Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department to Beg Black Nonfatal Shooting Victims to "Cooperate" in Solving Criminal Cases

One of these days, the story of the brave white men who made up the S.T.R.E.S.S unit in Detroit (Stop the Robberies, Enjoy Safe Streets) will be told properly. In the dying days of white-run Detroit, the police were tasked with actually trying to stop black crime.

Same thing in New Orleans, with the absolutely awesome named Felony Action Squad.

New York City had the bad-ass Stakeout Unit (SOU), which primarily dealt with trying to make the city  safe from black people.. a demographic the New York Times couldn't help but protect via editorials:
An unwillingness to acknowledge the fact that blacks commit the great preponderance of violent crime has hampered police work for decades.
In the mid 1960s, rates of armed robbery on New York City’s small businesses were skyrocketing. These crimes were vicious affairs in which business owners were terrorized, beaten, and often cold-bloodedly executed even after they had given up their money. In April 1968, Police Commissioner Howard Leary created the Stakeout Unit (SOU), an elite 40-man squad of the NYPD’s finest marksmen. These officers were secreted in the back rooms of businesses that had been routinely victimized.
When robbers came in, the officers would pop out with guns drawn and make an arrest. If the robbers tried to fight it out, they were shot.
Though the program was very popular with storeowners, it was shutdown in June 1973. The New York Times wrote, “Although a department spokesman said that ‘efficiency’ was the only reason for disbanding the stakeout unit, it was criticized because of the large number of holdup men it killed and because so many of them were black.” (NYT, June 20, 1973, p. 89.)
There had never been a charge of unnecessary force or wrongful death against the SOU, but of 43 holdup men shot, only two were white. In other words, 95 percent of these predators were black, and most had lengthy criminal records. The unit’s CO, Lt. Jim Brady, pointed out quite logically that his officers were not seeking out black perpetrators. The perpetrators were coming to them. His officers had no choice in the matter.
SOU veteran Jim Cirillo said, “During that time all you heard on the radio was ‘Be on the lookout for two black males, with guns… three black males… Mutt and Jeff team, two black males.’ That was all that was pulling the robberies at that time! What the hell did they expect? We were dying for some Irish-Italian kid to come in, we’d have blown him right out of his socks to show we were equal opportunity shooters!”
Nevertheless, the highly effective unit was shut down rather than accept the racial reality.
 And now in America's heartland, the stage is set for massive fireworks, a Plinian Event that might provide the force necessary to finally end the insanity of the Kerner Commission's findings.

Or at least set in motion events toppling the false God of white guilt, who we must sacrifice our children and grandchildren to in permanent, obsequious fealty. 

We've lived under the shadow of this ruling (blaming the origin of black criminality/dysfunction on white people) for far too long, and the experiment in coerced integration has bled the treasury dry and devastated city after city, county after county, across the U.S.A.

So now in a bid to stop black crime and make the city safe, Indianapolis will go down the same road that led to the Blind Pig incident in Detroit. [IMPD urges cooperation from shooting victims, Indy Star, May 10, 2016]:
Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officials say they're looking for ways to gain more cooperation from victims of nonfatal shootings as part of a push to combat violence this summer.
Speaking to reporters Tuesday at the City-County Building, IMPD Chief Troy Riggs outlined the beginnings of a plan he says the department wants to put in motion for the foreseeable future — one in which investigators will make more pointed efforts to elicit information from people who are involved in nonfatal shootings yet refuse to give details about their attackers.
Riggs said detectives suspect many of those victims are themselves involved in criminal activity and choose not to cooperate because they do not want to be implicated in a crime.
"We are not punishing victims," Riggs said. "We're going to a victim to ask them, 'What happened?' And when they do not cooperate, we are going to continue that investigation aggressively. And if we find out that they were involved in some type of criminal conduct, we will arrest them.
"You do not get a free pass for getting shot when you've been involved with criminal conduct in this city."
So far in 2016, there have been 176 nonfatal shootings in Indianapolis, up 53 from the same period last year. Riggs said about half of those shootings involve victims who do not cooperate with police.
Riggs also said some of those shootings appear to show an emerging and troubling trend: shooters who harm their targets with "warning shots," often aimed at lower extremities, as a way to send a message.
"They're using a weapon to settle a simple argument," Riggs said. "And sometimes, it doesn't look like they're trying to kill someone. They're just trying to wound them."

As part of its summer violence plan, IMPD also is giving more support to its narcotics detectives. Those units, located in each of the department's six districts, will receive help from "flex teams," consisting of groups of uniformed patrol officers. Those officers might make traffic stops or provide other aid as needed, said IMPD Assistant Chief James Waters.
"Hopefully, this will allow us to be more responsive to their (community) concerns about narcotics trafficking, which drives the majority of our violent and property crime," Waters said.
Indianapolis is 28 percent black (59 percent white), and yet virtually every fatal/nonfatal shooting has a black suspect.

Just as Detroit had in 1967 when the city was majority white; just as New Orleans had when the police rolled out the Felony Action Squad; just as when New York City needed the Stakeout Unit to make the city safe for law-abiding people.

And so we come to the summer of 2016, when strange forces are aligning for a remaking of the world.

London has a Muslim mayor, a visible symbol of the risible reality of those claiming we can "co-exist."

The federal government assiduously refuses to enforce immigration laws in America, while declaring war on the state of North Carolina for daring to say a man shouldn't be allowed to use a women's restroom.

And a man named Donald J. Trump rises all because he wants to "Make America Great Again."

Well, Mr. Trump, "Making America Great Again," means understanding what the Founding Father's knew: freedom of association is the key to prosperity; it's also the right to discriminate.

Riots, Mr. Trump (particularly black riots), are the key to ensuring your victory in November: none would be more powerful than watching the heartland of America burn.


Anonymous said...

Police departments across the country have been neutered by this administration. Now they are 'begging' for help? Really? Sick!

European_American said...

Are he black police gangsta-sympathetic, ethno-nationalist, PsOS?
Black cops enable 3rd world hellholes in many American metropolises.
It's that simple.

in DC

Anonymous said...

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officials say they're looking for ways to gain more cooperation from victims of nonfatal shootings as part of a push to combat violence this summer.

Here is a way the IMPD could gain that cooperation: Bake cakes and encourage conversation.

Yes, that's right, bake cakes. After all, isn't that what they're doing in New Orleans in the aftermath of homicides? Bring together all the victims and, as they bake cakes, they shall open up and identify the perpetrators.

See how easy it is to solve crimes once you start thinking like a black.

(I use the term "thinking" here loosely...)

Ex New Yorker said...

Good old New York. City of fond memories. Even in my old age it still brings me many sleepless nights. There is no bigger thrill than having someone try to kill you.

The cartoonist Paul Kirchner wrote a book about the Stakeout Unit. It is called JIM CIRILLO...TALES OF THE STAKEOUT SQUAD. It is a great read. Paul was good buddies with Jeff Cooper the gunslinger. He illustrated some of Jeff's books.

Most of the blacks killing each other are revenge shootings. It will never end. Cops should stay out of the ghettos and just let them blow each other away. Does anyone really care what these guys do to each other.

Detroit Refugee said...

Saw an episode of Cops once. An area was seeing unusually high amounts of cargo theft. The police rigged up an 18 wheeler with a false wall/door, goods were in plain sight, and the driver faked a mechanical problem.
The driver walked off, and in seconds a pack of teens & youths climbed into the trailer to steal boxes of goods. Once inside, bam!!!
Plywood wall swings shut trapping the ferals with full sized YT cops! I loved watching that episode.

In a sane America that would play out a thousand times a day, until prison barges were full & ready for departure.

Just think of the fun cops could have with this stuff. Rail cars rigged to slam shut, armoured cars that "break down", etc.
Eliminating the criminals would be a matter of months.

Anonymous said...

Like cold blooded reptiles, blacks are also stimulated by warm weather. They will certainly not fail us over the summer months. Riots will be a normal occurrence at Trump gatherings, and i am predicting another Ferguson, perhaps this year Cleveland will burn, I guess we'll soon see.

Blacklivesmatter will stoke the inner rage within the negro savage leading to a swell of violence. Of course all this will only serve to get the White man to the ballot box. Odd that negros don't realize that. Perhaps it doesn't matter to them; the primal need to rage and blame others for their inherent faults is too much of an overwhelming need. Or perhaps it is too difficult a concept to wraps their minds around - that actions have consequences. Foresight has never been a trait one associates with the simian negro.

The beast of the field will certainly keep the summer months entertaining, that we can be sure of, just as the sun will rise in the morning, some things never change.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but it looks like Kamala Harris is the one to beat for the seat of outgoing California senator Barbara Boxer.

The strongest part of her resume is that she is black (i.e. had a black father). And sleeping her way to the top didn't hurt either:


Anonymous said...

I F'IN LOVE IT! Can it be any more succinct and clearer than this you liberal white weak freaks or you black degenerate fools!

‘Be on the lookout for two black males, with guns… three black males… Mutt and Jeff team, two black males.’ That was all that was pulling the robberies at that time! WHAT THE HELL DID THEY EXPECT? We were dying for some Irish-Italian kid to come in, we’d have blown him right out of his socks to show we were equal opportunity shooters!”

Brian in Ohio said...

I know we all bemoan the endless taxpayer funded programs that blacks require here at SBPDL, but one I think we could all get behind would be a marksmanship outreach program. I`d gladly use my tax dollars to increase their hit to kill rate.

As every negro preacher is fond of sayin, "We can do better..."

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

As the pot starts to boil more rapidly, it's a good time to bring the TWMNBN tribe further out of the shadows; show the country who they are and how they control us through the banks, courts and media.

Love that PK is trolling Jon Leibovitz hard! Keep it up! Guy is a total Saturday Person prick. Make him come out and play!


Hey Jon Stewart! Stop protecting the orcs! Come out and embrace your real name!

Anonymous said...

Paul,you might be interested in this story. The metro in DC is staffed mostly by African Americans. The DOT has threatened to shut it down if safety issues are not resolved.


Anonymous said...

Personal I think they should have named the group FELONY ACTION GROUP

Anonymous said...

Great show on TV called "Bait Car", all 100% the 'toofs'. Need one called 'Bait Cracker', A fit, trained, armed, White male cop dressed up like an old man that looks like he may have $ and a cell-phone, drop him off in one of these 'troubled areas' and when attacked just open fire. Of course covered from 9 video angles so none of the usual babble .... "He was such a good boy, he nebber dids ebber hurts nobodies, where's bees me check?".

Paintjob Theory said...

Meanwhile in whiteopia, our police department consists of 3 or 4 part timers and the station is just a couple rooms off the side of the fire-house, open banker's hours, and manned by a little old lady who gives you burn permits and similar. Every year at the town meeting the matter of just disbanding the police force and relying on county sheriff's services comes to a vote. From what I've seen it's likely that police make enough money shaking down over-weight truckers passing through to justify their existence so they keep the doors open.

White Europeans don't need a police force comparable to a standing army to maintain law and order. We don't need task forces to keep us from slaughtering each other. I'd wager if my little town did disband our police department tomorrow we wouldn't have a "violent summer", an "uptick in crime", or become a "bad zipcode".

Until we are allowed to have a true open discussion about genetic differences this will never change and until we are allowed to point out the alien parasites who have infiltrated our media, academia, and government who keep the lid on that topic nothing will change.

"Make America Great Again (TM)" has about as much substance as "Hope and Change". Does anybody truly believe that whoever is paying for and organizing these violent demonstrations against Trump doesn't realize that this is only giving him more support? Bearing in mind that every "attack" against him from the media (and even the HNIC himself) has "backfired"?

Donald Trump at least has a solid background in "reality" TV, so enjoy the show, goyim. I for one know who the writers and producers of this pageant are and will not be tuning in and suspending my disbelief to get emotionally invested in TV screen fantasy.

Bird of Paradise said...

So now it results the the police pleeding with these hoods to help in solving the very crimes they do Whats next maybe asking them not to loot,burn and destroy?

Anonymous said...

The AA in America, an irredeemable liability, now that is what needs to burn !!!

Mutant Swarm said...

What a country we've become...where the black victims of crimes almost have to be waterboarded to get any information to solve those crimes.

Anonymous said...

I had never heard about the Stake Out Units in NYC but have to laugh for one reason: any time black behavior results in blacks suffering the consequences of their own stupid actions, they howl about it as if they're somehow being unfairly targeted and being done wrong. That's standard operating procedure for blacks. Anyone who expects blacks to accept responsibility for the consequences of their own actions/behaviors is living in a dream world- they're always going claim it's due to racism, is intrinsically unfair or has a "disparate impact" and they're being done wrong. It's their professional victim mentality on full display in which they'll always blame others and then expect everyone to coddle and pamper them in sympathy and feel sorry for them. Playing the victim and martyr as always and, of course, some sort of compensation or "special consideration" will always come into play as part of the equation.

A huge percentage of blacks truly believe their own bullshit but, for many of them, it's just the usual negro hustle and trying to get one over on "the man." It's a routine, a con job, a hustle, a manipulation. That being said, it's something that only the stupid, inexperienced and naïve will fall for or even listen to. However, if no one listens or falls for it all, negroes will escalate their "behaviors" into strident protesting, objecting and subsequent displays of "righteous" anger to get what they want. It's their childish version of spinning in circles and screaming, falling to the floor and drumming their heels on the carpet or holding their breath. If that doesn't work, they'll smash something to the floor and scream, "You're MEAN! You're HATEFUL! You're UNFAIR!"

In all of it, there is but one central motivation: to escape the consequences of anything they do and not be held to account for any of it. Fail to allow that and the inevitable childish tantrums (loud objections/protest marches/lawsuits/riots)will erupt.

The negro has been described as half child/half demon and I've never found any evidence to suggest that they are anything otherwise. Of course, negroes and their apologists will object to everything I've said but to that I say, "I'm only describing a type of people and a type of behavior- it's not my fault who fits the description-it's theirs. Blame them, not me."

Anonymous said...

I honestly don't care if black shooting victims will not cooperate in the apprehension and arrest of the perps that shot them. In fact, I don't know why the police should care or even bother to investigate. Let the black darlings blow each others heads off with the wildest abandon as long as they keep it in the hood and don't expect the taxpayer to pay for any medical treatment for survivors. If they want a third world African environment, let them have it as long as they keep it to themselves and out of civilized areas. As far as I'm concerned they can start snacking on and eating each other too and/or burning each other to death in roadside ditches as witches. Not my problem until they try to bring it out of the hood and attack humans.

Cold, callous, cruel? Not really. I'm advocating that they be allowed to fully express their culture and rise or fall to whatever level they're capable of without any interference (or funding!)from whites in any way whatsoever. Total freedom to be themselves. Who can argue with that?

NY Girl said...

One of many reasons I miss Mayor Giuliani. Stop and Frisk worked astoundingly well in reducing the amount of crime, so white people could enjoy the city.

Any cop with a weeks' worth of experience knows the guilty look and demeanor of a buck who is about to engage in some niggery. And as far as the unfairness of it goes, even the NYT, after what I am sure was some copious digging, was only able to find one guy with only two arrests who was "targeted" by it.

You couldn't pay me to be a cop now. I'd just become a security guard or a PI. Fuck the pension.

Anonymous said...

at Ex New Yorker
I resent calling them guys!

Anonymous said...

"Most of the blacks killing each other are revenge shootings. It will never end. Cops should stay out of the ghettos and just let them blow each other away. Does anyone really care what these guys do to each other?"


I could certainly care less what these savages do to one another as long as no innocent white lives are involved, including the YT cops where their hands are
tied. Fk the knee grow. Let them handle their tribal warfare "beefs" whichever
way they choose. As long as it remains in the ghetto, where it obviously exists
and only belongs, I'm totally fine with them offing one another. The more they
off each other the less we have to worry about them invading our territory...

Hey knee grows, keep up the great work !! Oh, and by all means necessary, please
don't help in any type of cooperation with the police. We all know that is also
a "white thang". Stand in solidarity with your cretin bruhs, cousinz, sheboons
and the rest of your irredeemable herd of natural born LOSERS !!!

Negro fatigue is clearly over and above 100%. The summer riots and RNC couldn't
come fast enough. I'm IN Cleveland, a 1st row front seat to the hottest ticket
in town !!! Heck, you might even see me out there with my TRUMP!!! sign....
I love to live to get these losers' panties in a bunch... it's truly going to
be grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat, I tell you. Oh how I love you simple minded ☻☻☻☻☻ darkies!

The absolute most irredeemable race in the whole entire world! I'm glad I was born ☺ !

Mr. Rational said...

Need one called 'Bait Cracker', A fit, trained, armed, White male cop dressed up like an old man that looks like he may have $ and a cell-phone, drop him off in one of these 'troubled areas' and when attacked just open fire.

STRESS redux.

What you'd really need for this is some serious journalistic followup.  When the inevitable protests occurred, you'd have to have reporters, backed up by cameras, asking questions like "did Shitavious not attempt to rob that man?"  After a few rounds of either evasions or belligerent responses to questions like this, some public official, such as the governor, would have to go in front of the press and declare those Black apologists anathema.  If they apologize for violent crime nobody should meet with them, nobody should print or broadcast their words, they should be barred from receiving permits for rallies or protests, they should be barred from having anything to do with public grants, and any charitable or religious organizations they are associated with should be audited.

Shut. Them. Down.

A couple rounds of un-personing the apologists for crime would really cramp their style.

Anonymous said...

“An unwillingness to acknowledge the fact that blacks commit the great preponderance of violent crime has hampered police work for decades.”

Police work’s just a small part of what the “unwillingness” hampers in this day and age. Since then, what have we done? Oh yea! We military trained them, spent untold amounts of money trying to educate them, made them security guards, police officers, school teachers and principals, college teachers and professors, correctional officers and wardens, lawyers, states attorneys and prosecutors.

We couldn’t stop there. We made sure they were judges, city council leaders, mayors, governors, senators, and then we placed an image instead of a leader in the white house for President, and put them in charge of the DOJ, all so we could show how guilty we are for their underachievement’s caused by unrelenting white privilege or institutional racism.

And what do we get for it? They are erasing our past in the name of tolerance and they are reducing our numbers and allowing white genocide in the name of diversity. They promote 3rd world style standards and punish anything resembling white achievement because my son and daughter are directly responsible for the evil legacy of slavery!

I’m sorry, I cannot continue, It’s endless and I’m drained.

Oil 'n Water said...

Several comments take the stance that as long as blacks keep their antics in the black community, it's alright with them; a sensible idea only if indeed that is what's happening.
But as we know, not only are they draining coffers with alacrity, but growing ever emboldened to attack whites outside the black wasteland areas.
It's akin to a doctor telling you that you have advanced liver cancer, but the rest of your body is fine.

Anonymous said...

Great article as always, and thank you for mentioning North Carolina PK. They are trying to shove this crap down our throats in this sick, evil world we live in.

A cousin of mine plays football at a small liberal college in the state. They had signs on the bathrooms last year (before all this nonsense) saying anyone could use whatever they identify as and they dont discriminate/offend blah blah. Well 2 pretty girls he knew walked in one day to a big black buck, who then tried to sexually assault them. They ran and called campus police, but to no avail as they said he identified as female and was perfectly within his right to be in there. This is the lunacy on our college campuses today...

The biggest cover up of all is who founded this movement in NC, none other than a freaking registered sex offender working for lgbtq rights who fondled a child in church!? If you don't believe me, here's a link.

Note: This was sent to me but is legit, as I am rather skeptical of some things from this site. God Bless to all who read this.

NC Guy


Anonymous said...

I love the Stakout Unit! Bait Car on steroids.

OT:White High Court judge in Africa being "investigated" for observing that every twelve year old black girl she's EVER MET in South Africa has already been raped. She's much nicer about any of this stuff than you or I are, but she committed the unpardonable sin of noticing.



Anonymous said...

Thanks PK for sharing that bit about the stakeout unit. A fascinating piece of history from a time where it seems the mainstream media only wants to write about MLK and hippie protests.

It seems that after segregation crime skyrocketed in liberal areas where Blacks were welcomed. This of course goes against the liberal narrative of Blacks only committing crimes because they are oppressed.

From what I have read the MSM has tried a bury a major period of Black crime during the 60s and 70s. I've noticed that movies from those eras try to have multi-racial gangs even in places like NYC. I also have no doubt that Black crime was under-reported then as it is today.

Anonymous said...

Recently, while I was working in the flower beds in the front yard, my neighbors stopped to chat as they returned home from walking their dog. During our friendly conversation, I asked their little girl what she wanted to be when she grows up. She said she wanted to be President some day. Both of her parents, liberal Democrats, were standing there, so I asked her, "If you were President what would be the first thing you would do?" She replied... "I'd give food and houses to all the homeless people." Her parents beamed with pride! "Wow...what a worthy goal!" I said. "But you don't have to wait until you're President to do that!" I told her. "What do you mean?" she replied. So I told her, "You can come over to my house and mow the lawn, pull weeds, and trim my hedge, and I'll pay you $50. Then you can go over to the grocery store where the homeless guy hangs out and give him the $50 to use toward food and a new house." She thought that over for a few seconds, then she looked me straight in the eye and asked, "Why doesn't the homeless guy come over and do the work, and you can just pay him the $50?" I said, "Welcome to the Republican Party." Her parents aren't speaking to me anymore.

Anonymous said...

Are he black police gangsta-sympathetic, ethno-nationalist, PsOS?
Black cops enable 3rd world hellholes in many American metropolises.
It's that simple.

in DC--- search 'Ramparts Division Scandal--LAPD'

and blacks stirred by hot weather? But its in africa that they evolved. as a black would post 'SMH.'

Anonymous said...

"I’m sorry, I cannot continue, It’s endless and I’m drained."

This is how most white people feel - We are simply exhausted from it all because we have tried everything including lowering the bar to accommodate this race.

I honestly feel like most of us are at our wits end with this crap!

Anonymous said...

"People are clamoring for urban living."


The communists have moved in. It's over.

Anonymous said...

So now, if a city can't get the white tax dollars after white flight occurs and the city be becomes a black ghetto, they will just hustle corporations and local banks for police and redevelopment funding.

This is a game-changer for white America. The federal government will now withhold other funding that benefits whites if we don't comply with diversity and affordable housing. Like roads, bridges, infrastructure and education funding.

Anonymous said...

Paul did an entry on the cost to taxpayers when a urban dindu is shot and survives. After the trauma center, ambulance, emergency room, hospital stay, surgery, meds, rehab, police brutality/ghetto lottery winnings for the fambily, and lifetime of disability payments or prison, it's over a million dollars.

THIS is the real problem when they survive. Plus they are allowed to father illegitimates who will surely feed of the government teat.

How much does each American negro cost us in redistributed dollars? I would like to know.


I ask permission before I write this. I ask for "understanding". I ask this since I am so sick and tired of seeing my fellow WHITE MEN makes absolute total ASSHOLES and fools out of themselves: Here goes:

Any White man who serves as a Police Officer who does anything involving the negro, and gets harmed or killed...deserves it. You are to F'n stupid to be alive.

Don't respond to any call in jiggerville. Drive really, really, really, slowly to the area of nigerville. THEY HATE YOU. THEY WANT YOU DEAD. THEY WANT TO RAPE YOUR DAUGHTER.

Drive sooooooooo slow so that negro #1 has the chance to kill (crime prevention) negro #2. To take a phrase from the past: " A good negro is a dead negro". It is time to stop acting White, policeman.

If you respond, with the pathetic retarded idea of fighting crime, then you are THE PROBLEM, White policeman. Let Sambo kill Sambo. IF you get killed, it is because YOU are a F'n idiot.

Anonymous said...

I remember stories of Jim Cirillo from back in the 70's in Guns & Ammo magazine and such. Great stuff! Exactly as describe, they would 'stake out' frequently robbed stores, usually lying in wait inside the store if there was room enough. The bad guys would show up and the good guys would be right there waiting for them. Instant Karma with bullets.
I believe Jim Cirillo was the inventor of the 'New York Reload' and was also instrumental in several holster designs.
That's when being a cop involved a lot of gunplay and balls the size of canned hams. Since then, in order to allow women and blacks into the ranks the standards have 'changed' (ie:vanished).
Are we surprised that these scaredy-cops pull their guns for casual conversation? Is anyone shocked of the over-the-top behavior of these guys and gals? Recently a NYPD officer shot and killed a black dude in the projects 'because he was scared'. No sh*t. He was scared so he pulled his piece and fired at the first thing that moved.
It's not that the days of Jim Cirillo are over, it's that the standards that brought about Jim Cirillo are over. And we, the public - unarmed and unable to be armed - suffer for it.
But suffering is a funny thing. It has the tendency to be immediately transferred at the strangest times. Right now, we are told it is not our place or right to defend our lives or property with a firearm as it always had been since the advent of firearms. Why we've allowed ourselves to be placed in such danger is unimaginable. We've 'drunk the koolaid' as it were and signed on to the idea that civilized people don't engage in gunplay when confronted by life-altering situations. We are told that is why the police exist...and the law...and the court.
Long ago I separated 'law' from 'justice'. Law is a word game played by expensive people. Justice either happens at the scene or doesn't. It either leaves a victim or a very disappointed criminal bleeding in the street.
Instant Karma with bullets, again.
Practice your draw. You needn't be fast, just smooth and sure. And don't hang around. No need to sign your art or interview with the paparazzi.
We're coming into a desperate time. The action of defending yourself will be further criminalized The actions of being a criminal will merrily go along undaunted. Don't play the game. If you do, certainly don't follow the rules.


Anonymous said...

Texas here:

I'm honestly hoping for a riot or two just to get out the Trump vote. Ann Coulter says that a small bump in white vote would've elected Romney.

Anonymous said...

I've posted comments before related to this. To see the overwhelming amount of crime committed by blacks, all one needs to do is search crime statistics provided by the FBI. I do not recall the exact numbers off hand, but blacks, per population statistics, commit much more crime than whites. Sure, many more white people commit crimes, but as a percentage of the white population, it is very, very low.

How can one deny that blacks are more criminally minded?! Numbers cannot lie. But then you'll get some fat, dumb white lesbian liberal at a BLM rally rationalizing the savagery by using the old tropes "they weren't given a chance," or "police are biased," or "it's white people's fault for setting up an improper social structure," and blah blah blah.

Numbers speak for themselves.

Anonymous said...

"Open your eyes the to potential of your neighbors."


"We serve guests of honor–in dozens of communities throughout the world–by providing them with free groceries, health and dental screenings, haircuts, family portraits, meals and much more at our signature events. Hope Starts Here."

They just need a free haircut, you stingy racists.

PB said...

"What you'd really need for this is some serious journalistic followup. When the inevitable protests occurred, you'd have to have reporters, backed up by cameras, asking questions like "did Shitavious not attempt to rob that man?"

Your journalists are as corrupt as your politicians. They aren't journalists though are they, they are mannequins with voice programs implanted. I would use the entrails of a journalist to strangle a politician. They would at least then be providing a real service to the people for once.

Anonymous said...

Muh Feetsball Foundation.

So here is just ONE EXAMPLE of a black-run foundation that is sucking in the public/private teat.


Either they are ghetto trash on EBT, or sucking on a $30K minority biz loan in an Economic Enterprise Zone, working a tax-paid government job, or they are sitting on the board of directors of a not-for-profit civil rights scam organization or LLC shakedown.

I am so sick of these black people i can't see straight.

Anonymous said...

Everyone. Start right now. Plan on exactly how you are going to vote for Mr Trump. When, where, etc. Make sure you're registration is up to date. Maybe consider an absentee ballot since it would be in writing. Get on it NOW!!

The armies are gathering...

They need you on the right side...

Anonymous said...

Officer Slager, White cop who shot Black Walter Scott, had more charges filed against him by the racist Department of InJustice. Talk about a kangaroo court.

Ovomit is telling college graduates that "justice system involved people" ( whatever the h3ll criminals have to be called now or face arrest by racist commie Lynch) are not responsible for getting arrested.

Ovomit said that luck is what makes some people successful and bad luck makes people get arrested. It is not anything we do or don't do. So people in jail do not deserve to be in jail because they are not responsible for their actions.....bad luck is.

Yet Officer Slager, or any cop who kills a Black thug is not given such forgiveness or leeway by Ovomit. The commie logic of no personal responsibility only applies to Black orc thugs and Mudslimes.

No joke! This is classic communist brainwashing!
If that commie beeotch Clinton gets elected or commie Sanders thibgs will get worse. It will be more Obamastan and war on Whites and Christians. It is troubling that people who hate Trump can not see what is happening.

Anonymous said...

Bait Human.

White guy carrying expensive looking camera walks through hood. Orcs grab the camera, push the Human over, and run. Human waits a few seconds and pushes button on radio control. "Camera" explodes. Just enough to tear hands off of the orc and not hurt surroundings.

Anyone can play... Cellphones too.

Anonymous said...

ot: Trump vs Jon Leibovitz (Jon Stewart) is classic WASP vs Jew. Founding majority vs parasitic newcomer attempting to rule from the shadows.

Let's get this party started!!

Go Trump!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent and well thought out post in reference to the master of shootouts with pieces of shits!! The civil rights have definitely made policing harder in crappy areas. Back then cops were looked at as bad asses... Today they are looked at as human/ civil rights abusers.

Anonymous said...

What the police need to do is ask Nike to make a very limited super duper ghetto skipper slipper that are only available to a person that turns in and stands witness to a violent crime. The nogs will be lining up around the block turning in their own Mamas.
Problem solved. See how easy that was.

Californian said...

Great line!

Instant Karma with bullets.

Anonymous said...

Inching closer:

Liberals will not be able to keep the DNA genie in the bottle. It will eventually reveal the massive egalitarian fraud that is behind liberalism.

The goal should be to prevent them from destroying this republic and western society before that happens.

It will happen. The DNA spiral will be unlocked and their lies will come to an end. They will of course switch to a position of "help them because they are genetically disadvantaged" but that will fall on deaf ears. There will be a massive backlash once it is clear to Whites that liberals have been lying this entire time and that the Universities have been in on it. I suspect this is why so many liberals at the higher levels want to push the Brazil plan. They want a White minority when the jig is up. Their hope is to keep Whites in check politically by outvoting them with minorities.

Anonymous said...

I'm honestly hoping for a riot or two just to get out the Trump vote. Ann Coulter says that a small bump in white vote would've elected Romney.

She is right. McCain was pretty close as well.

It's not the popular vote that matters. It really comes down to the swing states.

Romney would have won if he didn't make that stupid comment about taxes. It may have been true but it was stupid to make it in a public place.

But yes a riot could do the trick, especially if it had the predictably weak response from Obama.

Mustafa said...

I am a long time lurker to this site. I enjoy all the comments and in particular PK's articles and analysis.

I am a White South African immigrant to the United States and am now a proud citizen.

In my youth, during the '70ties and '80ties I was a member of the South African Police(SAP) stationed in Johannesburg. I participated in the suppression of the June 16 1976 Soweto riots. I was dedicated to Law and Order and from time to time it was necessary to use my firearm and baton to maintain the peace.

The SAP had a white public that depended on the preservation of law and order and that is what we did. Apartheid, an Afrikaans word simply means "separateness" just like "segeragation" here in the USA.

Apartheid was truly wonderful. Since Mandela came into power that all ended and so did the death sentence for capital crimes. During my day, once the Judge sentence someone to death they were executed by hanging at Pretoria Central prison within one year. Capital punishment was also prescribed for aggravated robbery, aggravated rape and or course, murder. If anyone should tell me that the death penalty is NOT a deterrent I will tell them that they are talking crap. South Africa is now the rape capital of the world and is the most violent country outside of a war zone. Those whites who can, are leaving. I am so grateful I got out.

I remember a colored boy of 19 who was hanged for raping a 76 year old woman. Seemed fair enough at the time.

I believe that America will go the way of South Africa - a third world shithole caused by kaffirs/niggers if we don't do something. I plan to vote for Trump.

Anonymous said...

What we need to do is undermine paint theory in the swing states.

Once a student starts Googling brain differences the indoctrination of the schools and media can never have the same effect. It naturally leads to the question, if liberals are lying about race only being superficial then what else have they lied about? Liberals immediately lose credibility once a White person learns certain politically incorrect facts about race like how Black children walk and talk earlier or how Black girls menstruate earlier. Once a White learns these are undeniable facts the liberal claim that race is merely skin color becomes questioned. It also undermines their scientific posturing.

This is how you undermine liberalism. If you just engage them in policy debate then it just becomes a potato/tomato argument. You have to undermine the foundation that they stand on.

Pat Boyle said...

I never watched cop reality shows before. But recently I have been watching this show "First 48". I have some observations.

The cops are generally detectives. Most seemed to have been patrolmen who got promoted. But the detectives are not Sherlock Holmes or even Columbo. They do not solve the cases by brilliant insights. Mostly they seem to just review surveillance videos. If there are no videos the case goes unsolved.

All the perpetrators (murderers in this show) are black or almost all. The shows take place all over the nation so every city looks the same. The weeping black grandmothers all look the same. No one anywhere cooperates with the cops but most of the bad guys confess. The bad guys know they did wrong but usually they just killed the other black guy almost casually. The typical story is - we were drinking when he something to me and I shot him. Most of these killings seem unplanned and the murderer is confused as to why he did it.

The black criminals are absurdly stupid. In a typical story one black guy will shoot another and then get caught for another crime a few weeks later. He will still have the murder weapon on him. They seem to only rob convenience food stores with security cameras. Most of the time they don't even wear a mask.

I'm sure others here know more about these matters than I do. I never was a cop - I came close once but my life went in a different direction. In a way I'm sorry. Most of the cops (detectives) seem to love what they do and are truly happy when they get the goods on some bad guy. When the final piece of their case falls into place, there are big smiles all around the precinct office.

OTOH being a street cop or a traffic cop looks like a truly terrible job. But being a detective looks sweet although not very challenging.


Anonymous said...

To anonymous at 12:03 pm. Nailed it! Exhausted and very weary from all of this dis function. It's not just the antics and crime that's getting to me. Watching all these do gooders trip over one another for a solution is ludicrous.

Bill in St Louis said...

"We are not punishing victims," Riggs said. "We're going to a victim to ask them, 'What happened?' And when they do not cooperate, we are going to continue that investigation aggressively. And if we find out that they were involved in some type of criminal conduct, we will arrest them.

"You do not get a free pass for getting shot when you've been involved with criminal conduct in this city."

When they do not cooperate, then they can be cut off from "free" health care. No wheelchair, no follow up visits, no rehab, nothing. Also, hand them the bill for the care they received after being shot. And, cut off any other aid they may be getting. No EBT, etc. No talkee, no gibs.

Either that or give them a standard .38, four inch barrel, and 3 weeks of marksmanship lessons. Then, when shitavious goes after oldsmobeelius, there will hopefully be one less groid to feed.

Anonymous said...

Best idea yet.

Anonymous said...

The best way to deal with anyone who says "we are all equal", is to ask them if they can dunk a basketball, or run a 40 yard dash in 5 seconds, ask if they have ever met anyone taller/shorter then them, if it's a man say "can you carry a child to term?", every liberal believes in "equality" but also believes that they are smarter then anyone who disagrees with them, that is not being equal. All of us are here today because are ancestors were better then others, were able to survive, and pass their genes on to the next generation, which did the same.

Anonymous said...

I recall just a few months ago or a bit longer the nigs were complaining that the clearance rate for black murders were much lower than white murders. The jist of the story was that police worked much harder on a white murders than a black one ,all due to racism.

PK's story tells the real truth why black murders go unsolved.

It's amazing the fiction that comes from the mouth of negroes ,yet no one in power has the balls to call them out on it.

Sick n' Tired said...

That's a two-fer solution, they will line up to snitch to get the shoes, then anyone seen wearing them will be shot for being a snitch. Great plan.

Anonymous said...

The cops are generally detectives. Most seemed to have been patrolmen who got promoted. But the detectives are not Sherlock Holmes or even Columbo. They do not solve the cases by brilliant insights. Mostly they seem to just review surveillance videos.

They review videos and talk to the girlfriend or accomplice. The girlfriend or accomplice gets scared and gives everyone up before talking to a lawyer.

I can't believe how many times I have seen them convince the killer to admit guilt when the evidence is circumstantial. My favorite is the "I know you didn't mean to kill him" line. As if it matters what the detective thinks.

Anonymous said...

Differences tween Blacks and Asians - Whites,

'Bell Curve' book documented [700? pages] IQ.

What that book didnt do is go down Darwin Road- anyone know the ORIGINAL title of his book? Something about 'inferior races.'

Document-able differences;

Bone density [know any blacks that swim?]
thicker skulls
smaller brains [in bigger ? heads]
high testosterone, even in the wimmen
aggression [we all know that]


scan free ebook 'Negroes in Negroeland.'

Anonymous said...

And here I thought it was the fact that I didn't sell drugs, rob, rape, or kill people was what kept me out of jail, turns out I'm just lucky. Guess I should buy some lottery tickets.

Sick n' Tired said...

OT More tax dollars at work,

Who hasn't been thru the same thing at a kids birthday party?

Detroit Refugee said...


Once read in a medical article, black women when menstruating, have a heavier discharge than white women. Also, the cycle is shorter.
This is due to evolving in an extremely harsh climate. Of course, it was worded in ultra P.C. speak.
Read this back around 96.

Awake in Seattle said...

I got into an argument with a SJW a few months back on this very subject. He was whingeing on about how "racist" policing was - that despite receiving far more police attention than other races, the closure rate for crimes with black victims was lower than for every other race.

I pointed out that most crimes with black victims also have black perpetrators (YT isn't going into the 'hood to rob, rape and kill, or we would have heard about it), and blacks don't snitch on each other.

How exactly are cops supposed to get information, if nobody is willing to talk? Short of being able to illegally search every negro nest for evidence (regrettably, blacks are also covered by the 4th amendment), a tip from a concerned citizen is one of the best crime-fighting tools around.

I wanted to add, but didn't, "You think that the black prison population is disproportionately high now? Imagine if every black criminal actually got caught. There would be no blacks left on the streets!"

As it is, blacks commit about half of all violent crime according to the FBI stats, and that doesn't take into account the abysmally low solve-rate for black-on-black crime. What do you want to bet that if every crime in the country were solved, the percentage of violent criminals who are black would be somewhere nearer 70%?

Bill in St Louis said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

In a perfect world, Law Enforcement would stand down and cease to do their jobs.

Just hear me out.

A temporary period of increased violence would be positive in the end. Shaliqua and Dartravious would get rid of eachother. DeMarion and Liequell would do the same.

Whites would round up the strongest among them, barricade their communities and keep them safe, while the primitives slaughter with impunity. But they can only do it to eachother, as their limited skills, limited mobility and limited foresight forbade them from carrying out any sort of harm against white communities.

The ''Blue Line'' Is the only thing standing in the way of making things better. Honor and Justice and Equality and all that, it's all nonsense. We're equal alright, soon enough, we'll all be equally screwed. Equally stuck in a world that is no good. If you are law enforcement reading this, consider this position. Is your life worth throwing away for datrell's?

I, like other posters here, frequently suffer through depression and begin to wonder why I remain. I guess I just cling to the sliver hope that maybe one day things will be better.



Do you remember Ponte Flats in Hilbrow? I lived there, early 80's. 33 Floor. What a view and I loved the rocking motion of the building when we had those little earthquakes.

Mr. Rational said...

scan free ebook 'Negroes in Negroeland.'

I second this.  Read it cover to cover.  Download it, save it and pass it around by other media.  The eerie correspondence of "sensational, lurid" stories from the 19th century explorders and today's Africa-in-America is certain to wake up at least a few people.

Proudyt said...


Anonymous said...

I saw a news segment many years ago from a San Francisco TV station about exactly this kind of undercover operation. A fit, armed 30-something officer would do himself up like an old man and dodder through known robbery zones with a cane. He was accosted over and over and over again. Telling the reporter about how so many men this age were war veterans who'd fought for their country and didn't deserve this kind of treatment, the copper literally starting crying on camera.

Anonymous said...

The irony is that the great majority of victims of black and brown predators are the poor blacks and browns who live in the same neighborhood. Most of the families and older people in the hood loved Stop & Frisk because it made their neighborhoods much safer.

Anonymous said...

One way to get a more accurate picture of violent crime in urban areas just after the animals were let loose by the Civil Rights Act and its associated societal trends is to look at big city murder rates from that period. They were so high that they still haven't been equalled in most cities. Many areas saw 400 and 500% increases in murders in just a few years.

Anonymous said...

They will also create increasingly large tax districts to recapture the income of whites who moved away to better areas. This has already happened in a few metropolitan areas. YT must not be allowed to escape.

Anonymous said...

Allowing 110 lb women to be police officers certainly hasn't helped. Do you want a fair police force or an effective police force? You can't have both.

Anonymous said...

I stopped trying to debate liberals years ago. The delusional will always find a way to justify their delusions, just as paranoid schizophrenics can always justify their madness. You can't argue with these people, because they're already living in la-la land and wouldn't believe what they believe in the first place if they were interested in facts and rational thought.

Anonymous said...

Yep. Like him or hate him, Trump is our last shot. If Clinton gets in, it's all over. We like to tell ourselves it's already over, but what we're living through now is a Norman Rockwell scene compared to the horrors that permanent Democratic control will bring us. We'll be South Africa or Brazil writ large.

Anonymous said...

Excellent comment. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

The dirty little secret of police work is that unless the copper is right there at the scene, most crimes are solved by tips and snitching, not by the kind of in-depth investigation you see on TV crime dramas. Departments don't have the resources for that. That was what made the Mafia so formidable for so many years: the wise guys and the people in their community absolutely would not talk. Same reason why so many black murders go unsolved.