Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Business Model of Starbucks Explained: The Reason 86% Black Jackson, MS Doesn't Have a Starbucks

So the whole #RaceTogether initiative of Starbucks (Nasdaq: SBUX) has quickly ended before the real fun could start. 

An effort by a huge corporation to extend the lecturing and racial monologuing of white guilt was abandoned within a week of it launching. [Starbucks baristas stop writing "Race Together" on cups: Starbucks baristas stop writing "Race Together" on cups; company says phase out part of plan, Yahoo! Finance, 3-22-15]:
First comes displacement of the black people via white pioneers (gentrifiers) then comes the Starbucks to make money off of the new residents of the community -- whereas the old residents repelled franchises from expanding there...

Starbucks baristas will no longer write "Race Together" on customers' cups starting Sunday, ending as planned a visible component of the company's diversity and racial inequality campaign, according to a memo. 
The coffee chain's initiative will continue more broadly without the handwritten messages, Starbucks spokesman Jim Olson said. 
The cups were always "just the catalyst" for a larger conversation and Starbucks will still hold forum discussions, co-produce special sections in USA TODAY and put more stores in minority communities as part of the Race Together initiative, the memo from CEO Howard Schultz said.
Too bad. Not being one to patronage Starbucks, the thought of receiving a handwritten message from a barista to talk race wasn't enough to convince to stop at the local Seattle-based franchise in my area (and there are way, way too many). 

But the good stewards of the Starbucks ship seem disinclined to acquiesce to the pressures of Black-Run America (BRA), with plans to "put more stores in minority communities."

How... white of them to try and brighten the smiles of minority-areas by putting a Starbucks next to the Dollar Store, check cashing/title pawn store, and liquor store. Ending the horrendous plight of heavily black areas affected by not only being a food desert, but also being a Starbucks desert, is a powerful, socially-conscious move by CEO Schultz and those other custodians of the famous brand. 

But this move by Starbucks to empower minority communities with embarrassingly overpriced coffee seems to be a complete departure from sane corporate decisions guiding expansion applauded by Spencer Rascoff and Stan Humphries in The New Rule of Real Estate

Rascoff is the CEO of, perhaps the most interesting site on the whole Internet; Humphries is the chief economist. 

Chapter Four of their new book happens to be titled The Starbucks Effect: How Lattes Perk Up Home Prices. Why not take a quick look at some of the choice passages?: 
Now that you know about gentrification, you may be wondering what fuels it. The answer is, the same that fuels the rest us: coffee.  
But not just any old cup o' joe.  
Starbucks, the iconic coffee roaster and retailer, has grown into a $15 billion company with more than  19,000 location in more than 60 countries. Starbucks' mission is "to inspire and nurture the human spirit - one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time." But as it turns out, Starbucks correlates with something else, too: rising home values. 
Here's what we can tell you: Starbucks equates with Ventisized home-value appreciation. Moreover, Starbucks seems to be fueling - not following - these higher home values.  
And the reason why is that Starbucks' real estate choices are, in their words, "as much an art as a science." When deciding where to hang their next shingle, they marry right-brain ingenuity with hard-headed, led-brain analysis - exactly as should.  
Let's look at the historical home value appreciation of areas that now are located within a quarter mile of a Starbucks. A home that his now near a Starbucks would have sold, on average, for $137,000. A home that is not near a Starbucks, would have sold, on average, for $102,000. 
Fast-forward seventeen years to 2014. That average American home has now appreciated 65 percent, to $168,000. But the Starbucks adjacent property has far outpaced that, appreciating 96 percent to $269,000. 
Armed with this data, we headed down Seattle's First Avenue to Starbucks HQ. There, we had the please of chatting with Arthur Rubinfeld, who oversees Starbucks' location-selection process, and his extremely talented team. We asked them, is the Starbucks Effect the product of careful, data-driven decisions on their part? And their answer was, more or less, yes.  
The Starbucks team explained that while they have twenty or so analytics experts around the world poring over maps and geographic information systems data - assessing factors like an area's traffic patterns and businesses - the company also empower dozens of regional teams to come to their own conclusions about location, store design, and a host of other issues.  
Yet, even with their reams of data and locally driven decision-making, our Starbucks friend noted that there was no single silver bullet. "The beauty of Starbucks is our understanding of real-estate site locationing, Arthur told us. "It's an art and a science." (p. 49-54)

Oh, the "silver bullet" isn't hard to figure out. 

Located only a few miles from Atlanta, Clayton County, Georgia was 100 percent white in 1970; today, the county is nearing 80 percent black and devoid of one Starbucks

Hilariously, 74 percent black Birmingham has three Starbucks locations in the city (one has closed, according the Starbucks web site); all are within four blocks of each other within the University of Alabama-Birmingham campus... an institution keeping the city alive, barely. 

We've already established 86 percent black Jackson, Mississippi doesn't have a Starbucks; nor does  4.9 percent white Camden, New Jersey have a Starbucks?

Note to Zillow: Starbucks isn't driving the increase of property value; the displacement of the black population - the primary factor holding down a neighborhood's potential - via gentrification attracts businesses more interested in being in the black than surrounded by blacks. 

Starbucks just happens to be one of those corporations basing its expansion model off of this simple business practice: the importance of understanding the Visible Black Hand of Economics. 

Were it not, 86 percent black Jackson, Mississippi would be a city with a Starbucks on every corner. 


Anonymous said...

So ZERO blacks were going to be shamed about race at the Starbucks. Only whites (and Jews, and Asians, and Latinos, and Arabs, and Indians, and Native Americans, and Samoans, and every other race with $5 to blow) were going to get a lecture over their latte.

The fact that only whites are expected to change their behavior is a lot like domestic violence.

DWLs and blacks look at the situation in Ferguson as a chain of bad decision making ON THE PART OF OFFICER WILSON.

If Officer Wilson hadn't told Brown to get out of the street, then Brown wouldn't have flown into a violent rage fueled by 500 years of slavery and oppression!

Which is the same logic as this:

"You made me hit you."

By being white (or anything other than 100% African, really) we MAKE blacks act this way.

If we whites only get a little more reeducation on race and learn to be a little more tolerant, blacks will stop being violent and we can all live together in harmony and brotherhood.

Anonymous said...

The Cargo Cult of Coffee: Starbucks stores radiate special "property value magic" that infects nearby homes, causing their value to RISE, RIIIISE UP. If only those raciss coffee shops would quit boycotting black neighborhoods (White Deserts), the negro would finally have the oppittoonty to live the American Dream. Oh, they need to start accepting EBT, too.

Anonymous said...

How this idiotic country remains the most influential in the world and makes $gazzillions exporting its rancid pop culture and political correctness is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

I understand that Starbucks will be giving a new name to the new stores that they'll be opening in the underserved black neighborhoods.

According to the news outlets, the choice was a tough one. All of the brain storming executives each had their own vision of glorified latte diversity.

But after a considerable amount of deliberations, the new name was finally agreed upon...unanimously.


Who woulda thought!

Satire, folks. Just having some fun.

Anonymous said...

Anytime I see someone walking around with a Starbucks coffee, I think, "ass hole". Just throw your money away. Probably up to your chin in credit card debt and not a pot to piss in.

Starbucks is for losers.

Anonymous said...

Rubenfeld, you say?

--NB with IPMS

Anonymous said...

I've never set foot in a Starbucks so I don't really know what one is like but I can guess. It's a trendy place with hipsters and such, you know a DWL draw. I've always liked quality coffee but I drink it black ( one of the few things I like black ) so you can get that kind of coffee in many places. From what I've heard their coffee is more like candy.

This is a wonderful post PK, I love to listen to the MSM dance around the real issues with all on the newspeak, it's a hoot to decipher sometimes. Starbucks success all boils down to where can we put one where the locals can afford high priced coffee and it ain't the ghetto.

To be honest I haven't seen too many negroes drink coffee outside of the army. I think Pat Boyle mentioned something about this a post or two back. Perhaps they don't drink it because it messes with their system like milk, many negroes are lactose intolerant. They would have a fit over Turkish coffee if that's the case, that stuff will keep you awake for days in small doses.

SC Native

Plaga Negra said...

Let's see, lecture your paying customers about an increasingly polarizing topic. I'm surprised the board of directors hasn't canned Schultz yet.

Anonymous said...

I actually had one of the baristas hand me a cup with #racetogether last week. I said, "Great, let's have a conversation. Why aren't there any Starbucks on Prospect or Troost (two well known streets in black areas)?"

He started sputtering and I said, "They need one, don't you think? And maybe YOU should manage it."

By this time, a few of the other customers were gasping and a few were laughing along with me.

I said, "Christ, you people are such whiny hypocrites."

Anonymous said...

I live n jack town. There is a local chain of coffeehouses we like better than Starbucks.

George C. Wallace said...

On her Facebook page, a good friend posted support for her Alma mater, the Lady Gamecock basketball team (University of South Carolina)
She had attended the University on an athletic scholarship and was a big supporter and financial donor. I could not understand why she supported this team in its current state so I asked her. She was perplexed at my question and asked me what I meant. I used this opening to explain how the current team did not include one single white player and in fact the entire roster was blacks.

These current blacks went to school on athletic scholarships just as she had, but offered nothing of value for the free ride they were receiving. At least my friend had received a Business Degree and gone on to contribute to society. These girls offered none of that. She stopped the conversation short claiming a previous commitment but never once called me a “racist”. I hope to try & open her eyes.
See the roster for yourself here. Look up your local University female basketball team & see what you find.

Anonymous said...

I do believe this is one of PK’s funniest editorials yet! I laughed my head off! Starbucks driving up home values! Good lord man, what are Starbucks waiting for? Saturate not only Jackson, Mississippi, but Detroit, Michigan! Does the person that wrote that hogwash really understand economics? Business owners don’t locate in black communities because the black people are uneducated, violent human waste. The reason there are no Starbucks in black communities is because deep down, somebody who makes decisions where to locate stores understands the black undertow. The CEO can lead by example; let him be the first to locate his office in East St. Louis.

Plaga Negra said...

Next time I go to Starbucks I will take a sharpie and write on the brown piece and give it back to the barista saying, "Let's really have a conversation (wink)," and walk out. No disruption, no making these young people feel embarrassed or awkward on the job, and everyone's dignity is kept in tact.

Let's get some baristas' input on what's happening.

Anonymous said...

I just read that Starbucks has ended this promotion.

I also read that a bunch of protesters got literally shoved out of a restaurant in MN called Maynards because they showed up with signs and started "protesting" in a movement organized on twitter and facebook called "black brunch" where they start chanting and disrupting white diners. Well, the Maynards manager and other employees immediately started shouting them down and taking their signs away and physically shoving them out of the place! White diners joined in and the Black Brunch group was instantly outnumbered and slunk away!

We might seriously be at the start of white america getting fed up with political correctness and anti-white bigotry and maybe, just MAYBE white genocide is NOT inevitable.


Maynards, and starbucks realizing that white america is getting fed up give me hope that we have a real chance at white survival!

rent slave said...

What would really hurt blacks would be the abolishing of cash,something which makes crime pay.Use your imagination to see how this would cripple them big time.

Ricky In Cali said...

There is an article floating around on this subject and I’m glad P.K touched up on it. This morning the headline of the article was:

“Starbucks PR executive forced to take down twitter among a mass of negative comments”

You see, liberals are delusional but at the same time nothing will wake your ass up like losing money. Even your most DWL will stop the nonsense when their bottom line is affected, that is why you don’t see a Starbucks in “Selma”, or in “Ferguson”, or any of these hotbeds of Negros. They like to talk the talk so it looks good on their campaign. In this case, too much talking was not a good thing.

The guys name is Corey duBrowa. He was absolutely destroyed with comments and took down his #RaceMatters twitter account after making references like “I was overwhelmed by the volume of tenor on the discussion”. He couldn’t handle the 'negativity' of the truth. People were coming into his Starbucks location and telling the Baristas “I would like to talk about Black crime” in which the Baristas (who were shocked) would say “we’re not here to talk about that”. Seems like they are only interested in the subjects they want to talk about.

To put it simply, Starbucks tried to be PC and got their ass handed to them. Way too many people want to come into an establishment like Starbucks which doesn’t have a ghetto feel to it and they don’t want to hear about race relations. I just want my damn iced Grande Caramel mocha please

Anonymous said...

I want Starbucks to collapse in an apocalyptic sea of negro violence. I want their Baristas raped, beaten and set on fire. I want the Starbucks stores burned to the ground by angry negroes. I want Oprah to go after Schultz. I want Obama to unleash the Nation of Islam to find Schultz, his wife, children and distant relatives.

Am I a bad person?

Anonymous said...

Great comments thus far. "Tarbucks" LOL!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....The hive mind is alive and well in America. Millions upon millions of people that have never had an original thought in their entire lives. By-products of an educational system that is such a failure that all it can produce are mindless robots and androids.

In the old days the big game was called "keeping up with the Jone's". (AKA...the Rat Race). Now the Jone's and the Rat Race has been moved to China. The new game is getting through the week until the next paycheck if your lucky enough to have a job you hate.

The people are in denial about the country they live in. It gets worst by the day, but all they want are some good football and basketball games to look forward to. A controlled media that provides the proles with cheap and degrading entertainment so they won't notice their country is turning to shit around them.

The Neo-Cons and war mongers are trying to start a war with Russia while they completely ignore the war going on in America. The bottom feeders are rioting, robbing, raping, looting and killing on a massive scale but if you talk about it your a racist. Putin is the NEW BAD GUY while con-artist like Jackson and Sharpton are the new heroic good guys fighting for freedom and democracy as they drive around in their stretch limos.

The stooges and bloodsuckers in Washington are now prancing around playing the NEW MESSIAH game. Making speeches and promises about how they will save us from the other bought and paid for scumbags and leeches. The people eat it up like cheap Halloween candy. The sheep get more pitiful by the day.

Every where I go I see these clowns staring into their micro-wave emitting smart phones with a glazed look in their eyes. The Wi-Fi people. I see them eating in restaurants playing zippy zip on their phones. They don't even talk to each other. They like to send out texts while speeding in the car at 75 miles per hour as they steer the car with their elbow. Who are these fucking people.

I can't believe what I see around me. Posters on this sight have commented about how they feel like their in some Twilight Zone TV show. I think it's worse than that. To me it seems like an X-FILES episode with shape shifting aliens and zombies. I just hope the SMOKING MAN doesn't move next door.

Anonymous said...

Remember the old Clairol commercial? If I have one life to live, let me live it as a blonde.

Well, times have changed. Around every turn of every corner awaits another negro atrocity.

The new slogan is: If I have one life to live, I better live it fully armed.

Anonymous said...

this website gives the locations of all the starbucks cafes in africa and the middle east. in all of africa only egypt and morocco have a starbucks. no other country has a starbucks.

here is an article about a cafe in nigeria hoping to become the african starbucks. see blacks know how to create businesses and jobs.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

The reason there are no Starbucks in black communities is because deep down, somebody who makes decisions where to locate stores understands the black undertow.

Every chain company does deep actuarial analysis prior to approving a new construction, because once you have expanded to several dozen outlets, no matter what widget or wares that you sell to drive your revenue, you have now become primarily involved in the real estate business because a huge chunk of your capital is tied up in that sphere.

They essentially cannot afford to get location wrong when holding that much real estate, and because of the formulas that they employ, they very rarely do. They are very, very good at determining the factors that play into whether a particular venue has the necessary requisites to perform profitably. Generally the most successful chains aren't necessarily the best at the product, they are the best at making real estate moves, and those that go belly up generally do so because they failed at the real estate side.

One of the biggest factors that play into that formula is the potential liquidation value should they have to close a particular location. Starbucks (and virtually every place that is not a check cashing loan place or Dollar store) knows that black populations are toxic to real estate value, especially when it comes to re-sale.

One of the most fascinating things in PK's work on Ferguson is his examination of the chains that left (Toys r' Us, Big Lots, and Kmart.) When Ferguson was a white city, those stores did actuarial analyses that green lit construction. It made sense then. They had no way to foresee that their real estate holdings would be drenched with section 8 voucher people being moved into the area, ruining the profitability of those specific outlets and depressing the value of the real estate where they were located. Naturally they got out, but not before taking a huge loss. They are the commercial version of Miss Bandy.

The CEO can lead by example; let him be the first to locate his office in East St. Louis.

I would love to see a "Roger & Me" type documentary made where someone tries to sit down and have a recorded race conversation with this guy, and propose something like what you are. I would love to see him squirm and crawfish out of such an offer and what explanations he would give.

Anonymous said...

Fed up
Great just great. PK You are great.

GrimmTale said...

I think I have an idea of how this will play out, and make Starbucks look like a champion (to the uninformed) in the long run:
The brilliant team @Starbucks will place a couple of "token" stores in black communities to quell the naysayers, they'll make big news of it, mentioned at every speech and motivational speaking engagement. Of course these stores will close within the next 6yrs. In the meantime, the price of a cup-o-jo will rise for the loyal (but stupid) consumers who must have their latte (which btw is Italian for coffee w/milk...eeh gahds), and these stupid white customers will rid their guilt knowing these extra few cents were motivational in helping out the poor destitute blacks.
The folks @ Starbucks ain't stupid don't ya know....they know exactly how to pander and keep the $19billion industry floating.
I've had one Starbucks coffee during my 56year life, was outraged at the price and thought the coffee was bitter and way too strong. I never set foot in there again, and perhaps I knew why it left a bad taste in my mouth from the get-go.
{{{{{{pffffffttt}}}}}} Pathetic.

Race said...

I just laughed so hard iy nearly had tears in my eyes!
Thank you for that!

Anonymous said...

The sad irony is that because of this dumbass Shultz's dumb D-U-M plan of "lets all have a conversation on race relations" cause lord knows we haven't been getting that lately, the dirty little secret was blown off instead: HEY! HOW COME YA'LL DON'T HAVE NO STARBUCKS IN DA HOOD! HUH??

Which is probably not the conversation Shultz had intended for us to have. They will never learn.

On a side note: The irony that Starbucks doesnt market itself to BRA when they proudly boast about alll their fair trade with selling and buying from locally sourced around the world blah blah bleck.

Including: They have a coffee from KENYA and one from ETHIOPIA.

Funny how some groid doesn't come along and open up their own coffeehouse in the ghetto and sell only coffee beans that originate from Ethiopia and Kenya.

Wonder why it took some whites to figure out how to buy, market, and then sell these African coffees to the US and now the rest of the world.

We may never know the answer to that one, although it is probably….staring us all….in the face.

Medic Bear said...

Great story as always, PK !
I think most of us could have advised Starbucks their attempt at White guilt would fail.

Speaking of coffee: you ever notice most Blacks order theirs with a ton of sugar and cream ? One of the hospitals I work in has a snack bar run by McDonalds and I have to chuckle every time I see one order a "Small coffee with 6 creams and 6 sugars." Good lord !

MMP said...

Crack or starbucks?......

Malt 40's or starbucks?

Weed or starbucks?

I would really be interested in how successful this will be for starbucks opening stores in the ghetto's?

Will they have black barista's?

One good point of hypocrisy on the part of starbucks, is trying to sell their overpriced coffee to those who can least afford it.

Someone already beat me to it with

"Will they accept EBT cards?" ;)

Anonymous said...

Mulatto Run America.

Negroes are a monstrous disaster. Even pure negroes understand that. But negroes mixed with white people, now that's a different matter. Mulattoes like Obama, Holder, Jarrett, Lynch, Rice, they are the vanguard of negro supremacism.

It's understood by the negro talented 0.007% that the race is destined for extinction. The answer is to mate and mate quickly. American society (or American women) is all to willing to accommodate that.

In any event, Schultz will sell them all coffee. That's all the elite want, to sell their crap to more and more people. I guess it gets them an even bigger house and that jet they love so much.

Your job is to make their lives difficult. Don't buy their products. Sue them or anything you can imagine. Tell others that their products are dangerous. File complaints. Make the system work. Follow that sweetheart Alinsky. They cannot live up to their standards. The coffee made you sick. They have no stores in negro areas. Make them build stores in negro areas and watch them lose money and have their employees assaulted.

MMP said...

People have been asking about the woman who had her baby cut out?

My local news in Co. (KKTV if anyone cares to look)has a story that they're having a candlelight vigil for her tonight, and have set up a fund for her.

In other news...the groid involved in the halloween hit & run that left 3 young girls DEAD has plead guilty and sentenced.

"Jaquinn Bell, 32, who hit the three 13-year-olds when they were trick-or-treating in Santa Ana then fled, faces a maximum prison sentence of nearly 14 years. He is scheduled to be sentenced May 21."

A privileged class?....with his extensive record, he gets less than 14 years for the deaths of 3 teen females??????????????

Cali prisons give work time, and good behavior credits that effectively reduce ones sentence by a third (8.5 years for him at that point).......and cali under federal mandate to reduce prison crowding?.......He'll prolly be out in 5.

A link to the story in the LA times no less follows.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 6:47pm


Hats off, the best one I heard today! Thanks for the good laugh !!!

That gives me an idea though. Since I happen to live in my newly
die-versified ghetto, you know, just one of the many newly transformed
ameerkan cities out here, that funny enough, my local starbucks hasn't
done anything to increase my property value, but maybe that's only
because the black tide's effect is much stronger than even starbucks
coffee. But we all know that blacks are definitely good for one main
thing......destruction !!!

But anyhoo, after you said Tarbucks, maybe we outta just paint all
the S's in starbucks and you got your tarbucks. The coons probably
wouldn't even be able to put the 2 and 2 together, even after a
good cup of joe.

I think most blacks don't drink coffee because they have no use for
the actual after effect of it............working brains !!!!!!!

They're all mentally challeneged...every single last one of em !!!

There ain't a dayum thing a good cup of joe can do for their brains !!!

Anonymous said...

Starbucks (not the NBA franchise) could have become the new hotspot for racial real talk.

Anonymous said...

starbucks is a 'hang out'. Sure people buy coffee there but its
a place folks can relax and work on their laptop, etc.

SB dropped the propaganda campaign so fast...any comments on that act?

Anonymous said...

How this idiotic country remains the most influential in the world and makes $gazzillions exporting its rancid pop culture and political correctness is beyond me.

Good question.

Where is Bogoluyski when we need an answer?

Ricky in Cali said...

This was the best post I've read in a long time! So true - LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Gotta commend you this time Paul, brilliant expose. The caption was the strongest part for me. That's where it clicked with the title and then it all made sense to me.

So whites (and other non-blacks) have something else to pat ourselves on the backs for- we brave hostile lands to lay the groundwork for corporate/community investment. After reading this I'd relabel the Starbucks Effect" the "Pioneer Effect".

Anonymous said...

They need to plant one around here so our property values will return to pre-nog levels.

Euro American said...

I loved this post. "Silver Bullet" long as people send their kids to public schools learning race fantasy, these children will be too stupid to work at Starbucks corporate and, as I have pointed out before, airbnb.

The most important component of being a race realist in the USA will also be a mystery to public school students:
Intelligence is shown through actions, not through writing and speech: ie you do not date a :O and that IS intelligent. Don't post that on Facebook.

OT: over at CNN we see a smiling face of a white woman and she is being "praised by police".
Translation from the passive:
"Black monster cuts open white woman to remove fetus as symbolic act of hatred of whites after trapping white victim with Craigslist ad. White public still clueless. Perpetrator says "I thought this might really really show that it was a racially motivated crime, you know, you just can't get arrested for racial crime any other way"

Anonymous said...

Damn, now that's funny.

Anonymous said...

Am I missing something? There is a Starbucks in Jackson, MS.

I 55 & Northside

1220 E Northside Dr
Suite 260
Jackson, MS 392115518

Anonymous said...

I say that starbucks will (and hope) go the way of 365 mc donalds. The ignorant schultz just proved with his "what the fuck do i do now" failed flip-flop campaign..... that Realists are fed up with this bs. On a side i looked at that horrid picture that PK put in with this article....i figured on a lil bit of humour. This would make an excellent photo caption contest. From left to right : "the ferguson race hustler pimp" ..."michael browns granma with her empty cash box"..."the four-eyed frog wannabe that fell off spike lee's bandwagon" and the far right "al shitface sharpton's liar of the century tawana brawley" This would make a great kwanzaa present for dwl's to send to their favorite pets next year. NC Realist

chattanooga gal said...

you're comparison to spousal abuse is dead on. I never thought about that before, but that is exactly how they think

Anonymous said...

This is a great way to identify nog free zones.....find all the SB'S.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Oh yes, you are missing something. THAT Starbucks is located far from downtown Jackson, in a zip code that is heavily white.

It looks to be 60 -65 percent white, compared to a city that is nearing 80 percent black.

Anonymous said...

Starbucks should have just had their baristas write on the cups. We have a conversation on race every day over here.

Anonymous said...

Shoutout to fellow Kansas Citian @ 7:16 PM

Great story! I would have paid the price of a small Starbucks, black, filled to the top, to see you ask about Troost or Prospect locations and then scare the cr@p out of the barista with a suggestion to manage the location. Glad to hear there were others in the store who laughed, too. Hope you did it to the nitwits on Main or the Plaza because if you're not race-real there, you're chum for the "teens" just a short walk east.

Race real in the Northland.

WhiteAmerican-BlackIrish-StreetUrchin said...

Off topic. I was listening to the white album the other day. Helter Skelter always seemed scary and out of place to me. The Beatles were never a band that relied on raw emotion to get their audience to buy in. They were talented enough, they didn't need senseless head thrashers to be their fan boys. But Helter Skelter is very different. They want you to buy in. They are saying something, but I'm not sure what.

This is what Charles Manson thought they were saying, from Wikipedia.
"Charles Manson told his followers that several White Album songs including "Helter Skelter" were a part of the Beatles' coded prophecy of an apocalyptic war in which racist and non-racist whites would be maneuvered into virtually exterminating each other over the treatment of blacks.[18][19][20] Upon the war's conclusion, after black militants would kill off the few whites they would know to have survived, Manson and his companions would emerge from an underground city in which they would have escaped the conflict. As the only remaining whites, they would rule blacks, who, as the vision went, would be incapable of running America. Manson employed "helter skelter" as the term for this sequence of events."

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm in the mood to just simply finish off starbucks self-ruined reputation. Pay a 10 dollar bounty for each S you can rip off their store signs. The newly formed name (tarbucks) alone would certainly be a draw to the lowest of the negroes. Add the flashing EBT ACCEPTED neon sign in the window. This might be your last salvation Howard Shultz. And deserved it. NC Realist

Long Island Guido said...

I LOVE reading your comments ex New Yorker! Please, keel them coming.

MEMprospector said...

I used to work across the street from a Starbucks in Memphis, and found out that the (black) mayor of the city, AC Wharton, liked to frequent the the place on certain days of the week.
I had met him at a "Healf Fair" a few years back, and he was all smiles and shaking hands, but his palms seemed rather greasy to me, if you know what I mean.
It's too bad that I don't work in the city any longer, but I bet old AC still hangs out at that location. I'd love to write on a few cups so that he would see it, but I'm not sure this is the exposure we need!
That Starbucks is one of the most profitable in the city, and the state; while being at a crossroads of a gentrified (in the 1970s) and fairly niggy part of town. I'm sure there are plenty of DWLs who go there just to talk to the *wonderful* mayor about race relations on certain days, since after all, Memphis is the place where MLK was relieved almost 50 years ago and our local "politicians" will never let YT forget it!
Hell, the whole #Racetogether propaganda could have been AC's idea! Who knows....But I missed my chance to go and talk realism to some hapless barista - missed my chance indeed...

GrimmTale said...

Kudos to the "TarBucks" comment poster!
Spot-on & quick witted.
IMHOpinion...I really wish people would log-in with a username, to help comment back and converse specifically to each other. But then again, in here, we're all on the same page... are we not?
{{hugs all around}}

Ms Sippy said...

Not only does Jackson not have a Starbucks, it hasn't had a movie theatre in over 20 years!

MEMprospector said...

Anonymous @6:07
This is a great way to identify nog free zones.....find all the SB'S.

Umm...not in MEM at least! I know of three SB locations in the city where at night you need a large caliber nig-be-gone to cover all of your bases. These ferals roam the streets, looking for easy targets and have been known to accost joggers with variable results (some succeed and some get SHOT!)

But in the daytime these same locations are "mixed" with the largest component being what we call "Midtowners" - usually DWL folks who work downtown or independently and who also love the shit sandwiches and that tasty grape drank. I know a few of them who relocated here from NYC and one from Delaware, some believe in the ridiculous #weareallhuman garbage, but still don't leave their house without a sidearm?! So to me, deep down they know the score having lived in places like NYC, but maybe put on a front so they will be accepted by their DWL friends and colleagues - I can understand that position, but when confronted by TNB I hope for the DWLs sake they do the right thing and quickly defend themselves, since it's only a matter of time while surrounded on all sides by the Undertow

Anonymous said...

Go to google maps and input Tulsa oklahoma starbucks.
This gives you an exact description of the only places worth living in Tulsa.
Any place a few miles North of the tony Utica Square shopping is worthless (becomes very black as you go north.) The exception is the starbucks at the airport.
There is no living anywhere west of the Arkansas river, that is crowded with white trash and blacks.
Starbucks is an excellent segregation indicator. Of course, it would not have taken a team of analysts to know the "good" areas of Tulsa.

bernicegreenbaum said...

Clearly, negro fatigue is setting in for an increasingly large percentage of whites. Last November's election slanted heavily toward the Republicans, who, as we all know, are complete and utter bull sh*t artists. But they do have one thing in their favor. Blacks and DWLs hate Repubs and see them as anti-black. That was enough to get me to vote a straight Republican ticket last election. So we can use elections, if nothing else, as a barometer of negro fatigue as we go forward into the future.

Negroes are getting increasingly brazen about their attacks on YT. The most recent murders of the Philly white guy and the pregnant white woman are so in-your-fay, mo fo, that the whites who somehow learn about these crimes, outside of our MSM, are increasingly outraged. More are beginning to see the necessity of being armed, as well as consciously avoiding groid infested areas. I have avoided shopping in grocery stores at the beginning of each month because I know that's when the gubmint feeds these animals. Any time I enter a restaurant, I take a quick mental tally of how many negroes are at the establishment. Any more than 20% means I'm outta there. Whenever I disregard that rule, I've always regretted the decision. Always.

It's getting to the point that I know what is going on in a negro's head and what's about to come out of his mouth before he even knows. At work I have the pleasure of dealing with these negro animals on an in person basis. They very rarely surprise me with any sort of civility and nearly always live up to the feral, rage driven, intellectually deficient mode they all operate in, 24/7.

Of course it's no secret why there are no Starbucks or any other respectable business in the hood. They all know within weeks the place will be held up, or some oversized, dim-witted negro will be hanging outside, selling "loosies" or panhandling for "a kwatah". How many business owners want to deal with that on a daily basis? How long before you realize that your business will always hemorrhage money when negroes are involved in any significant numbers? How many Starbucks are located in the Overbrook section of Philly? Do we really need a whiz kid from Wall Street or Mad Avenue to tell us why the few businesses that locate to Negroville quickly shutter their doors? What, if any, message was received when the infamous negro battle cry, "Weez gwine burn dis muddah down!" I know that would make me feel solid about plunking my hard earned money down in that "Coonmunity".

Lastly, where does this all end? It's amusing that Starbucks folded their silly "let's rap about race" program a week after getting into it. Do these idiots still think it's 1973 and all they have to do is draw a smiley on a coffee cup to get YT to part with yet more dollars in support of BRA? As I recently commented to a co-worker about a feral negro at work, "Is he really that stupid, or is it an act?" (The co-worker told me to go on break.)

Anonymous said...

Very true, the local media is trying to hype women's bakkaball but very few in SC seem to be paying attention.

Bix Nood

bernicegreenbaum said...

OT, What is the elephant in the room nobody ever talks about when discussing race? The negress. The negress is completely useless, even in BRA. She does one thing well, which is shitting out kids at a laser like speed. And that's about it. No man, black or white, wants her. The first thing a successful (AA) black male wants after an Escalade is a white woman as a trophy. The negress once had value for her ability to make a toilet bowl shine or tote heavy household appliances, sort of like an indoor pack mule. Now, thanks to the gubmint proclamation that the negress no longer has to work in order to survive, there is no longer a use for this outdated farm equipment. Black men are a bit different, as they can still be persuaded to work every now and again, particularly if images of a Malt 40 or blunt are offered as rewards. Muh dik can be a huge motivator. So the question is, what to do with the utterly useless negress, who will not work, is not capable of any fair amount of cognition, and is usually uglier than a wart hog? With a personality less appealing than a rattle snake, a sense of entitlement that would make a crowned prince blush, what exactly can the negress of 2015 be useful for? Anybody want to weigh in on this?

TheAntidote said...

This is not all DWL thumb twirling on Donny Schultz's part. Donny knows the American negroes have a LOT of disposal income, and he would very much like to pocket some of that change. Just like 365 Bl@ck and 'Nascar too white' he wants to draw negroes into the fun to get some of their money. But he's going about it all wrong; he should open up grape drank parlours in the ghetto that only sell wings and pigs ears.
Negro money is green money. Negro money is good money.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Also who wants to discuss something as nasty as kneegroes first thing with their morning coffee? Screw that! White people have important things to think about. Work, families, finding nice neighborhoods, schools for their children, etc etc.


Anonymous said...

I no longer watch black sports of any kind. Does anyone watch the after game interviews? These mumbling "afleets" cannot speak English!


Californian said...

Starbucks should have just had their baristas write on the cups. We have a conversation on race every day over here.


I like it!

Anonymous said...

Starbucks isn't even good coffee.
Folgers crystals have more flavor and I'm a coffee connoisseur. I had it once and was seriously disappointed. I wanted my $4 back. I sure as hell don't need a liberal white guilt message attached. F Starbucks

Californian said...

Funny how some groid doesn't come along and open up their own coffeehouse in the ghetto and sell only coffee beans that originate from Ethiopia and Kenya.

Another good point. There are all sorts of small business programs in the government, often supported by corporate America and academia. Where are all those black entrepreneurs that you see on the telescreen? Where is all that black labor that "built America?" Here's a chance to come forward.

And let's not forget an entire continent full of black-majority-rule(tm) countries which could invest in such an enterprise. They can provide assistance for their brothers and sisters in the USA who are being "oppressed" by poverty, institutional racism, streets gone wrong, and a lack of expensive coffee in the 'hood.

Anonymous said...

I want Starbucks to collapse in an apocalyptic sea of negro violence.

Be interesting to see Starbucks corporate's reaction if/when one of their stores is burnt down by black "activists." Or is targeted for a flashmob attack. Or hit with a driveby shooting.

MMP said...

Detroilet Tarbucks

A total of 9 Tarbucks in detroilet

5 of the 9 are at the airport, 1 at Wayne State U.

That leaves 3 to service the rest of detroilet

Buhl Building 535 Griswold Street
Detroit, Michigan 48226 (313) 961-6337

DTW - Conc A, Smith Term Central Services Building
Detroit, Michigan 48242 313-942-2350
Detroit Michigan

DTW - Concourse B, Smith Term Smith Terminal B
Detroit, Michigan 48242
Detroit Michigan

DTW - Detroit Conc A, Smith Term2 Central Services Building
Detroit, Michigan 48242 313-942-2350
Detroit Michigan

DTW - Food Court L-6, Midfield Term Central Service Building
Detroit, Michigan 48242 313-942-2350
Detroit Michigan

DTW Detroit CSB Fntn, Midfield Term Central Services Building
Detroit, Michigan 48242
Detroit Michigan

Marriott RenCen Detroit
Detroit, Michigan 48243 313-568-8597
Detroit Michigan

Millender Center 333 East Jefferson Avenue Space 280
Detroit, Michigan 482264359 313-964-8131
Detroit Michigan

Wayne State University 695 Williams Mall Dr
Detroit, Michigan 48202

Anonymous said...

"I'm surprised the board of directors hasn't canned Schultz yet."

He is CEO, Founder, President, and Chairman of the board.

When following the money, ownership and management of corporations is a matter of public record and readily available on Hoovers or MSN-Money websites.

If people took the time to do even two minutes worth of research for themselves they would see some interesting patterns.

Anonymous said...

Two things:

1. Nice article. But I wonder what timeframe the "original plan" for the "race together" campaign called for? Was it squelched due to negative feedback, or too many embarrassing questions? Would love to know how HQ responded to the blowback behind closed doors, and just how much blowback they got.

2. bernicegreenbaum opined on the worthlessness of the negress. I have to mildly experience has been that the negro male is the one who never holds down a job, and if anyone in the fambly works, it is the negress, to keep her "man" happy wif some gambling cash.

Not saying we couldn't get by without them (please God let's have a chance to), just saying where I live, if you go to pay a ticket, pay a utility bill in person, to the DMV, etc., it's always a negress behind the counter. They work at a far greater rate than the male of the species, from my experience.

Anonymous said...


off topic and alarming.
The democrats, obama, UN Refugee resettlement are DESTABILIZING USA.


The image here is alarming

via Drudge,

Constructive Feedback said...

My Dear Fried Paul Kersey - African-American Studies Professor:

You appear to argue that the presence of a Starbucks in a certain community and its viability to stay open therein is some measure of an idealized environment.

What if the Negro is wise to the presence of over-priced hot water and "Fair Trade" coffee beans?

Take me for instance. I am Black. I purchase the hard plastic coffee cup from the local gas station that provides 5 free refills - all for $2.99.

Had I paid $1.29 x 5 ($6.50) for coffee or $3.49 x 5 ($17.50) for Starbucks my dear friends from SBPDL would comment upon "Squandered Black Money".

Yet as I save money via gas station coffee, and use the net savings for investment in my portfolio or my children's college education fund, the only thing left for SBPDL to ride me on is the fact that I haven't used my money to purchase books from Paul Kersey.

An over priced cup of coffee from Starbucks OR the owner of the entire library of books written by Paul Kersey? Short of Mr Kersey initiating a degree program on "Advanced Negro Studies" with credits that are transferable - which is the greater case of squandered money?

Anonymous said...


4 wonderful individuals don't pay restaurant tab and run over waitress.

No pictures were given of the suspects (who have been caught), but for some reason I am 100% sure they are black. Read the article and see if you can see what gave it away (besides stiffing the waitstaff).

Pat Boyle said...

Figuring out where to place your franchise food outlet is a serious matter. Get the location wrong and you lose your shirt. Get it right and you are Scrooge McDuck wallowing in your riches.

A few years ago one of the fish fast food places - I think it was 'Long John Silvers' - figured they couldn't afford all the expensive market research needed to site their restaurants. So they just built them next to the Kentucky Fried Chicken stores. They figured that the KFC people had done all the traffic and neighborhood research that they couldn't afford.

That's certainly true around here. Long John Silver's are usually right next to the KFC chicken places.

I don't know the factors that make for a successful Starbucks but I wouldn't be surprised if the number of local blacks was one.

If you are in your car driving around looking for a cup of coffee and you see blacks on the street - you probably won't stop.


Anonymous said...

Rash of elementary school suspensions in St. Louis area are a pipeline to problems

They're getting chewed up in the comments. The article has vanished off the front page in the last 15 minutes.

bernicegreenbaum said...

If it weren't for utility companies, gubmint offices, weave and nail shacks, you'd be hard pressed to find a real, honest-to-goodness negress working. Perhaps cashiering at the local Wallyworld. Sorry, but I don't consider warming a chair and giving vacant stares at the DMV "work" per se. How many negresses actually are self-employed, despite gubmint favoritism and giveaways? How many negresses work in carpentry, landscaping, etc.? Better yet, how many negress secretaries do you see? Most business people know that a competent secretary is life and death to an executive. For example, she knows how to find something filed away in mere seconds, can give unwanted people the brush off, acutely senses when a matter is truly urgent, and easily prioritizes tasks by level of importance. And no, I don't count "teaching" as work for them, because all they have is the title, none of the skills or talent. Same for dentistry, surgery, engineering. I was mildly surprised to see a negress judge in a real life court room (as opposed to t.v.). It's amazing what Affirmative Action can do. Some day I'd like to hear from all the poor YT folks who have to clean up the messes these AA hires inevitably create. I know from past experience, negroes can easily double or even triple your work load. Repairing the damage they do on the job is a full time career in and of itself.

bernicegreenbaum said...

At about 2 a.m. deputies arrested Rowshaid Pellum, 24, of Cerritos, Markeisha Williams, 18, Shyteice Miles, 19, and Santeea Ralph, 23, all of Long Beach, said Lt. Jeff Hallock of the Orange County Sheriff's Department.

Okay, what do I win????

bernicegreenbaum said...

Constructive Feedback sez:

Had I paid $1.29 x 5 ($6.50) for coffee or $3.49 x 5 ($17.50) for Starbucks my dear friends from SBPDL would comment upon "Squandered Black Money".

Constructive Feedback doesn't know how to do "maff". $1.29 x 5 = $6.45, not $6.50. $3.49 x 5 = $17.45, not $17.50. I'm sho glad deys invented dah cash registra dat know howin' tah make dah change fahs muh.

Anonymous said...

No pictures were given of the suspects (who have been caught), but for some reason I am 100% sure they are black. Read the article and see if you can see what gave it away (besides stiffing the waitstaff).

From the Dallas Morning News:

"Deputies arrested Rowshaid Pellum, 24, of Cerritos; and Markeisha Williams, 18, Shyteice Miles, 19, and Santeea Ralph, 23, all of Long Beach."

"Shyteice Miles?"


Who the [expletive deleted] names their kid Shyteice? Just pronounce the first syllable with a long "y" (implied by the "e" after the "t").

This has gotta go down as child abuse. You wonder what other children call her. I mean, doesn't anyone at the registrar's office or in school call the parent(s) on this sort of thing? You have to ask how much of the berserkedness in the 'hood is due to this sort of inanity.

Maybe I am wrong. Maybe "Shyteice" was the name of a Nubian Egyptian pharaoh whose chariots ran down white devils who were invading the black paradise on the Nile 4000 years ago.

In a related story, "teens" run amok at a MacDonalds:

Maybe MacDonalds needs to write "Race Together" on their take out bags. That'll keep the peace.

Anonymous said...

Tarbuck's specialty items:

Obama Mulatte (African blend)
Holder Mulatte (Caribbean blend)
Bluegum (Grape blend)

Ricky in Csli said...

Same thing happened when TSU and Southern had their two Negresss women college basketball Chimpout. Both teams were completely Black, both teams brawled (in the CHAMPIONSHIP basketball game), the game was cancelled and embarrassed everyone and within half an hour 635 comments were ripping the schools up.

Surprise, surprise...... Within hours the article was taken down because it didn't fit the liberal PC narrative

MMP said...

@ Pat Boyle

Notice how many Tarbucks are located near colleges, inside higher end stores, Bookstores, Supermarkets.

Places with few groids

Anonymous said...

While I'm not a fan of big brother, I'd sign on just to see these groids and their under ground economies suffer.
Words can't describe the anger I feel when some Negroe pulls out of a section 8 housing " community", in late model vehicle w/those stupid chrome or gold wheels.

We taxpayers fund their very existence, and the " hustle" provides the goodies.They have it too easy and I want it to end.
Detroit Refugee

Unknown said...

Starbucks may have a bit of a claim to driving up home values, but it's mostly IMO a case of "post hoc ergo propter hoc" (the fallacy of thinking that if something happens after the fact, it's because of the fact). Yes, they do a good job choosing their real estate. They get a sense for what is about to become less black, and more upscale, and they invest.

However, having a place (like Starbucks) for people to congregate probably does help make people look at a burgeoning neighborhood and feel better about investing their money there. "Look, it has a Starbucks. Look, there's lots of people waiting for coffee. Look, we can walk to have coffee in the morning, and see our friends (few of whom are black, BTW). Look, those people all seem nice (few of whom are black, BTW). I think it's become such a big brand that this is how people see it. But let's be very clear: in the few places that they've goofed (I don't know any), I'd bet a thousand dollars that the area turned black and then they closed the store.

Anonymous said...

I don't often "laugh out loud" when reading posts, but bernicegreenbaum's spot-on analysis of the value of "negresses" did it to me.

Keep up your unique insights on niggerosity, Bernice! I always enjoy your perspective!

Anonymous said...

I stopped watching NFL simply because I couldn't stand watching these feral creatures with names starting with D', mumble out the name of the University(which 99% of them didn't graduate from). It's just downright embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the EBT Accepted sign idea! Genius. Subtle, but would have a fantastic effect.

Also, there was just the media uproar over the 'whites only' fake signs put in store windows in Austin. This idea would be a wonderful prank and isn't as obviously 'racist' as the Austin prank was.

Any takers? Make professionally lettered and printed signs stating "EBT Accepted" with an official US logo or whatever the program's design is. Peel off clear plastic that can then be affixed to the glass doors at Tarbucks. Could be surreptiously placed. Then stand back and watch the monkey business.

Maybe post on Craigslist or something to get the rumor going in the negro community that they can get free coffee now at Tarbucks.

Imagine all the arguments at the counter when the orcs are told their debt is no good and they chimp out! Videos of the reactions would be great publicity for the #racetogether program.

Anonymous said...

If Starbucks helps drive up property values and fight poverty, why don't they locate in Monrovia, Liberia, or any one of the other countries in Africa. Think of what this CEO could do for Haiti? All I can say is thank goodness we have Starbucks to fix all the Negro problems of the world.

Anonymous said...

So wait a second... the orcs and their enablers are going on and on about so called "White Privilege", and the need to combat its effects on blacks and other non-Whites, right? But being White is something we Whites cannot change. So does that mean this is a situation in which there is just no other solution than to separate the races? I don't see how else this 'problem' can be solved.

Or do they mean an ultra-intrusive redistribution system that quantifies all the 'privilege' and figures out a way to direct it away from Whites and into blacks' hands?

I just don't get what's really going on. Can someone explain?

Anonymous said...

Brownstar bucks? Anyone? Bueller?

Anonymous said...

I took a sharpie and wrote White Man, No Guilt on it, flashed it around. No one said a word.

Anonymous said...

No, you've got moxie

Anonymous said...

I don't often "laugh out loud" when reading posts, but bernicegreenbaum's spot-on analysis of the value of "negresses" did it to me.

Agreed, the comment about being an indoor pack mule and ugly as a warthog is going to crack me up the rest of the day.

She needs her own blog. Not to take away from PK but some of the commentators here should have spin off blogs.

Anonymous said...


You win a free trip thru Compton and Long Beach.

For those who dont know - OC is being ruined by immigration and long beach borders OC.

re,At about 2 a.m. deputies arrested
Rowshaid Pellum, 24, of Cerritos, Markeisha Williams, 18, Shyteice Miles, 19, and Santeea Ralph, 23,

all of Long Beach, said Lt. Jeff Hallock of the Orange County Sheriff's Department.

Okay, what do I win????

Anonymous said...

However, having a place (like Starbucks) for people to congregate probably does help make people look at a burgeoning neighborhood and feel better about investing their money there. "Look, it has a Starbucks

Starbucks is often a safe haven for Whites and Asians in a mixed area. The clientele is a guaranteed opposite of the typical chicken and waffle crowd.

I like both Starbucks and waffle houses but if I want a quiet breakfast in a mixed area then I know where to go.

Anonymous said...

Stories like these buried so quickly, its not even funny. Just like the sheeboon who beat up a girl and her 5 year old brother, Jessica Chambers, Chris Newsom, Channon Christian, dominos pizza delivery girl............

Anonymous said...

That's why I don't mind opening my wallet for sites like this. PK is a modern day Paul Revere.

Anonymous said...

Had I paid $1.29 x 5 ($6.50) for coffee or $3.49 x 5 ($17.50) for Starbucks my dear friends from SBPDL would comment upon "Squandered Black Money".

Yet as I save money via gas station coffee, and use the net savings for investment in my portfolio or my children's college education fund

Did you want a cookie for saving money? How about getting your brothers to pull up their pants so we don't have to see their underwear? Now that would be an accomplishment. I still haven't figured out why gangstaz keep their pants low when it gives the police an advantage in a foot chase. Maybe they should also tie their shoes together and wear a hat so low that it blinds them.

As for Starbucks you and others here are too focused on the price of their regular coffee.

The typical Starbucks customer buys an espresso drink and those are normally 3 or 4 dollars at a local place. Starbucks drip coffee tastes awful and is highly caffeinated to get cheap drip drinkers to buy more. I have no doubt just about everyone would pick Folgers or Dunkin Donuts coffee in a blind test. My guess is that Starbucks doesn't want you to like their drip. The real money makers are the customized $5 and $6 drinks.

Anonymous said...

The Tarbucks anti-YT campaign goes down in flames in less than a week as their CEO/scumbag lies about the reason for his failure, great! This is the second failure for BRA/corporate fascism after McDonald's 365Black failure. Hopefully there are many more of these anti-YT campaigns that will fail in the future.

McDonald's doomed campaign against YT apparently did permanent damage to their brand judging by the chain's decreased profits. The CEO of McDonalds was a nog who was forced to resign three years after repeated abysmal failures "leading" the chain. No doubt he lasted as long as he did because he was a nog but his Teflon wore off as his decisions cost one of the most successful world wide brands in history to suffer losses in their home market.

There is one more nog led corporation that has been abysmally led in to the gutter, a household name around the world and previously phenomenally successful. This corporation had incredibly deep pockets and a large reservoir of what the accountants list on the books as "goodwill" but it has all been spent and zillions borrowed too. This corporation is of course the U.S.A. now rebranded BRA by its behind the scenes beneficial owners.

Now bankruptcy beckons but the smiling mulatto CEO, BHO is too busy with his brackets, his "friend" Reggie Love and wrecking the U.S. to even be aware of the impending havoc. Actually he was hired by BRA's owners to wreck the country and destroy YT so one would actually have to say that BHO has been one of the most successful CEOs ever. As one last corporate adventure BHO's bosses are trying to start numerous wars as they get ready to depart the sinking ship. Good luck YT as they give us the finger on the way out.

non-DWL from NE.
Tarbucks, good to the last drop.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ”I live n jack town. There is a local chain of coffeehouses we like better than Starbucks.”

It would be great if the chain was called NoBucks. They could probably charge $5 for a cup of coffee, if everyone knew it was a buck-free zone.

Anonymous said...

Anytime I see someone walking around with a Starbucks coffee, I think, "ass hole". Just throw your money away.

I'm sure you have a hobby or food that others think is a waste of money.

PB said...

"What if the Negro is wise to the presence of over-priced hot water and "Fair Trade" coffee beans?"


Anonymous said...

Great article as usual, but come on guy: lay off the stale jokes about overpriced coffee. Good coffee's expensive! However, I made up my mind immediately to switch back to Peet's when Starbuck's pulled this stunt, and I'm sticking to my word.

Anonymous said...

"They had no way to foresee that their real estate holdings would be drenched with section 8 voucher people . . . "

Section 8 puts the "black" in "Black Swan."

Anonymous said...

BG - I would weigh in on your colorful analysis of the negress but I believe she pegged out the scale and broke it leaving me no room to weigh in.


Anonymous said...

Blogger Constructive Feedback said...
My Dear Fried Paul Kersey - African-American Studies Professor:
My..? as in belonging to you..? Dear....? what are the odds..? Fried...? as in fried chicken..? African-American..? Judging from your avatar its more african-alien. (african-american is the epitome of a oxy-moron). As Bernice pointed out your math isn't quite up to par. And no..sliding juju beads on a string was not the first calculator invented by your ancestors in trans-nubia 4000 years ago. Squandered money..? I can go to a local grocery store and by a can of coffee for 7.99 and get ten times the amount you spend in a week. I guess you prefer the over-weight dwl white girl behind the counter more than your baby-dumplin mama. Portfolio...? What the fuck is that...? And who cares..? As a commodity my books from PK...will last a lot longer than your pissed out gas station coffee. well spent. NC Realist

Anonymous said...

Anon said...

"Did you want a cookie for saving money? How about getting your brothers to pull up their pants so we don't have to see their underwear? Now that would be an accomplishment. I still haven't figured out why gangstaz keep their pants low when it gives the police an advantage in a foot chase. Maybe they should also tie their shoes together and wear a hat so low that it blinds them."


Can do much more than laugh reading that!

Scot Irish

Anonymous said...

SBUX stock closed down but I can't believe it's $97 a share.

Boycott them folks. I've been there once and the coffee was horrible and cost me "Five Bucks".

The name says it all.

Scot Irish

Anonymous said...

BG: I should have used the word "employed" instead of "working" re: negresses.

Some (a minority) are actually pretty good at their jobs; BUT- the job has to be strictly rote, with no need for problem-solving skills or original thinking. I've seen a few that know the rules, perform the rote motions required, and as such, were getting the job done.

Seen many more that were as slow as the "seven-year itch" doing anything; often crippled in effectiveness by fingernails that would have made a Dowager Empress green with envy.

I worked around, and even "supervised" (to the extent that word retains any meaning around black folks) negresses, and can certify that they are one of the laziest groups of folks you'll ever meet.

Only, -wait for it- you know who is lazier? Negro males. I could take you downtown in the mid-sized city where I live and show you more "employed" negresses in one building than you could find of employed Negro males in the whole city.

I'll "coon"-clude this timid and half-hearted defense of the employed negress by saying thank God I'm retired, and will never have to work with a drama-queen, hair-trigger negress again.

p.s. BG: we're on the same side here; I'm just responding to your query for other's take on negresses in the workplace. Grade for the negress: D-minus. Grade for the Negro male: n/a, he never showed up...

Anonymous said...

The black women themselves complain that the black men hold them down, and there are facts behind that.

"In 2010, (women) were 66 percent of all blacks who finished a Bachelor’s Degree, 71 percent with a Master’s, and 65 percent with a Doctorate."

Even though black women go to jail at a rate twice that of white women, they're not anywhere near the 1 in 3 black men who will go to jail. (And I get the sense that a lot of black women go to jail for nonsense that the men dragged them into.)

They're not as distracted by ghetto games and muh dik, and even though they will fight, they're not going to get a gun and shoot someone for "disrespect."

GLG said...

Go into Starbucks and order a cup of joe, tell the race inquisitor you want your coffee, "First Lady Style, Black & Bitter!!!"

Anonymous said...

what a bunch of hypocritical snakes. You know that the Whiter the demographic, the more they will put a starbucks there.. But they would never admit it..

Why don't they move all their starbucks locations to the blackest parts of America so they can "race together"...

Anonymous said...

"The black women themselves complain that the black men hold them down, and there are facts behind that.

"In 2010, (women) were 66 percent of all blacks who finished a Bachelor’s Degree, 71 percent with a Master’s, and 65 percent with a Doctorate."

Even though black women go to jail at a rate twice that of white women, they're not anywhere near the 1 in 3 black men who will go to jail. (And I get the sense that a lot of black women go to jail for nonsense that the men dragged them into.)

They're not as distracted by ghetto games and muh dik, and even though they will fight, they're not going to get a gun and shoot someone for "disrespect."

March 23, 2015 at 6:41 PM"

Hold it, hold it. Up to a point this is all very true.
HOWEVER….these groidettes are not the majority of black women total. These are the ones who are known as "the strivers".

FACT: about 75% of all blacks are born out of wedlock.

FACT: On average, black women have waaay more kids than white women. And they have more abortions total than white women do per yr.

Therefore, these groidettes who actually do managed to hang in there and get degrees and higher level degrees, etc and responsible paying jobs, etc etc….two things are at work.

1. They still have a few kids in tow but manage to focus/concentrate on taking seriously getting their education.

2. They are the stivers. MEANING: They don't have tons of kids out of wedlock. (They either abort them or they just don't have them till….marriage or a suitable monogamous relationship).

Also, some of the stivers tend to marry (if they do) outside their race (white men) since, lets face it, if they've managed to get to college, actually graduate and go on to earn post doctorate degrees, how many brothas are they gonna see on campus? Outside of black studies….zip zero nada.

Therefore they either hook up with: Asians (completely unlikely, hardly any do of any significant percentage in US) OR…they go for the white man, since they figure that he at least is also responsible, doesn't have tons of relatives in jail as they do, and are responsible members of society.

Of course, not many of them hook onto white men, just as if you compare the post graduate rates of black women with white women, it becomes pretty clear which race/gender has the most strivers or more members of the Bell Curves right side.

FACT: Very few white women…are Rachel Jeantel.

FACT: Rachel Jeantel is very very common among black women.

So give them this much credit for making it this far: These groidettes are able to manage to graduate from college (still most likely via Affirmative Action) and at least they won't rob rape murder their future employees.

Also, another job that groidettes tend to be employed: Telecommunications, the ol' switchboard. Like Lt. Uhura of old, if you call up customer services, human resources, etc. there seems to always be a groidette answering the phones. Always. Maybe thats why they're hired in that position. Such an easy way to fend off government lawsuits by EEOC, etc. just call up the 1800 numbers and you'll immediately "see" (or hear) who the employee is at the other end of the line.

The strivers. Needless to say, most of their compatriots within BRA hate their guts cause they're showing them up by actually working and not having tons of kids out of wedlock.

Anonymous said...

Not true. In Chicago there is one in the heart of the Ghetto at 87th and Lafayette. All black employees and all black customers but for the cops who work in the area. Homicides have occurred in the parking lot. Guess that blows the theory that they're not in black neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

To Flower Bell: I posted about the old-time Negro.

Yes, certainly, the Negro was never going to be our ideal citizen. A Confederate (I forget which one) said about the prospect of Emancipation of the slave population: "they will live by theft and charity".

And they, many of them, did live by thievery. And they were also known to have "loose" sexual behavior. Still the same old n-gg-r, one could justifiably say.

But within the post-Civil War black communities, there was probably more self-responsibility than you see today.

Some even attempted to emulate Whites, and made attempts at bettering themselves. They were trying, perhaps, more to learn the system, not the ways to con and "work" the system our contemporary blacks practice.

As for Oklahoma Negroes, the area you mention isn't far from Tulsa, where blacks got a little too uppity and had their asses handed to them in 1921.

And that gets right to my point: those blacks back then were held accountable. They didn't have a media and education establishment rushing forward each time one got hurt by the consequences of his own actions, to proclaim nothing was his fault, that the entire problem lay with YT.

The big difference I was driving at, is the (unintended?) consequence of the entire Civil Rights/Great Society push.

To wit: the blacks are told they can accomplish great things. Most of them (98%?) can't.

They are pumped up with black pride to the point of cognitive dissonance among even the most dim-witted.

They are constantly told they are unfairly treated, even persecuted.

The White everyman population removed their once vigilant monitoring of the black population, leaving a vacuum the in-born lack of ethics amongst blacks could not fill.

ergo, you have a population that on some fundamental levels, and in spite of all the rhetoric, have turned back towards the savagery that slavery, ironically enough, had lifted them out of.

NY Girl said...

First Lady?

Anonymous said...

Actually, Camden does have a Starbucks, but it's very close to the Rutgers campus, so I'm not sure if you can really count that since it's clearly the school that's keeping that one in business.

Anonymous said...

Of course Starbucks is not going to mention the real reason for where they put their stores.
Those urban pioneers who went into negro depressed areas for the cheap housing at first began to change the areas and when other whites saw that the areas were improving invested in property. More whites means more stuff white people like which only attracts even more whites and Starbucks follows as well as other better stores. The schools improve from white people being there and this means that even more whites move in. Negroes never owned much in these areas and now couldn't afford the rents in improved white areas so they move out to cheaper areas.Even negro areas like Bed Sty are now too expensive for them so they're constantly being pushed out of the city and whites are in.Whites and hipsters open businesses and even begin brewing and distilling in old abandoned distilleries and breweries. The area is now a tax paying area and not a liability with bad schools ,crimes and a lot of people who are just liabilities and tax drainers.

Unknown said...

No, because nothing helps a conversation on race progress like a dose of the TRUTH!!!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! It *is* blaming the victims! The fact that the multicult uber alles Left has managed to pull this massive con off is frightening. It’s what’s at work with illegal immigration & the Muslim fetish, too.

Anonymous said...

Not all Starbucks choices were great ones. In my area there's been one store for years; plus one on the toll highway in a rest stop. Maybe 10 years ago a different franchisee opened two new locations about three miles apart and each near a Dunkin. They only lasted a couple of years before closing - with one becoming a Tim Hortons and lasting longer as that before they pulled out of the market for some reason. The strip it's on is loaded with other retail so it's not likely it will become anything else anytime soon.

Dangela said...

Good one!! Yes in a black neighborhood, EBT acceptance is a necessity.

Augustus said...

Kumbaya Lord, kumbaya. Kumbaya Lord, kumbaya.
Givesmedat, Lord, givesmedat,
Oh Lord, givesmedat. Me!