Tuesday, February 8, 2011

#76. The term "Negro"

Negro Mountain will be renamed soon
"Oh my lucky stars. A negro." So says Brendan Fraser's character in the movie Blast From the Past upon emerging from an underground bomb shelter. His character had never seen a live Black person, spending the first 35 years of his life surviving purported radiation from a nuclear war between America and the USSR.

Imagine his surprise at seeing a Black woman, delivering the mail. Oh my stars, a negro!

Black people find this word incredibly offensive, adding it to a long list of words they deem intolerably cruel and in need of retiring.

Negro is a word, like niggardly, black hole, water buffalo,  black ice, the-word-that-must-not-be uttered (nigger), black diamonds and any synonym of "black" that is used with negative connotations that will be banned from usage within the next five years.

We have gone on record as stating that when The White House is deemed an offensive remnant of patriarchal, white society and a non-inclusive term that that is when it's time to consider vacating Black Run America (BRA) completely. A close second is when Stone Mountain in Georgia is forced to remove the massive engraving of Jackson, Lee and Davis upon the side of that  granite mountain.

But first order of business in the march through retiring offensive terms is negro, and all vestiges of this nefarious word must be completely eradicated:
The use of the term "negro" on the government's 2010 census form has offended some members of the black community in the New York metropolitan area, CBS News station WCBS-TV in New York reported Thursday.

The form - created by the
U.S. Census Bureau and approved by Congress more than a year ago - allows people to identify themselves as "negro" during the government's decennial population count for the United States, WCBS-TV reports.

Respondents for the form can check a box identifying themselves as "negro," "African American" and "black." All three terms appear next to the same box.

"The fact that it's 2010 and they're still putting 'negro,' I am a little offended," Secaucus, N.J., resident Dawud
Ingram told WCBS-TV. "African Americans haven't been going by the term 'negro' for decades now. It's really confusing."

Census officials told
WCBS-TV that the term was added to this decade's form after some respondents - primarily older blacks - wrote "negro" on the form in 2000.

But Chanou Wilshire told
WCBS-TV she found the inability to choose one term over another to be "highly offensive."

Negro simply means Black in Spanish. Any attempts to resurrect the usage of the term negro will be met with righteous indignation from Black people desirous of continuing a full-frontal assault on every traditional institution in America that represents Pre-Obama America.

White people once used the term negro when Black people were denied basic rights and equality before the law, something that the descendants of those oppressive white people now enjoy in BRA. Why would Black people want that phrase inserted back into the polite vernacular of white people?

Indeed Black elected are waging a war to remove names from historical records and places that utilize the term negro:
Two proposed state laws could change some Florida place names, replacing racially offensive epithets with names more acceptable by today’s standards. 

The issue divides proponents who say the offensive names are a “needless irritant” and others who fear changing place names will cause us to lose parts of our history. 

State Sen. Steven Geller, D-Hallandale Beach, introduced a bill requiring state agencies and local governments to identify offensive names and find suitable replacements. Local governments would decide which features in their area should be changed. 

Rep. Arthenia Joyner, D-Tampa, has introduced a similar bill in the House. 

“All I’m suggesting is local governments look at potentially offensive names,” Geller said. “They would change them themselves, and I’m not saying the state should dictate changes.” 

 The bills are making their way through legislative committees in Tallahassee. 

The Treasure Coast has four of 13 derogatory name sites in Florida. The names are listed in the Geographic Name Information System, maintained by the U.S. Geological Survey. 

A 1987 St. Lucie County property appraiser’s map shows Nigger Jim Scrub, 600 acres of woods near the Okeechobee County line south of SR 70. A wall map published by a private company in 1988 shows Niggerhead Point on the St. Lucie River in Port St. Lucie, but Negro Cove on the Indian River Lagoon in Martin County. 

The federal government changed such names in 1963 and topographical maps now show Negro Jim Scrub, Negro Head Point and Negro Cut, a water passage near Jack Island State Park. A Web site lists the more offensive names as a variation of the modern ones. 

Whether the “newer” names are acceptable may be a matter for more debate.
“I asked black legislators if Negro is offensive, and they said it is,” Geller said.

In Maryland, escaping to Negro Mountain for an afternoon of fun climbing, picnicking and adventure is about to be a thing of the past. Why? Negro mountain is offensive:
A Maryland state senator said Monday that she has introduced a bill seeking to rename two Appalachian peaks, Negro Mountain and Polish Mountain, citing cultural sensitivities.

State Sen. Lisa Gladden, a Baltimore Democrat, said she was joined by eight other Democratic co-sponsors in offering a proposal that would seek to create a commission to come up with new names by year’s end. She said new names are needed to more accurately reflect the history and culture of Maryland’s western Appalachian region near the state line with Pennsylvania.

Gladden said the name Negro Mountain has bothered her for years.

Yet lawmakers from the state’s mountainous western panhandle said the bill reflects political correctness taken to an extreme by legislators in Baltimore and Maryland’s Washington suburbs.

“It’s just asinine,” Delegate Kevin Kelly, an Allegany Democrat, told the Cumberland Times-News.

The bill revives a debate that last peaked in the mid-1990s when the Domestic Names Committee of the U.S. Board of Geographic Names refused to rechristen Negro Mountain as Black Hero Mountain. The committee found that the mountain’s name was not applied in a derogatory sense.

Supporters say Negro Mountain is dedicated to the heroism of an 18th century black man, though details are unclear. There is little in the historical record on the origins of the name Polish Mountain.

Sen. Jennie Forehand, a Montgomery Democrat, said both Negro and Polish mountains should have prettier names.

“Maybe I don’t know the history of how those mountains got named but I think if they were in my district, I would like to have a name that was perhaps more scenic,” she told AP.

Gladden’s proposal doesn’t include a call to rename another Maryland peak, Big Savage Mountain, but she said she also finds that name objectionable.
To Black people, everything about America is culturally insensitive. The American flag flew over slavery a whole lot longer than the Confederate flag and one day a movement will be made to create a flag that denotes our vibrant diversity.

Playing the consummate victim is vital to improving the collective fortunes of all Black people and deciding that any and all references to the term negro constitute grounds for censorship is but one front of their continued, unopposed march through sanitizing American history.

"Oh my lucky stars! A negro." In future showings of Blast From the Past on network TV, this line will be scrubbed clean, because it is incredibly culturally insensitive.

Stuff Black People Don't Like includes the term "negro".  They had a league of their own and it was called the Negro Leagues, but this fact utilizes a term that is on the outs in BRA. Better climb Negro Mountain while you still can.


Desiree said...

Negro is an outdated term and it is not so much offensive as it is, well, stupid and outdated!

It is best used, in my opinion, to refer to blacks that like Tomming for Whitey. No point in educating you people about how Tomming is not synonymous with 'acting white', the ridiculous term used to denote a black who is educated, etc., and that a Tom is a vicious sellout who is too ignorant to realize his time as Whitey's lapdog will be cut short the moment he tinkles on the carpet.

A Tom is a waste of space and, ultimately, is not really desired by the whites to whom he desperately clings. These people are more likely to find the end of pi than be swayed by a racial reality check...

And 'Negro Mountain' is the place we should bury these Toms. It can stay, despite it's inflammatory title, if we decide to use it for what it should be used for: a burial ground and/or sacrificial spot for confused and deluded 'Objective Black Man' and Uncle Ruckus-type negroes.

Long live 'Negro Mountain', the place where Uncle Toms and Aunt Tomasinas go to die. What the hell, the rest of the non-black minority Toms and Tomasinas can be taken there, too...

Hirsch said...

Does anyone know what the word mayate means? I used to hear Mexican guys in the Army refer to blacks as this, perhaps written as mallate. I am clueless over the etymology.

Anonymous said...

Of course, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and United Negro College Fund can stay. Those aren't offensive because they represent gibs me.

Anonymous said...

"Acting white" is a term used by blacks as a put down towards blacks who value education and try to assimilate into a (mostly) european style society. Whites don't use that term. If DWLs and race huckster blacks didn't push their lowest common denominator agendas down our throats and most blacks were able to assimilate, this site wouldn't even exist. A "Tom" is a phony and nobody likes or trusts a phony . Negro means black in spanish...Negro is short for negroid, the classification under which blacks fall just as whites are caucasion. Who's the biggest posturing phony and token Tom(asina) here? Probably someone who is of mixed race and cannot bear it. Someone who used the term "good hair" therefore revealing their deep-seated angst and neurosis concerning a fixation on desiring another races hair, though they may burn their own natural hair off in the process. Someone with a quarry-sized boulder of self loathing, victimhood, and confusion on their shoulder. Someone who uses this site as a mirror in which to scream at their own reflection. Someone whose own inferiority complex is so overpowering they must constantly insult/belittle people here even as they seek our approval, a pat on the head, anything(!). Seek some counseling before you self destruct. To save her from any more embarrassment I won't name her but she(and we)know of whom I speak. It's okay to feel ashamed girlfriend, you are only human after all. Calm your rage and accept yourself.

Anonymous said...

I've driven over Negro Mountain many times. It's in-between DC and Morgantown, WV and I don't think many Negroes live in the area to be offended by the odiously named hill. The Polish Mountain is right next to the Negro Mountain but I don't think the Polish are ashamed of their ethnic background and have nothing to gain from making a spectacle of themselves.

In fact Poles have an average IQ of 105, which is 20 points higher than the average American Negro and they also produce some of the world's most beautiful women that sport their own natural, God-given hair. Keep Polish Mountain and allow the Negroes their next small victory in renaming a pile of dirt and rocks. Negro Mountain isn't responsible for low IQ, violent, belligerent, dullards but maybe renaming it will help.

Desiree said...

@ Anon at 8:23PM:

Wow! Were you talking about moi? I hope you soaked your hands after typing that screed.

By the way, you can have whatever opinion you'd like about my alleged tightroping over the abyss of insanity but two things you need to get clear about:

1. I am not self-loathing. At all. Especially regarding race. Actually I have been accused of narcissism due to this over-flowing of love I bestow upon me and my skills. The purest love of all is love of oneself. And I am talking about true, deep, thank-you-mom-and-dad love.

As one my favorite singers sang: 'I'm not cocky/I just love myself!'

2. I don't chemically treat my hair, nor do I shellack it in weave glue and slap horse's asses on my head to make it look 'white'. My hair is in the state nature intended: black. I don't even straighten it outside of trimming my ends. And it is good hair, not 'good hurr' as in 'You gots you some good hurr, Des.' No, 'good hair' in that is it mine and it is healthy. By virtue of my white and native American ancestry, yes, it would be considered that abominable phrase 'good hurr'. But I cannot control that.

Get it? Got it? Good.

Leaving a comment on this site is like something to do during homework. No need to psychoanalyze me because I am not the one with the problem.

Get on Hirsch or Objective Black Man or Paco Nacho or one of these Asians that come on from time to time if you want to bash some minority for being self-loathing...

Desiree is the wrong target, boo. Many try, but they always fail... that's how the cookie crumbles.

Anonymous said...

This is an example of typical black behavior. In the 40s and 50s blacks insisted they be called negros rather than the hated N word. Then in the 50s to 60s they wanted to be called colored. Then in the 60s to 70s colored wasnt acceptable any longer and they insisted they be called black. Then of course never being able to be happy with themselves, in the 70s to 80s they insisted they be called afro americans. Then they proclaimed that that was also racist and we ended up with african americans which seems to have stuck around longer than any of the others did.

The funniest thing about all of the terms listed was that blacks actively sought to be identified by those terms before later claiming they were racist.

This just shows how easily outraged these thin skinned hypocrites are. Use any excuse to complain and accuse others even when what you are complaining about is your own creation.

Anonymous said...

"Negro Mountain isn't responsible for low IQ, violent, belligerent, dullards..."

Amen Brother.

Blacks love their mythology.

As if changing the name of Negro Mountain will magically create success in the black community.

As if putting low IQ black children in sparkling new schools with state-of-the-art amenities will magically create learning.

As if moving welfare blacks to new town homes with faux granite kitchen countertops will magically eliminate pathology in the black community (thank you, Obama!):


Anonymous said...

"Someone with a quarry-sized boulder of self loathing..."

We all know the deal here, Objective. We have already had this discussion with Desiree. She will never admit it to herself, but she has become our little poster child of black self-loathing, she hates herself and all black people.

She is constantly seeking the attention and approval of whites, which is why she continues to post here. She does not get our approval, which makes her crazy. She has been rejected by her own people because of her constant need to act white. She is afraid of losing her black membership card if she gives in and assimilates peacefully. She can not find a place to belong since her own people have rejected her.

Anonymous said...

"Long live 'Negro Mountain', the place where Uncle Toms and Aunt Tomasinas go to die. What the hell, the rest of the non-black minority Toms and Tomasinas can be taken there, too..."

Oh yes, and Desiree shall always provide us with the perspective of the "sassy black woman" in order to put us in our place. I can see her chicken necking as she writes her rants.

Anonymous said...

"Use any excuse to complain and accuse others even when what you are complaining about is your own creation."

Just like spoiled rotton little children.

Anonymous said...

"Negro is an outdated term"

You don't get to decide what's outdated.

Understand, negro?

Anonymous said...

"1. I am not self-loathing."

Denial is more than a river in Egypt.

Anonymous said...

"Actually I have been accused of narcissism due to this over-flowing of love I bestow upon me and my skills. "

No shit? Hard for me to believe this.

Anonymous said...

"Actually I have been accused of narcissism due to this over-flowing of love I bestow upon me and my skills. The purest love of all is love of oneself."

More on the over inflated black self-esteem.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe Desiree is full of self-loathing. I think she is, as she states and as are the vast majority of blacks, smugly full of conceit, bravado and self-confidence. Blissfully unaware and unable to see themselves through the eyes of others, intellectually incapable of introspection, humility or grace.


Anonymous said...

Desiree acts white all day, every day.

She comes here to act black, her daily nigga moment. And she does it so well. She's our mascot Stepin Fetchitiqua.

Anonymous said...

Desiree, your time has been cut short.

You have tinkled on our carpet too many times.

John said...

Anonymous says: "This is an example of typical black behavior. In the 40s and 50s blacks insisted they be called negros rather than the hated N word. Then in the 50s to 60s they wanted to be called colored. Then in the 60s to 70s colored wasnt acceptable any longer and they insisted they be called black. Then of course never being able to be happy with themselves, in the 70s to 80s they insisted they be called afro americans. Then they proclaimed that that was also racist and we ended up with african americans which seems to have stuck around longer than any of the others did. "

The tendency for nearly any denotative word for negroes to become a slur (even "nigger" was originally neutral) has to do with the referent of such words.

But vituperatives for white people just don't stick. We are damn near impossible to insult with racial slurs. This is only partly due to temperament, imo. (see http://hbdchick.wordpress.com/2011/01/25/bunch-o-gelotophobes-snicker/ for example) and as much of the reason at some level knowledge of how ridiculous it is to for a NAM to attempt to racially insult European peoples. It is kind of like Snoop Doggy Dog saying "that Beethoven, he ain't shit". How could anyone take that serious?

Anonymous said...

"A Tom is a waste of space and, ultimately, is not really desired by the whites to whom he desperately clings."

Sounds like you're describing yourself, Dizzy Ray.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. Yes the bait I left was quite irresistible, wasn't it Dezzie? By claiming it you claimed it. I know, it's just too easy to push her buttons. She's still babbling on about her hair, loving herself (complete with delusions of grandeur app.), chubby face, blah blah blah....There's no need to explain sweetie, we already know. Here's a pat on the head and a cookie. "Intellectually incapable of introspection". That's a bingo!!

Anonymous said...

No negro. What about jigaboo, spook, porch monkey, splib, golliwog, sambo or those still not OK? I still hear niggers calling each other nigger - so it must be OK.
If negro isn't allowed what is the NAACP going to change itself to? united negro fund?
What's next to erradicated the word white?
Once afros run out of an axe to grind ... and then what? Without the great victim race what would we do?

Anonymous said...

The dumb bitch Desiree in the comments to the Pepsi Max post used the term, "lighten up". Now there's something you can't say to a Neegro that won't take the curl out of their hair!! Blacky is always looking to be offended when by their very presence they are offensive in a multitude of ways. We have an area in rural PA called Spook Hollow. I would change the name to something like Jigaboo Valley. However I am considering suing Keeblers and Nabisco for their continued use of the word CRACKER! How dare they. I am so offended!

Anonymous said...

As A truck driver I have driven over Negro Mountain on I-68 in Western Maryland many times. I make sure I pull off and take a piss there.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Just bring back the term Porch Monkey...

Anonymous said...

What about jungle bunny, spear chucker, shadow smurf, spade and coon? How did they get the tern moon cricket - is that one gone too? Is there a hand out something that should be coming out every week to update us?
When does a african american become (the n-word) - when he leaves the room.

Douglas said...

For all you people responding to desiree, it would be much easier for you to simply ignore her. It doesn't add much to the comments section. Google "Troll".

Anonymous said...

My across-the-street neighbor was a pretty cool old black lady...she had a great porch that she used a lot. There were swarms of grandchildren, great-grandchildren, great-great grandchildren and perhaps further generations always running around in her yard, crawling on the porch, screeching and squalling. Some of them lived there, and some of them were just there after skoo and when they's mama's wuz goin' out to da club to get dey freak on. But there were always at least 8-10 of them, and sometimes a couple dozen. Mrs. Greene would sit in her rocking chair and watch them, and yell and scream at them, "Tyrone, you foo' powch munkee, you get back here fo' I jerk a knot in yo' neck." "Tarqueesha, git of' yo' cuzzin. You's beez too young to be up to that mess." She called them little niggers too, but I loved to hear her calling them porch monkeys. Especially as she sat in her apron in her rocking chair. On her porch.

D J said...

In response to the "mayate" question: this is from the Urban Dictionary website.

"literal definition is a dung beatle. little black beatle that rolls shit everywhere it goes. it's a derogatory term used in spanish slang to refer to dark skinned people."

Anonymous said...

"I'm a colored spade, a nigga', a black jigga,a junglebunny, jigaboo, coon, pickininny, mau-mau, Uncle Tom, Aunt Jamima, little black sambo, junk man, shoe shine boy, elevator operator."

Anonymous said...

Hair: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical circa 1967 . . .

Anonymous said...

There's a state in Europe called Monte Negro, I guess they are all negro-phobes. But most racist names can be found in ...Kafrika: one is republic of Niger, the other one is F.R.of Nigeria. These negroes from the Negroland are really shameless.

TER said...

Loving all the anonymous comments. There's nothing more heart-warming than an anonymous bully.

Anonymous said...

TER, There is no rule on this blog that states you have to post our name/URL.

Are you the comment police? You can also post as anon if you like, no one is stopping you. What do you care how we post?

Posting as anonymous makes it more difficult for our resident negro commenters to sling insults after reading an enlightening post.


tcullen said...

Would colored people be offended by the following rewrite of the Flintstones theme song?

"Negroes, I love negroes.
They'e my favorite minority!

From the steamy jungle, to the crime infest ghetto streets.

Watch'em, as they dribble down the court.
They are, good at almost every sport!

Negroes, they're the negroes, they're a liberal sacred cow clan.
They dance so very well man!
They have a really groovy time!"