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The Truth Must Not Be Set Free: A Look at Charlie LeDuff and Mark Binelli's Recent Books on the Demise of Detroit -- a now 90%+ Black City

Charlie LeDuff stares into the black abyss of 90% black Detroit in his book -- and closes his eyes from the truth
The impending, imminent, inevitable collapse of 82 percent black Detroit is the primary subject of two recent books: Charlies LeDuff’s “Detroit: An American Autopsy” and Mark Binelli’s “Detroit City is the Place to Be: The Afterlife of an American Metropolis.”

Of course, the sad fate of one of America’s former achievements – it was known as the “Paris of the West” – is nothing more than a horror story of immigration: replacing the population that built, sustained and created the conditions in a civilization (the hated Historic Majority Population of America – white people) with a population (blacks) that was attracted by those very conditions, ultimately becoming the dominant population of city and doing nothing more once in a position of political power then preside over the ruination and destabilizing of said civilization. 

LeDuff tells us this about the “Great Migration” of black people to Detroit:

During Detroit’s great expansion between 1920 and 1960, nearly half a million blacks came north from the cotton fields of the South as part of what is known as the Great Migration. Detroit was seen as the Promised Land, where a man could buy himself a house with a patch of grass, just as long as he had a job to pay for it. (p. 43)

What LeDuff fails to point out is that 100 years ago, Detroit was nearly 100 percent white; it was white people who had created the jobs, thriving economy, and conditions ripe for middle-class expansion that drove the black migrants to abandon the South and head North for the proverbial promised land.
They wanted a piece of the pie. 

And the black population did explode in numbers and overall percentage of the whole in Detroit, so much so that after the 1967 Black Race Riot in Detroit, white flight from the city became a white tsunami into the outlying suburbs in Oakland and Macomb County. 

Blacks would take hold of political power in Detroit with the election of Coleman Young in 1973 and never look back; and as LeDuff painfully admits, the fortunes of the city took a turn for the worse with this act of electoral racial vengeance. LeDuff tries to come off as a blue-collar everyman, but a story from a VFW hall while sharing a beer with his brother, Frankie, shines great insight into true character:

Detroit reached a peak population of nearly 1.9 million in the 1950s and was 83 percent white. Now Detroit has fewer than 700,000 people, is 83 percent black and is the only American city that has surpassed a million people only to contract below that threshold.
The blacks wanted out of the ghetto and now the whole city’s a ghetto,” said the blue-haired bartender at the VFW hall… Young ruined that city.”
Frankie was smiling at the bartender. “I guess that depends on who you’re asking,” he said with a dismissive wave of his cigarette. “And which side of the Eight Mile you’re standing on. Blacks might think you ruined it when you left without cleaning up your mess.” (p. 44-45)

It was the conditions white people created in Detroit that attracted black people to the city to begin with; now, black people have been in complete political control of the city for 40 years, and the conditions they have created there are attracting absolutely no one. Indeed, as LeDuff notes, the city is losing population. 
That LeDuff would include this anecdote in his book, simultaneously revealing both his disdain for the whites who fled the city and the source of the ruin of Detroit (hey, LeDuff claimed his book was an autopsy – it’s more like the Warren Commission on the JFK Assassination, with the “Magic Bullet” theory sitting in for the real reason for Detroit’s Demise: white people left) , is a perfect lead into the only interesting story from Binelli’s boring tome.  
Binelli writes how blacks waved to white vacating their city in the early 1970s -- today, blacks threaten riots as whites try to bring financial accountability to the black metropolis

Raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Binelli is that white liberal with trendy accolades on his resume the New York intelligentsia loves to promote; a writer for Rolling Stone and a SWPL white guy who has no problem blaming white racism for the collapse of Detroit. 

Here’s his take on the black takeover of Detroit:

When I was growing up in the eighties, though, the riots were still invoked with the compulsive regularity of a fresh grudge. This was in the suburbs, of course, where the grudge was not always expressed politely, and where even today, blame for Detroit going off the rails harks back to that distant summer [PK NOTE: the 1967 Black Race Riot that Life magazine dubbed “The Negro Revolt”]. Meanwhile, across 8 Mile Road, an entirely different oral history had been passed along. University of Michigan Professor Angela Dillard, a black Detroiter whose research focused on racialism in the African American religious tradition, told me, “The black middle class, in some ways, has good narrative about the riot. My uncles talked about how they stood on the border waving at the white people leaving, then bought their homes! It wasn’t such a terrible thing when these people who had been terrorizing us for decades left.” (p.112)

Considering that white people were the only ones providing tax revenue to the city and keeping property values healthy in Detroit, you have to wonder what Professor Dillard is smoking.
Alien Nation: Thy name is Detroit

 Tamar Jacoby notes in her 1998 book “Someone Else’s House” that ‘By the mid-seventies, Detroit was heavily dependent on outside aid: everything from block grants to the food stamps that sustained one-third of its residents. And with more than half the state’s voters living in the white ring outside of the town, [Mayor Coleman] Young depended on them to support the crumbling city not just with their business, but also with their taxes and by electing a generous state government.” (p. 310)

Detroit City was the place to be, but the afterlife of an American Metropolis is nothing more than the great warning of what happens when replacing a population that built, sustained, and created the very conditions/social capital for a civilization to thrive is replaced with a population via immigration (and the ensuing conditions these new migrants import with them: high crime, blight, disruptive children who impede the public education process, etc.) that had nothing to do with the founding, building, or sustaining – let alone the maintaining – of said civilization. 

What Binelli and LeDuff can’t admit in their tales of Detroit’s demise is the extreme correlation the city’s collapse has to what VDare has dubbed “The National Question.”

Just as the conditions the Historic Majority Population of America – white people, just as in Detroit – created in the United States are still the envy of the world and attracts people who drop everything to migrate here (legally or illegally) to get their slice of the American Dream; when too many black migrants finally drove away whites from Detroit, they drove away the American Dream and instead, created the authentically black American Nightmare of the former Motor City. 

Detroit is the ultimate city that illustrates the folly of both immigration as a source cheap labor (Henry Ford, that great capitalist, invited blacks to Detroit to work in his factories and drive-down wages from union members), and an open-border policy. 

Nearly 100 years to the date when Detroit had a 100 percent white population, the 82 percent black population of Detroit can’t cough up enough tax money to keep the lights on [Left In The Dark: Copper Thieves Rob Detroit Freeways Of Light, CBS Detroit, 2-17-13]:

The Michigan Department of Transportation says one-fifth of the lights along freeways in Metro Detroit aren’t working — and copper thieves are mainly to blame.
 “We are responsible for about 5,500 light poles and also about 5,000 individual lights that are installed beneath overpasses,” MDOT spokesman Rob Morosi told The Detroit News. “Right now we’re estimating 1,100 outages to those poles for a number of reasons.”

The lights are out in Detroit City. But judging from Binelli and LeDuff’s take on the fall of Detroit, perhaps this is the city where Peter Brimelow’s fictional white family from his proposed last chapter of “Alien Nation” should have been set. 

And that civilizations complete collapse is nothing more than a powerful lesson in the failure of open borders and the toleration of unlimited immigration because of the cheap labor it provides. Demography is destiny, and eventually the civilization that attracted blacks to Detroit in the first place was toppled. 

Once in power, they presided over the dismantling of that very civilization. 

The answer to the National Question is in the ruins of Detroit.


Anonymous said...

OT: Stuff Black People Don't Like: National Parks

National Park Service Deputy Director Claims Black People Don’t Like National Parks Because of Slavery

"Mr. Fearn also stated that it is morally wrong to take inner-city kids out and show them the grandeur of nature and then return them to the city without giving them any tools for improving their own neighborhood."


Dan said...


Blacks are an Entropic Function in the cosmic equation written by the devil.

Mr. Ken said...

A shame for sure. But the city is lost, let's face it. Now, the plan is not to try to save it, but use OUR tax dollars (or not) to take care of our own. I believe any effort to turn detroit around would be like flushing money down the toilet.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if this is really a lesson on immigration. The blacks who destroyed Detroit were already in the U.S. (unfortunately). I'm against open immigration but a Detroit full of Asians, Arabs and Hispanics would be more civilized than one full of blacks. Perhaps they would be more likely to retaliate against black racism as well.

Anonymous said...

Termites serve a function by recycling fallen trees back to earth. Think of this as recycling old leaky sewers, pot-holed roads, cracked sidewalks, aging power lines, crumbling factories, asbestos filled buildings and lead water pipes back to earth.

Anonymous said...

I just read that the negro mayor of Detroit, Dave Bing, is opposed to the state of Michigan's takeover of the failed city.

To which I say: why not just abandon the city? Let the negroes figure it out for themselves without the help of the state they hate (but hilariously require to survive).

Anonymous said...

hey paul royal oak dude here these stories boggle my mind did charlie boy think those cops following him around the city were to protect him from the hordes of savage white detroiters, and does mr binelli really belive that white folks fleening that cesspool for their lives are responsable for the mess the city is in , paul i dont say these words out of hatr its just the truth black do not create they loot and destroy like all the plagues of egypt i weep for my childrens future god help us all ..

Anonymous said...

Trial junkie here. Do Binelli and LeDuff make their homes in a black neighborhood in Detroit?

Anonymous said...

I'm going to cut LeDuff some slack. I listed to him on NPR the other day and he was pretty critical of Detroit and its prospects. They had the head of the local NAACP talking about the potential of Detroit if only they had this or that. The host then asked LeDuff what he thought about what the NAACP guy said. He pretty much called it a bunch of nonsense.

I mean the guy used to work for NY Times he can't come out and say Blacks destroyed Detroit.

Anonymous said...

Blacks invading Israel saying whites must learn to share:

nordic caucasoid said...

if all whites (no-DWL's) left earth on shuttles, the blacks would still find away to blame us! they can't do it on their own. Scourge is a word I was thinking, then it hit me. more like the new Black Plague! Godspeed&Segregation!!!

Californian said...

National Park Service Deputy Director Claims Black People Don’t Like National Parks Because of Slavery

It's worth reading the article to get an insight on what the bureaucracy is up to these days of hope & change. Consider this passage from the aforementioned paid public official:

Mickey Fearn says the reasons run deeper than money and geography. He’s worked in American parks for 46 years and is Saturday’s keynote speaker. Here is one unexpected reason: The wilderness evokes some grisly images from American history — black slaves being hanged and lynched by their masters.

How many black slaves were hanged and lynched by their masters? And how many of those hangings and lynchings were done in the wilderness? For that matter, how many blacks today do not go to the national parks because of these alleged images?

(And if this were the case, then logically blacks would not try to move into white cities given the grisly images of segregation and police dogs.)

Insofar as this fellow is paid public servant we can consider such absurdist statements about blacks and the wilderness to have a stamp of official party line on them. I'm tempted to call it an Orwellian rewriting of history to serve an ideological purpose. But it's really right out of MAD magazine.

Inmates running the asylum and all.

“African American people feel safe in cities and less safe in nature,” says Fearn, who is black. “Preserving wild places is a white concept, going back to Rome.”

A "white concept?" I thought race-is-just-a-construct? It says something that a high muckety-muck in the National Parks Service informs us that there are inherent differences between the races.

As for "preserving wild places," there is sooooo much which can be done with that statement. For starters, one might ask how blacks are at preserving civilized places, such as Detroit, Birmingham, Gary, etc.

The comment section of the article is also worth reading. Looks like race realism is breaking through on another front.

Anonymous said...



Was he AA at JHH?


Bogolyubski said...

I see Paul is starting to address some of the questions I raised in the previous thread about how Detroilet - already dead by 1976 - was artificially propped up for three solid decades as a zombie. As I suspected, the answer lies in the transfer of taxpayer funds collected by the state and the regime in DC to the black hole of Detroilet. A black hole is really the perfect metaphor too - even light is sucked in by the endless depravity well of dysfunction - exemplified by the two DWL books of lies on the city. While old Detroit was the "Paris of the West", today's Detroilet is the "Black Hole of the Great Lakes".

I saw a statement by Michigan's Repuke governor mentioning how he wanted to cooperate with the local Detroilet bigmen - typical Repuke - in handing over more tax dollars extorted from whites elsewhere in the state. If the Repukes, who control 60% of the MI state legislature, were an actual opposition party instead of a controlled fake opposition party, they could make a deal with the local bigmen which would benefit the rest of the state by concentrating all of MI's section 8 housing in those vast empty sectors of Detroilet. Cities like Muskegon, Grand Rapids and Benton Harbor could export their own growing black holes to the big black hole in the SE corner of the state - with an eye to eventual secession from the state. Detroilet could be its own state - better yet its own country.

Anonymous said...

“The black middle class, in some ways, has good narrative about the riot. My uncles talked about how they stood on the border waving at the white people leaving, then bought their homes! It wasn’t such a terrible thing when these people who had been terrorizing us for decades left.”

Anyone notice that "narrative" doesn't necessarily have any connection to "what happened"????

The current inhabitants of Detroit have either made up,or-more likely-have been provided...

A narrative that makes them feel a little better about themselves. Not the truth of what happened. A narrative.

Your uncles weren't being terrorized by anyone,you moron. Your uncles had been handed an opportunity,which they proceeded to toss in the corner,and upon which they then urinated.

Your uncles,or people who your uncles either passively or actively supported,took the goose that laid the golden eggs,and chased it out of the pen and off the farm. And you're too damned stupid to figure out why-after being beaten with sticks,and after being pursued by a mob intent on wringing its neck and cooking it-the goose has no intention of returning.

It's the same thing that happened in Uganda,Kenya,Rhodesia,South Africa,Camden,Baltimore,and other locations too numerous to mention. It's the same story every time.

Let's say you have a hypothetical second cousin,who shows up at your house one Saturday evening with a black eye and a sob story about how the bouncer in the local beer joint coldcocked him and threw his ass out into the street for no reason at all. That's his narrative.

You might believe his story the first time. And when he shows up again a week later with a fresh knot on his head and the same story,but involving a different beer joint,there might be a reason to give the guy the benefit of a lot of doubt,and believe him when he says that he was just whopped on the head for no reason.

But after three or four such incidents,you're going to be forced to conclude that your second cousin is an idiot that gets himself into altercations in beer joints. Repeatedly. And that he also has a tendency to annoy the help in these places to the point where he gets solidly whacked on the head and gets thrown out into the street. That-most likely-is what really happens,and what really happens is what has to be evaluated. Not the narrative.

And you might further conclude that you should not,under any circumstances,go on drinking expeditions with your idiot second cousin. Because there's a very good chance that you're going to wind up either in trouble yourself,or paying out the nose to bail him out of whatever mess he manages to get into.

Blacks seem to occupy a place analogous to this hypothetical second cousin. You don't want him coming around borrowing stuff,and you don't,frankly,want anything to do with him. Because he's trouble. Born that way,nothing you or anyone else can seem to do about it,and trying to do anything to help out is pointless and foolish.

Just leave him to himself and let him figure it out on his own or not.

Anonymous said...

The Racial, Gender and Cultural Marxist (aka "New") Left like to refer to themselves as "Progressives". However, their use of the word "Progressive" is an case of Orwellian Newspeak.

If you look back at the true Progressives of the Late 19th and early 20th century you will find that almost of them were apologetically Darwinian Eugenicists. They were pro birth control and pro family planning. They were staunchly anti-drug and anti-alcohol abuse. When they were for public aid to the poor they wanted it conditioned on family planning, personal responsibility and sobriety. To use the language of Charles Murray and Richard J. Herrnstein, the original Progressives were very concerned about not letting the left half of The Bell Curve of the general population, or any sub population thereof, to out reproduce the right half. The early Progressives believed in the advancement of mankind by moving the average and mean IQ, Time Preference, Emotional Intelligence of humanity to the right, by having the best out breed the worst. The early WASP Progressives encouraged the waves of non-wasp European immigrants along with the early black southern migrants to assimilate to American cultural norms and fought to restrict the growth of underclass pathologies and populations.

However, one of the Godfathers of the "New Left" and promoters of the Frankfurt School of Marxism in the USA was Colombia Professor Richard Hofstadter. Hofstadter detested the original Progressives, and any sort of Darwinist or Eugenicist politics but was at the same time later instrumental in rebranding the Racial Marxist Hard Left as "progressive".

What is sad is not just the Hard Left, but lots of nit-wit Conservative INC Bush Republicans, not to mention "Christian Conservatives", have no appreciation for the original "Old School" Progressives.

Love Paul Kersey. But the fall of Detroit is not just about the "Great Migration" and the displacement of Whites by Blacks, however true. It also about a massive population explosion of the Black underclass, the left of the black bell curve. It overwhelmed the black working and middle class, the right half of the black Bell Curve. The destruction by the "New Left" of any appreciation for the Darwinist and Eugenicist policies of the original Progressives, meant that our social welfare programs were re-engineered to facilitate a population explosion of the underclass. Four or Five generation of any underclass out breeding the rest of the population can destroy any city. Truth is Devolution and Idiocracy are as much a potential reality as Evolution, Human Progress and Democracy. And that sad to say goes for any race.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but do a search for "Black Mob Beats Pregnant White Woman."
It happened in Sanford Florida where all the "cibilized" blacks still moan and wail about Treyboon Martin.
If the races had been reversed and a mob of whites had attacked a pregnant black woman, we'd be hearing about it all night and day for months on end.
Yet, from the MSM all we here about this case is

Anonymous said...

An anonymous racist said,
Anonymous said...

Not sure if this is really a lesson on immigration. The blacks who destroyed Detroit were already in the U.S. (unfortunately). I'm against open immigration but a Detroit full of Asians, Arabs and Hispanics would be more civilized than one full of blacks. Perhaps they would be more likely to retaliate against black racism as well.

Being an anonymous racist myself, I believe there is merit in this comment. President Obama's administration can do a lot to remedy the immigrant crisis by providing low interest loans to documentable undocumented immigrants from Latin America, Arabia, and the Pacific rim, to settle into blighted urban areas. Detroit and Birmingham would benefit greatly.

Jay Santos said...

Anon and Californian said...
National Park Service Deputy Director Claims Black People Don’t Like National Parks Because of Slavery

Wow. I'd like to understand the specific dose of psilocybin that this individual has been consuming over the past 20 years.

This position, "National Park Service Deputy Director for Communications and Community Assistance" was created to answer the question of why we don't have more crime and savage violence in our national parks. And once the answer is confirmed, to rapidly increase said violence and chaos.

Here, while Obama is mumbling about releasing air traffic controllers, furloughing border agents and other assorted nonsense, is a likely $180K position, with staff costs, that was created specifically for a negro to do nothing.

Listen folks, we are so f**king far gone in this country. Negro governance is the pillow held over the face of a dying patient - us.

Anonymous said...

When it is all said and done:

I want to live with white people in white cities in a white nation.

Please. That is all I want but WHO THE HELL are these Mehicans and Zulu's to tell me I can not live with MY PEOPLE without them?

My patience is wearing out.

florida said...

I live in a beautiful small florida city, the last couple of years there seems to be more and more blacks. Crime is starting to go up and today as my daughter and I went to Walgreens, we were accosted by a stoned black teenager. He came running up to us screaming in ebonics or whatever the hell it was. We raced inside the store and he took off. Why can't they just leave us alone. Why do they have to follow us and ruin everything?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

When it is all said and done:

I want to live with white people in white cities in a white nation.

Please. That is all I want but WHO THE HELL are these Mehicans and Zulu's to tell me I can not live with MY PEOPLE without them?

My patience is wearing out.

The theory is that the wealth and stability that white America experiences is something that just happens. The belief is that whites do not make white neighborhoods safe, they just are.

Obongo said, "You didn't make that." Obongo forgot to mention that white taxes paid for the infrastructure that white businesses used to "make that."

The theory is that if only negroes could move to the blessed regions that are magically wealthy, then negroes will be wealthy, too.

Obongo and all the other negroid leaders are exhibiting jungle mentality. They believe that wealth is like low hanging fruit that can be had for the taking.

This is why the negroes will not leave whites alone. They believe the wealth is an occurrence to be taken away from whites and given to negroes.

Negroes will not leave whites alone because negroes are creatures of the jungle and whites are creatures of civilization.

robins111 said...

I recently read that Detroit's water department still has a blacksmith on staff, for an estimated $27,000 per year Apparently, his function is to shoe the horses for this department, and the position was guaranteed during previous union negotiations. The person filling it is naturally black, as all the hard jobs go to blacks.

Anonymous said...

"However, one of the Godfathers of the "New Left" and promoters of the Frankfurt School of Marxism in the USA was Colombia Professor Richard Hofstadter."

Who denigrated "conspiracy theories" such as the "magic bullet" Paul alluded to in the JFK assassination.

Anonymous said...

DWLs are already trying to blame others for their mistakes.

Johnny See said...

robins111 said...
I recently read that Detroit's water department still has a blacksmith on staff, for an estimated $27,000 per year Apparently, his function is to shoe the horses for this department, and the position was guaranteed during previous union negotiations. The person filling it is naturally black, as all the hard jobs go to blacks.

Yes, they take the 'good ole boy' network to a whole new ridiculous level, and it isn't questioned... Why? because too many people are deathly afraid of being called racist. The Detroit water and sewer department has 2200 employees, according to a previous article on this site, and a private company has apparently bid to do the same work with 160 people.
It's no fucking wonder the city is bankrupt. I told a friend recently, 'You cant put blacks in charge of anything or they'll wreck it.' His reply was "You're prejudiced!" UGH. Of course I am. From experience. Sure, you can put them in charge of a basketball and things usually work out well, but anything more complicated than that and its truly a wonder how inept they can be.

Fortunately, the current global financial malaise is helping white guilt evaporate faster than ever. More and more people are waking up and losing patience with waste and incompetence. Some things will not change any time soon and should be accepted, and probably triaged and cordoned off. Detroit is fucked, so is Haiti. Oh well. All remaining efforts should be to prevent the spread of the dysfunction or disease. Maybe they will magically fix themselves. (suppressed chuckle)

We are all one big human family, just as they are one big sub-human family. The sick joke of the civil rights movement, is that the stupid niggers have been tricked into shunning all white efforts to civilise them in favor of self-oppression. You just can't make this shit up.

panjoomby said...

a book could be written about it all ignoring race completely - looking at only the mean IQ, as it dwindled from 100 a century ago, to maybe 75 or 80-ish now. that's a huge drop for a mean IQ. or to be PC, use a proxy for IQ like reading scores on the Iowa Tests or whatever...

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Michigan

Anonymous said...

You would THINK by now that white voters would be sick and tired of paying for this kind of monstrosity...a good purge of the Michigan legislature is in order

Anonymous said...

Detroit: Once You Go Black, You Don't Come Back!

Anonymous said...

And as a corollary, the received wisdom from our moral and intellectual betters, the crime and dysfunction that black America experiences is similarly a mysterious and inexplicable phenomenon that just happens at random, with no discernible cause or explanation, other than the usual shibboleths of "white racism" or "lack of economic opportunity". Someone else here once pointed out that Joe Biden's "legitimate media" [sic] treat this inevitable by-product of the black undertow as a kind of weather phenomenon or natural disaster that occurs entirely at random, with roving fronts of crime moving in over black communities with no input or involvement from the actual members of that community, only the tragic suffering of innocent victims. Always in the passive: "The black neighborhoods of South Chicago have been plagued with crime for years", "This plague of crime that is decimating our children" (actually, it's your children who are decimating your children), etc., ad nauseam. The commenter's remarks were a brilliant and absolutely accurate analogy for the "legitimate media"'s monolithic refusal to ever hold blacks responsible for their own actions. And yet, the specious inanity of this approach, immediately perceivable to any ten year old of average intelligence and unclouded thinking skills, is now the received wisdom of the American public dialogue, strictly upheld and enforced at every level in society.

Anonymous said...

An accurate and honest title for this book, which we will never see, would be:_Detroit: An African-American Inevitability_

Anonymous said...

I just realized something about DWLs. It's very simple. About half ofofofofofthem were high school losers who nobody liked, or are otherwise inadequate individuals. By identifying with another psuedo-outcast group possessing a greater degree of putative moral authority, blacks, the losers can be "part of the team" and obtain greater opportunities for attention, pity, and most importantly job prospects and social standing that nature otherwise never would have afforded them. Blacks' payoff in the equation is that linking up with the DWLs allows them to exploit the DWLs' intellectual abilities and greater access to the white power centers to further their own endless demands e for greater entitlements and power than nature otherwise would have provided them with the capacity to obtain. It's a win-win situation for both parties, an inevitable if corrosive and eventually destructive symbiosis that ultimately constitues just another ofofofofthe gimmicks that the undeserving exploit in the attempt to get around one of the fundamental rules of life, and nature, i.e., that there is no free lunch.

The remainder of DWLs are simply deluded and/or fortunate enough never have had to live in the real world and simply have no conception of the realities of life and human nature.

Perhaps a final five percent are trulytrulytrulytrulythe altruistic individuals without ulterior motives that all liberals pretend to be.

In an era where specious liberalism is the dominating social philosophy and anyone who tells the truth about racial realities is demonized and marginalized, it takes no moral courage whatsoever to be a liberal, although here as well, they paint themselves in other colors as the bold, conscientious, moral individuals that they wish they really could be. The small minority of individuals who actually ae conscientious and morally forthright – in this case, race realists – are expelled and persecuted by the mob, as they always have been.

Anonymous said...

Another thought. Blacks' constant refrain is their "lack of [insert desired reward] opportunity." Yet I am certain it can be convincingly shown that America Blacks of the past fifty years have been given more essentially unearned economic, legal, and moral opportunity, both formal and informal, than any other group in human history with the possible exception of members of hereditary monarchies.

Anonymous said...

God, that was good. Hit the nail RIGHT on the head with the cold, clear ring of truth.

Anonymous said...

A "blacksmith"? That term sounds rather racist and stigmatizing. I'm sure a group of suitably diverse consultants somewhere has received the appropriate government grants and is hard at work this very instant to promote increased use of the term "Gender Neutral African American Smithing Associate."

Anonymous said...

When I read your book, Mr. Kersey, I was not surprised by the detail of the demise of my hometown, but I think I was (and still am) saddened by it. Saddened for sure, but now I am awakened. I know everything you say is true. There is no doubt Mr. LeDuff (whom I admire very much) is incorrect when he says the reasons for the destruction of Detroit is because white people left. The reason white people left the city of Detroit (this white boy for sure) is because they were and still are afraid of black people. I don’t want that taken as white people are physically or mentally inferior to black people (because everybody knows that is not true), but because white people do not want to be on their guard against crime (black people) 24/7. If you live in Detroit, white or black, you better be on your guard 24/7. That is the reason white people left, fear not prejudice.

I was born and raised on the Northeast side, Six Mile (Seymour/McNichols) and Gratiot, once the greatest part of the city! I was so sad and disappointed when I read in your book that 48205 is by far the worst neighborhood in the city. I am (or was) 48205. I still have my first driver’s license with my young photo and street address, 48205. My Grandparents owned several homes in the neighborhood (and surprisingly two of them are still standing!). My cousins and aunts and uncles and friends all lived in 48205. I can probably name every business that ran from Seymour to Houston Whittier along Gratiot in the 1970s. Now, my neighborhood is the worst! I have been through there many times (my best friend’s father still lived on Hazelridge until 2006!) and I cannot recognize anything except for Assumption Grotto (amazing they are a still functioning Church). It is scary. I can never take my children to see where their father was raised, they will never know because it is all gone, and that truly saddens me.

When Coleman Young was elected mayor and with the start of busing in 1976 that is when Six Mile & Gratiot started turning. It was slow but constant. I stuck around until 1982. As soon as the first black family moved onto our block, my father put the house up for sale. I remember he broke even, got exactly what he paid for it ten years earlier (so much for the American Dream – Home Ownership). I can remember walking through my neighborhood, and if I saw anyone on the street, I turned and went the other way. This was 40 years ago, that’s when it began. I have memories of fear, from the middle 1970s until I left. I recall thinking that this is normal for Detroit; you better keep your guard up. It got worse.

So, tell them all and tell them often, black people took the city right from under our feet and destroyed it. And you know what, if it was a booming town today (like it used to be) with forty plus years of black control, the blacks could stand up and pat themselves on the back, and I would be right there with them. But, they have nothing to be proud of, nothing. That is sad.

Anonymous said...

Kansas City is known for its fountains and boulevards. On occassion I drive through the heart of these wonderful landmarks like the Paseo. All this beautiful architecture wasted in within niggertown. It makes me sad. I am sure the rest of America's cities have the same situation. Blacks are a cancer. As the white child said to Cam Newton "I'm just warnming up my arm"

"Let's all start warming up arms folks" !

Anonymous said...

The operative word is always "give", isn't it? All DWL and black activist rhetoric boils down to the essential message of: 'Gimme, gimme, gimme, and then gimme even more, forever. I owe you absolutely nothing in return, least of all the expectation of anything ever changing, forever.'

Anonymous said...

True. Isn't it bizarre how blacks always say 'the white man is the devil'? Everywhere on earth whites live, they create order, stability, and prosperity. Everywhere on earth blacks live, they create disorder, instability, and poverty. Yet it's the white man who's the devil?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your firsthand account, as tragic it is. Please pick a handle and join the conversation.

Gwinnett Gladiator

Moondoggie said...

I am warming up my arm !

Anonymous said...

If blacks feel safer in cities than in nature, how is it that blacks never lived in communities bigger than villages until very recently in their history as a group, while whites have been living in cities for thousands of years? Isn't NPSDD Fearn's nonsensical comment just a convoluted way of admitting that blacks do better under the conditions created by the white man, than in the environments that blacks create when left to their own devices?

Other problems with his statement: so why are large areas of Detroit returning to nature? And why do blacks feel safer in cities, when blacks are murdered in such large numbers in every major city in America?

I suspect the real reason that blacks prefer cities is that they contain a wide range of resources that allow blacks to live on the labor of others, whereas natural environments impose much greater thresholds of discipline and self-reliance if one is to survive beyond infancy.

World_War_Me said...

Anonymous said...

"Anyone notice that "narrative" doesn't necessarily have any connection to "what happened"????"

You, said it!

Here's a couple of "narratives" I wish would have happened:
Picture it: a white 4th grade girl in an Alabama public elementary school*:

Reality: "Class, open your 'Alabama History' textbook. Let's pick up from the chapter of 'Black People Kidnapped From Africa" and finish up at "Today's Horrible Legacy of Slavery"

My Fantasy Narrative: "Class, open your 'Alabama History' textbook. Let's pick up from the chapter of 'What Your White Ancestors Accomplished for this State" and finish up with "Your White Ancestors' Glorious Legacy and What You Can do to Preserve it"
Picture it: a white 9th grade girl in an Alabama public high school*:

Reality: "Class, open your literature textbook. Let's finish up with 'To Kill a Mockingbird' and begin the section 'Songs and Poetry of the Black Slaves in the South'"

My Fantasy Narrative: "Class, open your literature textbook. Let's finish up with '1984' and begin 'Harrison Bergeron'"
Picture it: a white 11th grade girl in an Alabama public high school*:

Reality: "Class, open your history textbook. Let's finish up with 'The Civil War was About Slavery' and begin the section 'Abraham Lincoln Frees the Slaves'"

My Fantasy Narrative: "Class, open your history textbook. Let's finish up with 'The Civil War was About States Rights' and begin the section 'Abraham Lincoln: Tyrant and War Criminal'"
Picture it: a white 12th grade girl in an Alabama public high school*:

Reality: (Guidance Counselor) "Of course you should go to the University of Alabama! College is the ANSWER TO EVERYTHING!"

My Fantasy Narrative: (Guidance Counselor) "Look, kid, forget college. It's a huge waste of money and time. You will be further indoctrinated in liberal ideology on a scale you wouldn't believe. Plus, you'll be making practically zero when you get out of school."
I wish I could say the school mentioned above was a BURMIN-HAM public school. Then the push for the "poor black people" propaganda would be explained. Alas, this was a small town; deer hunting, football territory.


(sorry this is so long; sadly, I had too many examples. To be fair, I did embellish the truth a bit, but the reality was still enough to brainwash me)

World_War_Me said...

I don't comment often on this site because usually there's nothing more I can add that hasn't already been pointed out in a more eloquent, concise way than I would be able to do.

Paul K. writes my favorite blog, and the commenters here are my favorite commenters.

Thank you, Paul K., and thank you to all the commenters here.

If it weren't for you all, I would probably go on even more drinking expeditions with my idiot second cousin than I already do now.

World_War_Me said...

"Gender Neutral African American Smithing Associate."

--HAHAHAHHAHAHA, that's capital! It reminds me of George Carlin's routine on soft, euphemistic language feminists foam at the mouth over:

"They want me to call that thing in the street a 'personhole cover'? What would you call a ladies' man, a 'person's person'? That would make a he-man an 'it-person.' Little kids would be afraid of the 'boogie-person.' They'd look up in the sky and see the 'person in the moon.' We'd all sing 'For It's a Jolly Good Person,' that's the kind of thing you would hear on 'Late Night with David Letterperson'! You know what I mean?"

And my favorite:

"Guys would say 'come back here and fight like a person,'"

Anonymous said...

"Blacks might think you ruined it when you left without cleaning up your mess. (p. 44-45)" - Yes, we call that sociopathy.