Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Black Riot in Portsmouth, Virginia Happened because Thousands of Blacks Tried to get one of 750 applications for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program's WAITING LIST...

Sometimes you read a story and the key detail doesn't hit you immediately.

In the case Section 8 Voucher riot in Portsmouth, Virginia a few days ago, the key detail was thousands of black people showing up (and fighting each other) to snag one of 750 applications for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program's waiting list.

Key word(s) there?
The Section 8 riot was all about getting on a waiting list... thousands of blacks showed up to get on a waiting list...

Waiting list.

Thousands of black people showed up to get an application for a waiting list... [Fights cause people to be turned away for Section 8 housing applications, WTKR.com, May 26, 2016]:

Bad behavior and fighting caused thousands of people to be turned away from getting an application for Section 8 housing Thursday morning.
Thousands of people gathered outside of the Salvation Army Center on Airline Boulevard in Portsmouth for the distribution of affordable housing applications.
The Portsmouth Redevelopment and Housing Authority (PRHA) planned to distribute 750 applications for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program's waiting list.
Some people even waited overnight outside for the 9 a.m. distribution.
However, around 9 a.m., the decision was made to turn everyone away after tensions escalated and fights started breaking out.
The crowds were overwhelming for police and organizers. Over 40 officers were called to the scene.
Portsmouth Redevelopment and Housing Authority leaders said Thursday afternoon they were not expecting that many people from coming out and estimated about 3,000 people were outside the Salvation Army Center at one point.
Kim Howard is one of the mother’s that turned out in hopes of getting a voucher.  She told NewsChannel 3 she is extremely frustrated with the other people who were waiting in line with her that got rowdy.
No one got an application Thursday because the event was canceled before it started.
Housing Authorities said safety was their main concern.
One witness says there were two women fighting, but police say no one was arrested.
Howard left disappointed.  She said, “I’m not homeless, I just needed the help so I could finish school and get me together.”  She had her infant son with her.
Some people came out last night to secure a place in line.
Eric Atkins said, “I've been out here since 7 o'clock last night and people been standing out here sleeping on the ground and everything. They feel like they need to be in line first.”
According to the Portsmouth Redevelopment and Housing Authority website, applications were on a first come, first serve basis. The application would put a person on a waiting list for Section 8 housing.
Leaders with the agency called the situation unfortunate and said they are sorry the process ended like this.
They said they were not expecting the massive amount of people who turned out.
Over the next several days, organizers will be working to streamline the process and create a completely electronic system.
The last time they held this event was in 2008.
Mayor Kenny Wright sent a text message to NewsChannel 3, saying, "[I am] disappointed in the process and can assure you it will change! I plan to meet with PRHA for a complete briefing! We are better than this!!!"
Atkins said, “I had to call 911 myself because there were so many people out here."
“You had elderly folks out here who really needed it. Young people who live in shelters as you can see I have my little one,” said Howard, “This right here is sad very sad and I pray that they get it together I really do.”
The housing choice voucher program is the federal government's major program for assisting very low-income families, the elderly, and the disabled to afford decent, safe, and sanitary housing in the private market. Eligibility for the voucher is determined by PRHA based on total annual gross income and family size.
 Sorry Mayor Wright, but "we" (black people) are not better than this: what happened in Portsmouth, Virginia, when thousands of black people showed up for one of the coveted 750 applications for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program's waiting list was the epitome of the black experience in America.

America is Irredeemable.


Anonymous said...

Texas here:

Portsmouth, Virginia. What a lovely, historic, English, American working port city.

Today : The racial makeup of the city was 53.3% African American, 41.6% White. {Wikipedia}

Can you imagine if someone from 1850 time-traveled to today?

He'd say, "What the F#@K!?"

Anonymous said...

here in LA I think I saw 'them' lined up for sneakers. Thats what someone said.

In any case, Sec 8 is to undo YT privilege.


Anonymous said...

Very typical of blacks to behave like animals when free stuff is around. Like a pack of hyenas fighting over a rotting corpse. In fact it the only time blacks will actively work for anything. Very ironic that blacks only work to take free stuff that other people worked for. Our tax dollars fund section eight, and now with HUD, White neighborhoods will also take a financial hit because of blacks in our neighborhoods driving down home prices.

I see no upside to having blacks in our nation. Repatriation now. Blacks are filthy beasts and should be rounded up and deported to Africa. I think sending them to Mexico would be humorous justice, but that would put them in proximity to the US. No, too close.

They need to have an ocean of separation from us. The negro is not capable of traversing the open water, natural barriers is all that is needed to isolate them in Africa.

It would be a wise thing to cordon off Africa for a century and let nature balance out things. No more free stuff, no more aid from the West. An "only the strong survive " policy. It would quite possibly be the largest chimp out in history. The ground will shake in Africa, tribalism will take hold. The stink from the dead will be carried across oceans. They would absolutely go bonkers. The population of negros in Africa would dramatically drop within a generation. Cannabalism would take hold. Massive wars.

After a century Whites could re enter and again colonize. Extract resources. The remaining blacks will most likely be indistinguishable from the animal wild life that roams the open fields and jungles of the continent. One would just hope that enough documented material still existed profiling negro behavior still was available for the future generation to see. And not make the same mistake past generations did - don't feed the animals, they will bite the hand that feeds them. Gratitude is not in the negros lexicon, they view it as weakness. Completely incompatible with human culture.

Yes, the negro should be immediately shipped back to the "motherland" and then Sub Saharan Africa should be sealed off from humanity for a time that is enough for their population to get back to normal. If not, there will be billions of negros reeking havok and destroying all corners of the earth.

Repatriation now.

Anonymous said...

Anyone been watching the new Roots? Why the hell are the slaves so lightskinned?

Are they trying to tell us something?

Bird of Paradise said...

Cant these black do anything but riot when they dont get what they want? why cant they act more civilized I mean if there ever was a tea Party Riot the nedia media would make it front page headlines the talking heads would be on it all week long and the demac-RAT party would be demanding RICO laws against the Tea Party

Anonymous said...

Portsmouth Housing Authority leaders were not expecting that many people......

Wow. These "leaders" sure have their heads up their azzes. They HAVE to know that Blacks are going to show up by the thousands.

It is so dang frustrating that lying is legal by the media and politicians and whom ever else has a position of authority.

I talk to people until I am blue in the face and still can not convince most of the diversity problem, how we have been conditioned to accept it or we are racists, and it is being used against White Christians.

Every day it becomes more obvious, to intelligent people, that the elites are engineering the destruction if this country. The elites finally got Western Europe to fall. If I had the money I Would take my family to Eastern Europe to live.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, someone commented that it seems most of the media stories could just be copy/paste/change a few details and . . . Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Even a very brief search keyworded to "Section 8 application riot" turns up incidents in Detroit, Atalnta . . . the usual suspects.
3,000 show up for 750 slots in Portsmouth . . . 5,000 duking it out for 1,000 slots in Destroyit . . . and so it goes.

In other news, just like on Mother's Day, this year's violent Memorial Day episodes in Chicago totalled more than 2014 and 2015 combined. Fatalities were down, but overall incidents were up. As another poster observed:
When it comes to pathological dysfunction, ALWAYS bet on black.

The Fourth of July falls on a Monday this year. Barring an alien invasion, (the mashed potato sculpting kind) I guess Chicago will be a war zone. Damn . . . looks like I better try to have some Italian beef shipped out within the next couple weeks.

North Florida Native said...

How do you fuck up receiving free shit? This reminds me of when I was in the Navy. We would muster on the flight deck at 0700 sharp at sea. Anyone who would show up late would get an ass chewing from my Chief: "HOW CAN YOU FUCK UP AND BE LATE WHEN YOU LIVE IN THE SAME PLACE YOU WORK?"

It turned out that the blacks in my division always had trouble getting up at 0600, showering, shaving, eating, getting in uniform to make to walk a few hundred yards to get the flight deck at 0700.

You see examples like this at Colin Flaherty's channel whenever blacks are in a huge gathering, they are always fucking something up for everyone else: fairs, section ape vouchers, concerts. They are simply dysfunctional.

DWLs see this behavior too and try to avoid their inner realist because they cannot explain how/why slavery, Jim Crow, confederate flags, police brutality, poverty, white racism, capitalism, Bush is directly (or indirectly) responsible for this type of behavior.

Fucking fatigued.

rex freeway said...

They cannot behave long enough to better their lives with free handouts from Whites. What a trully useless race.

Anonymous said...

We already pay for negro housing... it is called federal prison.

ot: just learned that author Anthony Burgess, who wrote A Clockwork Orange, had his first wife raped by a gang of men. That event inspired the awful gang rape in his book/movie. Missing detail...? In reality it was four deserting negro Americans. In fiction, of course, he makes them White.

Always negroes...

Realist not racists said...

I've said it before I'll say it again.
Why do they not have employment stations set up at these events?
Get some of those fat asses at the unemployment office down there with a complete list of all job opertuniies available and a stack of applications.
Theyfat could even help them fill them out and send them in.
Then the fat asses could do follow ups. If Laquishia gets called for an interview and shows up for it she then gets moved up the section 8 waiting list .Sould Laquishia land a job she jumps up quite a bit Every month Laquishia stays employed she gets moved up even more.
Should Laquishia quit or get fired she drops back down.
There really needs to be some sort of reward/ punishment system installed. The hand everything out for free fasking for nothing in return needs to end. It's not benefitting them and certainly isn't benefitting society.
Anyone on the Trump staff paying attention.

Anonymous said...

This kind of behavior is becoming so common that it would be unique to report a major gathering of Africans-in-America which did not result in some kind of mayhem.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, violence in Chicagodishu keeps skyrocketing.

Glad I live in Key West. :)

Steve Smith said...

Mayor Kenny Wright sent a text message to NewsChannel 3, saying, "[I am] disappointed in the process and can assure you it will change! I plan to meet with PRHA for a complete briefing! We are better than this!!!"

Don't blame the process. Blame the lazy, rowdy blacks who showed up wanting something for nothing.

Brian in Ohio said...

"Some people came out last night to secure a place in line." When you don`t have anywhere to be the next morning, fuck it, why not?

"We are better than this!" BZZZZZZ! Oh, I`m sorry Mr. Mayor. The correct answer was "I knew this would happen." We would also have accepted "At least they didn't set the building on fire" or "At least no one was killed."

A riot for Section 8 apps...for the WAITING LIST! And this is when they can go back to free air conditioning, cable TV and their EBT is recharged on the 1st without fail. Imagine if any of that should stop?

Stay alert, stay alive.

Mark in NC said...

"They said they were not expecting the massive amount of people who turned out."

Yeah, right. Riots happen every time negros are promised a freebie and they were not expecting it???

Anonymous said...

Fill in the blank: STUPID ________

Anonymous said...

I live in an area that is well over 90% white and most districts have zero percent negroes. For that, I'm extremely grateful but then again, I chose the area precisely for that reason and definitely do not want to ever see it become infested with negroes.

From what I've seen in the news and on videos of negro infested areas....it must be like living in a Safari Park where people are instructed to keep their car windows rolled up at all times for reasons of safety and are essentially also trapped in their houses for the same reason. I can't imagine having to live like that and wouldn't tolerate it for a second. Nor do I want "people" who create those kinds of conditions being moved into my area via Section 8.

How can I put it? I have land and on that land, I've spent years putting in numerous fruit trees, nut trees, berry bushes, grape vines etc. Everything has a purpose and is productive and valuable. It's not only all that for me but it also is valuable to the wildlife in the area and provides habitat and food for them as well. Section 8 is like the government coming in and telling me I have to start planting trash plants everywhere that produce nothing, are invasive and also damaging to everything else and, not only that, I have to feed and water them as well and help them spread! No thanks!

In essence, negroes are the new Kudzu. The government spread Kudzu everywhere claiming it was for "erosion control." The damn kudzu grew up over entire stands of trees and bushes and smothered them to death and became an ugly, invasive, damaging eyesore. Negroes are like kudzu but with the all the added features of poison ivy and poison oak. Only a government of idiots would want to spread that everywhere as if negroes were a valuable, productive and beneficial addition to the environment instead of being a human version of an invasive, destructive, damaging and useless trash plant that does nothing but suck up valuable resources and nutrients while producing nothing of value and destroying everything else around it.

Way to go, Morons!

Baron von Crags said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

These are the animals the federal government thinks will be good neighbors and productive citizens if they can only find some crackers to live with.
The "needs" of these people, just like their "excuses" are never ending and can only be solved by white people.
Its not time for this circus to end, that time came and went long ago. Stop it now! Like at the zoo, Do Not Feed The Animals!


Anonymous said...

Whites pay. Everyone else eats.

Awake said...

"Mayor Kenny Wright sent a text message to NewsChannel 3, saying, "[I am] disappointed in the process and can assure you it will change! I plan to meet with PRHA for a complete briefing!"

Of course, it's the "process" that makes blacks act out the way they do. By process, do you actually mean evolution?

NY Girl said...

So, they will camp out all night, make a day of it even, to get something for free?

Wouldn't it just be easier to keep your legs closed and get a job? A roommate? Anything?

Because I, and most white people I know, would ratter go hungry than let our neighbor's and friends know we are intelligent and able-bodied, but still can't provide for ourselves.

Blacks have no shame.

Anonymous said...

OT but a smiler....the Cincy Zoo travesty is a case of the Dindu's turning a Gorilla into a Dindu.... which Dindu is what ? Which Dindu you prefer ?

Plaga Negra said...

"Fights broke out"

Dammit! Who let the fights out?! Fights always find themselves in the middle of dindus.

Anonymous said...

Howard said, “I’m not homeless, I just needed the help so I could finish school and get me together.” She had her infant son with her.
“This right here is sad very sad and I pray that they get it together I really do.”

Allow me to read between the lines of this eloquent black-speak. I believe she speaks for all the lovely ladies there.

I dropped out of grammar school cause I be lazy and stupid.
I don't work. Why I gots ta work? Someone gots to GIVE me some money.
I be a hood slut with a fatherless baby.
I gots NO idea who da daddy is.
I gots 3 mo keeds at home - or somewhere - I actually gots NO idea where dey at right now.
I gots a home - I live with my momma, grandmomma and great-grand momma - but if I can gets a FREE one, I wants it.
I wants to "get me together" - i.e., I need MO CASH for muh hair and nails and tats and stretch pants and donuts
I could be back in da hood sitting on my fanny - Why dey make us walk and stand in da heat?? BRING US DA VOUCHERS ALREADY.
I be deeply religious - dats why I PRAYS for what I wants rather den work fo it.

NJ Woman

Paintjob Theory said...

"Why do they not have employment stations set up at these events?"

Would you hire any of these shit-apes? The dirty little secret here is that they are unemployed because they are unemployable. They are barely self aware congenital violent retards who lack any sense of decency, tact, work ethic, morality, or other characteristics which separate humans from animals.

They are not working because they are incapable of performing any valuable services and can create no valuable goods. With enough whips and overseers you might get a few of them to do a half arsed day of mindless manual labor which could have been done more efficiently by a donkey, horse, or machine. They are simply obsolete, an evolutionary dead end, and incompatible with civilization as we understand it. Even forcing them to work is not worth the effort and would require someone to bear the burden of paying them to show up when they feel like (typically intoxicated), perform poorly or not at all, or even be counter productive, rob from you, complain, harass productive employees, and look for the fist opportunity to sue you.

If we are not fully prepared to live like the native tribes do in the Sentinel Islands we will never coexist with these primitives. They simply cannot grasp any level of civilization beyond stone age barbarism and any attempt to assimilate them into any more advanced culture will be met with confusion, frustration, and stubborn resistance.

Anonymous said...

North Florida Native said...
How do you f*ck up receiving free shit?

Well, that does kind of sum up Africans-in-America since just about forever. Blacks be handed affirmative action, minorities-only contracts, suburban housing, their man in the White House, entire cities like Detroit, and etc. Yet they still manage to wreck everything around them. They can not even deal with the "process" of applying for free housing without streets going wrong.

It could have been worse. They might have also been holding a Black Expo, then shots might have rang out.

Earl Turner said...

Since we're on the subject of public assistance, and since the time is ripe for realists to seize the narrative, here's perfect welfare reform.

Commit a crime, lose your handouts. You have three strikes. Period. You and your dependents. Not three for each of you, three total for life.

First time you commit a crime, lose all public assistance for six months.

Second time, one year.

Third time, lifetime ban from all public assistance.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

In the novel Fight Club, the protagonist forms a group called Project Mayhem that runs around creating havoc with high visibility provocative stunts upon corporate America.

A real life Project Mayhem would merely have to blanket black areas of town, such as at gas station pumps or bus benches, with flyers advertising "This Weekend ONLY - first come, first serve section 8 registration!!!!" Make sure to select an afternoon date in July. The sheer eruption when the overheating, lined up Dindus find out that there is no registration and that they wasted their time would become a combustible mixture on the level of TNT.

If it was coordinated, you could have multiple cities have simultaneous chimpouts nationwide. It would be so awesome to see mass media forced to cover the events and come up with hypothesis other than spontaneous blackness.

The fact that our black populations are so predictable and violent makes them a ticking time bomb that is highly exploitable. A foreign power manipulating our black welfare dependent population could unleash a homegrown weapon more effective than carpet bombing. Just take away their free shit or mislead them about receiving free shit that never materializes - instant explosive.

Californian said...

The dirty little secret here is that they are unemployed because they are unemployable. They are barely self aware congenital violent retards who lack any sense of decency, tact, work ethic, morality, or other characteristics which separate humans from animals.

They are not working because they are incapable of performing any valuable services and can create no valuable goods. ....

All this sounds harsh but is essentially correct. It's bad enough that you start with Africans, who have obvious genetic differences with Whites. Then you add in the dysgenic breeding policies of the last several generations of blacks. You end up with an explosion in what Lothrop Stoddard called the under-man; i.e., an underclass which is incapable of sustaining the civilization which surrounds them.

Consider the usual critique of the welfare state: that it subsidizes the mass reproduction of the bottom level demographic while penalizing the middle class. Add in the black proclivity towards mindless reproduction without regard to marriage; then figure how many half-bruthas and half-sistuhs are literally getting it on together. It all adds up to an underclass which is not even capable of surviving in Africa, let alone a complex civilization.

Proof of concept: check out any inner city event like this one. They screw up an application for government subsidized housing. You'd think they'd be on their best behavior for something like this, but nope, can't even handle the essentials of standing in line in an orderly fashion. Given all this, what kind of goods and services can they provide? The obvious answer is: none!

To be sure, some of the more enterprising blacks might be able to deal in drugs, but even that does not require the kind of self-discipline generated by a time clock or quarterly reports. And when you consider all the public and private moneys which have been dumped into "investing" in the inner cities, there has been zilch return.

It's all a spiral downward.

Michigan Jim said...

We don't have to make up stereotypes, they just write themselves.

Californian said...

They are simply obsolete, an evolutionary dead end, and incompatible with civilization as we understand it.

Demonstrated in the ruins of cities from Detroit to points east and west.

Again, see Lothrop Stoddard, et alia.

Anonymous said...

There already exits a reward/punishment system. You don't work, you don't get paid, you don't eat. You work, you get paid, you eat. What the F is so hard about that?

Anonymous said...

Well in 1850 is wasn't a problem.

Anonymous said...

Why did they not put the application on their website and after 750 completed ones have the link shut down? Or does that make too much sense?

Anonymous said...

I doubt he'd use an anachronism like that, but yeah basically.

Pat Boyle said...


I see that the new Star Trek movie - 'Rogue' - is in trouble. Disney is thought to be adding another black guy to the cast. Maybe I should have gone to Hollywood instead of San Francisco. Sometimes I think I'm the only person who understands comic book heroes and the persistent myths that excite us.

Most of this literature derives from the developmental fact that boys at age 14 are shorter than girls. George Lucas - who is five seven - specified that his leading character Luke Skywalker was exactly five seven. Genius.

Most of the great comic book heroes are little weak guys who transform into mighty warriors. The first was Billy Bascom who said 'Shazam' and changed into Captain Marvel. Superman was most of the time a the timid klutze Clark Kent. An even better example is Peter Parker failure at menial jobs who transforms into Spiderman.

I was shocked at how stupid Ang Lee was in his first Hulk movie. He cast Eric Bana as Bruce Banner. He didn't seem to understand why the Hulk was attractive. If you are five seven and being picked on at school you dream of being a huge unstoppable monster if someone pushes you too far one day. It's a very satisfying fantasy.

But Bana is a big fit and muscular guy already. The short boys in junior high would hope to grow up to being someone like Bana. Lee got the myth all wrong.

But Lucas got it right in 197 with the original Star Wars. Luke Skywalker was suffering in the ultimate boondocks. He was small young guy who spent all his time doing farm chores far way somewhere on a desert planet. The story was that all this was a mistake. He met some wizard who took him into a greater world and showed him that he had a magnificent destiny ahead of him. He saves the universe.

That was the story that made Lucas a billionaire. And encouraged Hollywood to make endless sequels.

I saw 'Jupiter Ascending' on TV the other night. This is another science fiction adventure film that wants to recapture the magic of the original Star Wars. But it's a flop because it gets the sex wrong. The girl Jupiter in this movie cleans toilets rather like Luke Skywalker tended the pigs on the farm. Then suddenly she is whisked away to save the universe. But it doesn't work because that's not what teen age girls dream of. That's a boy's dream and the Wachowski brothers are too confused sexually to understand.

So now we have Hollywood trying to resurrect the Star Wars movie magic with the addition of some negroes. By coincidence this last weekend showed a new version of 'Roots'. I didn't watch it and I don't think many others did. The times have changed.

My friend Donald was overwhelmed by the original 'Roots'. Not that he's a negro. He's a blond Scandinavian. He started to try to learn Norwegian and travel above the artic circles. He was looking for his Roots. I took a similar trip to Ireland. Then we learned it was all a scam and Haley was a fraud.

I keep waiting for the public to likewise realize that all this racial equality business is also a scam.


Pat Boyle said...

Breaking News

I just went into the kitchen for my coffee and I saw some Fox News on the kitchen TV. Apparently some one shot and killed two people at some school in LA. The newscaster said they were going to 'shut down' all of Los Angeles.

Is that really even possible? Television newscasters often get excited and make silly remarks. But it does raise other questions. Last weekend something like twenty blacks in Chicago shot one another. I'm hazy on the exact figures because the black-on-black shooting gets little or no media coverage while a shooting in a white school gets video crews, fire men, and helicopters. They break into the regular programming and basically run amok.

I'm not sure what the lesson is from this pattern. I'll have to think about it some.


Anonymous said...

Let me tell you what's coming.

I live in the majority-black inner-city right now. Various government agencies, colluding with charities, transit, Community Development Corps, and local foundations, are actively pushing the black HUD undertow to private housing rentals in the northern (white) suburbs so they can redevelop the ghettoes. Hip whites love to live in walkable, bikeable, trendy urban areas.

Most blacks are on a "list" for some program. Free healthcare, housing, cash assistance, loans, training, education grants, free childcare, school vouchers, etc. This makes it EASY because when an opportunity becomes available, there is some black backed by guaranteed government money to fill it and some entrepreneurial white traitor to profit.

My relative buys short-sale and foreclosed properties from whites, makes a few small repairs, then rents them to poor black women on HUD vouchers. These are in white neighborhoods. Ruined. Meanwhile, he lives in a McMansion in a gated community and his daughter attends private school. What an asshole.

If the HUD money dries up, these white slumlords will be up shit creek and you will see this end abruptly. Same with the hiring of illegal beaners.

How many traitorous white contractors are actively dispossessing their own folk, hiring illegal May-hee-cans in order to make a few extra bucks?

Bill in St Louis said...

Because that system only applies to YT.

Anonymous said...

Yup, there's really no other way around it. They're simply incompatible with a civilized society.

Anonymous said...

Just as I expected. Every white person in that dreck of a series are portrayed as evil, conniving, heartless sob's. Nothing like stoking the racial bonfire just in time for the summer brew haha. All I say is BRING IT!

Bill in St Louis said...

Must have been white people in LA. If they tried to shut down the city every time a black fired a gun there we could just wall it off forever.

Anonymous said...

Marion County (Indianapolis) crime, mostly black, is spilling over into Hancock County (mostly White.) The public defender fund is on track to be depleted early.

Gibs Me Dats.


Anonymous said...

Just to keep the record straight, 4 of the 7 city council members in Portsmouth, VA are black. Kenny Wright is a HUGE fat dindu nuffin Nigra. His henchflunky is the Rev. Dr. Mark Whitaker. He call hisse'f dockder 'cuz he gots uh laws dugree. He has never been able to pass the Virginia Bar. Former skoo' bode membuh, he de trubbel-makin' Nigra whut wants da CITY to pays fo' taking down de HUGE Confederate monument downtown. Check it out on Giggle Earf. It's BIG. We gon' frow Kenny outta orifice dis Novembuh, but Marked man's seat ain' up fo' grabz dis tiem aroun'. Gnome sane?

Anonymous said...

"Why did they not put the application on their website and after 750 completed ones have the link shut down? Or does that make too much sense?"

Website? There are several problems with them utilizing a website for this endeavor. The biggest one being that many of the section 8 residents they desire--black people--may not know how to fill out the report correctly and in full online. It may take literally years to get 750 online applications filled out correctly from black people.

The other problem is that poor whites, who can fill out an online application properly, might end up swooping in and grabbing all the applications.

By doing a face-to-face event, this ensures that those going on the list are A) black and B) have their application filled out properly by a white person on site.

Anonymous said...

Pat, the numbers in Chicago for last weekend were:

7 killed, 68 wounded . . . numbers wise, the fatalities were comparable to 2014 or 2015. But for total shootings AND for number injured, this past weekend was worse than Memorial Day for 2014 and 2015 COMBINED.

But as usual, nothing to see here, keep the line moving . . .

Butterscotch said...

Whitey can't run forever. Remember what that African said. Wherever you go, we will follow.

Move to the country, ''They'' will bus them out there.
Move to eastern europe, ''They'' will fly them out there. You know who they are..

There is no easy way out of this diarrhea bucket that the anointed class have made. Sixty odd years of coddling and gibsmedats.

We're in for an ugly few years if we want to survive. We cannot keep running because BRA will not just ''burn itself out'' I promise you.

If you want to preserve yourself, your history, your identity, you're going to have to do some ugly things.

Because the apes at the gates aren't going anywhere, and they want what you have, and if you don't give it up, The apes and their protectors will take it from you.

Anonymous said...

On a brighter note, there's one less walking egg donor in Chattanooga right now. Riddled with bullets for breaking the "snitches gets stiches" code. Too bad she left three little hoodlums behind, for law enforcement to deal with.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely failed species. Can't even be parasites without help and riots.

Send them to Somalia.

Anonymous said...

Roots has mulatto slaves?
I dont know or care BUIt having seen the pic of the black gal soon to grace the 20, Id say thats what came outta africa.
Not Melissa harris perry or perry harris. she be half yt.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that several comment on their "baby" or "babies".

Your broke-ass can't afford an apartment but you have kids? You can't get fitted for passive birth control free or next to free at Panned Parenthood?

Anonymous said...

With the section 8 voucher they should each receive a roll of bags, a mower, and a grabber. Assign each recipient four roads to keep clean. When the roads aren't kept up, take away the housing. If the housing isn't kept up and maintained, the housing goes. There are no rules for these creatures. All of this free stuff should, at the very least, come with rules and regulations. I'm to the point of giving the whole welfare crowd 5 states for their very own. Then, leave the rest of society alone. The blacks are like the kids in Hansel and Gretal, instead of dropping crumbs to show where they've been, they drop hot Cheeto bags and soda cans.

Pat Boyle said...

I think some of the commenters here are being too hard on white landlords. That's not a bed of roses you know.

When I was a college student growing up in the Washington DC I and my circle of friends all worked in one way or another in the black ghetto. Charlie, Ray, Court and I painted house in the summer. Court's father had some side business to fix up slum property. Ray later bought and turned over houses in the ghetto. That job put him through grad school. But the bravest of us all was Kent.

No one else would actually own ghetto rental property but Kent. Kent was more than a little crazy and mean as a snake. He would every month go into the ghetto and collect the rents door to door. He went armed. I was the only one brave enough to climb the rickety ladders we had to the top stories. But I wasn't brave enough to stay in the black areas went the sun went down.

Kent made a good living in the ghetto. He was a physics professor somewhere but made his real bucks taking his life in his hands collecting rents from negro tenants at night. There he was carrying large sums of cash in the neighborhoods where the cops feared to tread. Makes me still shudder after all these years.


Anonymous said...

Messing up the free shit application line because you’re known to mess up everything else is pretty bad. At least they’re being recognized by the conduct of their character not the color of their skin. They can’t scream discrimination or racism.

In fact, doesn't that show the HUD office is aware of what a large number of stupid negros are capable of? If they know first-hand what type of people the program injects into good sound communities, couldn’t they be held accountable for starting and spreading an epidemic?

We must find a legal solid way to fight for and protect our freedom of association rights. Fight for and protect in a way “nobody” can walk over it.

Anonymous said...

I feel so sorry for these poor, downtrodden people of color. Having to fight for proper housing is downright cruel. They should load them all up into limos and drive them around nice zip codes and let them choose their own free housing. I'm sure we could scare up enough white people to get them moved, mow their lawns, pick up their trash, etc....it's only fair.

Anonymous said...

We don't have to make up stereotypes, they just write themselves.

They not only write themselves but reinforce themselves in ways that Whites would never imagine.

This is why liberalism turned from education to indoctrination. They have to indoctrinate Whites into denying reality. At some point liberals at the higher levels realized that truth was not on their side and they needed to discourage Whites from making their own assessments of reality.

The recent Couric fraud is just the tip of the iceburg

Liberalism is so entrenched in society that even an honest debate is not fully honest. You can't go into a gun debate and point out that most of the shootings are by Blacks and that they stab each other at higher levels as well. Conservatives will freak out if you suggest that Whites and Blacks should have different gun policies, even if the data suggests this makes sense.

Modern society is liberal and a giant fraud. What we call conservatism is just neutered opposition that accepts the fraud but pushes "free market" principles which themselves are tied to race and not simply a list of economic policies that will work under any condition. The benefits of the "free market" are interestingly more apparent if your population is 100% White. In fact 100% White socialist countries beat the crap out of Black "free market" countries which calls into question the underlying causes. Any remaining libertarians here can sift on that for a while.

Anonymous said...

"How many traitorous white contractors are actively dispossessing their own folk, hiring illegal May-hee-cans in order to make a few extra bucks?"

A lot.

Your examples demonstrate that the vast majority of whites are completely unconcerned with protecting their race. It is EASY to get them to subvert their race, and almost impossible to get them to defend it.

We hear a lot in these circles about how negro behavior is mostly determined by genetics and therefore they can't change. But if so, it doesn't seem to have occurred to the people making this claim that the same is true of whites. Whites are congenitally disinclined to protect their own race, and will never change. That being the case, we can conclude that strategies based on "waking them up" are doomed to fail. In fact, it's a strategy that already has failed for over a century now, since at least the Civil War. And of course, employing a strategy to save themselves that is a proven failure is exactly what we'd expect of a race that, in the last analysis, really doesn't WANT to save itself.

Anonymous said...

Africans in America, Just like Africans in the muddaland.. Incapable of surviving without handouts from YT.

Just once, just for a little while, I want the gibs tap to be turned off.

All things will fall into place as they must.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of not earning things, do you remember a while back when Felons were given payment in return for not committing crimes?

Looks like Oakland is one-upping them: some will now be paid a wage, just for being alive...

"Basic income is a simple, futuristic idea: give everyone a salary, no matter if they have a job or not, and people will do meaningful, impactful work and poverty will be abolished.

Sound utopian? It's about to get a test run, right here in the US of A."

Yeah, that's exactly what happened when blacks were given free housing, food, and a whole other host of freebies. They became grateful and productive, didn't they?


Anonymous said...

Paul, please help this reporter in Indianapolis. He has forgotten why he prefers to live in an all-White neighborhood. And he does not mention the % of blacks who murdered blacks. lol

Jesse Wells ‏@JesseWellsNews May 26

Interesting crime stat.
51 Murders have taken place in Indy this year.
0 involve Asian victims.

Anonymous said...

Re Pat Boyle
Perhaps like you I am both startled and dismayed by the huge police turnout when something goes amok at serious places like UCLA, and when serious carnage happens routinely the yawns fill the airwaves.
I do not get massive police activity. Maybe they were concerned about a terror attack...maybe they just like to dress up and break out of the doldrums of the day.
Anyway with the TSA nuttiness and the berserk activity at the border, all I can say is that many, many screws are loose in this country.

Anonymous said...

The EXACT same thing happened in Atlanta a few years back.

Why is anyone surprised at this outcome?

Pat Boyle said...

I don't always get everything right. Yesterday I wrote that twenty people got shot in Chicago over the weekend. Wrong. The actual count was 69.

Good grief Charlie Brown. That's a lot.

But all the media attention was all on the gorilla in the Cincinnati zoo. People are suckers for animals. But we kill nearly forty thousand cattle each year, over a hundred thousand pigs and nine million chickens. When I was kid I had a pet chicken. As I remember I was fond of that chicken.

This was like the lion that that dentist shot a year or so ago. There is one difference. The lion was overage. Lions his age are outcasts that die soon. Gorillas live almost as long as people. But zoo animals are not normal. Many of them are crazy. Those big cats in the small cages pace endlessly. They are probably mentally unbalanced and maybe the gorillas are also unstable.

I was also wrong about transsexuals. I wrote that I first saw transsexuals in the sixties and most of them were black. I couldn't understand why this long lasting phenomenon was suddenly such a big deal. But I was wrong. In 1960 there were only about one thousand operations in the whole nation to change a person's sex. Last year there were twenty thousand such operations. There is more media attention on transsexuality because there is more transsexuality - or rather more medical attempts to 'fix' transsexuality.

I promise to try to do better.


Anonymous said...

Every day more and more communist shiite is happening.

Sweden is kicking out native born Swedes from their homes to make way for the Blacks and Muslims.

England was ordered to build close to 250 thousand houses for Muslims. Immediately. Now if these invaders who are scientists, doctors, mathematicians, etc are soooooo intelligent then the people need to demand these intelligent effin invaders help build the houses.

If the American government would make reservations Sec 8 voucher holders actually work on the homes you can bet there would not be anyone wanting those vouchers.

Enough is ENOUGH !! said...

Well Well, now this is the story and comment thread I've been waiting for you to touch on, PK !!!

I am posting this comment as anon and I'll keep the details short and sweet with the hopes that you'll post it.

I have some "suction ape" sheboons that I've had the displeasure of having to deal with in my once lily white peaceful neighborhood. Well when the housing inspector paid them a visit and they didn't like what the inspector told them they decided to place a phone call to their boss and file a complaint against them. The inspector gave me a return call recently and we spoke for awhile on the phone regarding the situation. Well it seems I have the inspector on my side now. I won't mention here on how, but let's just say that the Dindu's burned their last bridge they had with this inspector. The ball is now in my court and I'm ready to swing to knock this grand slam out of the park. Their days should be numbered to say the least. It'll now be up to the slumlord to deal with her puppets from this point on, or the slumlord is going to find themselves in court. Oh what a beautiful day it is !!

Oh, it's going to be a sweet taste of victory when I see them packing their bags. I'm going to have a going away party in remembrance of them. I also found out that the inspector knows my uncle and is on very good terms with him. The inspector didn't know he was my uncle but now that they do know it's another plus in my corner.

When speaking to the inspector I told them you don't have to keep it PC with me, that I'm a racial realist and I've lived in this city my whole life, along with many of my relatives who all have been homeowners in this city for a very long time, some over 40+ years. That's when the inspector got "down and dirty" with it and broke their silence with me.

I guess I should have made mention of this awhile back when the Dindu's wanted to lodge a complaint against me then. They are now finding out that I'm not the type that believes in the "errybody s'posed ta help" meme, nor am I going to do anything in the way of helping them. They're mad now and I love it. Oh how nice it is to flip the script and expose these ├častards in their true natural form, in which I have big time !!

Patience is a virtue, and I've practiced plenty of it dealing with these worthless sub-human Dindu's. Now that I believe I have the ball in my court when it comes to dealing with them, I'm ready to play some ball, hard ball that is !!! My time has came around........finally !!

PS. I also recommended that the inspector take a gander at this site sometime. They said they would :) I used the word "they" to describe the inspector, proofreading this that I didn't make any mention of their gender. I hope I worded this well enough to have it posted without blowing anybody's cover. Thank you PK in advance for posting this. I'm living for the day to express my exuberance once they're gone for good !!! May justice be on my side, it's the least I deserve after dealing with these worthless Dindu's for as long as I have...... Challenging is an understatement !!

Anonymous said...

Pat Boyle said...

Television newscasters often get excited and make silly remarks. But it does raise other questions. Last weekend something like twenty blacks in Chicago shot one another. I'm hazy on the exact figures because the black-on-black shooting gets little or no media coverage while a shooting in a white school gets video crews, fire men, and helicopters. They break into the regular programming and basically run amok.

I'm not sure what to make of you. You post a lot. You always present yourself as knowledgeable on this or that. Anyone who follows this stuff would know that the memorial day weekend in chicago resulted in more than 60 shootings. Not twenty. It just bothers me that you don't know what you are talking about.

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time, there was this mighty and powerful nation. The leaders of this nation thought it a wonderful idea to make for themselves an extremely powerful military, and yes, to help out everyone by offering free everything. Sad, but all this did little but to totally bankrupt this country, and so, kids....

..there went the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Taking notes, anyone?

-Carolina Cicero

dondiego said...

Another reason to never give money to the Sallies. I've personally witnessed those do-gooders aiding the predation and displacement of whites in N.Z.

ruckus said...

Perfectly stated and I agree 100%!!

Anonymous said...

Great comments on that article.

Anonymous said...

Coming soon to ruin a neighborhood near you! Our corrupt government string-pullers and their pet negro puppets are destroying our self-sustaining Euro culture. They know Blacks destroy and use them as a virus to break down society.

Dan Hillman said...

Did you see that disgusting spectacle on display? I looked up a YUT vid on it and there had to be 3 or 4 thousand leeches there. What a mess!

former liberal said...

Good for you! We all need to be proactive in regards to getting these "suction apes" (love the expression!) out of these areas. I 've said it once, and I will say it again. Don't forget to mention the ghosts who have been seen waking the street at night. Also mention that you just know there is Klan activity in the area. Negroes are terrified of both. Fortunately, where I live, the welfare race can't afford to live there yet.

Anonymous said...

Riverdale, Georgia, on the South side of Atlanta, is one of the highest crime areas in the Metro area. I have a friend who lives on the line between Riverdale (Clayton County) and Fayette County - Fayetteville. She goes out of her way to shop in Fayetteville- it is still at this moment the better of the two- but routinely sees black people wearing t-shirts that boldly state- "We've got Riverdale- Fayetteville's next".
Sounds kind of like what happens in a war zone, folks....
L in Atl hell

Anonymous said...

Wikipedia lied, it's more like 90% black to 10% white. I wonder why there were only 750 applications for this city. Should've been 3-4× as many!!

Anonymous said...

Make section 8 housing conditioned on sterilization.

Realist not racist said...

To Paintjob theory Thank you so much for pointing out the error in my thinking.
I think it's one of those cases where one overlooks the obvious.
I feel like a fool for not having realized your correct summation on the subject.
Thank you

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

At least they’re being recognized by the conduct of their character not the color of their skin. They can’t scream discrimination or racism.

Where have you been? Judging by the content of their character is now racist, and illegal, because it has a "disparate impact" on negroes.

Sorry, there's no "excape".

Racoon said...

Annony @ 10:54 pm 1 June:

Pat Boyle knows his shit.

When he makes a mistake, he readily admits to it.

That makes him a Top Commenter in my opinion.

We all make mistakes relying upon reports and suchlike - Pat is clearly and unequivocally an unafraid champion of free speech. You, on the other hand, are calling him out for ADMITTING an error?

Please review.

Anonymous said...

I live *very close* to Airline Boulevard, and didn't see this one on Newschannel 3 (and I know one of the producers) or any other channel. Further proof the media hides reality from us.

Anonymous said...

So this means there is MORE section 8 housing available that was not there before? That's what it means. New developments have built-in bad neighborhoods and if you dont want to play, you pay. CHicago's section-8 slumlord scam is epidemic. They are building more of it, and subsidizing more, and slumlords get their rent check electronically, from the taxpayer. Next door to the taxpayer. In the same dwelling the taxpayer paid market-rate for.....Wake up white people...wake the fuck up.

Anonymous said...

Here in Philly we have a 10 YEAR wait. If you can't or won't get your life together in 10 years you deserve to be dropped to the bottom of the ocean.

Unknown said...

That would be the same as asking someone today to imagine living in a different galaxy with star wars creatures. They would have no way to comprehend todays America.

Joseph Brennan said...

Jesus what the hell is wrong with those people