Thursday, October 2, 2014

Ebola, Ferguson, and the American Colonization Society: "There is a moral fitness in the idea of returning to Africa her children..."

"There is a moral fitness in the idea of returning to Africa her children, whose ancestors have been torn from her by the ruthless hand of fraud and violence. Transplanted in a foreign land, they will carry back to their native soil the rich fruits of religion, civilization, law and liberty. May it not be one of the great designs of the Ruler of the universe, (whose ways are often inscrutable by short-sighted mortals,) thus to transform an original crime, into a signal blessing to that most unfortunate portion of the globe?" -- Henry Clay, who was one of the earliest members (and died its president) of the American Colonization Society, which wanted to repatriate blacks to Africa. Liberia to be exact, from which Monrovia (named after U.S. President James Monroe), is the capital.


We had our chance to save America with the American Colonization Society...
Yes, it's here in America (though the CDC was already warning funeral homes in the U.S. on how to deal with Ebola on Sept. 29...).

But so are Latter-Day Liberians, the very people whose Liberian brethren brought an African disease to America.

Ebola was never the problem. [Ferguson, Mo. Emblematic of Growing Suburban Poverty, Brookings Institute, 8-15-14]:
The New York Times and others have described the deep-seated racial tensions and inequalities that have long plagued the St. Louis region, as well as the dramatic demographic transformation of Ferguson from a largely white suburban enclave (it was 85 percent white as recently as 1980) to a predominantly black community (it was 67 percent black by 2008-2012).
But Ferguson has also been home to dramatic economic changes in recent years. The city’s unemployment rate rose from roughly 7 percent in 2000 to over 13 percent in 2010-12. For those residents who were employed, inflation-adjusted average earnings fell by one-third. The number of households using federal Housing Choice Vouchers climbed from roughly 300 in 2000 to more than 800 by the end of the decade.
Amid these changes, poverty skyrocketed. Between 2000 and 2010-2012, Ferguson’s poor population doubled. By the end of that period, roughly one in four residents lived below the federal poverty line ($23,492 for a family of four in 2012), and 44 percent fell below twice that level.

None of this means that there are 1,000 Fergusons-in-waiting, but it should underscore the fact that there are a growing number of communities across the country facing similar, if quieter, deep challenges every day.
"Transplanted in a foreign land, they will carry back to their native soil the rich fruits of religion, civilization, law and liberty." Mr. Clay, those blacks who remained in America failed to enrich the soil with either religion, civilization, law or liberty (Ferguson in 2014 is proof of this). 

Liberia? Take a look at the Vice Travel Guide to Liberia to see the blessings of religion, civilization, law and liberty the descendants of repatriated blacks to Africa from America kept alive... 

But back to Ferguson... [Ferguson Business Owner Calls Nighttime Protests ‘Terrorist Acts’, CBS St. Louis, 10-2-14]:
A Ferguson business owner is calling the protestors who descend on his city at night “terrorists” and says Homeland Security should be called in.
The anonymous caller to the Charlie Brennan show, who KMOX confirmed is a Ferguson small business owner, says the daytime protestors are fine, but that changes when the outsiders, including elected officials from outside Ferguson, arrive after dark.
“The unpeaceful protesters come out at night, trying to harm or burn our businesses down or stop the businesses,” the caller said. “And it’s time that our government called this what it is, and this is a terrorist act.”
The business owner says a lot of windows have been broken, fires have been set and trash is left behind.
Sure, Ebola is now in America (courtesy of blacks from Liberia...), but in Ferguson we see something far more dangerous has proliferated for centuries. A problem Henry Clay and the wise men of the American Colonization Society knew they could forever remove from our now Ebola-stricken shores...

And Ferguson is ground zero for something beyond Ebola...zombies aren't the problem. That's for fiction, scaring kids, and helping guys get to second base on dates at movies... [Ferguson spokesman clarifies 'evacuation' comments, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 10-2-14]:
Ferguson officials are considering a range of possible scenarios for what could happen after a grand jury concludes its investigation into the shooting death of Michael Brown.
In an interview with St. Louis Public Radio, city spokesman Devin James said that if violence breaks out, the city needed to be ready. He mentioned an evacuation situation during the interview, but later sought to clarify that he had simply been discussing various hypothetical responses. 
“You know, if there is no indictment and there is an evacuation situation, we need to be prepared for that,” he said during the radio interview. “If there is an indictment and there is celebratory unrest, we need to be prepared for that.”
James said that if there was an evacuation, the city was considering how best to contact residents.
“Do we rely on a combination of media, do we introduce robo-calls, do we do text messaging, emails, you know, we’re looking at all of the different tactics available,” he said, “and just trying to see, you know, what is the best method to communicate with everybody in the event that something like that happens, and we need to either tell people to hunker down or get out or whatever.”
In a follow-up statement emailed to reporters, James said residents had not been told to evacuate. “Part of our job is to make sure from a communications standpoint that we are prepared for anything with residents, businesses and the community being the priority,“ he said.
“So we are looking at all the communication tactics and resources available  to reach as many people as possible and law enforcement is looking at all the possibilities a well. I was not implying that we have recommendations about evacuating or hunkering down and was simply speaking with the reporter about many scenarios that need to be considered."
 Ferguson has already been the scene of an evacuation for those hoping to perpetuate civilization. We call this "white flight" from the encroaching "black undertow" (blacks escaping the poorly run black municipality of St. Louis for the white-run city of Ferguson, only to import the same morality and vices that caused St. Louis to be poorly run...):
  • In 1990, Ferguson was 73.8 percent white and 25.1 percent black
  • In 2000, Ferguson was 44.8 percent white and 52.4 percent black
  • In 2010 Ferguson was 29.3 percent white and 67.4 percent black [Chart: Inside Ferguson's Changing Demographics, Forbes, 8-19-2014]
Ebola was already in America.

Detroit fell victim to the disease.

Baltimore and Memphis as well.

Ferguson is on the verge,with East St. Louis a reminder of what is to come for the former city...

Newark, Camden, Birmingham...

When Officer Darren Wilson is found by the Grand Jury to be innocent, you'll see the true reality of Ebola in America.

Henry Clay tried to warn us.

And as the Brookings Institute story cited above dares to warn us, there are 1,000s of Ferguson's in the waiting...


Anonymous said...

Study of the Negro Problems, held at
Atlanta University, May 24, 1904

1. The Negro element is the most criminal in our population.
2. The Negro is much more criminal as a free man than he was as a slave.
3. The Negro is increasing in criminality with fearful rapidity, being one third
more criminal in 1890 than 1880.
4. The Negroes who can read and write are more criminal than the illiterate,
which is true of no other element of our population.
5. The Negro is nearly three times as criminal in the Northeast, where he has
not been a slave for a hundred years, and three and a half times as criminal in the
Northwest, where he has never been a slave, as in the South, where he was a
slave until 1805.
6. The Negro is three times as criminal as a native white, and once and a half
as criminal as the foreign white, consisting in many cases of the scum of Europe.
7. More than seven-tenths of the Negro criminals are under thirty years of age.

Southron said...

"Ferguson officials are considering a range of possible scenarios for what could happen after a grand jury concludes its investigation into the shooting death of Michael Brown."

That's a nice way of wondering what the violent, low IQ blacks will do if they don't get their way.

My guess is, not much. Like Trayvon Martin did, the Michael Brown shooting is transitioning out of the ghetto, and has moved over into the political class and media now. The ghetto is already looking for the next scam or score. The politicians and media still have some more fool's gold to pan out of Brown's corpse.

I like the irony of the fact that most of these rioters, tearing up their neighborhood in honor of Brown, would just as easily have killed him themselves and taken whatever he had, including cigars.

Any time now, we'll hear the fearless chants of, "Ferguson must rebuild! Michael Brown would have wanted that."

Guess who gets to pay for that? Yep, that's right. You'd better get back to work.

Bogolyubski said...

It just keeps getting better and better. Not to worry, YT. The niggaball games beckon, along with a glitzy new season of Prancing wi' da Groids. Not to mention a long line-up a negro heros to worship from brilliant doctors to fearless police and military guys - there to save the strong, independent-thinking feminist-informed white woman from the dreaded YT rayciss red-neck KKK naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews, the next Hitler!!! OMG!!!. Pay no attention to those skulking negroes puking on your porch. They're just Latter-Day-Liberians (a pleasant country where YT is only allowed in to do the Aybah poda hep dance) checking out the neighborhood for Papa-Doc Dindu Nuffins, head of the CDC's Dallas division.

Anonymous said...

Nice summation---link and a little quote all of it.

"Mr. Duncan, in all likelihood, got on a plane bound for Dallas because all was was thinking was “the Americans will save me”. He gave NO THOUGHT whatsoever to the consequences of his actions or to other human beings, nor did any of his family members, because people who are dim-witted think only about themselves and the immediate gratification of their immediate needs and wants. We see this manifested in our own western cultures, wherein people who OBVIOUSLY have lower I.Q.s are far, far more prone to crime – such as theft – and sexual promiscuity, as well as drug use, because they lack the powers of impulse control and consideration for other human beings that is an undeniable characteristic that goes along with an IQ that is several standard deviations “left” on the bell curve. When all you are capable of pondering is yourself and your own physical pleasure, or the maintenance of your own life, when a person or people is so collectively impaired that thinking through the consequences of actions three or four steps ahead, or of thinking of how one’s actions will affect other people, is almost impossible, then Thomas Eric Duncans happen"

bernicegreenbaum said...

What will happen, what has to happen, is there will be no indictment. I'm guessing (and I'm probably right) that there just isn't enough evidence to support any real wrong doing on the part of the officer. You'll see Obama step into the fray, in an attempt to act "presidential", baiting the negroes on about how "Justice wasn't served today.... but let me be clear....
the investigation I have put forward by ..... to ......and.....will support this community and serve as a beacon of freedom in the African American Community of Ferguson."

Ferguson will become the new Liberia in Merka. Lots and lots of dollars from YT to erect a town statue to Little Gentle Giant Brown, a dedication of the new Michael Brown Center for Civil Rights, a brand, spanking new Michael Brown Senior High, and college scholarships for all the brown nuggets of wisdom in the Ferguson school district. The all black police force that will patrol Ferguson will let the chaos reach a certain level before they fire off a few warning shots when the black undertow gets too high. Ferguson will be the New Liberia of the U.S.

Shefali said...

I just read about a young black man who beat a dog to death because the dog knocked some food off its dish onto the floor. Another young black man beat his 2 year old daughter to death for pooping in her nappy. WTF?

I was so upset after reading this...

You can't blame this kind of crap on slavery.

Anonymous said...


rex freeway said...

For the people who have family ties going back generations in the Ferguson area, I trully feel for you. Because the only matter left now is how quick Ferguson is turned into a complete shit hole. Officer Wilson being found not guilty of wrong doing will make the profitable sale of homes near impossible. The ensuing riots will spread to St.Louis proper. Making the largest city in Missouri the "Gateway to the Ghetto". If you can leave, do it.

10mm AUTO said...

This ebola thing is exploding. Turns out the negro who brought it here:

1. neglected to mention that it recently (2 weeks ago) brought its nestmates rotting body back from the hospital in Liberia to die.

2. The negro nest where he is staying in Dallas has niglets who all attended school while he was there getting sick.

3. Red Cross send a negro with a PRESSURE WASHER to blast up the vomit where O'bolas "son" vomited before calling the amberlamps.

4. Its flight landed in Dulles in DC and then he changed planes, so hundreds have been exposed.

5. O'bola, who was practically chimping out over the Flu a few years ago, refuses to turn back air travel from Western Africa.

It just goes on and on. The pictures of the "isolated and quarantined" nest shows pizza delivery and food being delivered, no mask no gloves. CDC is going to announce tomorrow (according to CBS) that Ebola has gone airborne.

Maybe voting will help.

Anonymous said...

Keep your eyes on Philly; it has a large Liberian population. Remember their little fire department chimpout a few months ago? Well, wait until the quarantine starts ... *ominous laughter*

Anonymous said...

Can anyone imagine Detroit, Memphis, or Ferguson if their is an outbreak in these cities? If we think civilization has broken down now wait till something like this hits. I live far from a major city but I'm watching this closely and I hope all of us (not the DWL trolls) do the same. If it starts to spread I'm stocking up on supplies and staying on my farm till things get better. I hope all of you can do the same. This could just be a scare and we have a few isolated cases but somehow I doubt it. The real ironic thing about Ebola is it comes from bush meat which is chimps and gorillas (correct me if I'm wrong) so isn't this really a disease brought on by eating your cousins? And please can somebody think really hard and name one good thing (excluding mineral wealth) that's ever come from sub Saharan Africa? I can't think of a cussed thing!
Nathan Bedford Forrest

Anonymous said...

Now that the Ebola virus is so active, one should wonder if there would not be a silver lining in that dark cloud of death. Were areas like Detroit, Atlanta, Harlem,Bedford Suivistant,(sp),DC, South side Chicago,South central LA to be ebolaized...the reduction of undesireables could be the rebirth of the USA.The reduction of criminal welfare parasites would be a blessing and the demographics of the US could be reset to those of the 1950's.
Ebola could be a uncounted blessing, should it infect such areas of the nation.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone over the age of maybe 23 listen to these psychotic liberal writers? I mean, we've got the motherfucking literal black plague at our doorstep, and we know EXACTLY who is spreading it, but these people are still lamenting Trayvon and The Cigorilla of Ferguson ...

In other news, the students of some lily white college in Vermont want cop murderer Mumia A Boon Jamal to be their commencement speaker.

Anonymous said...

Most Americans are unaware of the horrific hell that is most of sub-Saharan Africa. There are several documentaries on-line on Liberia and the other war-torn central African countries. I would NOT recommend watching them. The images will haunt you forever.

They describe (and show) widespread disease, wanton murder, rape, cannibalism, human sacrifice (often of children), chopping off of limbs, torture, and every other type of depravity you can imagine.

Even the "normal" lives of people when this is not going on are a cesspool of poverty, illiteracy, lack of sanitation, and on, and on. It is reported that Ebola was likely passed from animals such as large bats to humans by the slaughter of such "bush meat." And this practice continues. There is no functional medical system.

Detroit, East St. Louis, Gary, South Chicago, Memphis - they are are a walk in the park compared to Liberia. I'm serious.

If Lincoln had not been shot, he likely would have pursued "colonization," that is, returning all former Negro slaves to Liberia, or buying other land in Africa for return. He has spoken in favor of it.

I curse the slave sellers and slave holders for what they did. They were too greedy and stupid to just hire some poor European indentured servants or poor Americans to pick their cotton. They caused a hellish war between free men and the death of hundreds of thousands for nothing, NOTHING.

Johnson's Great Society (for what he himself called the "nigras") doomed the black family, so they would never join the rise of other poor ethnic groups. And the Democrats subsequent policies in all areas (jobs, public schools, welfare, racial preferences) have produced a violent, racist, black criminal underclass.

I give the U.S. fifty more years at the most. Then it is revolution or collapse.

Anonymous said...

Nefarious libs are making the choice right now: go all in on focusing the world on Ferguson and hope the (they know it's coming) innocent verdict on the officer works in their favor; or try and make the story go away (and keep the blacks in their section 8 cages) so the inferno that could erupt when the news is out doesn't finally push even the whites on the sidelines into the arms of the neo-segregationists and race realists. A very, very interesting case to be observing.

D-FENS said...

Our phone system at work allows you to to speak the name of the person you want to call rather than looking it up and dialing.

The other day, a co-worker was trying to call a negress with some unpronounceable ghettoized/African name with a hint of French/Spanish. On each attempt, the machine would say "That is not a recognizable name". After about 5 tries he gave up, approximated what the spelling might be, looked for similar names in the directory and dialed the number the old fashioned way.

Shoulda picked our own cotton.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Transplanted in a foreign land, they will carry back to their native soil the rich fruits of religion, civilization, law and liberty.

Except they didnt do any of this. When the American spooks were brought back to Liberia, one of the first things they did was enslave the indigenous populous. And here is your daily reminder that the entire reason we even had slavery here was due to blacks, Anthony Johnson a black british subject sued a indentured servant of his and got the court to extend his contract indefinitely, setting the precedent of life long servitude:

Good luck Ebola-chan, I love you Ebola-chan.

Anonymous said...


Well crap.

Anonymous said...

Because no country or people in the world are going to take a hundred million white Ebola refugees.

Anonymous said...

I give the U.S. fifty more years at the most. Then it is revolution or collapse.

50?! You are a cockeyed optimist.

Ivan Shatov

Anonymous said...

Just wait, I think you'll see the ghettos of the US get that bad and really they're already there. Just add Ebola to the mix and you have it.
Also please remember that it was only after white indentured servants no longer wanted to take that route to America that negro slavery was forced on us. The colonial system notable the Royal African Company is responsible for the negro boom in America. What was simply business at the time has turned into the problem we have now. You're right that Lincoln did talk about colonization but it never would have happened on a large scale. The Radical Republicans believed the negro was human and wanted them to stay for their votes. Had Lincoln, who is not the saint people seem to think he was, lived he would have faced the same hostile congress that Johnson did and remember they tried to impeach Johnson because he wouldn't go along with their negrophilia.
Please look into the real causes of the war between the states and you'll see that Lincoln really started the war because he didn't want to loose the huge tax base. At the time tariffs on the south created a vast majority of the governments revenue. Charles Dickens called them on this by saying it was nothing but a tariff war regardless of how it was presented. Slavery has been made the cause by the ministry of truth but if you look the real truth is still out there.
These problems are in the past but they are the ancestors of the problems we face today. The war was fought over money and power as all wars are and Lincoln is a villain not this saint that he appears to be according to the Marxist historians. By the way, in the movie Gods and Generals guess who are the Gods and who are the Generals? Sometimes a nugget of truth slips through in the strangest of places.
Nathan Bedford Forrest

Anonymous said...

Get ready ... pretty soon there will be Ebola telethons to help the victims (who will, naturally, mostly be black) "get back on their feet". (The billions and billions we will spend isolating and treating them will only be the beginning, of course.)

You'll be on the hook for it, Whitey. They'll guilt you into paying for it; your brainwashed wife and kids will, anyway. And the Compassionate Angelenos and New Yorkers in the media will never let you forget it, either; somehow, sme way, this Ebola Epidemic (pandemic?) is ALL YOUR FAULT.

rebecca eatmon said...

Patient zero lied about coming in contact with an infected, and now deceased person(s) while in his native Liberia. Criminal act if you ask me. Deserves his fate.

Anonymous said...

I think I hear The Walkin' Dude coming up the road ...

Anonymous said...

The Walkin' Dude and the Bat Fairy are both going to be logging some serious overtime in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Notice that no matter what the grand jury finds, it is assumed that there will be rioting, either angry or "celebratory". There is no possibility considered where the black residents will not violently rampage.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading about ebola for several months, it kills blacks at 3 times the rate of whites. This may backfire on Pres. Obola as he is now being called! Ms Sippy

Anonymous said...

Henry Clay said... "There is a moral fitness in the idea of returning to Africa her children, whose ancestors have been torn from her by the ruthless hand of fraud and violence. Transplanted in a foreign land, they will carry back to their native soil the rich fruits of religion, civilization, law and liberty."

PK said..."Henry Clay tried to warn us."

One wonders if, behind the flowery rhetoric, old Henry Clay was really saying. "Let's get rid of these Africans while we still have a country left."

bernicegreenbaum said...

"You can't blame this kind of crap on slavery."

They can, they have, and they will. A black man could get a pimple on his ass and blame it on slavery or the white man. I can hear it now.

"Then whys do theys call them white heads?"

Anonymous said...

All of you are fucking crazy. Fucking crazy.

10mm AUTO said...

Boom! Other shoe drops.

Ebola confirmed airborne transmission, 129 dead based on that mode. All were wearing HazMat suits, gloves, etc but were infected anyway.

Canadian health officials changed public warnings to "prevent panic" by removing all references to airborne transmission from a study they had done on monkey's.

Juicy Bit:

"The exact mode of transmission to the control monkeys cannot be absolutely determined, although the pattern of pulmonary antigen staining in one of the control monkeys was virtually identical to that reported in experimental Ebola virus aerosol infection in rhesus monkeys, suggesting airborne transmission of the disease via infectious droplets... Fomite or contact droplet transmission of the virus between cages was considered unlikely. Standard procedures in our BL4 containment laboratories have always been successful in the prevention of transmission of Ebola or Marburg virus to uninfected animals. Thus, pulmonary, nasopharyngeal, oral, or conjunctival exposure to airborne droplets of the virus had to be considered as the most likely mode of infection... Our present findings emphasize the advisability of at-risk personnel employing precautions to safeguard against ocular, oral, and nasopharyngeal exposure to the virus."

And last but not least, our stanch allies in the middle east, the Saturday people, will not send any teams to Africa to help, showing that they may be evil, but they are not stupid.,7340,L-4577246,00.html

My real worry is that the virus will find a safe place to lie dormant, like rats or mice or some plant (in Africa it is thought it lives in Fruit bats). Also, based on stats, it appears that Whites are more likely to recover than negros (though this might be because of better hydration). So much the better.

Final thought: Those FEMA Camps are just sitting there....

Anonymous said...

The danger presented by Ebola in America is directly related to the negro population due to their propensity for spreading diseases. One has only to look at the shocking CDC stats on STD's in the black community and extrapolate from that to get an idea of how Ebola would spread like wildfire through "da hood." The problem is that, unlike their std rates, they can and will spread Ebola to everyone else.
Let Ebola break out to a serious degree in one negro community and the infected will flee to other negro communities in other cities. First it might be Dallas but, soon after, cases would be popping up in Memphis, Atlanta, Miami, Detroit etc as hoodrats fled to their relatives homes elsewhere.
Don't think for a minute that the "authorities" will stop it from happening or contain the negroes. Ain't gonna happen as they don't have the guts to do what would be necessary and doing what would be necessary (quarantine/containment)would result in widespread negro rioting and destruction. The screams of racism would rattle the roof and shake the walls. Negroes would also be screaming that Ebola was introduced into the "hood" in order to kill off da black folks and that would add to their hysteria.
Face it. The authorities will be no more effective as regards Ebola than they were when faced with the Aids crisis.

Mr. Rational said...

I curse the slave sellers and slave holders for what they did. They were too greedy and stupid to just hire some poor European indentured servants or poor Americans to pick their cotton.

As I recall reading, the Virginia farmers DID bring in English and Irish to wok the fields.  They brought them in on seven-year indentures, and most of them were dead within six months.

Let me repeat that:  DEAD WITHIN SIX MONTHS.  Working those farms was a death sentence for Whites.  Who, exactly, was that good for?

Next question:  if Africans were the only race which could thrive under Virginian, Carolinian and Georgian conditions, and English refused to bring in Africans to work the fields, wouldn't the Spanish and Portuguese have expanded at the expense of the English because they had no such scruples?

Had the Spanish remained, would there be a United States of America today?

Curse short-termism all you want.  It's water over the dam.  The question is "now what?"

Anonymous said...


Discussion of evacuating the whites in case bantu go ape.

Anonymous said...

This first confirmed "American" case of Ebola by way of Liberia could't have been scripted to be more is the Banana empire this grossly incompetent, or is there somewhere on high a desire for Ebola to become an american plague...only time will tell now, although never let a good crisis go to waste...

One thing we might consider though, just as the flu tends to be a seasonal virus associated with winter weather, I wonder if Ebola, being one type of viral hemorrhagic fever, is a warm weather pathogen and will not thrive in colder temperatures...with the onset of winter we may well find out especially if this "American" Ebola patient has started a pandemic...

Jim Crow said...

"Celebratory Unrest" gone bad.

What a concept. Who would have thunk it.

If these politicians REALLY want to give advice, give this:


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
All of you are fucking crazy. Fucking crazy.

October 3, 2014 at 8:36 AM


Anonymous said...

More cognitive dissonance for the U.S. government, its owners, mouthpieces and DWLs. The nogs, Mexicans etc. are equal (or better !) than hated YT; smarter, more clever, innovative, blah blah blah and add that priceless diversity. The nogs, a real 100% African nog too brings a deadly disease into the country while the nog (nominally) in charge goes golfing, fiddling while Rome burns. The contrast between the hopium and the truth is so glaring in this example after many other examples of nog disasters that the officially sanctioned narrative of the holy wogs and evil YT is in jeopardy with Ebola.

Previously the black plagues of crime, poverty and degradation could be argued away by trying to shift blame to YT and declaring that a few more social programs and oppressive laws would turn the nogs into YT with a tan. YT was able to move away from them so the U.S. government and its owners flooded the country with the filthy third world to continue the destruction. DWLs were able to continue to hold at the same time the contradictory ideas of equality, diversity etc. while living a Bull Conner type of segregated life in whitopia. The DWLs controlled exactly how much and under what terms they indulged their unholy fetish for diversity, not a grain more than prescribed by the good Dr. Wise.

Now ebola is on the loose, the nogs, Mexicans et al. are hopeless and helpless in dealing with it and YT must fix the problem. It's like hurricane Katrina when evil YT rescued the helpless nogs and the whole world saw the contrast between the world of YT and the world of the nogs. If ebola goes airborne even the DWLs will react against the filthy third world types as the epidemic spreads, their whitopias will not be absolutely safe.

Their beloved government with its MSM/Pravda in the vanguard will start a merciless propaganda campaign for YT in the suburbs to take in to his own 5,000 sq. foot suburban home nog famblies from da hood where ebola rages because dey need yo hep you mofoin' rayciss. At that point the cognitive dissonance is shattered; Shaniqua, Shitavious, Latrell and their friends are on your doorstep with the YT police/DHS to make sure you "volunteer" to help, it's an emergency you know.

You have lots of room anyway with only two children and a big house. The cultural enrichment will be tremendous, DWLs will finally learn about the struggles of the holy negroes up close and personal. The nogs will finally learn about the wonders of the free market, the value of a college edumacation, how the Republicans have talking negroes on the payroll just like the Democrats and BTW, they're still delivering the NYT and loathsome Wall Street Journal. You can read the NYT Shitvious while I read the loathsome WSJ. There is a fascinating editorial about open borders, tell me Shitavious, what do you think about that ?

non-DWL from NE (Last of the Mohicans)

Anonymous said...

Dr. Gil Mobley: "[Ebola] is going to consume every third world country on the planet..."

I guess that would now include the US.

Anonymous said...


Just following orders gots to kill off the bestest evil whitey gots.

Unknown said...

The first thing the establishment did when the news of the Ebola patient got out was to try and cover up the fact that he is black and African. Doing otherwise might lead to people calling for a temporary halt to flights from western Africa. Can't have that! Whitey eliminating open borders uber alles. If we get a major outbreak of Ebola (unlikely) in this country we deserve it for tolerating these criminals.

Anonymous said...

The U.S. government will soon have to choose between treating people and nations differently based upon race or letting ebola rage resulting in a huge white backlash. For now the U.S. government and the state governments are sticking with the equality/diversity we-are-the-world feel good script. When ebola is loose and everyone knows it could have been prevented except for the holy religion of diversity/multiculturalism there will eventually be hell to pay by the ruling class.

Anonymous said...

There another source on the deluge of information.


Btw it's a sunny day in the pacific north west, good time to go buy preps.

Sheila said...

Re Ebola, Dallas, home schooling, and various other related topics:

Bogolyubski, a few posts ago you urged me to move away from Dallas. Ironically, when we returned to the US from overseas, we settled here because my husband was from Texas and we were in complete agreement we didn't want to live on the east coast. We are not in Dallas proper, but a northern suburban city (and that's where the magic negro mayor is). We LOATHE this place but currently are not in a position to move. It's been talked about a lot, and my husband knows how determined I am. We do disagree on ultimate location (he worries about winters in the north and likes the idea of strong southern communities; I hate the heat and worry about large numbers of negroes). I can't say when, but a move will happen.

I do home school. Before that, it was private Christian school (which got too expensive, and too diversified, at about the same time).

Some interesting points this morning at Vox Popoli re Ebola - I don't watch TV and so cannot confirm, but there was apparently a "clean-up" crew sent to remove the Ebola patient's vomit from the sidewalk outside his apartment - with no hazmat suits, using a pressure washer. Someone else speculated on the virus spreading to birds, dogs, cats, from that bodily fluid lying on the ground, or the traces remaining there, or whatever was blown wherever by the pressure washer. All fascinating possibilities!

A retired nurse (she didn't mention her location) said she got a call from her State Registry asking her to come out of retirement and help if (when) things "get bad."

They've updated the number exposed to Ebola to 100. Exponential growth, anyone?

Someone else said they have a 2nd job working for "a major social services organization" which sent out on 1 Oct an "all hands" email advising everyone to put together a "FEMA" emergency bag and stock the pantry.

Interesting times.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. And? Oh you just wanted us all to know your p***y hurts from reading what YT, really thinks. There, there, I know what will fix it. All you need is some sturdy rope and a tree.

Anonymous said...

Because there are more Somalis in three US states, the threat grows daily and to any whites in Bangor, Lewiston, St Paul, Milwaukee, Seattle or anywhere they number more than one. Watch your six, keep safe and go armed.


Anonymous said...


Leave no perp alive.

rex freeway said...

This may very well be the straw that breaks the Democrats back. Seeing that they are joined at the hip with Obama. Elections coming in less than 2 months and Obama refusing to close the gate on travel to and from his home country and allowing Liars to easily enter the US proves his lack of care for the citizens in America. I hope his children come down with Ebola

0007 said...

OT - Sheila you might want to look at eastern Texas. Hills and woods and small towns. I looked at buying a place there back when. ~20 acres with a house and backing up against a lumber concession. Often wish I had gone through with the deal.

Bogolyubski said...

Does anyone over the age of maybe 23 listen to these psychotic liberal writers? I mean, we've got the motherfucking literal black plague at our doorstep, and we know EXACTLY who is spreading it, but these people are still lamenting Trayvon and The Cigorilla of Ferguson ...

In other news, the students of some lily white college in Vermont want cop murderer Mumia A Boon Jamal to be their commencement speaker.

You kind of answered your own question, anon. Though I sometimes don't mention it, the second part of your post is a symptom of a huge part of the problem. The white kids at the Vermont College have been programmed since kindergarten by an edumacation system whose primary purpose is to get them on their knees to worship a negro thug like Mumia. Thomas Dewey, a father of Banana Empire's publick edumacation system, was a dedicated socialist and a loyal servant to the squid oligarchy. Even old Uncle Yusif understood the true value of publick edumacation:

Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.

The evidence of the truth of this axiom is right there in the second part of your post. This leads to two simple questions from Uncle Yusif's axiom:

1. Who holds the weapon of publick edumacation in the Banana Empire?

2. At whom is the weapon of publick edumacation aimed?

You homeschoolers, much as you are to be applauded and endorsed, need to understand that your own kids are directly targeted the second they start attending universities - even supposedly "conservative" and "Christian" schools. The professorate openly boasts of this. Hell, Tom Wolfe even wrote a novel which touched on this issue. College edumacation is yet another debt-racket to enslave YT, who gets to pay Marxists as their kids are indoctrinated ceaselessly and programmed into becoming leftoid idiots.

For YT, college edumacation has nothing to do with opportunity (except that for massive debt and indoctrination). The non dead-end jobs in a company of any substantial size go to the connected, to imported foreigners (basically indentured servants for the oligarchs like Gates - which also helps their diversity numbers), and affirmative action negroes (who can only get fired for outright criminal activity, on occasion). Attractive white females have opportunities to serve as whores for the connected nomenklatura or junior oligarchs (who are guaranteed high-pay jobs regardless of stupidity, laziness or criminality) or to service the AA negroes. Like BRA, it's just another squid-racket to sell shit-sandwiches and grape-drank.

Anonymous said...

A loathsome creation of oligarchial methods and machinations.


AnalogMan said...

A request to the people posting links:

If you simply post a link, I'm not going to bother to try to figure out from the link what it's about, and I'm not going to follow it.

At the very least, post a headline from the linked article. Quote a paragraph or two as a sample of its contents. Say what it's about, and why it's interesting. Maybe identify its source.

URLs are for identifying a page to a program. They are not commentary.

Thank you for your consideration.

Anonymous said...

How.. fortunate.


Mr. Rational said...

Discussion of evacuating the whites in case bantu go ape.

Let me guess:  the first step is to seize all their guns, like New Orleans?

I see people resisting any forced evacuation, instead blocking traffic through their neighborhoods and guarding the borders with armed men.  The Obola administration would probably try to force them out, to let the thieves and arsonists have their way.

Which prompts this question:  Is US military body armor proof against a hunting-rifle round to the helmet?  Let us hope it remains completely academic.

Anonymous said...

Whole lot of testing going on, those festering in prisons would they get the experimental vaccine treatments/captive test subjects?


Anonymous said...

Mr. Rational said ”. . . Curse short-termism all you want.  It's water over the dam.  The question is "now what?"”

A rational comment by Mr. Rational. It is true that the original source of our present problem has almost nothing to do with solving it. The only value would appear to be a lesson learned from history so that it might not be repeated. In our case, one of the lessons might be that it is probably a bad idea for whites to permanently commingle with blacks because it seems to result in the uplifting of blacks at the expense of whites. Perhaps the Virginian, Carolinian and Georgian farmers unknowingly traded the long term security of their country for short term survival by using slaves. If this is the case, it might suggest that the more serious mistake was not returning the slaves to their homeland when they were no longer needed. But that is also water over the dam.

At this point in time it appears to me that it is unlikely that all of the blacks can be returned to their homeland, and it seems unlikely that whites can or will continue to support the increasing numbers of blacks and all of their associated overhead. It is also my opinion that a white homeland within US borders cannot be more than a temporary refuge for whites. The most practical long term solution, although far from ideal, is to just get blacks under control and require them to pull their own weight to the best of their their third world ability. This will happen when a sufficient number of whites demand it, and this is a mathematical possibility so long as blacks are a minority. I wish that I could suggest a way to convince a large number of whites to require change. Of course, change of this magnitude will result in many Ferguson style riots as the blacks lose their free ride, but at only 13% of the population the blacks won't have much choice.

Bogolyubski said...

I curse the slave sellers and slave holders for what they did. They were too greedy and stupid to just hire some poor European indentured servants or poor Americans to pick their cotton. They caused a hellish war between free men and the death of hundreds of thousands for nothing, NOTHING.

I curse them too. Some of the old Puritans who settled New England stated at the time (1600s) that the land would be under a curse for hundreds of years because of it. Not so much because of slavery (though they certainly didn't approve of it) - but because of the barbaric negroes who brought Africa with them. Read the history of Haiti's founding and you start to get an idea. That said, I can virtually guarantee you that the death of hundreds of thousands and destruction of a huge swath of the country was not for nothing, for some people benefited enormously from the whole affair.

It's true that the old railroad shyster from Illinois advocated removing the negroes at one point. It's not clear if he maintained this idea all the way to the end but he certainly never got the opportunity to try it, did he? He had to borrow money from Cthulhu's children to squash the rebellion (one partly instigated by the very same folks who lent him the money to do this). Also keep in mind that France (a squid-owned empire since the late 1700s) invaded Mexico to collect debts for their bosses in 1862 - in direct violation of the Monroe Doctrine.

Ol' Abe tried to pay back their generous loan by foolishly using a favoritie squid parlor-trick - printing tons of United States Notes backed by .... nothing (monetizing the debt). That's likely the actual reason he was eliminated by one of their soldiers in 1865 (when the war was already over, in the middle of a city that was essentially an armed camp). This task accomplished, the usual suspects and their yankee pals packed their carpet-bags, rode to the ruined south and got down to some serious looting. Negroes got to stay and enjoy their first great round of gibs and TNB, backed by guns of the "Grand Army of the Republic" until 1877. "Reconstruction" was the curious term employed for this.

Anonymous said...

Re Anon @12:12

No names released but the home invaders were heard speaking Spanish.

And this was in border state Texas.

Crossing my fingers that these were illegals and that SOME national news org runs with it.

- Man in Florida

Anonymous said...

Watching a little TV today, don't usually. The MSM is somewhat clever, they are focusing the blame for the ebola guy in Dallas on the hospital authorities and local (white) health authorities too. The meme is that they screwed up allowing Mr. Ebola to spread the wealth. Blame the guys in Dallas and the rest of Texas, not the diversity agenda of the last 50/100 years and not the federal government with its civil rights agenda directed against YT.

Of course MSM/Pravda won't touch with a ten foot pole the other questions that apportion blame properly such as:

1.) How did he get here ?
A:) On an airplane.

2.) Where did the airplane land ?
A:) At an airport (DFW ?).

3.) Was he checked as to country of origin, screened for diseases (he is African BTW)?
A:) No.

4.) Who is responsible for the lapses above ?
A:) The federal government.

5.) Why didn't the federal government check him for disease and prevent Africans from entering the U.S. in the first place ? He did arrive by airplane and they land at airports so it's not difficult to figure out.
A:) Several answers: Can't discriminate, diversity rules.
Airlines just want to sell tickets, he is someone else's problem but their profit. The federal government is never at fault, evil YT is. General incompetence by government, AA rules in government guarantee that. Part of the big picture agenda, cause as much misery for YT as possible. Civil rights, civil rights, civil rights. This not a bug (no pun intended) but a feature.

One reason not listed is stupidity, the oligarchs are many things but not stupid. If this were an 'accident' the federal government would have moved at 1,000 miles per hour to do the right thing but they haven't, have they ? This is just another opportunity to shove diversity in YT's face but the ruling class has a tiger by the tail and they don't even know it.

non-DWL from NE.

AnalogMan said...

Shefali said...

I just read about a young black man who beat a dog to death because the dog knocked some food off its dish onto the floor. Another young black man beat his 2 year old daughter to death for pooping in her nappy...

You can't blame this kind of crap on slavery.

Oddly enough, you can, to some extent, blame it on emancipation. Bear with me.

You can read, on the internet, accounts of travels through southern Africa that describe the transition from Botswana to Rhodesia. On one side of the border, poverty, dirt, disease, starvation. Cross into Rhodesia, and it's a different world: orderly, not exactly prosperous, but not starving; education for the picaninnies, jobs, commerce. The evils of colonialism.

Skip forward a few years to Zimbabwe. A news report I read a few years ago gives the flavour.

A Zimbabwean man, trying to feed his family, spent a whole day trapping mice in a field. At the end of the day he returned home with a grand total of four mice, which he prepared for his family. But before they could have their meal, his ten-year-old son ate the lot. In a rage, he hit the picaninny on the head with an axe, killing him.

I can actually understand how a man would feel in those circumstances. Your best efforts to provide for your family, woefully inadequate and ultimately futile. But that's probably anthropomorphism - projecting my feelings onto an alien creature who's not really like me at all.

The point is, these creatures are not suited for freedom at all. They aren't intellectually equipped to cope with personal responsibility, and when they fail, they aren't emotionally equipped to cope with the frustration of failure.

So, what can you do? They can't survive as free agents in the civilization White people built. They've proven that they can't manage their own countries in Africa, or their own cities in America. If we declared the entire continent of Africa a black reservation, they could not even feed themselves. There are only three possible courses:

1. Continue as we are doing, pretending that they're just like us, while trying to prop them up to make it seem real. This will inevitably result in the death of civilization, and probably the extinction of the White race.

2. Admit that they will always be a dependent race that must be fed, housed and clothed by us in perpetuity, and take up the White man's burden, while separating them from us. This is probably the ethical thing to do, since we did destroy the world they were adapted to survive in, and enabled them to breed in numbers that make a return to their old ways impossible. The costs will obviously be enormous, as parasites never voluntarily moderate their behaviour, and the risk of reverting to case 1 is more like a certainty.

3. Cut them loose. Quarantine them. Let Darwin sort it out, with or without a helping hand from us.

I have my own preference, but I'll leave you to guess which course I favour.

BTW, interesting to see you using the English word "nappy" instead of the American "diaper". Is that the Indian way?

Anonymous said...

re, 'Indentured White Slaves'.

The 'indentured' died quickly bc the massa had no interest in their well being. they were used abused discarded.

slaves had a value via sales of them.

Anonymous said... "culture" of violence, getting close to being able to say "genetic" predisposition.

Another illegal use of whitey tricknology, instead of burning or hacking the sow to death it ran it over.


Anonymous said...

Texas here:


Here's a tool to help you and your husband.

Anonymous said...

I just viewed the link about Liberia which was attached to this article.

Interesting. So when the former slaves arrived in Liberia, what did they do? They enslaved the natives of the land and resurrected slavery.

It no longer amazes me how inept, immoral, and two faced the negro is. It is indeed very different from the White European.

And, in Liberia, the negro thinks nothing of killing and eating its neighbor. In this video, one negro was even boasting about how it eats human flesh.

Whites across the world need to wake up to the atrocities of the negro.

James Bondo said...

"50?! You are a cockeyed optimist.

Ivan Shatov"

That was a typo, he meant 50 months.

Anonymous said...

And who be the most members of the nra? You guessed it, evil whitey of course. Tying in nicely with the executive order mandating racial classification on all ffl forms. Gotta keeps eyes on you blue eyed devil don't we?


AnalogMan said...

Wow, the headlines on Drudge are going crazy about Ebola. Had to laugh out loud at the one that says "Came to US to marry girlfriend". That's torn it. Bye, bye, girlfriend. You lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas. You lie down with Latter-Day Liberians, you don't get up at all.

I fear for America, and my family there. Many have been saying it for years, and now it's here: Homeschool. Avoid crowds. Get off the grid as far as possible. Pray, if that works for you. Please, be careful.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"All of you are fucking crazy. Fucking crazy."

October 3, 2014 at 8:36 AM

Possibly but not probable.
What is crazy is the following:

1. Bringing Ebola to the US. Willingly!

2. Sending US military personnel to west Africa on a "humanitarian" mission. Infecting those military personnel. Willingly!

3. Blind obedience to a false narrative. Ignoring everything else that contradicts the false narrative. Willingly!

And that's just a small piece of the "crazy".

I just hope there's a silver lining to all of it. On second thought, I will just stick with "Worse is Better".
Scot Irish

Philadelphia Mike said...

"Anonymous Anonymous said...
All of you are fucking crazy. Fucking crazy.

October 3, 2014 at 8:36 AM"

To Anonymous:

Copernicus was deemed crazy when he declared the Earth was round. Cristofero Colombo (Christopher Columbus) was perceived by many as crazy when he declared that he could reach the Orient by travelling west.

Those of us gifted with an insight that is light years ahead of our peers are often labeled as "crazy"... and it all comes down to genetics. We have been bestowed with a thought process that functions far beyond the normative way of thinking. If there were such a thing as White Privilege, then this is the only privilege that I believe we Whites have been given. The genetic privilege of higher intelligence...of being a genetically more advance and higher evolved homo sapiens than the sub Saharan negroid.

In conjunction with this, we on this blog site integrate plain old fashioned common sense into our thinking...and express our conclusions with honest communication.

You (if you are a White European), along with many others in this nation, have been conditioned to place your higher cerebral skill into dormancy.

We are not crazy. Maybe...just might be that you are short sighted...or delusional...or unwilling to open your eyes to the truth...or not White or Oriental...or not even one of the "talented tenth" blacks who is genetically gifted.

But...regardless of who or what you are, I am glad that you it just reconfirms my belief that this nation is without a doubt in dire straits.

We are the torch bearers of civilization. It is our duty to keep the message alive...loud and clear.

For as we have been seeing for decades now, Silence = Death...the death of non-blacks by the hand of black violence. And now, because of White silence, death has reached our shores in a more nefarious way than ever...ebola.

Help me wake up our people, folks. I fear for my children...and some day, my grandchildren. I fear for all of our White European children. And yes, I fear for the Oriental and Mestizo children as well.

Be fearless.

Philadelphia Mike

Anonymous said...

To all of you homeschoolers.

What about an online advanced degree program?

Maybe you really don't need to worry about the indoctrination that the university system is trying to use on your undo all of your years of effort in keeping them safe and properly educated.

There are hundreds of online universities.

Anonymous said...

Because of ebola, we have now just entered a next phase in the final demise of the USA.

Anonymous said...

"Black Plague" has taken on a whole new meaning. It is now longer just urban blight and White genocide. It's now a virus which threatens people world wide. Ebola.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to "The PDK Herald/Crier Project"?

He hasn't posted here in a really long time.


2 Concepts that are linked:

It appears to me that Nature is trying to kill the Negro. Nature has been trying to kill that failed branch of the hominid line for about 200,000 years once Home Erectus left Africa (perhaps on 3 different occasions).

Nature has used Malaria. Then AIDS and now is using Ebola to put an end to this dead-end offshoot yet, the STUPID WHITE MAN keeps interfering with Nature. We came in the 1800's to give them clean water, electricity, rail-roads and cures for diseases. We lower our world population from 30+% to about 8% today......and look how our homelands are being invaded by these hominids.

We need to stand down. We need to allow Nature to take it's course and stop with our artificial evil-man-made science. If we will only do this we can return the White Race to where it belongs on this Planet. Ebola will clear Africa and when that is done we can force the European and New World africans back to their own homelands here they belong and return them to the love, protection and bosom of Mother Nature. Let her deal with her sin.

Anonymous said...

Over, and over, and over again, we see the results of engaging with members of a somewhat similar humanoid group of beings whose allele frequency is different enough to cause... lower iq, lower impulse control, poor future time orientation, higher tendency for violence, etc. Never fails. Always predictable outcome.

Anonymous said...

Today on Philadelphia news (TV):

A 54 yr old Jewish man- a cantor at a local synagogue was murdered in his home by a "former house guest" He lived in Mt. Airy- a once nice area now gone fairly ghetto, with a smattering of white libtards in deep denial.

The former house guest guessed it a 30 some year old 'groid.

Jesus Christ--or should I say Oy Gevalt!

PissedOffPilot said...

this really isnt looking good for civilization at the moment (AKA white people,and possibly the nation of japan :)

back this whole site up and whatever basic knowledge you can to an SD card ;and print off basic survival skills. (google it for what its worth)

minus a nuclear holocaust its the best method we have;if you dont want to go the stone tablet route!

and yes.. whites did invent solid state backup :)

and of course; tell you and yours to avoid the groid.

10mm AUTO said...

Hope Paul does an in depth.

So in a city with 2% negros, they throw a "rap" concert. Isn't that cute, see the little darkies run around, jump, holler and try to rhyme.

Whoops! A rape! In public. For 30 mins. In front of hundreds of negros. Not one calls cops. FILMED ON VIDEO.

They are not human. They are Orcs. The faster you learn this, the easier it will become.

Sheila said...

Anon - thanks for the suggestions - I've long had a number of sites bookmarked, including dotmap and the 2010 census, as well as one re school demographics. We're "merely" limited by finances, my husband's job, and how far he's willing to drive. The ultimate goal is not in doubt.

More interesting reads at Vox Popoli. There's apparently a case in Montgomery County, MD (formerly home to tons of disingenuous liberal squids and now heavily enriched by "middle class" negroes and central Americans), and one at Howard University Hospital in DC, and possibly in Georgia as well.

The CDC is also purportedly going to admit, tomorrow, that Ebola can be spread by air (in the sense that coughing and sneezing place body fluid particles floating about, which can survive up to two days). I'm shocked, shocked I tell you!

Anonymous said...

Why was it that Africans could last and not whites? Are you saying blacks are superior?

Howard Beale said...

it has been known since 1990 that Ebola is airborne. PBS even did a documentary about it. But for some reason, this has slipped into the memory hole.

Howard Beale said...

A little over 3 yrs ago someone linked to the blog, saying simply that you're not alone, that there are others:

I challenge each and everyone of you to go and link to this blog in the comment section of all race related articles.

Information is our greatest ally. Ignorance is our greatest foe.


There is a country song that goes: "I love this Bar". I can't, for the life of me think of the writer/singer (drinking tooooo much right now), but I want to change the title to:

"I love this Blog."

Goodnight, folks and trolls. See you all tomorrow.

Max Renn said...

Good ol democrat voting gator mouth himself: Toby Keith.

Anonymous said...

There can be no doubt that the Bathhouse Regime under Brock H'ussein Obola wants viral equality now, a sort of reverse affirmative action program which allows whites to experience the same wonderful diseases Africans contract via consumption of their closely-related primate cousins. Now that ebola is here, we'll have to wait and see just how dangerous it really is. None of this was necessary, though, if we had bothered electing a man who actually loved America and white people instead of hating us the way Brock "Bathhouse Barry" Obola hates us.

Never forget that ebola was allowed to spread here ON PURPOSE. This wasn't an accident -- Brock Obola wanted this diseased Liberian man in the US for the sake of viral equality.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I've been reading about ebola for several months, it kills blacks at 3 times the rate of whites.

From your mouth to God's ears. please! May it be so.

Anonymous said...

We all know that the Nation of Islam (L. Farrakhan) believes a black scientist created the white man, and we're just an experiment run amok......Now the latest from his highness?.....Ebola was created by the white man to eliminate blacks. If only it were that easy :/

D-FENS said...

"Whatever happened to "The PDK Herald/Crier Project"?
Esconced in the sanctuary, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how much African immigration increased under this administration? I recall seeing Obama on TV, before he became president promising a group of African immigrants that if he became president he would increase African and Caribbean immigration. He also added he did not understand why most immigrants were from Mexico and not Africa. If there was a considerable increase in African immigration under obama, then Ebola is on his hands.

Mr. Rational said...

So when the former slaves arrived in Liberia, what did they do? They enslaved the natives of the land and resurrected slavery.

Don't you get it?  Africans introduced chattel slavery to Virginia in the first place!  All they did was go back to the traditions of home when they went home  Chattel slavery is an African institution.  They practice it wherever they go, unless prohibited by agencies of a higher morality.

FledEverett said...

And that is why Liberia is such a disaster today. Americo - Liberians made slaves out of indigenous Africans, denied them legal rights and set up a caste system of open discrimination. This caused political and social unrest as well as government corruption of course for over 130 years and a coup in 80 after indigenous uprising. So now today Liberians want to all flee to US despite that US blacks constantly complain how racist and horrible the US is for people of color. I researched Liberia after reading your comment about enslaving indigenous. I really had to sift thru alot of info because the PC is so thick on the university and PBS websites especially as they make excuses for this uncomfortable fact of Liberian history. I also noticed they try to cover up one of the reasons why there was a colonization back to Africa movement. Yes originally slave owners did not want freed slaves stirring up slaves into rebellion. But once freed, as another commenter pointed out in the 1904 excerpt, whites saw how criminal, violent, and sexually irresponsible blacks were and did not want them around causing permanent social problems, which is exactly what came to pass.....

Anonymous said...

Round will go through both sides of helmet and the noggin it contains

Left Coast White Guy said...

Haha, that is rich!

Left Coast White Guy said...

No, for the most part the White s that were brought over were Irish that were enslaved by the British, not indentured as you were programmed to believe but enslaved. They were sold for $5 and sometime just traded like they were free. The black Africans cost $30 because more was involved in aquiring them. Therefore they would often work a white slave to death because it would be no financial loss.

Left Coast White Guy said...

With a plague outbreak, the HNIC can attempt to declare Marshall law and impose all those dictatorial executive orders and never leave office.

paulmurray said...

"I've been reading about ebola for several months, it kills blacks at 3 times the rate of whites."

Unsurprising. White people are the descendants of the people who survived the black plague, the spanish flu, smallpox and every other disease