Monday, June 18, 2018

Black Community Activists in Colorado Bailed Out Black Men in Prison to be with Their Children on Father's Day...

Previously on SBPDL: The State of Colorado is Four Percent Black... Homicides in the State Almost Exclusively Committed by Non-Whites

When you live in a society where western civilization has been demographically supplanted, this story can only make sense.  [In anticipation of Father’s Day, community activists bail black men out of jail: “It’s the human thing to do,” said Vincent Bowen, a volunteer with Black Lives Matter 5280, Denver Post, 6-16-18]:
For more than four hours on a weekday, three Denver activists sat in the lobby of the city’s downtown jail waiting for seven men — all strangers — to walk out from behind bars. 
The activists, who are members of the The Denver Justice Project and Black Lives Matter 5280, had paid the men’s bonds as part of their Juneteenth/Father’s Day Bail Out. The bail money was posted as a gift with no questions asked and with the trust that the men would return to court to face their criminal charges. 
“It’s the human thing to do,” said Vincent Bowen, a volunteer with Black Lives Matter 5280. “It is a way for us to point out the injustice of the cash bail system.” 
The activists, whose efforts continue through Tuesday, planned to spring more than a dozen men jailed in Denver, Arapahoe, Douglas and Adams counties. All are being held on low bonds for petty crimes, and the activists hope the men can be reunited with their families for Father’s Day or be released in honor of the Juneteeth emancipation celebration. 
The activists did the same over Mother’s Day weekend for 15 women housed in five Front Range jails. Both efforts are part of the National Bail Out movement, a larger effort to end money bail in the criminal justice system. 
This year’s Father’s Day Bail Out is in honor of Michael Marshall, a Denver man who was killed by sheriff’s deputies in the Downtown Detention Center while in the throes of a mental health crisis. Marshall was being held on a $100 bond for a trespassing charge, and his family did not know he had been arrested. The city paid Marshall’s family a $4.6 million settlement. 
In the court system, bond is supposed to guarantee people will return to court to face a criminal charge after they have been released from custody. But those who want to abolish money bail say it is punitive, especially to minorities who are arrested at higher rates and are more likely to live in poverty. 
Forcing someone to stay in jail on a low bond on a minor charge has long-lasting repercussions, activists said. People may lose their jobs, miss important payments on bills and be separated from their families. Meanwhile, everyone else in society is paying their tax dollars to incarcerate them, Bowen said. 
Bond reform discussions are happening across the United States. In Colorado, a statewide panel has been assembled to review bail and bond procedures.


Our nation is held hostage by these people, our present and past held in a vise of political correctness and white guilt, denying us our future.


Anonymous said...

Here is a thought: STOP BREAKING THE LAW!

Westminster Dragoon said...

White Guilt is bad enough.

But combine it with White Vanity* (not to be confused with White Pride), and you have a dangerous and lethal combination.

*e.g "We can change things" and "I want to make a difference".

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Father’s Day, I had an odd thing happen and I’m wondering if anyone else had the same experience:

I was typing a Father’s Day greeting into a message on my iPhone, and after the phrase “Happy Father’s Day”, the predictive text brought up an emoji image of a black male face. Normally, if the feature suggests an emoji of a person to replace a word, it defaults to a yellow person...allowing the user to change the race and skin tone as desired. But this defaulted to a black male face...which I never use.

I don’t know if it’s a glitch, or some subtle SJW messaging from someone at Apple.

Has this happened to anyone else?

Anonymous said...

Yes, these black men want to be out of jail so they can spend time with their "families". I'm sure that's the first thing that comes to their minds after getting out of the joint. Their families are probably the last place they go- they go to family members to mooch and get them OUT of trouble. No news is good news.

Anonymous said...

That's after attending church?

Some of these totally harmless underserved gentlemen would need a MiG-25 to even have a chance of visiting each of their children on the same day. It would make Santa's job look like a cakewalk in comparison.

Negro Antidote said...

Delusional Whites gotta go. I loathe them more than the Black/Brown Plague. Goody Two Shoe Leftist/Commie YTs make me puke.

Annie Oakley said...

Maybe this comment will go through this time. Have no idea why some show up and why some don't.

The mark of the beast (spoken of in the Bible) states no man may buy nor sell without the mark. I've figured out that "mark" is the mark of being a racist. You cannot keep a good full time job or have a decent social and family life if you're an outspoken public unapologetic racist. To do so will either get you fired, divorced with the possibility of losing your kids, your home and everything you worked for, not to mention the social shunning of being pro-white.

I bet a large majority of these folks who bailed out the black prisoners were white cucks. I'm surrounded by them up north for a visit. They're just about as nauseating as the white Christian cucks I'm surrounded by in the south.

There is no running folks, you've got to fight to maintain your town.

Anonymous said...

The bail bond system is a system of trust. Blacks are a low trust demographic. They routinely and nonchalantly lie, cheat and steal. They NEVER have car insurance, they don't pay their bills, they constantly and consistently rip off restaurant staff ad infinitum. I could go on.

They are incapable of functioning in a high trust civilized society. One of the reasons I suspect most of them are so surly and miserable is because they probably RIP EACH OTHER OFF at extraordinary rates. Being poor decision makers with low IQs, this should surprise no one.

They should all be deported to Jamaica or Haiti or some Carribean island. They have to leave.

Anonymous said...

Just checked NY Times front articles explaining the genetic differences between Negroes and other races and how these all explain their behaviors which keep them from assimilating or sustaining their own First World civilizations....

So it's failure once again...until this FACT is being discussed openly in the mainstream, we're nowhere even near the stage at which this country starts to turn around.

Want it GREAT again? Gotta talk genetics and IQ and behavior.


Talk about it today within your own circle....suggest Nicholas Wade's book as a starting point. You're on the side of Truth so be fearless.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't the chillun just spend the day in jail with there "Dads". It could be useful.
It would help acclimatize them.

chattanooga gal said...

my husband likes to watch those singing competition shows which like to put about a sob story about each contestant to boost their popularity. Last season, there was a black guy and his sob story , of course, was that he would like to win to do more for his kid who he hadn't seen in 2 years( since he wasn't in jail why comes to mind)well, as the show went on, they surprised him by bringing his daughter to spend the day with him as part of their theme of the week. total indifference. you could read his face like a book " why you saddling me with this brat all day!" sob story fell in, voted off the next day. prime example of black fatherhood.

Anonymous said...

Cheaper to let the 'keeds' just visit them in jail, no?

Most are probably there anyhow...

Jim in Jersey

White Trash Hillbilly said...

Why not just set up family prisons?

They're gonna end up there anyway.

Unknown said...

Yes, it has, and even to this day it happens in certain occasions. Apple is a big player in corporate America. Just one of the many companies who completely support Die-versity, which is, of course, nothing short of saying White Genocide. The word diversity is just the "politically correct" way of saying it.

Fk Apple and every other major American owned company who preaches the word diversity as part of their business model. Let those that they support the most support them!

Baron von raschke said...

This is just another gimmick to put blacks above the law, they get away with too much now.

Pat Boyle said...

Clouds on the Horizon.

This is the best it has ever been. The Donald Trump reforms have bitten hard. Employment is up. Poverty is down. Crime is down and we have electric cars. While there is still cancer and Alzheimer's most of the ancient scourges of man have been defeated. Things are good.

So it behooves us in an abundance of caution to consider some of the problems that still afflict us.

We are overpopulated by a factor of three. When we emerged from the Second World War the world population was two and a half billion. We had killed about sixty five million of ourselves in that conflict but so far we have managed to not have a third all encompassing war.

Things were good in 1950 at least in America. But today we live in the world prophesied in "Soylent Green". We have seven and a half billion people. Our technology has kept us from being crushed by our numbers - so far. But as I figure it we have a half billion too many people.

Too many people is a destabilizing factor. It makes big war more likely and unexpected environmental surprises. And most of these excess people are not "good' people. The biggest suppliers of unwanted and unneeded people are the blacks.

White European peoples have undergone what's called a "Demographic Transformation". As whites have gotten richer they have had fewer children. No one has quite pinned down the causative agent, but it might simply be IQ. Blacks - one of the least intelligent major races - seems to be immune to demographic transformation. Black populations world wide are exploding. In Soylent Green the punchline is that we end up eating other humans. That may come true, but if it does, it will certainly be the dark meat we eat because there is so much of it.

Almost all human accomplishment is created by people with IQs above 130. This isn't the "talented tenth" its the talented two percent at least among whites and East Asians. An IQ of 130 is two SDs above the mean if you are in one of the advanced races. Blacks, and Maoris, and Australian Aborigines are another SD lower. That means because of the shape of the Gaussian curve that they will almost never produce an individual who is able to contribute to human advancement. So an increase in people from these races is a decline in humanity as a whole.

We may not be free of major war. Extrapolating from the WWII experience a similar conflict in an overpopulated and unstable world would yield about two billion deaths. The material destruction of such a conflict might finish off everyone. It could certainly be large enough that it might drive one or more races to extinction. Lots of blacks on TV want one of those races to be whites.

It's hard to say. The next big war will probably be largely fought by machines. The F-22 may be the last fighter jet with a pilot. Autonomous tanks will be with us soon and YouTube already has dozens of battlefield robots on display. If there is a cheap little tracked vehicle with a machine gun and it shoots anything that moves - no human will ever be able to leave his bunker.

Quiet soon we may have to consider the opinions of machine intelligences. Let's hope that they like so many American opinion makers don't also hate whites.


Anonymous said...

This border thing about mud kids is hilarious! Groids in America are CONSTANTLY being separated from 'dey keeds' because they can't stop committing so much crime and getting locked up in cages!! This has been going on for decades!! SUDDENLY the Left gives a shit?!

Totally transparent attempt to take down Trump. He should do foto op with bean kid and take it to Chappaqua to visit Hillary. Surprise appearance at her gate with media following the whole thing. Have a "conversation"! ;) Then leave it there!

Paintjob Theory said...

Why even arrest them for committing crimes in the first place? Seems to me the only reason these communists (almost definitely paid by (((Sorros))) and his tribe) want police around is to protect them and their pets from actual American patriots. (((They))) know damned well what the militia is for and that's why it and productive citizens being armed terrifies them.

Anonymous said...

"All are being held on low bonds for petty crimes, and the activists hope the men can be reunited with their families for Father’s Day or be released in honor of the Juneteeth emancipation celebration".

Wow! They *hope* the men can be reunited with their families, but wouldn't they have to have been united with a family to be able to "RE-unify"?

Perhaps someone can tell these people the import of Father's Day and even convince them to remain strong through adversities and life's trials and count on those connections when times aren't so good, blah, blah, blah... Bueller? Bueller?

Oh, so where was I?

Oh, yeah! About the other excuse/mitigating circumstance of honoring the Juneteenth emancipation celebration... Is Juneteenth for celebrating the ending of slavery for black people after the Civil War ended? Something along those limes, right?

Than heaven's to Betsy, how can a people who ostensibly celebrate this holiday not have the wherewithal to appreciate the freedoms they DO have and make a concerted effort to better themselves over time? But as another poster likes to mention, we live in Clown World!

They celebrate criminality and thuggishness, wouldn't it be better to keep them in jail on these sacrosanct holy-days? They'd be more likely to have that father/son family reunion in the old hoosegow than they would by roaming free in the community. What on God's green earth can these people improve by not being confined WHEN THEY HAVE ALREADY PROVEN that they have a distinctly limited future-time orientation and that they are unable to delay gratification. Whether nature or nurture, whether fetal alcohol syndrome or "have Pat Boyle explain it" (always informative, sir!) I don't want to continue to foster or celebrate dysfunction.

I'm damned near 50 and pulling the pieces of my life back together. I'm more excited and have the wisdom to appreciate the opportunities I have now than at any other point in my life. I'd share more, but opsec counts. I just pray I have the time to get to where I want to be before the impending "must go down" kicks in.

Anonymous said...


We do not *need* to openly discuss DNA, we NEED to re-enact segregation laws, they did so much better as a people under them. I would go so far as to make the conciliatory gesture of giving a "New Africa" as reparations to all living African-decended peoples currently living here from part of these United States. Black success would be mundane nationwide!

Marc B said...

Nothing that happens in Cuckorado surprises me anymore.

Non PC Infidel said...

If total strangers have to bail you out of jail even when the bail amount is low, that's a pretty good indication that your family and friends are sick of your constantly causing problems and are exhausted with having to deal with you and your "issues" and can't be bothered. Go to any black area and there are always several offices of bail bondsmen in the community. They're not hard to find nor hard to get to for the residents. Of course, being white and never having had to bail anyone out of jail, I don't know what fees a bail bondsman might charge for his services but I wouldn't be willing to pay that fee over and over again and again for someone who couldn't stay out of trouble. I'd let them suffer the consequences of their own actions and behavior. That's probably the reason many blacks don't get bailed out of jail as well- not poverty or any other excuse. As is, leave it up to blacks to turn the consequences of their misbehaving thugs into an issue of "disparate treatment and being done wrong." They never let a chance to whine, wail and play the victim go to waste.

Anonymous said...

The HUMAN thing to do? Hmm.

Sam said...

"Community" activists? They are NOT "community" activists. They are "communist" activists.

Anonymous said...

From having been in a kinda-sorta related profession for awhile that the going rate in my too big a city is 10% down and bondsmen take collateral and can do payment plans (do they do credit checks, do they take bitcoin payment? The shadow knows!).

Hell, I've never been in it, but we have one whose sign claims it as bail bonds and hamburgers. What, no cheeseburgers? Maybe I should investigate and see if they take food stamps!

Groid Rage said...

I bet a lot of black fathers and sons are more likely to be attacked by these bailed out lowlives than be joyful that they are out of slammer

chattanooga gal said...

Non PC Infidel said...
If total strangers have to bail you out of jail even when the bail amount is low, that's a pretty good indication that your family and friends are sick of your constantly causing problems and are exhausted with having to deal with you and your "issues" and can't be bothered.
probably true of white people. blacks just expect someone else to do it for them. even when we had that school bus crash a while back and people were lining up to donate blood to the victims, you saw very few black donors, although all the victims were black.


My initial thought, and question, for these do-gooder aholes, is:

How are you going to really know WHO is the father of these chillins?

Anonymous said...

Sentenced to 486 days in February 2017 and released in August 2017. Guessing he had pre-sentence confinement time or was given "good time".

Nice to see he managed to go so far in such a short time. I wonder if he was on a racist gang list?

Over 550 guns seized from home of convicted felon

A tip from a neighbor about a man in possession of "a large number of guns" turned out to be an understatement. When Los Angeles County sheriffs showed up at the home with a warrant they found 432 guns at his house -- and that was just the beginning of his arsenal.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and Department of Justice announced the unbelievable cache of weapons on Monday after seizing the weapons last week.

Manuel Fernandez, 60, of Agua Dulce,California, was already a convicted felon and was taken into custody for being a felon in possession of firearms, possession of an assault rifle, a felon in possession of ammunition and possession of large capacity magazines.

The arsenal, when laid out by sheriffs, shows at least 57 handguns and row after row of rifles.

After seizing the 432 weapons at the suspect's house, a second warrant was served at the home of a woman connected to Fernandez, where 30 illegal firearms were seized, according to the sheriff's department. Officials said the woman was not home when the warrant was served and is still unaccounted for, though she could face charges in the future as well.

A day later, law enforcement officials further searched Fernandez's home and found 91 more weapons hidden at the residence.

"Detectives also seized computers, cellphones, and hard drives from the residence believed to be involved in the illicit purchase of firearms by the suspect," the sheriff's department said in its release.

All told, authorities seized 553 weapons alleged to belong to Fernandez. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has been brought in to trace the origin of many of the weapons.

Fernandez was sentenced to 486 days in jail for an unspecified felony conviction in February 2017, but was released in August 2017, according to jail records.

He has been released on bail this time and is due in court on July 9.

Agua Dulce is locted in a rocky, mountainous region about 45 minutes north of Los Angeles.


Non PC Infidel:

Great concept. It has led me to a thought.

Perhaps the reason the "fambly" doesn't bail out Uncle/Daddy/Brother/Lover is because THEY don't want him coming out shooting them for setting him up, banging his woman, stealing his crack, or selling him out for a flat screen.

One must assume every negro, in negroville, is a criminal and has a record and has a list of home boys who want to put a cap in his ass. Why bail out the guy who is going to do a drive by your crib? Leave his black ass in jail.

It is safer for you to NOT bail out Sambo!!!! I mean, the negro is f'n stupid, but not that stupid.

Anonymous said...

Re: the link and story I sent in,


People are preparing. Why would a 60 year old man of Spanish surname in So.Cal have these weapons? He was supplying people affiliated with the Mexican Mafia and the feeder gangs to that org, or it was for MS-13.

I have no proof of this, I am just using experience and logic. Simple suppositions in my book, though it could be a million other things.

Who's a big boy? Who is wearing the big boy pants? All species know that to fight for territory is only prudent when your host is weak.

Anonymous said...

Remember Lor Scoota? Remember how he AND his manager were assassinated due to a real-life rapping and drug dealing lifestyle gone bad which took Lor Scoota from us...

But now we've lost rapper "Jimmy Wopo"! He was gunned down in Pittsburgh! Why, God? WHY, OH WHY MY GOD DO YOU TAKE THE GOOD FROM US SO SOON!?!?

Hear your people, oh, Lord! Someone turn on the Dindu Nuffins "hoodie" signal in the night sky of racist, streets-gone-wrong Pittsburgh!

Anonymous said...

"The bail money was posted . . . with the trust that the men would return to court to face their criminal charges. "


Anonymous said...

send the kids to jail -to visit dad and say--if u break the law, you may end up here.

wrt--"Black Community Activists in Colorado Bailed Out Black Men in Prison to be with Their Children on Father's Day..." better the kids see the inside of a jail while they are young. they might learn the lesson dad didnt.

Anonymous said...

A kid, going to visit the assumed "dad" in a jail, would feel just like going home.....

Justin Igger said...

So if you commit crimes in local or state jurisdictions you're "seperated" from your chirrinz ? The HORROR! Someone tell the Democrats in congress !

Paintjob Theory said...

In other news that's sure to make you smile, Starbergs strategy of pandering to negro vagrants and opening stores in ghettos might not be panning out so well, they are closing down 150 stores next year. Any wagers on how many of them are in "diverse" areas? Where will Shitavious get his triple grande mochachino in Ferguson?

Anonymous said...

ot: Idiots!! Keep the kids with their parents in detention centers on the other side of the Mexico!! Simple fix. No family separation. They all happy together in Mexico. Tacos! Just steps from the USA.

Problem solved. Mexico has tons of oil money to pay for this. Think of the children!!!

Brian in Ohio said...

Found online, A quote from Joe Sobran, National Review, April, 1997:

Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible. It's Western exploration, science, and conquest that have revealed the world to itself. Other races feel like subjects of Western power long after colonialism, imperialism, and slavery have disappeared.

The charge of racism puzzles whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don't grasp what it really means: humiliation. The white man presents an image of superiority even when he isn't conscious of it. And, superiority excites envy. Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call minorities.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Pat Boyle said...


I'm beginning to try to make another series of videos. I could use some help. If Paul doesn't resent me recruiting on his site and someone would like to collaborate on a video project - drop me a note.


Anonymous said...

Wow. National Review let him publish that? I thought NR “doesn’t do race”?

AJAX said...

to brian in ohio --- excellent commentary from joe sobran -- a really good insightful observation -- he was truly one heck of a gifted writer -- if i remember correctly he was taken down (his career destroyed) by jews in the media -- a great loss indeed --

Blue Eyes Matter said...

More negroidal nonsense. They're criminals, that's why they're in jail in the first place. They're doing no one a favor by putting them in the presense of children. The only time they'll see him anyway is when he comes home, screams at his alledged kids, beats his wife and passes out until noon.

Anonymous said...

Why did the Central American asylum seekers not ask Mexico for asylum? Would that have been possible? Is there an end to being invaded?

Anonymous said...

Someone suggested putting all the illegal detainees on a ship to Cuba. Kind of a reverse of the Mariel boat lift. At least there would be no language barrier.

Mr. Rational said...

If there is a cheap little tracked vehicle with a machine gun and it shoots anything that moves - no human will ever be able to leave his bunker.

Imagine the Boston Dynamics dog-robots with rifles (and tasers).  Parachute them in in groups with solar panels to recharge them.  Use recognition software to distinguish wildlife from humans and goats, cattle, etc.  Use group tactics so they can do things like setting up ambushes.

Tase the wildlife if it gets hostile or too inquisitive.  Shoot the humans and their herds.  Do this for a few years and you'd pacify (depopulate) almost any problem area for cheap.

How much area could you disinfest with a bunch of robots and a few bricks of .22 LR ammo each?  Certainly the "herders" invading Zimbabwe from elsewhere could be run off easily.  Afghanistan?  Likely.  Haiti?  Probably.

It would be harder to distinguish between subspecies, but if that could be made to work it would help to clean out Lewiston and St. Cloud.  The real problem will be getting rid of the idiots who thought the infestation was a good idea.

Pat:  I'm interested.  My name with an underscore, not a period, at hydrogen's nucleon mail.

Mr. Rational said...

Why did the Central American asylum seekers not ask Mexico for asylum?

No gibs in Mexico, and no communists wanting to use them to turn Mexico into a third-world shithole; that job is already complete.

Fed Up in Middle America said...

Ah, Father's Day in a Black neighborhood; the greatest example of mass confusion known to man.

Anonymous said...

Certainly interested, how does one "drop a note" here?

Another Guy in Florida

Anonymous said...

Well that's easy. Mexico does not have our massive state and federal welfare system.

The end will come if the wall is built.

Steve Smith said...

You make the assumption that the Negro is capable of learning. Capable of understanding cause and effect.

OverSeer said...

"Starbucks closed 8,000 stores on the afternoon of May 29 to offer about 175,000 employees mandatory anti-bias training after two black men were arrested at a store in Philadelphia while waiting for a friend. Outgoing chairman Howard Schultz said the training cost Starbucks "tens of millions" of dollars. The training also delayed the launch of Starbucks' spring and summer marketing campaign by about two weeks."

The two nogs caused upteen millions for Starcucks. This has to be some sort of groid record for just two. I am thrilled!