Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lazy? Who you calling Lazy? Black South Carolina Lawmaker calls Black people Lazy

Black South Carolina state senator calls Black people lazy
In the Brave New World of 21st century America, the dwindling white population will enter the battle for ethnic solidarity battle royal that Black people have been dominating for quite sometime. Hispanics are late-comers to this battle, but they will begin asserting themselves with increasingly tenacity in the coming years.

All of this could have been avoided with immigration reform. Even the Model Minority will unquestionable enter this struggle, which could lead to an inevitable second civil war.

Across the nation, individual states are debating enacting laws similar to what Arizona passed. South Carolina is holding a debate on illegal immigration and one Black lawmaker decided to let this beauty slip:
As an Arizona-style immigration bill moves forward, debate today is focusing on a Charleston senator’s comments about the unwillingness of Americans to do dirty work.

Sen. Robert Ford, D-Charleston argued against the bill by saying it would frighten away "Mexicans" when South Carolina needs Mexicans to perform manual labor.

Ford said neither blacks nor whites were willing to do the difficult jobs in South Carolina.
He said Mexicans would be needed to help build the Boeing plant in North Charleston.

"I know brothers -- and I’m talking about black guys -- they are not going to do the dirty work at Boeing, to do that hauling and all that building, the dirty work," Ford said. "A brother is going to find a way to take a break."

He later made a comment about "blue-eyed brothers" also not wanting to work hard.

"Ever since this country was built, we’ve always had someone else come in and do the work for us," he said.
Black people are lazy? This coming from the lips of a Black lawmaker is sending shockwaves through not only South Carolina, but the entire Black community. Obesity rates aside, Black people aren't lazy.

They just chose to not do work that Mexicans will gladly perform, such as building new subdivisions in far-away suburbs where white people retreat to so that they can send their kids to "better" schools. It's a vicious cycle, but an incredibly funny one to watch. Funny in a tragic way.

White people flee Black-run major cities and Mexican day-laborers build the homes. Researchers at LSU found a link between Latino employment and Black urban violence (and societal decay), but few wish to confront the growing Hispanic lobby.

Not every Black person can be a barber, and the other vocations with the highest Black participation aren't what we would consider intellectually stimulating.
Here are the jobs with the highest Latino percentage of employees:
1. Graders and sorters of agricultural products—58.0%

2. Drywall installers, ceiling tile installers, and tapers—56.6%

3. Cement masons, concrete finishers, and terrazzo workers—51.5%

4. Helpers, construction trades—48.6%

5. Roofers—47.7%

6. Miscellaneous agricultural workers—45.7%

7. Packaging and filling machine operators and tenders—45.1%

8. Carpet, floor, and tile installers and finishers—44.5%

9. Construction laborers—44.2%

10. Hand packers and packagers—43.7%
In 1964 America was 90 percent white and 10 percent Black. Now Latinos comprise the bulk of the new population growth in America and represent 18 percent of the United States population. Blacks have dropped to roughly 12 percent.

Will Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) ever decide to abandon their favorite object of affection (Black people) for an upgrade in ethnic value?

Regardless, is Sen. Robert Ford correct in calling Black people lazy?


Hirsch said...

Illegal immigration is displacing American blacks faster than whites. Certain enclaves in LA around Hawaiian Gardens and the Rampart district that were once over 80% black are now close to 90% Latino. Not only that, but periodically kites will be flown in from Corcoran and other super-max prisons with shoot to kill orders dispatched to La Eme foot-soldiers: a little practice known as "duck hunting" wherein any adult black male, whether or not he is wearing gang colors, is targeted.

Whatever one's personal feelings about American blacks, they've been in this country for hundreds of years. Patrick J. Buchanan and Jared Taylor are right. We need a moratorium on all immigration, legal or otherwise, until we clean our own house. Hugo Chavez is in the process of a Castro-style flushing of the proverbial toilets onto this nation.

You may think it is cheaper to pay an illegal to do dishes for $5 under the minimum wage. But at least 50% of those non-taxable wages make their way back to his country of origin. And if Pedro happens to slice his finger in the process of cutting an onion and has to go to the hospital, the cost is eaten by the taxpayer. Ditto if he decides to beat his wife and the court-appointed translator has to make an appearance.

Either pay American laborers an equitable wage to build the structure, or don't build your damn airport. Hoffa was cremated decades ago. Someone send in the teamsters.

Anonymous said...

Black people and po' whites would do those jobs if there wasn't a permanent safety net waiting to catch their lazy asses. Mexicans destroy blue collar labor markets and their presence has stagnated wages in all of those listed jobs.

Cry me a river said...

Even Vicente Fox said the blacks were lazy. Even though most Mexicans are for the most part hard working. They're pieces of shit. In their off hours they bitch about the "Pinche gringo" not giving amnesty.

Blacks who live close to Mexicans are more likely to be against illegal immigration than someone who lives far from it. Like Al Sharpton.

It makes sense that their should be an alliance. But the cultural gap is huge. Even though some hispanics like to act black (fucking cholos) they want nothing to do with black people. And when hispanics and blacks do interact they bump heads.

Just another dent in The Rainbow Coalition.

Desiree said...

Whatever one's personal feelings about American blacks, they've been in this country for hundreds of years.

This is totally correct, which is why this site is ridiculous. Why target black people? The ones who helped build this damned place.

White people love black people, regardless if you 'think' you hate us. You don't. Oh, yes, white people will call Asians the 'Model minority' until they start taking your jobs...everywhere.

Oh, you people may harp on Latinos as being better than us, until this country really is Amexica. One Maria Tortilla is nice, but not a million of them who can't speak English and won't learn.

But black people? You don't have to worry about us... You think you do, but you don't. Tyrone and Laqweeta typically stay in there own neighborhoods and when they do come into your 'world', they usually are 'palatable', for lack of a better term. Only anal-retentives make a fuss.

At the end of the day, black people and white people are BFFs. You think we are the worst of your problems? Really? Think again.

If you choose wrong, you guys will be working in sweatshops one day, stitching your own Dungarees, instead of poor Asians. You people will be forced to speak Espanol and busting your ass for little pay building some Latino's house.

Black People? Heh, we'll look like a blessing then--Old Familiar! You'll be missing our smiling Sambo faces.

But, if you choose wrong, we'll just join the coalition and that'll be the end of Whitey.

Don't ever forget this.

Anonymous said...

If I had a dollar for every time I heard a small business owner complain about the lazy black brothers I would be a rich man today.

Blacks don't own shit because they like to "not know" things. If you claim to own something, then you become responsible for it. If it fails, it is your problem. Blacks only have to say "I didn't know..." in order to avoid any scrutiny or personal responsibility.

"I didn't know I had to pay property taxes AND insurance too!"
"Nobody told ME I had to have keep a good credit score!"
"I didn't know I had to provide my own transportation!"
"I could not get a ride at seven in the morning!"

Once black people start "knowing things", they have to "do things" and blacks don't like to anything that leads to profits for the Man. This is an important cultural value in the Black Community. The #1 goal for most blacks is to pull the rug out from under whitey and his establishment. He only stifles himself in the process.

Watch this for better understanding of this unique black thinking style:

From the Field Negro blog:

"7. BLACK PEOPLE ARE LAZY-Wrong wrong wrong.

Black people have no incentive to work because we don't own shit. We figure we are working to make someone else rich, and we are always going to get paid just enough to keep the company profitable. It's why so many black folks work for the post office.

We figure if we are going to work, it might as well be for a someone we pay taxes to. At least we can say we own some of the federal government, and we know that if it's not profitable they won't fire our asses."

whitetrashgang said...

No white people dont like blacks,they really really do not.Although your house negro Barry really likes illegal immigration good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

"Why target black people?"

What a dumb fucking question.

Anonymous said...

"You people will be forced to speak Espanol and busting your ass for little pay building some Latino's house."

Black people sure do love their mythology. This sounds like a comment from a desperate woman. Latinos and blacks will never realize a superior status over whites. You must have more faith in the perseverance of the white man, and stop wishing for his demise, Desiree. Your life is so much better with YT in control, trust me.

Whites will never be ruled by brown people, never, never. It is not in our genetic makeup.

What you say is like saying that one day the black man will magically "rise up", become civilized and run the world. Crazy talk. Won't ever happen if you factor in those pesky little things like IQ, ability, and natural pathology. Black men cannot even manage to run a black family or a household budget, let alone an entire nation.

DGB said...

Wow, look at all the 'white males' on the Most Wanted list in Texas ;)

Anonymous said...

For me, it is not an either/or decision. It's not a "choose the blacks/choose the browns" situation.

Why do you think we humans are looking for habitable planets? I'll give you a hint: For the same reason that Obama cut funding off to NASA ... He knows as soon as we can leave we will. And guess what, Ms. Desiree, you people aren't invited. Keep the Earth. It's yours. Earth sucks anyway (too many blacks).

The Engineer

Sheila said...

Desiree, child, despite your harping on your "high yalla" mother's purported Stanford education, and your supposed higher ed credentials earned by virtue of your intellect and not your color, please go back to second grade grammar and learn the difference between "there" and "their." My 11-year-old could help you, if you find it too taxing.

Let's see if I understand your last polemic clearly: Whites actually love blacks and need them because otherwise the Asians will take our jobs and the Latinos will take what work is left, and Whites will be subservient to all people of color, unless we celebrate our hidden love of black people in which case we'll be . . . subservient to all people of color. Oh, and if we fail to celebrate blacks enough, our race will be destroyed.

I really would love to be around when you reach your nirvana of a world without White people, child, I really would. Once the electricity stops and the running, potable water dries up, I think your celebration would be cut a little short - I think an old joke I heard illustrates your future perfectly. An old black was walking on the beach and found an old lantern. He rubbed it, a genie came out, and granted him three wishes. First, he wished for a million dollars. Poof - he had a million bucks. Next, he wished he was White - poof - there he was, as white as rice. Finally, after a bit of thought, he came up with his last wish. "I wish I never had to work another day in my life." Poof - he was a nigger again.

The moral is, be careful what you wish for, child. Oh, and be careful before making threats that you cannot make good on. Still, you never fail to amuse. Now you may proceed to screech another racial screed - I'm certain some will feel compelled to respond, although I have responsibilities to attend to and my amusement at you has its limits.

Anonymous said...

Do any of these negroes - gang bangers to sports stars to bidness men to Charles Barkley's to rev Al's - ever take a look around? Do they ALL really not see that blacks have done NOTHING in the entire history of the world?

Do they really not see that yes, Whitey is kowtowing and Stockholm syndroming his ass as fast as he can to elevate them to positions they can't succeed in and hopefully placate them?

Whites made America and the world amazing places with all the "stuff" we have created out of nothing but wild ideas. Blacks have created not a damn thing, but are now being elevated and placed in positions as our betters, simply to try and keep them from doing any more damage, any more violence, than they naturally do.

It's comical (in a very sad way). Whites vacate a place - say, Detroit (or any neighborhood, or country even, etc) - and leave it all to blacks to run. It immediately goes to shit. This happens everywhere blacks "run" things. EVERYWHERE. There is NO example where blacks run things that isn't garbage. They really do not see this?

They, including the negro idiots who comment here, really don't see the difference between Katrina & Haiti, and Tennessee & Australia? Really? How the different populations handled disasters? Really? They are proud of the black response? Really?

Bull shit. They know they are being GIVEN everything - none of it deserved - by scared Whites. They know without Whites, they are almost instantly doomed in ANY endeavor. They know slavery was the best thing that could ever have happened to them.

Blacks are garbage. Period. They and we all know it.


Anonymous said...

Read this from "Arrest Proof Yourself" by Dale C. Carson, which explains the "JIT" feral black males from the ghetto:

extremely lacking in socialization, decent society is a foreign concept
grow up without family structure, feral males, no culture, no boundaries
unpredictable, mostly vagrants, homeless, wandering, live in the moment
values affront society, evoke fear and disgust
clueless, unorganized from birth, no values, goals or skills
no sense of time, dates, past or future, only living in the moment
pre-cultural mental organization at best, no sense of days
seek pleasure only, impulsive, hunter-gatherers in a postindustrial age
normally can not read or write
wander on foot from place to place
lazy, will not work, transient, chronically late or absent
live in a "pre-moral" world
steal and hurt people, often will spend time in jail, petty criminals
no sense of regret or remorse, no value placed on human life
abusive to animals
sell and ingest recreational drugs
"bad shit just be happenin' to me" mentality
when electricity gets cut off, time to pay the bill
when car gets towed, time to get to the repo lot
when rent is due, wait for landlord to come knocking
when life gets tense, snort up, drink up, light up and get mellow

Very interesting read. Explains a lot about the criminality of the black underclass in America.

Anonymous said...

Seven SC legislators voted against the immigration reform bill. Among them, all six of the black members. Apparently Ford wasn't alone in his thinking.

The SC and Charleston naacp are woofing about Ford calling blacks lazy. All he did was tell the truth. I've been in construction in SC for over 20 years. Other than maybe a road paving crew, I never see any blacks doing ANY kind of construction work. Toothless, Busch drinking, Marlboro smoking, meth smoking, whiteys aren't exactly swarming job sites any longer either.

Mexicans have taken over, and, contrary to popular belief, they don't work cheap anymore.

Steve said...

BRAVO!! Sheila! Very well said.

South East Asian said...

LOL the black senator is right.

Do you see black men braving the hot sun doing manual labor? They would rather stay unemployed than sweat like a dog for a hard day's work! (exclude asians and whites as both groups of people are mainly office workers)

Stuff Black People Don't Like said... conducted a poll that they claim showed that Black people don't think that Black people are lazy (so says the article headline).

However, the poll shows:

Poll Question: A Black lawmaker recently said Blacks don’t work as hard as Hispanics. Do you agree with that statement?

* Yes 26%
* No 47%
* Somewhat 27%

Is that not 53 percent who don't say 'no'?