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Where the Sidewalk Ends

The Visible Black Hand of Economics
It's well documented that once black people took over political control of Atlanta, white people evacuated the city (well, and the fact they had a healthy and correct view of black crime) and created thriving suburbs; then, black people followed the prosperity whites had created in the suburban counties, eventually importing the very black lifestyle (crime, mayhem, misery, and their children, who bring down the quality of the pupils at public schools) that whites had tried to flee.

Take for instance this story from south Atlanta (an area that is overwhelmingly black), which illustrates why white people are suspicious of black neighbors [2-year-old killed, 1-year-old shot in south Atlanta, Atlanta Journal Constitution, by Greg Bluestein and Christopher Seward, 11-3-2012]:
Atlanta police were investigating a double-shooting early Saturday that left a 2-year-old dead and her infant brother hospitalized.
The shooting took place around 1:40 a.m. when someone fired at least two bullets through the bottom of the door of a red-brick house in south Atlanta, authorities said.
The bullets struck Ty-Teyanna Motley and her one-year-old brother, Isaiah, who were sleeping with their grandmother in a sofa bed behind the door, said Charlie Howard, the victims’ uncle.
Ty-Teyanna was rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital, where she was pronounced dead. The boy was taken to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston. Police said he was stable but in critical condition. His uncle said he suffered a bullet wound near his spine.
“We never had any problems with anybody,” Howard said. “Whoever did that was a coward. My niece was only 2 years old. If they had a problem, they should just tell us.”
Howard was in the basement of the home sleeping with his family when the bullets shattered the silence. He rushed upstairs and found his nephew screaming and soaked in blood. His niece was unresponsive.
Police said they had no leads but said the incident did not appear to be the result of a drive-by shooting. They asked the community for tips, but many of the neighbors who gathered around the house Saturday morning could offer little help.
The tragic shooting death of two-year-old Ty-Teyanna in south Atlanta (south Fulton County, an almost entirely black area) is a reminder of the reason property values - and a lack of commercial investment - in the area is so low [Housing still a crisis in southwest Atlanta/Residents hope for a rebound, but public and private efforts remain stymied, Atlanta Journal Constitution, 10-28-2012]:
The breadth of Atlanta’s epic housing collapse unfolds block by block in the cluster of historic neighborhoods just west of Turner Field.
In some areas, it’s possible to walk down entire blocks and see nothing but boarded up or fenced off properties, the owners having long since abandoned them to weeds — and thieves. Many of the properties, rehabbed before the housing market’s collapse in 2007, have been plundered for plumbing fixtures, wiring, doors and windows.
Atlanta code enforcement officers do almost daily battle with squatters occupying properties illegally, or attempting, often futilely, to convince occupants to clean trash collecting in yards.
The joys of an all-black community, where social trust/capital are but a dream. The free market has accurately captured the value of property in an all-black area, and it isn't pretty [Unsafe streets stifle housing rebound in southwest Atlanta/Residents contend with vagrants, dealers and prostitutes. Police crack down but owners of vacant homes hard to find, Atlanta Journal Constitution, 10-29-12]:
LaShawn Hoffman’s nonprofit in southwest Atlanta can renovate a vacant home for a new buyer in a couple of months. Vandals and thieves can strip out anything of value and render the house uninhabitable in just a couple of hours.

Neighborhoods across metro Atlanta are struggling to rebound from the real estate crisis. But few face the hurdles found in the working class communities south and west of downtown.

Atlanta code enforcement officers regularly respond to complaints of squatters occupying properties illegally, or attempt, often futilely, to convince occupants to clean trash collecting in yards.

Vacant and abandoned properties have attracted drug dealers, prostitutes and squatters. Those renovated for new buyers are often plundered before they can go on the market.

The general lawlessness is a major reason some in-town neighborhoods have failed to rebound from the housing market’s collapse despite their proximity to downtown, the Atlanta Beltline and neighborhood parks. It’s also a daily affront to the residents who’ve decided to tough it out or can’t leave.

“Having children walking by vacant and abandoned houses that are open and [they can] witness any kind of illicit activity that might be going on is a huge concern,” said Hoffman, CEO of the Pittsburgh Community Improvement Association.

Hoffman’s group has been attempting to rehabilitate vacant houses in Pittsburgh, where as many as 45 percent of the community’s 1,800 residences are vacant.

But some days, Hoffman feels the effort moves one step forward for every two steps back.

In 2009, the Coalition for the Preservation of Pittsburgh (PCIA) bought a two-story home with a double front porch on Humphries Street. Although the group secured the property with steel shields over the windows and doors, one door, on a second story porch, was left unprotected.

Last winter vandals pried open the porch door, and ripped out appliances and copper pipes. Wood floors were splintered as though an explosion had torn through the vacant home. Fragments of dry wall littered the rooms.

“This was going to cost me about $70,000 to renovate,” said Hoffman. “Now this will cost me $20,000 more.”
Since 2009, violent and property crimes have hit residents of neighborhoods like Pittsburgh, West End and Adair Park about two to three times more frequently than the city overall, according Atlanta police statistics. Pittsburgh’s hollowed-out streets have seen nearly four times more burglaries and aggravated assaults as the city overall.
 Adair Park and West End were once nice, white working class communities; that changed with white flight in 1950s, as the neighborhoods devolved into representing the character of the its majority occupants (blacks). Property value plummeted with the change to a majority black community. Pittsburgh was founded as a black working class suburb, but overtime became just another reminder of what black people can collectively create: low property value and blight.

When black people had the ability to move into white neighborhoods (in the 1950s, when the first black family moved into Adair Park, the white exodus began), an immediate drop in property value began. More importantly, with white flight went the job creators.

In the book Atlanta Paradox , edited by David. L. Sjoquist, we learn on p. 5 we learn:

Ronald H. Bayor notes that blacks had historically been confined to a small geographic area. With the end of legal housing segregation, the black population began to decentralize. While blacks increased throughout the MSA, the growth was concentrated largely in areas adjacent to existing concentrations of blacks, namely, south DeKalb county and south Fulton County, just beyond the city of Atlanta. As blacks moved into these area, white fled. The result of these dynamics is that better than 65 percent of the jobs are located in the northern half of the region, while more than 71 percent of the blacks are located in the southern half of the region. Furthermore, the poor are housed in the city (71 percent of the area's poor are there). 

Evidence suggest a spatial mismatch between the residential locations of poor blacks and the locations of available jobs, and the large number of female-headed households residing within the city suggests a significant welfare-dependent population that may be untouched by the economic growth in the region.
Ah, sociology jargon from the entrenched Disingenuous White Liberal (DWL) caste in academia. Basically, what the attempted creation of a "spatial mismatch" theory illustrates is the Visible Black Hand of Economics; white people create jobs in areas where it is conducive to creating a thriving business (white areas).

As south Fulton went exclusively black, businesses closed up shop leaving a commercial void that the new majority couldn't fill; a void that they never filled (south Fulton is located in what is known as Inside the Perimeter -- ITP; much of north Fulton is located Outside the Perimeter -- OTP). The Midas Touch followed whites were ever they went, with Kevin M. Kruse's White Flight: Atlanta and the Making of Modern Conservatism (Politics and Society in Twentieth-Century America) reminding us (p. 243-245):
Between 1963 and 1972, for instance, Atlanta's share of retail sales in the metropolitan area fell from 66 to 44 percent, with the share of the once-booming central business district (CBD) bottoming out at just 7 percent. Jobs followed the general pattern... If old-guard members of the business elite, such as Coca-Cola and Georgia Power, had not remained fiercely loyal to downtown Atlanta, the decline would have been even more pronounced.  

With the Perimeter region emerging as a new economic hub, Atlanta's businesses abandoned downtown. Back in 1960, central Atlanta had contained roughly 90 percent of the region's office space; by 1980, it held only 42 percent; by 1999, just 13 percent. 
Gentrification is the only hope for south Fulton, with the removal of black population from Adair Park, West End, and Pittsburgh communities the only hope for property value growth. With a white population, crime levels would drop to the levels found in north Fulton. More importantly, businesses would immediately flock to the area, knowing that their investment wouldn't require 24/7 armed guards and bars on the windows/doors.

It's really that simple. 

Black dysfunction must no longer be tolerated. 
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Jay in DC said...

I am sometimes, a terrible contributor here, as I read the amazing articles and then just totally derail posts and threads, I apologize for this. But my reasoning is solid; I'm hypervigilant. I watch only two news channels mostly; Al-Jazeera, and Russia Today. Why would Jay do this?

Because these channels have changed in recent history. They are now hosted and staffed by Americans when broadcast into the US. Their message however, hasn't changed much at all. Both are RABIDLY anti-European. Al-Jazeera of course being far far worse then the Slavic run and owned RT.

That being said, I watched them tonight as I usually do and it was more of the same. They support leftists for very divergent reasons. Al-Jazeera supports Obama because they understand that minorities in the States will bring about our downfall far far faster than any other group. According to the stories they routinely report on this includes in order: blacks, latinos, liberal white women, and our most recent guests Muzzy Allah worshippers. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Only white males are the enemy and they will tell you as such on a news network, with a thinly veiled modicum of neutral journalism.

Secondarily, Russia Today. A network bred and supported by Slavic peoples. Some of the most beautiful women on this entire planet look like these people. They have just enough genetic ad-mixture to resemble Scandinavian and Nordic peoples, but without the heavy layer of guilt. Hence, they do not import 3rd world orcs to their countries.

Their story tonight was something I can only admire even though it is highly caustic towards Westerners, but how could you blame them really? 30,000 let me say it again THIRTY THOUSAND people gathered in Moscow to say they do not support forced immigration, Western influence, and diversity in any form. Could you right now, imagine 30,000 whites at the White House (irony, mine) preaching the same message without being steamrolled by DHS, Secret Service, and every other element of this traitorous federal gub'mint?

I speak русский, not fluently, but conversationally. This has everything to do with the fact that I live in a very international city and I'm fairly young. The most beautiful, unpoisoned women, I ever encountered here, were Eastern European and Russian, both shared a common language. I am guessing that it will be SLAVIC PEOPLE that preserve white culture, what an odd state of affairs! At these same rallies, some of these nationalists were waving flags with Shwastikas on them! Can you imagine such a thing? Slavs waving the flags of Teutonic nationalists they fought and killed not even half a century ago. This is what happens when Europeans and Slavs realize they are a dying race, and have MUCH more in common, than not incommon, with the majority of planet Earth.

Anonymous said...

slowly there bulding the beltline around atlanta's ubane core but it will take years for that area to gentrify.

Zenster said...

Atlanta police were investigating a double-shooting early Saturday that left a 2-year-old dead and her infant brother hospitalized.

… The bullets struck Ty-Teyanna Motley and her one-year-old brother, Isaiah, who were sleeping with their grandmother in a sofa bed behind the door, said Charlie Howard, the victims’ uncle.

Clearly, the little boy survived solely due to his having a pronounceable name. The latest scientific studies have conclusively proven that ostentatious monickers like "Ty-Teyanna" are total bullet-magnets.

When black people had the ability to move into white neighborhoods (in the 1950s, when the first black family moved into Adair Park, the white exodus began), an immediate drop in property value began.

This entire process has now been accelerated by a practice known as Scattered Site Public Housing (hat tip: Robert). As I was just now thinking about this new method of destroying Whitopias, an adjunct of the Ice Cream and Shit Theory™ came to mind.

The original Ice Cream and Shit Theory™ is as follows:

Take a big bowl of vanilla ice cream. Now stir in a cup of shit. Is it still ice cream?

How about if you stir in a few tablespoons if shit. Is it still ice cream?

What about if you only stir in a tiny little bit of shit? Is it still ice cream?

The point being is that even stirring in a slight amount of shit ruins the ice cream. My new adjunct to this theory is as follows.

Imagine a large tract of peaceful suburban homes with each block being analogous to a bowl of vanilla ice cream. Now, start moving in just one Black fambly onto each block. Are they still those nice bowls of vanilla ice cream?

This is what Scattered Site Public Housing is all about. It is stirring a nice little dollop of shit into every last vanilla enclave of White suburbia. And we all know that the presence of just one Black fambly in such a neighborhood can precipitate an almost immediate downhill slide into ghettodom.

Scattered Site Public Housing, putting the "hood" back into your "neighborhood". Coming soon to a suburb near you!

panjoomby said...

Jay in DC, i'm starting to be glad we were allies with Russia/USSR in WW-II!

Anonymous said...

South Atlanta is what to come when BRA takes over every major city in America. They will increase property taxes in every wealthy neighborhood and will make every excuse that can be found to benefit themselves and their people.

Anonymous said...

With thanks to Jeff Foxworthy.

You might be a Negro if you have one or more apostrophes in your first name.

You might be a Negro if you have chairs in your front yard (see porch dweller, porch m*****, etc.) so you can squat and watch the impending drive-bye unfold.

You might be a Negro if the murder of mere toddlers does not send you into paroxysms of rage.

BTW, Jeff Foxworthy's father worked for IBM, and Jeff attended Georgia Tech and worked at IBM as well.

Musashi said...

Here's an idea: Perhaps some racially enterprising whites can engineer a thriving white colony somewhere in Africa complete with liquor stores, EBT cards, and welfare. Once our wonderful black population hears of this they will want to go there which, of course, we will gladly pay for them to do. After a sufficient number of negroes have repatriated their former homeland, the whites that set up the colony will pull the plug and leave, stranding millions of negroes right back where they started.

I think this could work.

xthred said...

Like a Biblical plague.

Bogolyubski said...

Not much to add to this story except to point out that it is a classic, textbook (as textbooks once upon a time might have mentioned) case of what PK calls the visible black hand of economics.

There was actually a small black business class which arose in the Jim Crow era. It was made up of blacks who provided various goods and services for their fellow blacks - in black neighborhoods and towns. It was moderately successful, and probably aided the black neighborhoods of that segregated era to have stable property values. Today's DWL (which include most so-called "conservatives") academics naturally wildly overestimate its effectiveness and make it seem as if all modern enterprise was founded by groids while toiling under the boot of YT's oppression. Nevertheless, there is an element of truth in the notion that ending segregation destroyed black businesses.

Bogolyubski said...

BTW, if they have so many boarded-up shithole buildings in groidtown, why not solve it the Deetroyt-City way - with Hell Night? That will solve the problem.

Zenster said...

If your skrimps and and ribs were paid for with an EBT card … you may be a negro.

If your rims cost more than your car … you may be a negro.

If the tunes playing in your ride can be heard at your destination five minutes before you arrive … you may be a negro.

If your sneaks cost more than everything else that you are wearing … you may be a negro.

If yo momma's spandex-clad bootie shows up on aerial reconnaissance photos … you may be a negro.

If your five chilluns all have different last names … you may be a negro.

If your hair has more extensions than AT&T … you may be a negro.

If the inside of your lip reads "inflate to 30 psi" … you may be a negro.

If your shoe size is larger than your IQ … you may be a negro.

If your pants sag more than an old mattress … you may be a negro.

If your most frequent source of public transportation has blue flashing lights … you may be a negro.

If your ride's subwoofer can be detected by the local seismological monitoring station … you may be a negro.

If the word "reparations" is part of your regular vocabulary … you may be a negro.

If the word "Africa" is part of your ethnicity but you cannot locate it on a map … you may be a negro.

If Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or Julian Bond are on your speed dial list … you may be a negro.

If your regular legal representation consists of a public defender … you may be a negro.

If you have a blunt that cannot be sharpened … you may be a negro.

If you can say Louis Farrakhan's name but cannot spell it … you may be a negro.

If your record is longer than your school transcript … you may be a negro.

If your idea of a long term relationship is staying overnight … you may be a negro.

If you can say "nine millimeter" but can't measure it with a ruler … you may be a negro.

If paint chips were your favorite childhood snack … you may be a negro.

If your school lunches have never come in a brown paper bag … you may be a negro.

If your definition of safe sex is locking the bedroom door first … you may be a negro.

If you are on a college scholarship but most of your classes begin with the word "remedial" … you may be a negro.

If the only source of tension in your life is your blood pressure … you may be a negro.

If the last thing you do when witnessing a crime is call the police … you may be a negro.

If Obama is your hero … you may be a negro.

Sheesh, this is like shooting fish in a barrel!

Anonymous said...

Someone - Confucius? Nostradamus? Groucho Marx? - once said, "May you live in interesting times."

The next two days ... oh man. Whatever the negroes decide to do, I'm sure it's going to be "interesting".

Watch yr back, folks.

10mm AUTO said...

Zenster! Classic...LOL!

"If you are on a college scholarship but most of your classes begin with the word "remedial" … you may be a negro."

HAHAHA...Oh God that is funny!

Anonymous said...

I recall reading an article once about a city whose black residents were upset because the city spent all the money on infrastructure improvements in white areas only and their areas were left to look like shit. They had no concept that the money came from contributing members of society (in the form of taxes paid)and therefore went to improve the areas in which those productive taxpayers lived. They expected to have the same environment without having any significant financial imput or investment on their part.
Black areas look the way they do because of the people who live there. Yet they always blame others and expect others to compensate for their failures and provide them with an environment they are neither worthy of nor have earned and expect others to pay for and fund it. When it doesn't happen, they react with resentment, hostility and blame it on racism. They have no comprehension of how things work and see it in terms of , "We is being neglected cause we be black!"
The Stupidity Factor among blacks is off the scale. If their contribution is equal to two dollars and someone else's contribution is equal to twenty dollars, they can't understand why the latter is having a steak dinner while they're left to select an item from the dollar menu at a fast food restaurant. They only see the difference yet have no understanding of how that difference came to be.
In the same regard, others will study hard in school and become worthy of a higher paying job and acheive success and live in a nice neighborhood. Blacks will dismiss education as actin' white, be worthy of only low paying jobs and then resent the difference they see between other communities and their own~ "Why dat white muddafugga livin' in that fancy house in a nice neighborhood and earning $20 an hour and I be livin' in a rathole and only earning $8 an hour? I be kept down by da man!"
This overwhelming Stupidity Factor is why no other race wants to live around blacks or listen to their whining. Nevermind that this Stupidity Factor is also the genesis of black crime rates and all the other pathologies of the black community.
The bottom line is You Can't Fix Stupid but you can move away from it and hope it doesn't follow.

Anonymous said...

There's a good article over at entitled, "Racial Differences in Narcissistic Tendencies" that also helps explain black failure and the pathologies of the black community.
It's not just the Stupidity Factor but the addition of toxic levels of narcissism that creates a poisonous culture.
Reading that article brought back horrid memories of working with blacks as it describes their self absorbed and vastly inflated sense of their worth to perfection.
The more you learn and understand about blacks, the further you want to be away from them.

Anonymous said...

Blacks, generally, obviously lack the essential bootstrapping mentality necessary to function well in a First World society. The causes and solutions to all their problems are external in their minds.
Because of this severe mental handicap, I propose the following government programs.

MOOP(Michele Obama Obesity Prevention).
For just $20,000,000,000 we can hire grajutes of black colleges and pay them just $80,000/yr. to
teach black women the revolutionary concepts of diet and exercise. Black women will receive a $100 check as an incentive to attend and will be taught how to use treadmills and exercise bikes.
They'll get coloring books explaining the dangers of overeating and the importance of eating lower calorie food.
on completion of the hour long course they'll receive a $500 certificate to buy exercise equipment which can then be used as lawn ornaments.

PPP(Pregnancy Prevention Program).
At a bargain price of just $35,000,000,000 we create a 100,000 new jobs in which new black college graduits will be trained to teach black women the baffling intricacies of contraception. They'll be taught the puzzling technique of pill swallowing and the perplexing concept of remembering what day it is. They'll receive instruction on the befuddling notion of keeping the pills out of junk piles. The bewildering idea of planning their pregnancies will be made clear to them.
This program has only a 1% chance of being effective, but that's no reason not to fund it.

HIP(Home Improvement Program).
Ageing hippies and young hipsters will be hired to teach black people how to use tools and plan home improvement projects. When the black participants can successfully saw a 2 by 4 in half within a 10 inch margin of error they'll receive a $500 certificate to by paint, tools, and crack.
HIP will cost us $50,000,000,000 and has less than a .001% chance of being cost effective, but let's get progressive and give it a try.

LIMP(Lawn Improvement and Maintanance Program).
No longer should black Americans be flummoxed by the confusing world of landscaping and lawn care. They'll learn that weeds aren't ornamental grass and that there are places in which to buy attractive trees and shrubs. Big picture books will make the planting and care easily understood.
On completion of their LIMP instruction they'll be awarded a $1,000 certificate. Black inventiveness will result in lawn tools being multi-tasked.
Trowels can make excellent cracker stabbers like in that movie. Hammers can be used for polar bear hunting. The list is endless.

With our booming economy and huge trade and budget surpluses, we should fund these and other programs in full. It will only take black people about a decade to catch on and then they'll be big positive contributors to our economy and culture.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....Little by little I am hearing from friends that were in the storm areas. Everyone said the same thing. The blacks have gone into a complete looting frenzy. New Jersey is bad. They are breaking into homes and even stealing gas generators. Any where the lights are out the Mau Mau is on the prowl. A lot of people were afraid to evacuate because they new the slugs would strip their houses while they were gone. These are animals.

james wilson said...

It is not that black dysfunction must no longer be tolerated, but that it must not be encouraged and remunerated.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this guy yet? 21 and still playing high school football. Not like 21 is old enough to get a job and move on with your life or anything. I suspect he reads at a second grade level, already has 2-3 kids and sells weed on the side. Just a hunch.

The Great Unwashed said...


They tried that once. It's called Liberia. So good luck with that.

Blacks actually hate each other. The ONLY thing that unites them is their collective hatred of whitey.

Whatsmore, sub-saharan africans have NO respect for American blacks. True africans believe american blacks are pussies and winers. ( True enough.)

If this were not true then why don't the average black retiree take their paultry gub'mint pensions and move back to africa where they would be the Donald Trump of the Congo ?

American blacks are not wanted anywhere else on the planet. They know it. The rest of the world knows it. Only the DWL have failed to recognize this.

PDK said...

As I see it, the only hope for the real America, white America, our founding fathers America, is for non-liberal whites to migrate into republican states, declare independence and forge a new Constitution similar to our founding fathers, but augmented to disallow DWLs and their socialism, to outlaw Islam, and limit all trouble making minorities by not enfranchising them.

This is a form of white flight with a final and positive conclusion. The white exodus from America herself, initiated with the Obama administration, is creating a white American diaspora. Further, just as with the Jewish diaspora of 722 BC, we and ours will, as with the lost ten tribes, become absorbed by other races and other cultures and therefore be no more.

For those who remain in America, the white flight game of blacks and whites will simply continue on forever. Blacks are not capable of keeping pace with whites as their gene pool produces an inferior cerebrum for higher culture and therefore they will be forever pursuing the candy man.

DWLs, such as the anti-America, academician, socialist, elitist Hollywood liberals, the beautiful people, will talk the talk of their courageous and noble non-racist character, but they will never walk the walk of their courageous and noble, non-racist character. The most they will ever tolerate is the token black. However, they are trying to forge, a new breed of humanity by furthering the cause, in a machinate way, of miscegenation. Apparently, hoping to create a new race of people neither black or white, but a half mixture of each, dumbing down the white genes, while lifting up the black.

The current game of white flight is akin to an adult version of musical chairs. No sooner do we whites turn a sows ear into a silk purse than we whites are forced up out of our chair only to then have to move on to another one. What is the sense? Are we so controlled by DWLs and their liberal ideology that we can`t say racism is a positive concept not a negative one?

Because white flight will happen anyway why not have a targeted, positive conclusion. It for sure will be difficult but the eventual fruition will be well worth the effort Thank you.

Mr. Clean said...

Ex New Yorker here...New Jersey is bad.

Major generalization. The problems are in Northern Jersey, supposedly north of 195. Problems at the shore extend a bit further to the south. I was in the Philadelphia suburbs in both NJ and PA during and after Sandy, and have only seen some power outages, some lasting up to 5 days (which is unusual for here). No (additional) monkeyshines, relatively minor property damage. No biggie.

The problem with NJ and NYC in these situations is the gun control on the law abiding.

J. Frank Parnell said...

The problem with NJ and NYC in these situations is the gun control on the law abiding.

Indeed. NJ and NYC have some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation. I bet they didn't have nearly as many problems in DE, PA, CT, etc. The gun laws in those places are much more permissive.

Mr. Clean said...

J. Frank Parnell said...I bet they didn't have nearly as many problems in DE, PA, CT, etc.

The Philadelphia area didn't have as many problems because we didn't really get hit by the storm (namely, the storm surge and stronger winds in areas near the coast)

The gun laws in PA are not permissive, they are "normal", or average compared to other states. It is that the laws in NJ are restrictive, and are highly so in NYC.

Anonymous said...

"Here's an idea: Perhaps some racially enterprising whites can engineer a thriving white colony somewhere in Africa complete with liquor stores, EBT cards, and welfare. Once our wonderful black population hears of this they will want to go there which, of course, we will gladly pay for them to do. After a sufficient number of negroes have repatriated their former homeland, the whites that set up the colony will pull the plug and leave, stranding millions of negroes right back where they started."

We tried that all ready, it was called Liberia.

Anonymous said...

And it's certainly accurate in San Francisco - but maybe not in the USA, where you probably live.

Bizarre inaccurate yet accurate comment on Apple maps.