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Looks like those Conquistadors were right about the demonic Aztecs... Hundreds of Thousands of Skulls Excavated in Mexico City from Human Sacrifices

Shot. From History of the Conquest of Mexico by William Prescott (p. 450), we learn what white people encountered when they came upon the Aztec people. "Hell": 
On descending to the court, the Spaniards took a leisurely survey of the other edifices in the inclosure. The area was protected by a smooth stone pavement, so polished, indeed, that it was with difficulty the horses could keep their legs. There were several other teocallis, built generally on the model of the great one, though of much inferior size, dedicated to the different Aztec deities. On their summits were the altars crowned with perpetual flames, which, with those on the numerous temples in other quarters of the capital, shed a brilliant illumination over its streets, through the long nights. 
Looks like those Conquistadors were right about the demonic Aztecs 

Among the teocallis in the inclosure was one consecrated to Quetzalcoatl, circular in its form, and having an entrance in imitation of a dragon's mouth, bristling with sharp fangs and dropping with blood. As the Spaniards cast a furtive glance into the throat of this horrible monster, they saw collected there implements of sacrifice and other abominations of fearful import. Their bold hearts shuddered at the spectacle, and they designated the place not inaptly as the "Hell." 

One other structure may be noticed as characteristic of the brutish nature of their religion. This was a pyramidal mound or tumulus, having a complicated framework of timber on its broad summit. On this was strung an immense number of human skulls, which belonged to the victims, mostly prisoners of war, who had perished on the accursed stone of sacrifice. One of the soldiers had the patience to count the number of these ghastly trophies, and reported it to be one hundred and thirty-six thousand! Belief might well be staggered, did not the Old World present a worthy counterpart in the pyramidal Golgothas which commemorated the triumphs of Tamerlane.
Chaser. It turns out "hell" was exactly what these white men found. [Feeding the gods: Hundreds of skulls reveal massive scale of human sacrifice in Aztec capital, Science Magazine, June 21, 2018]:
 The priest quickly sliced into the captive's torso and removed his still-beating heart. That sacrifice, one among thousands performed in the sacred city of Tenochtitlan, would feed the gods and ensure the continued existence of the world. 
Death, however, was just the start of the victim's role in the sacrificial ritual, key to the spiritual world of the Mexica people in the 14th to the 16th centuries. 
Priests carried the body to another ritual space, where they laid it face-up. Armed with years of practice, detailed anatomical knowledge, and obsidian blades sharper than today's surgical steel, they made an incision in the thin space between two vertebrae in the neck, expertly decapitating the body. Using their sharp blades, the priests deftly cut away the skin and muscles of the face, reducing it to a skull. Then, they carved large holes in both sides of the skull and slipped it onto a thick wooden post that held other skulls prepared in precisely the same way. The skulls were bound for Tenochtitlan's tzompantli, an enormous rack of skulls built in front of the Templo Mayor—a pyramid with two temples on top. One was dedicated to the war god, Huitzilopochtli, and the other to the rain god, Tlaloc. 
Eventually, after months or years in the sun and rain, a skull would begin to fall to pieces, losing teeth and perhaps even its jaw. The priests would remove it to be fashioned into a mask and placed in an offering, or use mortar to add it to two towers of skulls that flanked the tzompantli.For the Aztecs—the larger cultural group to which the Mexica belonged—those skulls were the seeds that would ensure the continued existence of humanity. They were a sign of life and regeneration, like the first flowers of spring. 
But the Spanish conquistadors who marched into Tenochtitlan in 1519 saw them differently. For them, the skulls—and the entire practice of human sacrifice—evinced the Mexica's barbarism and justified laying waste to the city in 1521. The Spanish tore down the Templo Mayor and the tzompantli in front of it, paved over the ruins, and built what would become Mexico City. And the great rack and towers of skulls passed into the realm of historical mystery. 
Some conquistadors wrote about the tzompantli and its towers, estimating that the rack alone contained 130,000 skulls. But historians and archaeologists knew the conquistadors were prone to exaggerating the horrors of human sacrifice to demonize the Mexica culture. As the centuries passed, scholars began to wonder whether the tzompantli had ever existed. 
Archaeologists at the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) here can now say with certainty that it did. Beginning in 2015, they discovered and excavated the remains of the skull rack and one of the towers underneath a colonial period house on the street that runs behind Mexico City's cathedral. (The other tower, they suspect, lies under the cathedral's back courtyard.) The scale of the rack and tower suggests they held thousands of skulls, testimony to an industry of human sacrifice unlike any other in the world. Now, archaeologists are beginning to study the skulls in detail, hoping to learn more about Mexica rituals and the postmortem treatment of the bodies of the sacrificed. The researchers also wonder who the victims were, where they lived, and what their lives were like before they ended up marked for a brutal death at the Templo Mayor. 
"This is a world of information," says archaeologist Raùl Barrera Rodríguez, director of INAH's Urban Archaeology Program and leader of the team that found the tzompantli. "It's an amazing thing, and just the kind of discovery many of us had hoped for," agrees John Verano, a bioarchaeologist at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, who studies human sacrifice. He and other researchers hope the skulls will clarify the role of large-scale human sacrifice in Mexica religion and culture—and whether, as scholars suspect, it played a key part in building their empire. 
The discovery of the tzompantli began the same way all the Urban Archaeology Program's digs do: with a planned construction project in the heart of downtown Mexico City. Whenever someone wants to build in a seven-block area around the Templo Mayor, Barrera Rodríguez's team must excavate first, salvaging whatever remains of the colonial and especially Mexica city beneath. The finds are often significant and surprisingly intact. The Templo Mayor itself came to light in the 1970s, when INAH archaeologists were called in after city electrical workers stumbled on an imposing circular statue of the goddess Coyolxauhqui, who was killed and dismembered by her brother Huitzilopochtli.
Our civilization is now being prepared to be sacrificed to a deity far more terrifying than the one Aztecs long ago willing made human sacrifices too.

Equality, which is a demanding God, constantly inventing new directives for implementing total destruction, all in the name of progress.

Just as in the final scene of Apocalytpo, it will be up to white people to once again save the day, forever dethroning the false-god of equality in the process.


Anonymous said...

 "It's an amazing thing, and just the kind of discovery many of us had hoped for," agrees John Verano, a bioarchaeologist at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, who studies human sacrifice".

Works in N'awlins studying human sacrifice? My god, man! That must be the Lovecraftian epicenter of miscegenation of the worst sort! The garbled braying and bleating of creatures in the throes of a ritual killing down at the slave area where da blues was born must be godawful!

Egghead said...

Note that the Catholic Spaniards felt that it was necessary to build a Catholic Church near and/or over the ruins of the pagan temple - just as Catholic Italians converted pagan temples into churches.

Christian radio contends that modern people have forgotten that a large part of the original settlement of North America was intended to bring Christianity (aka Western civilization) to the heathens.

The original New World explorers and settlers were extremely familiar with the Biblical concept and goal of Christian conversion that would later come to be called the Great Commission.

Note that it makes very logical sense to forcibly convert primitives from violent and vile religions into more peaceful and productive religions.

Anonymous said...

Why do people fear the ignorance, barbarity and savagery? Our European heritage has some gruesome crap, but who else gave something like the Magna Carta as an account of the syrivings of their people's fervent desires?

Freedom at the cost of restraint on power of the nobility (in theory) doesn't seem to have caught on with the people of every continent. How can a concept be universal when it is not even planetary? Riddle me that, DWL's!

Anonymous said...

Air pollution is racist! Perhaps if a people were capable of building and maintaining modern waste treatment plants then children would not die by the thousands from diseases caused by a snoot full of fecal dust!

Truth-hammer said...

Looks like I made the first comment so a history lesson. When the conquistadors came upon the Aztecs' human sacrifice practices, they were horrified. The conquistadors were Catholics and Christian men. When they decided to overthrow Montezuma, they proceeded to Tenochtitlan. The Aztec priests knew that the Spaniards despised their human sacrifice and tried to hide the evidence of their sacrifices from the Spaniards but to no avail. Now, many people wonder how less than two hundred Spaniards conquered the many thousands of Aztecs. The Spaniards allied with the surrounding tribes, who had been victimized/conquered by the Aztecs and who were the sacrificial victims, to conquer the Aztecs. It is quite tragic and ironic that the Aztecs' chief god, Quetzalcoatl was invented/made-up by the high priest who had served Montezuma and his father and grand-father. This priest had decided that the Aztec people needed a history and a god, and he convinced Montezuma's grand-father of this necessity, and it was granted. Of course, this new god required human sacrifice and human blood. Thus, it was good and merciful that the Spaniards conquered these murderous, blood-thirsty/demonic savages and erased them from history. I tend to believe in what is called 'racial memory, that is, we do not just get our biological traits and personality from DNA, but a distinct racial memory is passed down through DNA/our genome as well. This might explain the blood-thirsty savagery of all of these Mexicans, Guatemalans, Hondurans, and El Salvadorans. They all descended from the ancient/primitive and savage Aztecs, Mayans, Incans, Olmecs, and Toltecs, et al. Thus, it is imperative for our survival that all of these people be expelled from the U.S.

Ex New Yorker said...

I have spent years studying the history of all these strange "gods". It seems they invaded the planet eons ago. They are always in a shitty mood and any kind of little two bit thing really gets them pissed off. They have always DEMANDED to be worship and anyone that DISOBEYED them was in a for world of misery. Let's be honest here folks. Any ANGRY GOD who would throw poisonous snakes on peoples heads, kill a guy for gathering firewood and swallowing a dude with a giant fish would turn me into a true believer. So far I've been lucky. I don't take long walks across the desert or make sandwiches out manna.

What I like the best is how these "gods" traveled in round flying machines (aka...vimanas, flying shields, chariots of fire, spirits of the lord, ufo's, etc, etc, etc) which had weapons that could destroy huge cities if the locals got them pissed off. It's hard to decide which of the "gods" I like the best. A choice between Jewish fairy tales (burning bush), Anunnaki fairy tales (Enlil and Enki), cargo cult worshipers (B-17s and P-38s) or Jihadist freaks (human bombs). Quetzalcoatl was a really cool guy (Feathered Serpent) who had a flying machine but I never learned how to speak Aztec. The way these "gods" got their rocks off was having the "true believers" butcher each other. Women and children were their specialty (or anything that breathes the breath of life....goats, donkeys, chickens). They really enjoyed the spilling of human and animal blood through war and human sacrifice. You think they may have been blood drinkers?

The Anunnaki were the most technicality advanced and built these giant monuments and cities all over the planet, The Great Pyramid was their masterpiece. People are still finding huge lost cities in South America. The ancient cities that have been found in the Middle East were always covered up with tons of dirt. I always wondered where it came from. Did it fall out of the sky?

In all these years I've lived on the planet I keep running into people who believe themselves to be "sinners" and when they die they will spend time burning in the flaming pits of Hell. Not just for just a couple months, but for all eternity. I forgot the gruesome details but it has something to do with a fairy tale about some naked chick eating a piece of fruit a long time ago. I asked a local preacher where this "Garden of Edin" was but he didn't know even though it was walled off with four big flaming swords. I guess those super satellites are only good for finding underground bases but not hidden gardens with flaming swords.

Why would a "wrathful" and "loving" god send the pride of his creation (aka...Human Beings) to burn in Hell. I just don't get it. By the way, these so called "gods" still own the planet and rule over you. You are their slaves. "I bring not peace, but the ................."

Anonymous said...

Haha ,perfect example Apocalypto. Every time I get in arguments with people,and that's what everything is now an argument.I point to this movie.Since ignorant moronic Black and Brown worshiping Whites love to envision that everything was Unicorns and Rainbows ,as well as Blacks and Browns thinking this as well,I say" Go watch Apocalypto". This is movie is absolutely accurate. Genocide was being committed LONG before Whites showed up. In the movie there is a scene where ,when Jaguar Paw escapes,he runs through a maize field and when he comes out the other side there is a pile ,a MOUNTAINOUS pile of all the decapitated and heartless bodies. I tell people just watch this film.And I don't ever want to hear shit again about what the White man did. All your Black and Brown cultures were doing the same thing some where in the world. Blacks ,same thing. I love to say that when the White Man came it was Karma.Like Blacks and Browns love to say to Whites. Their Gods sent the White Man to punish these primitive savages for what they were doing. HAHA,that gets some of these minorities to pause a minute. LOL!

Anonymous said...

And as a side note. " But historians and archaeologists knew the conquistadors were prone to exaggerating the horrors of human sacrifice to demonize the Mexica culture.

Yup ,looks like Caucasians were RIGHT all along.No exaggerations necessary. The Mexica "Culcha" needed no help in "demonizing" it's image. LOL!

So,as far as I am concerned ,any time these so called scholars run their mouth about Caucasians "exaggerating the horrors" I will know that it was 100% accurate! And anyway all the "horrors" that so called indigenous peoples inflicted on any and all was carved all over their cities and temples anyway.But of course all these ignorant White fools and minority so called "scholars" ignore that and make up excuses that the images depicted do not show reality. LMFAO! Riiiiiight! They just carved all those images for the hell of it.

AWB said...

I've done some research on human migration to the Americas, of which there were 5, first the Australian aborigines, then sub-Saharan Africans, who co-existed in South America, then mongoloid asians migrated through Siberia into North America and migrated south. These two groups met, and did not coexist peacefully. The southern sub-species was all but eradicated. This could explain the sacrifices, as a form of genocide.

The 4th migration was Vikings, which was unsuccessful, and the 5th was the Europeans, which brings us to the modern era.

Tyler Durden said...

Stick to negroes.

Paintjob Theory said...

Good old Quetzalcoatl, god of mass human sacrifice. What a rich and proud culture.

Seriously though, even 500 years after conquistadors supposedly tamed these savages they're still dismembering and skinning each other and if you removed the (mostly) white-ish ruling class from these cretins they would be building pyramids of skulls and carving each other apart with stone tools again within a generation or two. Mind you, I don't even care if this is the way these goblins want to live but I just don't want them to do it here.

Ex New Yorker says:"I keep running into people who believe themselves to be "sinners" and when they die they will spend time burning in the flaming pits of Hell. Not just for just a couple months, but for all eternity. I forgot the gruesome details but it has something to do with a fairy tale about some naked chick eating a piece of fruit a long time ago."

You damned well know better, or at least you have the mental capacity to be able to put the pieces together. There was no literal talking snake in a garden and there is very likely no fiery pit where monsters jab you with forks, but there is such a thing as the "duality of man". A higher spirit trapped in an animal body with animal impulses, needs, and desires. And certainly there is a price to pay for allowing oneself to be consumed with those animal desires (hint: eternity doesn't start when you die, it starts now).

There doesn't need to be an actual ant working and a grasshopper playing the fiddle for the parable of the grasshopper and the ant to be acted out each and every day. You've probably never seen a scorpion riding a frog either but that parable is proven true 3 times a week just in the stories posted here.

IMO your attempt to insult those with faith is more insulting to yourself, and if you honestly don't know better I'd suggest taking a step back for some reflection and look at mythos as mythos. Stories which illustrate not a history lesson but eternal truths or patterns in human interactions and societies. This is the equivalent of claiming to be a student of history because you've memorized dates, people's names, and places but have no concept of why things happened or why the same patterns always repeat. You know better and you can do better.


We just need to bring them ALL the America and teach them how to Act White.


This is worth watching for a Political reason, even though there are a few "nicer" looking chicks fighting (oh, well).

I wonder if the extent of the anger is part of the NEVER TRUMP hate. The left, and you KNOW these "womyn" are LEFTIST, is boiling over every day with HATE concerning what is going on.

In the last few days the left has lost major battles with the Supreme Court and now have to see TRUMP get another appointee to the Court. Add all this in, and you can see why these womyn have lost it.

There is tension in the air, and that is GOOD.


Here is something I do fear:

Why? Because a negro, or two, can come out of nowhere fast and hit you so hard you can't respond. These disgusting animals enjoy this.

I am so sick of "black people". Just sick of them.

Pat Boyle said...

Mel Gibson must be a genius. Lots of people had made lots of movies but no one thought to do a whole film in a language that nearly no one today speaks. Gibson did it twice - once in Aramaic and again in Maya. The only precedent I can think of in film history was when in "42nd Street" Ginger Rogers sings "We're in the Money" in Pig L:atin.

Actually my yard workers used to speak Maya. Just a few decades ago all the sentimental Neo-Marxist anthropologists considered the Maya to be some kind of race of philosophers who spent all day studying the stars and thinking noble thoughts. Then the Mayan script was translated. It seems that that the Maya had a cult of blood, torture and human sacrifice. The King and Queen would take a stone knife and cut a slit in their tongues. They would then run a rope of thorns through it back and forth making a torrent of blood. All the blood loss would make them hallucinate. Nice religion, what?

The Aztecs also had giant ceremonies of human sacrifice. The Aztecs had never domesticated any large animals so they ate people from the surrounding tribes - possibly including the Maya. The thing to remember is that the Maya and the Aztecs although incredibly brutal and vicious were probably more gentle than the Africans. We only know of the Mesoamerican practices because Cortez witnessed them and the Maya had a form of written language. The Bantu had no written language and for centuries the African diseases kept it the Dark Continent.

Africans in Africa we now know have an average IQ of around 70 whereas for Mesoamericans it is around 87. That made a great difference. The Mesoamericans had created giant stone pyramids and temple of every kind. They invented corn (Maize). There have never been any such accomplishments in Africa. Great Zimbabwe is virtually the only large stone structure in all sub-Saharan Africa, and it is quite primitive not being made of dressed stone. It was not surveyed or designed. It is basically just a pile of rocks.

No matter how cruel and primitive the Mexican natives were, they were miles ahead of the Africans when the white man came to the New World and to Africa near the end of the fifteenth century.


Brian in Ohio said...

Horrific, yes. But the "tower of skulls" was still a feat of engineering that blacks were never able to come even remotely close to.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Egghead said...

Well, if you want to stick to blacks, then let’s compare and contrast the whys and wherefore of lynchings - where cause and effect have been similarly and purposefully muddled in modern times.

In the present and future, do and will people claim that whites ‘exaggerated’ that blacks are infinitely more likely to commit violent racial crimes upon whites than vice versa?

Anonymous said...

Just think, if it hadn’t been for a bunch of meddling Europeans this noble culture might still be practicing their time honored traditions today. Imagine the opportunities for cultural enrichment that modern progressives could experience with a trip to Central America if they were still around.

Anonymous said...

Islam, in the early years, when they were conquering country after country, would decapitate the defeated peoples and build pyramid like towers of their heads. This was not so much a ritual but more to strike terror in the remaining population.

Anonymous said...

Wrong, Solutreans( European) first then successive waves of Asiatic tribes.

Anonymous said...

The massive medicare fraud bust, with over 500 health care workers charged today, will be a story that vanishes down the memory hole fast. All the names I have seen so far are obviously foreign, and/or negro. Plenty of Indians, muslims, hispanics, russians-all looting medicare. If this story makes much news, all the names will be edited out-just wait and see.

Ex New Yorker said...

Hundreds of thousands of years ago men lived in peace. The only thing they fought over were women. This insured a stronger breeding stock. This time was known as "before the fall". Years later there was a great "war in heaven" (aka...outer space). The losers of this war ended up living in our backyard (cast into the sea by some guy named Michael). These warriors who were "cast down from heaven" (aka...fallen angels) really had an eye for the sexy earth women and started screwing them and later "took them as wives". This lust for earth babes and marrying them had finally polluted man's original DNA structure. It was then that everything started to turn to shit (aka...the fall). This did not happen over night. This took place over thousands of years.

These invaders first called themselves "Gods from the Sun". They later claimed to be "Sons of God". In our more recent past they were just called "The Gods". Because of these freaks mankind had lost touch with his "Divine Inner Self" and started worshiping these outsiders.

These gods divided the earth among themselves, each having their own kingdom (as in heaven). Their demand for worship was intense and non-believers were threatened with eternal damnation in hell. True believers were promised after death they would live in "heaven" with with the "gods". Do as we say (sweat of the brow) and you will be rewarded after a life of hard work and suffering.

Humans now pray to rocks, walls and pieces of wood. The "wall" worshipers call it "wailing" and when they pray they must wear funny little hats. Most of our presidents, including Trump have performed this ritual. The "rock" worshipers get on their knees three times a day and pray to a big rock in the desert. They even carry little rugs for this purpose. I forgot what they call the place.

The wood worshipers are waiting for the rapture (Scofield Bible) where they will sit with a bunch of fat naked people on a big giant cloud (I hope somebody hands out robes) for seven years and then return to a radioactive planet were they will "live in peace forever". The cloud must be really big because their are millions these people.

Meanwhile the ruling class is hoping for another nice holy war (World War Three). The rich folks and Wall Street bankers will be living the good life in all these underground cities while the surface dwellers will be butchering the holy shit out of each other. Hey....That sounds like a fun time. Where do I sign up for some of this crap.

Anonymous said...

Here ya go, Tyler:

Anonymous said...

Here’s an interesting article about a school district pouring millions of dollars into a futile attempt to raise a city’s negro children up to 20th century European American standards. Of course it was an abject failure. Of course the left coast progressive author tries to lay the blame on anyone but the uneducable black masses.

Anonymous said...

We are losing our nation and people to...that?? the 15th generation down from cannibals. wtf.

Anonymous said...

"Columnist Simeon Booker noted that besides wasting money, NASA “disregarded equal opportunity programs” and had “one of the poorest minority hiring records among U.S. agencies".

Great takeaway line! The "Simeon" speaks!

Anonymous said...

"The stronger opposition lay within the black community, where less than one in four people supported the expenditure of $4 billion a year for the Apollo Program".

I'm no good at math, but I seem to be thinking of the fraction 3/5 when I read that sentence. ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank You...could not agree more!

Marc B said...

Mexican drug cartels and MS-13 are their direct descendants.

Anonymous said...

It's okay, he only killed white people! Look, there's pictures, too! Mr. Ramos looks pretty Spanish, but the kill crazy rampage killing only "standard" whites" is in the news.

How timely!

Anonymous said...

The Aztecs were murderous Stone Age heathens.

The Spaniards and Portuguese brought Christianity, iron tools & weapons, and the wheel to those ignorant barbarians.

The descendants of those barbarians hate the White man. Never forget it.

Anonymous said...

Leaded gasoline was blamed for lower urban teat scores and IQs, yet 2 generations after we began phasing it out of use AND production, the groid has had ZERO progress in IQ relative to whites.

Anonymous said...

A very dear family friend, a Mensa member and math genius, presented a logical explanation of the black person on earth.
They are evolutionarily retarded, skipping several key milestones in development all other people (races) embraced.
They are more similar to a beast of burden than an intellectually self-reflective human and should be treated as such.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Pat, as usual you always seem frame the topic perfectly and offer brilliant commentary.

Anonymous said...

3/5 was a northern idea. The slave states wanted to count blacks as a population, but not let them vote. Knowing this would skew the house vote in favor of slavery, the 3/5 compromise came about as a means to limit the political influence of southern states.
One could make a reasoned argument on limiting Black voting rights as a significant portion of their society is borderline retarded.

Anonymous said...

Some people think the Mestizos aren't as bad as nogs but they are wrong, the squat monsters are more dangerous. They have slightly higher IQs than nogs and better organizational skills as well as fierce tribal loyalty, more so than the nogs. All of this makes the squat monsters more compatible with a first world nation than nogs but also more dangerous because of their ability to wreak havoc.

Squat monsters will work and collect welfare through fraud unlike nogs who rely upon welfare mostly. They will also take direction and be deferential to whites who are in charge unlike nogs. This allows many foolish, short sighted whites to believe squat monsters are docile and friendly, even like and respect them. I've got bad news for those whites, the squat monsters hate you too, they just don't show it till they are ready to cut your throat and rape your wife and daughters.

They are not your friends, Cortez knew that and dealt with them accordingly.

BTW the Catholic Faith is only a thin veneer, a millionth of an inch deep south of the Rio Grande. The European elite there are mostly indifferent to their nominal religion while mestizo hordes still practice devil worship through things like the "day of the Dead", a pagan, satanic ritual celebrating death and condemned by the Catholic Church. They also pray to another demonic figure, "Santa Meurte" e.g. "Holy Death", also condemned by the Catholic Church.

The people south of the Rio Grande truly have a "Culture of Death" reflecting their genetic lineage. You would think after the bad experience this nation had with nogs that people would learn and never again import a helot race to do cheap labor but greed is the handmaiden of stupidity and ". . . love of money is the root of all evil . . ".

Mr. Rational said...

They are more similar to a beast of burden than an intellectually self-reflective human and should be treated as such.

In other words, obsolete farm equipment.  Hmmm, I'm sure I've seen that somewhere before.

Anonymous said...

Watch their cartel torture and execution videos if you don’t think they are as bad!