and old white doorways remember the stalwart forms that once passed through them. With this mode of relief I even wrote a few poems, and still refrained from going home to my people lest I seem to crawl back ignobly in defeat.

Can you imagine someone wandering around NYC alone and unarmed at night? This was truly written 90 years ago.

Bogolyubski said...

My daughter and son-in-law moved to the whitest place they could find to live with my 7 year old granddaughter. My daughter just called me in tears. My granddaughter just brought home her reading material homework. The story of Ruby, the first black girl to go to a white school in the 60's. It's a story full of "white guilt". The powers that be are now indoctrinating white 1st graders to hate their own race. The people in this tiny town have no idea what blacks are like so my daughter has no allies against this kind of evil propaganda. No one has been exposed to TNB, so they just think blacks are "just like us". There really is no where to run away from the liberal agenda.

Vox Day (who is visited by some of the regulars here) has a wonderfully blunt axiom: Homeschool of die. It's really that simple. ALL public schools are indoctrination centers for Crystal Methodism - the religion of Negro Worship. There is no exception and way to reform them. Local control is a fiction - all orders are actually issued from Sodom on Potomac either directly for via controlled state-level edumacation departments and teacher unions.

Anonymous said...

The non-white coalition says:

Bend over, New York City. You gonna get raped.

Quinnotaur said...

I came up in ENY, starret city in the eighties through '90. Got the fuck out of there as a teen. I still remember the NYPD shirts that were out there at the time. They read " NYC where the weak are killed and eaten".
While giving an officer a statement about a gun being put in my face (yes the negro is too dumb to realize that being white doesn't automatically mean one has any money ESPECIALLY when we live in the same shit hole), he asked me for a description of the perps, at this point we exchanged a silent knowing look that said without words "we BOTH fucking know what they look like, all the same to me" and after a nod it was left at that. Lots of stories from those days, good and bad. The good ones are where I got away from the natives. I used to feel like Tarzan minus the respect and surrounded by rabbid cheetahs...



I like that idea of the hipster reality ass-beating weekly show. sounds good anno! but what about getting one/two real white cops per big city to expose the negro race with their war stories from their beats? and I would make sure that the title wouldn't let the race realist cat out of the bag. just so the naacp and libby media couldn't destroy our agenda before it has a chance in getting in school libraries and kindle's and the new high tech formats. cause we all know anymore the media, congress, and t.v. personalities don't read what is in front of them. remember "we have to pass the bill so we can see what's in it." the most dangerous women in the western hemisphere the pineapple princess nancy peloisi! "BITCH"


Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8:05

I like the 'Hipsters in the Hood' idea...keep it up! They could visit different hipsters in different cities to get the local hood flava, etc...

Anonymous said...

The ghetto cop is not keeping the flame of civilization alive. He is merely the last dying ember of a civilization flickering out as civilization plunges into utter darkness.
The issue should not be patrolling such areas and trying to enforce a modicum of civilization and civilized behavior upon the residents as that is doomed to complete failure. The issue should be one of containment and not allowing the residents to spread their crime and dysfunction to other areas. If that means walling off the streets into and out of those areas, installing checkpoints with armed guards and only allowing those people out who have legitimate business in the civilized world, then so be it.
There was an article on SBPDL that mentioned a town that was doing exactly that to a degree~ closing off streets leading out of da hood into their area.
There are no other realistic solutions.
Call it "cultural profiling" if we must but the statistics are there to justify it as well as to justify taking such action.
Of course, the usual suspects would object and scream until their throats were raw. The only way they'd not object is if the negro's were suicide bombers coming into their coffee shops and blowing them up as they sat their feeling morally superior as they sipped their soy mocha latte's with foam. Even then, the survivor's would probably just blame themselves and weep about the negro and how evil white society drove them to it and more must be done to help them. It's even easier for them to take that approach when they can declare all the rapes, murders, muggings and other crimes to be "random."
I have an idea taken from a sci fi movie~ all da criminals can have collars attached to their necks and if they leave the area they're confined to, the collar explodes and blows their damn heads off. That would work.
It's an idea whose time has come.

Dissident said...

"Hipsters in the Hood" would make a great reality series.

What could be more entertaining than watching effeminate soy-boys getting their DWL come-uppance from the diversity loving ferals.

Great idea.....maybe the Weinstein Brothers will get right on the production of that.

Anonymous said...

Looking around for what it would cost to buy a copy, I wonder why books like this do not go back into print, or become available as an electronic copy?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"Looking around for what it would cost to buy a copy, I wonder why books like this do not go back into print, or become available as an electronic copy?"

January 14, 2014 at 6:26 AM


To ask this question is to answer it.

Jontavious Polk said...

>Looking around for what it would cost to buy a copy, I wonder why books like this do not go back into print, or become available as an electronic copy?

These types of books don't go back into print because they don't play to the narrative. Nobody in the publishing business is gonna risk their livelihood to put this out again.


Great method.

Quinnotaur said...

I shelled out $30 with shipping for the book. That was the cheapest I could find it used on amazon.

Melanie said...


Homeschool or die

Bogolyubski, we disagree on quite a few things, but in this we are in complete accord. No matter how deficient an interested, motivated parent feels themselves to be, they can hardly be worse than the mush which passes for "education" these days in the government indoctrination centers, and that's granting the large benefit of a doubt that much of even that will get through to one's child, what with having to slow down learning to the lowest common denominator, class disruption by "problem children" who cannot be suspended or expelled, etc.

10mm AUTO said...

Some of the insights here are astonishing, given the amount of TWMNBN mind control we have been subjected to.

I feel sorry for the police, really I do. Every generation saw the earlier generation of cop and thought their job would be "just like that". The turn of the century lawman saw himself up against desperado's, the lawman of the 1920's though that civilization had come at last, till the depression roared in. The Cops of the 40-50's though that "gangsters" were their biggest threat, till the drugged 1960's.

A cops job has not been one that has gotten easier with time, but worse. Not just a little, but orders of magnitude worse. The earlier big town cop might reminisce about a famous murder (like the Valentine Day's Massacre), now he gets that many murders on a weekend. A earlier small town cop might talk about not shooting fireworks off in town and please park in the designated parking areas, now he has to deal with Mexican meth labs, negro rape, Hispanic kidnapping, murder.

The racial difference is simply beyond him to do anything about. The police officer portrayed as responsible for the rising rate of crime, the falling rate of civil liberties, the "tension" in the community and when a particularly infamous criminal is loose, they are lashed to "hurry up" and do their job. The racial difference is an occupying army, firmly entrenched. Until this is recognized, nothing can be done to remove them.

Anonymous said...

Not entirely on topic but a good story about blacks and a senior medical student I was doing an autopsy on a black male who had been shot to death. There was a black detective there to collect evidence...bullets, photos, etc. The detective indicated that he knew exactly who had shot the deceased, and I asked if he was going to find and arrest the shooter. He motioned to the dead black and said , "no, I'm going to let his people take care of it", meaning the dead guy's homies would administer their own justice to the shooter. Sure enough, later in the week we were conducting an autopsy on another black male who had been shot, and the same detective was there to observe. He reminded me what he had said about letting "his people" take care of it, then pointed at the black guy on the slab. He was the shooter who had killed the black guy a few days before. Everyone, even a black detective, was perfectly comfortable with feral black animals killing other feral black animals. Additionally, on some nights the floors and hallways of our operating rooms would run red with the blood of black thugs who had blown each other apart over drug deals gone bad. Most of them died and no one batted an eye or shed a tear. It simply was considered nature's way, of no more consequence or novelty than a frog eating a fly or a cat chasing a mouse.


I do not understand why any White person would want to be a cop in niggerville.

What the hell is wrong with you? Is the "altruism" gene (that only the White sub-species has) so strong that you want to help the rabid monkey?

Damn, we White people are fucking stupid. I'm sorry to say it, but if you are a White person and live/work in such a nigger-nest, then perhaps you deserve the outcome? Your genetic code is suicidal and we don't need you breading more nigger-lovers.

Time for all Whites to go Galt. Stop. Stop feeding the negro. Stop taking on the "White Man's Burden". Let them naturally die off without our help.

We are feeding our own destruction and we deserve our extermination if we don't stop.

Anonymous said...


"The best way to help your family, especially your daughters, is to not allow them to be devoured by modern culture."

This the BEST account I have read on the failure of white fathers to protect their women and daughters. Shame, shame, shame on you.

Want to bitch and moan all day on SBPDL about Mudsharking and race-mixing?

You reap what you sow, Bro. You can still turn this all around if you could just stop being cuckolds.

Anonymous said...

Wait until Obama & Holder tell the police they MUST prosecute and incarcerate non-Whites at the same rate as Whites, as they are doing for school discipline. Other than having less fear for my life, teaching in the city is similar to policing - there will be no progress til we admit that we are NOT all the same.

Anonymous said...

The ghetto cop is not keeping the flame of civilization alive. He is merely the last dying ember . . .

No it's worse than that, he's keeping alive the false hope that multiculturalism and multi-racialism are compatible with Western civilization. He upholds the policies of civilization's destruction, he doesn't defend against that destruction.

Anonymous said...

Interesting thoughts for Anon the medical examiner....The real tragedy of the modern emergency room is that they are able to "save" so many of these social dreg, parasitic, NAPA's
instead of just letting them bleed out
& die which would be the best medical outcome for the rest of the human race (afro's not in human race homo sapiens sapiens cause they are a different species of hominid, homo africanus, & no more entitled to human rights or treatment than any other african ape species).

By saving these savages the medical establishment is skewing the murder statistics lower when they should be even more horrifyingly high.

Also, every NAPA saved in the E/R is another NAPA back on the streets creating mayhem.

Just MHO.....H\ hypie out H\

Liberty said...

Well written and so true. This was graphically, and jarringly, brought home just this week.

We live a few days a week in Manhattan so our daughter can pursue her passion, as the top trainer in the US is in NYC. We live in a white European ethnic enclave. By NYC standards, it is clean, safe and with a real sense of community. Because it is a non-English speaking area, it is extremely rare to see blacks or Hispanics here.

We just finished a tour of Poland, Austria and Hungary on the competition circuit for my daughter's sport. We saw only a few blacks in Vienna, who were tourists from the US. In all of the areas we visited, it was clean, people were incredibly civil and polite to each other, there was a level of courtesy and decorum I haven't seen in ages.

Fast forward to our return to JFK. We decided to try and take the subway home from JFK to our apartment (usually we take a cab). What a horror show, and stunning contrast to what we had just left.

The first thing that struck me was how filthy everything was. We were on the "A" train from the projects into lower Manhattan. Even the public space was polluted - young Negros felt compelled to loudly sing along with the rap music they were listening to on their I-pods, polluting the air with loud interjections of "fucking ho's", etc.

Fast forward to a train change at a major transfer point. Apparently the schools had just let out. The subway station was filled with belligerent blacks and hispanic teens, who bullied and pushed their way through the crowds, taking up the entire corridor and steps. Again, they were loud and obnoxious - I felt like I was on an African safari experience. They certainly weren't behaving as civilized humans. The grunting, ca-cawing, screeching, pushing and shoving ... and the filth! They were literally throwing their McDonald's containers and other detritus on the ground, when a trash receptacle was a few feet away.

The contrast was remarkable. It really set apart the difference in a world inhabited by white people, and a world catering to the non-white.

I agree. New York is screwed. I don't know if it will be able to bounce back this time, like it did under Guiliani.


The "ghetto cop" is aiding the enemy.

They are keeping the enemy alive. They are enabling them to breed, have chillins; and to survive.

Any White person who does anything to "help" the simians is a race traitor. Teach in a niggerskool? Race Traitor.

Work at a charity that feeds the monkeys? Race Traitor.

Go to African to help? Big Race Traitor.

They hate us. We need to return the favor.

Anonymous said...

"The police in the 7-5 are an occupying force, far removed from its residents."
an occupying force -
that is powerful stuff - good find!

Anonymous said...

The "7-5" is 5.6 miles square miles of pot-holed streets, standing foundations, crack houses, and housing projects.

The 7-5 can also be found in Newark, Camden, Gary, Detroit, Oakland, South Central, Port au Prince, Kinshasha, Lagos, Luanda, and now Johannesburg...

One Pissed Off Irishman said...

The USAF trains trauma medics by sending them as interns into some hospitals in major cities like Baltimore, and a few others. Just type into a search browser "U.S. military trains combat medics at inner city hospitals". Apparently the life of the average black is as dangerous and violence filled as combat zones. May God be with us when this whole shit-house burns down.

-One Pissed Off Irishman


The more I read here, the more I learn. The more I learn the more I realize that only a 100% White homeland will save our DNA.

But we have two groups working against us, and the smarter of the 2 knows about us, what we want, and what we want to do. This group also controls the money supply, major media, text book industry, etc.

They will do everything to stop us. Even if we all decide to move to the North West and vote ourselves in power, they will be there. They will buy up the media, the commercial land and "bus" in their useful idiots, the negro.

I fear for our survival BUT I am aware we can survive under the right actions.

Then, if we establish an area we can call our own, we will have to use extreme violence at the border to keep the Aztecs and Zulus out. They will do anything to get into our racist nation....just as the blacks of Africa did everything they could to get into racists South Africa during apartheid. With all the Kafir complaints, I don't think a single black moved out of South Africa, except for the ANC on military actions.

The people of color want (need) so badly to live with us that only extreme violence will protect us from them.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately,in my opinion,being a cop in the US today seems like a sucker job.It almost seems these guys have a fucking deathwish.It seems like a thankless,dangerous,shitty job.The rate of alcoholism and divorce among cops is quite high.Looking at it from any perspective,being a cop seems like a bad deal to me.Sure,we need them,but you gotta figure anyone applying for this job has to be a little nutty to begin with.Then they pick the ones who can fool the psych test.It is a wonder actually how decent most cops are most of the time.I have spoken with several over the years. Interesting topic. Richard Cranium

Anonymous said...


Great to have you back Sir. I hope you'll post more often. Your tales were quite useful to those without much blaxperience.

Anonymous said...

Great NYC story here:

Anonymous said...

Whenever I read people's comments about a "white homeland" it saddens me. That's because people who fantasize about this remind me of some sad person looking at internet porn of beautiful women and endlessly mastrubating. The guy wants this beautiful woman, but chances are he can't communicate with the real woman down at the bank or supermarket.

Same with the guy who dreams of a "white homeland". What he wants is so far outside of his ability to effect. It's a fantasy. Reality would be to deal with the world you inhabit, change it anyway you can. Stop the mastrubation fantasies of some "white homeland" that is not going to appear, especially if you think you are going to create it.

BlkGrlSeeALot said...

I think I've read your work here before; I like!
The DWL hipster types are one of the biggest threats. They are similar to the dark shock troops described but function I a different sense.
Like the link from Die Hipster I posted above, they serve to survey and destabilize a known fringe area and spur off the 'post white' for hipster approved condos, coffee shops and independent run SWPL type businesses that restore some semblance of 'White Run America' type endeavors.
The trick is if they cab stave off the 'ratchet' or operate and thirive or if they must survive the decline. ..

Mutant Swarm said...

@ Liberty:

One of my fondest memories of Vienna was this: sitting in an outdoor cafe, watching people go by, I saw an assortment of people from around the world. I saw several Africans. Not Afro-Ams, but people who appeared to be from Africa itself. They were dressed in typical Western business attire, and were minding their own business.

And then I saw it: an example of Troglodytes Africanus Amercanii. Baseball hat on backwards, pants on the ground, team jersey from some bakkaball team. And he was pushing a baby carriage, with no woman around. He caught me looking at him, and gave a start as if given an electric shock. That's right, pal; I'm watching you, and I know what you are, and you can't get away from it.

About 20 paces behind him were two tough-looking, squared away Austrian cops. I looked at them and smiled; they smiled back. I nodded in the direction of Mr. World Star Hippety-Hop; they nodded in assent, as if to say, "we know; we're on him."

Plus, the espresso and strudel were fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Once again, as many have said, we need a list of acronyms on this site.

What does NAPA stand for?

If we can't have a list of acronyms, then when posting to this site with acronyms, I would ask that people first spell out what these acronyms stand for.

D-FENS said...

As long as there is even a remnant of the Federal government, there is no chance of a White Homeland. Even under the most decentralized form of federalism such as a return to the Articles of Confederation it's a long shot.

And if the Federal government were to disappear entirely, what I would expect is that populations would self-segregate on their own and political entities would emerge at the level of many of the current states and in many cases, smaller and more local. For example, I could see many of the larger states themselves breaking up. Freed of Federal mandates and wary of angering productive people, the states themselves would be constrained to continue destructive policies.

The Feds would no longer have the negro's "back". A large number of illegal aliens would leave without Fed handouts. Plus, in all but the most Left wing areas, they would be most unwelcome. I would expect large numbers to self-deport. Incidentally, without NAFTA and US military intervention abroad, the incentives for coming here would go away.

The conditions that are necessary for a White homeland would make it superfluous. Why not focus on an objective that is more practical ?

Anonymous said...

"Everyone, even a black detective, was perfectly comfortable with feral black animals killing other feral black animals."

Fine by me.

Californian said...

Whenever I read people's comments about a "white homeland" it saddens me.

A white homeland is a vision. A mere two centuries ago, Germany and Italy were not countries but simply collections of petty kingdoms. But people with vision fought for them and they became real nations. A century ago, Israel was but a gleam in the eye of Zionists. Today it is a powerful ethnostate. A mere 25 years ago the Soviet Union had its boot on Eastern Europe. Today, Eastern Europe is free and the homeland for strong white nationalist movements.

Yes, today a white homeland is just a vision. And a vision is a powerful thing.

Dan said...

What we need is a wholesale invasion of Africa.

Son of Delbert said...

Nice find Paul! Another for my reading list. After Guns, Blacks, and Steel. Please don't think of the police as trying to maintain civilization or help the savages. Not possible. Like trying to teach chess to a channel catfish. We are border guards. My greatest fear is the aging and crumbling high density housing projects. They are not being rebuilt. Enter Section8 and the Affordable Fair Housing Act.

Rather than contain the problem in the part of town where when you hit a red light you don't stop, it's being spread out. Baby mama can live on YOUR street with her four kids by three different men, her new boyfriend and three pit bulls. She's pregnant too. The Baby daddy's usually get along. They visit on occasion. Sometimes they fight. It's called baby mama drama and woo-woo. Her little cousin and his shorty live in the basement. They won't invite you to their cookout but you will need to call the cops when all the peolple they do invite start fighting. Or shooting. Diversity!

It's not a fulfilling job, being a cop. More a mercenary gig. "Fuck you. Pay me." Goodfellas pretty much nailed it. I won't do this job forever. It's hard to keep the peace, maintain order, and enforce laws in a dying republic. Where the very notion of personal accountability is subject to debate. Also constant exposure to the vilest aspect of human nature, coupled with constant exposure to the Stone Age tribal black savages. Makes you tired. Soul Tired.

Some of us drink too much. Step out on our wives. I work out, stay faithful. Watch my daughter grow. Homeschool her and refuse to let a course and vulgar culture poison her. I'll give this place 20 years, if the pension stays in place.

If not, I'll cross that bridge when I find it.

Saw some accusatory posting today. Remember what Ben Franklin said about hanging together or hanging seperarately? It's like that. All we have is each other. Free exchange of ideas and observations. It's a blessing and an inspiration.

Keep up good work Paul.


Dissident said...

Good to have Ex-New Yorker back.

Always enjoy NY'ers stories in the dark trenches of the Big Apple.

D-FENS said...

"What we need is a wholesale invasion of Africa"

May I offer the expression, "Invade the world, invite the world"?

After every one of these invasions, operations, police actions, peace keeping missions etc. we get our asses handed to us and have to retreat taking in untold numbers of "refugees" and "asylum seekers."

Let's just stay home.

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

Another excellent article from PK! In BRA, a race realist might actually need to say, “There’s, and then there’s the stuff you can see every day with your very own eyes.”

@Ex-New Yorker – I echo the sentiments of others and was both glad to see you post, and am glad to hear that you’re doing well. Your street-level tales of survival from a pre-Guliani NYC, which everyone now pretends to have never existed, are vital to this discussion!

OT – a couple things. First, Mrs. GG and I went out for lunch on Sunday afternoon. Nothing fancy. We went to an upscale deli. Upon entering, it was pretty much a whitopia, and was almost shocking to see. Well-behaved, well-dressed, large, multi-generational families dining together. It was packed, and extremely busy, but everything was going fine. But just one drop of diarrhea ruins a gallon of vanilla ice cream…

First, half-breed, son of Obama counter clerk asks Mrs. GG for her order. She recites it, he doesn’t enter it, and immediately walks away from the register, and back to the kitchen without saying a word. That wasn’t awkward at all… He can’t seem to focus on his assigned job duties. He comes back, then has to ask her for her order all over again. He ultimately got her order wrong, as well. We each ordered…wait for it…a sandwich (the same one), but with a different soup. Mrs. GG got half a sandwich with her soup, even though I had said, “I’ll have the same thing she did, but with the X soup.” Negro logic…

Next, enter a negress, and her buck baby daddy and obligatory niglet. No need to for too much detail, but she was a classic, uppity specimen, immediately bitching about the fact that the table hadn’t already been clean to specifically accommodate her arrival (with a staff that was scrambling to meet the needs of maximum-capacity operation), and then later at her buck. A white teen girl immediately addressed the minor cleaning issue, with a smile, to which the negress was hostile. The anti-white racial contempt is right there if you just choose to see it. Also, if white people are so devilish and oppressive, then why have you chosen to live in a white area and patronize white businesses? As Mrs. GG pointed out, at least they were married (she’s the more optimistic one in our pairing – as evidenced by the concealed .45 I was packing at that very moment).

Finally, I think I have been granted the opportunity this evening to make Bogolubski’s point without uttering a single word. I have a COLOSSAL shit sandwich to share that requires no explanation at all. A little background first, though…

Gwinnett Gladiator said...


Those of you that follow politics at all, especially the conservatard side, are no doubt aware of the Tea Party movement, etc. Many are inevitably aware of the Mike Lee and Ted Cruz-led efforts in the Senate, etc. By proxy, you may also be aware of the Senate Conservative fund, which is a PAC that’s close to Mike Lee, and is currently supporting Tea Party candidates as primary challengers.

One of their biggest targets is Mitch McConnell in Kentucky. The challenger they are supporting is a guy named Matt Bevin. I’ve read a bit about him and have heard him interviewed. I have less than zero faith in the Republicrat party any longer, but you can’t get much worse on the RINO front than McConnell (although Juan McAmnesty and the Pink Palomino Princess sure try). Bevin is supposedly a small business owner, not a career politician, small government, traditional values, etc. You all know the spiel when a new candidate comes on the scene and is presented in a slick, fully-rehearsed package to the party faithful.

So, I wasn’t particularly excited or anything, but whatever. Until the collapse, I suppose someone has to be elected, and I don’t live in KY, so I listen to what they have to say. I’m stuck in the car for hours each week, anyway, to avoid the groid, so it’s not like there’s anything else I can do.

But get your grape drank ready, because when you view the picture at this link, a grand GOP helping of shit sandwich awaits…

Gwinnett Gladiator

Melanie said...


Looked at the pic-not surprised, but ordinarlily disgusted. This is, after all, the same party which wants to legalise millions of illegal border-jumpers even though they'll never get vote one from them. So they obviously have other reasons, and don't care if they ever hold a majority or the White House again, they're getting theirs anyway.

And once again, one point stands out more strongly than any other to me-for people who claim that their "oppression" by whites is unequalled in all of mankind's oppressive history, they sure love to worm or force their way amongst their "oppressors". Of course, when all they have going for them is the victim gravy train, they have to be around their "oppressors" to trump up incidents where they were "oppressed". Every other race/ethnicity on earth ran as fast and as far as they could the first chance they got to escape their oppressors, but that's because they had the means (intrinsic characteristics) to make their own way. Not so with parasitical blacks-they're parasites and nothing else, and parasites can't survive without a host to destroy as they feed off it.

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

Correction of typo. Should read: "There’s reality, and then there’s the stuff you can see every day with your very own eyes.”


Moondoggie said...

GG, clicked on the link about Bevin, Just shoot me. We do live in the twilight zone. Those look to be honest to goodness Africans, either that or Mississippi blue gums from deep within the delta.

Jay Santos said...

D-FENS said...
As long as there is even a remnant of the Federal government, there is no chance of a White Homeland.


It is all about the federal government. That's the entity with the power (aka men with guns) to support and extend the whole situation threatening the average American today. The astonishing growth of the black underclass would be impossible without; the vast welfare payouts, EBT, WIC, Section 8, affirmative action employment mandates, employment of unqualified blacks in government employee unions, the earned income tax credit, Obamacare wealth redistribution, affirmative action contract set-asides, free school breakfast, lunch and dinner, distribution of funds to "community" organizations, the dissolution of criminal charges against criminals "of color". Additionally, there is a relationship between the media, including the entertainment media and the federal government on behalf of the black underclass that has not yet been discovered, though we can see it with our own eyes.

It all crumbles without federal government support. Support of the black underclass aside, a lot more disappears when the federal government returns to constitutional mandates, including your tax burden, the nanny state, insane immigration and the states' obsession with sending your son to some shit hole on the planet to "fight" for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

But get your grape drank ready, because when you view the picture at this link, a grand GOP helping of shit sandwich awaits…

He sure does love dem little negroes. God bless him.

Anonymous said...

Gwinnett, I have my issues w/ Repubs myself for cowardice, but real anger should be directed at the ever-more "progressive" Dems, who actually are pushing the white guilt BS policies and HUD mandates etc. The right's tendency to eat itself helped elect Obama, will do the same to elect Hillary.

Bogolyubski said...

@Gwinnett Gladiator

...that was nothing less than brilliant. Glug-glug-glug. How 'bout a hit from this here Crystal-Meth pipe to go along with that superb sandwich and grape drank?

Anonymous said...

GG, you didn't disappoint. That sammich is mmm-mmm-shit-tastic! How much you wanna bet that the one kid's name is "Hearno'ebil"?

D-FENS said...

I would pass on Mr. Matt. Doesn't' matter anyway as there is no voting our way out of this

Anonymous said...

Ret'd LAPD here. I haven't read the book in question but I would like to. I met a lot of cops from NYPD and Chicago over the years, and I always felt they had a harder time than we did. Their blacks were just more savage than our blacks. I worked many ghetto divisions in my time as it was where the cops needed the most help; the only thing I used to worry about was being followed home, so I would make a conscious effort to not go a direct or identical way home every day.

Lot of great posts with the usual amount of cop hatred, but that's to be expected. Ghetto cops have a unique perspective because nothing in the ghetto makes any sense. The way blacks live, dress, drive, eat, interact, etc. just defied comprehension. We all know of the stop snitching/no snitching culture but actually dealing with it is another thing. To those new to the job, you wonder why no one comes forward. After a while, you understand that things don't make any sense to you in the ghetto because blacks are very tribal in how they deal with things. This is in their genetics just as much as one's intelligence, aptitude, height, eye color, and so on.

I pop in from time to time, love retirement and enjoy reading Paul's posts and the comments that follow. I hope everyone had a Happy New Year, and here's to a prosperous 2014.

Bogolyubski said...

As for Repukes being the "lesser evil", Ann Barnhardt (while having some issues herself in terms of negro and TWMNBN worship), nevertheless nails it when it comes to Repukes. Also of interest is the comment about the opiate of Amurika.

Son of Delbert said...

Hey retired LAPD. I work near Chicago. Our homies are rougher because of the climate. The cold depresses them so they need to kick it up a notch when the weather breaks. They are warm climate primates. Fucking savages. Enjoy the promised land brother! I've got ten years to go. Halfway home. As long as the pension system does not collapse / get stolen by Illinois politicians, and the whole shit house USA doesn't go up in flames. If it does I will try out for a job as a Wal Mart greeter.

That would rock. "Welcome to fucking Wal Mart!"

Also, D-Fens and J-Santos nailed it. Our main problem in this dying republic is the tyrannical mess on the banks of the Potomac. It's not a hydra, this beast has one head.


Anonymous said...

North American pavement ape

Anonymous said...

So white guilt wins an academy award.
Some years Hollywood focuses on Holocaust, other years on gays, 2013 was blacks.
Django, Mandela, The Butler, 12 Years a Slave, Central Park 6.
Nothing but White Guilt propaganda.