Thursday, June 16, 2016

Washington Post Laments the Lack of White People in West Baltimore (Enjoying the Benefits of Warzone Africans in America Create)

People know exactly what is happening in 65 percent black Baltimore, Washington Post.

Exactly what is happening.

We call it the logical conclusion of what transpires in a city transforming from one based on the standards of civilization/civility/law/order white people set, to just another reminder of what Africans in America create: similar conditions to what Africans in Africa create. [‘I don’t know if people understand what is happening in Baltimore’, Washington Post, June 16, 2016]:
As a group of men tossed bills and dice against a sidewalk outside the McCulloh Homes housing project one spring afternoon, Tavon Winder confronted two onlookers to ask if they were with the police. The game was illegal. He didn’t want any problems.
He’d had enough in his life. Under the 31-year-old’s T-shirt, a scar snaked up his stomach, and beneath his pant leg, he balanced his weight on a prosthetic leg.
Both injuries were gained not from a far-off war but from a shooting on a nearby corner in West Baltimore.
“It’s rough,” said Winder, a father of two who admits to selling drugs in 2002 when he was shot. “I know a lot of brothers and friends that are gone. I almost lost my life right down at the end of the street.”
Next door to the housing project that was featured in the HBO series “The Wire” are two schools in one building: Renaissance Academy High School and Booker T.
Washington Middle School for the Arts. Those who work here say the building’s red-brick facade is a flimsy shield against a neighborhood and city all too familiar with bloodshed.
[ A Baltimore teen comes of age in a city coming apart]
A recent survey of 209 students at the schools reveals a generation with a stark familiarity with violence. Of the youths questioned, 43 percent said they witness physical violence one to three times per week, and 40 percent knew someone with a gun. More than 37 percent said they knew someone under the age of 19 who had been killed by violence, according to the survey released in February by Promise Heights, an initiative run through the University of Maryland School of Social Work that provides support to schools and community residents.
Renaissance mourned three students this school year lost to violence: Ananias Jolley, 17, who was stabbed in a biology classroom and died a month later; Darius Bardney, 16, who was killed in an apparent accidental shooting at an apartment building; and Daniel Jackson, 17, who was shot several times less than two miles from the school.
“I don’t know if people understand what is happening in Baltimore,” Renaissance Academy Principal Nikkia Rowe said. “If you just rode around the city and took pictures of the memorials that are standing from the candlelight vigils, it would blow your mind.”
She sometimes recommends students join the military after graduating because, she said, it seems a safer option.
Rachel Donegan, program director of Promise Heights, said that it’s hard to do future planning for teenagers in general, but that the challenge is especially difficult “for kids whose future honestly doesn’t have a lot of meaning for them.”
Somehow, the conditions found in this almost entirely black section of West Baltimore will be blamed on white people.

America is irredeemable.

The conditions black individuals collectively create in West Baltimore, featured in this sympathetic Washington Post piece, are exactly the reasons why segregation, Jim Crow, sundown laws, and restrictive covenants once existed: to protect white civilization and the communities white people create from Africans in America.


Tim in Kodiak said...

Let Jeff Bezos move in and live among these savages. He'll need an army of security to protect him! What is good for the goose, is good for the gander.

Anonymous said...

Objectively odd. How many Washington Posts do they sell in West Baltimore? Other colored neighborhoods? Moslem neighborhoods?

(((Who))) is paying to keep the lights on?

Proudyt said...

She recommends students join the military because it's safer. No shit. In fact , any of these baby daddy with 4 kids by 3 different baby mama that don't work should be drafted to serve their country and pay for their little families.

Bird of Paradise said...

They expect white people to live unarmed in a war zone of Gangs,Thugs,Rapists,Child Molesters and other assorted goons and expect them to sleep in bed safely at nights and Clinton's(Bill) rediculous Midnight basketball(Remember that?)what kind of idiots are they in balitmore?

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Ah, if only one of the enablers in the press would step forward and ask Obama even one meaningful question. I picture something like this:

Mr. President, You have voiced your concern about gun violence in this country, yet your major concerns always seem to be implementation of more gun control, and criticizing the NRA. Always, somewhere, after an attack by Islamic terrorists, who by the way are praised by ISIS as "lions", we hear your administration call for more surveillance of " right wing" organizations. Even though the I in isis stands for Islamic , you deny the connection to Islam? Apparently any white male who disapproves of your failed policies is "right wing."

For the last eight years we have watched the level of violence in our cities rise every year. Not a day goes by when there's not several shootings in every major city. My question to you is why you've not once addressed this issue of African American violence. This is not the NRA, your people are not members. This is not right wing violence, your people are by an overwhelming majority leftist, like yourself. This is violence perpetrated by blacks. I suspect that is why you do not address this issue, because then you would have to acknowledge the failure of your people to assimilate into a civilized society, and the failure of you, and your army of Democrats and AA appointees to solve this problem.

So, I suppose the answer is to take everybody's guns, thereby eliminating black gun violence, without appearing to discriminate. Of course, all the politicians want guns out of the hands of a populace they have failed. Yesterday a politician in UK was stabbed to death. Two French police were attacked, the wife having her throat slit in front of her child. We know black men used to carry straight razors and knives before they were allowed to own guns. Take away guns, and knife assaults will increase. Just admit it, it's an unsolvable problem, by leftist means.

Anonymous said...

The "men" and the "women" of this er group seem to be very keen on violence. Not just like a teenage boy going through a phase, but lovers of violence of any kind anytime, forevermore. It's so predictable it's almost scary. If no one else is around they do it on each other, and when whitey is around they do the lion's share of the intra-racial assaults and sex crimes. What is the benefit? Are they TPTB's weed/whitey killer? Then a round of Section 8 to bus them back out to whitey? Like dark moths chasing a white light.

Give them a place to go, free sht and living to go with it but away from the rest of us... oh wait, the article just described such a place- black sections of Baltimore. I'm sure it's one of those municipalities that is first in line for negro Section 8
injection under Obama's grand plan. Whites who stay in these areas don't just pay for all the negro dysfunction in taxes- they sometimes end up paying with their very lives.

rex freeway said...

You would think after this much time, money and effort that even the low IQ Negroes would have to question why they can't keep up with Whitey. Things that come automatically to Whites are a struggle for Negroes. Liberals coddling them destroys anything they have learned and come to accept as natural shortfalls.

Awake said...

"She sometimes recommends students join the military after graduating because, she said, it seems a safer option"

Notice how blacks can only gain position in life by either joining or being elected ? Hard work and perseverance are not qualities they possess. We don't want them in our military either.

Anonymous said...

Gaze into the abyss...

Anonymous said...

There's basically one way to spell "crime": b l a c k

Paintjob Theory said...

"As a group of men tossed bills and dice against a sidewalk outside the McCulloh Homes housing project one spring afternoon, Tavon Winder confronted two onlookers to ask if they were with the police. The game was illegal. He didn’t want any problems."

Of course the hard hitting journalist interviewing these "men" doesn't really dig into the facts here. Why were these mongs out gambling in the afternoon instead of at work, teaching their sons how to catch a baseball, improving their living conditions, or really any other legal or productive activity?

If they're not working all day, from where do they derive the money to gamble? I'd love to go down to the casino and have a nice dinner and throw some dice for a couple hours, but the realities of adult life with financial and time obligations elsewhere prevent me.

Neither myself or anyone in my neighborhood is ever out committing crimes, and none have ever asked me if I was with the police when I approached them.

Speaking of police, 1/4 of the local police force was in the neighborhood yesterday at my neighbor's house (1 part timer in one car). My neighbor had a stroke a few years back and really hasn't the means to get around so the cop came and took him downtown for a free seniors lunch. Not like he needs food but his wife is some creepy vegan so he'll jump on any opportunity to get a couple hot dogs or anything else that isn't tofu.

Yeah, up here in whiteopia the police department really is like Mayberry and we have no crime and "violence" because it's simply not in the nature of white Europeans to behave that way. Black Africans do not belong here. They never did and never will.

Anonymous said...

Blacks like living the way they do and for years now their preference, not white people's, has been catered to. One loud, trashy black can ruin property values and lives for blocks around them. I'd argue one or two ghetto black families can ruin an entire subdivision. 65% is unlivable for other ethnicities. Those 35% are a combination of transient SJWs and foreigners. And until whites get back the right to self defense, one black is too many.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Rachel Donegan, program director of Promise Heights, said that it’s hard to do future planning for teenagers in general, but that the challenge is especially difficult “for kids whose future honestly doesn’t have a lot of meaning for them.”


When I was a teen, I had clearly mapped out in my mind what my future plans where to be. I was fourteen or fifteen. My parents in no way pressured me to go to college, pursue any particular job or career. However, they each, individually, made it known to me that after age 18, I was on my own. Hence, all responsibility lied within myself. Failure or success, it would be mine alone to endure or celebrate.

These poor negro teens! Their future has no meaning to them! Could it be that they haven´t invested the the time into THINKING about how they will spend the rest of their lives? Or how they will WORK toward those goals?

I suppose when Uncle Sugar provides for you from cradle to grave, manuevering your own way through life is an incomprehensible concept. Show up one third of the time for high skoo, and bango, here´s your diploma.

Gyrate to jungle rhythms and repeat nonsensical, childish words while posing for the camera and presto, you´re a rap stah!

Perhaps the most tragic part of this all is that the negro really seems to have no idea that the stench he smells all around him is coming from his own pile of excrement.


The left has fired up the "Gun Control" machine, but re-read this quote:

"....and 40 percent knew someone with a gun...."

Well, well, Why doesn't the supposedly "anti-gun" administration question these kids, find out who has the guns and get warrants OR put the Fed Marshals on them? In a few weeks they can get these violent guns out of the hands of the innocent, peaceful, owners and thus stop the guns from shooting people.

WE know the answer and isn't this all getting to tiresome for us who are intelligent?

I am also so sick of Islam Privilege. We Whites have to endure insulting conventions, books, lectures, and classes in Colleges attempting to make us feel guilty about the success and civilization of the White Man, yet the dogs of Islam get away with murder (pun intended). THEY have the privilege of not being investigated, questioned or put on terror watch lists.

Ban the Assault Religion. Stop Islamic Privilege

Anonymous said...

Hey Trump , were gonna need a few more thousand miles of wall, for bodymore, detroit, st louis, indy etc.

Oil 'n Water said...

"The conditions black individuals collectively create in West Baltimore, featured in this sympathetic Washington Post piece…"
Sympathetic is the appropriate word. These types of stories have a typical theme about them: a neighborhood, a city, taken over by an invisible, indefinable, malevolent force forever preying upon the black citizenry. And the population bravely surviving despite the evil efforts of the force to destroy them.
And the underlying message is always the same: white privilege, black deprivation.
Truth in journalism and black self-reliance. More contradictory terms never existed.

Undoubtedly, the negro shooting dice will use his potential winnings to make a payment on his six-figure medical bill.

Anonymous said...

Classic WAPO garbage - needs editing

"it’s hard to do future planning for BLACKS in general"

"a SPERM DONOR of two"

"a RACE with a stark PROPENSITY FOR violence"

"Renaissance SLOBBERED AT CANDLELIGHT VIGILS FOR three students this school year lost to BLACK ON BLACK CRIME"

"the military .......... seems a safer option" (certainly for Whites in their proximity, but not for the poor White soldiers they serve with)

NJ Woman

Anonymous said...

Other communities (such as Asian) don't collapse into poverty, violence and dysfunction simply because there's a lack of white people nor do they need to be propped up with section 8, welfare and other programs. No one needs to make excuses for them, wail about their condition or flail about looking for answers and trying to blame everything on some other group and what they've done or not done that caused the problems. Simply put, it's the collective low IQ of blacks that is responsible for the vast majority of their issues and problems and that isn't going to be changed by throwing money and programs at them any more than a stupid person winning the lottery is going to make that person intelligent, sensible and wise.

All the moaning and chest beating about conditions in the black community is a waste of time as are all the efforts to alleviate the consequences of their collective stupidity and the dysfunction that arises from it. Those that engage in those behaviors are battling against genetics and mother nature and will always lose. Perhaps they fail to understand the definition of the word futility or have simply become so psychologically entrapped/emotionally invested in the process that they can't find their way out of it and refuse to believe they're wasting their time, effort and energy.

In any case, hearing black people moan and wail about the conditions they create for themselves is, to me, no more unexpected than hearing coyote's in the desert howling. It's what they do. The only thing one can do is consider it background noise and tune it out because it can't be stopped or changed any more than any of their other behaviors. Coyotes are going to howl and blacks are going to moan and wail. It can all get very tiresome to hear but the only certainty is that it will never change.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious to anyone with eyes now that moving them out of the inner city and integrating them with any other culture does not work.

They will always return to 'the black mean' and no one wishes to be around it - even their own.

I watched it happen in Jersey City, where I was born. I see it in every other large city in New Jersey. They come in and repel the indigenous population, forcing them to move farther and farther from the city.

Yet if you complain or fight the process, you are labeled a 'racist'. With a complicit media on their side, you have no hope of meeting them on a level playing field to debate the issue.

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." JFK

Steve Smith said...

No, we do not. They are absolutely useless in the military, even more so in combat.

Anonymous said...

I wish that more people would just say to them..."Tough shit. It's your problem. You created it. I really don't care."

Anonymous said...

Does anyone here know of an alternate social media network site to facebook?

FB has become like the old KGB, watching over every word, closing accounts when you post the forbidden truths.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if there have been any "Take Back the Night" anti-rape and harassment walks through Sandtown recently? Maybe we can assist feminists in organizing one and film how it is received before the local black audience.

Or maybe we can all have a meet and greet at the local dog park?

So I forget, it's white flight this time that's the problem, or was it gentrification?

I know that we're to blame, that's a constant, just wondering which way the attacks would be coming so I can plan my response/defense accordingly.

Gee how could one avoid all this black dysfunction, violence, and senseless discord? Oh yeah, all you need to do is avoid black people in large numbers.

I wonder if Bull Conner's family keeps all the apology letters he receives...

Anonymous said...

Centurian, I think you're actually on to something...

If GUNS are such a deadly threat and problem, what about ILLEGAL GUNS!!!

I know where to find plenty of those, besides in every black "teen's" Facebook profile.

Better track these stolen guns NOW. They are already in the wrong hands...

Anonymous said...

We, the White taxpayers, paid for that bum's prosthetic leg. Veterans, after serving our country, die waiting for care at the shoddy, negro-infested VA hospitals Barry has neglected and protected. But a negro bum criminal gets a prosthetic leg pronto for an injury sustained during criminal activity. I'm sure rehab was included. And pain meds. And counseling and support services. For life.

I hate bring so infuriated. Thanks to negroes, it's always the wrong week to kick my Chardonnay habit.

NJ Woman

Anonymous said...

Off topic a bit...believe it was A&E that just aired a new series called "Streets of Compton". Interesting how they spun the white flight angle w/o addressing much of the social turmoil (other than the Watts riot). No description or interviews of former white residents who saw their schools and community deteriorate in the 50's and forced to leave. Beyond all the rappers, this show did not address failing schools and lack of parental involvement with education. Seems it was everyone else who let them down and the concept of sacrifice and hard work was pretty much absent. Would be interesting to get feedback from Paul on this series.

Jim Davis said...

When I lived there not only did I not go to West Baltimore, there was absolutely NO REASON TO GO THERE. There is nothing for white people there, and the Local Indigenuous Populants aka LIPs didn't want you there. (Anybody out there remember The Greaseman? He was another casualty of PC). You might occasionally go to the zoo or Pimlico race track but you were careful even in those areas. West Baltimore was The Forbidden Zone.

Jim Davis said...

Anonymous Paintjob Theory said...

Of course the hard hitting journalist interviewing these "men" doesn't really dig into the facts here. Why were these mongs out gambling in the afternoon instead of at work, teaching their sons how to catch a baseball, improving their living conditions, or really any other legal or productive activity? If they're not working all day, from where do they derive the money to gamble? I'd love to go down to the casino and have a nice dinner and throw some dice for a couple hours, but the realities of adult life with financial and time obligations elsewhere prevent me.

I'd also love to screw around all day at the beach or a casino, but I'm too busy working to pay taxes so these useless feeders can do nothing but roll dice and impregnate feral sows. It seems there are protected classes for whom Reality is not allowed to intervene.

Yeah, up here in whiteopia the police department really is like Mayberry and we have no crime and "violence" ...

You may not be interested in crime, but Obama and his Section 8 minions will see to it that crime is interested in you!

Old age warrior said...

You are so right, I did 23 years as a Paratrooper and they are worthless!!! You almost have to beg , or threaten them to get them to do anything .And when they do something , it's always half ass.

riptapart said...

Not by much though. It will still be mostly shooting deaths whether the guns are illegal or not.

Awake said...

(Thumbs up) 🖒

Anonymous said...

As you say, "America is irredeemable," for we have unfortunately passed the tipping point. Donald Trump will not win the election, because only four in ten agree with him (and the Electoral College makes even that minority ineffective) , and even fewer are willing to admit that they observe and are cognizant of the objective reality that unchecked immigration and tolerance of black anti-socialism has done to the U.S. The "progressives" (a politically expediante synonym for "bolsheviks") have won the day - they control education and media, and thus have a strangle-hold on the simple minds of a politically-disengaged populous. When a majority of White Americans actively promote and enthusiastically endorse their own demise, all is lost. Some hold hope for a civil war, but we know that will never occur.

I am getting my affairs in order in preparation for a renouncement of my citizenship and emigration to another country (most likely Singapore, as it seems the only civilized nations not completely infected with the Bolshevik's influence are in Asia). I say to my fellow rational Americans with means, you should absolutely do the same, for this country is - in any contemporary formulation - irredeemable.

Brian in Ohio said...

Well Washington Post, prove me wrong....

I mean, I`m just an ignorant, racist, redneck. Clinging to my guns and old fashioned ideas. So show me the error of my ways and move into West Baltimore...hell, ANY black majority shit hole, and prove how awesome diversity is. Just think of all the money you`ll save! Property is dirt cheap, and you can use public transportation too!

No deal, huh? Yeah, no shit. The reason no white people want to live near blacks is the SAME reason YOU don't/wont live there... Every stereotype of black people is TRUE! Fucking hypocrite.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Find a safe, white space, and go there! All we can do. Nothing is going to be better.

Janie in Detroit said...


Please don't use the word dogs in the same sentance with Islam. I know it was meant as an insult to the practitioners of the religion of peace, but I find it highly insulting to dogs. Dogs are friendly, affectionate, loyal and always cheerful...mohammedians, not so much. I honestly hate these animals more than the lowly common negro.

O/T, I was in walmart the other night to buy socks, I couldn't find a fucking package that hadn't been opened with at least one pair missing, they even steel single pairs of fucking socks! I looked around and realized I was the only white customer in the store...all mudslimes and negros. I bitched about it to the manager, he shrugged and said I could have them for half off, fuck that! I left in disgust.

PB said...

"FB has become like the old KGB, watching over every word, closing accounts when you post the forbidden truths."

And who controls the typically stolen intellectual property that is called Facebook? Why who else?

Anonymous said...

Black "kultcha" means choices that leave you broke, jobless (and unemployable), throwing dice and dealing drugs on the sidewalk in the middle of the day. Get a clue, black men. The only people drugging, killing, and robbing you of your "opportunities" are your useless selves. Can't fix won't work. Can't fix criminal. Look in the mirror and realize the only things holding you back are the very real facts about your genotype and culture. If whites are so evil, stop living off them. If whites are so undesirable, stop trying to mooch off our communities; go live in your own. If whites are so racist, stop demanding we bus our children so yours might actually pass the fake education camps they call public schools.

Anonymous said...

off topic
Zuckster is going to do charity, in africa...after all we are equal,

Never help the people at home. It's always helping strangers in Africa.

What about Detroit and every other major city in America? These big shots make me sick. They send boatloads of money to foreign countries while many Americans are in need of housing, food, social services, etc. The hell with Zuckerberg and billionaires and entertainers who milk our country of $ and give it away to foreigners.
Because it really isn't. It is just another front to push the hypocrisy of the socialist agenda.
This says it all:

"The initiative is structured as a limited liability company. This means, unlike a traditional charitable or philanthropic foundation, the venture can make political donations, lobby lawmakers, invest in businesses and recoup any profits from those investments."

AnalogMan said...

OT: Canada is so s̶c̶r̶e̶w̶e̶d̶ buggered!

Canadian Prime Minister and opposition leader share kiss to denounce Orlando massacre.

Justin Trudeau called on all Canadians to imitate him, to fight the prejudice and hatred that are responsible for massacres like the one that took place in Florida on Sunday morning.

Ex New Yorker's litany of offenses the other day didn't go far enough. Everything about today's culture is rotten. Fortunately (hopefully) I'll be getting off this ride soon. I've had enough. This world simply isn't fit for human habitation any more.

Anonymous said...

future planning for teenagers in general, but that the challenge is especially difficult “for kids whose future honestly doesn’t have a lot of meaning for them.”

Thats liberal speak and their low expectations.
In our world, people are responsible for themselves and their family.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

From the Washington Post building, it's very easy to jump on to the Baltimore Washington Parkway and west Baltimore is less than an hour away. I understand that many white people write for the Post. Talk is cheap, and toilet paper's expensive.

Medic Bear said...

Just think what the crime rate would be without Blacks.
And what the country would look like and be like.
Ah, bliss.

Anonymous said...

Excellent PK!!

Must see video....

Anonymous said...

It appears that the problem is a conspiracy to provide black people with evil guns rather than good guns as provided to white people. The survey reveals what is presented as an alarming fact that 40% of black youths know someone with a gun. The danger posed by the guns in black hands is implied by the fact that more than 37% of black youths know a person under the age of 19 who was killed by violence.

I'm not aware of a comparable survey in my white community, but I would not dispute an estimate that somewhere near 100% of the white youths in my community know someone with a gun, yet almost none of them know anyone under the age of 19 who was killed by violence.

For paint theory to be sound, we must accept that the explanation for the high rate of gun deaths in black neighborhoods is because evil guns with a propensity for killing are being inserted into black communities while the guns finding their way into white hands are good guns. Blacks wouldn't do this to themselves so it must be due to a sinister white conspiracy. Is anyone aware of a better explanation for the high rates of gun violence in black communities that is consistent with paint theory?

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Thanks to negroes, it's always the wrong week to kick my Chardonnay habit.

NJ Woman


Amen, sister friend! btw, always enjoy your posts!

Anonymous said...

The Washington Post is a tabloid rag and people are catching on.

Bill in St Louis said...

It is amazing how a newspaper (fiction) writer can do a story like this, with the answer staring him in the face, and still not get it. I really wish the leftist indoctrination corps would put half as much time and effort into convincing *ahem* people to get a job as they do in breaking minds to the point where they can't see what is in front of them.

Anonymous said...

Blacks have never created anything of importance ever. When explorer in the 1600s and 1700s explored Africa the blacks were basically a stone age people. They hadn't discovered the wheel, they did not cultivate crops,they lived in the most simplest of structure, they never built any seafaring vessel, they've never built a bridge, they still practice voodoo and cannibalism to this day. The only civilization they have known is what white man has brought to them and when whites leave they are unable to maintain it. All countries run by blacks are third world countries, there are no white third world countries. All black run governments fail.
The average IQ for a black in America is around 80. The average IQ for a sub Saharan African black is 70 ( these are the ones Obama is focusing on bringing here). When a 80 IQ black breeds with a 95 IQ white you get an 85 mulatto. It has long been the desire of the left to bring up the IQ of the hopelessly retarded blacks by breeding with whites. Intelligence is an inherited trait just as ignorance is. Though the left still blames black dysfunction on poor schools in black neighborhoods, they know this is not the case. No amount of schooling can improve ones IQ. IQ doesn't measure knowledge, it measures ones ability to learn. As a species in general blacks have proven scientists right in this.
We have wasted too many resources trying to fix the inequality of the black man. Unfortunately we may have doomed western culture with all of the catering to multiculturalism.
But I believe that was the intention all along. Maybe if enough whites survive the apocalypse we can start over.

Mich Mike

Anonymous said...

Donegan blames "so-sie-itay" (whitey) for telling the black kids that it's hopeless and that they have no future?

Bullshit. The only thing that the American public school system does is pander to negroes and beaners so that they "feel good about themselves." Whose fault is it that the kids never learn to read, write or speak the English language? Whose fault is it that the only history they "know" is Rosa Parks, slavery, Japanese internment camps and how Evil Whitey killed Japanese, Indians, MLK, JFK, RFK, Lincoln etc.

The ones telling the kids they have no future is the unemployed ex-con with the wooden leg, shootin' dice on the street corner in the middle of the day.

Enough is ENOUGH !! said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Excellent PK!!

Must see video....

June 17, 2016 at 7:41 PM

Jared just confirmed what I've stated on here and many other sites many times over.

I'll say it once more for those who may have missed it.

The ONLY way to ever make America great again is by making it white again!

There is no other way that we can make this country great again with the current demographic that reside here. 3rd world people have to go. ALL OF THEM !!!

TY Jared for confirming what you stated in your MUST SEE video !!! I am going to pass it as far and wide as the eyes can see. EVERY white person needs to watch your video! I should have taken the time out to post one of my own.... But I'm glad you did and stated the exact truth. They can't handle the truth. The truth is "rayciss"...

All of you here, take a moment and pass/email this video around to everybody you possibly can. It's a must watch !!!

TRUMP 2016 !!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great post Centurion, I always appreciate your thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it odd that we have all of these liberals LOUDLY bemoaning the fact that White people dont want to live near blacks, yet NONE of these liberals want to live near blacks either?

You can buy a HUGE house in a black neighborhood for a fraction of the price, but for some reason, White liberals aren't interested.

When i asked my liberal relatives this question, they told me they only moved to their White upper class area because of the "good" schools. I asked them why the schools on the west side of Chicago weren't "good"', especially considering the MASSIVE amount of money that is spent per student, and the most honest answer I could pry out of them was "gangs", and they always immediately start changing the subject, clearly uncomfortable and not wanting to continue that discussion any further. They basically say its just a coincidence that they ALL chose to live in White neighborhoods. They hadn't even noticed the demographics of the area before they bought their houses.

I laughed really hard at that.

For some reason I haven't been invited to the last 3 family cookouts since then.

Butterscotch said...

I'd just like to point this out.

''He wanted to ask if the two onlookers were police.''

Why? Why does it matter if your negro dice throwing is not illegal?

''The game wasn't illegal.''

Yes it was. Gambling on the street? The monkey fist dist throw is known as ''Ceelo.'' Gambling in public is illegal in 99% of places. Even if it were legal here I am certain these ''gentlemen'' were loitering or otherwise inhibiting the general flow of traffic.

Anonymous said...

killed by violence.
killed by a brother.

Anonymous said...

Well, look no further than the AG and Mayor. About sums up the level of stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Spot on! Not to mention that they fear water more than the Wicked Witch of the West. No wonder they deploy these useless Orcs to the M.E or Sub Sahara. It's also worth noting how they give our troops a bad reputation over the increase of sexual assault cases, particularly Japan. They simply can't control themselves or their 'muh dik'! Bunch of shyte demons.

Anonymous said...

You can live without family like that, cause when push comes to shove, they'll always side with these demons. I know this from personal experience, that's how brainwashed these Marxist freaks are.

Anonymous said...

There's little doubt that every level of govt' especially the IRS, Justice Dept, HUD, Education, Immigration has been infiltrated by Bama's anti white goon squad. Now that it's been established that the family of the gay club shooter was under investigation, only to be called off by Holder and Lynch, it's pretty clear that a civil war will break out before the years end, once this corrupt administration cancels elections and declares Martial Law. Stock up now folks, Western Civilization is at stake here. Pass this on to any Military or LEO family members.

Anonymous said...

Take solace in knowing that the race card has expired. Everyone just laughs at the idiots who play it.

Anonymous said...

A couple of comments, although the story, like most stories on this site, speak for themselves.

Blacks and other nonwhites in the military have done for that organization what their presence does everywhere they go--turn it right to shit. Been that way since Vietnam.

Can you imagine a white man "confronting" a couple of citizens and asking their business in a public area? Especially if they were doing something illegal.You'd never hear the end of it, but this newspaper cuckporter thinks nothing of that.

Anonymous said...

To Anonoymous at 6:58 what happened to that socialist pro immigration British Labour MP the other day has to happen to your and all our liberal relatives.

Anonymous said...

To Janie in Detroit - I couldn't agree more. I will not refer to blacks, Muslims or criminals as "dogs", "beasts", "animals" or "creatures". It is unfair, insulting and inaccurate (Earth's non-human creatures have value - I love all of them). I prefer: filth, garbage, monsters, fiends, barbarians, brutes, thugs, etc. Words that accurately describe these subhumans without disparaging God's wondrous creatures, great and small.

And one more tiny rant, if I may. OF COURSE the only way for lazy blacks to pass time is by standing around doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING constructive. No cleaning, repairing, building, maintaining. No yard work, community improvement, children's activities, volunteer work. No cooking, painting, sculpting, reading, jogging, playing music. NOTHING.

NJ Woman

P.S. Bernice Greenbaum, The Former! I'm pouring my first glass of the day - a toast to our NJ roots, and your posts, which always inform and entertain. I follow your husband's "awakening" with great interest.

Mr Gwarn Stylee said...

If you go to B-more, get some seafood at Faidley's Market mindful of the city though - all most entirely Black...I salute the whites running a business in the market...not safe around there unless you go at daytime (morning is best - less activity).

Anonymous said...

Growing up every one of us knew someone with a gun and we all knew someone who had shot a deer and ate it. The only people I knew who had killed anyone were war veterans and they never talked about it.

But of course we were all white.

Anonymous said...

I'm black and for the most part what everybody is saying here on this website is true. People really didn't know it at the time but after slavery was over blacks should have been shipped back to Africa.

Low IQ, genetics, volatile temperament, ect, are all reasons as to why blacks will never be able to function or be prosperous at the level of whites or Asians. And the more whites try to intervene to help blacks the more they hurt themselves.

African Americans specifically are the worst of the worst, particularly the males. Nobody likes them including Africans from Africa or the Caribbeans. 90% of them just need to be culled off. They do a great job killing each other off but for every black thug that is killed 20+ black thugs are probably born that day from ghetto black women who just keep having babies.

Personally, I'm done. I have divorced myself from my worthless family and I'm leaving this country the first chance I get. This country is finished.

Anonymous said...

black lives murder

Anonymous said...

the last paragraph is exactly correct. there is a reason the south had jim crow laws. it was for safety not racism. western civilization built America. any other culture will destroy America. take blacks out of the crime stats and you literally don't have any major crime. sooner or later that stat cannot be ignored.