Monday, March 2, 2015

"I came here to build a bridge."

It's been said Zulu (made in 1964) was made as an answer to the decolonization of Africa by the West. 

Depicting the story of the Battle of Rorke's Drift, where roughly 150 British troops successfully defended a small settlement in Africa from 3,000 - 4,000 advancing Zulus, Zulu is easily the one movie in the history of cinema that leaves a viewer simply asking: why in the world was this movie made? 

The heroes are white males, who in the face of overwhelming black odds utilize superior military tactics to repel the hordes of Zulus from ensuring this small garrison of British would share the same fate as those white soldiers massacred earlier in The Battle of Isandlwana.
What was the moment in your life where the life-long chore of bridge-building collapsed via the weight of the reality of racial differences?

Toward the beginning of the movie, Lieutenant John Chard is seen building a bridge over some nameless river. As part of the Royal Engineers, he's also the senior officer at the garrison and he assumes control of the British forces once hostilities appear likely. 

If you haven't seen the movie, there's no point in giving away the incredible details of the movie, but at the end of the Zulu, Chard stands tall with the surviving British soldiers and casually remarks, "I came here to build a bridge."

Powerful scene, but an even more powerful quote when the context of the statement is juxtaposed with the decolonization of Africa beginning across the continent and the assertion of black power with the loosening vise of so-called "white supremacy" on the Dark Continent. 

Many people come to this point in their life, when they approach a moment of realization about the lies of integration, diversity, tolerance, and racial equality being nothing more than the building of a bridge to nowhere (or even worse, the infamous Springfield "Escalator to Nowhere").

So, SBPDL invites you to tell your "I came here to build a bridge" moment, when the reality of race finally became clear and the lies of a lifetime collapsed. 


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Anonymous said...

Off topic.
Look up "Obama Plans National ObamaLaw." Attempt to take over and federalize all police forces.

Anonymous said...

I am a painting contractor. A little while back a nog who was aware of this saw me out walking my dog.He introduced me to his uncle and was telling me what a great painter his uncle was and how I ought to give him a job.I asked the uncle if he could shoot lacquer.Who dat was his reply.I shit you not.

Anonymous said...

When I saw Reginald Denny beaten almost til dead by a bunch of savages

Anonymous said...

The first day I attended School in 1965 I knew negros were completely abnormal. I just had a gut feeling this isn't right. I had been told we would have to go to classes with "the colored boys and girls". "They are like you except they have different skin." "This is the law, and you have to be nice to them." I just knew not to say anything then, but still I've never bought in to the fantasy even untill this day.

Anonymous said...

Great question. I left my private school, whose nuns had said blacks were just like us except more like Christ. I then attended a public school full of blacks. It was like an insane asylum, prison and special needs institution in comparison to the Catholic school.
So, I was age 11. Nuns are full of it, it turns out.

FlowerBell said...

From childhood there have been instances that I could attribute to my realization but the accumulated effect didn't hit me until my husband and I were transferred to a nice suburb of Detroit for work. We ended up in a quaint little cottage about half an hour away from the city.

I was almost numb the day of our first car tour of the city. Until that day I'd never imagined a city in the United States could look like that. Total devastation.
We stopped at a gas station to ask for directions and a black man came up to the car. We asked him to help us and he said "You give me 10 dollars I give you some help". We'd been used to people being friendly for free until that moment so we drove on.
The hostility and insanity of the televised city counsel meetings was another shocking eye opener. Crazy screaming, out of control nutters with African style head wraps and that sort of thing.
I'd always been able to get along with blacks fairly well one or two at a time. But living near Detroit I learned when blacks congregate in large numbers they change, they become tribal and combative.
I have never felt to unsafe in my life living near that city.

We moved far away after that, deep into the woods of the Great Northwest. Hundreds of mile from any major city. Miles of forest around us.
Our experience changed the course and direction of our lives.

Anonymous said...

My arrival at race realism was, and still is, a process of unfolding which has taken years. I saw so much stuff that continued to accumulate until I couldn't deny what I was seeing. It simply became impossible to lie to myself anymore.

Sometimes I think back to really small things, like in the 90's before I really admitted the truth to myself, when some black guy repeated the phrase "I got my payja(pager) I got my payjaaa" on the bus non-stop for about 15 minutes, and wondering why he couldn't shut up, and why almost all the black people I saw or met were exactly like him. Other times I recall terrifyingly tense moments like when I saw a gold toothed buck tell a white guy with his 3 year old daughter to "watch out else your lil daughter gon get raped!" in a coffee shop. More disturbing than the guys drugged out rape threats was the inaction and fear of the entire crowd in the cafe. Nobody did anything or said anything. Even though nobody could admit it out loud, everyone knew that the buck could easily kill any of us and the fear of being called racist made us like deer in headlights. That silent knowing and inability to communicate for fear of ostracization deeply affected me at that time but didn't totally wake me up.

Another time more recently I made the mistake of greeting a young buck and receiving the pleasant response of "F*** you white fa**ot" before he pulled a gun on me. Again, his behavior surprised me far less than that of the police who did nothing and complained to me about having to take a report before declining to even looking for the perp, as well as the facebook response of total silence when I posted the "news" to my "friends." It was as if nobody cared. The reality was that they couldn't care, because caring about what happened to me would have opened the door to an uncomfortable talk about blacks.

I could literally fill an hundred pages of negro memories, all of them leading me toward the forbidden conclusions, but with no single experience standing out as being "the" definitive one.

Anonymous said...

Detroit, 1980, Finney High School. The black students had no desire to learn anything. They were loud, unruly, and violent. When we graduated, fully half of them were functionally illiterate. The rest couldn't read or write beyond a 3rd grade level.

At the ripe, old age of 18, I realized that integration was merely a device for politicians to gain political traction, and that black people had no interest in anything other than what they could get for free. Detroit's current condition proves me right.

Anonymous said...

A bridge is a good analogy to use for ones life. You start on one shore and start a family and go to work building your bridge to the other shore .... Retirement .

My building a bridge moment came when I started making pretty good wages , saving , buying a home, trying to accumulate wealth and retirement savings .

In 2008 when the subprime mortgage debacle collapsed the housing and investment market and I watched half of my "value" disappear overnight , I then knew that there was a war against me and my kind.

There is a concerted effort to extract the wealth from working Americans and the welfare state is the weapon of choice by progressives.

I probably won't ever finish my bridge..... Someone keeps stealing my rivets, one by one .

Anonymous said...

Didn't the preacher in that movie exclaim: "Don't you see?! You're all going to die!!!!"

Quite prophetic.

Anonymous said...

Kind of ironic how Rhodesian currency is still worth more than any amount of Zimbabwean dollars.

Anonymous said...

Working in a convenience store and a hospital emergency room in a big city gave me all the experience I needed to abandon forever all illusions about good will between races and equality.

My favorite negro quote (concerning a "teen" gunshot victim) from the hospital:

"How's xxxx doing? Dat fucker was shot in de head. I'm his mother."

Anonymous said...

One of the first books I read as a kid was a history of America from the time of Columbus to the modern day. There was a section on the first slaves brought to the English colonies in 1619--Africans in America! At that point I stopped, put down the book for a minute, and said to myself, "That was a mistake!"

Because even as a kid, I knew that no matter how you looked at it, blacks could never fit into white society. This was not the case with other minorities. I went to school with various European nationalities, "hispanics" and even a couple of Asians. They all fit themselves into American civilization, or at least made a reasonable effort to do so.

But blacks? No matter what was done for them, there'd always be a trainwreck at the end of the day. Over the years I saw riots, welfare queens, gangs, faked history, race hustlers, Black Panthers shaking down storeowners, dishonest reporting to assuage black egos, the worship of tinpot despots and terrorists over in Africa, fantastic claims about great inventions that could never be translated into neighborhoods anyone would want to live in.

The final straw came with the black assault on white rule in South Africa, and the havoc we have seen wrecked since black-majority-rule. It was fairly evident that blacks were doing everything in their power to destroy the lives, liberties and property of white people.

To get back to that history book from many years gone by--I thought then, if I had a time machine I would go back to that fateful day in 1619 and tell those colonists: "Send those blacks back to Africa, you idiots, before it's too late!"

As for the movie Zulu--this has always been one of my favorites. I even had the comic book version as a kid!

Mr. Rational said...

By the time I knew that I knew, I think I'd known for a long time.  A lot of it was the constant excuses made for Black failure.  When one second we're all the same, and the next someone has to be excused because they're "different", the hypocrisy becomes obvious.

Truth Corps said...

It was the mid 80s and I was 15 years old in the Deep South. I lived in a small city of less than 50k. Although our Schools had been forcibly integrated since the 60s, the public schools were still good and less than 10% black at that time, as most of the blacks were concentrated in the black schools on the bad side of town.
I was an average student, dating a nice girl. I spent my spare time drinking beer on the weekends & smoking the occasional joint. I wanted a car of my own so Dad told me to get a job, which I did. I bagged groceries at the local Supermarket after school & on weekends for $3.35/hr which was the minimum wage at the time. I would bag the groceries as they were rang up & then cart them to the customer’s vehicle where I would load them. From time to time I would receive a tip from the customer. It was usually a dollar or some change.
I did a good job and made friends with the employees & regular shoppers. I began to observe that on the 1st of the month, every month, that the store would be much busier than normal. The store would be filled with blacks shopping. They would fill their carts with chicken, potato chips, soft drinks, and sugary cereal. I also noticed that almost all of these “first of the month” black shoppers paid with a book of funny looking paper coupons that had the Liberty Bell on the cover. I asked my manager one afternoon what the paper coupons were that all the blacks had. He was a white man of about 50 years and he laughed at my naivety and told me about “food stamps”. He said the poor blacks get them to buy food with. I could not believe my ears, because every time I took the groceries out to the cars of the “food stamp” customers they were always nice, newer cars! The customers using them had expensive jewelry and clothing! I began to notice another thing. The food stamp customers never said “thank you” or tipped either.
I had my grand awakening the day I got my third paycheck. I asked the same manager what the deductions were on my check. He smiled a big grin and said, “you remember those food stamps you asked me about, guess where the money to pay for those comes from?”

Thank you PK for all you do.

Anonymous said...

When I became politically active after a decade of fighting for civil rights and trying to help people of all races, whites and non-whites, to overcome abuses by various, usually local, moneyed interests. I found myself on the national stage, abused, harassed, robbed, smeared and having survived multiple attempts to kill me, attempts to ruin my career, attempts to impoverish me, causing me to take on tens of thousands of dollars in debt just to live. I learned then that trying to work with the "system" itself is a waste of time. Kafka's essay on law was true. The system was set up to prevent the citizen from ever getting justice and only violence and fear would allow ordinary people to overcome the good ol boys who ran things for their own advantages and nothing more.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to my Dad, my brother and I were raised as realists, therefore our children are as well. Nothing in Nogworld surprises us as our expectations for them always starts at zero. It's all about calibration.

Anonymous said...

Delivering pizza for a living opened my eyes.

Anonymous said...

I have so much to draw from. The very first "event" took place on the steps of one of my dad's arcades. Edge water amusement park, Detroits West Side, mid seventies. Massive chimp-out, gun fire, and near death experience. Next "event", was the sexual assault of my girls best friend, at Heart Plaza, downtown Detroit. Not one or two negroes, DOZEN'S of them grabbed her up and then pawed her up. She had wandered off alone, I had to fight for the very life of both myself and my high school honey. Third "event", I was on a service call at a bar near Wayne State. Headed back to save and YT Trenton I was stopped by two die-verse officers. When I was driving away, for some reason I had a thought to check my wallet. One asked for my DL, he helped himself to my cash.
There's so much more, but these three will do for now.
Detroit Refugee

AnalogMan said...

I can't wait to read these stories.

The film Zulu has been deleted from Youtube, but you can still see the final battle scene. Obviously it's been tarted up for the movie - it's in the wrong place, for a start; the escarpment of the Drakensberg (Dragon's Mountain) in the background is a long way from Rorke's Drift. Real battles are not so neat.

Anonymous said...

Beyond Hatred, please in the "name of all that's reasonable" remove your avatar.

Scot Irish March 2, 2015 at 2:52 PM


Yeah, that's a chimpout-level eyesore.
Just fyi, our new Beyond Hatred with the avatar is not the same Beyond Hatred as myself, the original Beyond Hatred.

We've seen a couple new members of clan McHatred show up, Wayyy Beyond Hatred, maybe Beyond Fatigue, etc. and that's totally fine with me. Maybe we can have a contest for the farthest out Beyond...

Hmmm, just searched on the word hatred-
"Hatred" is an upcoming shooter video game developed by Destructive Creations and scheduled for release in 2015 on Microsoft Windows. The player-character is a mass-killing sociopath who hates humanity and begins a "genocide crusade"[1] to kill innocent civilians and police officers. The developer described Hatred as a reaction to video game aesthetic trends such as political correctness...

Sounds like a reaction to BRA. No, wait... it sounds more like BRA itself, with Fedgov & Co as the mass-killing sociopath who hates humanity. Write what you know, they say.

-Beyond Hatred

dondiego said...

Solidarity from the South Pacific, if P.K allows...

It was blacks, Islanders, coming round home with baseball bats and making death threats (which they meant) that had me re-evaluate the multi-cult school teaching.

A false accusation.(I reckon the young prick had spent his rent money on poker machines)

Melanocortin rules apply- but through this blog I found out the africans are the worst (PB can probably argue the Abo point -I've met only IKAGOs)

Side note: I came to Aus/Oz to get away from such rubbish. Instead I found latent malignant muslim problems. Although a half-Abo mate told me negroes are battling aboriginies regularly on the streets of Darwin, and a couple of their (negroid) recent exploits have had mention here.

Anonymous said...

It was seeing Rachel Jeantel on the witness stand which made me realize that, not only did I no longer have any historic, cultural or geographic affinity for these people, I never really had an honest thought along those lines to begin with. It was all manufactured emotions from television, school, politicians and parents which clouded my real feelings for so long...

Anonymous said...

My moment came when I read on the internet that negroes were not only genetically different on the outside, but on the inside as well. And that these differences, small as they are, make for big differences in behavior. And that these behavior differences are enough to effect the level of civilization that the average black is capable of achieving.

Therefore, their inferiority when compared with us is not my fault due to "racism" , but simply a reflection of their genetically based capabilities.

Anonymous said...

I attended a small private school grade 1-8,
then attended a public high school that was 50-50 white black students. I treated all my fellow students the way I was brought up, with respect, everyone was equal in my eyes, that was my bridge. Then after having school supplies stolen, being accosted and verbally attacked in hall ways by blacks, and then finally the bridge collapsed when walking home with my first high school sweetheart a bus load of blacks driving them home from school, one of those animals spit out the window and hit me right in the face, the roar of laughter from the kids on the bus was so humiliating, not to mention the feeling of having being spat upon by some punk thug in front of a girl I was just starting to feel comfortable with. That kind of event changes a persons outlook on another race, they treated me like trash, I will never forget, although I forgave whoever did it. It was my collapse of a bridge.

ms sippy said...

Zulu "Final Battle Scene", my dream!

Anonymous said...

I would say I was in the 6th grade back in the 70's. I had never been around Blacks before so I had no opinion of them. Then they bussed some of them in. I learned very quickly that a lot of them are not like us or any race. I found them to be loud, bullying, dumb, not wanting to learn or behave, aggressive, rude and just a nightmare to be around in large numbers. They, especially the boys, were already sexually aggressive at the age of 11.

As someone else said, it's about the numbers. I can be around small numbers of middle class Blacks that are well behaved and intelligent and that I like. However, when they are in large numbers, they are a nightmare.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

Trayvon Martin affair. That was the single moment that a lifetime of simmering finally came to a head. I was so disgusted by how dishonest the media was in its portrayal of those events. I became a bit obsessed regarding the facts during the trial and the lead up to it. During that time, doing internet searches, I came across some race realist discussions and certain things that I had never heard of before stuck with me, particularly the disproportionate black vs. white crime rates, and the way the media buried heinous black on white murders.

I would have NEVER ever, ever, clicked on, read, or been intrigued by or curious about what "racists" would have to say about anything, prior to the Zimmerman fiasco. In a weird way, you can say that the sensationalist media handling of the event removed the inhibition.

I had always noticed black underperformance/dysfunction, (I mean, how could you not?) but assumed (like most people) that it was related to poverty, education, lack of opportunity, and unstable family structures/culture. I was long fed up with the ruination of my home city (New Orleans,) but race is the elephant in the room, down here. That is the fastest way to lose lifetime friends and encounter socially enforced shunning - mention blacks in a way that acknowledges or attaches them to anything negative. It is like everyone knows that blacks are the true reason the city is wrecked and a total dump, but no one is allowed to say it, because doing so would make you a pariah.

I think this is due to the manner that the Civil Rights Era is depicted in film and taught in schools. White southerners are taught to be ashamed of their history. We are psychologically defeated. We have no ability to stand up to and refuse black political demands, nor identify black savagery, because to do so, would be too much like the segregationist or evil Jim Crow ancestors that we (white southerners) are taught from day one to hate and resent. Any resistance to blacks, or their demands, in any way, hearkens those images and invokes queasy feelings in most "properly reformed" white southerners, therefore they/we will not oppose blacks, nor even demand law and order from them, flat out on general principle, lest we resemble an "embarrassing page in our history." We are that beat down and surrendered, like tortured prisoners who don't even fight back or resist anymore, the blacks are allowed to just do what they want and wreck everything without a peep of opposition.

I believe that our enemies understand the power of that as a lasting image of the Civil Rights Era ******* a white crowd being explicitly and shamelessly racial .... refusing to be dispossessed or have their culture, schools, and cities ruined by blacks ******* such gatherings must be painted as the worst thing imaginable so that that kind of political will can never reemerge.

And you do that by brainwashing children at an early age, so that by the time they are voting age, there is no collective will to do anything but acquiesce and give blacks more and more, unlike your grandparents who stood firm and refused them.

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

When I was a kid, the worst thing you could be called was "bigot," or, "you're prejudiced."


I was a good kid, and relished the chance when I was assigned to "partner" (tutor) one of the black kids that was bussed to my school. This was fifth grade.

I was assigned "Timmy D." (a normal name!). I remember the way he smelled, the vacant look in his eyes, the vague hostility, the inability to grasp simple concepts that I communicated in earnest.

Looking back now, as a parent, I realize the ridiculousness of it. Why the hell was I being made to try to teach this thing? Why wasn't I being taught?

So my bridge collapsed, kind of ex post facto, when I became a parent and my child—a good kid, smart, properly raised—was repeatedly forced into group work with little thugs. It harked backed to my experience.

And it seemed the metaphor for all our experience with blacks. We are the "good kids" who are forced to do "group work" with blacks. Taxed for food stamps, share our nice neighborhoods through Section 8, hire for diversity at the businesses we build, etc.

And now we have to gather in secret (anonymously) on the Internet. While our president is thrilled at seeing interracial couples and of our country becoming a "hodgepodge."


Thanks, Paul, for keeping at your blog and your books.

You talked about a web redesign, Paul; maybe, instead of just comments, you can put up a forum, so we could talk directly to each other?

Y'all have a good day.

Anonymous said...

"Many people come to this point in their life, when they approach a moment of realization about the lies of integration, diversity, tolerance, and racial equality"

Unfortunately many Whites never reach this point. They just stay in never never land.

Anonymous said...

I always knew they were different, and in the worst possible way. I was never "asleep."

Driving home the point? Well, plenty of TNB at the drug store in a VERY dark county at which I worked, and plenty of TNB at the gas station at which I worked nights while in college.

Always trying to scam and steal. Getting head-bobbingly indignant over "sale" prices that weren't.

William Teach said...

When I noticed that the news media so often left out a picture and/or race of some violent criminal, and you just knew they were Black, while there was no problem making sure everyone knew a different perp was white. And they left the information out more and more, in order to protect Blacks from the reality that they are very lawless.

Anonymous said...

When we graduated, fully half of them were functionally illiterate. The rest couldn't read or write beyond a 3rd grade level.

That's why graduation rates are a lie.

A lot of public schools are basically daycare centers.

Anonymous said...

The MLK riots through school desegregation and then my parent's selling their house for nothing so we could go to safe schools. By 1978 I was done with blacks and was race real.

Seven years old and sent running home on a pretty day in April because some guy was shot (MLK) and the coloreds were rioting and burning stuff down. A week later 2 black kids are sent to our classroom because "their school had a fire" (passive language even back then). They were hopelessly behind even the dumbest of our class (amazing even to a kid) and were soon sent back to a black school.

5th grade we got our first black teacher and through the year I realized that most of us were smarter than him. He went on to be a principal.

Blacks from the projects bussed to our high school in 9th grade and all heck broke loose. 6 black girls drug a white girl off a toilet in the gym locker room and beat her up. A quiet black girl had a black buck pester her to leave school and get busy makin' babies. She said if she didn't choose a guy they'd rape her so she choose one and left school.

Blacks tore up our high school, threatened older white women teachers, interrupted class, and a 20-year-old drug dealer came to school every day dressed like a pimp. He would go to class, put his head on the desk and sleep. Get up at end of class and repeat. No teacher said anything but they never let a white kid sleep in class. He openly sold drugs in the hallway and during lunch. I had a black teacher tell all us white kids that if we all skipped her class she wouldn't count any of us absent. Those are just a few highlights - I learned nothing from blacks except life lessons and street smarts.

I tell my stories when asked and anybody who tries to shut me up gets told that if I lived it, I can tell it. And if they think I'm lying they better have some proof. I'm done with blacks and their apologists. This is a great blog where I found out I'm not crazy or racist. I'm strong enough to tell the truth and too many people aren't.

Still Anonymous

David In TN said...

Funny that you mention "Zulu." My moment was the Rodney King riots.

Afterword, I rented "Zulu" from a video store.

Anonymous said...

Hey, about time for a get-together! How about someone organize an SBPDL happy hour somewhere?

I want to meet some of my friends here!

- Genome Guy

Anonymous said...

The movie Zulu reminds me of us. A small group of white people, battaling a huge number of negroes. The part I really like is when this small group of yts win the battle.

In my heart I believe we will be victorious in the final scene.



Anonymous said...

I'm surprised they still show Zulu and The Naked Prey on cable TV.

I used to watch Zulu just about every year. It's one of those movies I never tire of.

As for the question about building a bridge I really don't have a defining moment. I believed paint job theory as a kid but I also didn't like how no one was allowed to talk about black crime. There were a few people I knew that were openly racist and if anything they had a liberated sense to them. The anti-racist people I knew seemed obsessed with controlling the thoughts of everyone around them. So even when I viewed everything as cultural I was skeptical of the anti-racist side due to their belief in thought control.

Anonymous said...

Many things, but a biggie was seeing scientist James Watson, the guy who discovered DNA and won a Nobel, being vilified for simply saying that Africans aren't as smart as non-blacks are. So simple; so true, yet he is crucified.

That pulled the curtain aside and showed me the malignant wizard at the controls of BRA. Ignoring the genetic aspect of the situation is the primary issue, in my mind. If you aren't discussing that, you're just wasting your time. All the problems flow from there.

Thank God he had the rich Russian buy it and give it back to him. Heroes, both of them.

Anonymous said...

I came across some race realist discussions and certain things that I had never heard of before stuck with me, particularly the disproportionate black vs. white crime rates, and the way the media buried heinous black on white murders.

I remember coming across those as well. After that I didn't trust a single thing the media said about race. I would just change the channel when they would run a pity-the-blacks story.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in mostly White areas. I learned early that non-Whites weren't as easygoing as Whites. My hispanic friends seemed more petty and quick to anger and revenge. They seemed to be way too emotional and childish. I found myself instinctively avoiding them. Asians were fine. Chinese, Vietnamese and Indians were cool. I didn't see them often and we didn't hang out apart from school or work, but they were basically White acting for the most part.

Blacks were wildly different. Blacks stole things from my desk at work, or wanted to sing, play and tell stories all day instead of working. They never found success or hard work interesting, but they found each other fascinating.

A work "friend" who happened to be Black would book me in to help him move to a new apartment without asking me first, then throw a fit when I told him I never agreed to it. It ended the positive work relationship.

Other jobs I lost a jacket, money from my desk or simply quit to escape the monkey shines. Each time, the Blacks would be loud and non-productive at work but do the necessary politics with bosses to make themselves look innocent.

I moved away from Kansas City and moved to a very White area. Now I have no problems at work, none where I live. Quality of life goes up dramatically when you don't have to be on guard because of Negro behavior. I trust my coworkers and my community is safe.

All because my life is virtually Negro-free.

Anonymous said...

Get up at end of class and repeat. No teacher said anything but they never let a white kid sleep in class.

We had the same thing with a Mexican er I mean undocumented California transplant. He was allowed to sleep in class and went on to the next grade. If I put my head down for a second I would have been called on it. How can teachers live by such blatant double standards? I don't buy excuses about them not having the power to do anything. Anyone can blog and teachers have an inside view of what is going on. Our schools are completely corrupt and we need teachers on the frontlines to report what is happening.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of a group get together.

Amren, has a group convention every year. They have speakers, as well as a time to meet and share ideas.

Now who to start the ball rolling . Personally I think PK hax his plate full, he does enough work for us already. Perhaps one in the group with experience in organizing such events, could come forward.


Anonymous said...

Truth Core

That was an excellent post, my step daughter who is 21 now had the same awakening with her first paycheck. She was a lifeguard at an 8n door waterpark. That was her first real contact with blacks. The taxes that were withheld and where they went was the final straw!

Anonymous said...

My awakening came early in life but it was a gradual process that I resisted as I didn't want to believe that the vast majority of blacks were a pestilence upon humanity.
My first experience was in the fourth grade. My brother and I invited a "friend" named Cornell to go to a movie with us. When our parents drove us over to Cornell's house, Mama Sheboon had Cornell and all of his sisters ready "to go to da movie." We said we'd only invited Cornell. Sheboon said Cornell couldn't go unless his sisters gots to go too. She also apparently expected all her niglets to get free popcorn and candy on top of a free movie. My parents were pissed off at that and we were instructed to tell Mama Sheboon, "I guess Cornell isn't going." She got mad but relented since we weren't going to put up with her crap. That was my first experience with how negroes try to get over on people and take advantage. Since that time, I've seen that to be a major factor in their behavior and if they don't get their way, they scream racism or try other manipulative tricks to try and bully people into surrendering to them.
There were many other incidents to follow after the family moved to my father's hometown in S.C. Negroes stealing flowers off the graves in the cemetary near my house was one. Not a week went by that we didn't see negroes in the cemetary stealing the flowers off of graves and then walking off through the nearby woods back over to a negro area. Being kids, we would yell at them, curse them and on a few occasions even began shooting at them with our BB guns.
Negroes stealing our clothes off the clothesline at night and being caught on the school bus the next day wearing them. I humiliated one negro by telling him he had on my brother's shirt but that he could just keep it since my brother wouldn't want it back after he had worn it.
Being accosted at school by a negro who saw I had a lot of dollar bills in my wallet from saving my lunch money and he "wanted some." I refused and he got mad. After school, he tried to force me to give him money as we were all waiting to get on our respective buses. Soon, I was surrounded by about 100 hostile negroes and things were about to get ugly when a negro vice principal showed up and demanded to know what was going on. I told him and was accused of being a liar. I called my adversary a nigger right to his face and he began jumping up and down and hooting like an ape.
Negroes getting on the school bus in the a.m. at the stop before ours and spreading out to sit stretched out in every last seat and trying to refuse to let any white person sit down and telling us that blacks were taking over "da Souf" (South) and taking everything away from whitey. It didn't work as (for example) my older brother would grab a nigger's legs and violently throw them off the seat and sit down anyway.
By the end of the 9th grade, if I'd seen a negro drowning in a river, I'd have helped him by throwing him a 100 pound rock to hold on to.
These stories are but the tip of the iceberg but blacks earned my hatred, disgust and contempt by virtue of the content of their character and their behavior. They earned the name "Nigger" and it fits them well.
The following decades (especially in the workforce) exposed me to even greater levels of niggery behavior.
Sorry, libtards, I owe the nigger nothing but the tip of my steel toed boot right up their rotten asses.

Anonymous said...

I am a retired high school principal. I once had a first-year teacher who was having, naturally, a tough first year.

Black kids often attack rookie teachers like sharks when there is blood in the water.

A black mom demanded a meeting with this young teacher and told her that the culture of blacks is loud and that the teacher should not attempt to quiet black students.

Another black mom asked for a meeting with the young teacher. The teacher began the meeting by saying something to the effect that she now understood that black culture was loud. The second black mom yelled at her about being a racist because she said that black culture was loud.

It was the ultimate lose-lose realization. The black scam cuts any way and every way against accountability, discipline and, ultimately, their own success.

By the way, the young teacher was excellent. I called a friend and arranged for her to transfer to another school district where the racial issues were not as hot and where she continues to do a great job.

Also, by the way, feral blacks continue to ruin schools with their refusal to behave and learn.

Anonymous said...

O/T re literacy from wiki:
"Full prose proficiency,[37] as measured by the ability to process complex and challenging material such as would be encountered in everyday life, is achieved by about 13% of the general, 17% of the white, and 2% of the African American population."

scary stuff....

Atlanta Admirer said...

I was raised to give all people a chance, however with blacks to be extra cautious because they are different than us.

I went to a day summer camp from grade 1-6 at a church where we had usually a trip to the public pool twice a week and a field trip every Friday. Our usual public pool was in need of repair, so we elected to go to another public pool that week. We were all white and naïve, so it was shocking that at 8 years old, two black boys started swimming next to me and waited for me to go underwater so they could grab my private parts and disappear when I came up for air. I told a camp counselor. We NEVER went to THAT public pool again.

At 16, went to public (50-50 school) where I had to take a class that I should have taken in 9th grade but was at a private school that year, so was made to take this class my sophomore year. I was the ONLY white in that class. Blacks would put their feet on my chair and glared at me. I would ask that they would not put their feet on my chair and they would pick on me more. I glared back at them, they got hostile and started threatening me, calling me stupid for having to take this class with them, I would cry a lot which allowed them to make fun of me even more. I barely survived that class for half a year. Teacher was approaching retirement and did not do anything.

At 17, 1991, standing in line to buy tickets to a movie on a Friday night with my boyfriend when one black approached us and started criticizing the black leather jackets we were both wearing and asking if my boyfriend was going to “kick his ass” because of the Doc Martin boots. We laughed it off because we did not want trouble. Our buddy and his girlfriend were in the theater already and he was packing.

At 19, 1993, went to a party with people I barely know and where booze and cocaine were plentiful. I passed out, was muh-dicked, by black guy who had audacity to ask for a ride back to his place after the whole event. Fucker took my credit card and my dignity. Gave up drinking, for a while after that and vowed never, ever to trust a black person again. I learned. I learned not to trust, not to share, not to be so open, and finally learned for good that No, THEY are not like US.

I am in my 40’s now and try to insulate myself so I don’t have to deal with them often. I usually have to deal with them at work only. I usually have to train them on the job and listen to them whine about it when I bring up a mistake that they made. The typical response is “you did not tell me about that”. My response would be that “No, I have told you about that, it appears you did not write this down”.

I have to deal with them in passing, but that is it. I know full and well about what they are all about and I make the choice to deal with them as infrequently as possible.
Dealing with them is a zero sum game where YT always loses.

Atlanta Admirer

Anonymous said...

Living in Washington DC for 20 years. It was a chocolate city. Divided into roughly four sections, there was only one area, NW DC that a white person could live. I visited city services, dealt with the negroes daily. It was like I imagine living in the Congo to be.

bernicegreenbaum said...

My first year teaching taught me all I need to know about this awful, subhuman race. I had a third grade class in a Title One school. We were making valentine hearts for Valentines Day. I had shown the class how to fold their construction paper in half, draw an outline of half a heart, cut it out, then write a message on the inside. After my demo, I walked around the room to observe the class and offer assistance. Much to my horror, one little niglet was using her scissors, not to cut out the heart, but carve into her desk.

I said in amazement, "WHAT are you DOING?"

She didn't look up at me and answered, "It din work fah me!"

I looked down to see the hopeless mess she had created out of the construction paper and tried to steady my nerves. "Well, let's see if we can salvage this." I said, as I picked up the paper from her desk. But I couldn't help myself. I asked, "WHY are you destroying school property? Do you understand that this is school property?"

A look of rage came across her face and she completely shut down. She wouldn't speak to me and seemed to not hear anything I said. I got nowhere with her and the situation escalated. Finally the guidance counselor was summoned to my room to escort the little darling out of the room.

My principal had a long talk with me later that afternoon about how I should not have confronted the little negress about her destructive behavior. I remember looking at him in amazement and saying, "So I'm supposed to just look the other way when I see a student destroy school property?"

To which he replied, "You have to consider the ramifications of calling out a student's behavior in front of her classmates. You should have just re-directed her behavior."

It was then I realized that there was no way of reasoning my way out of the Valentines Day gone roan. I said to him something incredibly lame, like, "I'll try to remember that next time."

Later in the school year I had the opportunity to meet the girl's mother. I immediately understood why the girl acted the way she did, as well as why NOBODY would EVER be able to teach her ANYTHING. The girl's mom was unwed (surprise, surprise), living in the projects, and on welfare. The whole "community" was crawling with niglets everywhere.

Similar scenarios played out over the ensuing ten years I taught elementary school. Each year was another exercise in futility, trying to teach these baby baboons how to function in white society. The sad part was, there were probably a good ten to fifteen percent of black students who really could learn and had enough self-control to accomplish a task that took more than a minute and a half.

The problem, from my somewhat limited perspective, is that our society rewards the 85-90% of negroes for their atrocious behavior. The 10-15% who can accomplish things on par with white students get lauded and held up to the heavens as though they were the next Albert Einstein or William Shakespeare. This is where we get the self-impressed, overly confident, smug negro/negress (Obama, anyone??) who walks away with accolades and merit scholarships for merely meeting YT's bar of adequacy. The future isn't looking too bright from where I sit. I let my teaching license expire and do not plan to walk back into that cave filled with "Night of the Living Dead" players in this or any lifetime.

behind blue eyes said...

A few dealings with begging hungry nogs in elementary school was the start. The bridge moment: Rodney king.
I was a Jr in HS. The day after the riots started we noticed that ALL blacks were not in school that day. They skipped. I could not be further from CA. A small southern town in east Tn but the blacks skipped because of the racist LA cops. I remember watching the news with my brother. When the truck driver, R. Denny, was pulled from his rig and hit with that brick my brother and I actually gasped. Hand over mouth in horror. The nigs were celebrating the bashing of that man. We could not believe it. The blacks at my school(maybe 20% of the school pop.) did not get punished either. That would be racist. They basically got a free day off. The ones in school; all the YT s just had a regular day. We noticed they didn't talk to us for weeks. Only a few mudsharks and wiggers were allowed. Didn't bother me but a few of us played sports so you know jigs were around. I quickly learned how even a small southern school could cater and coddle to them just like the enablers in DWL CA.
Btw the grocery store post above is very similar to an experience I had on my first job.
Thanks for All you do Paul.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]The heroes are white males, who in the face of overwhelming black odds utilize superior military tactics to repel the hordes of Zulus from ensuring this small garrison of British would share the same fate as those white soldiers massacred earlier in The Battle of Isandlwana[/quote]

With your new book you must be really mentally stressed out.

A group of violent colonizers come upon the land and then are massacred by the original inhabitants and your version of history calls them "Heroes"?

Anyone who believes that Paul Kersey, et al, will ever be able to evaluate "Systematic Violence and Murder" - both intra and interracially as EQUAL SAVAGERY as he agrees that "The Negro" is not the only one bound by his "Genetic Proclivity To Kill" - then such a person should purchase the entire set of Paul Kersey's "Studies Of Black People/ Ghetto Literary" collection, the entire bundle for $400 C.O.D.

Anonymous said...

I went to an elite private school from kindergarten until college, and I can remember the indoctrination as far back as 2nd grade. In that grade alone, our "Words of the Week" included segregation, discrimination, and emancipation. Our music teachers wrote a song called "He Had A Dream" that we sang in front of adoring parents.

Like many of you, I used to ascribe the state of blacks to environmental and historical factors. For me, all of that changed in the summer of 2012, one of the hottest in Chicago history.

It started right at the unofficial beginning of summer, when the bumbling police chief closed the largest beach on the North Side during Memorial Day Weekend due to "excessive heat." The real reason? A massive chimpout:

After that, chimpouts and polar bear hunting came to many white neighborhoods - especially the tony downtown. Within weeks, groups of three or four police officers were stationed every few blocks on both sides of the Magnificent Mile. The gutless, disgusting mainstream media outlets (Tribune and Sun Times) refused to honestly cover and connect any of this, so I started going to alternative news sites and cop blogs to get my information. In the next several months, I made a full transition from mainstream news (including Fox) to realist websites like SBPDL, AmRen, and VDare. I still read cop blogs as well - they're a great window into the nitty gritty of what's going on.

Kudos to all others who have trashed the boring platitudes of equality and changed their worldview based on real world EXPERIENCE.

Anonymous said...

My "awakening" didn't come all at once. There just wasn't very many negroes around when I was in school. There may have been a couple Asians, but most were white with a few Hispanics and a smaller number of Navajo Indians.
The first blacks I met seemed to be okay but I just didn't have much to do with them. They seemed fine when around a bunch of us white boys, but as soon as some other blacks showed up, they turned into niggers.
Later on they bboth went into the army with a white boy, to avoid facing some rape charges. For a long time I had very little contact with any negroes. Whenever an incident came up involving a negro, I just kind of blew it off, as there are bad people in all races but dad warned me about blacks.
Back in 2006 I took a job where I had to travel a lot to different jobs. It was in the southeast when I realized how dangerous it was to work around negroes.
Local news in some of these cities seemed to have daily reports of the mayhem caused by negroes. Black reporters would interview black family members and mama would be squalling and bawling about her baby being killed, and why don't they do something.
Sometimes it would be two or three in the morning when I'd head back to my hotel or RV.
In most of these cities, at that time in the morning, all you would see is black people and the flashing lights on police cars. Although I don't have a CCP, and where I was working did not permit it, I started carrying my pistol all the time.
I had still not realized how much they hate us, but I felt a lot safer knowing I had 15 chances to defend myself.


10mm AUTO said...

I was teaching pistol defense courses at a small range in the Great Northwest when a woman asked me "What would my average assailant look like?". Before this, negros were a nonentity. My dealings with negros and the various things they had stolen (my car, various bicycles, a lawn mower, etc.) had made me avoid them completely. As I lived in the I had seen more drunken Indians than negros.

My pistol training Instructors had be carefully neutral on the subject, referring to "shooting to the center of Mass", shooting various bones and structures or shooting styles (Double tap, Mozambique drill, etc. but without talking about WHO does crime. Shooting instruction is to self defense like rodeo would be without actually getting to rope a calf.

Anyway, this question of who got me started into research and the answer shocked me. The odds of needing to shoot a negro are huge compared to a White, even in a generally White area, the odds are in favor of the negro 10 to 1. Look at New York (which I used as one of my first research projects because it is 1/3 White, 1/3 Hispanic, 1/3 Black.). In the words of Washington Posts negro reporter Capehart:

""In short, 95.1 percent of all murder victims and 95.9 percent of all shooting victims in New York City are black or Hispanic. And 90.2 percent of those arrested for murder and 96.7 percent of those arrested for shooting someone are black and Hispanic. I don't even know where to begin to describe the horror I still feel looking at those numbers. But the word 'hunted' comes to mind."

Well he should feel hunted.

I exposed my research on the "Open Carry Blog" for Washington state and got called a Racist and was banned for life. After that I would make comments on blog that were borderline, but contained enough truth to hopefully open some eyes.

Then I found the opening days of SBPDL. Kinda miss the # posts (For a giggle, look up #10 called Normal First Names or #170 Gold Teeth, two of my favorites).

Anonymous said...

Two events stand out.

1. As a child, my Father (an old-fashioned Race Realist) drove me past a new "projects" apartment building. It was in pristine, as built condition, being brand new, but my Father said, "in six months time, by a year at most, you won't recognize it".

We went back around six months later; all the screens were either gone or hanging off the windows at angles; trash and weeds provided the new landscaping; misc. junk and immobile cars abounded. Even tho we were fairly poor (solidly lower middle-class), my Father kept our modest home, yard, and car in immaculate condition, as did most if not all of our White neighbors. It was a modest block of houses, but a great place to grow up, actually. No blacks for miles back then...

2. Flash forward, many years later, I was "supervising" a temporary project for my company that used around 30 "temp" employees. Most were Data entry with a few box handlers.

The blacks employed were thankfully a minority; still, they had the highest absenteeism,lowest overall productivity, and highest error rates. They complained constantly, the White "temps" almost never did. (I'd say 97% of gripes I dealt with were from my least productive 20% -the blacks).

The few males that the agency sent were the source of the only fights/"aggression incidents" I had to deal with, the nastiest fight being one that broke out between two black males hitting on the same white female.

I was sorely tempted to ask the temp agency rep to not send us any more blacks, but the rabidly PC corporate culture made me reluctant to come right out and say anything (even 'tho I had an excellent working relationship with the temp agency rep).

"Supervising" blacks(protip: it can't be done, but it can be attempted), like trying to teach them is an education in racial realities no one will likely ever forget. I know I won't.

Anonymous said...

I went from a mostly white school to a mostly black school. They were loud, violent, and illiterate. Half of them were dealing and muhdicking. The few nonblack students just kept their heads down and tried to get through the day. We were 11.

The teacher (who was a white woman married to a black man with a few mixed kids) did an awesome job trying to teach them something, anything. But after a few years she got burned out and transferred to a majority white school.

This wasn't enough to make me really think about it.

A few years ago, the Trayvon and Rachel show came on.

Rachel was obviously illiterate, dishonest, violent, pig ignorant, incapable of speaking proper English... just like the black kids I'd gone to school with. And this is what Trayvon was muhdicking. Either they had a deep, meaningful connection based on shared experiences and interests, or he was muhdicking a retarded person because she was easy pickings. Which is a more comfortable explanation? Which one reflects better on his character?

But this wasn't really it, either.

The thing that really clarified a lot for me was when I started to question the enormous double standards and excuse making that almost all whites engage in. And the most racist thinking of all: black people can't ever be held accountable for their own actions.

"He was poor! He came from a broken home! His daddy was in jail! His momma was on crack! All 16 of his cousins got killed in street violence! He had to ride the bus for an hour to get to school! His teachers were all white! He was providing for his 5 keeeeds! He joined a gang because he didn't have no better family! He's just a teenager! His great-grandpa once got spat on by a white man! He had no role models! His people were enslaved! He's a victim of a racist system! He was turning his life around! HE A GOOD BOY! HE DINDU NUFFIN!"

I have friends whose parents were single moms, meth addicts, horribly abusive, in and out of jail, molesters... you name it. I have friends who were raised in shacks with no plumbing, and friends who were growing up 5 people to a 1-bedroom singlewide. I have friends who were in foster care because their parents were so awful. They take what they're given and make the best of it. Nobody's making excuses for them and they don't make excuses for themselves. And when they screw up, they take responsibility for it.

But I'm digressing here.

I guess my larger point is something like this:

We're fed all these lies about little black children in the ghetto who are starving for knowledge and who grow up with big hopes and dreams until white society beats it out of them and they become degenerates because their souls have been crushed.

That's nonsense.

The ghetto is full of people who are violent, ignorant savages, AND THEY LOVE IT. They love that lifestyle. They wouldn't have it any other way.

Liberals say that we live in a society that's racist against blacks, but I see a society where most blacks squander every opportunity they're given because they don't even care about the opportunity in the first place.

Why go to whitey schools and read whitey books and work a whitey job and die of a coronary at age 55 when instead you can deal crack and get shoes, guns, weed, and hoes before going out in a blaze of glory before you're 30?

White people build and maintain bridges; black people just walk on them and when they fall down, hey, shit happens. Blame whitey. Rinse, repeat.

John Ross said...

I was born in 1957, to parents who deplored racism. My family was affluent enough that I always went to private schools. From nursery school to 8th grade, all my classmates were white, except for a couple of Asians who were two of my best friends. My contact with blacks was limited to the yard men and domestics my parents employed. These were kind, decent, older people I enjoyed being around as I was growing up.

I watched the Civil Rights marches in first grade with great fascination. My parents explained to me that there were some restaurants and movie theaters that did not allow black people to sit with the white customers. I did not know this as my parents would not patronize those establishments. It seemed to me that black people had been given a raw deal.

Shortly after the Civil Rights Act passed, a group of black kids knocked me off my bike and took it. This would happen a dozen more times in the next five years. Each time, Dad would tell me never to retaliate against such lopsided odds, and he would buy me another bike. I didn't equate being black with being a criminal, as our black employees and their children were good people, as were the few black students at the private high school I went to.

In college, some of the black students were annoying and talked too loudly, and many took worthless "Black Studies" courses, but the few blacks in my Math, Science, English, and Economics classes seemed like decent fellows, and my black Statistics professor was one of the best math teachers I've ever had.

After college, in 1980, I went into the investment industry. These were the Reagan years, where the economy was booming and blacks, at least in the circles where I traveled, were nonexistent.

My first real wake-up call came on October 3, 1995. This was when O.J. Simpson got his "Not Guilty" verdict for the murders of his ex-wife and her friend. I personally thought the verdict was the correct one, since the prosecution botched their case, but it was also pretty obvious that Simpson, and no one else, had wielded the knife.

What stunned me then was the absolutely breathtaking reaction of America's black population when the verdict was announced. Across the country, Black America was positively jubilant. Yes, long ago, all-white juries sometimes ignored the evidence of white violence against blacks, but White America as a whole has never, in my 50-year memory, collectively cheered such events.

From that point on I became increasingly aware of the collectivist mindset of black dysfunction. Recent events such as the countless YouTube videos showing black "flash mobs", the knockout game, the glorifying of Thug Culture, and the whole Ferguson Fracas (which happened 12 miles from my house) have made me realize that hoping blacks will assimilate into a civilized society is a fool's errand.

I am glad that my parents are not alive to see what has happened to the city where they grew up. It would make them weep.

bernicegreenbaum said...

My dad was a race realist. In the '60s, he yanked my older brothers and me out of public school and enrolled us into Catholic school. In first grade I met "Deborah", a niglet who, to my utter surprise, wore a wig! Anyways, one day when the class left the room for something or another, we returned to find many of our things "missing". It was later discovered that the missing items had somehow found their way into Deborah's desk. I remember telling my mom about the whole thing later...and my mom said...NOTHING. Not a thing. I wondered, "Why doesn't mom say anything? I got my stuff stolen!"

I later learned about the Code of Silence whites are supposed to follow when confronted with negro criminal behavior. Perhaps an early introduction to race realism, or was it "school supplies gone roan"?

Anonymous said...

Another story that is illustrative of typical negro behavior (TNB): I bought (for my mother, brother and sister) a 60' x 20' greenhouse so that plants of all kinds could be grown for sale. The greenhouse was set up right beside my mother's house and she worked her fingers to the bone planting a huge garden down the side of it facing the road because 1.) she loved flowers and 2.) it would attract more customers. The garden was extravagant and beautiful.
So what happens? One day, a group of sheboons show up wanting to "buy dem flowers out front." My mother said those weren't for sale- only the plants inside the greenhouse, many of which were the same as those planted out front. The sheboons left without even entering the greenhouse. Curious, no? Instant alarm bells!
Later that afternoon, my mother was sitting in the house after the greenhouse was closed for business when suddenly a pick up truck pulled up. In the back of the pickup were several sheboons. They all got out and each was carrying a bucket and a spade with the obvious intent of digging up and stealing as many of the flowers out front as they could. My mother walked outside and said, "May I help you?" The sheboons said, "Naw. Dat's all right" and quickly got back into the pickup and left.
It was also common for boons to come into the greenhouse and then bitch and gripe about the prices which (for a hanging flower basket) were up to $2 cheaper than at regular stores. The boons would always try to hustle my mother and claim that they could get dat cheaper somewhere else and try to get her to sell it to them at a loss. She'd just tell them, "Fine then. Go there!"
Not much of a story but it illustrates four major features of negroes- 1.)scamming, 2.)theiving natures, 3.)lying (about wanting to buy something) and 4.)the stupidity of trying to steal when it's obvious they'll be noticed doing so.
The only surprise is there was no ooking and eeking about "raycism" when they were prevented from stealing and that my mother wasn't attacked for "keepin' them down."

Anonymous said...

I live a scant 15 miles from Detroit.......enough said.

Michigan Jim said...

Gwoobus- More and more I look forward to your coments. You "get it" like few others but I guess what is more important, you have the writing skills to express your thoughts. This is not a suck up, just a thank you. Please continue to post often.

Mutant Swarm said...

Anonymous said...

Kind of ironic how Rhodesian currency is still worth more than any amount of Zimbabwean dollars.

March 2, 2015 at 9:43 PM

It's worth more than US dollars these days. I tried to search for "collectible Rhodesia currency," but most search engines didn't even ask "Did you mean Zimbabwe currency?" They just changed it to Zim toilet paper without even asking.

I found one example on eBay, a Rhodesian R$10 bill going for US $89.99 I then went to and asked, "how much was a Rhodesian dollar worth in 1979?" That didn't give me an answer, but I got these results for current dealers in Rhodesian currency:

How much was a Rhodesian dollar worth in 1979?

I then asked, "what was the Rhodesian to U.S. dollar exchange rate in 1979?" I got this article (scroll down to the "Exchange Rate History" table; 1977 was the last year listed before the process of destroying Rhodesia's currency began):

So when Rhodesian existed, one R$1.00 bill equaled anywhere from US $1.40 to US $1.30, with a high of almost US $1.78. One US dollar would buy 1.78 dollars of Rhodesian currency. But now, it takes about US $44.80 to buy one Rhodesian $1 bill:

It would appear that even in its grave, Rhodesia is stronger than BRA.

Bogolyubski said...

I sometimes think the wrong lesson is drawn from Zulu because most Americans are ignorant of the context. The actual Rorke's Drift battle was a successful rear-guard defense of a mission station by small British unit of 150 or so on the heels of an utter disaster the previous day at Isandlwana, where a British army of around 1800 was nearly wiped out by a force of Zulus about 10 times their number despite having the latest weaponry (Martini-Henry breach-loading rifles, which fired a round similar in nature to the US 45-70, a few artillery pieces and rockets) better training and discipline and higher average IQs.

Like the Little Bighorn 3 years before and the Sudan 5 years later, the disaster was the result of hubris, a serious overestimation by whites of the effectiveness of their weaponry, the superiority of their skill and intelligence and an underestimation of their enemy's savagery and familiarity with violence. In the wake of destroying the main body of the British, the Zulus attacked the station in a kind of mop-up operation but they in turn underestimated the British defenses, the terrain and (most importantly) command effectiveness and resolve of the white defenders. [Beware the provided links to Wikipedia, who I'm surprised hasn't gotten around to declaring it a draw or even a Zulu victory. Like all leftists, they have a habit of lying about everything. From what I could see it appears they've not gotten their ideological oar in as heavily as they often do.]

The whites of Roarke's Drift were a completely different people from those of today, and we need to learn where we went so terribly wrong. The body-snatching of Christianity has a lot to do with it I suspect. The defenders were all far more overtly Christian than most American Christians are today - but much more realistic about negroes. They would find today's world incomprehensible. In 1879, the white world was in the process of overextending itself via debt-slavery to the same evil forces who plan our eradication before our eyes, as a large percentile even here deny it is happening.

One more time: BRA was not designed or planned by negroes. It was not constructed by them, it is not maintained by them, nor are they even its main beneficiaries. Yes negroes love BRA, their big men (Rev. Al, etc.) get rich and they enjoy killing and raping YT at every opportunity - with the tacet cooperation of the badge-gang, by the way. Their savagery and essential Satanic nature is on display every single day. Even so, if they were left to actually maintain and operate the BRA system, it would collapse in a short time. Until you understand this truth and the concept of greater enemies and lesser enemies, there is simply not much point in re-hashing negro behavior over and over. How many ways are there in which to say: fire will burn you if you stick your hand in it.

An aspect of the defenders of Roarke's Drift which we would do well to emulate though is that they, unlike their comrades a few miles away, were able to face a truly hideous reality, dig in, fight like hell and survive. I note they didn't have leaders who were telling them to surrender, or to pay no attention to all those dead whites, etc. You wouldn't find folks like Miss Lindsay, Juan McStain, Uncle Sheldon, Mark Zuckerberg, John Boehner, or Charlie Hebdo in their ranks. Folks like them would have been shot as the traitors and enemies they are on the spot - or left for the Zulus to deal with.

Anonymous said...

A black person's favorite mark for attack is a DWL. They love that look of innocence from Whites who were raised on The Cosby Kids, etc.

They play word games to try to trap you into something they can twist into a "racist" comment. They ask for endless favors, to borrow money,etc., so they can create conflict when you refuse.

People who don't know Blacks get victimized over and over again until they finally internalize the lessons they've learned.

Americans should be angry with DWLs and the US media who promote the "gentle black children" image of Negroes.

So many Whites get their faces smashed or their stuff stolen because they have been programmed to think Blacks are innocent little angels, and everything they see on COPS is just a Republican lie.

I do think things are changing. Every single White person I know wants nothing to do with Blacks, and this is a broad cross-section of people from all walks of life. The awareness is there.

Anonymous said...

Trayvon Martin affair. ... During that time, doing internet searches, I came across some race realist discussions and certain things that I had never heard of before stuck with me, particularly the disproportionate black vs. white crime rates, and the way the media buried heinous black on white murders.

I was doing research on the "Jena Six" case for a class I was teaching and came across a website called American Renaissance. There was a fascinating article on the fraud behind the "Six," and on racial hoax crimes in general. The whole thing was an eye opener. I was impressed by the rational approach which AR took to racial issues. Its authors stated facts, exposed the lies, and put everything into perspective: how race affected crime, media, the welfare state, educational policy, the corruption of science, etc.

Point is, the race realists (as they called themselves) had the facts on their side, as well as rational reasoning.

From AR, it was a short step to many other race realist websites. And eventually to SBPDL.

Anonymous said...

it was the constant excuses. my neighborhood was poor when I grew up there, but the lawns were kept, the peace was kept, and we didn't even have to lock the doors. it took just a few short years after they came in for the place to start looking like a ghetto and the burglaries and muggings to start. but it wasn't their fault-they were poor

Anonymous said...

Bogolyubski said...
The whites of Roarke's Drift were a completely different people from those of today, and we need to learn where we went so terribly wrong. The body-snatching of Christianity has a lot to do with it I suspect. …

I agree they were quite different people and also agree that there is something about the evolution of Christianity that accounts for some of the differences.

In 1879, the white world was in the process of overextending itself via debt-slavery to the same evil forces who plan our eradication before our eyes, as a large percentile even here deny it is happening.

What a vague and chilling assertion. Evil forces? Please elaborate. You’ve provided sufficient detail on the Martini-Henry, including a comparison of its ammunition with the “US 45-70”. I would think the nature and identity of these evil forces are quite a bit more important than the ammunition used in a 125 year old rifle.

Yours Truly,

The Pink Palmetto Pony

Anonymous said...

Those that grow up around any number of blacks subconsciously notices the low level of functioning, the high percentage of monkeyshines, and the general propensity towards aggressiveness. However, I agree with the earlier poster who said the video footage of reactions to the OJ verdict were shocking. We probably knew that tribalism reigned over multi-culti, but how rare it is for the MSM to display the unvarnished truth for all to see. How did they possibly think viewers would react? Well, it didn't create very many realists in the long run, so I guess it was successful.

Anonymous said...


Your remarks, Mr. Ms. Are feedback yes, constructive, no.

You are a self hating white liberal, that has absolutely zero idea of the true nature, of the majic negroe.

Have you read the comments, ithink not, you just wish to regurgitate old information you have heard over the years.

I suggest you stick around awhile and learn, from those that have true experience, not the BS that your spouting.

Better still, sent a check to PK for 400.00, and receive the material needed to make a prudent informed statement


Anonymous said...

San Franciscan here

I bought the idea that blacks were "just like us" (even while I knew that the "diversity" racket was so much eyewash). My last job (government naturally) which I held for ten years was my PhD in n____rology. I do not intend to go for anymore post graduate study.

It was a job that was meaningful, that utilized my educational background, my previous work experience, and that I could do knowing that I had a contribution to make to the community by doing it well.

Into our office came two vibrant diversities, both middle aged black females. One of them made a point of attacking the white people in the office, until our lives became so miserable that we didn't want to be there. The other one was totally useless and would spend the day (or that part of it that she was actually there) reading her bible.

The attacker would bring her friends into the act by getting them to verbally assault me. The white boss (a woman) was too afraid of her to tell her to knock it off.

After I retired, I began rolling back the tape of my life and realized all the times that I was confronted by TNB but ignored it, or wasn't even aware of what it was. Then I came across this site, and realized that this was not just my problem. It wasn't that I didn't see TNB. It was that I didn't connect the dots because of the egalitarian ideology that was the prism that I saw objective reality through.

I never thought that one job could force me to reevaluate everything that I had previously believed my whole life.

Californian said...

So when Rhodesian existed, one R$1.00 bill equaled anywhere from US $1.40 to US $1.30, with a high of almost US $1.78. One US dollar would buy 1.78 dollars of Rhodesian currency. But now, it takes about US $44.80 to buy one Rhodesian $1 bill:

I was in Rhodesia right at the end of Ian Smith's government (white rule). The exchange rate was that it took just over a US dollar to buy a Rhodesian dollar. Admittedly, at the time the US dollar was not in the greatest shape, but even so: Rhodesia was a country under international sanctions and fighting a guerrilla war. But they still could issue a functional currency.

I also see that in recent years, the South African Rand has plummeted in value against the US dollar.

This says so much about the difference between white rule and black rule.

Anonymous said...

You can find the full Zulu movie at the link below. If you haven't seen it, you might want to take a look before it gets taken down:


Anonymous said...

But but but she is a genius with a 3.0 gpa! Who speaks multiple languages!

"That's retarded Sir". I laughed out loud when I heard those words.

I even laughed when she said that all homosexuals are child rapists.

But zero laughter when no one in the media took her to task for saying that.

But blacks can say anything and get away with it, can't they?

Anonymous said...

in the immortal words of the racist, homophobe Rachel Jenteal

"That's retarded Sir"

Anonymous said...

Moment of awakening? I was never a liberal, but I assumed growing up that Blacks were like us, just somewhat downtrodden and defeated from so much discrimination.

Well...not so much. I came out of my apartment one day in Orlando to find a She-boon sitting on the trunk of my car. At the time I drove a VW Passat and it was leaning heavily downward. As I walked toward the driver door, I said "sorry, I gotta get going."

She said "I ain't movin'" and I got in the car. I rolled down the window to say "Hey, I really.." and a fist came out of nowhere and knocked me unconscious. I lost two front teeth; bicuspid and 2nd bicuspid and had blood all over me. It was a blindside punch from someone I didn't even see. Nothing was stolen, it was just a hit for the hell of it.

I moved shortly after. The more I talked to people, the more I discovered Blacks do this type of thing frequently. I lost teeth and wear a partial, but women get raped and people get killed.

Blacks are at war with you just for the sport of it. With every Oprah movie, their anger grows. With each Bagger Vance or Bubba, Whites are convinced Blacks are just like us, maybe kinder and gentler.

It's all a terrible, horrible lie. Whites are getting maimed and killed. We're losing people to these apes. I'll never trust one ever again.

NY Girl said...

Give 'em credit: at least they weren't afraid of your dog! I was walking my old dog (a gold lab/collie mix that was always wagging and smiling) around a predominantly black mall as I waited for my husband's train to get in. The crowd outside parted like my dog was the reincarnation of Moses, and I'm pretty sure some of the Muh Dicks peed themselves. Fun evening!

The Limey said...

My wake up was fairly gradual, to what is now the scourge of the black undertow. I was born in the late 40`s, in South London. At school in the 50`s, there were no black kids appearing until the late 50`s, and then only in small numbers. I left school in `63 and never really knew any and certainly didn`t hear much about them, but I did notice more and more were moving into the area. But the light was well and truly switched on some time later, when I became a bus driver on London Transport. I drove through what is now some of the worst areas for black crime in London, but at first, the only problem was the niglets and teenapers giving my conductor a bit of lip, but he was an ex military hard nut and took no shit, so they always backed down. But by the late 80`s I can assure you that EVERY bit of agro I had on a bus was caused by blacks. Usually this was 2 or 3 shitskins that didn`t want to pay or were just looking for trouble, but as I have a lot of pride, I`d stand up to them, and that`s when real trouble started. They would really chimpout, which in turn would attract more of the shitskins. I`ve been punched and had knives pulled on me over the years. I moved out of London as it was becoming a nightmare to live in the area. As for some on here that think that Asians are better, then you need to really think again. Asians take over an area by stealth. One or two nice ones move in, the whites move out and then the real radical scum move in, the mosques get built and pretty soon, you have no go areas for whites. Many areas of East London are like this now. All this has led me to join one of Britain`s ultra right wing groups, but I know we`re losing the battle of the insidious creep of multi culturalism and niggerification of Britain. Where I live now is fairly groid free, but it`s only a matter of time before the rot sets in.

Anonymous said...

Instead of talking about each negative encounter I've had with negroes or the "societies" they create, I'd like to list all the positive experiences I've had with blacks, their culture, and their communities.
That is all.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....First of all I would like to say that these are THE BEST comments I have ever read on this sight.

I went to schools in California and Arizona and was never around blacks until I moved to New York City. In 61 and 62 things weren't that bad. I spent a few years hitchhiking between Frisco and New York and finally settled in the city in 1965/66. By then I had spent enough time around blacks that my eyes had been opened.

There was no one moment that caused my awakening. Just seeing them in action plus numerous physical encounters of a very violent nature was what did it for me.

After 1965 black crime in NY got worse by the year. In those years many black guys TRIED TO KILL ME. That does have an effect on a person and you end up living in a whole different REALITY than most people. I am glad there is now a name for that reality. RACE REALIST.

Anonymous said...

My moment of realization that people are really different, sometimes in very big ways, came to me when I joined the military. I saw behaviors there that were shocking to me. The PC multicultural bs came crashing done to never be built up again. Thank God!

Californian said...

This comment nicely sums up the situation:

After I retired, I began rolling back the tape of my life and realized all the times that I was confronted by TNB but ignored it, or wasn't even aware of what it was. Then I came across this site, and realized that this was not just my problem. It wasn't that I didn't see TNB. It was that I didn't connect the dots because of the egalitarian ideology that was the prism that I saw objective reality through.

Anonymous said...

I always sensed that the negroes were different and dangerous but growing up in in whitopia they were always a distance away. A few were imported for "diversity" in junior and senior high school and they were, of course a disaster. The only saving grace was that they were too few in number to bother whites, they stuck to themselves.

Although I never, even as a child cared for the nogs and that opinion has only been reinforced as I have gotten older the real racial awakening happened when I went in to the Army in the 1970s. My negative opinion of nogs was already in place but I had no opinion of Mexicans at all, I had never even met one and by default gave them the benefit of the doubt.

That was a mistake. I found that Mexicans and their compadres were at least as racist as the nogs and hated YT too. I also realized that they blatantly hated YT because they thought they were as good as YT and knew they weren't and could never be YT. This seemed to bother them to no end, not being black but not being YT either.

I actually found the Mexicans worse than the nogs, just my personal experience and I started out with a completely clean slate, no opinion regarding mexicans, I was only 18 then. I found the same Mexican traits in all the people south of the Rio Grande more or less. I believe the defining traits of Hispanic culture are violence, misogyny, false Christianity by mixing it with paganism, stupidity, dishonesty, avarice and tribalism, all incompatible with white culture.

So to sum it up, I was always racially aware regarding blacks but my Army experience opened my eyes to the other side of diversity, one I believe that is ultimately more dangerous to us. I look at California, especially the LA area and it is gone and has been for a long time, its no longer part of America and it was the best place in the country to live not too long ago. My two cents. Have a nice day.

Lost on the Left Coast.

Anonymous said...

It happened when I left the grunt side of the military. We die in disproportionally high numbers. They get promoted based entirely on skin-color as opposed to merit. We see combat. We become crippled. Our families are psychologically fraught when we're deployed. ect...

All of this so we can have 1.5 kids, universities that hate us, and a racket the encourages our women to fuck "minorities", thereby poisoning our genetic well with STDs and non-Western DNA.

Imagine all of the anti- White, anti- Heterosexual, anti- Christian business and universities getting theirs just like they've been prosecuting us since YKW bought out the major newspapers, took over Hollywood, and our universities. An equal response would require 100 years of payback. Sometimes I think of what a US without latinos and blacks would be like.

They're gonna run us down like South Africa or Haiti unless a substantial strategy is put into play.

Anonymous said...

Reading these comments makes me realize really how lucky I've been. I grew up in a largely white suburb, went to a public school where the number of blacks could typically be counted on one hand, and never really had to deal with them first hand until college. My folks weren't exactly realists, but they knew the score at the same time, and I missed out on the brainwashing in school somehow. Even with the alternative programs the school sent me to here and there because they couldn't handle me and I wasn't mature enough to understand how to deal with frustrating situations. But even somehow there the blacks were few and far between.

College, though, was probably the biggest awakening. A rural state Ag & Tech school in a town that only had two traffic lights because the main cross streets came out about 100 feet apart from each other, these nogs would come in on some kind of scholarship and party for six months and flunk out.

The classic is in my second year the guy across the hall kitty-corner. One day I hear sounds of duct tape being pulled off a roll and stuck on the door. Later I smell pot smoke coming from the room - apparently he was trying to keep the smoke and smell in the room by taping up the crack of the door.

Another night I'm sitting there chatting on my computer with the door open. I see some visitors come to his room. Two black guys, two coalburner white girls. Five people in a little 15x25 dorm room that has one bed in it (although originally built as a double, they made that floor singles). They were quiet, but an hour or two later, one of the muds emerges from the room wearing only his boxers. He proceeds to start knocking on doors. When he gets to mine, I find out he's looking for condoms - and the reason why is obvious, he was ready to pole vault on that thing. I, of course, said I had none, and he went on to knock on every door on the floor, don't know if he ever did find any.

In retrospect I wish now I'd had some and poked a hole in one; that could have made for some hilarity a few months later.

But it was there I learned the ways of the black; a kid was stabbed to death in off campus housing; girls were raped; fights, drinking, crap went on, and most of it was hushed up. Sure, some of the white kids were real jerks too, but none ever tried to start a fight with me.

Anonymous said...

Charlotte Realist here. The one common thread to all "awakenings" is exposure to large scale TNB. Mix your average white person in with a bunch of nogs for a few days, and he wakes up. It was the same for me, experience teaches us what the DWL does not want us to know.

Anonymous said...

Just as they came to build a bridge, someone else brought infidels here
to destroy and burn them same bridges. Whoever truly speaks of the war
within our own borders ? Nah, we can't do that, then we're waycisssss.

At this point of the game I truly could give a rats ass what they want
to label me as. I'm going to say what needs to be said and call it for
what it is, nothing less, because in all actuality it is what it is.

I'm old school and truly have nothing in common with the majority today,
nor will I ever conform to their ideals, accepting them or anything of
the such. I don't expect them to conform to mine either, just to respect
mine as much as I can respect theirs, far away from me that is.

It's the same old thing day in and day out anymore.

It's like making sure to kick em when they're down.

Then when someone does the "unthinkable" they want to ask "oh why oh why
did they do that?" Hmmm, is it really that hard to figure out for them ?
Go figure.

Honestly, until people like I choose to make a stand, you might as well
take your seat at the back of the bus, because that's exactly where we're
headed, whether you like it or not. Pussification of a nation at it's finest.

This shit is truly diseased beyond a cure...

If WE THE PEOPLE don't make a move to do something about it, what kind of
outcome is in store for a majority of our own grandchildren. Think about it....

MMP said...

Last count I heard was LA had 27 Spanish language radio stations.

And the 1 ONE remaining Classical station went off the air a few years ago.......LA HAS NO CLASSICAL radio !!!!!!Culture has no place.

On topic....Born poor in a small town...had one black kid...Byron....he was Buckwheat to Our gang....a kid like us.

Moved to shitlouis in the mid 60's.....Then they pretty much knew their place....And those that comment here from the area then remember that the city was pretty racially divided....the nogs had the north side.....whites the south....The Italians were around Dago hill....Germans Bevo Mill area....Jews in University City.....Just watching them back then as a teenager I KNEW they were different...And yeah I remember Pruitt Igo.

From what I hear now.....All the areas mentioned above have become ghetto & the city has half the population it did in the 60's

Went to Southwest High.....Guns in schools?...Hell the school had a shooting team and an indoor range....I can only imagine it now

Went in the Army in '70 and never looked back at shitlouis.

Ended up in So Cal.....Saw TNB everywhere.....the Mexicans & illegals.

Now? I live in a 94% white county in Co. with Native Americans outnumbering nogs.....the county ranks 6th in the nation in firearms ownership per capita.....8 murders in the last DECADE....Avg. annual crime rate? 344.

It is so nice not having to deal with them in any form

Anonymous said...

First day of boot camp. It only took 10 minutes for me to figure out I had been lied to by everyone but my father.

Anonymous said...

When I moved to Utah so few of them people happier nice public parks and facilities. Relaxed environment everywhere you go. Then went back to California and immediately could tell what the difference was.

Anonymous said...

I was raised to be a realist, it never occurred to me that a boon was the same as YT. Countless experiences have just confirmed that they are primitive, hateful, and to be avoided.

SC Native

Anonymous said...

I worked in inner city hospitals for 5 years thinking I was a do gooder & NABALT. I helped the corner with 2 cases of black felons shot dead by cops both on weekend nights around 2am when bars & strip clubs let out. I actually tried to inform blacks marching in the street protesting they where shot on the way to church that they must be misinformed as no church is open before 3am. I realized I knew a black doctor that malpracticed himself to death but had never meet a black in real life as smart as seen on TV.

Ricky Tucker said...

I grew up in Albany, GA...The ''Good Life City'' and attended public school there, my bridge building moment came when I was in grade school and a black kid with same first name as I stole my lunch card so he could eat two lunches. I've had bikes stolen, been jumped walking home from school, had school work copied, cussed and spat at...Once I was a teen I got a job delivering Pizzas and have had people refuse to pay ''Ya'll took to long, dat pizza cold''had co workers and the store robbed at gun point. Then I got a job selling car parts, same shit ''My car won't say nothin'''(dead battery)''my car smokin' (no oil in crankcase)''Receipt? I ain't got no receipt''...They insist on a bag for purchased items ''cause I don't want no one to think I stole it'' but refuse to keep receipts...I long to move out to Idaho or someplace with other melanin deficient people who keep their pants pulled up and don't drive box Chevy's on 22's that we pay for.

Anonymous said...

A new scam that I was not aware of until recently.

Said nog signs up for college courses, and a loan to pay for the courses. Before the classes start, said nog cancels the courses, and receives a refund.

Now try to collect on the loan. Good luck.


Anonymous said...

A friend of mine who grew up overseas (in a negro free environment) moved to the USA in the 80's to work at his father's company.
His first contact with negroes came as a result of getting lost in a city new to him and driving down the wrong street. Negroes chased his car throwing rocks at him but he managed to get away.
His second experience was his father hired a negro. The negro expected to be picked up in the a.m. for work and taken home in the afternoon as well as have someone purchase his lunches for him. He constantly whined about how my friend had so much and should buy diapers and other things for his niglet. The groid eventually stole a few hundred dollars from a secretaries purse and that was it for his black ass. That be racism, don't you know?
His third major experience was being downtown in an area frequented by the local college students and being attacked by several groids and robbed as well as getting bashed in the face with a bat.
In the midst of all this, his other encounters with negroes all involved being screamed at that he was a racist. Naturally, it was because they wanted something and couldn't get it.
He left his father's company and went to work for a non profit store I won't mention the name of. Groids constantly changing the price stickers on items and chimping out when he wouldn't sell them the item for 90% less than it was supposed to go for. Groids coming in for the Toys for Tots Xmas thing and trying to collect toys from every location even though the stores had a list of who had gotten toys and where. When told they couldn't have any more toys, they'd chimp out. One turned over a display rack of glasswares smashing everything, another faked a heart attack and said they wuz gonna sue da store for racism and discrimination. When one groid was told they couldn't have more toys as they'd already gotten theirs and, if they got extra, that meant someone else's kids would do without- the groid said it didn't give a damn. Groids were also constantly filing complaints against my friend any time one of their scams failed.
In the space of just a few years, the common and typical behavior of negroes turned my friend from willing to give them a chance to despising the very ground the filthy things walk upon.
He didn't do that to himself. The feelings didn't rise up unwarranted and uninvited as if he were suffering from some affliction. No, the hate was a direct result of learning what niggers were by virtue of their own actions and behaviors.
He left the non profit and went back to work with his father. Now, when a nig comes to the door and knocks, he ignores them utterly and since the door remains locked at all times, they can't get in. From experience, he knows they're not customers but Gibsmedat niggers looking for a handout or worse.
Negroes create their own rejection and create the hate people feel towards them. They aren't sweet innocent little angels even though they pretend they are.

AnalogMan said...

Couple of misapprehensions:


You are a self hating white liberal

No, that's Coonstructive Feedback, our token black intellectual. Don't try to make sense of his comments, he likes to string words together at random, but doesn't know how to get them to mean anything.

2. The Limey:

As for some on here that think that Asians are better, then you need to really think again.

When Americans say "Asian" they mean Oriental. Japanese, Chinese, Koreans. Not Pakistani. In general, these are not the people who are enslaving thousands of little White girls in prostitution gangs, as in England.

Anonymous said...

I wrote a long comment earlier (Anon at 9:20) and throughout the day I've been reflecting on what I said. I said Rachel Jeantel wasn't it, but she was a big part of it.

The thing that made Rachel Jeantel awakening for me was understanding deep down that this is normal for blacks, and then seeing DWLs and other blacks defending it as normal.

I would never defend Honey Boo Boo's family as "normal." Her family is not representative of white people. They're on the bunny slope of the white bell curve.

But Rachel Jeantel is a totally normal black woman. Move along, nothing to see here.

So she can't read cursive, big deal, lots of kids can't. And when asked to read back her own typed testimony, she was under a lot of stress so give her a break. And she didn't write the letter she said she wrote, but maybe her penmanship isn't very good. And her use of the vernacular, she's a very authentic person. And calling Zimmerman a cracker, she was just quoting what Trayvon said. And she straight lied to Trayvon's mom and the lawyers, but she was upset at the time. And she's 19 and still in high school, but she's had a rough life so that's understandable. And she has a goiter, but maybe they don't have iodine where she's from in Miami. And her English may be a little difficult to understand, but she speaks three languages: unintelligible pidgin English, unintelligible pidgin Spanish, and unintelligible pidgin French (she doesn't understand any of them when they're spoken to her, but she speaks them). And she weighs as much as a pygmy hippopotamus, but that doesn't mean she's unhealthy.

Why should we hold her to the same standards that we'd hold a white third grader to? Why should we hold her to any standards at all? Isn't expecting a black adult to be able to read and write just a white cultural value? Isn't expecting a native-born black adult to be able to speak and understand intelligible English just another way of enforcing our racist whitey system?

If the racists, the DWLs, and the blacks themselves all agree that this is normal and it jibes with my experience in a ghetto school, then I'm left to conclude that this is, in fact, normal.


I'd forgotten how awful she was. She's clearly struggling to piece together a somewhat coherent sentence using the vocabulary and grammar that a foreigner would master in English 101. Struggling... and failing.

Is it just me, or right after 4:00 does she say "prostitute" when she means "prosecution?"

Either way, I'm sure she and Trayvon had fascinating phone conversations together.

Mr.L's Tavern said...

My moment came in the 1980s when a liberal, red diaper judge, decided that my city was racist and ruled that schools and neighborhoods were segregated. I really didn't understand what it was all about until I got to junior high school and I was informed by a fellow class mate that the word around school there would be a "kill whitey" day on the upcoming Friday 13th. From that moment I realized that diversity was perversity.

Brooklyn born said...

I'd have to say I was 13, and living in a "Changing" neighborhood in NYC. I told my Dad I really wanted a Schwinn Varsity 10 speed and he told me that if I could raise half by working, he would cover the rest.

Well I worked all summer long, mowing lawns, and working a paper route, saving every dime I could for that bike. By fall I had enough, and Dad took me to buy it. I was so proud of that bike!

I added a generator head and tail light, fender rack, you know, really cool things to make it "Mine".

I had the bike about a month, and was by a friend's house with the bike in his gated yard, leaning against the house. I hear his Mom yell "Hey!" I ran to the window and all I could see is this tall skinny groid peddling like the wind up the street. It was gone that quick.

I hated them from then on, and really started to notice the neighborhood go to hell. We moved to another part of the city soon after.

Anonymous said...

I always knew they were different. Went to a public school in a nice part of town but with a black student population that was disproportionately high due to a fairly large black section of our suburb and then later busing from the city due to deseg, which started when I was in middle school I believe. I played football growing up through high school, and was decent, so I had some status with the black athletes at least. Counted some as friends. Noticed then how harsh they were with their kids about certain things but about how for most just passing was quite acceptable. Had one fight with a black kid over an accident during lunch time while playing football. Always knew they were different from the crime and the riots I saw on TV. When I started to read about iq, genetics, etc. it all kind of fell into place. This is the way it is and it isn't getting better because it is the way it's always been.

Anonymous said...

If you know any DWLs who needs enlightening, send them over to spend a day watching videos at

Oh man...

PB said...

"I came to Aus/Oz to get away from such rubbish. Instead I found latent malignant muslim problems. Although a half-Abo mate told me negroes are battling aboriginies regularly on the streets of Darwin, and a couple of their (negroid) recent exploits have had mention here."

Western Australia too. The Abos there are among the worst but the Africans are moving in on them and they are NOT happy about it. Keeps them busy though, which would be a new experience for most of them.

Anonymous said...

When I plopped down $50,000 on a house and became the target of repeated harassment, trespassing, theft, and trash by a duplex housing two black "families" on Sect. 8. I had two good black friends at the time with whom I worked and when I told them about what was going on, they laughed and smiled like they enjoyed hearing about my horrible experience.

Anonymous said...


I was doing research on the "Jena Six" case for a class I was teaching and came across a website called American Renaissance. There was a fascinating article on the fraud behind the "Six," and on racial hoax crimes in general. The whole thing was an eye opener. I was impressed by the rational approach which AR took to racial issues. Its authors stated facts, exposed the lies, and put everything into perspective: how race affected crime, media, the welfare state, educational policy, the corruption of science, etc.'

David Bowie [married first to a dyke, now to a jig] funded the J6 Defense.
sick, eh?

Mr. Clean said...

Atlanta Admirer said... I went to a day summer camp from grade 1-6 at a church where we had usually a trip to the public pool.."

When I was little we used to go Lake Nockamixon State Park in PA for day trips. The part of Bucks County that this is located in is fairly rural, or at least it was back then. We would go fishing during the morning, then some times head over to the swimming pool midday. This had to be in the mid-late 1970's. The pool was new, clean, big, with a great playground, large clean bathroom/changing rooms, etc.. I had a blast there. I recall it being free. I remember the first season or two we went (maybe 2x-3x per year) to be an excellent time.

Then, one year, we went back, and the place was infested with negros, with all that goes along with that. Niglets everywhere, "yoofs" out of control, sows skreeing, and so. I was shocked, my dad was outraged and bewildered. As we left, we saw a line of buses parked in an auxiliary lot/field. Yep, word got to some distant ghetto(s) that there was a nice (i.e., white) FREE public pool open to them, which made it worth their while to charter old yellow buses, flee their own kind and invade a whitopia. We never went back to that pool again.

I was by there probably 15 years later, as a young adult, and checked it out. It was back to normal (i.e., white). They had started charging an admission fee (which is now $7). Lesson learned, I guess.

From ages 16-20 I worked in a seafood restaurant in Montgomery County that was far enough from Philadelphia to be in a largely white area, but still close enough to be exposed to a negro tide. I could write a book on that, but I'll just say.... it isn't "skrimps", it is definitely "strimps"!

I attended college in Philadelphia. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

Working with groids in the mid-1990s. I saw the laziness and the coddling by management. I was cured of any misconceptions by the time I left that job.


Fixing poverty starts with moving groids to nice, white neighborhoods.

--NB with IPMS

Anonymous said...

Hello Lost-in-Miami here,

First of all . . . What an awesome thread! I couldn’t stop reading the comments. I hope Paul leaves this one up two days. I’m just loving it.

Well as far as “Zulu” the movie, living here in Miami I’ve always identified more with John Derek in “Naked Prey”. The part about seeing your friends baked alive in clay or, close to my heart as a teacher, a thousand little Nigglets humiliating your friend and then stabbing him to death with a thousand tiny skewers. All the while cackling and jeering as only a pack of wild eyed Niggers can do. But the classic scene of ultimate Nigger behavior is when John Derek finally kills one of them and all the Boogies start screaming to the heavens as saying, “the gal of you White man for defending yourself, now we’re really going to torture you!” Oh, I know that threat.

Miami has always been called the “City of the Future” by social scientists and the like. Let’s hope they’re wrong. Being Ground-Zero for American Multi-Culturalism it has been an especially cruel place to be a White person. Over the years I’ve seen many good White people driven insane with the guilt and condemnation this place heaps on them. Ironically, I see signs that the White Cubans that did so much to further the Multi-Cult are next on the chopping block. Left and right they’re being attacked in the workplace.

Anyway my awakening happened shortly after Obama was re-elected. Please, forgive me I voted for him twice! Like I said I was in a Leftist torpor. Well I was sure that when Black-people finally got a president in office they, at least the more reasonable ones, would start to back off the whole racist-America-thing. Just like when the Irish (and Catholics in general) got Kennedy, they got a sense of “We’ve made it. We’ve arrived” But not our friends from Africa! Oh-no! Rather than finally trying to make a lasting peace with White people; the Negro horde with Obama at the helm decided to double down on their hatred of White people. All at once I realized, Grand-Pop was right, “Your Shines are known for that!”

Finally I had to reflect on 35 years as an anti-racist crusader. I started mulling over in my mind all the times I’d given the Jigs the benefit of the doubt. How many times they f##cked me over just because I was White and I refused to see it. Suddenly Black chicks just didn’t do it for me and now I shake my head daily wondering how I ever . . . you get the picture. All those years of ignoring IQ scores, crime statistics and making excuses . . . for these . . . Niggers, who never intended to live in peace with us, but really . . . want the keep us as slaves for 300 years. Well the rest is pretty typical I guess. I now, proudly assume the mantle of RACIST.

That's right baby, won the word. RACIST!!!

Anonymous said...

-Fireforce- here...

It come as no surprise to anyone that I'm a military history geek. "Zulu" is about as historically accurate as "Monty Python and the Holy Grail", but it's a great of the best war movies of all time. While it lacks in historical accuracy it captures the "spirit" of the conflict very well.

As to my awakening, I never really had one. I was born in the South and raised by parents who had realistic views on race in general and blacks specifically. I will say that if anything my views have hardened to the point of being quite radical with age, and over 25 years in the criminal justice field has confirmed everything I was taught as a child. There is nothing like working closely with black criminals to confirm that stereotypes exist for a reason.

Finally, why on earth does PK allow "Constructive Feedback"'s trolls to be posted?

Anonymous said...

I was eight years old when my family moved from an all-white suburb north of Chicago to the South Side. I spent the last three months of third grade in a school located in a recently "changed" (from white to 75 - 80% black) school. The stuff I saw in that school was stupefying. Every classroom full of black students was a powder keg. I felt as though I had been transported to another planet. Half a century later, I remember the incidents too numerous to recount, and the shock it caused in my young psyche. It can't be undone.

D-FENS said...

"The Pink Palmetto Pony"
Lindsey Graham follows SBPDL?

My Dad was a race realist. He looked like Archie Bunker down to the combed back white hair and the white shirt - years before All in the Family appeared on TeeVee. In fact he made Archie look like a moderate. He voted for Wallace in 68 and 72.

Besides negroes, he also did not like Jews. At all. I agreed with him on the negroes but I had Jewish friends. It was later that I was aware of the power of organized TWMNBN.

He was a WW2 Pacific vet and always maintained that was a wrong war for us. He also did not like "gooks" but said that the incarceration of the Japanese by FDR was unAmerican.

The negroes in school came from "the projects" so their behavior confirmed what I learned at home.

Anonymous said...

RexHymens here: My father came to visit from the other side of the country. He lives so far away, and he runs 2 successful businesses, so I rarely see him. Usually my wife and I fly to him but since we have a new baby he actually took a few days off and came to visit. Dad LOVES the casinos, and when he found out that I live about a half hour drive from a new casino in East Chicago he was so excited. Of course I knew the place would be infested with niggers, so I decided to make the best of it. Dad is a slot player. He wanders around playing penny slots with his wife, and even though he earns a VERY nice income he only gambles away $100. That usually takes him about 2 hours, unless he's winning, in which case we have been known to spend hours in the casino. So I had to be prepared. While everyone was getting ready I was in the kitchen quickly gorging. A dozen hard boiled eggs, 6 White Castle jalepeno cheeseburgers, a lb steamed broccoli, a can of pork n' beans, and 6 cans of beer. The beer was the worst to power down. I had JUST enough time before we all left for the casino.
My gut started gurgling about halfway there but I was able to hold everything still for the car ride, and I had some difficulty clenching up while we walked in. My family quickly found slot machines to keep them entertained while I quickly scanned the crowded casino floor.The blackjack table had so many niggers packed around it I wondered if they were awarding the winners with KFC or crack cocaine. I moved in, clenching hard until I was right near the pack of niggers and then I stopped, biting my tongue to stop myself from smiling.
I carefully eased my clenching butthole and felt the first toxic blast escape in a long slow fart that made me glad the loud casino hid my attack. I took a few quick steps and turned to watch the fallout. Two niggers at Ground Zero had their front paws over their snouts and were looking at each other horrified. The niggers around them searched around them with their monkey lips sneering and one sow's eyes bulged wide as she moved away screeching "OH DAAAAMN!"
I spotted a dozen or more niggers gathered around a Michael Jackson slot machine. They were focused on the screens so none of them noticed me quietly slide up behind the crowd and then turn 180 degrees to aim my asshole at the center of the pack. This time I grunted a little as I pushed and felt my butt cheeks shake from the power of the blast. I was glad for the extra underwear I brought with me, in my pants pocket, because I was fairly certain that my latest assault had ruined the underwear I was wearing. The casino was loud enough that I felt confident none of the niggers heard the blast, so I took a few steps before turning to survey the aftermath.
"MUTHAFUCKA!" One of the niggers ooked, and several others held their paws over their ugly feral faces as they fled the noxious invisible cloud, desperate for air that stank of cigarettes instead of my rancid bowels.
The next attack was a strafing release, farting all over a thick group near the casino bar. I moved quickly and pushed out several short rapid bursts in between strides, no longer able to conceal my grin. The niggers were loudly ooking "MAAAANNN!", "O SHEEET!", "WHODAFUCK!?" and holding the crook of their elbows over their faces but since they were playing the machines they were effectively stuck in place! Shackled within my terrible intestinal cloud the same way their nigger ancestors were shackled to their auction blocks!
For the next hour I carefully selected my targets and at the end I stopped in the casino bathroom to duck into a stall and remove one very soiled underwear. My tighty-whiteys looked like I used them to check the oil in my truck, so I just threw them away and put my fresh underwear on.
The car ride home was cold, because my wife insisted that I drive with my window rolled down and even though I never gambled a single dollar I felt like the biggest Winner of the night.

Anonymous said...

Like many of the comments about "your bridge moment" mine would also have to be in the public school sector. Too many incidents to mention but I got the differences in cultures by second or third grade. I always say that one day I'm going to write down everything I've had to endure through 65 years of living in and around the Detroit area. A lot of experiences that have led to the opinion that I have of the black race. Sad indeed. If you have children move them to the whitest area you can afford. Don't subject them to a life of fear and torment.

Long Island Guido said...

At 29 years old i was brainwashed like most. Grew up on The Cosbys and Fresh Prince of Bel Air etc. I had some good black friends growing up in school and in the military. I wasnt truly awaken until i stumbled upon this site and IT ALL CAME TO LIGHT!

I now see the dysfunction they are all about and the coddling that they receive non stop. I know see the atrocities committed by negros thanks to the links posted on THIS site..that isnt talked about in the main stream MARXIST news.

I sometimes wish i had never had been awaken...

Anonymous said...

For myself, racial awareness began at an early age. My father sold his house after numerous incidents of "diversity" in the rapidly changing neighborhood. Some folks have called it "White Flight".

Dad moved us to Cobb to escape. Back then Cobb County was predominately white. The community I grew up in is now a shit hole.

I found SBPDL by searching "Trayvon".

Yea, I was sick of it!

Scot Irish

Long Island Guido said...

Let me add this..i might be the first or only person on here to say this..but i was what you call a "wigger" growing up. I played basketball, listened to rap music, favored black chick's, hung around blacks etc etc. I always defended them and thought whitey was the evil one. I was basically a liberal who didn't vote or know what that even meant.

I am the complete OPPOSITE of what i was as a teenager. I see them for who they are and what they represent. I try to preach and teach to anyone that will listen. I am the true poster child for an AWAKEN RACE REALIST.

Long Island Guido said...

Brilliantly stated!

Long Island Guido said...

When i think what beautiful California has turned into it makes my stomach turn. Living in NY now id still take California over this shit hole.

Californian said...

PK, this topic is one of the best things you've ever run. And thanks to all who shared their stories.

Anonymous said...

I live a scant 15 miles from Detroit....enough said.
That's usually all it takes. I'm pretty much 13-15 miles away as well. Just curious are you south, west, or north of die-troi?
Back OT, left out in my earlier post, Joann Was. She was downtown for the big fireworks show, and 3-4 female apes attacked her. They beat and stripped her of gold jewelry she was wearing. This whole thing was recorded w/hand held camcorder.
The MSM aired the footage, but that was the early 1990's. Not sure if they'd do that in 2015.
Detroit Refugee

MMP said...


They caught the smash & grab gang in Detroilet.....You guess the race of the perps?

Those indicted: Elijah McKinney, 24; Darius Ellis, 30; Latrina Williams, 38; Lorenzo D. Terry, 21; DaJuan C. Marcellus, 24; Brandon P. Wilkerson, 24; Marquis W. Cheatham, 24; Darien S. Thompson, 21; Britnei Rodgers, 29; Ernie T. Evans, 25; Darrick Adams, 29; Brandon Mayes, 20, and Shaquita Wyatt, 24, all of Detroit, as well as Kordaryl Cross, 25, of Westland; Anthony J. Browner, 24, of Farmington Hills; Bria Jackson, 22, of Shelby Township, and Bria Stanford, 21, of Belleville, the release said.

My favotite?.... LaTrina....."Yeah I'z goona name her after the shithouse"

Now one for Ya'll to figure out.....How do you pronounce La-a?

Anonymous said...

throwing my 2 cents in from Canada...
Toronto,, big city, had business in the north end, summer time, two black guys, mid 20's, walk through a mall parking lot, wearing loose track pants and open shirts, both holding onto their privates the entire time!
(it was disgusting!)
same summer, an hour west of the city, country road, I notice a broken down car, 4 or 5 white college age kids are looking at the open engine trying to figure out what is wrong, these same liberal kids seem to have a friend, same age, black fellow is standing in the middle of same country road...with a firm grip on his - you know what - ...
I had to slow and drive around him...he looked at me while still maintaining a firm grip...
wow...what can I say further?

Medic Bear said...

Wow. 'Love the stories.

I, like others, never really bought - or was told - the whole "they're just like us" crap - my Dad was a realist but always tried to teach us to gather information before we made judgments - whenever possible.

As a kid, the few Blacks I knew were middle-class types with science dads, families from my Dad's work, mainly, and generally civilized. Work picnics, that kind of stuff. School was always pretty White with the rare Asian or non-White of some type.

My biggest eye-opener, as many have said, came when I joined the military. Holy crap ! In Basic, I saw TNB of all sorts but thankfully have always been a big guy and have a look, I guess - and have been told - that says "Don't f'k with me." Jump school and AIT had a handfull of Blacks each - IKAGOs all. My first assignment (permanent party) was a trip - I was sent to a medical field unit at Ft. Knox and saw more TNB scamming, laziness, violence and general Blackness in the first 3 months than I had seen in my life prior. The White guys might get drunk and stupid but they generally did their jobs and tried to do what was right - the Blacks were ALWAYS looking to scam, steal and shirk any and all responsibility.

It went downhill from there and after decades in the military and in healthcare, I now assume a Black is lying, stealing something, about to assault me and/or otherwise do something which I will consider wrong and apply THAT until proven otherwise.

I've seen far more pain, injury, violence, rape and death committed by Blacks than any other single descriptor one can use to describe humans. Daily.

One more anecdote: I was in clinic when the OJ verdict was announced - with a patient who was White. We heard YELLING and HOOTING and a commotion from the waiting room and like everyone else, went out o see what the hell was going on. A White nurse and I looked at each other when we heard "OJ not guilty !" and just shook our heads. The Blacks were high-fiving and hugging and kissing like it was New Year's and Mardi Gras combined.

That wasn't my bridge moment but it certainly stuck with me to this day.

They are NOT "just like us" and never will be. We need to segregate and control them before it is too late.

Brooklyn born said...


Holy shit! It literally took me a full 5 minutes to get through your post ROTFLMAO!

Wow I haven't laughed so friggin' hard in a long time! My wife came in wondering wtf was going on.

She always said I had a sixth grade sense of humor!

Thanks Man!

D-FENS said...

This post should be a "sticky". Let it grow like a snowball rolling down a hill.

Anonymous said...

San Franciscan here said:

"I never thought that one job could force me to reevaluate everything that I had previously believed my whole life."

This is EXACTLY what I'm dealing with at my job right now.

I have dealt with the same situation many times in the past
but now it's reaching an epidemic high. I have already found
out there there is NOBODY in the job to go that will do anything
about it. Accountability is something none of them are held to.

The double standards are astounding, growing bigger by the day.

20 years of this shht. 27 years total of dealing with the coons.

Just like many have pointed out already, my first experience
started the first day I walked into middle school for the 7th
grade. WoW! That's when I realized that I walked out of heaven
when I left elementary school and walked into night of the living
dead walking into that middle school for the first day of class.

How could one EVER forget that? You can't. It stuck in my mind
forever. Nobody and I mean NOBODY could ever indoctrinate me
into something that my eyes had already witnessed for themselves.

Of course being a 40 something now, I had tried to forget the
millions of negative experiences with them, because if I don't
I'm only hurting myself, but I NEVER forget to keep a good safe
distance from them. I learned at a very young age to NEVER trust
not a single one of them, NEVER! Male, female, sheboon, whatever,
NONE! No IKAGO's. I've never met a good one and don't intend to.
I'd much rather CHOOSE to be left alone by them. Is that possible ???

HAHA, I know, I'm least for now...

The Jaded Virgo....

Anonymous said...

Cobb co resident here. I'm surrounded by pavement apes. 3 in the morning and they are hanging out on the street corners giving cars stopped at the light blank stares.

My all time fave chimp move are the one who have on $500 shoes, a $500 cell, and $300 headphones but have to pay for a scrawberry drank with pennies.

Makes you want to move to one of the rural, outlying areas (Paulding, Bartow, Douglas, etc) but you can't.

Nogs everywhere

GA Gatsby

Brooklyn born said...

One more story I told my son once when he first got his driver's license.

One night two college kids came to NYC to visit a friend at NYU. They crossed the George Washington bridge and mistakenly got on the Harlem River Drive after missing the West Side Highway exit.

Lost now, they continue down the HRD to the first exit where they think they may be able to stop and ask for directions. They exit at 2nd av and E125st aka MLK BLVD.

They see and pull over to two yoofs on standing on the corner to ask, where the driver is summarily shot in the head and killed, and the passenger manages to escape with his life. They nonchalantly pull the dead kid out of the car and drive off.

No emotion, no empathy, nothing but a free ride for them.

Anonymous said...

SBPDL invites you to tell your "I came here to build a bridge" moment, when the reality of race finally became clear and the lies of a lifetime collapsed. -PK

I came here to build spaceships and the other things like bridges that lift us all out of the primeval mire, but that has been partly derailed by the erectus undertow and their DWL psychos.

There wasn't any exact moment, just an incremental build all of my life and with each new encounter. It's gotten much more... realistic... the past few years.

Back when, our dear neighbors sold their house to a Black family, the first IKAGO for the neighborhood. My mother was fit to be tied, and never forgave their friends for selling out like that. I was appalled at mom's conduct then. Now I just wish she could come back so that I can say to her:

"I was wrong.
You were right.
Thank you for the protection of your warning.
Shame on me for not listening to you then."

Even though she is passed away, she still keeps getting wiser, the older I get.

-Beyond Hatred

Anonymous said...

La-a is pronounced "La-dash-a" because the dash don't be silent.

Anonymous said...

As a child, I lived in an inner ring suburb of Cleveland with broad tree-lined avenues and boulevards. At one time, it was one of the pre-eminent places to live in the area. Large Tudor, Colonial, and Georgian homes abounded as well as mansions. As the 70s wore on, the demographics changed and I found myself havinf to use the pugilistic arts (purely self-defensive, of course) with my newly arrived classmates. Thu=is was in the 2nd and 3rd grade . My family soon moved to the more bucolic outer suburbs to escape the menace. One moment that really crystallized the difference for me was while I was working in Downtown Cleveland. Walking by the Terminal Tower, the largest building in Cleveland, which housed several department stores, I saw two negresses arguing. Their contretemps soon escalated to a shoving match. I'm sure all the readers have seen old department stores in their cities with their 20 foot high display windows. One of the girls, gaining the upper hand on her foe, purposefully executed a perfect "irish whip" and flung her rival through the glass window. Sheets of glass came cascading down. If the girl had not been thrown completely through the window, she would have been cut cleanly in half as a guillotine would do. As my mind struggled to come to grips with what I had just seen, it further reeled as I saw the aggressor leap through the display window and continue to pummel her adversary. This removed any doubt from my mind that those of this benighted race are our equals.

Awakened White said...

I young but I guess I've always been awakened, but esp. thanks to St. skittles and St. Brownstian. the IR cult, and others like S.A. etc. etc. .

10:24 am is right I think a TON of White people are awake, at least they should be. 12:49 pm also hits it out of the park.

joshrandall said...

The best comments ever!How I wish these amazing epistles could be printed on the front page of the YouKnowWho York Times!!

Anonymous said...

Pardon me if this turns out to be a repeat, but:

The correct pronunciation of "La-a" is "La-dash-a" 'cause the dash don't be silent.

This is a genuine I-shit-you-not example of TNB.

Anonymous said...

The first eight years of my life I lived in Berlin Germany and I only saw blacks one time but it left an impression. It was the early sixties there was still plenty of evidence of the war everywhere. And my father worked for a company that was invested in the reconstruction. It was when I was in the second grade when I had my first encounter with blacks. I had friend name Harold who lived by us. His father worked with mine and his mother was German, she enjoyed my mother's company because she didn't speak much English and my mother spoke fluent German, I didn't know then but her people shunned her because she married an Amerikana. Anyway they asked my parents if they could take me with them to see a circus in Munich. It was very exciting for me there were lions and tigers and all of the attractions you would expect. At one point my friends mother was taking me to the restroom and as we were on the way we came upon a couple negros, they were drinking out of a whiskey bottle as we passed they started howling, grabbing their crotches. When she ignored them one got angry and ran up and grabbed her arm and said "I'm talking you krout bitch" they started yelling obscenities but by then we were running and she had her hands over my ears. By the time we got back to our seats she was livid. She started ranting about it in German to her husband "dumkauf swarzen Afrikanas".
He left to find some police but there was nothing they could do because the negros were American servicemen.
When they took me home the first thing I said to my mom was "We got chased by some bad men with dirty faces". My friends mom then broke down and started crying as she spoke in German telling my mom what happened. My mom gave her a hug and some tissues to dry her eyes. I don't remember being that concerned over the incident until she started crying. I remember telling my that if I was bigger I would have punched them in the nose. In my life can't recall anyone ever acting like that to a lady, especially in front of children. When I got older I learned that is normal behaviour for black men when in agroup and they encounter women. That was not the defining moment for me by no means. But it is enough for now. I have many other accounts that I will come back to later.

Mich Mike

Anonymous said...

Rex Hymens, damn you sir are crazy. AND FUNNY AS HELL.LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL..


Anonymous said...

But think of it another way, if teachers allow minorities to sit around and scratch their backsides all day whilst at the same time forcing white students to work then this increasrs our standards whilst lowering theirs. Advantage to us in the long-term.

Anonymous said...

Irish guy here, i had the same feeling when we were "enriched" during the late 90's/early 00's. The difference is we have African blacks here, so we get a purer look at the black race as opposed to American blacks who often have a large amount of European genetics(it seems they would rather die than admit this, notice most talented blacks are light-skinned). Not that American blacks are especially talented either way, the whole thing with false black inventions particularly annoys me.

Anonymous said...



In the 1980s or 90s there was a horro story in Florida.
A euro family [I think krauts or austrians] wedre jacked and the daddy was killed.

Does anyone remember it? It may have been in People [a horrid anti White rag] mag.
Tourists were attacked by looking for 'z' licenses [rental cars].

Never seen TNB type Euros and australians.
In the case I am talking about the thugs ran over the daddy, killing him and the 5? year old saw it and 'was very helpful to the police'.

May have caused the 'Z' license to not be used on rentals.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....The comments just keep getting better and better. I have always thought the best comments on this sight were the ones where people told about their personal encounters with the vibrant population.

FOR REX HYMENS.....Fanfuckingtastic report about your assaults at the casino. It gave me the best laugh I've had in a long time. THANK YOU.

Anonymous said...

Born and bred in Philly.

From the moment I learned how to reason, I was a realist.

Philadelphia Mike

Anonymous said...

When I started as a bus boy, clearing tables, at the age of 16.

Graham Ritz said...


Oh my god! I laughed so hard reading that post that my sides hurt. I finished reading it with tears in my half closed eyes giggling like an idiot while my wife looked at me like I was losing my mind.

Anonymous said...

"I sometimes wish i had never had been awaken..."

I know, me too. But you can't, you just can't unsee it.

Wampus said...

Just wanted to jump in with one more observation.

The day I really realized that the Media wouldlet negro rape, loot and kill and report it like it was merely raining was Hurricane Katrina. I don't know how many here watched the aftermath, but the USA got the biggest black eye from Tourists who were unprepared for criminal negros en mass.

Please read this great article from American Renaissance:

Africa in our Midst.

Here are the negro cops looting on the first day, on Camera!

After reading and seeing this, I was completely converted to media lies. Anything to protect their pets.

Anonymous said...

I grew up with immigrant great grandparents from France, Switzerland, Italy, and Sicily living just a few blocks away from my parents house in a very Italian neighborhood in Philadelphia.

When you grow up in an Italian neighborhood, racial awareness is par for the's just a part of your becomes ingrained at a very early age.

And when the bad neighborhoods were only 10 blocks away (gentrified now, though), racial awareness is Darwinian...a matter of survival.

My greats are all gone now...and only 2 of the grandparents are left. And I love each and all of them for all of the sacrificing that they did for us from the moment that they arrived here. They had very little education, no money, they faced all of the obstacles placed before them... and prevailed.

I have seen my share of friends, acquaintances, friends of friends and relatives of friends who have been gravely attacked by blacks throughout the years. Stabbings, assaults, gun shots, robberies at gun point to the head...and even murders. And these didn't happen only in Philadelphia. They occurred in various parts of the USSA.

I became hardened at a very young age. My heart has turned to stone, so to speak.

I'm still living in the same neighborhood that I grew up in. It's still very much Italian. And the surrounding neighborhoods are no longer black. They are very gentrified, very expensive, and a whole lot safer...and beyond the surrounding neighborhoods are the Mexicans. We in Philadelphia thank God for the Mexicans. They displaced the ghetto blacks and made some of the worst neighborhoods much safer.

And although my children are only 1/4 Italian, the same values of family loyalty, hard work, honesty, and distrust of the blacks has come just as naturally to them as it did to me. But unlike many others here at SBPDL, I've taught my children to accept the Orientals and the even befriend them. I've taught my children that the Orientals and the Mexicans share the same dreams that we do...the same dreams of those who came before us.

And probably to the dismay of many of you here, I have 3 cousins (out of 32) who've married beyond our a Mexican girl, to a Chinese girl, and to a Hawaiian girl. And one cousin who married a Jewish guy. We...all of us...each and everyone one of us...have accepted them with no hesitations, no restraints, no reservations.

We are a family who has never lost that European immigrant mentality. And for that very reason, should we have to leave these shores, we will...together.

Philadelphia Mike

Graham Ritz said...

In college I lived in a football dorm and some of the Negroes were just plain dumb. And these were IKAGOs who worked hard and really, really tried. I felt bad for them, but someone here put it best: their cat would do calculus before these kids would do college level math.

Then I went to work in the school dining service and got to see the basketball players in action. Many of these were real ghetto Negroes. They were rude, entitled, and more than half the time you couldn't understand what the hell they were saying. The hospitality program students ran a restaurant where I periodically bused tables. The basketball Negroes were obnoxious to the waitresses, made an incredible mess like hogs at a trough, and never tipped. One grabbed my buddy's waitress girlfriend one night and pulled her onto his lap. When she broke free I dumped a pitcher of ice water right onto his crotch while staring straight into his now bug-eyed face. He must have been a foot taller than me when he jumped up but I was 20 and indestructible. I also boxed and wrestled in school. He and his boys did nothing but walk out. Of course the presence at an adjacent table of 4 of my linemen floormates who I had tutored over the course of the year might have had something to do with that too.

10mm AUTO said...


In the 1980s or 90s there was a horro story in Florida.
A euro family [I think krauts or austrians] wedre jacked and the daddy was killed.

Does anyone remember it? It may have been in People [a horrid anti White rag] mag.
Tourists were attacked by looking for 'z' licenses [rental cars].

Never seen TNB type Euros and australians.
In the case I am talking about the thugs ran over the daddy, killing him and the 5? year old saw it and 'was very helpful to the police'.

May have caused the 'Z' license to not be used on rentals.

March 3, 2015 at 7:10 PM"

YES 90201

This case clinched the Concealed Carry Vote for Florida as the negro were targeting tourists because they didn't want to get their little shitskins ventilated. After this story, plus the work of John Lot and countless others; Concealed Carry swept the Nation.

Which is why Holder, Al, Obama, etc are against it.

Hopeless In Craplanta said...

To make a long and unpleasant story short I grew up poor,white and female on the south side of Atlanta in the 80s and had to endure the misery of public schools,and have had to endure more of it in the workplace.I'm just glad I chose not to have kids.

AnalogMan said...

This thread shows every sign of living forever!

Growing up in South Africa, everybody, including the Babuntus, always knew they were not like us. I never had much to do with them, thanks to the wonderful institution of Apartheid. We didn't mix socially, and nobody would consider them suitable as sex partners - that was bestiality, and properly frowned upon. And illegal.

So, for me, reading accounts of people on this board who actually "dug black chicks" is surreal. Geez, guys, they're ugly as sin, as thick as two short planks, they smell bad and they're disease-ridden. How could anybody find them attractive?

Because I never mixed with them, I never really learned to hate them until they took over my homeland and destroyed it overnight. Then, I learned. How I learned.

About the time of the fall of civilization, my mother, who was an old lady, asked me what I would do if one of my daughters came and told me she wanted to marry a black man. Well, it was the end of an era, the start of a new order, there would be new rules and my kids would have to make their own way under that order. So I told my mother that they would have to make that decision for themselves, it was not my place to live their lives for them.

Her face went hard, she shook her head and said, "No. It's terrible. I hate them!" I was quite shocked. Everybody who ever knew my mother agreed that she was the perfect lady. I never knew she hated anybody. I thought, it's a good thing she's lived her life and won't have to adapt to the new order, because she won't survive it.

Looking back, I'm ashamed of that moment. I wish I could tell her she was right. Now, with my three daughters safely married to White men, I make a point of telling my fifteen grandkids at every opportunity: They are not like us. Avoid them.

Anonymous said...

Oh godddddd! You're so correct!

Their homes are dilapidated, they obviously never tip, they complain about everything and you're usually hit by a wall of marijuana smoke as soon as they answer their door

Anonymous said...

All these great personal accounts.

But don't forget-- the government loves them and hates you.

Mr. Rational said...

"Full prose proficiency,[37] as measured by the ability to process complex and challenging material such as would be encountered in everyday life, is achieved by about 13% of the general, 17% of the white, and 2% of the African American population."

17% is roughly 1 SD above the mean (for a normal distribution), and 2% would be about 2 SD above the mean.  These correspond to an IQ of about 115 for Whites and Blacks respectively.  This is precisely what La Griffe du Lion would predict.

Race said...

Everybody on this site knows TWMNBN. Stop trying to bait him into saying something that can be labeled as anti semitism. We already just discussed just above how this is a typical tactic by negroes to bait people into conflict and claims is racism. So... Don't be a putz

Stirner said...

My bridge moment was 8 years ago, when my daughter was born.

1) Wife's amniotic fluid drains 3.5 weeks pre-term. Get the call, and go down to visit at top notch OBGYN teaching hospital program located next to a vibrant population. While in waiting room, waiting for wife to get follow up exam, note all the preggo teen moms, all with their mothers and grandmothers in attendance. No black dads to be seen. These are all welfare cases, but they are getting seen by doctors that are top notch (we had to use some family medical connections to even get seen by this practice).

2) Wife goes into labor, and we draw the female black doctor in the hoity-toity practice. She, of course takes being "on call" literally, and checks in from time to time on the phone, leaving the actual doctoring to the med student residents on duty. 50/50 shot my baby was going to have to go straight to NICU, but the doctor just called it in. 12 hours later, Korean doctor comes in, and immediately induces labor, and there is a successful delivery.

3) The maternity ward. There was only one other couple in the ward, an asian grad student couple. All of the other mothers were ghetto single mothers. Their sheepish 17 year old baby daddies would occasionally roll into visit.

I had not been naive before..I had even read the Bell Curve years ago. But finally, I realize that these were the people my newborn daughter would have to live with, and the scales fell from my eyes in an instant.

Anonymous said...

Having read all of this, here's my conclusion. Well, not based just on this, but on a lifetime of it.

Negroes are savages. They cannot be changed, educated, tamed, reasoned with or made rich and peaceful. They are savages, not animals. Animals behave in ways that insure their survival. They do not kill for pleasure. Negroes are simply savages. Savages at a deep genetic core. They cannot be changed, civilized or redeemed. They must be segregated into a place only for themselves, and provided no outside help whatsoever. Nature will take its inevitable course.

Constructive Feedback, if you are reading, that's it and I guess at some level I have pity for you.

Unknown said...

Hey everybody, I am back from my vacation in Florida. Been reading SBPDL every day but waited until I got home to post.

Wow. What horror stories in this thread.

I had a childhood like no other. Make sure you're not drinking anything because I don't want to owe anybody else a new keyboard.

The big kids in our Italian neighborhood would teach the little kids about how to survive against "the niggers". Weapons, elaborate traps, ambushes - you name it. These were taught from the brothers/fathers of the military, mostly the Vietnam War, and skills were passed down through the years to the younger generations.

We would play ARMY everyday. It was an ongoing war with "the niggers" to keep them on their side of the train tracks. The little kids would have to get through "boot camp" in order to see some real action. I started boot camp at 7 years old. The year was 1975.

I could write a book about the stories of boot camp alone, but the really good stuff happened when we had live "battles" with the enemy. The main objective was to keep them from crossing the train tracks (and keep them out of our neighborhood).

"The niggers" were so dumb and unorganized, as they still are today. We weren't at war with just the kids, but the adults too. We would set booby traps, patrol with dogs, paint warning signs and nail them into the ground with stakes at the train track crossing - but only the big kids would have the actual "battles".

Knives, throwing stars, poison darts, bb guns, swords, bows and arrows, wooden bats and 2x4's with nails through them - we were armed and well trained.

On the 4th of July, it was a tradition to collect all the dogshit we could get leading up to the holiday and put it in one big garbage bag transported around in a shopping cart. Hot, soft and steamy from the sunshine. It was then placed into a deep pit covered with thin branches and leaves. When "the niggers" tried to cross the train tracks to try and view our annual fireworks display, one or two of them would always fall into the pit and be trapped for the day with no way to escape.

"Nigger in the hole! Nigger in the hole!" Try to imagine 40-50 well organized kids dressed in fatigues with bags full of fireworks on the warpath - and the raging war cry! Smoke bombs and packs of firecrackers would be raining down on that hole all day splattering dogshit everywhere. Jap rockets, roman candles, mortars, M-80's, blockbusters, pineapples and "nigger chasers" would keep away anyone attempting to rescue "the prisoners". A few of the kids' fathers worked on the docks and we had CRATES of fireworks! It was a constant barrage that lasted for HOURS!

Ahhh, the good old days of my youth!

Race said...

Hey Limey, we are more than happy to have you but as you may have noticed this blog is primarily American which brings me to the point.... When people on this site say "Asian" they are refereeing to the species from the orient. Whereas in England when you say or think "Asian" you're thinking what we would refer to as "middle eastern".

Left Coast White Guy said...

I too remember when California was clean, safe, and beautiful.

Left Coast White Guy said...

So Cal has 91.5 KUSC classical music. Been there since at least the miss eighties I believe.

NY Girl said...

Way late to the party here, but here goes:

My "awakening" was preceded by many small observations. Like our one black neighbor who thought it was okay to send her little girl to a birthday party without a gift for the birthday girl. Or walking with my husband and dog in a state park during the summer season, when bus loads of vibrant diversity would come up to the country for cookouts. I remember one family had to be escorted out of the park. But on his way out, the belligerent guy needed to stop and rearrange the ice and remaining brews in his car. Dude, does it even matter at that point? Another time, an unsupervised niglet on a tricycle rolled down a hill backwards and fell into a ditch, crying. We were the closest adults there, and while my husband held the dog's leash, I rushed to help. I picked the trike off the kid and helped him up and dusted him off. No sooner had I asked, "Are you alright?" than the baby momma sauntered over. Instead of a "thank you" she yelled at me for having the dog so close to her kid. The dog was 20 feet away!!

But the straw that broke the camel's back was the video that led me to this site, via a commenter's link on another site. It was the 2 Atlanta Hood Rat Sheboons screaming at the mall cop, with the half dozen niglets screaming "You gay!" In the background until he finally tased one of them. It was the culmination of everything I'd subconsciously noticed, but could never verbalize: Blacks are inherently loud, inconsiderate, self-absorbed, unconcerned with social conventions or everyday niceties, ungrateful for what they have (or what they've been given through the hard work of others), and, when given the opportunity, ready to turn violent over perceived or nonexistent slights at a moment's notice.

I've been reading this site ever since. Thanks, PK!

NY Girl said...

I'm an Irish Catholic girl married to a Jewish guy. I have zero problem with any race that won't rob me at gunpoint and break into my house.

Anonymous said...

Some Blacks from the old Crestmont Civil war era ghetto were in my suburban (Abington)Philly High School in the early '60s. Not too many problems with them then.
Into the Navy in '65. The few in San Diego Boot were sources of amusement.
Into the fleet,more TNB is apparent but,not a lot.Arrests and Norfolk Naval Prison kept the lid on it. Missed the intra-service Race conflicts that came later, mostly in Viet Nam.
Out of the Navy and into Temple Univ. in North Philly...
Almost too many galvanizing incidents to recount. It was like Temple students were a herd of gazelles at a water hole...right smack dab in the middle of one of the worst Black ghettos in North America...and surrounded by ravenous predatory Black hyenas.
Burglary,car break ins and thefts, sexual assaults of varying degrees of savagery and perversion, holdups and murder...yes, murder.
A Grad Student acquaintance named David F., after turning in his Master's Project at The School of Communications, was shot dead on the steps of the school,for no reason, by one of a pack of 6 feral yoofs that were smearing diversity on Temple's campus that late afternoon.
A female, Joan S.,I knew started to get muh-dykked by 3 yoofs on the subway platform at the Temple stop until she did a reverse elbow strike into one of their sternums, knocking him onto his black ass and almost onto the tracks. When she squared off on the other two, they ran away and left their packmate writhing in agony.
Much later,Black Affirmative Action Hire systemic misbehavior and tolerated/apologized/ignored non-performance in a PA State Agency induced me to return to the private sector.
But,I stepped in it again with VA unqualified-for-position YT haters that are a major cause of VA operational problems...that NOBODY in Da Federal Gubbamint will see, much less discuss.
The Toxic Black Mold is spreading and becoming more virulent.
Fire may be necessary to stop it. I have no problem with that.

NY Girl said...

Long Island Guido: so what happened?

Anonymous said...

I worked as a contract employee in late 2005/early 2006 at the USPS. I wasn't even of drinking age at that time, still freshly minted from the junior college reeducation camp and truly believing in most of it (paint theory, etc).

A dozen or so of my contracting co-workers (dependents?) were Somalian. One Native. There was also one other Caucasian besides myself. At the end of the one-month Holiday Season period, you could inform management if you were interested in sticking on for another six months.

All the Somalians wanted in, as did my white co-worker and myself. The Somalians would gather around the large parcel containers and gossip in Somalian, mess up ZIP codes, and take liberal "prayer breaks" throughout the day and night while my co-worker and I were verbally admonished and sneered at by low-level "African American" managers for taking a two-minute restroom break. (The black pseudo-manager nightmares are for another day.)

At the end of the month-long period, we checked the paper hung up on the billboard to see who had made the cut. . .Or, rather, who didn't. The low-level pseudo-mangers gave their recommendations to the big boss, and guess what? That's right, every last one of the mouth breathers had a job for another six months. The two evil whites who actually *worked* 72 hours a week did not.

It took me a few years to fully open my eyes after this experience, but this de facto discrimination made in the service of rewarding morons (because they are poor and downtrodden native blacks, after all) was the start of it. Worst part of it, the person who had final say on the "hireds and fireds" was white. Then again, just like TNB, we have typical FEDGOV.

As an aside, I've seen thousands of Somalians courtesy of Catholic and Lutheran Social Services in my state and I kid you not, have yet to encounter JUST ONE who is not a mouth breather.

NYGirl said...

Just laughed myself into a massive asthma attack--are you happy now?? :-)

Anonymous said...

This blog opened my eyes. I never knew any blacks. There was one black family that moved to the town where I grew up. One of the boys of the black family pulled a knife on my brother for no reason. He was just wanting to fight.

True story. My neighbor was telling me of her experience working with a black just two weeks ago. At the time my neighbor was working for the federal government in defense. The neighbor said the black never wanted to follow protocol, was always doing things the way she wanted, always going over the boss's head, and always used the race card. The black filed a complaint against my neighbor. The black demanded an apology from my neighbor or heads would roll. So my neighbor had to apologize for something she did not do. After the black left the boss went out to the hall to make sure no one was around to listen. The boss told my neighbor that they new my neighbor did nothing wrong and greatly appreciated my neighbor taking the high road and apologizing to avoid an investigation of racism and possibly losing his job. How awful and so wrong that one black can hold a whole department hostage. And the kicker is this black was not qualified for the job.
The black knew she had everyone by the cojones. So f***ed up. I was astounded that this crap happens every day. My neighbor has two PhD's. The black had very little education and was arrogant. Affirmative action at work. Affirmative action has ruined this nation.

Proud to be Confederate

Ricky In Cali said...

Oh my God, thank you so much for this comment!!! I swear to you its 2:17am in the morning and I have a box of tissue next to me I was screaming and laughing and crying in my bed reading this!! Made my night thank you - LMAOOOO!!!

Anonymous said...

Many experiences too "diverse" to mention. The most salient one: I'm riding a Metro bus in lily-white Seattle in the 90s. A few seats behind me, a black gentleman is telling his friend a story from his childhood in Watts. Kids from six to ten years old world take their parents' handguns when the parents were gone and use them to play in the streets. Occasionally they would fire off rounds at each other for effect without actually trying to hit their opponent. This was fun for everyone. At that very instant, the vast unbridgeable gap between us was revealed to me in all its cruel and inexorable splendor. My realization of the magnitude of that gap has permanently seared itself into my cognitive apparatus in the same way that staring into a welding torch bleaches your retinas.

D-FENS said...

I lived in south FL in the early-mid 1980's and remember the Z license tags on rentals. You never wanted to get behind such a car because they were tourists who didn't know their way around.

The "Z case" I remember were two male tourists from Britain or Germany who stopped in "a neighborhood gone wrong" for either gas or to ask directions. They received a traditional negro welcome complete with lead trinkets. This happened in Dade or Broward county about 1985.

MrGJG said...

" Charlotte Realist here. The one common thread to all "awakenings" is exposure to large scale TNB. Mix your average white person in with a bunch of nogs for a few days, and he wakes up. It was the same for me, experience teaches us what the DWL does not want us to know."

Yet libs and their black pets will accuse us of prejudice as in pre judging because we've never been exposed to them.
They don't realize that the great majority of us fought tooth and nail against what we knew to be true.
When people claim they live in a heavily mixed neighborhoods and haven't experienced the things we speak of, they're simply lying.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say that I can’t get enough of these stories on here. Paul, this was an absolutely brilliant idea you had! Now for my two cents on the one-two punch that got me:
I think that it was 4th grade or so when I became lucky enough to have a true negro kid in my class. I still remember his name, Demetrius Cain. I remember Demetrius because he took my coveted Star Wars lunch box and its contents right out of my desk and went to the cafeteria with it. Everyone knew that it was mine, from friends to administrators and they did NOTHING to get it back for me. I lived with my step dad by then, my mom died when I was 8, and he couldn’t have cared any less.
Number two: After joining the Army I was sent to my first duty station in Mannheim, Germany. During my first field exercise, my squad leader, a lanky and ignorant negro, took us out to the wood line, produced a 6 pack of beer from his ruck sack, popped the first one open and proceeded to axe us where we be from in the world. When we got back to the motor pool I asked to see the company commander utilizing the “open door policy”. I was transferred to another, majority white platoon and retired honorably 21 years and 7 months later. They are absolutely worthless in every way. You all stay safe out there…..I am rooting for us.

Unknown said...

I think this is a good discussion; sorry to have come late to it. I will post my thoughts on the next thread, as PK asked.

There are many excellent posts here. Thanks to all who made them.

Anonymous said...

When I was a young adult my good friend lived in an apartment complex filled with Pavement Apes. Walking around outside 6 Teens attacked him in the parking lot right outside. They broke his jaw so that it had to be wired shut and they left Timberland prints on his back. They only stopped when his brother in law grabbed a samarai style sword (likely un sharpened) and ran at them causing them to scatter. No arrests were made.

It was Saint Swisher that led me to this blog though. Watching tear gassed Nogs flipping cop cars as Obama says "people are under standably upset" led me to begin to realize that our country is being ruined by black people.

Anonymous said...

Aged four getting beat unconscious and having my toy truck taken by a gang of older black kids.

Then in the hospital the (white) nurse takes the replacement toy truck my parents bought and gave it to a black kid in another bed cos "white privilege".

Anonymous said...

After Hurricane Andrew in 1992, the next couple of years saw the tourist murders. There were a few, but the April 93 killing of the woman in front of her children and mother is the one that got the most attention. Not enough, mind you, because if they were black we would still be hearing about this.

Anonymous said...

I was born in South Carolina and grew up, and still live in Texas. Like most people born and raised in the South, I was taught from an early age that Blacks are trouble and not to befriend, or interact with them any more than is necessary. The interactions I had with them in school essentially confirmed the truth of what my parents had taught me. I never had a bridge moment. We didn't have any PC indoctrination in school, or "tolerance training." We were taught manners, courtesy and politeness by our parents and teachers. As a result, there was simply no other way to deal with people, except as the way they really were and behaved. TNB was as obvious as sunshine, and nobody ever tried to convince us otherwise. We would have laughed at them for their foolishness and lack of common sense. It was never considered wrongheaded to avoid Blacks, or distrust them, and we weren't scolded or punished for doing so.

Anonymous said...

I went to a high school that was about half black, so I could add dozens of horror stories, but I won't. Let me just say this.

This very important page should not be taken down. It should be left up. Anytime anyone encounters a person who thinks whites are vicious racists and blacks are innocent angels should be plunked down in front of a computer and made to read these comments. Every. Last. Word. Then DARE them to say that all of these white posters are lying.

There's account after account here. Whites beaten, raped, robbed, killed. Harassed on the job. Discriminated against. Robbed of an education in chaotic schools. Spat on. White neighborhoods ruined and housing values dropped. On and on and on. Yet all we hear about is some evil white person who used the "n" word 20 years ago, and we're supposed to be shocked and horrified. The fact is, whites suffer at the hands of blacks far, far more than the reverse. It's time to fight back. Yes, they'll call us racist; who cares? What do we have to lose? Look how bad things are for us now, and they're only going to get worse. Even if you live in a Whitopia, the government will bring in Section 8s or "refugees" to ruin it. Think of your children and grandchildren, despised minorities in their own country. The utter hell described on this page will be daily life for them.

Please...wake up...fight back. We MUST stand up to them. We MUST separate. Otherwise, we're through.

Anonymous said...

I worked at a community college in Texas. I tried my best to help students(if you want to be PC) that were there to play sports. They could not be quiet in the library so their own team mates could study. I had stuff stolen from me, I was treated badly by coaches, admin, and the students and expected to suck it up. I am certain that some of those "Rocket" scientists are in prison. One kid told me he was going to Texas Tech to be an engineer. But he failed "college Algebra," whish is 10th grade math. They were certain they wer going to be drafted to the NBA at any time. I broke my ass trying to get good grades in college and grad school and if I had known what I would have been working for, I would not have done it. We owe themNOTHING. I

Anonymous said...

I said earlier I'm lucky. What I meant there is it didn't take TNB up close and personal to wake me up. I always had a sense they weren't like us, even the few that were around me in public school - and they were so few, they behaved. One maybe half black girl was in my grade the entire 12 years; later a family adopted an orphaned NYC nog and he placed in my grade. But with no others to run with, he didn't even get mad that I giggled when I thought they told me his name was "Colleen" - because "Kalim" may as well have been an alien from a Star Trek rerun.

Even the crap at college that I saw came no closer than the dude looking for a condom - the vandalism, the thefts, etc. I got to see the aftermath of. And I had a car, so I got off campus as much as possible.

As I read stories of people who had things stolen, were beaten, or even just have to put up with their monkeyshines to bring home a paycheck, it makes me thankful to have never been in such a situation.

Anonymous said...

My father told me about blacks early on, "They haven't been out of the trees as long as we have." That claim proved so true when I started the 8th grade at a public junior high school in Jackson, Michigan in the fall of 1969.

Our all-white school was targeted for integration. Of course, being a kid meant there was no forewarning for me. There were two busloads of rambunctious black kids dropped off at the school house door on the first day. What didn't make an impression on me then was all the black adults accompanying them.

Needless to say, the introduction of blacks was comparable to contamination of a living organism by a virus. In effect, all hell broke loose and the body could only stand by aghast while the virus wreaked its devastation.

Some of the more disgusting events I witnessed included a black kid who would sit in the library and rub himself in a masturbation exercise. Another black kid took to pulling books off the shelves, not to read, but to open and spit big gobs of phlegm between the pages, slam the book shut and put it back on the shelf.

Gym class, which was every day, was a circus. Few blacks brought the necessary tee shirt and shorts so they would steal what they needed from other students even when everyone's attire was labeled with the owner's name. It was so funny to see Shitavious Jenkins wearing a tee shirt with the name 'Diefenbacher' on it. Of course the gym teacher was powerless to do anything about the blatant theft.

The white kids looked forward to the weeks the gym class was held in the pool. We could swim and they couldn't. They got the shallow end and we got the deep end. Woe to the black kid who got close to the deeper water. It was like Shark Week!

The cafeteria had to discontinue their generous practice of extending credit ($0.50/lunch) if someone forgot their lunch money because so many of the black kids abused the benefit.

The day a mass of black kids pulled all the chairs out of the cafeteria and used them to block a main corridor for their 'sit-in' is the point I knew they were pawns of the adults who showed on the first day. They gave the principal a list of 'demands' that included a separate all-black track team and a black track coach. They wanted their own all black school social events too. This is JUNIOR HIGH school, mind you.

Violence increased to the point where blacks controlled lavatories that were off-limits to whites. Fights were terrible, especially when a pack of blacks would corner a single white kid. I never saw such brazen disrespect aimed at teachers as by the black girls.

There are so many other stories but add them all up and the result was a lifelong pledge to never send my kids to a school with more than a handful of blacks. It cost me career progress to hold to that pledge, but it was worth it to my children. They suffered far fewer distractions than I did.

Californian said...

This very important page should not be taken down. It should be left up. Anytime anyone encounters a person who thinks whites are vicious racists and blacks are innocent angels should be plunked down in front of a computer and made to read these comments. Every. Last. Word.


PK needs to consider setting this topic up as a permanent page, linked to on the SBPDL website.

And I would also like to see people globally add their stories.

Anonymous said...

Well folks, I've seen it all. My older brother was a communist, maybe even a Communist, who was active in the 1962-1964 Birmingham civil rights movement. He was white, a native Alabamian and a medical student. I accompanied him to nighttime meetings at the 16th Street Baptist Church a couple of years before it was bombed. He asked me to go with him because he thought it less likely that he would be abducted/beaten/killed by the Birmingham police if he were not alone in his car going home. We were followed home by a patrol car after every meeting, not an escort, rather intimidation. The Klan threatened to blow up his house and we stayed up all night armed a couple of times. My college roommate threatened to have me killed because I told him blacks should have equal civil rights. I carried a revolver in my car for that eventuality. So I paid my dues in the name of racial justice.

In the intervening 50 years, I have seen all the evidence of black dysfunction that everyone on this blog has seen. As a scientist, I make decisions based on evidence, and the evidence in 2015 is that differences between the races are genetic and are so substantial that Africans and African-derived populations are not capable of creating societies that may be properly termed civilized, nor are they capable of maintaining a civilization that Caucasians created and turned over to them, e.g., South Africa. Read the evidence so you can proselytize your fellow whites. Read Philippe Rushton and Richard Lynn. Study post-colonial African history. Have some facts at your disposal.

Sometimes the localized outcomes have a humorous side, like my black neighbor squandering his multi-million dollar NFL salary and going bankrupt in just a few years. Or in another good neighborhood across town, an absentee landlord having his house destroyed by a Section 8 family that was running a whore house there. But the big picture can only turn out in one of two ways: in the destruction of American civilization or in a white-only nation. A depressing-enough middle ground like Brazil is not an option because blacks in the US are too hostile. We win or they win.

Anonymous said...

One word for you brother...."Parkside". I absolutely hated that damn school.

Anonymous said...

Back in 1977 my job moved from Maryland to Huntsville, Alabama. I took a leisurely drive to get there, seeing something of the South along the way. Two incidents stuck out:

When I got to Huntsville on the evening of the second day, I was having a problem with my car. I brought it into a mechanic outside the Army base. The shop was run by a black guy, and he said that I had come in just as they were closing, but he'd stay open to fix it. Which he did. OK, point to him, no complaints.

But on the way down, I had spent a night in a high end motel in Georgia. Sleep was not in the cards because there were blacks screaming and running through the halls and parking lot. I called the manager (a middle aged white guy) to complain, and he told me in an apologetic tone: "There's nothing I can do these days." I got the drift--there was a time not too long ago where a white man need only say a word or two to the troublemakers (with perhaps a hint of a call to the authorities), and end of problem!

The thing is, blacks as individuals can be perfect gentlemen and ladies. But collectively? They are flash mobs and gangbangers and torture-murderers. And it's not just the violence, but the politics: the bloc voting, the demands for affirmative action, the constant hustling of YT. And when blacks collectively get real power, whether in Detroit or Zimbabwe, they proceed to wreck everything that white civilization has built.

To keep blacks in line, you need either police state measures (segregation, "wars" on crime), or constant kowtowing (welfare, AA). Civil society becomes impossible. Normal life becomes impossible. You are in a constant state of siege, physically and politically.

That is not a future which any civilized man or woman ought to want.

Hopeless In Craplanta said...

This is my first time posting here by the way.I don't feel so alone in my experiences after reading the comments and believe me,in a city like this it's hard not to feel alone at times.These days you can't just automatically expect other whites to understand because so many have been numbed and placated and media-brainwashed.

MrGJG said...

Like many here my awakening was more of a gradual thing. My first exposure was in 7th grade in the early 70's when for one year the nigs used our lily white school while theirs was being built. Most of them were left back twice making them 2 yrs. older then most kids. They basically looked like grown men compared to most of us. I knew immediately that they were not like us.

It wasn't until the reaction of not only the low class blacks, but also the so called refined blacks to the OJ verdict that I realized there's no way we can ever live in harmony. The fact that they were celebrating the acquittal of a clearly guilty man charged with slaughtering two white people made me realize just how deeply they hate me and mine.

I haven't looked back since, and everything that's happened from that point has only reinforced that truism. They fucking hate us and always will.

Anonymous said...

Then they invaded poor Melvindale.........

Anonymous said...

Bedbugs, don't forget them bedbugs, they'll glom onto you so fast it'll turn you black.

Anonymous said...

The loop played again and again of the zulus getting bayonetted and shot is hilarious in the final battle scene. Ooooahhhh

Anonymous said...

When I went to Melvindale High School, we had Mr. Motley, a Georgia man. He'd constantly remind us "Younguns, the South will rise again, remember that", we loved him. He'd fire off his pipe in class and tell us about the South, and how he and his fellow deputies would tear up "jupe joints" back in the '60's. His son was a GA State Trooper, killed in the line of duty. I graduated in '82, the last year of solid White there. RIP Clem Motley. See u at Dunleavy's

Anonymous said...

This post needs to be a permanent link on the front page of this website.

Anonymous said...

My sentiments exactly!
This needs to continue, it's valuable info we can use from this point forward.
Detroit Refugee

Anonymous said...

Being born in 1947 in small-town Missouri, my "build a bridge moment" would have come before I could walk or talk. My mother told me about working as a volunteer at the Veteran's Home (ooops, make that the Confederate Veterans Home)when she was a little girl. Comparing that America with the mess today, I am glad I won't be around in 30 years.

Anonymous said...

Philadelphia Mike: "We in Philadelphia thank God for the Mexicans. They displaced the ghetto blacks and made some of the worst neighborhoods much safer."
Your blacks displaced themselves into someone else's neighborhoods, which are now more dangerous and shitty places to live. The residents of those other neighborhoods are not thanking the mexicans right about now.

Hopeless In Craplanta said...

I don't see the South rising again anytime soon,unfortunately.Some of the worst white guilt is here in the southeast.Hell,the biggest bleeding-heart white-guilt libtarded POTUS of all came from Plains Ga.And even people not crippled by white guilt are too wrapped up in football,football,football to dare face the truth about the race that plays their precious football games.

Anonymous said...


Stirner, your post mentions Asians, twice.

you realize USA will be under their grip, and perhaps sooner then even I think?

Anonymous said...

Excellent post.

Anonymous said...

had an abortion when I was pretty young. didn't realize that a baby would have been my ticket to ride. see the young black girls (not to mention illegal immigrants) with multiple chillren (translation: children) on every known government subsidy, food stamps, WIC, housing, section 8 payments , child care vouchers no fathers in the picture.

had a government job was harassed out of it and menaced by black Spanish & Caribbean women supervisors who did not work. they either glad handed like idiots or looked at newspapers and magazines all day. They blatantly lied about my abilities and skills.
was screamed and yelled at , treated very differently than the black workers, majority women. all on the government dime, fake union of black women. Complained to the Director of the department, who looked like a black trannie. Fake shop steward/ scam artist black woman claims it's all cultural. The verbal abuse. Was accused of not being able to work in a multi cultural environment, it's not. It's majority black women, Caribbean scum who care only for themselves and other illegal immigrants, handful of Muslims, even they were treated better than me. Had a Jewish male supervisor who kowtowed to the black Spanish/Caribbean women supervisors. Black female coworkers would laugh when I was being screamed at. Friends told me that before I got to work the supervisors would tell my unit coworkers not to answer any of my questions. They were supposed to be training me. The Chinese were pretty shitty too. Ass kissed on the blacks. There were fights and all kinds of nonsense going on. The sad thing this job had security, raises, health care and a pension. The blacks feel it's their divine right. This agency is headed by a figure head white male but is run by the black mafia. Arrests of long time employees for fraud are common. The agency went downhill when a black lesbian became the commissioner. A white male brought it back up to speed a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

continued.. after Hurricane Sandy my neighborhood turned into hell. Blacks poured out of the nearby housing projects to loot anything they could get their hands on. Next morning when we were all in shock, having almost died, no electricity, no nothing, blacks were in waist high water selling the shit they stole. Animals. They were robbing people at gun point sleeping in the dark. Anything you heard about Katrina happened where I live. bastards. It was extremely dangerous. White neighbors I barely knew came back and got me out a couple of days after the hurricane. A friend told me she grew up in the neighborhood and never saw anything like it. Blacks stood around in groups of fifty with crowbars, hammers, tools before sunrise right after the hurricane ended to go rob houses. On her block they stared them down & blacks knew there were cops & firemen on the block with guns. so looters went and took out all the stores. Who does this? A black friend did impress upon me that these are sick people. Okay... you said it not me. Then huge amounts of blacks are sick people. The animals have destroyed this neighborhood.
If there is a group of young blacks I automatically distance myself. More than three young blacks is dangerous for white women.
I moved into an apartment building only to discover about 75% of tenants are black, on subsidies and relocated. they are probably looters. There are many maintenance problems but of course the blacks concerned only with themselves don't bother to complain. blacks don't do things like recycle garbage or pick up their dog crap. (because of slavery). They don't do things for others like whites do out of courtesy or a civic attitude I have discovered.
I want to move into a building where it's mostly whites. I want to work with decent people and not be afraid of my neighbors or be called Klu Klux Klan, White supremacist at work. If there's another hurricane, they will be savages again and it will be worse.
I want to believe all people are equal but I want to stay alive.

Anonymous said...


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