Monday, May 30, 2016

Thousands of Blacks Line Up for Section 8 Vouchers in Portsmouth, Va: Event Canceled Because of the Fear of a Riot

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As you read this sentence, consider this melancholy fact: tens of thousands of organizations exist in America dedicated to making life easier for non-whites. Conversely, these organizations, many funded with your tax dollars or through foundations solely existing because of your consumer purchases, are simultaneously working to make life harder for white people. 

Countless groups exist, once again with many funded via your tax dollars or through  foundations solely existing because of your consumer purchases, dedicated entirely to advancing the interests of non-whites; an oft-mentioned side effect of this "noble" crusade is trampling upon the interests of white people. 

If you were to even publicly state white people have collective interests, so-called conservatives would call you a progressive for daring to contradict the teachings of St. Ayn Rand, whose theology dictates only Statists would think in such tyrannical terms. 

Meanwhile, countless groups plot the advancing of their people and their people's interest, meaning white people's interests are put on indefinite hold, so they can be taxed to be for the former's growth and prosperity. 

In a more refined time period, we might classify this above scenario as slavery, a subjugated people working to ensure their masters have a life of leisure, pleasure, a never-ceasing accumulation of assets. 

Well, in our case, redistributed assets.

With the disparity in wealth between white people and non-whites a cause of great concern for those dedicated to advancing the interests of non-whites, the only possible solution to dissolving white wealth (with the seizing of assets a possible solution obviously considered) is to destroy the equity in homes owned by white people and the long-term viability of majority white communities. 
Thousands of blacks lined up to get Section 8 vouchers in Portsmouth, Virginia, hoping to live near white people and, via racial osmosis, become successful too!

Enter the Section 8 voucher, a means to weaponize non-whites and project them into white communities for a form of warfare as of yet unidentified. 

Only one problem: the true nature of Africans in America always comes out in the end... or in our case, the beginning of the end. [Event cancelled after hundreds line up for Section 8 housing applications,, May 27, 2016]:
Hundreds of people lined up Thursday morning for affordable housing applications in Portsmouth.
Portsmouth Housing and Redevelopment Authority abruptly canceled the event.
Deputy Executive Director Kathy Warren told they did that out of concern for citizens safety.
Det. Misty Holley with Portsmouth Police tells several fights broke out at the event, but no arrests were made. An EMS unit was dispatched for some people who were having heat-related issues.
The Portsmouth Redevelopment and Housing Authority announced on May 10 it would be allowing people to pick-up applications for the government’s Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program, which helps low-income families find affordable housing options.
According to the housing authority, applications were going to be handed out at the Salvation Army Center on Airline Boulevard between 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. or when 750 applications were distributed.

Anthony Rumble says he was first in line Wednesday afternoon, and spoke with 10 On Your Side’s Rico Bush on Thursday.
“I had a tough road but God keep me pushing. Keep me positive. I just hope the best for the first 750 that get out here and try to make a change,” he said.

Once the 750 applicants fill out the paperwork, they must mail it to the housing authority by June 10. A sign on the Salvation Army read “No More Section 8 Apps” late Thursday morning.
Nearby residents reported traffic problems to 10 On Your Side due to the long line.
One viewer sent in a photo, which shows officers directing traffic on Airline Boulevard.

According to Holley, close to 40 officers responded to the area Thursday morning. She said there was initially just one officer there, but more had to be called in because of the size of the crowd.
Holley says she received estimates that more than 1,000 people showed up to Wednesday’s event.
 The beauty of living in an irredeemable nation is knowing that at some point soon, one of these affordable housing application events is going to break out into an uncontrollable example of spontaneous blackness.

It was always going to take dramatic examples to shake white people from their racial indifference: The Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) scheme of weaponizing non-whites to destroy the equity in white people's homes represents the ultimate example that will provide the necessary spark.

Riots at affordable housing application events? Just another reminder of why freedom of association translates easily into the freedom to discriminate.


Robert Dezinna said...

Imagine when welfare can no longer be afforded... the amount of rioting. It will be absolute chaos.

Phildadelphia Mike said...


This grieving mother of a White man murdered by two feral negro males did NOT offer forgiveness.

Anonymous said...

63 shot and 5 killed????????????????

Cecil Henry said...

This section 8 housing that forces blacks into white communities is welfare in a further, often unrecognized form.

Whites have develop the social capital and cultural infrastructure that make their communities superior. Blacks are subsidized and benefit from living in it, without being able to produce it (otherwise they already would have) and at cost to Whites.

Freedom of association is a basic freedom, and it must always include freedom to NOT associate.

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

And they are complaining. They're COMPLAINING.

I have no home, and someone gives me one? "Thank you, sir. How can I ever make this up yo you?"

Appreciate the coverage of AFFH. And the upcoming book! Solid work.

Anonymous said...

Next time one of these gibsmedat festivals is announced, someone should print up fliers saying the first 100 people get free limited edition Air Jordans.

Then just sit back and watch the fun erupt.

Bird of Paradise said...

Waiting in line for hours only to have it canciled Buracracy its never ending buricratic stupidity

PB said...

All Black, skanky and fat.

Tell me again about the terrible legacy of slavery they try to fill your heads with over there? In Australia we never really used Aboriginals for slavery because it just wasn't worth it. All too hard. We pinched various Islanders instead. Generally a bit smarter. They called it "Blackbirding" back then. They used 'em in sugar cane fields.

Anonymous said...

Clearly the threat to civilization from liberal politicians is greater and more real than from ISIS. The destruction they wreak is more insidious, but leads to the same end: the destruction of American society. Use you vote and don't support politicians who support the travesty of Section 8 schemes.

Detroit Refugee said...

After honoring my Grandpa, a Sgt. who volunteered to fight the day after Pearl Harbor, I gathered with my neighbors. Most of whom are members of the local Legion.
A side lot, almost equal to a football field.
Cut weekly, & maintained by two awesome white ladies. One caught me leaving, & I couldn't say no to the Celebration.
Arrived @ 7-8 to tables/umbrella, big canopy tent, Buffett table, all that stuff.
We even had an acoustic & Flying V.

All that greatness, all the goodness of an all White party was overshadowed by one simple, quick,& over/out moment.

Just before dark, @ 8:45-9pm, a single engine White /pontoons touched down, & took flight!! Imagine the thoughts & feelings;
celebrating your grandpas memory along with dad & uncle? Others like us, splash down & take to the sky!!

I had a stellar holiday weekend and wish all of you did as well.

For those interested in aviation; aircraft maneuvering took place between Harrison and West Rd. Trenton Channel. Hanger @ G.I.M.A.P.

PK, nice profit share drops in a week or two.
Thinking about how to send off a share.

Anonymous said...

So the mouth tells us that it's all ok, they're just like you and me, welcome them into your neighborhoods for free because they're such a vibrant social asset.
Meanwhile the hands are hurridly cancelling the event and bringing in police because they know that blacks are a violent, uncontrollable liability.
Smells fishy.

Eddie in St. Louis said...

It's a Cockroach Parade! I'd bet that zero of the Vibrants in this story contribute in any way to the betterment of Civilization or Humanity. They are the "Useless Eaters" exposed.

Has anyone else noticed the Firestorm over the killing of the Gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo when the Sprog fell in the cage? Wanting charges brought up against the Mother, Michelle Gregg. Not gonna happen because she's BLACK! Nomesayin?

Brian in Ohio said...

What did they think would happen when they said "free shit!"? It even got them out of bed before the crack of noon!

Ugh, just look at that rabble. That's what they want your neighborhood to look like.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

We can't have nice things. Even gorillas aren't safe when negroes are around. Poor Harambe.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile on the next street over a job fair had to be cancelled due to lack of participation.

Fed Up in Middle America said...

If these monkoids would put as much effort into improving themselves as they do getting free gibsmedats from YT, they might actually amount to something. When was the last time any of these parasites waited over night (or any length of time) in a line to get a job? Take a good long look at this White America. You are paying for this. These animals are living off your sweat and in many cases growing fat off your labor. Remember that the next time some asshole tells you about "White privilege". Look at your paycheck stub this week and remember part of those taxes the government steals from you go not only to feed, clothe, house and provide medical care for these blood suckers, but also to subsidize their reproduction. They replicate at YOUR expense. This country was destroyed by internal, not external, forces.

Anonymous said...

Unreal. They tax your tax dollars; target communities that are majority White, then use the money and their power to FORCE negroes into the hearts of those communities!! Read that again, slowly...

That is happening RIGHT NOW!! Not a plan for the future, right now. It is like finding the healthiest organ in your body and the government injecting cancer cells into it and making you pay for it.

If this doesn't start a revolution, nothing will. It means we've been brainwashed so hard that there is no coming back. The next generation will see the bodies and the burning buildings and they will learn...

ps. what was the actual final tally of shot orcs in Chicago? They beat the all time Memorial Day weekend record? I think there are at least 70 shot. Probably will be more as they find more bodies. Unreal...

Bill in St Louis said...

A new month, a new day, and another morning chuckle. Thanks, PK for the laughter. 750 vouchers, over 1000 showed up, and sure enough, TNB broke out. They can't even behave long enough to fill out paperwork for free shit. Maybe some enterprising, well meaning SJW group could rehab an area, put in new housing, streets (complete with magic dirt), gate the whole thing, and just grab 1000 or so famblies, (grandmomma, momma, aunt, cousins and chilluns) from a "bad" area, and just put them in there. Next to it, a nice, secure cement hotel , complete with bars and walls, for the males. Just stuff it full, lock the gates, and toss food and sail foams over the fence once a month. If they don't have to stand in YTs line, would that make them happy? (With the added bonus of every 6 months when the current crop has killed each other, we can reload it with more!)

Anonymous said...

Gee, I hope that when they hand these morons the keys to their section 8 house, that they also hand them a broom, and a lawn mower. Not sure that these "new home squatters " will know what to do with a broom, but maybe a quick video on their Obama phone will help. This is probably one of the most disturbing things that this administration has implemented. Every, and I mean every, neighborhood that blacks moved into, in metro Detroit, they have destroyed that neighborhood. I drive through these areas and cannot believe they don't see what they have done. I have never seen one single black group that is dedicated to the physical improvement of a neighborhood. At least when the government ran housing projects, the mess was contained.

GG said...

I'd like to see some of the apps,
"We wants us a free crib!!"
"Yos owes us!"
"Gibs me dat"

Fucking Savages!!

Paintjob Theory said...

" the government’s Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program, which helps low-income families find affordable housing options."

This is newspeak for : "helps unemployable, shiftless, violent blacks get free rent in your neighborhood."

Or in niggerbabble: "Gibs muh dat".

Honestly, you could be giving out free bags of human waste and negroes would riot over it. Anything to get one over or feel like they're getting something for nothing.

This is the continuation of a program of biological warfare against white Europeans by their ancient enemy. As PK and others have noticed, the end goal of socialism and all wealth redistribution is never to "uplift" the under-man, but to bring down the middle class standard of living to that of a field hand. Socialism demands complete dependency on the state and once all of YT's wealth is extracted to pay for these white man's burden projects and his home equity has been evaporated by the beasts he has paid to breed and resettle he will also become dependent on the state. This all feeds into authoritarian socialism/communism/collectivism, which is the primary goal of those who orchestrate this show for us.

Pay attention to the common themes amongst those who control these "foundations" and champion these anti-white/communist causes. At some point we must be able to discuss the identity of the pied piper who's tune brings these rats to our towns or this will never ever improve.

Anonymous said...

Knowing Portsmouth, this event went just as every sensible person expected it would. That morning, friends in the surrounding neighborhoods were bombarded with hundreds of (newer) vehicles clogging their roads with half-ass parking attempts and crowds of loud and excited, and equally well-dressed, "needy" folk marching down their typically peaceful sidewalks.

Also curious: The day of this event, it was reported that next-door Norfolks' Park Place neighborhood (your typical unproductive inner city hood) was being granted "Free" WIFI. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

All of the section 8 housing in my subdivision,where I have lived for 25 years, that the blacks have taken over have nice cars parked in their driveways, newer than mine and bigger. I know that the section 8 housing is also being paid for by my property taxes and my income taxes, including the part that the blacks are suppose to pay. How do I know? I am wondering when do they go to work/

Butterscotch said...

The white man is perpetually at war.

At war with muslims.
At war with drugs, guns, gays, athiests..
At war with himself.

He's also at war with blacks. And his fellow whites, working to destroy him.

He needs to end the war with himself, most importantly. Forget about muslims. Forget about preventing social ills. Forget about drugs guns gays and athiests.

Europe is already gone. Sold out by whom? By whites. NATO murdered Qaddafi. Remember what ol daf said. Should I die, Europe will turn black. The white leaders of NATO were all too happy to bomb Libya, Destroy the established government and rush in the negros. You've seen what they did to Europe in just six years. Imagine what they could do to the US if we do not do anything. I'm shaking as I type this. I'm so angry, so upset. So tired of welfare. Tired of blacks. Tired of feeling like the enemy in the country I was born, That I helped to build, has been stolen from me, and given to ungrateful, ashy, black hands.

BRA and it's soldiers, the negro, are at war with you. But you sleep.. As he steals your wallet, your women and your nation.

When is enough enough? When do we do more than complain?

Soon, I hope. Very soon. My patience for letting BRA burn itself out is wearing thin.

Remember, friends, We have no friends in this, No allies, but eachother. Few established governments support our cause, Support our interests.

You will freeze in the cold and starve before you recieve any help from the Gov. They're the sugar daddy for blacks, not whites. You'll eat beans and rice, and whatever you can beg, borrow, or grow, before driving off to work in your beat up, broken down car to work for 10 hours and lose 20 percent of your paycheck to BRA.

Meanwhile shaquisha, ladrona, tyrone and lamel will be sitting pretty in a free house, eating free food, steak, chicken, shrimp, expensive junk food. Sleeping until noon, playing on a video game console donated by dwl's or stolen from whitey. Then they'll pile into their subsidized or free newer car, probably a chevrolet or cadillac, and fly down the freeway with no insurance, off for another day of partying, drugs and wild sex.

If you aren't mad yet, you need to be.

Anonymous said...

I live in a sub division where a number of houses were foreclosed upon because the owners lost their jobs during the last recession.
Because of the glut of houses in my area the banks couldn't find a buyer for them so they were converted to Section 8 homes.
In moves a young negress next door to me in one of these houses. Within a short time there were typically 8 or more cars parked in her drive way or in front of the house.
Lots of drarkies shuffling in and out at all hours.
I would wager she probably pays $200 a month rent for a house where the mortgage is $1200.
I think she is renting out rooms to her gangbanger friends and shady relatives and turning a nice profit thanks to the chump taxpayer.

Anonymous said...

The evolution of the Cincinnati Zoo gorilla story is really quite remarkable.

Initially, when the kid's identity was kept a secret and was assumed to be white, the social media outrage fixated on "white privilege"--that the poor gorilla was killed to make absolutely sure that a stupid white kid wasn't harmed.

But as usual, the reality was completely inverted. Despite many witness accounts that the gorilla was actually protecting the BLACK kid that wandered into its pit, the zoo decided it was in their best interests to kill the gorilla rather than risk the boy getting hurt. While there is still some outcry over the "excessive force" used on the animal, this was clearly the right decision to make in BRA.

Can you imagine the uproar if the gorilla injured or killed the boy before the zoo acted? Can you imagine the field day that BLM would have claiming the zoo was more interested in protecting its animal asset than the life of a black child? Ironically, the first major "chimp out" of 2016 would have been instigated by a zoo.

It is precisely because the boy was black that the gorilla absolutely needed to be put down. If the boy was harmed, the delinquent mother would be looking at a Ghetto Lottery payout that would have likely put the Cincinnati Zoo out of business.

WW3 said...

The initial black heffer is only the beginning. The next day her "friends" come to "hang out"...and never leave. Of course they don't live there and contribute. Next thing you know they're"hanging out" on the porch drinking and blasting rap at 900AM.

Anonymous said...

I spy, with my little eye:

Hoards of obese, hairy, slovenly, revoltingly attired negro women (Summer in all its glory.)

An almost complete absence of negro menfolk (Where dey at??)

A LARGE box of Dunkin Donuts in a baby stroller, presumably just for the driver (Where da baby at??)

Glistening, matted weaves galore and soiled do rags (Retch.)

Unfortunate White policemen standing on the perimeter (Stuck on negro patrol. 😪)

In short, blacks standing around, accomplishing nothing, waiting on free stuff, causing problems - deja vu all over again

NJ Woman

Anonymous said...

A gorilla got shot because a close relation fell in? Gorillas are endangered... negroe kids are plentiful

Proudyt said...

My 22 year old liberal nephew is moving to a city with a large black population. I tried to enlighten him to the culture shock he is about to experience but says"we are all people"and expects no problem. Told him to talk to me in a month.

Bird of Paradise said...

Anon 8:58, I heard a bunch of wacko idiots held a candlelight vigil for the gorilla I guess these idiots realy beleive this Darwinist poppycock

Anonymous said...

Yup I'm sure the three year old kid was just looking for his daddy...

Anonymous said...

OT: Damn those Norwegians are at it again;

-Honky in MSP

Anonymous said...

To Proudyt - To quote John Bunyan, "nothing teaches like experience".

NJ Woman

Anonymous said...

Imagine when welfare can no longer be afforded..[end quote]
I see it very differently. The middle class is being destroyed and Whites will be not needed. Via Nafta and TPP. so its not 'ebt cant be funded' but 'we will cut off almost all of you'--this is offered by Catherine Fitts and others who see a bigger picture.

Baby in pen at Zoo aka dead gorilla story:

Parents-of-four whose son fell into zoo enclosure sparking killing of Harambe the gorilla as it emerges father has a lengthy criminal history – including kidnap and drug trafficking | Daily Mail Online

Anonymous said...

Because of the glut of houses in my area the banks couldn't find a buyer for them so they were converted to Section 8 homes.

This sort of thing is welfare for the banks as well as the recipients, just like food stamps are for big agriculture.

Anonymous said...

You win the Internet today sir

Hard Wood said...

As much as I wish this sort of unconstitutional insanity wasn't happening, perhaps it is the only way white people will wake up to what is being done. As long as they can run from the multicultural mess they helped to create by tolerating it all these years, the longer they will pretend it isn't happening. Now the polly purebred cucks will meet reality.

The bigger question is, what gives this criminal government the right to destroy the historic people who made america?

The biggest job this criminal government is involved with, isn't nation building overseas, but nation wrecking right here at home.

There is a bipartisan effort to commit white genocide as fast as they can possibly make that happen.

There is a way for everyone to fight without breaking any laws, not major ones. Just gum up the works in whatever capacity you can without getting caught.

I am afraid it is going to get much uglier before anything changes.

Anonymous said...

You have the world's lowest hanging and juicy fruit if you plan to write a serious book on Section 8 and AFFH. It is absolutely terrifying what the feds are doing here. We are in an absolute nightmare situation with this government.

Anonymous said...

Sad to say this happened in my hometown. Needless to say the latest news says the woman and her man of the month are indeed planning to sue the zoo. She'll hit the ghetto lottery because cincinnati blacks always get away with murder (wouldn't want another riot, would we?) and she'll shot out more sprogs and run through her Ill-gotten millions.

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting if the gorilla boy's mother decides to sue the Cincinnati Zoo.

The zoo, though they would likely win any lawsuit brought against them, would likely quickly settle and pay her off with a pretty sum, rather than be painted as the Evil Racist Entity out to deprive the poor black single mom and her cherubic boy.

The media will stay as far away from this story as they can. A quick quiet settlement would help them do so.

The alternative is covering the lawsuit and forcing some people to confront race realism. So you lost track of your kid, who you claim on camera had already expressed interest in climbing into the gorilla pit, and managed to miss him scale a wall and shimmy down another...and you want money from the zoo?

Singe Cauchemar said...

The Toxic Black Mold spreads.
13% ????
Where is remediation?

Anonymous said...

Mark my words, the BLM handlers are already crafting a Narrative to spin about the dead gorilla. Of course, the story will deal with white racism and deflect any attention from the black mother's questionable parenting skills. BLM will attack the white SJWs who rushed to express outrage over the killing of the gorilla and who were photographed setting up makeshift memorials to him. "What about the black boy who could have been killed? Why do they care more about the animal?", they'll wail. Of course, when the white SJWs were doing this, they were oblivious to the identity of the boy in question as the media was hiding it. They couldn't care about the black life if they wanted to, since they had no idea a black life was involved.

Anonymous said...

I know it will kill your credit, but it might be time for Jingle mail (send the keys back to the bank and bail out of there).

10mm AUTO said...

"Anonymous Anonymous said...

63 shot and 5 killed????????????????

May 30, 2016 at 9:24 PM"

During the first 10 years of the Iraqi conflict (the take down and occupancy) 4,491 Allied people died over 11 years of war. That's about one every 10 days. negros rack up 60 shot over the course of a casual weekend in a single city!

We must build a new nation, separate from the negro, and allow our children to flourish.

White Homeland! Northwest Front!

Avoid the Groid !! said...

Gosh, I despise these disgusting sub-humans more and more as the days go by.

Thank you to whoever posted the youtube link to Mark Dice's video of what the savages had to say when they took to Twitter about the little "white" boy who fell into the gorilla exhibit BEFORE the monsters found out he was actually black. Oh, how their true colors unfold before the whole truth comes out. I love these types of "gotcha" moments when the blacks play into it and expose their true hypocrisy against us. LMAO!

For those of you who didn't see it, here is the link:

Then you look at the niglet's mama in this next link. Typical 400 pound sheböön with a buck that's got a pretty extensive rap sheet to boot. One facebook poster commented that if the niglet is anything like his daddy that he's probably bad as hell, too.

Here's the link, along with the comments :)

Mes2yeuxbleus said...

There are so many things wrong with this story. Reading through it and watching the video I noticed:

1. The photo of a woman with a stroller loaded up (or down) with Dunkin' Donuts. Are her chirren under there?

2. A reporter named Rico Bush. Those names do not belong together.

3. A person(?) who is unable to speak proper English...”Anthony Rumble says...'I had a tough road but God keep me pushing. Keep me positive. I just hope the best for the first 750 that get out here and try to make a change'.” Look at that last sentence. I thought Obumber was upposed ta' bring da' “Hope and Change”. Guaranteed “Mr. Anthony Rumble in the Jungle” voted for him, but still probably blames YT for his problems.

4. Women with their 'Herr and nails did'; iPhones everywhere.

5. Why did they send white police officers? If sh*t had gone down, with all of the recent animosity, do you think any of them would have tried very hard to stop it?

Hell I'd like affordable housing too, but I be 2 white! Oh yeah almost forgot, I make too much $ for that. Sheeit!

Donation is coming your way this Friday my friend.

Anonymous said...

Another classic example of TNB -

ST. PETERSBURG — Police arrested a 13-year-old boy on an attempted murder charge Friday, less than 48 hours after authorities said he shot another teenager who taunted him.

Le'Genius Wisdom Williams, of St. Petersburg, turned himself in to the St. Petersburg Police Department about 1:30 p.m. He was immediately booked into the Juvenile Detention Center near Largo.

Le'Genius Wisdom. And he shot Dinarick Ford.

Both Williams and Ford have had previous contact with the juvenile justice system, according to police.

Williams, police said, was arrested in May after snatching a cellphone from someone at a bus stop. His family could not be reached for comment.

Ford was arrested in May after fingerprints linked him to a burglary. He recently got in trouble for breaking curfew, police said.

What a shock. Both belong in jail. But oddly neither one is.

Mes2yeuxbleus said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Meanwhile on the next street over a job fair had to be cancelled due to lack of participation.

May 31, 2016 at 4:09 AM

Damn, now that's funny! :-) Thanks

Proudyt said...

And you just know they were playing grab ass before the niglet fell in and met his brorilla.

Pat Boyle said...

Gorillas are of course obligate vegetarians and are typically docile. The big males do fight each other for mating privileges but mostly they are sedentary and move around very little. If they were human they would be 'couch potatoes' who watched a lot of TV.

Chimpanzees on the other hand we now know are vicious killers and just smart enough to be really dangerous. They form bands that ambush other chimps and kill them. They seem to kill for fun. Chimps also hunt and kill monkeys for 'bush meat'.

If the little black kid had fallen in a pit with chimps it would have been like falling in with leopards or hyenas. He would have been considered just another fortuitous snack. Pet chimps kill their owners or rip off their faces routinely. Adult chimps are bad news.

But it certainly is possible that the gorilla was trying to protect the little black kid. That seems in line with their personality. But gorillas are so big and strong that it was possible for it to inadvertently just pull the kid apart. So shooting it makes sense.

The media seems to have tried to suppress knowledge of the mother's race. But child neglect is a well known black characteristic. Many of us guessed from the basics of the story that she was black. White mothers are different from black mothers. It's another example of Rushton's r/K race differences.


Anonymous said...

The kid probably jumped in the enclosure because he thought his parents were in there.

Anonymous said...

Free at last! Free at last! Errythang be free at last!

I agree with a previous poster; Why not use the Sec 8 money to improve da hood?

I guess building them new houses wouldn't work if they were still on the violent skreets in bad zip codes. Paying to set them up in good zip codes will solve the negro'll work this time, I promise. It isn't about uplifting the negro, they know this is impossible, it's about equalization. Your hard-earned property will be worth no more than a ghetto row house. Checkmate and mission accomplished, YT. Oh, BTW, keep sending in those property taxes or they'll hand your property over to the zookeepers.

Anonymous said...

Re the gorilla story:

The mammy, through neglect, let her niglet crawl into the enclosure. The gorilla recognized the danger and protected the child. Seems they shot the wrong African in this case as the child had a better future with the gorilla.

Californian said...

A basic dilemma is in getting White people worldwide to see the campaign which is being waged against them: whether it is Section 8 housing, movement of "refugees" into European homelands, farm attacks in the rainbow nation of South Africa, or the general criminality and terrorism which follow blacks wherever they settle.

White people need to see they are in a common struggle, really have been so since the 1950s. You can see the parallels in the Civil Rites Revolution, the Winds of Change (which de-colonized Africa), and today's globalization. In all of these, White people are expendable in the pursuit of a larger agenda. The agitprop system has presented all of these as fights towards a shining future of equality and brotherhood. The reality has been the displacement of White peoples and general havoc. The beneficiaries have been the hostile elites and their minions in the technocratic bureaucracy & NGO infrastructure. As usual, DWLs provide much of the agitprop even as their own neighborhoods are burned down around them.

What is needed is a trans-national White movement. It's a common fight for White interests as well as survival.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Just a few thoughts in light of the coming internet crackdown on "hate speech". We may all be denied freedom of speech very soon. On this site we all know this is about the elitist billionaires protecting their fortunes, and further entrenching their control over the little people, as they create their ridgidly defined caste system. They don't want us talking freely, and honestly among ourselves, that would reveal the true intent behind their agenda. Yet, it's always open season on the white races, we're fair game for any vile insult, threat, or demeaning comment. Not to mention redistributing our hard earned paycheck to undeserving interlopers, and deadbeats.

I think the main problem with the negro race, other than the obvious genetic predisposition, is their inability to realise that they have already acquired civil equality. They have equal rights, and it's overrated. They just can't accept that there is no white privilege. There's no secret white people club, where if you're white,a job, and success is guaranteed. Oh, sure, that does happen to some degree among the well connected, but the average white man really has fewer help ups than minorities with affirmative action. So, when blacks fail at school, in the job market, or socially, it must be racism. Even the president, who's never actually had a real job, believes this.

I tell you what, I'm in my mid-sixties, and I'm worn out, a physical wreck. I don't drink, smoke, and I'm not overweight, and I hurt constantly. Yet I still have to get up and work every day just to make ends meet, even with social security. Yet, Obama wants to give every illegal alien more than I get in S.S. benefits, while cost of living increases for us is denied. And we're supposed to be okay with this? And be denied even a platform for discussion?

I don't know what's going to happen, but let me say it's been great hearing from all of you, and thanks to all. Especially
Centurion, Pat,Mr. Rational, Philadelphia Mike, N.J. Woman ,Paint Job Theory, Detroit Refugee, Brian in Ohio, Former Miss Greenbaum, Fatigued in Minneapolis, Ex New Yorker, Californian, and everyone else I can't remember the names now, and all the anonymous posters. Good to know we are not alone.

Lynn Munoz said...

As one who was an Anthropology major who studied primates, it really pains me a lot to see a beautiful gorilla, especially an endangered one, put down in order to save a less developed one.

Steve Smith said...

1. The photo of a woman with a stroller loaded up (or down) with Dunkin' Donuts. Are her chirren under there? ...

Maybe she accidentally ate them.

Lynn Munoz said...

Check out those pictures. Too many of those beefy Clydesdales are overweight and need Overeaters Anonymous. (would that be considered snitching?)

Lynn Munoz said...

"1. The photo of a woman with a stroller loaded up (or down) with Dunkin' Donuts. Are her chirren under there? ...

Maybe she accidentally ate them."

Do you mean the chirrens, or the doughnuts?

Fatigued and momentarily amused in Minneapolis said...

re: stuck on "negro patrol" - eheheh.. good one mate.. good one..

Anonymous said...

When you tell blacks that they can't have something for free, they react as though they worked hard to earn something and it has been taken away from them.

They literally riot over not being handed something for "free" that hardworking people EARNED.

It's amazing.

Bird of Paradise said...

Diversity is just another word for White genocide

Californian said...

I think the main problem with the negro race, other than the obvious genetic predisposition, is their inability to realise that they have already acquired civil equality.

Correct. At each stage of the Civil Rites Struggle, blacks have demanded just one more thing to give them "equality": first de-segregation, then affirmative action/war on poverty, then the "right" to move into YT's suburbs, etc. And at each stage, these programs fail and fail miserably.

Of course, blacks have full equality under the law, in hiring practices, in treatment by the criminal justice system, and etc. The unequal outcomes are purely due to their own collective genetic dispositions and dysfunctional behaviors. If anything, blacks are a legally privileged group via affirmative action and now the "get out of jail free" card provided by Obama's desperate impact policies.

There's no secret white people club, where if you're white, a job, and success is guaranteed.

Ah, but blacks believe that there is precisely such a club. And that club is located somewhere in America: whether it was Little Rock High School, or the University of Mississippi, or a corporate board room where everyone is a millionaire, or some mystical Zip Code to which they have now have a right of access via Section 8 housing.

It gets back to the magical thinking of Africans-in-America, though "thinking" is not quite the correct term since that implies some rational process.

Anonymous said...

In a sane universe, the following incident would be considered an element of satire. But please note how in BRA, it's routine. Also note that this incident seems to confirm the stereotypes which segregationists had about blacks:

ST. PETERSBURG — Police arrested a 13-year-old boy on an attempted murder charge Friday, less than 48 hours after authorities said he shot another teenager who taunted him.

Le'Genius Wisdom Williams, of St. Petersburg, turned himself in to the St. Petersburg Police Department about 1:30 p.m. He was immediately booked into the Juvenile Detention Center near Largo.

What kind of parent names their kid "Le'Genius Wisdom?"

I mean, come on, we might make jokes about "Shitavious" or L'atrina," but Le'Genius Wisdom !?! What did the parent(s) think? That by giving a kid this name he would become an Honor Student(tm) instead of an Aspiring Rapper(tm)?

You have to ask how much such names generate crime in the 'hood. How many times could this fellow be called "Le'Genius" before he snapped and ran amok?

By the way, the proper French form would be "Le Genius" with no apostrophe. But I imagine that would take some IQ points to understand.

Anonymous said...

This will be vert interesting if it's the dead gorilla that finally sets this whole thing off. Everyone has been waiting for the one incident that causes the whole race thing to erupt. Really strange comments by the black Facebook members. Gee, who would have thought that they hate us so.

Anonymous said...

Poor gorilla. I wonder if the sprog went into the gorilla compound because he thought the gorilla was his daddy? I recall someone posted a link awhile ago to a video of black kids at a zoo and they were standing at the glass window of the gorilla enclosure and screaming, "Daddy! Daddy!" at the gorilla. One of the mammies didn't like that and could be heard saying, "Y'all stop dat!"

As for Section 8, I'd rather have Section Ape- at least gorilla's would be fascinating and interesting as well as non-violent which is the exact opposite of negroes.

Paintjob Theory said...

I also meant to mention, when I saw the title of this I thought "oh, this is old news, I've seen this story before". Not the first section ape handout party 'gone wrong'.

They belong in Africa. Nothing short of repatriating each and every negro and half-caste mongrel will do.

Anonymous said...

To blue eyes matter@. 12:44 pm. Could not agree more. This is nuts. The government is giving away free everything. Giving it to people who have never worked a day in this country. Even with a pension, investments, and social security, we still work . Two thirds of our social security is taken because we have government pensions. Even though we both paid into social security for twenty years each, it is reduced by GPO and WEP rules. Hard to watch others beat the system. Oh yeah, we are both veterans.

Steve Smith said...

DE chirren. The Donuts were no accident.

Pat Boyle said...

I'm looking forward to Paul's book on housing and housing policy. Most of the housing books on Amazon take the position that the failure in public housing is somehow a problem of architecture. In Europe for example the housing authorities specifically followed the direction of Le Corbusier. It's hard to imagine a worse model.

As is usual the Democrats blame everything of the Republicans and vice versa. No one seems to blame the tenants. As a some-time landlord I can tell you no other factor engages my interest as much as the quality of the tenant.

I had a tenant who apparently didn't like the pastel color of the bathroom. I had just repainted it. So she re-painted it black. But the real problem was she was short so she only painted it as high as she could reach. The top of the bathroom stayed a pastel light blue. There was a ragged line of the black at about the seven foot mark.

This woman was white. I shudder to imagine what those darkies in the picture would have done.


Anonymous said...

Zoo calls the cops. "Come quick, a black child is in the gorilla cage!!"

Cop arrives with rifle. Zookeeper says "Shoot the monkey!"

Cop says "Which one?"

Brian in Ohio said...

Le`Genius Wisdom Williams....No shit.

Yup, just like us...

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

May 30, 2016 at 9:24 PM"

During the first 10 years of the Iraqi conflict (the take down and occupancy) 4,491 Allied people died over 11 years of war. That's about one every 10 days. negroes rack up 60 shot over the course of a casual weekend in a single city!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again:

Non-whites in the United States commit the equivalent of 15-20 Columbines--every single week.

Brian in Ohio said...

Paintjob Theory said...

I also meant to mention, when I saw the title of this I thought "oh, this is old news, I've seen this story before". Not the first section ape handout party 'gone wrong'.

I`ve done that many times. Its like they have a template to write these stories and just change the names and dates. The circumstances are always the same.

Stay alert, stay alive.

PB said...

"The white man is perpetually at war.

At war with muslims.
At war with drugs, guns, gays, athiests..
At war with himself.

He's also at war with blacks. And his fellow whites, working to destroy him."

You forgot one. They declared war on us long ago yet we fear naming in case we get accused of noticing.

Anonymous said...

Michael Jace, feral negro, found guilty of 2nd degree murder in the killing of his light very skinned negress wife.

Anonymous said...

Le'Genius Wisdom. And he shot Dinarick Ford.

That is really ghetto.

and Pat, some liken the 'White - Black' difference to that of 'Bonobos and Chimps'--yes? Yr op?

Anonymous said...

A gorilla got shot because a close relation fell in? Gorillas are endangered... negroe kids are plentiful



Anonymous said...

A black woman lives in a nice house across the street from me. Her house is much better than the one that I rent. She drives a late model SUV. She actually drove up to me one day as I was unloading groceries , and told me that she has lived in the hood for 19 years, and that she sits in her SUV all day and "watches" the neighborhood, then proceeded to tell me several things that she saw me do- walk my dog, clean my car, etc. I thought that she was kidding until every time after that, when I get out of or go out to my car, she cranks her vehicle and drives over to "talk"- I.e. -get into my business. She looks to be in her late 30's, very overweight, weave, etc. I was too stunned to ask her how she makes her living. And she DOES sit in her car ALL day and watch others. She has a teenaged son who graduated high school a year ago, and now does nothing all day except roam the neighborhood being loud and obnoxious. No school, no work. His "friends" come over constantly and play loud rap music while they hoop and holler. Apparently, they don't "do" school or work either. And working people are getting no peace and quiet after they get home, or even during the day. Her house is better, her vehicle is better, she obviously eats better- HOW does she do it?? WHO does her housework, laundry, etc., while she sits in her dang car?? I am thinking of a polite way to ask her next time I see her, how she makes her living, to have SO much free time, yet so many nice things. . As it is, when I come home from work and park, I practically leap out of my car and run in the house to avoid her.
Something is VERY wrong when non productive people live MUCH better lives than productive people.
This is just one example- I am sure there are many many many others....
L in Atl hell

Bill in St Louis said...

Le'Genius Wisdom.... does he have a (half) brother named Wile Eek Coyote?

EMS-1 said...

I saw the new town homes these apes received after Hurricane Katrina hit the gulf coast. They were BRAND NEW construction. They were destroyed in the first six months. Now they look like they are 40 years old and have never been maintained.
Orcs destroy everything they come in contact with. They are a vile disease.
Section 8 is the kiss of death to an area.

Truth Corps said...

Want to see the opposite? Whites making an oasis in the African desert without help?
Then witness the anti-White hate at:
Orania must fall.

Anonymous said...

I am so very upset about Harambe, the murdered gorilla. Hence, I post again, as my first post on him was not allowed. Not sure why. His life was bad enough being stuck in a zoo rather than living where he belonged. To be killed because a worthless negro "mother" let's her offspring get into his cage is so wrong, so unfair. It breaks my heart. There's no limit to the damage inflicted by negroes.

NJ Woman

Lexonaut said...

@ Cecil Henry,

You wrote "Freedom of association is a basic freedom, and it must always include freedom to NOT associate."

You still have that freedom though you may have to move you and your family a great distance to exercise it. If that's what you must do then that's what you must do.

On the other hand the recommended move might actually be a short distance. My wife and I live in the suburbs of a major western city. We moved from a condo in a neighborhood that had been deteriorating because the region's transportation district had built a light rail system from the local MLK Boulevard first to downtown and then right into our neighborhood. The crime rate had begun to climb steeply when we moved.

Now we live not in a condo unit but in a nice house in a nice neighborhood that is right in the center of a five mile by five mile crime desert. Why is there no crime here? Answer, because there is no public transportation here. Even with subsidized housing black people would have no way of getting around. Therefore I think it will be quite some time before we are on HUD's zip code hit list. If I'm wrong we'll move again, to northwest Texas.

We can't change what's going on but we don't have to let ourselves be sucker punched. We can dodge and weave and backpedal. It's not ideal but it beats becoming a victim either of violent crime or serious ruination of quality of life.

Anonymous said...

It reminds me of one of Amren's headlines the other day regarding school integration in Mississippi: "White kids need to be shared equally"

All we need to do in this case is change kids to people/neighborhoods.

Blacks seem hellbent on having what white people have without all the work and sacrifice that comes with it. Many of the whites living in these neighborhoods have both parents working full time jobs so they can pay for all these wonderful "privileges" and raise healthy well-adjusted kids without relying on everyone else to pay for it.

Next time you drive by a nice house during the day, realize that the occupants are probably not at home because they are working away, day after day, to pay for that wonderful house. It's a trade-off that black "folks" don't seem to ever be able to understand. Even though blacks have been literally shown the opposite, there really are no free lunches. When someone rides for free or doesn't do their share to keep the community safe, clean, and livable, someone, somewhere has to make up the difference. Blacks seem to feel no shame or guilt about taking advantage of others in order to score themselves a free ride or shortcut. No wonder no one wants them living in their neighborhoods.

And as a side note, was anyone else completely disgusted and turned off by the black "women" that were pictured with this story? Look like they're all wearing cheap Halloween wigs, and this is normal for the black community. No cultural appropriation there at all, is there? And it's amazing how many of them weight over 300 pounds- it's making me sick thinking about it. If I was told that black women, on average, have larger breasts than white women would I lust after them instead? That's why I don't buy the line of white women craving black men for their large (disease-ridden) dicks. Don't know a lot of women that are enthusiastic about having a man who doesn't provide for them and who abandons any offspring as soon as it is convenient.

Blacks can't have nice things because they are not willing to do the work and pay the sacrifices that come along with it, and somehow this basic fact is lost on most of the American populous.

Paintjob Theory said...

"we might make jokes about "Shitavious" or L'atrina,""

Ummm. I'm afraid to say but the joke is on western civilization, those names are from actual crime stories.

Anonymous said...

Now we just need some ACME products goan roang.

Meep, meep.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Truthcorps, I looked up Orania and was blown away. They claim to not have to lock their doors and have a thriving bike-sharing program. And it is clear as day why these practices are possible there- lack of Africans.

The only problem that I saw was that 60% of the residents are male and 40% female- leading to gripes about shortages of young women.

I hope this town makes it into many of PK's blog posts, because it proves what he has been saying for years and shows the paradise you can live in when you are allowed to keep Africans out. It really is that simple.

D-FENS said...

Notice how all the protesters upset about the killing of the gorilla are White? Negroes do not care about nature.

LuLuBelle2000 said...

Here's a good one... This happened today. I work in a state job. The division I work in is 2\3 black. All of the head honchos are black except mine. A month ago I saw a Black Lives Matter poster in a Black employees cubical and went to my supervisor telling him I was offended because it is a hate group. He said he would see about it. Nothing was done. Last week I went to my top honcho(white) and again told him I was offended by the racist, police hating, anti white and violent depiction of this hate group. I got an email later that said "It's down" from the honcho. Today I saw it was back up. I went to the honcho again asking what's going on and was told that the situation was run by the Regional honchos , both black women, the employees,supervisor and head honcho, all black and the decision was that it was not violent, hatefull racist etc... It was "empowering to black people" my white libertard honcho said he agreed with that decision even if I didn't. I also went to my white Union rep this afternoon and he also told me that he also agreed that the sign could stay.And that he agreed with black lives matter. I asked him if he approved of police bashing, being attacked, police cars being burned anti white rhetoric," Pigs in a blanket fry em like bacon. He said yes. That if I had an issue with this to go to my HR Dept. So... How do we get the Black Lives Matters group declared a certified HATE group???

Pat Boyle said...

Some anonymous asked me about whites vs, blacks as bonobos vs chimps. Could be.

Chimps and humans split off from some prior primate species about seven million years ago. Bonobos split from chimps probably only two or three million years ago. So in terms of splits we are nearer to chimps than bonobos - if this line of reasoning is worth anything.

Perhaps the better lesson is that primates species and subspecies seem to have inheritant personalities unique to their type. So the primate record does not support the notion that blacks and whites only differ by skin color. Rather it suggests that whites will have their race specific mode of behavior and blacks another.


Anonymous said...

I like the big box of Dunkin Donuts in the expensive stroller. It adds a nice touch.

ruckus said...

Haha that would be a hilarious game app...

"Gibs me dat!"

Help aspiring rapper Shitavious Johnson get his college application! Make him dodge po po and outwit baby mamas, play the "knockout game" and mug some whiteys to get DOLLAS and EGO POINTS! Keep his testostorone levels up by finding hookers, 40's and random people to shoot! Dont forget to reload his "bennies" and unlock special game features like "catcalling from the porch" or "struttin mah jordans"! Murder and mayhem ensue as this good-boy evades the evil legacy of slavery and navigates life in the affh suburbs. Download this app today!

Anonymous said...

Anonynous at 6:51pm- Blacks seem to feel no shame or guilt about taking advantage of others in order to score themselves a free ride or shortcut. No wonder no one wants them living in their neighborhoods. Blacks can't have nice things because they are not willing to do the work and pay the sacrifices that come along with it, and somehow this basic fact is lost on most of the American populous.
I have heard them talk when they don't realize I am listening- the phrase "ain't no shame in my game" is heard frequently, as they discuss where and how to get freebies. At a previous job, there were quite a few "single" black mothers, who worked only 4 hours to everyone elses 8 hours, and they came in late, spent 10 or 15 minutes after arriving arguing with "baby daddy" or their mothers on the phone instead of working, took 30 minutes breaks, where they discussed where to get free diapers, food, etc. but would shut up and not share any info when a white person walked into the break room. I walked behind one part-timer who said she was on her way after we left work, to buy a leather jacket on sale. She had a better newer car than me, when I was working full time, and lived in a nicer house. This just does not make sense. Something for nothing seldom exists in nature. People working hard at full time jobs should be living better than people working none or only part time. And why can't the government do DNA tests on newborn babies, identify the father, and force him to pay for his own, instead of the taxpayer?? Yes, it would be expensive at first, but when word spread, births of illegitmate babies would DROP dramatically.
L in Atl hell

Anonymous said...

Seriously, this crap is pissing me off. I wish when Obama held his rapper/felon banquet at the White House, he would have asked them to start using two hands to hold their guns and holding it upright instead of sideways in their music videos. That alone would improve the kill rate on Weekends Gone Wrong by at least 200%.

-Brazos Valley

Anonymous said...

Please ask her. I'm honestly curious about these people in the Free Shit Brigade.

-Brazos Valley

Anonymous said...

The cure for hate speech is free speech. Print out a list of all the things that BLM have done and hang it up. What are they going to do, make you take yours down?

Anonymous said...

One thing I noted immediately was they didn't want them close to the HUD building, choosing the Salvation Army center to do this instead. Even black government officials are occasionally race realists.

Colin Kelly said...

But how can this be ? They are just like us, and equal to us !