Sunday, July 6, 2014

"You get people in tight quarters and they run into each other and tempers get short": How Indianapolis' Black Police Chief Described a July 4th Mass Shooting Involving a Black Suspect

A white police officer in Indianapolis was gunned down by a black suspect, in a gun battle over the July 4th weekend. In a city where the law of the white man is being replaced by the law of the jungle, WTHR (INDY NBC) reported this in regards to the murder of Ofc. Perry Renn: "the increase in violence is due to the decrease in the value for human life."

Low Impulse Control + Poor Future Time-Orientation + Low IQ(x)Jury Nullification (black political control)² = Indianapolis in 2024

It is this decrease in the value for human life that is the hallmark of the decline of all major American cities as they settle in to a post-majority white status, where the character of the metropolis assimilates to that of your average black citizen (or what your average black citizen tolerates).

Newark, Camden, Baltimore, Detroit, Gary, Chicago, Memphis, New Orleans...

And now Indianapolis. [Will 7 shootings bring changes to Broad Ripple?, Indianapolis Star, 7-6-14]:
Indianapolis police say a volatile combination of streets overcrowded with loiterers, alcohol and a penchant by some people to resolve minor differences with gunfire contribute to a shooting that injured seven people in the popular Broad Ripple neighborhood on the Northside early Saturday.
Police plan to meet with businesses in Broad Ripple to develop long-range strategies to lessen congestion and conflicts.
"If you are not here to spend money and time in these businesses, you should not be loitering outside," Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Chief Rick Hite said Saturday afternoon. "If you bump into someone or spill a drink you should not resort to conflict.

Police said six Indianapolis men and a 23-year-old Fishers woman were shot after two people bumped into each other on the sidewalk, both pulled out handguns and fired them at each other 2:30 a.m. on the 700 block of Broad Ripple Avenue, the area's main thoroughfare. The gunfire sent late-night Fourth of July revelers scrambling for cover and police officers with first aid kits rushing toward the wounded. None of those struck by bullets was believed to be the combatants.
The most seriously wounded, Marcus Clayton 23, Indianapolis, was in critical condition at St. Vincent Hospital. Witnesses said he was shot in the head. The other victims had "non-life threatening" injuries, said IMPD Lt. Christopher Bailey.

No arrests have been made, and no one is in custody. Police said most witnesses fled the area after the shooting, and few have come forward with descriptions of the suspects.
Known for its funky galleries and shops by day and vibrant bars and restaurants at night, Broad Ripple, on most weekends, teems with foot and vehicle traffic. But it was the second mass shooting in the popular area in 11 months and the third shooting in the last four years in crowded public settings following the city's July 4 celebration. A year ago, a fight outside a Broad Ripple bar ended in gunfire that sent four victims to local hospitals with bullet wounds. And Sunday's shooting comes with the city on pace to have its highest homicide total in seven years.
Hite said police would meet with neighborhood business owners to discuss ways to reduce congestion on the street and intercede in minor altercations before they escalate to violence. One possible solution is to close Broad Ripple Avenue to traffic to ease congestion on the narrow sidewalks.

Police will also talk to business owners about identifying conflicts inside bars earlier and notifying police before they get out of hand. Police said the gunmen were probably in a bar beforehand but do not believe the quarrel started there.
Indianapolis Public Safety Director Troy Riggs said people carrying weapons are too quick to use them to settle minor skirmishes.
"Somebody loses their temper, alcohol is potentially involved," Riggs said. "Someone didn't think. It's hard to believe someone would try to take someone's life because of an argument."
Riggs said several members of IMPD's 15-member Emergency Response Group were at the scene within seconds, assisting victims.
"They were making tourniquets," Riggs said.
As the officers gave aid, one man was seen trying to put a .45-caliber pistol into a car. Lawrence Jones, 23, Indianapolis, was preliminarily charged with possession of a handgun without a license. But police do not consider him a suspect in the shooting.
"We know there were a lot of people out there so we are asking any potential witnesses to please come forward," Riggs said.
The other injured were listed in a police report as:
• Antell Garnett, 23, Indianapolis, was sent to Eskenazi Hospital.
• Duran Simmons, 23, Indianapolis, taken to Eskenazi.
• Betty Jean Antwi, 23, Fishers, went to IU Health Methodist Hospital.
• Joshua Kyner, 26, Indianapolis, refused treatment but later drove himself to Community East Hospital for stitches.
• Dontay Harris, 23, Indianapolis, went to St. Vincent.
• Stacy Lamont Griffin, 23, Indianapolis, went to Methodist Hospital.
IMPD Detective Tom Lehn said victims were going from bar to bar when the shooting happened.
Rob Sabatini, who owns three bars on Broad Ripple Avenue, said friction in Broad Ripple is mostly caused by people who come to the area "and loiter in the street rather than going into the businesses."
"The bars will be half-empty, but the streets are packed," said Sabatini, a member of the Broad Ripple Village Association. "It's wall-to-wall people outside, and God forbid you bump into someone and they don't like it."

"You get people in tight quarters and they run into each other and tempers get short," Hite said.
I've been in some incredibly violent quarters: try going to a Southeastern Conference (SEC) football game to cheer on the visiting team, and going to the restroom after the home team has lost a close game in Tuscaloosa, Baton Rouge, Athens, or Knoxville.

There is no tighter quarter - with tempers aided by a fifth of whiskey smuggled into the stadium - than a bathroom at Bryant-Denny Stadium wearing colors other than white and red.

Yet no one gets shot.

Notice the nonchalant way the Indianapolis police describe the black-in-origin violence over July 4th:
Indianapolis police say a volatile combination of streets overcrowded with loiterers, alcohol and a penchant by some people to resolve minor differences with gunfire contribute to a shooting that injured seven people in the popular Broad Ripple neighborhood on the Northside early Saturday.
Civilization is receding to the level of the black mean in Indianapolis, as white people flee for safety from a similar aggressor that brought Detroit, Camden and Newark to resemble just another third world city only Doctors Without Borders dare visit.

Add Indianapolis to this list...

Remember the formula for Baltimore's destruction? It's on the verge of becoming a mathematical certainty in Indianapolis.


Anonymous said...

"Known for its funky galleries and shops by day and vibrant bars and restaurants at night..."

"Funky" and "vibrant." 'nuff said.

"IMPD has lost five officers since September."

--NB with IPMS

Anonymous said...

Broad Ripple was an awesome, quaint area 15 years ago. So sad.....

Anonymous said...

Yeah, everyone knows that when some people are in a crowded place and someone bumps into them they instinctively and justifiably pull out a gun and start shooting.

And by "some" people I mean black people.

Nobody else reacts like this.

Anonymous said...

Violence, destruction, mayhem-- a small price to pay for all that "vibrant diversity."

Oh, I forgot to ask. What are the benefits of diversity anyway??

Anonymous said...

A few months before my wedding my fiance and her mother were in a car accident. My fiance broke her foot, standing on the brake pedal as her car hydroplaned into a light pole. My mother=in-law to be suffered a concussion, broken ribs, and a collapsed lung and was in critical condition. She was taken to Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn because the trauma center there was the best in the city. Best, as in the most busy with the most practiced trauma specialists. My fiance needed corrective surgery on her foot right away and could not visit her mother for a few weeks, but my mother and aunt did visit. They told me they saw the police taking groups of wounded black perps ( in shootouts with cops, with other gangs, etc.) all handcuffed to each other down the hospital corridors to be treated before going to the station to be processed. They told me it was pretty scary seeing all those wounded criminals paraded right in front of them. And then came the day I was finally able to take my fiance to see her mom. I had to take her in a wheelchair due to her foot injury, with a big honkin' cast with pins protruding out of it to keep her foot immobilized-it was a List Frank fracture

Point being, it was pretty obvious she had been injured. And as we were leaving Kings County...a moment ingrained in my memory forever. My own mom and my fiance were waiting for the elevator to take us down to the lobby, along with a couple of black adults and seven-eight children. The elevator door open in front of me and all those kids and the adults pushed past me and my fiance in her wheelchair and filled up the elevator. Absolutely no consideration for a person in a wheelchair. I couldn't believe it. I glared at them-then reached into the car and pushed every button between our floor and the lobby and told them 'have a nice trip'.

Anonymous said...

vibrant bars and restaurants

do tell...

eah said...

As usual you'll have white newspeople busily reporting on all of this without ever mentioning race. Even though they've reported on similar shootings time and time again, and every time the shooters have been black.

D. Sterling-Trump said...

And yet once again, the U.S. justice system treats the processing of dangerous repeat offender negros like a friendly afternoon of catch and release fishing:

Man accused of shooting officer has long history with police

"At least seven incidents since 2006 involving police, including at least two arrests as an adult."

"Sentenced to 365 days in the Marion County jail with 359 days suspended."

At a certain point law enforcement and the court system must ask themselves what percent of the liability for the spilled blood of police officers lies directly with themselves and their inability to put career criminals where they belong, overcrowded jails and depleted budgets be damned.

Anonymous said...

Here's another illustration of poor impulse control, low IQ, poor future time orientation, and an aggressive nature.

It seems they got this gentleman's order incorrect.

Not sure what's worse, the chimp out, or the idiots filming it and hoping he gets away with it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, happens all the time. Some guy bumps into you and the next thing you know, boom! You start firing wildly in all directions. Perfectly normal.

Anonymous said...

"Indianapolis police say a volatile combination of streets overcrowded with loiterers, alcohol and a penchant by BLACK people to resolve minor differences with gunfire..."

There, I fixed it.

Well, at least they didn't blame the weather......this time.

Anonymous said...

I think everyone knows what 'vibrant' means by now, and, despite what they say in polite company, acts accordingly when they hear that word. The media is doing us a favor when they use that word, whether they know it or not.

D. Sterling-Trump said...

More black families of gangbangers who "want answers" lol:

Chicago police on hot seat after deadly shootings

"The police killed him," Robinson's mother, Georgina Utendahl, told the Tribune. "Why they killed him, I don't know. We want answers."

Of course...she doesn't know. Ignorance is bliss.

Hey Georgina, the police want answers from you for why they had to risk their lives because you failed to raise your niglet properly.

Oh...that's right: He just "got caught up w/ the wrong crowd". He was a good boy!

And so once again the police wrongly end up on "the hot seat" defending themselves against lawsuit-happy negro families after their public service of cleaning up black plague from the streets of Chicago.

Anonymous said...

"""""""""""""""""Indianapolis police say a volatile combination of streets overcrowded with loiterers, alcohol and a penchant by some people to resolve minor differences with gunfire contribute to a shooting that injured seven people in the popular Broad Ripple neighborhood on the Northside early Saturday.""""""""""""""""""

Well, this is at least an improvement. They didn't lay the cause of the blame on poverty, or forces beyond anyone's control.

They're actually using concrete terms to describe the behaviors of the groid. This is a substantial improvement over decades of gut wrenching "What IS causing all of this to happen? Poverty? Lack of good schools? Victimhood?"

Perhaps these DWL's are starting to see the light.

Or else they realize that blaming the usual excuse for the violence on poverty is total and utter bullshit and just won't wash anymore.

D. Sterling-Trump said...

The Deterioration of Detroit: 2011-2014

Anonymous said...

I lived in Indy 15 years ago, Broad Ripple was the expensive, trendy, upscale, hip place for young white professionals to live . The scene described in this story is a nightmarish third-world hell. If that can happen in 15 years in conservative Indiana, it can happen in your backyard. You think you are safe because you live in a half million dollar home in a white neighborhood? Think again...

D-FENS said...

Isn't Ripple a "flavored, fortified" wine favored by negroes such as Fred G. Sanford? So maybe that explains the role of alcohol in the shootings.

It not be da negroz doin. It be da ebil White man. It alwayz iz.

Anonymous said...

This is like those long-winded debates about the "under-performance of black pupils". Using occam's razor, it could all be resolved in two words: BLACK IQ. But nobody EVER mentions the giant pink elephant in the room; it's all waaaaycizum this, poverty that, diskwiminaaashun the other. Truth is that with all the special treatment they get and dumbed down syllabi, they are actually OVER-PERFORMING relative to ability and IQ!

NotTooSwift said...

It was New Year's Day about 45 years ago as I was changing into my work uniform for the day shift as a Firefighter. A black Firefighter was also changing clothes. Suddenly, a loaded revolver fell out of his pants onto the floor. The Captain was walking by at the same time. When he saw the firearm, he exclaimed "What the hell's with the gun?" The black Firefighter answered "I was at a party last night, Cap."

Oh, OK, that makes sense.

Anonymous said...

I am a female. I remember I was out at a bar with a black friend. She told me some racy stories, we agreed men were difficult, she was a grandma already at 30.
Then, after her third cocktail she announces "let's go get into trouble!" I declined. We white people are such party poopers with our boring future time orientation.

Anonymous said...

A few months ago on a Tuesday night, I was sitting at a small bar in BR drinking $1 pints and saw a group of 3 black prostitutes stapling rap concert fliers to poles. They were dressed like sluts with wigs and stripper shoes.

My thought? Broad Ripple is officially OVER. What used to be an artsy local hang out for white families and white people young and old, has become the next victim of the violent black undertow. There is a popcorn store, a sub shop, Greeks pizza, outdoor sporting shop, upscale eyeglasses shops, banks, student apartments, a fire house, several local breweries, hair salons, organic grocery store, a wine bar, tattoos shops, Starbucks, the Canal, and the Monon bike trail.

Buffalo Wild Wings got overwhelmed by the black undertow and moved out. Boogie Burger and Eden club too. Jimmy Johns just got robbed in June and I bet they will close next:

I witnessed a group of ONLY blacks fighting at Kilroy's bar last week. They moved it out to the parking lot, what a mess. The employees can't do anything about it or block them from entry.

Blacks are EVERYWHERE now. They bring their energy with them and there is a noticable CLIMATE CHANGE occurring.

Homeboys are cruising in their ghettto hoopties blasting rap music and hanging out all night on the weekends.

All they want to do now is use the black undertow to control the rest of us. We are "all" to blame, "all" required to find a solution, "all" to be held accountable now. I hate this shit.

Anonymous said...

This happened in a matter of a few years.

There did not used to be groups of blacks in Broad Ripple. They are clearing out the black ghettos in Indianapolis and moving the Section 8 voucher blacks north.

Something is up. This is intentional. Blacks are ruining Castleton Square area and businesses are leaving. Also The Fashion Mall, Circle Center Mall downtown, the Canal/Zoo area, Keystone at the Crossing, Broad Ripple and Glendale mall areas.

SOMETHING IS GOING ON. I think they are getting ready to lock us down.

Anonymous said...

These DWL fuckers advertise "diverse street life" on their website.

They are getting it good and HARD, LOL.

Anonymous said...

They are planting blacks in these areas.

I talked to a few bar owners, and they said that the place turns from white to black by 10pm most weekends. EVERYONE knows this is a ghetto black problem. There are huge groups of them hanging around posing and causing a disturbance, but not buying anything.

It makes me sick that all of these white people can't cough up the word "black" when discussing the problem. They just dance around the obvious truth and the complain endlessly.

Freedom of association would fix this problem overnight.

Anonymous said...

"Stop the Violence!!"

Isn't it just PERFECT that the police chief is a black man? Don't you DARE draw any conclusions about the black criminals who don't belong in Broadripple.

Rick Hite is creating job security for himself, and his fellow police officers. And there will be demands for more black cops to deal with the "community" in a more sensitive manner.

LOL. Black Power!

Anonymous said...

Here's another fugly black cop killer with a long rap sheet.

He looks inbred. The eyes are not normal.

Anonymous said...

I live in Traverse City Mi. About 4.5hrs from Detoilet to the north. 96%white 4%other mostly Indian.

This week we are having cherry fest. A good time for all, a family thing. About 500 thousand people will be involved. Mostly all white.

People come from all over the country. Many from the burbs of Detroit.

Yes a few robberies perhaps 1 or 2 cars stolen. BUT NO SHOOTINGS. None and many im sure have legal guns on them

Just what the hell is wrong with these groids. They just have to gun each other down. F them ill stay here up north and safe

Anonymous said...

Whoever included the destruction of Detroit video 2011-2014, thanks. It is horrifying.

Back on topic- regards the police officers who tolerate, aid, & abet misreporting of crime data, parole for offenders who should be swinging from the nearest tree (that's honestly a lot of work; repeated blunt force trauma with their scoping batons really ought to be sufficient, & it's quite the workout I hear), & basically to be among the few in possession of the hard truth the largely Bloomberg- or Spelling-owned media willfully obfuscate, they are COMPLICIT.

I realize no one raindrop thinks it is responsible for the flood, but these "law enforcement (only against whites)" personnel are every bit as much the slave to the Crystal Methodist/ Bankfein/ Oprah/ Kelly & Michael agenda as the Crown Heights media, Soros, Rothchilds, you name it.

Stop giving "law enforcement" personnel a break. They are absolutely key to this process. We must hold them accountable. Just like federal, state, & local "law enforcement" have facilitated an invasion by at least 60 million Central & South Americans in the last 20 years, we must realize the police are active, willing participants in destroying white America. This didn't happen overnight folks, & there is no way we are going to undo it that fast. Stop giving police a break.

10mm AUTO said...

Our children are being taught that "Sunset Towns" that did not allow negros after dark were the height of racism and evil, while these cities enact curfews and "Stop and Frisk" to drive negros away from family and evening and downtown events. Their mayhem is everywhere and ruins everything they touch. There is no difference between the techniques (Sunset vs Modern City), they are just called different names.

We will never have nice things or evening family events again till we can exclude negros. It isn't the numbers or the location or the event. It's the negros.

White Homeland! Northwest Front!

D. Sterling-Trump said...

Will 7 shootings bring changes to Broad Ripple?

Will 1200 shootings bring changes to Chicago?

behind blue eyes said...

More and more people are noticing how to read between the lines for black violence.
Teens, youths, urban, mobs, groups of, etc.
IT is catching on. I've turned over ten folks to educate themselves on sites like this. We have too share info.
The network and most local news will PC and water down the facts. Or skip it all together.
We notice that concentrated groups of black is never good. Especially when "they" have black only events (helps our cause). Black bike week in Myrtle Beach is a prime example.
It seems every damn holiday requires extra security and cops. That is simply bullshit. Family events should not have fears of violence. But they do. The common denominator is black people.

Pat Boyle said...

Actually there's something to be said for the Police Chief's account.

The classic pain-aggression experiment has a rat cage with an electrified floor. You turn on the juice when there is one rat alone and he dances around a bit but that's it. If there are two rats they attack each other.

The theory is that rats like people are a social species. There is thought to be a reflex circuit in the mid brain that when the animal experiences pain 'assumes' it was caused by another rat and attacks the nearest one.

If you live amongst other rats this sort of automatic response would make sense. Rats can be packed tight together so such a reflex would tend to spread them out.

Presumably humans have a similar limbic structure - probably centered in the amygdala. But human have a lot more cortical structure with which to mediate against the sub-cortical reflexes.

Blacks who have smaller cortexes seem to be more prone to initial violence impulses that whites or East Asians. It is an established experimental finding that violent offenders have smaller fore brains.

There is also the effect of brain neurotransmitters. This effect takes a little longer being humoral but a similar black-white difference. The mere presence of others probably causes the release of dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine in the brain. It isn't known if these neurotransmitter are released in greater volume in the violent races but they are destroyed more slowly. The effect is much the same. The brain is flooded with excitatory factors.

This is how MAOA (the Warrior Gene) works. The main genetic sequence is much the same in everyone but the potency of that sequence is modulated by preceding genetic sequences. The way this works is believed to be this.

In early man when the brain was stimulated by an external event it would release neurotransmitters. These would be degraded by MOAO. Later humans evolved duplicate MAOA sequences and still later triplicate. With each new sequence added the person got less violent as they maintained a lower brain hormone level.

Those who today have five MOAO sequences are peaceful. Those with only two are violent. Whites and East Asians have more of these sequences and consequently exhibit less outward reflexive violence.

It appears that whites and East Asian who have historically lived in larger villages and cities longer than sub-Saharan blacks have favored high repeat MAOA mutations. Blacks and other high-violence people like New Guinea natives haven't evolved in urban areas as long and so retain the aboriginal state. They remain very violent.

MAOA is still being studied but the way it works if it works as it seems is fairly simple. Civilization put selective pressure on people to become more reflective and peaceful. Those races that have been exposed to civilization less long are more violent. The mechanism for this change seems to be at least partly in MAOA but there may be other adaptions elsewhere.

The consequence of all this is that black people are more violent because of their genetics not any social disadvantage or previous condition of servitude.

Pat Boyle

Anonymous said...

Vibrant and diverse bars=mudsharks, Marxist University trust fund babies, overpriced overrated block on the northeast side, hip hop wannabes in cornfield country on a lame strip that wishes it was the strand somewhere in California.

Anonymous said...

Vibrant diversity broke out all weekend in Chimpcongo:

Will Comrade Rahm let a good crisis go to waste? (rhetorical)

SKIP said...

" They just have to gun each other down. F them ill stay here up north and safe"

That won't last and we all know it, the predators will follow the prey.

Shefali said...

I appreciate this site and other non-PC sites. Because they help warn us what happens when ghetto people congregate.

This 4th of July my husband and I hung out with some other Indian friends at a fireworks show in Houston... and the crowd was mostly white with a fair number of Indians and other Asians (since it was in a fairly upscale area) and a smattering of Hispanics... but I didn't see any blacks. And guess what, it was a very friendly, peaceful gathering. Even though it was packed, there were no fights. When we were leaving the area, even though the crowd moved very slowly, there was no shoving or pushing - people were patient and when we saw someone in a wheelchair we moved out of the way so they had space, we were careful of kids.

There were a few white kids that were drunk and a little loud, but they were harmless. A couple of the guys in our group had a beer, no big deal.

We all enjoyed the show and of course it was for America's birthday - a couple of us wore t-shirts with the American flag on it and I saw a couple of Latinos with flags as well, and several whites were carrying or wearing flags. But I didn't see any blacks.

The thing is though I have known blacks who have served in the military who are quite patriotic and I have black friends who are very educated, hard working, etc. And these people also avoid the ghetto events. They don't let their kids listen to rap music or dress like hoodlums. They tend to vote GOP or Libertarian. And they get criticized and given a hard time by the ghetto blacks for "acting white". I guess "acting black" means you act like a criminal...



Does anyone give two shits about these monsters anymore? As long as they want to kill the same color they have my new found blessing.

As usual the blacks and now the black police chiefs have excuse's for just about every situation they can come up with.

Never taking responsibility for anything. Just like the 1/2 black guy in the White-House the police chief learned about how bad the city streets of Indianapolis are getting now-a-days in the local newspaper.

Tired of their lies. Tired of their results. And tired of the same old crap just a different day, different city!!!

Just do yourself and your family a big GIANT favor. Try not to be within 25foot of any black person and chances are you'll keep what's belongs to you, and most important you'll stay alive!


Bogolyubski said...

SKIP notes:
That won't last and we all know it, the predators will follow the prey.

It's even worse than that. The predator's are being paid to follow their prey with money extracted under threat of violence by those who rule over their prey. The prey (YT), aptly described as cattle by a group (TWMNBN) long known for its own genocidal hatred of them, is so completely intoxicated with an insane suicidal religion (largely invented by TWMNBN) that they literally endorse their own killers (South Africa being an excellent example). BRA with the weaponized negro is a damned-near perfect closed system designed for YT's extermination. YT is literally paying his killers as he digs his own grave, singing hymns to the holy negro Jeezus, fervently believing he's on the road to a multi-racial utopia. Even the most fanatical follower of Mohammed is sane and sober by comparison.

Anonymous said...

The vibrancy just swept over our city like a violent weather pattern. I have witnessed the rapid demographic change for the past 3 years or so. The government is sponsoring all of it, shipping welfare bums in from Chicago and Gary, and the poor decent white folks are too nice to racially profile blacks wandering through their neighborhoods. We will have a first black mayor very soon b/c we gave these rubes the "right "to vote for more free shit and shorter sentences.

Just today, I saw 3 scrubby black men and two black women wandering along 86th street near the Fashion Mall. All separate. That is a HUGE number of feral blacks up there. They have no business in that area, so why TF are they up there?

Because they can go anywhere now and cause trouble with no retribution and no white ppl profiling them. They are a protected species.

That is what predators lie in WAIT for. The chance to pounce.

I talked to some young friends who live in the Broadripple area, and they were completely unaware of the violence in their neighborhood last weekend. I sent the links. They were shocked. They leave their doors unlocked, stay at home mom with 2 little kids. I thought of that home invasion where the black animal beat the white mother in front of her child and then threw her down the basement stairs.

The surrounding area is nice, white, young couples in cute, 2 bedroom bungalows and nice property values...for now. They have no idea what has hit them. They are so busy just living life, working, and raising their children that they have not noticed things turning to shit.

Anonymous said...

Blame the cheap $1 vodka drink specials and the hip-hop gangsta music in the bars.

Pathetic. These DWL turds get what they have coming to them.

Anonymous said...

Hey Skip, for 27 years up north Michigan has been beautiful. But yes you are right, any day now we could get our load full of section8 negros or mex.

Im getting older now hope to beat that group to the grave.

Anonymous said...

At one time, my town had a street fair in which many of the downtown streets would be closed off to all but pedestrian traffic. There'd be numerous vendors setting up, street performers and all the usual fun to be had.
Unfortunately, not too far away was a negro area. The city decided to end the street fair due to shop windows being broken, people being attacked and the number of robberies taking place.
No one mentioned the problem was being caused by negroes.
Then, there was an on-going effort to revitalize a certain downtown area also near the negro area. Constant stories about "how to solve the crime problem."
Realistically, the only way to do so is to seal off the streets, put up gates, charge a high admission fee and provide secure parking outside with armed security guards. In essence, it becomes like a shark cage except it's a negro cage. They'll still be circling outside though.
Of course, then some idiot church group or collection of libtards would start moaning about having a "free day" for disadvantaged negroes or they'd start bringing in groups of feral negroes as part of their outreach programs.
The solution for many is to move to solid white areas. If there are no negroes, there's no problem and the libtards have no one to moan over...........until they start advocating for the importation of feral negroes for the sake of diversity etc.
OR you have a Negro as President who wants to do the same to all areas that are "too white" through "Fair Housing."
The "sharks" are doing everything they can to remove the shark cage and are being aided and abetted by "animal rights" nutcases.
Sickening, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ”Yeah, happens all the time. Some guy bumps into you and the next thing you know, boom! You start firing wildly in all directions. Perfectly normal.”

Of course it is just a normal reflex. It just like when you get that overpowering urge to randomly open fire or start slashing with your knife when those doors on a crowded elevator close. It is just normal to want some breathing room without being disrespected by being touched or looked at in the wrong way.

Anonymous said...

Broad Ripple

must be why all the blacks come....ripple lmfao!

Anonymous said...

For those into ruin porn of Detoilet:

Anonymous said...


“When you black and you broke and you poor and you ain’t got nothing, you, like, really picky over everything,” he said. “It was all white people over there. It was like, ‘What the hell are y’all doing?’ Seemed like it was going to be some type of takeover.”

White idealists are trying to save 83% black Detroit. Blacks prefer squalor?

Anonymous said...

"In Black Run Amerika (BRA), the historical epoch which began in 1965 which we are now living through, African-Americans are put up on a pedestal above all other races. This explains much of their insolent behavior, their unwillingness to find gainful employment, and the chaos that they routinely cause in our cities.

Whites are subsidizing and tolerating this behavior. The lack of resistance on the part of Whites goes a long way towards explaining why the costs of criminality are soaring as one major metropolitan area after another is quietly abandoned to the insidious force that we call the Black Undertow."

Freedom failed.

Anonymous said...

"IMPD has lost five officers since September."


Anonymous said...

these pics just make me feel so filled with sadness and to think negroes are worse than an atomic bomb...IT is just unbelievable looking at the photos of yesteryear...then the black plague descends and the city is gone

Anonymous said...


CNN reports about 4th of July shootings in Chicago. I am amazed they even posted that story. As usual top copy blames lax gun laws.
The comments are closed but read what people have already commented.
A lot of aware persons out there.

"Chicago's police superintendent lashed out at what he called lax state and federal gun laws after a violent Fourth of July weekend that saw 11 deaths in dozens of shooting incidents in a city already known for frequent shootings."

Anonymous said...

And Whites visit urban areas and shed an indignant tear that "other Whites" did this damage to Blacks.

They go on vacation and get angry that we don't spend our holidays apologizing for the deaths of Native Americans eons back.

They vote hard Left every election because it holds the dream that one day, somewhere, somehow, Blacks will be our equals under the law; but for now, they are pure-spirited, angelic creatures, and anyone who doesn't think so is a racist bigoted fool.

You don't want these DWLs voting or making public policy, but they own the country now.

I don't have any loyalty to America anymore. When your tax dollars go straight to Shitavious, what does society mean? What is a nation? Are we just a bunch of idiots paying monkeys to reproduce and then kill us off?

Anonymous said...

The fact you were out with a nog is all I need to know.Nothing you say after that will even be considered.This is no place for you.I bet you went back out with said nog after that episode.Shame on you !
Richard Cranium

D. Sterling-Trump said...

After heroically speaking out against negroism and taking a fall for it, Cumia regresses to the DWL mean in an attempt to save face??

Anthony and Carlton: "Ebony and Ivory"

Anonymous said...

Quit going and supporting it then.Leave it to nogs and let it die.All the bar owners should chip in to pay off-duty cops to clean house.Then,they must keep nogs out .It really is quite possible to fix this.

Anonymous said...

How do you figure ? I would say freedom FROM forced association is needed.

Bogolyubski said...

Anonymous riffs
I don't have any loyalty to America anymore. When your tax dollars go straight to Shitavious, what does society mean? What is a nation? Are we just a bunch of idiots paying monkeys to reproduce and then kill us off?

It would actually cost less if we literally paid Shitavious directly. That's not how the system is set up though. In order to pay Shitavious his pacification fee, we first must pay the Banana Empire, who employs legions of Sheeboons and not a few of Shitavious' brethren to "administer" the programs, supervised by very well-compensated DWLs with familial connections to squid-nodes like Haaavaaahd, Yale, Stanford and other examples of what some call "the Cathedral" (which would be more aptly named "the Synagogue"). At any rate, the Banana Empire borrows endless sums of counterfeit money from the folks who own the central bank - folks like Jamie Diamond, George Soros, the squid-family Bush, and Llord Bankfein. So you see, YT, there's a whole long line of grasping paws in your pockets extracting your hard-earned pennies long before Shitavious gets his 15-cents on every dollar collected by the BRA machine.

D. Sterling-Trump said...

American Apparel needs more diversity

Anonymous said...

"Hite said police would meet with neighborhood business owners to discuss ways to reduce congestion on the street and intercede in minor altercations before they escalate to violence"

It'll turn out to all be the fault of greedy business folks in Broad Ripple...prehaps city should raise taxes on B'ripple mercantile class to fund midnite bakkaball & 24 hr yoga classes for the absolutely brutalised sub-sa Apes in Indy

Nobody will dare to notice the NAPA origin of this crime.

LOL, used to be basic detection 101 to: Cherche le femme or Follow the Money, now we can add a 3 basic fundamental: Find the Afriquicain in the vicinity....

/H hypie out H\

Brian Peters said...

Don't forget less than 24 hours after this, another career felon simian gunned down an officer a few miles to the east in Indy:

If the authorities could speak freely, they would say nothing can be done. Black breeding, entitlement, handouts, low IQ, and total lack of self control will turn the Black Plague into an unstoppable force everywhere until every human WAKES UP. Wild aggressive beasts like lions, hyenas, and black males can only be expected to revert to their wild African instincts and kill, and all you can do is try to distance yourself like I have. When TSHTF it will be too late and peaceful White Humans will get the shortest straw.

Anonymous said...

Whites don't recognize Black norms such as "display gun fire" -- also VERY common in the Muslim Middle East.

The two 'players' were deliberately NOT shooting at each other. Prompt retaliation would've ensued.

Instead, the shootings are intentionally wild -- often into the ground or air.

The ground shots then deflect back up an end up causing life threatening injuries.

Everything about this event is CLASSIC Black behavior -- the Sahel and points south.

In those societies this event would've passed without remark.

The key take away is that Blacks are NOT culturally attuned to urban living. They lived in the sticks in Africa... and in the Antebellum South... and in pre-WWII America.

Only since WWII have American Blacks become synonymous with urban living.

Further, in prior eras, Blacks didn't have access to strong liquor -- let alone narcotics.

The zoning department ought to think about reducing the concentration of bars in a hot spot. They're permitting a critical mass condition.

Intense crowds are ALWAYS problematic for Blacks.

In this they are entirely unlike the Orientals. (Check out Tokyo commutes.)

( Something like this is seen in livestock: pigs can't tolerate concentrations that are fine and dandy for horses and cattle. It's embedded in the DNA.)

Anonymous said...

Lax gun laws? I thought the glorious people's utopia of Chimpcongo was a gun free zone? Laws don't mean shit in a post constitutional republic and criminals never followed them anyway.

Douglas said...

Hey, it's not the fault of blacks. Just look at what is blamed over at Gizmodo.

Anonymous said...

@ Douglas Highways bee wayciss!


Here we go again:

Alcohol gone bad.


If you accept multi-culturalism, then you must accept Multi Cultures.

Bumping into somebody, being dissed and then pulling out your piece and shooting them IS a culture.

Please, be tolerant of other cultures. They are no better than yours, you racist White people.

If White people don't like this equal culture, then stay home. Or move and then this fine city can become a chocolate city.........

Anonymous said...

Numbers are actually higher , look at for running totals and stats on Chicago vibrants.

Anonymous said...

The "decent white folk who are too nice to profile blacks" are the problem. It is people like them who are against nationalism, look down on the likes of Pat Buchanan and Paul Jersey, and vote for scum like BOB because they want to believe everyone is the same.

Maybe when they remove their collective heads from their rectum they will be more willing to profile.

rex freeway said...

Diversity brings nothing GOOD to a community. Crime, devalued properties and White flight are the hallmarks of diversity. Negros are a death sentence to communities. If Liberals have their wishes fulfilled, All towns devoid of the groid will have the seeds of destruction planted. For the sake of your town, do not let this happen. It will be easier to fight a Liberal agenda than what that agenda will bring.

Anonymous said...

"You get people in tight quarters and they run into each other and tempers get short"

So, why doesn't this happen in very large and crowded Japanese cities?

Anonymous said...

I used t to live and work in Broad Ripple, back in 1983-1994. It was a great place for a 20 something to live. We'd hang out at the Vogue for rock and roll and the Patio for alternative bands. We'd go to Connor's Pub or the Alley Cat when the other bars closed. Back then I was perfectly comfortable walking to my car at night, even walking home. Today there are more upscale stores and the Vogue is now where people go to listen to dance music/rap crap. The Patio closed years ago. Some of my best memories were spent in Broad Ripple. Now it's been ruined forever. Very sad.

Anonymous said...

So, why doesn't this happen in very large and crowded Japanese cities?

Japanese are racist because they make a special effort to not commit crimes, thereby making blacks look bad.

Anonymous said...

Look at these pics from Destroit, 18 months apart!

Anonymous said...

The bar I go to occasionally rents the place to a fraternity or other group for the night. When the group is black and the party is black, every time without fail they have to throw a lot of people out for fighting and frequently the police are called.

But the owner is kind of stuck - #1 if he tells blacks no thanks, he's a racist and gets sued, #2 business is down and he has bills to pay - and these parties pay, everyone who comes in pays a few bucks, and they often pack the place. It's kind of funny, actually, they do have cash for the entry and drinks, somehow.

I stay home those nights. The few that turn up on regular nights are bad enough. But at least then the bartender and I can trade jokes about them.

On another note, a story my dad tells me the other day.

It seems down south a white man was driving along when two blacks ran across the street in front of them and he hit them. One came through his windshield, the other bounced off and landed a hundred feet or so away.

The police arrived, did their investigation, and in the end they charged the one that landed in the car with breaking and entering, and the one down the street with leaving the scene of the accident.

Hey, you have to laugh once in a while.

Anonymous said...

Gee at the Ren-fest I attend several times each year people are packed elbow to elbow at times, many after drinking wine and/or beer and I have never seen even one confrontation/altercation. Oh yeah, I AM talking about white folks here...hmmm.

Anonymous said...

Never been there for the cherry festival--I'm not much for crowds, but it IS one of the most beautiful places around!

lenzap said...

So you see, YT, there's a whole long line of grasping paws in your pockets extracting your hard-earned pennies long before Shitavious gets his 15-cents on every dollar collected by the BRA machine.
I've seen math that pegs Shaniqua's cut closer to 8-cents on the dollar; but nevertheless it's long overdue We asked ourselves Which Way Western Man

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that the nice people in Northern Michigan won't let that happen. Communities are pretty small and, well, let's just say they're "like-minded".

About 10 years ago, resorts had to import seasonal workers from Jamaica. None of the TWMNBN crowd wanted to do the work!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the rayciss trait of being polite and non-intrusive!

Anonymous said...

I have business in Traverse City on Wednesday.  I intend to stroll around the Cherry Festival a bit before heading back home.

There is a Black jazz singer in TC, named Betty Ponder.  She has a lot of (apparently White) fans, to judge from various comment sections around here.  I doubt she'd want to tell anyone why she's not in Detroit, where all her family no doubt came from.