Sunday, February 6, 2011

Update on SBPDL: Year One - Capital Campaign

The original target date for releasing SBPDL: Year One passed. A new date is set: 2:21:11.

Help us make 2011 the best year ever at Stuff Black People Don't Like
A version of the book we hope will be approved by the publisher is currently under review. If all goes well, the book will be available on and other outlets within in the next two weeks.

Two things:

1. A press release is being finalized that will be released early in the week to a number of media outlets. Consider sending the link to the release to friends; posting it on other Web sites, forums, message boards, news stories, etc. The best publicity comes via word-of-mouth. Help us out. Send a link to this Web site to a friend.

2. We've only done one capital campaign before, but need to go ahead and start another campaign. If you value Stuff Black People Don't Like and would like to help this site continue its growth (plus offset the costs of marketing the book) please consider making a donation. You can go to either a secure link here (Paypal) or contact SBPDL here and we will supply you a PO Box number. We appreciate whatever you can give.

Any donation you can give will go to the worthy cause of educating the world on the Stuff Black People Don't Like. SPBDL: Year One promises to be an interesting book, but the two projects that will follow within the next two months (both books) require a lot of editing that takes us away from other pursuits. Thus the need for a capital campaign.

Those people behind SBPDL have full-time jobs that require 50-60 hours a week and this Web site is a joyful avocation that is done in our spare time. Consider your donation an investment in helping bring SBPDL to the world.

Any donation over $50 will get you a copy of SBPDL: Year One signed by the author. Send an email confirming the address you wish the book sent to upon making the donation.

Thank you so much for reading Stuff Black People Don't Like. We appreciate your loyal readership and hope you enjoy SBPDL: Year One. Thank you in advance for any donation you can give.


Anonymous said...

I'm tight on money right now (should change in a couple months with new career opportunity). I always click on the ads here because I still want to support SBPDL. When I get the income I will buy the books without hesitation.

Post Suicide said...

I hope your book is a huge success. I value this site I just don't have a job right now. I'm glad you guys take time out of your busy schedules to do this Web site.

Anonymous said...

No comments on Youngstown State shooting yet?

Anonymous said...

3 people shot, no names, no description of shooters or victims. Strange...

Anonymous said...

Youngstown shooting - Braylon Rogers and Columbus Jones - what race do you think they are? If they were white you would have seen pictures and a description of their race the day that it happened.

Anonymous said...

SBPDL, you will be receiving my contribution via PayPal very soon.

Dallas Mayor Pro Tem gave dog torturer Michael Vick a key to the city. Of course, he has no authority (yet)to present ceremonial keys to the city, but he fucking did it anyway. He didn't give a damn. He thinks Vick is a good role model for children. The key piece of information that the article fails to mention: HE"S BLACK. (AND RULES DON"T APPLY TO BLACKS.)

Desiree said...

Youngstown shooting - Braylon Rogers and Columbus Jones - what race do you think they are? If they were white you would have seen pictures and a description of their race the day that it happened.

God, you people are really psychotic.

I live in Las Vegas and if some shit hits the fan and the suspects are minority, they will show them.

Matter of fact, the local news channels in Vegas will show everyone. Lots and lots of Latinos.

You are right, Braylon Rogers and Columbus Jones sound like they are probably black (Columbus Jones is an awesome name, by the way), but do you really need a picture to tell you this?

I don't think you do. Granted, images are a more powerful tool when it comes to brainwashing innocent white children into the ideologies of hatred, but come on now...

Anonymous said...

"Braylon Rogers and Columbus Jones sound like they are probably black"

As always, you're missing the point, you fucking idiot.

Multiple reports of 12 people shot at a college fraternity OMITTED names and descriptions, and even omitted the name of the fraternity.

Perhaps if you'd read before you comment, you wouldn't make a fool of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Columbus jones is an awesome name? Having a pioneer explorer's second name as your christian name and a bog standard Welsh surname sounds crap.

Better than DeShawn or LeBron though.

Why do Blacks prefix names with De le la etc?

Anonymous said...

"Why do Blacks prefix names with De le la etc?"

The single-greatest motive to most black behavior is being "anti-white".

Whites get married, then have children. Blacks have children and don't get married.

Whites emphasize education. Blacks take pride in being iliterate.

Whites teach self-responsibility. Blacks teach blame-whitey.

Whites name their kids Steven, Michael, or William. Blacks name their kids LaQuantis, Taqualen, or DeMontre.

Black people love being black.

Anonymous said...

"The single-greatest motive to most black behavior is being "anti-white"."

White= smart, successful, organized, powerful, stable, modest, decent, fair, democratic, and civilized.

Blacks do exactly the opposite of all of these things.
This is the most important thing that white people need to realize. Blacks exist to "not be white" to their own cultural destruction. Anti-assimilation is the cause of so called black poverty. Blacks are always "a day late and a dollar short."

Blacks as a group have never been able to live as free men, and they constantly search for opportunities to enslave themselves. They are terrified of the concept of freedom, and they hate whites because they walk as free men. This will never change. White people have to stop funding this madness.


Think that nicely dressed black guy at work likes you? He is seething with hatred because you are stingy and racist. Think that black woman is grateful to the American white taxpayer for her subsidized housing and food? Hell no, she hates your freedom and wants what you have without working for it. Think that nice black lady at the post office is there to offer you friendly customer service with a smile? No way. She is there because the man made her get a job serving white people like you. She goes home and warns her children about the white devil.

The "cycle of poverty" is completely self-inflicted by blacks. It is the most important factor causing black pathology. Blaming whitey is so much easier than taking responsibility for your failures. If blacks would assimilate into the dominant culture, they would be able to become more independent. That will never happen. Blacks are hateful, spiteful, callous, revengeful, and violent toward whites.

Desiree said...

Columbus Jones sounds like a kickass black explorer. Maybe from a blaxploitation movie. Kicking ass and getting ass. So cool!

Whites name their kids Steven, Michael, or William.

Or Jimmer, or Jeb, or Bif.


Anonymous said...

Steven, Michael and William are all solid christian names. They will get more replies when they send out their resumes.

Hmm Does one employ Stephen Andrew Williamson or LeBron Tyrell-columbusiqua Greene?

Hirsch said...

"Blacks exist to "not be white" to their own cultural destruction."

A good example of this would be a trial that happened a few years ago in DC. The suspect was black and on trial for murder. There were eleven whites on the jury, and the case looked airtight. The verdict "not guilty" was read and the suspect fell over the back of his seat in jubilation.

A few weeks later one of the jurors caused a scandal by admitting that he and the ten other whites had allowed themselves to be browbeaten into voting "not guilty" because the black activist foreman had given lectures about "white privelege" and the inherent racism in the justic system.

The freed black man went out and killed again. This time he was convicted. In both instances, his victims had been black. Think about that long enough and you will be able to comprehend the meaning of true self-destruction.

Anonymous said...

"Or Jimmer, or Jeb, or Bif."

Yes Diarrhea, there are whites with unusual names, but they are the exception, and you know this.

If you have nothing substantive to add, please STFU.

Anonymous said...

we are conditioned by the media in "other" parts of the USA to not expect accurate descriptions of black perps, only whites. Let's think about some recent shootings, shall we? Let's see, Tuscon? We certainly know everything we want to know about Jared Loughner, don't we? Other school shootings? Columbine? Virginia Tech? We know everything about the shooters at those places; as a matter of fact, those stories were pushed endlessly. Youngstown State? Nothing to see here, move along... Most newspapers do not even report it. Too bad you cannot see. We watch one crime drama after another with white criminals and then see something totally different on the nightly news. Why is that?

~AV~ said...

55.00 was paypal'd to you...can't wait to get my signed book! WOO HOOOO love this place! CD in Houston