Friday, June 24, 2016

One of Freddie Gray's Best Friends Fatally Shot in Baltimore (Day Before Goodson Acquittal)... by Black Male

Black lives don't matter.

They really, really don't.

Perhaps this story illustrates the fact "black lives don't matter" with an aggressively over-the-top exclamation point.[Freddie Gray circle suffered another loss day before Goodson acquittal, Baltimore Sun, June 24, 2016]:
As news of the acquittal of a Baltimore police officer in the death of Freddie Gray spread Thursday, some of Gray's friends silently mourned a more recent loss — the death of their friend Donzell Canada.
Canada, one of Gray's close friends, was fatally shot Wednesday near Gilmor Homes in West Baltimore.
He was Baltimore's 127th homicide victim of the year.
Canada, 29, known as "Zelly" in the neighborhood, lived on North Fulton Avenue and was often seen around Gilmor Homes with Gray and friends.
Canada said in an interview last year that Gray was his childhood friend and one of more than 10 people he knew who have died in recent years.
Police responded to the shooting at 12:30 p.m. Wednesday at Presstman Street and North Fulton Avenue, where they found Canada and a 16-year-old boy with gunshot wounds. The boy survived.
When asked last year about how he coped with Gray's death, Canada said: "Honestly, I didn't know how to feel because I've lost a lot of friends on these same streets, and I'm kind of getting numb — not numb, but it's not a surprise."
Before Gray died, he and Canada had been job hunting online, looking at construction companies. But they weren't getting any traction, Canada said.
Gray had been convicted of narcotics offenses around Gilmor Homes. Canada said Gray's small-time drug dealing was how "he put food in his mouth and whoever else around who needed it."
It's not the life he chose or wanted," Canada said. "He was trying to escape and overcome it."
Canada spoke to The Baltimore Sun last August as he marked what would have been Gray's 26th birthday.
"There was no limit to what he would do for his friends," Canada said of Gray as he and several other friends held a cookout at Gilmor. They also visited Gray's gravesite and then watched the movie "Straight Outta Compton."
Pictures of Canada, Gray and their friends blanket Gray's Instagram site. One of the last pictures Gray posted was of him with Canada.
The Rev. Rodney Hudson, a pastor at nearby Ames Memorial United Methodist Church, knew Canada and Gray and remembered them both as humorous and loyal friends.
Canada and Gray "were all for one, one for all," he said.
Hudson said he was shocked by the news of Canada's death, even though such shootings are all too common in West Baltimore.
"A lot of their group has gotten killed," Hudson said.
He remembered seeing Canada and Gray in the neighborhood and said they would sometimes come over for soup at the church.
The morning Gray was arrested and transported to a hospital, Canada said, he was on his way to a doctor's appointment with his daughter.
"I was shocked, but I didn't think it was serious," he said.
But when he and his friends arrived at Maryland Shock Trauma Center, they learned that Gray had arrived unconscious without a heartbeat.
"How can you go from walking into a vehicle being able to speak to arriving at a hospital without a heartbeat?" he asked. "I don't understand."
A little more than a year later, Canada would arrive at the same hospital. He was pronounced dead shortly thereafter, according to police reports.
Before he died, Canada said there were two things he hoped people would take away from Gray's death: "Black Lives Matter and just cherish every day, because tomorrow is not promised."
Canada's relatives could not be reached for comment.
 What can we take away from Canada's death, who happened to be a close friend of the late Freddie Gray?

That "black lives don't matter," unless a white liberal can capitalize off of their death and make other white people feel guilty about the lifeless black body in question.


DoubleTap in Florida said...

"It's not the life he chose or wanted," Canada said. "He was trying to escape and overcome it."

Seems every damn story of a black death, they are always just at the point of turning their lives around when tragedy strikes. Playing the victim all the time is getting real old.

Proudyt said...

Somehow this just has to be yt?'s fault,doesn't it ?

10mm AUTO said...

They blow each other away like they blow their enormous noses. The dead pile around them and they never stop shooting. Negros care more for the ETB card than their dead. I remember one old negro whose grand-spawn had died in a fire and the reporter as it if it was sad. It replied "I will be sad if muh ETB card gots burnt in day house."

The tears of the negro I use to wash my driveway. They are copious, inexpensive and mean nothing.

Anonymous said...

Since black lies don't matter either, we really shouldn't take any of his friend's oral puff piece on St. Heroin at face value or seriously. Whites so desperately want to see signs of black people caring, so they at least know what to say to make whitey sympathetic even if they are constantly lying through their teeth.

It's not just potential for violence or bodily harm that people avoid the groid. You do it because it circumvents all the other b.s.- the loud and obnoxious looks at muh behavior, the dealing with the verbal slights and attitude, the shake downs for money, attention and sympathy. Whitey is like an atm that blacks can go to at any time if they need money, attention, or a pretty female that doesn't need to cover her natural hair with a wig.

So much of it for them is outright lies and hustle, a zero sum game where wealth and progress can only be stolen from others rather than created in its own right.

Just because the MSM remains fully committed to the diversity is great meme doesn't mean that is what the main stream populous thinks. I have been seeing the comments become more cutting and realist as the years have gone by. All this BM lives matter and knighting of black "teens" who died while committing crimes has really made an incredible impact on people to the point where it is almost impossible to avoid seeing blacks for what they really are and what they have always been.

They were given soooooo much leeway but it was never enough, so along came all the complaints, shut downs of events completely unrelated to their "incidents", and attempts to outright bully and sabotage the freedom of speech of other Americans- they have no idea how incredibly obnoxious and repugnant they are. When you can't be racist because you don't have "societal power" and everyone constantly bows down to you in fear of a lawsuit/extortion attempt, you might eventually feel that you are invincible and are not subject to the constraints of formality, respect for others, or double standards.

They can lie to themselves and everyone else, but reality knows and shows otherwise. We have seen their actions, seen them in the news, and seen their propensity for theft and aggravated assault, not to mention rape.

Give up paint theory, you're not fooling anyone at this point. Populations are not interchangeable, demographics matter. I can only hope that Britons have inspired our Swedish and Nordic relatives to do the same- to fight for their culture and the protection and preservation of their people. It doesn't matter how nice you appeared to everyone if you end up dying in the process. You invaders aren't getting the hint, or they aren't reacting to it like civilized and respectful persons would. I stand in awe of Britons today, pride was felt around the world. No to diversity, no to multiculturalism, and no to the forced integration of parasitic hordes from third world countries who only come with the intention of leeching off the more thoughtful.

Whites have constantly capitulated and have yet to see any benefit, just the destruction of their societies on basically every level and the constant lowering of standards. White people's Achilles Heel has been their propensity to want to work together and adhere to the golden rule. Britain just gave the E.U. and the global cabal a big middle finger.

And it was magnificent!

Anonymous said...


Someone tell george soros to hold the cheese

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Hmmmm. No rioting? No Mosby up there pouty face ghetto necking? No "depraved heart murder"? Oh, right, the shooter was black. The dictionary defines depraved as " evil,having or showingng an immoral character. Does using random black people on the street for target practice fall in that category? I mean, what the hell, surely someone as friendly and likeable as Donzell Canada wouldn't have one of his brothers gunning for him, would he?

Freddy Gray received a whopping settlement from the courts because his drug addict momma let him eat paint chips containing lead. It was a structured settlement, to prevent him from blowing it mindlessly on booze, ho's, cars, and colorful clothing. Of course, using negro logic, he did the right thing, and sold it for pennies on the dollar to one of those outfits that buy structured settlements. It my money! I wants it now bitch! So he was once again broke, stoned, and stupid.

So, if Freddy and Donzell were such good, inseparable friends, the odds are good he would have been there on the corner with him to receive his final dose of lead poisoning, if he had not died accidentally in a police van. Having been killed by a righteous, honored member of a street gang, his death would have been accepted as Just another day in the black community. No riots, no space for those who wish to destroy, no black lives matter, no crappy song by a dead from narcotics overdose artist previously known as Prince. Crickets chirping, broken by intermittent gunfire, and noisy rap music from bigwheel cars.

In Brooklyn a brawl broke out amongst black parents trying to photograph their young Shitavious, and Laquishas graduating.....from kindergarten! Seriously? Is this a thing? Black students graduate from kindergarten? With caps and gowns? What kind of backwards pagentry is this? And the people get into a weave pulling,punching brawl over pictures of their five year olds. Assuming they pass in one year. What great memories that will be. The highlight of their academic achievements.

Bird of Paradise said...

So wheres the BLM where are their mobs of hooligans blocking the interstate wheres their mobs of rioters,looters and arsonists? well might as well listen to the crickets

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Mankind is doomed to stand still as all these bright young minds that would have otherwise propelled the human race into the future get extinguished due to racisim.
Such a shame. Such a tragedy.

Anonymous said...

"Honestly, I didn't know how to feel because I've lost a lot of friends on these same streets, and I'm kind of getting numb..."

Damn skreets. It never occurs to these ferals to stay off da skreets.

"Gray's small-time drug dealing was how "he put food in his mouth and whoever else around who needed it."

That's because poverty causes crime. When I was laid-off, my go-to for making ends meet was dealing heroin. I also shot people whenever I was unemployed, it goes with the poverty territory. All my childhood friends were jobless, too, and we would hang on da skreet corner all day looking for work.

"Before Gray died, he and Canada had been job hunting online, looking at construction companies. But they weren't getting any traction, Canada said."

That's a shame because construction companies need good, dependable, hard-working heroin addicts. Fact. Their resumes probably just got lost in the shuffle. Oh well, a day late and a dollar short.

"It's not the life he chose or wanted," Canada said. "He was trying to escape and overcome it."

This is what people don't understand, these at-risk youths are forced into dealing drugs with no escape possible. They shan't overcome because YT keeps holding them down by not sharing any construction jobs with justice-involved teens/youths. Racists every one.

"The Rev. Rodney Hudson, a pastor at nearby Ames Memorial United Methodist Church, knew Canada and Gray and remembered them both as humorous and loyal friends."

It wouldn't be a true nog story without da Revrun showing up.

"Hudson said he was shocked by the news of Canada's death, even though such shootings are all too common in West Baltimore."

If it's common then it shouldn't be a shock. Get it skrate, Rev.

"How can you go from walking into a vehicle being able to speak to arriving at a hospital without a heartbeat?" he asked. "I don't understand."

"A little more than a year later, Canada would arrive at the same hospital. He was pronounced dead shortly thereafter, according to police reports."

He answered his own question.

"Canada's relatives could not be reached for comment."

Because there's no ghetto lottery winner, he was shot by a neighboring tribe.

Anonymous said...

"Before Gray died, he and Canada had been job hunting online, looking at construction companies. But they weren't getting any traction, Canada said."

What a joke, these assholes wouldn't last 30 minutes on a construction site. I can picture them showing up with their pants around their knees, puffing on Newports, gittin' dey thang on. First question before hitting a lick at a snake, "Whin payday be?" Sorry, but slinging shit on da skreets is all these fuckheads will ever be worth, they have already found their station in life. All those programs, youth centers, etc. have really paid dividends over the decades. ROI for negroes is always a loser.

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

These news stories read like a bad weird science fiction Harry Potter universe. God. Such characters.

Anonymous said...

Negroes are killing machines.

Anonymous said...

Spoken like a real Canadian.

Anonymous said...

O/T but good article by Fred Reed:

"Should anyone in authority say anything sensible about racial policy, an event unlikely to occur before the next Ice Age, he would have to say that when it is not merely futile it often injures the people it is supposed to help; that it succeeds in antagonizing whites without benefiting blacks; that it has become more of an ideological battleground than a practical program; and, finally, that it is a fraud, serving principally to benefit groups that grow fat from racial programs. He might be tempted to add that civilized man has never seen such a monumental stream of unembarrassed twaddle."

Brian in Ohio said...

At this rate, Baltimore might be habitable again in 20-30 years. Keep it up.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

"A lot of their group has gotten killed"

Yea, that group has to be something to see. Those true America loving inspiring rappers all turning their lives around for better community responsibilities and family obligations, Everyone planning college and high paying leadership future jobs.

But, in Baltimore, acting a fool still disproportionately affect those poor, young, disadvantaged black males who represent so much to the nation as a whole.

In short, “IT’s ALL YTs FAULT”

Anonymous said...

To me, it seems the entire U.S. has become nothing more than the island of Dr. Moreau.

It’s become sick, backwards, upside down. This nation has slipped into an empire status, pretty much, without a shot being fired. The minority operates as the mob rules. “Disproportionately” “white privilege” and “Racist” have become as hard as body armor and as dangerous as a loaded gun for large groups of stupid people all getting their way!

I don’t recognize this country anymore, and because I don’t agree with it, I’m a racist. My racist and white privilege status = negro fatigue!

Anonymous said...

They were looking online for construction jobs but were getting no traction....

Bullshit, but let's assume for a moment that it isn't. All those sorts of jobs go to illegals, which employers, and democratic politicians favor over negros.

If blacks cared about jobs, they'd put their protest energies into hammering the asses of Hillary, Bernie and Barack over their open borders and amnesty policies.

Afterall, didn't those Mexicans take a job a Freddie could have had instead of dealing drugs? Isn't that what caused his death?

Anonymous said...

In the immortal words of Nelson Muntz: "Ha Ha!"

Paintjob Theory said...

In African America the death or incarceration of some 70IQ unemployed and unemployable violent criminal is "a loss" or "a tragedy". Here in white America we would say "good riddance to bad rubbish" and sleep marginally sounder at night upon hearing such news.

This is largely why they will never be able to maintain peaceful first world standards. In their natural habitat, the buck who can rape the most women and is the most fearsome warrior is respected and gets breeding rights. It has been this way with their ancestors since before they could walk on two legs. While white Europeans and other hominids evolved the ability to cooperate and weed out violent degenerates (for the sake of the common good) black Africans continued to revere and reward their most feral, violent, and impulsive.

The black African has simply not evolved to function well in our white version of civilization or the climates which we inhabit. You can throw a woodchuck into a lake and just because it is roughly beaver shaped it won't begin to build dams and thrive there. Evolution doesn't work like that, it takes thousands of generations. This project to domesticate the sub Saharan primates is less likely to succeed than faster than light travel, room temperature superconductors, or cold fusion. I'd even wager to say that given 20,000 years of concerted effort on the part of whites the latter three may be possible, but never negro domestication.

Anonymous said...

Those damn Canadians!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what any of us can do about this sub culture but they don't have the mental ability to function in good society. Sterilization and well guarded group housing to keep them from harming themselves or others would be more humane than letting them run feral like we do now. I think the ghetto is full of inbred retarded people who we keep trying to make act normal. They can't do it and hate us for the stress we place on them to try. And we hate and fear them because they're violent, stupid and unpredictable and constantly follow us everywhere we go. Isn't there a nice, warm island we can ship them to until the problem dies out?

Anonymous said...

he and several other friends held a cookout at Gilmor. They also visited Gray's gravesite and then watched the movie "Straight Outta Compton."
I would have capped off the evening with a Tyler Perry marathon, but, whatever.

Anonymous said...

I'm a devilishly wicked person. After reading this story, I went over to my neighbor's house (the Cucksteins) and told them all about it. They were so horrified, Mrs, Cuckstein (sensitive creature that she is) immediately put that song by Elvis Pressley on the record player- you know the one with the lyrics about another child being born in the ghetto and his momma cried? Puke. When I left, the Cucksteins were on their knees in the middle of their living room floor clutching each other and crying. They'll be there for hours on end and their Saturday is ruined.

My work for today is done.

Bobby PGH said...

I've been hiking the Appalachian Trail for five weeks, and I can tell you that I don't miss negroids at all. I've only seen one groid thru-hiker the entire time. It's like being in some wonderful parallel universe where I'm still in America but all of the jigs have gone away.

Anonymous said...

One commenter noted the absence of rioting when "not guilty" verdicts were handed down by the judge conducting the bench trials in Baltmore. Several news reporters made the same observations, they were disappointed there was no rioting after this latest example of racial injustice. That means no video footage to sell commercials around while clucking about how evil YT is, the need for more programs, jobs, mentoring, gun control etc.

I believe the explanation for the lack of rioting is quite simple, the negroes just forgot about Saint Freddy, patron saint of heroin dealers. They aren't noted for their great attention spans, forward thinking and planning or collective memory. They are focused, if on anything on the usual suspects: an ounce of weed, 40 ouncer of Olde English to slake their thirst, KFC and muh dick. Freddy who? Nigga please! That was a year ago, you expect me to remember shit from a year ago? GTFO!

My bet for the first world class rioting is still on Filthadelphia when the Democrats have their dog and pony show. Already Bernie's Crazies are planning to attend, BLM has sent in their reservations and there are literally tens of millions of people within 300 miles of Filthadelphia who can get their 400 Lb. fat asses there to show their righteous indignation at all the injustices they have endured at the hands of evil YT. Good luck to them. It isn't as if there aren't enough criminals there already to help out either. BTW, the Democrats are building a wall around their convention center. Who says walls don't work?

N.B. First class rioting means the U.S. Army, regular Army troops are called out, not just National Guard when the civilian police forces can't keep order. No doubt there will be trouble in Cleveland too but I believe the civilian police forces and National Guard will contain it there meaning it's only second class rioting. Make your choices now as to where the first riots will be, no fair choosing after the burning starts.

non-DWL from NE
BHO picked Filthadelphia


As for the negro "riot" at the Kindergarten graduation?

Hey, give them some slack, (not on the rioting aspect which is normal for them), but for the joy of seeing 8 year old DePenis or 8 year old LaTrina graduate from Kindergarten.

A Kindergarten graduation, to the black folk, is equal in pride and excitement as a Harvard Graduation is to the White Folk.

Equal, but separate?


OK, let us take the negro and the DWL and the Democrats at their own "words".

The negro is NOT responsible for anything bad that happens to them. Of course, "BAD" is micro-aggressive racism, since "BAD" is defined in White Eurocentric Racsim. Uncle Ben having sex with niece LaTrina is "BAD" to the racist culture of the White Man, but it is not, most likely, shocking or bad to the proud African-American culture. One must be tolerant, no? One must embrace multi-culturalism, No? Well, if one culture embraces family sex and one does not, who are YOU to judge, you racist bigoted White male pig !!!!!??????!!!!!!! Tolerant acceptance of Multi-Cultures means that YOU are not to judge the proud culture of the negro.

If they eat human flesh? That is High African Culture based on centuries of respect for one's dinner entre'. To eat the Flesh of another you admire is to do good!!The African Culture embraces the meaningful, and deep spiritualism, of the concept: "This is my body. Eat this in remembrance of me. Drink of this Wine, for you drink of my Blood". Is this not good, you racist white pig? What, you think this eating of one's "flesh" and "drinking" of one's blood is disgusting, primitive and sick? Really?

Back to the topic. If da streeeets are dangerous, and if Sambo lives in a "bad zip-code" and if the neighborhood is defined as one of crime, let us change all this, as White Men, for the benefit of black boys. If "assault" rifles (define "assault", please) causes Sambo to shoot Sambo, then here is the way we White Men can stop da violence:

1) Change the Zip Codes. Find the zip code, in the area, that has the lowest crime. Use that as the zip code for the hood where Sambo lives.

2) Have a curfew, let us say 8 PM, where Sambo must get OFF da violence streeeets. It seems that Da Streeeets like to kill black boys when the Sun goes down. Thus, using negro logic, if Sambo is not on Da Steeeet when Da Suhn goes down, Sambo won't get a cap in his ass.

3) Re-Define the hood. Don't call it a "High Crime Neighborhood" since that just means more black boys will be killed by the neighborhood. Do you not notice that White Men, and their women and children, have the White Privilege of living in "low crime" neighborhoods? So, since Low Crime Neighborhoods give the White Family low crime, all we need to do is re-name ALL neighborhoods as Low Crime. In this way, Sambo and his daughter-wife and his sister-wife will also enjoy Privilege. RE-name the neighborhood and the crime will, according to Ju Ju, go away. !!!

4) To protect the negro boys, don't allow them to have any assault rifles. Obama and a vast number of Dual-Citizen politicians blame ASSAULT RIFLES for crime. Then, if this is true, ban assault rifles, or anything you want to call "assault" from the negro areas. 2 problems are solved. One, you "get the guns off da violent streets" and you stop Sambo from killing Sambo.



"Canadian" is a perfect last name.

What do those in the restaurant call negro customers? CANADIANS, and why?

Canadians don't tip.

In most restaurants, the staff refer to any black group as "Canadians" as a code and warning. They are saying to each other: "Don't waste your time with that table since they will run you around, especially if you are White. Just do the absolute minimum since they will treat you like dirt, complain all night, try to get their food for free, and will not tip."

This is why there are NO sit-down, full-service restaurants in any black hood. Not a one. No Olive Garden. No Outback. Not a one. But, this is one of those BS topics we White people can not discuss. Anyway, what White person could be so desperate that they would wait on a table of negroes. I would rather be shooting up heroin in an alley way, dying of AIDS, than bring a can of Malt Liquor to LeRoy at Chuckie Cheese.

Armed and Cantankerous said...

When the yoots go from Justice Involved to Casket Involved, da skreets is just a little cleaner.

Anonymous said...

How many ever so important black lives were snuffed out in Chicago the past two weekends as compared to the Orlando shooting?
Where is the outcry from the lamestream media, the magnificent magic mulatto messiah, attorney general Al Sharpton, the 26 poor downtrodden democrats sitting on the floor in a government building after enjoying a catered feast and tiny dancer Ramie the Commie? (rhetorical)

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I was at an oriental grocery store. The store carries food from all over the world, even American stuff, not just Asia.

There are Eastern Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Caucasions, Hispanics (or whatever they are called) all shopping.

There was one very, very black Black man with an equally dark black female child. The man was wearing gangster type clothes - black baseball cap with some design worn sideways, a black shirt with some design I did not recognize and the design looked liked it was made with rhinestones, black shorts hanging off his arse, three thick gold chains, sunglasses. The female child, between 6 to 9 years old wore a top that looked like a little bra, and shorts so short I had to look twice because I honestly thought she was out in her undies. She was fat, the man was a little overweight and I noticed the fat rolls on the back of his neck covering the chains. Honestly I have never seen fat rolls on the back of any neck, even on over weight people! The female looked like she had dirt caked on her. They both looked greasy. Is that because of skin color? I have noticed that some Eastern Indians and even some Hispanics look like dirt is caked on. Not trying to be rude. I have seen scum Whites also.

I observed them and no one in the store acted like these Blacks. I could not figure out what the man as doing but he was talking loud to the child, both standing next to their shopping cart, neither one could not keep any part of themselves still. The man kept picking up an item out of the cart then put it back, and did this about four times. There were only three items in the shopping cart. They then went to check out, but they sure did draw attention to themselves.

There were two female Mexican nationals in the store who were also very loud. The Mexican nationals are very loud, rude and condescending to White Americans. I know from experience. They are almost as bad as Blacks, loud and rude.

I also have experience with Muslims from different countries. They are all baaaaaad to deal with. Like Blacks, they are entitled, condescending to Whites.

Then we went to Sam's Club. A Black female checked us out. She was stone faced, so I cheerily said "Smile, or are you having a bad day?". She just looked at me. Then I said "are you old enough to be working here, you look like you are fifteen years old". She finally talked, said she graduates college at the end of upcoming fall semester. I asked her what she was studying - criminal justice, she is going to be a detective. I told her how wonderful and good that she got through college before starting a family because I did not and it was hard. She never showed any emotion or smiled. I guess she did not want a filthy racist White Supremacist speaking to her.
And Sam's Club had more foreigners than native born Americans. Disturbing.

Anonymous said...

I believe this is the EBT story you're talking about.

Sick n' Tired said...

It's a big deal to those families because the cap and gown pictures will be used for any news story where their "angel" was killed for attacking a police officer/killed during a home invasion/killed while raping an elderly woman/runs over a police officer while driving a stolen car with no license/gets killed/kills someone during a brawl at Chuck E Cheese/IHOP/Golden Corral, killed at a family bbq, on trial for elder/animal abuse, or at any event where shots ring out/the streets become violent. So those pictures do serve a purpose, plus it's highly likely that it will also be the last time they successfully graduate from anything.

Sick n' Tired said...

We already have well guarded group housing for them, it's called prisons, and they're all full.

Robert Dezinna said...

Now they can spend a lot more time together forever

Daremo [だれも] said...

Words have meaning; thus we need to start calling this preposterous reported shit what it is: it's the evil anti-news.

This. Is. Entertainment.


I do understand the point of this post, I truly get it. However, in the broadest scheme of things it's vitally important for us to ignore, and ruthlessly mock, this anti-news at every opportunity.

News is an item of information worthy of knowing about. Something that has an effect on the world; technically speaking it's data that moves the market. Other than financial/economic data, we're talking about things on the order of war, pestilence, famine, political strife, etc. My old mentor [a closeted-realist from waaay back in the day] used to say if it doesn't move the market, or even caused the market to be calm, then it's entertainment, not news.

There of course is nothing wrong with entertainment! I read this filth and I ultimately crack up laughing or lamentably shake my head in sorrow.

But you and I and us are all reality based; there ain't be no news here.

Bill in St Louis said...

Blue Eyes Matter said...
The dictionary defines depraved as " evil,having or showingng an immoral character. Does using random black people on the street for target practice fall in that category?

No, quite the opposite. That may be the only act of goodness that a black is capable of. (As long as they actually kill them, otherwise it is just another drain on our wallets, in the form of higher taxes to support the "disabled" and the higher hospital costs for those of us with jobs.

SKIP said...

Isn't there a nice, warm island we can ship them to until the problem dies out?"

With their reproduction rate and constant support by our own damned government and White race traitors, do you think that would ever be possible? :-)

Pat Boyle said...

There is a race on. There are several trends racing towards completion. let's look at a couple.

First there is the Racial Realism movement. In the forties the Cultural Marxists propounded the theory that Capitalism meant Racism. They tried successfully to get white Americans to believe that they were responsible for black under performance and bad behavior. But gradually because of the new media the realization of truth about black behavior could no longer be hidden.

Most white Americans still are reluctant to be seen as racists but they are catching on - they have been conned. They see that black civil rights leaders are simply con men and crooks. They see that too many blacks are stupid and savage. TV shows some of this - the Internet shows more.

Second the economy is changing In the second half to the nineteenth century blacks were unemployable. The field hands that were so valued under slavery were out of work. Then they migrated north and west to industrial cities and got work in heavy industry. But most of those jobs are now gone in America. The new jobs are in information sciences and in service industries. Blacks are no good at these. They are unemployed once again. This looks to be a permanent condition. No Government job program is likely to help.

Third the robots are coming Many low skill workers who are stuck in Fast Food jobs have recently organized around the issue of $15/hr. This won't work. There is no escape from your own lack of skills when there are robots available to take your place. A higher Minimum Wage just means higher minority unemployment.

World Population Grows Right now we need a wall. Soon we will need a walls with machine guns. There are at least a billion excess people in Asia, Africa, South America and the Middle East. There are no groceries on the supermarket shelves in Caracas, Venezuela but the hungry folks can still see plenty of American food on TV or the Internet. We will need a bigger wall.

If the invaders manage to sink Sweden and Austria as they threaten now, the pressure on America will mount. No one ever expected nuclear weapons would be used for crowd control, but it could come.

Liberals react in horror to the idea of Trump's Wall. Weak kneed conservatives like George Will get the vapors. They are nor ready for the future. Britain has wised up. It's time to build a Fortress America. Until we get over this crisis patch we will need to hunker down for a while. No immigration - certainly no Muslim immigrants. Expel the illegals.

When all that is done we will still have to do something about the blacks. If we remain prosperous we can continue to maintain them as a parasitic population. But in the meantime we should try to reset the law to be more consonant with the biological realities.


Mike in VA said...

Have to say it's been an optimistic last few days. obama getting shot down on immigration, Brexit, and freddie gray driver not guilty. Hate to say it makes me feel good freddie gray's friend got shot down, but that's what bra has done to my mindset I guess. Hope this trend continues all the way to November.

Anonymous said...

The establishment is going bonkers over British re-independence and Trump.

What a wonderful year this has been.

Anonymous said...

BLM gas gone underground because they are largely responsible for Trump's success, and their SJW funding sources know it.

Moderate white Democrats aren't going to vote for Hillary or appreciate her Black-ass-kissing speeches while BLM is blocking freeways and burning buildings.

They've been told to stand down- or the money is just being withheld and they aren't going to travel to Baltimore on their own dime.

Anonymous said...

BLM pulls out as marshals of gay pride parade in San Fagsicko, claiming it was due to increased police presence in the aftermath of the Orlando shooting, could it be due to some outstanding warrants (?):

Anonymous said...

Blacks now treat drug dealing and stealing as a legitimate way to supposedly put food on the table. Interesting, because in reality working whitey provides all their food. Yup, whitey forces blacks to break the law, no matter how much money we throw at them it's never enough to stop the criminality.

Joshua Sinistar said...

They never choose their lives, it just happens. Its some White Racism that magically controls them and only their Witch Doctor Revrum can use his joojoo to get what's owed to them for whathisname the great grand father that had to work or something. Slabery isn't the worst thing that can happen. Any kind of work is a tragedy they have to avoid, like responsibility or human sounding names.
They was turning their lives around. Around and around it goes, when it stops only YT and his God know. Its the circle of failure. The Stone Age existence of the average pavement ape. They're street smart, which means about as smart as asphalt. That's life and death in The Stone Age that never ends in the Asphalt Jungle of Ape City.

Anonymous said...

Far OT but look how easy non groids get charged with hate crime....
Police: two men arrested for alleged hate crime, caught throwing eggs at victims

(Sent from KMOV4)

MrGJG said...

They don't say who did the shooting. Maybe they could find some white guy to pin it on so they could be "given some space" to get they nigga on.

Anonymous said...


I just love it when you post these stories with fairy tale happy endings.

Anonymous said...

It just dawned upon me.

Angela Merkel is like Saruman in the Lord of the Rings.

She is creating an army of hybrid Urukai orcs.

So long, Merkel. The days of the EU are numbered.

Bird of Paradise said...

Dont expect any big headlines and dont expect the talking heads to mention anything about this

Anonymous said...

Antarctica is uninhabited, why not start there?

Anonymous said...

Chicago stats for June:
Shot 347
Homicides 59
Killed by gunfire 56
Shot and wounded 291

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Anonymous sez:

The establishment is going bonkers over British re-independence and Trump.

What a wonderful year this has been.


Thanks for saying that. We all need to pause some time, stop bitching, and count our admittedly few blessings. Yes, this year is a hell of a lot better than 2013 (I won´t go into the reasons). 2016 offers an incredible degree of promise. I am starting to get excited about 2017. Cannot remember when I felt this energized. Other things.....

Donald Trump, love him or hate him, is taking off like a rocket.

The gays (or at least some of them) are awakening to the ẄTF Movement of ¨Why are we importing all of these Muslims).

Obama is visibly shaken. The other day while addressing the country after the British votes were counted and verified, he actually blamed the result on globalism. He´ll pay dearly for that little leak.

Brexit - need I say more?

Paul Craig Roberts says that the battle against NWO has only just begun. Brexit was just round one. Looks like we are in for a major sh*tstorm, but I ain´t afraid. The f*cking hour is at hand. Stay strong, YT!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Blacks now treat drug dealing and stealing as a legitimate way to supposedly put food on the table. Interesting, because in reality working whitey provides all their food. Yup, whitey forces blacks to break the law, no matter how much money we throw at them it's never enough to stop the criminality. June 25, 2016 at 6:12 PM

Time for the free ride to end,time for America to work her negroes!

Anonymous said...

I often wondered why these low-income black were so stupid and criminal-prone. Shit, there millions of these 'types' in the ghettos of this country...ugh

Anonymous said...

The product of single black mother households and DESPERATION for a male "figure" on which to model themselves. Instead of having independent thought, basic intelligence, and a belief in individuality, they develop a ridiculous hyper-masculinity and pack-mentality...with a murderously impulsive psychopathy.

Anonymous said...

I love your statement about normal society's pressure to be CIVILIZED. They prefer to sell dope, stay on welfare, and DESTROY entire communities, if not cities. If you didn't leave your "habitat", you'd run the risk of screwing a half-brother or sister, too. It's highly probable, especially with a population of bastards.

Anonymous said...

Some stories on here make me angry or sad, but more often than not they make me laugh. This story does the latter. A cookout and watching "Straight Outta Compton" lol!
And the usual stuff that we read in these Shitavious Won't Be Coming Down To Breakfast Anymore-type newspaper pieces.
bad skreets, the rectum, turnin they lives round lookin for jobs, cookout, the noble and friendly drug dealer; just dealing because his family and friends need food in dey moufs. All that's missing is the crying mammy.
As so many others have said many times before, newspapers must have a template form by now and it is just fill in the blanks.

Anonymous said...

I hate to break it to you, but this behavior or "non-reaction" to an overly friendly/simpering chatty white person is typical of most hostile blacks. I'm sure she had thoughts of racism and historical slavery traversing her small mind.

Anonymous said...

This is a true feel good story.....

White Knife

Anonymous said...

The Baron says:

Comedic sub-note to this whole farce. Jack "posing with Crips in publicity stunt post-riots" Young recently took the city government to near shutdown in an attempt to push Stephanie "space to destroy" Rawlings Blake to restore funding to after school programs. Presumably this is so Tookie and Nay Nay can reach their potential and be curing cancer while writing concertos, the true destiny of Baltimore's unarmed youths were it not for mean nasty white folks. The funds the city couldn't come up with? 4.2 million, which is 2.2 million less than what was given to Freddie "crack dealing piece of shit who would have died anyhow" Grey's mama for her "loss". Ya can't make this stuff up.

Anonymous said...

Wrong...the Manimals on the Island of Dr. Moreau knew The Law. The savages of today don' no nuffin.

Anonymous said...

Opening a full-service restaurant requires a large capital investment and a labor force willing to put in long hours. You also need staff that won't steal (everything) and customers who won't bolt or figure out another way to avoid paying. The only way to make money in the restaurant biz in the ghetto is to emulate what they've done in Chicago for 40 years- a take-out BBQ window, cash only, with a foot- thick wall of plexiglass between you and your patrons.

Anonymous said...

Blame Canada!
PS: I'm sure his last words were "Black Lives Matter!"
PSS: How'd that 'Hope and Change' thing turn out for YOU, homeboy?

Anonymous said...

Re: your comment about "following us wherever we go"...

If you haven't already, take a gander at PKs book about Atlanta. In it he describes an apocryphal story about former Mayor Andy Young, who delivered a commencement speech at one of their HBCUs. Young shamelessly told the graduates to follow us whites wherever we go, that "they can't escape us".

These subhuman failures have no shame.

NY Girl said...

Didn't Freddie Gray's family get a big-ass settlement because the Gray children ate paint chips (or some such)? Couldn't they have used that settlement money to go to private school, go to community college, go to technical school--whatever? No, of course not! To even ask the question is to court the ridiculous. Mamma needed weave, tattoos, probably gold teeth.....and lots of drugs.

No Future Time Orientation What. So. Ever!

Anonymous said...

End streets, their time has come, streets need to be confiscated, a federal list of streets needs to be made, anyone possessing streets should be arrested n stuff. Streets kill, ???? Stupid feces species

NY Girl said...

OMG, I'm just catching up with my SBPDL reading after a weekend trying to get the back yard in shape, and this took me about 12 minutes to read out loud to Hubby because we were both laughing so hard!

And, yes, all of this is absolutely TRUE!!

Another Guy in Florida said...

Outstanding play by play background. "He answered his own question" was brilliant!

Wayne and his Wife said...

I have never been able to generate any empathy for a groid killing a groid. as I have said to my wife it is just like culling the herd. By eliminating one more sperm donor, the herds reproductive chances are drastically reduced. Sounds awful darn good to me. At the rate these bucks breed, at least fifty potential welfare niglets are eliminated. Win Win

Mr. Rational said...

By eliminating one more sperm donor, the herds reproductive chances are drastically reduced. Sounds awful darn good to me.

If only.  There is no shortage of sperm donors; the current Black reproductive rate is sustained with a large fraction of the male population dead, in prison or otherwise out of contention.

Sterilizing some males (e.g. vasectomy in return for parole) might improve the gene pool but probably not the reproductive rate; Black philandering is the stuff of legend.  It would certainly reduce the number of half-breeds, though.

If you want to cut the reproductive rate you need to stop the females.  Depo-Provera or surgical sterilization are your only real options; neither condoms nor a pill that has to be taken every day will be used reliably.