Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pepsi Max Super Bowl ad vs. State Farm Commercial: Black couples in Advertisement

Editor' ths note: Two Black Fictional Month Heroes will be inducted tomorrow. Time for a quick thought

We live in a world so bizarre that it's sometimes difficult to come to terms with what could possibly come next. Inevitably a new story will break, one that seems so outlandish that it must be fabricated. But it's not.

For a day or two the blogosphere (right-leaning, left-leaning, centrist, Black-centric) will discuss this next shocking story, but only a minority of people will know about it and fewer will remember it in a week. Therein is the curse of being one of Those Who Can See (TWCS).

Once your eyes have been open to the reality of Black Run America (BRA), everything changes. Each news story highlighting a horrible murder, robbery, crime, rape that fails to include the picture or description of the suspect is an automatic ndicator that the perpetrator is Black.

But why would the Disingenuous White Liberal members of the media dare hide the color of crime? The same reason that throughout the entire nation, white people still live around other white people. It's one of the not-so-secret facts of life that Black people commit a disproportionate amount of the crime in America, which is why white people tend to flee cities that become depressingly Black (OneSTDV discusses the recent video recorded attacks on white people in Richmond by Black people and illustrates this point beautifully).

Most people tend to suppress this fact, willfully believing the noble lie that the reason the Whitopia they live in is peaceful because of the "better" school system it boasts.They understand exactly why they choose to live among only white people (or upper-class Black people deciding to surround their family with positive images of other Black people, a dwindling diaspora amid a growing underclass of Blacks), but feign incredulity whenever this fact is brought up.

The problem is this; Once one becomes part of the TWCS, being then able to spot stories that fail to register on the radar of most people becomes both a curse and a blessing.

At a Super Bowl party two nights ago, conversation turned to a commercial that showed two Black people flee the scene of a heinous "drive-by Pepsi-ing" of a white girl. A few people laughed at the Pepsi Max commercial; I sat in stunned silence.

I was stunned into silence not because of the "reverse-racism" from Pepsi, but because they tried to show a Black girl attempting to maintain the emaciated look by drinking a low-calorie soft drink. No, that's not true, but this article nails it:
Will advertisers ever get black women right? We've asked this question before on The Root. (Remember the KGB commercial about black women and extensions?)

This time, it's Pepsi who jumped into the fray. The ad features a black woman -- who only says about five words, including "Pepsi Max, zero calories" -- as she reprimands her boyfriend/husband as he does things she doesn't approve of. She kicks him, puts soap in his mouth and dunks his head in a pie. The "angry black woman" stereotype continues.

Oh, and just wait until the white girl shows up ...

Look, it takes a lot to offend me. But why in the world did Pepsi decide to make a commercial, paying $3 million in the process, for a spot that State Farm already did better? Oh,wait. Have you not seen the State Farm commercial with the nerdy Black guy and his pretentious, bickering Black girlfriend?:
The latest ad in State Farm's "Magic Jingle" campaign (via ad agency Translation) is generating some debate over its portrayal of a black couple—specifically, the nagging, obnoxious girlfriend. While few are calling the ad racist, several viewers have commented in blogs and on Twitter that it perpetuates a negative image of black women as finger-wagging ball-breakers. Critics probably have a better case to make here than with the Duncan Hines debacle, but that's not saying much. While the State Farm ad clearly plays to stereotypes, I'd argue they are the same stereotypes we see across all advertising, regardless of race: Guys are dumb and ugly; women are shrews.
The reality of Black Run America is undeniable. The DWLs in charge of BRA have decided that implementing a nationwide freeze on actually improving the prospects of innovation is wrong and instead pursued a policy of Waiting for Superman as vital to the prospects of a prosperous future.

Any advertisement offending a Black person, from Hallmark to Duncan Hines  is grounds for a national temper-tantrum  and an immediate cease-and-desist protest campaign. Demands for monetary solatium will assuredly follow.

Think about this: what were your reactions when you saw the Pepsi Max ad? Most normal people who saw it laughed. Black radicals watched, horrified such Black stereotypes could be shown.

Right-wing white people saw it and immediately thought of the uproar that would have accompanied the commercial had the races been reversed. Knowing how often Black people engage in Beat Whitey night around the country, this commercial was just too much to handle.

We at Stuff Black People Don't Like had a different reaction. Once you move into the ranks of TWCS then everything you encounter in life is seen through different glasses. The agenda of those pushing BRA becomes clear and the finality of what is coming is, well, obvious.

Conditioning white people to accept their subservience to and cultural dominance by Black people in BRA happens every day via television. Sports perform this task, commercials as well. Black fictional heroes do a good job too.

Still, the State Farm commercial beats the Pepsi Max ad handily. For one thing, Black people don't like car insurance, though it could be said by looking at rates of obesity that Black people don't like diet soft drinks either.

In the end, we'll just have a Coke.

It's a bizarre world that we live in and once you join the ranks of TWCS it gets even worse.


Anonymous said...

Woman throws hot grease on her boyfriend, but the names are omitted.



Anonymous said...

This follow-up story tells us that one of three shooting victims has died, but offers no names or descriptions of shooters or victims.



Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

But of course Black people found this ad offensive!


Sheila said...

We only watched a bit of the Super Bowl at our house, and I saw neither of these ads. My jaw dropped at the Pepsi one - the beat Whitey agenda couldn't have been more blatant. And you say blacks are finding this offensive? The mere fact Whites aren't raising a stink about this says more than I care to know about our race's decline.

Anonymous said...

SBPDL - Here's an interesting article about the underrepresented conservatives in social sciences.
Oh yeah, Go Packers.

White Guy said...

"A few people laughed at the Pepsi Max commercial, I sat in stunned silence."

Me too ... me too.

White Guy said...

Blacks are going to be the death of this country.

Instead of reconstruction, a period where blacks assumed governmental power and destroyed everything, we should have put them on reservations and let them govern themselves. Instead, our white guilt conned us into giving-up our birthrights to savages who acted as such.

SBPDL: a post about reconstruction is something blacks would not like - think Detroit in hyper-drive with blacks attacking whites ... a little known, well hidden fact, courtesy of BRA.

Anonymous said...

I often wonder who is behind these types of ads...the company itself of the PC zombies on Madison Ave. Why go out of your way to appeal to .4 percent of the population while offending a MUCH higher percentage in the process. Take for instance the Lexus ad over the Christmas holidays. They have used white couples for as long as the series has run. I can understand trying to appeal to a specific market, but why not use a light-skinned black couple? Again, why go out of your way to be offensive when you are trying to sell something? I thought the whole idea was to portray your product in the most positive light possible? The American advertising industry is putting ideology over profits for perhaps the first time ever. There is no way that showing this constant Black male/White female sexual innuendo is driving consumers to purchase anything. I read that several stations in South Georgia refused to show the Lexus ad. I'm glad there are still a few principled station owners left. Whenever I see it, I go to the company's web site and send them an email expressing my disgust and my intention to never buy anything they are selling again. I know it's probably a drop in the bucket, but I want them to know that there is someone out there who is negatively affected by this drivel.

When those in power have an agenda, there is no stopping it...and the power of the Mass Media is unparalleled. However, even for the agenda driven media this is REALLY over the top.

Steve said...

I absolutely agree with what White Guy said. The truth of black failure is everywhere!! It's the giant elephant in the room no one dares discuss. The destruction of Rhodesia and South Africa are prime national examples. The death of Detroit, Saint Louis, Gary and others are glaring examples of black rot in America.
Blacks do not create, they feed and destroy. They have no ambition other than to scam on more DWL for trinkets and favours.

They are not "the white mans burden" they are the white mans cancer.

Anonymous said...

You guys ain't gonna believe this one!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I watched the Pepsi ad once. Did I get it right—she was aiming at the man and hit the white woman by mistake? The horrible part was that the couple, seeing her injured, ran away. That's extremely offensive. The ad agency people are monsters.


Desiree said...

That Pepsi ad is hilarious. Not so much the white girl getting hit, but that ad execs are ballsy enough to show what would really happen if a black woman saw her man looking at a white woman.

Damn... all of this anger over a white girl getting hit by a refreshing beverage?

Talk about a patriarchy! It's a commercial. She'll live; a white damsel on the ground will be rescued soon enough. No one is going to help their 'victim'. That's life. It's not like babies were being eaten. Lighten up.

Desiree said...

That State Farm 'new' black couple is hot! I want to live across them! X-D

See, again, what you have here is realism in ads. The funny ones are the best. That is how black women act (bust those 'nads, girl--love it!), unless they are a part of the sugary-saccharine-sweet subset of us, like my mother.

More black people in ads, and not just the ones on BET. If Black Run America is real, they need to put us on TV more, and not drinking Kool-aid and acting like Madea. I want to watch a black version of Todd Solondz' (my FAVE director, ever) 'Welcome to the Dollhouse'. I should write it.

Some of us (*me*) live that life. Not all of us are gangbangers and babymommas...

Anonymous said...


"Think about this: what were your reactions when you saw the Pepsi Max ad? Most normal people who saw it laughed. Black radicals watched it and felt utter horror immediately that such horrible Black stereotypes could be shown."

I'm one of those people that laughed. if you notice some of your "radical" white brethren are just as butt hurt as the "black radicals", if not more.

Anyone who claims to be offended by what was displayed in the Pepsi commercial, but is a fan of the great Always sunny in Philadelphia is a lying hypocrite.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

I was far more offended by the Richmond beating than the Pepsi commercial.

White Guy said...

"It's a commercial"


It's propaganda aimed at the biological, cultural and genetic destruction of the white race.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

The Richmond beating was insane. Insane. The power of BRA to completely censor this story is undeniable.

Had this been white guys videotaping a beating of a Black person, the guilt would have been firmly placed on EVERY white person, re-distributed for maximum effect.

Any white-on-Black crime becomes fodder for DWLs to showcase the evil of whites. Any Black-on-white attack is just an isolated case of "youths" engaging in a bit of frivolity.

Fayette White Guy said...

I immediately thought of you when I saw this commercial. It made me sick, and like your experience, most around me laughed. I could only shake my head.

Anonymous said...

Desiree lets her primitive inner self shine through once again. For all her self-proclaimed urbanity and education she, like almost all blacks, have only the thinnest veneer of civilization, thanks solely to living amongst white people. Beneath this beats the heart of a unevolved savage beast, ready to erupt in violence at the slightest of provocation, real but mostly imagined, and completely devoid of introspection and responsibility.


Desiree said...

@ White Guy:

It's propaganda aimed at the biological, cultural and genetic destruction of the white race.

LOL! You sound like a black radical, on opposite day, of course. Not really surprising since you read 'March of the Titans'.

Indus Valley was white, y'all! Genghis Khan was white! Ancient Native Americans were white, too! What a silly book...

Says a lot about how you look at the world.

@ Northlander:

That comment took a little too much energy. Calm down, Adolf. You don't know a thing about me.

White Guy said...


You clearly have not read the book, so why do you posit like you have? Why don't you actually - read it - so you can write from the positions of responsibility and authority.

Anonymous said...

This commercial is not just about angry black women(potrayal)it is trying to also send a message that also off the black men diet should be white women (something he wants but not supposed to have)? and that the white woman is thought to be the center of attention. Why shouldn't he give his full attention to the woman in his life who is trying to keep him from being a diabetic, hypertension etc. and maybe of course a diet pepsi? Just a thought....

Anonymous said...

Diarrhea...actually, the comment took very little energy on my part. A couple of minutes of my time and the ability to rationally and lucidly observe were my sole investments. Sadly, the latter part of what was necessary is beyond your grasp.

Northlander, or Adolf, if you prefer.

Anonymous said...


Regarding Solondz:

What did you think of the black incarnations of the Aviva character in Palindromes?

I am rather shocked that you like this director's work, and I am now pretty sure you are a full-fledged cracka.

Anonymous said...

Damn... all of this anger over a white girl getting hit by a refreshing beverage?

Talk about a patriarchy! It's a commercial. She'll live; a white damsel on the ground will be rescued soon enough. No one is going to help their 'victim'. That's life. It's not like babies were being eaten. Lighten up.


Desiree really hates white women. Can you imagine the babble she'd spew if a commercial showed a vapid blonde gal chucking a soda at an aggressive "strong proud nubian queen"?


Percy Kittens Reloaded said...

Right on schedule....Sheila Jackson Lee condemns Pepsi-Max commercial from the floor of the House:


Jeffrey of Troy said...

Discovered your website a month ago, been very enlightening (and sometimes funny.. stepping over the dead body to "get to the tasty chicken" LOL).

I saw the Pepsi ad during the SB; I just thought it was the typical man-as-stupid-child BS we've all become so desensitized to, but then the end really pissed me off. I am not a Conservative, I just love the truth.

A black woman hitting a pretty, skinny, blonde white woman in the head - knocking her out cold - and then her and the (black) man running away. That is totally unacceptable. This is a totally perfect opportunity for us to draw the line. If they call us sexist, say "F@#$ YOU". If they call us racist, say "F@#$ YOU."

Don't try to convince anyone, just stop taking it in silence like a doormat.

And no, Desiree, NA(Black)WALT... but MOST are.

Desiree said...

What did you think of the black incarnations of the Aviva character in Palindromes?

I am rather shocked that you like this director's work, and I am now pretty sure you are a full-fledged cracka.

Solondz has made less than a handful of films and all of them are beautifully written with so much candor and realism. If I made movies, it would be in this way. 'Cracka' or not, I am in love with these films as they feel like my life on screen, just made Jewish and add in some odd characters and odd situations.

It's like what is in my head. Love it.

I've never seen someone write awkward so well.

I was just talking about Palindromes the other day with a relative and I was remarking how brilliant and wonderful that film was. One of the most genuinely and deeply funny films I have ever seen.

I have no problem with the black girl in the beginning (who couldn't act worth a damn) and the big black woman later on as Aviva.

It was just brilliant. Hysterical. (I'm redundant with the word 'brilliant'.)

In Storytelling, one of the female characters in the first vignette goes on a superbly written monologue at Selma Blair's character about I think what you people would call a 'DWL', or a superficially 'tolerant' white person.

Solondz wrote that himself. My jaw was on the floor at how observant he clearly is, how dead-on the analysis.

Fucking brilliant films. Look how he dealt with the pedophile father in Happiness. No one would lend such humanity to a 'monster'...

Simple and truthful, what can I say.

Anonymous said...

What about the professor in Storytelling?

Anonymous said...

The first thing that struck me when I saw the Pepsi Ad was how the white woman was coming on to the black guy. Anyone else notice this?

Desiree said...

What about the professor in Storytelling?

Storytelling was my least favorite, although the writing saved it. But this is only in comparison to the other films because it's still so raw and funny as hell.

The black professor was an interesting character and the idea of this uber popular black creative writing teacher using his status on campus (as an author) to bed impressionable and almost fanatical white female undergrads is pretty humorous.

But, again, this is the downfall of this film by comparison to the others: I was left with a lot of questions. What was behind his using his status and sleeping with these girls and in sleeping with them wanting them to call him the n-word? We can only make a guess. It's been a while since I've seen the film so am not really in the authority to make a guess as to the 'why' about this aspect of his character.

You'd think that he'd find himself above these girls, seeing that they are in awe of him and, of course, his blackness (remember the 'United colors of Benetton' monologue to Blair's character, who had wrote about a seeming 'rape' by this teacher), yet his wanting these girls to call him the n-word during coitus reeks of what any black would think of as wanting to be demeaned.

It's a lot of dynamics going on there. I wish I could give a better answer but it's been a while since the film.

If you are trying to see whether I believe Solondz's portrayal of this character is 'racist', you shouldn't hold your breath. I don't. As with all of his films, he goes well beyond the stereotypes and is just frank. Everyone is an individual in these films, which is refreshing. He seems to look past color, so characters are just characters, not white characters, black characters, etc.

A white (Jewish) guy can not be myopic writing the monologue that bitch-slapped Selma Blair! Brilliant! He is obviously such a perceptive person. So many people writing movies don't know the basics of human interaction...

But perhaps there are some underlying pathologies to this black professor. But his truism, to paraphrase--"Once you write about something, it becomes a story"--is dead on and true to life, esp. for writers. And he helped Selma Blair to elevate above her normal vapidity to write a good story!

Maybe that's the professor's way of 'helping' these girls, satisfying their almost burdensome curiosity of black/white sex (or destroying it) while ripping them from the psychological and creative prison that is their bland, sheltered, suburban upbringings in order for them to be truthful in their writing.

Just a guess... I wonder why Selma Blair told herself to 'don't be a racist' when she saw the pictures of her white classmate in the Prof's bathroom? Nevertheless, sexual curiosity was too much for her to turn away. The encounter blurred the lines between rape and 'normal w/ kinks', just a lot going on dynamics-wise.

I'll have to re-rent it. It was too short, I thought, but Storytelling and Palindromes perhaps had more subtexts and symbols than Happiness (which is my favorite--suburban despair on steroids!) and Welcome to the Dollhouse (obviously the title says a lot when watching the film).

Anonymous said...

Why are white hot looking girls always portrayed as stupid flirtatious bitches who would flirt with a guy who is obviously with another woman? Anyone want to comment on THAT sexist, misogynistic stereo-type. Hey the angry black woman and the bitchy stupid blond should throw a coke a the guys head and take off together, now that would have been funny!

Dedicated_Dad said...

How is it that nobody notices the REAL sickness here -- the sexism?

How is this "funny"?

Imagine if the genders were reversed, and the man was abusing the woman that way?

Worse, most would laugh at him if he complained!

Domestic violence is **NEVER** funny.


Anonymous said...

I thought the professor was all about degrading the students that he seduced. He made them call him "nigger" because it upset and degraded them, which excited him. The professor was a racist and a sociopath.