Saturday, May 7, 2016

If Trump Doesn't Win, the War on Whites Becomes the Fed Government's Holy War

A quote from Bernie Sanders in August of 2015 is vital to understanding where the left (and their #NeverTrump allies) are headed. Can you find it?[Bernie Sanders Courts Black Voters in South Carolina After Criticism on Racial Issues, New York Times, August 22, 2015]:

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. — After activists with Black Lives Matter disrupted his campaign appearances this summer, Senator Bernie Sanders, the surging if still long-shot candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, added a new section to his hour-plus stump speech, explicitly addressing racial injustice.
But the true measure of the success of those remarks will not be just defusing anger but reaching out to African-American voters, who are an essential bloc within the Democratic Party — especially in South Carolina, an early primary state, throughout which Mr. Sanders campaigned on Friday and Saturday.
Because black votes matter, too.
Meeting with about 50 pastors and community leaders, most of them black, at the Springfield Baptist Church in Greenville on Friday afternoon, he argued that income inequality was the moral issue of our time and that the people it hurt most were African-Americans. He said that the criminal justice system should be reformed and that the killing of nine black people at Emanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston — a massacre that had caused him to reschedule a planned campaign visit at the time — made it clear that the government needed to do more to break up hate groups. He made a similar stop on Saturday in Orangeburg.
Did you see it?

Let's help you out: "He said that the criminal justice system should be reformed and that the killing of nine black people at Emanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston — a massacre that had caused him to reschedule a planned campaign visit at the time — made it clear that the government needed to do more to break up hate groups."

"... break up hate groups."

What qualifies as a hate group? Donald Trump's business holdings?
Individual white families?


Anonymous said...

Bernieberg: "income inequality was the moral issue of our time and that the people it hurt most were Africans-in-America."
If you go against Nature, and force all incomes to be equal, then you will have a problem with production inequality - which will most hurt Whites and Asians.
Bern in Hell, you bolshevik scum.

Anonymous said...

Paul---this is already happening with the attacks on whites and cops (mostly white) everyday....the only difference is the Bern and the Hildabeast and the GOPe voter haters will put it into law in 2017.

Trump needs to start campaigning for like minded congress and senate candidates right now.

1. Paul Nehlen needs to win against Lying Paul Ryan.

2. Kelli Ward needs to win against Cuckservative John McCain.

If sbpdl readers are in their states, please work for Nehlen and Ward and please everyone consider sending them some $$ to help their campaigns.

Just wins by Nehlen and Ward would send terror thru the GOPe.

And Trump could find "realist" white democrats to run against the DWL democrats as well.

Trump needs great and numerous security....TPTB hate Trump and he needs protection.

Paul---you do great work!

Steve said...

At best Trump is a rearguard measure only. The WHITE GENOCIDE will not stop by government action or voting. It will only stop when WHITE MEN put a stop to it. And that doesn't mean by the ballot box, that will never be permitted to work. Petitions, protests, all the forms of "democracy" are tools in the destruction of the White race. Yet most Whites think the political process will save them. It is DESIGNED not to...

I think it will come down to this:

"And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say goodbye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling in terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand. The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin's thirst; the cursed machine would have ground to a halt!"
-- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago

The invasion of every single White homeland must convince even the most skeptical White that this is all by design not chance.

They mean us GONE, Paul, like the DoDo bird.

Bill in St Louis said...

Anything with white, Christian, straight males, (bonus hate for veterans) is a hate group. This is well known. It is the exact same mentality as little jimmy in 3rd grade calling you names, tripping you, etc and when you snap and kick his ass, running to the teacher (in an SJWs case, the govt) to tell on you for being mean. I have said it before, when shtf, while the dindus will be the most visible targets, due to thier propensity towards violence, cannibalism, etc., their enablers will need to be dealt with just as harshly.

Anonymous said...

A hate group in anyone that crosses the street when they see a black person coming their way.

OT...Bernie Boy will say anything to anybody at anytime to get their vote.

Anonymous said...

Bernie needs to get butt plugged by a few Trayvons. Shut up you white traah feeble minded old fool. As far as Hillary goes, she has as many confirmed kills as Chris Kyle.

PB said...

Bernie is a YKW. He's at war with you already.

Detroit Refugee said...

They may want to look at World Star Hip-Hop. I've heard a lot of Anti-White racism is on display on that site.
Another good lead would be the NBPP.
Check out the NOI & Louis Farrakahn as well.

Anonymous said...

310 related ----

comments are mostly excellent

Anonymous said...

Check out the reader's picks:

Philadelphia Mike said...

The War on Whites has been going on full force for years.

Please watch this video...share it with as many people as you can.

White Silence = White Death

Be Bold, Be Brazen, Be Assertive...our survival depends up it.

Philadelpha Mike

Proudyt said...

Would the bloods and the crips qualify as hate groups ? They kill more blacks than any white group don't they? Somebody please wake me from this nightmare. I truly believe it's starting to affect my health.

Anonymous said...

"What qualifies as a hate group?"

The government calls a group a hate group when it's a group the government hates. Don't want to be in a hate group? Then make sure to agree 100% with your government, no matter its policies or what it does. If it decides white people are the enemy and you are white, then do whatever you can to help it commit genocide against whites. Then you won't be accused by it of being in a hate group.

But a better question would be, what gave hate such a bad name among white people? It wasn't always that way. At one time they were unashamed to hate. But why do they now, alone among the races, consider it wrong to hate? Isn't it only natural to hate some things and love others? Why should a natural response be considered wrong? Isn't this only the final stage of Christianity, which has brainwashed whites for twenty centuries that God is love? If God is love, hate must be the domain of Satan.

Therefore, whether he intended to convey precisely that idea or not, PK is correct in calling it the government's Holy War. Church and state may be separated in America as a matter of law, but they are informally joined, the best of friends, allies in their great struggle against a mutual enemy; and not only the actual organization of the Church, but the very Christianized consciousness of the people themselves. Whoever accepts without thinking that hate is wrong is a foot soldier in the government's army in its war against hate. The federal government is a secular theocracy using the language and metaphysical presuppositions of the Christian religion to accomplish its goals.

Anonymous said...

What qualifies as a hate group?

ANY group that disagrees with the BRA narrative. Have you ever grumbled about your taxes supporting BRA programs? Are you a business owner who has had run-ins with the EEOC? Maybe you took the exam for your local police or fire department or any civil service position and didn't get hired thanks to an AA quota? How about if none of these situations apply to you, but are only things you may have heard of second or third-hand?

If you answered yes to any of the above, even if all you did was nod, you are seated at the right hand of David Duke as far as the SJW crowd is concerned. So we are all thought-criminals . . . guilty until proven innocent, or at least until bankruptcy. See you in Room 101.

Californian said...

He said that the criminal justice system should be reformed and that the killing of nine black people at Emanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston — a massacre that had caused him to reschedule a planned campaign visit at the time — made it clear that the government needed to do more to break up hate groups.

The interesting thing is that Dylan Storm Roof's actions were denounced by just about every white nationalist group out there. Of course, if we are to talk about massacres, we might note how black gangs are going at it non-stop (despite the best efforts of cake & conversation).

Anonymous said...

Sanders is an old Jewish Communist. In 1917 Jewish communists successfully launched a coup against the Russian government. Millions of Christians were later killed, culminating in further Christian death during the second world war.

Nearly one hundred years later, a Jewish communist is seeking a similar coup against the American people. Death will follow.

Racoon said...

"What qualifies as a hate group? Donald Trump's business holdings? Individual white families?"

All of the above, I'm afraid, plus lots, lots more.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Talk about shameless pandering. If Bernard were grounded in reality, he would want to break up all these rap groups that poison the minds of the people with their violent, hateful toxic ideas. But no, sadly, he wants to shut down people like us. People who see the insanity of the governments relationship with negro America, and are able to speak out about it. People who are intelligent, and able to put into words the necessity of dealing realistically with black dysfunction. We are not the ignorant, uneducated toothless morons the liberals try to portray us as, and that worries the hell out of them. We are the people who say the things others think, and make them realise they are not alone, and not wrong to think that way. It's not the whites out there gunning people down everyday. It's not the whites out there robbing, car jacking, raping, dealing drugs day after day. It's the negros, stupid.

Now the pretender in chief is guest speaking at college graduations, praising hip hop like it's a proud cultural heritage of America, instead of the shameful disgrace it is. He crows that Beyonce runs the world. My God, how freaking retarded is this man? Of course, the product of a liberal education respond favourably, chanting "Four more years!", over and over, like they were hounding their favorite hip hopster for another song. When negro crowds don't get their way, they tend to tear up the theater, and damage property, and attack white people when they leave. Be ready for the chimp out when we throw this Bozo out.

He also says we need to look into Trump's past!? This from the most secretive president in the history of the US? Not only is he hiding his past, he's put up road block, after road block, to stop the truth about Hildebeast from coming out. I'm guessing he's counting on her to continue his cover-up after he's out of office. Just what do we know about this guy? Not much, and much of what we do know, does not show him in a favorable light. Just who put up the money to buy his Illinois Senate seat? It's safe to assume it was bought, since the governor of Illinois was forced to quit after offering to sell the Senate seat Obama vacated. There are too many unanswered questions for my liking, questions ignored by Democrats, and Republicans alike. Questions that could, and should have been investigated.

He keeps warning how bad it would be if Trump was elected. How could it be worse. He's the worst president in history, and that's really saying something, considering the doozys we've had lately. Barry, were you born stupid, or did you study? I could go on about Hillary, but do I really need to? I believe a debate with her would reduce her to a coughing, vein pulsing wreck. I suspect HPV from oral favors to her female lovers.

Anonymous said...

Some awesome fallout from all of this just showing moral standing of who exactly we're dealing with here.

I'm sure it took over 50% of the donations (1.8mil) to fix a few bullet holes and clean the blood stains. Crooks all of them.

Anonymous said...

Your government WANTS a "race war". The goal of the UN dominated communist/African/Islamic/democrat party is WHITE GENOCIDE. They want us dead, and they want it now.

Anonymous said...

The Federal Government is the nations largest hate group

Jonah said...

What qualifies as a hate group?

Anyone the NKVD doesn't like. Oops, I mean our current crop of American Marxists/SJW/Soros-funded groups.

Read up on the NKVD, who ran them, what they accomplished. Because it's in your future.

Jonah said...

"... untold multitudes of people were sent to GULAG camps and hundreds of thousands were executed by the NKVD. Formally, most of these people were convicted by NKVD special courts martial. Evidential standards were very low: a tip-off by an anonymous informer was considered sufficient grounds for arrest. Use of "physical means of persuasion" (torture) was sanctioned by a special decree of the state, which opened the door to numerous abuses, documented in recollections of victims and members of the NKVD itself. Hundreds of mass graves resulting from such operations were later discovered throughout the country. Documented evidence exists that the NKVD committed mass extrajudicial executions, guided by secret "plans". Those plans established the number and proportion of victims (officially "public enemies") in a given region (e.g. the quotas for clergy, former nobles etc., regardless of identity)(ie. Trump supporters, alt-right personages, etc). The families of the repressed, including children, were also automatically repressed according to NKVD Order no. 00486."

"A number of mass operations of the NKVD were related to the prosecution of whole ethnic categories. For example, the Polish Operation of the NKVD in 1937–1938 resulted in the execution of 111,091 Poles. Whole populations of certain ethnicities were forcibly resettled."

"During the 1930s, the NKVD was responsible for political murders of those Stalin believed to oppose him."

Think it can't happen here?

Avraham said...

A major part of left wing and feminine politics is the need and desire for power in this world. They have transferred the ancient desire to be prepared for the after-life to make this world central. And in this world it is political power that is the source of life's meaning and numinous power. So it is natural to expect they will stop at nothing to bring down their adversaries.

The way they gain power is they know the major factor motivating the masses is resentment. Harnesses that power and hate and you have the ticket to power.

D-FENS said...

"When I use a word," Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, "it means just what I choose it to mean- neither more nor less."

Flushawaytpp said...

Did you see this story turns out the poor black girl hate crime victims were in fact the aggressors. Glad to see the uni handle it and publicize it properly. Didnt know where else to put it so it could be on sbpdl. The comments and this site are so refreshing!

Anonymous said...

Good luck breaking me up

Anonymous said...

The war on Whites has been the Fed Gov's holy war since Obama was first elected, this is not new. Yes, it will intensify if Trump is thwarted from attaining the presidency (which I FIRMLY believe will NOT happen), but the die is cast in any case. Consider that Eric Holder, Obama's attorney general refused to prosecute black on White (yeah, I capitalize "White" as opposed to black for a reason) crime from the outset. Then Holder engineered the "Fast and Furious" gun running campaign to attempt to deep-six the 2nd amendment. "Hate speech" was the next focus (the 1st amendment will die as well).
Look people; the deck is stacked against us and we are being backed into a corner.
Why do I say that the die is cast "in any case" even if Trump is elected? This is because Killery is the Oligarchy's "candidate". It will be a shoe-in for her although it will be made to look like a legitimate contest with The Donald. Wall St. wants Hillary, Goldman Sachs wants Hillary, the rest of the cabal wants Hillary, and Diebold corp. will ensure that she gets the "votes" that she needs. Even if the popular vote is all in Trump's corner, the Electoral College actually determines the outcome. We all can envision the result of Hillary as president, can't we?
But let us say for a moment that Trump actually, by some miracle does get the presidency. He will get NO support from either Congress or the Senate for changing laws in our favor. Donald's pen won't work the same as Obama's magic pen because he will actually face opposition at every turn. Trump will not be able to trust anyone around him. He should not even trust the Secret Service to protect him. He would need to hire his own professional protection (Blackwater, maybe?), and as a matter of fact he should do that NOW if he hasn't already done so.
Treacherous times are looming ahead for us. Someone will no doubt respond to this saying that I am being a "defeatist" with this posting, so I will ask in advance; what exactly do YOU suggest we do to preserve ourselves, since we have no cooperation among our fellow Whites, no racial cohesion, no "National Association for the Advancement of White People" nor any similar political action group to advance our interests? And please don't tell me that gun ownership is going to save us. That is laughable. With so many of us dependent on the FedGov for financial assistance just to make ends meet, when the time comes that Hillary says; turn in those guns, the majority are going to comply. But we will see that the cops are not going to go into the depths of Detroit, Philadelphia, Gary Indiana, Camden N.J. to take guns from blacks. Times will get really interesting then. South Africa coming to the US. Remember; you heard it here first!

rex freeway said...

Bernie is scary because he believes in what he is saying. There is no way in hell that he can do anything he says he will do without a civil war being waged. When he says the rich have all the money, he isn't talking about the top 10 percent. He means ALL WHITE PEOPLE.

Mutant Swarm said...

I never thought I'd be more scared of someone other than Hillary, but that quote does it for me. Good thing I'm doing at least one thing a day to prepare to fight back. I'm an old(er) fart, but I figure a 7:1 ratio is a good number. That'll take the pressure off some other White family.

"Ever'body's gotta die sometime, Red." I'm just going to make sure mine isn't wasted.

D-FENS said...

Hillary says there's too much hate, she may have to legislate.
Don't worry - be happy!

If the haters close the border, she will issue Executive Order.
Don't worry - be happy!

Avraham said...

I think there is a difference between groups behavior individual behavior. There is such a thing as a Bell curve. While individual can rise above the group norms , that is still no reason to ignore the fact that there are groups norms. As a group blacks are violent.

Anonymous said...

Watch the documentary film The Act Of Killing.

It is mindblowing. It shows you what America will be like soon when the negroes and other muds run the government and go after the demographically dwindled Whites. In that movie its the Communists targeted, in our future it will be the Whites.

Dont say you werent warned...

Race said...

Let's not forget to mention the deliberate starvation of MILLIONS of Ukrainians (White Christians).

Race said...

Ever see the the Fed's new target practice posters since the reign of the current regimes? Picture old white men, white pregnant women, etc. YOU ARE THE ENEMY, YOU ARE LITERALLY IN THEIR CROSSHAIRS!

Race said...

I'm so tired of anonymous douches ignorantly or not so ignorantly attacking Christianity. Christianity HAS NOT taught this "God is love" pablum until recent years as it is under heavy influence of Talmudism, so much so that it now calls itself judeo Christianity instead of just traditional Christianity. Traditional Christianity still is alive and well, the same kind that sent many to take the city of Jerusalem back from the Muslims. So, if you want to attack Christianity, come stand before this man and as I stand over your dying and bleeding body, I quote Christ saying to bring before him all who won't serve him and slay them. Go piss up a rope!

Brian in Ohio said...

What qualifies as a hate group? Donald Trump's business holdings?
Individual white families?

You forgot Yes, Mr. Kersey and his supporters have been noted and filed away for later use. For daring to speak the truth, no less.

As a veteran, gun owning, tax paying, law abiding, straight white male, race realism is not my first offense. I`m definitely on the naughty list.

In BRA, if your not on a "list", your doing it wrong.

Stay alert, stay alive.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

The ¨Bern¨ as many of you already know, is an Olde Tyme SJW. If you look back on some of the old black and white newsreels from fifty plus years ago, seeing ¨whites¨ march alongside their negro and Communist brethren, it´s there you´ll see a much younger ¨Bern¨. They have always been among us. I state this all to make a point.

As I lay awake last night worrying about the direction of the country and indeed the world (here´s looking at you, Centurion. You´re not alone.) I could not help thinking about Germany. Yesterday there was a good sized rally in Germany protesting the invasion of Muslims into their country. For those of you wondering why you didn´t hear about that in the news here in the states, I´ll let you ponder why that is as I pour myself another cup of coffee.

Okay. I´m back. When I studied WW II many years ago in high school, I was sincerely baffled as to why a country filled with such smart people could be so united under a leader like Hitler. It didn´t make sense to me that everyone in Germany got united against a certain Tribe until I scratched directly beneath the surface. I´ll let you come to your own conclusions, but the reason I chose my screen name is because rather late in life I discovered this same Tribe had covertly infiltrated every aspect of our daily existence, up to and including mind/thought control. And certain members of this prominent Tribe had vanquished their Tribal names and chosen to anglicize them. The next question obviously was, why? Why do this?

The old canard was, ¨Well, they just wanted to fit into the dominant culture.¨ .....uh, no. Sorry, Skippy. It´s a wee bit more complicated than that. It´s ever so much easier to establish control covertly than overtly. A stupid group this assuredly is not.

Again, scratch beneath the surface just a bit. You will find there are many, many, many Berns out there, who have one agenda. Negroes and Muslims are merely their foot soldiers. Our traitorous white leaders have sold us out because they were promised a seat at the table. It really is that simple.

With each passing day I see reason for optimism. The scare tactics, the cries of ¨Racist!¨ no longer deliver the blows they once did. Whites are slowly beginning to wake up.

I have no idea whether Trump will do what he says he will do, however at this point it´s rather unimportant. Enough people have heard his rallying cry, whether sincere or not, and awakened to respond. Any attempts to mute or thwart his message will be dealt with severely. The Saxon is awakening. It´s a glorious time to be alive, my White friends. On this Mothers Day, I wish to ask you all to remember the love you once held for your Mother Country. It´s still there, if we have the strength and commitment to claim it. Happy Mothers Day!

Anonymous said...

I've said this all along. The dindu's are literally too easy to be considered target #1. It's the race traitors that need to go first. In my 'world' I known exactly who they are......

-JSF- in Minneapolis

Robert Dezinna said...

Being white qualifies as a hate group

Anonymous said...

Get rid of all whites? Nah, someone has to keep the infrastructure intact. The goal is not elimination, it's the domination and subjugation of YT. The fewest and least intelligent will rule the many, it's happening now. We've seen what happens when YT stands up for himself...."whatever-ist" or "whatever-phobe", yet they love YT dollars and ebberthang fo' free, because anything YT has earned, blacks have a "right" to have because black.

This is revenge pure and simple, enabled/encouraged by the Gov and media. The Chosenites know what they're doing.

Paintjob Theory said...

".... especially in South Carolina, an early primary state, throughout which Mr. Sanders campaigned on Friday and Saturday.

Because black votes matter, too. "

For anybody too lazy to google the SC Dem primary results, Hilary received 3X as many votes as Bernie. Clearly black votes matter about as much as their worthless lives or anything else about them.

Anonymous said...

Obama's last act as president is to destroy white neighborhoods for good. Julian Castro, Hillary's supposed running mate and current housing secretary, has written up new legislation, that Obama plans to push through on executive order, that will move more section 8 and HUD housing into the suburbs. This bill will also lessen the felon ban on government housing by making them a protected class. Essentially, your once white neighborhoods will be overrun by black convicted felons. Stay stocked, stay prepared. The war on whites will eventually leave the legislative chambers of DC, and come to your streets. Arm yourselves now. If Hillary gets elected, look for new legislation to severely limit your access to ammo(similar to California's purposed legislation requiring a $30 background check for every ammo purchase, with limits to 100rds per purchase). Hillary has already paid for the presidency, as much as we champion Trump, it's not going to happen. Be ready for another long 4 years of the war on whites.

Anonymous said...

What would qualify as a hate group? Ten of me, that should do it!

Bird of Paradise said...

BLM is just another leftists group of subeersives no diffrent then the black Panthers or Nation of Islam their leaders have sinister plans for america and open borders to all

Anonymous said...

The War is well underway and most clueless Whites don't even know!!

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

One of my favorite college professors was a member of the tribe. I learned many years later after his death that he was an infiltrator during WW II who would go into ¨anti-Semitic meetings¨, spy on them, and report back to the government what was said. Needless to say, the fate of those expressing their viewpoints was sealed. This was before the internet. Everything we say here and elsewhere is recorded and stored in a huge facility in SLC, Utah.

Few among us truly realize the extent to which the government has sought to control us. Edward Snowden is a white man. He, too, is labeled a terrorist and is actively being prosecuted. Sometimes there is more than a bit of truth in ¨conspiracy theories¨.

Anonymous said...

how does a appointed official make his own rules? this clown is anti-white as well as his mother and brother. we need to take back our white culture since we formed the basis for american ways. what i don't understand is that this clown has no authority to do this. stand up america and teach these clowns that it is our way or the highway! this has been tried before with dire consequences since these libtards don't have any common sense anyway wake up white america and make our country great again! America is redeemable Mr. Kersey.

countenance said...

The Charleston nutbar didn't belong to any groups; in fact, his manifesto complained that there was "no there there" when it came to all the supposed existing "hate" groups.

Anonymous said...

Bernie would be an expert in all things black. Him living in the wilds of Vermont and all.
Who is he kidding,if he saw a black walking witchin a couple miles of his house he'd be the first one on the phone to the sheriff.
The only blacks he has seen are on television where we all know blacks are the best parents and also far smarter than their ignorant racist whites neighbors.

Anonymous said...

"Christianity HAS NOT taught this "God is love" pablum until recent years as it is under heavy influence of Talmudism, so much so that it now calls itself judeo Christianity instead of just traditional Christianity."

Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.
-John 4:8

Simple enough for ya?

Cecil Henry said...

Here is the real news of the weekend, and what they won't tell you:

Stefan Molyneux says it well: Remember 'Anti-racist Hitler'???
'Anti-racist Hitler' was really about how to attack a people with 'love' and 'diversity' !

And that is what we are seeing.

Californian said...

This nicely sums up the situation:

The government calls a group a hate group when it's a group the government hates. Don't want to be in a hate group? Then make sure to agree 100% with your government, no matter its policies or what it does. If it decides white people are the enemy and you are white, then do whatever you can to help it commit genocide against whites. Then you won't be accused by it of being in a hate group.

"Hate" is a term which the government applies to dissenters. "Hate" is given no objective definition. If it were, then Black Lives Matter would qualify (a race-based group which advocates and uses violence, by the way). But of course, the government appears to be collaborating with BLM.

In Black Run America -- and with DWLs in general -- words lose their objective meanings. A word means what the speaker means it to say. White people can be targeted for destruction and that becomes "diversity."

Wake up, YT, wake up.

Anonymous said...

Whenever actual productivity and accomplishment is merit-based there will be "inequality"

We can hand blacks free diplomas and government jobs but we can't force them to live responsibly.

If 90% of your paycheck is spent on cell phones, hair, nails, jewelry, drugs, cigs, booze, tattooes, designer clothes and so on you will always be poor.

Anonymous said...

"So, if you want to attack Christianity, come stand before this man and as I stand over your dying and bleeding body, I quote Christ saying to bring before him all who won't serve him and slay them."

Thanks for the invitation, but as you haven't been brave enough to include your name and location, I can't really oblige.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention the purchase of about 2.5 BILLION rounds of .40S&W HP ammo. That would be the equivalent of an 8 round clip for each and every one of we, the 315 million people.

The stated reason of acquiring this ammo is for "training purposes." Uh . . . NO. Regular, vanilla, plain-jane, garden-variety BALL ammo is used for training. So where would this ammo be used? The Geneva Convention does not allow for these types of rounds to be used in international conflicts, and none of these federal agencies in question has any jurisdiction outside the US. I'm aware of the fact that CONSTITUTIONALLY, they are NOT supposed to have any jursidiction outside of DC or federal properties or facilities, but since we know how much regard the feds have for the Constitution . . .

In any event, We, the people are in the crosshairs. The only consolation is that most of the dirty work thugs will be liquidated as well. Power mad psychopaths almost always wipe out their helpers, once the help is no longer needed. Happened in the wake of the French Revolution. It happened in Russia after the ascension of Lenin (retail scale) and happened with Stalin (wholesale) and it happened in China under Mao (WalMart scale.) It even happened in a white, predominantly Christian country, a little over 80 years ago . . . The Night of the Long Knives in Germany, June 30th, 1934.

Oh well . . . wherever we go from here, whether it's Heaven, Hell or K-Mart, I doubt it can get much worse than 21st century Americastan.

Anonymous said...

I been looking around the site and have read that many of you have been hitting the range and practicing real hard. But some of you haven't been, and that's not too good. Not too good. And it's that time of year when we all need to be good. Wanna know why? I'll tell you why . . .

You better watch out
You better not cry
You better not pout
I'm telling you why
DHS is coming to town
DHS is coming to town
DHS is coming to town

Oh, they're making their list
And checking it twice
They already know who's
Been naughty or nice
DHS is coming to town
DHS is coming to town
DHS is coming to town

They see you when you're sleeping
They know when you're awake
They know if you'be been bad or good
So you better pay your taxes for the dindu's sake

Geoffrey Limes said...

I agree with you but until sites like Amren allow people to discuss that well known demographic that caused all this Whites are chasing their tail. What is wrong over there? Why do they pretend to be pro White yet allow no discussion of the 'group' that's responsible for third world immigration into all nations but their own 'desert nation'. They don't even feature any of Paul's brilliant articles anymore.
Have they been totally infiltrated & compromised?

Geoffrey Limes said...

How about Haaretz?

Anonymous said...

With all due respect you're an idiot. Religion/altruism is one of the main factors for the state of affairs we find ourselves in.

Try replacing 'Jesus' for 'Santa' in their respective stories.

-JSF- in Minneapolis

Ricky Tucker said...

Trump..Clinton...Sanders..doesn't matter. Wanna know how this is going to turn out? Read Andrew McDonald or Matthew Bracken.

Anonymous said...

Whereas, two or more whites, congregate or communicate: Thar Be A Hate Group

Anonymous said...

There's no reason for the scare tactics you so frequently try to use in order to sell books. Bernie doesn't stand a chance because the country isn't that far gone yet. The huge success of Trump so far is testament to that. You contradict yourself all the time, Kersey.

We need people like Trump who believe these things can be done; we don't need people who believe the U.S. is 'irredeemable.' There is a tremendous amount of damage to be repaired, but it isn't gone yet.

Anonymous said...

Travis Trigger Word said...

Another group of SJW is forming. They have been seen individually at numerous Trump rallies but are now forming into another national protest group that supports peace, tolerance and open borders. They are known as FWWWHA (Fat White Women With Hairy Armpits) and will be protesting at the Republican Convention. They plan on flashing their pits for all to see.

Pat Boyle said...

Someone is trying to sell America a bunch of horseshit. I normally don't pay much attention to conspiracy theories but this particular issue seems too obvious to ignore.

Last night HBO showed the reboot version of "The Fantastic Four". This was a little odd because the Fantastic Four series was quite recent. The FF was never a big fan favorite like Spiderman or Ironman. It had limped along as an 'OK' comic book series but it had never engendered much in the way of high expectations. So I like many others was surprised that Hollywood was making another FF film with different actors and new visuals of old plots.

When I saw it on TV I understood. This was the negro version of the Fantastic Four.

The lead guru is some black physicist-inventor. And Johnny Storm the Human Torch is also black. He is in fact the child of the old black guy in charge. The black guru is also the adoptive father of Sue Storm the Invisible Girl.

There are just a few problems with this set up. All these characters were once white. In reality there are almost no black physicists. Neil Degrasse Tyson is a media star with a good voice but no record of publication of scientific papers. He doesn't count. He ain't a real scientist folks.

There have been in all world history only a handful white babies adopted by blacks. But the numbers of such adoptions are so small there are no publicly available statistics. Blacks don't adopt much anymore than they give much to charity or excel at higher math.

Johnny Storm was a race car driver in the comics but there are almost no black race car drivers in the real world. I don't know why this should be, but it is. Some black reader may want to tell me why this is another of whitey's burdens on the black man.

The movie presents us with a picture of black scientists who adopt white babies and who have brilliant black sons who drive fast cars. Of course this is a fantasy story. These people also have super powers, but they are portrayed as normal humans otherwise who have normal drives and motivations.

This sort of negro-fication of the media is getting more blatant. We saw it first with Thor and Asgard. Then Samuel T. Jackson showed up as the man in charge of the Avengers. And of course in the last six months every ad on TV seems to show a black man with a white wife. We don't see black women with white husbands yet, but keep tuned.

My guess is that the Obama administration has been putting pressure on Hollywood to ramp up the image of blacks. It's not enough that I have to be subjected to this kind of propaganda, I also have to pay taxes for the privilege. Is that what they mean by - 'White Privilege'?


Anonymous said...

Texas here:

More black dysfunction:

“They ate her like they was eating a steak.”

That is what the MOTHER pf the dog attack victims said. (Of course they fixed her grammar in the headline.)


Of—just for grins—I looked at South Dallas—Africa in America—on Google Streetview. It's not far; I've been there. But I wanted to show y'alll the intersection of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King:

Anonymous said...

Are you losing the debate? Shout “RACIST!” and you silence the opposition, which ends the argument, allowing you to claim victory!

Anonymous said...

Its sad that so many Whites really seem to believe that the government can- or even should- fix negroes.

There is "income inequality" because Whites are generally productive and negroes are generally not.

There are higher percentages of negroes in prison because they refuse to obey the Law.

These 2 facts are undeniable but SO many Whites react to these statements as though I am demanding hangings.

The one thing negroes get right, is solidarity. They stick together and defend each other mo matter what, and they DEMAND special considerations and benefits soley based on their race. If Whtes would do the same we might be able to save America. But we won't, so we can't.

Irredeemable is correct. America peaked in 1965 and it's been a rapid spiral to 3rd world ghetto nightmare ever since then.

PB said...

"So, if you want to attack Christianity, come stand before this man and as I stand over your dying and bleeding body, I quote Christ saying to bring before him all who won't serve him and slay them. Go piss up a rope!"

Now, if a Muslim had said exactly this........

PB said...

"The old canard was, ¨Well, they just wanted to fit into the dominant culture.¨ .....uh, no. Sorry, Skippy. It´s a wee bit more complicated than that. It´s ever so much easier to establish control covertly than overtly. A stupid group this assuredly is not."

There was never any absolute requirement to say that war had to be formerly declared (a wish presented as a "Law"? perhaps), or that it be fought with guns and bombs. Some know this better than others. I don't need to state who that is.

Anonymous said...

It's definitely a war. "0bama’s last act is to force suburbs to be less white and less wealthy"

please friends, read this!

Paintjob Theory said...

Bernice hit the ball right out of the park. PK is a brave man indeed to post such a comment.

Anonymous said...

Well if the Feds are moving blacks into white areas to even up the playing field lets start with the lily white suburbs surrounding Washington D.C. . "Folks" in these areas have watched their homes appreciate into the stratosphere. Lots of suburban Maryland and Virginia voted for Obama and his infinite wisdom. Now they should be the first to benefit from this nobel endeavor. See how wonderful life can be when you're surrounded by lots and lots of diversity. Watch your safe streets filled with 'hope and change'. Watch as your top rated schools become cesspools of disjunction. Then when the Feds are done with this area make sure Vermont gets its fair share. Don't forget chapequa and Georgetown where the clintons have homes. I for one have had more than enough 'hope and change '. YUCK!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing that when your avg white guy looks away from ESPN to address something "serious" he homes in on Isis or al Qaeda? Never mind your friendly govt coming to wipe you out. Forget the legions of pavement apes right outside your door that are coming to invade your home. Spend all of your energy, after sports center of course, on these people fighting a guerilla war half the globe away.

My god how long will it take for people to wake up?

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day to all the readers and posters on this site. After all, we are the mothers of the entire village. Just look at your wallets.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. I have stupid white relatives who believe in the magic negro. I told them they will throw you overboard, they refuse to believe it.

Anonymous said...

WE are awake. The alarms are going off, but no more than 1 out of 5 people, maybe 1/4 in some areas are getting out of bed and getting dressed. The rest? They hit the snooze button . . . again.
Most of them will probably die in their sleep.

Anybody here that got a merit badge for first-aid? Those of you that did understand the concept of triage. Triage simply means allocating scarce resources to achieve maximum benefit. This concept doesn't just apply to emergency medical care.

Some people will just freeze in place in a crisis situation. Others panic, and make a bad decision that seals their fate. A few manage to stay calm and manage to rescue themselves. Most of us seem to be aware that the beeping sound is the smoke detector going off. We're not going to freeze and wait for the fire to make it's way to our room, and we're not going to try to run through the flames and hope to find a way out. If the door is feeling a bit warm . . . use the window. Not everyone is going to make it out of this burning building . . . but if you stay calm and think things through instead of giving into panic, your odds are going to improve.

Anonymous said...

It Trump loses it will be because whites, mainly women, didn't vote for him. So they will deserve whatever fate comes their way. Right now he's polling worse among whites than Romney and white women are the main reason why. He's actually doing better among blacks.

Anonymous said...

There is an upcoming remake of The Magnificent Seven, starring Denzel Washington; the trailer is on youtube. Last year, the black gatekeeper (Idris Elba) from the Thor movies was strongly rumored to be replacing Daniel Craig as 007. At least we were spared Will Smith as Superman. Another weird bit of movie trivia: in the early pre-production stages of The Terminator (1984), James Cameron considered O.J. Simpson for the role, but didn't think he would be a believable killer.

Paintjob Theory said...

"Not to mention the purchase of about 2.5 BILLION rounds of .40S&W HP ammo"

Best to do your own research before running with anything you hear from Alex Jones.

This was a contract to purchase, do you know over how many years these were to be delivered? Between fish and game, park rangers, border patrol, FBI, Dept of Treasury, there are a lot of government hacks that carry a sidearm.

Most of these LEOs need to qualify occasionally and I suspect all are allotted a certain amount for training. In addition to that, I'd wager for every box that's ever used 5 or 6 just get pocketed and end up going home with some hack who likes shooting. I bought one of my revolvers from a retired revenuer (he retired probably 20 years ago and the revolver was early-mid 80's). He threw in quite a few boxes of Department of Treasury HOLLOW POINTS from that era. It's likely he never bought ammo.

The purpose of using FMJ ammo in war is that a wounded enemy is a greater burden to their organization than a dead one. The purpose of hollow points is largely to avoid over-penetration. If police have to shoot it out with Shitavious in a neighborhood or business district the use of hollow points reduces the chance of a missed round travelling through a few walls in hitting a bystander. Trust and believe being shot by ANY bullet is a bad time and it's not like you'll be more dead if they use a hollowpoint.

That all said, I'd love to see some lower middle class hacks try to disarm the American people with those .40 S&W glocks. ALL of my neighbors are hunters and can put down large game out at 300 yards easily. What do you reckon the range on a glock is?

"until sites like Amren allow people to discuss"

Yeah, well I've been banned from posting on just about every "pro-white" forum. I count it as a badge of honor, and the fact that that particular group/topic requires complete and utter censorship is very telling. There's another group, the mentioning of which gets quick banning from virtually every comment section as well. Just take a look at what the original Bolshevik revolutionaries and inner party members had in common and you should get to the root of it pretty fast. They were the other traitors and subversives that were being purged from Japan, Italy, and Germany in WW2 era.

FearpornRefugee said...

It is very interesting that someone above mentioned the lack of darkness in race car driving. The only racing that the nigs participate in is driving fast in a straight line. Drag racing. It is not because YT keeps them out of the other races, but rather they suck at maneuvering through the twisties. I am surprised there hasn't been a UPS sponsored nig team in NECKCAR (NASCAR). The four left turns might be manageable for them.

I know a WWII Marine that fought in the Pacific Theatre. He overheard me talking about old fighter planes with a group at our watering hole awhile back, and the Tuskegee airmen were mentioned. The old gent smirked a big grin and quietly interjected himself into the chat. He said, "Those niggers were a PR stunt. They flew in areas that were not very hostile, and mainly flew escort for bombers." He said a bit more, but the gist of his comments were that the Tuskegee airmen were not Maverick and Iceman of the Top Gun fame.

Another buddy of mine was a Ranger during the late 80's and early 90's. He was at the University of Southern Mississippi working with some of their ROTC students at some point while he was in. My buddy told us that there was this one black fellow that would have made a decent trooper, but he just couldn't swim well. He said they would spend hours at the pool working on techniques and the boy would sink every damned time. Finally, a few senior officers called my buddy to the side and explained to him that he was wasting his time on the boy. They told him that the bone density of the African was so great, that they often could not swim. They sank.

Another tidbit the Ranger pal shared with me was regarding the way nigs behaved under-fire in combat. He said that if they were deploying somewhere that would surely bring the unit into harm's way, they would not bring a nig because they either froze up, or ran away.

An undertaker friend of mine told me countless stories of how they would have difficulty cremating nigs. He said that because of their bone density, it was very common for them to not completely burn. He would tell of torching the dead fuck, then having to use a hammer on the skulls to finish the job. Sick bastard, but wealthy.

With all that said, I do not know a good one. I do know this though: my son and I took a trip to the Home Depot last week (southern US) and had the occasion to get within what I call speaking distance to numerous people. I work in a highly visible profession, so I speak to everyone I pass when given the chance. Out of all the YT's I passed by, only one spoke back to us. Would you believe every single democrat we passed and spoke to returned the courtesy? I told my son that those white ass holes would be the motherfuckers begging for help when the shtf and that to remember days like that one. Just food for thought y'all.

Be safe. Be armed at all times. Be nice.



Anonymous said...

Realist must not fight each other or we will be like them. Stop. We are friends.

Anonymous said...

We should reach out to realists in Poland, Eastern Europe and Russia. They are a proud white people. One things I came to admire about the Russians: they are always looking out for Russians.

AnalogMan said...

Geoffrey Limes said...

... until sites like Amren allow people to discuss that well known demographic that caused all this Whites are chasing their tail.

Have you checked Amren lately? You will be amazed. I think it started about a week ago with this article about Ann Coulter and Donald Trump. The article itself is a good read, and details Ann's part in the Don's rise: she gave him a copy of her book Adios, America! But he comments are interesting.

At first there is a tentative, coy mention of the demographic you refer to, and the usual policy of censorship. Then the expected challenge from the fan club. A slightly bolder reiteration. Still no censorship. Then the dam breaks.

This has persisted since. Something has changed at Amren.

Anonymous said...

The move by Julian Castro, AFFH, reeks of desperation. The left knows the jig (no pun intended) is up and Trump is just the evidence of that. Ultimately the left is quite fragile, it's a "coalition of the fringes" (HT to Steve Sailer) which is naturally at each others' throats but comes together to pillage YT with the U.S. government acting as their agent/enforcer.

The pillaging of YT through taxes, outsourcing, immigration (Julian Castro is Mexican) etc. reached its natural economic limit years ago which resulted in a series of nearly fatal stock market/financial crashes going back to at least 1987 under that "conservative" scumbag Pres. Reagan. The market panics of 1987, 2000 and the big one of 2008 (Thank you GWB II !) caused the stock market to come within inches of collapse which would have resulted in the failure of the banking system causing a run on banks then the loss of faith in paper currencies. This would have halted commerce bringing economic activity to a stop temporarily, instantly impoverishing most people in the country.

This sudden poverty would have caused the overthrow of the ruling class by infuriated YT as the veil was lifted from the false prosperity the country has enjoyed for decades. This false prosperity has been made possible by enormous and increasing debts, constantly growing federal, state and local government payrolls, welfare schemes such as Section 8, WIC, SSI disability fraud and growth in the so called "non-profit" sector funded by the government. All of this was made possible because the U.S. Government can create "money" out of thin air to pay its bills including buying its own debt, a type of gigantic check kiting scheme only legal because the U.S. Government does it.

The ruling class knows this and the Federal Reserve and U.S. Treasury took extraordinary measures after each crash to save the financial system from itself. The U.S. government gave itself permanent legal authority to buy, sell or hold any financial instrument or commodity, prevent or limit financial markets' operations, limit domestic and foreign currency transfers and generally seize control of the financial system during an "emergency", whatever that is. The already gigantic debts also increased enormously after each crisis to pay off unpayable debts in the banking system with money created out of thin air. Auditing standards were "temporarily" suspended, securities that had no market price were assigned prices and nobody went to jail for all the fraud.

BRA is coming to an end as all frauds eventually do, it's what PK calls "irredeemable". The fall of BRA is inevitable especially with negroes in charge, they couldn't run even a lemonade stand to save their lives. Constant U.S. Government intervention has decreased the normal volatility in financial markets by its interventions but has made spectacular failure like 2008 inevitable. It looks like BHO wants to go out with a bang and what better way than collapsing the economy?

BHO says hello to SBPDL