Tuesday, June 12, 2018

In Brazil, a Nation Rapidly Losing a White Population (Replaced with Black and Brown People), Meteoric Rises in National Spending on Public Safety Met With Similar Rise in Violence

If the United States of America future is to be that of Brazil, why not take a look at the state of the latter nation in the present, so we can see a glimpse of our glorious, non-white tomorrow! [Brazil’s Spending on Public Safety Soared. So Did Violence., New York Times, June 11, 2018]:
RIO DE JANEIRO — Brazil’s homicide rate soared over the past two decades even as the state and the public sector greatly increased spending on public safety, Brazil’s government said Monday as it reported results of a rare study measuring the economic impact of violence in the country. 
Brazil in 2018 is a reminder diversity, multiculturalism, multiracialism and a declining white population is a recipe for civilizational decline at a catastrophic level
The cumulative cost of crime — including estimates of the loss of productivity and the cost of policing and incarceration — amounted to more than 4.3 percent of Brazil’s gross domestic product in 2015, the most recent year for which comprehensive data was available, according to the report. 
From 1996 to 2015, the cost of violence in Brazil rose to more than $138 billion a year, from about $54 billion, a level government officials called unsustainable at a time when several Brazilian states are unable to legally raise their spending ceiling and others are broke. 
The government put the total cost of violence during those two decades at $1.937 trillion. 
“The numbers are striking,” said Hussein Kalout, the special secretary for strategic affairs, the division of the president’s office that conducted the study. “You can’t have a prosperous society with high crime rates.” 

With 62,517 violent deaths in 2016, Brazil reached a record-high homicide rate of more than 30 per 100,000 residents, according to the latest annual study that compiles law enforcement and health statistics. (In the United States that rate dropped to five homicides per 100,000 people from eight from 1996 to 2015.) 
That study, which was released earlier this month, shows that black Brazilians make up a disproportionate and growing share of homicide victims. 
While black or mixed-race Brazilians account for just over half of the country’s roughly 205 million people, they represented about 71 percent of homicide victims in 2016. Violence was the leading cause of death for Brazilian men in their early 20s, the annual study found. 
The cost-of-violence study, for the first time, put an official price tag on a life cut short in its early stages. 
For each homicide victim between the ages of 13 and 25, Brazil lost roughly $266,000 in productivity, the government concluded. The cumulative cost of lost productivity from 1996 to 2015 — during which the number of homicides rose to 54,000 from 35,000 — was roughly $218 billion. That amounts to about four years’ worth of health care costs, the country’s largest expenditure, at last year’s level.
Diversity, multiculturalism, racial amalgamation and a declining white population doesn't exactly bring about a utopia, does it?

In the case of Brazil, we have clear-cut evidence diversity, multiculturalism, multiracialism and a declining white population is no strength, but a recipe for civilization disaster.


Dave said...

Suppose that in 1800, at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, I asked an elite Englishman, "What would happen if all this new technology advanced to the point where only five percent of the population could produce and distribute enough food to feed everyone?" He'd probably expound on what great works of technology and art the other 95% could create when freed from the drudgery of farm labor.

With Charles Darwin not even born yet, who would have guessed that when hunger is abolished, natural selection is removed from the equation of life, female sexual selection takes its place (males have little bargaining power when resources are plentiful), and humans quickly devolve into violent imbeciles obsessed with sex and bling?

nokangaroos said...

Wow. If the Sulzberger rag admits it it must be WILD.
Has anybody else noticed that homicide is bad because it hurts the economy?

As for Brazil being a model of (for?) the future - apart from the overall genetic makeup - I´m not too sure.
IIRC they very much have themselves a caste system based on not one but several paper bag tests ("If you are darker than this paper bag, ..."), much as in India the ancient word for "caste" (varna) literally means "colour". Whites are, by our standards, rather race-conscious - which does not preclude them from spending considerable energy northing up the lower classes (which is the only conceivable OW! way to "lift" them up - but don´t tell that to a libtard. IOW, their system is far less dysgenic than ours)

Come to think about it ... ;b

Egghead said...

Let’s examine BRAzil....

Brazil has strict gun control:

“In Brazil, all firearms are required to be registered with the minimum age for gun ownership being 25. It is generally illegal to carry a gun outside a residence....”

“It is estimated that there are around 17 million firearms in Brazil, 9 million of which are unregistered.”

“Brazil has the second largest arms industry in the Western Hemisphere. Approximately 80% of the weapons manufactured in Brazil are exported, mostly to neighboring countries; many of these weapons are then smuggled back into Brazil.”

“In 2005 a majority of Brazil’s population voted against banning the sale of guns and ammunition to civilians in a referendum.”

“However the Brazilian Department of Justice ... have [sic] been forbidding almost every citizen from buying guns ... ‘self-defense’ is not considered a valid reason.”

“Thus, disarmament is effectively happening in Brazil....”

“However, 2012 marketed the highest rate of gun deaths in 35 years for Brazil 8 years after a ban to carry handguns went into effect.”


Anonymous said...

Search for 'off-duty' in Liveleak for examples of the casual violence in Brazil. They are genetically predisposed to be cutting hearts out on temple steps, not building first world countries.

Either there are a lot of off-duty cops in the right/wrong place at the right/wrong time, or it's a spectacularly violent place.

All the success in the country is in the heavily Germanic south, with companies like Embraer etc.

Paintjob Theory said...

"Brazil reached a record-high homicide rate of more than 30 per 100,000 residents"

Which not coincidentally is about the rate of homicides in the USA or basically anywhere else among Sub Saharan Africans and various mystery meat Africanized hybrids.

"(In the United States that rate dropped to five homicides per 100,000 people from eight from 1996 to 2015.) "

Which, as we have discussed here in the past, is primarily due to miraculous life saving medical procedures and quick and functioning first response system. It most certainly has nothing to do with our Africans behaving any better.

Bear in mind also that Brazil has a de-facto caste system created by essentially white Europeans' reputation for being intelligent and reserved and negroid/Aztec reputation for being mindless savages. AFAIK they also don't have any sort of affirmative action or other special victimhood points for negroids. Sufficed to say most of the Brazilians who call themselves "white" are definitely nothing you'd want living in your neighborhood, wouldn't pass a brown bag test, and are various mongrel goblin creatures created by mixing negroid farm equipment with indigenous violent savages with a splash of whatever desperate colonist couldn't make the cut to breed with his own kind 300 years ago.

In any event, demographics is destiny and as a plumber friend of mine likes to say "water seeks its own level". Left to their own devices these monsters will be in grass skirts carving each other's hearts out on top of stone mounds to make the sun come up in the morning.... if the negro admixture doesn't make them too dull witted to even fashion obsidian knives after the last drop of white blood is diluted out of their gene pool.

At the end of the day this just equals another few hundred million hungry mouths to feed and swarms of "refugees" looking to flood the west to take advantage of our charity.

Anonymous said...

One word explains it all..... "GENETICS".

The behaviors and instincts and intelligence levels that are passed down via our DNA are at the root of all this. Genetics explains it all. Yet it is the ONE thing we cannot discuss openly and debate. Totally...utterly...insane.

Imagine if you told a Liberal that you'd be happy to discuss and debate so-called 'Climate Change' but with one rule: the topic of Man's use of fossil fuels as a culprit is off the table; can't be mentioned.

Would they accept that? No. Then why should we accept not including all the science behind Human BioDiversity, and how IQ and behaviors that are inherited can effect group civilizational level?

Focus all your energy on this topic. Its where the answers lie. And watch how (((they))) do their utmost to keep it hidden. It's their Achilles Heel in this argument.

Mr. Rational said...

Maybe Southern Brazil can break off and become a white ethnostate, leaving the north to become the next Liberia.  If it does, it will become what Argentina once was before it allowed itself to be overrun by indio savages.

Bill in St Louis said...

All the more reason to build a wall, bring our troops home, declare illegal crossing an act of war and shoot those who try.

europeasant said...

"While black or mixed-race Brazilians account for just over half of the country’s roughly 205 million people, they represented about 71 percent of homicide victims in 2016. Violence was the leading cause of death for Brazilian men in their early 20s, the annual study found"

There forgot the statistic about the percentage of suspects (perps) that are black or mixed race. My best guess is that blacks comprise 90% of the suspects in murder cases.

Anonymous said...

They’ll be illegally immigrating to the U.S.. Turning the world into Africa. One continent at a time.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, closer to home....
Oh those pesky teens.

Anonymous said...


Yeah nope on that though they'll keep hammering on it as the darkness spreads.


AJAX said...

paintjob theory is verbally very vicious and yet at the same time humorous -- i must say he adds a good deal of charm to the discussion --


I was at the US Post Office mailing a package. I went to use the Self Serve machine and when it was time to pay for the postage, it said I could use an EBT card.

WTF? Using FOOD STAMPS to pay for postage?

F this nation. It is time for it to DIE.

AJAX said...

i have to say i find the commentaries here just as mentally stimulating as the SBPDL stories themselves

AJAX said...

LOL you are just too much --paint job theory-- i greatly enjoy reading your commentaries

AJAX said...

really am loving --SBPDL-- keep on with your great work -paul-
genetics and demographics those two measurements really seem to govern the human endeavor

Egghead said...

Based on these articles, Brazil openly recognizes race (article 1) BUT refuses to acknowledge the effect of race on IQ (article 2).

“These spots are for people who are phenotypically black. It’s [sic] not for people with black grandmothers.”

“...Brazil - where 43% of citizens identify as mixed-race, and 30% of those who identify as white have black ancestors....”

“Interracial relatoonships didn’t just happen because we all get along. It was a way to erase black identity.”

At one point, “Brazil’s government launched a full-on propaganda and policy effort to ‘whiten’ Brazil. It closed the country’s borders to African immigrants, denied black Brazilians the rights to lands...and subsidized [European immigration].”

Now, [black] panels award Brazilian educational Affirmative Action spots: “Phenotypical characteristics are what should be taken into account. Arguments concerning the race of one’s ancestors are therefore irrelevant.”

One 8 minute racial qualification interview asked the pardo (brown mixed-race) candidate “when he first recognized himself as pardo and....how involved he was with the black activist movement.”


“...there is ‘no statistically signicant difference’ in academic performance between students admitted under the racial quota and under non-quota admission arrangements.”

Note: As we know, it depends on how academic performance is being measured.


Anonymous said...

You know what is really sad about the future of America being that of Brazil is that we will be worse off than Brazil in that we are crippled with massive amounts of debt, lots of fat ugly women, bad food, crappy weather, filthy beaches and that we are heavily indebted to other nations such as China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, etc. Plus YTs here in the US unlike whites in Brazil can't flee to wealthy neighborhoods to escape crime and black dysfunction since most of them are stuck with mortgages in once thriving working class neighborhoods that have been swamped with blacks and various 3rd worlders.

Drew458 said...

Paintjob Theory is correct. Everyone in Brazil is a mestizo to some significant degree. Sure, they have their unwritten caste system, with the "pretos" and the "cabacolos" on the bottom, but between the cachasa, the samba, and their Latin passions, a whole lot of intermixing has been going on for a long long time.

I knew a girl from Brazil once. She had chestnut brown hair and moderate olive skin, but could get nearly as tan as a Budweiser bottle. In her country she was considered a blonde. There are NO white people in that country.

Brian in Ohio said...

Diversity + Proximity = War

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Even the friendly and agreeable Canadians refused to go along with a registration scheme and ultimately torpedoed it:


We won’t have it here...

tradcon said...

If and when the SHTF, we'll just default on all of our sovereign debt owned by foreign governments, institutions, and individuals. As of March 2018, foreign governments owned about $6.3 trillion of our total public federal debt of about $21 trillion. http://ticdata.treasury.gov/Publish/mfh.txt . Our total public federal debt here in the US is equal to about 100% of our nation's annual Gross Domestic Product. That's not necessarily an existential problem, given that Japan's public debt has far exceeded 200% of their annual GDP for many, many years, and they're still functioning well as a first-world economy and country. Then again, they're an extremely racially homogenous society and, therefore, don't face the extreme dyscivilizational strains that we and Brazil necessarily face as heavily racially diverse societies. If we go down the same monetary road as Japan, our current BOWI (Black On White Intifada) ( or, if one prefers, NUBOWI (Nationally Unreported Black On White Intifada)) may finally escalate enough, eventually, such that even the most oblivious or delusional of white folks might even recognize its existence.

Anonymous said...


Damn it, well here's for anyone near Indy.


Anonymous said...

I would vote for this guy if I could:


A Russian politician has warned Russian women not to have sex with foreign men during the World Cup. Instead, if a Russian woman feels as though she must have sex, she should have it with a member of “her own race.”

The comments, made the day before the international soccer tournament is set to begin in Russia, come from Tamara Pletnyova; the Russian politician who oversees that country’s Family, Women, and Children Affairs Committee in the lower house of parliament.

Speaking with a Moscow radio station, Pletnyova said that the World Cup presented a danger in that it could lead to a rise in the number of single mothers.

Californian said...

One dreary phenomenon of too many Brazilian cities is the favela, large slums which are effectively ruled by gangs. These are similar to the American "inner cities" and newly emerging European urban No Go Zones. i.e, it's what happens when third world demographics interact with first world civilization: chaos, crime and the creation of parallel societies.

The Brazilian government has attempted to regain control of the favelas through paramilitary police operations. And while these can retake some neighborhoods, others are lost.

Something to think about when the tpic of the Brazilifcation of the US comes up in polite company.

Anonymous said...



Because genetics matters.

Johnny See said...

I need to fill out form 22B/6... I think I need to re-watch the now classic movie "Brazil". I didn't quite get it 25 years ago, but nonetheless remember the overbearing and inefficient government depicted therein. I might get it better now.

Anonymous said...

Mixed race is black. They're not white.

Anonymous said...

USA in not too distant future is Brazil with nukes.

Oh man...

Anonymous said...


Tunisian national in Germany caught with a batch of ricin he made. Yeah, let's promote Arabs vacationing here in the USA!

Anonymous said...


Hey guys the Ooga booga action on the Hill continues.


Anonymous said...

This story has something for everyone:


A brawl rolls out of a Rhode Island school and interrupts a funeral procession.

Three "minors" and an adult were arrested.

Some people that were involved in the funeral became involved in this "dispute".

The adult that was related to one of the juveniles arrestees became involved with the officers.

"Damaree Wright" is the name of one of those arrested.

There was likely even a false police brutality charge made--"a student told NBC 10 News an officer arrested him for recording video of the fight from inside the school, but police said that didn’t happen."

According to that student who was arrested, yet was somehow free to talk to the media right after, "The officers drove me into the corner and they put my arms behind my back and put me to the floor."

Anonymous said...

50 worst cities to live in. 1. High crime 2. Use to be great cities 35-50 yrs ago 3. Common denominator, Demoncat run cities, which translates lots of our favorite pets running around.


Fled The Undertow said...

I just recently watched the documentary "Blackfish", about the killer whale Tilikum at SeaWorld that killed 3 people so far.

I noticed that one of the many objections the filmmakers had to keeping whales (particularly Tili) at the park was that they used him for breeding purposes.

They showed a family tree of all the offspring sired by this one violent whale. They were dismayed by the fact that now about 70% of the whales in captivity have "Tili's potentially violent DNA".

The whole time I was thinking, "Yeah, but aren't you the same retards that, when challenged with race realism statistics, will insist that DNA doesn't explain behavior?"

Someone should point out their blatant hypocrisy to Jared Taylor. He loves that stuff.

Fled The Undertow said...

That is CRAZY. I refuse to believe Salt Lake City is worse than Atlanta or Camden, NJ. I live in the Wasatch mountains (an exurb of SLC, basically), and can attest to the fact that there are no blacks here. They do have a lot of homeless in the city, but the vast majority of them are white.

I'd love to know what they're basing the list upon. Is it just income level? Cuz they sure as hell aren't taking crime rates into account.

Anonymous said...

**One dreary phenomenon of too many Brazilian cities is the favela, large slums which are effectively ruled by gangs. **

During the last olympics in Brazil, someone here had it on the TV, and when I walked in the room I just happened to catch it as some vapid news reporter was doing a spot where they were flying over the favelas and doing a, basically, chamber of commerce pitch for them. Like it was the most normal thing in the world. I couldn't even believe what I was hearing.

Trying to normalize what they know will be here in another 10 years.

See the entire West Coast. Only I don't even know if most of those people can stay sober long enough to build a corrugated tin shack.

White Trash Hillbilly said...

Heres an interesting tidbit from Time on the Cross: The Economics of American Negro Slavery
by Robert Fogel and Stanley L. Engerman, 1974

"Slaves were exploited in the sense that part of the income which they produced was expropriated by their owners. However, the rate of expropriation was much lower than has generally been presumed. Over the course of his lifetime, the typical slave field hand received about 90 percent of the income he produced."

Something to bear in mind when discussing reparations.