Thursday, June 9, 2016

Is Trump Prepared to Wage War on HUD?

More on this very soon at (exclusive new piece by PK next week), but it appears Donald J. Trump is ready to fire at the foundations of Black-Run America.

We call it BRA: It keeps Freedom of Association from happening. [NY Official: Trump Will Discontinue Fed Takeover Of Local Ordinances, Daily Caller, June 9, 2016]:

Donald Trump told Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino Tuesday he will discontinue the Housing and Urban Development regulation that allows the federal government to dictate local and state zoning laws. 
Following a press conference Trump gave in Briarcliff Manor to reporters announcing he would give a major speech next week, Astorino met with the presumptive GOP nominee and discussed the battle he is engaged in with the Justice Department and HUD over an affordable housing settlement made in 2009 between Astorino’s predecessor and a New York based five person non profit, which put the county on the hook for 750 units of affordable housing.
Astorino argues the federal government now wants more than what the county originally agreed to in the settlement and can actually afford. In 2015, HUD Sec. Julian Castro established a rule, known as Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH). 
“[Trump] is aware of it and he understands it and he absolutely opposes what the Obama administration is trying to do and what Hillary would perpetuate. It’s urbanizing the suburbs and it’s taking away the rights of local communities through their own elected officials to determine how their community is made up,” Astorino told The Daily Caller. “And that’s exactly what the Obama administration is doing through the powers of the federal government. It would not continue under the [Trump] administration.”
With apologies to Game of Thrones, Trump is Coming. 


Anonymous said...

Another reason to support Trump.

Anonymous said...

"EBT Card Outage? 8 Days Into June And Many Americans Are Still Waiting For Food Stamp Money"

"Widespread reports continue to pour in from all over the nation of “glitches” with the food stamp system. It is eight days into the month and large numbers of people still have not received their benefits, and in other instances it is being reported that EBT cards are simply not working correctly. So what in the world is going on here? On there are scores of reports of problems with the EBT system from people all over the nation. Could this simply be another example of government incompetence, or is something else at work here?"

Bird of Paradise said...

Dont forget HUD was the bully boy agency that tried to intimadtae those who rightly opposed a mental institution in their neighbodhood tried to force them to withdraw their oppistion HUD backed down after the public got wind of it

Fed Up in Middle America said...


Proudyt said...

"It's urbanizing the suburbs". I've seen first hand what urbanizing suburbs does to former white neighborhoods. My parents live in a suburb of Chicago that blacks were shipped to thanks to Mayer Daley. "Teens" walk down side streets looking in people's yards and in people's garages to see what they can steal. One day a "teen" will walk down the wrong driveway and a "racist"will shoot him. Can't wait.

Anonymous said...

Paul we have no idea how much TPTB, YKW GOPe, Bilderbergers, DWL, BLM and every damned federal, state and local government HATE TRUMP. He is the 1st Presidential Candidate in more than 150 years (no the "great Reagan)

I pray that the Great White Father still loves his children and protects Trump, his family and friends.

If the FUSA is truly irredeemable as you say....we will get the Hildabama and the country will die or lurch into a Uncivil War that will make CW1 look like a day at the park.

I hope that there are concerned individuals and groups of power that are coordinating even now with each other and friendly powers around the globe to both promote and protect Trump and be ready to take whatever action is needed to see that our nation is protected.

Anonymous said...

I had a negro section eight woman for about four years right next door. Just trash, her and her litter of sprogs. And the dozens of men that were in and out of her upscale four bedroom three bathroom house.

I bought something from a gentleman on Craig's list. About a month ago. Very high end gated community. The kind of place with armed guards at the entrance where they call the homeowner before one can roll in.

Well, when I got to his house we spoke for a few minutes, the topic of crime came up, and then blacks. He seemed refreshed that I was very upfront regarding blacks. He started in about "stereotypes" are true for a reason. I could hardly get a word in.

Even in his high end gated community, there was section eight blacks on his street. Amazing! These homes have to start at around $700,000, and that would be one of the single story homes. Basically his neighborhood was heading down hill due to the influx of black women and their jockers.

Property values in his area were going down and he was looking at a move. He pointed out a house on his street where a pimp lived. His wife was hit by a black in his garage. He was pretty much done with the area.

Blacks ruined it. Well, HUD ruined it actually, blacks would not be in that area had it not been for HUD.

Anonymous said...

Unless you are living in a gated Democrat community, you will live next to negroes. Those negro neighbors are going to terrorize you 24 hours a day. They will break into your house. They will dump trash on your property. They will steal your furnace and water heater while you are on vacation. Your windows will be smashed. The negro family, along with friends, will beat you and your family in the street, kicking your head as you lay in a fetal position. Your children will be attacked. Your female children will be raped.

It might seem horrible to you, but it's all part of the plan. If you object to your negro neighbors, you are simply a racist. And you don't want to be a racist.

Anonymous said...

This alone is reason enough to go the the voting booth for Trump in November. I really want to know how Clinton would spin AFFH as a good thing, particularly to the 87% of the population that isn't black.

Anonymous said...

Watching a show about Compton on A&E. Crips and Bloods, fascinating stuff. The constant narrative being pushed is "income equality and lack of education". The interviewers really seem to believe that an education is the key to stemming black violence. All the while the negros are posturing and bragging about their thuggish behavior. When the camera goes off of the negros, to some studio filled with White women and beta White males, the blame is placed on White flight. Apparently the blacks themselves are not at fault. White flight was just racism purposely done to harm blacks, to withdraw tax money from Compton.

The blacks on this particular show all seem to be mentally retarded. Like children. There is absolutely nothing that can be done to civilize them as they genuinely enjoy destruction, they are having the time of their lives rapping and boasting of violence. I'd have to guess the IQ range amongst them is probably hovering around 75-80, at the most.

Anonymous said...

Steve Sailer has had some posts on this. The objective is to move dysfunctional Negroes from highly valuable real estate for the benefit of the .01% and transfer the burden to white suburbs and small towns. I think pressure is being exerted on Dubuque, Iowa to accept violent Chicago Negroes, the type that made Milwaukee what it is today.

Anonymous said...

Government overreach = government tyranny = communism.

If Trump is not elected this country will... the Soros, Rothschild, Bush, etc elite globalist communists.

The Uniparty is still illegally trying to get rid of Trump.

Please Please Everyone, help Trump by talking to people and help them see why Trump is what we need, volunteer for his campaign, write letters (can do it anonymously by using Remailer) to anyone and everyone (corrupt politicians, corrupt mayors and police chiefs, newspapers, magazines, etc) and let them know that Americans do not appreciate the way Trump is treated and smeared, nor how his supporters are attacked while mayors tell the police to do nothing. Tell them we know Clinton is being protected by politicians and the media.
Tell your Congress and Senate representatives that they better quit working against Trump and start showing strong support and that we don't appreciate their silence when paid commie thugs are beating up innocent citizens for expressing their rights. Write watch dog groups about concerns about dirty election in November and tell your representatives that November election better be clean.
We have to help Trump any way we can. The corrupt Uniparty needs to know they are being watched and we will work hard to fire them any way we can.

I honestly wish the men and women in uniform would get together and arrest their top brass, then arrest Obama, Biden, Clinton, most of the Congress and Senate for treason and sedition against the U.S.A. Then take control until November elections and make sure the election is clean, between Trump and Sanders and the drug addicts in the Libertarian joke party.

The military needs to arrest Soros, Bush family, and many other elites for treason and other crimes.

Do your part and help Trump. The traitors in DC need to know we are watching and that we know that they are destroying the country for greed and power.

NY Girl said...

My county! And my kick-ass County Executive! Now, if only the local bleeding hearts, who swear we need affordable housing because "my son/daughter can't afford to live here!" would wake up and smell the coffee.

Anonymous said...

Oh yea! Sh*t gettings reals, yo!

Locking horns with HUD and shutting down AFFH is a direct frontal attack on the orc hordes; a smack across the shit demons' snouts with Trump's velvet glove. A final duel to the death.

Yet another reason to go all in on Trump. This is where the battle line is drawn now.

Cancel AFFH. Shut down HUD COMPLETELY. End any and all programs/laws based on race. Allow Americans to associate freely. Shrink the government and let states decide things like welfare, Section Ape, etc.

Go Trump!!

Anonymous said...

This ought to get Hillary a few more votes,...and the Trump a few million more votes.
2017 End Of An Error!


PB said...

Trump may be coming, but Diebold and "Chosen" money and influence will ensure that Hillary comes faster and harder. You can vote all you like for Trump, but you don't get to "count" the votes, and that's where the money-shot lies.

Lynn Munoz said...

I really hope Trump is elected and then gets rid of at least two of these useless governmental agencies that cause nothing but problems - HUD and Dept. of Education. But I'm not holding my breath that Congress will support him.

Anonymous said...

I'm witnessing with dismay an advance guard of crispy conquistadors taking apartments throughout my once-nogless neighborhood. Pricey rents deterred them for decades, but I strongly suspect AFFH has spiked numerous section 8 "oppatoonuhtees" hereabouts.

OT, here's a satisfying tale of defiant bravery at gunpoint for anyone needing a slice of encouragement. Gotta love those feisty Asian-Americans!

The King of All Crackers said...

This crap from HUD has been going on for a long time especially in multi unit properties. The founding fathers never imagined big government controlling arcane zoning laws and building codes to do wealth distribution and social engineering. Government housing has been a disaster with it artificially raising market rents in Section 8 areas. An area zoned for one acre lots could now be forced by the federal government to be high density housing and the community at large can pay for the increased costs in education, social services and decreased property values. This might be the most important election in the history of this country, Please vote for Trump in 2016 and encourage all your family friends and neighbors to do the same. The country needs a leader and not a leftist puppet.

Gilbert T. Whyte said...

And Iowa's liberal Gannett Newspaper of Record had indulged in great hand-wringing of late, over "racial tensions" in Dubuque. Wanna take a guess at to which group is assigned exactly zero blame here?

Anonymous said...

HUD is probably the most corrupt agency in our corrupt federal govt. good luck Trump.

Euro American said...

Trump is John snow, then? Outsider. Nobody thought he was even in the running for the iron throne. Bernie is the Sparrow. Hillary is, hmmm, that annoying guy who had everyone killed at the red wedding? (That was just based on personality and voice.) are at a rap event. And a "fracas" breaks out. Two rap groups throw chairs at each other and one makes the "shooting gun to the head" pantomime from the stage at the other group.

The fisticuffs spill into the street as the bouncers close the joint.

As a "young girl" (insert picture of water buffalo) do you
A. Arrive at your car and go immediately home or
B. Arrive at your car and drive around 'til you find one of the feuding rap groups to hang out with on a city street.

Constitutionalist56 said...

Good for Donald,

We need to take away all benefits to the 'groids and grifters EVERYWHERE.

If you have sucked the public teat for 5 years or more; all benefits should be retracted until you have been in a full time job for at least ten years!

I like to call Section 8 "Low Income, High Crime Housing".

As soon as the dindunuffin's move in, the entire neighborhood starts declining, the property values plummet and the drugs and gangs take over.

If you shift that city crap to the places that all the upstanding citizens moved to then you ruin entire communities. I live in a great bedroom community in upstate New York and the 'groids and their infected spawn are trying to come here except there is little low income housing and that is the only thing keeping porchmonkies from overrunning our town.

Fed Up in Middle America said...

"Gilbert T. Whyte said...

And Iowa's liberal Gannett Newspaper of Record had indulged in great hand-wringing of late, over "racial tensions" in Dubuque. Wanna take a guess at to which group is assigned exactly zero blame here?

June 10, 2016 at 6:10 AM"

I was driving through Dubuque on US 52 just a month or so ago and I could've sworn someone was shooting a Tarzan movie. I had heard it was getting bad, but I had no idea it was that bad.

Anonymous said...

I'm ready to pack up the BMW X 5 and head across the mighty Mackinac bridge. People on this site always ask and wonder where to flee. Perhaps it's Michigans upper peninsula. Cold but white. Maybe when you get to a place that's still relatively remote you are able to tune out the hell that has become Obama's America. They can try to move them to the u.p. but I can't see blacks going willingly.

Anonymous said...

NBC is showing the Clinton family home in North West Washington D.C. . Section eight would fit in nicely there. Bill and Hillary should have the pleasure of diversity in their backyard. It's funny but I never see the elite rulers with vibrant neighbors. Actually they are "gentrifying" the blacks right out of D.C.

Anonymous said...

If negroes are "equal" to Whites, why must they have White neighbors to succeed?


My wife and I are in the process of selling our beautiful suburban home because we learned that the Gubmit is planning on building low income housing a few miles from us. We are probably going to take a 40% hit on the value of our home, and we're just glad it isn't 50%- yet.

We are scouting towns to move to and our #1 factor is how White it is, and how White the schools are. We will happily trade our huge 5 bedroom 3 bathroom home with a huge yard for a 2 bedroom single level home in a White town. It looks like we will be living in Indiana. I found a very small 98% White rural town with no apartments, no public transportation, and no fast food. It's like my Heaven. Even IF AFFH and HUD wanted to move negroes in the negroes wouldn't want to be here. It's like Mayberry. Corn fields everywhere, and actual tractors driving on the roads frequently.

I guess what we're doing is White flight, it feels like White freedom.

Anonymous said...

To all blacks; the suburbs of America were designed, built, and occupied for the purpose of getting whitey away from 'vibrant diversity. Get it? We drive an hour to work so that we don't have to raise our families watching the never ending shuck and jive. You don't like us and we don't like you. Junior high simple!

dc.sunsets said...

Rockford IL already received a big chunk of people when Chicago's high rise projects were razed.

Today, Rockford is the 5th most violent city in the USA >100k & (of course) #1 in Illinois.

Anonymous said...

he better be. to ALL these asshole illegals and foreign nationals who have a problem with US?

Why drink the water
from my hand?
Contagious as you think I am…
Just tilt my sun towards
your domain.
Your cup runneth over again.
~Collective Soul, December
AMERICA, TURN YOUR HEAD.. NOW BABY, JUST SPIT THEM OUT! ~sentiment via ‘Collective Soul’. .
TRUMP 2016.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have knowledge of the state of New Jersey encouraging their welfare recipients to relocate to Pennsylvania? Supposedly welfare workers are showing that welfare monies go further in Pennsylvania. Lower cost of living and generous benefits make P.A. a desirable move. I'm sure this is going on in other states as well.

Anonymous said...

Re: Compton/Crips & Bloods. I lived in L.A. and worked with some negroes from the Compton/Inglewood/Watts area back in the early 80's. They said that even in the 70's when they were in high school, it was nothing to be walking to school and see a dead body laying under an overpass or in an empty lot or field. I was also informed that if anyone came to a stoplight or stop sign and a group of said jerks were crossing the road, the rule was to not look at them or they'd use that as an excuse to launch an attack for "disrespecting" them. Apparently, the rule was to keep your head down and avert your eyes.

They also told stories of how there were stores where no one was allowed to enter. Instead, even children had to pass their money through a barred window, tell the clerk what they wanted and then and only then would they receive the item. Apparently, theft was so extreme it was the only way the stores could protect themselves and survive. I found all that hard to believe until one day I saw an article with accompanying photos of negro children doing exactly that.

40+ years and endless programs later and things have improved so much for the negroes, haven't they? The only thing that surprises me is that we haven't seen mobs of negroes running through the streets with machetes and spears but I guess access to modern weapons precludes that from happening.

Mr.L's Tavern said...

As a person who lives in Westchester County, NY, this is great news. A brief history to how the county got here. When Obama was first elected, Mike Spano who was a patriarchal figure in a decades long political dynasty of the Spano family in Westchester, was the County Executive. Spano, a Democrat, was running for re-election for I believe it was a third term. Spano caved to Obama and HUD and approved the original agreement for public housing all over the county.
Residents were not happy with Spano and in the fall of 2009, they voted in a young, pro life, pro gun Republican. Remember where we are. Westchester County... the most liberal of counties in NY State. That's how pissed repub, independents and dems were pissed at Spano for doing what he did.
Sadly, Astorino was not looking to reverse the order for housing. Instead, he agreed to go along with what Spano put in motion as he really didn't want to get tied up in litigation for something that Spano imposed on the county and it's residents.
But then, doing what Obama and his thugs in hud and the rest of them in this criminal administration do, they went a step further. While the plans were being made for the housing to be built, the Obamaites began changing the terms of the agreement.
Think Darth Vader in Empire "I'm altering the deal, pray I don't alter it any further."
ObamaHud began demanding that zoning rules in Westchester, not only should change, but they should be scrapped entirely!
Then ObamaHUD took at least a half a million dollars that was supposed to go to development of the housing units and used it to advertise the housing, not to those in need of public housing within the county, but to people living in the South Bronx and other shit bag areas of the five boroughs. Such a thing was never in the original agreement and residents and Astorino found these demands and misappropriation of the funds to be insane and Astorino began fighting ObamaHud.
Astorino won re-election in a landslide not seen for a republican candidate here in God knows when. He lost his bid for Governor but had impressive turnout for him state wide and now plans to run for a third term as he believes he should to keep the fight going. So it must be a light at the end of the tunnel for him to hear Trump talking the way he is.

This area, Westchester County, has a lot of history of dealing with BRA. It really all started with the City of Yonkers in the 1980s when a federal Carter appointed judge, under demands from the NAACP, declared the school system segregated and was ordered to have public busing transportation so that the black and hispanic children could get "a good education." It was a colossal waste of money and did not show any improvement in the way that kids learn.
Then the judge declared that the East side of Yonkers--- a side of the city which became a bedroom community in the 1960s and 1970s for whites who white flighted it out of the Bronx as it slowly became a shit hole--- as segregated. The judge claimed that, because all of the public housing, which was originally put up during the New Deal era and was populated with white European working class poor immigrants, was racist because the only occupants there in the 1980s were black and hispanic and they too deserved to live on the nice side of town with the whites.
Of course like with every red diaper bleeding heart liberal, the Judge lived in Pound Ridge, 40 mins north of Yonkers, and to this day probably only has 3 blacks living there.
His ruling nearly tore the city apart. In the end Judge Sand, who many Yonkers residents still to this day refer to as Judge Dirt, got his way and low income housing still stands in the seven different townhouse style sites around the east side of town.
For more information on this I suggest this documentary
and this hilarious but informative Morton Downey Jr. show:

Anonymous said...

Thanks! None of the rest of us here ever visit Drudge Report!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Trump said he will rebuild the inner city! Info wars has a video of Trump speaking about his policies over a thirty year period, where he has been constant in his views. Therefore I can see him pulling back HUD, because there will be no need to move section 8 clients to White Suburbs if he rebuild the inner city. He will probably bring back public housings to house the disadvantage population(Due to low IQ and violent behavior). It will be easier to control and contain the violence to one area, it will be a camp, you know like a Fema camp without the name. It will have a nice name like Cabrini Green Housing Projects.

Willie from Naperville

Anonymous said...

Very interesting if true, but the devil's in the details. It'd be even more interesting to hear Trump say it himself, and hear him give his reasons for opposing AFFH. Could that be done without appearing "racist"? Trump's agreement that putting communist agitator Rosa Parks on the $10 bill, and saying that putting Harriet Tubman on our currency is also a "fantastic idea", shows that there are very clear limits to just how politically incorrect he's willing to become. Trump's the archetype for what Kevin MacDonald would call "implicit whiteness", a white racism that dare not say it's name. But unless that implicit whiteness can get bold enough to become explicit, it can never, and will never, be able to stand up for itself effectively. I suspect Trump will say he opposes it because it will be bad for negroes, which is the standard, remarkably unconvincing and ineffective Republican method for opposing anything having to do with negroes, from welfare to Affirmative Action. In fact, that's exactly the argument made by Republican Senator Mike Lee back in May of this year:

It's the sort of BS for which the Republicans are infamous. Will Trump just do more of the same, or does he herald a change in direction to explicit racism? That's the only real question here. Whites can only save themselves if they are willing to explicitly try to do so. "Implicit whiteness" hasn't been enough, and will never be enough.

Anonymous said...

OT: Another reporter attacked LIVE ON-THE-AIR. Guess who the culprit is?

Vox Day has the details....

PS My "Give-a-shit-o-meter" pegged out at 0.01 after seeing this.

ejit said...

Trump has these great ideas, and is very animated about how it will fix things.
10 minutes later he's on to something else.

If he's elected don't expect any of that stuff to get done.
The best I hope for is that his win prevents that wretch Clinton creature from burning the place to the ground.

Anonymous said...

Aim center mass at HUD and give it all you got. That department must be fully exposed, humiliated, targeted, and eliminated.

Get to work...

Anonymous said...

OT: AACK! Cassius Clay funeral on every major television station.

White enablers fawning all over Clay.

Bird of Paradise said...

I do believe that the miserble little worm Andrew Coumo headed HUD under Clinton the Traitors rule

Anonymous said...

PJ Media is declaring war on alt-right

Hilarious stuff in the comments.

We might be seeing a major shift here.

Anonymous said...

I was in the service in the 70s and 80s. During the mid-80s, I was stationed in the Washington DC area. This was when it was "Feces City"(They called it "Chocolate City", but I like my nickname for it better)Crackhead Berry was mayor.

Sometimes we worked through weekends and would get a Monday off. My then girlfriend was a student who worked part time and had most Mondays off. We'd head to Ocean City MD sometimes-from DC east on Route 50. Along the way even in DC were a lot of old mom and pop motels. People used to stay there traveling before the interstate Now the area was dark and no sane traveler would stop there.

The DC government couldn't find room in the projects for all the freeloading bongos, so they leased these motels and put the boonies in them. Driving past at 10 AM you'd see therse scum sitting outside smoking and drinking, while the freaking motel maids cleaned their rooms. The paper quoted one critic as saying for the number of people in the raggedy motels and the money the city was paying it would have been cheaper to give the moolies vouchers to the Ritz Carlton.

Oh yeah, same time there was a groid b!tch-had 9 kids from 4 different sperm suppliers-shwe was w/ a boyfriend who hadn't spawned any of the kids. 11 "people"-that was too big to be in the projects, so they built a fukkin' townhouse-a brick one, for these slimebags to stay. Just for them.

Anonymous said...

I'll believe it when I see it. Even if Trump wins, does anyone think it would be more than just a four year reprieve? I say just vote for Hillary and try to fast forward to the inevitable end..Armed Conflict..

Sick n' Tired said...

How long before these types of fines are handed out here in the States, as a way to add to the coffers being rapidly depleted by welfare and every other gibs program?

Nightowl2548 said...

Here in Champaign the Ghetto is bound on the North by Interstate 74 and then nothing but shopping districts and office parks on the other side of 74. Most of the development has been sensibly to the far south and west edge of town, but they also built some huge fancy apartment complexes on the cornfield edge of the north side past the shopping malls hoping it was far enough away. One of the complexes started taking section 8 and every time I drive by I see "Precious" type mamas waiting for the bus and little niglets out playing. The place had a HUGE fire on memorial day and one whole building burnt down. They interviewed the residents and it was nothing but ghetto blacks. The investigators solved the mystery, the fire was started by two little unattended 7 year olds playing with sparklers in a unit on the first floor. No identification of who they were nor any disciplinary action due to their age.

Philadelphia Mike said...

Okay....this is really total BS.

"Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" has a negro female play the role of Hermione Granger...and she is married to Ron Weasley. Their child is a very dark picaninny...not even a mulatto.

I think that there should be a movie made about Harriet Tubman...and have a blonde haired blue eyed White woman play the role of the old black lady (Harriet Tubman)who followed the drinking gourd...or even better, a tiger mom type Oriental woman. Let's see how the hypermelanotic species would react to that!

The world has gone insane.

Philadelphia Mike

Anonymous said...

I think that behind closed doors, the Jews actually support Trump over Hillary. He is more pro Israel than she is.

Anonymous said...

This HUD program is an abomination and an affront to liberty in its most basic sense. Not only does it force municipalities to accept gutter trash from the cities, it forces the municipalities to actively promote it, i.e., say things that they do not mean. It is about time that Trump took on issues like this and stand up for the right of free association.

Brian in Ohio said...

Anonymous said...

Steve Sailer has had some posts on this. The objective is to move dysfunctional Negroes from highly valuable real estate for the benefit of the .01% and transfer the burden to white suburbs and small towns.

June 10, 2016 at 1:58 AM

I believe this is the case. The trick to real estate is to buy it cheap. And you wont find it any cheaper than with a negro squatting on it.

So they buy it for nothing and ship all the blacks out. And by no coincidence, once there are no blacks in the area, it suddenly becomes a desirable place to live. Go figure. This is nothing more than a real estate scam.

The answer to all your questions in life is money.

stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

This article is exactly why the old white guys (who still possessed a pair of balls) at my university referred to African-American Studies, Women's Studies, etc., as programs with only one occupational outcome: The burgeoning "victim" industry. Be formally educated in how your demographic was oppressed by YT, and just watch Google, Yahoo, and everyone else fall all over themselves to apologize while "da benjamins" start rolling in:

'Three black teenagers' Google search sparks outrage

General Ripper

Anonymous said...

"And you dont want to be a racist." I know you were being facetious, but many people are waking up to so-called racism.

The good thing about the left's constant cries of racism over the last decade is they've killed the value of the word racism. Recently, I've been seeing people, when confronted with the word "racist" over their beliefs and opinions, responding with "so what? I guess I am!" The left has turned into the boy who cried wolf, except they're the boys who cried racism. When they call innocuous statements racist at every turn, they've killed the word for those who were on the fence of their leftist agenda. My mother has voted Democrat from nearly 50 years, and recently she said, "these criminals are really getting out of control." To which I replied, "you mean black people?" She said, "you shouldn't say things like that." I asked her if I was wrong, and even my mother, a woman who's supported the Democrats for five decades, agreed that blacks are out of control. Black fatigue is slowly coming to fruition. It'll reach a boiling point sooner than later.

Anonymous said...

Considering castro is one of her supposed running mates, I'd say clinton is highly in favor of AFFH, as long as it doesn't come to her Chappaqua neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Trump wins, civil war, Hitlery wins, civil war, either way, civil war is coming, thanks to the groids.

Anonymous said...

Chicongo, STL, Baltimore, Indy, Memphis, Detroit, etc. they all get a bad Rap!

Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is who would be stupid enough to rent their $300,000 hose to section eight monkeys?. It only takes a ghetto family a year or so to make a house unlivable. Once you accept a voucher it will be near impossible to get them out as long as the rent is paid.

Mich Mike

Anonymous said...

Liberal journalist who had defended Chicago is thinking about leaving

I guess everyone has their breaking point. What a freaking nut job though for raising kids there.

rex freeway said...

This is a signature Obozo move. He isn't looking to help Negroes. He is jabbing his thumbs into White taxpayers eyes. Taxpayers who scrimped and saved and did not make bad decisions or break the law at every turn. They did these things to stay away from the oxygen thieves Obama wants to transplant. No wonder Obama supports Hillary. Trump is making him nervous. All of his socialist plans will be undone. And the world will see what we have all along. The worst president ever. And I love it

O'Hoolix said...

I live in Westchester, NY and this is pleasant news.

Anonymous said...

God I cant wait until Trump takes power, then we shall see some fine ebony citizens crying and wringing their hands they they now have to work, and cant afford to live where humans do. Causes dey gotses no EBT, Welfare Checks, AFDC, WIC, Section 8,..........Time for America to work her welfare negroes.

Anonymous said...

Would love to have a SBPDL readers discussion forum. So many smart folks here.

Anonymous said...

Trump needs to let American women voters know how savage the groids really are and that Hillary will let the savages out of prison to rape and kill them and their kids. I hope he is working on his own Willie Horton ad and focus on the best time to release it to grab a big chunk of the Human female vote. Do that and he is in.

Maybe focus on the Indiana pastor's wife who was recently raped and killed in her home by n*ggers? She was pregnant too. A perfect case to highlight nationally. Tell her story, show their snouts, and say Hillary will release these animals and her policies will put them in Human communities via HUD and AFFH.

All true. Get nasty Donald. Harness the enormous energy out there based in fear and hatred of the groid. Just be smart.

10mm AUTO said...

This is the best news....Christmas comes Early.

This shows he knows what he is doing and is listening to the people (or his staff is, but whatever). This will give us a little more time to prepare, as a Trump Administration will do everything in its power to swing the Wheel of State hard over and bring about "better Government", but we are far past the tipping point where one man, even a President, can put things back on track (like Detroit). There is too much inertia, to much bureaucratic investment, to really get Government under control.

For Example: Rudy G. did a good job with cleaning up New York, which then was allowed to go back to the base course of destruction under (((Michael Bloomberg))), and now we have the total cucked De Blasio and his negress wife and hellspawn.

So we have another four years. Unless the She-Hag gets in and then it will be "Game On". The first thing she will do is work out a nice "Gun Control" package like Australia and the American Civil War III will start. Europe looks like they are going to beat us to it, though. Their Marxists have put toxic muslims right up in peoples faces, and the horrors are already hitting the news. The rape gangs going after little girls, the children at school being targeted, its awful.

Luck to Trump and God Bless him.

White Homeland! Northwest Front!

Anonymous said...

I don't know where to put this but I would like to say this....My daughters graduation was yesterday and being I live in CT,which is sad,I know,but I am so disgusted with how grown white male adults act now.And these people were from he Board of Ed for our towns schools.I mean this guy was the HEAD of the education board and he of course interjects a political pro Obama BS speech,well a small quote from him but nonetheless ,pathetic.Also he brings up that he sees lawn signs around our town that say "Make America Great Again" Trump signs,as you know.He says I don't know about making America great again America is already great.Then he uses his Obama quote about "dream big" and reads off these letters that 1st graders wrote to Obama asking him certain questions ,which were pathetic and meant to instill some kind of guilt trip.Anyway,he goes on and on then when he ends his speech he drops the mic on purpose,like is some badass ,like those black thug rappers do,I mean what an embarrassing display.I am so sick and tired of white friggin people acting and emulating pathetic black ghetto rap "culcha".I mean these idiot liberal white weak males always have to act "black" now.In the way they talk or their mannerisms.It is just pathetic.And blacks just laugh and know what a joke white males are now.

Paintjob Theory said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the ONLY way the feds can coerce local municipalities to participate in this by getting them to accept various handouts?

This can be solved on the local level by taking your local representatives to task demanding they take NO handouts. If you don't grab the bait you won't get the hook.

All you folks that think Trump is some great white hope, or shaking up the establishment are going to be in for a massive disappointment. Like all politicians before him, he will promise the world and deliver nothing. Best case scenario nothing changes but the rhetoric. Many worse case scenarios include us getting our way on a bunch of things and then some intentional sabotage so that the usual suspects can come along and say "well we tried things your way and look what happened."

The mob is incredibly easy to manipulate. EVERYTHING you see in the media is propaganda and mind control as is every public statement from the establishment.

Anonymous said...

I can see that this policy is being promoted in my city-once a semi-rural place where negroes were seldom seen. The township leaders were greedy for developer money,though, and allowed huge apartment complexes to be built all over-now I see Section Apes everywhere, and all the usual crime and mayhem that follows them is showing up here,too. I doubt I can move, and I worry about growing old in an area infested with negroes.

Anonymous said...

How many white people get Section 8? In NYC it's controlled by the Indians as in the third world country. Now the commissioner is a Nigerian woman. That should let you know that something is seriously wrong. Civil Service is dominated by immigrants, you don't have to be legal to get a job with civil service. They take out their anger on whites when they go to apply for government benefits. I would be happy to see all Section 8 taken away from illegal immigrants and given to white citizens.

Anonymous said...

Constitutionalist56, I have an idea that might be simpler.

Groids are in the main wards of the state, incapable of so much as feeding themselves without vast public subsidies.

Want that EBT card? Sign these papers, in which you:

1. Agree to permanent surgical sterilization, to be carried out the same day or the next day.

2. Permanently renounce your US citizenship and get an ID card with a red border identifying you as a ward of the state. Taxpayers vote. Wards of the state do not, nor do they own firearms or other weapons, and in the event that they are found in possession of same, or otherwise involved in violent crime--such as, for example, being found in possession of narcotics, which supports the highly violent drug trade--can be repatriated permanently to Liberia at the option of the sentencing judge. Other offenses that can result in repatriation include but are not limited to public intoxication, disorderly conduct, vagrancy, vandalism, taking part in events such as "protest marches" that have the intent to intimidate, or any other destructive activities that may seem sufficient and appropriate at the time.

Citizens have rights. Wards of the state have whatever privileges the taxpayers choose to extend to them this week, which can be withdrawn at any moment, with or without notice, with or without cause.

In five years there wouldn't be a 'groid or a wetback left in the country. And the sterilizations would help mitigate the current unsustainable population growth in both regions. Remember, spay or neuter your pets.

Like these ideas? How about also revoking the statehood of failed states and reverting them to the status of "territory?" The criteria would be a history of demanding Federal bailout money, as a sign that they are incapable of running their own affairs or administering the social contract. They no longer have representation in Congress, nor would they vote in Presidential elections. They get a territorial governor appointed by the President, until such time as they can get their affairs in order and petition for readmission to the Union as States, to be permitted only with a 75% supermajority vote of both houses of Congress plus Presidential approval. New York, obviously, would be first on the list, followed by California, Michigan, Illinois...

Anonymous said...

HUD ruined the towns my wife and I grew up in. The Section Ape fiasco allowed all those absentee landlords with no vested interest in the community to buy up housing and turn it over to the low life negro.Once beautiful streets and neighborhoods now look like tribal villages of that God forsaken Africa., complete with chickens and other livestock roaming the sidewalks.

We are voting for Trump because w believe he will finally rid us of those government agencies that cater to these inferior races.

Wayne and His Wife

D-FENS said...

(hope this PSA makes it past the administrator)

I am always advocating using the NYT demographic maps when visiting unfamiliar areas. I thought I performed due diligence when visiting Salem County NJ last week. The township where my hotel was located was 95% White and only 1.5% negro. Sounds OK, right?

I was surprised at the number of negroes working at the hotel and the surrounding restaurants.

Then I had running shoes stolen from my room the day before I was scheduled to check out. I am convinced they were not thrown out mistakenly as trash and that the housekeeping staff had to be involved. Gee, I wonder what race would steal athletic shoes? Have to ponder that one.

I had neglected to account for two factors:

1. Employees for low level service jobs are often drawn from outside the "safe" immediate area. The cities of Salem, NJ and Wilmington, DE are not far away and have large numbers of negroes just begging to work to achieve the American Dream.

2. Several states and municipalities have adopted "Ban The Box" legislation that prohibits, hinders or restricts employers from inquiring about "justice system involvement". NJ is one such state. (The rest can be found at: ).

In the future, I will decline hotel housekeeping and keep the "Do Not Disturb" sign hung when I am not present. If I need housekeeping services I will simply ask the front desk to send someone up to bring what I need, exchange towels, etc. when I am present.

If vacationing with a large group that intends an extended stay at one hotel, i would switch rooms every few days if possible.

Even with these precautions, never leave anything you value in plain sight in the hotel room.

An additional upside to taking these measures is a reduction in the need for housekeeping service personnel which will reduce job opportunities for negroes and mestizos.

It's a Win/Win all around!

Anonymous said...

One show which (unintentionally) broadcasts TNB is "Kitchen Nightmares" hosted by Gordon Ramsay--when the subject is some black-run soul food restaurant (usually in New Jersey or Atlanta). Every restaurant featured on the show has a filthy kitchen and equipment that needs to be cleaned. In this particular black restaurant, the oven and utensils were so dirty and so broken, the show went out of their way to buy them brand new state of the art ovens and fryers. (And it looked like the show physically washed the kitchen rather than Ramsay making the staff do it.) Of course, instead of gratitude for the thousands of dollars of new stuff, the first thing out of the owner's mouth (a typical loud fat black woman) was, "Where's my wok at?", referring to the cheap electric wok she had placed on top of her broken oven that she had been using to cook in.

And it's only with these black restaurants that the show doesn't end on an optimistic note. It's funny to see Ramsay end the show exasperated and saying, "I don't think this is going to turn out well" after the black woman owner refuses to change her attitude, after the new equipment in the kitchen is filthy and malfunctioning after two days, and the fact that even if the restaurant was top-notch, how much business are they going to do in a black neighborhood?

Mr. Clean said...

This "Daily Beast" article is listed as a source (and thus as a linked footnote) for Trump's wikipedia page:

DOJ: Trump’s Early Businesses Blocked Blacks

Like the jerks who are arranging those "protests" at Trump's rallies, whoever put that on Trump's wikipedia page probably doesn't realize how much it helps Trump's cause.

Ex-Brooklynite said...

All spending bills originate in the House of Representatitves, which controls the budget. Since January, 2011, this has been under the control of the Republican Party, which has continued to fund HUD. Why do we need Trump?

Pat Boyle said...

"EBT Card Outage? 8 Days Into June And Many Americans Are Still Waiting For Food Stamp Money"

There are several reasons why a government data processing organization will always be less reliable and subject to more break downs than one in private industry. Just trust me, I've run both. I used to be responsible for seeing that the Food Stamps got mailed out on time. I did that for years.

But fortunately if EBT replenishment is late - it's not much of a problem. FEMA recommends that everyone keep two weeks of emergency food on hand. In a real catastrophe like a hurricane or earthquake you lose power and water also. But if the EBT is just late you still have lights and running water.

If the EBT is late - just eat what's in your refrigerator and cabinets. In my downstairs refrigerator I have maybe thirty or forty microwavable burritos I keep for the yard workers. I never eat those things myself but I would if I had too. But I also have many dozens of cans of corned beef hash, chili, and ravioli. They last forever because I eat a couple each month and get new ones. There is no need for MREs or expensive survivalist specialty food.

Blacks of course don't prepare. If the EBT machines stop even for just a couple weeks - expect riots and shooting.


Anonymous said...

And of course, Hillary and Romney are attacking Trump as "racist." And how many blacks live near Hillary or Romney?

And why do so many live in small towns or suburbs to get away from this crud?

Ameica needs a shake up. Not 4 more years of "hope & change."

Anonymous said...

Minority trash, hell bent to destroy YT do not have to fight us in the streets. They’re now sitting in every local, state and federal levels of government wearing white shirts ties and suits. They’re shoved forward by their many supporters and soaking up those ridicules salaries as they plan and execute our demise. There’s not even a need to hide it anymore.

If your weary of this country’s inefficiency and corrupt scandals. That’s about as far as you’re going to get. Voting is just a distraction.

We call it negro fatigue. A well organized human wave of destruction designed to destroy YT and financed with your tax dollar. We seem to accept these suicidal policies an actions without much of a fight.

Nothing short of a revolution will change a thing.

Pat Boyle said...

The whole housing issue is based on another reversal of causality fallacy. If you do a survey of American neighborhoods you will find that in the best neighborhoods you have sober, hard working people. People who work and save to buy a house tend to be stable law abiding folks.

But if you go to black neighborhoods they usually have less good housing. So your average brain dead liberal seeing this concludes that if the poor people had better housing they would be better citizens.

Yes that's backwards. I know that, and you know that. But your federal government doesn't think so. Your average Democrat liberal who is intent on social engineering thinks if you put a bad family in a good house it will transform them into better people. When I was in Urban Planning I encountered many young fellow grad students who held these kind of goofy opinions. For example, In Columbia Maryland the planners made all the post office letter boxes away from the houses so as to force the residents to walk further and then they were forced to meet their neighbors. The planners thought this was a good way to build community togetherness.

Liberals want to 'engineer' your life and your lifestyle. This is why they want to move unemployed and unemployable black people next door to you. Two generations ago they wanted to fill up your public school with badly behaved and stupid high school students. In both cases the beneficiaries were black.

You pay though your taxes for a lot of government, but lately it seems to have declared a social war on it's responsible citizenry. This isn't going to end well. Germany and Sweden have recently let in a lot of unattractive immigrants. The push-back in those nations is just starting. We will be lucky if there does not arise new Nazi movements in Northern Europe.

We will be lucky if we don't have a similar reaction here.


riptapart said...

That makes me feel sympathetic White family that fell on hard times and is trying to get back up. The rest of them, I either don't care or rejoice over their troubles.

Anonymous said...

Katy, Texas is a suburb of Houston, inconveniently located to the far west on Interstate 10.

It's not inconvenient enough, however. At a special event at a local water park this week, "teens" rioted, groped young girls and employees, threw water on musical acts booked for the event, and destroyed property with graffiti.

The event, which was supposed to be an overnighter for 5th to 12th-graders with the park closed and locked "for safety" was emptied by the cops after a few hours.

The comments sections on local media are telling. There are a fair number of "insensitive" remarks, and of course the responses from the righteous calling them racists.

However, few are rushing to agree with SJW defenders of these negroes. Most in fact, are in agreement.

Anonymous said...

pretzel logic---

Obama Generously Gives Homeowners A Bailout

If you owe less than $625,000 on your home, use Obama's Refi Program. You'll be amazed when you see how much you can save.

--at yahoo page

rex freeway said...

Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) When forcing Whitey to let Negroes live in their hoods isn't enough. Section-8 housing in gated and or upper class neighborhoods Ain't happening. Don't give a damn what Obama and the brain damaged liberals think. Everyone knows what happened the first time around.

Anonymous said...

My favorite part of the Crazy Wings video was the beginning, where the Affirmative Action anchor says: "An armed robbery turned dangerous when the owner fought back...."

I guess that means dangerous for the armed robber.

It actually looked like the scene from the Tom Hanks movie, "The Lady killers" when the two Vibrants try to rob the donut shop owned by the Vietnamese general.

I was expecting the guy who came out of the back to stick his fingers in the nog's oversized nostrils.

Anonymous said...

I watched it as well. The contrast between when it was a nice white suburb to what it is now, is startling. Let the libs and coddlers explain that one.

Anonymous said...

FL here, we are wall to wall coverage of the massacre. They knew from the get go it was a muzzie.
Trump just won the election. Hillary is still celebrating Ramadan

Anonymous said...

Omar just got Trump elected.


Anonymous said...

Is Romney the sorest loser in US history? We have deluded liberals leading the country and this guy is obsessed with Trump?

I also don't buy for one second that he is Mormon. He is just a blue blood who pretends to be religious for social reasons.

The guy has zero humility and is one of the most spiteful politicians I have ever seen. He's also a scummy liar who hires illegals and pretends to be a hunter.

Would someone please tell the "lifelong varmint hunter" to go away?

Jeff in Palm Springs said...

AFFH was never about integrating all neighborhoods, but about race-mixing all the middle and lower classes. Gated, majority White areas will remain so. I live in one. There is maybe 1% Black or Mulatto, but they are heavily policed. Really, I don't feel any threat from a retired Black federal judge living nearby, but do I want legions of Shitavious types in my area? Absolutely not.

AFFH depends on receiving HUD money. If you don't take the HUD cash, you don't get legions of Black undertow. Still, there are ways around it. You can take HUD cash if you allow a home for mentally ill adults, or a couple of continuous care facilities. Those installations are quiet and serve the federal governments needs for "compassion" and "serving special groups" without wholesale busing in the nig-nogs.

Whitey adapts; moves away and finds ways to avoid the groid.

Anonymous said...

Pat writes: "We will be lucky if there does not arise new Nazi movements in Northern Europe.

We will be lucky if we don't have a similar reaction here."

Boy, wouldn't that be horrible. But there's really nothing to worry about because most white people think like you.

Anonymous said...

America's Muslim community would like to speak out and condemn tomorrow's mass casualty terrorist attack.

Peace be with you.

Unless you are an unbeliever. Then you must be killed.

That is all.

Pat Boyle said...

Events are running past us faster than anyone expected. The morning we don't worry so much about Trump waging war on HUD as we do if Trump will wage war on Islam. I don't like homosexuality in fact I would like to do away with it altogether. Exclusive male homosexuality is - I'm fairly sure - an infectious disease. We should find a cure. We should not allow Muslims to slaughter our homosexuals.

There is a lot of loose talk about our being at war. If that is so, when can we expect some sort of retaliation? As I understand military history - if the enemy strikes you - you strike them back.

The Obama Doctrine is that we are a large nation so we can endure these periodic attacks with a few score people killed every month or so. I reject that passive approach and I hope Donald Trump does also.

We could for instance simply outlaw Islam - here and elsewhere. Jefferson and Franklin had grave doubts about Islam. And of course our first military action after the Revolution was war against the Muslim states of North Africa. FDR had the Japanese interned in the California desert with far less provocation than we have already suffered from Islam.

One solution we should immediately pursue is fracking. When George Bush responded to 9/11 he attacked Iraq not Saudi Arabia. We don't yet know why he did that, but it's possible that he feared to endanger our oil supplies. But today if we aggressively exploit our own resources we could be energy independent. With enough fracking and other advanced oil extraction techniques we could feel free to strike back at any oil nation when we are attacked. Or we could pursue a forward strategy and press home our military advantages pre-emptively. That means we could invade and occupy the oil fields of whatever Middle East nation we cared to. Historically Saudi Arabia relied economically on pearl fishing before Americans and the British drilled for oil there. One could argue that it's our oil - or England's.

I'm not an expert on foreign relations but I am smart enough to see that if we are continually attacked by a hostile foreign ideology we need to do something about it. Obama will now once again try to put the nation to sleep. He will probably make another goofy speech about how our greatest threat is from 'Global Warming'.


Anonymous said...

Notice to Tidewater, Virginia SBPDLers: William Hudson has been banned from commenting on stories at He was a staunch mentioner of the Dindu Nuffins tribe, and thier colorful customs. Will had been banned some years earlier under another user name, but this time, they went a Full 1984 on him. ALL of his posts on any and every story have magically disappeared from their archives by their Ministry of Truth.

I mention this here at SBPDL because I know that several regulars here live in the Tidewater (Norfolk, Portsmouth, Va. Beach, etc.) area, and will wonder what happened. For all I know, like our alphabet soupers, minions of "The Virginian Pilot" may also peruse these pages. The full-court liberal press is on, folks. Watch your butts!

Anonymous said...

I have a friend in distress - a White woman of 61. Never married, worked her entire life, relied on no one. She was unknowingly diabetic, passed out while driving and crashed. Broke her arm and totaled her old car, on which she obviously did not carry collision. Unable to perform the data entry job she had recently landed after 2 years of unemployment, unable and not allowed to drive, and with no car to get to work even if she could, she was let go. She is flat broke and can't afford decent medical care for her diabetes and diabetic neuropathy. Can't afford the rent on her apartment of 30+ years.

She was just denied any rent assistance from NJ "social services". The "social services" she financed with her income taxes of 40+ years of working like a White person. The employer would NEVER have DARED to fire her if she were black. Social services would have coughed up money for her rent if she were black. Her medical care would be free if she were black. They would buy her a nice sail foam if she were black. All she gets is some food stamp money (supplemented by my husband and me). Another White victim of the negro plague and their coddlers.

Disgusted and furious, NJ Woman

Anonymous said...

One thing that is for certain Mr Trump knows first hand what affect blacks have on neighborhoods and business.

Blacks and their violence are partly to blame for his business dealings in Atlantic city.

The whole area became to run down and unsafe that nobody chose to go their any longer.
Instead they chose to go to Foxwoods or Mohegun sun where there isn't the fear of begging stabbed or shot for a few bucks or a nice watch

Anonymous said...

Interesting news with the shooting/mass murder at the Florida nightclub-

Islamic terrorist (who the U.S. welcomed with open arms) shoots up a gay Latin nightclub. Wait a minute, aren't Muslims, gays, and Latins all part of Hillary's rainbow kumbaya coalition? I thought diversity was our strength and is what makes America great.

Hillary better find a way to blame this on white males quick, her coalition seems to be unraveling already.

Bill in St Louis said...

Anonymous said...
'Three black teenagers' Google search sparks outrage
General Ripper
June 10, 2016 at 7:15 PM

Buried in there is a simple statement: If black people don't want to be portrayed as criminals, they have to quit doing criminal stuff. Given that this will never happen, then Google will continue to show black mug shots. Lots of them. The irony is delicious, since the MSM has been calling black thugs of all ages "Teens" for quite a while... but of course the algorithm is to blame, not the actual criminal behavior of blacks. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Only greasy deep fried food and bbq sell good in black neighborhoods.

Paintjob Theory said...

" We will be lucky if there does not arise new Nazi movements in Northern Europe. "

We would be lucky if we DO get some white nationalist movements in traditionally white homelands. It's high time for some sensible white identity and nationalistic policies if we are to save western civilization from the onslaught of muds.

While I don't think for a minute that Hitler's flavor of socialism would have panned out any better than Marx's I do believe that he had his finger firmly on the pulse of who was ruining the nations of Europe and many of the nationalist "Our people first and foremost" policy is desperately needed.

Pat Boyle said...

Speaking of public housing for black people I was just reading about the history of Pruitt-Igoe - the huge St. Louis set of high rise public housing apartments. Pruitt-Igoe was designed in around 1954. It was supposed to be a segregated facility. White people were in the Pruitt section and blacks in the Igoe part - or vice versa. But Brown vs. Board of Education came out and the city planners thought that the feds were just about to outlaw all sorts of segregation so the whole 33 building complex was given over to the blacks.

This set off 'white flight'. The white residents never moved in and the whole facility became black. This is the basis for the subsequent articles blaming Pruitt-Igoe's failure on white people. In a way that's true. The federal government at this time would pick up all the construction costs but regulations required that the current tenants cover maintenance from their rents. The good rent paying and tax paying tenants were the whites who beat it out of town ASAP to the suburbs.

This appears to have been a story like that with the Detroit and Flint water situation. The blacks didn't pay their water bills throwing the water department into a fiscal crisis which led to them taping into the Detroit river for their water - a fatal error.

I have a connection with these events. The Pruitt-Igoe complex was inspired by Le Corbusier whom I studied in planning school. His work also inspired the rebuilding of Germany after it had been bombed into rubble. But those good solid German citizens did just fine in those sterile high rise apartments. Germans today still live in high rise apartments and invest in custom appliances. But in America has risen a myth that high rise apartments are bad. In fact they are just fine except for when they house black people.

The very first home visit I made as a Public Social Worker was in our local equivalent of Pruitt-Igoe - the infamous 'Pink Palace' in San Francisco - a multi storied housing project painted bright pink. It too has been torn down.

I remember it distinctly because there were human feces in the elevator.

The story of Pruitt-Igoe is buried beneath a huge pile of propaganda - most of which blames whitey for the disaster. But I know the truth. The white man spent a fortune in the fifties trying to provide poor blacks with the best housing we could afford. But there was nothing wrong with the architecture or the facilities. The problem was with the tenants.

We had this event a half century ago but have yet to deal with the truth of the matter - people matter not facilities. Put good people in bad housing and you get a good neighborhood. Alas the reverse - bad people in good housing - yields real bad results.


Paintjob Theory said...

"And how many blacks live near Hillary or Romney? "

I know a fellow that lives a couple doors down from Romney and as you probably can guess there's not a spade in sight. There's a couple token magic ones at the local prep school, but you won't see any vibrancy around town.

Can't vouch for Hillary but I suspect she also knows better than to live around them.

Proudyt said...

I agree with you many young white males act black. They believe it's "cool"to be black. Once they get out into the real world the smart one's will realize what fools they've been. I'm middle aged and don't know of any guy's my age that think hoodies and saggin' are cool.

Anonymous said...

Pat Boyle Said:

Exclusive male homosexuality is - I'm fairly sure - an infectious disease. We should find a cure.


Yo, Pat. When you get your medical degree and then complete a residency in internal medicine...and then spend a few more years subspecializing in infectious diseases....maybe then....just maybe...I'll give you a moment of thought on this idea of yours.

But until that time, maybe it would be better if you kept these the wall...thoughts to yourself.

Here at SBPDL, we are trying to present ourselves to the world as rational thinkers. Comments such as this undermine our credibility.

Philadelphia Mike

Anonymous said...

Good read, from STL area and it's spot on.

NemoMeImpuneLacessit said...

@Anonymous in CT June 11, 2016 at 6:01 AM

Except for college and the Army, I had lived in Fairfield County CT my entire life. In 2014 I moved to North Idaho and the only thing i regret about it is that I hadn't moved 30+ years ago. Go to for detailed information. If you are raising young children, this is a great area. Imagine going to a car wash or a coffee shop or a mom-n-pop store or the supermarket checkout and finding nothing but friendly. competent, English-speaking, attitude-free White people. It's still America here. Get out of CT while you can. The cost-of-living here is about two-thirds of that in CT.

BTW: when I got here I went out and bought the rifle I had always wanted. On the box was a label that said "Not legal in Connecticut". HA! F U, Malloy!

Anonymous said...

White privilege

Gilbert T. Whyte said...

I'm in the Des Moines metro, in a 3% vibrant, inner-ring suburb. Life is good here, for now. The city of DM is still largely habitable by YT, as the trash seems to cluster on the north and east sides of town, nowhere you would want to go anyway. But I read with great dismay that my town is about to be flooded with rental housing out on the western edges. This region is currently a boomtown, so it makes sense for newcomers with jobs to have a place to stay for a year or so, until they get settled and buy their own place. But the minute things go south, this place is going to be the Iowa Branch of Chicongo... nobody seems to mention that around here...

Anonymous said...

In 2014 I moved to North Idaho and the only thing i regret about it is that I hadn't moved 30+ years ago.

--I know a couple who moved to Boise in 2014, thinking that they could get jobs.
Lasted maybe a year.
Now they are in Denver. he works in weed processing or some low grade job.
They are both tech savvy and were downsized from good tech jobs.

Mr. Rational said...

One solution we should immediately pursue is fracking.

Nice idea, wrong solution.  We've already eaten the meat of our petroleum resources; fracking is equivalent to cracking the bones to get the marrow, the very last bit of nutrition from the carcass.  We need to be conserving this stuff.

The real solution is nuclear power.  The USA burns huge amounts of natural gas for electricity and heat; a lot of that should be replaced by nukes, and the gas used as fuel for vehicles instead.  Between electric cars and natural gas we could eliminate imported petroleum and maybe even become an exporter again; the USA hasn't been a net exporter of oil since 1948.

today if we aggressively exploit our own resources we could be energy independent. With enough fracking and other advanced oil extraction techniques we could feel free to strike back at any oil nation when we are attacked.

The problem is that a corrupt deal was cut decades ago, such that OPEC would price oil in US$ and make it the world's reserve currency in return for the US supporting OPEC militarily.  Eliminating the deal means the world's reserve currency becomes the yuan or something.  Of course, if we wanted to hurt Islam we could eliminate the Islamic oil exporters at the same time and leave hostile China and its yuan in a world of hurt.

in America has risen a myth that high rise apartments are bad. In fact they are just fine except for when they house black people.

EVERYTHING is just fine except when it has Black people.  "Bad students, not bad schools" is just one of the results.

the minute things go south, this place is going to be the Iowa Branch of Chicongo...

Blacks displaced from Shitcongo to Des Moines were invading Cedar Rapids to rob people back at least as far as 2010.  The good part about Iowa is all the cows and pigs.  Lots of livestock means rendering plants; when people get serious about solutions, they're ready to hand.

former liberal said...

Absolutely disgusting...but I believe it. Anyway you can set up a go fund me page, and tell us about it? I am still out of work myself due to injury, but I can give something.

Enough is ENOUGH !! said...

Gilbert T. Whyte said...

"I'm in the Des Moines metro, in a 3% vibrant, inner-ring suburb. Life is good here, for now. The city of DM is still largely habitable by YT, as the trash seems to cluster on the north and east sides of town, nowhere you would want to go anyway. But I read with great dismay that my town is about to be flooded with rental housing out on the western edges. This region is currently a boomtown, so it makes sense for newcomers with jobs to have a place to stay for a year or so, until they get settled and buy their own place. But the minute things go south, this place is going to be the Iowa Branch of Chicongo... nobody seems to mention that around here..."

June 12, 2016 at 8:40 PM

Trust me brother, those of us who have experienced this take place know the results oh too well. That 3% vibrancy soon turns into 5%, then 10%, then 30%, the rest is history from there. I, along with many others, can share the after effects very vividly. My hometown, once only 3% vibrant is now.... wait for it... a whopping 68.2% vibrant. My hometown reached it's peak population back in the 70's at 34,000+. The city has now been in a steady downward spiral for over the past 50 years as the population continues to decline. 2014 estimated population now: 22,735, a 35%+ decrease. Here's the kicker, guess what our percentage of vibrancy was in the 70's ? 3% !!!

Let's do the math and just say this city is now 70% vibrant in 2016, with a population of 22,735... that's almost 16,000 worth of vibrant dindu's inhabiting this once nice city turned completely ghetto in a matter of 3 decades flat. It was a slow cancer then, consider it a stage 1, but now, in many cities across this once great land, it's at a stage 3... stage 4 is terminal... We're at the point where there is no chance of turning back. Sad to say but true, We ARE the new Africa !!

The only advice I can give you is to start looking at your options to sell and move.
Don't wait until the last minute like I did, unless you don't mind losing over 50% of what your house is worth now. The marxists know that the only people who are going to invest money into a crime ridden city are developers paving the way for gentrification, mainly in downtown spaces of major cities. The rest of us, we lose our asses off in the process. Prepare to sell as soon as possible. The longer you wait the more you are bound to lose. Hitting you in your pocketbook is the 2nd worse thing this cancerous ridden plague can do to you... the first is all the killing that they do. Who in their right mind is going to pay good money to live in a crime infested neighborhood ? HUD in full effect. Coming to a neighborhood near you soon if it isn't already there...... my hometown is unrecognizable today compared to yesteryear. It's an absolute downright shame. Irredeemable is an understatement !!

*I passed out last night and left the Chicongo police scanner playing all night in the background. Woke up at 6:30am and you would have thought it was a Friday night. Non stop TNB all morning long... I truly couldn't be a copper in that city. Talk about working in a real live war zone? My god, I want to keep the faith but I believe we are more than past the point of no return, Trump or not... how sad it truly is... I don't know why other people's depressions exist, but from my point of view, I know exactly why it exists. The psychological damage negro fatigue™ can cause to the brain is like a cancer in itself. Run while you can.... and while your at it, don't look back, unless you want to know how well they are capable of adding insult to injury.

PS. go for a drive and take some pics of your city the way it stands right now if you have a hunch it won't be soon before long your city is turned upside down, or gather some older pics of the city and save them to have something to compare then and now to.

Anonymous said...

Re: Pat Boyle's and Philadelphia Mike's comments on homosexuality. I really believe that sexuality is hard-wired. Can't change it or "cure" it. That said, while it perplexes me and can make me uncomfortable at times, I have no problem with people loving or being attracted to the person of their choice. Gays are not stupid, ignorant, lazy, slovenly and dangerous like blacks. I am not afraid of gay people. I don't care if they live in my town. The Orlando nightclub shooting killed 50+ people who are probably mostly productive and nice people. Perhaps a bit gentler than many. This mass murder does not benefit Whites. A BLM ghetto-type club would be a different story.

NJ Woman

Mr. Rational said...

The Orlando nightclub shooting killed 50+ people who are probably mostly productive and nice people.... A BLM ghetto-type club would be a different story.

In a ghetto club, a bunch of people would have shot back.

Anonymous said...

MR. Rational:

Indirectly, all the news casters and other talking heads, kept mentioning how the Pro-Gun, Anti-Gay, Islamic Democrat picked a "soft target". The talking heads used that a lot.

That got me thinking. Notice how he did NOT attack a gay biker bar. Or a gay country bar. Or even a Gay Black Men's joint. He wasn't that stupid.

He went after cross dresser's and the most flaming of gays (take a look at the Facebook Page for "PULSE". These are the types of patrons who would freak out).

There is something to be said for this. He would have lasted 30 seconds in a Gay Biker bar.

Dan said...

I hope Trump dumps the professional victims that populate our local, state and Federal Government "work"force.

Dan said...

Don't forget it was Latino night, so I guess that the Obama Jihadi was also a racist and a "homophobe", but homophobe means
man hater.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous at 6:01 am- some of the young white males these days are sickening- they do not identify with or support their own race- and probably are the ones that make rappers wealthy by buying up that ridiculous genre of "music". If it were only the black community buying rap, it would have already died out, since they are about 14% of the population.
And to Anonymous posting about her 61 year old friend- I was laid off at age 48- after working for 35 years- ( I started working at 11 years old and never stopped) and paying taxes. I could only find minimum wage work for a while, due to the fact that over 2,500 people were laid off from my company. I went to the local DFACS, where I was told that, after paying into the system for that long, all the help I could get was a few dollars in food stamps. I went to a few other places and was told the same thing, and also told it was especially because I did not have any illegitimate children. If I did have kids, I would get all kinds of help. As if, at age 48, I could run out and have kids. As it was , I was being punished for being responsible enough to not have kids that I could not afford, and for being a hard worker all my life. I got NO help at all, and when I went to the local Dept. of labor, I routinely heard the black employees there tell black applicants where the "goot" jobs were, and when I asked about the jobs, they had all been "filled". I asked many of my white friends about their experience at the Labor department, and they had the same experiences. So much for hard working responsible (white) people, that make if possible for all the benefits to exist in the first place. We are expendable and deserve nothing.
L in Atl hell

Anonymous said...

NJ Woman: male homosexuality is almost entirely learned behavior. See also, "jailhouse gay."

Homosexuals multiply by finding young boys to "teach" about their "beautiful, blossoming sexuality," preferably beginning the "grooming" process before the age of eight. In Moslem-controlled societies, like Afghanistan or Iraq or Pakistan, this is out in the open and they're astonished that anyone could object. Here, it's still in the closet, so to speak, but the Tribe that runs the news and entertainment media has been lofting trial balloons for years, trying to normalize it.

Just Google for Todd Nickerson, Slate Magazine's "virtuous pedophile" who in September posted a long article on his erotic fantasies about the toddlers his California SWPL neighbors allow him to babysit--but he deserves a medal, because he hasn't raped one of them, and he should be loved, and have special rights from the government, and special protections from horrible redneck racists who might possibly object to his behavior, and he's really better than all of us, and that five-year-old girl who gives him a boner really is independent and precocious, all the usual bleating you'd expect.

We instinctively regard pedophilia with tremendous repugnance. There's a reason we evolved this instinctive response of disgust. No tribe that permitted such things ever prospered.

White Trash Hillbilly said...

Hey Mr. Rational...

Loved your comment about the rendering plants.

Now theres a solution I could get excited about.