Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A Story from 2014 Showing Fragility of America (Or How a Foreign Nation Could Forever Showcase Irredeemable Nature of the USA)

A story virtually unreported by the national press from 2014.

Scratch that: a story that didn't penetrate out of Rhode Island, because it illustrates how the Free Shit Army (FSA) in America is prepared to disrupt civilization in pursuit of the 'American Dream' your tax dollars provide them. [Residents flood office to apply for Section 8 housing,, July 15, 2014]:
Posts on Facebook and Twitter prompted more than 1,000 people to apply for low-cost housing in Lincoln on Tuesday.
Town officials expected a crowd of a couple of hundred when the Lincoln Housing Authority opened up its waiting list of Section 8 housing.
But they never imagined the influx of people they would see after a couple of people posted the news on Facebook.
Venus Gomes, of Pawtucket, said she wasn't surprised by the big turnout.
"It was on Facebook that Lincoln was giving out Section 8. Somebody wrote that, then it spread like wildfire," she said.
Police directed traffic outside, and Claudette Kuligowski of the Housing Authority directed traffic inside. She said it's the first time in seven years they've opened up the waiting list in Lincoln.
"Now we have a little more money and that's why we wanted to get the list bigger. So we could try to serve more people and serve more Lincoln residents as well," Kuligowski said.
People who live or work in Lincoln get priority and you're required to live in town for a year if you get a voucher. But the vouchers are portable and people came from all over.
"I've heard it takes three to four years sometimes. But it will be worth it the long run, you know?" said Will Morton, of Providence.
The last time they opened the list, Kuligowski said about 250 people showed up. She said they received more than 1,000 applications.
"Never did I think it would be like this, never. I feel bad because they're not all going to get help," Kuligowski said.
Kuligowski said the Lincoln Housing Authority has only four vouchers to issue.
For more information on how to apply and who qualifies for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program, check the Lincoln Housing Authority web site.
 Some people still believe America is a fine cashmere sweater; but if you pull a single thread, the facade will unravel, revealing the unpleasant racial realities we've spent 50+ years (and trillions of dollars) trying to pretend don't exist.


Proudyt said...

"I've heard it takes 3 to 4 years sometimes. But it will be worth it in the long run". Are you fuckin kidding me? No goin to school or getting a job in the next 3-4 years,just more gibsme. It must be very relaxing to be a negro now a days.

Paintjob Theory said...

Every time a government or business offers "free" anything where blacks are around it always turns into a colossal chimpout. From the roits at KFC when they ran out of free chicken to dozens of stories like this of municipalities being "surprised" that shiftless blacks who wouldn't normally wake up before noon are lined up 1000 deep at dawn for the promise of freebies.

Bird of Paradise said...

The sinister plans of the United Nations the CFR and the Obama adminastration to subvert our nation with so called refugees as well as open borders and Obama the Fink releasing crinimals and h disarming american citzens and using the incident in Orlando as a convent excuse Obama is a Traitor

Pat Boyle said...

The idea that the government distributes the resources is fundamentally tyranny. You hear a similar conception all the news channels - they say that their party is good at creating jobs. Jobs in a free economy spring into being when a need arises for some good or service. Real jobs 'bubble up' from below. Artificial jobs are government jobs created from above.

You know this is true. Everyone has heard of the antics of the WPA (Works Progress Administration). Tyrants think of a job as something that you use to keep the masses pacified, Therefor it doesn't much matter that a government created job actually does something that needs to be done. Thus you get 'make work'.

The most thorough tyranny in modern history was probably the Togugawa Shogunate. They operated with a 'rice economy' - please the Shogun and you get more rice in your allocation. You might grow the rice but it went to the Shogun at harvest for distribution. This is an idea that Obama might like.

What will these poor black Section 8 residents think? What will be the lesson they draw? They never could develop any wealth on their own or from the whole private economy all around the, They got everything from the government. They are the vassals of the government. They are no longer free beings.

Section 8 is evil. Poverty is not good but the programs to eliminate poverty are worse.


PB said...

Shots didn't ring out?

Anonymous said...

Every day I get angrier and angrier. I read this shiite and think how our White ancestors would be disgusted. My ancestors never got a handout. Also, I pray that a patriot with money would take certain people out to save the country.

Where I grew up is crawling with damned Muzzies and they are ruining my hometown, others hometowns,and my country. Blacks have destroyed everything and the government is bringing in Muzzies to finish us off, hence the banning of guns.

I was over joyed that Trump ran for POTUS. To this day the enemy Republicans are still trying to take Trump out. They are sabotaging his campaign left and right to help effin Killary Clinton. No wonder so many Whites are doing drugs and committing suicide.

Today a effin orc took over a vigil for the Orlando terror attack. She complained that too many Whites were there. She spewed the typical black shiite, and communist talking points. She complained that not enough people came to black lives matter protests (black shit does not matter is what it really is).
A man shouted to her that she was dividing everyone, and people heckled him, told him to shut up. How sad! These Black orc thugs can not bear for the attention to be on something else, and not on them.

Anonymous said...

It must end. No one should pay for someone's housing, food, phone service, pet care, lawn care, cable TV, transportation, medical care or any of 100's of other things we are taxed to pay for.

It must end. Negroes are killing this country.

Detroit Refugee said...


That's the first & only word I could repeat in my head after watching this.
It's 4:30am & my day started @ 11:00am Wednesday. Not that any of those ghetto slobs know of working hours like that!!
Hard launch of the new Connie is approaching, no time for anything but work & sleep. Gotta do my part to provide for several POS's.
I'm reading the daily posts from PK, & the comments @ lunch time. Thanks for the injection of sanity to all!!
PK, is a P.O.Box address an option?
Perhaps a comment or can chime in?

Eddie in St. Louis said...

If you ever wanted to trap a bunch of Vibrants for a trip back to the Motherland, just fake a Section 8 or comparable Free Shit event. But make sure the Sail Foam jammer is working at the location! Nomesayin?

Brian in Ohio said...

And they say blacks aren't easily coordinated...

Their GO code is "Free", and their handlers know it.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Are there any states left that aren't infested?! Rhode Island??!!

And hey, Rolling Stone magazine! You f*cking libtards! Are you going to put a full color photo of sand n*gger Orlando shooter Omar on your cover like you did the Boston Marathon bomber?

We are toast...

dalcassian said...

I live in RI, and I had not heard this story! The one saving grace is that Lincoln is more like 2 towns; the sections that border Pawtucket and Central Falls are just as crappie as their neighbors, but when you get further away, that's where the multi-million dollar mansion /homes are located. Most of RI'S over abundant diversity is contained within the 295 belt near the great metropolis of Providence, but a few years back they section aped a bunch of blacks to the rural northwest corner. Well, surprise, surprise! The crime and filth skyrocketed. This state is a wreck.

Jim Davis said...

I don't care if they do Section 8 in the Northeast. The commie lib whites in Rhode Island deserve whatever it brings them.

Joseph Gracey said...

I had a section 8 family move in across the street from me. They were not an asset to the neighborhood.The matriarch was a foster mom and had her grown foster child staying out back in a metal shed because she wouldn't allow him in the house. so he hung around all day drinking and urinating in plain view of everyone. I caught him peeping into my next door neighbors Windows. When they finally moved I was able to sell my house after being on the market two years.

Anonymous said...

Why open the list if you only have 4 vouchers to give? What was she trying to prove and how did she not know that a mob would show up? Or is a mob exactly what she wanted?

Anonymous said...

Under 1% black. 95.5% white. Guess we can't have that anymore!
Work has been replaced with gimme, gimme, gimme! (Give me)

Anonymous said...

If it's Rhode Island, then the hordes that invaded this office were most likely mongrelized Puerto Ricans. Not as bad as the negro, but a huge problem for whites nonetheless.

It's time for the third world to go.

Anonymous said...

"Never did I think it would be like this, never. I feel bad because they're not all going to get help," Kuligowski said.

Idiot. How could you live in this country, or even planet, and not expect entire villages of blacks from far and wide to show up?? Housing paid for by Whites is their birthright. Anything they can get for free is their birthright. Free cheetos would attract hoards of blacks.

Why doesn't she invite several black families to move into her home? Her socially conscious relatives and friends could do the same. They could cover an entire village that way. As dreadful as blacks are, women like this make me crazy. She needs a swift kick in the shins and a slap upside the head. You know not one of the four White taxpayer sponsored vouchers would go to a poor, deserving White. And she'd be fine with that.

NJ Woman

Anonymous said...

Our society has fallen so far so quickly it amazes me.

My grandfather was a WW2 Vet, he supported 5 kids, and worked as a construction supervisor from 5 a.m. til 7 p.m. Mon through Sat, and during the winter months he took jobs as a carpenter and when his youngest kid was 6 the WHOLE house was blown away in a tornado.

He REFUSED welfare of ALL types, except from the men in his Church and company that helped him rebuild a new house. When my Grandmother activated his Social Security he was angry and left EVERY check uncashed on his dresser. That stack of checks was still there when he died.

To the men of his generation welfare was shameful. An admission that you were weak and unable to provide for your family.

To see negroes MARCHING AROUND DEMANDING MORE welfare and acting as though not giving them "free" stuff equates to stealing from them would have him so angry he would actually turn red and start growling all sorts of cuss words and slurs. I was 7 yrs old when I first noticed it, and I didnt REALLY understand why he was so angry about negroes until I was 18 and started working alongside them and lived in a neighborhood near them because I couldnt afford to live in a White neighborhood.

They call "racism" ignorance, but it's actually the complete opposite of ignorance, it's experience and familiarity and knowledge about negroes that teach us to avoid them at all costs and to protect our children by moving away from them when they start moving near us. I was as liberal and open-minded and eager to show how NOT-RACIST I was all through my childhood and teenage years. I thought it was terrible that Whites would shun negroes and say mean things about them. I went out of my way to make negroe friends and be nice to them.

Then I lived among them, worked next to them, and experienced a few years of what they are really like, and I grew up FAST!

They HATE us. They are consumed with jealousy for us. They see us as weak, vulnerable targets that won't fight back. They blame us for every problem they have. Obama's presidency and affirmatuve action and White guilt and ALL that White america has done to appease them has only made it worse. Back when Whites would just say "shut up nigger, get away from me" they would seeth and grumble but since Whites have started apologizing and deferring to them, they see a weakness to exploit. They don't want equality, they want DOMINANCE.

PK is right. In 60 years we have handed our Country over and it is irredeemable. Even a major percentage of Whites will agree that White genocide is a good thing, that we have a MORAL Obligation bonds to racemix until Whites are no more.

It's very sad and I grieve for my children that will grow up in this awful mess.

Rex Hymens

Anonymous said...

how many blacks get Section 8 vouchers? they get the affirmative action civil service jobs AND section 8? this makes me angry, I was on the waiting list for years and years only to be told it's closed. But somehow the so called refugees get the Section 8 voucher right away. And chimps with long as they pretend to be homeless. In my city Section 8 is commandeered by the Indians, so that means it's pay them a tip to get your Section 8 voucher.

Anonymous said...

blacks get tipped off from their churches or people that they know who work in social service agencies. They put in the application but they will be on the wait list and claiming domestic violence or homelessness, can put you on the line in front of others. The man who was interviewed should be ashamed of himself. A man like that begging for free housing? but with blacks, they see it as by any means necessary.

Paintjob Theory said...

"Work has been replaced with gimme, gimme, gimme! (Give me)"

I think you'll find that the correct pronunciation is "gib muh" or "gibs muh". Many of us call handouts for nogs "gibs" for short. Pretend you have a fat lip and a mouthful of peanut butter.... that generally helps with proper niggerbabble enunciation.

"PK, is a P.O.Box address an option?"

There's a mailing address at Vdare site where you can send physical money to PK (just note his name on/in the letter).

Anonymous said...

When you don't have to take into consideration proximity to your workplace, you can call anywhere home. There were probably negros from several counties away at this particular FSA event.

Anonymous said...

I get the feeling that the government is like the proverbial "crazy cat lady" who has a thousand un-spayed and un-neutered cats breeding out of control. The only difference is the crazy government has the ability to move the "cats" into your neighborhood and force you to pay for their food, housing and medical care and don't you dare complain about it or resist no matter what the consequences.

In a way, I'm reminded of the old cartoons where a politician is making a train stop in some town and stands there promising everyone a "chicken in every pot" and reaches into the pot he's carrying to demonstrate his claim and pulls out a skunk instead and gets reviled and rejected by the potential voters. The only difference now is the politician is intentionally pulling out a negro and saying, "Parasitical negroes in every neighborhood!" And instead of being run out of town, everyone is supposed to Ooh and Ahh over the prospect as if the negroes were valuable additions.

However, it more accurate to say the politicians are like the old cartoon mobsters. The crowd says they want chickens and the mobster says, "Ah, shaddup! You're gettin' skunks and you're gonna take 'em and like 'em, see? Don't make me rough youse up!"

Sick n' Tired said...

They'll all be flocking to California after word gets out about this, better stock up on shotgun ammo Pat.

Anonymous said...

When my 61-year-old destitute White friend was denied housing assistance (because she has no children!!), I told her if she was black and had never worked a day in her life, and had a bunch of illegitimate children by various males, she'd have been a SHOE-IN. She is happy and comfortable believing in paint job theory (she's a GOOD person), whereas I, who spoke the absolute truth, am unfair.

Sigh. There's just no getting through to people, women in particular, who are addicted to the feel-good "we're all God's children" drug. Meanwhile, my husband and I, the mean racists, are buying her food. My 60+! racially insensitive body is over there packing up her entire apartment and lugging boxes, while slipping her more money. Driving her all the places she needs to go. As Kermit would say, "it's not easy being White".

Mea Culpa, NJ Woman

Anonymous said...

Section 8 is a very appealing program to blacks. Why not then, offer it to them in countries such as Liberia, or, say South Africa, conditional to them becoming citizens of said countries?
Such countries would be more than happy with the influx which would mean added revenue the new construction would generate; and since studies indicate that the races are naturally more comfortable living among their own, it's a win win. As far as crime in these nations, I would say the percentage rate would probably stay the same.
The costs would be astronomical, but we've already thrown away 22 trillion - mostly on this group - and that does not include many ancillary and ongoing expenses. Consider what we spend to "educate" them alone. Imagine the colossal amount of money saved with them gone.
If it's free, many blacks would go for it. Others might need persuading.
Free housing and a stipend and we're done with them. Finito.
All that's needed is a president willing to go against the grain of political correctness and a people willing to admit to reality, to back him up.
I know the above theme has been oft repeated here in one form or another, but blacks are becoming emboldened to the point that non-realist whites must soon address this problem with more than just a shoulder shrug and round the bush excuses.
A cancer ridden country must do what it needs to do to survive.

riptapart said...

Is your story published anywhere that we can read it? That is a great example of black pathology. The craziest thing about your story is that it is no longer "astonishing" or "unbelievable".

Anonymous said...

They'll all be flocking to California after word gets out about this, better stock up on shotgun ammo Pat.

California truly has one of the dumbest governments in the union. However they get away with because enough Whites will put up with punitive taxes for beaches and nice weather.

But if you read about the Enron scandal you know that this state is always one step away from disaster. You'd think they would at least have competent people *managing energy policy* but an amoral Texas company was able to scam the entire state.

They still don't have a realistic drought plan. Oh but they have some new gun laws in the works.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but I looked up "elections" on google news, and a story came up about a corrupt union that had basically rigged an election and got away with it- until now. Of course there were other stories of corrupt governments in places like Somalia, but it didn't say right away where this was or who it involved. Haiti, perhaps?

But then I saw it was in our great country, and an image search helped me put a face to the people who benefited. And I was right.

Dindu Nothin.

Anonymous said...

She is happy and comfortable believing in paint job theory (she's a GOOD person), whereas I, who spoke the absolute truth, am unfair.

If anyone runs into this just point out that the medical world doesn't believe in paint theory.

The media and schools have brainwashed Whites into thinking race is an issue of GOOD vs BAD. The GOOD folk don't believe in race. Well are all medical professionals BAD? Is BiDil BAD? Liberalism falls apart once you take it out of their simplistic and deceptive GOOD vs BAD narrative.

riptapart said...

Yet the people in those multimillion dollar home probably embrace diversity and the one 20% black family in their neighborhood who are "such nice people". Meanwhile the orcs they feel are just luke them are geographically kept far away.

Anonymous said...

From the California article: "Restricting the amount of cash the welfare recipients receive doesn't affect the birth rate."

So basically what's being said is that since the recipients are so incredibly irresponsible, nothing should be done to stop them from breeding out of control and they should be given more money for doing so. WOW! How about controlling their irresponsible breeding by requiring them to be on Depo Provera birth control instead of enabling them and rewarding their irresponsible behavior? If you prevent the irresponsible out of control breeding, you won't have to worry about the condition the children are placed in by their irresponsible baby momma's since they won't exist!

Reminds me of the old joke about the dumb woman with 6 kids who's pregnant again and says she doesn't know how it happened and that there must be something in the air only to be told, "Yes, there is something in the air. Your legs!"

The Jerry Brown approach? Here! Let me help you hold your legs up in the air. The taxpayer will suffer the consequences-not you!

Makes me glad that I had the foresight and common sense to permanently move out of California back in 1986 after living there for several years and experiencing such air-headed thinking from the libtarded populace on a regular basis. You can't fix stupid but you can move away from it.

Mr. Rational said...

Rex Hymens

OT, but fun:  Chimpnology.

Or maybe it's actually a strained metaphor for the unreality underlying BRA.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 6/16/16 wrote"Section 8 is a very appealing program to blacks. Why not then, offer it to them in countries such as Liberia, or, say South Africa, conditional to them becoming citizens of said countries?" I agree that Liberia would be the best choice because it was founded by American Slaves. This could be a reparation for descendants of American Slaves, the forty acres and a mule, instead the forty acres will be offer in Africa. The liberals in American shot down Pan African movements either from Marcus Garvey or Malcolm X who wanted blacks to return back to Africa. It's a great idea to bring back the Pan African movement with reparations as an incentive to move a large population of over forty million people. In today's political climate it will not happen. The only other solution is to return blacks to public housing to concentrate the population in a controllable environment.

Willie from Naperville

Proudyt said...

C'mon Rex ! Don't you think your being a little hard on negros? After all , they were slaves 151 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Today, what is political correct?...Anything not remotely resembling anything white.

It's all just one big "negro fatigue" from here on out!

Pat Boyle said...

Short Question

I just saw some TV footage of the Venezuelan food riots. They showed a mob breaking down the door of some super market and striping everything from every aisle. The odd thing was that they all seemed to be black.

Are there a lot of Africans in Venezuela? Or are they the only ones who riot?


Anonymous said...

Good grief. I just heard on the CBS evening news of a man beaten and in hospital on life support (NYC). The newscaster said it was a case of HANDBALL GONE WRONG. I kid you not. The suspect is a black male - they actually said it. We obviously need handball control. They're just like us.

NJ Woman

P.S. These newspeople are unbelievably insensitive and stupid. Yet another White woman who needs a swift kick in the shins and a slap upside the head.

Anonymous said...

"... revealing the unpleasant racial realities we've spent 50+ years (and trillions of dollars) trying to pretend don't exist."

Longer than that! Negroes would never have been given citizenship and the vote if the pretense hadn't begun much earlier.

But of course, use of the word "pretense" suggests that the pretender knows the truth but is concealing it, perhaps even from himself. Most people don't really know the truth though. They lack a scientific view of race, and instead accept the Biblical view which has been handed down to them by the culture they grew up in. This view holds that mankind is a special creation of God, separate from the rest of nature, with human dignity and a "soul". Whatever a soul is supposed to be, the only thing scripturally certain about it is that they are all equal in God's eyes; and if God regards them as equal to one another, how can man do any less? So in this sense the error dates back at least two thousand years.





Anonymous said...

I thought Eboda poda hep!

Anonymous said...

Is Jeopardy! the only show on regular TV that I can watch that's completely groid free?

Anonymous said...

Forget Sec 8, there are abandoned military bases all over the place with nice housing already in place. Oh wait, YT's property values wouldn't be crushed if they did that.
They also need YT to build new areas to make room for the third-worlders that are pouring in, there is only so much housing to go around.

It seems we may be outgrowing our own infrastructure.

More people = More consumption of everything....electricity, food, water...more congestion means roads can't be properly maintained, much less expanded. On top of all that, a large section of the population's "cultures" tend not to be builders or innovators but locust-like destroyers of all things civilized. Sort of difficult to move forward as a society with anchors dragging us backward. It's like constantly having to pick up after your kids. I see no positive future here anymore.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the belly laugh I just had had reading your post!

Another Guy in Florida

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that no one has brought up having to pay for criminals. The way I see it, a law-abiding citizen pays for crime twice. First when he is robbed (or raped etc), and then again when he has to pay for the criminal's upkeep in prison. I do not want to pay for the criminal's food, housing, medical care etc. As far as I am concerned the criminals should be made to pay for the expenses associated with incarceration.

Anonymous said...

"Are there any states that aren't infested?"

Maine, NH, Vermont.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant as usual Pat! As someone whose seen the humble beginnings of this Democratic plantation scheme since the 70's, it must be incredibly frustrating to see the predictable end result, nearly a half century later? How you retained your sanity dealing with these primates as a Social Worker(as mentioned in one of your earlier posts)and not lose composure, must have taken an incredible amount of fortitude? And surprisingly enough, they've actually de-evolved in that time frame. Example: they're command(or butchery)of the English language today, is one of the reasons I avoid them at all costs. Without being condescending, I simply don't understand them at all, which would automatically set them off into an uncontrollable rage(Latino newscaster anyone?). If that isn't bad enough, the SJW and Cucks would immediately defend this simmian gibberish. I vividly remembered the Zimmerman trial, in which the defence attorney eloquently dissected that waste of oxygen Rachel Jeantel on the stand. The firestorm created by her embarrassing testimony, sent the liberal's into high gear, defending this incredibly sad state of affairs of our public education system however, any first year law student could tell this was an open/shut case regardless of her ineptitude. So the defence attorney decided to do what any good parent would do, he decided to celebrate a job well done by taking his Princeton bound daughter for ice cream. Well, once the daughters selfie with the old man went into the Twitter universe, all hell broke loose. Huff Post used this as their 'white privilege' Witch hunt front page piece, where a pretty, educated, white girl, sharing a special moment with her Dad(foreign concept to Jeantel), automatically set off the SJW alarm bells. To this day, this was the most disgusting piece of journalism I've ever encountered. How dare a cohesive family structure remain intact, in which a child looks up to her parents, instead of thugs, guns, gansta rap, single baby mommas and KO games for World Star hits. The left went bonkers, adding how "outrageous" and "insensitive" it was, in a time where a no good, pos, drug addled, thief of a dindus became Bama's long lost son! The irony of this case was the fact that due to the impatience, incompetence and corruption of the FL State Attorney with the backing of the BGI, this case was doomed from the start, in which Manslaughter charges would have likely prevailed over Murder 2. These creatures are not only mentally retarded, with zero impulse and lack of future time orientation, they're the most petty, vindictive, jealous and violent race on the planet. I almost wish the divider n chief kicks in the gun grabbing party and subsequent Martial Law, so we can thin out this herd, move back to our neighbourhoods and not have to deal with these demons ever again. Sorry for the OT rant, feel much better now lol!!!

Anonymous said...

It's a simple as that....really!

Anonymous said...

"We had some extra money" : People working their asses off and doing without to get by are paying for even more freeloaders to get a free house, in some cases ironically right next door to said taxpayer where they will ruin property values and probably end up destroying the community. So section eight is a form of government enforced/sanctioned suicide for taxpayers. At least let me choose my on poison.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that you brought up Enron, as I watched the near identical implosion of a Vegas casino to that of WTC 7 the other night. It then occurred to me that the nearly complete SEC FBI investigation and subsequent indictment on Eron went up in dust that fateful day. Perhaps NYC's damnation became Cali's salivation, as it would have undoubtedly crushed the entire West Coast establishment.

rex freeway said...

"Now we have a little more money and that's why we wanted to get the list bigger.
Translation, "Now we have a little more money so lets find a new neighborhood to ruin".
I wonder if there is a stat that shows the downfall of every neighborhood or complex that section 8 is used in.
There is no amount of money paid by the government worth the misery that section 8 does to a community.

Anonymous said...

As Pat mentioned earlier, this is simply a window dressed form of Tyranny.

Enough is ENOUGH !! said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
As Pat mentioned earlier, this is simply a window dressed form of Tyranny.

June 16, 2016 at 7:42 PM

I know a majority of us could agree it's nothing short of that...

This shit is downright disgusting anymore. Torn.

How to feel hopeful when a situation such as this appears hopeless beyond salvation at the moment?

I'm more than ready for something major to give instead of feeling little tremors here and there.

Only really sick minded people would want to call this country home the way a majority of it is today... like the mindless african invasion that continues to devour this country whole..... ugh.....

Surrounded by worthless zombies, straight out of michael jackson's Thriller. Monsters rising from these evil skreets... I hate looking at these ugly bastards !!

Anonymous said...

1429 listening to the Chicongo police scanner tonight at 1200am.

It's a freakin' real life monsters paradise in that city... my God.... pure insanity!

For the couple of knowledgeable female realists that we have on this blog, I swear your mentalities are obviously wide awake, which makes you far and few between. I keep my distance from my mother as much as I can because of her liberal view on much of this shit that's going on in this country. She's just another that doesn't want to face the truth of the reality. I swear it had to be the drugs that clouded their minds real bad back in the 60's and 70's. We have more enemies in this country than any other group in this country combined, especially considering the majority of them are our very own people.

Fill in the blank. Then copy and past it with mine to your post.

America is ____________.

I'll start it off but it'll actually come last, too...

America is Irredeemable.

Anonymous said...

Focus on genetics... all answers lie there...

PB said...

"I thought Eboda poda hep!"

I thought Ebola poda hep!

Anonymous said...

Right before Hurricane Katrina, I was living in an upscale hi-rise apartment in Houston.

Beautiful place with a free Internet Cafe, Olympic-sized pool and a gym. On Sundays, there was a free buffet breakfast for residents.

When Katrina hit, the place filled up with Katrina evacuees.

These weren't ordinary ghetto negroes. They were well-dressed with nice cars.

The first thing that happened was that the the free Internet Cafe filled up with teen niglets who used the computers to blare hip-hop music 24/7. They would dominate all 8 computers, and when one needed to pissed, he would call another one over to "save" his spot.

Next, the breakfast buffet went away, because the savages would descend on it with large bowls from their apartments, empty the pans of bacon and scurry back to their apartments.

Then the bongo parties started on the terraces, with the nogs cutting the screens and dropping beer bottles into the streets below.

Next, the moving vans arrived, as Whitey hauled ass out of there.

The hi-rise management started issuing eviction notices to people who were more than five days late on rent to try to get rid of the trash.

They'd go to eviction court, but the nog judge - who was later convicted for falsifying renewal applications for her dead momma's handicapped parking permit - would make the manager give them another chance.

It's been 11 years and the place never really recovered. I go by there once in awhile and it has a look of benign neglect.

The rents are depressed because of the presence of scumbags, which attracts more scumbags.

This is coming to a neigborhood near you, thanks to vibrant diversity.

Sick n' Tired said...

OT but the usual suspects are at it again, blacks with government jobs caught cheating the welfare system.

Sick n' Tired said...

Instead of using the extra money to plant some trees, buy playground equipment, or do something else to add value to their community, they decide to bring in a bunch of freeloaders and lower property values.

Anonymous said...

Latrino newscaster's name in clip above is MARIO HILARIO. WTF? hahahaaa.

Anonymous said...

Stories like this one are becoming very common in metro Detroit. Moving all the vibrants to the suburbs. What these blacks can do to an apartment, or a house, and the neighborhood is astounding. Just with the move in. Shabby, filthy, chaos.