Monday, May 2, 2016

"The board is set, the pieces are moving..."

"Okay, in lab rats, whenever another alpha male comes around, it can spike testosterone, driving up sperm counts." -- Daddy's Home

The other night, I found myself watching the 2015 movie Daddy's Home. Though a comedy, it's the must-see movie of the year, for every reason described here.

No matter how much we try to deny it, human nature can only be suppressed for so long.

It finally dawned on me after watching it what's happening with the Trump Phenomenon sweeping America (and soon, the entire Western world): the alpha male has returned, and with it, a trickle down effect of rising testosterone the consequence of which simply can't be surmised yet.
"Okay, in lab rats, whenever another alpha male comes around, it can spike testosterone, driving up sperm counts." -- Daddy's Home

Sen. Ted Cruz, the evangelical clown tried to absorb the positions Trump took into his own campaign, but the beta facade has become glaringly obvious: it only works in convincing those whose worldview is dominated by apocalyptic visions (of dubious historical veracity peddled), who dub those who dare believe in the practical notion of improving this world without celestial reinforcement "sinners" or "blasphemers."

To paraphrase a great man, "You sit there, and you thump your Bible, and you say your prayers, and it didn't get you anywhere. Talk about your Psalms, talk about John 3:16 - Trump 3:16 says, "Because we live here."

The rise of Trump is spiking testosterone nationwide. [Protesters pummel Donald Trump lookalike as the GOP front-runner addresses California Republican Party convention,, April 29, 2016]:
Protesters wreaked havoc outside a Donald Trump event in California Friday — attacking a Donald lookalike who had to hurdle a bush to escape the angry mob.
Decked out in a dark suit and a red "Make America Great Again" hat, Christopher Conway, 51, was heading to the Trump appearance inside a Burlingame hotel when he was surrounded by nearly a dozen demonstrators.
"F--- Trump," the crowd shouted.
Conway was punched in the back of the head and forced into a metal barrier as a female protester hurled repeated insults.
"You're a racist," she yelled. "You don't belong here."
A pair of officers intervened, giving Conway space to clamber over the barrier and hop a bush to safety.
"I was punched and kicked but I'm good," Conway, a mortgage broker, later told a Los Angeles Times reporter. "I walked through and these guys felt free to hit me in my hometown of Burlingame. I don't stand for that."
Trump was in Burlingame to address the California Republican Party convention.
America is irredeemable.

Large portions of the population, however, are not.

One of my favorite quotes comes from the much-maligned, but thankfully Morgan Freeman-free 2010 Robin Hood: "Rise and rise again, until lambs become lions."

The ultimate alpha has arrived, and though there seemed permanent erectile dysfunction in seeing normal Americans "rise" with the courage of their ancestors that once helped build this great nation (sadly, now being stolen from them), testosterone is surging nationwide.

And with this surge in testosterone, comes a healthy surge in nationalism.

The only thing to fear is the awakening of the white man.


Anonymous said...

Nationalism only supports racism in a mono-racial nation. In multiracial countries these two -isms oppose each other. Trump wants to make America great again? Get back to me when he wants to make the white race great again. (He's not alpha enough for that, of course.) Until then American nationalism is just claptrap for the rubes, a way of putting white resistance to sleep, diverting its energies into self-destructive channels. America, which historically has always been the world's leader in race mixing, and which is now dragging Europe after it into the abyss, is truly the cancer of the white race. The stronger a multiracial America gets, the weaker the white race gets. The one must die in order that the other may live.

PB said...

If Trump disappoints (as his AIPAC speech say the least) then what?

Brian in Ohio said...

The left is lashing out because they`re scared.

Have you ever heard of someone getting attacked because they LOOKED like a presidential candidate? "He looks like Mitt Romney...get him!" This is truly a phenomenon. They are scared of Trump...and they should be. He`s going to derail their gravy train.

Now I think I`m going to double down on Cleveland in the "riot pool". His presence along with his supporters who obviously aren't afraid of confrontation, against Cleveland`s notoriously vibrant population and a Dem party with no moral qualms, could be the perfect storm. don't have enough.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

OK, excellent read. Sincerely hope this trend continues because we sure as hell need it to survive. I'm disgusted with these girlie men who sit down to pee.
Years ago, a friend of mine with numerous chemical engineering degrees, patents and awards, told me too many weird things were going into our food. Males most affected.

Proudyt said...

"The only thing to fear is the awakening of the white man". Bullseye,and the more the spics and nigs " protest the more white people wake up.

Anonymous said...

Trump is like the father in Braveheart who goes to his effeminate son's tower room and find him with his equally effeminate secret gay lover. Without missing a beat the Dad grabs the little visiting twink and hurls him out the window to his certain death. Trump has found America getting boned on the down low and is about to remedy the situation with extreme prejudice.


rent slave said...

I remind you once again that I've been saying this since August:TRUMP OR BLOOD

Roberto said...

Don't try that bullshit in a state that allows concealed carry.

Anonymous said...

Practice and improving all those skills you've learned at the range is about over.
I'm for Trump but nothing is guaranteed, the time to put all those newly learned, or improved skills to use, is getting closer.

On another note; Anyone else notice most Trump protestors in California were Afreakans and Mexicans?
Lets go to Mexico and protest for free shit and against their political system. See how long it takes to see the inside of a Mexican jail!


LuLuBelle2000 said...

Great great piece PK. The video clearly shows these apes climbing all over him and yet the idiot with the microphone says "You were the one swinging at the people, what did you expect from coming here". Rising!

Plaga Negra said...

Looking forward to "We've come to it at last, the great battle of our time."

Anonymous said...

Too bad the man didn't have a concealed carry permit. He could have fired a few rounds in the air and the roaches would have taken off running away hysterically. Since they were kicking and punching him and not going to stop, that would have been a reasonable method of making them stop. Words wouldn't do it. Of course, the use of a gun would have sent the MSM into hysterics as well as bringing the police down on him so maybe a good strong dose of pepper spray would have sufficed to make the attackers back off.

In any case, if this is how the protesters act when someone they don't like (Trump) is running for President, imagine how they will act if he's actually elected and starts carrying out his plan to enforce the laws and deport the illegals. I'd fully expect the illegals and their supporters to be violently rioting in the streets in a last ditch effort to stop the deportations. Mindless people will blame Trump for the violence rather than seeing it for what it is and the illegal's manipulative and false screams of racism, xenophobia, hatred etc will become even more shrill and strident along with claims that "families are being broken up." All of it nothing more than manipulative rubbish designed to influence the simple minded and emotionally stupid and get their support. Thus, we can expect democrats and libtards to be ferociously kissing their asses and screaming alongside them.

The threat of cutting off the freebies, benefits and stolen advantages the illegals are used to is like cutting off a chronic alcoholic or drug addict from their booze or drugs- one can expect violent rages, protests and objections. They aren't going to give up the teat willingly because they're addicted to it and think they have a right to it. Once they're actually cut off and the withdrawal symptoms start in earnest, things are going to get downright ugly in no time. You ain't seen nothin' yet.

Anonymous said...

Glad I'm in California. I have taped my magazines together and I can switch out my bullet button in two minutes. It's going to be a turkey shoot. Meet me over here with a mop.

I love being apart of the resistance. I'm assured that are large numbers in the shadows like me every weekend when I go out and shoot on BLM land. People out there aren't plinking for shits and giggles, they are actually training.

Went to the gun store the other day, all of the .223/5.56 ammo was gone.

Oil 'n Water said...

Another boost for Trump.
Mature Americans are seeing the true faces of those who oppose Trump, and they don't like it.
"F*cking racist, f*cking racist!" What intelligent discourse. True liberalism in action: if you can't out-reason them, then resort to insults and physicality.
It ain't working this time.

Ricky Tucker said...

Sooner or later someone at one of these heated gatherings will pull a gun and kill someone, or a dozen someone's. It doesn't matter WHO pulls and shoots, blame will be placed on the racist White Trump supporters...this class is how we get tighter gun control.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to Indiana tonight. One way or another, we will know which way the wind is blowing. A Trump victory will be the last nail in Cruz's coffin, leading to a summer of riots. A good showing by Cruz will let us know that Diebold "voted early and voted often." Either way, war isn't coming - it's here. No shots have been fired yet, but indeed, the board is set and the pieces are in motion.

1ca406ce-1144-11e6-9d49-733eb69f23bb said...

It was not part of their blood,
It came to them very late,
With long arrears to make good,
When the Saxon began to hate.

They were not easily moved,
They were icy — willing to wait
Till every count should be proved,
Ere the Saxon began to hate.

Anonymous said...

PK ---- I LOVED your Stone Cold Steve Austin promo reference from the '96 King of the Ring!
I liked your article from a year or so ago with the the Dusty Rhodes "Hard Times" promo, too.

It's still real to me, dammit!

--- Jefferson

Pat Boyle said...

I wonder about the posting from the guy who claims to be a Californian who engages in the 'resistance'. He finds the local gun store out of .223/5.56 ammo. Everywhere except California allows the citizens to shoot some AR-15 variant but not here. You can shoot that ammo in a Ruger Ranch Rifle because by the government's bizarre definition the Ruger isn't an 'assault rifle' and the AR is.

Personally I've stocked up on 30-06 ammo for just this reason. That's a bit of overkill I suppose. But that's what I shot in the Army and in military high school. it holds a sentimental attraction for me.

On the other hand I'm going to vote for Trump but I expect he will disappoint me. I expect he will do a lot of what he has promised but expectations for him are too high. I think Americans should scale back their expectations. I think he will build a wall but on lots of other issues he has been silent. Too many voters are projecting their own wishes on to him. Ted Cruz was a more reliable conservative on most social issues.

Trump is likely to make a some bonehead political errors in his first term. I'm prepared to forgive him for those but I wonder about some of the more ardent Trump fans.

The real white turn around is still more than twenty years away. Trump may be an early part of that revolution but he is unlikely to bring about much in the way of real racial change. For example he never speaks about Affirmative Action or Minority Set-Asides. He speaks in very vague terms about 'improving education'. In this he is hardly any different from any other current politician.

We need a politician who can catch up with the established social science. Black kids simply can't learn at the level and rate we expect in our high schools. This is a fact known for almost fifty years but no educator or politician in all that time has been willing to say so in public.


Anonymous said... people please donate to help the black children in Detroit achieve their dreams!

Anonymous said...

Here is a site with a good poll for Indiana...

Mutant Swarm said...

Anonymous said...

Practice and improving all those skills you've learned at the range is about over.
I'm for Trump but nothing is guaranteed, the time to put all those newly learned, or improved skills to use, is getting closer.

On another note; Anyone else notice most Trump protestors in California were Afreakans and Mexicans?
Lets go to Mexico and protest for free shit and against their political system. See how long it takes to see the inside of a Mexican jail!


May 3, 2016 at 6:08 AM

Whites protesting for free shit in Mexico would be shot out of hand. If not by the government, the cartels would take up the slack.

Yup, the time draws near. Eight months left, at the most. And now if you will excuse me, it's time to go for my run.

Anonymous said...

Never, NEVER fire a warning shot. CAN'T STRESS THAT ENOUGH, NEVER.

Warning shots are a bad idea both defensively and legally. Defensively a warning shot is a loose round, which means where it lands is anybody’s guess. That’s a major risk to innocent bystanders, which is a major risk to your freedom.

Legally speaking, warning shots take away your claim of being in immediate fear of death or great bodily harm. By firing warning shots you legally admit that you believed the situation could be resolves with something less than lethal force in that moment, so employing a lethal weapon was not warranted. In other words, legally speaking, if you use a firearm you damn well better believe that lethal force is the only option left to you to preserve your life.

It goes without saying that I expect you are operating within the bounds of the law, but if you EVER pull your weapon, ALWAYS be ready to use it, and ALWAYS aim to kill. To legally fire you're weapon, outside of hunting paper, there has to be reasonable fear for great bodily harm or death, in both cases, deadly force is authorized, and should be exercised.

It's very, very important to know the self defense laws of your state. You may think you have reasonable grounds to use your weapon, but you don't, and end up in front of a grand jury. Ultimately, if you do think you have a reasonable fear for your life, defend yourself. I always say, it's better to be judged by 12 than carried by six.

Anonymous said...

Dems will pay to have someone shot...

Anonymous said...

Someone above mentioned America is the great race-mixing melting pot. Actually according to a study published in the January 8, 2015, edition of the American Journal of Human Genetics that really is not true. Americans, real Americans, and by that I mean white Americans as the Founders intended, have remained European despite the constant barrage of race-mixing propaganda over the last decades. We've been on the continent with blacks and indigenous peoples for centuries, but Anglos really haven't mixed much at all. That's why whites in North America look "white" as opposed to Latinos. We're not dragging Europe into race-mixing. They've been pretty good at that on their own. The holier-than-thou Europeans, especially the Scandinavians, have been lecturing white Americans on the sins of our racism and backwardness for a long, long time. Remember Gunnar Myrdal and his influence in ending segregation? Europeans were every bit as much on board with destroying SA as anybody. America is not behind the mess in Europel. There is one group who can't be named, who control the world finances, who want one world government and an easily controlled mixed race mess who are behind all this. White America is under siege and has been for decades by the same forces destroying Europe, Australia, NZ and whites in Africa. Investigate what I mean by that and if one is honest in viewing the facts he will conclude this is true. Ask yourself why nothing is ever done in Washington that really benefits the founding stock of this nation. The white race is being genocided. Trump may not be the answer, but at least he's allowing people to begin to ask the questions. At some point I believe he even tweeted something about white genocide. He's also mentioned the mess in Europe more than once. It's a start. Stop white genocide worldwide.

Anonymous said...

^ A fellow attendee at FrontSight?

100%, dead-on, balls accurate. If you are justified in drawing, you are justified in firing. Once I let Fluffy out of her cage, someone is going to get bit.

Anonymous said...

The reason to vote for Trump is not for any specific policy, it's because if he wins it could hopefully set off a chain of events that may lead to the ultimate goal of whites finally standing up and taking back what is rightfully ours. Trump wins...minorities riot like never before...whites finally push back...and then it blows up in such a way that it becomes us or them. This is the ultimate goal.

MW Realist

Fed Up in Middle America said...

"The only thing to fear is the awakening of the white man".

The White Man is waking up and he's royally pissed off.

Anonymous said...

I've been a race realist for 3+ years, and a Christian for 2+ years. They're not incompatible, despite the kowtowing of most modern churches.

Anonymous said...

They will never stop.....


riptapart said...

He is just trying to get elected

Ricky Tucker said...


Anonymous said...

Let's assume a Trump campaign person is reading SBPDL. Now, what actually policy changes can we crowdsource here to improve America? I'll start:

1) Completely shut down and disband HUD. End AFFH immediately.

2) MASSIVE welfare overhaul. Remove ALL benefits except for really needy people. Let local government decide who/what they want to support.Not Federal. Let church do it to.

3) Suspend ALL immigration except for highly qualified STEM fields. Everyone else, stay away. We have enough already.

4) Death penalty for interracial crime.

5) Acceptance at FedGov level of science behind cognitive differences of races due to genetics. Massive investment in further research into allele frequency differences in genome and iq, impulse control etc. Expose all this on a massive scale. Add to fed's school curriculums.

Your ideas...?

Anonymous said...

I agree that Trump supporters are expecting too much. As far as I know, he's avoided the subject of black criminality and been more focused on Mexicans and muslims. He's very chummy with the NYC black establishment.

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

Truly solid post.

Tonight might be one for the history books. Let's see what happens in Indiana!


I'm in liberal Austin, Texas. Bernie Sanders territory. But everyone is whispering Trump under their breath. I'm praying for a Bradley Effect writ large.

Anonymous said...

"Someone above mentioned America is the great race-mixing melting pot. Actually according to a study published in the January 8, 2015, edition of the American Journal of Human Genetics that really is not true."

Not true that American whites imported blacks to these shores to be their slaves? Not true that they mixed with them? Genetic studies show that N. American blacks are on average about 20% white! That's difficult to explain unless there was a lot of interracial humping going on, isn't it?

"We're not dragging Europe into race-mixing."

America, the technological and financial center of the world, sets the example for Europe. You'd have to be blind not to see that. Christian American whites teamed up with Communism and crushed white racial nationalism by force in Europe in 1945, and it has stayed crushed.

"There is one group who can't be named, who control the world finances, who want one world government and an easily controlled mixed race mess who are behind all this. ... The white race is being genocided."

As I said, the forces of nationalism and racism are opposed in multiracial states, and what's true of states is also true of empires. Those who control an empire always want a smooth-functioning enterprise, and that requires the component races to get along and mix. Shadowy people who can't be named and conspiracies aren't needed to account for this. It's in the nature of empire and has been going on at least since Alexander the Great. See Plutarch:*/1.html

6 1 Moreover, the much-admired Republic37 of Zeno, the founder of the Stoic sect, may be summed up in this one main principle: that all the inhabitants of this world of ours should not live differentiated by their respective rules of justice into separate cities and communities, but that we should consider all men to be of one community and one polity, and that we should have a common life and an order common to us all, even as a herd that feeds together and shares the pasturage of a common field. This Zeno wrote, giving shape to a dream or, as it were, shadowy picture of a well-ordered and philosophic commonwealth; but it was Alexander who gave effect to the idea. For Alexander did not follow Aristotle's38 advice to treat the Greeks as if he were their leader, and other peoples as if he were their master; to have regard for the Greeks as for friends and kindred, but p399to conduct himself toward other peoples as though they were plants or animals; for to do so would have been to cumber his leadership with numerous battles and banishments and festering seditions. But, as he believed that he came as a heaven-sent governor to all, and as a mediator for the whole world, those whom he could not persuade to unite with him, he conquered by force of arms, and he brought together into one body all men everywhere, uniting and mixing in one great loving-cup, as it were, men's lives, their characters, their marriages, their very habits of life.39 He bade them all consider as their fatherland the whole inhabited earth, as their stronghold and protection his camp, as akin to them all good men, and as foreigners only the wicked; they should not distinguish between Grecian and foreigner by Grecian cloak and targe, or scimitar and jacket; but the distinguishing mark of the Grecian should be seen in virtue, and that of the foreigner in iniquity; clothing and food, marriage and manner of life they should regard as common to all, being blended into one by ties of blood and children.

Anonymous said...

Hey now, there's plenty of us apocalyptic Christians that want nothing to do with the CIA psy-op, Republican Party, Bush-connected, sniveling liar that is Ted Cruz (the ineligible Canadian/Cuban). Glen Beck, the secret diaper-wearing effeminate, crying, alcoholic troll telling us who God wants us to support? No thanks. Ted Cruz and Glenn Beck excoriate "Agenda 21" and the CFR on one hand, then pass out gifts at the border to invaders on the other.


John said...

The time is coming. but it is not now, not yet. Far too many fence sitters and people who may side with the 'other' as a reflex if the alt right acts too brash.

As a commentator above pointed out, 'the battle of our time will come' but it is not yet.

We need absolute support from 75%+ of the white population, then the fun starts.

Anonymous said...

The best part is when black & brown chimp out they will be attacking white liberals, who think they are equal.

Trump has made deporting millions of illegals part of the conversation, and has been shining a bright light in all the dark places. People will now longer be cowed by a sow saying "Someone's got to pay for my 15 kids"

Anonymous said...

If the point this Trump supporter was trying to make was to show the world how these animals that live amongst behave. He succeeded.
If that wasn't his point and he did it to rattle the cages of the animals. Then IMO he an idiot.
For those that are reading my words.Please take my advice and keep as far away from these animals as you can. Keep your interactions with them to the bare minimal. Don't look them in the eyes in passing and don't ever try to ingage them in a civil conversation of any type.
These people are dangerous animals and will turn on you faster than a rabid pit bull with burrs stuck to his backside.
All through out your day you see signs man has erected to keep you safe. Signs like stop, dangerous curve, coffee may cause burns and on and on.
Sadly these dangerous carry no sighs to warns you,but God in his wisdom made them a different color so you would know the ones to stay clear off.

Anonymous said...

For all of those worried about being let down by Trump if he gets elected, I believe NW Realist said it best above:

"The reason to vote for Trump is not for any specific policy, it's because if he wins it could hopefully set off a chain of events that may lead to the ultimate goal of whites finally standing up and taking back what is rightfully ours."

It is not what Obama has done, but what he has not done in the face of black urban terrorists. He has turned a blind eye to BLM and other urban black terrorists while they have their way with the surrounding communities and universities.

For the past week I have been searching for "protesters" in the news just like I have been doing for the past several months. In the recent past, about 3/4 or more of the stories on protesters involved entitled black agitators on U.S. university campuses making ludicrous demands while offering nothing in return- basically extorting the liberal universities who have nurtured and taught them all of their victim narratives. Like I've said before, with friends like black people, who needs enemies?

But then an administrator here and there were able to cobble their balls together and threaten consequences and what do you know- the problem seemed to vanish almost overnight. You see these blacks were just "testing their boundaries". Once they were given boundaries, they backed off. I have not been able to find any stories on uppity blacks protesting on campuses at all anymore...

This is why the rise of Trump is so great. It's a wonderful opportunity for whites to stand their ground and defend what is theirs (from property to history) knowing that they won't be slapped down by the big black hand in the White House. More and more people will take a stand and follow Donald's lead, and this will probably be more than enough to send these black cowards and agitators running.

Blacks were given their chance to shine and show the rest of us the content of their character and they failed miserably. They were given space and all they did with it was destroy.

Anonymous said...

San Franciscan here

I have a confession to make here. Back in the 1970s, I was one of these little ass----s. This gives me a perspective on what's going on with this election. Just like back then, we wanted to change the world, we were impatient with the pace of change, and so we felt that extreme measures were called for. The crazier some of us got, the less we paid attention to the effect our antics might have on the rest of the American population.

You are privileged to be watching these riots, because what you see is going to affect more white voters than you can imagine. Waving a Mexican flag and telling news media that you're going to take back the United States for Mexico is going to influence more than a few voters. Assaults on Trump supporters, disrupting campaign rallies, screaming down political opponents, in other words, acting like the very reincarnation of the student mobs of yesterday, will have an effect on this election-just not the one the SJWs think. It happened before and Ronald Reagan was the beneficiary. Don't be surprised at the ability of SJWs to shoot themselves in the foot. That, and a long hot summer could put the Donald over the top.

Phalluster said...

My name is Donald Trump, and I am a certified G and a bonafide stud. And you can't teach that!

Anonymous said...

Current results in Indiana, with 1% reporting:

Trump - 56.2%

Cruz - 28.9%

Kasich - 11.9%

Anonymous said...

One of the aliens from The Fifth Element was shot by police in SC. Proof that there is life out among the stars?

Truth lover said...

Trump is phoney, and only exists to make sure Hillary wins (as the media will end up portraying her as the lesser of two evils). Trump is a secret Hillary supporter/shill who is just playing his role.

This trump phenomenon only exists to raise whites' hopes then crush them back into the ground

D-FENS said...

"If Trump disappoints (as his AIPAC speech say the least) then what?"

The real value is that a Trump victory is a real up yours to the ass clowns who have been running this insane asylum for the past 70 years.

The down side is the possibility of many to go back to sleep thinking Trump will hsndle things.

Speaking of AIPAC, many of the TWMNBN pundits are now recognizing that Trump will at least get the GOP nomination. Many will now try to infiltrate his campaign and administration (if elected). Similar to the Bush cancer in the Reagan administration.

I am still voting for Trump but realistically know that he will dissapoint.

North Flordia Native said...

Off topic, but please take a look at this video:

Definitely seems like a progressive cult. This got me thinking. I want to lurk progressive discussion boards and see if they are planning violence against realists. They mention how "it is our duty to win." I'm wondering what exactly they mean by this.

I wonder if they discuss picking up arms and attacking realists. Anyone want to use the power of Google to find a SJW discussion boards with me to see what they are planning?

Blue Eyes Matter said...

The board is set, and the pieces are moving........

Does it seem like the elites have moved their pieces to another square, and left the USA for greener pastures? For instance, the forests have been harvested, mineral resources depleted, manufacturing moved offshore lock, stock, and barrel. Even banking, and clerical jobs, gone to India. Your income tax forms are processed in India, they don't even have that little respect for you to hire Americans for that. US currency is for the most part printed in South Korea, the Mint in Philadelphia is pretty much just a tourist attraction.

Now we are seeing the mass importation of millions of undesirables from undeveloped countries. Countries in which they would become a problem population once exploitation of their resources begins in earnest. It's harder to get out of the US than it is to get in. You need a passport even to visit Canada for God's sake. What was disguised as a forming of a free market, was actually the conversion of the US to a prison state. You people are all trustees. There are no jobs here for new comers, they know that. They're just being brought in to bedevil, and distract you, while simultaneously destroying the economy. Bankrupting all social services, social security included.

Meanwhile the elites are buying estates offshore to move to. George Bush, and Germany's Merkel both have huge holdings in Paraguay that are over vast oil deposits. Conveniently protected by a new US military base. I suspect "global warming" will mysteriously disappeared once they crush their opposition. The inconvenient truth is: All politicians are devious liars, except for the niave useful idiots.

AnalogMan said...

"We're not dragging Europe into race-mixing."

Quite correct.

In WW2, America's military was segregated, but the stupid British women were fascinated by the black GIs, and there were many little mongrels. It was the American military authorities who complained to the British government, and asked them to control their wimminfolk, not the other way around. The Brits huffily replied that there was no colour bar in Britain.

Their men are no better. I noticed this in South Africa, right after the fall of civilization, when such scenes were no longer illegal. If you saw a White man walking in the street, hanging onto an obvious black prostitute, his accent would usually give him away as a Brit. Not invariably, of course, but considering there aren't that many Brits in SA, disproportionately so.

(I think prostitution is still illegal in SA, but, like most laws, it's seldom enforced. Which makes this behaviour even more incomprehensible; I mean, if you're really hard up, it's easy to find a woman. Who would settle for a black one?)

Anonymous said...

Well, that was quick. Indiana went from 1% reporting to 23% in under an hour . . . and called it a win for Trump with 45 delegates.
It's a bloodbath for Cruz . . . last figures show Cruz trailing Trump, 32% to 53%. Kasich's campaign is approaching room temperature with only 9% of the vote in Indiana.

So bye, bye, you unelectable guys.
Go off to McD's and get another order of fries
I'll watch the dindus stand around,
So they can bitch, moan and cry
Saying this is the day that EBT died

AnalogMan said...

John said...

We need absolute support from 75%+ of the white population, then the fun starts.

Then you will never start. Most people are sheep, and don't "absolutely" support anything at all. Your American Revolution probably was supported by no more than 30% of the population.

I read recently of a study that concluded that active support of no more than 10% of a population is enough to ensure their ideas will prevail.

"Brush fires in their minds", people.

Anonymous said...

I like most of your posts, but you're way confused. White women hate this guy en mass. In fact, hate is too weak a word. Additionally, plenty of Conservative thinkers hate him enough to sit this out. You better wait for a better hero to worship, I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...

Pat. I always respect your posts. But you're wrong here. The climate is not ready for that. It's just piss poor timing. But this man is a pros pro of Realtors. He most likely understands the inside game. Give him a break. Hes been playing great. Let him get elected first, then he can be alot more open. Give him a chance

The Mick

NY Girl said...

Repeat after me:

"President Hillary Clinton."

Now, how bad do Trump or Cruz sound right now?

AnalogMan said...

Cruz drops out.

All over.

Eddie in St. Louis said...

"We need absolute support from 75%+ of the white population, then the fun starts."

People at my work who have never uttered a political opinion were aghast at the Blacks and Mexicans who attacked the Trump Supporters in Cali. It made a great segue into some interesting Race Realist conversations. I am under the opinion that a great many more people are waking up, perhaps many more that we realize here. As I am writing this Trump has won Indiana and it's now time for Kasich, Cruz and his Cabin/Butt Boy Glenn Beck and Dog Face his V.P. pick to throw in the towel.

I implore all of you to ignore any Mainstream Media reports about Trump. YKW will be turning up the heat now for the Big Smear. Their bought and paid for Shill Hill Dog is slipping even after all the shekels provided, but that's not a problem, they'll just print up some more or loot a Bank. Nomesayin?

Anonymous said...

To the poster that stated that woman hate Trump.
Consider this. Have you ever known a guy that was a complete asshole but always had hot women?
Of course you do, we all have seen them.
While woman may state they hate Trump,when it comes time to pull that ballot lever,that same affect will take over.

Anonymous said...

My wife is as liberal as you could find but I've been working on her and she's coming around. She was willing to go Cruz but no way is she going for trump.

I liked watching Cruz because when he says he was going to do something we he would at least put up a fight.
I know there will be hate on this but I just don't get the vibe that trump will do anything he says. He has walked back so many statements that he shoots out to see which way the wind is blowing. Not very confident in what he will do.

Bill in St Louis said...

Conway was punched in the back of the head and forced into a metal barrier as a female protester hurled repeated insults.

"You're a racist," she yelled. "You don't belong here."

A pair of officers intervened, giving Conway space to clamber over the barrier and hop a bush to safety.

Punched in the BACK of the head. Not the face, the back of the head. Probably by a beard having, skinny jeans wearing liberal arts degree holding SJW cuck, trying (and failing) to act as he imagines a real man would. (Hey sunshine, real men face the things they are afraid of, and kick the shit out of them face to face.)
as far as the female... "Yawn". You're a racist/bigot/homophobe/chimpbushhitlercheneyRAAACISSSTTTT!!!!! yawn.
Finally, what the fuck does an "intervention" by the cops do? Did they arrest anyone? Hitting someone in the back of the head is battery... screaming at them can be considered assault. Why was no one in cuffs? The guy being attacked had to run away? Any bets on the racial make up of the cops?

Race said...

Pat, you ARE allowed to shoot AR15's in commiefornia. Half my friends do this regularly on weekends at the range.

Anonymous said...

Stuck in Mississippi says....

Trump is it!! All I know now is that the world I wake up in tomorrow is not the same place I woke up in today. Whether this is enough to shift the pendulum, I don't know. But for the first time in a long time, I feel optimistic about the future.

Oh and just for the record, I am a woman and I do not hate Donald Trump, but Hillary really pisses me off!

Anonymous said...

Never eat anything with soy in it. Read your labels. Soy is feminizing.

Anonymous said...

Never eat anything with soy in it. Read your labels. Soy is feminizing.

There is evidence that it acts like estrogen in large enough amounts.

But I doubt a daily soy drink would do anything.

Annie Oakley said...

Mexico DOES NOT have a claim to ANY of America

Here is the history you cannot read anywhere: Mexico is in fact, other than the most northern parts, a very temperate and lush nation. Mexico is not all desert. Mexicans lacked the skills to use the desert. Mexico still needs the advantage of it's lush tropical regions for anything agricultural. Unlike the U.S., Mexico's desert regions are still almost 100 percent useless. Though it is true that what is the South Western United States was Mexico at one time, Mexicans placed very little value in that land back in the 1800's because they did not know what to do with it, it was all desert, and desert was, to them, wasteland.

There were many internal conflicts in Mexico. Mexico changed governments via revolution once every few years. After fighting a short half lit war with America, one of those governments, to fund itself, sold what is now America's desert southwest to the United States for 15 million dollars (which is much more than it sounds like in dollars back then,) in the "Treaty of Peace, Friendship, Limits and Settlement between the United States of America and the Mexican Republic" to fund it's stability. That hardly sounds like a harsh agreement! That government soon failed anyway. Additionally, America forgave 3.5 million in Mexican debt. The Mexican people did not care at the time (at least not much) because it was such "useless" land, but not all agreed to its sale. But a deal was a deal, and the land was officially America from that point on, By all legitimate international standards. 90 percent of the Mexicans on the land that was part of the deal became U.S. citizens and they stayed where they were, they were not kicked off their property. No one in the world questioned it AT ALL, because the land transfer happened with full compliance to international law.

Once America had that land, America's ingenuity and hard work turned the desert into one of the great breadbaskets of the world, especially in California. Some Mexicans became bitter over it, without ever considering exactly why the land was now so valuable.

Mexicans have absolutely no rightful claim to land Americans negotiated under treaty and paid for in full, and subsequently made valuable. America did not just "take the land", money changed hands which proves it was not taken as spoils of war. But America's government is now being run by an enemy that wishes to destroy the entire country, and that enemy is conducting social warfare to stir hatred in the Mexican and Latino community. This could well lead to civil war and at least riots, and if the enemy in America's government gets its way, a huge portion of America, rightfully owned by Americans, may well be handed TO Mexico, NOT BACK TO MEXICO.

Trump will put a stop to that, which is why the NWO Good O'l Boy's club is having NONE OF IT with regard to Trump. They have almost won, and they are livid about the prospect of having the death of America snatched out of their hands at the very last second.

Anonymous said...

Cruz IS NOT a conservative.

He is very liberal, socialistic and controlled by the oligarchs like most politicians are. He is a blatant liar. His wife works for Goldman Sachs. Cruz conveniently forgot to report 2 Goldman Sachs loans. Heidi Cruz helped draft the policies to unite Canada, U.S. and Mexico into one country. Cruz sealed his records and his mother's records. Why?
He is a fake evangelical, not religious at all. His father is a preacher for a cult and has hisviwn church,and also lies. Cruz's father says Cruz was annointed to be POTUS, used Scripture to show the prophecy about Ted.

Ted Cruz, as a sitting Senator, went to the Mexican border at McAllen, Texas and handed out toys and other items to illegals as they illegally came into the U.S.!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

A must read -----The Huffington Post published an article claiming that people who use guns (or anything else) for self defense should be criminally charged because.......hurting or killing a person that attacks you is taking away the attackers right to a fair trial!!!

No Joke! Read the article. These people who are liberal commies really are sick in the head. How do commies function and how do they get a job? Idiots!

PB said...

"Never eat anything with soy in it. Read your labels. Soy is feminizing."


The Chinese seem to be pretty good at populating.

Anonymous said...

Another Guy in Florida

Very observant! That was a great movie and he's a dead ringer for the you may recall they weren't particularly bright!
Made my day, thanks!

Broos said...

About your last item #5, there is much good research into the subject of physical and cognitive differences of races from the late 1800's but it's all been quashed by the censors. What they discovered mostly is that the racial differences are mostly marked by the skeleton, especially the skull, and not necessarily skin color. The Skull shape of the Mediteranean type Caucasian has a larger space for the frontal lobe. People without that extra brain space are missing the ability to project the consequences of their actions into the future. They can think only up to the point that the stolen money is being spent, but they can't include the other consequences that might result. The Caucasian skull has a profile that is vertical from chin to forehead. The people who have a drastically slanted forehead tend to be the most violent people with the least intelligence. These studies were done over 100 years ago, along with the consequences of continued inbreeding. The "Projects" (3-4 generations) are full of people who don't know who their father is, so the possibility of having a child with a half sibling is very, very high, and almost inevitable. This results in lower IQ and violence, but it also results in a gradual return to the Bonono ape which is likely their ancestor due to the fact the negro blood is almost exactly the same as this Bonono ape blood. White blood is absolutely dissimilar to the Bonono ape. So their constant inbreeding is causing them to slowly return to their Bonono apehood. This is serious research, by the way, although it's also kind of funny. The effects of inbreeding can be seen clearly in India, where some children walk like apes and have ape-like features. They are called Rat People. Because their religion values the most shocking inbreeding practices imaginable, these Rat People are considered worthy of a type of worship even though they cannot take care of themselves for being so completely stupid. Pakistan is especially noted for this.

Broos said...

The difference is that they ferment their soy. Can't remember where I read that, but unfermented soy is said to be the problem.