Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Biological Weapons: Blacks Wielding Section 8 Vouchers Greatest Threat to Civilization

Chicago edition of the biological weaponry that is a black individual wielding a Section 8 voucher. [As subsidized housing spreads, suburbs face rising number of poor, Chicago Sun-Times,  June 25, 2016]:

Decades ago, Yolanda Crawford had a chance to leave the Chicago Housing Authority’s Dearborn Homes in Bronzeville and move to Naperville.
She turned it down. That’s a decision she regrets.
Now, from the front porch of a small three-bedroom home in Burnham that she leases using a Section 8 “housing choice” voucher, the retired postal worker has some advice for other mothers raising children in Chicago’s crime-ridden neighborhoods.
“I advise any mother: Move to your suburban areas,” she says. “Not taking anything from the city, [but] there’s too much going on. Take your Section 8 voucher. Take it and go to Atlanta. Take it and go to Los Angeles.”
Crawford, a 58-year-old grandmother, took her voucher and headed to Burnham, just a few blocks south of the city limits. She leases her home from a retired teacher who moved to Wisconsin. The voucher covers all of her rent: $1,200 a month.
Burnham is among several south suburbs — also including Park Forest, Calumet City, Dolton, Lansing, University Park, Country Club Hills and South Holland — that have seen some of the six-county region’s biggest gains in subsidized housing since the CHA began demolishing the city’s high-rise housing projects 16 years ago under its “Plan for Transformation.”
During that time, 13 suburban housing authorities and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development also changed their policies, issuing more Section 8 vouchers to low-income families throughout the region.
As a result, the number of subsidized households in the suburbs — from suburban Cook County to the surrounding counties of DuPage, Lake, Kane, McHenry and Will — has risen 28 percent, from 32,292 in 2000 to 41,493 last year, according to HUD data and U.S. Census Bureau figures analyzed by the Chicago Sun-Times and Better Government Association.
Altogether, the suburbs had more than 84,000 residents using housing choice vouchers or some other form of taxpayer-funded housing assistance in 2015, the HUD data show.
The migration has come as the suburbs, in general, have grown more diverse and less affluent. Between 1999 and 2014, the number of suburban families living in poverty rose from about 53,000 to 104,000, rising from 4 percent of the population to 7 percent, according to census data.

Nearly half the suburbs’ subsidized-housing units — about 19,600 — are in suburban Cook County. Of the 17 Cook County suburbs with more than 400 such households, 11 are in southern Cook County, which has experienced great economic and racial upheavals as white residents — as well as middle-income black families — moved elsewhere, according to records and interviews.
It’s a migration pattern that has evolved, starting with whites who fled the South Side for the south suburbs in the 1960s and 1970s. Blacks followed years later and now are spreading further out.
Whites, meanwhile, are moving farther south, to Will County. Since 2000, Will County has added 57,763 white residents — more than any other collar county.
“None of these people really want people with vouchers coming in to them,” says William Sampson, a DePaul University sociology professor who focuses on race and poverty. “This is as much about socioeconomic status as it is about race. I hadn’t thought that middle-income blacks would be as opposed to have low-income blacks move in as whites. . . . [But] middle-income black folks said, ‘No, we won’t tolerate it.’”
Only a fraction of the suburbs’ subsidized-housing population is living in traditional public housing — like the high-rise buildings the CHA tore down under the Plan for Transformation.
Instead, the vast majority use housing choice vouchers, issued by 13 suburban housing authorities, that pay all or part of the rent for them to live in privately owned apartments, townhouses or single-family homes. Others live in apartment complexes that have HUD project-based vouchers assigned to them.
Abortion is the only ally white America has in Black-Run America (BRA), for it works to diffuse the biological weapon threat that is a black person wielding a Section 8 voucher.


Unknown said...

I attended naperville north when the first section 8's arrived. a couple of cheer leaders ignored the advances of one, he left, then returned with a bat.

William Foster said...

Ah yes, Naperville. One of the richest suburbs of Chicago. I lived nearby for my entire youth and today, I don't make enough to live there but I make too much for Section 8. Glad this woman didn't move. The good, hard working whites who make Naperville great don't need moochers taking from them.

europeasant said...

"Abortion is the only ally white America has in Black-Run America (BRA), for it works to diffuse the biological weapon threat that is a black person wielding a Section 8 voucher"

So Margaret Sanger wasn't that far off. The tern "Social Activist" had a far different meaning back then.

"In 1921, Sanger founded the American Birth Control League, which later became the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. In New York City, she organized the first birth control clinic staffed by all-female doctors, as well as a clinic in Harlem with an entirely African-American staff".

"Sanger, who has been criticized for supporting negative eugenics"

"the study of or belief in the possibility of improving the qualities of the human species or a human population, especially by such means as discouraging reproduction by persons having genetic defects or presumed to have inheritable undesirable traits (negative eugenics) or encouraging reproduction by persons presumed to have inheritable desirable traits (positive eugenics)"

How times have changed.

Today they would have called her a racist.

rex freeway said...

I just got lucky and the only Negro on my block died. But im worried the people who bought it are going to section 8 the house. In the six months they have been gone not one police car has been called to my street. Trash has become non existent. No cars pulling up at 3 in the morning booming shit music. Anyone owning section 8 homes should have to live next to that house. They need to know just what they are doing to other home owners.

Anonymous said...

We are, obviously, not a free people in our own land. Some day we will get get to the promised land where our children wouldn't be called white motherf**kers; our elderly, women, and disabled can walk unmolested; our tax dollars would be spent on furthering our sciencetific endeavors instead of spending it on the useless; and so on. Liberation will only happen when we throw off our savage culture and start to demand change.

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

Solid post.

Bob1313 said...

retired postal but living on sec 8? something seems wrong with that phrase.

Anonymous said...

Do they also give them section eight lawnmowers? Section eight rakes? Section eight shovels? Printed picture instructions on how to use these devices? What an incredible waste of money. Ruining one suburban neighborhood at a time. Brought to us by President Barack Hussein Obama. MmMmMm! Thanks for eight years of pure unmitigated crap!

Anonymous said...

B-b-but if whites are so oppressive, why would they want to move to the suburbs and be around them, when they can enjoy the paradise of all-black communities?

Anonymous said...

Nothing like putting the predators with the prey!

Kram said...

Why does a retired postal worker need section 8?

Postal workers make decent $$

Anonymous said...

""To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structured feminists and punk-rock performance poets. We smoked cigarettes and wore leather jackets. At night in the dorms, we discussed neocolonialism, Franz Fanon, Eurocentrism and patriarchy. When we ground out our cigarettes in the hallway carpets or set our stereos so loud the walls began to shake, we were resisting bourgeois society's stifling conventions. We weren't indifferent, or careless, or insecure. We were alienated."

Dreams of My Father - pg 101

Anonymous said...

The Mountain West is the last remaining Whitopia but the purple lipped Indonesian shitstain is shipping in the mud races as quick as he can.
Rural areas are not welcoming to vibrant diversity but the bestest government money can buy will find a way to import the steaming pile of transformation.

Proudyt said...

Unfortunately I live in a town a little more south of the aforementioned cities. Not only do blacks live in houses nicer than mine,it seems almost every negro I see are in brand new cars. I talking Mercedes,Hummers,BMW's,Mustangs, and such. How are poor downtrodden blacks from the south side of Chicago living in such luxury ? My belief is reparations has been going on for years and we don't know the half of it.

Bird of Paradise said...

Chicago one of americas most crime ridden cities when the exhualted grand poo poo heads kept their citizens disarmed and vice and coruption is still a way of life in the Windy City(Demacratic Windbags)and its not much changed since the days of Al Capone and the name Chicago is derived from the indian word for Bad Smell

Anonymous said...

Ultra fatigued wrote,

I later discovered this was a norm with said college, just pushing this garbage through...of course my White, Asian and Hispanic students weren't given the same "free ride..."

Whats the name of the president?

Local JC [Santa Monica] has a negress running it. She formerly was a [get this]

And I hear LA unified has a negress running it.
Oh, SMPD has a negress running the popo.

Mr. Rational said...

Of the 17 Cook County suburbs with more than 400 such households, 11 are in southern Cook County, which has experienced great economic and racial upheavals as white residents — as well as middle-income black families — moved elsewhere, according to records and interviews.

All of these Whites should be counted as internal refugees of the Black-on-White race war.

Anonymous said...

Stuck in Mississippi says....

Wait a minute, she's a retired postal worker. Postal workers get decent pay and benefits, how did she qualify for a voucher. If these people can't even sustain themselves with the make-work jobs the gov't provides for them, then what the hell? Why do we (or as Centurion put it - white people) have to pay twice, once for the gov't jobs and then for their housing when they retire?

This is what pisses me off about the south, they freak out over abortions, won't vote for anyone who isn't 100% against them, but then we are stuck with this useless population of POS. I am not only in favor of abortion, but would willingly pay for them and a bonus to any teen, single or otherwise non-contributing mom who chooses abortion over popping out another waste of society.

I think that it is time for some section 8ers to move to the college towns next to all the professors who want justice for blacks and poor people. Yes, right next to the dean would be nice. And how about next to the Govenor's mansion, let's build an affordable housing complex completely filled with voucher recipients. Because I am sick of having to live near the filth and crime and disgusting behaviors and I don't even have any section 8 people in my neighborhood, these are the ones that qualified for a mortgage and they still can't fit in. I feel terrible for the people who worked and saved only to have their investment and lives ruined by the moochers of America.

I used to be a nice person but after 2 years here, I hate everyone in a five state radius. Thanks religious freaks of the south, you made this bed here. Thanks stupid white liberals in the cities, you helped too. Thanks rotten politicians and worthless Hollywood actors and biased media, I hope Karma gives you all a big helping of the shit you heaped on the rest of us because you all freaking deserve it.

Andrea Ostrov Letania said...

White/Jewish/Homo urban Liberals want to get rid of troublesome Negroes in big cities. They want to gentrify and make the cities less black. So, these affluent hipster Liberals use Section 8 to demolish housing projects and ship blacks out to middle class and lower-middle class white suburbs.

They don't want blacks themselves, so they push blacks onto OTHER communities in the name of 'integration' and 'fairness'.

It should be called 'Housing Projection'. Urban Liberals are 'racist' about blacks and use gentric cleansing to push blacks out to the suburbs, BUT they PROJECT their own 'racism' onto suburban whites who are forced to integrate with troublesome blacks who are stronger & more aggressive than white people, the very reason why urban Liberals use Section 8 to push blacks out of cities.

From the Age of Jim Crow to Age of Willie Horton.

And all the Rap Culture Jungle Fever will just make many more white suburban girls reject white boys and offer their wombs to black men to hatch black mulatto babies.

Blackness is end of civilization. Whites could survive WWI, WWII, Nazism, and communism. But look at South Africa and Detroit. Everything ends with Negroism. If whites surrender to Negroism, it's Dark Ages forever.

City Boy in AZ said...

The South Suburbs and some of the Western Subs (i.e. Maywood, Bellwood and soon to be Forest Park) are ghetto. What difference will a few more nogs make?

Anonymous said...

"Now, from the front porch of a small three-bedroom home in Burnham..."

Dey lub sittin' on dey front pawches, waitin' fo' dey checks. Even with mandatory direct deposit, front porch sitting is still practiced.

White people build patios or decks on the backs of their houses away from the street.
Blacks sit on their front porches, I suppose so they can "dinsee nuffin" when it gets real in da violent skreet. Oh yeah, you have to have a 40 oz. malt liquor in a paper sack as if cups don't exist. Negro heaven on earth.

"...the retired postal worker..."

Ah yes, the go-to "doan know nuffin, caint do nuffin" job. Every nog in the military will tell you about the postal job waiting for them when they get out, every one. BTW, Shouldn't her retirement cover her expenses?

"...the CHA began demolishing the city’s high-rise housing projects..."

Scorched earth returns. Now some real estate (((speculators))) can move whitey in and start the process over, while collecting Sec 8 $$ on their suburban investments. Win-win.

"... 13 suburban housing authorities and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development..."

And I'll bet these are staffed by vibrant diversity. 13 "authorities" it.

"The migration has come as the suburbs, in general, have grown more diverse and less affluent."

Translation: More blacks cause property values to plummet.

“This is as much about socioeconomic status as it is about race. I hadn’t thought that middle-income blacks would be as opposed to have low-income blacks move in as whites. . . . [But] middle-income black folks said, ‘No, we won’t tolerate it.’”

Say it ain't so...sort of crushes the racist white flight narrative. Can't believe this got by the editor.

They are fully aware of their own dysfunction.

Anonymous said...

Don't be a Section 8'er Hater.

Anonymous said...

In the past I morally objected to abortion. Not so much now. The earth can only sustain so many people.

I have been an advocate of sterilization for negros, a responsibility to keep society safe.

Anonymous said...

This is as much about socioeconomic status as it is about race. I hadn’t thought that middle-income blacks would be as opposed to have low-income blacks move in as whites. . . . [But] middle-income black folks said, ‘No, we wonT tolerate it.

Yet if we say this we are racist. Hypocrites one and all.

Anonymous said...

Interesting story that is somewhat related that I missed the other week:

A Chinese village's plan to attract tourists by inviting a troop of wild monkeys to live there went awry when the aggressive primates took over the village. The residents of Xianfeng relocated 73 rhesus macaques to their village from nearby hills in 2003, hoping to attract wealthy ecotourists. But the macaques' population quickly swelled, and by last year more than 600 primates were eating crops, trashing hopes, and biting locals and tourists.

They tried to remove some, but at least half won't leave and have basically taken over the village.

Why did Paul's story make me think of this one?

Anonymous said...

Saw an article on Obama's new Section 8 subsidy program:

The Obama administration on Wednesday proposed sweeping changes to the biggest federal subsidy program for low-income renters in an effort to encourage more poor renters to move to wealthier neighborhoods.

The changes in the Section 8 voucher program would give a bigger subsidy to tenants in expensive neighborhoods, helping them make up the difference between what they can afford and the high rents in areas that often have better schools and transportation.

But it would decrease subsidies in poorer neighborhoods, a move that landlords and tenant groups warned would increase evictions or force lower-income families to pay more for rent.

The proposed changes aren’t final and are subject to public review. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development hopes to produce a final version by the fall.

Supporters of the program pointed to research showing that children who grow up in higher-income neighborhoods fare better later in life.

Coming from wealth helps your life chances? Groundbreaking.

D-FENS said...

"Abortion is the only ally white America has in Black-Run America (BRA), for it works to diffuse the biological weapon threat that is a black person wielding a Section 8 voucher."

Yet the SCOTUS ruling on the Texas abortion law has all the conservatards in an uproar.

How the fuck can someone retire at 58? My wife and I have worked steadily for 30 years, have maxed out 401k, have other savings and had no financial setbacks. We can't even consider retirement until the kids are done with brainwashing (college).

Notice how the retired school teacher high-tailed it out of state?

Diversity increased while affluence declined. No shit Sherlock.

Even the "talented tenth" don't want to live with their ghetto brethren.

Brian in Ohio said...

Retired from the Post Office AND getting section 8? Another cradle to grave government dependent. I`m curios to know what assistance she ISNT on?

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Section Ape MUST be cancelled! Hear that Mr Trump??!

And if you don't at least make Depo Provera shots a must with each voucher.

Anonymous said...

I can't get past the 58 yr old retired federal worker with a section 8 voucher. This story should make any person with common sense mad as hell. This is a common goal in the negro community. The bucks where I work drive Mercedes, cadillacs, bmw's, Lincolns or $100k suv's. They live with their sow in section 8 housing with full breeding sow welfare benefits.
Ohio born

Avraham said...

My family owned a good deal of property in Asbury Park NJ. I have seen this same kind of thing happen. When blacks move in it is time to move out.

Anonymous said...

The most significant comment by far in this the excerpt of this article reproduced here is this one:

“This is as much about socioeconomic status as it is about race. I hadn’t thought that middle-income blacks would be as opposed to have low-income blacks move in as whites. . . . [But] middle-income black folks said, ‘No, we won’t tolerate it.’”

Demonstrating clear as day that, despite the constant bleats otherwise of the race-hustlers, its not about race. its about the violent, dysfunctional culture impoverished blacks (but not impoverished whites) have built and continue to sustain and pass on from generation to generation

Anonymous said...

Retired from the post office and she still qualifies for free housing? WTF

Steve Smith said...

Take it and go to Atlanta...

Uhhh... No, please don't. We have more than our share.

Illisheet said...

This hits close to home. They're trying to destroy my town with Section 8 but myself and other citizens are fighting back. We fled Cook County 17 years ago to Will County to escape the baboonery that was fast approaching us. We have been called rascists for trying to keep Section 8 out, and to that I say 'racist and proud!', but it is only a matter of time. I worry about refugees too, for they seem to be ahead in the line nowadays. That's all we need. Arabs and even more violent Muslim blacks.

Will County is in the middle of two negroe-infested counties. Cook to the north, and Kankakee to the south. The stronghold in Kankakee County is Bourbonais, a decently large city not unlike Joliet to the north. Both are the largest sources in the immediate area of negroes, but Will County is overall nicer. Probably due to all the white flight of people like us who still have/had careers located in Cook County. Nobody wanted to locate as far south as Kankakee County.

There is no place to hide. Illinois is a lost cause but only 15-20% of the land in this state is populated. There are still places where one can make a last stand in survival. If I could, I'd go to Marsailles.

Anonymous said...

Retired postal worker can get free housing ^That's like double dipping isn't it?

Paintjob Theory said...

“This is as much about socioeconomic status as it is about race. I hadn’t thought that middle-income blacks would be as opposed to have low-income blacks move in as whites. . . . [But] middle-income black folks said, ‘No, we won’t tolerate it.’”

Socioeconomic is newspeak for TNB. The grain of truth in this statement is that NOBODY wants to be around blacks whatsoever, including other blacks. It's not like the artificial middle class blacks create their own deed restricted communities to keep out poor blacks, they move to the whitest place they can find and the ones on the right end of the bellcurve cringe when other blacks move in.

This all begs the question of where is the end game for this? Those who control us operate through problem> reaction> solution. Is this a setup for a clash of civilizations, or is the punchline going to be some sort of "compromise" where we finally admit to racial differences and go back to some sort of sane segregation or other isolate and contain strategy in the name of charity. Continuing to provide for these cretins under the condition that they stay in the nesting areas we reserve for them.

This modern liberalism is a secular bastardized version of Christianity (as is the Christianity practiced by most large organized churches), the goodwill and charity which should be done out of a love for your fellows is forced at gunpoint. It is quite twisted; you will note when any lib-tard feel-gooder says "we" need to _____ (fix some social problem) the "we" is never them digging deep into their pockets or getting a second job to give to their cause of the day. It is never them taking the initiative to start a non profit charity to solicit donations to attempt to fix things, but always to force everybody else to pay via government redistribution. They can then disingenuously feel charitable by risking or sacrificing nothing. These sorts are borderline sociopaths. The next time you debate some liberal who says "we should do something" challenge them to explain what they personally have invested in doing, ask them what's stopping them from getting a second job, selling their assets to give, or starting a charity.

Every time, their moral preening is at the expense of others. If my neighbor asks for my coat I don't demand (at gunpoint) that Centurion donates his coat and then Pat Boyle gives his shirt as well. This is the key difference between this secularized and perverted Christianity and the true form. That all said, if my NEIGHBOR needed a coat and asked I'd give him my shirt with a smile, but if I saw a negro on fire I wouldn't piss on it to put it out. I owe them nothing.

Anonymous said...

Stuck n Mississippi @11:36pm. Funny! I couldn't agree more. I also hate everyone in a five state radius. My five states are in the northern Midwest so we have covered most "folks" east of the Mississippi. Country getting nuttier by the hour.

Ricky Tucker said...

Retired Postal worker on Section 8? "Retired" means she was "injured" lifting a package or envelope and got a settlement that was pissed away on weave, nails, Michael Kors bags and a base model 2008 Dodge Charger with 24s but no oil in crankcase.

Anonymous said...

Gee, wonder what it will feel like when we're all driving 4 hrs. each way to work and back. I feel move number four coming anytime now. Thanks Obama, another one of your bright ideas that gets no airtime at all. How many days left in this eight year shit show?

Steve Smith said...

Spot on.

Anonymous said...

Retired. Probably promoted -not on merit, obviously. Injured by a staple on an envelope.
And now, ride the gravy train to your funeral where the family will ask for cash to bury the whale-ass.

I think God Almighty that my father and mother gave me a work ethic.
These POS scam the system not only their entire lives, but 3,5,6,7 generations!

YT owes them nothing!

Anonymous said...

Bring back the Jeffries projects. Herman Gardens. Cabrini Green. Now there's something I could get behind. Self contained filth.

Butterscotch said...

I don't mind so much. Ship out all the negros to those liberals and fair-weather ''conservatives'' hiding in the suburbs who only believe blacks need THEIR political views and they'll be as good as yt could ever be. Make them suffer. I want them to live with the same fear and anguish that those who live in cities do.

Then when the negros have decimated the cities, whites can return. Buy up all the cheap property you can, bulldoze it flat and wait for the last orcs to flee. Wall off the city with an immense, white police prescence. Prosperity will return.

Then the same will come of the suburbs. Where will there be left for them and their handlers to go, if every area is owned, and controlled, by evil YT? Nowhere but Africa.

Until then, White man's land remains rural. The boonies. The sticks. Towns with no names, few people, and essentially no BRA installations.

Move, Wait, and Plot.

Anonymous said...

I do it already, it sucks. You drive 2 hours one way to work with ignorant groids thanks to affirmative action or as I call it what it is "legalized discrimination against whites". Before you ask well how did I get there, I'm a token white. Our HR will tell you that the office has to be " balanced " in skin color, not based on ability. The ride back home is refreshing to leave the lowly negro in it's petting zoo.

Anonymous said...

OT but relevant.

I know it isn't nice to stereotype a race, but is there anyone who might actually think that this disturbance was caused by a group of white keeds?

Anonymous said...

To my neighbor from Will County... I am glad to read from you. I currently live in shitcago (lifelong resident) and occasionally go to Will County and Kankakee for work reasons. I was shocked at how ravaged some parts have become there. About 25 years ago, my family and I would go camping and do outdoor stuff near kankakee. No way would I bring my kids there now. It is so unfortunate.

You are right about some of the other untouched areas of Illinois, and it does give some relief to know there are still some decent people here in this state. In my travels, I always feel ashamed when they ask where I am from. Sometimes I lie because being from chicago is so embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

Years ago I asked a groid why blacks buy $80,000 cars yet live in $20,000 houses?

His response "Sheeet, you cant drive a house, man."

Anonymous said...

Like I've said before, the high rise projects of the 60's and the current Section 8 programs were and are designed to stop negroes from forming tarpaper shanty towns full of tin roofed shacks ala Africa- which is what they used to do before they got all their gibsmedats and all they were really capable of doing- unless they managed to infest buildings in white cities and towns and turn those into run down pestholes. Of course, the high rise projects became cesspits of violent dysfunction and failed due to the type of inhabitants occupying them. Still, the government's move was an attempt at window dressing- stopping negroes from creating their embarrassing and humiliating (to the country)third world cesspits.

So now the current move is to try and break up concentrations of negroes via section 8 to reduce the negative impact they cause when gathered together in numbers and forming their dysfunctional, violent third world communities. Combine section 8, Ebt cards, WIC, welfare, affirmative action jobs and it's all really an attempt to stop or prevent Africans in America from reverting to their primitive type of existence by artificially propping them up and supporting them. Even integration was and is an attempt to "civilize" the negro by contact with other races and that, of course, has failed too and only dragged everyone else down. What makes this all worse is the government (in a display of sheer mindless idiocy) actually tries to coddle and pamper negroes by subsidizing their breeding out of control on the taxpayer's dime as if coddling them will have positive and beneficial effects and result in them finally (at long last) becoming a civilized and capable demographic. Fat chance.

All these programs and efforts have done is to make the negro problem worse generation by generation and spread it further afield thus destroying more towns and cities and creating an ever growing and increasing problem.

You'd think the government would have more sense than to actively support and subsidize the feeding and breeding of more dysfunctional parasites but that's obviously not the case. Idiocy reigns supreme in the halls of government and has become the state religion to the point of being an incurable mental illness that is now codified into law.

All of this will only end when the majority of the population gets so sick of it and the attendant destruction that they revolt against it and force changes. It's either that or a long, slow slide into oblivion.

Anonymous said...

My family is one of the upper middle class families that are currently in the process of fleeing the south suburbs because the entire area is starting to look like Somalia. I'm selling my $350,000 house, hoping I can get $150,000 for it. My wife and I found some 97%+ White towns that we are shopping for our next home. We can only pray that our kids can get through school before AFFH negroefies our new town too.

It really an enfuriating shame that our formerly White, nice, safe, clean, quiet neighborhoods are being forcefully changed into ghettos, forcing us to sell our homes at HALF what they would be worth if the Section 8 niggers hadnt been shoved in.

We are trying hard to keep White areas with White schools and the fucking government just wont allow it. At what point will it ever stop?

I wish Trump would take up this fight, I think even liberal democrat Whites would vote for him once he starts fighting Section 8 and AFFH.

mikej said...

Sorry, PK, but not nearly enough blacks will abort pregnancies voluntarily, especially with Uncle Sugar giving them more free stuff with each additional child. (Notice how I restrained myself from writing niglet or pickaninny. Am I PC, or what?) I'm afraid we'll need compulsory sterilization of violent felons, mental patients, welfare recipients (which includes anyone with a HUD Section 8 voucher), children of welfare recipients, illegal aliens, children of illegal aliens, and all Muslims regardless of citizenship or immigration status.

Anonymous said...

The thing is when does "Whitey" stop moving out when the "Groids" move in? Pretty soon there'll be NOWHERE for Whitey to move to! I say it's time to make a stand. Screw 'em! Burn the F'n house down first chance you get. Then play the "Didn't see nuffin, don't know nuffin" game like they do! Pretty simple solution...

Anonymous said...

We know who you are, because your signature comment is "Herp derp solid post."

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the GD Lutherans.

Anonymous said...

Re endorsing abortion, blacks abort their babies at about 3.6 times the rate white women do. Is it really worth it to abort 1 white baby in order to get rid of a measly 3.6 pickaninnies? I don't think so, especially since with a little ingenuity and courage, the "kill ratio" could be much higher.

Abortion and other forms of birth control are indispensable to feminism, which would have no practical means to exist except for the ability these technologies give women to control their own bodies. They are also the reason for the artificially low white birth rate. Is feminism a good thing? Is a below-replacement-level white birth rate a good thing? I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

Tarczan here.
I live in the Cleveland area and I can tell you the city has been destroyed by sec 8 (and also to government housing loans). The negroes are now working overtime to destroy the suburbs using government programs, primarily sec8. Parma, once the model for vets returning from WW2, is teetering. East Cleveland, Cleveland Heights, warrensville hts, maple hts, Bedford, Bedford hts, Garfield hts, are all gone. Shaker heights is a special case. Areas are destroyed, but because the school system adopted a policy of having five different levels of academic difficulty, it is possible for whites to attend the schools. The white kids are in the top two tiers, and the darkies in the bottom three. It is all voluntary, so they have been able to get away with it for now, with much whining and bitching.

Lakewood, on the west side, is falling. The key to sec 8 is having moderate priced housing, at least until AFFH, Lakewood has plenty. There is an area of the west side of Cleveland, west park, which is still white. This is where the white safety forces and city workers live. They send their kids to catholic schools, st eds and st ignatius.

The amount of destruction caused by blacks and fedgov housing programs is impossible to overstate.

Anonymous said...

“I advise any mother: Move to your suburban areas,” she says. “Not taking anything from the city, [but] there’s too much going on. Take your Section 8 voucher. Take it and go to Atlanta. Take it and go to Los Angeles.”

Wow - I'm guessing her IQ barely reaches room temperature! Since when are Los Angeles and Atlanta considered "suburban" areas? This is like an old drunk deciding that tonight they're gonna switch from scotch to vodka, 'cause they've heard their hands will be steadier the next morning. And just like an old drunk, they believe there is a "geographic cure" for their problem. Maybe we'll give her a voucher . . . for bungalow number 3 at the Chateau Marmont.

"Just because you've spent most of your life in the missionary position, that doesn't make you a missionary."

Anonymous said...

" I advise all mothers to move to Atlanta, move to Los Angeles, move to the suburbs" there is another organism that follows the same pattern..... Do you know what it is? ....a virus..... You blacks are a virus..., you see every organism develops a natural equilibrium with its surrounding environment, but you blacks do not. You multiply and multiply until every tax dollar is consumed and the only way for you to survive is to spread to another area.

Anonymous said...

William Foster wrote "Ah yes, Naperville. One of the richest suburbs of Chicago. I lived nearby for my entire youth and today, I don't make enough to live there but I make too much for Section 8. Glad this woman didn't move. The good, hard working whites who make Naperville great don't need moochers taking from them." The section eight is in the apartment complexes in Naperville, they have been there for years now. You see the section 8 students in both school districts 203 and 204. The crimes is higher in these complexes verses the sub division of expensive homes.

There was a news report about several black teens jumping on parked cars in a parking garage down town Naperville. This is what section eight has brought us in Naperville. Bolingbrook which is south of Naperville, has a gang unit because of the violent crimes in the section eight housing along route 53(Bolingbrook drive) and East side of Bolingbrook. The West side of Bolingbrook has more upscale housing like that of Naperville.

There's has to be more to this story about the retired Postal worker, if she was a carrier, her retirement income would be to high to qualify for section eight. I am assuming she is retired on disability, I could be wrong.

I have friends from back home who own businesses in Chicago, they fear the blacks, even though we are of African heritage. The Blacks see us as outsiders. Many of my friends are there to make enough money to send their kids to college and retire back home.

Willie from Naperville

Anonymous said...

You work @30% tax rate, the first 2.42 hours of your workday are dedicated to paying for your neighbors-of-color's free rent, sail foam, food, tampons, water and any number of human rights. The least you can do is to fuck off for 2.42 hours every day. It seems every taxpayer is, in essence, a slave owner....enjoy supporting someone's great-great-whatever-grandfather's horrible mistake that most white people's ancestors had nothing to do with.

Free at last! Free at last! Ebberthang be free at last!

Meanwhile, your property investment dollars are black magic. You are being pushed into poverty until socioeconomic justice has prevailed and we're all equal.

Utopia awaits. God help our children.

Anonymous said...

"I hadn’t thought that middle-income blacks would be as opposed to have low-income blacks move in as whites. . . . [But] middle-income black folks said, ‘No, we won’t tolerate it.’”

What is it that middle-class blacks won't tolerate? Everyone is the same, except for skin color, right?

This really puzzles me. I wish this affirmative action, race-baiting sociologist who assumes whites don't like ghetto blacks because of race could have gone more in-depth as to why non-ghetto blacks don't like them.

I'm going to set up a GoFundMe account to get him some research dollars to explore this deep and troubling question.

Unknown said...

retired postal sec 8 what a crock i work at a caddy dealership 15 yrs ago westren burbs of chicago the noogs from chicago would come out buy their caddys and have them serviced the ones wuo own them all had gov jobs postal irs county and the shebboons that worked postal a couple of them told me in general conversation that when they retire got full pension and 100k from carpal tunnel syndrome account the pratice somehow got so fu up the post off just said f-- it and pay these sheeboons and be done with it SECT 8

Anonymous said...

Years ago, when they started operating on babies in the womb to correct congenital heart defects, I remember thinking: "What kind of Dr. FRANKENSTEIN bullshit is this?"

Common sense tells us that people so genetically fucked up that they would have died without over-top-intervention are going to pass on those problems to future generations.

The mentally retarded, the congenitally afflicted, and people who are insane shouldn't be allowed to breed - unless they have trust fund to ensure the taxpayers won't assume the burden.

In fact, why not make everyone post a bond before they reproduce? In 50 years there might be a majority of white players in the NBA.

Anonymous said...

Likely she's raising the bastard children of her various keeds and other relatives and us collecting a basket full of gibs each month.

At 58, she may have "retired" on a disability. Postal workers are apparently good at working that angle.

Anonymous said...

Retired postal worker on Section 8 means either she be disabled or she be raisin' her granchilluns who are most likely disabled (Lord knows they're all retarded).

Postal worker reminds me of a story. My post office was relocated because of a flood so I had to pick up packages at a nearby 100% black run post office. I went in and there was not a worker to be seen but a note said to ring a bell for a worker. I could hear them hootin' and hollerin' in the back so I rang the bell good and hard. A black man had walked up behind me and said "Don't ring the bell - they be busy." And I replied, "How will they ever know anyone is out here if I don't ring the bell?" The question was obviously too much for his brain power because he just look befuddled and said no more. Soon a "worker" detached herself from the backroom party and fetched my package. If I hadn't rang the bell I bet I'd still be standing there and that was over a year ago. I also bet I was the first white woman in many, many years who'd ever said a word back to the old buck so offended by my bell ringing.

Pat Boyle said...

I don't particularly know much about Section 8. I don't rent to people on Section 8. I also don't know much about Chicago. Only was there once to see the museums when I was a kid.

But I do known a good deal about being a postal clerk. I put myself through college working at the Post office from 3:00AM to 7:00 AM every morning. I can't remember what I earned but I have looked up the wages of postal clerks in Wikipedia.

Postal clerks today earn a little more than fifty thousand dollars a year. I have lived in Oakland California for about 20 years. The median income in Oakland is just about $49,000 a year. Section 8 has complex eligibility rules many of which are based on being 80% below the local income levels. But this woman had an income about 105% of our levels. I presume when she retired her income dropped a lot. She didn't seemed to have saved any money when she was working regularly.

When I was a postal clerk everybody seemed to be an artist of some kind. The place was packed with painters, actors, and writers. Working for the post office then lent you some prestige. On the streets of the Haight-Ashbury when you told someone you worked at the Post Office they understood.

All the young people were there only for a while. The older people who were permanently were different. We didn't mix with them. The supervisors were mostly blacks or very stupid whites. Being a Post Office supervisor is one of the classic jobs that any monkey could do. It was a good example of a sinecure.


Anonymous said...


THE NEW CARS ONLY PHENOMENON---Anonymous Proudyt said...

Unfortunately I live in a town a little more south of the aforementioned cities. Not only do blacks live in houses nicer than mine,it seems almost every negro I see are in brand new cars-- SAME AS IN LA. YT,

Cash fer clunkers? car Loans? Obama luvin his base? hmmm.

Anonymous said...

"This modern liberalism is a secular bastardized version of Christianity (as is the Christianity practiced by most large organized churches), the goodwill and charity which should be done out of a love for your fellows is forced at gunpoint."

Again, this sort of thing is not a modern development, nor is it confined to liberalism. Christians have been using force to compel obedience to Christian beliefs since the time of Constantine. In the beginning, Christianity was spread throughout Europe at the point of a sword by men such as Martel and and his grandson Charlemagne. In more recent times, the American Civil War, and its aftermath which granted citizenship and the vote to negroes, was in essence nothing other than an attempt to force people to comply with Christian beliefs regarding human equality.

To the Christian mind, forcing someone to do what he should want to do anyway isn't much of a sin, if it's even a sin at all. That's an attitude that has characterized Christianity throughout its history.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Paul! Section ape is destroying south Florida. Miami was just declared the #1 worst city to live in. Their pollution has spread way beyond that city. Even south west Florida has gotten hit by this. AFFH will be the death of the upper middle class areas. What can we do to stop this?

Anonymous said...

you can take the negro out of the ghetto but not the ghetto out of the negro. when you never pay for something you don't take care of it....section 8 vouchers....should be banned.

Anonymous said...

Tarczan-I was born and raised on the west side of Cleveland. Your post is spot on. The blackimals laid waste to the city itself, and have now destroyed many of the suburbs. I don't know how old you are, but even 40 years ago, places like Maple Heights and Parma were still all white and very nice-crime free.Lakewood was all white, and was like a place where Leave it to Beaver could have been filmed.

It's a crime and a shame what happened to all these cities in the 60s and 70s, and the powers that be let it happen and made it happen. Cleveland public schools were outstanding, even 40 years ago-of course the blackimal side of town had schools made shitty by the "students" and "parents". So a lib Dem judge -Battisti-(whose own kids went to private schools) ordered busing-the whites bailed from the city-so the blackimals got bused to the exact same schools, teacher, buildings that the white kids did fine with literally the previous year--and totally destroyed them, too (surprise!)

Stan d Mute said...

Here's the conundrum. With the negroes clustered in urban ghettoes, they're easy to manage. When the day comes that EBT stops working, we shut down the highways and keep the negroes in the cities where we control flow of food and energy to them. This also permits us to corral them onto the freighters for the long ocean voyage home. It becomes much more difficult when they're dispersed in the suburbs.

We are here because of Wall Street. Investors pay CEO's for short term results. Want bigger profits next quarter? Fire your skilled whites and replace with cheap negroes. This in turn drives demand for housing stock for the negro workers. The whites flee creating demand for new housing starts in the suburbs. Yay! "Growth"!! But what about next quarter? Let's import even cheaper mestizos. Mestizos move into the urban areas and push out the weaker negroes. FedGov borrows money to give to negroes to move to suburbs. Whites flee creating new housing starts in exurbs. Yay! "Huge Growth"!! But now what? Next quarter we move factories offshore. FedGov borrows even more money and pays for both negroes and illegal mestizos to move to white exurbs. Whites flee to trendy urban cores as well as retirement mega communities in AZ, NV, and FL (i.e. The Villages) creating new housing starts. Yay! "Growth"!! But now what? What about next quarter? Foreign wars have always been good as gap-fillers. We consume massive amounts of weapons and supplies using bogus borrowed money then we consume massive amounts of everything else as we rebuild the foreign nation we just destroyed last quarter. Yay! "Growth"!! But wait ... we are now seeing there may be a limit to our ability to borrow money to create "growth" and white people are beginning to shake off their sixty year narcosis of illusory "growth" based entirely on consuming the assets of our forebears and the inheritences of our children. They're beginning to realize that their political system consists of a single puppet master (Wall Street) operating political theater like a daytime soap opera or "reality tv" show. Now what? Trump? A "reality tv" star? Can he possibly be the real deal? Or just the latest pre-packaged "growth" for us in hopes we will return to our narcotized slumber until it's too late?

Anonymous said...

I'd lay down a hundred on "Chrysler 300" dealer sir. They look like dem rollses!

Anonymous said...

Two famblys in my neighborhood.

1. No AC and a busted roof, all I can tell from a distance. We live in Texas. They have several tarps tho, in an "affluent area"
2. A nig straight out of an insurance commercial, two male spawn constantly playing basketball curiously during school times, couldn't be older than 13. This motherfucker has a sign, from the city, for home improvement. Somehow being from the Stone Age gets you lower property taxes to be spent on home repairs. Since that tribe has moved in, minor property theft has appeared. I wonder who.

I didn't work myself damn near to death and give up on fun for a decade to live near these things I've been escaping my whole life.

Anonymous said...

To my Atlanta brethren: this is why our family pulled up stakes last year, after nearly four decades, and moved to Utah. The poster who said the western mountains were the final white frontier was spot-on. Salt Lake City and surrounding mountain suburbs is clean, safe, and white...especially out here in Summit County. Negroes apparently don't like high altitude living, nor do they enjoy skiing. I can go days or weeks without seeing a negro, and my kids don't have any niglets in their classes. In Atlanta, former mayor Andy Young tore down the inner city projects right before the Olympics so they wouldn't embarrass him in front of the world. He gave the residents Section 8 vouchers and sent them to the suburbs, which is what ruined Clayton, DeKalb, Henry, Douglas, Cobb, and south Fulton counties. PK devoted a chapter to this in his excellent book, "Black Mecca Down". If you guys ever want to put down roots, your best bet is to leave Georgia and the South, and come join us in the Great White Western Rockies. We're praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Off topic.

Pampers ad I just saw on you tube.'saggy diaper effect'w clumsy WHITE baby.
'tired of saggy diapers?'

voila---snazzy happy black babe in pampers.

boycott pampers.

I dont have link to ad.

Anonymous said...

A fascinating experiment idea:

If I were a race realist billionaire, I would build a massive concrete set of building towers near a city, public transport nearby, but only populate it with needy White and Asian people. The place would be clean and new and simple. Not luxury, but very decent. I'd keep it private so I can put who I want in there and then sit back and watch. After a year or two what do you think would be happening? Would it need to be torn down like a nog infested project building? Or would it bet well-maintained and safe and civilized?

Would graphically prove the problem isn't the type of building, it's the type of tenant. The RACE of tenant...

Humans Build; N*ggers Destroy...

Anonymous said...

Senator Obama replied...

"As I've said about the flag pin, I don't want to be perceived as taking sides."

"There are a lot of people in the world to whom the American flag is a symbol of oppression…"

"The anthem itself conveys a war-like message. You know, the bombs bursting in air and all that sort of thing."

Obama continued: "The National Anthem should be 'swapped' for something less parochial and less bellicose. I like the song 'I'd Like To Teach the World To Sing'. If that were our anthem, then, I might salute it.

In my opinion, we should consider reinventing our National Anthem as well as 'redesign' our Flag to better offer our enemies hope and love.

It's my intention, if elected, to disarm America to the level of acceptance to our Middle East Brethren. If we, as a Nation of warring people, conduct ourselves like the nations of Islam, where peace prevails...perhaps a state or period of mutual accord could exist between our governments ..."

When I Become President, I will seek a pact of agreement to end hostilities between those who have been at war or in a state of enmity, and a freedom from disquieting oppressive thoughts.

We as a Nation, have placed upon the nations of Islam, an unfair injustice which is WHY my wife disrespects the Flag and she and I have attended several flag burning ceremonies in the past".

"Of course now, I have found myself about to become The President of the United States and I have put my hatred aside .

I will use my power to bring CHANGE to this Nation, and offer the people a new path. My wife and I look forward to becoming our Country's First black Family. Indeed, CHANGE is about to overwhelm the United States of America."

Dale Lindsborg, Washington Post

Anonymous said...

I have heeded the advice of various posters by stocking up on canned goods and other foods with a long shelf life.
There is a fast running creek nearby that could be used for water in emergency.
Water purification tablets and filters are next on the list.
There may not be anywhere to escape to especially if you have limited financial resources.
A lot of those places to escape to are well known and now on the way to being off the bug out list.
Maybe Alaska or rural Oregon?
Oh well I'll just have to make a stand here.

Anonymous said...

Oil and water don't mix. They can be kept looking like they are under the APPEARANCE of mixing if you use force to violently force their combination, but leave them alone and let the laws of Nature take effect and they completely separate.

So to is the dynamic of the n*gger and Humans. Alone we will naturally separate. The only way we appear mixed is with the enormous cost and effort of being forcibly mixed. Who is the mixer? The FedGov and nog-loving racist programs (Section Ape, AA etc) and the usual tribe pulling the strings behind the curtains, along with their useful idiots.

Look deeper and you'll see all of the above is the Truth.

Anonymous said...

One of the other commenters asked about Section 8 lawnmowers and Section 8 rakes. Several years back I was living in a nice, quiet Chicago neighborhood. (Yes, they do exist.) Some two-story buildings went up just around the corner and the Section 8 creatures moved in. (It was kept very quiet until the last moment. Wonder why?) Within the week a minor crime wave hit the neighborhood. In my case, my bike (which was locked up on the back porch) was stolen. Ditto for my mail: It was stolen from the mailbox. It was a wet, slushy day. As I traipsed home, I happened to look down and saw a sodden half-submerged envelope in the gutter. "Hey," I thought, "the handwriting on the envelope looks just like Mom's!" On a hunch I bent over and picked it up. It was a birthday card from my Mom! They also stole at least one utility bill (why?) and who knows what else. Back to the lawnmowers and rakes: The Section 8 simians never lifted a finger to keep their places looking tidy, preferring to slump on the front steps drinking from giant plastic tumblers and alternately glaring and catcalling at passers-by. The upkeep was done by teams of bustling Hispanics who were brought around every week or two. God, is it any wonder the entire human race holds blacks in contempt?

Anonymous said...

Sung to the Hokey Pokey Song:

You put Section 8 in
You make angry Whitey shout
You put da gangstas in
An' open fire all aroun'
Den come da Whitey Flighty
An dey flee outta da town
Dat's wut iss all about

Anonymous said...

"She leases her home from a retired teacher who moved to Wisconsin. The voucher covers all of her rent: $1,200 a month."

Here is the nuts and balls of the problem in many middle class places.

A retired teacher who moved to Wisconsin is now double dipping--a teacher's pension from the state of Illinois, and now federal Section 8 bling on top of it.

This retiree is tapping taxpayers at at least two levels...and contributing to the downfall of a white area by sticking her former neighbors with groids who will drive down their property values. Not to mention she's probably on Medicare and getting old people services free in Wisconsin, where she never paid into the tax base.

Wanna bet she (probably) voted for Obama twice? And will vote for Queen Her?

Look, I have a teacher's pension from the state of Wisconsin. I have nothing against teachers or pensions. It is very small ($400 a month) and I don't take it. I leave it in the hopes I can one day leave that little fund to NumbersUSA. I wasn't a teacher, I worked a university research center, so that's how my retirement savings were organized for the 15 years I was in that job.

I had to leave the state to follow my husband's job, because in his field (IT) a white man with high skills has to go from job to job, being busted downward in salary, every so many years as H1Bs take the higher paying jobs.

But the idea of monetarizing white flight to stick one's former neighbors is part of what got society in this pickle in the first place.

There is a LOT of this going on.

Our humble country lane of nine 1400 sf simple houses had a big turnover at the height of the real estate bubble. Fortunately our CC&Rs were set up in the 1980s not to allow renting (in anticipation of this neighborhood-busting tactic). But 5 of the 6 newcomer families were from California and Colorado. They paid highly inflated prices for their houses, in two cases, twice the assessments. The rest of us saw our property taxes skyrocket as a result. 4 of the 5 are STATE PENSIONED RETIREES who are renting their houses back in CA and CO under federal programs.

So we're paying for their retirements with their pensions, with the federal programs, with higher property taxes, as well as Medicare, etc. PLUS two of the 5 hold their houses as "churches" (new age) so they aren't even paying property tax! And 2 of the 5 have part time state jobs, so we're also paying for their full benefits for part time work.

There is no solidarity anymore among white people. That is the absolute truth. We've been trained to be low-trust and ream other whites for money.

Anonymous said...

Wait one--I totally missed the thing about the "retired postal worker" on Section 8!

How TF does that work? The groid had a cushy federal job, with union representation...and somehow we have to pay her?

Where the fuck is MY government handout? I'm sick of paying for these women! I'm a woman, but I've paid my own way, and done all I can to help my husband on that front.

Anonymous said...

No more calls we have a WINNER!.

I'd we employed that same scenario we could clean up our area's in no time.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record...we MUST meet, organize and execute. Time is running out......

-JSF- in Minneapolis

Earl Turner said...

God I'm so sick of watching my fellow whites constantly fleeing. As so many have said, they're going to run out of locations with "good schools" to flee to. They'll complain in private, some in letters to the paper or in the comment sections, but that's all. None of them want to stand up and be a leader. None of them will go to their neighbors and organize resistance to the Section 8 renters who are causing the problems in their neighborhoods.

Guess what? Your neighbors feel the same way about that Section 8 biological weapon as you do. They're just like you, watching their home values plummet and worrying about the next burglary. All they need is one leader to stand up and let them know they're not alone, that it's ok to say something, and it's ok to DO something. Most of us are cheering for Trump. That's all Trump is. He stood up and said what we all were thinking and look what happened!

It's time to stop wasting money moving from town to town, always fleeing the black invasion of neighborhoods. It's time to start making a stand. Trump was just the beginning so don't wait for him to be elected, take that ball and run with it now. He's not the great white savior. We, you and I, and those who follow our lead, and those who follow them, we are the great white saviors.

Anonymous said...

Is there anywhere I can live and not have to hear about the latest atrocities associated with Muslims or the American Shit Demons aka Negroes??

Seriously, anywhere??!!

Oh God!! Life is too short!!

Anonymous said...

Just got back from grocery shopping. I drive 15 miles north just to avoid the groid. Amazing what a few mile will do to improve your mood. I actually think this country is making me nuts. Not inclined to think it will ever be better. Different for sure, but not better.

Anonymous said...

Because I sell things online i know the postal clerk job better than a lot of the clerks - and I only go to post offices with white clerks. Which, thankfully around here seems to be most of them yet.

That must be some job, once I took a package with me because rather than go out of my way I knew I'd drive right by a small town post office and lo and behold I get there and it's closed for a 90 minute lunch break in the middle of the damn day when anyone else on their breaks might come in.

I don't even want to think about what black run post offices must be like, a lot of the white clerks are barely competent. To the point that when I figure out which ones are good I'll let folks go ahead of me so I get the good ones. I think the only place I ever saw a black clerk was on a trip in Lima Ohio - which has a beautiful classic downtown post office - and thankfully all I had to do was hand over a prepaid package and get it scanned in.

Mr. Rational said...

Likely she's raising the bastard children of her various keeds and other relatives and us collecting a basket full of gibs each month.

I cannot imagine the level of racket and mayhem that must prevail in whatever godforsaken hole they live in... though I'm sure it was nice not very long ago.

The gene pool needs a huge shock treatment of chlorine.

Brian in Ohio said...

At 58, she may have "retired" on a disability. Postal workers are apparently good at working that angle.

I honestly cant remember the last time I saw a negro who appeared over the age of 50 who DIDNT have a handicap parking pass in their windshield. Just one more gibs.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Illisheet said...

Ah, it's so nice to speak to a local kindred spirt. I feel for you in the thick of things, I can understand wanting to/needing to stay in spite of it all.

There's a lot of nice places left here. Grundy County is decent and largely rural. DuPage is beautiful but high priced and starting to succumb. I always said that if I had to be stuck in Illinois for the rest of my life, I'd want to be in Naperville. Too bad it will never happen. I've lost some affinity for DuPage County after working in Bolingbrook for awhile. It only continues to support its huge undertow population because many major corporate HQs are there, and it remains a major industrial and trucking hub. But it's a shithole. Only a small part of it isn't.

We should try to speak more often. It gives me comfort that there are people nearby who aren't loonies in an otherwise very loony and black state.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me a some white men stopped him and beat the ever loving shit out of him before he harmed them.

Anonymous said...

Bellhaven could stand some diversity. The pretentious fucks wouldn't be so liberal after Shitavious let his pit bull shit on their manicured lawns, would they?

Anonymous said...

Earl Turner @ 5:07 pm. You are correct sir. Why don't we stand up and say 'no more'. Why are towns, cities, townships allowed to do this. Why aren't there restrictions as to what authorities can do to our private property rights and interests. Can a community ban section eight housing?

Detroit Refugee said...

Are you kidding!!
At FRAP the 50 closest spots near the entrance are 100% blacks.
I'm talking about young & old ones.
They park in handicap spaces, the bounce out with bags of fast food, juggling the mandatory cell phone, ear buds, & large pop from McD's.
Then do the cock stroll into work.

Anonymous said...

I'm in favor of retroactive abortions. For ALL of em and their coddlers.

FearpornRefugee said...

Greetings to all the fellow refugees here. The following is going to piss a lot of you off. The problem will only get worse until we stop the pop culture that is permeating our society. A great example is Country music, regardless of whether you listen(ed) or do not, was traditionally for white folk. Now it sounds like a fucking mash of top 40 and soft rock. I used to be one of the dumb fucks that wanted to be part of the "in" crowd, but now at the ripe age of 38 all my give a shit has faded.

I used to watch every New Orleans Aints game, every LSU football game, every NASCAR race, Boston Red Sox, Atlanta Braves, listened to country music, saluted the flag, paid muh taxes, bought hunting/fishing licenses, traded vehicles every year or so, went to church, and even thought I knew a few good ones. Not any more. I cringe at the sight of mainstream entertainment and infotainment. The only pleasure I derive anymore is making it back home alive from Kroger.

My favorite watering hole is located across the river from my home town, in another state. The place used to be a sort of biker hangout where folks within an 80 mile radius from all walks of life could come to mingle and have a good time without worrying about nogs or redneck brawls. This was a white folk hangout. The owner decided to start selling Lotto and Powerball tickets some years ago, and now the fucking nogs all ride over to gets dey powaball ticket (The S is silent in their lingo). There is a drive up window that stays full of lazy asses who are too sorry to get out and come inside. When the line of cars becomes too long, the nogs shuffle in and crowd the entrance waiting for a chance to hit it big. The white owner of the joint could give a damn so long as he gets his 10 cents from every ticket sold (I could be wrong about 10 cents, it may only be 8).

I know several white men and women that run businesses. They all have the same mantra: "money is color blind". If you own a business and feel the same way, you are part of the problem we come here to bitch about. Stop taking their money, or if you cannot outright refuse to service the fucks, treat them like shit so that they quit doing business with you, or they spend their fiat currency out of spite. It's a win either way.

Someone above keeps saying we need to meet and organize. Good luck with that. The USA Patriot act allows the monitoring of all our communications, and the algorithms in the computer programs that monitor such information can identify possible civil disobedience for further scrutiny. The system has egalitarian agents that will infiltrate any meeting of the minds and quickly turn your day into a very bad one. Your old army buddy could possibly be the bastard that snitches you out to the system.

Anonymous said...

If you have a creek nearby, look into getting a few hydroelectric generators. You can place them right in the creek, or make a side channel so you'll always have a source of power.

Anonymous said...

rural Oregon?

I know a gal who moved to 'Rogue River, Or'

It is very hot. Inland Oregon is hot.
Coastal has a nicer climate.

Anonymous said...

90+ comments, all of it babbling about "this county is better than that county," "this State is better than that Sate," "you should move (insert place) because it's more white," blah, blah, blah.

This reality can be summed up far more succinctly than the vast majority of these rambling, mewling comments:

If a country has a large black population, it's unlivable. It is time to leave this sinking ship. You ancestors once immigrated to America, and it is now time you emigrate to someplace else. It's that simple. To think that you or your family has and always will reside in one country is absurd. The history of humanity is marked by migration, and it is time to pick up stakes and leave. I am actively looking for a new country that is white and not beholden to (((zionists))). That may mean I have to learn a new language. That may mean I will have to adapt to a different culture. So be it - my German ancestors had to learn a new language and conform to a new culture, too. If you stay here, you're choosing willful, stubborn ignorance and all that will come with it. What sort of imbecile stays in an irredeemable country?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Gee, wonder what it will feel like when we're all driving 4 hrs. each way to work and back.

I already do drive 2 hours to and from work to live in the country away from the Mau Maus that infest the city. Its worth it, believe me!

Anonymous said...

Retired USPS "worker", BLACK FEMALE, with a pension, that gets a monthly $1200 Section 8 voucher and God knows what else in BRA Gubbamint bennies.
Perfectly consistent with the carcass of a dead Republic rotting in the Summer sun.

The sooner the Balkanization of The USSA happens, the better.
It'll happen here for reasons similar to how it happened to The USSR.
During the reset, I hope that there's enough rope.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully written passage.

Obama is infamous for saying: "You dint build dat."

Yet he didn't have any compunction about taking credit for his fictious memoir written entirely by Bill Ayres.

Ayres is a very fine writer, exemplified by the passage Obama took credit for above, even though Bill is otherwise a POS.

I'm hoping that after O leaves office, Ayres will come forward and admit he wrote the book. He is mad at O for not doing more to forward the Revolution, so if Ayres lives long enough, it could happen.

JFK took credit for "Profiles In Courage" and that was exposed as a fraud.

My favorite daydream: Post-president attention-whore Barack will go on Jeopardy, and get the question: "Who was Franz Falon?"

His likely response: "Uh, ALEX. I'd like to use a lifeline."

I'm not just being a dick about this. Obama wrote two other books that even after editing read like they were written by high school sophomores. They were written AFTER his magnus opus.

I guess he got hit in his haid by Michelle, and forgot how to compose a sentence.

Anonymous said...

Handicap parking passes: Just one more of the scams that negroes love to run on YT. No one ever checks them, and no one dares to question them when they get out of their car and sashay into the store, blabbing on they sail foam all the time. Parking close to the door is one of their basic rights.
Speaking of negroes and parking lots, I've noticed that here in Michigan, they overwhelmingly back into parking spots. My thinking is that most of them don't have car insurance and/or outstanding warrants, and they don't want some White cop to run their licence number while they are in the sto or wherever. (We don't have front plates)

Final observation: The fondest dream of every negro is to be able to stay home and "get a check"-the daytime network TV shows here in Detroit are filled with ads from shyster law firms featuring smiling boons waving a piece of paper and yelling "I got ma check". They are always on the lookout for someone to sue to get "their check".

Anonymous said...

I dont live in Cleveland, but drive an hour every day to go to work in Brookpark. It is a shithole, the city government is polishing this turd for the Republican convention. It is still a brown turd. When the RNC is over and the money has dried up the trash will mound up, yt won't be picking it up. They need to stuff some Affh into Bay Village where all the sjw, and ykw live.
Ohio born

E said...

He was supposed to make a speech about housing but Orlando happened. He maybe waiting to see if Clinton picks the HUD head, Julian Castro as his running mate.

Oil 'n Water said...

All of the comments above should be required reading in every white majority school in the country.
What a great cross-sectional view demonstrating the whos, whats, whys, wheres, and hows of this cancer that continues to grow.
But woe unto any teacher who would have the courage to do so. To read the hard-earned life experiences of people on the receiving end…and what the future possibly holds for the students themselves.
Unfortunately, in today's world, truth is a victim of lies.

Anonymous said...

Blogger Ricky Tucker said...

Retired Postal worker on Section 8? "Retired" means she was "injured" lifting a package or envelope and got a settlement that was pissed away on weave, nails, Michael Kors bags and a base model 2008 Dodge Charger with 24s but no oil in crankcase.

Most accurate statement ever!

Mr. Rational said...

I already do drive 2 hours to and from work to live in the country away from the Mau Maus that infest the city.

And if the price of gas goes back up to $4/gallon, then what?

Sooner or later we're going to have to make the problem go away, instead of going away from the problem.  Depo-Provera is a nice start, if you can push it through.

Anonymous said...

Because she uses the pension shes getting, notice shes only 58 and was able to retire at 55, on a new Cadillac every three years, shrimp a few times a week from the grocery store, and no doubt some gold teef to flash on her quarterly vacations.

Race said...

That is similar to what ykw is already doing but not for white interest but rather to divest whites of what brings to then via the negro, then rebut the land cheap and wait.

White Cornerback said...

Amazing. Just another expansion of FAILED low income housing in cities in white areas.. Now these savages are exported to white suburbs which were mostly a creation to get away from blacks to begin with. Only a filthy savage and of course BLACK president could dream this one up. So what we get now is whitey paying 15 to 20 K in taxes and two blocks away is Shitavious and Quatisha smoking bones in section 8 housing while she drops out more sprogs who then mysteriously raise the crime rates and gee, suddenly that nice whitey school ain't so nice anymore due to the dark infestation. You would think this is a movie it is so absurd and yet those dirty white leftists voted for it as well..

Blacks in any large numbers have NEVER made a school district or neighborhood better.. EVER. There are only so many decaying magical whiteys around in the dying America that can save the day for these IQ deficient ball bouncers. I will always be grateful to Trump for showing it can NEVER be the same again. RINOS, CUCKS and other Republican jokers could NEVER ever get my vote again and I am confident millions of others will say the same.

The thing about a browning America is they will happily turn America into Africa or Central America by destroying any white areas or stealing their wealth because if we keep going the way we are, this Obama nation will seem moderate compared to the dark skinned bantu future US presidents coming and the policies they will implement.

Race said...

I live in Orange County Ca. and I only see Africans in America driving brand new high dollar card here too!

Anonymous said...

Excellent post. 100 years from now if the US still exist, asian, Latin, Indian citizens will be flourishing and many eyes will be opened.

Bill in St Louis said...


Wayne and His Wife said...

Few things in life make me angrier than the destruction that section 8/Ape has brought to this country. We have seen both of our once beautiful hometowns destroyed by subsidized housing. We have watched magnificent homes from the Victorian Period chopped up and sectioned off to make room for undeserving and unappreciative groids.
The ni##er moves in and within six months the apartments are rat holes, garbage clutters the yards, broken down cars become common place. There is no personal nor civic pride with these savages. They drink. They drug. They breed. They steal. They riot
Section 8 has robbed the White Person of their once most important asset, their Home and given it to an ungrateful, stupid, lazy, ugly creature

Anonymous said...

It was an infinitely better place to live in the days of Al Capone.

Anonymous said...

What it is is ethnic cleansing. No other term properly describes it. Since the Cibbil Rights laws came in, millions of whites have been ethnically cleansed from the communities they and their families built.

Anonymous said...

A country is its people first of all. When you replace the people, either with blacks and latinos here, or with muslims and africans in Europe, that country is gone forever.