Tuesday, June 26, 2018

10-Year Study on Gun Violence in Miami-Dade County Proves It Only Occurs Where a Black Population is Found (Virtually Non-Existent in White Communities)

And not once in this article or the study do we learn young black men are disproportionately impacted by gun violence, because young black people shoot each other disproportionately. 
[Study: Gun Violence In Miami-Dade Disproportionately Affects Young Black Men, Health News Florida, 4-26-17]:

Gun shot injuries in Miami-Dade County are largely happening in a cluster of neighborhoods and disproportionately affect young black men, according to a recent study. 
Where blacks are found, you have gun violence in Miami-Dade County. Where blacks aren't found, gun violence is mysteriously absent. From the Geo-demographics of gunshot wound injuries in Miami-Dade county, 2002–2012
The study looked at patients treated for intentional gunshot injuries at Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center from 2002 to 2012

Researchers with the University of Miami School of Medicine mapped the zip codes of gun shot injury patients by incident location and where the patient lives.  Most victims are shot in their neighborhoods, which are typically predominantly black communities, according to the study. 
It also found that while black people make up 19 percent of the population in Miami-Dade County, just over 70 percent of victims treated at Jackson for gunshot wounds were black males. 
The researchers note that their needs to be more understanding about the role race, poverty and other social pressures play in neighborhoods with high rates of gun violence injuries when considering possible solutions.  
"Targeted public health interventions by municipal— and state-level policy makers, starting with employment opportunities, economic inclusion, poverty reduction programs, and efforts to reduce structural racism, would likely have a significant county-wide public health impact," researchers wrote.
Somehow, black people (and other people of color) shooting one another on a daily basis in Miami is the fault of white people and their creating of communities where predominantly white people reside.

Black people shooting black people in communities and neighborhoods of Miami where few white people dare traverse is obviously the fault of white people and the nefarious structural racism they engineer.

This, this is truly what the ruling elite in medicine and academia believe and postulate as the reason why almost all of the gun violence in Miami affects black people (never once daring to publish the arrest rates for blacks in fatal and nonfatal shootings).

A genetic predisposition to violence among black people is the obvious reason, but such an admission for the high rates of gun violence among black people would dismantle the carefully constructed pillars of egalitarianism precariously holding together Black-Run America (BRA).

Brick by brick, they are coming down. 


Ex New Yorker said...

About life in the FREE ZONE. As most of you know I am surrounded by cattle ranches. No farmers. Anything that is grown is used to feed cows. Since some of the Winters can get bad these ranchers will buy a "town house". These are used so their kids will not miss school in the Winter. Some ranches can get snowed in for a week or more. The wife and kids move in and later go back to the ranch in the Spring. When the kids get out of school they resell the house. A house down the street from me has been sold five times.

There are some empty houses in town but no for sale signs are in the front yard. There is a reason for this. All houses sell by word of mouth. They will rent a house but not sell it until they get to know the renter. My best friend bought a house a couple years ago. All he did was ask around town about which houses were for sale.

The whole town and county is an armed camp. There is no crime so we don't have any police or cops. There is just an elected Sheriff who spends most of his time helping old ladies change flat tires.

People are retreating from the war in California. Most are moving to Colorado to be with the other liberals and yuppies. A couple geeks were in town last Summer asking about houses and people told them nothing was for sale.

I have been here 24 years and no one has been shot or killed. When I read the post that Paul puts on this site it seems like it is taking place on another planet. I've been to Miami. Most of Dade County is a free fire zone.

Anonymous said...

A few questions:

"Most victims are shot in their neighborhoods, which are typically predominantly black communities, according to the study. "

I'm wondering if they're "victims" in predominantly white communities as well, such as when they break into people's houses to rob them and then get made good. That counts as death by gun violence, right?


"The researchers note that their needs to be more understanding about the role race, poverty and other social pressures play in neighborhoods with high rates of gun violence injuries when considering possible solutions. "

Interesting, why isn't there more understanding concerning the role that race plays in rates of gun violence? Why don't you do a study, what's the worst that could happen? And why not a discussion about the other side of the coin- those doing the shootings?

They're black and they don't need any more bad press, gotcha, let everything slide. We can follow laws, tradition, and equal consequences for equal actions but it's really just easier to continue to kiss black @ss and hope that they don't get angry and hurt us.

And of course, OF COURSE you have to have the addendum that explains/excuses alarmingly high levels of black violent crime, as in EVERY SINGLE "STUDY" DISCUSSING BLACK PEOPLE:

"Targeted public health interventions by municipal— and state-level policy makers, starting with employment opportunities, economic inclusion, poverty reduction programs, and efforts to reduce structural racism, would likely have a significant county-wide public health impact,"

So what is a "significant impact" and how do we measure it? Are the measures just going to be *gasp* like throwing more money down a black hole or garbage disposal? Don't you want to make sure you tailor your efforts so that you can really help these people who can never seem to be able to help themselves?

If you give them stuff and "opportunities" then yes, obviously that will leave them better off them offering them nothing. Wow, rocket science right there. But how much better off? That's irrelevant- we are appeasing black people here.

So it looks like "structural racism" is at fault here. You just have to identify what it is and prove that all black failure and underperformance is due completely to those factors.


Anonymous said...


Employment- we already have free schooling, grants and resources up the wazoo for any "person of color/colored person" who wants to apply themselves, along with a front row in line at the admissions office at any college complete with teachers fawning over you like you're the next Einstein. Also a front row in line at any corporate or government job in which you meet any of the minimum requirements. But no- you still need "job opportunities" because the playing field is oh so slanted against you and you never had a chance your entire life to work on bettering yourself and thinking towards the future.

Economic inclusion- wtf is that? How do you "include" someone economically? Allow them to participate in the free market system where they can both buy and sell goods and services to other people and businesses? Give them Affirmative Action and quota systems to give those who can't cut it and give them a hand up anyway? Word salad here.

Poverty reduction programs- so basically transfer of wealth programs to punish the thrifty and reward the prodigal.

More things for nothing, no strings attached- basically more gibsmedats because if you don't we'll just fail even more and make sure to bring you down with us. All these animals can do is extort the rest of us nowadays, there is nothing that they have to offer that we can't do without.

I'm waiting for the truly man-bites-dog story where a bunch of blacks get together and decide to clean and spruce up the local neighborhood or some other random act of kindness, without having some manipulative angle or seeking some kind of extrinsic reward. Now THAT would be a shocking and unbelievable story.

Anonymous said...

Her name was Clara Jeanne Barna, elderly white woman violently carjacked and left to die:

2 teens charged with capital murder after woman found dead in her garage
Tuesday, June 26, 2018 06:38PM
HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Police believe they've found two teens responsible for killing a Houston woman, stealing her car and leaving her body to decompose in her garage.

Clara Jeanne Barna was found dead at her home in the 12000 block of Leader Street last Friday night, after neighbors reported a foul smell.

David Paul Jones and Teihjon Shannon, both age 17, have been charged with capital murder in Barna's death.

They're accused of stealing her maroon colored 2003 Buick LeSabre, and driving it during a dine-and-dash at a Denny's restaurant, just five miles away from the scene.


Teens stole woman’s car, cops say. Police found her decomposing body in her garage
June 26, 2018 09:43 PM

As Clara Jeanne Barna, 75, walked into the garage of her Houston, Texas, home, two teens followed behind her, police said, reported the Houston Chronicle.

David Paul Jones and Teihjon Shannon, both 17, had their sights set on Barna’s 2003 Buick LeSabre, and they tried to steal it from the woman by grabbing her keys, police allege, the newspaper reported.

When Jones got into the car, police said, he backed it out of the driveway while Shannon was holding Barna, running over both her and the suspect, police said, KPRC reported.

The crash wounded Shannon in his leg, authorities said. But Barna suffered more severe injuries, including a fractured skull and a broken back, KPRC reported. Shannon dragged Barna back into the garage, police said. Then he and Jones allegedly took off in the Buick, leaving Barna to die, the news station said.

If they didn't drag Ms.Barna into the garage her neighbours might have discovered her and she could have been saved or comforted in her dying moments. Instead, the last 'human' touch she ever felt was those goons dragging her into her garage where she slowly died, unable to get help for her cracked skull and broken back.

Mannax said...

As a California refugee, I've been keeping a very close eye on local political trends.

As members of the left flee the areas they've made inhospitable, they land in free states such as Texas, Arizona, Nevada and so forth.

We can see a trend in which these utterly incorrigible people (primarily DWLs) bring with them the same voting habits; just look at Austin, TX or Las Vegas, NV. Both formerly great bastions of freedom, decency and economic growth, now mere husks of their former glory.

It starts slow. As the population grows, housing prices rise. This is due to simple supply and demand and it is TEMPORARY; I wish more people understood this. The only case in which it isn't is when the government begins to meddle with the free market.

So rents go up, homes become more expensive. If left alone, the demand will cause a greater influx of construction groups to build more homes and prices will go back down as the market equalizes. This is dependent entirely on local voters. But the left counts on -- nay, relies on it.

"It's a housing crisis!" they'll say, pointing at the increasing rents. Even local voters will be suckered in and so a crony capitalist gets installed. They vote for increased regulation, rent control, zoning laws. All of these things create artificially low prices for a small percentage of people at the cost of raised prices for everyone else.

Where such an economic advantage is limited, it must be given to the down-trodden, the lowest common denominator. Thus, as if like moths to a flame, the gibbs begin. The population darkens as hoards of negro leeches flood in, clamoring for their "low income housing."

From there, the crime rate goes up. Police begin to get overwhelmed due to the strain on resources. The leftists in control increase funding for entitlements and ignore public safety issues.

Soon, a civilian will use deadly force to defend themselves against a criminal thug "teen." The media moves in and now we've gone from innocuous housing prices to full-blown gun control. I've already rambled on long enough -- I'm sure you can figure out the rest for yourself.

The greatest duty we have now as Americans is to become educated voters. Don't let America become California or New York.

Justin Igger said...

Those damn racist guns just going out and killing black "people".
We need to either get rid of all the guns, or get rid of all the black "people" ! Hmmm, tough choice.

Anonymous said...

There's no such thing as 'Gun Violence'.

Guns don't load themselves. Guns don't pull their own trigger. Guns aren't prone to 'gun violence' because they're a fucking piece of engineered metal. Yet, blacks get a pass for their violent behavior for using one....

nokangaroos said...

Every last one of their talking points has been put down so often they´re hardly recognizable as horses.
It´s not "education", nor is it "income".
("When you take away the murders, Washington actually has a very low crime rate" - Marion Barry)
It´s not "diversity" (nice try though, Putnam ;b)
It´s MELANIN, stupid.
(By fixating on the "victims" they probably try to insinuate some heinous wayciss conspiracy of White hetero males wearing white hetero hoodies spreading terror nightly throughout de hoodz)
How often can one man ask "Will they believe it NOW?!"

Nevah happen.

"Nothing is more odious than trying to argue by reason only to discover one is up against the WILL."
- Schopenhauer

Mr. Rational said...

Let me see if I can calculate the relative rates of shootings.  Blacks are 19% of the pop and 70% of the victims, thus at least 70% of the shooters.  The relative rate is:

(70/19) / (30/81) = (70 * 81)/(19*30) = 9.947

Blacks in Miami-Dade are TEN TIMES as likely to shoot someone as the balance of the population... and that includes the 63.1% which is Hispanic and far more violent than Whites.

"People of Color" are a plague.

"Targeted public health interventions by municipal— and state-level policy makers, starting with employment opportunities, economic inclusion, poverty reduction programs, and efforts to reduce structural racism, would likely have a significant county-wide public health impact," researchers wrote.

Anyone who can say "structural racism" with a straight face is the enemy.

More things for nothing, no strings attached- basically more gibsmedats because if you don't we'll just fail even more and make sure to bring you down with us. All these animals can do is extort the rest of us nowadays

The segregationists were right.  We need to stop giving them assistance and give them one-way trips to Liberia.

Paintjob Theory said...

" employment opportunities, economic inclusion, poverty reduction programs, and efforts to reduce structural racism, would likely have a significant county-wide public health impact,"

Funny I knew the punchline would be "moe dem programz" from the headline. This is all indeed a tired old refrain and if there were a speck of integrity in any of these (((journalists))) who publish this horseshit somebody would be asking the question of where these things have been tried and what results they delivered.

Of course we all know the answer. All of these fix blackie schemes have been tried in a thousand different flavors in a thousand different towns cities and states over the last 60 years and apart from some extreme outliers blacks on a whole are no more civilized or successful in the modern world than their kin is back in Africa or their ancestors were 300 years ago when they got off the boats.

Now if the true believers and these monkeys' (((organ grinders))) wanted to shell out their own money or move these black animals into their own neighborhoods to try to civilize them it wouldn't be so bad, but when the rubber meets the road it's always "we need to do something" with the implied "we" meaning throw somebody else's money at a problem.

Anonymous said...

dismantle the carefully constructed pillars of egalitarianism precariously holding together Black-Run America (BRA).

Brick by brick, they are coming down.

Seeing the primary defeat of the high ranking white male Democrat in NY by a radical left wing mestiza lets me know that everything is in motion and cannot be reversed. This train is fully loaded and zooming - no amount of braking is going to halt the momentum.

We are at a point where the democrats can no longer run white candidates. The "browning" of America that was supposed to lead them to permanent (demographics = destiny) victory occurred WITHIN their party first and it happened rapidly enough that all sane whites could regather under the Republican party. They effectively tipped the scales so quickly during the racial transformation that it is forming a coherent, self-aware white super majority that is losing inhibition to vote for collective interests.

The defection of white Democrats to the Republican party means for the time being, and it is golden, whites can still control their future.

The democrats are painted into a corner right now. They cannot yet win based entirely upon the votes of non-whites alone - they have to find a way to get a sizeable portion of whites to vote for them again. The only problem is that the kinds of things that would appeal to the whites they should be courting are distasteful to the non-whites upon whom they now depend. If they run someone white who speaks in colorblind type center-left boilerplate, the participation rate among the non-whites evaporates. If they just drop the pretense entirely and run hostile non-whites, it forces whites to bond together even more. Neither strategy gets them to victory.

They can't have both things at the same time unless they can find an Obama type figure who appeals to both constituent groups. Their bullpen is empty.

And make no mistake about it, the most liberal SWPL white you know will have no enthusiasm voting for the incompetent POC candidates that will win their primaries. Expect them to go to third parties.

We probably have a 10 year window to press the advantage. We can control the vast majority of State legislatures, Governorships, both houses of Congress, the presidency, and even eventually the courts. We have to strike while the iron is hot and we must have Republicans in the Trump mold who will wield power in this way. All cucks out of the Republican party.

It feels like we've been given a reprieve if we can just make the most of it.

::white pill::


Anonymous said...

OT: Unlike in this country, Koreans realize what the browning of society has done to the US and Europe and they want no part of it. There's no domestically-produced BS about "Korean privilege," etc., and they feel no obligation to accept troublemakers into their country.

As for the recently-arrived Yemenis, if they had enough money to get halfway around the world to Korea, they're not that bad off, and they should have stayed to fight for their own country.

South Koreans resist arrival of Yemeni asylum seekers

An influx of nearly 1,000 Yemeni asylum seekers into the South Korean resort island of Jeju has triggered a fierce backlash against immigration rules that many South Koreans perceive to be lax and dangerous to the well-being of their society.

The concern has grown suddenly with 950 foreign nationals — the majority fleeing conflict-wracked Yemen — applying at the Jeju Immigration Office for legal refugee status after arriving as tourists.

In the whole of last year, only 312 people applied for refugee status on Jeju and local people fear their island is being targeted as an easy way into the East Asian nation.

"It has become really bad in recent weeks and it is all because Jeju introduced a program that enabled people from 186 countries to come here without a tourist visa," said Hank Kim, owner of the Core Travel Agency. "It is meant to promote tourism but these people have realized that it gives them an easy way into the country," he told DW.

'People are worried'

"And local people here are worried," Kim added. "We have all read about the problems that immigrants have caused in Europe — in Germany and France in particular — and we do not want that to happen here.

"And we are also worried because of their religion," he admitted. "We have had no contact with Muslim people before, but we know that they all have big families and they bring their own culture instead of trying to adapt to the place where they live, so people here think that they should have gone as refugees to other Muslim countries."

Feelings are running so high across the nation over the Jeju provincial government's refugee-friendly policy that more than 380,000 people have signed a petition on the South Korean presidential Blue House's official website against the visa-waiver program, while a demonstration is scheduled to take place in central Seoul on Saturday protesting against the influx of foreign refugees.

A post on a blog announcing the demonstration said, "Politicians are reluctant to respond to the clear voices of the majority of people and the media also supports refugees. It is time to go out onto the streets and make our voices heard."

Under Jeju's visa-free program, foreign visitors are permitted to stay for up to one month, but an application for refugee status permits them to go to court to support their claim, a process that will take years, critics say.

Mounting criticism

Facing mounting criticism of his policy, Jeju Governor Won Hee-ryong said on Sunday that he will not permit the island to "bear the burden" on its own and that he has called for discussions with the national government to find a solution to the problem that involves moving the refugees out of Jeju and into mainland South Korea.

"I will directly meet with President Moon Jae-in in order to better manage Yemeni asylum seekers and ensure a speedy — and strict — review process for accepting them," he told reporters.

"The regional government will undertake all administrative measures to mitigate the fears of local residents and citizens," he added.

[End of Part 1]

Anonymous said...

[Part 2 begins here]

Rapid increase in foreign workers in Japan

South Korea has accepted 31,500 North Korean nationals who have defected since the end of the Korean War in 1953, but only started accepting refugees in 1994. To date, nearly 40,500 people have applied to be recognized as refugees and slightly over 35,000 remain in the country.

Last year, a total of 9,942 foreign nationals applied for asylum in South Korea, with 3,264 applications turned down. Officials anticipate having to deal with more than 18,000 applications this year.

Many in South Korea accuse new arrivals of being economic migrants looking to take advantage of their nation's hard-earned wealth, healthcare and other services.

According to public opinion polls, 49 percent of South Koreans say the Yemeni asylum seekers should be sent back to their own country, with 39 percent saying they should be permitted to stay.

'Brink of a crisis'

Song Young-chae, a professor at the Center for Global Creation and Collaboration at Seoul's Sangmyung University, said he will be taking part in Saturday's protest march in Seoul.

"There are many people, including me, who sense we are on the brink of a crisis," he said. "We have seen on television just how many problems are caused when a country like Germany or the UK is relaxed about immigration and the damage it does to societies."

As examples of the problems that Muslim immigrants cause, Song cited the "grooming gangs" who convinced or coerced vulnerable young women in cities in northern England to have sex with them and incidents of sexual assault of women on New Year's Eve in Germany.

And, he adds, that is before we consider the various acts of terrorism that have been perpetrated by Islamists.

"There are already Muslims living in South Korea, many of whom have married a Korean and been granted permanent residency here, but they still choose to live in their own districts and make no effort to integrate into this society," he said. "They also attempt to convert Korean people into their religion.

"People here are very opposed to the government's policy on immigration because it is making South Korea an easy target for economic migrants," he said. "This is our country and we do not understand why we need this very dangerous policy."


In the first "map", the areas of Star Island are in dark blue. These are the islands between the Miami mainland and Miami beach proper. I find this interesting.

These are some of the most expensive homes in Florida. Why would they be in dark blue? Maybe so many negro NBA and NFL playahs live there, or the head of the Miami drug trade. This neighborhood is known as the "look at me" residences.

It could also be the result of home invasions, parties gone wrong, or domestic violence, since this is really not far from Liberty City and Overtown and other negro hellholes.

I once made the mistake of getting gas at a station on the edge of Overtown. I did not know where I was since it has been decades since my family lived in Miami, when I was a kid. I now know why the cashier looked at me strangely, (like why the hell is this guy here). All the plexigas and cameras should have alerted me (but I needed gas bad) and as one good commentor here says: Keep Alert. Luckily I was alert, mostly, as I am at all times, but my empty tank situation distracted me. NEVER AGAIN. "Nicht Vergessen, Nicht Weider"

Anonymous said...

Listening to Alex Jones Yesterday, he had an Immigration Lawyer as a guest. (Sounded like a White Female)

She admitted in a Freudian Slip type manner that she and her colleagues consistently defraud the system.

Now they can't.

The Laws are in place. We just need to enforce them. People like her need to be prosecuted for what they have done.

Call your CongressionaL member and demand it

Anonymous said...

Where do you live? It sounds wonderful.

europeasant said...

"The researchers note that their needs to be more understanding about the role race, poverty and other social pressures play in neighborhoods with high rates of gun violence injuries when considering possible solutions"

After all these years the "Researchers" are still looking for an answer. Itz amazing how many people, especially researchers, are out there still believing in "We are born equal" tune.

Anonymous said...

Very articulate. My question is why more people don't see This? Over 50 years of programs to benefit the black community and nothing to show for it except the expenditure of Trillions of dollars.

Anonymous said...

They work from the Conclusion backwards.

It is literally what they are paid to do

Sick n Tired said...

70% of the victims were black MALES, the article didn't count black women who were shot, and probably account for another 20-25% of shooting victims.
I live down here, stories about blacks stealing or getting shot are on the news daily.

Unknown said...

Not that I haven't heard it before, all truth, and something we must continue to repost for all who are willing to learn and understand the severity to the degree in which it's capable of coming.

I've saved it for future reference if ok w/u, articulated anon brother? ty if so!

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how many people, especially researchers, are out there still believing in "We are born equal" tune.

There's a commercial for Southern New Hampshire University that gets played endlessly on TV and you can see it here:


The speaker (the university dean?) tells that big, fat lie: "The world in which we live equally distributes talent, but it doesn't equally distribute opportunity, and paths are not always the same."

People do NOT have the same levels of talent, and anyone teaching classes knows this. Why pretend otherwise? To avoid offending orcs?

Set during a class graduation ceremony, the dummy asks various people to stand up, including military people who are "actively deployed."

If you're "actively deployed" in the military, one place you will NOT be is a university graduation ceremony. It sounds nice in a TV commercial but it makes no sense at all, much like any liberal babbling.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous at 6:17 a.m., I've been telling you and everyone else on this board that the democrats cannot win another presidential election simply because the NAM's will not vote for a white candidate and that they have turned off millions of white voters at the same time with their BS about feminism, LGBT rights, illegal aliens and their sympathy from which latest thug got snuffed out by a cop by going after him.

Let's face facts, Obama was as good as it got for the Democrat party as he was able to get all the NAM's and White Feminists to vote for him. No other Democrat candidate can match what he did in getting both those aforementioned groups out to vote and that will become evident when Trump wins again in 2020.

Anonymous said...

Over a 2003 Buick. Savages.

Anonymous said...

Zoom in on Dade County
What white (European non-Hispanic) communities?

Egghead said...

As far as voting: The ‘powers that be’ have long ago figured out multiple ways to cheat the voting system: of which unlimited immigration is merely one way to cheat (that encompasses other ways like non-citizen voter fraud, multiple voting voter fraud, absentee ballot fraud, and voter intimidation).


The premise is fair elections, but we can see that the elections are corrupted, in who they permit to run, who they permit to vote, and how they count the votes.

As someone somewhere said, ‘We are NOT voting our way out of this.’


I can't watch European "foosball" (soccer) on TV, or even live, since it is SO BORING (too many players on the field) BUT, when the One World Cup is on, I watch the high-lites after each game.

So, here I am watching Switzerland Vs. Costa Rica and what do I see....a NEGRO on the Swiss team.

I am so disgusted. The NEGRO has no business being anywhere in Switzerland. Is nothing sacred to us White people? Disgusting.

Anonymous said...

10-Year Study on Gun Violence in Miami-Dade County Proves It Only Occurs Where a Black Population is Found (Virtually Non-Existent in White Communities)/


Anonymous said...

Blacks commit crimes against whites at 200x the rate of the opposite case. It's a black problem. It starts with the (lack of) family/dads in the household. 75% blacks born out of wedlock aka no fathers

Californian said...

It goes back to one of the fundamental principles of BRA: under no circumstances and not for any reason can blacks be blamed for the pathologies they create. Poverty, illegitimacy, violence? All the result of mysterious forces like streets gone wrong and bad zip codes. The edifice of "structural racism" is an ideological rationalization of the inability of blacks to behave according to the norms of civilization.

Bear in mind that when segregation was in force, i.e., true "structural racism," blacks behaved in a much more civil manner. But after half a century of civil rights, black behavior has degenerated to the African mean.


It's what goes on even when putting on the blinders of egalitarianism.

Wake up, YT, wake up!

Anonymous said...

So they could use it in a dine-and-dash... Savages, indeed.

And, once again, the savages are generically described as “teens”. ��

Anonymous said...

I liked Miami when it was old white people with socks and sandals. All heading to woolfies deli. Lost on me now.

Anonymous said...


Our latest donor to the roll of those inducted into the brotherhood of the  memorial tshirt, summer 2018.

 If only there was a midnight basketball/dance contest ice cream social, car show, roving BBQ with nonprofit trained "ex-felon" mediators who gave them starbucks and hearty, rousing affirmations to collect their "Living Wage Trial Reparation" payment from the reverend himself.

Teen charged in North Braddock drive-by that happened minutes before Antwon Rose shootingUpdated: Jun 27, 2018 - 4:45 PM

PITTSBURGH - The teenager who was with Antwon Rose minutes before he was shot by an East Pittsburgh police officer has been charged with attempted homicide.

Zaijuan Hester, 17, was wanted in connection to the drive-by shooting that took place just minutes before Rose's death.

Hester was taken into custody on a probation violation and later charged in connection with the drive-by shooting, Allegheny County police said.

Officers arrested Hester late Monday night on Deraud Street in the Hill District.

Members of the Allegheny County Sheriff's Department Fugitive Task Force said they found him hiding out in an apartment with a 19-year-old woman wanted for failing to appear for a preliminary hearing on a hit-and-run accident.

County police said Hester was with Antwon Rose and a driver in a car that was involved in a drive-by shooting in North Braddock that wounded one man last Tuesday.

Thirteen minutes after that shooting, East Pittsburgh police Officer Michael Rosfeld spotted the car with bullet holes in the back and pulled it over.

After handcuffing the driver, Rose and Hester ran from the back seat, police said.

A neighbor captured cellphone video as the officer fired three shots, killing the fleeing Rose, who was not armed.

Hester got away.

Police found two handguns in the car, along with an empty magazine in Rose's pocket, police said.

Sources told 11 Investigates Hester was on house arrest for a gun charge when he cut off his ankle bracelet in December and took off.

Anonymous said...

"Most victims are shot in their neighborhoods, which are typically predominantly black communities, according to the study".

Regardless of the neighborhood where they're shot, can they please start shooting each other in the heads after a few solid rounds hit center of mass? That's all I'm asking! Can't they at least work with us on something which would be good for everybody?

Anonymous said...

"Targeted public health interventions by municipal— and state-level policy makers, starting with employment opportunities... and efforts to reduce structural racism, would likely have a significant county-wide public health impact," 

Where in this block of text does it speak of the input the community itself having a say in any of this?!?

That, you dirty racist, is what we call structural racism in action!

Libby Cannaught-Noatis

Augustus said...

I'm rather naive so I have to ask what is a dine-and-dash? I'm guessing ordering fast food and driving off without paying?

Augustus said...

I've often wondered why the regressive left gives us gun violence, but not rock violence, baseball bat violence, or knife violence. Are guns the only inanimate objects embued with the ability to think and act independently, or are the regressives insane? Never mind, we all know that answer.

VariedSort said...

Same story, different city, over and over again.

Anonymous said...

Both South Korea and Japan have very little "Diversity," meaning few Negroes or towelheads; hence, no crime. However, both countries have low birthrates and are in demographic decline. However, if they import workers to replace the children they couldn't be bothered to produce, they'll end up like France and Germany. It's even harder for immigrants - even white Christians - to integrate into those countries due to the obvious racial differences.

Either way, they're both screwed unless N Korea collapses, in which case S. Korea might survive.