Sunday, January 19, 2014

Old America vs. New America: What the AFC and NFC Championship Games Represent

The opiate of America...

Old America (Brady and Manning)...
We shouldn't even care what goes on the football fields of America, if it didn't reflect why so few care about what's going on off the gridiron in the USA.

My team wins (alma mater), your team loses.

That's all that matters.



... meet New America (Wilson and Kaepernick)
In the latest PK piece at, a close look at the racial dichotomy between the AFC and NFC Championships begin played today is the theme of the article: the role of quarterback is being ghettoized before our eyes, with a fawning media cheering this development at every step. 

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning vs. Russell Wilson and Colin  Kaepernick. [Diversity Bowl: NFC Championship Game Has Two Black Quarterbacks, AFC Two White Ones—Which Is The Future?, 1-18-14]:
Oh, it’s so close to happening—at last!
 Years of careful social engineering by the new, Main Stream Media-approved National Football League (NFL), and the promotion of a more athletic, “exciting” type of quarterback by the Main Stream Media, are nearing a triumphant conclusion.
In the National Football Conference championship game held Sunday to decide who goes to the Super Bowl, the two finalists—the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers—each start “dynamic” black quarterbacks, Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick respectively.

A clearer contrast could not be seen than with the two American Football Conference finalists, also meeting Sunday:  the New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos, whose starting quarterbacks will be Tom Brady and Peyton Manning respectively.

Both are white—two old-style, immobile signal-callers, playing the role of Dennis Quaid’s drop-back passer who was contrasted with Wilson’s/Kapernick’s Jamie Foxx character in Oliver Stone’s prescient 1999 movie Any Given Sunday.
Read the rest at and be sure to share with your friends smoking vast amounts of the opiate today. 


Southron said...

For the life of me, I cannot understand why grown white men want to watch a bunch of sweaty black thugs grapple with each other. I don't care if it is pro football, pro basketball, or college sports.

What really makes me nauseated is seeing a grown white man walking around wearing some black player's number and jersey. In high school, girls used to do that when they were dating jocks.

Last year, several black players on the University of Alabama football team were expelled for going around campus and robbing students. They got caught because one of the idiots used a stolen credit card to buy something out of a vending machine.

They recently let one of them (D.J. Pettway) back in the school, and surprise, back on the football team. The excuse was that he didn't really get physical with the victims, he just watched as it happened. He tweeted, "57 back, signed with Bama again today. nothing but God." when he was brought back on the team after getting youthful offender status.


Anonymous said...

But you're also seeing the beginning of the end for the NFL. They are rapidly getting to the end for new sources of revenue. They have been modestly successful in expanding the fan base into the female population. They are unlikely to expand into Europe or China. Unfortunately the trial lawyers will take a huge amount of the profit by portraying old and discarded players as victims. The thug culture will also make the game less popular. Ultimately the only "play" left will be pay for view and that's when the show ends. Another Aaron Hernandez incident or two will set the scene. It's only a matter of time till someone is killed on the field and the media will not be able to hide it.

Anonymous said...

Your analysis is a bit incomplete.

First of all a couple of the great mobile QBs were Fran Tarkenton and Steve Young.

Second, Colin Kaepernick is obviously biracial as is most likely to some degree Russel Wilson. Kaepernick was adopted by a white Catholic couple in Wisconsin who could not conceive additional healthy children due to congenital heart defects.

Next the Read Option instead of being the future of offensive football has rapidly gone from fad to just one of many play packages. It took one season for many defenses to adjust.

The Colts' Andrew Luck is a great example of the combination of the Manning style cerebral pocket passer and a mobile QB who can execute designed run options and not get hurt. Luck posted NFL combine measurables almost identical to Cam Newton with the physical size of both Manning and Newton.

Once the Colts figure out their Offensive strategy, it is likely that Luck will be calling his own plays much like Manning did. Can't let that big Stanford brain go to waste.

Nothing against the 49er's or Seahawk's QBs but I think Luck is the future prototypical QB. Luck represents the evolution from a Manning and a Steve Young combining the best of both.

But hey from Indy I confess to my biases.

Anonymous said...

Our Thugs badder than your Thugs, Our Thugs badder than yours, our Thugs badder than, our Thugs gooderer than, our Thugs badderer than Yours....

SEC motto applies to all of apefeetzball...

H\ hypie out H\

pat said...

Blacks and whites are quite different mentally and physically. Football and basketball today have rules that tend to favor blacks.

For example, quarterbacks used to call their own plays. Nowadays the coach sends in the plays and the quarterback no longer has to be a 'field general'. He just has to have a good arm. That's not quite true yet but it's getting there.

Football player used to play both offense and defense which favored the guys with the most stamina. Alternating offensive and defensive teams favors the pure speedsters - thus favoring blacks again. Great white athletes often triumphed because of their toughness and endurance. Blacks tend to win principally because of their greater foot speed.

In basketball the hoop used to be out of reach so that players used two hand set shots. No one dunked because no one could dunk. If you raised the hoop to twelve feet or so there would be no more dunking and fewer one hand jump shots. The game would involve more plays, strategy and teamwork. It might be less exciting but whites would have a chance again on the court.

Modern spectator sports have evolved to favor black attributes. It doesn't have to be that way, but the modern version of traditional sports have evolved to favor speed and jumping which look good on TV or from the stands.


Full Auto said...

Terry Bradshaw, Pittsburgh Steelers
Dan Marino, Miami Dolphins
John Elway, Denver Broncos

In terms of power, mobility, accuracy, the ability to knock you upside your head with a forty yard bullet while running laterally across the field, these are the best quarterbacks ever. No beta negroes need apply.

Full Auto said...

But... I do not keep up with it anymore. The thugs are a potent repellent for intelligent people.

Anonymous said...

Reply to Full Auto said.

Yes and think what an awesome mobile QB Elway would have been if he was able to play in the NFL with more than 2 ACL tendons instead of just 1/2 of one.

Anonymous said...

Humph! Recruiting black quarterbacks is another example of institutionalized racism in America. This will mean more young black men, our most precious national resource, being subjected to ritualized violence on the "playing" field. There is a long history of black football players being injured while playing this "game" as white spectators cheer them to their destruction, another part of the terrible legacy of slavery-segregation. Not only that, but more black scholars will be encouraged to go into athletics instead of applying themselves to their science and engineering studies as we see on television.

I.M. Klewless, MFA
Cultural Relativism and Peace Studies

Whiskey said...

PK, a good deal of the desire for a Black QB dominance at the position is the desire by the owners to save money.

Guys like Brady and Manning and Brees and Philip Rivers are rare. Their skills are highly compensated. They play for about fifteen years, meaning they can get huge bucks at the end of their careers.

The owners want a new model. A Black running QB, replaced every five years (as their bodies break down) with a new one.

Anonymous said...

The real Diversity Bowl was back in 200x, when a light-skinned black coach led the Colts to victory over the dark-black coach of the Chicongo Bears.
Free at lass, Free at lass.

Whiskey said...

I'd second Pat's analysis on the appeal on TV of the Black athlete -- flashy plays generating ESPN highlights rather than gritty, grind it out determination and endurance.

And lets not forget, most White fans believe that Blacks are superior, master-race athletes. Faster, stronger, quicker, more athletic. Because they are, with the caveat that they lack White athletes endurance and intelligence.

However, the competition for sports and the desire to provide alternate sports at a lower cost sets threats to the NFL. Ticket prices are sky-high, a number of teams a week ago had to quickly buy out tickets unsold for playoff games to prevent local blackouts. Meanwhile hungry sports networks like NBCSports, etc. are featuring more affordable hockey, and even down-under or UK/France rugby. As well as female-friendly Winter Olympic sports featuring daring tricks and maneuvers and the twirliest boys and prettiest princesses (Skating).

As others noted, NFL expansion and revenues into Europe and Asia have been failures. So too, the NBA, save some merchandising success in China. Chinese guys and gals don't find much use in watching huge Black guys dunk basketballs. NBA stadiums play to half-empty arenas in many venues, while the NHL is packed (and more affordable).

The NFL has many advantages, but there is literally no cost to switching to another sport for a fan. He can simply stop watching. There's always racing, hockey, baseball, rugby, and soccer. Which both Fox and NBCSports are pushing heavily. Premiere League has every game on NBCSports. Ridicule soccer all you want, every nation outside the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are obsessed with it.

The NFL risks facing the fate of boxing. Boxing used to be huge on TV, with regular fights on every Friday night on NBC. Black dominance, corruption, fixing, and moves to pay-per-view made boxing a nothing, marginal sport. [Boxing in the US sucks, fighters don't move, just stand there trading blows, Mexican boxing features real skill and footwork. Golden Boy productions on Fox will show Mexican boxing and I recommend it highly.]

Anonymous said...

Trial junkie here (also an Old-line SEC fan). As I've previously written, the Great Black QB is now a 50-year old obsession with sports media types.

Ironically, in making the QB position easier for blacks to play, it is also easier for white quarterbacks. I recall a Sporting News piece from around 1973 that said with the coaches calling plays (a new thing then), quarterback might become a "black" position.

Anonymous said...

That's a good theory about saving money, Whiskey. Players who burn out in a few years will serve out their careers at the mandatory low-wage scale, whereas a durable veteran will command up to $20m/year.
However, the goal of every owner (except the occasional Ebenezer Scroogeberg) is to outspend his rivals, and buy the best players possible. They always try to hit the salary cap, if not exceed it. So, if a team is able to avoid paying Manning $20m by spending $3m on NG3, that $17m savings will be pissed away on other HGH-addled niggers. Perhaps not just one or two of them, but it will all be spent.

Whiskey said...

Personally, I've dumped football, pro and college, from my life. What sports I do watch are rugby, Direct TV starting in mid-Summer has Aussie and New Zealand Rugby on channel 490, and racing (F1, Grand Prix, FIM Superbike, MotoGP) and hockey and sometimes baseball.

That's enough. I have to make an effort to watch it (generally tape since many are on in the wee hours) and watch later. Its special, not something on all the time. A treat like chocolate or pie, not a regular meal.

And it features White athletes pretty much doing things that require courage and strength and endurance not just genetic advantages.

Watch the end of the Aussie/Kiwi rugby matches. White players with thick accents but sportsmanship and class. Versus thugs in football.

josh said...

Re southron comment:"He tweeted,"57 back...nothig but God." Negroes and their stupid twittering!They love their twitters! Re whiskey and black QBs: Whoever wins the Manning/Brady Bowl will win the Super Bowl as these running negroes cant win the big one.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....As most of you know I live with white people. About 10 to 12 years ago the local folks suffered a horrible tragedy. This dreadful event sent shock waves through the community that caused them shock and trauma. A ABC-TV TRANSMISSION TOWER WAS BLOWN DOWN IN A WIND STORM. It was a total catastrophic nightmare. These dumb fucks could not watch their weekend HUSKER GAME.
The tower was down for about a month and these dim wits were going nuts. They were crazed. They started calling their Senators and Congressman only to be told that nothing could be done. Mean while the jobs were moving to gookville, Pedro was invading America, their taxes were going up and the government was screwing them in the ass and they were calling their Senator about a fallen down transmission tower. It was unreal. At this point I would like to quote the great Jim Traficant. BEAM ME UP.

Son of Delbert said...

Southron. Good point with the grown men wearing jerseys and such. Just like lovesick schoolgirls wearing boyfriends varsity jacket. His class ring. Pitiful. I work with a few sports fan types. Everybody does. I have noticed one thing that annoys me more than anything. When the team in question wins or loses, in conversation, the fan says "we."

As if they participated.

No slappy. There is no "we." You have simply wasted another hour and change of your life, of which you have only a fininte amount. Watching other people compete in an organized sporting event. People at the pinnacle of their own personal achievement. And you have subjected yourself to corporate mass marketing by the multi nationals. Now go drink watery piss colored light beer, fantasize about a shiny new pickup truck and eat more cardboard tasting pizza from a local chain franchise. You fat fuck.

Let your life pass you buy. I've been chastised for this heretical view by peers. Many people just don't understand. How can I not care about the Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks? Take no side in the ageless quandary, Cubs or White Sox?

I got other things on my mind. No time to waste on such trivialities. My interests are my own. I encourage those around me to cultivate their own passions, play to their strengths. Human beings are infinitely malleable, and can achieve so much. With effort and time.

White people especially.

Corporate spectator sports is truly the opiate of the masses. You really nailed it PK. Absolute truth. So hard it glitters like new steel. The mere elevation of ghetto assed ragged thug negroes in most sports is enough to sour my stomach. I would bet that most racially aware people get the same queasy feeling when all the sheep bleat about their favorite teams.

Bread and circuses baby. Bread and circuses. We should take no part.

So much else we could spend our precious time doing.


josh said...

Whoa--go to VDare and llok at the pic of Colin K-nick. What an ugly dude! He is weird and misshapen. Remember how somebody got in trouble cuz he commented on CK's tattoos which are all over his body in a freakish weird dispaly? That guy is a strange bird! (Like a lot of mullatoes...and you know what I am talking about,nudge nudge Nuff said) I bet his fat headed adopted parents are thrilled to death with arrogant pride over being Blind Side parents. "Gee you're so GOOD!So Obama! And so LIBERAL!!" Keep yer eye on Colin,he wont win the Big One,now or ever,IMHFO.

Anonymous said...

The popularity of blacks coincided exactly with the commercial growth of the NFL and the NBA. Supporting these two spectator sports is supporting negroes. So either stop your negro worship or continue. Your decision.

italian guy said...

January 19, 2014 at 11:24 AM
I am European so i don't know much about the NFL, but i can tell it's affirmative action at work, whites despite being the world's minority dominate every kind of sport (we invented them too)... just look at rugby, there are so very few blacks that they are nowhere to be seen during the world cup... about basketball, whites are fairly represented there too, just look at the Olympics medals list and the FIBA winners list, lots of Europeans (with Serbia being the most successful with 5 titles) even though the USA always had a major role in them since the 50's, when the USA were like 90%+ white.
It's all anti-white propaganda to coerce white women in to miscegenation.

senatortombstone said...

Being unathletic, I never liked sports very much, but as of late, I see them for the negro- worshipping spectacles that at least some of them are.

But to be fair, everyone needs bread and circuses to distract us from the banalities of life. Mine are Chipotlé and video games. But for white people who care about sports, stop watching football and basketball and switch to hockey and baseball.

Anonymous said...

"But when you look around the landscape, at the young quarterbacks who are excelling, most share a common makeup: They can hurt you with their arm and legs."

We've heard this many times before. Randall Cunningham was also "The Future NFL QB Prototype"...except he wasn't. Social engineering doesn't win football games, talent combined with intelligence does.

Kaepernick and Wilson are actually exceptions (also, both are significantly white). Most black quarterbacks are not going to be successful in the NFL because at the end of the day, they lack the mental tools.

Dissident said...

Here's a good race realist website dealing the steel on athleticism and the biases against white athletes:


Also, since Ex-Newyorker mentioned the awesome Jim Traficant and his "Beam me Up" you go

Jim Traficant.

Traficant was railroaded by the TWMNBN lobby and spent some years in pen. Watch his colorful speeches and you'll see why.

Quinnotaur said...

About the only thing that would get me to watch an NFL game would be if they placed random land mines throughout the field. Just imagine all the new betting opportunities!!! As far as any other sport, like sonny said in "a Bronx tale", "see if your father can't pay the rent, go ask Mickey mantle and see what he tells you." Fuck pro sports.

Anonymous said...

Colon Krapernick is the future of the groid football league. I've been a fan since the womb but when Manning and Brady hang up the cleats for the last time that is all. Did you know that a sobama butt buddy is the leader of the player's union? Yea the rat will destroy football too.

D-FENS said...

I remember reading a breakdown of the time during an NFL game that the ball is actually in motion during a game and it was something like 11 minutes an hour.

No wonder that they need multiple instant replays, hot cheerleaders and why the commercials seem to be more popular than the Super Bowl.

I never did get why an adult man would wear a sports jersey, particularly with a player's name on it. I think I outgrew that when I was 12.

Get a freakin' life, man.

Anonymous said...

If anyone thinks these games aren't fixed than you are the NFL's target demographic.

Anonymous said...

"If anyone thinks these games aren't fixed than you are the NFL's target demographic."

Most negroes believe that NFL games are fixed.

Quinnotaur said...

I was just out this evening at the bar. The 49ers game was on. The only thing I do enjoy about pro ball is being out at said bar and a disputed call occurs. I like it because I don't give a rats ass who wins (as I don't bet on the games) and enjoy telling anyone who will listen what I believe the proper call to be and calling bullshit on anyone who claims otherwise. I have yet to lose an argument (not that there have been many). As time goes on I find the regulars just letting me adjudicate when they disagree over a particular call.

I mention this because I saw and have seen shit that makes me believe the game is rigged. When I pointed something out to the patrons at the bar, even half of those rooting for the team which benefited from this unfortunate situation changed their opinion and agreed with me. I read a post here that mentioned corruption in pro sports and I believe that's what lead me to make the connection tonight to the call on TV. See what happens when we share ideas! ;)
The NFL is just as out of touch with reality as the rest of the elites in this country. Look at the price of regular, not to mention box seats for Christ sakes!!! Look at the salaries! If we pay it no attention, it will go away. The money would be better spent on nuke plant technicians and safety upgrades to the nations generation plants and power infrastructure.

Anonymous said...

NBA's Atlanta Hawks were in London recently which did not garner much attention.

3 NFL games next year at Wembley almost sold out.

Jacksonville Jaguars are back because they are mighty successful in their own state.

Chances of a NFL franchise there is zero as the interest to support a team is not there. It is different selling one to three one off games than trying to sell a team which would be playing a non-local game to people with their own local games to support.

Fed Up FF said...

I STARTED my journey to quit watching TV six months ago when I cancelled my cable. A financial decision turned into a lifestyle change.
I thought I would still watch the local news, sports etc. after I quit paying for a sewer pipe to spew into my living room but in reality it WAS THE FIRST STEP. I found after a week or so I didn't miss cable at all, in fact I didn't miss TV at all. My life improved immediately!
In reality, I DIDN'T GIVE SOMETHING UP- I REGAINED MY LIFE & the hours WASTED in front of an idiot box.

I quit smoking over five years ago the same way. Perspective is EVERYTHING! You are not giving something up, you are reclaiming the life you should be living.

If I feel the need to be entertained I can watch Youtube videos of a time I remember when Whites had a future & didn't grovel before the alter of DIEversity.

PLEASE, please, please White people, turn of the sewer line pumping filth into your home every day. You have control, you have the power.

Lastly, prepare your children before you send them into this evil, black abomiNATION we refer to in past tense as the United States of America.

God Bless,
Fed Up Firefighter.

FYT said...

Did anyone see the Seattle defensive back who got up in Michael Crabtree's face at the end of the NFC championship game? Typical no-class nigger taunting at the end of a hard fought game where both sides should have left in mutual respect. Our civilization used to value sportsmanship as a manly virtue. Now, our culture tolerates displays of adolescent preening and thuggery.

Eff the N-EFF-L.

Anonymous said...

Many black athletes can't even read above a 4 grade level. This was reported by CNN of college black athletes. This is who people are admiring today.

SwampThizzle said...

Pretty much all sports, be they played by whites or plantation coons, are dumb. And they are for dumb people. Facts.

Anonymous said...

What self respecting white man watches this crapfest? Folks, your number one goal as someone who can now see is TURN THE TV OFF!! You will never think for yourself until you do. Do not support these imbecils with your time and money.

Play video games instead, like Minecraft, and read books. Use amazon and netflix to hand pick what you watch. I haven't had tv in years, and we (kids and all) have plenty to keep us entertained without being brainwashed.

AnalogMan said...

Fed Up FF: Congratulations. Doubly so, for kicking both the smoking and the TV. Both are poisonous, as you have found.

The Irish Savant has written many columns on the evils of the media. Read that linked article, and pay attention to the comments of one Keiser.

If you choose to follow up his information, you may find alternatives to cable TV that are both entertaining and wholesome. And even educational - hint for the homeschoolers. And best of all, they don't enrich the people who are trying to corrupt your children.

I personally recommend old movies from the fifties and sixties, early seventies. Look for names like James Stewart, John Wayne (couldn't act his way out of a paper bag, but his movies were generally enjoyable), Doris Day (Mrs FF will love her), Gary Cooper. Anything from Walt Disney in that period is safe for the whole family.

A few recommended titles to give you a taste (Note: Beware of imitations and remakes. Hollywood likes to take a successful idea and turn it into crud):

The Big Country
High Noon
The Trap
The Flight of the Phoenix
The Manchurian Candidate
... and of course,
Death Wish.

Anonymous said...

The QB play in the nfcc was atrocious. These monkeys don't know how to play QB.

If this is the future then the NFL is dead which is perfectly fine with me. Fk Nike too as they are the coal burner shoe company. Do they even have a white endorser?

Anonymous said...

Runnin qbs inevitably get injured seriously and are far less successful than the analysts would lead you to believe. Look at the stranglehold pocket passers have on championships.

Anonymous said...

Um...blacks are not better athletes.

They are better at the particulars of what is required by NBA or NFL - explosive burst speed and leaping. They do not dominate triathlon or cycling or even tennis.

Doc Holliday said...

"And lets not forget, most White fans believe that Blacks are superior, master-race athletes. Faster, stronger, quicker, more athletic. Because they are, with the caveat that they lack White athletes endurance and intelligence." says Whiskey once again.

ENOUGH WITH THIS OLD CANARD ALREADY ! Blacks may be faster and quicker (so is my dog), but THEY ARE NOT STRONGER. The strongest men in the world are White and they completely dominate ALL weightlifting competitions, World's strongest Man and Cross-Fit competitions with no blacks near the top or the world's records.

Blacks have also lost their dominance in boxing to Eastern Europeans and Mestizos, and the MMA is as well overwhelmingly dominated by White fighters. The same goes with many other sports that require tremendous upper body strength like pole vault, javelin throw, shot put, hammer throw, discus throw, rowing and wrestling AGAIN DOMINATED BY Whites.

Moreover blacks aren't the best at BASEBALL last time I checked(hello ?) and American sports are not the only sports nor the most competitive in the world,(e.g., SOCCER, tennis, rugby, hockey, volleyball, handball, swimming, gymnastics, cycling. and on and on)

Blacks don't and never had the SUPERIOR upper body strength that Whites have (where are your "stronger" "master-race athletes" blacks in the Navy Seals, green berets and other special forces by the way, hmm ?) That is racial ANATOMY 101, get with the program !

Artist said...

The QB play in the AFC game was light years beyond the QB play in the NFC game. Period.

Sure, Colin K. can hurt you bad every now and then. But he is defeated by good coaching. Remember the end of last years' Super Bowl? Yesterday, as the 49ers began their final possession I instinctively knew he'd not make it. Coaches have figured out how to funnel him into a narrow set of options, diminishing his effectiveness.

For the record, I've been watching him since his freshman year at Nevada and I'm a fan.

Also, look at the case of the Eagles and Nick Foles. A reporter asked Coach Kelly why Foles was so good. Kelly replied that he makes minimal mistakes. Mike Vick sure could wow the fans with an other-worldly play every now and then, but his mistakes outnumbered is plays by a wide margin. The Eagles beat reporter in my local paper won't forgive Foles for winning the job.

Last year was the year of the "modern QB" and the read option play. NFL coaches caught up with it and none of the modern QBs repeated last year's success. The media has not let go, and the "old vs. new" matchup of yesterday's game brought all the PC racists back out. Saturday I was watching an NFL Network talking head show and one of the blacks said we need to adjust to a "new reality" where teams will only get 5 or 6 years out of their QBs. New reality"? Sounds like a "New Normal" to me.

Anonymous said...

There are no black SEALS.You have to swim, have a high IQ,and have extreme impulse control.

Anonymous said...

I was wrong, there are 50 out of 2500 that are black SEALS.

Melanie said...

Whiskey, how does your "blacks are better athletes" theory account for the fact that there are hundreds of sports in which blacks have never made a showing, much less a memorable mark? Feetsball and bakkaball aren't the only sports, though marketing would have you believe that. The Williams sisters and Woods are still anomolies in tennis and golf, respectively. I'm not even counting such "sports" as figure skating where judging of such things as "artistry" make them wide-open to the pressures of PC.

Anonymous said...

"Many black athletes can't even read above a 4 grade level. This was reported by CNN of college black athletes."
I was always skeptical of those commercials with negro affletes reading childrens' books to kids at libarries. Little did I know, they were there to learn.
"I am Sam. Sam, I am. I like ham."

Anonymous said...

@Melanie, Tiger Woods is only 25% black (50% slope, 12.5% feather injin, 12.5% white) -- just enough to define his looks and make everyone worship him for being so well-spoken and excelling in The White Gentleman's Game.

Bogolyubski said...

Old Negro:
Nobody was running through the neighborhood with a Tec-9

Nope, they weren't even invented then. However, when this old negro was born (1927), one could walk down to the corner hardware store and purchase a fully-automatic Thompson .45 caliber submachine gun with no waiting period, no background check, no fingerprinting, etc. For a little more money, one could likewise purchase a fully-automatic BAR which used the familiar .30'06 round (also used by the Springfield 1903, the Garand and the .30 caliber machine gun of WW II fame.

It has nothing to do with guns - or even laws pertaining to guns (for even a negro with the money could have purchased such a gun in a number of states in 1927). White Crystal Methodists - whether libtard or conservatard - will twist their reasoning into the most amazing exotic pretzel shapes in order to avoid the central factor which lies behind rates of violent crime worldwide: the N-factor (known here as TNB). It's a point worth remembering on this day, which is the Yom Kippur of Crystal Methodism.

Bogolyubski said...

On this solemn high-holy day in honor of Saint M. Keeehng the Adulterer, I happened to overhear a libtard attacking the Opiate of Amurika on NPR airing in the vicinity. It occurred to me that this could an example of how we might engage in a little jujitsu. Why not encourage the enforcement of Title IX feminista ideology on college football? That would be a way in which the jackboots of the regime could be set against the whole moronic network of jackasses who a) benefit from the racket; and b) support the advancement of BRA with it. Impose feminism upon Amurika's opiate and it will soon be ruined - the shit-sandwich advertising will dry up and the idiocracy who tunes in will have to find something else to watch. The Jerry Sandusky's will have to go back to their Republican committee meetings for fresh meat.

Jim said...

SOD @12:59PM wrote: "No slappy. There is no "we." ....... Now go drink watery piss colored light beer, fantasize about a shiny new pickup truck and eat more cardboard tasting pizza from a local chain franchise. You fat fuck."

I have not had such a good laugh since I saw Hillary in her latest pantsuit.

I had neighbors who fit the above description. They have at least 10 adults plus their kids over to watch NFL. They all wear $50.00 jerseys. Most wear #52-Ray Lewis jersey. Remember Ray and the double-murder in Atlanta? Anyway, the HNIC (N=neighbor) controls the remote. When the main game goes to commercial, he changes to other NFL games. They all scream at the TV when things don't go their way. They can quote player stats like a Baptist quotes the Bible. However, they don't know who Eric Holder is. Their kids are exactly the same.

Speaking of The NFL, have you seen Richard Sherman's chimp-out. Football is going to start looking like professional boxing did when Muhammad Ali started mouthing off about Joe Frazier. Who watching boxing any more. Football is adopting the negro culture.

Son of Delbert said...

This thread has legs, I like it. Doc Holliday made mention of how vast the number of sports that blacks do not dominate truly is. We could go on and on.

Example. Kimbo Slice. Google him. Big scary bald headed bantu thug. Bushy black afro beard. Made a name for himself and a hefty bit of coin posting You-Tube videos. They were street fight videos. In his defense Kimbo is peerless at standing toe to toe throwing haymakers with another big slab of meat.

Most of his opponents are black, mexican, and white "urban" peoples. They all talk ghetto black. Some sharp promoter / agent / jew recruited him to fight MMA. Mixed martial arts has become big time. Major money, media exposure, marketing. Corporate sponsors. Professional grade athletes at the peak of their abilities.

Kimbo looked real fierce when he stepped in the ring. His opponents actually WERE fierce. I dunno if he still fights MMA. He didn't do well against real fighters. Skinny, fast, mostly white MMA WARRIORS do not stand toe to toe and butt heads. There are oodles of youtube videos of him getting his big, scary, black ass handed to him and tied up like a ghetto pretzel by such mostly white fighters.

Blacks are all about image, substance always trumps.


dondiego said...

Thanks Whiskey, you've said it for me.
I recall an American girl marvelling at the sheer toughness of rugby union. -No pads, no helmets, but full force hard contact action.

Kiwi born I have to say Union, however the Australian NRL series is awesome. The seven-aside version of union is somewhat popular (from attendance) in America. And you guys had a team in the world cup (union) last time.

I didn't see any league world cup games (England time + no t.v), just highights at work.

Want an alternative hard-man game featuring teamwork, sportsmanship, determination, courage etc: look to Rugby Union & League. Europe the U.K Sth Africa and downunder[!].

Mr. truth said...

There aren't that many blacks in Special forces period. It takes dedication and extreme love for your country. Most blacks don't have that.