Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Is White Genocide Real? In 26 States, White Deaths Now Outnumber White Births

Is White genocide real? Well, here's Exhibit A. [Fewer Births Than Deaths Among Whites in Majority of U.S. States, New York Times, June 20, 2018]:
Deaths now outnumber births among white people in more than half the states in the country, demographers have found, signaling what could be a faster-than-expected transition to a future in which whites are no longer a majority of the American population. 
The Census Bureau has projected that whites could drop below 50 percent of the population around 2045, a relatively slow-moving change that has been years in the making. But a new report this week found that whites are dying faster than they are being born now in 26 states, up from 17 just two years earlier, and demographers say that shift might come even sooner. 
“It’s happening a lot faster than we thought,” said Rogelio Sáenz, a demographer at the University of Texas at San Antonio and a co-author of the report. It examines the period from 1999 to 2016 using data from the National Center for Health Statistics, the federal agency that tracks births and deaths. He said he was so surprised at the finding that at first he thought it was a mistake. 
The pattern first started nearly two decades ago in a handful of states with aging white populations like Pennsylvania and West Virginia. But fertility rates dropped drastically after the Great Recession and mortality rates for whites who are not of Hispanic origin have been rising, driven partly by drug overdoses. That has put demographic change on a faster track. The list of states where white deaths outnumber births now includes North Carolina and Ohio. 
The change has broad implications for identity and for the country’s political and economic life, transforming a mostly white baby boomer society into a multiethnic and racial patchwork. A majority of the youngest Americans are already nonwhite and look less like older generations than at any point in modern American history. 
In California, 52 percent of all children are living in homes with at least one immigrant parent, Professor Sáenz said. 
“People say demographics is destiny and there’ll be more people of color — all that is true,” said Jennifer Richeson, a social psychologist at Yale University. “But they also say the U.S. is going to become more progressive, and we don’t know that. We should not assume that white moderates and liberals will maintain current political allegiances, nor should we expect that the so-called nonwhite group is going to work in any kind of coalition.”
Demography is destiny.

Mass non-white immigration has consequences.

White genocide in the USA is real, and it seems to be state policy.


D is for depressing said...

People say demographics is destiny and there’ll be more people of color — all that is true

Indeed. Now that the productive White population is being replaced with the less productive, it should be expected that the country will sink deeper into poverty and not make as many scientific discoveries.

This country shifted its agenda to diversity from excellence. Consequences should be expected.

nor should we expect that the so-called nonwhite group is going to work in any kind of coalition.

True. The blacks will never be assimilated. East Asians will continue to be successful. White Hispanics will be indistinguishable from Whites. But all the same, they will always be repelled by the blacks.

Anonymous said...

Various ways to solve the white death:

1. Deport all Illegal aliens (obviously)

2. Adopt the Philippines way of wiping out drugs completely by executing drug dealers.

3. Establish Brazilian style death squads by killing every gang member on sight be it the Crips, Bloods, MS-13 etc.

4. Stop wealthy Foreigners from buying homes. Overturn all visa applications and let home prices crash down to earth so whites can afford to buy homes.

5. Create tax incentives for productive whites to have kids. No more tax breaks to Big Ag, Big Media, etc. Let them rot in hell for all I care.

6. Create more government programs such as the Space Force that benefit whites and will create high-paying manufacturing jobs in the U.S.

7. As always, kill your TV.

Anonymous said...

If demographics is our destiny, we are screwed. To my grandchildren; I apologize for leaving you a country in turmoil. On the bright side, you won’t have much competition for the ‘smart’ jobs.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Obvious solutions to the problem includes subsidizing white births. The problem is that we have a (((ruling class))) that is hell bent on destroying white, western, European countries and its peoples. So much easier to offer "free welfare" to the intruders, continue the mass produced propaganda about the evil whites, open borders, and in less than 20 years you have an easily controlled, stupid, brown and black population that you can yank the benefits from at will. Sure, in 2020, you will get about one grand a month in outright cash as well as reduced or no rent, free food and medical, but with the encouragement to vote democrat. Once the balance shifts, and it ultimately will, that monthly cash dividend goes down to $500, you owe more of a percentage of rent, and "free" food will be provided to only approved, GMO, corporate produced cereal and grains. Fast forward to 2030, and all of a sudden, you don't get any monthly cash stipend, will have to work 12 hour days, seven days a week, at $ with no benefits, and that rent will double or even triple. Throw in a police state to enforce the status quo, and you have what the NWO wants - which is an active plantation filled with morons who will continue to vote for "free stuff". There is no place for whites in such a scenario. And that, friends, is The Plan. Plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

Seems to be that White genocide is obvious. When newspapers happily say that seasonal industries will be lost because they cant get their precious Mexicans to do work Americans should've done.

Anonymous said...

It seems the death patterns are located where old white people go to die, the southwest and southeast, or where all the younger whites have to leave, New England and the rustbelt. It doesn't help that the offspring of whites and white hispanics are always counted as hispanics even if they are blond haired and blue eyed. Of course much more militant white nationalists will disagree that the offspring of such a union are white thus agreeing with our racial enemies.

Cleveland Realist.

Anonymous said...

OT: Baltimore won't take the proper actions against their criminal elements that they are pleading for the feds to come fight their crime.,amp.html

Last month in DC a black man who raped a woman at knife point on the subway there was sentenced to two life sentences. Another black recently raped a woman on the subway.

Anonymous said...

White genocide? No! Not when large cities known for being powerhouses of industry have to install "shot spotter" equipment across a 5 mile area to help bring cops to the scenes of shooting when they happen, rather than when a body is found or the body starts smelling bad enough to call da po-po.

AnalogMan said...

And, as always, women and minorities hardest hit:

A new report that put the cost of illegal immigration at $113 billion a year shows that the burden falls disproportionately on urban blacks who have to pay taxes to fund free services to undocumented aliens and then compete with them for those same programs.

Report: Illegal immigration harms blacks, robs social services from legal Americans

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what we mean by the term "chutzpah".

Awakened white said...

Not surprising for the east coast, for me anyway. All the mudsharks and even oil drillers. Yuck. Looks like the PNW maybe not bad after all.

Trump you better build that wall, and deport them all!

Anonymous said...

anon 6:57 said;

" 2. Adopt the Philippines way of wiping out
drugs completely by executing drug dealers."

The biggest drug dealers right now are not the blacks or the browns, but (((Big Pharma))). The (((Sackler))) family and others, through deceit and evil machinations have unleashed this plague on us. Now Israeli companies are developing cannabis based meds for kids. Look it up.

The day of the rope can't come soon enough.

Anonymous said...

The problem would disappear overnight if people stopped believing in liberalism.

Liberalism is a secular religion that only exists because young Whites are not given the full truth about race. It's a false religion and needs to be abandoned just like Communism.

I do know one thing which is that liberal dysgenics are working against liberals more than any other group. The hardcore anti-White Marxists rarely have kids and when they do it is 1 or 2 at the most. I see this at work all the time. The more liberal the woman the less likely she is to have kids. Liberals don't think this is a problem because of blank slate but that of course is false hope. Twin studies point to religion and politics having a very strong genetic component which doesn't bode well for liberalism. Interestingly Nietzsche believed that the socialist was a personality type that resented the strong. He believed only men of strong will could conquer the socialist and not through debate/reasoning because the socialist was never driven by reason in the first place.

So liberals may be cheering here but I doubt they will win the future as they assume. Hispanics do not have White guilt and liberalism will be severely diminished by dysgenics.

Anonymous said...

4. Stop wealthy Foreigners from buying homes. Overturn all visa applications and let home prices crash down to earth so whites can afford to buy homes.

Corporate ownership needs to be curtailed as well.

Kick the banks out of the home ownership industry and watch the prices drop.

Oh I guess that means your BOA stock might drop 5%. BOO HOO HOO.

Corporate conservatism has been tried. It has failed just like liberalism. In the future no one will debate this anymore than flat earth theory.
In the future it will be accepted that:
1. Population genetics matter
2. Free market capitalism and liberal wishful thinking cannot erase #1

nokangaroos said...

- Every (too?) successful country has faced the same problem.
Julius Caesar already tried tax incentives (hint: Didn´t work).
The sole case of reversal was Germany in the Twelve Years but that wasn´t allowed to play out (and it´s doubtful it could have worked long-term)
... or Europe after the Black Death (ah, swell).
When Israel (didn´t they learn everything from us?) declared the "Year of Intensified Insemination"(or somesuch) they had to scrape their own feminists outta their faces.

Is it really THAT simple? Hardship makes, errm, hard;b?
Yes, Pat, there IS a first-rate and global negative correlation between birth rates and number of teevees per capita.

What doesn´t kill us makes us flabby and meek.
Now "domestication" IS a conditio sine qua non of civilisation ...
but violence still IS sex - watch what the dames do, not what they say ;b

Anonymous said...

I was in Tennessee and Kentucky a few months back and quite frankly, the number of mudsharks and coalburners I came across while out and about was SHOCKING. If this isn't white genocide then I don't know what is. We ourselves used miscegenation to demoralize, confuse and weaken the American Indians, now it's being done to us too.

No wonder so many whites are turning to drugs to escape this waking nightmare. In the end vulnerable whites will need to be instilled with a sense of dignity , virtue and destiny. Just as brown eyed whites carry alles for blue eyes, so too low IQ whites carry genes with the potential of genius. Why create some half breed mongrel when the potential lies in your blood to produce the next Orville and Wilbur Wright.

God save us.

Jim Hansen said...

Folks - the model is South Africa and Zimbabwe - don't kid yourselves - and I have to keep reminding myself each day that indeed, 1984 has come. The (((entities in power))) via the media, universities, schools, govt agencies, etc. and their useful idiots, the White Liberals / Leftists, would enthusiastically support "re-education camps" for us if they attained absolute power.

We are teetering on the edge and I don't think we are winning just because Trump is in power. At best he is plugging the dike with his fingers giving us the chance to leave the country or move to very remote locations and get off the radar screen.

The only hope really lies with countries like Russia, Hungary, Poland, China, etc. The Bolsheviks have been working their evil (and I mean real evil as in anti-Christ type of movement) for decades. They are very patient and Trump's election is but a minor setback in their long term plans.

Anonymous said...

IQ is genetic. Lose the high IQ genetics, and the country literally gets dumber.

Watch this thing go down big and hard.

Gonna be ugly.


Bill in St Louis said...

So.... when productive (white) citizens are no longer propping up a failing system, who is going to provide da gibs? Aisians and white Hispanics don't have the same racial guilt as we exhibit, and (at least the asians) tend towards conservative points of view. This storm may be to our benefit in the long run. Just stay alert, armed and ready.

Egghead said...

Princeton University has an Eviction Lab.

Eviction is, well, you know....

Sick n Tired said...

I had a layover at Atlanta airport a few weeks ago and it seemed like every third couple was either mud sharks, oil drillers, or a lone woman/older couple pushing a stroller with a couple mixed mongrels in tow.

chattanooga gal said...

I agree Bill in Saint Louis. They cheer " the browning of America" but all these brown people expect gibs, and eventually there won't be enough whites to supply them all gibs, so what do they do then? I think former miss Greenbaum's scenario is the most likely.

Anonymous said...

The American experiment is over. This country needs to separate - the sooner the better.

Mr. Rational said...

Obvious solutions to the problem includes subsidizing white births.

Wouldn't hurt, but this has to begin with not penalizing White births.  For instance, White parents should never have to flee the undertow to find "good schools"; where they don't exist, they should be carved out and the undertow forbidden to enter.

We should also penalize and prevent undertow births.  Underage welfare cases should be on long-term contraception from puberty to age 18, and at 18 they should be offered a 10-year stipend and a substantial cash bonus to make it permanent.  Sterilization should be a condition of parole for juvenile felons if they want release before age 21.

Imagine what the 'hood could be 20 years after the demographics change to 0.5 lifetime births per woman and thugs removed from the gene pool.  Imagine what the crime rate could be.  Imagine what the schools could be like.

Anonymous said...

At this point I think a wall will be built to keep people in.

Anonymous said...

OT: The protesting in Pittsburgh may be something to watch. While the "17 year old black boy" was shot running away, it seems that there were two firearms found in the car and the car matched the description of a car that was involved in a drive-by shooting.

The dead boy supposedly worked for the wife of a candidate for Lieutenant Governor. Many liberals will basically balk at the line they feel that was crossed, a policeman who made themselves into judge, jury and executioner. These same brain dead liberals do not seem to get the point that we actually give police the authority to act in our stead.

Do I believe all cops are bad? No! Are some? Surely!

I must ask you all when is the last time you ran away when you were stopped by police? And the last time you jumped out of your car and began running from the police (or however it went down) what was the reason you began "get out of Dodge" flight for freedom?

The car had multiple suspects inside and there was the possibility that they were involved in an attempted murder. Multiple suspects attempted to flee the area, one was killed while another got away. Two guns were found in the car.

The policeman that shot the person in Pittsburgh likely felt they were keeping another possible armed criminal from doing evil by escaping. They wanted to help make their city a place people rightly want to go.

That cop was sworn in just three hours prior to this happening.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I may have forgotten to post the link giving some basic info about the Pittsburgh Runaway Negroe Shooting of June 2018.

Anonymous said...

No wonder so many whites are turning to drugs to escape this waking nightmare. In the end vulnerable whites will need to be instilled with a sense of dignity , virtue and destiny.

That is supposed to be the job of the parents but too many parents today believe everything they see on TV.

TV tells them they need to be the cool parent and let their kids find themselves and learn their own lessons. Well they end up finding heroin at 15 before these parents realize that maybe setting rules and boundaries is a good idea.

But the real problem is still with the system. The schools are still managed by egalitarian morons that are still trying to send every student to college. Most degrees lead to debt but liberal teachers are still convincing young Whites that life is hopeless if you don't go to college. There is a shortage of workers in high paying trades but the colleges are still graduating millions of Sociology and Art history majors.

I don't know what the answer is and on many days I think Brazil 2 is inevitable. But we have faced worse in the past. The Western world was nearly destroyed by nukes because of Communism.

Anonymous said...

A key problem I see is that our society is overpopulated with beta level intellectuals. They are smarter than average but not smart enough to see through propaganda. They are often in charge of public policy and actively keep away what would be ideal leaders through group membership/politics. Basically egalitarians and mediocre conservatives actively work to keep the smartest out of government and other political arenas. You could even say there is widespread suppression of intelligence in various aspects of Western society.

There was a similar theory a while back that stated the real reason the wealthy want to flood the country with illegals is because they instinctively feel their children are not able to compete naturally against the high iq Whites that come from all levels of society. They don't want their children having to compete against some genius from a poor rural family and in fact they find the idea to be insulting. It's also Whites that are more likely to organize or pass labor/environmental laws. So these blue blood families figure it is better to leave their children with a country of mestizos, not just as workers but to flood the schools of rural Whites and lower standards.

Anonymous said...

Rewarding poor and black predictably gets America more poor and black.


Notice the photo of the little shit throwing gang signs. PATHETIC.

Detroit Refugee said...

I must ask you all when was the last time you ran from the police.

Thats easy, did it all sumner long back in 1984. On a YZ80, youd only have to reach the woods before the cop car, and between the trees you went. Fooled no one though, the officer would be shooting the shit in our driveway with my father. Goddamn I miss that America.

Anonymous said...

In the Ozarks, they are having classes on "Hispanics 101", which show how to get people frm Puerto Rico to move and stay in Branson, MO. They say that 20 jobs went unfilled due to lack of talent. Are these real jobs or forever stuck jobs that pay well enough to never leave the Ozarks with anything more than the shirt on your back?

Yes. Read it and weep.

Brian in Ohio said...

Idiocracy wasn't supposed to be a documentary.....

Stay alert, stay alive.

Bill in St Louis said...

What they never mention is that Americans want to be paid what the job is worth, not what the corporation has decided to pay.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link to the black cop buying shoes for da keeds- the site was carrying this tale of horror as well:

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A shooting at a gas station on Indy’s near northeast side Tuesday morning marks the third fatal shooting of a business employee in the last four days.

The family says the victim got into an argument with a customer who later ambushed and shot him here in the parking lot.

Fowler says Sheriff argued with a customer at the gas station, before the gunman went outside and waited to ambush his brother.

"I guess the guy waited till he got off, hid like a coward on the side of the building, and shot him," said Fowler.

On Saturday, the family of 21-year-old Rheyshaun Roberts tells us he was working the drive-thru window at McDonalds near 16th and Tibbs when a customer got upset over an order. The customer found Roberts while he was on a break and shot him in the head.

The last one was covered by P.K., Brian Eure, who was killed during the robbery of a dollar store he was working at.

And we're all supposed to just keep looking the other way, and if not that, to become completely desensitized to black misbehavior.

Ken said...

Put simply, we don't have a right to exist. We are to be eternally condemned for slavery and other imagined crimes against people of color. When the last full blood Caucasian in born in 2343, he/she will be accused of racism. We hand to band together to reverse these adverse demographic changes before its to late. Most people here have awoken to what faces us; we have to do more

On another issue, Progressive Insurance had joined the propaganda assault againt YT. Their latest commercial shows black female-white couple. As usual, the white male is clumsy and not sophisticated in many facets. Shame on Progressive.

Stay Alert; Stay Alive.

Anonymous said...

The Census Bureau has projected that whites could drop below 50 percent of the population around 2045, a relatively slow-moving change that has been years in the making.

You understand that they include jews, middle easterners, indians, and many hispanic under Whites? The percentage of true Whites (think north of France) has long been under 50%.

Anonymous said...

Detroit refugee @ 12:10PM There is so much of ‘that’ America that I miss. Just the way it looked. Beautiful downtown areas of cities and towns. Clean, tree lined streets. Parks in the summer. When they were still safe and inviting. It’s still out there in a few areas of the country. Look quickly though. Disappearing before our eyes.

Anonymous said...

Detroit refugee @ 12:10PM There is so much of ‘that’ America that I miss. Just the way it looked. Beautiful downtown areas of cities and towns. Clean, tree lined streets. Parks in the summer. When they were still safe and inviting. It’s still out there in a few areas of the country. Look quickly though. Disappearing before our eyes.

Anonymous said...

I visited Las Vegas this month for business and I was disappointed and disgusted at the people I saw. I also witnessed at least a third of the couples being “mixed”.
Another thing I noticed was what a doctor commented on here recently: people are fat, ugly and look stupid. True, Las Vegas offers the opposite of culture and sophistication.
It made me truly wonder about the future.
Mallory M.

White Trash Hillbilly said...

"This country shifted its agenda from excellence to diversity."

Never have I heard the problem of the USA put so clearly and succinctly.

Absolutely 100% correct!

Anonymous said...

I carry a gun at ALL times.

Why? I’m white, educated, and experienced. I can get another job. My kids, well they can’t get another Dad.

Always Carry.

Anonymous said...

I’d rather never eat out, grow as much of my own food and raise livestock, as possible. Is eating out, really worth living in a black and brown America? How insane that anyone would think it is. I like MD crabs, used to eat them all the time as a kid. But I live without them just fine. I do all of the things I listed above, and my life is great. I also mow my own grass, watch my own children, work on my own house as much as possible (or hire whites only). I recommend everyone do this. And have as many white children as possible. I have four. And they’re being raised as realists.

Anonymous said...

There’s a saying, “blood will out”. It means that, your blood is what it is, no matter how you look. If you’re blonde and blue eyed, but have non white blood, that non white blood will govern who and what you are. I have seen it many times. Looking white isn’t BEING white. I don’t love it, but it is what it is. The one drop rule exists for a reason. The Bible says that if you miscegenate, it takes ten generations of “perfect” breeding to get back to what you were. I believe this to be true.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! We wanted to go to Branson for vacation, BECAUSE it’s so white! We also wanted to go to Mansfield to see Laura ingalls Wilder’s house. We just can’t have nice things in this country, can we?

Jack Hates Hypocrites said...

I agree 100% with a poster above who stated the American Experiment was over. This country has simply become too large and unwieldy. How we should divide, I don't know but it will happen eventually.

Unknown said...

But alas, prediction coming true... but alot faster than he predicted in the movie. I think the movie was staged in the year 2505. I think 2055 is a much better prediction, if not sooner.. The shht is spreading fast !!!!!!!!

Left Coast White Guy said...

8. Offer free release to non capital crime minorities to their country of origin in exchange for giving up citizenship

Left Coast White Guy said...

Minorities don't have the same sense of independence and freedom we have and are therefore voting records show they don't support gun rights...only whites do. What do you think is going to happen with that?

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Not surprising, Parasites always end up killing their host if left unchecked.