Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Some folks are born made to wave the flag: Conservatism Inc. Cheers "Uncle Tom of the Moment" Artur Davis

Conservatism Inc.'s favorite black person: Artur Davis
Conservatism Inc.'s favorite "Uncle Tom of the Moment"is the black Democrat turncoat from Alabama, Artur Davis. Appearing all over FOX News and highly sought after by the likes of National Review and Weekly Standard for his sufficiently black punditry, Davis is the 'mocha' choice of the month.

He recently told George Talbot of The Birmingham News that a Democrat in the state of Alabama doesn't stand a chance of winning an election, outside of counties or cities that are majority black [Artur Davis: Election showed Alabama Democrats "barely have a pulse", 11-7-12]
 Former Alabama congressman Artur Davis played a key role in Tuesday's election as a surrogate for Mitt Romney's presidential campaign. Davis, once a Democrat from Birmingham and an early supporter of President Barack Obama, earned headlines for his move to switch parties, endorse Romney and position himself for a run for office in Virginia. 
Davis declared that, by his reading of the results in Alabama -- where Obama got less than 40 percent of the vote -- the state Democratic Party was all but dead. "As a practical matter, the Democratic Party in Alabama barely has a pulse," Davis said. With the exception of Jefferson County, the 7th Congressional District and other African American counties, Democrats are largely unelectable. 
"It will be another generation before any young, aspiring politician outside the black community seriously considers running as an Alabama Democrat." 

Considering what has happened to cities that suffer under the iron-rule of black-political control (Birmingham anyone?) and the deplorable state of the black belt counties in Alabama - just look at Macon County, home of Tuskegee University - it would be wise if white Alabamians continue to coalesce around the implicit white party.

Davis didn't play a "key role" in the election between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama; he was a black face trotted out by the Republican Party to appear diverse at the Republican National Convention in Tampa. Black people still supported Obama almost monolithically nationwide, and, in an equally unanimous fashion, consider Artur Davis the epitome of a 21st century Uncle Tom.

An incredible 84 percent of the white vote in Alabama went to Mr. Romney, only eclipsed by the 89 percent of the white vote that went his way in Mississippi. We already know that black people who vote for the Democratic Party (especially when a black man or woman is on the ticket) do so out of racial loyalty, knowing that they will be rewarded for remembering that in racial democracy voting for "group interests" is the only logical way to go.

White people? Well, they tend to still be the most passionate believers in America. Especially in a state like Alabama. Worse, they tend to be the most wedded to the notion of color-blindness when it comes to interaction with other races.

Admirable.... but mistaken. This is no way to operate in a racial democracy.

When one thinks of the white voters in states like Texas, Georgia, Louisiana, Arkansas, South Carolina, and North Carolina (with white people giving 68 percent or more of their votes to Romney) who have voted in Republicans to virtual one-party rule in their respective states, only one question comes to mind:

What if they actually cast off white guilt and their color-blind attitudes aside (like the flotsam and jetsam they represent) and defend white interests? What if those cities that are teeming with black crime - which drive down property value, scare away potential new residents, and force all businesses out - actually were brought up for debate in the state legislatures?

The condition of a city, county, community, or neighborhood can be immediately determined by the majority of the race who inhabits it. Almost any area under black-political country has the same, simple few key phrases to describe the quality of life found there: underdeveloped, blight, high crime, economically disadvantaged, and bad schools.

But no one -- not even in this Republican controlled states of the South -- will point out that problems of Jackson (MS); Baton Rouge and New Orleans; Atlanta, Albany, Savannah, Augusta, and Columbus; Birmingham, Selma, Tuskegee, Montgomery, and Mobile; Little Rock; and Charlotte and Durham are all the creations of... black people.

These cities are vexed by both high rates of black crime and a near monopolization (or growing monopolization) of black control of public jobs.

When I see agents of Conservatism Inc., swoon over Artur Davis and his "courageous" color-blind attitude to denouncing Barack Obama,  it becomes clear - in my eyes - what Creedence Clearwater Revival meant when they sang "Fortunate Song":
 Some folks are born made to wave the flag, Ooh, they're red, white and blue. And when the band plays "Hail to the chief", Ooh, they point the cannon at you, Lord,
"It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no fortunate one"... to believe in the inherent goodness of a 'color-blind' America anymore. The pathetic nature of life in majority black or black politically-controlled areas of Birmingham (these cities, counties, and communities are 'economically disadvantaged' because of a paucity of white people; these cities, counties, and communities are brimming with crime because of a surplus of black people) doesn't convince black people from pulling the lever - or punching the ballot - for a Republican.

Mr. Davis will now be an invited guest to Republican events across the nation, reinventing himself as yet another - in a long, and incredible undistinguished - line of Uncle Tom's who are glorified by Conservatism Inc.

He should be laughed at instead... but only after white people carefully study his remarks to Mr. Talbot in the Birmingham News. White people, bless their souls, are the only people clinging to the notion of "color-blindness" anymore.


Constructive Feedback said...

My Dear Friend Paul Kersey:

I just read your article about the "Uncle Tom Trotted Out By The Republican Party".

I need to ask you a direct question - with the hopes that you will answer as forthrightly as you can:

* A Black person votes DEMOCRAT and you disparage him

* A Black person - who was bathed in "Democratic reenforcement" all of his life BECOMES A REPUBLICAN. Not just a GOP no-body but a PRIZED CATCH - just like:

** Sen Arlen Specter
** Sen Jim Webb
** Sen Lincoln Chafee
** Sen Jim Jeffords

FOR SOME STRANGE REASON, though, when the "Receiving Party" trot THESE "PRIZED CATCHES" around to taunt the OTHER PARTY - YOU don't protest. They are seen as the "Prodigal Son" that have come home. You appear to go with that.

When a "Black Man" does affiliate with the collection of political, ideological and economic theories that YOU SUPPORT - he is considered an "UNCLE TOM" by you. But unlike the "White Liberals" that parade around their "Contained Blacks" that are used to UNDERCUT YOUR AGENDA....you STILL SEE this "Changed Black" as some sort of threat.

(Now my question - as if I need to ask)

Am I wrong if I was to cut to the chase and make the observation that FOR YOU - "An Agreeable Negro" or a "Negro that huddles with the ENEMY WHITE LIBERAL" is STILL A DETESTABLE HUMAN FORM for your tastes? You would rather do without his presence either way?

(NOTE - Despite all of this, sir, I still appreciate you for allowing my comments to be posted on your blog without filter.)

Discard said...

Constructive Feedback: Given the near unanimous support of Blacks for the Democrats, is it unreasonable to look closely at the credentials and motivation of a Black who claims to support the GOP? Particularly when he's been a Democrat for years? More particularly when he fellow becomes a "prize catch". The only reason anyone would consider him a prize for the GOP is his race. After all, he's not a U.S. Senator like the four Whites you mentioned.
This fellow is according to his own words, motivated largely by a desire to hold office, and the GOP is motivated by a desire to prove that they're not racist. No good will come of this combination of bad intentions.

Anonymous said...


Please go to AngryWhiteDude.
Holder has been illegally witholding financial info and the racist media wont report it...

Who is his tenant? an abortionist.

Bogolyubski said...

Constructive Feedback:
When a "Black Man" does affiliate with the collection of political, ideological and economic theories that YOU SUPPORT - he is considered an "UNCLE TOM" by you. But unlike the "White Liberals" that parade around their "Contained Blacks" that are used to UNDERCUT YOUR AGENDA....you STILL SEE this "Changed Black" as some sort of threat.

You seem to forget that most of us - or at least a fair number - regard Republicans and Conservatism, Inc. as the enemy every bit as much as we regard D'Won on d'dowmlow as such. Your fundamental error lies in assuming we share an agenda with Republicans and Conservatism, Inc. We do not share their agenda, because their agenda is in fact the same as that of the John Doe known as Barack Hussein Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Jeremiah Wright, Martin Luther King, and Nelson Mandela - the extermination of whites from the face of the earth and the establishment of a totalitarian utopia. Even though you're basically an ankle-biting troll who is not terribly bright, you are actually somewhat more honest than most Republicans or Conservatism, Inc. are.

Allen West, the darling of the Tea Party idiocracy who appears to have lost his re-election bid, was another example of a black "conservative" whose actual record in office was nothing but wall-to-wall support of what we refer to as BRA - with a piece or two of window-dressing to fool the rubes. At the end of the day this so-called "changed black" is not changed at all. He's just another negroid con-man, mountebank and opportunist - no different from all those many thousands of Kings, Princes, Queens, Bank Presidents and Oil Executives in Nigeria who will gladly pay you a 5,000,000 USD commission if you let them deposit 35,000,000 Zimbabwean dollars in your bank account. Just send them your account info and riches are yours, right?

Anonymous said...

Liberalism, libertarianism, and conservatism inc. How did stupidity become the mainstream?

james wilson said...

No doubt there are a few more, but the only black man of which I am aware who believes in the right of legal segregation for neighborhoods (covenants), and all private business--such as restaurants--is Walter Williams. Obviously, he opposes racial set-asides and quotas as well, and notes that they are in fact extremely damaging to their supposed beneficiaries.

Anonymous said...

Republican or not..I would not vote for him just because he is black. I don't give a flying f*ck how that comes off to anyone, its the truth. Vote White.

Anonymous said...

This article is incredibly misguided.
Davis's bid to win the Democratic nomination for Governor of Alabama in 2010 was done in by the teachers' unions.
He defected to the Republicans because he shares their philosophy and your response is to---trash him?
Davis is one of the people who represents the future of the Republican party and realizes the folly of the racial trap of entitlement the Democrats have set.
No more articles like this that insult the very people you want to attract to a society that appreciates merit rather than the racial spoils you rightly dismiss as bad for the future of the nation.

Anonymous said...

Is CF right PK?

AnalogMan said...

Discard has ably answered CF's question. May I just add the short answer: Yes, I would rather do without any negro's presence. Far rather.

Jay in DC said...

I'm an expert thread derailer here, again, Mea Culpa. This post has little to do with A. Davis, but much to do with Comrade Zero.

I'm not a conservative, I'm a realist. I'm not a religious man by ANY means, though I know some here are, but I do appreciate that many religious texts can easily be applied to current events. This has NOTHING to do with Artur Davis, and everything to do with Barak Obama. As I said, I'm expert at derailing threads here. Prophecies are a dime a dozen from ancient times and scriptures. But this slice of Book of Revelation for some reason inspired me to comment.

6:2 And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.

The First Seal: A White Horse (The first of the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse is white). The rider has a bow but no arrows, indicating that although he is militarily strong, in the beginning he does his conquering by diplomacy. Since he wears a crown, we know he is successful in his efforts. And who is the rider on the white horse? Whites, wholly, given the advanced mind for diplomacy and conquest.

6:3 "And when he had opened the second seal, I heard the second beast say, Come and see." "And there went out another horse [that was] red: and [power] was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword."

The Second Seal: John writes of the 2nd horseman, "It was granted to the one who sat on the red horse to take peace from the earth, and that people should kill one another; and there was given to him a great sword." This red horse means war.
War is on every side brewing particularly in Biblical lands. Syria, Iran, Arab uprisings, etc This could also be interpreted as the terrific wars that have taken place since the rise of the West.

Jay in DC said...

6:5-6 And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand." "And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a denarius, and three measures of barley for a denarius; and see that thou hurt not the oil and the wine".

The Third Seal: A Black Horse (guess who this is?) – causing Rampant inflation - a common aftermath of war – Impoverishment is suggested by John's words, "A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius; and do not harm the oil and the wine."
Since in biblical days a denarius was a common wage for a day's work, and a quart of wheat or three quarts of barley are basically subsistence diets, John is indicating that a man will have to work all day just to get enough food to eat, with nothing left over for his family or the elderly.
In the parable of the vineyard, Matthew 20:2, a day's work was a penny. This "penny", in the verse above, means a full day's pay. I believe this means that a loaf of bread will be so inflated in price, because of scarcity of food, that it will take a whole day's wages of a man to buy one loaf.
We surely know that it is a "measure", which is a very small amount. Barley seems to be a third the cost, so perhaps a meager meal of barley for three could cost a whole day's wages.
This is run-away inflation to its worst possible conclusion. In many parts of the world inflation is already to that terrible extreme. I just read in some parts of Africa where the inflation rate is over 1200%.
On the other hand, the call to not "harm the oil and the wine," are symbols of wealth, indicates that the rich will do just fine. Highly prophetic that the “oil” at that time did not mean what it means today. The wine, the largess of wealth, and that the rich will be untouched so long as they have the wine, and protect the oil.

6:7-8 "And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see." "And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth."

Hermit said...

Discard, to make sure I understand you correctly: You don't trust the motivations of either the GOP or Davis? The motivations of the GOP are clear. You believe that Artur believes he has more of a chance of being elected as a Republican than as a Democrat because of the disengenuous motivations of the GOP Powers That Be, and is basically just another neo-con at best?

Anonymous said...

CF, blacks are used as tools. Don't you get it? Why don't you get it??

Anonymous said...

"Davis is one of the people who represents the future of the Republican party and realizes the folly of the racial trap of entitlement the Democrats have set."

Ha.The Republican party is the white party doncha know. The Democrat party is the "rag-tag coalition of misfits and malcontents".


Blacks will never vote for the old racist YT Republican party unless they start promising freebies and welfare. It is no secret that blacks want 1. Black Power 2. free shit from YT 3. government jobs and 4. extra special rights and privileges and protection and immunity from criminal charges (freedom to rape, rob, and burn stuff). That's it. Simple.

Black people have sullied their own nest. It is their biology. Look at every black country, every black-run city. Blacks are simply not fit for liberty and freedom. They will naturally regress when not cared for by whites.

Stop blaming the "entitlement trap" for black dysfunction and failure. Even without the entitlement trap, blacks will fail when given complete freedom.

karen said...

Jezebel exposes teens for racist twitters/facebook postings.


Anonymous said...

Kersey- you are right on. They all suck. That is the point. The American government, with its two party system charade, is one team. The team that squelches individualism and people's rights to live where they damn choose free from groids and third world people. The people that want to simply work, not be harassed in their neighborhoods, and have a decent quality of life are looked as the problem. I don't follow politics anymore as I as a working middle class white female with two kids is not represented.. People, white people, in the USA must wake up and realize that the government has abandoned our interests and in fact villifies them as our enemy. Screw politics. Screw politicians. All of them.

World_War_Me said...

As a resident of Alabama, I can assure all of you that people in these parts do not vote Republican out of white solidarity or racial awareness, but for irrelevant-to-our-cause social issues, like abortion, gay marriage, and other biblically-offensive matters. This drives me nuts. I could care less about these social issues that detract from the real problems like BRA, illegal immigration, AA, the economy, etc. I care about white survival. The white folks in the South foam at the mouth about the 10 Commandments even though Montgomery and Birmingham stare them in the face. I don't get it.

An interesting observation: Tuesday when Obummer won, people I know sighed, "Oh, well." Saturday when Alabama lost to Texas A&M, it was THE END OF THE WORLD. People were incredibly devastated over this football loss. If white people in Alabama put one tiny percentage of that Crimson Tide passion into white political interests, we here at SBPDL would see our Revolution.

I am glad white people in the South voted the way they did, but don't think it was because any of them can "see."

Anonymous said...

A new story came up on Huffington Post regarding people in states filing for secession. Republican governors, for example, from Tennessee, are saying secession is not an option. Why not? I believe the tipping point is here.....people are trying to be heard through rational means. That is the white way. That is why our civilizations work. Now, once we have gone through the appropriate channels, and our requests are denied..., THEN IT IS OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO REBEL. It is our right to be free of tyranny.., and this government is indeed tyrannical.

Anonymous said...

Something at the Blaze regarding Glenn Beck. He (Beck) states that signing petitions for state secession is not smart.....Why? This shows you the retaliatory mindset of ALL OF THEM. Who are they? All politicians and talking heads be they Dems, Neoconmen, Libtards, Libertariantards, whatever and whoever. Remember, if we did not have such a wasteful Federal Government, Glenn Beck would not have anything to bitch about.

PDK said...

When I was young, and to this day, I realized the correct vote was the vote that was/is best for America, not what was/is best for me, at Americas expense.

If all people voted for what is best for America, America would become the best it can be, and all would live at a much higher standard of living.

However, the liberal democrat party, the party of the immatured, DWLs, blacks, Hispanics and Islamics, vote to further themselves, and their agenda, at Americas expense. It is we non-liberals, the ones voting for Americas interest at our personal expense that are being used and abused.

America has moved "forward", a socialist word for more than a century, up over the precipice and into the abyss. We are in our death throes, but who really cares anymore?

The DWLs and their allies, blacks and others, are out with the intention to destroy us. Unfortunately, we allow them to do so because we have been programed by the liberal ideology via its many means to indocrtinate and enforce that indoctrination, which further we all cower from.

No politician or talk show host will embrace secession for fear of their professional life. Liberalism, its socialism, blacks and Hispanics are the parasites and we non-liberals are the host, but we refuse to cleanse our body, which in the long term is tantamount to embracing our death.

Europe and GB are allowing themselves to be murdered off as well. In Ireland, blacks from Africa are being imported by the liberal ideology and those blacks are doing to the Irish, what American blacks are doing to American whites, and that includes everything from welfare parasitism to the game of knockout and more.

Everything Paul points out is true, but we just keep taking it. We may as well just throw in the towel, let us all starve, and be done with it, without struggling.

Does anyone have a viable solution? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

John Kass was on WLS-AM today implicitly referring to the victim in this story as a victim of racist black CPD cops as well as a black criminal:

Anonymous said...

The solution is simple. Procreate. The more white kids, the better. Get your funds hidden. Do as much cash based business as possible. Then get your kids and your white butts on the safety net. Buy guns. Move to the Middle and the mountains. Follow the Mormon strategy.

Dissident said...

The sooner that white people specifically- and other races generally- realize that this game of life is rigged then there will never be any progress made.

CF is trying to convey those sentiments, but he's not realizing that most of us here understand the game and understand it with reasonable competence.

I know that black pathology is encouraged through Rap music, BET TV, destructive black socialogical memes. Who's implanting these ideas? Who controls Hollywood? Who stands to benefit the most from it? Certainly none of us white folks posting here.

Who promotes racial antagonisms through media? Who has the most to gain from a brown culture and a revised history. The eradication of a heritage is a Communist Idea through and through. A people that have no common values or culture are no people at all. They're simply cogs in a grinding machine.

CF, man, you've got to realize that we aren't your enemy per se. We are the enemy to those that would kill us and destroy our legacy though. We are the enemy to those that would harm our sons and daughters and for that why should we be apologetic?

Your beef seems to with Paul Kersey in that you don't think he's doing enough to attack the "system". Maybe you're right, but read these comments closely and understand that we DO who the enemy is. Many of the traitorous DWL's, Vampire Squids, social sell-outs, dupes, opportunists, are going to eventually get there come-uppance be assured. Call it law of the universe, justice, reap what you sow, or whatever, but there will be a day of reckoning for those that are hell bent on destruction, in whatever form it may take.

Constructive Feedback said...


Your WHITE PROGRESSIVE analog SEES "THE MONOPOLY BASE OF NEGROES VOTING FOR THE DEMOCRATS" as their PRIZE CATCH!!!!! The fact that many believe that they are "Fighting Against The White Man" - while Ed Schultz is hosting their grievances - is a bonus.

Why do you believe that I BELIEVE that THE MOTIVATION of the White Progressive for "The Blacks" is ANY DIFFERENT than YOUR AGENDA?

Is there some GENETIC difference between YOU and Rachel Maddow or Eric Alterman that is behind your different way of thinking?

It seems clear to me: Once the force of "White Privilege" is lost by your White Progressive Friends - any Black person who does not see the CHANGE UP that is going to come - is blind and DESERVES to get what they are going to get because they walked along with the "Ally" that NEVER FOCUSED UPON DEVELOPING HIM but held him as a subordinate partner in the fight against the Right-Wing enemy.

A recent "prison documentary" out of California showed an institution with a majority White and Hispanic population - all sharing a former gymnasium that was being used as an open dorm. The Black population was kept in one small corner of the gym.

"The Whites" and "The Hispanics" had a "running gun battle" with each other. They maintained their "aisles" in the dorm and "The Black" population had to watch that it did not mistakenly walk on the turf of either one.

IF a PRISON climate trumps IDEOLOGY - where REGARDLESS Of you being a liberal or conservative YOU STAND WITH YOUR RACE or YOU GET YOUR THROAT CUT - what does this say about the long term future once the fiscal bottom falls out in America?

So we are still back to the question that I asked my dear friend Mr Kersey - WHY DO YOU FOCUS SO MUCH ON THE "NEGRO THREAT when, not only do you have WHITE PEOPLE IN POWER that are doing far more damage to the institutional integrity of America, AND the HISPANIC POPULATION is expanding far, far, far more rapidly than 'The Negro replication rate'?"

I am not asking YOU to "See 'The Black' as your FRIEND".

I am trying to see why it is that you appear unable to index your THREAT MATRIX in line with the greatest proportional threats?

Anonymous said...

Republicans fawn over blacks to assuage the fear of the sissy soccer moms and the like who worry about racial tension, it's not an attempt to get more black votes.

The fact that the overwhelming majority of Whites voted Republican in the Deep South indicates that a good percentage of civilian government workers and union members put racial-political solidarity first.
If the Republicans ever nominate a young aggressive Conservative who defends White America from Racial Socialism, there's real potential to create far greater White racial solidarity than we've had heretofore.

Jay Santos said...

"Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has demoted the former head of U.S. Africa Command who was accused of spending thousands of dollars on lavish travel and other unauthorized expenses..."

The head of Africa Command is a negro. And he's corrupt. Negroes are 12.7% of the US population. Who would have ever guessed this?

Anonymous said...

I can not for the life of me understand CFs ramblings. I just skip them after the first line. I am lost by then.

Is it just me, or is he just a terrible writer? Is he just some empty black suit who has been sheltered from critical feedback? Or is he just unable to effectively express his thought in writing? His sentence structure is foreign to me.

CF, dude, LAY OFF THE CAPS AND THE "" "" AROUND EVERYTHING and the misuse of long words! You seem a little off your rocker.

By the way, your black brothers are the ones who use the words "Uncle Tom" , "sell out" and "oreo", etc. Black people are obsessed with race and skin color.

Anonymous said...

CF, once again, we know our enemy. Blacks are just very annoying and violent tools used by the DWL left against us.

We worry about black violence and black influence too, and the fact that our government does not protect whites from violent blacks You have never answered the questions we have posed, why should we answer you?

Where in the world does there exist a successful neighborhood, city, state, or country which is under black rule? They are all like the Congo and Detroit.

Why do blacks turn everything they touch to shit?

Please give a direct answers in your next post.

Mutant Swarm said...

Constructive Feedback said...

"...So we are still back to the question that I asked my dear friend Mr Kersey - WHY DO YOU FOCUS SO MUCH ON THE "NEGRO THREAT when, not only do you have WHITE PEOPLE IN POWER that are doing far more damage to the institutional integrity of America, AND the HISPANIC POPULATION is expanding far, far, far more rapidly than 'The Negro replication rate'?"

When I'm crossing the street, I'm not worried about the car that's a half mile away from me; I'm worried about the one that's one hundred yards away, and does not appear to be slowing down. That's the one that will hurt me first.

Discard said...

Hermit: I don't know that Artur Davis is just a neo-con at best or not. He probably is just an ambitious hustler. My point is that he bears serious scrutiny rather than blind acceptance. Personally, since I have not the time, resources, or interest to sort him out, my default position is fuck him. I've been lied to too often, and I look at all politicians with a presumption of guilt.

Anonymous said...

Whites in this country need to learn that the two-party system is a classic "good cop/bad cop" situation, with the Democrats as the bad cop, the Republicans as the good cop, and them as the suspect in the interrogation room. Running to the Republicans because they are less overtly anti-white than the Dems is a false remedy that only gives them a fleeting sense of safety.

The fact to take away is not that Romney got 59% of the white vote and still lost, it's that the professional pundits tell them the way forward is more "outreach" to minorities, and therefore more kicking of whites to the curb.

This latest promo of Artur Davis is just the latest example of this insane approach.

Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

I think calling Davis an "Uncle Tom" is a little too harsh. That being said, he's finished as a black political leader. His fellow blacks won't listen to him or follow his lead. He can't promise them more free stuff as a Republican. His only purpose now will be to make white conservative Republican feel good that there are black conservative Republicans out there.

World_War_Me said...

Anonymous Anonymous said..."The fact that the overwhelming majority of Whites voted Republican in the Deep South indicates that a good percentage of civilian government workers and union members put racial-political solidarity first."

Anonymous Anonymous, I won't argue with you; maybe you know something I don't about the motivation of Southern civilian government workers and union members voting Republican due to racial-political solidarity. I don't argue when I don't have the facts. In fact, I hope you're right!

However, based MY PERSONAL observations as an Alabamian, I stand by my earlier statement that White Southerners (except rare folks like me) vote Republican to prevent social issues which offend their Christian sensibilities from creeping into government...in other words, an intense focus on insignificant fence issues, alas...NOT out of racial solidarity.

This is actually quite dangerous to our cause, as these religious folks stand in our way almost as badly as DWLs by bringing in Somali immigrants, wanting me to donate money to Third World countries, telling me to love my enemy, siding with illegal immigrants*, and FORGIVING all those black and mexican killers who murder their loved ones. Candle light vigils, what a joke. Use those burning candles to set Birmingham and Montgomery on fire, I say.

*This happened when Gov. Bentley introduced our new Alabama immigration laws.

Again, I'm not trying to pick a fight with you, Anonymous Anonymous. Like I said, maybe you know something I don't about those two groups you mentioned.

(BTW - Paul K., Thanks for all you do. Same goes for all the other posters here, regulars and newbies.)

Discard said...

Constructive Feedback: Blacks are not the greatest threat to Western Civilization, but just because the measles are not the greatest threat to human health does not mean that they ought be disregarded. This site is about Blacks and their behavior, not Chinese colonization or Mexican sloth.
Of course, even a casual reading of this site will show that most of us think that Blacks are merely a weapon wielded by others, though there is disagreement over just who those others are. SBPDL seeks to strip away that weapon by showing that Black wretchedness is natural to them, and not the fault of Whites. Other websites have other emphases. Have you considered commenting at StormFront?

Anonymous said...

Again, another piece to add to the solution outside and in addition to having more white kids, doing cash business only, disengaging etc is to simply 'jam up' the system completely. As we see now all 50 states are filing petitions for secession. If the petition is denied the first time, submit again and then again and then again..,,until you , we are heard. Who says a state cannot put in a motion for secession several times over? The White House gave us the tools, now use them! We have to think outside the box, that is the White race's strength. Jam up all efforts for wealth redistribution, etc by jamming up the Conmengress and Whitehouse's attention with secession petitions.

Anonymous said...

Blacks are generally wretched. The Chinese and Mexicans hate blacks. Everyone hates whitey. Blacks are a boil that has been festering and now the stupid illusion that they anything but wretched must be 'popped''. Pop the boil, everything follows. The infection will stop swelling, the swelling being other minorities who have been riding the 'whites suck train'. Then they will all get the fuck outta here.

PDK said...

On November the 6th, America became the proverbial “dead man walking”. Although her colors never ran, Old Glory, as with the old grey mule, has gone past its prime and into the death throes of old age.

Strange that back in the day of white, non-liberal America, the blacks chose not to leave, though they had the freedom to do so. Strange that back in day of white, non-liberal America, Hispanics from south of Americas border wanted out of their loser culture and into white, non-liberal America`s winning culture so very much they would illegally cross the American, southern border.

Not so strange that because both blacks and Hispanics have an inferior cerebrum, incapable of creating and or maintaining a higher culture, that they should choose to parasitize the white race of America that clearly displayed the capable cerebrum to create a higher culture and further the ability to maintain it. Until of course, some white Americans, having reaped so much from their white forebears, decided the work, and their personal responsibility to mature, beneath them.

These three forces, immature white liberals, blacks and Hispanics, augmented now by Islamics, formed a coalition against the host, white, non-liberal America, and have sucked so much out; it is not so strange to find now that the host, white, non-liberal Americans wish to wash their hands of DWLs, blacks, Hispanics and Islamics, and very appropriately achieve their liberty from the parasite`s tyranny.

Liberals have an ideology predicated on illusion. Among other illusions, a necessary illusion in bringing about the eventual new world, one world order of globalism, socialism and democracy, is the absolute destruction of nation-states, Republics and free enterprise capitalism. Therefore they must indoctrinate and protect, defend and support the illusion that all major wars are waged because of nation-states.

In reality this is not true. The truth is that when a people of unity are denied their right to the self-rule of their own nation-state they will fight for their liberty over the tyranny of rule by those not of the unity. The first and second WWs bear this out. For example, WW1 was initiated by the Serbs seeking their freedom from the iron fisted rule of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

As liberal, white Americans, and their allies, the blacks, the Hispanics and the Islamics, all incapable of higher culture maintenance because of either an inferior intellect, or an immature psyche, press their tyranny in its ever more progressively destructive nature of poverty and misery upon the non-liberal whites, the idea to forsake those of tyranny runs ever larger.

Hopefully, the current secession movement will snowball into a juggernaut, and liberty, not tyranny, shall one day return to the real Americans, the white, non-liberal, Founding Fathers Americans. Thank you.

Bogolyubski said...

Anonymous said...
CF, blacks are used as tools. Don't you get it? Why don't you get it??

That's the crazy thing about CF. He sometimes appears to be getting (at least part of) it. But then he goes off and makes a completely bone-headed assertion such as the one at the top of this thread.

Later on, CF whines:
So we are still back to the question that I asked my dear friend Mr Kersey - WHY DO YOU FOCUS SO MUCH ON THE "NEGRO THREAT when, not only do you have WHITE PEOPLE IN POWER that are doing far more damage to the institutional integrity of America, AND the HISPANIC POPULATION is expanding far, far, far more rapidly than 'The Negro replication rate'?"

So, CF appears to comprehend on some level that whites actually have the power, irrespective of the complexion of the teleprompter-reader. He furthermore understands that the mass-migration of Mexicans will not end up being good for blacks like him and cites a California prison as an example.

This strikes me as a back-assed way of CF, a black nationalist, asking YT (the WN folks here) for assistance. It's a bizzaro form of gibsmedat. CF furthermore seems to sense that there will be some point down the road when the ruling vampire-squids and their DWL management team will toss the groids under the bus - probably once the country of completely flooded with third-world migrants.

CF could be correct about this. From the squid point of view, Asians and Mexicans are far better than blacks. Not only do they vote as a block almost as much as groids do, but they are less disruptive in the terms of making the ultimate targets of their blood-funnels, YT, more docile about the transformation. A Mexican-style kleptocracy is more tolerable than an African-style one, even more so if there are some Asians thrown in to keep things running. Once that point is reached - nearly there in CA already - the groids will suddenly become much less useful and end up cast upon the trash heap of history.

Anonymous said...

This is actually quite dangerous to our cause, as these religious folks stand in our way almost as badly as DWLs

I completely agree. Not to mention, our wise Founding Fathers made a CLEAR demarcation separating church and state, for good reason; but these people tend to conveniently forget that. If they want a fundie-run country, they can go start Christianabad somewhere else. And their silly platforms keep a lot of smart whites from voting Republican --the "white party" as it were, though as has been mentioned here already, that ain't exactly the case. But it keeps whites from uniting as much as they could, certainly.

Californian said...

I suppose there is something to be said about dividing the enemy. If there are blacks who want to break ranks with the Democrats and become Republicans, this might be a wedge issue.

The thing is, it's doubtful that there is ever going to be any kind of mass shift of black opinion which would support an end to BRA. Of course, the GOP is not doing very much to end BRA, so it's kind of moot.

Politics as once understood are dying out in America. There was a time when people voted for a candidate on the basis of the issues or party program or just to get the pork (even if they were just campaign promises). Things are now shifting towards race-based elections, at least for blacks. No matter how rational the arguments, if 90+% of blacks are going to vote for the Dems, including defectors such as Colin Powell, then politicking becomes meaningless.

GOP promises to "reduce government" just will not fly when it comes to groups which demand AA, Section 8, ethnic studies programs, better schools, disparate outcome regs, hatecrime crackdowns, AIDS aid for Africa, and all the taxes and bureaucracies needed to support BRA.

"A republic of you can keep it."

PDK said...

Would like to point out to all the disingenuous non-whites who visit SBPDL, that as the host parasite duality works exceptionally well for the parasite, it works equally and proportionally harmfully for the host.

The reality of life, the truth, whole truth and nothing but the whole truth, as measured by ones eye, or by science, makes clear the superior, inferior cerebrums born of the separate gene pools of whites and blacks.

My eye has noticed, wherever blacks reside on the planet they gravitate to low man on the cultural totem pole. Even when they inherit a beautiful, complete culture, it is always but a matter of time before the said beautiful, complete culture is destroyed. Take a look at South Africa and just try to enter into denial, just try to blame the whites who first created then maintained the culture.

Science has determined that the human neotenous development pattern lasts longer for whites, (hypermorphosis), than for blacks, (progenesis), and further this in turn generates a larger, higher IQ for white cerebrums, and a smaller, lower IQ cerebrum for blacks.

This however is not the entire story. For in the realm of nature/nurture, there is not just the physical brain but the psyche or mind that may mature or may remain immature.

All white liberals, 40% of whites prefer to shun their personal responsibility to mature, while 95%of blacks prefer to shun their personal responsibility to mature. Worse the two enter into an alliance that parasitizes the non-liberal white, which further, ultimates in the total destruction of the culture.

Because of the nature of our different, white/black cerebrums, because further of the difference in our white/black ratios of accepting the maturation process, blacks gravitate to a fully functioning parasite lifestyle. Further, I believe blacks, subliminally realize this as reflected by keeping their % of the population at 13 the host may sustain and therefore tolerate their parasitism.

However black parasitism is now conjoined with Hispanic and Islamic parasitism, and collectively the parasites are killing the host, white, non-liberal Americans.

The problem with a fully enfranchised democracy is of course the parasites. Voting always and only to take from non-liberal whitey and give to themselves ultimately kills the culture that supports those that are the host, and those that are the parasite.

Therefore, all parasites should be disenfranchised, that means all blacks. If you do not like it, go parasitize someone else, go to Africa and create your own culture.

White liberals, the immature, 40% of whites use blacks and other parasites, and for the BS freebies you get, you will help kill off the host upon which you live.

We non-liberal whites cannot afford to sustain you any more, you suck too much off, and foster too much negativity on our whiteness, check out the Eve Carson story, we are tired of your animal behavior.

Your disingenuous attempt to "understand" us is a mockery. Go back to the black blogs and help them embrace their personal responsibility to mature.

A mixing of white genes with blacks, lessens our white gene pool created larger and more intelligent cerebrum. No thanks.

Lastly, it is just not worth our white effort to slog through the slough of blackism, never was, never will be. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, the catering to the fundies coupled with Hispandering plus parading Antwon on stages at Conventions is killing the Republicans. But again, this is all part of the plan - distracting people from 'real' issues, such as hey, if you can't feed 'em don't breed 'em or fiscal responsibility. The reason black women are worth anything is because they are too busy getting their toes done and getting extensions and the like. Smoke n mirrors stuff....Hispanics are poor generally because they pop out 8 kids before 20 on a 5 dollar an hour job. Why can't these issues be discussed. Mainstream media won't state it.... Boycott Hollywood- haven't gone to a movie in over 12 years myself. Boycott the major networks. Crap, just don't have a TV. And then homeschool or unschool your kids

Anonymous said...

"Republican or not..I would not vote for him just because he is black."

LOLOL You'd vote for Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi or some other white traitor just because they're white.
At least as you're being stabbed in the back, you can take solace that you didn't vote for a negro.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Virtually every elected official at the national level (republican or democrat) is a traitor.

At the state level, a Republican state senator or congressman could became a star overnight if they got behind the secession movement.

A star... overnight.

Anonymous said...

"Virtually every elected official at the national level (republican or democrat) is a traitor."

It depends on how you define "traitor".

There are plenty of politicians who don't believe that whites owe their wealth to non-whites.

SwampThizzle said...

Thomas Sowell is a true black conservative. Of course, as a true conservative, he does not speak for the Republican party and most of his views could be characterized as libertarian. He's an old-school black man of the Bill Cosby variety. And like Cosby, nobody but his fellow blacks are calling him an Uncle Tom. Sure, he's black and in general we don't care for blacks here (because of their general behavior, period), but he's intelligent and thoughtful and openly critical of organized blackness (unforgivably SBPDL behavior) so he gets a pass. Hell, I'd even buy the man a drink.

I for one enjoy Constructive Feedback's less-than-constructive feedback. He presents the sort of goofy arguments that would never come from DWLs or most black people ("fukk you raysiss crackaz, derp"). Some of his points and questions are legitimate, but nearly all are entertaining.

SwampThizzle said...

@PDK: it's the old grey MARE that ain't what she used to be, ain't what she used to be, ain't what she used to be.

Mr. Rational said...

Semi-OT, but this story is just too weird not to publicize.  It mixes Islamic immigration with Black rap culture:

Rapping Jihadi on FBI's Most Wanted

This has to be one of the best arguments for both (a) getting rid of the 14th Amendment and anything else that offers birthright citizenship, and (b) going back to our old notions that making war on the USA (jihad) or pledging fealty to any foreign power or potentate (Mohammed, the Umma) revokes US citizenship implicitly.

Melanie said...

All of which was to say, we most certainly can see, we never stopped being able to see. That and other things (ie, our religious separatism) have made us utter pariahs in the 20th and now 21st C, even, maybe especially in, the "New South".

Melanie said...

And if you white groups who procreate in large numbers-and in wedlock, with a breadwinning father and a mother who stays home and raises the children herself (no thank you government indoctrination centers)-that's us.

Melanie said...

@CF-It's because no matter who or what is the underlying cause of this pronlem, the immediateproblem is the negro whorapes an 80 yo woman and murders her husband, or gets a job postion solely on the basis of his skin rather than his merit, or gets a collegeplacement the same way, amd it's the mobs of negros who loot stores, gang up on lone or weak whites, commit rape upon whites in overwhelmingly numbers, and theough Section 8 infiltrate white flight suburbs to repeat the cycle from which the whites fled in the firstplace-the high crime, destruction of property, lowered academic standards, disruption of classes for those who want to learn and for the teachers, etc. The very culture of blacks is negative-primitive, feral, and one of "getting over". Answer me this-what would be so wrong with blacks just allowing whites to set yp neighborhodds, using no government funding, for whites only? Such things semi-officially exist for blacks and others, but not whites-as soon as the great and good high priests of "enrichment" get a whiff of such a thing, it's "Code Red" to bring in the blacks. But this never works the opposite way. It makes no sense that blacks want to live right in the midst of "hateful oppresssive" whites who just want to be left the heck alone. Surely you don't need our presense to build viable communities and schools, other than our taxes? Surely you can have successful schools without our presence, even if you do require our money (see the Kansas City School District fiasco for how much good throwing millions of dollars at a minority school district did-short story, scores still dropped every year)

Anonymous said...

To those who consder it necessary to purge Christians from this "movement" such as it is-go ahead, if you must. We were pro-white when pro-white wasn't "cool" and will continue to be in practical ways, while you continue to argue amongst yourselves regarding which whites are to be purged (because God knows the pro-white movement already has more members-active members, not only those who spout off on computers-than it can use). We'll continue, as we have for lifetimes, to be pro-white and pro-active while you decide who is " pure" enough to be the face of the movement. Self-sufficency is a wonderful thing, especially witha large enough family (opps there's that Christian thing) to really make it work .

Mr. Rational said...

To those who consder it necessary to purge Christians from this "movement" such as it is-go ahead, if you must.

I for one do not.  But neither do I think that a pro-White movement can get anywhere if it is sectarian, either explicitly or implicitly; it can include all pro-White Whites, but its face and its rhetoric should be non-religious.  You have seen just where the sectarian orientation has gotten you; embattled minoritarianism appeals to some as a lifestyle, but it's not what this country used to be nor is it what we should aspire to.

World_War_Me said...

"To those who consider it necessary to purge Christians from this 'movement'"

....here we go. Some religious people just can't help their knee-jerk reaction and always have to go all extremist. Nobody is saying purge Christians, for crying out loud. We're just saying stay out of our way if your brand of Christian ideology is contradictory to our cause. Isn't that what YOU'RE saying also? Leave the persecution complex to the Judeo part of Judeo Christianity, how bout it?

If you Christians are the prototype for starting and guiding the pro-white cause, I say you've been pretty ineffective. Maybe a generation or two before you had it going on, but you've certainly failed the last 40 years. I never heard in protestant churches (I grew up protestant) the fiery, passionate messages of racial solidarity and political cohesiveness that you hear about in black churches. NEVER. I heard "love, give, peace, give, obey, give, WWJD, give." Hmmmm, that message sounds strikingly like the liberals, doesn't it? Especially the obey and give parts.

OH. And I don't see any pro-white Christian movements being all that active around me, and I live in Alabama. There is the Christian Identity Movement in Hamilton, Alabama who held a rally, but oops, they never told anybody. Never got out the word on social media (you know, that absurd spouting off on computers that doesn't do any good). Seemed to keep it within their group, really. I bet you were present and accounted for, supporting them all the way! I'm sure whatever clever information network you old-school Christian pro-white movers and shakers are using to be such great examples of pro-white causes must have clued you in on the gathering. Let the rest of us undeserving newcomers in on the strategies and methods of communication you old-schoolers have been using that makes you so....well, holier than thou.

Melanie said...

Well here are two things my fundamentalist family and church do-

We have large families.

We do NOT import Somalis or anyone else, especially not on the taxayer dime.

Do not confuse us with evangelicals (ie the Moral Majority types), much less with mainstream Protestants either conservative or liberal. We're already living most of the precepts advocated on this board. We don't want to be the face of anything, that's one reason we never affiliated with the Moral Majority. Another is that we are staunch believers in separatism. (We will separate from someone or some group attue drop of a hat, lol). We've never put much stock in politics as an avenue to some future utopia.

So we wouldn't be the ones wanting to force our beliefs on society, to the contrary, we want the government and society to just leave us alone. That includes allowing us to use our own conscience and judgement on racial matters.

But I HAVE read comment after comment in the past few days from those who seem fearful that we'd want"undue" influence. If you were to lookmatour record, you'd see that we haven't even wanted influence in the larger Protestant church. What we want is something the government is increasingly loathe to allow us-freedom of association. which ties right in with racial matters.

We haven't tried to "lead" any movement-if tou can't remember one thing else about us, try to remember that "separatism" is the keyword to everything-separate crom the larger culture, separate from evangelicals, separate from blacks, etc. And separate from this "movement" while we continue to live our separate and pro-white lives.

Discard said...

Honest Christians who mistakenly believe that the Faith requires them to give green cards and welfare to foreigners can be persuaded otherwise, unlike those who follow the Multi-cult. Just ask them if it's right and just to rob Peter in order to pay Pablo, to help the stranger at the expense of their neighbor. Since they are not, like Leftists, motivated by hatred of Whites, you can argue them out of an un-Christian viewpoint.

Melanie said...


If we've done nothing else, we've raised families whose children know the truth and will in their turn raise their children to know. No, we haven't marched and rallied-neither do we do so for politicians or political causes. The best we've done is practice what we preach, stay separate, and thereby ensure that there's always been a remnant (a larger one, including secular types) of,which we are part. I consider the child-raismg part very important, especially in these days of government indoctrination...I mean "eucation".

A comment of mine further up seems to have disappeared which explained more about the difference between evangelicals and fundamentalists, one being that we aren't especially politically activist (ie no Moral Majority, that wasn't us). We don't want to force anything on anyone morally, because we don't believe it works that way. People must choose for themselves.

And typing on an iPad touchscreen is extremely frustrating!

Bogolyubski said...

Discard said...
Honest Christians who mistakenly believe that the Faith requires them to give green cards and welfare to foreigners can be persuaded otherwise, unlike those who follow the Multi-cult. Just ask them if it's right and just to rob Peter in order to pay Pablo, to help the stranger at the expense of their neighbor. Since they are not, like Leftists, motivated by hatred of Whites, you can argue them out of an un-Christian viewpoint.

You so sure about that? Putting aside for a minute the so-called "mainstream" Prot churches - who are apostate - the thing I've been noticing is the rapid advance of the twin leftist ideologies of feminism and "anti-racism" (a code word for supporting white genocide) within groups that were considered to be "conservative". The Southern Baptists in particular have now become leftist, as has Focus on the Family. Both endorse what I refer to as the "Gospel of Galatians 3:28" (equality ├╝ber alles). This is actually a classic example of heresy - taking a single scripture out of context and using it as a battering ram to take over and wreck the church. Rick Warren is another fine example of a Marxist ideologue wearing the clerical collar.

Go read Larry Auster's account of the reaction of "conservative" Christians to his very polite and understated position on race and intelligence - they ran away from him for being a "Nazi" (which is pretty funny considering his Jewish background). That was back in the Clinton era. As I mentioned on the Rochester-Alinsky thread, I note that the remaining churches who reject "higher criticism" (apostasy) nevertheless refuse to formally repudiate, anathematize and excommunicate those who are apostate. Why is this? The most logical explanation is that they too have been infiltrated.

Sheila said...

My husband and I visited a Christian school yesterday that we are considering for our younger son. While the school is over 90% White, two pitch black couples were among the group touring the school. One thing required for the application is a reference from one's church. We don't have a home church; we left the old one and can't find a new one for the same reason: we want the Gospel, not "social justice" and "love the Negroes" as a substitution. I don't think it's worth $12-13,000 a year to send our son to a school that will still insist we're "all the same" under God.

On the political side, I just saw in the local liberal rag (I mean truly local as in for our suburb; it's delivered free a few times a week) that a Haitian who was on the City Council (I voted against him, of course, but he won anyhow with the votes of all the DWLs here) is now planning on running for mayor since the current White guy is retiring. While I've sworn off voting in general, I may have to make an exception to try to prevent this buffoon's election. When and if we have the money and ability to move out of here, it can have black rule and crash and burn under it. However, we still live here and are stuck for at least a few more years.

God, is there anywhere to go to escape from them? Even here, at SBPDL, we're treated to Constructive Feedback and his ilk. They're like lice - impossible to get rid of.

Anonymous said...

The Feds won't allow whites to be separate. White poor communities would show up the black ghettos and then the focus would have to be on the inherent wretchedness of many blacks, factoring out wealth or a lack thereof. There would go the handouts and the elitists would actually have to work for their votes in place of taxing out the middle class. I

Mr. Rational said...

White poor communities would show up the black ghettos and then the focus would have to be on the inherent wretchedness of many blacks, factoring out wealth or a lack thereof.

West Virginia already did that, and you'll notice that it hasn't awakened the indoctrinated masses one bit.

I still think that turning "UnFair" on its head could be worthwhile.  A picture of a White woman:  "It's UnFair that I have to live next to violent people who hate me."  A picture of a White girl:  "It's UnFair that my school has to `mainstream' minority kids who can't do the same work and won't be quiet in class."

Discard said...

Bogolyubsky: Yes I do think that honest Christians can be argued out of multi-cult notions, if you respect them and their beliefs and argue with them on their own terms. If you are dismissive towards them, you'll get nowhere. Do we racists take instruction from anti-Whites? No, and nobody else with any self respect takes advice from those who wish them ill.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 12:28 have the correc courtesy to give yourself a trash name rather than just anonymous. You keep coming our attacking "the church"and christianity in general. Give yourself as name rather than posting anonymous.

SKIP said...

"Sheila said"

About that Haitian!!! A Florida town just South of Orlando a couple of years ago voted in a Haitian mayor in a town of around 50,000. Later, said mayor told the fed gubmint that the town would GLADLY ACCEPT up to 50,000 Haitian "refugees" from the earthquake (that never seems to end) and now, I understand though don't know for sure (don't get much news here in the mountains of Afghanistan) that the Haitians are in the process of voting into all the local offices their friends and family!! The towns folk there are getting EXACTLY what they deserve.

nameispointless said...

to anon@10:26AM "I can not for the life of me understand CFs ramblings. [snip] Is it just me, or is he just a terrible writer?"

No, you are correct, unintelligible, unless you want to pore over and 'deconstruct' the alleged 'constructive f/b. I don't.
For one conducting a mental status exam, the maxim: if you, an intelligent being with intact comprehension skills, cannot make sense of a a another's speech or written words, it's a good indication he/she is making no sense. [Remember slogging through unequivocally diagnosed thought disordered James Joyces' word salad tome, "Finnegan's Wake?"]
I skip over CF's posts because I, too, find the narrative rambling, tangential, and incoherent, rarely initiating and completing a concept without contextual derailment.
I visited CF's blog, to check if posts there may be more syntactically organized than those on SBPDL, where there may be a need to feign superior intellect.
No, even there, the same sentence fragmentation, syntactical breakdown, misuse of vocabulary, grammatical errors.
I don't think the poster is aware of this.
Agree with Swamp Thizzle. It is a source of amusement, but not in the least enlightening.

Mr. Rational said...

unintelligible, unless you want to pore over and 'deconstruct' the alleged 'constructive f/b.

I usually page through them, but sometimes a bit jumps out at me.  His absolute howler about White race realists controlling the discourse at Black web forums showed just how totally he puts the blame for EVERYTHING Blacks do (so long as it's bad) on Whites.

Zenster said...

Anon (11/13 9:29 PM): Liberalism, libertarianism, and conservatism inc. How did stupidity become the mainstream?

Think: lowest common denominator television programming.

Any questions?


james wilson said...

A few comments on comments.

DWL were a great force in Europe for three centuries before any minorities were present there. The Founders refered them on both sides of the Atlantic as "utopian and visionary" philosophers, which was meant as a term of great contempt. The DWL use any tool available to further their aims. There were no blacks in revolutionary Russia.

Asians do not hate white people. Look at their popular films--the actors have had cosmetic surgury to appear more Caucasian, unless they are playing villians. What Chinese despise is weakness.

Mexicans do not hate white people. They envy them. Look at every Miss Universe to come out of Mexico. They are not sending up Mestizos to beauty pagents or film. But they, too, find weakness an irresistable target. So does a dog.