Saturday, March 28, 2015

There's literally no where else to go from this point, save the reintroduction of segregation and Jim Crow. Seriously.

Two white males, employed by Domino's Pizza, executed by blacks in New Orleans. 

Less than six months apart. 
After two white Domino's Pizza drivers are executed by black males in New Orleans (six months apart), the company will reevaluate delivery rules... 

One of those white males, Richard "Chris" Yeager, was executed by a black male who was only identified because his ankle monitoring device placed him there at the time of the murder...

There's literally no where else to go from this point, save the reintroduction of segregation and Jim Crow. 
Seriously. [Domino's makes changes to protect delivery drivers,, 3-28-15]:
The murder of a Domino's delivery driver forces the local franchise to change the way it does business in New Orleans. RPM Pizza announced new steps to combat what it calls "rare and violent crime." 
The changes come just days after 36-year-old Michael Price was shot and killed during an early Tuesday morning armed robbery in the 6100 block of North Roman Street. The gunman has not yet been found. 
Some of the changes RPM will make include only accepting credit cards for delivery service after 10 p.m. RPM Pizza says that means drivers will not carry cash after 10 p.m. in certain locations, including the Franklin Avenue store where Price worked. 
The franchise also hopes to become a test market for in-car cameras and GPS tracking devices in New Orleans. 
A $10,500 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and indictment of those responsible for Michael Price's murder. A billboard featuring the reward information will be on display. Call Crimestoppers at 504-822-1111 with tips. All callers remain anonymous and do not have to testify to be eligible for the cash reward. Domino's says it will donate 50% of sales from the Franklin Avenue location this week to the Price family.
There's literally no where else to go from this point, save the reintroduction of segregation and Jim Crow.



Anonymous said...

whats it like to live in Australia?

Anonymous said...

"The murder of a Domino's delivery driver forces the local franchise to change the way it does business in New Orleans. RPM Pizza announced new steps to combat what it calls "rare and violent crime."


I think Fox News made a typo. Shouldn't it be " 'race' and violent crime"?

Philadelphia Mike

Anonymous said...

WTF would any white boy stray into nogville at night unarmed? If my boss told me to deliver a pizza there I'd tell him to shove it up his @$$ and walk out the door. Better to have your pride and your life than to slave away working for the underclass.

Charlotte Realist

Anonymous said...

Two words. Segregate Ventilate.

Billy the Kid said...

Domino's is missing the real issue.

The black agenda isn't robbery. It's murder...annihilation...torture and humiliation of non-blacks.

With each new negro atrocity committed, thousands of Whites are awakening.

What is seen cannot be unseen.

We SHALL prevail.

Billy the Kid

Anonymous said...

Dominos doesn't seem to be too concerned about this do they? The least they could do would be to hire hundreds of thousands of H1B drivers, possibly Indians or Chinese. The options are endless really.

This wonderful, high paying job of delivering pizza needs to be moved to immigrants. Domino is a terrific company and they care deeply about their employees, even when they are beaten, raped and murdered. But the management of Domino understands that there is nothing inherently dangerous about delivering their product to Afro-americans. Their employees simply need more training.

Chances are that their delivery personnel are insulting their customers, perhaps calling them the N-word or the M****r F****r N-word or something similar.

Look, you can't blame the young men of color for killing pizza delivery people. They are often hungry, possibly suffering from low blood sugar. Domino needs to step up and just deliver free pizza to all areas of color. This way they can start a dialogue on race, like Starbucks.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with segregation. Jim Crow laws are fine by me. With blacks, some type of a police state is necessary. I used to be one of those individual liberty at-all-cost types. But after two years of up close and personal dealings with negroes, I'm more than happy to trade in some personal freedom for security and safety.

Why it was just tonight that I had to call the cops on the unattractive negress and her extremely low IQ boyfriend that live in the apt beneath me. They were smoking pot (shocking I know!) and the repulsive odor seeped into my place. It got progressively worse over the course of the next hour - to the point where I was concerned that my sleeping 5 year old was inhaling it.

Cops came, banged loudly on their door, but the cowardly savages refused to open it. I invited cops to my place where they promptly confirmed that the odor was indeed pot. One of the cops was visibly pissed that my little girl had to breath in this stuff so he proceeded to bang on nogs door again, but still no answer. Cops assured me they would write a detailed report. My apt manager recently told me that one more complaint about them and she would not resign their soon to be expired lease. Here's hoping for a happy ending.

My point in sharing this story is that it is impossible to share our civilization with them. You can't deliver pizza to their neighborhood (ask Michael Price's widow), you can't police them (ask Darren Wilson), you can't teach them (ask any public school teacher), you can't shop with them (ask Mall of America), you can't reside in an apt complex with them (just ask me).

They are SO incompatible with European civilization.

My apologies to every single Southern segregationist. You were right all along.


Ricky In Cali said...

It takes a tragedy (car accident) for a street light to go up. Same with stop signs. A lot of times they estimate accidents and deaths before a decision is made for these things in areas that don’t have them. In the case of Dominos and their new training, an accident had to occur (murder) but I’m sure they’ll refrain from using the language “watch out for Black people” in their new training seminars.

“Domino’s will only accept credit card payment over the phone for orders after 10:00pm”. Two things are wrong with this:

Number 1 – The sun sets earlier than 10:00pm. Once it’s dark you’re chances of getting killed just jumped 300%.

Number 2 – Even if a NORMAL person used their credit card to make the order, and the delivery driver had less than $10.00 on him, it doesn’t mean a Nig won’t kill you for the pizza on your route to your destination. They can stop the delivery driver at a light and shoot him because they’ve become such animals that even a pizza is worth your life now.

You have know when to hold em, know when to fold em, know when to walk away AND KNOW WHEN TO RUN!!!!

Anonymous said...

At this point, I beg white people to stop taking these low pay jobs in areas where you are targeted for death. It can finally be a job Americans (white) won't do. I know it goes against what we've been taught but we've been taught wrong for our current situation. Work somewhere white or work the system (unemployment, welfare, food stamps, charity, under-the-table work, etc.) Do anything but feed the system with your mind, body, soul or life. Starve the beast!

Anonymous said...

" . . . There's literally no where else to go from this point, save the reintroduction of segregation of Jim Crow.


PK, you summed it up nicely again.

rent slave said...

A little OT here:If Wisconsin,whose team many times is composed of all whites,beats Kentucky,a team who many times play all blacks,next week,will the media make a movie about Wisconsin,as they did for Texas Western,an all black team who beat Kentucky,an all white team,for the NCAA title in 1966?

Anonymous said...

". . . There's literally no where else to go from this point, save the reintroduction of segregation of Jim Crow."

There is only one place to go from here and that is down, down, down, BRA is going down. The Near East is catching fire, the world's financial system gets shakier and BHO is busy golfing. The Empire is headed for a crisis probably starting later this spring involving foreign policy in the Near East but rapidly spreading worldwide from there. This will lead to an economic/financial crisis affecting the whole world which is mired in debt that cannot be repaid in anything other than rapidly depreciating currencies.
The good news is that BRA will start to break down at that point as it's unable to pay its bills except with rapidly diminishing money.

This goes to the heart of BRA's legitimacy; all governments have a duty to maintain their money's value just so ordinary, daily life can go on with some degree of predictability. Chaos will follow the deterioration of the dollar and combined with a long, hot nog summer of righteous blackie rioting YT will be forced to pull his head out of the sand, stop pretending he is living in Disneyland and that there will be a happy ending. If things can be fixed this has to happen first, YT must drop the stupid, childish optimism that the U.S. is an exceptional nation and immune to the consequences of the bad decisions made over the last 80 years.

The eternal optimism of YT that Alexis de Tocqueville and others have noted has been a big contributing factor in the belief of the perfectibility of man, even of nogs in spite of all evidence to the contrary. This is best reflected in the Republican Party (AKA the stupid party) which believes there is no problem that more cheap labor, vote buying, Chamber of Commerce meetings, Rush Limbaugh programs, Wall Street Journal subscriptions and FOX TV viewing along with another war somewhere can't fix. Those Conservative, Inc. idiots will be in a quandary as BRA fails and BHO calls for all "patriotic" i.e. YT Americans to support "their" government in a crisis. What does Conservatism, Inc. do ? Support the guy they loathe although he's waving the flag and the Commander in Chief just like the George Bushes did? For YT the answer is simple, take care of you and yours and BRA be damned.

non-DWL from NE.
C-note going next week to PK (my Lenten offering).

Anonymous said...

I made this for my SBPDL friends.

Anonymous said...

Reintroduction of segregation?

Impossible in this "hodgepodge" zoo of a country. It goes against the Official Ideology of Equality-Diversity. There is not a single institution with you on this.

Stop deluding yourselves. It won't happen.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.......The bigger the city the more crime you will have. The stalker when hunting for prey likes having a multiple choice of victims which large cities will always provide. These multipurpose prey are usually the weak and elderly, females, unarmed weaklings and other assorted mix of victims.

These larger city hunting grounds use fancy names like multiracial, diversity, vibrant urban areas...etc...etc. This is so that the local prey will not be threatened by the predators that surround them. Slogans like "Diversity is our strength" is drilled into their heads on a daily bases.

Anonymous said...

Eaither stand up and fight or move to Canada. Whites outnumber blacks 5:1 in the usa but have become such pussies that the whole world is laughing. Every single person in the world is racist, to a degree. Yet white people are the only ones to presacute each other for it. Stop being a bystander and actually support other whites when they are called out. Boycott companies that treat whites unfair. We need to be proud and be loud. If I said it I ment it. No apologies.

Anonymous said...

I know, Paul, I know. We all do, at least those of us who read this site.

Until we can SPREAD this idea far and wide, though, we're just spinning our wheels here.

Anonymous said...

Avoid the Noid? More like Avoid the Groid.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....If I had the time I could list nearly a hundred towns around me that don't have any black people. I would not call this segregation since there is nothing to separate yourself from.

The only blacks I have seen in Wyoming were in Cheyenne. I have heard rumors that there might be three living in Casper. It's been a while since I was up there.

I have not read about any black folks who came out this way during the wagon train days so maybe that may be why I don't see any.

This is a long way for a stalker to come to rod someone. It's much better to live in huge cities filled with prey. Out here the hunting grounds are an average of 30 miles apart. In the bigger cities the hunting grounds are 30 miles wide.

What predator would come this far to rob a bunch of well armed white people. By staying in the city he has a better choice of prey like the weak and elderly, unarmed liberals, women, gays, etc....etc....etc.

The large cities are a perfect place to stalk your victims. Segregation will never happen because the liberals will not allow it. Let's be honest, if you were a professional criminal who made a living assaulting innocent strangers on the street where would you want to live. In Chicago or a small farm town in Kansas

Anonymous said...

This may be OT but I have to get this out there... listen to the nog in the video... this is a teacher? Taker her out and string her up!

Anonymous said...

YT child is punished for turning in bullying by a black teacher! This has to stop!

Anonymous said...

We did have Jim Crow laws and segregation in the Southern USA for good reason. The negroe's genetic propensity for crime, wanton sex and violence was well known in the South.
Thanks to a hand full of people who believed in myths and fairy tails such as negroe equality.......The press in the 1960's used to refer to,"The negro problem", this problem was never resolved by integration, EBT, SSI, Section 8 housing or any other government give away program.
I say the negro problem still remains and is getting worse with time.

Anonymous said...

PK again you said what needed to be said! By having to change its style of doing business, RPM Pizza is starting to roll out its own self imposed Jim Crow segregation. The only way it is different now than in the past is that by law RPM Pizza cannot discriminate against black people. What that means is that RPM Pizza must impose the new credit card policy on everyone – even for races of people who had nothing to do with this crime wave. I would imagine that many poor whites must now abide a policy that black people forced a company to adopt. It is fair that other races of people be punished because of blacks?

This would be similar to juvenile curfews in large cities. The city cannot isolate the black community where the problem lies because federal laws force racial equality. Some malls must now adopt a policy that limits teens from entering certain malls without adult supervision. As far as I know, the official policy must state the curfew of teens and mall restrictions cannot be imposed based on race. Because teens (a.k.a. blacks) are bad, everyone must suffer their consequences.

Schools are forced to dumb down their curriculum to accommodate blacks who do not perform at white or Asian student levels. Again everyone must suffer to accommodate the slower blacks by retarding their academic training. Instead of whites and Asians setting the bar of excellence, it is based on black underachievement.

Instead of schools punishing black students for bad behavior, the Attorney General says they must not punish them at a higher rate than students of other races who behave themselves. What that means is that bad black behavior in schools must be tolerated by other students and teachers. The rate of bad black behavior will not go down, but the numbers of punishments have to go down according to the Obama Regime.

Police and Fire departments regularly give blacks affirmative action on tests to accommodate them and help them to succeed. Does this not go against the spirit of the 14 th Amendment of equality under the law? Again…all other races must suffer to help raise the black!

Our government says that we MUST allow blacks into our communities even though their mere presence brings down property values. Everyone knows that where blacks congregate, there will be trash, crime, drug use; etc. It doesn’t matter if it is in Haiti, Selma, Alabama; Ferguson, Missouri or elsewhere. The outcome is all the same!

How long ladies and gentlemen will this charade continue? When will DWL stop this comedy of absurd white guilt? We need all whites to clearly see the futility of trying to uplift blacks for us to treat the problem. If the government disagrees with the whites and continues to side with blacks, then it is time to change the government as per Thomas Jefferson and others!

Brooklyn born said...

So the city of Panama Florida is looking to cancel Spring break, due to increasing violence.

Once again EVERYBODY pays the price for the actions of a select few individuals acting collectively.

They won't cancel Black bike week, but will fine businesses that close in anticipation of TNB.

Bizzarro World!

Anonymous said...

Its your choice. They made theirs. Its you or them. Don't analyze it. Don't pretend its not happening. Seriously. NC Realist

Anonymous said...

Well, there is somewhere else to go, and that is, sadly, where I see us being taken.

Blacks and other minorities will continue to take political power from Whites and use it against them. They will use the justice system created by the White man to now prosecute him should he do so much as look crosseyed at a noble, downtrodden negro. There will be fits and starts as some Whites push back, but it has gone too far now; the cancer is in the bone.

Until a White leader can come out, publicly say "Enough of the negroes' dysfunction!", and still have a career and a life, the Whites will suffer (mostly) in silence as they work and pay for their own displacement.

Oh well... South Africa here we come!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but this will have to be posted everywhere.Especially after reading this,your newest article.

People post on your facebook,twitter,anywhere,everywhere.

George Washington, General Orders
Head Quarters, New York, July 2, 1776
"The time is now near at hand which must probably determine, whether Americans are to be, Freemen,
or Slaves; whether they are to have any property they can call their own; whether their Houses, and
Farms, are to be pillaged and destroyed, and they consigned to a State of Wretchedness from which no
human efforts will probably deliver them. The fate of unborn Millions will now depend, under God, on
the Courage and Conduct of this army--Our cruel and unrelenting Enemy leaves us no choice but a
brave resistance, or the most abject submission; this is all we can expect--We have therefore to
resolve to conquer or die: Our own Country's Honor, all call upon us for a vigorous and manly
exertion, and if we now shamefully fail, we shall become infamous to the whole world. Let us
therefore rely upon the goodness of the Cause, and the aid of the supreme Being, in whose hands
Victory is, to animate and encourage us to great and noble Actions--The Eyes of all our Countrymen
are now upon us, and we shall have their blessings, and praises, if happily we are the instruments
of saving them from the Tyranny meditated against them. Let us therefore animate and encourage each
other, and shew the whole world, that a Freeman contending for LIBERTY on his own ground is superior
to any slavish mercenary on earth.

Anonymous said...

not sure how segregation will stop blacks from murdering whites. how will jim crow will protect anyone from black criminality? how will segregation stop a black man from breaking into a house and raping an elderly white woman? how will segregation stop a black man from shooting a delivery driver? how will segregation stop a white police officer from being shot in the face or an "unarmed teen" from being shot by a cop? please explain further. would like to see a more detailed proposal.

MMP said...

So the groids use a stolen credit card.

Oh and dash cams.....That will be of great help in finding the next killer of a pizza delivery per
son.....Dead is dead dipshits....dash cam or not.

How about ARMED escorts in certain neighborhoods (ghettos)?

Oh but dat wood b waysist

I always fall back on "rather be judged by 12, than carried by 6"

Dan said...


Anonymous said...

Chris Yeager, and Michael Price, hardly anyone will remember these names. Two White men cut down in there prime. Innocent in there persuite trying to provide food and housing for there families.

Travon Martin, Michael Brown , two thugs not working , but robbing for what they want. Our government and news media our on the side of worthless thugs.

When did it come to this.


Anonymous said...

PK has a word for people who refuse to see the 500 pound gorilla in the room, he calls them DWLs. Whether the word means “deluded” or “detached” or “demented” or whatever, these are the people who enable Negroes.

I tried to speak sense to some of the DWLs on other blog sites. I lay out the same things that PK does using his very material, but it is so frustrating to see white people clam up and refuse to listen to reason.

On the conservative side of the aisle, many whites cling to the belief that all men are created equal. I wish our forefathers had the aforethought and vision to exclude Negroes from that group. They needed to be unambiguous on that point! Thomas Jefferson wrote of his doubts about these people as reported by PK a few weeks ago. As one poster noted a week ago, many Americans would die to defend the principle of equality – even if it meant their own destruction.

What PK has taught me through his blog is that Negroes will never change. It is in their genes to commit crime; they are hardwired to do these things through their DNA.

PK says he doesn’t see any alternative but to reinstate Jim Crow. I would agree! We cannot afford to send our tax dollars down a black hole with no return; we cannot afford to support black women pumping out illegitimate babies; we should not give our treasures to blacks, but to our own white children – our posterity; we should not be forced to work, sleep or eat with these barbaric animals anymore!

There are many conservatives out there who see the problem, but because they cling to the notion that all men are created equal they still protect the Negro behind the aegis of the US Constitution.

The only time I made the slightest chink in their armor is when I point out that nature chooses winners and losers. It is by the natural selection of the species we continue. Nature should choose which group is to stay, and which is to depart. The Forefathers were wrong: all men are NOT created equal, and all outcomes will NOT be the same. Races of men are different and we should address those issues if we as white people want to survive as a race.

Anonymous said...

Jim Crow and the beat down. No more life sentence, once convicted, off with their head in the courthouse square. Must be same day as conviction.

Anonymous said...

"rare and violent crime."

Rare? Who are they kidding.

HaroldC said...

There was a reason that Jim Crow existed. It is the same reason that there are age of consent and statutory rape laws. That reason is that it is as unjust to treat people who are different the same as it is to treat people who are the same differently.

Anonymous said...

pay in advance over the phone using a credit card. You will then only be doing business with respectable people who are accountable. Or stop delivering. Fuck these animals they have nothing and never will unless they steal it from you.

Anonymous said...

Boston cop who helped save comrade is shot in the face

By Ray Sanchez, CNN

Updated 6:17 PM ET, Sat March 28, 2015

Guess the color of the shooter.

Jeff in Palm Springs said...

I agree that segregation is the only way. Setting aside all PC obfuscations and hopeful equality talk, too many White people are getting killed by Blacks. Too many "random" assaults are happening.

The political environment will not currently allow any de jure segregation, but there is nothing stopping Whites from simply picking up and moving. Make this a cultural de facto segregation as much as possible.

Whites aren't reacting well to the Black race war on Whites because they don't expect to get hit in the head, or get pummled by four adult Blacks.

Most White Americans aren't stupid, they just strongly believe in the fundamental goodness of others; something that never existed in any society. America was exceptional, optimistic and happy (for the most part) because of our social cohesiveness based on Judeo-Christian values and English common law.

Most races can adapt to this; not Blacks. Blacks simply aren't intelligent enough to adapt to our civil society and dynamic economy. They can't have our American dream because they don't want it and aren't capable of understanding it.

Tribal people belong in their homelands; victimizing each other and worshiping their dead ancestors. They'll never fit in here, and they have no desire to do so.

If we simply cannot have legal segregation, it's a moral imperative to self-segregate and establish all-White enclaves and districts.

Jews, Chinese and other ethics have beaten every Federal government requirement for integration because they simply hold their ground and work around Negroes. Whites must do the same or always be victims in their home country.

Anonymous said...

My condolences to Mr. Price's family. I am sorry he had to take a job where he placed his life at risk to support his family.
Delivering pizza to those that will not work, live off taxes taken from Mr.Price's paycheck, then they take his life.
Jim Crow laws and segregation would be a great start to ending this problem.


Anonymous said...

PK, you are absolutely correct, but there is no chance at a peaceful separation. If anyone thinks that they will leave peacefully, or once again allow the white man to have his own space, they are delusional. It wasn't possible 50 years ago, and they are much much more entitled and militant today.

It's going to be bloody, and I can see the history books recognizing the summer of 2015 as the 'start' of the descent into our violent discarding of the negro.

Indy is headed for the gutter said...

Domino's Pizza has an annual sales of about 2 billion. They are really stepping up to the plate for the mother and now fatherless three children--all for sending this man into a negro shithole. Is a pizza delivery driver now amongst the most dangerous jobs in America? Deliver pizza's in America, run the risk of being murdered or raped--simply stealing the food or what little cash they would be carrying isn't enough for these hateful apes. You think he would have been murdered if he were black, Mr. Holder/Sharpton/Jackson?

Anonymous said...

That's really the only solution. But how the hell will it ever happen? Even a summer of Cat 5 chimpouts won't convince most DWL's enough to change their viewpoints.

Anonymous said...

Jim Crow Laws existed for a very good reason, PROTECTING HUMANS FROM NEGROES.

Our predecessors understood that negroes a violent primitive species unfit for human society.

It is INSANITY that we allow politcal correctness born of white guilt to cost human lives that could EASILY have been saved by Jim Crow laws.

Anonymous said...

5:05 AM asked how segregation will stop the violence. Segregation will stop violence against whites because the races will be kept apart. The black man getting ready to break in and rape the white woman will probably get caught beforehand - because he shouldn't be anywhere near the white woman's home. Along with segregation came extreme penalties. If there were immediate, swift, and yes, cruel retaliation for any crime against whites, blacks would know enough to only hurt their own - and I don't give one little shit about black on black violence.

Anonymous said...

The recent “religious freedom” law passed in Indiana might be a signal of a change of direction. If some court doesn't strike the law down, it would prohibit the State from forcing private businesses to provide services contrary to their religion. Although the pro-gay crowd is in an uproar over the idea that the State cannot force private businesses to provide services to any group that the State declares to be a protected or special class, the principle behind the law seems applicable to freedom of association. Once people become comfortable with the idea that the government doesn't have the unrestricted power to force private citizens to conduct their business contrary to their religion it will be easier to accept that the government doesn't have the unrestricted power to force private citizens to conduct their business contrary to their right to freely associate. This could be a step in the right direction because the freedom to associate includes the freedom to segregate.

10mm AUTO said...

Paul, I must disagree.

The segregation of Jim Crow did not go far enough and was placed on a people who knew themselves inferior. They accepted it and lived under it and even understood the limitations of their race.

Negros today, pumped full of "Iz bez as good as dey White man." would never accept 'Separate but Equal'. Entire cities would have to be designated as "negro only" and a hostile population forcibly move to those places from White cities and the Whites removed. Further, the rest of the world (and by that I mean the Western World) would scream Apartheid! and like South Africa, work to destroy us. The first failure of the negro city infrastructure would be blamed on the White giving the negro a "substandard" building, area, item, power plant, etc. verses what the White man took. Negro rage and jealousy about how they got screwed by the White in any deal between the races would lead to endless hatred and fuel even more violence.

Further, denying the negro the vote, to be on Juries, to be moved forcibly into negro areas in the FUSA would trigger the very race war we are trying to avoid by making room for the violent, predatory negro. Living alongside us, the evil negro would still be a predator, so our children and women would still catch the slings and arrows of the Orcs. Whites would still have to maintain high technology, like electric power stations, medical plants, chemical plants, oil refineres, etc.. That is unless the FUSA was planning to give over to the negro running atomic reactors; a step even South Africa didn't take (they dismantled their reactors before the negro took over). If Whites do become a minority, the issue of lethal technology has to be addressed. negros with Nuclear weapons or reactors is a danger to the world and to the Homeland)

But I digress.

On the other hand, a White only homeland, built by Whites would be far more palatable. There is no threat that negros will be told to live there or that a "historically black area" would be emptied. Very few negros would have to be displaced and Whites would be free to come Home, which is exactly what the negro wants. It would be recognized as a separate Nation, with the negro free to inflict itself on the remaining FUSA. They would lose nothing but land they never had and gain everything, for as Whites left the FUSA, the negros vote and their representation in government would increase in strength. Whites would become a minority much more quickly, not in 25 years (2040) but in the space of a few years.

In sum, good fences make good neighbors. If I have to live on a Continent that has negros, I would rather see them safely separated by a strict border than mixed into the population and trying to enforce a code of laws meant for another time, another place.

White Homeland, Northwest Front!

Anonymous said...

While Rome burned , Nero fiddled.

While America sunk, BHO golfed.

Im picking up some simularities here...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ”I made this for my SBPDL friends.”

Great picture! I downloaded it to add to my collection of favorites.

Anonymous said...

I delivered pizza for Dominoes while in college. The store was on the edge of a famously now ruined American city. There was a DinDo from the city who would also refuse to deliver pizza into his own abyss.
Our delivery area was still pretty bad because of the creeping plague. Everyone hated delivering to certain infested streets because there was a 50/50 chance you would be mugged & a 100% certainty there would be no tip.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 5:05am

None of it's going to stop. It can be slowed, though. Enough with the legal system's wrist slaps. Sentencing must be made harsher, especially for repeat offenders. If it takes buildng more prisons and juvenile detention facilities, so be it, and they should be operated as cost-efficiently as possible. When some punk thug understands he or she will be locked up for a minimum of two or three years for participating in a group beating on some innocent person walking through a park, maybe they'll think twice about doing something so hideously, so terribly wrong.

- Man in Florida

Indy is headed for the gutter said...

Sadly I think anything short of a complete awakening by whitey and we'll just see things get worse. There needs to be real consequences for crime, no matter who commits it. How about three strikes and you're out--as in dead? Until the baby mammas and the aunties and grandmammys that that end up "raising" the lawless bucks are also held accountable, nothing will change. Just once, I want to hear one of these crooked, race-baiting "leader" stand up and say "goddammit, if you people want to be treated like everyone else, quit acting like niggers! Quit biting the hand that literally feeds, clothes, and houses you!"

Lucius Vorenus said...

OT but I just had to share - I know some people think that comparing feces-flinging primates to the more humanoid bipeds from Africa is the worst kind of racist stereotype. I love it when they live up to the worst kind of race-realist stereotypes. Apparently in the New South Africa, flinging feces is now considered political speech:

They just don't get it, more often than not, stereotypes have a firm foundation in reality.

Anonymous said...

P.K. writes it on the wall for everyone to see. ( You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. ) All who sleep or refuse to see, have a rude awakening they are going to have to face. Ignorance will be no excuse.

"When even one American, who has done nothing wrong, is forced by fear to shut his mind and close his mouth, then all Americans are in peril." -- Harry Truman --

What's been taken will not be handed back. What's comming will not be free. It's going to cost YT plenty. I'll be 53 this year. I don't recognize this country anymore. I'm treated with contempt daily, (old gry face) as if I'm intruding in my own country. The things that have to change, have to be "MADE" to change. It's past any peaceful solutions.

[] I'm alot more than negro fatigued today.

Pat Boyle said...

These kind of problems are often self correcting.

A few years ago Danny Glover the black movie star was all over the papers complaining that he was being discriminated against. It seems no cab would stop for him in downtown Manhattan. His dignity was pushed all out of shape.

As it happens no black man could get a cab. Horrors! The unfairness of it all!

It wasn't race. Black women had no trouble nor did the black elderly. But cabbies were not about to risk their lives alone in a cab with a dangerous black man behind them. No fare was worth their life. Glover
huffed and puffed but black men had established a reputation that even a movie star couldn't overcome.

My guess is that black neighborhoods won't be getting their pizza deliveries from now on.


David In TN said...

The local Domino's announced they wouldn't deliver in that area after dark. The Community was "outraged."

I've seen this I don't know how mnay times. The Community is always "outraged" at the Pizza stores for not delivering at night but NOT by the killing.

By the way, last October in Columbia, Tennessee, a "teen" walked into a Papa John's late at night and killed a young white man working behind the counter named Gordon Schaeffer.

It isn't safe inside the stores either.

Anonymous said...

I don't think an awakening will occur. The vast majority of young Whites feel most older Whites are just Mississippi Burning racists. All of the Whites under 35 I know believe the media portrayal of Negroes 100%. They doubt their own perceptions of Negro violence and low-IQ and feel older Whites have programmed them with false racism and race consciousness.

No, those of us who understand the problem will stay away. There will be plenty of White young people willing to go jogging in "Crips" areas; plenty of young Whites willing to deliver pizza in New Orleans, Detroit and Newark.

If many Whites cannot be swayed, let them walk hand-in-hand with the negro. As in other nations with sizeable Black minorities (Brazil for one), you just rely on security and guns and simply move away when the danger level gets too high.

Remember, you can talk tough all you want, but it's smart not to be placed in a situation with constant "Negro danger" and the government ready to pounce on you for defending yourself.

Gonna do Death Wish Charles Bronson type thug-killing? Good luck with that. You'll get locked up forever. The government now supports ANY Black behavior at your expense.

Face the Black problem as you would face being stuck at the zoo with all the cages open. If you don't leave, eventually you'll get attacked. If Blacks can never behave in a civilized manner, then "it is what it is" and your choice is self-segregation or constant threat of violence with Blacks and Government lined up against you.

Lucius Vorenus said...

BTW - the article about the "poo protest" in South Africa that I linked to in an earlier comment was all about the negro students at a college there still feeling the burden of oppression 25 years after the end of apartheid on account of the fact that the college faculty is still majority white. I can't for the life of me understand why there are still that many whites there, no doubt they are the worst kind of die-hard (literally) DWLs. I'm sure once the black student body succeeds in driving out or killing off most of the white professors and administrators, the academic standards of that school will skyrocket.

Anonymous said...

I worked in the city of Detroit , 30+ years ago. Even then we worked in teams of two, and carried firearms. We all knew to be the heck out of these feral areas by 2 PM. It was common knowledge that the thugs would be up and moving about by 5 PM.

The very idea of delivering a pizza at 10 PM is not only stupid, but suicide.

Let some of the head honchos pick up the slack and delivery a pie at darkness.


Californian said...

change the way it does business in New Orleans. RPM Pizza announced new steps to combat what it calls "rare and violent crime."

"Rare and violent crime?" How long did it take for their Marketing/Legal Department to come up with that one?

This is one more thing about BRA: how even something as simple as a pizza delivery gets turned into a major production. So now companies have to change policies simply to protect $20 or so in cash and product. Nothing in BRA can be "normal." No doubt, the race hustlers will start complaining about paramilitary pizza deliveries.

This wonderful, high paying job of delivering pizza needs to be moved to immigrants.

There's an idea. Recruit drivers from Somalia, Liberia and Congo to deliver pizzas. Can't you see a gangbanger going up against a child soldier veteran? May the best man win!

Anonymous said...

This is why Republicans need to stop defending corporations and start defending White communities.

These big corps act just like the government when it comes to race. They put forward piecemeal efforts that do not address the source of the problem. They spend millions on PR instead of actual solutions.

GPS and in-car cameras will not stop ambushes. Quick stops in the ghetto have plenty of cameras and you still get black guys robbing them for $50 even when there is clear sign about a time safe. Black people are terrible at armed robbery as seen by their laziness in selecting targets.

The only real solution is to have black people deliver to black areas. This is a black problem that should only be the burden of black people. If they then decide they are too violent for delivery services then that is their problem. African genes cannot are not capable of maintaining every type of European business. That is the realist position and both liberals and conservatives are unable to point to an African city where this is not true.

Pat Boyle said...

Obviously segregation is the only solution, but there is more than one form of segregation. Blacks have already destroyed Detroit and as you document each day, blacks are pulling down lots of smaller towns everywhere.

The black oriented Obama administration has spread the myth that blacks are being persecuted by the police. This has increased the violence but the violence was due to increase anyway.

Blacks were disadvantaged when the big auto assembly unions lost power. Blacks have few industrial jobs available anymore.

Yesterday the news claimed that there was a second Internet Boom underweight in the San Francisco Bay Area. I took part in the last Internet Boom. If there is another that's great news but not for blacks. The job market today no longer needs blacks.

All those blacks so ready to march at Ferguson did not have to miss work - they weren't working. Ferguson is the black community of the future. A lot of unemployed blacks sitting around watching TV and getting drunk. That's the way it will be from now on.

On TV there are black doctors and scientists but in reality those subsidized housing units are filled with blacks who couldn't finish high school.

History has passed by the blacks.

The problem we have with race relations in America is that we foolishly still believe what we believed in the fifties. We think that if we can stop seeing blacks as different then blacks will act like whites. Fat chance.

That isn't going to happen. We've learned a lot about blacks in the last half century. It doesn't look like it will ever be possible to live together side by side.

We will need segregation but not the crude Jin Crow stuff we had before. The symbol of the racially divided South were the two water fountains. One for blacks, one for whites. That's stupid. If the water fountain is designed right you don't get the saliva of the previous drinker. We don't need separate water fountains. We do need however separate public school classrooms and separate shopping malls.


Anonymous said...

There needs to be real consequences for crime, no matter who commits it. How about three strikes and you're out--as in dead?

It's ironic that liberals oppose three strike laws for disproportionately targeting blacks even though in theory they should reduce the racial bias that liberals claim exists in the judicial system.

This is because they take away the ability of the judge to pity the po wittle black children and grant them a 30th probation.

Anonymous said...

"Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people [blacks] are to be free. Nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Nature, habit, opinion has drawn indelible lines of distinction between them." --Thomas Jefferson: Autobiography, 1821. ME 1:72

Segregation never works in the long run. The Indo-Aryans that created ancient Hindu civilzation tried it with their racial caste systme but over time Indian just became a huge miscegenated open air toilet. The only solution is seperation followed by deportation.

Anonymous said...

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal"
Here is some truth for folks like it, or not. MEN were created equal. This is meaning all men. Women were not considered equal. Negroes weren't even considered as human at this point in history. I learned this in School, and with other research done in later years. We have a big mistake apparently when it was decided negroes were human? Challenge any one to show me writings that dispute this.

Anonymous said...

Self segregation on a small scale is within reach because there is no true authority for the government to prohibit people from choosing their neighbors. There are black towns and white towns in the US although none of them are large, and they remain segregated because no one has challenged them. You don't see white people clamoring to move into black towns, and blacks are simply not interested in moving into unfriendly white towns when there is no economic incentive.

The problem arises when the segregation reaches a level that draws the attention of the government. The government will not sponsor segregation or provide support for any area intentionally segregating. Because the government is involved in almost every aspect of our society, it almost always has tools for crushing opposition. Examples include the government's use of the IRS to target political opponents for financial destruction, or the government's control over the banking system to implement Operation Chokepoint to effectively financially choke disliked, although legal, businesses out of existence. There is probably nothing that the government cannot choke out of existence.

Lets take a hypothetical state in the northwest that has a policy of excluding black people. An area this large will draw the attention of the government for one reason or another. The tools that the government has to crush such a movement are too numerous to count. Borders surrounding the belligerent state could be closed, the electrical grid closed down, Internet and other forms of communication blacked out, any corporation doing business with the state could be seized or found to be in violation of criminal laws. This state wouldn't last 30 days.

The creation of white areas in the US might be helpful in that it could provide temporary area of refuge for whites who are either unable or unwilling to actually address the problem. It would be a good place for the elderly and young to live while others directly address the problem.

Widespread segregation of blacks, even if it was sponsored by a new government, would be bloody, and removal of blacks would be similar to the experience that Germany had with Jews. The most reasonable solution appears to me to be the elimination of all AA policies and preferential treatment of blacks. They would be held to the same standards of behavior as whites, and their income and status in our society would be commensurate with their contribution. This would inevitably result in a visible lower class disproportionately made of of blacks, but perhaps they would breed less and become a smaller percentage of our society and thereby less of a burden. This process will also be bloody, but less bloody than total segregation or removal. There will be violence so long as blacks are in our society, but I would be willing to deal with it if they were dealt with in the same manner as anyone else. If the government strongly supported individuals who exercised their right to use lethal force to protect themselves and their families from any criminal attack from a black or white, the behavior of blacks would improve substantially. Heck, they might even decide to form their own communities to avoid the YT.

Anonymous said...

They don't think once, so expecting them to think twice would be and exercise in futility. The only thing a savage understands is greater savagery. We don't need more prisons for negros because the threat of incarceration is no threat at all. They're fed, clothed and surrounded by all their homies whilst in prison. Many actually enjoy it and it is considered a perverse right of passage for male negros. No, what we need is police to patrol with four officers per squad car, six per SUV, and always respond with more than one vehicle on the scene. You've got between eight and twelve well armed and trained officers there to quell the tnb. Note: they are not there to arrest anyone but to barbarically pummel anything that moves. The only thing most negros value is their pride, and nothing hurts a black man's pride than getting his black ass thoroughly whooped by a white man. It eats them up inside as he is no longer the alpha. He's embarrassed for the first time in his pathetic life. The negro is humbled and goes back to the nest with his tail between his legs courtesy of the white man. Savages only understand greater savagery, extreme prejudice and extreme punishment. Incarceration is merely a paid vacation for them and thus not an adequate deterrent to tnb. Public executions would also send a nice no bullshit message as well.

Anonymous said...

I blame Domino's for taking order to deliver to certain addresses. To put the delivery men in harms way because of profits is inexcusable. Those living in the parts of town that are unsafe should be told to come to the restaurant to pick up their pizza.

Anonymous said...

The great Confederate patriot Robert Augustus Toombs stated in his farewell address in the Senate (January 7, 1861) in which he said: “We want no negro equality, no negro citizenship; we want no negro race to degrade our own; and as one man [we] would meet you upon the border with the sword in one hand and the torch in the other.”

Anonymous said...

A couple of ideas:

- Lock up the whole fambly in detention camps. These camps would expand over time....instant segregation.

- Sterilization of momma and offender.

- Sterilization of momma after second welfare baby.

- Isolate "at risk" neighborhoods with troops/checkpoints, etc. to ferret out drugs and guns in an effort to make "da skreets" safer.

Sold as a public safety issue to, of course, apply to everyone for everyone's protection.

If white people were behaving as the primitives, martial law would have been declared long ago to protect the po, po black folk.

Philadelphia Mike said...

Don't despair, folks.

Especially you, Sleepless in Seattle. I hope all of this isn't keeping up at night.

Their actions are speaking so much louder than our words.

Their atrocities are reverberating from sea to shining sea. From continent to continent.

The content of their characters is revealing their true color.

The lies and agenda of the media are being exposed.

Just look to the past, even as recently as 70 years ago, and you'll see our true nature.

The warrior within us, passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years, didn't just disappear within the past two generations. That would be as unrealistic as saying that the blacks have civilized globally over the past 2 generations.

We, the White Europeans,are a fierce and vengeful race. And I am not reluctant to admit that the atrocities which we are now enduring from the blacks pale in comparison to the atrocities which we have committed against each other for century after century.

The blacks truly don't understand our true nature.

Behind the arts, and the sciences, and the structured societies lies a warring, resourceful and calculating creature with light skin and pale eyes.

If the blacks studied in school instead of creating havoc...if they read the history books, they would then understand.

They just have no idea. They are completely clueless.

Philadelphia Mike

Anonymous said...

Dominos would rather have dead drivers than allow them to arm themselves for self defense. Their worst nightmare is a driver shooting a robber and then having thousands of jungle bunnies burning down their stores all across the country. So they sacrifice the lives of their drivers instead. All the major pizza chains are like this BTW. Don't know any anyone would work for companies who would rather you die than be able to protect yourself.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....You are living in the WSA (Welfare States of America) where a huge bureaucracy numbering in hundreds of thousands are hired to give away your money. If they can't find enough people to give money too they will loose their jobs. Their very livelihood depends on feeding the bottom feeders.

A massive invasion of welfare leeches are coming from third world countries for free handouts. What they can't get for free they plan on stealing. America is being turned into a third world free for all just like what is happening in England and Europe. This was all planned out years ago just like your NEW president has already been decided.

A friend of mine and some of his buddies uses the term FSA. This stands for the FREE SHIT ARMY. Why should some lazy good for nothing parasite work at a job if there are stupid white people providing them with FREE SHIT. The FSA has been here for years and are now wearing uniforms with funny little hats.

The FSA does not do open recruiting. The only way you can become a member of the FSA is you have to be BORN INTO the group. The more bastard children that are born the more FREE SHIT will be coming their way. The liberals have all kind of cute and fancy names for these FSA members but to realist they are known as welfare breeders. They are numbered in the multi-millions.

My theory is the powers that be are planning on shoving this FSA into overcrowded cities where they can all kill each other in huge numbers. A kind of large scale third world and middle class race war. The controlled media's job is to fan the flames and keep pouring gasoline on the inferno. They don't care who is who, just as long they end up dead. A preplanned trimming of the herd. What herd are you a member of.

Anonymous said...

Damn! Another pizza delivery "gone wrong".

Anchovyless in Albuquerque.

Anonymous said...

To Anon @ 9:00AM:
"a DinDo from the city..."
I LOVE it! I'm gonna spread this one around, with only a minor change to "DinDoo", so that when it's read, people won't accidently rhyme it with "dildo". Ha ha! A "DinDoo"! Did I mention that I LOVE it?

....P-Town Correspondent

Fatigued in Minneapolis said...

75% of the NBA; 75% of the NFL; and when was the world's fastest 100meter man a white guy anyway.. Must be their superior training and nutrition.. Jimmy The Greek? ruined. Al Companiss? ruined. Thou shalt not speak the truth..

Anonymous said...

Segregation is a big step - and the first, very important one that should be taken - but the ultimate solution is repatriation and repeal of the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act.

Michigan Jim said...

Anonymous at 9:51 pm said:
"My apologies to every single Southern segregationist. You were right all along."
I've been saying that for years. In my stupid youth I was a DWL who thought that George Wallace, Lester Maddix and the rest of those guys were just evil racists. Took me a long time to awaken but at least I did. Those guys predicted what would happen and now we're living it.

Anonymous said...

"whats it like to live in Australia?"

LOL! Looks like Pat Boyle was top donor in the recent fundraiser.

A return to segregation seems about as likely as Hillary Clinton turning out to be straight. It's impractical. For one thing, what would be done to those who don't cooperate? There would be plenty of whites and blacks (and mystery meat in-betweens) who'd be willing to die to defeat any such arrangement. Are you willing to kill them?

America under glass will only work if you can keep rocks out of the hands of DWLs, negroes, and mudsharks.

cecilhenry said...


Freedom of association MEANS the right to segregation and separation for those who want it.

The parasites of course FEAR that given the choice, just like in the USSR, everyone WILL leave the multicult paradise for separation.

I would and WILL. In a second.

Anonymous said...

"We will need segregation but not the crude Jin Crow stuff we had before. The symbol of the racially divided South were the two water fountains. One for blacks, one for whites. That's stupid. If the water fountain is designed right you don't get the saliva of the previous drinker. We don't need separate water fountains. We do need however separate public school classrooms and separate shopping malls."

Though I'm a northerner by birth, I've become a southern apologist since relocating here some years back. So I'm going to go all out in my defense of the South and in particular southern men. Here goes...

I'm not sure the details surrounding the installment of separate water fountains, but I would imagine hygiene had something to do with it. Blacks have less then desirable sanitary habits and this probably prompted separate facilities right down to drinking fountains and bathrooms. The water fountains could be engineered to perfection and blacks would still manage to soil or damage them.

As for the laws being crude, well yeah, they were! Because blacks are crude and you can't deal with them in a traditional, civilized manner. They don't respond to it. In fact, they take advantage of white civility.

It's easy to dismiss Southerners as being stupid when the numbers of your local black population are small. But when the black population approaches 40% and more as is the case in many parts of Georgia, those stupid, crude Jim Crow laws begin to make a lot of sense.

Maybe I'm way off base, but as a woman, I sense some animosity that many (not all!) white conservative men have towards southern men. Maybe jealousy has something to do with it. So many American guys have become betas. But Southern men, as a rule, are extremely masculine and very self-assured. I hardly think they care if a bunch of northern and west coast males disagree with their ancestors' laws.

Before segregation takes place, I think secession will have to occur. The rest of America (that includes conservative America) will never get the Deep South and what Southerners have had to go through.

(New Yorker by birth, Georgian by choice)

Anonymous said...

Yesterday in Detroit there was a 'March for justice'. This March was to protest the fact that blacks feel disenfranchised in Detroits attempted rebirth. Hey, attention black Detroit...for forty years whitey let you oversee the total destruction of a once vibrant and beautiful city. You had every opportunity to turn it into a black utopia but nooooooo. One store, business, school, park, street light, house, garage, street, alley and anything metal was destroyed. Now you want to help whitey clean up your mess? Fuck off! Oh yeah, stop wrecking the surrounding suburbs.

Fatigued in Minneapolis said...

Our "special needs" subculture..

Anonymous said...

follow the gibs. Cancel welfare programs in your town and the orcs will magically disappear. Similar to removing water from a swamp. No water, bye bye Mosquitos. Can we set up welfare colonies on boats?

Anonymous said...

Non American here, the feral negro attacks on humans in the United States is putting you at par with South Africa, how does Obama get re-elected? Are the whites there dumb enough to allow this BRA?

Anonymous said...

Philly mike at 11:18 said people are getting it. I totally agree but what the hell are people going to do? Unless it all turns into a nationwide race riot where one truly has to defend oneself and family, I don't see it ever stopping. The scourge will continue until the only choice is michigans upper peninsula without the mighty Mac bridge. Totally isolated.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Anonymous said...
Ex New Yorker here....You are living in the WSA (Welfare States of America) where a huge bureaucracy numbering in hundreds of thousands are hired to give away your money. If they can't find enough people to give money too they will loose their jobs. Their very livelihood depends on feeding the bottom feeders....

The federal government is corrupt beyond any redemption. Look at the ongoing situation with the Veterans Administration run health care. See the IRS used to attack political enemies. The DEA has "sex parties" sponsored by the drug cartels. The border is open and any and all individuals looking to cross or overstay a visitor visa is a candidate for the welfare state. The Secret Service "parties" with prostitutes in foreign countries. The SEC was found to be watching porn on their computers just prior to the economic meltdown in 2008. The feds through the CRA and using Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac caused a nationwide real estate collapse in 2008/9. Prior to BP's gulf accident, the federal organization responsible for oversight of that sector was discovered to be using meth and once again watching porn on their computers.

The fraud, corruption and incompetence is not limited to those agencies I cite. If you think behaviors are different in HUD or the DOE or any of a hundred other agencies, then you are naive. Then we have the elected politicians. I won't waste my time describing evidence of corruption within that group.

This can't be fixed. It reflects a society-wide collapse in competency and fundamental ethics. You are not living in the America of your childhood, however imperfect that may have been.

Anonymous said...

It's time for the real Paul Kersey to come to life. Nothing else will work.

I always used to wonder how could the White Russians have allowed 100 million of themselves to be murdered and a small group of aliens to take over and cause this to happen?

You are seeing how it happened, live and in real time.

History never repeats, but it sure does rhyme.

Anonymous said...

Texas here:
@ex New Yorker
"If I had the time I could list nearly a hundred towns around me"

Could you give us a hint? "Eastern State x" An area code?


Solid, solid post.

PK, I would love a form so we could discuss issues more directly. But I mentioned that twice already so I'll shut up about it. :-)

Y'all have a good day.

Anonymous said...

MissGA said...

"Before segregation takes place, I think secession will have to occur. The rest of America (that includes conservative America) will never get the Deep South and what Southerners have had to go through.

(New Yorker by birth, Georgian by choice)"

Thank you. My father and forefathers would thank you as well.

Scot Irish

Anonymous said...

Pat and others, I believe what is needed is complete separation and then deportation to rid us of these animals. Nobody says it will be easy; they probably won’t go lightly. However, if we truly want to save our race and our kind we cannot live with these beasts anymore. The murder, rape, and mayhem will only get worse until white people who still believe the Negro is a human discards that obsolete ideology. A surfeit of pain and misery will force white people to expel Negroes from their shores for the destroyers of civilization they are! I would estimate that 30% of the white population may still harbor some positive feelings for the Negro, but I believe those numbers are shrinking daily. Millions of white people view the Drudge Report each day; those people spread the truth about blacks.

From the early days of our nation, they have always been an albatross around the white man’s neck. We need to free ourselves of the shackles called African Americans. To be truly free we cannot co-exist with them anymore. Any country, state, city, or town that lets these barbarians into their fold will die. The Negroes MUST go!


Californian said...

It is well worth reading Arthur Kemp's essay, "The Lie of Apartheid" to understand the challenges that white peoples face when trying to maintain their survival in the face of a growing black demographic. Kemp is a veteran of South Africa and the British National Party, and has seen the situation up front.

A typical passage: "If the society which has produced a particular civilization stays intact as a racially homogeneous unit, then that civilization remains active. If, however, the society within any particular given area changes its racial makeup—through invasion, immigration, or any decline in numbers—then the civilization which that society has produced will disappear with them, to be replaced by a new civilization reflecting the new inhabitants of that territory."

Unknown said...

Mid 1970's when we got a taste for BBQ ribs in Chicago we went to Leon's (75th & cottage Grove?)...deep in the jungle. It was my first experience with bullet-proof glass at a food joint. Even back then the owner knew how to keep his employees safe...the customers were on their own. (What can I say, we were young and nuts.)

Grumpy Old Man said...

We've already got de facto reservations--Camden, East St. Louis, Selma, Detroit, und so weiter.

Ricky Tucker said...

It's a crying shame they can't just refuse delivery to specific places based on demographics, time of day,or just a gut feeling. I used to deliver pizza and then manage a pizzeria in Albany GA in the 80s and 90s. This was before credit cards and caller ID. In all the years I was employed there we only had two drivers robbed, one delivery persons car stolen, and a guy jumped the counter and robbed the store. We were extremely lucky. I wouldn't want to be there doing that job today.

Anonymous said...

Destroit negros should protest the near death beating of a white guy who drove into a niglet who was playing a run in the street chicken game, then I may have an inkling of respect for them.

Brooklyn born said...

OT but wanted to share this with you:

I took my wife out last nite to the local casino as we needed a night out.
As we made our way into the lobby, we see that a junket bus from the ghetto had just arrived.

I knew right away that this was not going to be the kind of night out we were looking for. Sure enough, right away there was a loud argument in broken Ebonics, going on between the bus driver and some heavyweight cornrowed ratchet. I said to my wife, "This is going to be a short night I bet" as we went in.

We take a seat at a roulette table and in five minutes time, two hoodrats pull chairs up and start their bullshit, being loud and pushy "put dat on six yo". Then he sees the cocktail waitress, calls her over, takes a drink from her, doesn't give her a tip, and throws the lime on the carpet. Shaking my head we leave the table.

My wife is now playing the slots, when all of a sudden the ratchet sitting next to her starts a mini chimpout yelling "Dats sum booshit!" over and over, as she hits the machine.

I moved my wife away from the threat and said let's get out of here now, enough is enough.

The only bet I won, was betting on TNB ruining our night out.

TNB..........Always absolute............Always predictable.

Fatigued in Minneapolis said...

Talking about it is like talking about factory farming; people get immediately defensive and immediately oppositional; it's impossible.. because the person has a worldview; that they very much like and prefer..

John H said...

This has happened in Nashville before, with alternating results.

The article fails to mention the perpetrator's color-black, and the officer is white:

This was a bit more typical:

The 17 year old thug's reason for killing was, “He wouldn’t give me more money or my money.”

awakened white said...

what we need is complete separation. other stuff is just talk.

chattanooga gal said...

Lucius verenus, on another post, a white south African said that they don't leave because other countries won't let them in. we take in feral tribes on amnesty for fear another tribe will kill them and just leave the white africaaners to be slaughtered

chattanooga gal said...

I knew a pizza place that simply made sure all their stores were in firmly white areas and if someone called for delivery outside those areas told them they only delivered to a certain radius around their store- none of the black areas being in that radius

Anonymous said...

Ex New-Yorker said...

"When did it come to this."

Rodney King
There we go with the 90s again!

--NB with IPMS

Unknown said...

Anonymous said...

Jim Crow and the beat down...

Now, THAT'S a really good name for a band!

Album name:

"Back to the Old School"

Track listing:

1. String 'em Up

2. Back of the Bus

3. Yes Massa!

4. Pickin' Cotton

5. Capital Punishment

6. Mississippi Wind Chimes

7. Whip Cracker

8. Chicken George & Matilda

9. No More Cohabitation

10. Great Googly Moogly!

Grammy nominations for Best New Artist/Best Album of 2015.

Acceptance speech:

(Anonymous at 9:51 pm said:)
"My apologies to every single Southern segregationist. You were right all along."

Anonymous said...

MY friends. I'm FATIGUED today... Keep these coming PK. The world must wake up, and you're saving lives (see the last line in my fatigue list below):

- Church this morning: 6 or 7 nogs without a penny for the collection plate. Grammy's and sons that live in the one or two apartments in town. Sunday school students had a charity that ended today: return a box filled with donations. The box has a picture of a smiling African child on it. I don't want ONE penny going to those that will kill us like these poor bastards in NOLA.

- At my kids' boy scout event, two nog kids, with cow mom's on they sail foams the whole time. Of course there wasn't ONE black man. That's a good thing, but I've never once seen a black man in town doing anything decent or charitable.

- Gonzaga was knocked out of the NCAA tournament. They were the ONE white basketball team... Who beat them, Duke! Duke USED to be the proud white team. And you know what USA Today's article says, this: "If All-American Jahlil Okafor is nullified, as h . . ." Jahlil is not ALL AMERICAN. HE IS A MONKEY THAT SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED NEAR WHITE PEOPLE.

- I went fishing tonight before the sun went down basically in a parking lot abutting a project near Boston because the river isn't frozen there. My laces were tight. My knife was handy, and of course, the 30' rule was in effect. THIS WAS NOT MY PLANNED DESTINATION. I hit another river spot first. Had I known for sure I was going there, I'd of had a better weapon.

Honestly, I've thought this through fishing near another project when 4 20-something nogs were walking by... I'd simply swim.

That poor guy on the subway. These Domino's delivery guys. These are MY PEOPLE. THESE ARE OUR PEOPLE. DON'T BLAME THEM. A couple delivery guys were killed in Boston last year. I know a hardworking, dim-witted white guy that delivers pizza at night and I pray for him...


You will never see a black person doing charity... They get a little money, they run to our towns. They hate them more than we do because they know them better than we do... I want brutal, hard, rough segregation. No more prisons either. Lots of capital punishment, and SERIOUS GULAG-STYLE work camps.

We are paying for this trash to breed... I know lots of white couples with combined incomes well over 100k that say that can't afford more than 1 kid... This is tragic...

Please keep it coming PK... I know you have your forum and your way here. I think the world is ready for a REALIST MOVEMENT that won't carry the scarlet R.

Rant over. Anger growing.

Realist in MA

Anonymous said...

I am reminded here of Spock from Star Trek II: "It would destroy such life in favor of its new matrix." Bones, like us, lost his mind after that proposition. Is it safe to assume that Din Doos don't like sci fi??

Anonymous said...

Miss GA
"They are SO incompatible with European civilization.

My apologies to every single Southern segregationist. You were right all along."

I love that! THANK YOU. That is SO eloquent. It's SOOOO simple. "We're sorry. You were right about segregation."

7 words, 12 syllables. Western civ will return.

Realist in MA

Unknown said...

I grew up in Yazoo County Mississippi in the 1960's. Former Gov Haley Barbour once stated that Yazoo did not have the trouble other places had. The Barbour's had money. His kids went to private school but his brothers kids went to public school. I I noticed that Yazoo was free of violence also growing up. In the 1970's I also was a DWL. I woke up around 1998. Around 2005 I found out that Yazoo County was protected at thr time by the White Knights of the Klu Klux Klan and that three of my blood uncles were in it. Gov Barbour said the klan was not in Yazoo, how wrong he was.

Long Island Guido said...

Not this 29 year old!!!

Anonymous said...

You "Crushed " that . Very well said sir.

Anonymous said...

Same here, thank you.

SC Native

bernicegreenbaum said...

Two Silohouetes on the Shade..... predilection of future negro behavior? I don't know....Part of me thinks this all has been in front of me a long time.....

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the Johnny Rebel tribute.

Pat Boyle said...

Some commenters are making fun of my idea of 'America Under Glass'. Shame on you unless you have a better idea.

It's easy to pour concrete and mount iron bars. I just don't want America to look like a prison. I would rather have America look like a colony on Mars. Or Edmonton. We have the safe clean free area under a glass dome. Outside it may get nasty.

If a black kid throws a rock to break the glass I would hope the rock would just bounce off. We will want strong architectural glass. If the wall is broken then find the kid and lock him up. As we move into the future more and more black teens will be locked up anyway. Currently something like 40% of all of our prison population are black. That percent is likely to climb. It looks like based on the evidence of the last few months that black crime is going to climb. We will only have one choice - incarceration. A sizable proportion of the black population will get locked up when they are around 13 and released when they are 35 or so.

The accompaniment to "America Under Glass' is 'Black America Behind Bars'. The future of blacks in America is very bleak. They have missed their opportunity to integrate and assimilate. They will be separated out - not brutally but vigorously - and white Americans will begin the build a new society.

We want to preserve as much of classical America as we can. We will want to preserve civil liberties but still survive as a nation filled with unemployed blacks who don't pay taxes and live on various kinds of public welfare.

Such a population is inherently angry and violent. That is why they must be separated so the productive people still have the maximum possible quality of life under their glass domes.

The trick is total architectural separation. If you have whites and blacks in mixing areas we will need a lot of police and therefore a police state. We need walls - glass walls - that totally separate the races.

I don't have a plan to make blacks better educated, or more employable. Or even less violent. Northing like that has ever worked before, why should it work now or in the future?

I just wsnt clear architectural separation. Blacks are becoming less and less capable of fitting in with white society. Time to start building walls.


Pat Boyle said...

BTW there is a news story of a black kid who shot seven other people.

Last week I said you wrote fast. Good thing too.


Donnie "M for Meshuganah" M said...

"chattanooga gal said...
Lucius verenus, on another post, a white south African said that they don't leave because other countries won't let them in. we take in feral tribes on amnesty for fear another tribe will kill them and just leave the white africaaners to be slaughtered."

Heh. Tribes.

There is a certain quasi-European/Middle Eastern tribe that doesn't have a problem with Afrikaaners being slaughtered by Zulus. Hence their inability to get visas to European countries or the U.S.

Anonymous said...

One thing about Jim Crow, it worked not because of total segregation because that was never actual fact. It worked because the penalty for getting uppity was swift and draconian. Negroes can't be governed they have to be ruled with an iron fist like before the 60's. Fear is the real power behind Jim Crow, without that you have nothing.

If you want to get the ball rolling the first thing to do is cut off the gibs and end all AA or any kind. Then it must be enforced without exception. Give that a year or two with the riots that would make the Mike Brown chimpout look like a Sunday stroll and then you work towards our old friend Jim Crow. Remember they've been told for 50+ years they're equal to YT and even though it's the biggest lie of all they believe it. You have to show Rastus you can't tell him.

The only way I see anything like this happening is hyper inflation and a currency crisis of some kind. The gibs has to go away before you can do anything because without that the house of cards comes crashing down.

I bring up Reconstruction a lot in my comments for a reason, this has already happened before. It was dealt with before till do gooders messed with the system. The Confederate Reprint Company has books that tell you the real story.

YT has to find his inner Viking and Saxon again. I get told all of the time by people my age (late 30's) that I'm too harsh and too quick to go nuclear. My response is usually something like "well if your back was against the wall who would you want in your corner? Me with my Andrew Jackson personality or some sissy that would soil himself?" That usually shuts them up or at least makes them think. People know what's real by and large, they just don't have the courage to say it out loud.

SC Native

Anonymous said...

I must complement the realist in MA. It was a good way to end the evening before bed. I hope the fishing remains good!

As already stated, the word about blacks is getting out. I believe deep down most white people now understand that the cause of the Negro is hopeless. After all these years, they remain behind. If we continue to pump money into their coffers, they will still remain Negroes. You can take the Negro out of Africa, but never Africa out of the Negro.

I am saddened to read of a daily assault of these black bastards on own women. For that they should die. The blacks don’t fear the law anymore, so maybe we need to make them start fearing us. We can do that!

I have dealt with blacks before and the vast majority are cowards. They only prey on the weak and helpless. There is only one solution to this problem.

Good night all!

Anonymous said...

90210 / via drudge

Cape Town (AFP) - A bucketload of human excrement flung at a statue has toppled a symbol of British imperialism in South Africa, marking the emergence of a new generation of black protest against white oppression.

The senate of the University of Cape Town (UCT) on Friday bowed to student demands that a brooding bronze statue of colonialist Cecil John Rhodes should be removed from the campus.

UCT, the oldest university in South Africa and regularly ranked as the best on the continent, was built on land donated by Rhodes, a mining magnate who died in 1902.

Many of the students involved in the protests never lived under the injustices of white minority rule, but say they still experience racial discrimination 21 years after the end of apartheid.

The large statue of a notoriously racist Rhodes gazing across an Africa that he coveted for the British empire made them feel alienated on a campus still dominated by white staff, they said.

The "poo protest" was launched by a small group of students earlier this month, sparking a series of demonstrations demanding that the statue be torn down.
View gallery
A statue of British coloniser Cecil John Rhodes is …
A statue of British coloniser Cecil John Rhodes is covered in plastic bags as part of a protest by s …

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here You cannot believe how quiet it is at night out here in the FREE ZONE. When the sale barn is open during sale season you can hear the cattle bellowing late at night.

Maybe a dog will bark for a short time. No police sirens or ambulances sirens as they haul away the dead and dying. A weekend fight now and then with some cowboys in a bar. Nothing to get upset about. No guns are ever pulled so nobody has to hit the ground to escape flying bullets.

One year skunks invaded the town. The little fuckers were everywhere. I trapped three of them. I used peanut butter and jelly to lure them into the traps.
Racoons are also a royal pain in the ass. The only feral animals that cause any problems are the four legged type.

This Winter some owls have moved into town. I can hear them hooting at night. Now I know how two little kittens in my back yard disappeared. I survived another Winter and am looking forward to a nice warm Summer. May God bless and look over all of you.

Anonymous said...

The N-word uttered by a non-black, refusing to do them a favor such as borrowing an expensive and life-saving device, looking at them wrong (or not moving when the charge towards you on any walkway)... always on the lookout for when physical force is socially acceptable to use on someone- unprovoked.

Just because you were super pissed off and emotionally charged doesn't absolve you of murder or battery. There is no magic word or signal that all the sudden makes it ok to go for the throat on someone. No one else seems to have this urge or need. To completely cut someone down and get off on it. Youth and vibrancy gone wrong.

Just another impetus to cause physical harm and destruction.

No one gives a sht what your problems are, everyone else seems to get along fine using social skills and direction. Complaining that you can't do something, advertising it, and then thinking you have other people's (anyone's) respect. Can't feel bad for you when you fit the role of "bad guy" in one real life encounter after another and make excuses/blame the victim for it every time. Domestic violence indeed.

Indy is headed for the gutter said...

Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what your country did to you.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Reintroduction of segregation?

Impossible in this "hodgepodge" zoo of a country. It goes against the Official Ideology of Equality-Diversity. There is not a single institution with you on this.

Stop deluding yourselves. It won't happen.

That's what people in France, Germany Communist Russia and China all thought too right up to their executions, dry showers, guillotine...It won't happen!

Ray Sizzum said...

I recall a Domino's near the town where I grew up (Western NC) having to lock the doors at sunset. After that...all transactions were made through a slot in the door. It was located right next to the Congoid part of town. I remember adults saying that "place" had a bad reputation. Even as a kid, I knew that was a euphemism for Blacks.

Re: Southerners being right

As I've said before...we've dealt with them for centuries whereas Northerners have only dealt with them for a few decades. Nobody knows Blacks better than White Southerners, White South Africans, and White Rhodesians. We know what it's like growing up & living around large numbers of Congoids.

It's easy to be "open-minded" & "tolerant" when you live in Lily-White confines like most DWLs. It's totally different when you're neck-deep in eggplant 24/7/365.

bubo said...

Redlining, that terrible racist practice of excluding dangerous black neighborhoods from stuff like pizza delivery would have saved this man's life, along with many others. Of course the "Just-us" Department doesn't care about that.

Oh and Spring Break in Panama City was on the clock for termination after MTV started showing up with rappers a few years ago. Like Daytona and Fort Lauderdale before it it will get shut down. Once the nogs show up it's not worth it anymore. I have heard that white breakers go to Orange Beach, Alabama now to avoid the groid. I think the blacks are still leery of Alabama beach towns. Hope it stays that way.

Anonymous said...

For those saying a return to segregation is impossible..

It's all in how you phrase it.

Just the other day an African-American government tool of some sort was proposing some apartments be segregated by race. But it's okay for her to say that and most of the media ignored that.

In another instance, blacks wanted white-free zones on college campuses to avoid feeling threatened.

You already know blacks are the FSA, as one commenter noted earlier.

You just set up the segregation as large white-free zones where everything is free - at least the housing, electricity and water - for blacks only. Make them think they're getting something up on whitey.

They're stupid, they'll fall for it every time.

Once they're in, you don't let them out any more than you let whites go in. They have their white-free zone and the problem is solved.

Anonymous said...

You're my kind of guy. Add a handle to your posts or get a blogger handle.

Realist in MA

Anonymous said...

No need to make any changes. Just hire liberal, anti-racist delivery people...

Mr. Rational said...

how will jim crow will protect anyone from black criminality?

It keeps Blacks out of White areas, period.  They show up, they get arrested (at best).  Being whipped, pepper-sprayed, pepper-balled via paintball guns, Tasered, or a host of other things is a strong discouragement.

how will segregation stop a black man from breaking into a house and raping an elderly white woman?

Under Jim Crow, any Black in a White area gets run out immediately.  If they're in a White area and get shot by a citizen after dark, it's a "good shoot".  One or two of those and they learn to stay away.

how will segregation stop a black man from shooting a delivery driver?

Under Jim Crow, Whites don't deliver in Black areas.  They're redlined.  Blacks can come to stores on the border and pay at the window, or pay one of their own to bring the delivery to them.  Probably paid by CC in advance, like the food.  No cash.

how will segregation stop a white police officer from being shot in the face

Under Jim Crow, Blacks aren't allowed to buy or possess guns or ammunition.  You find them with any of that, long term in prison (or expatriation to Liberia).

or an "unarmed teen" from being shot by a cop?

Who gives a damn?  Nobody did until "cibil rites", and nobody will afterward.  When their lives are worthless even as racial battle flags in the war on Whites, they will live out their worthless existences in the 'hood and leave YT alone.

THAT is how Jim Crow keeps the Black problem in check.  Of course, solving it in the long term requires some combination of sterilization, African colonization, and ruthless selection for traits like future-time orientation.  Evolutionary pressures are powerful, and if you select the Black population for White traits eventually you'll get a non-African Black.  Then we can truly have a color-blind society... as long as no Africans are allowed back in.

Mr. Rational said...

So the groids use a stolen credit card.

So the delivery address doesn't match the billing address, and the charge is refused.

I wish our forefathers had the aforethought and vision to exclude Negroes from that group.

They did.  They restricted the franchise, and counted slaves as 3/5 of a human for apportionment of the House.  That wisdom took most of a century to lose.  It's taken less time for the folly of "civil rights" to become obvious, and I doubt that folly will last as long as the span from 1789 to 1865.

Anonymous said...

Dominos should leave New Orleans for good. Let the population of animals there figure out how to get food on their own.

rex freeway said...

Drivers wont carry cash after ten.
Do they really think a Groid wont shoot a delivery man for the pizza? They call in an order and have dinner and a free car delivered to them. I lived in a half and half hood for years. And one Chinese joint wouldn't deliver to my house. So we would get it to go. The owner overheard me talking about no delivery and put me on the list to deliver. That worked fine until Bootlip 2 doors down bitched while they were delivering an order. He threatened the delivery man and tried to come into my enclosed porch. I persuaded him to never step foot on my property again with a model 23. But the damage was done. No more deliveries. Fuck they are a useless bunch. Never so glad to move in my life.

Race said...

A offer doesn't change it's stripes and an Ethiopian can't change it's skin. You're not going to breed the tnb out of them anymore than you teach a chimp to dress himself and hold a job and not chimp out.

Race said...

Just ship them all back!

Anonymous said...

There's never going to be Jim Crow again. Whites are just going to become more creative in separating themselves from the negroes.
Even right in NYC there are the regular highschools but also 5-6 special sort of elite public schools that require an entrance exam and no matter how hard they try to get negroes into them they barely get a handful of them to pass the entrance exam.Then there are the white private schools that cost $$$ and also many of these whites also have a house in the white suburbs where their kids can also go to a 99% white highschool.
So there's a lot of self segregating which will even become more extreme.Only the average IQ whites from poorer backgrounds may have a problem but they're better off in the country areas where there are no negroes.Perhaps there should be a college fund called the Euro College Fund, just like the negro one.

Anonymous said...

@Race-they wouldn't go. They know where they have it good.It would be too expensive anyway and we'd have to give them some money in addition to a plane ticket.
The Constitution doesn't use the word slave but refers to freemen. If you hadn't made them citizens you would have had a better chance of getting rid of them. Not Africa, too expensive, but down to the West Indies, Brazil etc etc which is close and where 90%+ of the slaves were anyway.They probably still wouldn't go because despite Hollywood commie propaganda films the slaves in the US in general had an easier life than most peasants from around the world.
Many slaves who escaped before they were freed and came to places like NYC were sorry they left their nice clean farms in the South only to come to a dirty city with bad sanitation and water and periodic diseases.Before they banned burials in Manhattan you also had rotting bodies contaminating certain areas not to mention swamps before they were drained.The rural South was like a health resort lol

Anonymous said...

@Mr Rational-the 3/5ths compromise had to do with limiting the representatives from the slave states.The North didn't want to count any non freemen so that they could limit the Southern representation and somehow vote away slavery. The South wanted to count all of the slaves to get more seats and remember that 1/2 their pop. was slave.