Friday, March 6, 2015

So Can Darren Wilson Go Back to Being a Cop Again? Can Any White Person Be a Cop in Obama's America?

Someone owes former Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson a big, big apology. 

The 'DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE REPORT REGARDING THECRIMINAL INVESTIGATION INTO THE SHOOTING DEATHOF MICHAEL BROWN BY FERGUSON, MISSOURI POLICEOFFICER DARREN WILSON' is basically an 86-page mea culpa on the part of the government to Officer Wilson, though it doesn't end with a recommendation for Wilson to be reinstated as an officer with the Ferguson Police Department. 
If you are white, it's time to understand the importance of wearing this bracelet and loudly proclaiming: "I am Darren Wilson!"

 In late August of 2014, a total of nine (yes, nine) Washington Post reporters were assigned the story of trying to uncover some dirt on Wilson to establish a background anecdote magically proving he had some reason racial reason to shoot Michael Brown... granting the Eric Holder's Department of Justice the ability to charge Wilson with violating Brown's civil rights

Those nine reporters uncovered nothing in Wilson's past, save him being a solid police officer. 
Shouldn't he be able to 'protect and serve' the community of Ferguson again, considering on August 9, 2014 he did everything exactly by the book? 
In fact, the way he handled the situation on Canfield Drive with Michael Brown should be taught in police academies across the nation as the textbook manner in which to fend off an aggressor who is attempting to garner the officers weapon. 
But he'll never be a police officer again. 
Though he violated no rules, Darren Wilson has now been forever barred from the vocation of law enforcement. 
All because he did exactly what he was instructed to do. 
You do your job, you are out of a job. 
Welcome to Black-Run America (BRA), where white police officers in every city must now engage in risk assessment when they go to pull over a black person speeding or to question a black person who matches the description of a robbery or violent crime suspect. 
Though the media seemed intent on inciting a lynch mob toward the former Officer Wilson, he's been nothing but resolute since the sunny August 9th day when his life changed forever. [Darren Wilson ‘Relieved’ at No Charges From Feds, St. Louis CBS, 3-4-15]:
Attorney Neil Bruntrager says Wilson is pleased with what amounts to an “exoneration” from the DOJ. 
“Well, obviously the reaction is one of relief,” Bruntrager says. “It’s been a long road for him. Now he needs to get on with his life.”
Wilson, having resigned from the Ferguson Police Department on November 30, 2014 because of threats of violence to his fellow officers if he stayed on the force , will get no severance package from the city.  


And though it was Michael Brown's decision to attack him on August 9th (attempting to murder him in the process) for doing his job that day Wilson lost the ability to perform the only job he ever wanted to do. [Darren Wilson resigns from Ferguson Police Department, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 11-30-14]:

Citing threats of violence, Darren Wilson, who fatally shot Michael Brown Aug. 9, resigned from the Ferguson Police Department on Saturday. 
Wilson, 28, whom a St. Louis County grand jury declined to indict in connection with the shooting, had worked for the city’s police department for six years. 
In a telephone interview Saturday evening, Wilson said he resigned after the police department told him it had received threats that violence would ensue if he remained an employee. 
“I’m resigning of my own free will,” he said. “I’m not willing to let someone else get hurt because of me.” 
He said resigning was “the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.” 
Wilson’s resignation, which was expected, comes after private talks between his representatives and the police department. The grand jury announced its decision in the case Monday. 
Wilson’s resignation letter reads, in part: 
“I have been told that my continued employment may put the residents and police officers of the City of Ferguson at risk, which is a circumstance that I cannot allow. For obvious reasons, I wanted to wait until the grand jury made their decision before I officially made my decision to resign. It was my hope to continue in police work, but the safety of other police officers and the community are of paramount importance to me. It is my hope that my resignation will allow the community to heal.”
One of Michael Brown's final words on earth wasn't, "Don't shoot me," but it was looking at Wilson and saying, "What the fuck are you going to do about it?” after Brown slammed his car door shut on him...
Every white police officer in America must understand the horror that is now upon them: knowing that any individual black person they arrest will become part of a black aggregate quickly used by overzealous Department of Justice employees (particularly in the Civil Rights Division) to illustrate the racist intent of the police force in subjecting the black community they police to horrors not seen since blacks had a "colored" water fountain to drink from...
Darren Wilson has a "clear conscience" over his decision to use lethal force on August 9th, when he stopped Michael Brown from using lethal force on him: but he can longer be a cop in America. 
For doing his job, for surviving media scrutiny, and for standing firm in the face of a racially-motivated Department of Justice investigation (that ultimately exonerated him of any wrong doing and confirmed only did what he was trained to do), Darren Wilson will never, ever be a police officer again. 
His story is a lesson for all white police officers currently serving in their communities and for any aspiring white person thinking of going to police academy. 
You do your job, you are out of a job.


George Wallace said...

I'm sorry, but I do not feel sorry for any White person who becomes a police officer and then works in or around the anthropoids.

You are a fool. You are stupid. You are ANTI-WHITE if you risk your life, in any way, to bring White Man's law and order to the negro.

Sorry. You are part of the problem. You are working AGAINST the interests and survival of your fellow Whites. You are a race traitor if you are doing ANYTHING to help, aid or protect the negro.

Either get a position defending and protecting WHITE PEOPLE or get out of the business.

For those of you in the field, do all you can to get out. Your family should mean far more to you than pulling over some ape in a car. You owe it to your wife and children to protect them and the WHITE RACE.

Let the negro kill the negro. That is the best thing you can do for law and order.

Ex-Copper said...

I was close to being Darrin Wilson in the aspect of looking down the barrel of a law suit in federal court for an alleged civil rights violation, interval affairs investigation, continual benign questioning by the administration without my attorney, and media asking the alleged victims attorneys if they wanted help digging dirt. Like Wilson I believed exhonoration would allow me to go back to normal work. I was cleared by my department, their insurance company and denied due process by the court to confront my accuser and be present at arbitration. It was settled for about $20k and the original asking price was $300k. The statutory maximum in my state.

I never truly got cleared in some people's eyes. Always jokes by others. Cops love busting each other's balls. While most of it was in good humor, if you've never been under a microscope for doing your job and having people looking under every rock to vilify you for it, you'll never truly understand.

I was ready if things went differently. I'm not one who believes in suing people for perceived wrongs, but Wilson's attorney failed him. Once the writing was in the wall, they should've gone immediately on the offensive.

We have some exceptional attorneys in my state that hold a high level of disgust for these federal over reaches. Wilson's attorney should have sought out such attorneys and filed mountains of paperwork against everyone from browns family, crump, his administration, every lying witness, the governor, DOJ, local and national media, and ultimately the president. Every talking head and appointed figure. They acted as an entity against Wilson which would have afforded him RICO status.

He was thrown to the wolves. Everyone of the people listed, judged him as guilty, political statements and pressure from the president down continued the narrative and in the end were wrong. Everything that happened after he was cleared by the department and then as the grand jury went through its process denied Wilson of his rights. There was a process started by the president and his enforcement office with malice afore thought to force a guilty judgement against him and they all lost.

Here's a man forever tarnished, although exhonorated in every investigation and left to rot on his own. Maybe one day he can end up like mark furham and be a talking head on tv. Sadly he has nothing left.

PK is right however, his encounter will be taught in academies. The ironic thing is that it will be taught as the correct action. It was taught that way 20 yrs ago and will into the future. We're warned our actions to save lives may get us sued, but are always led to believe if we act in accordance with our training, policies and the law we will come out with our jobs and savings. Bullshit.

Ricky In Cali said...

You know, this one is the saddest type of article. Thanks P.K for giving us a place to speak about issues like this I come on everyday to see your updates!

I posted two days ago about my previous businesses I owned when Police Officers would frequent my place. We gave them free chips with their paid sandwiches or free drinks, and I met a lot of great Cops here in California and heard all their stories. I can remember when I was young and looked at Police Officers, or a Fireman, or a Teacher like a badge of honor. Someone you respected in your community.

Now with BRA, WHY THE HELL WOULD ANY SANE PERSON, especially a White person want to be a Cop? Why would you want to run the risk of pulling over a Nig and having a gun pulled on you, or having to use your weapon on them, or losing your job like Darren Wilson even if you acted accordingly, or possibly being sued or losing your dignity? Why would you want to teach in a Classroom full of Niglet shits who yell over each other, pass from grade to grade because the PC leftwing morons make them, all while you are playing daycare instead of Teacher? It has gotten so bad that violence is in the classroom, kids fighting their teachers, who the hell would want that life?

I can only feel bad for those who went to school or training to become a Police Officer or Teacher years ago and now have no where else to turn. It wasn’t their fault the world would turn on them, what are you supposed to do when you do your job of keeping the shit off the streets and then the Department of Justice backs up the shit? Geez, how do you justify that?

To make matters worse the media fans the flames out of control that Police Officers are just lunatics out there with badges and guns and go out gunning down the Yoots with no shame. Somewhere in the last 20 years I want to say, something really bad changed in this Country and I’m scared to see what the next 20 years are going to look like. We used to be the Darling of the universe, the United States, the place where people came from all over the world to live a better life. Now it’s quickly becoming a third world cesspool and there’s no stop in sight to this runaway train..

Anonymous said...


Scot Irish

bernicegreenbaum said...

Same goes for educators, really. You try to hold students accountable, and when you do, you're "asserting your white culture onto them". That's why I say, if they want a college diploma, go ahead and give them a college diploma. It really is getting that ridiculous. More blacks than whites committing crimes? Redouble your efforts on white crimes, statistics be damned. We don't need no stinkin' facts!

You see, negroes don't need no facts, they don't need no jobs (welfare/ya'll - fah all), WIC, EBT, Medicaid, etc. We now have a society that pays these miscreants to reproduce and make more of a drain on society.

There is a lesbian negress upstairs from me. This girl is all of about 25 or so. Her white girlfriend works 50 plus hours a week to support negress girlfriend in a comfortable fashion. YT NOW must work to support the black-in perpetuity.

YT must PAY. And when YT gets tired of paying, he must pay SOME MORE! And when he gets tired of that, gouge him, yet still more!
Yet, off to work we go, supporting the BRA enterprise we rail about here. Others have it right. Remove yourself from the cancer as much as possible.

That means different things to different people, as we all have different scenarios and life circumstances. For example, I've paid down all debt and have some money saved as well as a paid-for home (for what that's worth). I have no real blood bonds here, yet I do see a couple of avenues of escape available to my family and me should need arise. I plan to take full advantage of that. I'd advise everyone here to assess your situation, decide what your priorities are (what's worth saving/fighting for) and getting rid of anything else that weighs you down. It's a very common sense approach to the coming sh*t storm, in my view.

Anonymous said...

Officer Wilson needs to file a Civil Rights lawsuit against the DOJ and every major media "news" company and Jesse Jackson and Sharpton and EVERYONE that participated in his witch hunt.

if nothing else it would motivate enough white americans to donate to fundraisers that he would never have to work again.

Anonymous said...

So let me get Eric Holder's thinking. 1) All cops are white racists. 2) Blacks don't commit crimes. They're just misunderstood. 3) If blacks are arrested, it's because we have laws aimed directly at blacks made by white racists. We should get rid of these laws. 4) Only white people commit hate crime. Black on white crime never occurs. 5) If a black commits a crime against white people, forget about it. If the situation is reversed, white people should be reviewed, scrutinized, penalized, and destroyed because they're obviously racist. 6) Zimmerman and Wilson are both guilty; no matter what.

Eric Holder is the ultimate bad public official. After his reign, nobody will ever want to join the police force. Blacks (and criminals) will roam free to do whatever they want. Laws will decrease until they no longer matter. Prisons are already a joke giving free food, shelter, clothing, and medical care to those who least deserve it. And there is no way we can recover from it all.

Xopher Halftongue said...

Slightly OT:

Worthless african says that space colonization (even by private ventures) should be stopped in order to feed worthless african spawn.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for this blog and the truth it brings out!This site has more information on the bad nature of blacks than anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

I trust we all understand that that black whining, accusations of racism ,etc. will never ever end. It will go until the end of time. Why, because the negro is an inferior race and they will never measure up to other races. It is their DNA and their destructive negro culture. It is going to get worse as we all know.

All the racial equality programs that the white communist liberals try will never work. But they will keep spending and keep trying to convert animals into humans. Good Luck.

The best thing we can hope for would be for the negro to continue to self-destruct and de-evolve into the bent legged chimps they were spawned from. Then we can finally turn them loose and the other animals eat them. A species long overdue for final extinction.

Anonymous said...

I read the article that Xopher posted. It would have fit in with the nonsense posted by Abernathy back in the 1960's. I guess he never wants to think that technology and advances in ag. have kept up and everything. Politics has not. I am patiently waiting until brave Rhodesia and south Africa have chased the farmers out and have to import all their food. Do you think we will have another "feed the WOrld" feel good song?

Anonymous said...

I feel that educating orcs is useless. I saw the at a community college in Texas. It was built with the best intentions, to educate the children that lived in its service area. But to keep it open, they import ghetto hoods, feed them and give them a bed to sleep in and get money from them. It was useless. money spent for nothing.

Race said...

Um, yes. That about sums it up.

Anonymous said...

Beyond Fatigue said...

Not only can White cops no longer be permitted to protect themselves against a rampaging negro, now, a prominent negro called "Al Sharpton" has been ooking that White people should be charged with hate crimes when they protect themselves against negroes who are attacking them.

Because you are only protecting yourself with force because they are negroes, not because they are attacking you.

If you are confused, CONGRATULATIONS!! You have a working frontal lobe.

I would normally blow off such mad ookings, but that ape has the ear of the White Hut. Welcome to Crazy Town. Thanks, Cultural Marxists. Everything is so much better now.

FlowerBell said...

The police department might as well have offered Wilson the back of their hand by letting him go without a severance package after what he went through.

Unknown said...

For many years the BRA DOJ has been laying the groundwork to neuter White LEOs. When TSHTF there will be no "official" interference with rioting groids. Your safety, and that of your family, will be up to you.

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

Solid post!

Y'all have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

Two black security officers versus a black high school student:

Meanwhile, everyone around them acts bored, and why not? They see it every day.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for telling us of your experiences.

Anonymous said...

Oops, my bad: the student is Latino.

Still entertaining to see everyone else in the office acting bored.


White Babies Matter.........

Anonymous said...

Bernice Greenbaum,

One of the reasons to not jump on the 'blame the teacher' bandwagon that is promoted by the judas goat phony conservatives is that it mis-directs the issue away from the real problem, that being uneducatable 'students'.

Political correctness has resulted in an "Educational System" that is nothing more the worlds most expensive babysitting service, and institutional child abuse to any student that is educatable.

Anonymous said...

He should look into suing Holder and Obama and Sharpton as well as the major news outlets that pushed the false narrative that led to the situation.

Anonymous said...

OT. But highly pertinent.

Guys. I am scared. I believe it's started. I was curious to go back and hear snippets of "Rachel Jeantel" testimony. I only saw a tiny bit on MSM, so I thought I'd get a better look by just Googling some YouTube. Wow, wow,wow. All Google would snow is

This sanitized version of how she turned her life around, site after site of happy horse shit, and only two pages of sun shine results, and no more. Period. Seriously I thought I could go further in the pages to get to the truth. But no. No more pages. 2 that's it.

I am scared. I would never have believed it could happen. Our open search engine of "do no evil " (their moto) is now gone. WTF do we do now. OMFG. We are so hosed. Seriously I am freaked with this. Did this just happen in the last day??????

Anybody else see this kind of search results?

Race said...

Would you rather have our bright children taught by black or Hispanic teachers? Would you rather have black and Hispanic have that kind of authority over you as cops?

Anonymous said...


To the person who posted that he couldn't find anything on Google about Rachel Jeantel except sanitized stories.

I found a whole lot more. What exactly did you put in your search? I simply entered Rachel Jeantel testimony.

I found lots of results. I even found the full length testimony.

Ricky In Cali said...

If your looking for her racist comments "that creepy ass Cracka" and all the other horseshit that came out of her mouth it's still out there. Huffington Post has 25:00 mins of her Elephant ass stinking up the court room with her testimony so don't fret my friend!

Ricky In Cali said...

I'm sorry brotha, but if you take a hammer and hit your foot with hit, a Tylenol will help to ease the pain. If you took a hammer and hit your foot with it again, you can take another Tylenol to ease the pain. But after awhile please stop telling me why your foot hurts as I'll politely tell you to stop hitting yourself with a hammer. This is a losing battle and after you enroll your kids in a good school (private if you have to) to keep them away from the madness, then have your kids become criminal defense attorneys or civil rights attorneys or something to better your cause. Otherwise I'll keep hearing the "woe is me" because we know it's not getting better for Teachers or Cops

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 7:23

Rachel Jeantel on youtube. FULL TESTIMONY, over five hours long:

- Man in Florida

Unknown said...

Anonymous said...

OT. But highly pertinent.

Guys. I am scared..."Rachel Jeantel" testimony...WTF do we do now. OMFG. We are so hosed. Seriously I am freaked with this.

What kinda pipe are YOU smoking?

A glass one with little beige rocks in it?

Full testimony:

5 hours, 48 minutes and 26 seconds of dripping "nignorance".

I just might overdub the questions in this testimony for fun...complete with audience laughter and a few made-up commercials thrown in for good measure.

Anonymous said...

Ex Copper, thanks for telling us your story. It's a shame how LE is treated in BRA so I make a point to thank them for their service every time I see one especially if a boon is close by. I urge everybody to try it, the nogs can't stand it and it might make one of these embattled souls day.

Bernice makes a good point and I would certainly send my family somewhere but I'd rather wait till BRA collapses like a Detroit building and then pick up the peices. Sure things will be bad for a while but after the dust settles who knows what the country would look like? I think the boons will go even more native and eat the DWL's when the gibs muh dat ain't on dey card. Anywhere near a population center would be a no go zone but out in the country things would settle down in a reasonable amount of time. I dream of the day YT wakes up (well at least a good portion) because a bunch of pissed off YT's in a scary thing. Imagine about 500 channeling their inner Viking.

Let's also remember that Germany has been derstroyed twice in the last century and they came back quickly. Sure, they haven't been as "culturally enriched" as we have but they're getting there and it's really upsetting the average German. I think Europe could set the pace with a rise in nationalism which is happening now and it could cross the pond. I don't know how long that would take but it could happen. Europe is about the have serious unrest over the mud bomb. If they start blowing those boats of 3rd worlders out of the water I'll be cheering them on big time.

SC Native

Anonymous said...

The real losers in all this are going to be white people, once again. Now, in order to balance out the arrest statistics they are going to have to go after white people for every little I being dotted and t being crossed. The Schools have already started doing this to white students.

Anonymous said...

Re: Halftongue's post.

Yeah, they want entire African countries put on global gibsmedat. Poor negroes without paved roads, water, electricity, education, housing and food looking for a handout. Who "gave" those things to Japan, for example? Forget scientific advancement, growth and the future-- breed negroes instead. (Might as well be the credo of BRA.)

What a frightening world when Nigeria has a population larger than Russia or Japan and twice+ that of Germany.

I liked the line about the failed Nigerian satellite being the fault of "foreign engineers." Blame whitey.

It's global!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous. Google has caved to the liberal elite many times. Do you remember when you searched in google images for Michele Obama and the first images that came up based on popularity were the ones of her looking like a monkey. Google swore they would never change the way the search engine worked in order to portray anyone in a favorable biased fashion. Needless to say they held that position for about a week I believe before changing the way their search algorithms worked so that the images no longer came up or even displayed in the first pages even though it was the most popular. Google is a joke. They also collude with the Chinese to turn in dissidents and to help with their "great firewall". Then they have the nerve to talk to us about how important certain freedoms are.

Anonymous said...

The government is adding a massive new dose of stress to the already stressful life of city cops. Holding down negro mayhem is "asserting white culture onto them." (From BerniceG) BRA says -- Turn them loose, let them victimize you. "It's a Black thing-- you wouldn't understand."

Anonymous said...

We are headed toward majority negro police departments in all jurisdictions. That's the Obama/Holder goal.

The thinking is that the negro, having suffered nearly 700 years of brutal slavery, will be more sensitive to "the community".

The actual goal of course is to reach a point where negroes can behave exactly as their natural tendencies dictate. Which is to rob, kill, rape and cause constant mayhem. The end goal is a U.S. culture that accepts negro behavior without offense.

That's the world you are going to get, in varying degrees. You are living in the early phases of Zimbabwe. Type all the sentences you want on the www, blame the TWNMNBM, the Masons, the crappy Republicans or the evil Democrats. This is where you are headed. The negro JuJu is strong, the non-negro JuJu is weak and accommodating. Remember that in the end, the Zulus did win.

It's just a matter of time before Obama dons a zebra cape before addressing the nation. But, hey, the Super Bowl was great.

James said...

"You are a fool. You are stupid. You are ANTI-WHITE if you risk your life, in any way, to bring White Man's law and order to the negro....
..Either get a position defending and protecting WHITE PEOPLE or get out of the business."

So Mr. Wallace; if all White people take your advice, then the next time that you need a cop a BLACK man or woman in police uniform will appear at your door. Is that really what you want? You go on to say:
"Let the negro kill the negro. That is the best thing you can do for law and order."
- Evidently you have not really thought this out. If Whites no longer work as police, then only coloreds are going to be cops. It is already headed that way now. This means that blacks will have nothing to fear if they decide to visit your (or my) neighborhood at night, crash through the door with guns, take your belongings, kill your dog, rape your wife and daughter while making you watch and then set fire to the house while you are still in it.
If you think that I am exaggerating, then you need to consider what all this really means. Eric Holder is suing the Ferguson police department to make them "comply" with his ideas of what "justice" is. What this means George, is that you WILL get your wish and soon there will be no White men who want to be cops.
This means that in the near future , when blacks know that they will have nothing to fear from a black-run administration that has given them carte blanche to act out, we Whites will be in the same boat as the Boer farmers in South Africa today.
I will bet that you are thinking that you will just shoot any black who tries to harm you or take your property, but soon any White person who defends him/herself with a gun against a black will simply be imprisoned and loose his/her property, income, job and home as well as their children. Aside from that, they will also step up the pressure to make gun ownership illegal. Obama has already made it illegal to sell military 5.56 cal. ammo to civilians (the current supply excepted, but it is being bought out by hoarders already).
Yes, for us Whites, interesting times have only just begun.

Anonymous said...

I envision a Hollywood movie, 'Blue-Eyed Killer In Blue: The Darren Wilson Story' ...

Husky young negro named Michael Brown walks to the corner store, whistling and saying 'Sup' to all the folks he passes. He's a good kid; he wouldn't harm anyone, or knowingly steal something. At the store, he mistakenly grabs a box of cigars, thinking them to be pretzel stix. The racist shopkeeper, an Indian man who learned to hate black folks while studying in American universities (one of the bad ones, in the Deep South), tries to tell Mike to put them back. Mike, whose hands are sticky from eating yummy peanut butter (his poor, poor mama is too poor to afford bread), can't seem to release his grip from the icky cigars. A tussle ensues; young Mike accidentally hits the poor little man on his way out the door. Scared, Mike begins to head to the local AME church, so he can receive guidance from his wise, hip black pastor. (Played by M.C. Hammer.)

Then Darren 'The ExeKKKutioner' Wilson shows up. And executes the lovable ragamuffin.

The End.

0225scion said...

Interesting comments. I don't think I'd enjoy living in an America sans white police officers. The vast majority of cops are trying to do a difficult job made even more difficult by an evil overbearing federal government. What's truly shameful is that the State governor isn't raising holy hell over the fact the federal government is running amok within its borders.

I'd be willing to bet that cops are indeed taking steps to protect themselves akin to what the nypd is currently doing. I'd be willing to bet that in certain neighborhoods they are looking the other way when possible, and if not possible then they are using their departments policy to full effect. A little known fact is that many metropolitan police departments can bring meaningful enforcement to a screeching halt merely by adhering to the letter of policy and law. Ex copper can chime in here I bet!

These people are going to get the exact type of policing they deserve. And they're not going to like it one bit. In the near future, look for lawsuits accusing the police of refusing to adequately police downtrodden neighborhoods. They'll say the police are indifferent to crime and violenceIin the community. And they will be correct, and there won't be a damn thing anyone can do about it.

NY Girl said...

Probably. And if it does, send all your friends that YouTube video with Sam Kinison on World Hunger.

Hey, it ain't Raaaay-cism if they just starve to death on their own arable lands!

NY Girl said...

The guy was a cop for six years. You know how much a neighborhood can change in six years? Hell, when he was in middle school thinking about what he wanted to be when he grew up, the neighborhood was majority white. Cut him some slack.

If, for no other reason, than he stopped a rampaging Ook in its tracks BEFORE - and we can't emphasize this enough - the "promising rap star" had a chance to make 20 more Ooks with a herd of baby-mommas.

The guy should get a Lifetime Achievement Award in service to Whiteness!

NY Girl said...

Sobering story. Did you retire or quit, and if it was the latter, did you do so as a result of this?

And I agree, he should sue, but understand this is a guy with a young family and a baby on the way, who has had a guillotine hanging over his head for the past year. Give him a chance to breathe and collect himself. There's still time. And you don't know what he's been up to in the time he's been laying low.

Anonymous said...

Sorry.....its OT...but just wanted to post this article about a magical negro who just simply...............disappeared. Question is.....WHY ? Read all about the "weasel" here : NC Realist

Anonymous said...

Right on topic...........

Just last night folks, Madison, Wisconsin
police shoot yet another "teen" dead as
allegations go he was walking in traffic
hitting pedestrians. Stupid people protesting
"black lives matter" if stupid lives matter...
oh, and yes, he WAS an adult at 9teen years old, stupid media !!!

Madison, Wisconsin, Cop Shoots Dead Black Suspect: Police

A 19-year-old black man was shot dead Friday during a confrontation with a police officer in Madison, Wisconsin, according to police.

A family spokesman confirmed to NBC affiliate WMTV that the deceased was 19-year-old Tony Robinson, a graduate of Sun Prairie high school.

The shooting took place Friday evening, according to police, and sparked protests including a sit-in at Madison City Hall.

Madison Police Chief Mike Koval said an officer responded to reports of a man walking in traffic and hitting pedestrians, NBC News affiliate WMTV reported.

Koval said the officer followed the man to a residence, where he attacked the officer. During the confrontation the officer drew his weapon and shot the suspect.

The officer performed CPR on the suspect, who was taken to a hospital but later died. Koval said the Division of Criminal Investigation will lead a probe into the shooting.

More than 100 protesters gathered at the scene of the shooting, according to witnesses and reports, with video showing the crowd chanting: "Who can you trust? Not the police."

Police are expected to release more details about the incident Saturday morning.

Oh just the latest of the "skeets gon' wrong".......

This is nothing more than an everyday thing to us anymore, isn't it.
The only thing different is the cities' name that it takes place in.
Everyday is simply a roll of the dice of where the next "skreets gon' wrong"
takes place. And as the stupid sheeple follow, wait until their time comes,
let's ask them how they feel about it then. They could ask me, been there,
done that. Jumped, beat, robbed, kidnapped, carjacked by 3. Need I say more ???!?!

And we wonder why we're all here..........we know why, they think we don't.

And even if they did, do you really think they care about how WE feel ???!?

Anonymous said...

The only thing our side lacks is a real leader to lead the way; we need a George Washington to fight against BRA. I am not a leader, but I am a damned good soldier in the trench. I have been reading this blog for months, and only yesterday did one of my posts actually print.

The first thing white people (in general) need to face is that BRA will not go away unless we force it to go away. If blacks move into town, then make them feel unwelcome. Speaking for myself, I don’t personally hate blacks for their skin color, but rather for the content of their character.

Let me ask you: what do blacks do to cause white flight? Could it be that blacks make life rough for the whites? We’re all intelligent people here and can see that YT keeps on moving because YT is afraid of the big black boogie man. OK…let’s put the shoe on the other foot now; let’s make Jamaal and Shanequa move on using the tactic blacks use against us. I am saying what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Ultimately we will obviously need to segregate ourselves from these lower life forms for the sake of our own well being. Many white people are still in denial about blacks, but due to the advent of youtube and instant video the bad actions of blacks are becoming clearer by the day. This blog is probably the best place to get real statistics on blacks. Have you read any other blog than SBPDL that broke down the crime statistics for Ferguson? You won’t see this on CNN or FOX. Segregation, or forced repatriation to Africa, is the only way for whites to go now!

As for Darren Wilson, his moving from Ferguson probably saved his life. The apes would have eventually laid him 6 feet under. I agree with the person who said white police should not protect apes (or something to that effect.) The black experiment is over! There is only one solution now.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect when you are being ruled by a groidle of Homo Erectus members?

Anonymous said...

Remove yourself physically from ANY interaction WHATSOEVER with black people. Being far, far away is the only answer.



what are you waiting for....?



MMP said...

We have another unarmed black yoof killed by cops in Wisconsin now!!!!!

This is going to be a long hot summer.....I believe there will be more riots.....cops being told to stand down....and more YTs coming to their senses about race.

2 black thugs kill a black cop, and no outrage.....The cop was getting a gift for his son as a reward for good grades....Now we have 2 more fatherless black children.....I can only hope they will follow in their fathers footsteps and become upstanding citizens.

What I find truly ironic, is that the murdered Black officer also had the last name of WILSON !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous about Google...

No, this did not exactly happen overnight. Google talks about sanitizing their search results "in the future," but to those of us who remember when we were "at war with Eastasia", it's been obvious that since 2008 or so, Google has really changed their algorithms. Controversial search topics have yielded unsatisfactory results for a few years now. I've noticed it particular in the field of alternative health treatment, where Googling terms about naturopathic approachs to treatment always has "webMD" results on the first page. Wikipedia and governmental sites dominate a search for anything on Google. I am interested in seeing what Net Neutrality will do to Drudge, Daily Kenn, and blogs like SBPDL. There is absolutely zero chance that it will be pretty.

Anonymous said...

@Race- it's already happening, black and Hispanic teachers, the worthless white liberal traitors; they are everywhere in the schools, corrupting young minds. Making young impressionable white kids into apologists for everything.

Only one American citizen out of ALL past and present has a Federally mandated holiday attributed to them. Out of ALL the people past and present who have made huge accomplishments for this country only this one single person is honored alone...

God help this country. I only pray that it happens while I am still able to help my family.

Mutant Swarm said...

Race said...

Would you rather have our bright children taught by black or Hispanic teachers? Would you rather have black and Hispanic have that kind of authority over you as cops?

March 6, 2015 at 7:29 PM

This is exactly what's going to happen. New Orleans PD writ large.

And for the poster trying to search for Rachel Jeantel results, here are some that look promising:

I'se be Smart!

bernicegreenbaum said...

This just in......

Madison, WI .....Unarmed black yoof shot by po po in latest episode of BRA, protestors are out proclaiming "Black lives matter." Gramma is saying he was a gentle (no, I am Not kidding) person who wouldn't harm anyone. Seems said yoof was playing double dutch with some cars in traffic. Those of you who are familiar with this particular brand of monkeyshine will recognize it as a popular form of entertainment of our negro yoof. They dodge in and out of traffic, hoping to win the ghetto lottery. YT hits them with car, yoof wails and moans, later sues while "recovering" in hospital. Should be an interesting summer. It's not even Spring yet and already the natives are getting restless. May God help us all.

Anonymous said...

Platinum EBT Cardholder:

The rule of law. YTs law. It's racist.

The majority of east gooks seem to be able to abide by YTs laws. Spics, you have two extremes one side as bad as niggers, the other side coming to america to earn a piece of the old American Dream.

As a civilized man, I have no issue with other civilized persons. None. Civilization comes from a social contract made by its occupants with each other. When the social contract is not respected by all parties, order breaks down.

The happiness I see on the faces of muds when there is talk of YT becoming a minority vividly reminds me of the lack of future time orientation they display in all other aspects of their existence. Western Europe and YT america are nice because of YT. The shitholes they flee are shitholes because of their "culture", that we respect. Respect in the sense that we allow them to practice whatever they want as long as it doesn't hurt anybody else (the social contract).

I like the phrase "Racism is holding blacks responsible for their actions". I will go further and state "Racism is holding all members of a civilized country's residents accountable to civilizations social contract".

Personal freedoms can and will be used responsibly by the majority of YT and east gooks. These same freedoms must be suppressed with muds. Andy Griffith must become Robocop in mudlands. They are, for the most part, children in adult bodies and no amount of wealth transferred to making them adults in adult bodies will succeed.

History doesn't repeat itself, but it rhymes. Zimbabwe, South Africa, USA. There's a Wocket in my pocket.

Anonymous said...

I definitely side with wilson in this issue, he did the only right thing.

at the same time I don't have any sympathy for white people that choose to police blacks.

it isn't worth it. twice the salary and benefits and it still wouldnt be worth it.

as long as negroes are a protected class above us taking a job as a cop is suicide.

Ex-Copper said...

I resigned later for a number of reasons. I still enjoyed what I did, but it takes a huge toll on a person. I remember being pissed off all of the time. If you do your job well, it messes up your family life. Gone a lot and people do target the families.

There's not much, if any time for Wilson to file suit. Tort laws are very specific in relation to time. Generally a tort notice must be filed within 60 days of an alleged wrong and the case filed within two years of the notice.

He may have a chance with the no file by the DOJ to restart the clock.

Anonymous said...

yt is just as kriminal as subhumanas africanus. To wit, the TV show "North Woods Law" where yt commits plenty of heinous crimes such as fishing without a license, fishing illegally even if they bother to get a license, killing Bambi's mom all the heck over the place, killing Bambi's mom "out of season", not having a license to kill Bambi's mom.

I've yet to see a non-YT commit these horrible & heinous crimes on "North Woods Law" or on "Alaska State Troopers" either.

These TV shows show the depths of yt criminal depravity.

Next time some raycis be talking black crime just retort with "North Woods Law"....GOTCHA :)

/H hypie out H\

Truth Corps said...

Jackson County deputy fired for online "racist" rant on Xbox Live while being baited & recorded by black thug.

Of course all the focus is on the fact that he was a police officer, not that the black thug taunted him saying that he would rape his wife & punch his mother in the mouth etc. Recording at the link.

It is often asked what can we do to combat BRA. Here is a perfect opportunity. Send this fired deputy a donation. Someone help him get a new job. A really enterprising realist could find out who the orc is that set him up...

Ex-Copper said...

It's called "By the book". It pisses the admin off because there's nothing they can do about it. Usually turns a simple report run into a two hour show and my personal favorite; the arrest of the complainant for breaking a law during the process.

Ricky in Cali said...

I'm reading this and thinking "they can't be this STUPID!!!!" But yes they can my friend.

A Nig is walking in the street hitting pedestrians. You do society a favor when you eliminate garbage like this. A cop is called, he does his job, and they chant "who can you trust NOT THE POLICE". Who the hell else are you gonna call when a Black animal is punching people in the street!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ”. . . I am scared. I would never have believed it could happen. Our open search engine of "do no evil " (their moto) is now gone. WTF do we do now. OMFG. We are so hosed. Seriously I am freaked with this. Did this just happen in the last day?????? . . . “

Google provides some very useful services such as the maps in Google Earth, but you should remember that none of these things are actually free. My understanding is that Google actually adjusts search results based on the user profiles that it builds on its users. This is probably done to provide what Google believes are more relevant searches based on your profile rather than brainwash you, but I find it very disturbing that all of this information is being saved indefinitely, is available for sale, and is subject to discovery in a lawsuit or by demand from the government.

It is possible that you are telling folks something about your search habits simply by describing your search results from Google. You might want to take a look at Duckduckgo or Startpage for future searches.

Anonymous said...

I have dealt with blacks all my life. What Officer Wilson did was save his own life. With a 300 plus pound silverback charging, the only recourse Wilson had was to put down the feral ape. If it were me, I would have used deadly force the first time; otherwise, what he did should be honored with a cash award, two week vacation to wherever he chooses (preferably away from Negroes), and some kind of medal and a statue to commemorate his bravery in the face of danger. As warning to other silverbacks, Michael Brown’s skinned scalp along with some of his ulotrichous hair should be placed on a pike next to the statue of Officer Dennis Wilson (RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF CANFIELD DRIVE!)

I know PK writes some EXCELLENT articles, but I also like to pop open a can of coke and read what other people think. I noticed that people on this blog think just like me. We all have Negro fatigue. Since I am new here, I am Al from Virginia. I will keep my words clean here so as not to offend any of the ladies, but then again, some of the ladies probably think about like me anyway (Bernice or whoever…give that lady a high five!). On another blog a reader accused me of being racist and said I would make the movie Django Unchained blush. I can’t comment on that because I never saw the movie; nor do I want to see another movie, TV show, or commercial that portrays blacks as anything but what they are: apes.

Consider these lower life forms as wild animals and you will go far and not succumb to a deadly attack. In a Negroid apocalypse, which is not far off with Obozo as president, remember to take them out like you would a black bear. I am a hunter, and I do consider them pests. They only have the US government protecting them from us! Heaven help them when that help vacates! There WILL be segregation at that point!

Anonymous said...


Was listening to Rush on AM.

'Mother Jones' mag declares '3 meals a day' to be racist.
The redskins didnt get three meals. It was evil YT that did that.

Anonymous said...

White America owes Darren Wilson an apology. It was white America that allowed africans to run for public office in this country. It was white Americans that allowed scum to occupy our white house and federal government.
Besides law enforcement Officers, there were only small groups of white Americans to stand up, with their signs, and publicly support Darren Wilson.
To Darren Wilson, I am ashamed. About 30 miles from where I live, there was a public display of support for you, and I didn't get off my butt to go stand with them.
I cannot just say "I am Darren Wilson" because Darren Wilson is not the kind of man to just sit on his butt.


Anonymous said...

Forget "GIGGLE", people! Start using this search engine:
I've been using it for about two years now. It has a sister site called Either one is much much safer than "Do Much Evil.Commie".

ON Topic: I used to wonder why the local Tidewater VA area cops were always dog-talking the darkies, even many of the darker cops themselves. Well, now I know. Get your concealed permits and USE them, folks! As the old Sarge on "Hill Street Blues" used to say, "Hey! Let's be CAREFUL out there!".

.....P-Town Correspondent

Anonymous said...

Just to throw some facts into the discussion:

Black cops are much more likely to use deadly force against black suspects.

Perhaps because they know their own people.

Race said...

All of western Europe is just as bad as here in America if not worse including Germany.

Anonymous said...

Slightly off topic: please watch a doc called "Tapestries of Hope." Camera crew, well self intended, visits Zimbawe to call attention to culturally sanctioned child rape. In modern times. You'll learn a lot about baseline mind sets and behavioral patterns apparent in the free world today. For example, store owners like to keep genital parts in their stores to attract customers... How they get the genital parts will blow your mind. And it's all pretty much accepted.

Anonymous said...

So it looks like the Al Sharpton Gravy Train will be making a stop in Madison. With the right prodding he should be able to get the natives to burn down their own neighborhood because they are oppressed and "want jobs".

Anonymous said...

Some of the comments here allude to future lax law enforcement based on Officer Wilson's treatment. I believe we've already had some of that, before Michael Brown ever became America's Sweetheart.

I've heard police response in Detroit can be so slow it might as well not even occur. I think we have sections of cities (guess which ones?) where the police won't go, or at least, won't rush quickly into without proper numbers.

I think if LE officers felt safe in letting us into their confidence, we would know a lot more about areas where the police already- not in some future dystopia- but already have abandoned any attempt to defend Civilization as we Know It.

If anyone can ferret out the real truth about American no-go and no-police zones, it is probably PK. I think info will be hard to get because the officers will be exposing themselves to retribution from BRA by speaking up.

As for Holder, the whole pretense of investigation was pandering from Day One. They knew Wilson acted properly, but they(Holder and Obama by extension) wanted to be big heroes to their people.

If the blacks of Missouri had an inkling of sense, they would resent Holder's lies, patronization, and flagrant pandering.

But I doubt that in their half-white hearts Holder and Obama themselves have much respect for these negroes. Alas, they're stuck with them, as constituents and peers and "fambly"; and that probably just increases their internal misery-those guys are just smart enough (thanks to their White admixture) to realize what a pathetic lot their Negro brothers and sisters are.

Anonymous said...

I am very familiar with the St. Louis area although I have never lived there. My stepmother, dad, grandmother, sister and I took a drive out there in the 1980’s for vacation to see the house my grandfather was born in. Guess what, he was born in the north part of the city and even back then the area look like shEEit. There were Negroes all over the place. I drove past a bar (about 10PM) with my entire family in the car and I felt like Chevy Chase in Vacation. I told my stepmother later on back when we were safe at home in Arizona: if the light at that corner had turned red, I was planning on going through it anyway, and although it was late night and I lost as hell…I knew better than Chevy Chase did and DID NOT stop and ask for directions from these feral silverbacks.

When we finally found his birthplace, my grandmother mentioned how bad things looked. What she didn’t say, but what I intuitively knew was this: yeah…before the Negroes took over! I was SO happy when they saw the damned house so that we could leave spookville.

Even though I was a young man at the time, I had enough encounters with blacks to know the scoop about blacks: they are to be avoided. Thinking back my dad must have had a compass on his car that always directed him straight into the middle of spookland. He is not with me anymore, but I have to laugh how we got lost in East St. Louis (no…I’m not kidding.) I bet many of the older readers could regale us for hours talking about old times in spookland.

I was in St. Louis about 3 or 4 years ago to get training from the place I work. Believe me things have NOT improved with time!! I was with a black co-worker and we had to commute together because we were allowed only one rental car. Driving though parts of the city he said to me that he felt uncomfortable in that part of the city (and he was black.)

Anonymous said...

D-FENS said...

LA Times has a story on Selma. Despite negroes taking over "da power struchah" that is apparently insufficient. The story quotes an activist that the only way to save the city is to prevent White businesses from leaving.

Ex-Copper said...

That was quick, photo of adult killed by police officer is already out. Any guesses as to the depiction? You guessed it; cap and gown smiling next to what I'd assume is his mother

Anonymous said...

"Perhaps because they know their own people."

Or maybe black cops are more likely to use deadly force because they are products of the same alleged "culture." They're negroes first and cops only second.

Anonymous said...

No white cop is safe on the streets of the city that used to be Detroit. Even a liberal federal judge was shot in the leg when two black males attempted to enter his Detroit home when he finished setting the garbage cans to the curb. Poor decision to raise a family in this unsafe place.

Anonymous said...

I know! Get rid of the idiot box, but watching/listening to a person near a bridge in Alabama is astounding.
I'm not going to go into details.

BTW, the bridge appears to be the best kept municipal structure in Selma.

I believe there's a privately funded monument to Nathan B. Forrest in Selma that's in good shape.

Scot Irish

Truth Corps said...

Substitute "white" for "ant" in the following video link. The "crickets" are "blacks & BRA".

Chip away & crack the foundation of BRA fellow "ants".

Anonymous said...

Well, per Obama Marches and Protest will continue until morale improves.

Scot Irish

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Wouldn’t the sane thing for the white people of Ferguson be to leave two tire prints in the pavement as they leave that godforsaken place? Of course all whites would need to stop for a moment of silence at the very spot the gentle giant was martyred.

I wonder how that sheboon that got her weave shop burned down is doing for business. The crazy groids burned down a shop that did weaves. If they lost her weave shop, how would all the females of the species get their weaves? Like this blog always points out, with such a poor future time orientation and low IQ the groids would be saying: we be needin a weave, but YT done caused us to burn it down; it be YT’s fault!

I think the only thing that will satisfy the groid’s lust for vengeance of Michael Brown’s martyrdom is for Governor Nixon to personally cover himself with gasoline and let some brother walking by with half his ass hanging out his pants light him up. I think the blacks need a white sacrifice for this, and I think it should be Nixon.

Anonymous said...

"Right on topic...........

Just last night folks, Madison, Wisconsin
police shoot yet another "teen" dead as
allegations go he was walking in traffic
hitting pedestrians. Stupid people protesting
"black lives matter" if stupid lives matter...
oh, and yes, he WAS an adult at 9teen years old, stupid media !!!"

Madison is both the state capitol of Wisconsin and the home of the main campus of the Univ. of Wisconsin. During the Vietnam War it was the place where Midwest radicals congregated and where the ROTC building was bombed. It has been a center of radical politics of one type or another for more than 100 years, look up Bob Lafollette for a great example. This incident is also a great example of the dead end nature of left wing politics, it is spent.

After protesting railroad tariffs, direct election of senators, women's suffrage and every other "progressive" cause and winning on every one of them the left ran out of causes a long time ago. The new causes since about 1932 have been just a series of incremental steps to bring about communism an inch at a time. It's always the same groups pushing these anti YT causes, only the details change using the negro as their best weapon.

Black Lives Matter is the reductio ad absurdum of more than 100 years of progressivism. The negro cannot survive in a YT society without destroying the very society that supposedly is "oppressing" him or eventually being left to his own devices as YT flees resulting in his self-destruction from the negro's inability to build or maintain civilization. Walking in the middle of traffic, randomly assaulting strangers then confronting armed civilian police is asking for death. Such a person, if not mentally disturbed got what he deserved but is still blindly supported by stupid, suicidal YT SJWs living out a childish fantasy while secretly being justly afraid of any unscripted confrontation with the feral negro.

I wish the police had captured Shitavious and delivered him to the bearded hypocritical college professors teaching social justice in Madison. Shitavious could have been their class project, bringing him home to meet their daughters and wives.

non-DWL from NE.
BHO says hello to SBPDL.

Anonymous said...

With Obama's immigration insanity, we are rapidly running out of places to run to. He is filling the country with third-world trash who reproduce three and four times faster than we do, along with laws and policies that effectively privelige them over us, along with a media propaganda campaign that actively promotes and glorifies all of this. The future looks bad for us.

John Boehner is the greatest American traitor who ever lived. He put the nail in our coffin.

Anonymous said...

*my personal favorite: the arrest

Anonymous said...

"White America owes Darren Wilson an apology."

Absolutely true. If the races were reversed, all of the Blacks would be marching in favor of the Black cop who saved his life against the White thug.

The problem is NOT all Blacks. The problem IS a lot of Whites. It is Whites who have coddled Blacks, it is Whites who allow Blacks to run amuck. It is Whites who excuse Blacks and support them. It is Whites who sit back and allow massive illegal immigration from Mexico. It is Whites who allow large scale third world legal immigration. A lot of the problem lies with Whites.

Anonymous said...

We are at a crossroads in our country. Africans are demanding they not be held accountable for their crimes. Islamic terrorists kill Americans and in front of the world say they are coming for us.
When our local law enforcement most needs our support, our own government turns against them. At the same time our government aims to disarm all law abiding citizens.
This government wants a national force under their control. This government supports riots, looting, burning and criminal activity. Are all states going to bow before the federal government like Missouri?
Are we all going to wait until we're disarmed, hiding behind locked doors, waiting for that same door to be kicked in? I hope not.
I'm no longer a young man, and age is robbing me of my vision, but I hope to be around when Americans retake their country.
Illegal aliens are thrown out, criminals are tried and execution of sentences are swift, and terrorists are told to bring it on, and Americans can feel safe in any city in the country.

NY Girl said...

It would seem more and more people "get it" every day.

Our thin-skinned, low-IQ Indonesian Overlord might just serve an actual purpose after all.

Here he is, bitching about the availability of guns in the inner city, while bemoaning the dearth of books and veggies. As if Black people are seriously interested in either of those. Be sure to read the comments.

Anonymous said...

Next time some raycis be talking black crime just retort with "North Woods Law"....GOTCHA :)

/H hypie out H\

I was recently a victim of YT crime but did the police help me ? Of course not!

I was minding my own business walking through conservation land when a woman's vicious animals attacked me without provocation. First the golden retriever sat on my feet demanding to be patted and blocking my path. Next a ferocious pug dog ran up to me, jumping on me (as much as he could) wanting to be patted also. As if that weren't enough her German Shepherd ran up to me begging for food.

Quaking in fear I gave each of the beasts a piece of a snack I was saving for later. What could I do, I was under attack ? Even though I patted the beasts and gave them something to eat they weren't satisfied, they wanted to be petted more, especially the pug and of course to eat, eat, eat.

The woman came up to me a minute later full of apologies for her herd of ferocious animals but it was too late, the damage had been done. Now when I go back there the beasts immediately run up to me looking for treats and petting, oblivious to the leash laws in effect. Where are the police when you need them ? I'm still in recovery with my bearded shrink, Oh the humanity !

non-DWL from NE
Rev. Al says hello to SBPDL.

Anonymous said...

"I've yet to see a non-YT commit these horrible & heinous crimes on "North Woods Law" or on "Alaska State Troopers" either."

There are certainly Whites or Hispanics and Asians that commit horrible violent crimes. The difference between other races and Blacks is the amount. Places that are all White are usually clean, peaceful and safe. Crime, when it does occur, is usually petty. Serious violent crime does occur among Whites, but it is a once in awhile thing. Once in awhile, a White serial killer or rapist will be on the loose. Once in awhile, a White will go bezerk and shoot or stab people. Once in awhile a White will commit some horrible, heinous crime. In Black areas, violent crime, stabbings and shootings, sexual assault, general thuggery and street violence are frequent and common. No other race rises anywhere close to the level of Blacks.

Anonymous said...

"I'm reading this and thinking "they can't be this STUPID!!!!" But yes they can my friend"

No, Blacks aren't that stupid. Blacks WANT to be able to do whatever they want with no repercussions. at least from Whites. They also see an opportunity to use this to play the eternal victim so they can continue to be favored. Thus, they lie, twist the facts around so that Michael Brown the criminal and violent attacker of the police becomes a saint and the police office defending himself just shot an innocent Black who "dint dooz nuffins". Blacks KNOW exactly what they are doing.

Anonymous said...

To the negro, justice is simply getting everything their own way, unchallenged, unopposed without resistance.

In a way, why not? It's working pretty good for them so far.

( I owe black people nothing )

Anonymous said...



Awakened White said...

not even just L.E. but just plan CCW people def. cant defend themselves in BRA anymore.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....."My baby be daid cause he done be shot and kilt by dat white police officer who stalked him down and kicked in the door and shoots him and dat not right cause he wasn't no violent street thug or criminal and didn't do nuffin and was starting to turn his life around and was going to be a rap star and now I be doing a lots of suffering and crying cause he was down with the struggle and was going to go to college next year and learned to be a good school teacher and help the keeds that be poor in the neighborhood so they be getting a good job and now he daid and I be now getting to meet with Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and they will set things right for justice and freedom and the people will be protesting in the street of Madison and looting stores and getting free shit that the white man stole from us and now I be going on the TV talk show and lecture circuit and be meeting famous people like that Rachael Madmax and we be burning down parts of town because the white man have all that white privilege stuff and other things and he be holding us down cause we be getting mistreated cause we black and were slaves and all we be getting is them welfare checks and free rent and new cars but we still gots to pay our own water bill and tomorrow me and my mamma gonna be printing up tee shirts to sell so we kin be getting some of that money to put food on the table cause I don't gets no more money once my baby turned 18 and he not good for no more welfare checks and sheet".

SKIP said...

I found a new and far more accurate means of finding the true demographics (% of niggers in an area) WAL-MART! Go to prospective new area and hang around the WAL-MART for a few hours and VOILA! It is revealed whether or not you want to move there or not.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Here we go again in Madison! Can any Human cop legitamatley drop an ape without being accused of racism!!?? They commit the vast majority of crimes!! They'll be the suspects the majority of times! Get used to it.

Side note: just wait for their temps to start moving up and we'll have some CAT 5 Chimpouts very soon.

Popcorn please.....!

Anonymous said...

Utter disgrace that Officer Wilson can't continue his career. He did his job properly; followed procedure to the letter. WHY the F is he being persecuted??!!

End this madness NOW!!

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous Anonymous said...
To the anonymous about Google...

No, this did not exactly happen overnight. Google talks about sanitizing their search results "in the future," but to those of us who remember when we were "at war with Eastasia", it's been obvious that since 2008 or so, Google has really changed their algorithms. Controversial search topics have yielded unsatisfactory results for a few years now. I've noticed it particular in the field of alternative health treatment, where Googling terms about naturopathic approachs to treatment always has "webMD" results on the first page. Wikipedia and governmental sites dominate a search for anything on Google. I am interested in seeing what Net Neutrality will do to Drudge, Daily Kenn, and blogs like SBPDL. There is absolutely zero chance that it will be pretty.

March 7, 2015 at 6:03 AM"


Thank you.

I knew that was what I was seeing. Sad to see the end of the internet so soon after it's birth. It was my salvation, as I am a ( what's called) infoholic. I seek knowledge. Actually thirst for truth. What will we, I, do now that it is gone?

Annie Oakley said...

It’s hard for me to be sympathetic with any government worker today, whether they’re cops or former federal, state, county or city. Because they’re so afraid of losing their precious “pension” they live and work in a state of limbo. They’re anti-white and their departments constantly think of ways to take more and more money from all of us. Whether it’s in the form of increased sales tax, higher fines, property taxes raised or even taxes on cigarettes, they’re heroin addicts with no bottom. I can vouch from personal experience how these so called government parasitical leeches have affected my life and not in a good way.

Now around where I live, they’re doing roadblocks every few months. They never really catch anyone for doing anything, maybe a few folks for expired tags or missing their insurance card. All this does is hassle white drivers and waste taxpayers money.

From the code enforcement assholes to rogue cops, most government employees are entitled, coddled paper pushers. Most of these people graduated college and went straight to government work their entire life. They’ve never ran a business or actually had to worry about their jobs (as in the private sector where one can be fired for absolutely no reason at all) or their health insurance.

Californian said...

Blacks WANT to be able to do whatever they want with no repercussions. at least from Whites. They also see an opportunity to use this to play the eternal victim so they can continue to be favored.

I would add that DWLs want black to be able to do whatever they want to do, whether it is committing crimes, producing large numbers of illegitimate children, or trashing schools. All this is a battering ram against middle class white values. Blacks are essentially the cannon fodder. DWLs exploit the havoc to expand their control.

On one level, an Obama can be seen as an independent actor, taking sides in a race war against YT. On another, he is the teleprompter reader giving the cover story for the ongoing consolidation of power at federal/globalized level.

Californian said...

Slightly off topic: please watch a doc called "Tapestries of Hope." Camera crew, well self intended, visits Zimbawe to call attention to culturally sanctioned child rape. In modern times. You'll learn a lot about baseline mind sets and behavioral patterns apparent in the free world today. For example, store owners like to keep genital parts in their stores to attract customers... How they get the genital parts will blow your mind. And it's all pretty much accepted.

Back when Zimbabwe was Rhodesia and white ruled--did they have this sort of thing going on? I don't think so. But this is what happens when you remove white civilization from the equation.

TMH said...

I sure do hope PK covers Obama's Selma spech, wherein this monstrous fraud begins the early process of establishing a fantasy world where negroes created this country, its culture, its uniqueness, its prosperity.

Obama at Selma - "Negroes built this nation".

The negro and the leftists have established a brutally efficient process of stealing the fruits of your labor. They are about to steal your history.

Anonymous said...

The happiness I see on the faces of muds when there is talk of YT becoming a minority vividly reminds me of the lack of future time orientation they display in all other aspects of their existence. Western Europe and YT america are nice because of YT. The shitholes they flee are shitholes because of their "culture", that we respect. Respect in the sense that we allow them to practice whatever they want as long as it doesn't hurt anybody else (the social contract).

Right. Whether we are talking Haiti, Zimbabwe, or Detroit, blacks follow the same pattern:
(1) drive out YT, then
(2) wreck the place,
(3) blame YT, then
(4) move on to a new YT space, and...
(5) ...continue the pattern.

Above all, blacks never take responsibility for their actions. They seem to believe that that civilized society is a sort of magical thing, requiring no human action. It's been "stolen" from them by YT, so they must chase YT to get it back. They refuse to see their own role in the destruction of civilization--or rather, their inability to create it in the first place.

Check that. I doubt if most blacks can even put that much cogitating together. This is the party line they have been given by DWLs, to be chanted as slogans even as they burn down their own 'hoods.

Medic Bear said...

"Obama at Selma - "Negroes built this nation".

Hmmm. I don't recall seeing any "X" marks or signatures of anyone I suspect of being Black on the Declaration of Independence. Or the Constitution.

Nope, no "Shitavious" or "Sir'killa'von" or the like.

What a crock of absolute bullshit.

And the progressives eat it up.

Anonymous said...

I looked at a few Madison, WI news sites to read up on the latest dead black miscreant who assaulted a cop, and man oh man were there tons of stories about rapes, robberies, shootings, etc. where they actually listed the race of the perpetrator.

'. . . suspects are described as black males' in every story! I had no idea Madison was that vibrant.

Anonymous said...


LA Times has a story on Selma. Despite negroes taking over "da power struchah" that is apparently insufficient. The story quotes an activist that the only way to save the city is to prevent White businesses from leaving.


Ex-Copper said...

Ummm, yea...those days of awesome health benefits are gone. High cap HSAs for the police and fire fighters. Pensions? Cops on average die at 55 yoa, which is why retirement draw is at 52 in my state. Awesome pension in my state? Nope. 20yrs equals 1/2 of a new officers salary. About 15k a yr. City and State police do not pay social security, so they work shitty parttime jobs to qualify for that. Your employer paid 401k match and stock options? Nope. Cities aren't allowed, not would they, fund retirement accounts. Cops and fire can have 457 accounts, no match. Most states and municipalities borrow against retirement funds, making them insolvent and if a city goes tits up? They contract out public safety, tell their employees to get fucked. No job no retirement no health care. Oh and no healthcare if you make it to pension, or you pay what is basically a COBRA rate effectively equaling your gross wages of your pension.

Pretty grim isn't it? Not all states are as shitty as mine, but they will be as time goes on.

You don't like DUI checkpoints, cool. Pay attention to the news or radio. They're advertised ahead of time due to federal case law. Once again, 99.9% of tickets are earned through your attitude and/or failure to do what is expected of you in society. Seatbelt laws aside, thank your insurance companies lobby for that, the other shit is common sense.

Most govt paper pushers are shit heads because they make fuck all of nothing to listen to you bitch about their lack of service. The avg person at the bmv, state income tax rep, ad nauseum make about $10-12 an hour. Awesome salary isn't it?

Most states are "at will" now, so most employees can be fired for no cause. There's also the built in conduct unbecoming or detrimental to (insert agency). They're so vague that spitting on the sidewalk can get you fired.

Yup. Some people, like public safety and certain other agencies do their jobs because that's their calling in life. You don't have to understand or like it. It's not for the bene's, damn sure not to deal with obnoxious individuals such as yourself. They're not anti-white, pro government storm troopers. Pretty much every single person in the rank and file are center-right, most with a libertarian bent. That's why they have discretion in damn near every misdemeanor case and a lot of low level felonies.

Bandaid brand and tide sell stuff to blacks, Asians, Hispanics, Indians, and Eskimos. I still bet you have some of those race coddling sellout's products in your cubbard.

I don't defend all actions by public safety, but I do know how they feel. Shit on by the headshed and by idiots like yourself. It might be cliche, but next time you're looking down the barrel of a heart attack or just got mangeled in a car crash, hit by the drunk those checkpoints are meant to deter, or got your ass thrown to the ground when your purse gets ripped off your shoulder, call someone else to fix your sorry ass.

Anonymous said...

Platinum EBT Cardholder:

@Annie Oakley:

Ma'am, you are very correct in stating we work in a state of limbo. Job security is a big draw for work. Especially when the private sector can replace me cheaper with an H1B Indian engineer at the drop of a hat. I have 3 YT kids that be needin they bellies filled at least three times a day. That shit gets expensive, even when most is fresh produce and momma can stay at home and play June Cleaver.

I believed the service hype. I truly did. I served as a mercenary for big money interests for many years before getting my ass shot off by some third world mud. I then get to go to college for free. Yay. The standards are so low, I'm no rocket scientist by any stretch of the imagination, I was able to double down and go from Associates to Masters in 3 years. A real state school too, not an online diploma mill, (note there is little difference today). Not many african faces but a lot of curry eaters. Some east gooks too.

2008 and the economy goes to shit. My first job out of grad school was construction gofer, and was damn lucky to get any construction job at all. This is where my fun times began, as I needed gov assistance (that I had paid into while I was working) and the retarded muds kept looking at me suspiciously when I applied.

Kids be needin food and shelter. YT is getting demographically replaced by mud. Its a catch 22.

Anonymous said...

"I would add that DWLs want black to be able to do whatever they want to do, whether it is committing crimes, producing large numbers of illegitimate children, or trashing schools."

As long as it's not anywhere near the DWL's.

Anonymous said...

For the poster saying visiting Wal-mart can show the true demographics of an area, that's not always the case. There's one about two miles from where I grew up, going to school with so few nogs you could typically count all of them in the building on one hand. But it's on bus routes, so they come in from the city to do their shoplifting and so forth.

Which, I've read plenty of stories about malls that have died for the same reasons, they weren't necessarily in a bad location, but the trouble came in on the bus.

I have to admit, though, it caught me a little off guard when this store first opened, I was there during the day for something and here's all these nogs in there. Before this was Wal-mart, there had been a mall there (which died mostly because a newer, shinier mall was built only 10 minutes down the road), and as I said I grew up here - don't remember ever seeing so many of them in that area.

Anonymous said...

I agree with GW on the first comment. It seems that the police is similar to the military in the way that people over romanticize what they actually do, compared to why they took the job in the first place. We took the job for exactly that, because we needed a job. You can't be surprised that a nigger ruined a policeman's career any more than you could be surprised that a dirt squirrel killed a serviceman. If you can't tolerate that risk, than get out and do something else. At least Wilson is alive. It's impossible to force civilization on apes. This is proven over and over again. However more whites are race realists today because of it all, and that will likely save some lives.

Anonymous said...

Obama at Selma - "Negroes built this nation".

I have told many people online and real life:

"Picking crops in a few States doesn't equal 'building america'."

That really upsets people for seom reason.

Anonymous said...

TMH said ”I sure do hope PK covers Obama's Selma spech, wherein this monstrous fraud begins the early process of establishing a fantasy world where negroes created this country, its culture, its uniqueness, its prosperity.

Obama at Selma - "Negroes built this nation". . . “

I almost never watch Obama deliver a speech because he is so full of chit that I detest watching or hearing him. However, I did manage to read what Time claims is a transcript of his speech ( and it in did contain a number of amazing factoids. For example, I didn't realize that the Selma march lead to the tearing down of the Berlin wall. Apparently, those people trapped behind the iron curtain in East Berlin studied Selma and became inspired to tear down the wall.

I am perplexed by the quote “Negroes built this nation . . .”. The so-called transcript of his speech certainly implies that blacks pretty much built this nation, but I was unable to locate the exact text of the quote. I'm wondering if your reference to the quote came from a live speech where Obama wandered off of the script to appeal to his black audience of the moment, or perhaps the written record is already being changed to remove obviously outrageous claims that would offend non-blacks who might later read his speech.

Anonymous said...

Plus he still has a civil suit hanging over his head by this thugs family. Probably more money in it than hocking 'hands up, don't shoot!" T-Shirts.

Anonymous said...

Move to Northern Canada, they hate cold weather in the winters and black flies in the summer. A house on water for good measure.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but the fact that we've spent trillions of dollars and countless lives fighting some 'Islamic' boogie man in the M.E, is part of the reason why we're in such dire straits. This so called ' war on terror' was all part of the plan to open the flood gates to mass immigration, FEMA camps, gun control, socialized medicine, DHS, NSA, SOPA, banker bailouts. If you think that radical Islam should even be in the top 100 priorities to deal with right now, then you sir are part of the problem! With the help of the msm, the American sheeple were duped into thinking we were fighting the good fight overseas, when in fact the enemy was always at home. Now the chickens have come home to roost!

Ex-Brooklynite said...

Look, the Wilson shoot was a clean shoot. No doubt about it. The department he works for, and the city that runs it, is thoroughly corrupted, however. Here's the problem, white people: you let them build a police force to extract money from blacks, then don't complain when it's turned on whites. You think you have a problem with blacks? What about when they run Ferguson, serve as all the police officers, and fine every white car going through $500 for some made-up infraction?

I refer to this article, on the report by DoJ on policing in Ferguson. Just because the injustice happens to blacks, don't think it won't be turned against you. Here is a quote, to show that we have allowed the fact that it's blacks being oppressed to blind us to a scheme to rob us under color of "law."

"Even if Ferguson were to get it right: Could Florissant? Where a part-time judge making two appearances per month earns $50,000 per year? Where the prosecuting attorney 'works roughly 4% of a fulltime job, but earns 145% of a full-time public defender’s salary'"

Anonymous said...

My wife works for WIc. White moms who aren't so bright or had drug problems get counseling and assistance and really care. Nogs are violent gibsmedat pieces of shit. A boyfriend came once and stole 1,000$ worth of gift cards we had from our wedding. God I hate them.

Annie Oakley said...

Ex-copper, it appears you got all butthurt over my comments. Tough.

You talk about the grim statistics of your paycheck and your pension. Guess what? Your salary is paid for by the US taxpayer. The US taxpayer for the most part is not working. And they'd be thrilled to make 10-12 an hour when they're making 7-8 at Walmart. And if they get killed from some negro robber, their family doesn't get jack squat. So when the average Joe doesn't have a job, your paycheck goes down. Just like in the private sector when employee hours are predicated by sales.

As far as checkpoints go? They're unnecessary. And you know it. It's forced revenue at the barrel of a gun. Most of the people in checkpoints around here are not guilty of any crime. They're driving while white.

Here's the main difference. I don't HAVE to shop in a retail store. But I do have to stop at a checkpoint or I'll go to jail.

Hey guess what Ex-copper, if government employees don't like their job, there are plenty of decent white folks who will do the job with a smile. Most government workers are black asses. And you know it.

And for the record, I don't call cops or talk to cop. They've sold their soul to the devil. They invite the Israeli police force to train their deputies. Gotta keep the good goyim in line huh?

The truth hurts and most whites are sick of entitled, coddled spoiled civil service jackasses.

Mr. Rational said...

I was minding my own business walking through conservation land when a woman's vicious animals attacked me without provocation. First the golden retriever sat on my feet...

You owe me a new keyboard.  Thank goodness the chair is microfiber suede and cleans with paper towel!

0225scion said...

Care to speculate on the level at which this occurring across the nation? I imagine most sergeants are fully on board with it. It will be interesting to see if it starts playing out, though I doubt the msm will give it much attention. If cops are wading knee deep in black blood and mayhem, in a few months it will be waist deep.

How easy it would be to just ignore black on black violence. Ignore it completely. When called, take your time getting there. Take meticulous reports, with emphasis on the sheer number of folks who, "din see nuffins", "doan know nuffin bout dat", and most of all, "din do nuffins". And take their word for it.

When the gang bangers figure out what's going on, they will bathe black neighborhoods in blood and violence settling petty scores. Best of all, give the protesters everything they demand! Literally, they would be handing da comudidty all the rope they need to wipe out entire swathes of neighborhoods.

Enforce nothing. And subtlety let them know that its lord of the flies time. Be courteous to the thugs, fill out the FI forms, and accomplish. ...nothing. Save yourself. Why should they put themselves at risk for a community of people who will shit all over them at the drop of a hat? Give them exactly what they want and see how they like it.

Ex-Copper said...

I'm not butthurt, you just sound like every black gang banging drug dealer who got their door kicked in by me at 6 am with search warrant in hand.

I proved my point, there isn't platinum anything in the job like you proclaim. First responders aren't selling out their race. The majority of whites I know working in government offices are as nasty as the blacks. Cops are taxpayers too, so they sorta fund their own salaries if you want to pull the taxpayer card. Cops train with all sorts of units, special ops, special ops providers, Feds, state, locals and yes foreigners too. We even go to their countries to train. One reason is that the US govt knows that in order to truly fight certain crimes, indicators must be utilized to identify those most likely committing serious acts of violence. Problem with that is the evil profiling term comes up and that's illegal. Foreigners such as the Israelis regularly engage terrorists and terrorist acts. While they are few and far between in the US, my presumption has always been, 9/11 was a blow to the economy and one hell of a gamble by Al Qaeda. The reality will become hitting malls and gatherings in small towns. Taking violence to Mayberry is what will really make people feel that they're not safe anywhere. If your locals aren't trained in something productive, they'll freeze and die, causing citizens to die, I've seen it happen.

Lastly, you only have to stop at a roadblock if you decide to continue driving towards it. They have posted warnings such as "Check point ahead". You can turn off, someone may follow you, but if you're compliant with the law you're not getting stopped.

Yes some cops are shit heads and do shitty things. Sometimes it helps to see the other side of things to understand what's really going on.

0jr said...

don't forget 3 cops were murdered and 4 whites 1 of whom was a 14 yr. old white girl that was forced to drink gas and burnt alive will the savages looted robbed ,raped,commite arson and called for the murder of whitey

AnalogMan said...

Ex-Copper said...

I'm not butthurt, you just sound like every black gang banging drug dealer who got their door kicked in by me at 6 am with search warrant in hand.

And his dog shot? Is that SOP? Did you do that?

Just asking.

Ex-Copper said...

I didn't shoot anyone's dogs. It hurts to get bit, but I have my own dogs.

It is sop to shoot a dog that is attacking. My experience however is that the majority of dogs hide when a house is getting hit.

I had a Sgt shoot at a dog that was sleeping, he missed and it ran away. As a firearms instructor I had to tell him to write a report and I then advised the chiefs to find him in violation of policies regarding discharging his firearm and unreasonable force. They of course did not, but I registered my disapproval because it was wrong and as an instructor I could be found liable for his actions in the future if I let it go.