Thursday, January 22, 2015

Oh, Africa, Brave Africa. It was a laugh riot.

One day, we will learn the error of ignoring Thomas Malthus. 

Until then, we have this story from South Africa as a reminder of what this error will inevitably birth. [Frenzied crowd hacks cattle after truck overturns, News 24, 1-21-15]:
Johannesburg - A crowd of people tried to hack meat off cattle after a trailer they were being transported in overturned on the N1 in Gauteng, the NSPCA said on Wednesday. 

"With knives and buckets, the mob was chasing cattle that had managed to release themselves from the vehicle, some of which had injuries including broken legs. 
Their intention was to hack meat from the living animals," the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA) said in a statement. 
"Some animals were unable to escape and were stolen or slaughtered by the frenzied crowd." 
The driver allegedly lost control of the truck near the Grasmere toll plaza around 17:00 on Tuesday after rocks were thrown at his vehicle from a bridge. 
The NSPCA, police, fire and rescue units, and the traffic department worked to clear the road, control the crowd, and free trapped cattle using the Jaws of Life. 
Some of the cattle who were "beyond salvation" were slaughtered on the scene.
This would be a true "laugh riot" if animals weren't being slaughtered by true animals. [Fury over N1 cattle slaughter,, 1-22-15]
The brutality of the incident has left the public wondering if the people living close to the road are so impoverished that they have no food, or if they were opportunists. 
On Tuesday afternoon, the double-decker trailer carrying about 100 cattle overturned near the Grasmere toll plaza on the N1 freeway. A mob soon gathered around armed with knives and buckets. 
“They were chasing cattle that had managed to free themselves from the vehicle, some of which had injuries including broken legs. Their intention was to hack meat from the living animals. 
“Some animals were unable to escape and were stolen and slaughtered by the frenzied crowd,” said Andries Venter of the NSPCA. 
Some of the injured animals were euthanised on the scene, and the SAPS was forced to bring in crowd control units to maintain calm. 
Nineteen cattle were killed and 58 stolen, many before emergency services could arrive. 
Venter said the mob had allegedly thrown rocks and other objects from the bridge above at the windscreen of the truck causing it to overturn. 
The owner of Chalmer Beef, whose cattle were lost during the incident, Willem Wethmar, told The Star that this was what he had been told. 
“The truck driver could have been killed,” said Wethmar. Both the driver and co-driver were hospitalised with serious injuries. 
Wethmar said intentionally overturning a truck, stealing and inhumanely slaughtering animals were crimes. 
Venter told The Star that such incidents were not uncommon. His organisation registered two similar incidents in the Eastern Cape last year, where sheep transport and pig transport were brutally raided for meat. 
He said while poverty could motivate such crimes, the inhumane treatment of animals had to be condemned. 
President of AgriSA, Johannes Möller, said while these types of incidents were few and happened near poor villages, the treatment of the animals was tragic. 
Gerhard Schutte, chief executive of the Red Meat Producers Association, said there were specific codes of conduct in place to ensure cattle were transported humanely, and this incident was a violent breach. 
“This is totally unacceptable,” said Schutte. 
According to Wethmar, 32 of the cattle were recovered and reached their destination safely. 
The NSPCA confirmed this: “The truck and the remaining cattle were taken to the destination farm where SPCA personnel offloaded them. 
“The decision to move the truck and the remaining cattle from the scene was taken as night began to fall and the risks to both cattle and rescue personnel increased, even with the presence of the SAPS’s crowd control unit,” said Venter. 
He said investigators on the scene were disgusted by the crowd’s behaviour, describing them as “vultures stealing meat”. 
 Oh, Africa, Brave Africa. It was a laugh riot.

It would be funny, if the reality of what this incident represents doesn't have such frightening implications for white America's future.


Anonymous said...

Hardwired groid behavior 101:

"If you get a chance to steal something, do it! If you can't steal it, ruin it! If you can't ruin it, shit on it!"

Poor cattle.

Anonymous said...


The Mad German said...

This reminds me of the scene from the Nick Cage movie "Lord Of War"....where he lands a cargo plane full of munitions on a dirt road in Sierra Leone and they take it all. I think he says something like "what takes a crew at Heathrow a full day, took a bunch of malnourished africans 10 minutes to do"

Anonymous said...

If you go to the comments on the south african sites, check out the black posts which more or less all say, "Well, the cows were going to be killed anyways so who cares?"

Of course, the black commenters completely dismiss the people throwing things from the overpass causing the truck to overturn and the fact that chopping meat of someone else's cows is, in fact, theft.

Anonymous said...

I saw this article earlier. But the news that the negroes "planned" to attack the truck and its driver was a new revelation.

What can you say about creatures that would hack muscle from a live animal? These are savage, pre-historic creatures. I have no doubt that this could have happened somewhere near St. Louis or Indianapolis.

Remember, besides our domestic breeding supply, we are importing more of these things every day from Africa.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is a foreshadowing of life here in the future. Poetic justice for what this country wrought in the formerly-great South Africa?

Alan Paton's widow has escaped, but thousands of Afrikaaner farmers have been murdered. And the former US Sec'y of State went there to praise the negro-monster president (who publicly sings "kill the whites" songs), to give him your money and to dance with them.

No empathy. All psychopaths. Sick.

Anonymous said...

Damn, dumb, stupid, savages, they eat human flesh also.

10mm AUTO said...

Good God!

And the Whites keep up with the poverty meme. I have never heard of poor Whites in West Virginia dropping rocks from an overpass to cause a Safeway truck to overturn. I have never heard of poor Whites cutting meat off of live animals (vomit!) to eat. 78 cows missing or put down!

That gardener in Detroit who was dragged from his truck for striking the niglet was lucky, he could have been roasting over a spit.

White Homeland! Northwest Front!

P.S. as a side note, Sig Sauer (Those evil White Switzerland guys who make guns) is going to bring out their P220 in 10mm for Orc defense. New feature: they will glow blue when negros are close.

Anonymous said...

"Alan Paton's widow has escaped"
Yeah, after Paton wrote one of those books about the poor downtrodden Blacks in South Africa; so now the inmates are in charge of the asylum and the widow, after being robbed, attacked, kidnapped and otherwise being victimised by the wonderful, apartheid free citizens, now sheds a tear for the new South Africa her hubby helped bring into being.

bernicegreenbaum said...

They are not rational, introspective or contemplative. White people just don't understand. This is their culture. It's who and what they are - no more and no less.

Anonymous said...

Use Google Streetview to drive around the suburbs of Johannesburg, and you'll notice that many houses have extremely high fences and walls around them. I asked a colleague from South Africa if this was because of wild animals, and he answered that it was because of crime. Guess we were both being redundant. How to keep out semi-retarded, dangerous apes?

bernicegreenbaum said...


Anonymous said...

This violated one of the seven Noahide laws (the laws every person on earth must follow to be civilized) -- the law that it is forbidden to take meat off of or butcher a living animal.


Anonymous said...

SC Native

Well I guess a howler monkey bred with a hyena to create these kafirs as I think they call them in SA. One can only hope that the poor animals (cattle) were carrying E Coli and it kills a few of these vile creatures.

I agree that this could happen in the US in the future. Can anybody imagine if the EBT card system crashed for a week or two? After they ate other NAPA's then there would be scenes like this all over the country.

I think it's safe to say DWL would be on the menu as well. Keep um locked and loaded folks.

Was it one of the godfather movies that said negros don't have a soul? Perhaps the DWL and rape ape trolls can answer this seeing as they're so smart and evolved n sheet.

Anonymous said...

The wilding activity that is happening around the country reminds me of this.

Anonymous said...

I can realistically foresee a day when our domestic negro gang bangers consume their victims during random street murders. They are well on their way to even lower levels of depravity and degeneracy.

Anonymous said...

With each day there's a new atrocity committed by them.

If I weren't so vocal, it would leave me speechless.

But then, we have our own house to clean up as well. The slaughter houses here in the USA are houses of horror for the live stock that are imprisoned there from birth to execution.

The cruelty and inhumane way which these animals is subjected to is inexcusable. And what do we do about it? Nothing. We just look the other way.

I am a total race realist who is on board with the articles and the posts. But with this article I've got to say that we are not much better. We just let others do the dirty work for us.

Before you bite into the hamburger, think of the suffering that happened before it got to your plate.

A Race Realist with Compassion

Anonymous said...

Muh cattle

Anonymous said...

10mm AUTO said ”. . . P.S. as a side note, Sig Sauer (Those evil White Switzerland guys who make guns) is going to bring out their P220 in 10mm for Orc defense. New feature: they will glow blue when negros are close.”

I want one of those.

Awakened White said...

its like in Lord of the rings.

Baron Münchhausen said...

Reading this makes the dog butchering by Michael Vick come to mind. Listening to various blacks at that time speak about and defend the incident, it was quite obvious that they don't look upon animals as creatures capable of feeling emotion, pain & deserving of respect. There is a complete mental disconnect, as though animals are nothing more than an insect to be stepped on, for whatever whim they desire.

Isn't that why the Baltimore zoo has a fence, when it originally didn't?

I grew up on a farm. We would eat the animals we raise: Pigs, cows, chickens, goats, rabbits, etc. But, We put the animals down as quickly and painlessly as possible, as an instant death as we could possibly provide. Even going as far as to thank the animal for their sacrifice.

That's dramatically different than hacking a live animal apart, piece by piece, watching it writhe in pain as you line up to take another swing, and not even once does it cross their mind to give the beasts the courtesy to put it down. Total lack of any empathy or intelligence for that matter.

An unnerving aspect for this South Africa incident is that this was a Community Effort, like the 180 black suspects from a grocery store looting in Ferguson, or the 200 negro kids fighting because they "had nowhere to go," or the 4 savages that recently murdered a mother and daughter in Polk county, and on and on and on.

I have always wondered how do you have that conversation with someone. How do you look at someone and say "Hey, I got a great idea! How about we go commit murder, rape,looting, and robbery?" And for them to respond "That's a great idea! In fact, I know of some people who will join us!"

Seriously, how? How do you find that number of people to join you unless it's a near one-for-one situation among them?

The Baron

Anonymous said...

Getting rid of apartied has really worked out great! I think even the jigs are surprised how quickly they fucked up South Africa!

Anonymous said...

Slightly OT but worth a look at the TNB

Anonymous said...

"Negro Invasion: USA 2015"

Walk outside and look around...You're living in a movie, folks...

Anonymous said...

As you sleep tonight, there's a good chance a negro will try and bust down your door or break in a window and come in to rob, rape and/or kill you.

Sleep tight!

Thanks, Libtards...

Mr. Rational said...

Adding to my comment on this topic in the previous thread, isn't it interesting that the identical behavior described in these news items was also laid out on pp. 16-17 of "Negroes in Negroland"?

"One of the slave girls attempted to escape, and her proprietor immediately fired at her with his musket, and she fell wounded ; the ball had struck her in the side. The girl was remarkably fat, and from the wound a large lump of yellow fat exuded. No sooner had she fallen than the Makkarikas rushed upon her in a crowd, and, seizing the fat, they tore it from the wound in handfuls, the girl being still alive, while the crowd were quarrelling for the disgusting prize. Others killed her with a lance, and at once divided her by cutting off the head, and splitting the body with their lances, used as knives, cutting longitudinally from between the legs along the spine to the neck."—Baker's Great Basin of the Nile, page 201."

Is there any doubt that we'd see humans carved up for meat here, were Blacks given the opportunity to go that far from civilized norms?

Anonymous said...

Memories of the movie "Suddenly Last Summer" when the dark-skinned savages got angry when the handouts stopped. They chased down the White benefactor and literally cut off his flesh and ate it.

Many stories of Black and Brown savagery have been stripped from history because they don't fit the equality fantasy.

I have sympathy for the poor injured livestock, but none for the parasitic Negroes who hacked them to death for a handful of meat.

Anonymous said...

Should go good with those taters fried up in transformer oil....yum, yum.

Anonymous said...

Your question regarding a conversation amongst blacks to cause mayhem is very naive.
Having grown up in the inner city I have been witness to such conversations. I will tell you, they - as a group - are very enthusiastic at such a proposal. It has a lot to with gaining street cred. The more horrific the act/crime the higher they are held in regards of reputation. With the rep comes the benefit of being feared, and of course the negro women who are strangely attracted to violent thugs. They really are soulless beings.

Anonymous said...

FERGUSON, Mo. ( -- While some businesses affected by the unrest on West Florissant promise to stay in the community, many are struggling stay open.

At the intersection of West Florissant and Canfield sits Red's BBQ, just blocks from where Michael Brown was shot, which has made the difficult decision to shut down for good.

"When you run out of money, can't pay rent, customers don't come in, there's two options... well, there's really one option--and that's close the doors," said Jay Kanzler, an attorney who represents many of the business owners on West Florissant.

Charles Davis, who owns the Ferguson Burger Bar met with staff from Fontbonne University's College of Business to plan a new business strategy, but Davis said what he really needs is customers.

"We need customers and we need grants. Loans don't help because we're not making any money, we can't pay it back," said Davis.

Kanzler said his clients agree that the blame for their situations sits on Governor Jay Nixon and the State of Missouri for the lack of National Guard troops on November 24, the night the grand jury decision in the Michael Brown was announced. However, he said the ultimate blame lies with the looters and vandals.

Anonymous said...

ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( – A 5-year-old boy was struck and killed by a vehicle in north St. Louis Wednesday afternoon, police said.

According to authorities, Elijah Taylor was hit by a red Ford F-150 around 3:45 p.m. in 3100 block of New Ashland Place near Labadie. Police said Taylor was crossing the street to get into the car of a family friend and was wearing his school uniform when the incident occurred.

Police say the suspect vehicle is known throughout the area.

"I'm like here comes the same truck which comes through here every evening flying, I thought nothing of it because they had went in the house," eyewitness Khalil Hollins told News 4.

Hollins was doing some mechanic work when he looked up and saw the accident. He described, "He went past me and I looked back up heard a "boom" once he went to the school bus and I just see the baby come flying from up under the truck. He rolled over him and kept going."

Police do not believe the driver who hit him slowed down.

The driver fled the scene of the accident.

"I rode till four o'clock last night riding and looking for him," said Hollins. "Got up this morning and went back riding and looking."

A friend of Hollins told him he has worked on the truck at the Autozone on Natural Bridge Road and described the alleged owner of the truck as a "brown skinned African-American man with two plait braids going to the sides of his head."

Elijah Taylor was a kindergartener at Ashland Elementary, which is a small, close-knit school.

"We have our crisis team in the building and in fact they went to every class to see if the students or the staff, to see if there was anything they needed to talk about or assist them with," said Patrick Wallace, a spokesperson for St. Louis Public Schools.

The investigation into the accident is ongoing.

Anonymous said...

Baron Münchhausen said...
Reading this makes the dog butchering by Michael Vick come to mind. Listening to various blacks at that time speak about and defend the incident, it was quite obvious that they don't look upon animals as creatures capable of feeling emotion, pain & deserving of respect…

Negroes have no "feelings" for animals. They have none for each other. You are right, negroes pit dogs against one another regularly, for their sick fun. They lack this thing we know as empathy, the ability to recognize the pain felt by other humans or animals, no difference in this respect. This is fundamental to their patterns of savage violence. Whatever they are, it is a different creature than us. And by us, I mean whites, asians, Amer-indians and most every other flavor of humankind that is not black.

The day we all admit this, is the day human progress begins again. Human progress has been on hold for nearly a century as we grapple with the question of the negro.

Anonymous said...

Johannesburg – Soweto residents are divided as many foreigners have left the community following attacks and looting of their shops.

Temesgon Worku, from Ethiopia, said: "We have moved out the area. It is not safe. We are now living at a safe place in Johannesburg.”

He said: "We are trying to make an honest living, but we are blamed for single incidents happening in the community."

He said residents attacked them and looted their shops on Monday in Snake Park.

"They called us makwerekwere and said we must leave."

Makwerekwere is slang for foreigner.

Several shops owned by Ethiopians, Pakistanis and Somalis were closed in Snake Park following the attacks.

Residents went on a rampage looting shops and attacking foreigners after a teenager was shot dead in Snake Park. Mthetheleli Siphiwe Mahori, 14, was shot dead, allegedly by a foreign shop owner on Monday. He was apparently part of a group that tried to rob the shop.

The violence spilled over to Braamfischerville, Dobsonville, Emdeni, Zola and Protea Glen.

"They attacked us and say we do not have to defend ourselves or our businesses because we are foreigners.

"The government must help us. We have been attacked and left with nothing," he said.

"Our brothers have no food or clothes. If the government does not want us they must tell us. We will go to countries that will accept us."

Worku said two of his relatives were arrested while trying to defend themselves.

"They had a panga and their attackers were armed with guns. The police arrested them and left the armed attackers."

Senosi Yusuf, who was arrested for the murder of Mahori, appeared in the same court where his case was postponed to 26 January.

‘They were helping us’

Local residents were divided on foreigners leaving the area.

"They were helping us. They allow us to buy on credit when we did not have money compared to South Africans who refuse us credit," said Anniki Meleleke.

She appealed for calm saying she did not believe the violence was sparked by the shooting of a teenager.

"It must have been pre-planned and this unfortunate incident is used as a scapegoat."

She said apart from offering residents credit, foreigners rented shops from locals.

Paul Mogale said foreigners helped pensioners by giving them groceries on credit.

"They provide a service for pensioners, but for young people they ruin their lives by selling them drugs," he claimed.

Mogale alleged he had seen boys as young as 14 buying drugs from foreigners.

"The boys are regulars at their shop."

Gauteng police said nearly 70 people had been arrested on charges including murder, robbery, public violence, and illegal possession of firearms. Eight of them were foreign nationals allegedly found in possession of unlicensed firearms.

One was a policeman caught on camera allegedly taking part in the looting.


Anonymous said...

He said investigators on the scene were disgusted by the crowd’s behaviour, describing them as “vultures stealing meat”.

Vultures at least wait until the animal is dead before feeding...

Anonymous said...

Good thing those Whites were kicked out of power, make way for the new rainbow rape nation:

Anonymous said...

Gem from that article:
Q: Do you think it's the right thing to do?
A: Why do women go to taverns in mini-skirts?
Q: What do you think they want?
A: To be raped

It's the still dark continent, the press just wants to public to believe it is simply poor and needs your money.

Woodsy InNYC said...

SBPDL said...
The brutality of the incident has left the public wondering if the people living close to the road are so impoverished that they have no food, or if they were opportunists.


Look at the picture of the crime scene. See the grass growing? Do you think these savages could plant some seeds to grow food? Like beans?

Answer: NO! They are just dumb, lazy savages!

...the mob had allegedly thrown rocks and other objects from the bridge above at the windscreen of the truck causing it to overturn.

ALLEGEDLY: used to convey that something is claimed to be the case or have taken place, although there is no proof.

Rocks all over the place, windshield broken by rocks - oh yeah, no proof.


“The truck driver could have been killed,” said Wethmar. Both the driver and co-driver were hospitalised with serious injuries.


...while poverty could motivate such crimes, the inhumane treatment of animals had to be condemned.

Too dumb and lazy to grow their own food. The inhumane behavior of these savages should be condemned anytime you see one on TV or in the street. They are not human, they are savages.

...investigators on the scene were disgusted by the crowd’s behaviour, describing them as “vultures stealing meat”.

Stealing AFTER they caused the ambush.

You could plant an entire football field full of seeds, teach them how to harvest - come back in 6 months and every plant would be dead.

If we have a solar flare or if somehow the electricity gets knocked out nationwide, will have to defend ourselves against CANNIBALISM from these SAVAGES.

Think about it.

Woodsy says: Stay prepared and be vigilant, my friends.

Medic Bear said...

Wow. Everyone who voted for Obama or any so-called BRA "leader" should have to watch hours of that scene.

The abject disregard for life, anything right or just and outright depravity is so inherent in Blacks as to be inseparable.

They. Are.Uncivilized. Savages.

And will always be.

dondiego said...

Hi P.K, fellow racists ;)

Usually I just read the articles and comments (as its been said far more eloquently* & humorously) but I have to correct this:
"Before you bite into the hamburger, think of the suffering that happened before it got to your plate.

A Race Realist with Compassion"

Oregonian or some other dirt-bag. I've been working at a slaughterhouse over 18 months now and that's crap!

Whites are the masters and inventors of everything, including animal husbandry/welfare*.

>Open to correction, basing this off readings years ago- mostly lefty Jared Diamond's 'Guns Germs & Steel'.

A.N.Z.U.S ally out~

*A poem, if it pleases

Anonymous said...

Blacks think everyone and everything else is nothing more than "an insect to be stepped on, for whatever whim they desire" - animals, property, white people, their own people, you name it. That's why 90% of murdered blacks are killed by other blacks. Usually because one was "disrespecting" another one.

Anonymous said...

"Man fatally shot near Rosa Parks Avenue"

"Mobile man being held without bail in fatal shooting"

Just a sample from the Heart of Dixie. To stay abreast of the land of cotton:

Too much to post here.

Anonymous said...

This story is, in itself, the writing on the wall......Comprehendae ?

O/T: This IS Ameerka's future if WE refuse to step up and take OUR country back!

People are waking up as we speak. Is it too late ? What do WE have to do
as a nation from letting this same BS happen to us ? I think I have a pretty
good idea what the answer is. Do you ? Now that's the question. I believe I
know more than a couple of folks on here that know the answer. BLOODY !!

How do we defeat a gub'ment trying to defeat us, if they haven't already succeeded..

This kind of reminds me of some of our Black Friday's we've had in recent years,
where the primates drive their "hoopties" to the YT neighborhoods to get their
"goodies". They figure it's easier to knock us over than their own.
It's amazing how the name "Black Friday" fits so accordingly in recent years.
I know they were enough to stop me from going out and shopping, but in hindsight
they don't even know they did me a really big favor. Less money spent, more in pocket,
which is where as much of it I can keep in there is where it stays. Shht, I quit
working overtime at my job just to keep as much of my tax dollars out of THEIR hands.

It's like a commenter that mentioned in a previous story about the different traits
between a dog and a wolf. You can domesticate just about any dog species out there,
but a wolf, yeah, good luck with that one. It's all relative. We try (still trying)
to domesticate a TRUE ANIMAL that simply cannot be domesticated. Haven't we traveled
down this road long enough ? Guess not, cause we haven't reached the dead end.....
Yet anyways.........

But as in that phony state of the garbage address, everything is peachy in the
Banana Republic. Carry on sheeple like you know how to do, and do it so well.

WoW, just like our fellow YT's that live in SA, our gub'ment has done the same to us here.

How much do you think your life is worth ?

Ugh, I gotta stop. PK and friends, I thought this website would take me away from
some of the shenanigans I deal with on a daily basis, but in reality it brought me
deeper in it. Overdose of exposure to negro fatigue can be hazardous to your health!!

behind blue eyes said...

TNB. So much TNB.
The same As when "da EBT" went down last year.
Animals. Gibs on "free foo".
I'm not talking about the cattle.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"Getting rid of apartied has really worked out great! I think even the jigs are surprised how quickly they fucked up South Africa!"

January 22, 2015 at 6:53 PM

Talk about quickly fucking up something.

We're only 50 years into our own shit now and look where they've taken us.......thus far....

Days like today are going to end up being the fairy tale days compared to the inevitable
nightmare that is headed our way. Hurricane Negro isn't taking any prisoners, alive anyways !!!

Anonymous said...

From South Africa :

This hideous incident took place not that far outside Johannesburg, the country's biggest city. I can guarantee you that not ONE of these heathen savages were suffering from hunger. Just the usual negro problem - if you can steal it, break it, destroy it or screw it, do so.

Their indescribably cruel nature defies description, especially in their natural habitat which is Africa. They treat all animals with extreme cruelty - in the average black areas in S.A. called "townships", the life expectancy of a dog is around 3 years. They burn them, throw rocks and bricks at them, kick them, chase them and starve them. This week we raised funds for an operation of a poor township puppy who had it's hind leg totally smashed from a scum sucking negro who threw rocks at it. Fortunately the little guy pulled through with a steel pin in his leg and has been confiscated and found a good (white) home.

These sub humans are so heavily subsidised by government and outside agencies that believe there are "poor starving blacks" in South Africa. In other parts of Africa, perhaps, but definitely not here. The black orphanages receive funding, while the handful of "white" orphanages have their funding withdrawn because the kids are white. It's left up to private (white) citizens and small businesses to help them out. This includes animal charities basically, as our fuckwitted president believes owning dogs is a "white man's" thing.

Yet, these same masses always beg from the white man, never their own people, who don't care for them. Recently a busload of do gooder Swedish people were subjected to an armed robbery in a township school near Cape Town. The area they went into is disgusting and crime-infested, yet they had to go and "help" the little niglets. Many European organisations have been enabling these "poor, downtrodden souls" for decades. It's actually disgusting, the level of assistance they receive, just to loot, pillage and destroy. Sure, there's poverty in this country, and a lot of whites are sinking deeper into it, but all that these incessant donations and grants to blacks have perpetuated is an outstretched hand and a begging attitude, not to mention the refusal to pay for something when they can get it for nothing.

A commentator here mentioned Alan Paton's widow living out of S.A. Yes, ironically, most of the DWL's from the old days conveniently fled, or have enough money to continue to sprout inane comments about how bad white people are, whilst living in luxury and having apartments overseas.

It's good to see that a lot of Americans are wise to the nature of the beast. You wouldn't believe me if I told you how blinkered and suicidal the European liberals are about the situation here. It's tragic.

Always remember, you are still in the majority. We are outnumbered at least 10-1, think of that. The only country in the world where there is affirmative action for the majority population group.

Anonymous said...

Remember that movie Lord of War with Nic Cage, the airplane stripping scene? This is the same thing. The blacks saw something they wanted, they said "Gibs me dat!" and they took it. They could care less if the thing is living or not.

It's the African Way.



Just think if the world had Time Magazine in the world pre-1860.
Because those slave owners would no doubt be Time's Person of the Year. Just like those Apartheid day's in S. Africa they being the Whites in charge knew damned well why these people are "not just like us." But the only difference between 1860 & 1990 was POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!
And look how well that matter is playing out!
What took place in S.A. will take place here very soon. Soon being the day their EBT cards run out!

Remember that Wall-Mart down South when the EBT funds weren't applied in time. And as usual the state let those negroes off the hook for what they stole. As well as White owned Wall-Mart for not recouping their "STOLEN MERCHANDISE" monies from those people that knew they were stealing from that Co.


Californian said...

This is reason 247 why there was apartheid in South Africa...

Anonymous said...

Well said, Baron. There's that interview a St. Louis TV crew (I think it was) did with a pack of "teens" when Knockout King (as they call it there) was starting to make the news. The reporter asked what made them enjoy hurting someone who hadn't done anything to them, and one said, laughing, "We don't know even know them, so why should we care?" The others laughed in agreement.

- Man in Florida

Anonymous said...

Hello Lost-in-Miami here,

Everything I need to know about Niggers, I learned by watching Tarzan movies.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Totally OT, but isn't there a great moment in the movie Animal House where a girl in a bar is asked what she's studying and right after her answer - "Primitive African cultures" - , they cut right to a negro "singing" in the bar and vomiting out some atrocious niggerbabble?

Love that they had such a blatant negro-mocking, and utterly true, moment in a mainstream feature film so long ago. ;)

Anonymous said...

Back to the species debate, is the issue of their "hair" something that helps differentiate them on a species level? Since it is very different structurally (wiry and black, with different secretions), is it a proper scientific designation to label it "fur"?

What divides the two terms in the scientific world? And no wonder negresses do everything it takes and spend their last EBT card on getting "dere hair did". They can't handle what they are naturally; they want to look white. So they iron, 'relax' and color their hair so as not to have the natural "fro". Quite pathetic. Really shows they are disgusted by themselves too. So much for 'Black Is Beautiful'!

Any science majors want to take a crack at this? Hair or fur?


Anonymous said...

There more about it on Mike Smith's political commentary blog.

Anonymous said...

RexHymens here:

These feral savages are a different species.

Different skeletal structure, different skulls, different blood, different hair (fur), and ZERO empathy, impulse control, compassion, or shame. Ruthless, aggressive, violent, selfish, inhuman monsters.

And we let them vote.

Somehow americans decided that keeping these dangerous monsters away from our familes was "racist".

Imagine how absolutely horrified the founding fathers would be if they could see what was happening in america today.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

SC Native

I'm not a science major but for centuries down here we've called it wool. Hair is reserved for people. I remember seeing an old cartoon from England when the abolitionist trash was DWLing it and it had a English aristocrat examining cotton and negro wool deciding which is more important. He went with the cotton.

Johnlenzini said...

I worked for a few years in the city of Detoilet, after it became a dark city. A friend mentioned that the negroe, and there pets have a tough life. This tough life was self inflected, a making of there own.

He said it was not unsurual for them to tie there pets to a tree for long peroids of time. Or just let the pet run the neighborhood . I have witnessed packs of dogs, of all sizes and breeds, running feral in the city.

Where the negroe goes, nothing grows, or not for long anyway...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"If you get a chance to steal something,do it! If you can't steal it, ruin it! If you can't ruin it, shit on it."
This reminds me of a story I once read in which an African villager was complaining about hyenas sneaking into the village to drink from containers of milk that the villagers had stored. Once the hyena drank its fill, it would piss in the remainder of the milk to ruin it.
Negroes or hyena's. Not much difference there.

Baron Münchhausen said...

It was more rhetoric for contrast than merely naivety my anonymous friend. I understand fully the machinations of their minds.

Anonymous said...

This should be a stark warning to the US: the day EBT stops working.

Anonymous said...

"As you sleep tonight, there's a good chance a negro will try and bust down your door or break in a window and come in to rob, rape and/or kill you."

Don't threaten me with a good time. The .357 S&W magnum will clean up anything that's left after the .00 magnum buckshot... both handily within reach of my bed and while I'm awake the .357 is ALWAYS in my pocket.

Anonymous said...

Very enlightening! From the man living under black rule.


lenzapper said...

The People

By Tommaso Campanella

(Italian philosopher, 1568–1639.Translation by JohnAddington Symonds)

THE PEOPLE is a beast of muddy brain That knows not its own strength, and therefore stands
Loaded with wood and stone; the powerless hands Of a mere child guide it with bit and rein;
One kick would be enough to break the chain, But the beast fears, and what the child demands It does; nor its own terror understands,
Confused and stupefied by bugbears vain. Most astounding! With its own hand it ties And gags itself—gives itself death and war For pence doled out by kings from its own store. Its own are all things between earth and heaven;
But this it knows not; and if one arise To tell this truth, it kills him unforgiven.

Anonymous said...

When / if they come around, they'll wake up the dogs. If that don't stop them, no one's going to be asleep around here.
P/S. The wife can shoot pretty damned good too!


HaroldC said...

Joseph Conrad's "Heart of Darkness" wasn't fiction.

Anonymous said...

Can good people on sbpdl share your negro experience on work,street...?

I'm not from US so i want to know your first hand stories how they act in natural habitat, on your work place, in stores (EBT strongholds :)

Good luck with coming race war fellow crackers !

Anonymous said...

This is a real dilemma for the typical DWL, which life takes precedence ? The rights of the nogs or the rights of the animals ? The question is redundant though, which animal is the proper question. I have to go with the cows on this one.

Anonymous said...

SC Native

Reading this reminded me of a story that my grandfather told me from his own grandfathers time.

In the 1880's a negro raped a white woman and cut her throat. However he didn't do it deep enough and she lived long enough to name her attacker.
The men gathered and went on a hunt for the darkie finding him in the rafters of an old slave cabin which was probably a tenant house by that time. They pulled him down and took him to a local meeting spot.
They tied him to a large pine tree and piled brush and logs around him then set it on fire. The negro was burned down to a skeleton and it was displayed near the tree for a few decades before it was finally discarded.

The moral of the story is this community lost a nice percentage of its negros and there was no black crime against whites for three quarters of a century. The only thing these savages understand is this kind of warning. Our forefathers knew they were abominable savages and treated them as such. It kept them fairly docile until bleeding hearts with no negro knowledge decided it was cruel and made it a crime. Now the cities where their decendents live and their decendents themselves are paying the price for that stupidity. If they'll cut flesh off of a living animal they'll do it to people too.

Anonymous said...

O/T, but an interesting term that I have heard used a few times here by commenters when describing BM and it sums most of them up pretty well: Dating and Relationships- Are Most Black Men Sociopaths? (quick answer, yes). Written by a black woman.

Anonymous said...

My previous employer utilized cheap temporary labor to do menial tasks in the facility (pack boxes, make boxes, stack pallets etc.) Basically taking people off the street and giving them basic temp jobs. This meant lots of Hispanics and negros. The Hispanics would generally work hard and could figure out how to complete said task after being shown once. The blacks needed much much more attention. Most could barely count to 10 and seemed to have poor hand eye coordination. At one time I had an entirely black crew and production slowed noticeably. One of the young (18-20) year old male nigs proposed sex to a fat, fifty something year old black woman with rotten teeth one day. And when she denied him he went ballistic and threatened to kill her. A physical altercation ensued and I had to restrain the niggers until security arrived. The male negro ran off as soon as police were mentioned, presumably because he had outstanding warrants. This is just one example of many I have witnessed. I could write a damn book on the subject of Negroid pathologies. Truly degenerate animals.

Carleton Putnam said...

Google Brad Knudson.

Short version: He's a DWL in Minnesota who adopted a little orc who was bullied on Snapchat.

He videos the harassment & milks it for literal tons of white guilt on social media, to include getting the father of the offending teens fired from his job.

The rabid celebration of the offending father's firing & simultaneous worship of Brad's video continues online.

Polar Bear said...

Anonymous said...

''' I might consider socializing with up to 25% negroes, but I'd keep them on a short leash.'''


The average American negro is about 75% to 80% black and 25% to 20% White. And as we see time and time again, they deny their White heritage, identifying only with the negro sub species.

The 25% black/75% White person (or quadroon to be precise) often tries very hard to suppress their White heritage. You see them often as teachers or professors dressed in afro-centric garb and as well groomed politicians who incite racial hatred. Being more intelligent than the average American negro, they have enough intelligence to stir up conflicts but yet still maintain that hallmark level of homo africanus defiance and belligerence.

I, for one, do not consider having such people within my social/personal sphere.

True assimilation isn't seen until you reach the 7/8 White 1/8 black admixture. At that point, the octoroon looks White, acts White and thinks White. Their level of intelligence is basically White as well. Such a person I would welcome into my social/personal sphere as long as we are compatible in other ways as well.

Anonymous said...

Imagine how absolutely horrified the founding fathers would be if they could see what was happening in america today.

As a decendent of several founding fathers it's hard to look at their portraits hanging in the house and not feel the anger. I'm sure if they can see what's going on they can't understand why we haven't dealt with it. They took of the most powerful country and army in the world at that time with very limited resources and we can't deal with our negro problem. It's a sad state of affairs but history does teach us that all it takes is one person to make a stand and many will rally to the cause. With all of the negro fatigue lately that might happen in the near future. Hell it might even be somebody here. Let's hope for a better future.

SC Native

Jesus H. Christ said...

My father, what the he'll is wrong with white parents of murdered children?

Executes two white teens. of course their parents forgive this animal. Then says that #blacklivesmatter at sentencing.

He has openly admitted that blacks target whites intentionally, to right some perceived wrong.

Anonymous said...

This will be a fascinating upcoming presidential election. I think that the pendulum will swing and the sheep who were conned into voting for the negro, will come back with a vengeance and vote for anyone who shows even the slightest hint that they will stand up to the groids and shut these animals down.

I'll bet in political advisor offices everywhere right now they are calculating the best way to take advantage of the epidemic of negro fatigue, without crossing the line and allowing their candidate to be tarred as a racist.

I believe the candidate who takes a chance and goes across that line will be the one the masses naturally gravitate towards. They want a massa with a strong whip hand. The orcs need a short, sharp, shock.

Anonymous said...

"How do we defeat a gub'ment trying to defeat us, if they haven't already succeeded.."

America's self-conflicted pseudo-right wing (there is no true right wing in America, and can't be one) at once hates its government and worships its power. Hence the police and the military find no greater support than from these pseudo-right conservatards. Also targets of their wrath are anything and anyone that might introduce disorder into the system, a system that is slowly but surely eliminating them. Why are they so insufferably stupid? The question begs to be asked. In answer, we can only say that Lord works in mysterious ways.

Anonymous said...

I was amazed that we didn't hear more resonant ooking and eeking from the orc collective over the simultaneous release of American Sniper and Selma. Since Selma is all about worshipping the degenerate Martin Luther King Jr (not his real name), and said orc was dropped by an American sniper, why didn't the howler troops go cat 5 chimpout over the Eastwood movie being released on the same day?!

These freaks see racism under every stone, and yet an enormous "diss" like that goes un-commented on by Obongo, Holder, Sharpton etc?! I mean, what if the movie JFK had been released and the sniper movie too? Wouldn't people have said that's bad taste? What if a feature film version of Roots was released and the new Planet of the Apes movie was programmed against it?

I don't give a rat's ass and think it's hysterical, but wondering why the ape collective didn't make this into a poo-flinging melee? Thoughts? I guess they're just to dumb. Bang, bang!!

Anonymous said...

Warning Will Robinson!!

Looks like a Costner movie is coming out where he adopts a young negress. Remove the syrup of ipecac from your medicine cabinet and replace with this dvd. From the little I've seen, this looks like a Grade A groid loving hollyweird libtard extravagana.

PK, I pray you find the time to watch it (bring airsick bag) and then skewer it in your signature style.

lordtrollingsworth said...

Baron, I assume ATX is Austin TX? You are not alone.


Anonymous said...

This is one of the most disgusting stories I've read lately. I weep for the animals, for the africaners, and for any civilized peoples who have to come into contact with these primitives.

HaroldC said...

A ruthless unscrupulous person would truck around a truck load of E coli contaminated meat around black townships.


Stupid Cattle: Wrong place at the wrong time.

Oh, but let us all go get our copies of "Cry, thy Beloved Country". (Written by a South African white race traitor. It turned out his wife had to leave the country due to the violence. Poetic Justice?)

And let us not forget this quote from the article: "Wethmar said intentionally overturning a truck, stealing and inhumanely slaughtering animals were crimes."......uh, hey dude, they are crimes ONLY in a White Country.

I can't believe White people in South Africa still don't see the truth.

I lived in South Africa for 2 years. I saw it. The Kaffirs were all over the place. They walk about doing nothing. Standing on the road side. Doing nothing.

Aimless, worthless.

How can these Afrikaners, who are born and raised there, not SEE. And why stay? If you are White, get the f out.

Don M said...

"Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can good people on sbpdl share your negro experience on work,street...?

I'm not from US so i want to know your first hand stories how they act in natural habitat, on your work place, in stores (EBT strongholds :)

Good luck with coming race war fellow crackers !"

Dear Anon, see my response to a similar post I made a year ago.

"JustAsking said...

Some of you who know better, can you give some tips on how to handle oneself around blacks? What would you recommend for guys who live around no ghettoes? Walking styles? Demeanor? Thousand-yard stare? Answering questions and passing shit-tests? Indicators of impending attacks?

Thanks in advance for any tips?"

Don't be confrontational, but walk erectly with an alert demeanor. Head on a swivel.

You HAVE to let blacks know you see them. Don't smile, but don't "mean mug" them either. Put on your inscrutable, placid stone face.

Too many SWPLs get "culturally enriched" because they pretend not to notice blacks. They think they're being non-confrontational, but it has the opposite effect. Pretending you don't see them invites the attack.

Carry a weapon, whatever you're allowed to by law.

Other than court appearances (at which they're usually lead in by the bailiff), blacks almost never have anywhere they HAVE to be. Therefore, the aggravating slo-mo shuffle is their default speed. When you see blacks MOVING WITH PURPOSE you are about to be attacked.

In a group, Blacks normally shuffle along in a loose gaggle but they will fan out into a 2x2 or flying V attack formation against the victim. This is usually accompanied by purposeful movement.

Blacks shuck and jive, rap to themselves or each other, or generally horse around when not in attack mode. A sudden change in volume, whispering to each other, pointing at you while nudging each other means impending cultural enrichment.

If you realize you're about to be culturally enriched (which you should if you're alert) you MUST make eye contact with the vibrants. Now is the time to draw whatever weapon you have. Let 'em know somebody's gonna get a ride in da amberlamps.

This is almost always enough to make them move on. After all, there's always another nice, non-racist, SWPL with his earbuds blaring right around "da corna."

Just my $0.02 from living in "Da DMV" for my entire adult life.

Anonymous said...

Time to come out. PK, how about you do one of those Caribbean cruises like the investment gurus do and hold a series of talks on race realism, human biodiversity, etc? I'd love to come mix with the commenters here and you and the others who can "see".

Don't the balmy Caribbean breezes beckon about now...? ;)

ps. I live down here, by the way. It's GORGEOUS outside!

Anonymous said...

Nominations for the best all-time orc-fail world star hip hop video? Share your faves...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"Can good people on sbpdl share your negro experience on work,street...?

I'm not from US so i want to know your first hand stories how they act in natural habitat, on your work place, in stores (EBT strongholds :)

Good luck with coming race war fellow crackers !"

Luckily I don't work around them anymore but I'll give you my experiences over the years.

*Most cannot speak or write any form of recognizable English.

*Most cannot perform basic arithmetic.

*Certain days of the month it's best to avoid markets unless you want to see vibrant diversity.

*School age "keeds" wandering the streets in the middle of the day.

*Haggling cashiers over the price of something or trying to get what they wan free.

*Surliness and sloth.

*A particular stench that I've only smelled when around them.

I can go on and on. Not everyone on here would be a "cracker". That term comes from "cracking the whip". Not many northerners ever cracked a whip on a negro.

Yes, there might very well be a race war in this country in the near future. When the currency collapses they will agitate for the freebies but no freebies will be available. (EBT, Section 8, etc.) After all, how many zeros can you put in front of that decimal point before the currency has no value?

They'll start it and we will finish it. It will be bloody and many will die. Luckily for us they will start with the DWLs so they will neutralize an enemy for us. I'm grateful so many of them are stupid as hell.

Scot Irish

D-FENS said...

"I'll bet in political advisor offices everywhere right now they are calculating the best way to take advantage of the epidemic of negro fatigue, without crossing the line and allowing their candidate to be tarred as a racist."

Perhaps, but remember that it will only be a deception.

We peaked in 1960. Since then we've had 13 presidential elections. Even if you allow that Reagan slowed the decline (he didn't), there is no denying a consistent downward trend. Regardless of which political party holds the whip. You'd have better odds flipping a coin.

There is no way we are voting ourselves out of this.

Anonymous said...

Amen on that last paragraph.

Anonymous said...

Dog left chained behind a Walmart, chews its foot off to escape freezing.

I guarantee there were negroes involved in this:

Anonymous said...

See? They're just like us but with a different paintjob.

Another reminder to look at the comments on the original story. The local troglodytes don't seem to even see anything wrong "we beez hongreez, dem cattle was gonna get ate anyway".

Also a reminder for all to skim through "Negroes in Negro Land". Similar acts of bloodlust and savagery are the norm for the sub-Saharan African. Barbaric cruelty and the suffering of others is the only thing that brings these demons any emotion resembling joy.

I know a lot of you guys don't believe in God, but how can you look at the African negro and not believe in the devil? Their capacity for evil and atrocity are virtually supernatural.

Woodsy InNYC said...

Anonymous said... about you do one of those Caribbean cruises like the investment gurus do and hold a series of talks on race realism, human biodiversity, etc? I'd love to come mix with the commenters here and you and the others who can "see".


No thanks. We can all see clearly from right here.

Anonymous said...

Nominations for the best all-time orc-fail world star hip hop video?

Waste of time. Let them fail. No need to see it. Use that precious time to learn something new. Like using a whip. (see below) Expand your mind. Don't regress.

Scot Irish said...

Not everyone on here would be a "cracker". That term comes from "cracking the whip". Not many northerners ever cracked a whip on a negro.

Ahem - (clears throat, raises hand)

I bought a whip at Great Adventure during our graduation school trip in grammar school back in the day. I wore it as a belt (not through the belt loops so I had easy access) and used it many times - mostly as a deterrent but sometimes as protection - mainly against groups. Hit one, the others would RUN. Gathered a lot of dropped knives from many confrontations in my youth.

I used to go to Coney Island by myself to play the newest video games on the weekends back in the early 80's. I was like the North Star in a pitch black night sky.

Nowadays, I carry 8 computer power cords plugged into a surge protector secured with duct tape. Dual purpose - for computer work and my protection.

Woodsy says: I'll show you who's a cracker!

Anonymous said...

I read that she was not quite in lock step with her husband politically but I can't prove that. She did say that liberals and non-libs all assumed that whites would always be in charge in S. Africa. Which they were until they weren't.

Liberal maroons here think the same. They think a black majority or a Muslim or Hispanic majority would maintain white standards. This story shows how stupid they are about blacks.

Anonymous said...

It is impossible for me to understand how a supposed human could cut flesh off a living creature.

Thanks. Never heard of the Noahide laws.

Anonymous said...

I thought you were wrong about that movie. You weren't. That is one sick movie.

Angela said...

The reason the blacks can even act with such a disconnect, having no empathy for man nor beast, is tied to their low oxytocin. It is the bonding or empathy hormone, and they just don't have much of it. It is also tied to trust, without which civilization cannot be. . .i wonder how they figured that one out scientifically for their tests. . .? A visit to Africa?

Anonymous said...

Western countries consider white S. Africans as subhuman, I suspect. It's bad enough some of their own citizens are white but, a S. African white? Away with them!


Anonymous said...

And here, in a wiser era.

Anonymous said...

I live outside Detroit, also a former resident of Detroit. I was at the International Terminal at Metro Airport waiting for famikyvreturning from Europe. A White man with a Afrikaner accent was talking with someone, the time period was a few months after Apartheid was dismantled. I struck up a conversation with him starting with "I'm sorry for the problems you have in South Africa", he came unhinged. He was livid, he described scenes of Capetown becoming destroyed by bush negros, encouraged by the ANC. Neighborhoods just being erased and the beauty of Capetown gone. I let him vent, he said he wasn't going back there. I told him heneeds to avoid Detroit, he understood, working for Ford's or some auto company. He said Dearborn was where he was staying and never leaving. I agreed with him, telling him of the '43 and'67 riots of Detroit and the city never moving forward, only a veneer of idiotic negros stinking up the place. He was very angry about his country being destroyed by the cult of Mandela. Today is the pinnacle of the negro, in africa and the West. Be aware and be prepared. I hope Afrikaners are allowed to carry guns, if so, take your country back. Interference by entertainers and media of the West regarding Apartheid did utmost damage to a highly cultivated and organized Pretoria. Is the statue of Mandela still towering over the shanty town negros there?
Hang tough friend, you have our empathy.
Diversity is delusion

Anonymous said...

Old Guard here:
At night on duty at Ryan Prison in the dog days of summer, we'd post up behind the walls outside, the ghetto neighborhood echoed with vicious barking and yelping of dogs fighting, loud voices, bass bumper shit, the constant crack bang of gunfire, ohhhhh the membreeze.

Anonymous said...

Once you establish yourself as that White person who ain't afraid, many coloreds avoid you. Oh, they might leer or peep on you but when you slow your roll looking back at them, they usually got nothing more to do, if not, have your gear ready it's playtime, fuggem.

Anonymous said...

The Fatigued League is magnetizing acrossed the West. Negro/muslim fatigue is at a boiling point, time to shut the stove off.
Old Guard

Anonymous said...

Reagan said there isn't a right or a left, only up or down. Time to turn down the brown

Anonymous said...

I saw the commercial for it. He adopts his "grandaughter", then the coloreds want to take her, and start detroiting him. I say, go to the gun range and practice close quarter pistol drill, andshotgun tactic with OO buck, friend.

Anonymous said...

Also, if you have to go to market in an infested sector, head immediately to the cutlery section and select a sharp filet knife, if not armed. Keepit within reach and you might level the field if you have any issues

Anonymous said...

RE: Kevin Costner -

Are you even surprised? He did The Bodyguard with Whitney "Crackhead" Houston over 20 years ago.

Actors are nothing but whores.

Anonymous said...

The only thing missing from the article was the obligatory condemnation from PETA.

Northwest Mike said...

Above is the link to what Carlton Putnam mentioned earlier.

Disgusting. Why do whites insist on adopting black children. I seriously doubt you will or have ever have seen a black family adopt a white child. I know it probably has happened but it's got to be extremely rare. Blacks typically think only of themselves and don't even care for each other. They are only united when it comes to hating whitey.

Do-good er whites will never learn. Blacks by and large don't want what your selling. Blacks have no intention of upholding your values and would love to see you suffer and take revenge upon you for imagined wrongs.

The second a black gains power, lookout whitey. Anyway, as race realists, we have to look after those who agree with us. The DWL will find out in time. Those whites who don't clue in, we don't need. Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at January 23, 2015 / 10:19 AM said:

Can good people on sbpdl share your negro experience on work,street...?

from the bar where my friend who tends bar is also awake:

- they don't tip
- they try to scam drinks, claiming they paid for drinks they never paid for or ordered. Sometimes after serving has ended (by law) for the night.
- they stink, the one night I was there and I saw him back off from the bar where a couple that looked fresh off the boat from Nigeria had walked up. Then i got a whiff and I backed off too. He put a fan on a barstool to blow the air the other way.
- they fight. Like 19 out of 20 nights where the owner allows the DJs to play the rap and so forth that brings them in, they end up closing early because they can't control all the fighting. I avoid those nights.
- they're stupid. Last time I was out a group of five underage (legal drinking age is 21) female noglets got busted for drinking. It took like five minutes for three security guards to herd them out of the club without touching them.

20 years ago this place could be packed to the walls with people dancing and partying two nights a week, about 99% white crowd, problems were few and far between although E and some other pills were fairly rampant for a while.

Today, it's only packed on nog night, which is why the owner continues to have one once a month or so. The place fills up at $10 a head until the fights get out of control and they have to close.

The problem is the nogs flow over somewhat onto the other nights. I wouldn't keep going except for it's not far away, I know the bartender, and I can stand in a corner and keep an eye out for trouble.

juvenal said...

The Negro mind is one big collective hydra. I liken them to the creatures in Alien.

juvenal said...

Forgive the ignorance, but I'm not quite sure what your getting at. Are the " conservatards" worse than the " lefttards"?

vurana miles said...

Don't refer to these groids as 'animals' ... animals are the victims here... whites need to leave groids alone and stay as far away from them as possible.