Sunday, February 13, 2011

Those Watts Riots.. A Quick Thought on Egypt

In all the euphoria over the successful coup of the despotic Egyptian regime, Richard Spencer over at Alternative Right seems to be the only person in America putting two and two together:
What's most ironic is that when the neocons wax rapturously about the latest "democracy" wave that will soon threaten their autocratic enemies, they seem oblivious to the reality that the United States, too, is in serious danger of facing a mass protest from its underclass. If the welfare checks bounce, or the currency hyperinflates, and hundreds of thousands of welfare-dependent, undocumented, and otherwise down-and-out Blacks and Latinos march on public facilities demanding "democracy" and "regime change," would the senile senator from Arizona do anything but call for the national guard to open fire?   

We at Stuff Black People Don't Like take no pleasure in documenting the collapsing state of Black America, where an economic middle class of Black people was created solely thanks to affirmative action programs that discriminated against whites and an over-representation of Black people in government jobs has led to an increasingly inefficient bureaucracy.

Black Run America (BRA) has ensured that a majority of Black people rely on assistance from the federal government in the form of free school lunches; government jobs; affirmative action in academia and the public and private sectors; welfare; a potential of health insurance; and a number of other government supported programs all at the expense of the American taxpayer.

Billions, perhaps quadrillions, have been poured into the educational sector in a failed attempt to alleviate the racial gap in learning. Each passing day erases one more excuse for its existence, bringing us inexorably closer to the moment few areprepared to admit is upon us.

Through it all Black people have the highest unemployment rate; a reliance on food stamps and heating subsides; an incredibly high foreclosure and mortgage default rate; a high rate of student loan defaults; a high incarceration rate; a high out-of-wedlock birth rate; and worse, an academic, political, media and entertainment milieu that pplaces balem for the persistent failures of the Black community on the continued existence of white privilege, white racism and white discrimination.

Never mind that banks went out of their way to devise elaborate ways to extend to Black people with low credit scores with loans they could not repay. Never mind that every company and government employer values diversity and a qualified (or not) Black applicant over a more qualified white applicant. And never mind the existence of Black Run America (BRA). Never mind any of that, because Black people still believe -- they know -- this country and the white people in it are out to get them.
That few will dare state that high rates of Black-on-white crime might be due to an educational system that highlights every real or perceived injustice that Black people have experienced purportedly at the hands of white people is another tell-tale sign of the power of BRA.
That few will dare state that high rates of Black-on-white crime might be due to an educational system that highlights every real or perceived injustice that Black people have experienced purportedly at the hands of white people is another tell-tale sign of the power of BRA.

We mentioned that Egypt's coup had a social network twist to it, much as Flash mobs and Black riots at department stores have had. It should be noted that Black people use Twitter at a rate far exceeding their proportion of the population. A digital divide is evident now:
Today, as mobile technology puts computers in our pockets, Latinos and blacks are more likely than the general population to access the Web by cellular phones, and they use their phones more often to do more things.

But now some see a new “digital divide” emerging with Latinos and blacks being challenged by more, not less, access to technology. It’s tough to fill out a job application on a cell phone, for example. Researchers have noticed signs of segregation online that perpetuate divisions in the physical world. And blacks and Latinos may be using their increased Web access more for entertainment than empowerment.

Fifty-one percent of Hispanics and 46 percent of blacks use their phones to access the Internet, compared with 33 percent of whites, according to a July 2010 Pew poll. Forty-seven percent of Latinos and 41 percent of blacks use their phones for e-mail, compared with 30 percent of whites. The figures for using social media like Facebook via phone were 36 percent for Latinos, 33 percent for blacks and 19 percent for whites.

A greater percentage of whites than blacks and Latinos still have broadband access at home, but laptop ownership is now about even for all these groups, after black laptop ownership jumped from 34 percent in 2009 to 51 percent in 2010, according to Pew.
In BRA, all news stories that highlight racial differences must always show Black people at a disadvantage. That Black people choose to use the Internet for pursuits far different than white people is obviously another form of digital racism.

That Black people have yet to voice their opposition to a government that capitulates to their every demand can only be described as a faithful obedience to Mein Obama. Were a white guy in the Oval Office, more Black people might be upset, though under Obama's watch Black people continue to have high unemployment and are forced to gather 30,000 deep in a bid to get on a waiting list for Section 8 Housing in Atlanta. 

When one thinks about those devastating Watts Riots in the 1960s, it is shocking to consider what those commissioned to study the riots reported. Entitled Violence in the City: An Ending or a Beginning? the report concluded with this:
After the riots, then Governor Pat Brown named John McCone to head a commission to study the riots. The report issued by the Commission concluded that the riots weren't the act of thugs, but rather symptomatic of much deeper problems: the high jobless rate in the inner city, poor housing, bad schools. Although the problems were clearly pointed out in the report, no great effort was made to address them, or to rebuild what had been destroyed in the riots.
What will be the catalyst for the next riot? A people who rioted in Los Angeles in 1992 over the acquittal of cops who beat a menacing, habitual Black criminal and who when act as jurors routinely side with Black criminals that have been suspected of murdering white people (which is why Black people are not chosen as jurors often) have allowed themselves to be blinded by the idea Mein Obama looks out for their best interests.

Black people have been hit hard by the economic recession of 2008 and show no signs of recovering. The problems that birthed the Watts Riots are all around us, yet Black people find using Twitter and Internet for more vain pursuits then demanding income equality, jobs and an increase in entitlement programs a suitable endeavor.

We at SBPDL agree with Spencer at Alternative Right: The Black underclass time bomb, if they were properly led by a motivated cadre of leaders, could explode at any moment and bring many major cities to a stand-still.

Black Run America (BRA) exists to placate Black people at every turn. What would happen if Black people started demanding more, using social media to hold mass protests for jobs, to riot in support of an end to a racist penal system, to march in demand of more entitlements, of more handouts, in Atlanta, Cleveland, Baltimore, Newark, Wilmington, the District of Columbia, Gary, New Orleans, Detroit, Jackson, Chicago, St. Louis, Birmingham, and hundreds of other majority Black cities and towns?


South East Asian said...

So yeah people always talk about muslim this, muslim that. But once the problem of influx of muslim immigrants is stopped via legislation, will people have the balls to talk about the black urban ghetto terrorist?

Anonymous said...

Chicago is not majority black. The current mayor did his best to avert such a calamity by making the residential areas surrounding downtown amenable to upper-middle class living and being
a big cheerleader for Mexican illegal immigration. Also, the high-rise projects were torn down and the denizens given Sec. 8 vouchers to take to the suburbs.

Harry White said...

If black people started holding protests and riots for "freedom" in America, Haiti part 2 would happen in quick fashion. Just like the Civil Rights movement, most (not all) black people don't plan for continuity beyond what they deal with now.

They can blame it on slavery/colonialism/Jim Crow or any other excuse but people don't plan. Ethiopia is a prime example of a country that was never adversely affected by "outside influences" (read: white people) and still is a shithole.

For all the Afrocentrism fans that harp about knowledge and "blacks-were-first", it's a damn shame that even centuries ago, blacks wouldn't help blacks.

Oh well, let the SWPL whites deal with them.

Anonymous said...

@ Harry, too true man. I had to have an armed guard on a school trip in rural Kenya. Reason Why? Neighboring tribes, rather than plan ahead would steal cattle from each other if supplies went low. This resulted in a perpetual inter-generational beef with each other.

Desiree, you dont see that level of poverty in your eastern european shit holes that you've brought up in the last couple of posts. 20 yrs after the fall of the Berlin wall, Eastern Europe has got richer. 20 years after the release of Mandela Africa is just as poor.

Anonymous said...

"Desiree, you dont see that level of poverty in your eastern european shit holes that you've brought up in the last couple of posts"

Dear Anon, you are only pushing your white thinking style on poor Disaree. Her brain just does not function the way your brain functions. Let me save you some trouble.

Don't you know that blacks are able to live in complete oblivion regarding the facts? They shelter themselves from cold hard truths that might compromise the huge self-esteem of the black preferred class and the little black children. She can just close her eyes, tap her heels together, and every negative in black existence just magically disappears.

Poof! No more black criminality! Poof, no more black abortions! Poof! All blacks are married with children. Poof! All blacks are middle-class, purchase stocks, and have biology degrees. It is the art of black story-telling.

She is able to produce her own magical, more colorful and flattering "facts" from thin air. She can say made up things about black inventions, black success in business, black marriage and middle-class status, anything and everything that will support the over-inflated ego of her people. Ask Disaree and you will find that most black men are married, working hard, and properly supporting their children and are also THE most responsible citizens in America.

Wonder if she can go Poof! to create food, housing, heating assistance, and free cell phones for her black people when the gravy train stops running in a few years? Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

"Insurrection by Hoodlums"

Well said.

Anonymous said...

I think it's time to reread the Cato Institute "Money And School Performance:
Lessons from the Kansas City Desegregation Experiment"

The Engineer

Anonymous said...

Sorry, off topic but...

Goodbye today to one my few remaining white neighbors, who moved their newborn baby, two cute beagle dogs and all of their belongings out of a home that sold for $30,000 less than they purchased it for 5 years ago. I am sad to see their happy, friendly, neighborly, decent, normal smiling white faces go away.

Such a crime, the filth and ugliness that they had to endure on a daily basis for five long years. Sorry that they were driven away by underclass rot next door and on all sides. Sorry that they had to endure the four unrelated black male criminals living next door selling drugs and liquor, stealing tools from my good neighbor's garage, trespassing on their property, and squatting like animals in their long-dead black relative's house.

Sorry that they were exposed to nasty black prostitutes yelling in the windows, weekly police presence, and the sound of random gunfire. Sorry that they were exposed to such darkness, I hope they recover from this experience.

I am sad that like so many ambitious hard-working white families, the dreams they had for a big old home and family have wilted away into deep regret for ever taking the chance on this black cesspool. Sorry that they have lost so much of their savings and will have to start over again with a small child to care for.

I hope they find a white nirvana up in the suburbs, where they can walk their dogs and children in peace and quiet, chat with neighbors the fence, jog in the evenings, enjoy safe schools, and not be embarrassed to have their white friends and family over for a summer cookout. Where they won't have sub-human miscreants for neighbors.

I wish I could follow them, and I will soon, but I am stuck here for now. I feel bad for all of the white pioneers in gentrifying black neighborhoods, but I am especially sad today to see another lovely white family go.

Porter said...

That was a poignant comment, 1:55. There is a name the left gives to those who lament the lost beauty of our cities and who long for the peaceful idyll you envision. That name is Adolph.

Anonymous said...

So we're still pushing our US control of foreign governments under the guise of "democracy" agenda. That's just par for the course. While the ruddermans away our own ship heads for the rocks.

Anonymous said...

"That name is Adolph"

So call me Adolph.

Billy Blanks said...

@ Harry White

"blacks wouldn't help blacks."

And and hundreds of years ago whites would'nt help whites either? Whats the difference?

"Ethiopia is a prime example of a country that was never adversely affected by "outside influences" (read: white people) and still is a shithole."

Wrong. I'll assume you mean sub-Saharan Africa. Its actually growing at over 5% every year. (

Nigeria's economy for example doubled from 2005 to 2010 to $374 million LOL! Ethiopia will grow at 12% this year according the TheEconomist!

Try getting the facts first next time bro.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


Come now. Let's be honest about the growth of those African nations.,1518,733870,00.html

I wrote a long piece about China's colonization of Africa...

Billy Blanks said...


First, the dailymail is not a reputable and objective source of news.

What exactly the point of dumping articles with no explanation as to what your argument is?

The fact remains, African economies are growing, regardless of what has spurred it, and their growing fast. Nigeria alone will be in the top 30 economies by GDP size by 2030.

There are also several (sub-saharan) African countries (botwana, mauritius,gabon) with GDPs roughly equivalent to the average eastern european country.

Marv said...

Portrait Of The 1985 Handsworth Riots - Pogus Caesar - BBC1 TV . Inside Out.

Broadcast 25 Oct 2010.

Birmingham film maker and photographer Pogus Caesar knows Handsworth well. He found himself in the centre of the 1985 riots and spent two days capturing a series of startling images. Caesar kept them hidden for 20 years. Why? And how does he see Handsworth now?.

The stark black and white photographs featured in the film provide a rare, valuable and historical record of the raw emotion, heartbreak and violence that unfolded during those dark and fateful days in September 1985.

Samir said...

A well balanced yet surreal documentary- plus some heartfelt photography.