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The Microcosm for the Nationwide War on Whites: The St. Louis Post-Dispatch confirms the role Section 8 Vouchers had in dismantling the civilization whites built (and fled) in Ferguson

 It was never about "Mike Brown."

It was always about racial conquest; about the acquisition of power and the ability to exercise this political authority.
With Restrictive Covenants declared Unconstitutional and Section 8 Vouchers being doled as a form of biological warfare on communities white people create (and only they can sustain), it's time to revise Paul Revere's warning...

And if racial conquest is impeded from being implemented in any way, well, threaten violence, arson, and an insurrection.  [Report: Michael Brown's blood found on Officer Darren Wilson's gun, car door, CNN, 10-18-14]:
Angela Whitman, a Ferguson resident who was among activists meeting with U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder there in August, found the newspaper account of Wilson's testimony "so hard to believe."
Whitman worried whether the revelation would provoke another round of racially charged protests akin to the violent demonstrations immediately after Brown's August 9 death in the St. Louis suburb. Wilson is white; Brown was black.

"This is not a black and white thing, this is about what's right and wrong. St. Louis is in trouble, because if this is what Darren Wilson said, and they believe him, St. Louis is going to burn," Whitman said.

"I'm so frustrated with this. It's all for political gain. It's become no longer about Mike Brown," Whitman added.
 Is that a threat of domestic terrorism, Whitman?

"St. Louis is going to burn."

I'd say this is an admission of terrorism, but the black population has been terrorizing the white population for decades; if this wasn't the case white people wouldn't immediately put up a "for sale" sign in the yard at the first sign their community is going majority black.

The key to understanding the black insurrection in currently 67 percent black Ferguson, Missouri over the shooting death of Michael "No Angel" Brown by a white police officer can be found in this simple chronological exposé of the demographics of the city:

  • In 1990, Ferguson was 73.8 percent white and 25.1 percent black
  • In 2000, Ferguson was 44.8 percent white and 52.4 percent black
  • In 2010 Ferguson was 29.3 percent white and 67.4 percent black [Chart: Inside Ferguson's Changing Demographics, Forbes, 8-19-2014]
Which brings us to this 1991 article from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch describing white people's decision to flee then 73.8 percent white Ferguson (to paraphrase Paul Revere: the blacks are coming, the blacks are coming!). [Whites Flock To Outlying Counties: Schools, Crime, Attitudes Cause Thousands To Abandon St. Louis, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 4-15-1991]:
Affordable housing, strong school systems and low crime rates have combined to form a powerful magnet to draw thousands of whites away from the city of St. Louis and St. Louis County and into once-remote areas of St. Charles, Jefferson and Franklin counties. 
Statistics from the 1990 census show that white population loss has been greatest in traditionally white, middle-class areas of south St. Louis and in middle-class sections of North County. The areas are the same ones that experienced dramatic increases in black population in the 1980s. 
The boom areas continue to be deep west St. Louis County, much of St. Charles County and Jefferson County.''This is the smartest move I ever made,'' said Rick Clay, a father of three, who moved onto Lake Charles Drive near St. Peters in St. Charles County about a year ago. 
He said he had moved there from Ferguson, where he grew up.''Schools were a big, big, big reason why we came here,'' said Clay, who is white. ''And the area where I lived was deteriorating. That was the biggest thing.''Greg Risinger is a white father of two who moved to St. Charles County from Ferguson about eight years ago. 
''We looked at the schools, we looked at the churches, we looked at Mid-Rivers Mall, and this is where we decided to live,'' he said. ''People I went to grade school with are out here. We're real happy we made the move.'' 
North County census tracts that experienced the largest losses in white population during the 1980s include:A tract bounded roughly by Interstate 270 on the south, the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad tracks on the north and east and Lewis and Clark Boulevard (Highway 367) on the west. 
That tract saw the number of white residents drop to 10,937 from 13,121 - a loss of 17 percent.A tract bounded roughly by Interstate 270 on the north, New Halls Ferry Road on the west and Lewis and Clark (Highway 367) on the east. White population dropped by more than half - to 2,134 from 4,795. 
A tract bounded by Interstate 270 on the north, Chambers Road on the south, Florissant Road on the west and Halls Ferry on the east. That tract saw its white population drop by 24 percent - to 6,145 from 8,113. 
Other North County areas that showed dramatic white population loss included the city of Jennings, which saw its white population drop 32 percent, to 5,702 from 8,436; sections of Ferguson and parts of Normandy.North St. Louis County's loss, for the most part, has been St. Charles County's gain.
The county was the fastest-growing in Missouri from 1980 to 1990. Its population jumped by 48 percent - to 212,907 from 144,107. Whites make up 96 percent of the county's residents.''We had 97 houses for sale 16 months ago, and we have eight left,'' said Marilyn Voorhees, a hostess for the Kingspointe development near O'Fallon, where houses are priced in the $60,000-to-$70,000 range. 
''It's been incredible, even through this recession,'' she said. ''The land is so cheap, the houses are so much more affordable.''Racial ConsiderationsSeveral whites interviewed by the Post-Dispatch said the movement of blacks into their old neighborhoods had had little bearing on their decisions to leave, but others acknowledged that it was a consideration. 
''We just felt kind of unsafe,'' said Carolyn Mooney, a white and the mother of two children. Her family moved to St. Charles County about a year ago from a town house in north St. Louis County.''We were kind of the minority there. Neither my husband nor I are prejudiced, but we felt like a minority.''Some whites offered stronger feelings.''All the blacks were moving in, and my son was starting to play with them,'' said a woman who moved from North County into the High Sierra Subdivision of Jefferson County five years ago. 
She declined to give her name. 
'We would have stayed, but we were scared. My husband wouldn't let me go out shopping at night.''A white widow who lives in the lower Paddock Forest neighborhood north of Parker Road in North County said the racial change of the area was the major reason she had decided to put a ''for sale'' sign in front of the home where she has lived for 14 years. 
She said she intended to move to Ballwin.''The neighborhood already is to the point that nobody buys here except the colored,'' said the woman, who asked that she not be identified.''North County has had a reputation for the last 15 years. You tell somebody you live in North County, and they think you live in North City,'' said the woman.
 That article was published 23 years ago this past April.
From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: biological warfare (Section 8) spreads throughout metropolitan St. Louis... you can't run any more whitey.

This article, a story of the Section 8-ing of Ferguson, was just published. [As low-income housing boomed, Ferguson pushed back, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 10-19-14]:
Flip the calendar back to the evening of Sept. 14, 2010, four years before the Michael Brown shooting, and take a seat in the blue-padded chairs here at City Hall.

There was a meeting going on — one that would prove prophetic — about activity brewing on the city’s far eastern flank.

Jammed full of high-density apartment complexes, the area stands in stark contrast to the historic downtown, which is the pride of city leaders and families trying to buck the sluggish trend of much of surrounding north St. Louis County.

The apartments came up during the meeting when then-Mayor Brian Fletcher asked for an update on the Responsible Landlord Initiative.

Ferguson, population 21,000, fretted a lot during the recession about foreclosures.
Now city officials had a jaw-dropping report in hand that mentioned 385 recommended evictions between January 2008 and June 2010.

“That’s a lot of evictions,” Fletcher said, according to a transcript of the meeting.
What’s more, nearly half of the city’s police calls were going to the apartment complexes. Places such as Oakmont Townhomes, Park Ridge Apartments, Northwinds Apartments, Versailles Apartments and Canfield Green, which would gain worldwide attention as the site of Brown’s shooting by Ferguson police.

“Those are some really substantial numbers that we need to work on,” Fletcher said.
“We need to get some police officers talking to the tenants.”
City Manager John Shaw agreed: “There’s definitely a problem there.”


Federal housing officials recognized decades ago that high concentrations of low-income housing are far from ideal. But new policies that emerged have often continued to produce similar results.

Pruitt-Igoe, the high-rise public housing complex in north St. Louis, was physically demolished in the early 1970s, and remains today as an epic example of housing policy failure. The buildings were an amalgam of crime, mismanagement and African-American poverty.

Also in the 1970s, the U.S. government launched new affordable housing policies such as Section 8, a tenant-based program that gives renters vouchers to live where they want, ideally in the broader community.

According to a Post-Dispatch analysis of Section 8 voucher data from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the number of Section 8 voucher recipients has doubled in St. Louis County since the mid-1990s. That doesn’t take into account other rental subsidy programs.

Factoring in all federal programs, there were roughly 13,000 households with subsidized housing in the county last year, including about 7,500 who used Section 8 vouchers, according to HUD estimates. By comparison, in the city of St. Louis, there were nearly 14,900 households living in subsidized units — about 4,700 used vouchers.

The data on Section 8 also show that the subsidies have tended to cluster in lower-income areas. Many inner-ring North County suburbs are disproportionately absorbing the tenants who have flocked to aging apartment complexes.

That includes Ferguson. A census tract that consists of a portion of Oakmont Townhomes and Northwinds Apartments and stretches eastward into unincorporated St. Louis County had more Section 8 renters in 2013 than any tract in the entire state, according to HUD estimates.

In that area, nearly 20 percent of the 5,000 people who lived there were in Section 8 units. More than half of those households had median incomes of less than $10,000; 57 percent were headed by one parent; and 99 percent were African-American.

According to records from the Housing Authority of St. Louis County, three of the top nine recipients of Section 8 payments from June 2011 to June 2014 were the owners of Park Ridge, Northwinds and Oakmont. Currently, more than 200 tenants in those complexes have vouchers.

In three census tracts that jut from the eastern portion of Ferguson into portions of Dellwood, Jennings and unincorporated North County, there were an estimated 745 Section 8 renters. That is more than in all areas of St. Louis County south of Olive Boulevard.


Critics have a less-generous view about Ferguson’s sincerity in addressing abrupt demographic changes to a suburb that has become predominantly African-American, pointing out lack of diversity in leadership positions and on the police force.
While there is diversity in the older parts of Ferguson, the apartments on the eastern edge of town are filled with African-Americans. Some residents say they feel caged in and targeted by police.

Conrad Egan worked for U.S. Housing and Urban Development in the 1970s and later helped run NHP Inc., one of the largest owners and managers of affordable housing properties in the country. He said the goal of recent low-income housing policy is to spread people out.

“There is no question where you have large amounts of low-income residents, you are going to have low-cost units. That’s what they need,” he said. “The key is to make sure you do that in a mixed-income kind of way, a scattered site kind of way.”

Once the Park Ridge project went through in Ferguson, concern among other Ferguson residents grew.
“It’s a strain on the school district,” Fletcher said. “It’s a strain on the police department because the bulk of our police calls are in this very eastern edge of the city where the apartments are.”

Historical crime data support that.

So do recent events. Around 4 p.m. on Oct. 8, somebody opened fire in Park Ridge, killing a man. Police don’t believe the man, Robin Poindexter, 52, was the intended target. And just Friday afternoon, federal agents shot at two burglary suspects in a car at the complex as they attempted to arrest them.

Boston Capital Investment Fund owns Park Ridge. It took over the property in July from a local partner that withdrew under financial and legal distress.

Rollins, the county housing director, said she has been trying to start a dialogue with out-of-state owners and ensure they visit their low-income properties.

“I don’t think they care,” she said. “It’s about how do I make the most profit.”
Chuck Intravaia, assistant vice president of special assets at Boston Capital, disagreed with that statement.

“We are in the business of tax credits, but the underlying mission is affordable housing,” he said, adding that he has personally visited the Park Ridge complex twice.
 Section 8 Vouchers are nothing more than a form of biological warfare by the leftist, managerial elite against what remains of America's historic majority population: by moving blacks into formerly white areas, the managerial elite redistribute crime from failing urban cities (St. Louis) into the suburbs. 

Crime follows, because crime only exists because of the people who commit (and propagate) it: read the St. Louis Post-Dispatch breakdown of the Section 8 Voucher scheme and you will see it's time white people petition the United Nations for ending the biological warfare the elites practice on their communities in America. 

Now, when the pressure is at its zenith (the Darren Wilson/Michael Brown saga coming to an inevitable conclusion of the formers innocence being determined by a Grand Jury) courtesy of a population subsisting on Section 8 Vouchers and EBT card/Food Stamps, the transformation of Ferguson by the black undertow will be complete. 

It was never about Mike Brown: it's about power. 

Taking political power out of the hands of whites (forever) and giving it blacks: all while the managerial elite counts the money they earn from this Section 8 scheme...

 Biological warfare is being waged in America: Thy name is Section 8 Vouchers.

Steve Sailer has dubbed "poor blacks" the biggest hot potato in America. 

He is wrong. They are a population bred (subsidized by redistributed white taxpayer money) with only one goal: the complete dismantling of the civilization whites built and the dispossession of their political power as they scatter to new suburbs to live that will inevitably be targeted by Section 8 Vouchers for annihilation. 

"St. Louis is going to burn," warned (whined) some leftist to CNN, if Darren Wilson isn't brought to justice. 

This admission of holding whites hostage unless blacks get their way isn't even in the Top 10 facts to discern from what you've read here.

That should provide sufficient evidence to show you how insane the situation is for Those Who Can See in 2014 America. 


Anonymous said...

" Section 8 Vouchers are nothing more than a form of biological warfare by the leftist, managerial elite against what remains of America's historic majority population: by moving blacks into formerly white areas, the managerial elite redistribute crime from failing urban cities (St. Louis) into the suburbs."

It is a weapon of incredible power. They use white tax payer money to move dysfunctional and dangerous negro families right next to YT the tax payer. It's brilliant, brilliantly evil. The government knows each negro "family" is like a time bomb that will eventually destroy a block, or an entire neighborhood, depending on the negro's "extended" family and their unique destructive talents.

The creation of Section 8 was the figurative Manhattan Project for the leftists. The refugee resettlement rackets are the more rural equivalent of Section 8. Though possibly with even greater destructive potential. Obama's executive order, "Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing" has given the project a special place in the Federal arsenal.

Imagine proudly owning a modest house in a little neighborhood that you like. Every weekend you do little improvement projects on the place. Then one day, the house next door comes on the rental market and then weeks later a large female negro, seven chirrun ages 2 through 19 are living there. More negroes arrive, the cousins and the baby daddies. Suddenly you are being threatened in your driveway as trash piles up everywhere. The males leer at your young daughters. Your teenage son is attacked and stomped by visitors to the house. Their pit bulls bite your wife The rap music plays all night long as they sit on the porch smoking blunts and firing off random shots. Your house is burgled and your electronics are gone. Then you see their house is lit up with what looks like your expensive LCD TV. They're all watching the football game on your TV. They're drinking beer and eating skrimps and steak bought with their EBT cards.

It's a nightmare. And it's coming to your neighborhood via Section 8.

Anonymous said...

What that article doesn't mention is that the blacks trashed Pruitt-Lgoe.

All authors agree that by the end of the 1960s, Pruitt–Igoe was nearly abandoned and had deteriorated into a decaying, dangerous, crime-infested neighborhood; its architect lamented: "I never thought people were that destructive".

Anonymous said...

Section "Ape": Bringing the Ghetto to Your (Neighbor)Hood.

Sounds like a fitting title for what could be your newest book, PK. Well... maybe not the "ape" part.

This was an exceptional post and yet there is so much of the storyline still being written across white, middle-class America's increasingly dilapidated former communities. This subject will undoubtedly provide a shelf's worth of provocative books for race realists, a plethora of accusatory mainstream newspaper articles for liberals, and thousands of furious online comment sections for both in the years to come. Aside from what, in my opinion, can be classified as a mainstream media conspiracy to blot out the sun that is the epidemic of black crime in America, the next "cause celeb" shoe still yet to fully drop will revolve around this very phenomenon: Forced Integration of Communities (as opposed to forced desegregation and forced integration of schools).

After all, many forms of our "freedom to associate" have already been deemed illegal. Christian business owners better damn well bake that "homo-genized" cake with dual bachelors atop. Non-natives cannot form communities based solely on race, religion, or sexual orientation unless you are a member of a "protected class". And as we all know, this phraseology was positively constructed with the intent to exclude whites and thereby "even the score" for old debts left unpaid.

And now HUD has set itself up to use demographic data to determine where America's subdivisions could use a little more forced racial integration, as if our experiments with busing school children cross-country was such an overwhelming success that it produced outcomes envied the world over. Only now, your children won't have the same "home" to look forward to after a long day of being bullied and marginalized by the "good boys" of the black undertow. For the "diverse communities" they will soon reside in, will mirror the haunted classroom for which they longed only to escape with their limbs and lives intact.

I would say that at least they can always lock the door behind them when they finally arrive panting from the bus stop sprint, but who really knows how long it will be before Forced Community Integration becomes Forced Home Subletting. But look on the bright side, maybe the "good boy" that will come to share what was your daughter's room will also share some of his "sammich."

Coming to a Community Near You!!!

-Wallace Schoolhouse

IKantunderstand said...

This is war. Unlike the European way, whereby war is formally declared, this war is being done by third world standards. Which is to say: There are NO standards. Since I don't know how many of us are out there, let's stick to the simple things we can do. Like, perhaps, accidental combustion sites. There are lessons to be learned from famous insurrections.

Anonymous said...

Wow trip down memory lane. Grew up in the old inner 270 St. Louis county. Had a sister that moved to Ferguson about the time this article was written. The old part was really nice - neat old houses.

I didn't realize then how the area was turning and how real estate prices were starting to drop. I knew it was the cheap "Webster" or "Kirkwood", didn't really understand why.

Fast forward to the sad story you linked about an elderly lady trying to sell her home there and cannot. Very sad.

White Cornerback said...

Millions of whites will be leaving America within a couple of generations tops if we just keep sliding. There is NO way we can continue with this black race crime bonanza covered up by the cesspool media, illegal aliens pouring in, whites dying out, thug hip hop culture promoted as an actual "culture", anti police venom which is really just a way of saying the police are stopping black thugs from what they want to do- rob, kill, assault, rape, etc.

This nation is so OBVIOUSLY finishing up. The titanic is about to hit. The president we have now will seem "right wing" compared to what is coming down the pike. Land will be stolen from whites, hate crimes will continue, more white historical figures will be replaced by blacks and browns and on and on. Only Asians can save America if whites continue to die out. Fact of LIFE. And though there are certainly nice folks who are black and brown, the culture as a WHOLE cannot sustain.. Reality is reality. Plus there are so many demented white sell outs, traitors and simply the brainwashed, it simply cannot last. Section 8 has been far worse than Al Qeada or Isis could ever be on America.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that the NAMs live in White areas.

Break this down:  NAMs (live) in (white areas).

One is forced by government policy and can't be changed by local demand or initiative.

The other... isn't.  And that will become obvious with time.

Anonymous said...

That was one of the most intelligently written pieces I've read here. Very moving. I find it interesting that these blacks and dwls never even say, "If it happened the way Officer Wilson says", or "If Officer Wilson was justified in the killing"... In other words they refuse to entertain any notion that the reality of the incident is opposed to how they want it to be. So what do theu mean by "justice"? They mean getting what they want.

There is no way Whites can win this, no more then the Whites who left Europe for America could win over Europe. That is why they left.

Anonymous said...

The brutish are coming!! The brutish are coming!!



State after state. City after city, County after county. it will never change until we as White Americans force a change. Blacks will continue to destroy whatever it is they touch. Basically they are as useless as tits on a bull towards the average White person.
But too Gov't they are the new brown shirts that seek and destroy whatever it is their beloved Gov't let's them.
Nothing like a section ape voucher to ruin any civilized productive White neighborhood.


Anonymous said...
Black Privilege in Ferguson: Criminal Black behavior in Ferguson CAUSED by MSM and PC

Black Privilege in Ferguson and all USA (30 examples)
Black Police departments can shoot unarmed Black civilians in record numbers and Eric Holder does nothing:
Blacks can never be racist, even when they are racist: "
Blacks can openly enjoy and promote mayhem against Whites:
Blacks are allowed to promote violence against Whites with impunity.
Blacks may have pride in their race.
Blacks can crash their opponent’s public events,
Blacks can complain about White Privilege and get government moneys for White Privilege Conferences.
Blacks have freedom of speech. Blacks can use the N-Word, "cracker", and swear openly.
Blacks may stereotype
Blacks can object to racial profiling.
Blacks can DEMAND racial profiling, called ‘quotas’ or ‘positive discrimination’,
Blacks get into elite colleges with low SAT, GMAT test scores
Whenever Blacks commit crimes, the MSM hides their race.
Blacks can always cry racism.
Blacks are entitled to justified violent rage, whenever slightly angered.
Blacks may promote cop killing
Blacks may riot and burn their own neighborhood.
Blacks can racially profile and selectively loot and burn down Asian and White run businesses.
Blacks get support of government and MSM (Main Stream Media) world wide whenever they cry "Hate Crime" :
Blacks can be over 50% white and still be conferred Black Privilege:
Black can commit crimes (felonies) that get covered up.
Blacks can commit crimes, be excused and not be charged.
Blacks get punished more leniently in school.
Blacks can be a prosecution top witness after being caught lying, and having a criminal rap sheet.
Blacks have their prior juvenile crime records hidden,
Blacks are called a victim, while committing crimes.
Politicians have to pander to Black opinions.
Blacks are believed entirely unlikely stories
One can talk about White Privilege without being called Racist.
Black parents can give a racist talk to their children, [45] [46]"warning them how to survive in a racist world".

Anonymous said...

There doesn't seem to be any mechanism or recourse for whites to actually fight against Section 8 or related schemes to displace and destroy them. I for one left California and moved back to Eastern Europe where my families roots are, in part to leave the "diversity" of the Bay Area, though blacks are a dwindling minority due to high prices. In the short term whites will be forced to keep moving away from the rising black tide. If you can't fight the darkness, at least stay away from it. I empathize with those who can't afford to.

Anonymous said...

If St. Louis burns, Obama won't do a damn thing. Maybe he'll take 10 minutes before his afternoon tee time to make a weak call for peace on TV, but he won't support law enforcement. It'll be a "teachable moment" on race relations. White liberals across the country will bow their heads in guilt and sorrow, for the vile crime of being born White.

If I were a non-Black resident of St. Louis County or the 'burbs, I'd be stocking up on essentials.

D-FENS said...

"'s time white people petition the United Nations for ending the biological warfare the elites practice on their communities in America."

The United Nations was created by the elites who seek getting White America under control.

Control. That is what BRA is all about. And making a few dollars in the process.

Anonymous said...

There aren't enough blacks in America to successfully destroy every white community. If the black population was averaged out over all 50 states, there's about 860,000 per state. Of course, most are located in the South or otherwise confined to large cities and can't be forced to move anywhere they don't want to go.
Which is precisely why the US keeps importing a million or so Africans every year. As long as they get their gibs and can be on the taxpayer dole, they'll go anywhere in America that they're sent. Doesn't matter if they go from a tropical country to the far north such as Minnesota as long as they get their gibsmedat.

Anonymous said...

Aka Section Ape, that government sponsored racial warfare program has metastasized into something even worse lately which is the HUD program - Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing. This program uses racial data from the census to pinpoint thriving all white communities and force them to pay for and house Negroes. The communities of Westchester County outside NYC are currently being ordered to dilute their racial base by forced invasions of Ebonicans. Sounds impossible, but it's happening. Look it up.

Anonymous said...

Axe N Shield here..

Section 8 housing and HUD housing have destroyed communities throughout the nation!

These programs have helped millions of poor displaced deserving individuals; and has drained the rest of the nation's working class.

How could such a well -intentioned program driven so very far off course? The theory was that after the crash of 2008 and 2009, with traditional outlets for home financing frozen, FHA would swoop in to the rescue to provide housing market liquidity to allow buyers to sop up all the millions of homes in excess inventory and thus prevent further deterioration in home prices. So it was and is really all about propping up home prices. I have talked with two homebuilders, who sell homes in the $250,000 to $400,000 range and virtually all of their loans are now FHA. Buyers have migrated away from private lenders that sell to Fannie Mae with its much more stringent down payment and income requirements. So nationwide, these low down payment sales, like the subprime of old, are already coming back to bite the hand that fed them. Placing defaulted FHA loans into the HAMP “system” is simply prolonging the day of reckoning. It is yet another example of an endless blend of government hypocrisy and profligacy. Like subprime, many of these people are not real buyers because they have no skin in the game and endless government relief when a default occurs. The solution is to get rid of programs like HAMP and let the foreclosure process take its course. All loan programs must require real down payments of 15-20% of the purchase price. Home prices will find their true level, not artificial numbers created by entitlement loan programs such as FHA.

The government must reduce its footprint in the residential mortgage market and stop competing with private mortgage lenders. Only then will the market for private residential lending return to something more closely resembling equilibrium and allow taxpayers to be responsible for their own mortgage, and not their neighbor’s too.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Mike Brown's uncle just released a tribute rap song for his dead nephew. Watch him threaten to kill Officer Wilson with his nine mm gun using a silencer, and to burn down Ferguson if charges aren't brought against him. Isn't this illegal? Someone copy the video before it's removed.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing as racist and anti-White as the US government unless it's black themselves.

When Whites attack a black it's a hate crime. When blacks attack a White it's a knock out game.

14Ω said...

Before Section 8 and all other welfare programs can be reformed, and that means real reforms with teeth, things have to get worse. The HUD initiative to spread Weaponized Diversity into white areas is our friend. It can and must be fully implemented, painful to us as that may be. Those who can't yet see will only open their eyes, will only be honest, when they can no longer tune out TNB by changing the channel because it is happening right next door.

No more Section 8. Back to the housing projects of old. Except this time, the housing will be along the lines of military style barracks. Residents will be responsible for cleaning the living areas and communal kitchens as well as maintaining the grounds. SNAP will no longer pay for Shaniqua to buy lobsters at Whole Foods. Food assistance will henceforth provide basic nutritional foods to be handed out each week at state-run or state-contracted vendors. Welfare will require participation in some sort of work. Cleaning roadways and public areas, attending job training, or entering an apprenticeship program. Even doing seasonal farm work, since illegals will no longer be allowed to do so. Having more children while on welfare will no longer result in an automatic increase in payments.

Finally, conviction of a crime will result in losing all public assistance. And when the minor dependent child of a recipient is convicted of a crime, that will result in a loss of benefits as well. Third conviction will result in a lifetime ban, no questions asked (axed).

Anonymous said...

I look back on the 50s and 60s with envy. My parents got to grow up then, myself in the 70s & 80s (not so bad). I have two children now & are raising them to be race realists. I wonder at what point they will look at this time frame as the "good ol days"?

I see an incredibly dark & ugly future for the majority of White America is something drastic doesn't change our course.

Thanks to PK for this outlet & to most all of the commenters.

Anonymous said...

The Pruitt-Igoe architect that lamented, "I never thought people were that destructive," was suffering from a delusion~ he didn't build a project for "people"- he built Ape City and just didn't know it.
Anyone with any knowledge about negroes and how they are would have known exactly what the outcome would be and wouldn't have bothered getting involved in it. You don't build a palace, stock it with pigs and expect it not to turn into a pig sty.
Hope he learned his lesson and got a strong wake-up call and now faces reality.

Anonymous said...

"Before Section 8 and all other welfare programs can be reformed, and that means real reforms with teeth, things have to get worse. The HUD initiative to spread Weaponized Diversity into white areas is our friend. It can and must be fully implemented, painful to us as that may be. Those who can't yet see will only open their eyes, will only be honest, when they can no longer tune out TNB by changing the channel because it is happening right next door."

This seems very logical. Ultimately the only thing that convinces negro apologists of the true nature of their pets is some good up close and personal TNB.

I browse a few race-realist forums and the stories are many and varied from those who believed in the "paint job" theory (they're just like us but with a different paint-job) to rabid negro haters once they're forced to have to deal with some TNB at work, in university, in the military, or in their back yard.

There are a few race traitors who are so pathologically self hating and suicidal that they will still be wondering "what did I do to deserve this" as they're being beaten, tortured, and raped by their pets, but those will be very few.

leftist conservative said...

yes, racial integration and the civil rights movement was WARFARE.

But the Rightwing online misses the real point of this issue--WHY is this warfare occurring, and who are the participants?

The elite, the corporations, the plutocrats, and the upper class are on the side of the nonwhites against the white working class.

There, I said it. Actually, I say it all the time. But I seem to be the only person in America who is coming online and saying this simple truth plainly and repeatedly.

Nonwhites, civil rights, and mass immigration from the third world are the weapons used by the upper class and the corporations against white majority Labor. There I said it again.

Let's go further: nonwhites and mass immigration are being used by the upper class and the corporations in an economic war against white majority Labor.

I am the only person in america who is saying this obvious truth repeatedly and in plain, simple terms.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried to start a movement to cancel Section 8? Has a conversation even been started? I think a politician who made this an item on their agenda would find an enormous groundswell of support. Would be great to see this in the national conversation. And it effects whites too so isn't strictly 'racist'.

Anonymous said...

This is nothing new . . . it has been going on since the end of WW2. Dr. E. Micheal Jones did an excellent expose on the early players and techniques of ethnic cleansing wrought upon cities in the 4o,s 50's and 60's. PK has uncovered the second half of this diabolical plan. Watch E. Micheal Jones lecture on youtube . . . . . . this lecture helped open my, once Progressive eyes. It is the beginning of PK's work and I wouldn't be surprised if the many of the players are the same.

Anonymous said...

The boogies are coming!
The boogies are coming!

Anonymous said...

3 years ago there were viscous riots in England (!!) because a gangster thug was shot dead by the Police.

There were no riots in England like this before! 5 people died. House and apartments were burnt with children asleep inside and firefighters were attacked trying to rescue them.

The thugs family still campaign for 'justice'! The left cry about police racism and playwrights stage plays on the side of the nihilists.

Unsurprisingly the same people defend Islamic thugs (of which there are 1,000's) as they return from Syria or dominate an area with their bloodthirsty cult.

I despair for old England. She's bleeding to death.

White Mother said...

White cornerback again said: "Only Asians can save America if whites continue to die out".


Stop hijacking this website to promote gooks OFF TOPIC to replace us because of your personal biases and/or "yellow fever". Sorry if you can’t find better than asians, but the rest of us have a right to tell you to go to hell. Simple as that.

There will be no America without Whites because WE WHITES ARE AMERICA, and your beloved Asians are just as much as a weapon of White genocide as blacks and Hispanics.

Who cares if the yellow man keeps the negro and mexican in check if we are no longer here? It will be just China all over again and just as lost to Whites as if it becomes another Mexico or Congo.

The point of this website is to document how non-Whites like blacks have become the weapon of the White genocide agenda. This is the and only way TO REAWAKE OUR WHITE IDENTITY so that we indeed don't "die out". The last thing we need are defeatist traitors like you who keep on coming here to sabotage our White solidarity while attempting to demoralize Whites with another ridiculous multiracial propaganda.

You are a collaborationist even before the "fact" and White people don't need you, just like your dog eating two-faced chinks:

Asian Immigration to U.S. Outpaces Hispanics:

Asian American Voters Break For Obama (72%):

Chinese for Affirmative Action

90 Percent of China's Applicants Cheat:

Asian Immigration Myths:

Chinese Women Pay to Give Birth at California Maternity Mansion, Secure Citizenship for Babies:

Amazing Pictures, Pollution in China:

10 Ways to Eat Your Dog in China:

10mm AUTO said...

14 Omega,

You should read "Freedom's Sons" by Covington.

Their are many paths to get to our goals. We are right now, convinced that the other side must make its move first, so that we have the moral high ground. I think we already have the moral high ground. Everyone knows people want to live amongst their own kind; that this Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing is destructive to Whites and White Identity. We are being scrubbed out of our own land, while still supporting its infrastructure. We have seen this movie, in Rhodesia, in South Africa, and it doesn't end well.

The hispanics push back because they can. If things get too hot, they leave to the mother Country or just change their name (though DNA checks are making that one tougher).

Whites pride themselves on "research" for finding "good schools" but we see now from PK's newspaper stories, these people know exactly what is going on and why they are fleeing. Fleeing, while rejecting the option of forming all White Communities via the Northwest Imperative, though one day they will have to do so, Section 8 is the final "atomization" of Whites to prevent organization, solidarity and rebellion.

I don't know what it will be like in a few years when Whites are less than 50%, but I can tell you the negros are planning a real party. They have been singing about it for YEARS:

“Niggas in the church say: kill whitey all night long … the white man is the devil … the CRIPS and Bloods are soldiers I’m recruiting with no dispute; drive-by shooting on this white genetic mutant … let’s go and kill some rednecks … Menace Clan ain’t afraid … I got the .380; the homies think I’m crazy because I shot a white baby; I said; I said; I said: kill whitey all night long … a nigga dumping on your white ass; fuck this rap shit, nigga, I’m gonna blast … I beat a white boy to the motherfucking ground”
“Kill Whitey”; Menace Clan, Da Hood, 1995, Rap-A-Lot Records, Noo Trybe Records, The EMI Group, United Kingdom.

“Devils fear this brand new shit … I bleed them next time I see them … I pray on these devils … look what it has come to; who you gonna run to when we get to mobbing … filling his body up with lead, yah; cracker in my way; slitting, slit his throat; watch his body shake; watch his body shake; that’s how we do it in the motherfucking [San Francisco] Bay …sitting on the dock of the dirty with my AK”
“Heat — featuring Jet and Spice 1”; Paris, Unleashed, 1998, Unleashed Records, Whirling Records.

While these "lyrics" seem awful, they are nothing compared to the videos.

White Homeland, Northwest Front!

Anonymous said...

Only whitey crackas can threaten domestic terrorism or be wayciss.
The poor downtrodden noble magic negro would never do such a thing as he has evolved to a higher level.
Forward! Zimbabwe? Yes we can.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing American about those crowded and stinky Chinatowns in the US. Some shorty here has been watching way too much anime and really needs to stop whacking off to Asian porn in the basement...

10mm AUTO said...

Let's go further: nonwhites and mass immigration are being used by the upper class and the corporations in an economic war against white majority Labor.
I am the only person in America who is saying this obvious truth repeatedly and in plain, simple terms.


October 20, 2014 at 7:43 AM""


Everything the Government has done, Loans for "Education", Housing, increased taxation of property, HUD, Section 8, is to increase Governmental control over land. As a Real Estate guy I see this am as appalled as the Doctors were when ObamaCare was passed. Total control of income is their goal. You even start talking about racist things and you livelihood (Doctors are held in check by their DEA prescription license), land (look at the Walmart in Furgerson, a tactical "retreat" as it were), family (through It Takes a Village" i.e. Child Custody) or business (think you can keep your job if you will not submit to "reeducation" i.e. Diversity Training?) will be threatened or taken away. The idea is to break your spirit even before you enter the contest. Whites don't burn down the negro houses of their children's murderers because society would imprison them, impoverish them and break them. negros, can taunt the victims family with impunity, cuz only da White can be racist and sheet.

Johnny See said...

As Jared Taylor so eloquently put it: "It's hard to have a conversation when you don't speak the same language."


If I can't have a conversation (and hopefully a pleasant one) with my neighbors, I don't want to live near them.

Pretty fucking simple, really.

Go be a nigger somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Booty up face down, saggin thug michael brown (stain). The "new findings" about the true incident, get announced and the terrorists domestic are in a panic, but these terrorists,are bolstered and coddled by a traitorous mass media and are allowed to describe the terrorism they are about to perform. Just be aware of you surroundings fellow citizens. Avoid infested areas and if threatened or approached by these terrorists or wigger sympathizers, do your best to defend you and yours'.

NY Girl said...

I live here. You are absolutely right, and these cases have gone on for YEARS, using OUR tax dollars to fight OUR interests. And the minorities don't even care, that's the funny part. The ONLY funny part.

Anonymous said...

There are a few race traitors who are so pathologically self hating and suicidal that they will still be wondering "what did I do to deserve this" as they're being beaten, tortured, and raped by their pets, but those will be very few.

Those nutter .1% are volunteers to be sacrificial lambs. No time should be wasted on them as nothing can be done. Even when I was a liberal I still had the common sense to not hang around black areas at night.

These people think they are all negro-whisperers and that statistics don't apply to them. I'm not even sure if they understand statistics or risk.

Anonymous said...

So I work at a import/export warehouse on long Island NY. Today we had some temps come in to help unload a container with goods from China.

The two groid temps showed up an hour late (TNB) and had some typical negro bullshit excuse why. The funny part of looked like Mike Brown, the other like Vonderitt Meyers. I KiD YOU NOT!!

They pretty much were some of the worst workers we ever expected. Bitched and complained about everything. .the Mike Brown looking groid couldnt even bother to lift even bales by himself. It was just a shit show, I was almost to point of exploding on both of them.


Bogolyubski said...

Thanks again to PK for providing a superb article which describes in exact, excruciating detail the WMD of BRA known as Section-8. Not a single member of the so-called "opposition" party has actually opposed this program, attempted to defund it, limit its impact or roll it back. Not even in the days of "welfare reform" under the "Contract with Amurika". Think Repukin' Rand, Ted Cruz (married to Goldman-Sachs), Miss Lindsay Graham, the Tea-Party Patriotards (whose Karl Rove disciples raised 9 million and spent less than 1/2 million on actual campaigns) are actually going to do anything about this?

So, besides the obvous knee-grows, who benefits from these Ferguson chateaus "such as Oakmont Townhomes, Park Ridge Apartments, Northwinds Apartments, Versailles Apartments and Canfield (should be renamed Cabrini) Green"? In whose accounts do the bulk of the Federally-guarteed tax dollars shelled out in vouchers to nogs for rookeries in which to hatch and raise the next Lord St. Swisher the Sweet Shitavious, Gentle Giant end up? And this is only a single side of the many-faceted loot-YT jewel, of which there are at least two others: The two other sides are chiefly: short-term; and long-term.

1. Real-estate types get to make a fast turnover buck in places like Ferguson as YT flees for his life. This is quite short-term. Once YT has fled the turnover stabilizes and the prices fall, fall, fall.

2. Developers (and the Banksteins with endless sums of counterfeit cash), get to profit on the considerably pricier (but "reasonable") places erected on former cornfields in St. Charles County to which YT flees. Developers profit directly, while banksteins profit from short-term loans made to developers (usually connected), Banksteins then collect on all those new mortgages for years to come. YT thus gets it good 'n hard from both ends. Kind of like Democrats and Republicans, no?

3. A possible third additional (we're now up to 4 total, for the trolls here) looting opportunity takes place when locales like Ferguson have reached the full potential of the Detroileting process: A "community re-development project" is formed. Local, state and federal taxes are fronted to connected re-developers (like Paul McKee in STL) to bulldoze the and fill the Section-8 generated cesspools so YT hipsters, etc. can borrow, borrow, borrow to live in a shiny new upscale urban locale.

Also, dear reader, keep in mind that this all went down between 1980 and the present in a very "conservative, red state". A single example in one of the "better" states of Bananaland. It's a nationwide program and no place is exempt (well except maybe places like the Hamptons, Ladue, Huntleigh Woods - the places where the connected get to live). Not even small towns in places like Minnesota are exempt. The nice Church ladies like to resettle Somalian Musloids, Liberians and Congolese in places like this (and get paid quite handsomely for their hard work, too - lots more than a lousy 30 pieces of silver).

Until the whole rotten-to-the-core tower of dried dung comes down this BRA program will only continue to grow like a cancerous tumor. We asked earlier, is YT ever going to have a holy grail moment? Not until he begins to understand who his enemies are, that they fully intend his extermination (and have openly stated so on occasion), and the difference between greater enemies and lesser enemies.

Bogolyubski said...

Anon notes:
Mike Brown's uncle just released a tribute rap song for his dead nephew. Watch him threaten to kill Officer Wilson with his nine mm gun using a silencer, and to burn down Ferguson if charges aren't brought against him. Isn't this illegal? Someone copy the video before it's removed.

Silencers are totally illegal in MO. You cannot buy one even with the procto-exam by the BATFE and the tax (like you can in around 25 states). Why aren't the BATFE and Jay Nixon's MO state pohleece investigating this? Oh, wait.....

Bogolyubski said...

Has anyone tried to start a movement to cancel Section 8? Has a conversation even been started? I think a politician who made this an item on their agenda would find an enormous groundswell of support. Would be great to see this in the national conversation. And it effects whites too so isn't strictly 'racist'.

As far as I know, nothing serious on a national scale. There have been isolated flare ups of localized opposition - usually shouted down by MinTru and government officials as "rayciss" (the magic word to stop all conversation, sort of like "conspiracy theory" is employed by trolls here). One possible tactic which could gain some traction would be to describe it as "welfare for rich slumlords". In other words, focus on who its chief beneficiaries are. Who owns the properties?, Who makes the bulk of the money from the destruction of neighborhoods via importation of criminals? We don't have to mention the negro aspect at all, just the 'profit from crime and welfare for the rich' aspect. Betcha the mug shots of the profiteers will include very few black faces. Greater enemies and lesser enemies. All must be destroyed without mercy, and strategies need to be devised to set them against each other. One cannot fight multi-front wars, however, and expect much chance of winning.

Anonymous said...

A commenter mentioned San Fagsicko Gay Area POS (c)rapper Paris, in 1992 he released an album showing him hiding behind a tree at the whitehouse with bush and his group walking in the background and a song was on the album called bushkilla.
Fast forward to Ameristan 2014 and what do you think would happen if a white heavy metal band had a similar album cover and song?

JAMOACHA said...

What will happen when ebola comes to Ferguson?

Anonymous said...

Love this site. But this isn't as bad as it seems. There are places around the country that are gentrifying. Places where blacks are complaining that whites are moving in and driving up the cost of living, and running them out. So there is hope folks...

bernicegreenbaum said...

What will happen when ebola comes to Ferguson?

Short answer: Party. My house.

Anonymous said...

Hey NY girl how long did it take you to get your CCW in NY? Im trying to get one in suffokk county.

Lisa D. said...

How Section 8 works though? They can lived anywhere and let the government pay for their rent?

My family use to lived in a beautiful apartment complex for a few years. To tell you the truth it was so little black families that lived there. It was 90% white and 10% black. My parents just love it! My brothers and my sisters will have their own group of friends. Everybody in that neighborhood was really nice. But after years living at the complex, they started to accept the Section 8 Vouchers.

Oh boy....

Shootings start to happen, people were getting robbed. It as no longer safe. So my family got up and left.

I think you should only get Section 8, if you trying to get back on your back. In two years, with no progress you should be cut off.

Can I be afraid of my own race? I grew up around white people. Black can be very violent, I SEEN old classmates go to jail for murder.

White Americans need to fight back, I don't like the black community attacking you guys. They are the most racists people in the world, always saying white are noting about crackers.

But I know white people can be racists too, but I never heard them called me a negro or nigger. Nope never.

But the black middle class will suffer too. The whites don't want us and the black community don't like successful black people!

Really love this blog and at the age of 17. I'm getting some knowledge on how the black community can really be :/

Anonymous said...

Who is this "managerial elites?" These elites are often referred to but never named. Who are they? For what purpose do they want civilization brought to ruins?
If they are so intelligent, they must surely know when the blacks rule everything, they'll be the next ones the blacks will turn on.
The only thing that makes sense is that the ruling, managerial elites must be black. For they would believe they could rule over all blacks and not become victims of them.
I don't believe there is a black managerial elite. Obama would probably qualify as a black elite and look how big a fuckup he is.
If there is some "ruling elites" somewhere, why are they protected by such a cloak of secrecy? If there are such SOB's destroying civilization through African empowerment, name them! They shoule be exposed, not protected. You don't kill a snake by cutting off the tail!

D-FENS said...

Is there any way to check on which properties in your neighborhood are being Section 8'ed?

PB said...

"If there is some "ruling elites" somewhere, why are they protected by such a cloak of secrecy?"

See "TWMNBN" and follow from there.

bernicegreenbaum said...

I looked up Pruitt–Igoe on Wiki due to overwhelming curiosity; that is: How, exactly, do blacks do such a superb job of ruining not just individual apartment complexes but entire neighborhoods, not to mention entire cities as well? This has particular meaning to me because I am presently in the crosshairs of what is slowly becoming a negro infested apartment building.

First, a little background. I purchased my condo a little over 18 years ago. It is a converted apartment building consisting of 24 units originally built in 1925 for white, middle and upper middle class white families. The neighborhood itself is still fairly upscale and historic. When it was first built, it was governed by a covenant that stated no blacks were to live here unless employed as servants in the house where they were employed. It was converted to condos in 1984.

Anyhow, here's a primer on how once nice apartments get turned into another negro infested ghetto slum. Sadly, it all begins with poor, white trash moving in. In my case, a gay guy, collecting disability for a gang rape he claims left him unable to even tie his shoes properly purchased his unit by getting some hush money from a wealthy doctor he blackmailed. About a year later, his 40 plus year old coal burner sister moves in, who just happens to have a really nasty drug habit. The welfare and EBT they each get from Uncle Sugar goes twice as far as if they lived apart. There might as well be a revolving door to this fat broad's bedroom, as negroes line up one and sometimes two at a time to park their Air Jordans under her bed. Did I neglect to mention that said coal burner has several grown up niglets who themselves have chillen?

The negroes who frequent their pad and hang out on their front balcony during all hours of the day and night and attract other negroes who eye what still is a fairly attractive building in a better neighborhood. Word quickly gets around when an apartment comes up for rent. I'll never forget coming home from work one day to find an old negro man, ass parked on a bench on the front lawn, holding a "For Rent" sign. He was chanting something like, "I got it. I got it!" To which I replied somewhat sarcastically, "Congratulations!"
From then (about two years ago) it was only a matter of time for the Shiite factor to overwhelm my world. Fast forward to today: out of 24 units, 3 units that I know of are now negro occupied. Now, I know that's only 1/8, but once the turds land in the punchbowl, it's only a matter of time until it naturally turns disgusting and brown. One turd is one too many. Unfortunately, the real estate market here sucks for condos. About the only recourse I have is to rent it out if I move or sell it at a fire sale price.

But back to my original point. What was so horrible about the housing project called Pruitt-Igore to fail so fantastically from its auspicious beginnings?


Anonymous said...

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Why is that a cause for hope? Roosevelt and Bettavia will just move to another white area and start the process of decay all over again.

And isn't really more yuppification than gentrification? The first businesses to go in are Whole Foods, Starbucks, a health food store, a vegi deli, and a book store.


Anonymous said...

Why are they not named? Are they unknown? Or are they like a black criminal in a black neighborhood?
White criminals in white neighborhoods quickly wind up on the front page of the local paper.
Are these people protected because they're agents of government? If so, its just one more reason this government needs to go. Name them.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like section 8 ghetto monkeys being imported into white areas.

Bogolyubski said...

Some hapless anon:
If there is some "ruling elites" somewhere, why are they protected by such a cloak of secrecy? If there are such SOB's destroying civilization through African empowerment, name them! They shoule be exposed, not protected. You don't kill a snake by cutting off the tail!

All societies have ruling elites. In this one, they have names like Rockefeller, Soros, Gates, Buffet, Diamond, John Corzine, Carlos Slim, the Squid family Bush, Heinz-Kerry (Tides Foundation), Blankfein (Goldman-Sachs), the Koch Brothers (minor members who the leftoids like to mention), the House of Saud, Rothschilds (Mark Zuckerberg), Sheldon Adelson, etc.

It's not that big of a list and not that big of a secret (though thanks to the Ministry of Truth we only can find out what they alllow us to find out). I call them the Vampire-Squids (see Analog's dictionary for SBPDL). A 1000 families at the outside, and only about 30 or so form the ruling central committee who decides what is to happen.

The oligarchs have amassed the unprecedented percentile of wealth controlled and power exercised because of the blind willing stupidity of the majority of whites - who cannot think for themselves of engage in logical thought processes. Most whites continue to believe in myths and fairy tales, even in South Africa (just ask AM) where they're actively being slaughtered in horrific ways.

Most have been taught since infancy in myths about equality (it's a lie, there is no such thing), finance (debt does not equal prosperity), and the notion that the game is not rigged against them. If you play the game according to the rules set up by the enemy, you are guaranteed to lose every single time. That's why BRA has gone from victory to victory for six solid decades regardless of which party was in office. There's also this factor called "normalcy bias".

Many whites sense in a visceral way that something has gone very, very wrong, but cannot explain it because to do so they would have to look at reality, which is truly quite hideous. Step one is to realize that you have been lied to about everything for all of your life. That's a pill which many whites cannot face, so the squids will continue to loot, and their weaponized knee-grows will continue to steal, kill and destroy.

Just to throw out a simple fact that is not taught in any public school, you know that the so-called "Federal Reserve" is a private banking cartel, don't you? In the century since a corrupt congress authorized this private banking cartel to manufacture counterfeit money and deemed this counterfeit money as "legal tender", the dollar has lost more than 99% of its value. That's how they took over. If you never have to worry about money (since it appears at your command) you can literally buy whatever - or whomever - you need to accomplish your ends (which are not good, honorable, noble, or admirable in any way, shape or form). That's why a "central bank" forms one of the 10 pillars of Marxism (which is itself a massive shit-sandwich).

Johnny See said...

Axe N Shield here..

Section 8 housing and HUD housing have destroyed communities throughout the nation!

HUD: Haphazard Urban Destruction
It's like a virus; once it consumes the host, it needs another. Our cities are nearly all ruined, so now we have new programs aimed elsewhere. I hate this more passionately than anything else I have ever despised. Nothing more clearly illustrates the genocidal bent of our overlords.
At least the Europeans of old had the freedom to leave...their continent. Our ancestors INVENTED white flight.

Johnny See said...

Anonymous said...
Why are they not named? Are they unknown? Or are they like a black criminal in a black neighborhood?
White criminals in white neighborhoods quickly wind up on the front page of the local paper.
Are these people protected because they're agents of government? If so, its just one more reason this government needs to go. Name them.

October 20, 2014 at 8:01 PM

Oh, Um, gee...
Imagine the legal fees these guys can handle pissing away, then wonder how far their reach is:
Lloyd Blankfein
Jamie Dimon
Hank Greenberg
George Soros
Warren Buffett
Bill Gates
Melinda Gates
Steven Spielberg
Barry Diller
Ted Turner

You get the idea.
Make a list, like Philly Mike does, only this time its the causative agents, not the victims.
Paul probably won't post this, and I don't blame him.
PK, if you want to post it without the names, that's fine too. Just replace my list with "miscellaneous banksters, media moguls, and financiers."

SwampThizzle said...

So who are "THEY" exactly? It's hard to say exactly, since THEY don't want publicity and literally own all the media outlets. THEY aren't in the white pages but if you ever need to deal with them, they will have people get in touch with you. Here's a nice tidbit about the neighborhoods THEY live in: there are laws in such places limiting the rental of homes to relatives (of the owner) only and there aren't too many apartment buildings for Section 8 to target anyway (not that such places would ever accept Section 8 unless it was to intentionally anger city hall). Property taxes alone amount to tens of thousands of dollars a year for one relatively modest house in such places. I should know, as I grew up in one such place. Judges, lawyers, doctors, university professors, hedge fund managers, real estate tycoons, business owners, these are the people who live in these very wealthy but conspicuously not-showy neighborhoods. People in these places as a rule drive late-model foreign luxury cars but don't make a show of it. The only people who live there are independently wealthy or old money trust fund babies with last names you only see on street signs around town or well-heeled working professionals living there for only as long as their kids are in school (great public schools, naturally). These are the places that HUD will never dare target. These are where the people who really control America live. If they ever put up a Section 8 apartment complex in such a neighborhood, it wouldn't even make it to the ribbon-cutting before being expertly burned to the ground in the middle of the night. You don't know who THEY are and that's just the way THEY want it.