Monday, June 4, 2018

In 65% Black Memphis, "Expungement Clinics" Exist to Help Blacks Clear Their Criminal Records

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In the future, our posterity will never, ever understand a story such as this, where people exerted energy, time and effort to help those who only sought to harm civilization. [Expungement clinic aims to restore hope in the community, WMC Action News 5 Memphis, June 1, 2018]:

For the past couple of years, volunteers have spent their Saturday helping people clear their criminal records while also helping them with their job search.
Black crime is just a fact of life in Memphis, where expungement clinics exists to help black criminals clear their records
Hundreds of people showed up Saturday at the The Healing Center Full Gospel Baptist Church looking to clean up their criminal record. 
A non-conviction expungement clinic was held in partnership with the church, Mayor Jim Strickland's office, and local leaders. 
In 2017, the Tennessee legislature passed several new expungement laws including reducing the fee from $450 to $180. 
Many people with a Tennessee criminal record or convictions can also have multiple misdemeanors erased. 
"And they are old, some are very old, and they are still being held against them. We need to find a way to break into that. Another thing is they are not able to vote and people want their voices heard," Pastor Dianne Young said. 
The clinic is about restoring hope in the community.  
"We deal a lot with suicide and we found out that 90 percent of people who take their lives contact a person of faith before they complete it. That means that we need to be on the front line ready to help people and point them in the right direct and even the things that we don't do, we need to know where those resources are," Young said. 
Representatives from Shelby County General Sessions Clerk Ed Stanton Jr.'s  office were on hand to share other second-chance resources.   
"When people can get their cases expunged, they can get jobs and pay for drivers assistance programs such as what we have here that are available," Gortria Banks said. 
A volunteer at the clinic said the program gives residents another opportunity at life.  
"I was here at this very clinic last year. I had a few things expunged as far as my background and my driving and I am a witness to sit here and say today that I work for a Fortune 500 company because of that. So it's very very important, even if you feel like it doesn't apply. It doesn't hurt to try," a volunteer named Jessica said.
Memphis is a 65 percent black city, where high rates of  black criminality is a fact of life everyone seeks to avoid.

Where society should be shaming criminals, we seek to exonerate them. 
WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee


AJAX said...

mygodalmighty -- the greatest ally american leftists and crime-ridden american blax will ever know are the forever terminally stupid guilted and self hating white-race people -- why these white dupes and their craven self-destructing diseased brain cells have the endless need for self sanctioned hari-kari i will never understand -- do they really need the social acceptance from the american black people? are they so far gone in self-shame that the only hope for them seems to be complete and total racial-emasculation -- mygod i am awaiting for genentech or other biotech behemoth to announce a white-guilted vaccine to be administered to white first graders turning them into goofy wigger types

Anonymous said...

Quite ironic that White liberal teachers are not pleased with the results of liberalism when it comes to their students.

Anonymous said...

Gotta keep moving them goalposts, otherwise Homie and Shaneequa don't stand a chance in modern society.

Anonymous said...

There's only one thing to do if you live in Memphis...stock up on paintball ammo!

Anonymous said...

On its face, the idea of expunging the criminal records of those truly rehabilitated from decades-old is not unreasonable.

The problem comes from creeping expungement. Soon murderers who committed already sealed crimes as juveniles will have crimes committed at ages 18, 21, 25, 30 will have those crimes expunged after a few years.

They will become next year's murderous, taxi drivers, cops and pedophile childcare workers.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

Be sure to remind them that anyone who emigrates to africa starts with a clean slate.

Unknown said...

So many guys I know have records due to nothing significant, yet they would not be welcome at this clinic. I'm not the first to point out anarcho-tyranny, but there's no better example of it than this post.
Whites who trip up or end up unlucky stay ruined. Blacks who are habitual, perpetual criminals get their records expunged for free. By volunteers.

Detroit Refugee said...

This sounds like a maneuver to further insert
blacks into white society. There must be an army of volunteers working tirelessly 24/7 to wreck something that was once the envy of the planet.

chattanooga gal said...

"The problem comes from creeping expungement."
right on the money there. it'll start out by expunging crimes that happened decades ago. But it will eventually evolve into, commit a crime in june, have it expunged in july- all for the " disparate impact" of course...

Bill in St Louis said...

Let me see if i understand: 1) commit a crime serious enough to lose the right to vote, serious enough that no one will hire you. 2) pay $180.00 and have your record expunged. 3) Continue living the same life, in the same place, without any repercussions for being a criminal in the first place. In that case, why bother to charge them in the first place? Memphis is doomed. Fence it off, allow private companies to NOT have to deliver goods/services there, and just wait six months. Then rebuild the pile of bricks it will have become.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

What's left out of the article is that when one commits a felony, one is not allowed to own or possess a firearm- not that "law" ever thwarted a negro from doing what he wants to do. Note the gargantuan level of effort put into "erasing" sins/lawless behavior, and no attempt to change criminal behavior. No, we must pretend it never happened. I'm not against giving anyone a second chance. We all make mistakes, some of them huge and damaging. But the fact that this is a cottage industry in the negro community is very note worthy.

OT: This past Sunday, my husband and I attended a concert in the park about four blocks from our home. We estimated the crowd to be about 300. It was an overwhelmingly white event, so very peaceful and relaxing. No gun shots rang out. Just peaceful white folks and their children enjoying a musical concert. There was, as always, at least two volunteers who circulated among the crowd, handing out the Summer concert schedule and collecting donations. As I handed over a couple of bills to a polite young white woman, I noted that nobody attacked her for the large container of cash she was openly carrying with her. Such white privilege!

Out of the 300 people, I loosely estimate that the negroes attending were around 15 to 20. That works out to be around five percent, so the chance of "violence breaking out" was very low. Among the negroes I spotted, most were women. I spotted one negro couple who came for the second part of the concert to see the "vibrant" jazz portion of the show, performed by a negress who kept yelling at the crowd to "get on yo feet!" I was like, "F*ck you! I worked hard all week. I don't FEEL like getting on my feet. Especially for your half baked attempt at music, which was only marginally entertaining."

It's hard to fathom any event which negroes cannot destroy, no matter how simple and mundane. Still, they manage to do it. Every. F*cking. Time. (sigh)

Pat Boyle said...

This expungement scandal is the most stupid and corrupt racial policy I've heard of since as far back as - yesterday.

Yesterday Tucker Carlson broadcast the story of how the Obama Administration required the federal Aviation Administration to hire the dumbest, least experienced, and most unqualified applicants for the job of Air Traffic Controller. Since by selecting for relevant factors like experience with aircraft, knowledge of physics and a good job history tends to eliminate blacks from the applicant pool, Obama and Jesse Jackson forced the FAA to hire exactly the opposite. It worked, we now have a lot of uneducated and incompetent blacks in the control tower.

Happy flying America.


Mr. Clean said...

Anonymous June 4, 2018 at 11:42 PM said...The problem comes from creeping expungement.

I fear this as well. The clowns who pass "Ban the box" laws will now move to get more and more serious records expunged after shorter and shorter periods of time.

Anonymous June 4, 2018 at 11:42 PM said... Soon murderers who committed already sealed crimes as juveniles will have crimes committed at ages 18, 21, 25, 30 will have those crimes expunged after a few years.

Serious crimes committed as juveniles would presumably be prosecuted as adult crimes. Also, serious crimes are generally difficult or impossible to expunge.

Negro criminal record expungement would be irrelevant for those who do not hire or rent to negros. The criminal record does, however, provide cover to those who are smart enough to conduct their affairs that way.

Paintjob Theory said...

"1) commit a crime serious enough to lose the right to vote, serious enough that no one will hire you. 2) pay $180.00 and have your record expunged."

Not really. The trick is you must wait a certain period of time after completing all terms of sentence (time served, fines, restitution, probation) then if you have been out of trouble you may petition to get a record expunged. I know some guys who were knuckleheads at 18-19 that are productive members of society today who have done so. The amount of time out of trouble before one can petition for that depends on the crime, so say a drunk driving may be 3 years but armed robbery may be 15.... some high crimes can never be expunged.

In any event, this is a non-story. First of all the number of black Africans who can actually stay out of trouble long enough to get their record cleared up is likely infinitesimal and secondly this is NOT what's holding these Africans back from finding gainful employment. I've met plenty of blokes with criminal records who are gainfully employed. Really the only thing a felony record holds you back from doing is getting certain licenses (investment, real estate, insurance, etc.) and in fact there's enough bleeding hearts out there ready to fall backwards over themselves to help Shitavious "Turn His Life Around"(TM) and give them a job there simply is no excuse beyond their genetic inability to function in the modern world.

Anonymous said...

O/T but worth a read. It seems our once white, now occupied community has been invaded by community organizers. I got a flyer in the mail listing their "demands". I'm typing this verbatim with grammatical errors included so I don't have to [sic] so much. Enjoy.

"Stand By Me"
Center Point Action Committee
A formed committee to better our community

A committee for the reconstruction of Center Point has been formed. The committee is your voice in this campaign. The CPAC is formed by residents of Center Point to establish accountability and improve a serious neglect in our city. We feel the present administrator at City Hall has imposed a serious danger for the safety and care of this city.

Our intent in this formation is to send a very strong message to City Hall. That message is the residents of Center Point no longer have the confidence in their ability to adequately manage affairs of the city. The actions of the Mayor and council have seriously jeopardized the quality of life and safety of residents. We strongly disagree with the frivolous spending of tax money for projects that do not offer any benefits for the quality of the city.

Although we have many issues to address, these are prioritized for immediate actions.

1. Traffic cameras: We want all traffic cameras removed. We need to know how the money is used.

2. Financial accountability: Where does our tax dollars go? How does the spending improve our city? We need financial reports of all streams of revenue on a monthly basis.

3. Establish a police department: Cities in surrounding areas that are smaller Center Point have police departments. Why are we deprived of this protection?

4. Public works: This department needs to be accountable for no actions taken on streets with debris, inadequate lighting on streets and the care and maintenance of abandoned properties.

We have appointed a team to organize and demand accountability of this administration.
We have also obtained attorneys for legal issues.

So there you have it folks, the Mayor is putting in danger. BTW, the place is already crawling with sheriff's deputies and Bham city police.
I found this quite amusing.

Marc B said...

This dishonest loophole puts the health of area businesses and the safety of their employees at risk. There are still ways to determine what people were up to during their employment gaps, but it takes crafty detective work. Many with "misdemeanors" are actually felons who plea bargained their charges down, had sympathetic judges/DA's or benefited from an increasingly bungling police force. Even attempted murder can get downgraded to a misdemeanor. Smart business people in Memphis are extra particular about who they hire because the pickings for good, trustworthy employees are so slim due to decent, bright people fleeing this crap hole after graduation.

Anonymous said...

OT, but one of those headlines that leaves little doubt about who the perps are... "Scuffle inside NYC funeral home spills into street.


Anonymous said...

"are they so far gone in self-shame that the only hope for them seems to be complete and total racial-emasculation"?

...Yes! They are.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Even with every crime removed from their records, they're still not the most qualified candidates for any job. When they do manage to get in the door, usually through the help of a sheboon personnel worker, they create a hostile, and unproductive work environment. Wish I had a dollar for every time I've heard "When's break time?". I'd move further out to where mo blacks live.

Anonymous said...

This doesnt shock or bother me.

What does really get to me is Democrats [in power due to immigration, refugees, non Whites, illegals] would like felons to have the ability to vote.

Anonymous said...

Note how the headline of the funeral home brawl says "NYC funeral home" rather than "Harlem funeral home" in order to bury the lede, as it were. They should have gone whole hog and said "Manhattan funeral home" to give the impression that the fight involved upper west side socialites.

Brian in Ohio said...

As blacks continue to fail to achieve, the DWL`s and the SJW`s will continue to push for the bar to be set lower and lower.

Look for them to try and do away with things that "brotha`s always be getting caught up in", like loitering, or noise ordinances. Because those little things are what cause them to interact with police in the first place, and that`s when they find the guns and drugs.

In a few of the larger liberal utopia cities, it`s no longer a crime to piss and shit on the sidewalk. That must make Africans feel right at home. And honestly, trying to hold them to the 1st world standard of sanitation was a fools errand to begin with...

You gotta wonder sometimes, where`s the bottom?

Stay alert, stay alive.

D-FENS said...

Will this allow these negroes to own firearms? Have the libtards thought this through?

I am really SO SICK OF NEGROES. I’ve turned off the tv, avoid the movies. About every other newsfeed is about oppression of negroes, Trump did this no-no or an illegal alien sob story. It’s like that old “ring around the collar” laundry commercial.

Anonymous said...

Can someone fill in the Prez about HBD? Human BioDiversity?

It explains the Negroes lower average IQs, impulse control issues, future time orientation problems, violence issues, etc. All their dysfunction as a race then makes sense. Detroit and bloodbath Chicago then makes sense.

No other way around this issue.


D is for depressing said...

@Anonymous 8:34

I was curious so I looked up Center Point Action Committee on Google. I found their Facebook. Did you know that they are a panel of concerned White citizens?


@Brian in Ohio

Where's the bottom?

When all the humans are degraded and are as pathological, and criminal, and dumb, and uncompetitive as the dindus.

When we are all living in mudhuts and crapping on the ground. That's where the bottom is.

Awakened white said...

Memphis? Stay safe James Edwards of TPC!

OT but got a chuckle none the less. Somehow know the race before even seeing the pics. Every. SIngle. Time.

Anonymous said...

In response to Pat, well what did you expect from the airlines that hire AA blacks on end at the TSA checkpoints. I suppose the moronic CEOs of the airline companies it would be ok to AA the air control towers since they were afraid that they were going to lose out on more taxpayer bailout money.

I can't wait til Virtual Presence is finally perfected and takes hold. Then these corrupt airlines and all their AA hires wont have a pot to defecate in.

Egghead said...

I think one point of the Starbucks-related propaganda is to set the legal framework of non-discrimination to force inner city businesses to allow non-paying people to use their facilities and restrooms.

Anonymous said...

If you can't take the criminal out of the dindu, just take the criminal out of the dindu's record. Nice.

Anonymous said...

In a few of the larger liberal utopia cities, it`s no longer a crime to piss and shit on the sidewalk.

I’m sure San Francisco is one of those cities...

Liberal paradise, coming to a city near you...

Anonymous said...

I’ve noted that the TSA agents are less black than they used to be.
Maybe after that article came out blasting them for letting 90% of contraband go through in tests.
I’m all for less black women messing with me in an already high stress situation.
Letting them run security was bound to fail, and quickly. Hopefully no one was hurt. We wouldn’t have heard about it anyway!

Anonymous said...

Try flying thru Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta airport, you will not see a single white face in a TSA line.
The don't even pretend to hide their contempt for us.
Clarification though, the CEO'S of the airlines have no say in TSA or ATC hires, both are federal government jobs.

Anonymous said...

I live near Memphrica and I watch the evening news on WMC-TV 5, the NBC affiliate there and I am constantly pissed-off by the leftist, progressive, black-centric screeds that are presented!! The sentence "they can't vote and people want their voices heard" is key in this discussion, because in Memphrica, ALL black votes are cast for whomever is running with a (D) after their name. It's ALL about freeing up the votes - a clean record or a job be damned!!