Sunday, June 17, 2018

Another Mass Shooting by Blacks: One Dead, 17 Shot by Blacks in Trenton, New Jersey at Art All Night Festival

Previously on SBPDL: Black Gun Violence in Trenton Reaching Epidemic Levels, Forcing Blacks to Call for Martial Law

One dead and 22 shot, all over a "neighborhood beef."

Just another mass shooting by black people at the Art All Night festival in Trenton, New Jersey. ['I could feel percussion of the shots,' Trenton festival shooting witness, The Inquirer, June 17, 2018]:

Edward Forchion said he didn’t fully react as bullets started flying early Sunday morning at the Art All Night festival in Trenton. But a half hour later, he realized several people surrounding him had been shot.
A mass shooting by blacks over "neighborhood beef" supplies more evidence why Jim Crow existed. 
By then, the 54-year-old Trenton resident and activist for marijuana legalization had made a video documenting the chaos and terror that followed the gunshots inside the Roebling Wire Works.
“Everybody froze like deers in headlights. Then everybody started moving,” he said of the moments right after the first shots. “[Police] started moving towards the door. Then they started shooting.”
Forchion doesn’t think he moved quickly enough.
“I was 25 feet away from them. I don’t know if you’ve been that close to a gunshot, but the air moves,” he said. “I could feel percussion of the shots.”
It was not the experience Forchion expected when he set out for the annual festival, his fifth in its 12-year history. He appreciates how the event pulls together people from various social strata in the area. Forchion saw this year’s festival as an opportunity to distribute flyers for his state Assembly bid. He’s running in the 15th district as an Independent.
As he was enjoying the art and music inside the red brick warehouse, Forchion said he heard one man arguing with several others.
“The guy was saying that other dude disrespected him,” recalled Forchion. The man who was most upset, he said, sounded like he had been incarcerated and was disappointed with the other men for not looking after a family member.  “He kept saying ‘We’re family. And you didn’t take care of my sister. And now she’s lost.'”
The man’s tone wasn’t particularly nasty, and Forchion didn’t expect matters to escalate. He turned his attention to a door at the back of the venue as an event staffer was closing it. A group of teens muscled their way through, he said, causing a stir.
Forchion didn’t see who shot first. He’s not positive whether it came from the group that was having a dispute or the young people rushing the door. Police had been in the crowd of festival-goers, he said, when the first bullets flew. To Forchion’s ear, they sounded like they came from a .45-caliber gun.
Forchion said a man who ran past him was shot by police. On the video Forchion later captured, the man can be seen lying in the street.
“One [cop] went around him and asked him to stay down,” said Forchion. “He was just wiggling like he was in pain. He was panicking.”
Initially, Forchion questioned whether the man who was shot had a weapon, but on his video, he later saw police recover a gun. It is not clear whether that man was one of the suspected gunmen who was the only reported fatality. In all, 17 people were shot; an additional five injured, mostly from falling in the rush to flee.
While Forchion said he believes many people were injured by police gunfire, he emphasized that he’s not passing judgment on law enforcement’s handling of the scene.
“It’s easy to be a cop-hater and be second-guessing. But I was standing right there,” he said. “I don’t think it was abusive. I think it was chaotic.”
Forchion is concerned that the shooting won’t receive its due attention in the national conversation.
“It gets portrayed as gang members shooting gang members. Drug dealers shooting drug dealers. Black-on-black crime. That’s how it’s going to be and it’s going to die down in two or three days,” he said. “This is our Parkland. This is our Columbine. [Black communities] don’t have mass shootings in schools. They have them at clubs and gatherings.”
The activist said he’s hoping that young people in town will mobilize, following the example of  students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. As for him, he’s still sorting through what would be the best way forward.
“I’m trying to think of something prophetic to say, but I’m at a loss for words,” Forchion said. “Senseless. How many times do you hear people say, ‘It’s senseless’?”

A "neighborhood beef" was the motive and catalyst for 22 people being shot and one murdered at what should be an obvious community building event.

Instead, the Art All Night festival in Trenton provides more evidence Jim Crow wasn't about discrimination toward blacks, but protecting western civilization from Africans in America.


Anonymous said...

"bullets started flying"

Got to admire modern journalism which ignores writing in a balanced and objective manner reporting the facts and instead gives you the perspective of Edward "NJ Weedman" Forchion, a dreadlocked cannabis activist (look him up on wikipedia) who spent most of 2017 in jail.

Anonymous said...

Where is that Black Girl Magic where you need it?

Anonymous said...

I have gotten to where I cannot even look at blacks without some contempt. When I see them in the suburbs, I’m angry. They bring their government rent money to the suburbs. I’m paying for them to ruin my neighborhood. I’m paying for them to shop in my grocery store. I’m paying for their children to bring down the neighborhood schools test scores. Tired of paying for my life’s ruination.

Anonymous said...

Blacks started firing at a Detroit Christmas festival back in December. If you take your children to events that are integrated, you are insane and negligent.

Anonymous said...

Shades of Bunny Friend Park. Or perhaps it's just the shades doing what they do?

Anonymous said...

“The guy was saying that other dude disrespected him,”

The man who was most upset, he said, sounded like he had been incarcerated

A group of teens muscled their way through

A black crime, huh? I’d never have guessed...

This is our Parkland. This is our Columbine. [Black communities] don’t have mass shootings in schools.

Maybe that’s because you have to pass through metal detectors to get into majority-black schools every day...

Californian said...

The obvious point is that when there is a White school shooter, it is Black Swan event, a unique incident. But for blacks, it's another day in the 'hood, whether a gangbanger funeral, prayer vigil or art festival. A society can survive the occasional Black Swan event. But daily shoot 'em ups disrupt the fabric of civilization.

Stay alert, stay armed.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

The witness could feel the percussion of the shots?! Then somebody shouted "Get Down!" , And 22 future shooting victimns jumped up and started dancing.

Annie Oakley said...

At least the wounded can't be accused of being a racist. (sarcasm off).

I'm surrounded now by sinkholes from a storm surge in the area I'm visiting. This same area and many other municipalities were more concerned with midnight bakkaball, yoof centers, bloated pensions for fat-pig, civil-service, single-cell amoeba shit eaters and other useless government programs, rather than spending money on let's say storm drains and bridges.

I guess when the white cucks and their anti-racist parents fall into a sink hole and drown in their new Audi SUV; they can see the Lord on the way to Valhalla knowing they were given a special blessing for not being a racist.

Mr. Rational said...

Jim Crow wasn't about discrimination toward blacks, but protecting western civilization from Africans in America.


How many of our dead would still be alive if the legal, social and physical barriers of Jim Crow had been kept in force?  Autumn Pasquale.  Angel Antonio Santiago.  Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian.  Heidi and Savannah Walker.  Paul Monchnik.  Amanda Blackburn.  Brittney Watts.  And those just off the top of my head.

We need a wall for the victims of racial integration and "equality".

Anonymous said...

17 blacks shot over "disrespeck". lol. You literally can't make this shit up. Only one fatality though. Blacks are such lousy shots, pretty much any 13 year old white kid(including girls) could shoot better than these "people".

Maybe we should ban guns and hand out machetes and spears in the hood. Whites can arm themselves with advanced carbon fibre crossbows and stuff. Certainly, blacks are much better at wielding machetes (as proved in the efficiency of Rwandans in 1994) than they are at aiming a gun correctly and hitting the intended target.

Anonymous said...

For your consideration, PK.

Anonymous said...

“neighborhood beef"
The reason behind most Black anti-social behavior.
The slight. The insult. The disrespect.
They have such fragile egos that the slightest look can send them into a rage.

I raised a male Rottie, former bait dog, from age 6 months to 14 years. I trained that dog to be sound, steady, and resolute. He would win any staring contest with a person, except me, did not bite or attack without command or eminent danger. But, he was a DOG.
Black humans (?) cannot train their feral youth to be at least as civilized as a dog.
Blacks-farm implements with rights.

Unknown said...

Jim Crow is no longer here to protect us from the rampaging savages 🦍🦍🦍... We must learn how to protect ourselves from mayhem like this... brought to you by no other than the gentle giants, the liberals' pet. I hear they like to bite the hands that feed them. Will the hands ever wake up or will they continue to get bit?

Unknown said...

Diversity + Proximity = Trenton Arts Festival shoot out !!! Will there be one next year?

Nomad said...

Only hours earlier and 50 miles away, this was also happening in the "California of the East Coast":

Fortunately, we have a glorious new Leftist governor who has a brilliant plan for preventing random outbreaks of violence like this - throw White Men in jail for owning the 15 round magazines that they purchased legally (and at great additional expense to meet NJ's already-unconstitutional restrictions) only months ago.

Yes, you read that right. While the state is busy releasing murderous gang members back onto the street, and redistributing the White Man's resources to LaQueefah and her 7 keeds so they can move into your neighborhood and ruin your family's time at the shore, Snaggletooth Murphy's highest priority is threatening law-abiding taxpayers with felony convictions if they fail to turn in magazines that exceed 10 rounds in capacity.

No grandfathering, no buy-back, no leniency.

chattanooga gal said...

I knew as soon as I heard about this, when they didn't describe the suspects, that they were black. but the media quickly hushed up about this shooting didn't they? they may revive it a bit to complain about the poor innocent black shooter the cops shot....

Bill in St Louis said...

"Forchion is concerned that the shooting won’t receive its due attention in the national conversation.
“It gets portrayed as gang members shooting gang members. Drug dealers shooting drug dealers. Black-on-black crime. That’s how it’s going to be and it’s going to die down in two or three days,” he said. “This is our Parkland. This is our Columbine. [Black communities] don’t have mass shootings in schools. They have them at clubs and gatherings.”

And they are so commonplace, unlike school shootings in non- black communities that no one cares. Besides, after so many years of TNB being whitewashed by the MSM, now you get what you demanded, no coverage detailing black dysfunction.

I am surprised he didn't realize "seveal people had been shot" but that speaks more to his total ignorance than anything else.

Romneypresident. said...

These same type of incidences play out in every major City in the Nation every week except maybe Salt Lake City. Anywhere Blacks drink, do drugs and congregate is a potential gun fight. This "Disrespected Me" and getting in a fight is ridiculous. I had one black guy say that I disrespected him when I didn't open the door for him at a restaurant. I looked at him and said no I didn't, I never respected you, to begin with. Eighty percent of all gun crimes are committed by Blacks but they want to take Whiteys guns. Sounds like another income redistribution plan to me.

Robin Naybors said...

Black shooter, black event, black town = no cries from the left for “gun control”. This story highlights the real, global agenda of disarming the white man.

If this would have been an all-white event, with a white shooter, armed with the evil “fully-semiautomatic” AR15, well, we all here know the punchline.

Anonymous said...

Even when I was young and hadn’t been red-pilled yet:
I attended a major university that won national championships in feetsball.
I knew at that tender age that when blacks, particularly black footballers, came to a party, it was time to GO.
-Mallory M.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the old "neighborhood beef." The same thing that motivated that UGANDAN ORC to open fire in a playground full of young children in Toronto.

But David Hoggwash won't be jumping on his tricycle to protest this particular shooting will he?

Nomad said...

20+ years of the strictest gun laws in the country (some of which were made even stricter just last week) preceded, and failed to prevent, this spontaneous ringing out of gunfire.

Hell - I can't even have an adjustable stock on a rifle because it has already been banned in a feckless attempt to stop blacks from shooting each other.

Anything to avoid placing the blame squarely where it belongs....


Why are cops even there?



That is all you need to know.

Anonymous said...

I spent last week at an antique tractor show. There were about 10,000 white people and about two blacks. It was a great time. There were no fights. Nobody got 'disrespecked'. No 'shots rang out'. Just a bunch of people talking about their tractors and where they were from. When it was over, everyone packed up and left, often helping each other load their tractors up if they needed a hand. Nobody got hurt.

An antique tractor show is one of the last places you can hang around at that blacks don't frequent.


Anonymous said...

I believe that JHP are also illegal in NJ. They made a big deal about banning armor piercing rounds as well. California has a lead ban and many of the lead free rounds in larger calibers are ridiculously effective on body armor and light vehicle armor. 7mm is one of them.
They make these laws, then aren’t sure how to enforce them when two conflict with one another.
If these “lawmakers” ever saw what a 12ga with a 3” magnum buckshot load could do, they’d go insane.

Unknown said...

Now THAT was funny! 😂😂😂

Get down on it !!!

Dance 💃 with 🦍🦍 & your bound to get stomped!

Egghead said...

Update from Central Virginia:

Monticello opens exhibit portraying that TJ fathered six of Sally Hemings’ kids.

However, there is legitimate scientific debate as to whether TJ fathered Hemings’ children.

P.S. Last I heard, Sally Hemings’ ancestors are refusing to take the detailed DNA tests that would prove if the dad was a Jefferson or a Randolph or another altogether. One surmises that this refusal is because one set of Hemings’ claimants who did take (even less advanced) DNA tests at one point in the past was scientifically ruled out as being fathered by TJ.

Please note that enslaved blacksmith Isaac Granger Jefferson described Sally Hemings, the purported half sister of Martha Jefferson (via her father), as ‘mighty near white...very handsome, long straight hair down her back.’

Sally is an example of Mark Twain’s ‘Pudd’nhead Wilson’ type of slave - the type of slave who inspired early abolitionists to free very white looking people from slavery (with African blacks along for the ride).

Anonymous said...

Of course had this happened in a white location with white people, it would be all over the news. Everyone would know about it. This is the first I heard of this, but all I can say is it is typical of blacks.

Anonymous said...

Liberals DO NOT get to go to Valhalla!


Anonymous said...

A shootout? Obviously there will be one next year! As for the Trenton Arts Festival itself? It will likely NOT be a 24 hour event!

Unknown said...

Welcome to Total BS Newz. All BS, all the time 24/7. We have a report of shots ringing out near a concert, we now go live to a green screen in the parking lot where a disingenuous liar will talk about fake history and blame White people for awhile.
"Yes, I was there at where you said, and this is another egregious example of the lingering effects of slabery and the horrible aftereffects of the aftermath of slabery and refreshions. We need to do more and give more money to black people like me and others for the aftereffects of refreshions so we can refresh ourselves about getting past the past and that.", said dark skinned token reader one.
We now go to someone claiming to be an eyewitness to the tragedy that seems to have happened as a result of White people somehow.
"Yes, I seen it. I was there. Oh the humanity. The shots done rang out and I was close enough to see the bullets as they flew past me. It was like that movie with Keanu Reeves where the bullets just seemed to move in slow motion and I could see the waves of air as it slowly moved past me. I can tell you how real it was, cause I was there.",said dark skinned witness testimonial.
We now go to a press conference where Chief Wiggins is about to make a prepared statement that was prepared in advance for just such an occasion.
"Yeah, hello. Is this on? I'm late for another appointment. Let's make this fast. I am here to say this needless tragedy is why we need to disarm the General Public. General Public is a menace and a racist and needs to be disarmed for his safety and ours. Only by giving more authority to me and the brave kind cops that serve and protest can we all be safe at night and during the day and especially during nap time. We need to stop this needless tragedy where I have to give this same speech over and over again. Cause I have other things I'd rather do." said Chief Wiggins.
We all agree the real problem is White people, historical oppression of minorities and the Second Amendment. We will be back after these important messages from our Corporate Overlords.

Pat Boyle said...

America got into this fix largely because we are too nice. Remember the Nazis all tried to surrender to the Americans. No German war criminal wanted to be a Soviet prisoner. America's pre-eminence in world affairs is largely due to our superior moral stance on so many issues. We aren't perfect - just better than everyone else.

Consider slavery. The Africans left Africa by two routes - across the Atlantic or across the Sahara. Most of the slaves transported on ships over the Middle Passage went to Brazil or the Caribbean. Relatively few went to the US. The reason was simple. Americans allowed their slaves to reproduce. Towards the end of the slave era before the Civil War the big well organized cotton plantations had slaves living in single family houses with hospitals and lots of good food. Slaves ate better than the average white. This made good business sense because slaves did a lot of hard physical labor. Read "Time on the Cross" by Robert Fogel. He won a Nobel Prize for this work but few today know the true history.

Meanwhile slaves sent to the Caribbean or Brazil sugar plantations typically were worked to death and then replaced by another shipload from Africa. But even these had a better fate that those who were marched across the Sahara to the Muslim Middle East. The casualty rate was higher in the Sahara than in the Atlantic but the big difference was that the Muslims castrated all the black male slaves Those who survived never reproduced so today there are few blacks in the lands of Islam.

Slavery was never better for field slaves than it was in the American South. But it has left us with a remnant population that constantly complains about how they have been treated.

Sometimes it just doesn't pay to be too nice.


Nomad said...

JHP's (like firearms in general) are illegal in NJ, with certain exemptions. The usual restrictions to possession and transportation apply, with additional charges if any other "crime" is committed while in possession.

In other words - should you be forced to send a few JHP's into a buck who has broken into your home and is assaulting your wife is daughter, you are likely going to state prison.

But hey - you are probably going to state prison anyways. Might as well effectively protect your family.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

There was a free concert here Wednesday that drew 16.000 people. A handful of LEO were present to direct traffic. A good time was had by all, except a small child who dropped her ice cream. No fights broke out, no "teens" ran amok in the crowd. Life without negroes is actually pretty damn good.

Baron von raschke said...

Could it be blacks aren't bad shots but it's some of that black girl magic. Lol

Sick n Tired said...

I saw this story on Yahoo the other day. When I saw Trenton, 24 hour arts festival, 1 killed 20 wounded, one of the wounded was 13, the shooting took place at 2:45am, and no descriptions of the shooter or wounded...I knew.

Anonymous said...

I will say this now and it bears repeating, if we normal people want to be able to continue to interact without one another and have nice outside social events such as art fairs and farmers markets, we need Police Departments all across the US to establish Brazil-style Death Squads in order to eliminate the gangs once and for all without recourse and with out mercy.

Mr. Clean said...

What? 31 comments and no one has posted "Oh no! It's an arts festival gone wrong!" comment? Shame on you people....

Actually, I saw the quick headline on the local news here, and just laughed and ignored the story. An all-night arts festival in Trenton? Ha ha ha, what could possibly go wrong?

The Inquirer said: "The activist said he’s hoping that young people in town will mobilize, following the example of students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla."

Mobilize for what? Stricter gun laws? NJ is already one of the worst states for firearm ownership/carry in the country.

But hey, I am also hoping that the "young people in town will mobilize". Because any time those young people get together, there are less of them when the smoke clears.

Anonymous said...

I laughed when I heard this one.
...the art festival in Trenton part, I mean.
I'm sure it was no more than a rap venue with an open-air drug swap-meet. Very popular in the summer.

Seriously, who in their right mind would be lured into Trenton for an 'art' festival.

It's like going to a picnic in Newark or a parade in Camden.

This only means someone is trying to make Trenton appear 'gentrified' without putting in the legwork first.

Here's a clue; you have to keep the animals from killing one another at the venue before anyone will begin to believe 'gentrification' is taking place.

Blood and death are a sure bet that things are not as they seem.

Jim in Jersey

Race Realist in Blackskin said...

Trenton, the city of the "Great Turnaround" of the American Revolution in December 1776. Washington routed the Hessians, invigorating the morale of the pragmatically all-white Revolutionary army.

The turnaround has now been officially reversed. We are doomed. - Luke

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

“I’m trying to think of something prophetic to say, but I’m at a loss for words,” Forchion said. “Senseless. How many times do you hear people say, ‘It’s senseless’?”

When discussing negro behavior? I think that we all have heard the term "senseless" used a few times.

...To Tractorguy: You do what antique tractors and the negro have in common, right?

Sam said...

Tractorguy at 7:32 said "An antique tractor show is one of the last places you can hang around at that blacks don't frequent."

Are you referring to the Early Gas and Steam Engine Museum in Vista? I have been there several times. My first time there I found it so very impressive to see the creativity and innovation that resulted in the inventions of that era, which were accomplished with rather limited technology. Amazing what people created at that time. I heard about it from a guy who makes miniature working steam engines and displays them at this museum during their shows, in June and October. The museum has a web site for anyone interested in checking.

Also interesting that nothing like the above mentioned creations have never been found in Africa. Oh, dat's right. Almost forgot, da ebil white man stoled all dat stuff from Africa and brung it to America.

Anonymous said...

You can't have all night anything anywhere where there are blacks.

There used to be a midnight restaurant in Scarborough Toronto that caters to Hong Kongers who have a habit of going out as a family to eat a late night snack when the weather is cooler at night. Blacks started showing up to rob the restaurant and the customers, only the Chinese newspaper gave suspect description. That restaurant was forced to move up to Richmond Hill, and now it closes at 10pm

Other news:

Two sisters stab each other in a knife fight 'over a man' in front of five children
Two sisters, ages 24 and 23, suffered knife wounds on their arms during a fight in Wisconsin on Saturday, which resulted in their arrest on charges of domestic recklessly endangering safety.


'Don't get in front of my car, I wouldn't be stopping': Road rage bully facing jail for screaming and making gun signs at BBC's Jeremy Vine issued chilling Twitter threat during her trial
Shanique Syrena Pearson, 22, has today been convicted of road rage offences
She was filmed screaming 'I'm going to knock you out' at the BBC's Jeremy Vine
During the case she even tweeted 'Don't get in front of my car' threat
Pearson shouted abuse at the Radio 2 star and made a gun sign with her fingers
Single mother rolled her eyes and shook her head as the verdict was announced
PUBLISHED: 05:31 EDT, 1 February 2017 | UPDATED: 13:50 EDT, 1 February 2017
'People who say 'cyclists shouldn't be on the road as they don't pay tax' should reflect that in this incident, only one of us was paying tax and insurance on a car - and it was the person on the bike,' he said in a statement shared online.

Anonymous said...

The reaction of NJ's newly-elected democratic governor, Murphy, to this incident was completely ridiculous. He spoke at a revival Baptist church in Trenton the next morning (all black). He calls for stricter gun control. When you outlaw guns then only the outlaws have guns! He thinks guns are the problem and not the idiot people! Just like cars kill people, not drunk drivers. Let's ban cars next! Talk about not blaming the perpetrator.

Murphy kept saying we need more events to bring the community together? Really??? Seems the people who stayed home that night were a lot safer! That's also what we need, more hood activities for the thugs to meetup with each other and come into contact with innocent people. Because an all-night art festival just wasn't enough and it worked out so well...let's hold more events! Tear down all walls, we can all live together. Yeah right Murphy!

Awakened white said...

Of course, the dindus got disrespected, can't have that now we! Gonemesayin?

Anonymous said...

Mixing with the crowd, wearing his thought-proof suit of Nobrainium, The Black Plinker surveys the arts festival.

His full attention on the throng, his finely-tuned nigdar catches something.  It's... it's...

DISRESPECT!  With a side of beef.

Quickly moving to intervene, The Black Plinker centers on the threat!  20 shots ring out.  One body and two wounded later...

Oops, Nobrainium isn't bulletproof.  The Blank Plinker is among the casualties.

The End.

White Trash Hillbilly said...

We don't have these kinds of problems in rural Missouri.

For one, the negroes stay in their parts of town.

For two, if they started a shootout with these good old boys, they'd end up lookin like Swiss cheese real quick.

Everyone I know carries a handgun every time they're out. Its just how we roll.

Once you're outside STL the negroes are few and far between.

Anonymous said...

A beautiful town for the affluent working class...until about 1964.

Anonymous said...

Not mentioned is that the Trenton Arts Festival receives huge government grants to put it on and to pay performers, lighters, musicians, choreographers,security, admin, etc. The NJ Arts Council is quick to give any ghetto drummer, dancer, arts group money. That's from tax dollars.
They are big on teaching the youth and giving stipends to the youth, as long as they are black or Spanish. These are the same idiots who bankrolled a Dance Performance in honor of Trayvon Martin. They keep the hatred for YT rolling. Where's the dance performance for George Zimmerman??

Anonymous said...

Please get back on narrative!

It's all about the poor poor brown children at the border and how they are being separated from the families that ignored our laws.

Kamala Harris, magic mulatto is putting herself front and center on this- alt right types need to start working on her now. With luck she may crumble before she gets any steam. We already had a magic halfrican and we know whose side they will always take in a racial argument.

She slept with Willie Brown, the black former mayor of San Francisco to get started in politics. An eye should also be kept on the new black mayor of 6% black (and falling) San Francisco, London Breed (yes, that is her name).

We don't need to go through this again.

Anonymous said...

I know everyone has already said this, but if the shooter was a white male it would be non-stop front page NEWS on every MSM NEWS channel.. David Hogg would be jumping at the chance to get more fame, Hillary would be tweeting about gun control, etc, etc.. but since it is a black male it is buried

Anonymous said...

Pat said: "Slavery was never better for field slaves than it was in the American South. But it has left us with a remnant population that constantly complains about how they have been treated."

I agree with you but would modify your statement somewhat. Slavery was no doubt beneficial to the descendants of slaves now in this country. They have it better than blacks anywhere else in the world.
But it was also the greatest mistake this country ever made and along with our open southern border we ultimately will pay a very large price for it.

Demographics is destiny.

Another Guy in Florida

deb harvey said...

just read 'black like me'. very moving, but glossed over were reports of discussions among negro leaders about 'our young men' letting off steam, or turning to irresponsible sexual conduct , violence, and illegal drugs.
self control is the cornerstone of civilization.
without self control there can be no civilization nor can there be progress toward bettering the lives of generations not yet born.

Anonymous said...

Everyone should remember that it is democrats who are the fathers of all this. They are using blacks for their votes and destroying the country. Hopefully President Trump will stuff immigration down their throats. If he is unsuccessful, then the democrats and their cult following are about to get that civil war they claim they have wanted for decades.

Anonymous said...

Delaware dude: slightly OT. Saturday night/early Sunday morning, after a birthday party in groidville not more than 1/5 of a mile away from the house, we had our second double murder in under a month. After a birthday party for the orc, an unknown approached said orc and he ran away. a white innocent visitor and his 15 year old daughter were gunned down. cops are leaning toward the daughter hanging in the city all day. why did the father run when the gunman approached. gonna be a long hot summer in my area. praying I can make it til next year for the big move. need the full ssi package for that.

Mr. Rational said...

Kamala Harris, magic mulatto is putting herself front and center on this- alt right types need to start working on her now. With luck she may crumble before she gets any steam.

Don't worry about her.  Get dirt on what she's said about Hispanics and Chinese and such, if anything.  Let her get the nomination and destroy her in the general.  If you can depress Dem turnout you can make Trump's coattails longer.

Anonymous said...

Cornrows with ghetto names, don't belong in civil society.

Anonymous said...

"Sam said...

Tractorguy at 7:32 said "An antique tractor show is one of the last places you can hang around at that blacks don't frequent."

Are you referring to the Early Gas and Steam Engine Museum in Vista?"

No, Red Power Round Up in Montgomery, Alabama. Outside of the show grounds, I've never seen so many black people in one place. Jesus!


Anonymous said...

I was at the US Open in South Hampton NY. 60-100k people, zero shootings, brawls, or shots ringing out. 99.9% of the people attending were white, so go figure.

Sick n Tired said...

Move to Florida, we can have any guns we want, plus it's fairly easy to get a CCW.

Steve Smith said...

It's here screwing up Atlanta.

rex freeway said...

White culture is so foreign to Negroes that they cannot derive pleasure from it. Whites built civilizations while Negroes built mud huts. They fear what Whites have accomplished. So they take everything we build and destroy it. Their only contribution to civilization is in entertainment. Music and dance. And even these are modified by White inventions.

There is no original thought. Nothing to help mankind. They butcher the English language. They take modern weaponry and treat it like a child's toy. One of the reasons so many survive being shot at is malfunction of the weapons due to lack of basic maintenance.

The American way dictates that you find a way to progressively make more money as you go thru life. Or at the very least pay your own way thru life, not depending on others to carry you thru. The vast majority of them have hit an intellectual ceiling that doesn't allow them to go further. They watch Whites concur problems with ease and it frustrates them. The way they see it, why work when pointing a gun at someone brings easy cash. Why save money when its easy to acquire. Just scare Whitey, and shoot anyone who gets in their way.

They will never fit in a White society. Diversity is an impossible task. The Negro problem can be solved. But it will involve the eradication of Liberal Ideology.

Anonymous said...

NJ passed a law about nine years ago that any murder trial has to have a minimum of two witness's. All of the murder witness's were being killed before they could testify. Wonder if there's two witness's to this murder?

Has the Trenton Arts Council issued a statement on their festival gone wrong? And am waiting for it to come out in the papers.

Unknown said...

And did you catch the reference to "rival groups" used by the male news anchor? Hmmmm...I guess saying "rival gangs" would have been racist. And don't they usually send out a Black reporter? How are they getting away with both news anchors being White?

Questions, questions! Well, I guess they do have the White male quotient down to the bare minumim.

Anonymous said...

Best to always heed John Derbyshire's advice in "The Talk - non-black version". Simple avoid being around blacks at all times. You can find alternative music, dance, etc.