Thursday, July 17, 2014

He "Skipped" Away from the Scene of the Crime: 22-year-old Black Suspect Caught in Execution of White Clerk in Indianapolis

45-year-old Harry Briggs. A white male, who though he probably never gave one thought to the dark future ahead of him, was gunned down by a black male. 
45-year-old Harry Briggs: the final image he had on earth was of a black male pointing a gun directly at his head. After this black male pulled the trigger he "skipped" away from the scene of the crime.

A black male who "skipped" away from the crime scene back on June 4th. 

22-year-old Desi Thomas, wearing an unofficial Trayvon Martin hooded sweatshirt, a ball cap, and a bandanna cover his face, gunned down Thomas as he worked at Joe's Junction in Indianapolis. 

It might not have been glamorous work, but Briggs was a contributing member to society. His role was necessary in ensuring a community could exist; Thomas' role is ensuring that community cannot exist, unless plexiglas is installed (the cost of doing business in an increasingly non-white country) to protect gas station/convenience store employees from the few EBT card carrying customers they serve. 

"Skipped" away...

For less than $43 dollars, Briggs lost his life.  [Police chief: Tips led to skipping shooter arrest, The Indy Channel, 7-17-14]:
Police are crediting tips from the public in the arrest of the alleged gunman caught on surveillance video skipping away from the scene of the fatal shooting of an Indianapolis convenience store clerk. 
Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Chief Rick Hite said Thursday "the joint efforts of investigators and community tips led to the capture" 22-year-old Desi Thomas of Indianapolis in the unprovoked June 4 shooting of 45-year-old Harry Briggs during a robbery at Joe's Junction on the city's southwest side. Briggs died three days later.  
A second clerk and two customers were not injured. 
Police said the public provided more than 100 tips to police and they investigated 70 suspects. Court documents also revealed that multiple people told police that Thomas admitted to the robbery.
"Trayvon, is that you?": Haunting surrviellance footage from the June 4th night Desi Thomas executed Briggs in Indianapolis
According to court documents, a key piece of evidence was a shoe that Thomas used to prop open the door of the store during the incident. There were no fingerprints on the shoe, but detectives said it was vital to their case. 
Police say Thomas faces formal charges of murder, felony murder and robbery. He's being held without bond. Online court records show Thomas does not yet have an attorney. He faces an initial hearing Friday. 
Victim's friends react to news of arrest 
Surveillance video released by police showed that Briggs was trying to comply when the robber demanded money, but the robber got impatient waiting for the register to open. 
After taking the money, the suspect was seen on surveillance video "skipping" away from the business, east on Troy, police said. 
"I just feel like his life was taken for a petty few hundred dollars, and then for the guy to skip away like nothing ever happened, it was just disgusting," co-worker Jessica Cook said. 
Briggs' co-workers said they had been sad and uneasy since he was killed. They kept his picture up behind the counter as they waited for word of an arrest. 
They said detectives delivered the news of an arrest Wednesday evening and it was a huge relief.   
"Happy, like everyone up here has been happy. There's people up here, we've been crying, just a relief, we feel like he can finally rest in peace," Cook said.
Civilization is "skipping" away from the city of Indianapolis, where police state measures are once again being implemented to ensure the 10-day Indiana Black Expo goes off... peacefully.

A peaceful, serene time is axiomatic for an event implicitly white just as a massive police presence is required for an event explicitly black.

Tens of thousands... no.

Hundreds of thousands of names without a voice, lives without memory, and a people without a future are represented by the name of Harry Briggs.

By how he lived and how died.

Social capital recedes one day at a time in Indianapolis, to the point plexiglas becomes a common sight at convenience stores, an inconvenient reminder of the cost of doing business in a city ravaged by the black undertow.

"Skipped" away from the scene of cold-blooded murder, all captured by a surveillance camera...

13 WTHR Indianapolis


Johnny said...

White man's reward for two generations of kissing up to blacks.

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

Let's see what kind of sentence he gets...

Anonymous said...

Damn, that black cop "speaking" did not really seem to care. Really sad.
Scot Irish

shefali said...

This is awful, just awful. I can understand stealing food to feed your family if you are starving, but I can't understand killing someone in cold blood like this.

I wish they would just hang people like this. Maybe we should bring back public executions in places like Indianapolis.

Or maybe we should offer reparations - money and a one-way ticket to Liberia for black people who think they are being unfairly targeted by police, etc.

Anonymous said...

Hundreds of thousands of names without a voice, lives without memory, and a people without a future are represented by the name of Harry Briggs.


We have an occupying thug race of Black killers, thieves and predators. Whites are nothing but the cause of all this and the primary victims.

If Whites don't wake up, there will be Nogs laughing and skipping away from many more murders...with liberal Whites cheering them on.

rex freeway said...

I wonder if you could get him to skip with bullets hitting around his feet. I can hear his mama now. "He was only playin"....

Anonymous said...

Why would you expect anything less? Negroids have lower IQ's, lower impulse control, and poor future time orientation. These are all a function of their less evolved prefrontal cortex. This is genetically determined and won't be fixed with Affirmative Action and Midnight Basket Ball leagues. It's a baked-in dysfunction that can't be cured (short a long term interbreeding campaign with Askenazi Jews and South East Asians). So, please don't be surprised to see Negroids not fit in seamlessly with those who genetically possess more of those determining factors for civilized behavior. You simply can't escape the destiny of genetics. Same way a Chihuahua won't be winning at the greyhound track today (but they're both dogs!). Focus. Spread the word. Support further research. It's all in the genes (alleles). Very simple.

Anonymous said...

Do your part today: avoid the Groid. Vote against more welfare etc (breeding program for violent, low iq leeches).

Jassi said...

This is why people hate.

Anonymous said...

Until all of you "speak" up against this with your actions and not your computers. This will not stop. In the days of Crow and lynchings, black folks knew their place. They are really getting out of hand because we let them get out of hand. Start revolting, have local meetings. DO something. I know I have been.

Anonymous said...

The negro, cant live with him. Cant live with him...

james m said...

Excellent post PK.

Anonymous said...


'White man's reward for two generations of kissing up to blacks.'...No.

50 years is 3 generations to blacks and browns.
'american' gal downstairs had baby at age 14.
all 3 generations talking espanol.
that was almost 20 years ago...wonder if she was a granny by age 28.

Anonymous said...

F'n savage! Death row is to good for him, hope someone shanks him while he's awaiting trial.

Anonymous said...

Not sure how to avoid a situation like this.

But I could have given a fighting chance had I had my right hand on my fourty and the awareness to drop to my knees behind the counter when seeing a firearm. When I say drop, I mean DROP.

Put 5 towards the center of the threat up thru the counter while getting up, and if he hobbles around, another volley thru center mass or a head shot on the ground.

If I myself had been there buying a coke in the back this thug would have bled out inside the building.

Wake the fuck up Indiana!!

Anonymous said...

The cop has the same vacant look as the criminal.

10mm AUTO said...

I figured that negroids enjoyed killing Whites, due to their ease of shooting them, stabbing them over and over, raping the unconscious and bleeding victim or the smashing of the Whites face over and over again till eyes are damaged and facial bones are crushed or the near universal brain damage you see from kicking the White in the head once they get him down.

But skipping happily away? Telling you "friends and neighbors" about it? I'm surprised he didn't light up a cigarette after the deed.

Good God they are evil.

Anonymous said...

"It might not have been glamorous work, but Briggs was a contributing member to society."

To me, these are the saddest cases. An average guy, working hard to support his family. Then slaughtered, for nothing. Breaks the heart.

Bogolyubski said...

The ones I hate even more are the rich DWLs who have donated billions to outfits like the $PLC, the ACLU, the NAACP legal defense fund, the "Innocence Project", etc. plus the lying asshats (again, mostly white or white-looking) who keep spewing out the wall-to-wall propaganda from outfits like the Indianapolis Star and Sickle and myriad Ministry of Truth media outlets. You think folks like these give a rat's ass about some hapless guy who worked at a gas station? Think again. Tim Wise and his followers probably chuckle at reports like this.

Groids are just being their natural, savage, sub-human selves. It's simply reversion to the mean - right before your lying eyes. The greatest lie ever told in history is "equality". It is a myth. There is no equality in nature. But the supposedly smarter whites continue to believe in it - and in the vast associated matrix of lies built around it. A mountain of shit-sandwiches reaching to the heavens. The litany in response to the clerk's murder and the capture of this latest Son of D'Won is 100% predictable: Ministry of Truth portrayal of the hard life of the poor negro - suffering from the turribul legacy, institutional rayciss, microaggressions or whatever the next shit-sandwich will be. Just like Simeon Adams, just like the Carr brothers, just like ....

The usual monkeyshines mountebank ministers from the Negro "church" of Shitcongo Jeezus will be all wearing expressions of surprise 'cuz Shitavious "beez a good boy". The Eskimo shysters will be working overtime (at 400/hour) to make sure that Shitavious gets off altogether or at least minimize the sentence to 10 years or so via endless appeals - while YT pays for Shitavious' free medical, exercise, TV, etc. in the state pen until he's on the street again. Until enough YT turn off the damned lying TV, and actually stop feeding the system set up to exterminate them, it will only continue - and become even more horrible.

Anonymous said...

please paul stop streaming vid on here;it exposes peoples ip's to,shall we say less than sympathetic sources

eah said...

The cop has the same vacant look as the criminal.

Watching vapidly stupid white newspeople, brainwashed by political correctness, repeatedly report on similar cross-race atrocities where the victim is always white and the perpetrator is always black, but that fact never gets mentioned, as well as knowing incompetent black officials, who got their jobs either by affirmative action or critical mass racial/ethnic favoritism, will be in charge of handling the crime makes these tragedies worse, if that's possible.

And re "always" above, I'd be happy to be proved wrong if someone would post a link to a similar cross-race crime where the killer is white and the victim is black.

MarcoSolo said...

To anonymous at 3:57

That's all well and good but what they have that we whites lack is the will to reproduce. Numbers are everything and we're static and they're not. They have been winnowed and hardened by forces of natural selection unimaginable to most whites. It's a matter of national security that so many are too unfit (fat, sedentary) for military service - not as true of the homies runin and gunnin and living by their wits. Barring some kind of non-natural correction, the race will not go to those with the greatest temporal awareness or, as Ulysses Everett McGill said, the ability for abstract thought, but simply to the most prolific. Our foresight and penchant for rationality and planning will in this sense lead to our demise.

D. Sterling-Trump said...

It's the nigger skip:

"I just got paidddddd!"

*skip skip*

"Fuck you YT!!!"

*skip skip*

"I DESERVED this!!!"

*skip skip*

"I'm black mothafuckaz!!!"

*skip skip*

"Woot Woooooooo!!!!"

*skip skip*

bernicegreenbaum said...

It's getting harder and harder to avoid them. They observe no formal or informal social customs. They take heed to no social cues. They revel in their own stupidity. Getting away from them is so difficult because as much as they say they hate us, they keep moving into our neighborhoods, our schools, our businesses. They constantly strive to be "in yo fay, ebry day". There was a lot to be said for segregation.

Jassi said...

"Numbers are everything"

"Our foresight and penchant for rationality and planning will in this sense lead to our demise."

"They have been winnowed and hardened by forces of natural selection unimaginable to most whites."

I disagree with this statement.

The idea of diminishing numbers is good for psychological purposes such as motivating people and encouraging them to care about their race and culture. As for numbers being important for success, I don't think so. "Israeli's" have a TON of political power in the US though they make up an insignificant portion of the population. I don't think they ever had a majority population until they decided they were middle eastern, and yet they've survived this far.

Whites are not an R selected creature. Pumping out kids isn't in our best interest. We are a people of quality and strength. Not quantity and waste.

We may not be able to hold as much territory outright with a smaller population, but our demise isn't in the hands of strong and stupid negros.They have not been "winnowed and hardened" as you say. Their population only grows on account of white charity thus making their shines a self defeating act after a certain breaking point. Of course there are some psychologically diseased blacks out there who will slit a woman's throat for a kool aid packet, but this likely isn't a trait which will be passed on outside of a very soft environment.People don't deal with the worst of criminals because the state gets in the way due to some pretext of "civilization", not because we're ultimately afraid of black retards with guns.This goes for aztec and mayan mestizo savages as well. Take away state power, or cede some of it to whites who care about civilization in actuality, and watch the entire groid problem vanish in weeks.

Though I don't believe in the predictions and bad theories on economics that are sold these days, I do think there must be a time when things get tough,very tough, financially. When those times come, you'll see a very different white man than what we see today in our mass leisure class.

Chuck Hammer said...

Barring some kind of non-natural correction, the race will not go to those with the greatest temporal awareness or, as Ulysses Everett McGill said, the ability for abstract thought, but simply to the most prolific.

My conclusion also.

A commenter on the last thread said something about having no patience for the "we're all doomed" crowd.

Well, that person just doesn't get it. It's not about having the will to prevail, it's about total fertility rates and generational intervals.

Whites are adapted to win in harsh climates. But thanks to the intelligence and creativity of Northern Europeans, there are no more harsh climates, just the low hanging fruit and easy pickings of the electric grid, central heating, highly efficient manufacturing and an awesome system of agricultural production and distribution.

This is the Olympic Gold Medal of unintended outcomes. In a world of white technology, the future belongs to the prolific.

Anonymous said...

Until they FEAR the punishments we inflict on them, the crimes they commit won't stop.

We're talking to them in the wrong language, is all.

Anonymous said...

In the good old days a shuck young brotha who killed a human would have an appointment with the electric chairs warm embrace.
The southern negroes were in absolute dread of being roasted in the chair. Often after a negroe subhuman was roasted you could hear negoes stating " Dey done burnt dat nigger in da lectric chair, I aint neva gonna kills no one!" " Whoa LAWRD!"
The deterrent effect upon the murderous negroe ape cannot be understated,the electric chair is the best way to housebreak violent smaller brained negroes.

Mr. Anon said...

The little fiend danced away after murdering a man.

He should be dancing at the end of a rope.

Anonymous said...

Dont forget raping elderly women.

Anonymous said...

And they want more
Ot. Afro woman on wants 130,000. For her lack of white privilege. People have donated 5,000. So far but alot of whites are leaving honest sbpdl type comments. It's ridiculous. I am white and have had no privilege. I lost a job because of affirmative action. Reverse Racism.

bubo said...

Agree with Bogo. Certainly the elites and probably most upper class consider working class whites to be trash unworthy of a second thought.

God I hate them for what they've done.

They hijacked this country and drove it straight into the ground.

Dumb, violent criminal niggers are just a byproduct of lies on top of lies passed off as "justice" by the ministry of truth.

D. Sterling-Trump said...

OT: It just so happens that Memphis is smack dab in the middle of a high-risk earthquake zone:

Risk of earthquake increased for one-third of US

If the black undertow doesn't completely destroy Memphis first, it's only a matter of time before a 9.0 temblor does. Indy is not completely immune as well.

Anonymous said...

How many more people like Harry Briggs need to die before something is done? The poor man was just trying to earn a living and didn't deserve to die this way.

City resident said...

Wonder if there'll be the all too common statements made that the killer has been 'forgiven' for what he's done? Meanwhile, DailyMail has photos of the funeral for the slain Jersey City policeman. There's an armored car there as well as heavily armed police with assault rifles. They felt they had to guard the funeral due to threats. We're in a situation of permanent threat. Convenience stores have to have bulletproof shields, funerals have to be guarded, everyone has to be on alert all the time. This whole society has become terrorized by the same gang of criminals.

Anonymous said...

Listening to the Indy police scanner a few days ago. It was 11am and an officer was out of breath, describing in detail the long foot chase of a young black male who had just robbed a cab driver at gunpoint, and then robbed a tow truck driver.

He kept saying how "fast" this kid was running, and he couldn't keep up. He was hopping fences to apartment complexes, running across a highway in traffic, while his plaid shorts were hanging out, pants falling down. Sounded like a comedy routine.

The cop lost him eventually. He will be able to rob a few more people before he is caught.

These all-look-alike blacks can disappear easily in an urban environment. They always know where the good hidey holes are. They are like children in men's bodies, so the skipping thing does not surprise me.

Anonymous said...

Bogolyubski said...
"The ones I hate even more are the rich DWLs who have donated billions to outfits like the $PLC, the ACLU, the NAACP legal defense fund, the "Innocence Project", etc."

You are so right and I have proof. I took in the mail for my divorced, retired, DWL, Baby Boomer mother (who lives alone with her cats in suburban whiteyville) when she left town for a week. She's not rich by any means.

She received donor literature from all of the organizations you mentioned, in addition to the Public Library Foundation, The Women's Bean Project, Global Gifts, Heifer International, and Planned Parenthood.

I found out that she is a "card carrying member" of the NAACP, LOL! To hell with leaving a legacy for your grandchildren. I opened all of the envelopes, called the customer service numbers, and removed her name and address from their donor lists. It took me over an hour. I shouted at them to never call back again, or send anything else to this address. They were "sad" to see us go.

I asked my mother about it when she got home, and she said that she "had not donated to those organizations in years..." BS. All lies.

How many thousand of dollars has this woman spent over the years, dispossessing you, me and our kids? Pure evil.

Anonymous said...

Desi Thomas does look like a son Obama could have had whereas Harry Briggs looks like a son Anne Dunham could have had if she went with a human.

Anonymous said...

That white NJ reporter goes on Megyn Kelly show to talk about his punishment for not kissing the black ass:

So...that ghetto black welfare cunt can say ON TV that her baby daddy should have shot ALL of the cops, but this white man says blacks are anti-cop and youths are fatherless and gets punished/fired???

Welcome to your future, people.

Anonymous said...

Negroiditis. A serious affliction which is spreading rapidly throughout the Western World.

Anonymous said...


Nashville Mayor welcomes immigrants:

This is an example of the importance of local and state elections. FEDGOV is following the dictates of the squids/TWMNBN/fill-in-the-blank. Governors, state legislators, mayors, and sheriffs become the last, best hope for protecting the masses from these transgressions.

Of course, there is no substitute for being educated, armed, and ready.

--NB with IPMS

Anonymous said...

Feel free to check out the word Negrophilia on wikipedia. It is literally "love of the negro". If you enjoy watching most any of the sports that have the word ball in the name, then you are suffering from symtoms of Negrophilia. If you watch these sports in front of your wife and children, then you are exposing them to the disease of Negrophilia. I live in east Tennessee, and because of the popularity of the local college sports teams, Negrophilia is widespread. I avoid it whenever possible.


Skipping gone bad



Blackie sure do be liking his weeds!
Blackie sure do be liking his new Nike's!
Blackie sure do be liking his new phone! That obambi phone ain't be good enough for a killer and all y'all!
Blackie just don't like be buying them with his own hard earned money. Shee-it that's what the local EBT accepting store is good for.... Someone else's TILL!!!
That's called a "GHETTO WIFFDRAW".

Has anyone come up with a good reason why there isn't a SEGREGATION NATION???

I'm beyond black fatigue!! How about you?


Anonymous said...

I appreciate this website being the opposite of CNN. I like to look at all the white crime stories at CNN then come to sbpdl to see the real story.
I was able to help a friend because of this website. His daughter bought a fixer upper in Philly. He was quite unnerved to hear about the Liberians there. He can now put in context the story his daughter just told him about a neighbor who went to his car at night where a "man" beat the neighbor senseless.
I said "when you say MAN, you mean black man". He did not know the race of the attacker, so I told him to ask.
These stories of senseless beatings seem like anomalies if you only read CNN.
I think he will advise his daughter to sell and move.


My main office is in a slightly lower middle class neighborhood...the ones that are soon either all Aztec or negro.....they become one or the other since these two species hate each other and the Mayans will NOT put up with negroes.

I began about one year ago to always carry when I leave in the evening. Sometime I am here till around 10PM and it is dark outside.

Even though I have excellent lighting outside and my car parked where I can see it well, I have my .357 strapped on my belt. I even have my T-Shirt up above the holster as if I didn't pull my shirt down.

Nobody going by any of the streets could see it BUT anybody in the apartments within sight CAN see it if they look and know what it is.

No hominid is taking me out alone. He dies or we both die, but I will not go gently into that Multicultural Night(mare).

I'm sick of these aliens.

Independent Accountant said...

Almost There!

The 21 July 2014 issue of New Yorker has an article titled, "Wrong Answer" by Rachel Aviv about the Atlanta Public School cheating scandal. Some quotes, "They had passed the Criterion Referenced Competency Test is fifth grade, and yet when they arrived at Parks they were reading at a first-grade level. ... David Berliner, the former dean of the school of education at Arizona State University, told me that with the passage of the law, teachers were asked to compensate for factors outside their control. ... Lewis ... continued, 'I sincerely believe that demographics does not determine destiny. But you have to be patient.' ... According to a recent statement by the American Statistical Association, most studies show teachers account for between one and fourteen percent of variability in test scores". Amazing. Eventually someone will be interested in what accounts for 86-99% of the variability in test scores. Could it be the percentage of Negro and Hispanic students in a school? Could it be?

Anonymous said...

DWLs are the worst. They lure innocent whites into their "up and coming" neighborhoods with lies about the crime and dysfunction. Anyone thinking of buying a home would do well to spend some time in that neighborhood on a warm weekend night, 10pm or later. Things can look one way at high noon (because certain ethnicities are still asleep) and turn into a war zone when it gets dark. I see people on Facebook trying to lure others into being "urban pionerrs" which is some crazy code for paying more than a house is worth to live in danger. DWLs are the enemy of whites.

Anonymous said...


The other shoe.

Mutant Swarm said...

A fitting symbol for the failed state of BRA:

The New Captain Ammurica!

He'll track down Harry Briggs' killer and bring him to justice!


Anonymous said...

Gives that "AA" degree a whole new meaning....Univ of Wisconsin to now assign grades based on "Studiant's" race...


You can't make this up & undoubtedly coming to a Unie near U real soon as Madison is after all on the leading "edge"

Basically college degree is now basically worthless not that it was worth much before anyhow

/H hypie out H\

Dez said...

They wear two and three layers of clothing so after they've robbed someone, they simply shed their outer layer of clothing & disappear into a crowd of darkies. I'm wary of them anyways but especially when I see a thug with two or three t shirts and two pairs of shorts on top of his saggy pants because he's already suited for felonious acts. I make sure that yoof sees my glock which I proudly open carry in GA...


in ATLAS SHRUGGED, Ayn Rand wrote about how meaningless College degrees where in her story.

She did not relate it to race but rather "humanism" and the lack of desire for excellence.

Same thing.

I have suggested on many a blog that all degrees "earned" by somebody admitted with A.A. should have "AA" added to the other words. a B.S becomes BS-AA and so forth.


Since negroes and Mayans are so proud to be accepted (due to the content of their skin), then they should be proud to let everybody know how they got into a college, how they got through the course work and how they done did git grajewated from dat dere racist skool.........


I just read the link to the Univ. of Wisconsin's negro love fest and grade distribution (mentioned above).

Yep, typical sleazy legislation. It seems some people with power and political ambition got this crap passed but the interesting thing is the comment section.

So many people are seeing through this b.s. and the comments are really good. Many future SBPDL readers there from what I can tell.

The DWL's are getting sicker and sicker in their love of the negro. They can't hide the disease much longer. I guess when your disease tumors gets too large and distort your face too much, then people notice you're infected.

This gives me hope. Soon this madness will be out of control and then we can begin the disinfecting procedures..........

This article also demonstrate just how desperate the Left is getting. Nothing has worked to bridge any of these "gaps" and rather than admit genetic differences, they will keep reaching for more and more ideas, regardless of how stupid.

They, since they are believers, have no choice but to keep piling nonsense on top of nonsense. They can NOT admit their core belief, equality, is wrong. So, they would rather destroy a University, a city, a State, a Nation and an entire race rather than admit....equality isn't there.

But, to them, they are not destroying anything of value. A "system" or even an existence, which does not have "equality" should be destroyed. They hate. They hate humanity and nature since in their guts they have a small flame that reminds them equality does not exist.

But, like all religious people, they think this "doubt" is the Devil, or Satan, or Lucifer. To the DWL it is "racism" and nothing frightens them more than to think they harbor "racism" deep in their heart. So, in turn, they must purge themselves of it. They must beat themselves with it. They must whip themselves and cry out in agony...I AM NOT A RACIST.

So, on the alter they lay their white daughters, the corpse of their dead sons, their colleges of education and everything else (except themselves) to rid existence of racism........

People are what they hate. They hate "racism" since they are, naturally, racists (as are all moral, sane, healthy, normal, natural people and even within these DWL's there is a small residual natural animal that knows.........)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
please paul stop streaming vid on here;it exposes peoples ip's to,shall we say less than sympathetic sources
July 17, 2014 at 7:07 PM

If you're worried about your visits here being traced back to you, then I'm sorry to say that you're already screwed. To start off with this site is ran on the Glogger platform which is owned by Google. Google, like Facebook, makes most of its money tracking you online and selling your info to third parties. If you're really worried about your visits here causing repercussions in your life, then you should look in to using Tor or a VPN.

Tor is a free service which when used properly offers a very high degree of privacy and anonymity. The downside is that it is very slow. If you're interested in using it follow the link below

A VPN (in this context) would be a paid service, which offers a good degree of privacy and anonymity, and because you're paying for it the speeds are much better than using Tor. There are countless companies which offer this service, generally for around ~$5 per month. One of the better known ones would be iPredator which is ran by the same group of guys as The Pirate Bay and is based out of Sweden.

On a side note, I would agree with you that Paul should stop embedding videos, or at least the videos which auto-play, just because it is annoying to visit a page and suddenly there audio.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the coworkers were RELIEVED? for WHAT? Did they lock up every black "youth" or "teen"?

Oh no, they caught this ONE murderer for a crime he already committed. How relieving. I feel so much better now. Cause, obviously, he is not representative of black youths and teens seeing as now there is no crime given how "a tiny, tiny fraction" of black youths and teens are involved in crime.

It's not as if you lock one up and there are 2 or 3 to take his place and the crime continues unabated.

Why the hell aren't they rioting and burning shit?

Mr. Rational said...

VPNs are supposedly one of the things that attracts the NSA's attention.

Anonymous said...

"VPNs are supposedly one of the things that attracts the NSA's attention."
So what? Who is more likely to "out" you as a raciss -- one of the several ID/data-hoovering corporations, or the NSA? What do you really think the NSA is going to do with info gleaned from this site? Put us all in FEMA camps? Give the local police a Likely Suspects List whenever Trayvon Jr gets gunned down or when a nasty symbol is spray painted on a synagogue? Or send guys in suits to knock on your door to ask if you hate niggers?
Who shut down ad revenue to this site and others -- for "inappropriate" material? Not NSA.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Dez. Unfortunately, my fiancé and I live in an Orc camp, and we both carry, even when it's something as simple as taking the dogs for a walk. Have had friends ask if we are on high alert what with us sticking out like sore thumbs, but not anymore than usual with dealing with nogs. Two pitbulls, a 9MM beretta and a 1911 on the hip keeps the youf at bay. Oh sheeit, they got burnas! Is about all we ever hear from them. Sad they can't live like humans, but the fact that they can put on clothes, count and do simple math, and speak in even fragmented language is truly a testament to our patience with these filth. Can't expect a dog to solve equations.

Anonymous said...

But he was killed by a man with a switchblade knife
For 43 dollars my friend lost his life
I'd love to spit some beech nut in that dude's eyes
And shoot him with my old 45
'Cause a country boy can survive
Country folks can survive

Anonymous said...

Tru Dat

Anonymous said...

But he was killed by a man with a switchblade knife
For 43 dollars my friend lost his life
I'd love to spit some beech nut in that dude's eyes
And shoot him with my old 45
'Cause a country boy can survive
Country folks can survive