Friday, June 17, 2016

What If Trump Loses?

Is America irredeemable?


Without question.
He forced us to confront - inadvertently - our racial dispossession in America 20 years early. Perhaps in defeat, we will ultimately garner victory...

But Donald J. Trump came out of nowhere to force white America to confront its dispossession 20 years before the fabled moment when white people would be a minority (projected) in the nation their ancestors founded, built, and nurtured into something beyond anything our historical records can replicate.

For this, we must be eternally grateful to Mr. Trump (though he forced this confrontation with our racial displacement inadvertently). June 2016 offered one of those profound, earth-shattering moments in my life, and I will always, deeply be thankful to Mr. Trump for what he started, even if - perhaps inevitably - we don't like how it ends.

But what happens if he loses?

We are at a crazy moment in our history, and I'm not sure many people of European descent understand what's happening.

So what happens if Mr. Trump loses in November?


Anonymous said...

What do we do ?

Keep trucking and preparing for the great re-set, that's what.

Anonymous said...

I feel as though it's been a rapid decline since the 1960's and if Trump loses he'll be a societal speed bump.

He might be the final throws of a dying White population.

I guess we'll see.

Anonymous said...

Then that's it. Find a comfortable spot and enjoy the demise.

Anonymous said...

Trump is not the end all be all candidate or our savior. But he is a step in the right direction. If he loses America is finished... Done with... A cess pool. That much is clear.

It would be unusual for another democrat to succeed another democrat after serving 8 years. So Hillary being elected or selected take your pick, would give us 12 years of dumbocrat rule. Another 4 years of that shit will in fact do us in for good. There would be more garbage ass laws in place and more longetivity for the ones Barry got.

What I can't understand is why anyone would want to further vote for this??? Well I do understand. They vote for the gibs on the working class backs. After more illegals and orcs continue sucking off the tit there will be nothing else.

Trying times are ahead! Buckle up it could be bumpy.

Anonymous said...

Two choices: Spectate or Participate.

I vote participate. The great reset does not happen behind a's time to organize.

-JSF- in Minneapolis

Anonymous said...

It'll be like slipping into a warm bath. We'll get to experience that warm and fuzzy feeling again just like when Obama won in 2008. Sweet surrender.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

It is probably a little deeper than that. The world will have to come to its knees and come to terms with what it has unleashed upon the White Western World. We have seen it in Europe, we are seeing it here. And many ¨white¨ people are not only allowing it, but orchestrating it. As always, cleverly and behind the scenes.

I hate to tell you, friends, but we can´t elect our way out of this. Mr. Trump, even if we take him at his word (and I do) will probably make more than a few major efforts to reverse the course we are on, but even so, most all the Republicans are actively scheming to thwart his nomination at the Republican convention. That should tell you all something.........and if it does not, you simply haven´t been paying attention.

Anonymous said...

I said previously that Trump should change his slogan to "Make America white again!", because that's the only way he can succeed in making it great again. But naturally, he can't and won't say that. In the first place, it seems to me very unlikely that Donald J. Trump has ever had a racist thought in his entire privileged, cosseted life, so he can't "come out" as a racist, never having been one. But another reason is the practical one that such an utterance would surely lose him any chance at all of being elected. His "implicitly white" supporters would abandon him in droves, not wanting to be associated with a racist, thus pointing up the weakness of implicit whiteness as a survival strategy. And is it actually a survival strategy? A closer look at it makes me think it's more of a racial self-extermination strategy. After all, what kind of a survival strategy is it that can't even admit its goals to itself? And it's exactly this refusal of whites to explicitly state that they collectively want to continue to exist as a race that is the greatest impediment to their doing so. It's an interesting problem with no easy solution. How do you restore the will to live to a race that seems to have lost it? And not only lost its will to live, but actually PRIDES itself on doing so?

Accordingly, with respect to the question posed by PK, I'd say that while a Trump victory would give whites an opportunity to pretend to save themselves as they continue to slip to minority status in their own country, a Trump loss would only accelerate their decline. Whether this would be a good or bad thing would depend upon their reaction. It's possible they might respond to worsening conditions by drawing together and becoming explicitly racist, but it seems to me more likely that they'll continue to delude themselves, as happened in S. Africa, and is happening in Britain and Germany right now.

Billy said...

I always enjoy Fred Reed....This is very good...

Mr. Rational said...

The notion of a reset is out there.  Here's a Vox commenter suggesting that election shenanigans could result in Zero being deposed by the military and tried for treason:

Given Zero's replacement of ranking officers by his loyalists I'm skeptical, but if those sorts of feelings exist in the ranks it could get interesting.  The troops do swear an oath to support the Constitution, which requires disregarding any orders from the CinC and on down contrary to it.

So CAL Snowman said...

If Trump loses we go to war or we go extinct. Simple as that.

"The supreme irony of life is that hardly anyone gets out of it alive"
- Heinlein

Paintjob Theory said...

Even if you take our system of government at face value, the president has little power and what power he has is only with the consent of the legislature. For any meaningful reversal from BRA as we know it we would need to simultaneously elect a large majority white nationalist house and senate and hope that the YKWs who pack the supreme court benches all vacate and are also replaced with whites. In short, it's far too late to vote our way out of this mess.

By my estimation, the truth is that very wealthy and influential people behind the scenes, working largely through secret societies and other elite clubs, wield true political power. All the talking heads we see are merely to distract our attention from those who really rule over us. They go along to get along and are all thoroughly under someone's control.

Win or lose, we can expect a continuity of agenda towards the "New Atlantis", "New Age", "New Order", "Great Work".

Abolition of all religions (save theirs)
Abolition of all nation states and borders.
Total control of "the mob" (that's us) in a totalitarian socialist system.

Our only hope is that through hubris they lose control when they attempt some order out of chaos moment and are unable to pick up the pieces when this current house of cards comes tumbling down. Individually many of us are in good positions to ride out storms without much danger or loss of quality of life, collectively we are screwed.

AnalogMan said...

I like Ann Coulter's answer when asked that question in her BBC interview:

Then it's over... and we're going to be homesick for the rest of our lives, because America is gone.

That's not just rhetoric, people. That's where I live. My homeland is gone. I live in exile, my family scattered all over the globe. Yours is in deadly danger. If you lose your homeland, it won't be because a foreign power bombed you or destroyed your economy with sanctions. It will be because you allowed your government to do it.

Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt that Trump will be president. Although I admire him for exposing the truth, he blew it when it comes to women and the Hispanic votes.

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

Right now I feel great because he HASN'T lost.

I'm goin' with that!

Julie said...

This will eventually collapse just as the Soviet Union did. Your job is to help it along and be prepared when the collapse occurs. There will be many, many African-americans that will need help when it all ceases. We must be there to help them. I've put away emergency food and fuel to help the African-americans in their time of need. I recommend that all of you put away enough food for your family, along with enough for several African-american families.

You will find that in times of need, in emergencies, there are no better friends than those in the African-american community. In ugly times you will need folks that are fun to be around, that's where the African-american excels. Also, they are hard workers and will be incredibly valuable while rebuilding society. This time, let's pay them fairly instead of making them slaves. We have a wonderful society ahead of us.

In the new America I can see an African-american President or King leading us forward against the challenges.

Anonymous said...

Not sure how you're thinking this outsourcing sleaze is any boon to you, or has said anything about the topic of this website. You're poor, he hates you.

Anonymous said...

Should Trump lose America will continue its downward spiral of self destruction,communism will be the order of the day and white humans will become a minority, and technology in the US will fail.

Realist not racist said...

Should he lose. Our way of life forever changes and not for the better.
More immigrants
More violence
More continued black dysfunction
More taxes
More companies leaving for overseas
More infringements on our freedoms
More cigarettes for me in hopes of a quicker exit from this insanity.

Kevin said...


Anonymous said...

Hard to believe no one would organize and fight to survive in their own country, but the cucked non-men of today certainly seem to be of that stripe. Our ancestors would have been slaughtering their enemies long before now. Washington D.C. would be a hole in the earth and burnt black to its foundations.
What happens if Trump loses? Fight or die white man.

Racoon said...

Well, we've got Bernie hanging in there despite all odds, so he would have to be privvy to REALLY good intel regarding his running opponent, Cankles.

I'd keep running too, if I knew my opponent was going to end up in shackles prior to the vote.

Anonymous said...

Trump and white america have already won. What trump symbolizes is the waking up of white america. Sure we didn't spring right out of bed but we are starting to wake up. In June 2015 trumps candidacy wasn't supposed to last through Iowa. It was a publicity stunt by a showman. Turns out he was speaking truth to multicultural power and ended up winning the nomination.

Just think that in 4 short years the rupublicans have gone from milquetoast Romney to someone willing to confront the politically correct taboos. Trump may not win the election but he's succeeded in showing many white people that they are not alone. Four years of Hillary will wake up more white people.

The sun is setting on the diverse multicultural utopia. It may not be setting quickly but it's going down and they know it. From Brussels to Paris to Orlando the unworkable mix of different ethnic groups who hold beliefs that are mutually exclusive and in opposition is becoming manifest. Complain about guns all you want. The facts are clear.

Trump may not win in 2016 but he may very well have opened the door for Richard spencer or Jared Taylor 2020.

Anonymous said...

Hillary wins, gets to appoint at least 3 leftist maniacs to SCOTUS, the Constitution is declared unconstitutional, we descend into a Balkan-type shooting war against the illegals and the Muslim "refugees". Obama laughs at us and lives happily ever after on a golf course in Hawaii.

NY Girl said...

Agreed. I think most people here - perhaps not even consciously - became LIBs (Let It Burn) after Teh Lightbringer's reelection.

I could get a full-time job, but I prefer consulting. For some of the companies for which I work, I'm responsible for sending 1099 forms to the IRS. But magically, my own 1099 doesn't make the cut! For others, I'm paid by the Cayman Islands entity, and they don't issue forms to the IRS. If Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner doesn't feel obligated to pay his taxes, why should I?

When I make a purchase of goods/services from a Mom 'n' Pop business, I always ask what the "cash price" is, and 99% of the time, I get one. Just because The Beast demands to be fed, doesn't mean I have to be the one to feed it.

America IS irredeemable.

Donald Trump's election - or not - doesn't change that fact. Too many Takers of the chocolate persuasion, and too many sheep and ostriches of our own persuasion will ensure that the country is irredeemable.

Let It Burn. And try to think about what you want America 2.0 to look like. Because there WILL be an America 2.0.

American Citizen said...

If Trump loses, say goodbye to America. Hillary will make it a priority to use her election as a national repudiation of Trump and the interests of white Americans. For example, Hillary will say things like "America has spoken (by electing her) that we do not want border control or deportation of illegals". "The people have made it clear that gun control and stricter laws are what want to enact." "America does not want to stem the flow of Muslim immigration or the admittance of greater numbers of refugees".

Basically, anything Trump stands for, and you and I stand for, will be discredited as the losing side that was beaten.

Just keep in mind that everything ends badly, otherwise it wouldn't end.

Eddie in St. Louis said...

Guess who wants your YT Guns? The same people behind all the goodness in America and character assassination of Donald Trump.

I know I sound like a broken record, but! Nomesayin?

Anonymous said...

He will not lose, don't let these polls put you in the doldrums.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

If Trump loses, then it becomes obvious that we are not voting our way out of this. This is likely the last election that Dems require some share of white voters to achieve national election victories. From 2020 on, they can probably win exclusively with the non-white dependent coalition they assembled over decades as elderly boomers pass away. They will no longer even have to pretend to play lip service to any white interest and any party that potentially emerges and does will have been rendered impotent by sheer numbers.

In short a mop up operation will begin.

Clinton will be our version of Angela Merkel, as she interprets her victory as a public mandate on "immigration reform" and the rebuke of Trump. Our border and revised "paths to citizenship" will then be opened in a way never seen before. What is already happening is a demographic displacement, the next phase is a political one where Congressional districts are redrawn to make solidly red areas go purple, and purple areas go solidly blue - using the new second, third, and fourth wave Mestizo population - especially flipping red States like Arizona and Texas. That upcoming re-districting will basically guarantee a perpetual Dem super majority in the house, with whites having fewer and fewer uncontested seats. This will be combined with the likelihood of FOUR SUPREME COURT appointments in the next term, adding to the two, possibly three, that Obama already has placed, locking in 7-2 and 6-3 decisions for a generation. This translates into an extreme left wing judicial that will place a legal stamp on every illegal thing that a radical left wing executive and legislative branch will collaboratively do.

There are of course a few "X" factors. In assembling this coalition the left has been able to secure managerial positions for white and (((white))) elites to direct their orc army. What do they do when the browns no longer want to have white leadership? When the different orc factions begin to squabble with each other over how to divide the spoils? What if whites forego political processes and actually take up arms? What if the federal reserve is no longer able to prop up the USD should China enter a recession, and insolvency opens a window for the peaceful dissolving of the Union akin to the breakup of the USSR? Many things could abruptly derail this path.

All I know is that when I look at white children under the age of 10, I feel a mix of sadness, hope, fear, and anger. In their lifetimes, they are going to have to battle for survival like no generation of Americans has had to since the colonial era. It is disgusting what was done to them considering where the USA was in the 1960's. Their inheritance should have been so much greater, and it was short changed because we had two generations of people embrace and gamble upon paint job theory, with their own progeny as the stakes should they be wrong. I can't look at any white child and not see and feel this sorrow and guilt. And it only took two generations... one of which was my own.

This feels like we are the person who has allowed themselves to become morbidly obese --- and decides to enter the gym and lose the weight, because death is calling and staring them in the face. The amount of necessary effort to reverse the damage and regain any semblance of health is tremendous. Do we have it in us?

D-FENS said...

I don't think it is realistic to expect that we can vote our way out of this. The value in Trump is/was in:

1. Raising issues ( bad trade policies, immigration, debilitating foreign wars) that needed to be raised.
2. Demonstrating conclusively that the Republican party is our enemy.
3. Revealing the media as the subversive element they

Regardless of whether Trump wins, the country as we know it is crumbling. A monetary system based on increasing debt, foreign wars to protect Israel and corporate supply chains, half the population working (when they can find work) supporting the other half, a violent underclass, importation of parasites and terrorists all powered by windmills and solar panels.

The hope was that Trump could at least set the conditions for recovery from the collapse when it comes.

As the system dies, there will be desperate attempts to hold it together by force. Expect a dictatorship based on an ideology of PC on steroids as the most wacked out are emboldened. This too will fail.

A Trump loss will force even the most obtuse person to conclude politics are hopeless.

Probably the next step is civil disobedience - tax revolts, defiance of firearms laws, work stoppages. Cloward-Piven in reverse.

Anonymous said...

Loses? He'll be sitting on a fifty state sweep before you know it. Think positive.

But to answer your question, there will be enormous turmoil. Whites are fired up and want action. They will not go back to sleep. We will watch constant insanity as people fight back and .GOV tries to push us down.

Short answer: ugliness, until we win. Then some more ugliness, but then long-lasting peace.

*I'm dreaming of a White Christmas....*

Brian in Ohio said...

Business as usual in Washington.

Blacks will remain a protected species. Muslims will pour into our country unchecked. Our treasury and resources looted by the elites. And the white man will pay for it all... Think Detroit writ large.

We will keep sputtering and stumbling along, getting a tiny bit worse every day....if were lucky.

Get a firearm, learn to use it, and get prepared.

Stay alert, stay alive.

PB said...

I think some of East-European descent know whats going on. Grovelling speech to AIPAC notwithstanding, they still don't like him, which is a positive.

Mr. Clean said...

This is perhaps the last chance to turn this thing around via the political process.

But it might be advisable to just let some type of collapse occur. This country, unfortunately, needs a crucible.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Trump could saw off a little bit of the black vote by pointing out that illegals force down wages at low-level jobs and take those jobs directly from "young black men" who then end up in "the prison pipeline."

It's bullshit, but it's the kind of "looks at me" bullshit they love to hear. In elections, shaving off thin slivers of constituencies sometimes makes all the difference - ask Karl Rove.

The same applies to legal Mexicans. Some have illegal cousins or are exploiting wet backs as cheap wage slaves, but a third-generation plumbing contractor who pays his unemployment insurance and federal taxes can't be thrilled with this porous border.

Anonymous said...

PK, take a look at negro Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson. He gave his cell phone number to a thug and threw the cop under the bus. Read all about it at Second City Cop. Chicago is going down this summer.

Anonymous said...

Idea for a good Trump video ad would be something with the Statue of Liberty seen from behind and thousands of boats coming to it in NYC harbor. The camera moves in slowly and starts to pan around to gradually reveal the statue,s face. We also start to see the boats more clearly and they are flying Islamic flags. At the end of the spot, the boats are clearly filled with swarthy arab men and the flags are very clear. The face of the statue is fully revealed...the face of Hillary Clinton. Smug, devious smirk on her face. Last shot - the eyes move and look into the camera. And we see a demonic wink...

OK, what should the pithy tag line read as picture fades to black and we hear a brief faint audio cue of either crowds chanting in arabic, or just the muslim call to prayer?

Anonymous said...

I recently paid a visit to a large local shopping mall that I used to hang out at when I was a kid along with my friends.
The place was unrecognizable. Sure, it still had the big department stores like Macys, JC Penny, Sears but at least half of the
shoppers were non White. A good third of those were wearing burkas. Lots of Mexicans, lots of dot heads, lots of mystery meat.
There was even a kiosk set up where a guy was doing air brush tribute t-shirts of gang members who had been shot. "RIP Dontrel"
He was selling them like hot cakes, or should I say rock cocaine.
Even the White people were just plain trashy looking, overweight, terrible clothes, terrible posture, no grace, no class.
Amazing how it only take a generation for the gene pool to be polluted.
These government entitlement programs have certainly facilitated the survival of the unfitest.
So, I agree, it's all over if Hillary gets in. She has a malevolence about her that even Barry doesn't have.
In addition to ramping up the mud flood she very well might start WW3 with Russia

Anonymous said...

A Trump election will change little or nothing.
The hopes we have pinned on him are a mirage. A manifestation of our dismay and desperation.

If Trump is elected and has the temerity to actually try to change things (especially stopping America's endless war-making and military imperialism) he will be assassinated.

Gwoobus Harmon above touched on something that frequently preys on my mind. Namely, my White children. Three boys, smart, handsome, athletic, good natured, and outgoing. The kind of people you want for neighbors and friends. The kind of men who innovate and build and maintain a culture and civilization. And what am I leaving them? A fractured, bankrupt, morally bereft cesspool teeming with every black, brown, and mocha-hued parasite known to man, ruled over by an insane Liberal/Zionist oligarchy unmatched in its cruelty and ruthlessness.

We had everything. And we tossed it all away for.....nothing. As if it meant nothing.

If I didn't have children, I'd be laughing. I'd be campaigning for Bernie. Let it burn, let it burn, let every shrieking feminist, every soft pink urban liberal, every confused tranny, every professor of black studies, every politician on both sides of the aisle, every Somali and Syrian, every La Raza asshole and obnoxious Black Lives Matter protestor get exactly what they've got coming, good and hard and over and over. Let the currency collapse, let every SNAP/EBT card fail, every food stamp be worthless, every welfare office and social worker disappear. Let WIC and government cheese disappear. Let Obamaphones stop working. Let feral, violent urban blacks riot, not for a day or so in their own worthless ghettoes. Let them riot for weeks on end in Beverly Hills, and Manhattan, and Santa Barbara, and Long Island, and in the wealthy white progressive enclaves in Seattle and Portland and Connecticut and Washington DC. Let them turn Rodeo Drive into a charred, smoking cinder.

Like many people here at SBPDL, I firmly believe that the only way to restore our country to its former greatness is by a grand reset. Everything must fail and everyone must have their backs against the wall, protecting themselves and their families. Only then can we (hopefully) reconnect with our instincts for self-preservation at all costs, and finally stick up for ourselves and do something definitive.

But then I think of my kids....

Anonymous said...

I was thinking this last night. We soldier on and prepare I guess.

Proudyt said...

I think when Trump says he will make American great again he means make American white again. Just as Obama's campaign slogan "vote for change"was aimed at blacks.


IF he loses? (If he is not killed....)

It will only speed up the impending collapse. Even if he wins, this is our last election.

Those of us who recognize and understand the One World Order conspiracy, which has been 200+ years in the making, know what is coming and why.

If he loses, then Hilary will appoint 3 or 4 rabid Anti-Gun, Anti-White, Pro Non-White immigration Supreme Court Justices. We will also get massive Gun Control laws that will make owning a gun difficult, expensive and legally dangerous. Income taxes will go up, since Whites pay Income Tax.

Our "borders" will be opened completely with daisy-chain migration. The goal is to make America MAJORITY non-White AS FAST AS THEY CAN. And, each new immigrant will be on an extremely fast path to "citizenship", or given some form of "temporary voting rights". The goal is a one Party, Democratic control over all Federal Government departments so that there is no more opposition.

Money will be taken from all Scientific funding, Military, Social Security (why pay for old white people?) and shoved into HUD and any black program. You've seen nothing yet.

Everything we, here, used to love about the "America that once was", will be gone. Massive surveillance networks will watch and monitor ALL WHITE MEN. Minorities will not be audited by the IRS, but you will. Your internet traffic will be watched and any excuse to put you an a watch list will be done, so your "gun rights" will be denied, and no government agency will help you clear it up. This is why the Republicans are supporting the laws to restrict those on a "terror watch list" or "no fly list".

You, White Man, are automatically a "terrorist".

If you fall behind on your house payment or car payment, there will be NO help for you, but the "minorities" will have government agencies, policies, and programs to help or cover the cost. No minority will ever be evicted. You, White Man, are on you own.

No White will be protected by any government policy, when it comes to your job, your speech, your interests. You, White Man, are on your own.

Best thing to do if you are over 60? Plan your death (natural one) so that you can cash out all you have, convert it to gold or silver coin (which, unfortunately will be illegal), and love your children. Try to educate them. If they listen, they can find a way to be happy in a world gone mad. If they DON'T LISTEN, then they will learn, the hard way, as most of you have.

Butterscotch said...

I don't know. I wouldn't proclaim white america as woken up just yet.

Many whites still cling to the narrative of ''it's us good, white americans versus everyone else..'' And that's okay, it's the problem that they include members of BRA as one of us.

No race realist worth his salt, Who truly values his people and his kind, Will work to destroy them. I'll believe it when they turn in their badges and join our side, instead of ''just doing their jobs'' and arresting us, instead of criminal blacks. No excuses will work with me, sorry.

Rural America is white man's land. Remember that, friends trapped in cities. I'm currently in the process of selling my house and moving as far away from anyone as I can. It's the only way you'll get any sleep or peace of mind again.

Things are better in the boonies. I promise.


For the younger White people:

1) GET INTO PERFECT HEALTH and stay there. Health care will be extremely expensive for you and you will be required to pay for all your own and that of the blacks, mexicans, arabs, etc. Believe it or not, do your most to become a Medical doctor for the sole reason of taking care of yourself, your family, and as a back-door alley doctor, for treating other Whites under-the-table (which will be totally illegal....but abortions, cocaine, heroin, porn, etc, will be totally legal). As a MD you will not be allowed to have a private practice and will either work for the ObamaCare system or one of the 5 Monopoly Insurance Companies which will be the arm of Obamacare that "administers": the Single Payer system.

The 1% own the major corporations and the major Insurance Companies will be the 5 players (BC/BS, Human, Aetna, United Health Care and Cigna).

(They love the #5. There are 5 major Banks in America and 5 Major Health Insurance companies. Why "5"?, well, think about it. 2 very rich and powerful men each had 5 "sons"..)

The advantages to you will be legal protection from malpractice. With "Single Payer" (actually the Big 5 handling all the money and paying the hospital networks, which they will own, and the doctors on salary.....) you will not be sued unless you are a total idiot, and even then, you will be reprimanded, but never fired. They will move you to a new department, or hospital, since they own them all, and you'll still get $225,000 per year...income tax rate of 65%, though). So, as you do b*llsh*t work as fast as you will be timed, can have a half-decent existence....notice I did not use the term half-decent life. But, on the job providing "free" health care to immigrants who you can't even understand, you know at night you can give real health care to White people in your illegal, underground, back-alley clinic using equipment you, and everybody else, stole from the Hospitals.

2) You will never get a job with the Government, at any level, nor a large corporation. Now, a few whites will be hired to do the REAL work while the bloated black ladies in your department will eat and text all day. Forget about ever being CEO or President of any public corporation. Those spots will be for an Alpha-Silverback. He won't do any work, the White men, beneath him, will do it all, but he will be the face of the Corporation.

3) The Principals of all Public Schools will be a minority person. Private schools will be out-lawed or SO DAMN EXPENSIVE only the 1% can afford it. You will be taxed if you send your children to a private school, probably at 100%, which you can't afford, but the 1% will.

Remember, your middle class income of $100,000 a year will have an Income Tax rate of 50%, leaving you $50,000. But your ObamaCare Affordable Health will be $1,200 a month, with a $12,000 deductible. And, you will still try to find a nicer neighborhood with only 10% Negroes, but that will still cost you more, and add the Home Security System, better locks on the garage and having to replace your kids bikes, toys, etc stolen anytime they leave them in the yard.....Bottom line? You won't have any money left to pay for any private school..Oh, home school will be illegal since it will be "child neglect, not licensed, and not regulated for the benefit of the children".

Christian Churches will receive no help and your tuition to them will not be deductible to you, and be taxable to the Christian Church. This will not apply to Islam nor Hebrew schools since there will be clever loop-holes for them. They will not be defined as "schools" when the anti-private-hate-school legislation is enacted. Oh, Gay schools will be okay, promoted and get federal funding due to disparate impact.




3) Get your own job. Learn a trade and be the best at it. You will need to have your own company, you will never be allowed to grow large, but you can exist under the radar. Learn a trade most minorities can't do well. Electrician, A/C & Heating. Small engine repair. Computer tech, etc.

You won't be able to work for cash since cash will be illegal. Everybody will have to use "credit/debit cards". Everybody. BUT, you can barter in the underground economy, but, not like today, if you are caught you will be fined a huge amount. They won't put you in jail since they know you are White, produce the wealth, and want you to keep on working. They just want everything you produce. So fines, designed to fall on the White people, will increase greatly. Oh, you will pay a huge license fee for your shop, your truck, your tools, etc.

Anonymous said...

That's a cop out. No one is going to knock in your door and announce the reset has happened. WE will make the reset happen.

Anonymous said...

What an excellent ad!!

Bird of Paradise said...

Hillary would be worst then Obama in fact she wants Obama for her Dept of Injustice and he would even more worst then Eric the Dread(Holder)ever would be

Anonymous said...

“For blacks only”. Racist comments and actions are a huge part of the negro world, they enjoy a privilege where it's equal opportunity offensiveness. The most popular are on women and whites. Let’s face it though, foreigners, people with disabilities, senior citizens, you name it. They’re all fare game.

They’ve created this convenient wall of immunities when it comes to the “Scarlet R”. Rewrote the rule book giving themselves a pass, “ a negro can’t be a racist!” and “for four hundred years!” not to mention “a negro ain’t gots no power!”

Avoiding and refusing to adapt principles or standards that make any country great is the only level a negro seems to rise too. Our country is making sure YT embraces that level, adapts the way of a third world negro and doesn’t complain. The Scarlet R awaits anyone whom dares notice.

When he loses? We already face dangerous violent third would turd blossoms on an everyday basses. Our women and children are not safe. Why not add satellites, drones, snipers and fighting vehicles to the mix?
It will be time America gets a spanking. One it won’t be able to forget or rewrite out of the history books anytime soon.

Enough is ENOUGH !! said...

O/T: but worth the mention, she notices everything we do throughout America:


Florida prosecutor suspended for Facebook post following Orlando shooting

"The Florida State Attorney’s Office announced Friday that an assistant state attorney was suspended for violating the office’s social media policy.

"Angela Starke, the public information officer for the State Attorney’s Office, Ninth Judicial Circuit, said Assistant State Attorney Kenneth Lewis was disciplined for a Facebook message following the Orlando massacre that left 49 dead and dozens wounded Sunday.

"According to WESH-TV, Lewis wrote a scathing Facebook post decrying Orlando right after the shooting.

"Downtown Orlando has no bottom. The entire city should be leveled. It is void of a single redeeming quality. It is a melting pot of 3rd world miscreants and ghetto thugs. It is void of culture. If you live down there you do it at your own risk and at your own peril."

Brian in Ohio said...

If Trump wins....Breathing room. I think a little breathing room is all we`ll get. But every day we don't have to fight is another day we get to sharpen our swords.

OT: Oakland goes thru 3 Police chiefs in 8 days....

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Unless Trump is elected and manages to turn things around, I think we're headed for a Great Depression 2.0. I'm old enough to have had the opportunity to have talked to grandparents and great grandparents who lived through that era and it was ugly as hell. Fortunately, they all lived in rural areas, had land, water wells, livestock and could grow their own food and knew how to live (as we say today), "off the grid." Rural communities came together and tried to help one another as best they could. It was the dependent city dwellers who lacked land and skills who suffered the most and hit the road wandering the highways in search of anything they could find to sustain themselves. Even so, the recovery afterwards was hard and I can recall my mother telling of how embarrassed she was to have to wear dresses made from old flour sacks as a child. Keep in mind that all this was happening when the country was majority white.

The problem with a depression 2.0 is that we have a vastly increased population of negroes, illegal aliens and other hyper dependent parasites that would no longer have all their supports and gibsmedats. The Great Depression wasn't a violent time but Depression 2.0 would, I think, be hyper violent with people having to defend home and hearth from violent home invading parasites. It would be even worse if Trump lost and millions of parasites continued to pour into the country prior to any collapse. You could basically write off all negro infested cities and the surrounding suburbs as a dead loss and would see rural communities coming together to form defense councils and armed militia as well as posting guards/checkpoints at their boundaries to turn back invaders by any means necessary. No, the country wouldn't "come together" and try to continue coddling the parasites because even if such idiocy did prevail, there'd be no means to do it and no one would tolerate a government that tried to confiscate their means of survival (food and other resources) to put them into the paws of parasites. Huggy feel beliefs and libtarded ideologies don't survive starvation and deprivation.

Even if Trump wins, I don't know if it can be turned around at this point. Those who have huggy feely beliefs and libtarded ideologies are like irresponsible spendthrifts who won't listen to any warnings and have "lots of fun" spending until they're bankrupt. You can warn them all you want but they just laugh, say you're a downer and throwing a wet blanket on their party. They won't stop until they've crashed and burned everything and are sitting in the ashes weeping. Even then, they'll lash out and blame anything and anyone but themselves. Any attempts by Trump to stop them will be met with fierce resistance, shrill condemnations and even violent reactions far worse than we're seeing now.

No land? No skills? You're F*cked.

Reverend Bacon said...

Butterscotch: you are correct, but I'm still looking for another country.

I think it's telling that, in the boonies, you also have fewer rats, pigeons, and cockroaches. Why is that, I wonder?

Anonymous said...

I don't want to think of this. What I do detest is the LIBS, the dumb assed whites, the media, et al.
Haven't we had enough?

Oil 'n Water said...

Many commenters, if not advocating a collapse and subsequent reset of our country, are at least expecting it to take place, and possibly they are correct.
Unfortunately most are looking at this event in an insular way, not considering possible consequences from outside factors.
A country in chaos is frankly easy pickings for those who see the breakdown as an opportunity to advance their own cause.
China already has extensive financial interests here, and that is with relative order existing. What might be expected of them if cents on the dollar opportunities suddenly presented themselves?
Russia, a de facto enemy who routinely buzzes our planes and war ships testing our strength and resolve, would not become emboldened to acquire some degree of control as they did in Ukraine? The prospect would be a dream come true for them.
And what about Islam? We've imported scores of them within a year. Would Muslim nations not salivate over the possibility of establishing a western Islamic state?
The possibility of this country split into at least four territories - Asian, Russian, Islamic, and Hispanic, may sound laughable, nevertheless, the fuel for such a take-over would be present, should this nation fail.
Will there be a reset in South Africa? In England, though they were warned about racial mixing over half a century ago?
And by what means does a nation start over when it is beset upon by a future majority of blacks, Hispanics and Muslims?
If we do not somehow take back our country through firm, resolved legal means, and by gradual steps to eradicate our serious problems by educating more of our people, I do not see much of a future for our county as we know (knew?) it.
It took decades to create the problems and it will take a long time and a realist population to overcome them.
Many are skeptical of Trump and what he can and will do if elected. But at the least, his popularity is the first sign of a change in momentum, however small, that we have seen in a long time.

Anonymous said...

I like his section of the tales of police officers in the ghetto

Anonymous said...

Hope you're right, especially in light of recent events where the LGBT community got a taste of just how vile and destructive the BLM and Muslims were this past week. Judging by the reaction from that pathetic display at Mizzou, I'd venture to guess that blacks have zero allies left. They(gays) may want to rethink their allegiance to the crooked Dems otherwise, they'll be just above us in the genocidal pecking order!

Anonymous said...

Blacks have the lowest turnout numbers when it comes time for elections(unless it's one of their own) so pandering to them is utterly pointless.

Southron said...

Well, for one thing, Antonin Scalia was the proverbial finger in the dyke on the Heller decision. With the next President picking at a minimum one, and likely more justices on the Supreme Court, you can kiss your guns goodbye if Hillary is in the White House. The court will be lost forever to Marxists.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. Interesting exercise.
While I never considered Trump a 'shoe-in', I did think he touched upon a thread thought dormant in America. At first I thought someone was just 'testing the water' to see what sort of base someone like that would garner. Well, perhaps the reaction startled TPTB. Perhaps it bought us another decade of descent before the crash. Clearly, America is not ready to give over control to BRA entirely yet.

And we're too well armed.

Perhaps TPTB will just shake the jar, step back and watch. It will be like 'The Purge', only on a massive scale.

We're not ready to turn, like South Africa, Rhodesia or the Belgian Congo. But it's coming.

DoubleTap in Florida said...

And here I was planning on voting. Haven't voted in 36 years (Reagan). Thought we finally were going to have a President worth voting for. Now it looks like I will go back to where I was and never vote for the rest of my life. I'm glad I'm on the other side of the mountain because the future all looks sooooo depressing.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Two choices: Spectate or Participate.

I vote participate. The great reset does not happen behind a's time to organize.

-JSF- in Minneapolis
Thanks, JSF. We must unite and organize. I talked to a lady while waiting at a business Thursday- an older white lady. She professed enthusiasm for the NBA finals. There were people of all races surrounding us, so I had to be careful. I just said that, for all the demands for "diversity" out there, that the NBA does not have many Asians, Hispanics, Native Americans, etc., on the teams. That did make her think for a minute. I also said that there are too many males on the teams that fight and display violence. Do we want our kids watching this?? And they are way overpaid for chasing around a ball. I do believe that it did cause her to at least pause. I do try to do my part out there, and not pander to blacks, or be politically correct, or spout liberal nonsense that has proven not to be true.
I commented on an earlier post, that I think that some liberals, in this election, would rather vote for a Republican MAN than for a Democratic WOMAN. Not fair, or "diverse", maybe, but it is reality. I would like to see a female President one day- but NOT this one. So I think that, in the privacy of the voting booth, people are going to sometimes do the opposite of what they proclaim in public.
When Trump gave a speech here in Atlanta, the media did the expected people on the street interviews. One man said that Trump "incites" riots. Hilarious. Isn't it the RIOTERS inciting riots?? It has gotten to be a fun hobby, breaking down all the double speak and unchallenged accusations out there in the media.
All of you readers, have a great Fathers day. I know that most of you reading support your children financially, teach them right from wrong, expect them to be productive, and spend time with them. I am proud of you all.
L in Atl hell

Thought-Criminal said...

The fact that the "Republicans" did not initiate impeachment proceedings against Obastard three years ago, and, in fact, proclaimed loudly that they never would, it's been clear that the GOP-RAT establishment controls the country entirely for their own enrichment. To hell with us.

If Trump loses to Hitlery, which is likely due to the massive fraudulent-voting practices of the RATs and the fact that the GOPe is a collection of pussies, socialism will seal its death grip on America. The SCOTUS will be a socialist rubber stamp for whatever the establishment wants. There will be, in effect, no more Constitution of the United States. Debt will continue to skyrocket by trillions.

Then, when the horrific economic crash occurs and US Dollars become almost worthless overnight, the race wars begin.

Be prepared.

Detroit Refugee said...

Paid a visit to a large local mall.

Are we talking about Southland Mall in Taylor, Mi.?

Anonymous said...

"I think when Trump says he will make American great again he means make American white again."

He'd deny that, and would denounce such a view. Don't believe it? Show up at a Trump rally with a sign that reads "Make America white again" and report back to us how many seconds it takes for you to be kicked out.

Ricky Tucker said...

I've said it before, I'll say it again:
Trump wins we burn.
Hillary wins we burn.
Water, food, TP, ammo...popcorn or marshmallows...either way it's gonna be 1861 all over again.

PB said...

"So, I agree, it's all over if Hillary gets in. She has a malevolence about her that even Barry doesn't have.
In addition to ramping up the mud flood she very well might start WW3 with Russia"

The mud and the blood you might say. Their mud, your blood.

Anonymous said...

The America of today did not occur overnight and as much as I hope for a President Trump, I believe the cultural shift in values and demographics makes our future look grim regardless. I am amazed at how many intelligent, hard working, conservative people I know who cannot or refuse to see what is clearly right in front of them. When people like the the Florida Assistant State Attorney, state the obvious, as he recently did, they are first requred to undergo sensitiviity training, (reeducation) and then removed, just like they have done in fascist authoratarian regimes throughout history. And the sheep continue to graze passively in the meadow. Remember, many Jews left Germany long before the Nazis grabbed power. Millions more, later willingly got on trains, hoping for the best. As a grandson of Polish immigrants born and rasied in Detroit, (I live in the suburbs now) it is as if George Orwell wrote a prophetic vision, instead of a novel. I have researched Poland and Italy, and both countries are 98% white, and nearing 0-negative population growth. Poland is much more conservative, but both countries rank very high in racial intolerance as well. I have been to both, and they are both amazingly beautiful countries though geographically and climate wise very different. They should welcome back the grand and great grandchildren of those who left in the early 1900's to repopulate and infuse dollars into their economies. The great American experiment may very well be in its final death throe. I regret I have to be here to witness it.

PB said...

"In the new America I can see an African-american President or King leading us forward against the challenges"

I would prefer a King, because Big Men like Big Marches and parades, and they excel at marches.

Mr.L's Tavern said...

Unless there is mass voter fraud committed, which no doubt Trump will challenge, he will not lose. If you look at every state in the primaries that had elections, voter turn out for Democrats has been abysmal and down from previous primaries in 2008. Republicans however, thanks to Trump, have seen record turn out compared to their abysmal turn out in 2008. With that said I just don't see a Trump loss happening.

Anonymous said...

if Trump loses, then you all have nothing to lose. Cash-in your 401K, pay the 10% penalty, buy gold and disappear in an RV. With a gun. If you pay the taxes, you know where that will go. It will go to killing you and saving israel.

One and Only Gubbler said...

One and Only Gubbler said...

If Hillary wins, US will get worse.

If Trump wins, US will get worse.

Even if we stop immigration, we have enough Negroes to foul up the US.

If anything, immigrants have been serving as buffers between whites and blacks.

The 64 Civil Rights Act meant that blacks would be demanding more and more from whitey.

But 65 Immigration Act filled US with immigrants who competed with blacks over spoils and opportunities. That undermined black power.

I still think the best way is to dissolve the GOP. Turn US into a one party state, and then the Democratic Coalition will fall apart from within and white conservatives can find new allies to break it apart.

Guest said...

I too thank Trump who bravely, singlehandedly, at great cost to himself, exposed how far atilt America has become under the Marxist in the Whitehouse and his appointed minions in the backrooms. They are enabled by the Republicans and abetted by the media who distorts with innuendo soundbites, lies, day in and day out it rings in our ears. The undiscerning thinks it is just a game of win or lose like football instead of serious consequences. Once Hillary gets in to continue the march to communism we are finished. It is as though we suddenly fell down the rabbit hole.

rex freeway said...

If he loses then The liberal destruction will go into full swing. Gay's, Latinos, Negroes and Muslims will take control. Im glad that im over 50.

Fed Up in Middle America said...

Speaking of stuff black people don't like; tomorrow is Father's Day. There's gonna be serious mass confusion in da hood.

Anonymous said...

As much as I wish it was not so, I really do believe that Trump will lose because of 1. fraudulent voting by illegals,stuffing ballot boxes is a favorite game on election day by demoncrats2.Obama's BLM buddies will be out in force to intimidate a lot of voters , his Chicago dirty tricks will be there be rest assured on that.Somebody,please prove me wrong.

ejit said...

I'd like to believe that there would be enough race riots to convince whites to wake up, and blacks to stay where they are, but I'm afraid it's already too late.
The liberals have already poisoned an entire generation of students ("all whites are evil") with no sign of any change coming.

Anonymous said...

Not only if he loses, but if he does not win in a landslide, we are just as fucked. Anything short of a landslide will be seen by TPTB as meaning "Almost there, almost there, not quite."

Not saying we are fine if he does win. Whether he acts somewhat close to what we all hope remains to be seen. While I am glad that a candidate that seems more in line with our thoughts is making progress, I am concerned about how much is an act and how much is real. We shall see.

Anonymous said...

"it seems to me very unlikely that Donald J. Trump has ever had a racist thought in his entire privileged, cosseted life,"

Dude sold real estate. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

If you think TPTB can pull off enough vote fraud that TRUMP would lose get planting fruit/nut trees under swales & stock up on shelf stable food. If the food stamp card fails the free stuff army will attack the liberals that live closest to them. When whitey stops delivering they will go cannibal or starve.

Anonymous said...

If they cheat him, get a copy of Rangar's guide to the underground economy. Give less of your money to Latrina's 21 illegitimate crack babies.

Anonymous said...

Went for a motorcycle ride today and passed by a church that had a large gathering taking place outside. I almost threw up when I saw the sign which was obviously the reason for the gathering- "World Refugee Day." There seemed to be quiet a number of third worlders there- lots of mystery meat on the scene. Another church bringing in more parasites to feed off the host! I would have stopped and cussed them all out but since the police were there, it wouldn't have worked out too well. Stopping and having "conversations" in an attempt to wake the churched morons up would have been equally fruitless as such types are so brainwashed, they'd just start babbling at anyone who kicked their sacred cows and refused to donate money "for the cause." And stood there and tried to convince you how wrong you were in that oh so reasonable and pitying voice as they stared at you with their soft, stupid, bovine eyes. Weaklings, the lot of them and completely cucked to madness. If they can convert others to their cucked ways, it validates their own cuckery in their minds.

More and more, every time I see a priest or preacher engaged in such traitorous activities, I have a strong desire to call them a son of a bitch to their faces and tell them exactly why. I used to respect preachers/priests and had a certain degree of respect for them but all that has turned to utter contempt and disgust. At best, I see them as well meaning yet stupid and deluded fools who are forcing their hands into my wallet via taxes to pay for their pets so they can engage in their moral preening and virtue signaling and feel "holy."

Church and state should be utterly separate. If these churched morons want to bring in 3rd world losers and trash, they should be responsible for them and their offspring FOR LIFE. No tax payer money at all- it would all have to come from the church members even if that meant they wound up losing their homes so the money could be used to support their pets or the church property had to be sold for the same purpose.

Apologies for the angry rant. However, if Trump wants to be of help, one thing I'd ask him to do is to stop the damn churches from doing this and enforce separation of church and state. What right does any church or religion for that matter have to take OUR money to fund their pet projects? And what right does the government have to give it to them? That money should be spent on OUR country and OUR people.

Yes, I've argued with such cucked idiots before who were "helping the Africans" or importing them into this country to go on the government dole at our expense. They don't care about the people here or helping them because that just doesn't have the status connected to it- it's just not special or exotic enough for them and doesn't make them feel like they're just oh so special and exotic themselves. Egotistical preening cucks consumed and devoured by their own bovine stupidity who expect you to suffer the consequences of it all and pay the price for it while they play holy sacred savior of the world.

I've absolutely had it with them!

Anonymous said...

If Hillary wins, I'll probably focus more on actively finding ways to phuk chit up. Trump has at the very least introduced large numbers of Americans to the notion that PC isn't reality and that important decisions should be made based on reality rather than PC. Trump isn't a racist, but decisions based on reality rather than PC will inevitably be perceived as racist. Paint theory only holds true in the fantasy world of PC, and we will need to exit our world of PC fantasy to make America great again. If Hillary wins, our society will be in an unstable position on the verge of change, and I'll do my best to nudge it in the right direction.

cloudofhaze said...

Black landlord here. Blacks and white gays have never been allies. I have gay black tenants. They moan about white men not wanting to boink them. Racism, you know. In DC, the clubs are separate for black/non-black gays.
A college "educated" gay black has it as hard as the straight black "educated" woman. Only the ghetto gays and ghetto black women are happy.

Anonymous said...

I like your, more cigarettes for the quicker exit from this demise! My husband says if Hillary becomes president, that will be when he throws in the towel. We will go on the dole, something in which even in the darkest of times we've never done. This is when America will be officially iredeemable. We have a small business which has seen a 50% decline in our contracted work since the muslim in chief took residence in the mulatto house. Hillary will be exactly the same deal. He gd husband sent so much work out of this country with NAFTA, all the machine shops and industry has about all but disappeared from Dayton Ohio and I'm sure from most of the "rust belt." How anyone in their right gd mind can vote for that worthless cnt is beyond me. We will continue to stock up on ammo,broadheads,food and water. That's always a given.

Anonymous said...


Many Great Father's Day and 4th of July Sales on Firearms and Ammunition!

FYI---I visited my locally owned gun store (little hole in the wall)---usually pretty quiet with 1-3 people looking around....Today was PACKED with 20-40 people in this little shop and they were not just looking they were BUYING!!! Especially stripped lower AR15 receivers...salesman said they sold 50 just yesterday and were selling rifles like hotcakes at a church breakfast.

FYI---if any of you AMERICANS want to build/buy a suppressor/s or short barreled rifles---you have until July 12 2016 to get your paperwork into the ATF----afterward new rules for you and anyone you have on a trust (which you should do as well). See the below videos for how to do use EFile at the ATF and make a Gun Trust. Simple to do and get it done THIS WEEKEND.

Here are some sites to buy parts to build your own or buy already built....I like to build my own....FYI....any items that need ATF Tax Stamp---DONT Build/modify until you get tax stamp in hand....but you can buy the parts/kits now.

Anonymous said...

The reset is coming, and the global economy is the spark.
We are this close with the numbers as bad as they are now, inside three years they will easily be twice as bad.
When the house of Cards falls and the Gibsmedats cards stop working, it's on

Philadelphia Mike said...

Where Donald Trump leaves off, others will follow.

We are a creative, intelligent, organized and beautiful people. But we are also a warring and ruthless people. When our wrath is unleashed, the world trembles.

This is who we are.

Philadelphia Mike

PB said...

Centurion, though I'm sure we are poles apart both personally and distance-wise, your posts here read like a map of the future, laid out for all with eyes to see.

Anonymous said...

Some thoughts to consider-
A) Obama drew massive amounts of white votes and what I assume is the biggest black voter turn out in U.S history. Hillary Clinton does not have as large a white following and there is no way she will mobilize the black vote like Obama.
B) Trump's popularity in the Northeast. Trump has been a household name in the Northeast of the United States for decades and the residents are much more immune to the Mass Media slander. Northeast states may turn red in the General.
C) The Rust Belt - Trump's message of bringing back jobs will resonate much louder than anything Hillary Clinton is willing to promise.
As far as a Trump loss, Hillary Clinton is aware of Obama's failings and I think she's too self important to trudge along multiple failing paths. The big exception being the stinking disaster of Obamacare. Her track record of bad judgement is miles long, and enemies and allies alike will take full advantage. Refugees and illegals will continue to pour in, because assuring a Republican can never win the White House is priority number one. Your safety and wages? Who cares!

Anonymous said...

You guys are way too pessimistic.

Liberalism can only go downhill at this point. They needed Obama to be a superhero president to keep the ship upright.

It's collapsing. I read a lot of Chicago blogs and the Whites there are totally fed up.

I want Trump to win but Hillary won't be able to stop the coming storm.

Things could be better but I'm not worried.

Anonymous said...

The best investment right now is ammo and high capacity magazines. The powers that be may not get to regulate what types of rifles are sold, so it's easier for them to regulate the type of magazines and ammo sold. I already can't buy ammunition in CT because I am from out of state, even though I spend 4-5 months a year up there. In NY, if you are buying .22 ammo they ask if it's for a rifle or pistol, if it's for a pistol, they want to see your proof of registration. California is currently looking to do the same, registering your name when you buy a box of bullets.
For everyone who does own a gun, look into saving your brass and learning how to load your own ammo, because that will be the first thing the government goes after.

Anonymous said...

She's not wrong, Orlando is a shithole of a city consisting of strip malls and chain restaurants, built in the middle of a swamp. There is nothing redeeming about it, other then the fact it brings tourist dollars into Florida.

Anonymous said...

You guys/gals of similar mindset, REPORT FOR DUTY. Each one of you need to step outside your circle of friends and convince someone, at least 1 person, each week that they MUST vote for Trump this election. Each and every week until elections. Roughly speaking, a couple dozen new Trump voters each, between now and election time.
For all the reasons that many of us outlined in this thread.
Might be at a bar, a bowling alley, a bus stop or perhaps a lunch counter.
Just do it. Even those of you with poor social skills, Just do it. Convince every white person (especially)
Make sure they understand the consequences of this election.
Do it for your country.

You can even call the nearest TRUMP campaign office to see how you can help in other ways, if you can't follow my suggestion. From the looks of things this election will be decided by the tightest of margins. If we, as a group, could even influence 500 or 1000 people to vote, it could be the difference.

Make sure you, your family and friends are registered to vote.
Even offer to drive people to polling place (especially older neighbors) or make sure they vote by Absent Ballot.

If there are any "old folk homes" in your area 'adopt' them, get the residents registered and able to get to the polls. You might even enjoy the effort.
Being down for the cause.
And you will be happier on election day, that you did everything possible.

Thank You all, & God Bless America!

D-FENS said...

"I still think the best way is to dissolve the GOP. Turn US into a one party state, and then the Democratic Coalition will fall apart from within and white conservatives can find new allies to break it apart."

I've long thought that if one party disappears, the other will quickly follow since the only thing either has going for them is they're not the other party.

I'm relatively optimistic on Trump's chances in November. A likely repeat of the 2008 financial diarhea, more trouble from our negro, mestizo or muslim friends will only help Trump. The big worries are the opposition's ability to stage events and write the narrative.

If the neocon weenies somehow manage to deny Trump the nomination, the GOP goes the way of the Whigs (whose demise birthed the GOP). That would be the second best outcome behind a Trump victory in znovember.

Anonymous said...

The Baron says:

A better question would 'what if Trump wins'; does anyone believe Mullah Gibsmedat will just graciously smile, hand Try thw keys and go quietly back to Chicongo?

Californian said...

If Trump loses this round, then continue the struggle. No great political struggle was ever won in a single election. You have to be in the fight for the long haul.

Jim Davis said...

if Trump loses, then you all have nothing to lose. Cash-in your 401K, pay the 10% penalty, buy gold and disappear in an RV. With a gun. If you pay the taxes, you know where that will go. It will go to killing you and saving israel.

This needs to be considered. Once they have white males subjugated enough, and if Trump loses that will be their signal that they do, then they will go after 401Ks. They will probably start with "the rich" as they did with the income tax. Maybe phasing out 401K tax exemption for high income earners or a tax on balances exceeding $1 million. Eventually, the boiling frog middle-classes will just accept it and get caught up in it. This is an ideal great course of action for the powers that be since it will not touch the .1%, who don't bother with piddly 401Ks or at least have very little of their wealth tied up in them.

Anonymous said...

A great video with Scott Baio speaking about Trump, liberals, Obama, and terrorism.

Anonymous said...

Lol, you said it. He knows the destruction those locusts can do in a very short period of time. Atlantic City is just one example.

Brian in Ohio said...

Anonymous said...

You guys/gals of similar mindset, REPORT FOR DUTY. Each one of you need to step outside your circle of friends and convince someone, at least 1 person, each week that they MUST vote for Trump this election. Each and every week until elections.

Nobody does more to sway voters toward Trump than blacks and TNB...Nobody.

Personally, I don't have time to sort thru the illusions and lies that liberals use to sleep at night. If they cant see that something is seriously wrong with America, then I got nothing for them. They`ll get a good, hard dose of reality soon enough.

I AM on duty. Making sure that me and mine have what we need, when we need it and are where we need to be to survive is my post. I will stand until relieved...

Stay alert, stay alive.

Nightowl2548 said...

"then they will go after 401Ks."

Ever see the Frontline episode on 401Ks? They are already a scam. When the globalists pulled the plug on stable lifelong employment with companies that provide pensions and healthcare.* They replaced it with pennies going to "401K" that a whole industry of parasitic looters evolved to siphon out most of it's growth. All these "fees" mean you only get about a third as much than if the money was allowed to grow without them.

*(Remember the propaganda we got for this in the 80s about how "The days of lifelong employment are over, ha ha ha. Now the typical person will work at least seven jobs in their lifetime, blah blah blah" Making it sound as if this is a wonderful thing done by choice, as if you're this "Free Agent" like Lebron James out to better yourself. When in fact for the average white guy thrown out of a job by some treasonous company moving overseas for cheap coolie labor this is a dark period of doom and gloom and uncertainty possibly even leading to depression, substance abuse, and suicide.)

Anonymous said...

Baio 2016! Charles In Charge!

Anonymous said...

The New York Times is spewing elite communist globalist propaganda!

Nationalism is bad according to those azz holes.

Merkel has made the Europe Union the Fourth Reich. Caucasians and Christians are the 21st Century scapegoats

Paintjob Theory said...

"FYI---if any of you AMERICANS want to build/buy a suppressor/s or short barreled rifles---you have until July 12 2016 to get your paperwork into the ATF"

Yeah, wait right there while I run out and ask my servants permission to exercise my birthright and put myself on some government database of (first wave of suckers to attempt to disarm).

If you are operating under the impression that your right to arm yourself requires permission slips and that ANY restriction on your right to own a weapon is lawful, you have already conceded that right.

" I really do believe that Trump will lose because of 1. fraudulent voting by illegals,stuffing ballot boxes is a favorite game on election day by demoncrats2.Obama's BLM buddies will be out in force to intimidate a lot of voters , his Chicago dirty tricks will be there be rest assured on that.Somebody,please prove me wrong."

Article II section 1 of the US Constitution is proof. The popular vote is of no consequence whatsoever in electing the president. Electors are sent by the states and can vote ANY WAY they see fit. Theirs are the only votes that count.

"If we, as a group, could even influence 500 or 1000 people to vote, it could be the difference."

Article II Section 1. If these people who you "influence" are not among the 538 electors it does not matter what you convince them to believe when it comes time to electing a president.

I repeat, the president has little real power and all of it is conditional upon the cooperation of the legislature and courts. Getting emotionally invested in a presidential election is pointless. We would do far better to be concerned about local level politics (town county, and possibly state). Everything that happens (at least that we see) at the national level is a carefully scripted circus, as phony as professional wrestling to amuse, divide and distract the mob.

Anonymous said...

Went for a motorcycle ride today and passed by a church that had a large gathering taking place outside. I almost threw up when I saw the sign which was obviously the reason for the gathering- "World Refugee Day."...
More and more, every time I see a priest or preacher engaged in such traitorous activities, I have a strong desire to call them a son of a b*tch to their faces and tell them exactly why.

Many churches supported the black terrorist ANC against White rule in South Africa. The treason of too many supposed Christians knows no bounds. They will not be happy until they are a small and frequently massacred minority in what used to be their own country.

I do not blame Christians alone for this treason, and there are plenty of religious people who do oppose the current third world invasion of White homelands. But all this ought to make people consider the interior enemy, those who open the gates to the new barbarians.

FearpornRefugee said...

I spend every day working in BRA for a BRA. I ride around a once prosperous town which has become a rotting corpse of its former self. The welcome sign claims Ulysses S. Grant thought it "too beautiful to burn" during the civil war. The town used to be a thriving little gem with some light manufacturing and big agriculture. Old antebellum homes line the main street and several churches among them from the mid 1800's. All the manufacturing plants have long been closed, and the farm land is about all that remains worth anything. The population is 84% black according to the 2010 census, but I would wager it's more likely 94% from my observations. What few whites remain are running second generation small businesses that are doomed to dry up.

The city government is all black with the exception of one alderwoman and the municipal judge. The county government is 100% black except for one employee that oversees the parks and recreation department. The parks supervisor is a sweet lady, but a sympathizer with BRA. Her husband was a local attorney who was murdered years ago by a black man, so I cannot fathom where her compassion for any of the orcs comes from. The area is so corrupt and crime ridden that insurance premiums are justifiably outrageous, and this was the place where the fen-fen (or however you spell it) lawsuits originated. Juries in this area are notorious for awarding hefty sums to plaintiffs in civil suits. The city tapwater looks like shit and nobody dares drink it. The locals merely bathe in it, nothing more. The roads are crumbling, as is the rest of the infrastructure created by whites long ago.

The schools have been so fucked up that the state had to remove the elected superintendent of education and appoint a temporary custodian from the capitol. The whites have to send their kids to private schools some 40 miles away, and ironically, some of the nogs won't even send their chidruns to skoo here. There is a nuke plant nearby and the area used to receive 100 percent of the tax revenue until the state legislature fucked it all up. Actually that was probably a smart move because the last mayor (a sheboon) absconded with hundreds of thousands of dollars without so much as an inquiry from the state. My friends in the capitol who work for the attorney general and similar state offices claim nobody wants to come down and stir up all the democrats. These assholes get away with everything because nobody wants the revruns or naacp to get pissed off about their constituents being arrested for fraud.(continued...)

FearpornRefugee said...

I spend most of my days looking at mile after mile of litter strewn about the place. McDonald's wrappers, used diapers, cigarello wrappers, beer cans and bottles, styrofoam trays, and every other thing you can imagine is tossed wherever they are done with it. Welfare queens shitting out one little Trayvon after another without a thought or care of how to provide for them. We pay for it, you and me, with money stolen from us at gunpoint by the federal mafia. I see plenty of big rims and flashy paint jobs, sagging pants, crack whores and heads, mentally ill pricks begging and drinking with the money we pay them in the form of social security (dey gets a check), street vendors whoring turkey legs and Cowboys car tags, stray dogs in packs, two old fucks in scooter chairs riding in the street (again you and I paid for), and everything else that proves stereotypes are accurate.

These assholes have had entirely too long to get their shit together. My wife's father is a managing partner of a major law firm, and her mother is a retired school teacher. They are decent folks, but they are insulated from the stuff we come here to bitch about. They are out of touch with reality. The only time her folks have an encounter with the average nog is in passing one on the highway or when the woman that cleans their house comes over. They are staunch liberals. Well educated folks. I like them a lot, but I cannot help but fear for them and their safety in the coming troubles ahead. My wife's sister works at a non-profit organization in the heart of New Orleans where she helps the poor, lost, black souls. The sister boasts of the low recidivism her organization has seen in their great work. I smile and nod at the poor thing and wonder if she would be so caring if one of her pets ever turns on her. They all hate Donald Trump and believe everyone is equal.

I do not remember how it happened, how I discovered this breath of hope in PK's site, but I am glad. The stories are pretty decent, but the comments are what I really come to read (no offense PK). The time is approaching that we must band together in order to save what has been destroyed. I have been quietly passing this site's address along to all my constituents in hope of spreading the movement. I first became interested in conspiracy theories after downloading a bootleg of what I thought was one of the Batman movies in 2010. The movie turned out to be "Loose Change 9/11" and it set me upon other sites like (gasp) Alex Jones Infowars, which led me to other, more credible sites. I hate that fucking guy, but I have to give him credit for working his gimmick and making himself very wealthy. Now my daily reading when I roll out of bed in order goes like this: Drudgereport, Zerohedge, and good ol' PK's SBPDL! I visit each of these three numerous times a day. (continued...)

FearpornRefugee said...

The way I have decided to conduct myself is changing. I no longer hold the door for them in public. I refuse to do business with them unless it is the absolute only option available. I preach race realism to my children and they can shoot better than I can. I offer them no courtesy in traffic anymore. I pretend they do not exist even when they are standing in line in front of me. I will gently run off the road and kick up rocks whenever the nogs tailgate me hoping their windshield gets dinged in the process. The nogs love to tailgate around here. I guess they're just too fucking stupid to understand the one car length for every ten miles an hour rule. We quit TV and their so called mrusic is absolutely forbidden in my home. When I buy cars, I make sure I deal with whites only. When I grocery shop, I go to the white cashier (although I love it when the black kid sacks them and I never say thank you). If I get a black waitress/waiter I never tip them. We quit church. No need for the magic man bullshit. We are on our own. My give a shit for them is empty.

I encourage you all to do your part in making it obvious we cannot get along and will not go along. I am ready for whatever the future holds and hope it happens soon. I do not even care about their little ones. I see their children as future pains in my ass. I love to see them piled into the back of pickup trucks, hoping for a roll over calamity. We have been forced to coexist at gunpoint. Our ancestors need their nuts kicked. We should've picked our own damned cotton.

Have a nice day and a better tomorrow.

-A Fearporn Refugee

Anonymous said...

"I have gay black tenants. They moan about white men not wanting to boink them. Racism, you know."

Not a matter of racism but of attraction. No different than tall men being preferred to short men. It simply comes down to certain immutable and unchanging characteristics being more popular/attractive and desirable than others. Haven't you ever heard short guys complaining about how everyone goes for the tall guys? Or tall slender women being preferred to those who are short and squat? Simply put, even black women complain that they're the least popular/least wanted on dating sites but that's not due to racism but due to the fact that the physical characteristics and appearance is just not that attractive or desirable to most other races.

People falling into unpopular/undesirable/ or unattractive categories isn't going to change just because they don't like it and complain or ascribe evil motivations for their rejection.

Besides, I think that people are genetically programmed to prefer their own race even though this is not set in stone and is fluid to a certain degree as inter-racial marriages etc attest. However, for the majority, I think it holds true. A biological imperative to preserve, protect and propagate the race that goes beyond choice. Even in terms of inter-racial marriages one sees that the closer the races are in physical attributes/ appearance and characteristics the more likely it is to happen and the further apart they are, the least likely it is to happen.

In any case, as per the moaning black gays, you've got me laughing because I have an image of Neanderthals in Europe 50,000 years ago moaning and complaining because modern humans entering the area mostly found them unattractive and undesirable. I wonder if they sat around moaning and bitching about it and being resentful? So what if I'm short, squat and prehistoric! Lol.

Oh well. There were still enough "modern human" horndogs running around that obviously went after them. Maybe the moaning black gay guys just aren't in the right place to meet the horndogs they desire and need to seek out a fetish club?

Oh great! Now I've got an image of a prehistoric fetish bar with Neanderthals and modern humans mixing it up. See what you've started? Egads!

Anonymous said...

Above, someone voices the opinion that since Trump made his money in real estate, he must be a racist. But being a racist is more than observing that racial differences exist, or being able to make a profit off of them. An essential condition of being a racist is believing that the differences are biologically based, and there's never been the slightest indication Trump believes that.

Anonymous said...

To Paul and all the 'cool guys' who post on this site...Happy Fathers Day!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 12:23 pm. I fell in love with Orlando Florida back in the early 1990's . Back then the only negative was I-4 and all the billboards. Now I hear it's awful. Just like you commented, how bad has it gotten? Used to be able to walk downtown area late at night. Nice downtown and winter park was great. Another American city falls to the vibrant few.

Anonymous said...

I believe Trump will sweep most, perhaps all states in November and shock the ruling class of this country and the world. I believe the secret polling done by both the Republican and Democrat parties, polls not released to the public show him with huge support demonstrated by primary wins in "safe" Democrat areas like the Northeast. Add in Moslems being Moslems, Mexicans doing the La Raza thing and typical nog behavior and even gullible, stupid YTs will reluctantly vote for Trump.

The ruling class picked a lemon when they picked BHO to cement in their victories from their Cultural Marxist crusades of the 1960s. The HNIC is more interested in golfing than revolution and the communists' one and only chance for permanent revolution has been squandered by BHO. He had the chance to agitate for far more communist programs than just Obamacare such as hate speech legislation, 401K redistribution (fairness, of course), internet monitoring (goodbye SBPDL) but he just gave up and went golfing. He has had the Republicans on the run since day one but his only decision that presents a real difficulty reversing is the invasion of third worlders.

The financial system then the real economy is getting ready to crash and burn under BHO's watch and without money to run things all BHO's peeps and the parasites wither on the vine very quickly. The permanent government bureaucracy which runs things requires a vast river of money to function. When that dries up like Lake Powell last year the squat monsters, Moslems and nogs will show their righteous anger by burning things down, mostly in their own neighborhoods though. This will shred what ever good will is left for these people amongst stupid YTs.

As PK has written many times our job is not to bail out the Titanic (BRA), it's to survive for the coming reset. Get thee prepared YT, there is still some time left.

non-DWL from NE
BHO is voting for Trump

Anonymous said...

If Trump loses Hillary wins. She will quickly find the country ungovernable as it disintegrates. Hillary will implement draconian executive orders "legalizing" the third worlders, impose hate speech laws "temporarily" because of some "emergency" and seize financial assets especially gold and silver. Straight, white military officers and senior non-coms will resign en masse crippling the military. Hillary will use this crippled military to start wars in the Near East, she loves war.

As things go from bad to worse she will implement national service for both men and women conscripting gullible YTs into government service. YT women will get a big dose of diversity then. Naturally there will be censorship of everything as the lying press broadcasts one happy story after another. Nogs and squat monsters will be used as muscle against YT to enforce things like AFFH and suburban school integration. Home schooling will be illegal and the Dept. of Education's multicultural curriculum will be mandatory.

There will also be massive non-compliance from YT and a complete breakdown of the economy similar to Venezuela as the money goes bad and YT turns uncooperative. There will be rationing and shortages but YTs in rural areas will be relatively better off although everyone will suffer. Self reliance, frugality, competence, honesty etc. will once again be virtues in areas where YT will congregate for safety and order.

Eventually Hillary's communist program will burn itself out leaving the country shattered and a shadow of its former self. The YT areas will probably rebuild after shedding diversity, YT traitors and other excess baggage but areas overrun by diversity such as the SW will probably be gone for good to La Raza. The old way of tax, spend and elect one scumbag after another will be over along with BRA.

non-DWL from NE
Michelle is a tranny

Anonymous said...

I visited Oroando almost 3 years ago and it looked like a 3rd world rat hole. I do not desire to go back! What a mess it has become.

Anonymous said...

Spoke to my daughter today who lives in the DC area, very politically connected. She said the GOPe is depressed, nobody wants to go to the convention. Those people have no sense of reality.
I'm in FL, all you see around coastal central FL are Trump signs, bumper stickers, etc. There are a few Bernie signs, not much. I saw exactly one Hillary sign. I know this is not scientific, but it's a pretty good indicator. Trump won every county in FL except for one.

Anonymous said...

Story today in the Detroit free press. Sudanese family moved onto the city of Detroit. Already have them signed up for social security disability insurance and all kinds of free shit. Stop this nonsensical madness! TRUMP 2016

Anonymous said...

I do not remember how it happened, how I discovered this breath of hope in PK's site, but I am glad. The stories are pretty decent, but the comments are what I really come to read (no offense PK).

SBPDL has developed a great crew of bloggers. Let's keep spreading the "word."

Anonymous said...

The only good thing from a collapse of society, is the fact that DWLs/SJWs who live in progressive cites, will be the first ones devoured/killed by their negro/illegal pets. All those enlightened souls who look down on all those gun toting, bigoted southern rednecks, will be wishing they were armed and lived in the south when the orcs are invading their homes looking for gibs.

Anonymous said...

Besides, I think that people are genetically programmed to prefer their own race even though this is not set in stone and is fluid to a certain degree as inter-racial marriages etc attest.

I think that is true but I'm not convinced it applies to gays.

It's no secret that Black gays are disease carriers.

They are a nightmare for the medical system. Endless bills and low insurance coverage.

My guess is that word has gotten around the gay community.

Anonymous said...

Didn't the Spartans have as reply when threatened? "If."

Anonymous said...

I fear a Trump victory will change very little in the broad scheme of things. The rot runs very deep.

Franchising the Globe:

Anonymous said...

A trump loss would speed up the inevitable downfall of the World, yes World, The Democrats will increase the already ongoing discrimination against white men, white men will have less good jobs/security, so white woman will look elsewhere or not have kids, if white woman have interracial kids, the kids will identify/consider themselves the race of their non-white parent (with all the talk of white privilege isn't it interesting MOST if not all kids who are mixed consider themselves the non white half, example if 1 parent is black and 1 parent is white the kid will almost always consider themselves black, that is because most discrimination is really anti white, and the real privilege is anything not white or Asian)

Because of less whites and non whites in political power, good jobs will go to people with lesser abilities who are not white, now there are anomalies/exceptions of minorities who are great at any and everything example great Doctors, great pilots but they are lesser in number which means more plane crashes and eventually there will be some great disease/plague and there wont be enough high level Doctors to stop it.

Also all groups will fight each other, that already happens, but it will be a much wider scale of all vs all.

Billy Bob said...

Whether Trump loses or not, current trends towards white demographic minority status are going to continue as long as there are any significant numbers of non-whites in the country. They reproduce faster than we do. Even if Trump wins and tries his best, that isn't going to change much.

So the only solution to this problem is a white America and that isn't going to happen through the ballot box at this point.

I think that real change only begins to really be possible when whites realize that the ballot box has permanently become a non-option. I think it could almost feel like a relief...we can stop putting our hopes in a strategy that stopped being realistic sometime around the 1986 amnesty when the Republicans let the Democrats get away with not keeping their promises about closing the borders and preventing employers from hiring illegals.

We've spent a lot of attention and emotional energy and anger focusing on a political process that was unlikely to save us. Once it's clear that we are permanently locked out of it, we can quit focusing on that and start focusing on the alternatives.

If Trump loses, or if Trump wins and turns out not to be able to turn things around within our current system (very likely), there will be a period of depression among whites and then there will be a growing anger and determination that will be constantly fueled by a growing string of outrages perpetrated against us by triumphalist Leftists and non-whites.

A harder white population with nothing left to lose is going to emerge. Fortunately, our enemies really are incompetent. Without us they are a rabble of losers and faggy pajama boys. One small bit of evidence of this is that the Special Forces are almost all white men. The others just can't hack it. We're basically going to have all of the most elite military men - all white - active and retired - on our side. That fact alone should give you some optimism.

Jim Christian said...

Life will become very hard for young men. Hillary's every speech ends with "Jobs, opportunity and social justice, ESPECIALLY FOR WOMENNNNNN!". This, in spite of the fact that women outnumber the men 3:1 in every category of the indicators of a high quality of life. Add in the endless stream of immigration of the Blacks and Browns and her madness to prove herself a "man" with her actions overseas and one can see (not imagine, all this is promised) disaster and decline. But her type will always prosper. The men will become drones for the maintenance of their comfort, feeding and wealth.

jeff nachtman said...

ann coulter said if trump loses we will be homesick ----- for the america we once loved

PB said...

"Oh great! Now I've got an image of a prehistoric fetish bar with Neanderthals and modern humans mixing it up. See what you've started? Egads!"

Its called Sydney.

Anonymous said...

There are more than you may think that are well prepared, well trained and willing. I estimate a greater than 3% turnout, but I would rather have smaller numbers that are committed to winning than large numbers that will scatter.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 12:23 pm. I fell in love with Orlando Florida back in the early 1990's . Back then the only negative was I-4 and all the billboards. Now I hear it's awful. Just like you commented, how bad has it gotten? Used to be able to walk downtown area late at night. Nice downtown and winter park was great. Another American city falls to the vibrant few.

June 19, 2016 at 12:20 PM

Sigh . . . I used to LIVE in Orlando, many moons ago. My dad worked for a big insurance company, so we got transferred around. Milwaukee (no memory of the first house), Detroit (faint memories), back to Milwaukee (K-2 grade), Chicago (2-7 grade), Orlando (7-12 grade), and then back to Chicago, some 4 days after graduation.

I lived in Orlando from 1979-1984 . . . an entirely different world. When we first moved there, the CNA Insurance Building, all 9 stories of it, absolutely dominated the Orlando skyline. Epcot Center was still being built. Church Street Station was a great nightlife destination for the grownups, and even some of the older kids could tag along with appropriate supervision. I'm not saying 16 year old kids could be served alcohol, but you could go out to dinner with your parents and take in a show at Rosie O' Grady's or Lily Marlene's.

But there has always been a dark side to Orlando. Two of my classmates' sisters were murdered by David Allan Gore, and his cousin Fred Waterfield. Angelica LaVellee and Barbara Ann Byer were hitch-hiking on May 20, 1983 when they were abducted, sexually assaulted and murdered by these shitbags. They were only 14 years old. They were the fourth and fifth victims of the so-called "Killing Cousins". Shortly after being arrested for the murder of Lynn Elliot, Gore led police to a citrus grove where some the partial remains of Barbara Byer were recovered. Angie's remains were never found. Gore was executed in 2012; Waterfield is serving two life sentences.

I went back to Orlando in 1994 for my 10 year high school reunion, and was in for an uglier shock: only a few weeks before the reunion, the murder of Michelle McGrath had taken place outside a nightclub. We weren't high school classmates, but we had gone to the same junior high school. When I look at those old yearbooks, I kind of spend a little extra time looking at their pictures.

My last time back was in 1996. I went to my friend's restaurant on South Orange Blossom Trail, a pretty damn good pizza place and Italian restaurant by the name of Rossi's. It's been there forever, but for how much longer? The OBT has ALWAYS been kind of a dangerous area, but these days, Travis Bickle would be right at home. My old neighborhood is on the edge of a war zone.

It's kind of funny . . . Ann Coulter made a remark a couple days back about how homesick we would become if Trump loses this election. I've been homesick for most of my adult life. Milwaukee ... Chicago ... Orlando ... places I've known and have had to write off. I am a refugee in the country of my birth. Are we like the Elves of Middle Earth, holding onto our unstained memories while hoping to catch the last ship to sail from the Grey Havens? Or will a leader emerge from the shadows, bearing the reforged sword to lead us in battle?

Tom S said...

I am considering defecting to Russia. Vladimir Putin is our only chance to save Western Civilization.