Sunday, June 24, 2018

The "Sleep Gap": Washington Post Bemoans White People Getting a Good Night's Rest is Racist

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Every disparity between the races is your fault, white America. The misery black people uniquely create in communities from sea to shining sea is entirely the fault of white people and unrelenting, oppressive white privilege, especially in neighborhoods or cities where hardly a white face is seen. 

Naturally, even white people dream in unearned supremacy. [Study finds connection between race and sleep, Washington Post, 6-19-2018]

On May 8, campus police officers at Yale University responded to a call from a white graduate student about a black graduate student, whom she said was unknown to her and sleeping in the common room. For many, the incident was further evidence that African Americans are targets of harassment even in communities that are ostensibly their own, but the interaction is also a window into another, less-publicized disparity: It’s likely that, over the course of their lifetimes, white students have slept hundreds of hours more than black students. 
White privilege in its most sinister form: a good night's rest, truly systemic racism against people of color
According to a forthcoming paper by Tiffany Yip, a psychology professor at Fordham University, the sleep gap between white and nonwhite students begins with children as young as 2 years old — and it grows from there. What starts as a 15 minutes-a-day sleep deficit in childhood eventually becomes almost an hour a night in adulthood. 
But it isn’t just a difference of time. According to a study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, African Americans are more likely than Caucasians to have insomnia, sleep apnea and daytime sleepiness. In addition, they spend 15 percent of their night in deep sleep (considered the most restorative phase), compared with Caucasians’ 20 percent. 
Lauren Hale, professor of family, population and preventive medicine at Stony Brook University, calls the sleep gap "a matter of social justice" and identifies two other significant predictors in addition to race: level of education (those without a high school diploma are more likely to have sleep disorders) and neighborhood context (city dwellers typically sleep less than those outside the urban core). Hale said of her findings in a 2013 TEDx Talk, "If the very people who are the most socially disadvantaged and most need that extra boost to function better during their days wake up the least prepared, then they are at a disadvantage throughout every aspect of their day." 
Of course, race is also intertwined with education levels, Zip code and other factors that impede a restful night’s sleep, such as crowding and cigarette smoking in the home and living in a higher-crime neighborhood. But, Yip says, “there are still independent effects of race that go above and beyond socioeconomic effects.”
No justice, no sleep?

Even when dreaming, white people are exercising oppression and haunting the dreams of blacks.

The purported "Sleep Gap" being dubiously peddled is just another attempt to guilt white people into sacrificing more and more to uplift blacks, with whites having undeservedly earned hundreds of hours  of more sleep than tired, ornery blacks.

Even when we sleep, white people can't escape their unearned privilege.


Anonymous said...

The biggest sleep difference is that white people have an alarm clock that goes off at 6:00 AM. There’s the real “white privilege”.

Ken said...

Sometime ago, I read about an interesting experiment. (I'm sorry as I don't have a link; we like to work with facts here, don't we?). Both black and white testers would "accidently" drop grocery items in front of other white shoppers in an effort to gauge "racism". White shoppers were more than happy to assist their fellow shoppers by picking up groceries. However, YT was still accused of bias as he/she picked up less items from the black testers! Our enemies have it out for us: we have been eternally condemned as "racist" with no end in sight. They will probably look under the rug to uncover "racism". Folks, I don't know about you but I want a country I can call my own.

Baron von raschke said...

Lmao. This has to be joke.

Ex New Yorker said...

I don't know if this is the right place, but I would like to leave some famous quotes.

"Antwan....You are not the father."
Maury Povich...June 3rd 2017.

"Tyrone....You are not the father."
Maury Povich...June 3rd 2017.

"Pricktaveous....You are not the father."
Maury Povick...June 3rd 2017.

"Jay Jay....You are not the father."
Maury Povick...June 3rd 2017.

"DeShawn....You are not the father."
Maury Povich...June 3rd 2017.

Now I would like to leave one more famous quote from someone else who has received their fifteen minutes of fame.

"Dat baby don't look like me."
Jamal J Johnson...June 3rd 2017.

sage said...

Thomas Jefferson, in Notes on the State of Virginia observed that blacks don't need much sleep. Makes sense, if you think about evolution in Africa. Many African animals, in fact, (giraffes for one) don't sleep. It's an evolutionary adaptation to the predatory dangers on the plains. Basic science, in other words.

Axis Sally said...

Yet another reason why they should be repatriated to Africa where the tsetse fly can help them with their insomnia.

Anonymous said...

lol@ "daytime sleepiness" Talk about stereotypes.

There's a reason our ancestors called them moon crickets. They were puzzled how after laboring all day, they would stay up 'til late singing and hollering and generally being a nuisance.

Maybe it's testosterone levels. Maybe it's because their simple minds are filled with so much vice. No rest for the wicked, they say. They obviously don't stay up all night pondering their place in the universe or the meaning of life. More likely planning some evil.

Egghead said...

‘To sleep - perchance to dream: ay, there’s the rub, for in that sleep of death what dreams may come when we have sufficed off this mortal coil...’ - Hamlet by Shakespeare

‘I have a dream....’ - whoever wrote the MLK, Jr., speech for him

D-FENS said...

If Whites have it so good and negroes have it so bad, why do Whites have a far higher suicide rate?

Unknown said...

I grew up living in an apartment building. Our unit was, literally, 40 feet away from a railroad track that carried both freight and commuters. A highly traveled two-lane road separated the building from the tracks. My parents smoked. Everyone in our home was in bed by 10pm (children under high school age were bedded by 8pm) because we had to go to work or school in the morning. Television watching was confined to a few Saturday morning hours after we completed our chores. Damn that White privilege!

Anonymous said...

And the logical next step is to use this as an excuse for why black are so "lazy"- they are really just tired, not of the racism, not from the constant state of fear of being gunned down in broad daylight by white cops, but they are literally tired from not getting enough sleep.

This can be fixed early on- black students and employees should actually have a room designated for this sleep- a safe space- where they can recharge from the daily stress of living while black in a white first world country.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, I thought sleeping was something that basketball Americans were actually good at. This is news to me.

Anonymous said...

Here are some tips:

Cut out fatty, spicy foods, particularly before bedtime.

Looking at your phone before bedtime can mess with your internal clock, due to the lighting

Don't smoke cigarettes

Turn down the heat

Lose excess belly fat

Adopt a more positive attitude

Stick to a routine

Don't take naps during the day

Don't drink alcohol

Take a shower


Don't change any of your behavior and just blame whitey.

Bear in mind who is finding these "problems" and bringing them to light.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the follow up study that compares sleep rates of Asians to whites- when should I start holding my breath?

Anonymous said...

Small sample size from one location and age group using self-reported data. The studies are becoming about as authentic as diplomas from Detroit.

Anonymous said...

Growing up I had pretty much zero contact with negroes. In fact I can say my first interaction with blacks was in college in North Carolina. These were "student afflete" types. Loud, aggressive and dumb as f**k.

I immediately disliked them. I assume almost all liberals feel the same way. They're just so "different".

Anonymous said...

Is that why these stupid nu-wave rappers rap about Xanax these days? Cause they're not getting enough sleep?

Anonymous said...

I’m white.
My dad bailed on my mom and left her to support my sister and me.
I got a job on my 15th Birthday. I worked the maximum allowable hours by law until I was 18. Then I got two jobs.
I worked a full time job as a machinist and saved for college.
I went to college and worked on campus for 40 hours a week, working odd jobs off campus for additional money.
From age 15 until about 40, I slept at most 5 hours per night.
I NEVER took a dime of welfare.
I paid 100% of my student loans and NEVER missed or defaulted on a payment.
I guess I missed my white privilege memo.
Blacks are lazy, dumb, and too f’ing short-sighted to delay gratification.
Right now I’m 44, I have a wife and family, a great job, a million dollar 401k, a million dollar Roth IRA, a modest home and NO debt. Zero. I owe no man anything.
I’m no genius, no inheritance trust fund kid, or over paid tech guy. I work hard, invest well, and spend less than I earn. Oh yes, I give 10%, since I was a kid.
Blacks that can’t make it are the REASON why we need to rid ourselves of their presence.

nokangaroos said...

Good grief. What are they going to find next, that blacks are disproportionately black?
Larger brains need more rest, that´s all. Oh, and it has ssomething to do with learning activity ("postmental agitation").

... and what exactly are we to make of
"most need that extra boost to function better during their days" and
"living in a higher-crime neighborhood"?

Tiens:) The lady´s got a whiff.
Blacks DO report sleeping better among Whites but do not profit academically; they only become more criminal (fewer drug but more property offenses).
(Source: Follow-Up Study on Housing Vouchers)

- All that has been common knowledge for over 50 years now. Might it not be finally time to ask WHITES how they sleep among blacks?
(I for one tend not to call de popo when I´m enthused; the student in question just got herself written up for some good sensitivity training ;b)

Anonymous said...

C'mon I feel like I'm reading The Onion. LMFAO! But I'm not.These are REAL stories,real articles,real STUDIES about absolutely NOTHING! This is the kind of degrees that they are giving out from all these shit colleges. Jesus H Christ,the Whole World knows we are the biggest joke going because of BLACKS! I hope Putin bombs us back to the stone age because this is never going to stop until it just all ends.

Anonymous said...

Include an attack on white people in the conclusion about any study and it increases the likelihood of it getting published in an academic journal and reported by the mainstream anti-white media.

-Lee Lepanto

Anonymous said...

Uh yea, relentless gunfire in your hood can have that stupid negroes. Stop shooting so much!

Anonymous said...

As much as the nogs hate us. I'd bet anything they hate their coddling pet owner liberals more.

Have you ever asked yourself what mudsharks and their pet bucks talk about? I mean really do they have serious discussions about the future, their finances, work, opportunities etc.? Or does the sullen, slow witted buck throw a temper tantrum and black the naive coalburner's eye for "talkin' down" on him? I've always wondered. You can clearly see in the eyes of every negro buck with a white female, a frustration, a resentment against his partner and whites as a whole.

After "stealing the white man's women" and during disgusting turdlets, the negro still finds himself hideous, slower witted than his below average IQ mudshark, unaccepted by white society and full of the destructive, evil African impulses that they all have.

Fed Up in Middle America said...

Whitey be a-keepin' us down! You can make progress or you can make excuses; you can't do both.

Anonymous said...

This article is yet another demonstration of why the Washington Post lost all credibility a long time ago, and why no one should pay any attention to the silliness on its pages.

In response I offer a couple of experiences.

When one of my younger brothers was in college he had two dorm roommates who were black. (They were almost certainly there due to Affirmative Action, not academic excellence.) They would be up to all hours of the night, drinking, smoking dope, playing loud music, and engaging in other TNB, bothering my brother as well as others in the dorm who actually took their studies seriously. My brother suggested they try studying, doing homework, going to bed at a decent hour, etc., but they told him he just didn’t understand black people. (Oddly enough, despite this early experience, my brother became a huge DWL. Some people just never learn.)

Another example comes from when I was in the Army Reserve. My unit sent two young dindus to a two-week training course at an active duty post. Having attended the course myself, I know it required a lot of paying attention in class and studying after hours.

One day the two dindus didn’t show up for class. At noon, when the class broke for lunch, the civilian instructor, worried about what might have happened to them, went to billeting on post to see if they were there. He discovered them still asleep in bed. Instead of studying, they had been up all night playing basketball.

The instructor was a nice guy and, had the dindus been remorseful and willing to work to catch up on what they had missed, he would have worked with them to make it happen. Instead, they were resentful that anyone had bothered them when they were snoozing in the middle of a training day.

The instructor went back to his office, contacted our battalion operating and training officer, told him what had happened, and the officer, very incensed, immediately cancelled any further attendance in the course and recalled the dindus to the unit. They had wasted two valuable training slots as well as the money spent to send them there and pay the active duty post for their attendance.

Getting back to the Post story, this demonstrates that any dindu sleeping problems are due to TNB, not YT.

Egghead said...

‘Shuffled off’ - ‘Spellcheck’ strikes again! Argh!

chattanooga gal said...

"And the logical next step is to use this as an excuse for why black are so "lazy"- they are really just tired, not of the racism, not from the constant state of fear of being gunned down in broad daylight by white cops, but they are literally tired from not getting enough sleep.

This can be fixed early on- black students and employees should actually have a room designated for this sleep- a safe space- where they can recharge from the daily stress of living while black in a white first world country."

took the words out of my mouth. my first thought was that they now have a "legitimate" excuse for why they are so lazy and often get caught napping on the job. can't let the poor darlings take any blame for ANY of their behavior now can we?

Anonymous said...

Oops! I meant to type, "operations and training officer." Fellow military guys would catch that right away.

In any case, the experiences I cited demonstrated that dindus are unable to function as responsible beings in a first world society. They always revert to the black mean.

I'm surprised one of the dindus from my unit didn't state they were on "colored people's time" (CPT). Even if they didn't state it, they were certainly engaged in it.

Paintjob Theory said...

"African Americans are more likely than Caucasians to have insomnia (stay up all night committing crimes), sleep apnea (so morbidly obese they have breathing troubles) and daytime sleepiness(lazy)."

Coincidentally I'd sleep much better if every one of these black animals were returned to their ancestral homeland and as the "professor" (some gook who probably would also feel better back in her native land far removed from the white man's oppression) suggests, us making these poor downtrodden Africans live in high crime neighborhoods, giving them bad zip codes, and forcing them to smoke Newports and whatnot is just putting salt in the wound.

Anonymous said...

" . . . a forthcoming paper by Tiffany Yip, a psychology professor at Fordham University . . . "

Tiffany Yip Yip Yip, named after a little dog that yips yips yips no doubt. Tiffany belongs back in whatever Asian Third World shithole country she and her family came from. Tiffany has figured out the anti-white academic game though; Write some bullshit paper in a fraudulent field like "psychology" or "sociology" or anything named "studies" e.g. "women's studies", "black studies", "chicano studies" etc. blaming whites for imaginary problems. After her miserable paper gets published by a Left wing journal and quoted approvingly by some MSM establishment source she will hit the jackpot through academic tenure.

The universities are the biggest frauds in the U.S. now, bigger even than the press and Congress. They are the source of the infection plaguing this country and need to be disinfected. This drivel and much worse passing for "scholarship" and the shutting down of debate through violence with the approval of the university administration such as happened at Berkeley show the absolute hatred the academic community has for white people.

Anonymous said...

Turns out that multi-culturalism pays pretty well. It creates all of these openings for cottage industries to emerge where various aspects of it can "be studied." The professor, Tiffany Yip, has learned how to milk the racket for a handsome little payday.

**The $400,000 developmental grant is a supplement to an existing grant that focuses on discrimination and sleep patterns of African-American and Latino adolescents.**

It is pure sophistry. You start with the conclusion (Whites benefit from more restful sleep) then work backwards, searching for supporting data that relies exclusively upon anecdotal self-reporting with no independent or empirical measure. Most important of all, there is also no mechanism to establish or understand causation. Her "studies" basically consist of group X reporting experiencing discrimination, with no definition of what that means and here is how their average sleep data compares to that of a control group ("evil YT.") --- voila ---- racism and privilege.

There are too many uncontrollable variables and contributing factors in sleep patterns for one individual, much less broad groups, for this to be a legit study, but don't let that get in the way of a sensational story designed to cash in on the masochism of White liberals reading the Washington Post.

- Gwoobus Harmon

Anonymous said...

It's just so obvious how the "data" in this study was manipulated to come to the desired "racist" conclusions. Obviously, blacks who have been out all night are going to report being more sleepy than white respondents at 8 AM, which for them is only an hour or two after finally going to bed. The "researchers" no doubt failed to record when the black respondents actually went to bed in assessing "daytime sleepiness".


If I was a Black Man, proud and determined to save myself and my family (wife and kids), I would completely AVOID the nasty, filthy White race.,

Why any Black person wants to be around any White Racist Redneck is beyond me.

Hey, Black PEOPLE !!!! Save yourself and get away from these disgusting White Blue Eyed (Blonde) people. They are evil and will only destroy you!!!

Black People, BOYCOTT White people, NOW !!!


The 3 things that will PREVENT Depression, and get you out of it, are:

1) Sleep schedule. I am in bed by 10:30 every night (yes, every night) and get up at 6:30, yes every day.

2) Movement: (Some call it "exercise" but that word repulses me so I changed it to trick my mind/emotions.) When I get up at 6:30, I go for a walk for 1 solid hour. Every morning. Every one.

3) Food. Stop eating ALL JUNK (and you know what it is). Start eating only grass fed beef, wild caught fish, green vegetable. No Fruit (nothing but sugar today) No Grains (we were never "designed" to eat it). No Alcohol. No coffee. Sorry, but you know it's true.

Do this and you will reverse and cure your Depression. Do this and you will prevent Depression. Do this and you will become a Real White "Man".

All of you, ACT LIKE WHITE PEOPLE. Do it now and be a fanatic about it. Make the decision and DON'T debate it again. Run your life AROUND your food, your motion, and your sleep. All else is second. Oh, and only use your cell phone 30 minutes a day at most.

Mr. Rational said...

Of all the things to lose sleep over, "racism in sleep habits" ranks somewhere around the fate of a turd in the sewage-treatment plant and way below the heat death of the universe.

Anonymous said...

Comment of the day!
I also have this “white privilege”.
I go to bed when my kids do, between 8 and 9. I’m alarm goes off at 4:45 am so I can get everybody’s lunches and clothes prepared and I can get a little head start on my emails from work.
I like to get to work an hour or half an hour early so I’m not rushed plus then I get to leave early to be with the kids after school. I just thought I was a good planner.
I must just reek with “white privilege”.
Mallory M.

Anonymous said...

I've slept a lot better since moving out of the inner city to the whiter suburbs.

My old neighborhood sounded like Beirut every Friday & Saturday night.

I don't miss that at all.

Anonymous said...

Good point:

Good grief. What are they going to find next, that blacks are disproportionately black?

No doubt there is some academic who will make a career out of a "study" of just this phenomenon.

Reziac said...

"African Americans are more likely than Caucasians to have insomnia, sleep apnea and daytime sleepiness."

In other words, blacks are more likely to have undiagnosed hypothyroidism.

Pat Boyle said...

No one should be surprised that blacks have behavioral differences. In fact you should expect more to turn up. The tempo for racial disparity research is increasing. Read Reich's book on genetics. There is a revolution in genome scanning taking place. We have giant genome scanning machines that can do in a few minutes what formerly took months.

Those machines will turn up genetic differences between the races at a quickening pace. Remember the base opinion in America and most of the world until about a century ago was that there were large differences between the races. Then cultural Marxism promoted the notion that all people are fundamentally the same. But that error is being now corrected by new research.

For example few people realize that the schizophrenia rate of blacks is at least three times that of whites. Yet blacks who have such high rates of psychosis have lower rates of neurosis. Young black men have only about half the myopia of whites . East Asian have worse eyes yet. If you get into internal biological processes the same pattern is seen. Doctors have to be careful in prescribing certain drugs to blacks because they have such different tolerances. It's sort of like feeding chocolate to your dog (or Macadamia nuts).

Remember race is indeed a 'social construct'. The difference between Africans and Europeans are so great in any other animal genus they would be classified as separate species.



Remember the phrase:

"Socialism works until you run out of other people's money" ?

Well, here's mine:

"Equality works until you run out of White People."

Egghead said...

Business permits, business zoning, business income taxes, child labor laws, and ‘peace and quiet’ are, well, you know....

P.S. It’s ok to identify a ‘white’ woman by race in the headline of a major news story.

P.P.S. It’s ok to make public - via social media - and private - via email - threats of violence against a ‘white’ woman for, well, you know....

P.P.P.S. Try ‘selling’ water outside any courthouse and see how fast the local police enforce the oh so special noise ordinances enacted to protect courts from noise nuisances.

Non PC Infidel said...

The only sleep deprived blacks I ever worked with were those who stayed out late going to the clubs on weeknights who would then crawl into work having had only 3 or 4 hours sleep or less. Of course, then they'd look for places to hide to take naps or walk around like zombies all day. As is, those that don't work are also up into the wee hours of the morning hanging out with their homies in the hood, watching tv, getting wasted or out committing crimes under cover of darkness. That's the reason they're sleepy during the day- not because of racism or any other ism.

It's like the rule about avoiding blacks at the grocery store or other businesses- go before noon because they'll still be asleep for the most part.

Anonymous said...

Black mean.
Black man.

There isn't much difference, is there? ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing this guy didn't get his beauty sleep.

Anonymous said...

You don't get it, do you?

There is a long history of beautiful black African Americans being deprived of sleep by white supremacists.

As all enlightened people know, beautiful black Africans invented the concept of napping in the beautiful continent of Africa. But 400 years ago white supremacist slave traders appropriated napping when they took over Africa and imposed segregation in all of Africa. Any beautiful black Africans caught napping when they should have been picking cotton in the rain forests were thrown to the sharks which swan up the Congo River.

Before the American Civil War, the Ku Klux Klan would lynch beautiful black African American slaves who took a nap. This is why the term "nappy headed" brings terror to beautiful black African Americans.

Today, when beautiful black African Americans see a white person sleeping, they suffer a micro-aggression, a reminder of the time when for a black to ask a white woman to "sleep" with him meant suffering the same fate as suffered by Emmett Till.

I know this is all true because I was told so in my campus program, "From Involuntary Servitude to Insomnia: Privileged Sleep as a Manifestation of White Supremacy."

I. M. Klewless, MFA
Cultural Relativism And Peace Studies

Unknown said...

The correlation between how much energy your brain uses on a daily basis and how much sleep it needs to "recharge" might help explain why blacks don't need as much sleep as we do.... Intelligence is EVERYTHING. Our brains function on a frequency that is at least 1-2 deviations higher than blacks. Lower brain frequency = lower IQ = less sleep needed to recharge a slower frequency brain... ours are much more intelligent, higher frequency range = needs to recharge longer in order to make it through a whole day... nomesayincuz ?!?? Just a theory but would make perfecy sense to me ;))

Unknown said...

Precisely Brother, Precisely !!!!

Unknown said...

Yes, I want a country we call call our own, too!

Oh wait! We already have one, we just have a couple of invasive species residing in it. We need to exterminate them. We're already considered evil by all of them anyways, nothing is going to change that, well one thing will... their extinction before ours...

That's how we claim a country we can call our own!

Unknown said...

(Gasps!) lmaooo!

Cy said...

Haha. Very funny and imtelintell. I might use that in life. Will say someone on line said that and I read it though. Will eseenessent credit you.

Anonymous said...


Movement is what allows our lymph system to work, clearing our cellular environment out and bringing in what's needed. It is the biggest part of our bodies being able to heal itself. Movers and shakers are people who get things done, the sedentary are simply waiting for a doctor to finish killing them.

Movement = Life

Keep owning your progress and the inspiration you provide!

mike radant said...

Most of the blacks I see stay out all night and sleep until the afternoon!

Unknown said...

After the tweet Trump posted today about Maxine Waters being a low IQ individual, I now stand behind my firm beliefs that Trump is most definitely a quiet member of this site, and has been for years now. This site is probably even one of his top sites he reads.

Nice to see Trump is going for the jugular!!!

Thank you Trump for standing up and representing your supporters! Fk all them low IQ invaders !!!
Oh, and an extra ____ you to Maxine waters, too!

Anonymous said...

Hard to sleep thru all the gunfire.

If they weren't always trying to kill one another, maybe they could rest their weary heads.

Jim in Jersey

Unknown said...

Boycott white folk? And risk starving to death after all da supermarkets are looted. Iz you crazy Danielleson? Lmaooo!!!

Can't do dat, we's got no food or money and our ebt cards ♣️ got zeeeee-ro balance on em!

Ugh, I'm running at NF99% !!!!!

Ex New Yorker said...

OT....Years ago I read a bunch of books on psychopaths. The worst book was about child psychos. These freaks start at an early age. Little Jimmy butchers the family dog with a steak knife and later tries to drown his baby sister in the backyard wading pool. Thirty years later he is either in prison, a university professor or a congressman.

The bizarre thing about these creeps is their uncanny ability to "act normal". They have no empathy or care for others and consider the people around as prey. Their lack of conscience is what drives them. The successful ones become obsessed with power and will do anything to obtain it. In this drive for fame and fortune they become addicted to the spot light. The Hollywood bunch and our leading politicians (aka...Maxine Waters) are a perfect example of this common insanity.

They are only about eight percent of the population but somehow they become "world leaders". If you study history you will see that these crazy fuckers have been calling the shots for hundreds and hundreds of years. I have finally figured out why this has been happening, but it has becomes so weird and strange that it is hard to talk about.

The ones that "get caught" end up in prison. Those that slip through the cracks become the ruling class and media stars. Knowing the symptoms of these weirdos I can honestly say that at least one third of the "urban population" are stark raving mad psychopaths. The females have now have become as violent and insane as the men. They are so sick that when they are kicking someones face in they have another friend record the event with her cell phone.

America has now become the land of "victims" who spend their time seeking out someone to "abuse" them. This is like a "marriage in heaven" for these two different groups of crazies. A victim looking to be preyed upon and psychopaths roaming around looking for prey. Fucking a dude....does it get any better than that.

Unknown said...

Hey, any takes on maxine waters' speech about trump related officials? Twitter is lit up with some awesome commentary!!

Brian in Ohio said...

White`s get more sleep, huh?

Yeah, well, having the weight of the world on your shoulders will plum wear you out.

The modern world got where it is because white people got up and went to work. Every. Fucking. Day.

Blacks don't sleep well because they don't have good sleep habits. A big one being going to bed, and getting up, CONSISTENTLY at the same time. Well, if you got no where to be in the morning... or hell, even if you do, fuck it, right?

There is nothing more refreshing than a good nights rest. And I`m glad to hear blacks don't get that. Because they don't earn it.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Brian in Ohio said...

Dindu Nuffinz said...
Hey, any takes on maxine waters' speech about trump related officials? Twitter is lit up with some awesome commentary!!

She is doing great work for the cause of race realism. I hope she keeps it up.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...


Every time we white folks think of an ingenious new way to keep the black man down, some do-gooder finds out and ruins the plan.
I suppose that there will be no keeping the black man down now!
Just step out of the way and watch them excel in all endeavors and make the whites and asians look bad

Anonymous said...

Gosh, even when YTs asleep after a hard day's labor the blacks and their DWL enablers still have to attack them for being racist. I guess that line from Invasion of the Body Snatchers "They get you when you sleep" was never truer.

To Brian in Ohio, Maxine Waters is not only doing great work for the cause of race realism, she is also making a strong case as to why we need term limits for all Senators and Congressmen NOW!

D is for depressing said...

I've slept a lot better since moving out of the inner city to the whiter suburbs.

My old neighborhood sounded like Beirut every Friday & Saturday night.

I don't miss that at all.

Bingo. I'm surprised that only one person has brought this up. When you live in a crap neighborhood where people fire gunshots, or drive by with bass so loud that your walls shake, people won't be able to get sleep.

Also, when you do heroin or crack, or have a screaming baby mama, you won't be able to get sleep. Blacks can't get sleep and it nobodys fault but theirs.

Anonymous said...

There is hot news on the Culture Conflict Escalation front!

Laura Ingalls Wilder of “Little House On The Praire” fame is RAYCISS! according to the Library Association Sevice FOr CHildren. It is so toxic that an award named for the author, who was born in 1867 and lived for 90 years, has been replaced by the organization and renamed The Children’s Legacy Literature Award.…

Anonymous said...

what about meryl creep streeps cousin, who owns red hen and kicked trump employee out?

imagine if it was a black employee.

OverSeer said...

Two reasons why nogs don't sleep well:

1) Can't sleep if you're out all night robbing and selling drugs.

2) In order to sleep you need to feel tired. In order to feel tired you must expend energy, usually thats attained by working all day.

Ex New Yorker said...

I just drove 30 miles to the next town for a trout dinner. On the way back I cruised down 20 miles of two lane blacktop without ever seeing another car. The tourist must all be checked into motels and campgrounds. It was beautiful driving into the sun with a blazing orange sky.

I wonder what the days body count in Chicago will be.

Anonymous said...

Exactly! Our alarm clock goes off and then we have to bust our butts at work instead of milling about some street corner all day long.

Anonymous said...

Loved the commentary from Darc Lamont Shill and Shaun “Talcum X” King:

"If you call the police on an 8 year old Black child selling water, you're saying that you don't care if that child lives or dies. It's that simple."

"This white woman called the police on an 8 year old girl selling bottled water IN FRONT OF HER OWN HOME. They want the police to kill us. The girl was causing no harm. They know what happens when they call the police. This is evil.”

This kind of hysterical black bullsh!ttery reminds me of Larry Auster’s story about how he became a race realist:

“In September 1989, ABC News did a program on the condition of blacks in America, followed by a special edition of “Nightline” with a panel consisting of several of ABC’s black correspondents and other noted blacks. With the exception of Professor Shelby Steele, these accomplished, successful blacks all endorsed the notion of a white conspiracy to commit “genocide” against blacks. The discovery that it was not just ignorant street people, but successful, articulate black professionals who believed these insane and wicked conspiracy theories, made a devastating impression on me...It shook my former belief that blacks and whites could more or less get along in the same society.”

They really believe this stuff. Incredible...

Auster’s entire article is at the link below. (I expect some of you are already familiar with it, but it’s worth a read if you aren’t).

nokangaroos said...

This is just one more iteration of the all-time classic SJW circular
"the sole reason blacks are so stupid and violent is they are traumatized by the presence of stupid and violent blacks."

... which already was the reasoning in Brown vs Education. I shit you not - look it up.

Unknown said...

Exactly, Brian!

And you already know your quote! All day, every day! Words to live by in this insane asylum!!

Unknown said...

Perfect ! -- I"m going to have to borrow that one !

Unknown said...

I'm a light sleeper and wake up every 2 hours or so naturally -- all night, every night.

ZERO sympathy for sleepless Blacks.

Anonymous said...

Blacks not sleeping is absolutely true. My black neighbors are like vampires. Never see the woman out during the day. They have cook-outs at 11 pm on weeknights. The night noise is the single worst thing about living near blacks. Their car horn lock beeps all night long. It's incredible because they do actually do work day jobs. I can never figure out how they can stay up and then go to work the next day.