Friday, June 8, 2018

Minneapolis Police Abandon Marijuana Sting Arrests Because 46 of the 47 People Charged in Crackdown are Black

Previously on SBPDL: In 64% White/18% Black Minneapolis, Blacks Represented 85% of Arrests for Nonfatal Shootings Between 2009-2014

Remember this governing principle for all police departments in the USA: if an initiative undertaken by the police to make the community safer ends up only targeting black criminals, it must be abandoned immediately. The rights of black criminals far outweighs maintaining order and ensure a safe community.[Minneapolis Police To Halt Marijuana Sting Arrests, Minneapolis CBS, 6-7-18]:
A nationwide debate over the growing acceptance of marijuana has changed Minneapolis police policy.
Minneapolis: a city where the police exist to protect the rights of black criminals above maintaining law and order
Police leaders are now directing officers to discontinue stings that target low-level marijuana possession and sales.  
It comes in the wake of a recent downtown crackdown targeting open drug dealing.From January to May, undercover officers made over 100 arrests, including 47 for felony sale of marijuana. 
“If you sell one gram of marijuana, it’s a felony drug sale,” said Hennepin County chief public defender Mary Moriarty. 
She says 46 of the 47 people charged in the crackdown were black. Many of them were also poor and homeless, dealing a gram or two just to get by. 
“Do they deserve to get felony drug charges simply because they are less fortunate than say kids on college campuses,” Moriarty said.  
Facing criticism over the arrest numbers, Minneapolis’ Police Chief Medaria Arradondo made a stunning policy change.  
He told officers to steer petty drug offenders to treatment, counseling and diversion…not jail. 
“Mayor [Jacob] Frey has directed us…we will discontinue specific low-level marijuana enforcement,” Arradondo said. “And I agree with the mayor’s decision.” 
The public defender’s office demands that charges against the 47 people be dropped. Police say they’ll work with prosecutors to consider other charging alternatives. 
“Too often in society the police and MPD is looked at as the one to solve this problem, and it is far greater than just us,” Arradondo said.  
County Attorney Mike Freeman issued a statement saying, in part, that his office has begun an immediate review of the remaining cases, adding that they are making new offers to the defendants and are in the process of dismissing them. 
Does the new policy mean officers are turning their backs on marijuana laws? What happens with drugs like opioids?  
The new policy means that officers will no longer target marijuana specifically. 
They will, however, continue to do stings targeting more serious felonies, like opiates and gun possession.
The stings targeting serious felonies, like opiates and gun possession, will continue until the data indicates the police are once again only targeting black criminals. Then, such measures undertaken to ensure the safety of citizens in Minneapolis will be abandoned to protect the rights of black criminals.


Mr. Rational said...

TL;DR version:  expecting Black people to obey laws be rayciss.

It has always been thus.  Plus ça changé, plus c'est la même chose.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played. said...

And when opioid stings are found to arrest predominantly blacks?

Anonymous said...

"From January to May, undercover officers made over 100 arrests, including 47 for felony sale of marijuana."

In five months they only made 100 arrests? Crap, if they were truly serious about the drug problem they could do that in one night.

This article can be interpreted different ways. Anybody who's aware of the real drug problem knows it's not gram bags of pot. It's the opioid problem that's killing people. Why is it the cops aren't going after opioids? Why so much focus on gram bags of pot?

The reason is because they can't go after the opioids. Because that would mean arresting doctors and pharmacists and that cannot be allowed. It would mean addressing the issue of who's really responsible and that means going after big pharma which means going after all (((those people))) who control big pharma, big med and wall street.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

In other words: "We've decided to concentrate on a more profitable market. From now on, only white kids, whose parents have money, will be selectively targeted for arrest".

nokangaroos said...

As Marion Barry put it:
"All laws are racist. The law of gravity is racist."
Yes, the same one who said:
"When you take away the murders Washington actually has a very low crime rate."

Good, I´m ready to believe gravity hates a lot of blacks ...

Anonymous said...

Go to You can be honest in their comment section.

I've been banned from all the (((Media))) owned sites, but this one lets you discuss things.

I haven't gone racially honestly with them yet, but I can tell 99% of their readers are either with us or very close to Race Realism.

Pat Boyle said...

It's unclear to me if outlawing marijuana or even opioids is good or bad for society or good or bad for black people. I'm generally against drug laws or libertarian principals. Making cannabis a Schedule 1 drug comparable to Heroin or Fentanyl is just madness. But there are some benefits to society and blacks in particular for having marijuana being illegal.

Years ago when I was singing a lot, a little opera company I was with took a trip up the Northern California coast. We were going to bring culture to the yahoos. It was a lot of fun and the people appreciated it. They didn't get many performing arts companies visiting them. The whole area is beautiful but economically depressed. It is a little like Appalachia - lots of trees, not many jobs.

The only thing that keeps that area going is marijuana. Many of them I now read are worried about the legalization of dope. Cannabis isn't finicky. It's a weed. It grows everywhere, not just in the beautiful empty lands on the coast above the Golden Gate.

Here in Oakland marijuana is institutionalized. Downtown it seems like every shop is a dope shop. There is a university (or so they call themselves) for cannabis studies. There are many home delivery services and the weed is very professionally packaged in jars and cans. yet it is still nominally illegal.

And that is probably good. If it were completely legal they would grow it locally. It might be cultivated on the freeway median strips and no one would ever go up the coast again. All those fine people who had escaped from the cities to live on the coast by the sea would now have to return to the congested Bay Area.

Sometimes social policy is complex. Having weed partly illegal may be the best policy. All those black guys who have been busted for selling dope at least had some sort of job. They didn't go into marijuana distribution because they were no longer happy with being an aerospace engineer.


Lily White said...

The dindus complain about "white privilege" and "white people keeping them down" (whatever that's supposed to mean,) all the while being pampered and protected like they're on some endangered species list, or something. And who's doing the protecting and the coddling? Well, apparently the white people that are "keeping them down." If they're doing all this whining while having everything handed to them by evil whitey, imagine how much howling they'd do if whitey decided he was tired of babying them, and just stopped.

Alex from N. England said...

Negroes are irredeemable. Criminally prone and utterly worthless to society.

Minnesota is effed too.

Anonymous said...

Our Constitution says it is for the Founding Father's "posterity". Negroids, and the 3rd world trash all around us are not their "Posterity". So they do not receive Constitutional protections.

So deal with that now...act accordingly....

OverSeer said...

If we're going to let the nogs have free rein thats fine. Let all the people who want concealed weapons permits in all states be allowed to do so. Then nature will sort it all out.

Anonymous said...

Over 87% of opioid users have never been prescribed an opioid drug. So the real problem is street users on heroin, still. A great idea would be to put out pure heroin and have all the tortured souls injecting themselves pass on to a better place.

Anonymous said...

This place is fast becoming a shithole. Something has to give. Nationally.

-JSF- in Minneapolis

Sam said...

nokangaroos at 1:06 PM said...

"Good, I´m ready to believe gravity hates a lot of blacks..." Don't we need PROOF of this??

Anonymous said...

If you thought that blacks were pot heads before some of these laws were changed, wait until there are no marijuana laws. This is a disaster waiting to happen.

Anonymous said...

If you thought that blacks were pot heads before some of these laws were changed, wait until there are no marijuana laws. This is a disaster waiting to happen.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

Picture the day that the police, for what ever reason, no longer protect blacks from the consequences of their insults to civilization. How do you think that a low IQ bunch who received all of their firearms training from a rap video will fare against folks who know what they are doing, and want to set things straight?

Anonymous said...

"The new policy means that officers will no longer target marijuana specifically.
They will, however, continue to do stings targeting more serious felonies, like opiates and gun possession."

So blacks are still going to get arrested "disproportionately" either way, they will complain about it, and nothing will change because it is in their DNA.

Oh, I guess some things will change, as the law will now have to abide by them, not the other way around.

Inquisitor said...

"The dindus complain about "white privilege" and "white people keeping them down" "
This is why I'm glad I'm in a small town that is highly white(93+%) surrounding area more so. I'm too busy working and doing stuff for my widow mother and careing for my dog to keep the negro down.

Brian in Ohio said...

This reminds me of the time they stopped making arrests for white collar crimes because more whites were.... Oh, right. Hahaha.

Blacks cannot abide by the Ten Commandments. To think that they could act in accordance with the complex web of legalities that govern 21st century life in the Western world is laughable.

The modern world has left them behind. They are surplus farm equipment.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Brian in Ohio said...

This place is fast becoming a shithole. Something has to give. Nationally.

-JSF- in Minneapolis

Diversity + Proximity = War

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

So, you are saying that you have an objection to the use of medicinal cannabinoids?
Well, then, I say that they are the greatest thing for pain control that ever happened. The cannabinoids will not get you high, you uneducated jerk. BUT, they
will control pain without the use of opioids, which are deadly and addictive.

Anonymous said...


"Whites are only 16% of the world's population (and creating only 7% of the babies), yet are the most industrious and innovative race the world has known. Whites unlocked the secrets of DNA and relativity, launched satellites, created automation, discovered electricity and nuclear energy, invented automobiles, aircraft, submarines, radio, television, computers, medicine, telephones, light bulbs, photography, and countless other technological miracles.

Whites were the first to circumnavigate the planet by ship, orbit it by spacecraft, walk on the moon, probe beyond the solar system, climb the highest peaks, reach both poles, exceed the sound barrier, descend to the oceans depths... Blacks cannot even feed themselves.

Non PC Infidel said...

Remember the story where blacks were complaining (in one city in the northeast) that they were being unfairly targeted for traffic violations but were proven to be, in fact, guilty of committing the offenses at a far higher rate than others? I suppose what blacks really want is for the police to have an "Oh wait! You're black! Never mind!" policy towards any of their illegal acts. Otherwise, they'll scream about disparate impact as they do about everything else when held to account for their behaviors or demand that others be punished at the same levels despite the fact that that others are not committing the same number of offenses.

On another note, I've lived in three foreign countries and it was always considered the right thing to do to at least attempt to behave according to the standards of the larger society. It was the polite, decent and respectful thing to do. Those that stomped around rudely, obnoxiously and arrogantly demanding that the larger society behave according to the rules of their minority community were considered to be assholes. In fact, that's where the stereotype of the "ugly American" came from. In that regard, that's what we're seeing from blacks in America- they rudely, obnoxiously and arrogantly come out of their minority communities and demand that the larger society bow down to them no matter how rude, crude and disgusting their behavior is. Furthermore, they demand the larger society obey THEIR rules and let them get away with whatever they want to do no matter how objectionable or offensive it may be simply because they're black. Yes, they're assholes and it's no wonder the stereotype of the "Ugly Negro" exists. They've earned it in spades. There's nothing racist about not wanting such people coming into your community even though blacks like to portray it as such. That's just another attempt on their part to continue their horrid behavior and force everyone to accept it.

In foreign countries, if one's behavior is so offensive, rude, crude, disgusting and unacceptable according to the larger society, one can be labeled "persona non grata" and thrown out of the country. To me, blacks have crossed that threshold here in America and need to be labeled persona non grata and restricted to their own communities where they can act like "ugly negroes" all they want. Simply put, those that can't behave according to civilized standards should not be allowed access to civilized areas whether they like it or not. Of course, knowing negroes, they'd scream, screech, whine, complain and riot in the streets over such a civilized method of controlling their bad behavior and that too would simply just be another attempt to force the larger society to bow down to them and accept their atrocious behavior. Even putting it on a "three strikes and you're out" basis would result in screams of disparate impact and racism.

Oh well. We used to have "persona non grata" in America vis a vis ugly negroes- it was called segregation, sundown towns and restrictive covenants.

rex freeway said...

Liberalism is a mental disease. Minnesota has become infested with them. And with them comes their pet Negroes and other 3rd world losers. It was once called the land of 10,000 lakes. They will be lucky 10,000 Whites are left when it's all said and done.

nokangaroos said...

The librul approach is based on a fundamental and willful misunderstanding of the statistics involved (by far the best takedown can be found in the archives of Lagriffedulion). Blacks being both more criminal AND more violent means the more hideous the crime the higher the proportion of black perps IOW raising the incarceration threshold will RAISE the incarceration ratio (i.e. how much more likely a given black is to be in prison than a given White).
In absolute numbers, even arresting people for spitting on the sidewalk will only lower the ratio to about 5 before you run out of black males to incarcerate.
Overlooking petty offenses, leaving only the REALLY untoward things, will drive the ratio over 30 (!).
The ONLY way around this would be to selectively allow blacks to walk scot-free. Oh, wait ...
The Obonob´s legacy in Chicongo is an ordinance requiring the prison population to "more closely resemble" the outside one. Sound familiar? It´s "equality of outcome" fallacy in full bloom (pun intended).
All the numbers have been on the books and on the table for quite some time but bring them up and they will look at you like a heifer at lightning - if you´re lucky.

The ten commandments? Hmmm ...
Heinrich K. Erben (paleontologist, philosopher and pop-scientist-at-large) holds the core of religion - EVERY religion - is the Law ... a kind of distilled code of conduct dating back to the neolithic revolution (which may explain why blacks have not internalized it). The Law is remarkably confomable through ALL religions; Erben boils it down to eleven commandments remarkably similar to the Ten without the Yahu part (adulterations with J.J.Bachofen and others are my own ;). Everything but the Law is brimborium.
... which I take to mean there is no point in telling people:
"Well ... ummm ... our systems analysis department has concluded with better than 95% confidence that such-and-such behaviour is not conducive to civilized cohabitation and should therefore be refrained from.",
you have to tell them:
"If you do such-and-such Odhinn´s lightning will find you on the shitters."
(which BTW also dovetails nicely with Küng´s assertion that without divine position there can be no normative ethics)
- The less the Law (and, by extension, religion) is respected the more laws (and lawyers) are needed.
IOW, Hammurabi was already the beginning of the end.

First, we kill all the lawyers ;b
As for the "victimless crime" argument I second it - up to a point; there ARE regulations where "victimization" is not so in-your-face - say, miscegenation. In these cases in evolution I trust (read: Adaptivity and divine position are one and the same)

Unknown said...

Exactly !!!!!

Michael Dean Miller said...

Alternate headlines :

Weed better think of something else...
Undercover sting fails to blunt drug trade.
Arrests gone to pot.
New ideas fail acid test.
Failure for Joint police operations.
Black Ops baffle cops...


Anonymous said...

As the white population drops worldwide so does innovation. If it wasn't for blacks and 3rd world degenerates flooding our countries who knows what we could have accomplished by now!

cecilhenry said...

Just to let you know, it appears that Twitter is blocking the ability to link your articles in Tweets.

Quelle surprise.

Mr. Rational said...

Just to let you know, it appears that Twitter is blocking the ability to link your articles in Tweets.

Twatter used to not be very sophisticated about that, and changing the domain to or would get around it.

If that fails, link shorteners are a pretty sure thing.

Farm Boy said...

One gram sale of marijuana a felony? This country has absolutely lost its mind over "drugs." The war on drugs has cost us at least $1T. Complete idiocy and government overreach. They would put the drug dealers out of business if they just let it go, sold it, allowed MDs to rx the stronger stuff. Govt creates a lot of its own problems then they use our tax $$$ to build up a useless enforcement regime.

Anonymous said...

But white people didn't invent paper bags, traffic lights or peanut butter!

Libby Cannaught-Noatis

Anonymous said...

If they meant to include negroes, they would surely have coined the term, "posteriority"! ;)

Justin Igger said...

Expectin negroes to obey any law is Raycisss !

Anonymous said...


Politician says he is "strong on crime"...

Is thinking, "time to lock up a lot of n*ggers in metal cages".

Brian in Ohio said...

Farm Boy said...

Govt creates a lot of its own problems then they use our tax $$$ to build up a useless enforcement regime.
They don't see it as a problem.

They`ve used the "war on drugs" to build basically a private army of thousands of Federal cops. With the best training, best equipment and best paychecks, all courtesy of the taxpayers. And to keep it, drugs need to continue to be a "problem".

The governments answer to ANYTHING is always more government.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Paintjob Theory said...

“If you sell one gram of marijuana, it’s a felony drug sale,”

My Euro-centric solution to this would be to, you know, not sell a gram of reefer.

"Many of them were also poor and homeless,"

At what level of income and property ownership should laws cease applying?

"dealing a gram or two just to get by."

So, free housing, school, health care, phone, utilities, food, and walking around money isn't making ends meet. Call me culturally insensitive, but my answer to budgetary issues has been to either work more or spend less. This statement also begs the question, if a gram of grass is 10$ how much profit can possibly be in it? Is selling 1 or 2 grams at perhaps 3-4$ total profit really what these nogs are doing? How many of these spooks who were caught selling "just one or two grams" had warrants already or were in possession of other drugs, weapons or contraband? The "in jail for a dime bag of weed" meme is no more than din do nuffins.... the truth is typically had a quarter pound broken up into dime bags, felon in possession of a firearm, resisting/evading arrest/simple assault... but takes a plea deal for the smallest selling charge. Mark my words, none of these primitives is ONLY selling a couple grams of pot.

"Do they deserve to get felony drug charges simply because they are less fortunate than say kids on college campuses,”

"""fortunate""".... like it's just a matter of happenstance or blind luck that the rest of society didn't go out selling drugs to undercover cops last week. I mean you have basically 2 options in life.... go to college or sell drugs on a street corner, right? Absolutely incompatible with civilization.

"we will discontinue specific low-level marijuana enforcement"

Which, while sensible, shouldn't be accomplished through selective enforcement of the laws but through the legislature... if we cared about the rule of law, and the fact that they are only now talking about decriminalizing reefer because blacks can't follow the law is really infuriating.

"What happens with drugs like opioids?"

If police did a similar sting we would see the same article lamenting that Tyrone is just selling a couple grams to get by and those lucky whites and Asians who somehow manage to get through life without selling drugs.

"They will, however, continue to do stings targeting more serious felonies, like opiates and gun possession."

Until someone notices that all the perps are black, then they'll just go back to shaking down white taxpayers fining them for having expired inspection stickers or not wearing a seatbelt.

A great tale for the anarcho-tyranny department.

Anonymous said...

This war on drugs really gets ridiculous. It is pure folly on the part of the government to attempt to regulate morality. It has never worked nor will it ever work. Prostitution, guns,liquor, gambling, pornography, drugs. If the people want it, they will get it. At least make marijuana legal for all. Regulate it and tax it. Use the proceeds to repay Social Security and turn it into a positive instead of an immense drain on the taxpayers.

Fled The Undertow said...

It's really a shame about MN. When I was a kid, I lived there for a couple years, and their public schools were far superior to those we attended in the Deep South...if for no other reason than they weren't yet having to coddle to the Lowest Common Denominator like negro-infested Dixie schools were forced to do.

I recall walking by myself to and from school, ice-skating during recess, and being taught German by my homeroom teacher, Ms Engen. All this in suburban Minneapolis...between 3rd and 4th grade. much for that, I guess.

Bill in St Louis said...

Well said.

In Memory of Amanda Blackburn said...

Since so many of the dindus spend so much time sitting on their asses, in psychiatric terms, I guess you could say they are suffering from a "posteriority complex."

Thank you, thank you . . . T-shirts, coffee mugs and gift cards are available in the lobby. Try the veal . . .

Brian in Ohio said...

Paintjob Theory said... Until someone notices that all the perps are black, then they'll just go back to shaking down white taxpayers fining them for having expired inspection stickers or not wearing a seatbelt.

And THAT is how race realist are made.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

I thought you was moving your blog elsewhere? When is the big move?