Monday, June 20, 2016

There Exist Simple, Practical Ways to Restore Order to America: The IMPD's Operation First Step is One of Them

America is irredeemable.

You've read that phrase here probably more times than you bargained for recently, but you need to memorize it.

Commit it to memory.
Operation First Step in Indianapolis: Unleash the police to target and arrest criminals in the black community. 

Because a simple, practical action to restore order to America's nightmarish urban areas (dangerous and violent because of the black population found there) is obvious in the following story.

Though few will dare implement this plan, because the media will quickly plaster the mugshots of those pulled off the streets in the raid and the black community will immediately complain of racism for the police having the audacity to arrest only black people (never mind they are the ones with outstanding warrants). [Massive sweep is largest in IMPD's history, Indy Star, June 20, 2016]:
More than 150 officers swept across several neighborhoods on Saturday as part of the largest tactical operation in Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department’s history. ​
Named Operation First Step, the sweep's goal was to remove some of the most violent offenders, and those with propensities for violence, from Indianapolis' streets. Officers flooded areas frequented by drug dealers, and searched for people with open warrants or parole violations, IMPD Chief Troy Riggs​ told IndyStar.
Officers also detained people who police believe may have vital information that can help detectives solve open cases.
“This is not a blanket sweep,” Riggs said. “This is about making quality arrests."

By Saturday's end, police had arrested 26 people. Officers also seized four handguns, 13 grams of heroin, 8.5 grams of cocaine and marijuana, $3,500 in cash and three cars.
They also disrupted a marijuana growing operation in the basement of an east-side home and brought down a bootlegger, seizing 92 bottles of gin, 23 bottles of vodka and 182 cans of beer.
Standing in the Regional Operations Center on the city's east side, Riggs updated an IndyStar reporter on the night's progress.
"On the street, they're already hearing we're out," Riggs said.
As officers moved in on target houses, word quickly made its way back to the ROC, as the center is called. The number of arrests, penned in blue ink on a whiteboard, is erased and re-tabulated.
And in the Department of Homeland Security Situation Room, investigators scoured the social media accounts of those arrested, looking for photos and videos that may help strengthen the cases against them.
Each warrant team, Riggs said, consisted of 15 to 20 officers. The FBI, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Drug Enforcement Administration, and other city agencies assisted IMPD during the operation. Faith leaders, too, helped to comfort those who were around to see their loved ones taken away in handcuffs.
The arrested suspects were brought back to the ROC for questioning, then moved to the Marion County Jail for processing.

Hogsett's and Riggs' plans also called for a stronger commitment to community policing, including an expansion of so-called beat cops with more focused patrol areas.
The goal, they've said, is to improve the relationship between police and members of the community, as well as forge partnerships to help fight crime.
 As in every major American city (let's face it, small city as well), the crime problem is black. Screw the community that desires community policing: everywhere in America where the black community protects black criminals via the no snitching policy, the police should treat the black community as accomplices or harboring fugitives.

This story shows how easily police could restore order to city's overwhelmed by black criminality, if only they could be unleashed and if their primary directive wasn't in improving community relations.

Police should have one job: protecting private property rights and patrolling publicly funded spaces (parks), so maintain value in residential and commercial real estate and ensure citizens will feel safe in their community.

With community policing being the primary motivating factor for the IMPD (and virtually every police department in America), the only thing the police work to protect is black criminals.

But in this story you see just how easily the police could be unleashed by a local government willing and dedicated to improving the life of law-abiding citizens: simply by targeting black criminals shielded by the black community.

The one problem of Operation First Step in Indianapolis was allowing black clergy members to comfort those left behind in the houses police had recently raided. As the Indy Star reported (this is found in picture 16 of the photos accompanying the story):
David Greene (left), with fellow pastor Wayne Moore, head toward a house after a police raid... The pastors are helping give aid to people in residences where others have been taken for questioning or arrest.
Another simple, practical way to restore order to America? Arrest all black clergy in major cities, who do more to hold these cities hostage than any villain could ever dream in the Batman universe in DC Comics.

Though no statistic is available, it's obvious every houses raided and every person arrested in Operation First Step by the IMPD was non-white. At some point soon, some black pastor or black writer in Indianapolis will make this an issue and no one will point the non-white population of Indy is responsible for almost all the crime.

And this is why America is irredeemable.  


Anonymous said...

As long as we are forced to live around orcs nothing will change! Funny how they want to live around YT. But smart YT wants nowhere near them. Here is a perfect example of why that is!!

Anonymous said...

Those cocaine & heroin numbers are a good weekend for a junkie, not the major weight that will affect any drug cartel. In the book "Killing Pablo" they talk about how the FBI would make a bust of 2 tons of cocaine, and parade it around the news media like they were making a difference, meanwhile Pablo Escobar was bringing in around 600 tons of cocaine a month to the States. The 2 tons that they "lost" was used to bolster the drug agencies numbers and take the heat off of the real operation.

davecydell said...

Imagine if in the 1920s, 1930s, their was a National Association for the Advancement of Italian People, with a compliant media. The Mafia would still rule. Maybe even from the White House.

Bird of Paradise said...

Its time for them to be doing something about violent drug gangs instead of revoking our 2nd AMENDMENT rights No More Crips and Bloods

Anonymous said...

I read that ShitCongo had another shoot em up weekend. Not covered by the communist propaganda media.

The 21st Century scapegoats are White Christians. Ovomit started the brainwashing propaganda his dirt day in his fraudulent position.

I read that the Soros funded Black communist racist thug anti American commie groups will be causing civil unrest of epic proportions if Trump us elected. Of course it is orchestrated by Ovomit and Beeotch Lynch and well organized. Soros has already made his move to crash our economy also.

If these billionaires would do goid with their money instead of evil they would have more influence and power than they could ever hope for. They are truly demented.

Lock and load, get supplies.

Anonymous said...

...brought down a bootlegger, seizing 92 bottles of gin, 23 bottles of vodka and 182 cans of beer.

I sure feel safer knowing their are 182 fewer cans of beer on the streets of Indianapolis!

Anonymous said...

We live in a society in which the black US Attorney General recently redacted references to Islam as the self-described motive a Muslim made on 911 calls for his motives in killing 49 people at a gay club.

This follows 30 years of a media "black-out" on the race of black criminals, lest folks get the "wrong idea."

The Internet has stopped some of this. But much of the damage has already been done. I know several people - myself included - who have been mugged and injured by negroes. I know no one personally who has been beaten and robbed by a white man. You may not either.

Perhaps the cognitive dissonance that leads people to believe that this is not the norm may take hold, but it may be too late.

Anonymous said...

On a related thought, I am the long time poster K-Patriot. K stands for Korea wherein I am in exile.

I am not against section 8 housing. I am against what section 8 housing does to blacks living in a culture that celebrates vulgarity.

My home, here in Seoul, is surrounded by many Section 8 style, government - subsidized, apartment buildings. Many of them. And, we don't have a peep of problem, neither crime nor vulgarity, stemming from these subsidized residents-in-poverty.

Of course, it is an open question of how much solid 1950s style culture could curb black malfeasance. But, I am betting quite a bit. My larger point, however, is it is not the Section 8 / subsidized housing itself that is the problem. It has no such poor outcomes here in Korea.

That's my two cents for the day.


D-FENS said...

Black clergy = tribal witch doctor.

Anonymous said...

Yes! I have said this for ages. Cordon off the high crime areas (orc and mud spawning grounds) and do house to house searches.

Maybe they need an excuse? Like someone calls in Islamic terror hideout info and it happens to be in n*gger areas. Then Feds have to go in and search and voila, they find n*gger criminals while they there and arrest them.

Out for the orcs? No, the Musloids. But the orcs get swept up as by catch like in trawler net fishing.

Go cops! Go Trump!!

Bill in St Louis said...

Black religious leaders were on hand to comfort. ... :translation- were on hand to fuck de'vontes mamma and grandma, while telling them how they can sue for "racism". Fucking parasites. The only problem here is the cops weren't allowed to thin the herd. Now we have to pay for attorneys, feed them, shelter them, etc.

Eddie in St. Louis said...

I'm sure the PoPo could throw in a few Coalburner arrests for some YT criminal photo ops, just to say they're not picking on the Blacks only. Nomesayin?

Paintjob Theory said...

The most troubling thing about this that I see (and the trend in recent years) is that the local police has been neutered so that all the federal alphabet soup agencies need to ride in on their proverbial white horse to the rescue. What it is, is just a nod and a wink between federal and city agencies. We know the blacks are the problem, but if you move to apprehend them without putting us in the spotlight we will crush you with investigations and frivolous lawsuits.

The trend is always towards more central control and a larger central government to "fix" the things that we are being conditioned to believe cities cannot fix by themselves.

Though have no fear. Rounding up a couple dozen negroes will make no difference in the grand scheme of Indy crime. Like cockroaches, rats, or any other vermin, for the 1 you see there's 20 more slinking around in the dark and they're breeding like locusts.

"The goal, they've said, is to improve the relationship between police and members of the community, as well as forge partnerships to help fight crime."

For police and "the community" (black Africans) to get along, either the police will have to start ignoring black criminality or blacks will somehow have to cease being congenital criminals. These things will likely happen shortly after pigs sprout wings and start flying around outside my window.

The ONLY way to restore civilization and the rule of law in our cities is to remove the black Africans entirely. We all know it. The majority of them are criminals or their accomplices, the lot of them are social parasites, taking far more than they are capable of giving every day. All these round up a few criminal weeks are just marketing for federal agencies and ways to put on a show for the mob. In truth the police are the thin blue line protecting black dysfunction, crime, and degeneracy from YTs righteous retribution.

Anonymous said...

It's a foregone conclusion that blacks will flip out and scream racism over the raids and arrests. Reminds me of the story on SBPDL where a Chattanooga Tn newspaper printed a full page of photo's of the most dangerous/most wanted criminals in the city who'd been arrested and that's precisely how the negroes reacted since the criminals were all black.

As is, blacks only want police involvement when a black criminal does something to them and they're holding a grudge and want revenge. If Tyrone is out in other communities robbing, raping, looting or engaging in other criminal activities that don't affect them personally, they couldn't care less and will protect him from the po-po. After all, Tyrone is just expressing tribal African culture and conducting a raid on an enemy tribe and bringing home da spoils to da village. He a good boy. He helpin' his momma. Ain't nobody going to help enemy agents from the other tribe who come into the village lookin' for Tyrone- ain't nobody seen nothin', don't nobody know nuthin'! Ain't nobody gonna snitch!

How many times have we heard black cops condemned as race traitors and "servant of da man" when they arrest Tyrone for something he did especially outside the community? Black cops are only supposed to do something to Tyrone if it fits the revenge model- otherwise, it's supposed to be hands off. You black! Why you helpin' da enemy?

Only the so called talented tenth among negroes DON'T think this way and that's why they move as far away from their own as they can and try to live in white communities. The problem is that they drag the problems with them through their friends, relatives and associates from the hood and their children do the same. The talented tenth don't cut themselves off and only associate with each other and thus become a problem for white communities since they serve as "blockbusters" that eventually drag the undertow with them. Worse yet, even knowing the score and what their friends, relatives and associates will eventually do to the neighborhood, they'll still defend them and advocate for them due to racial loyalty. The talented tenth are an infection of the body as well- they're just the first cells to appear and are harbingers of far worse things to come.

Have we ever seen the talented tenth move to an area, cut themselves off from the dysfunctions of their race and create a first world negro community? HA! Has never happened and never will!

Fatigued in Minneapolis said...

re: June 20, 2016 at 1:30 PM; yesterday's analogy of motor oil and maple syrup was brilliant.. and really worth reading/contemplating if you missed it..

Anonymous said...

Round em up, lock em up, ship em back.

And this White woman needs to destroy the TV station with her suit. How can we support her?

Anonymous said...

"13 grams of heroin, 8.5 grams of cocaine"? Hardly a major haul.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile in Russia:

Anonymous said...

She dindu nuffins:

former liberal said...

The only thing blacks understand and respect is force. I would love to see a suspension of civil rights for nog infested areas until they are cleaned up. Unleash the government agencies and the police and let them confiscate all of the illegal drugs and guns they can. It's way past time for excuse making from blacks and their enablers. Unfortunately, too many city governments are totally wussified

Daremo [だれも] said...

I read about these creatures making asses of themselves and I just keep thinking the same damn things over and over: Don't like the stereotype? Don't be the stereotype! Can't do the time? Don't do the crime!

I'm sorry… I apologize… I was using thought instead of belief or emotion… My white privilege got the best of me there for a moment… You know, that ol' white privilege stuff, otherwise known as thinking and civilization…

.....and as one of my realist coworkers used to say when the first customers started arriving "And a most excellent babooning shall be enjoyed by all! Let the babooning begin!"

Anonymous said...

It is irredeemable and the sooner everyone realizes it the better off they will be.
Enjoy the collapse and descent into a balkanized third world joke laughingstock.
Remember the comrades in demockracy voted for it all and deserve everything that is coming.
Forward! The Great Leap Forward.

Constitutionalist56 said...

Black "Clergy" is only an excuse to break tax laws and get an illegal and unwarranted tax deduction. They are all criminals from the get-go. We have the same scum here in Buffalo, NY helping to ruin section 8 housing by infiltrating and infecting the BMHA (Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority).

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

As White America sits on its collective ass and watches everything our forefathers built be destroyed by negroes and an increasing tsunami of Third World Muslims, the foundations of democracy are crumbling. Witness Attorney General Lynch the other day, saying she would only release redacted versions of the recent Muslim terrorists rants at the Orlando club the other day. Then, suddenly, without explanation, she changed her tune. Why?

Where are the voices of White America? Why is it only here that people can say what they actually see occurring in this once great nation? Why do we as a White race allow these criminals to destroy our country and turn into a Banana Republic?

I´m really getting sick of the ¨Well, there are White criminals, too, ya know!¨ spewings.

Yes, a**hole, there ARE White criminals. And I and most all of you I reckon would be the first ones to say, ¨Put those bastards behind bars! NOW!¨ But the world has never seen the likes of what is being done to Europe and America, once bastions of high culture and white civilization. I hope I live to see the day when the criminals running this enterprise are hanging from trees from sturdy ropes....oh, and they are not black, either. Nor are they what we traditionally think of in terms of ¨white¨.

This is a peak into what is going on in CHitcongo. Read and weep....rant over.

Pat Boyle said...

The famous Pruitt-Igoe housing project failed in the 1970's. It was literally blown up. What is the lesson we should have drawn from that event? I would argue it's that black people are different and cannot be treated like people of other races. Unfortunately the majority of white liberals drew a completely different lesson.

The great names in urban architecture in the mid century were Walter Gropius and Le Corbusier. Gropius founded the Bauhaus school of architecture and Le Corbusier was the visionary who was responsible for the basic look of all modern city architecture. In America we also had the 'City Beautiful' movement. These three movements define how modern cities everywhere looked.

So when American planners decided to eliminate the black slums of St. Louis in the mid fifties thy followed their models. Originally Pruitt-Igoe was supposed to be two separate developments - one for the white poor (Pruitt) and another for the blacks (Igoe). But Brown vs, The Board of Education was being decided and the city fathers were afraid that all types of racial segregation would be outlawed. So they integrated the races. The whites fled and all the public housing became all black.

Berlin had been bombed to the ground. It was rebuilt with high rise apartments along the lines of Gropius and Le Corbusier. It was very successful. It was part of the 'economic miracle' of West Germany. To this day those tall apartment buildings thrive. You can look them up on the web. Apartments in Berlin and Munich are fully occupied and considered desirable housing.

But here in America we tried to put blacks in similar buildings and got a disaster. In San Francisco the similar 'Pink Palace' (a black only public housing project) also had to be demolished.

The lesson we should have drawn was that the African subspecies couldn't live like other human races. They could not be given the best housing available as the Europeans were. They needed more.

We should have seen it coming. We knew from public welfare experience that blacks dwelt in squalor on the same size grant that the white poor managed nicely. A white family did well on AFDC and food stamps while blacks on the same public resources could seldom manage. Blacks being less intelligent were inherently more needy.

Now in a vain attempt to make blacks equal to whites we have subsidized Section 8 housing. We have chosen to let blacks invade good white neighborhoods in the vain hope that when bad behaving blacks are transferred to good neighborhoods they will somehow become model citizens.

It's time to admit we have been wrong and reverse our approach. We need to separate blacks from other groups. We need walled enclaves of blacks. The buildings should be solid and sturdy. The model should be prison architecture not domestic. It's time we recognize what we should have learned by now. Blacks need to be separated.

Trump's wall on the southern border is a good start but we need walls internally too. We need to wall off the Africans.


Gwoobus Harmon said...

We really do live in an Orwellian world where "double speak" and "double think" are encouraged. One of the main techniques is to conceal trends and identities lest the public begin noticing broad patterns and begin to support common sense solutions. Prior generations did not have this problem, then again they did not have the electronic rabbi raising their children either.

This Orwellian practice was super apparent with the recent Orlando 911 call transcript, when Lynch/Obama decided to omit words such as Islam, Allah, and ISIS. This allows the disingenuous left to pretend that the motives of the shooter were just generic "hate" and "guns" --- rather than obviously Islamic Extremism. It also would vindicate Trump to have those words out in public. Mateen did not have a nuanced position, he made it quite clear what he believed and why. It is only the media spin cycle and president's PR (after the event) that would paint it any other way. They do not want the public to associate Islam and violence, and will therefore jump through any hoop when one of them does something murderous.

The same is done daily in every news agency in the US to minimize the public linking blacks to violent crimes. The only way that people can hold such DWL type views is to have information concealed, combined with social taboos that make its mention verboten. They have effectively banished the truth to the internet - yet that is where people go for news and networking, hence the mass awakening.

Solving these problems really isn't that tricky - it is mustering the collective will to do it.

Anonymous said...

Stuck in Mississippi says...

Haven't posted in awhile but have been reading everyday, thank you to PK for continuing this mission and to everyone who comments for helping to keep me sane while I work on getting out of here.

This is off topic but I just wanted to give one example of how our life changed upon our move to the Memphis region. We never eat out, ever. I am posting two links of situations at two different IHOP locations.

What really annoys me about the white people here is that they think because they live in Collierville, Germantown, Olive Branch or Southaven that they are safe from the crime of Memphis. All of those places are just a few minutes away from hell (Memphis), but people act like they are on another planet. I hear, "Well I lived in Memphis and it was terrible but now I am in Collierville and it's so great." Why? What's so great? Take a look around you in Collierville, who is working the checkouts, who is behind the counter at the fast food place, who runs the register at the grocery store? These people are so stupid, they are one dirty look, one perceived disrespect, one I feel I need a gibsme moment away from a chimpout and they are too blind to see it.

So here is what life in the south has to offer, on the second link, watch the video at the bottom of the story:

Thank you for listening...

Anonymous said...

182 cans of beer is a good start for the police picnic this year.

rex freeway said...

Stop and frisk is one of the best practices a police dept. could use in stopping crime and eliminating violent criminals. Somehow the police have to get the community to believe it is for their benefit. One of the biggest problems is White liberals. They hate stop and frisk. Because it works. Between them and Negroes they have taken over city councils, State Representatives. The House and the Senate. The White house. They all need to be removed before anything can change. You will never get Negroes to turn other Negroes in unless it is a large amount of money.

Anonymous said...

You hit the nail dead on the head.
Any black that acts civilized isn't a real Biggs. He's an uncle Tom!
I've seen it with my own eyes!

Paintjob Theory said...

" "13 grams of heroin, 8.5 grams of cocaine"? Hardly a major haul. "

When we have such milestones of black criminal enterprise as murdering a pizza delivery boy for a large pepperoni, a 2 liter of Coke, and change for a 20, a few grams of dope is pretty much the big leagues of negro ciminal planning and organization. They don't set the bar terribly high for anything, even crime.

"Lynch the other day, saying she would only release redacted versions of the recent Muslim terrorists rants at the Orlando club the other day. Then, suddenly, without explanation, she changed her tune. Why? "

I can tell you this, in politics NOTHING happens by mistake. Ditto what the mass media chooses worthy of coverage. It is improbable that any of these bootlips in Washington DC wield any real power and that they are only the latest monkeys dancing on the end of a string to the tune of the same old organ grinders. These tools do what they are told or they are killed or crucified in the press or courts (the string pullers have a lot of dirt on anybody in a position of power... that makes them much easier to keep under control).

If the policitcos in DC are doing something and the press is shouting it from the rooftops you can best believe it is carefully staged propaganda, very probably designed to create whatever emotionally loaded reaction you are feeling now. Read The Protocols and Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars to get a picture of how societies can be manipulated by the very few.

Let me make this crystal clear. EVERYTHING you see on your TV or major media (and most of the "alternative media") is carefully crafted agitprop. Trust none of it and always be on the lookout for hidden motives behind even telling you things that you can verify are true.

We know this is true deep down, we feel something is wrong, but not one in 1000 people can ever put their finger on what it is. There is a group who is at war with us, they want us dead or enslaved and they want to destroy our culture and our nations. When you realize there is an undeclared war against you and most of the people you have been told to trust are enemy agents it will shatter your worldview, then you will find your resolve to fight, or at least survive.

Anonymous said...

"blacks living in a culture that celebrates vulgarity...."

Isn't that the truth. Twenty years ago, saying "mother fucker" in a restaurant would get you ejected, if not arrested. Now, objecting to such a breach of civility would be a micro-aggression against POC.

You can't go into a neighborhood bar without hearing orcs and/or wiggers yelling it while simultaneously playing rap on the Internet juke box.

Speaking of Internet juke boxes: I was in my bar and a nog came in and loaded up to the box with,Kanye, Ceelo and the rest of the igmo clan. He then settled into his chair, ordered a grape juice and gin, anticipating 30 minutes of irritating whitey.

I discovered that by using my IPHONE to connect to the box, I could get my songs played first by paying an extra quarter per song. It would just push his stuff to the end of the queue.

The first song I selected, was "The Pennsylvania Polka" AKA the song from the movie Ground Hog Day."

Everybody in the bar started laughing and singing along. That was followed up with Gene Autry's "Don't Fence Me In". Next we had some Mel Torme and Kate Smith finished up with "God Bless America."

The beauty of an Internet jukebox is that if a song exists, no matter how obscure, it can probably play it.

The nog's head was spinning around like a dradle at a Hanukkah party, trying to figure out who do dat.

Best $10 I ever spent.

Anonymous said...

Funny how Obama doesn't make a speech every Monday morning about the 49 people shot over the weekend in Chicago.

He could call for martial law and ask the governor to post troops on street corners.

I guess Black Lives (Don't) Matter unless it's Dylan Roof taking them.

Anonymous said...

fired for Whiteness
I learned a new one---'White savior Complex'--thats odd, considering blacks get $aved,

Anonymous said...

I never understood why the simple act of recognizing that the black ghetto underclass is composed of low-IQ, violent scumbags is taken as an affront by ALL negroes.

If I see some bare-foot white-trash asshole in a welder's cap and a wife-beater tee shirt being arrested for taking a piss in front of a grocery store, I don't give a damn.

Why does a middle-class negro with an affirmative action job at the post office care about the black scumbag who will probably rob him or shit on his lawn too?

Anonymous said...

"At some point soon, some black pastor or black writer in Indianapolis will make this an issue and no one will point the non-white population of Indy is responsible for almost all the crime.

And this is why America is irredeemable."

It's not true that no one will point out racial differences. I've spent my whole adult life doing it. You've been doing it for years yourself. It's just that we're not believed. The truth about race isn't being concealed by a clever conspiracy. Most whites just don't want to hear it; they refuse. You can't tell somebody who doesn't want to know. In America, to be a racist (i.e., to believe race describes intractable biological differences) is considered the embodiment of evil; the worst thing you can be. Even the Orlando shooter wanted to avoid being seen as a racist.

When the truth is everywhere in disgrace, only liars will prosper. A society built on lies can't endure; it must fall. That's the phase we've entered now, and that's why America is irredeemable.

Anonymous said...

I am not against section 8 housing. I am against what section 8 housing does to blacks living in a culture that celebrates vulgarity.

There is a point here. Things like Section 8 housing might work in an all-white country. Poor whites could be brought into the middle class because they would assimilate and behave civilly. But you let blacks into the suburb, and they bring the 'hood with them.

It goes back to the bigger issue: having large numbers of blacks distorts and subverts every public policy. Housing, education, law enforcement, news reporting--all must play second fiddle to a mostly dysfunctional demographic of Africans-in-America.

Overall, you can not have social welfare programs because that black demographic will exploit them to trash the rest of the country. Which means that white people who need a hand-up from the government are going to be left in the cold.

One more reason that blacks must be separate territorially and politically from whites.

Oil 'n Water said...

A quote I read just today, from Scottish writer William Drummond:

"He, who will not reason, is a bigot; he, who cannot, is a fool; and he, who dares not, is a slave."

Written over 350 years ago. The timelessness of truth.

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Thank you, Stuck in Mississippi, for providing this link. I'am forwarding it to realist friends. With your permission, of course. (oh hell, not like Iḿ not gonna do it anyway!) I entitle it, Sunday Brunch at Ihop.

Unknown said...

Its time for them to be doing something about violent drug gangs instead of revoking our 2nd AMENDMENT rights No More Crips and Bloods

Yes, why hasn't the FBI busted up the bloods and crips and other vibrant gangs under the RICO statutes as they did with La Cosa Nostra? At least with the Italia mafia, they generally kept their streets free of violent crime against civilians.

Anonymous said...

Trump's wall on the southern border is a good start but we need walls internally too. We need to wall off the Africans.


Realist not racist said...

See how fast the police & FBI jump. Into action when unrestrained. Now just imagine how fast they will jump when it comes to taking guns away from legal non violent whites.
If you don't own a gun you need to.
Also vote out any politician that wants to strip away your 2nd amendment rights or any rights for that matter.
As for the spooks in the story. arrest every single black criminal and throw away the key and nothing will change in the black community.

Anonymous said...

Pat said:
"Trump's wall on the southern border is a good start but we need walls internally too. We need to wall off the Africans."

As has been stated here before:
If you surround them with walls, they'll want out.
If you surround yourself with walls, they'll want in.

They know they can't survive without YT, "freed" slaves following Sherman's Army around begging them for food was the beginning. Sherman knew then he had fucked up.

PB said...

"Yes, why hasn't the FBI busted up the bloods and crips and other vibrant gangs under the RICO statutes as they did with La Cosa Nostra? At least with the Italia mafia, they generally kept their streets free of violent crime against civilians."

Could it be that this problem has been allowed to spiral out of control to the point where it requires a para-military solution?

PB said...

"The Mafia would still rule. Maybe even from the White House."

Maybe not the Mafia, but you do have AIPAC.

Brian in Ohio said...

D-FENS said...

Black clergy = tribal witch doctor.

June 21, 2016 at 3:08 AM

Spot on. Calling down the magic juju from the sky.

Hustlers and tax cheats, every one.

Stay alert, stay alive.

D-FENS said...

And I'll bet it was cheap, shitty, horse-piss beer.

Enough is ENOUGH !! said...

O/T: Chicongo in the news. Here's the link, but no comment section so no need for the hits on their site. I'll sum it up below...


There are more talking points in this story than ever, in which ALL have been covered by this site's best commenters time and time again.

-ALL the names in the story are horrendous and describe only one group of beings...

-Aishia Dawson is battening down. The 34-year-old hair stylist. (Running business out of her suction ape residents, completely tax free, of course no mention of that!)

-34 year old Aishiawhateverthefuck, had 4 keeds. An 8th grade daugher named Ja'nell, an older daughter named Autumn and as for 11-year-old Lahmeir, "he'll just be in the house, up here with us. Period," she said.

-It's too late for Dawson's 18-year-old son, Deionte Harris. He was shot to death in September a few blocks away when someone opened fire on a group he was talking with. (gun violence gone wrong!)

Shaquisha Gibson-Posey pulls out a grisly cellphone photo of her murdered brother whenever her 15-year-old son complains of being cooped up in the house. This is why you can't go out in the neighborhood this summer, she tells him.

Treshaun Carr takes special precautions when he walks down the street, walking only on the driver's side of parked cars so it's less likely someone can jump out and shoot him.

Miyoshi Bates was sad but relieved when her son decided not to come home from his out-of-state college when classes ended last month.

Summer is arriving in Chicago, and those who live in the city's most violent neighborhoods are bracing for what comes with it: a better chance of getting killed.

The city's 294 homicides so far this year already are more than New York's and Los Angeles' number combined. Oft-mentioned reasons include high tensions among local gangs, whose membership numbers in the tens of thousands, and suspicions that police may have backed off after several highly publicized shootings by officers.

"We have to do what we can to keep as many kids off the streets for as long as we can," said the pastor, the Rev. Corey Brooks.

Once again in this scripted story, only one mention was made about "gangs" but no mention of race in any of it. But, if we take a look at the wiki stats of the names of the cities they list, the percentage of the majority speaks for itself.

The streets of North Lawndale, West Garfield Park, Englewood and several other neighborhoods become an especially target-rich environment for those with scores to settle, drug territories to protect or frustrations to vent.

Here's the stats on just one of them cities. Make no mistake, the rest of the cities listed follow a very similar pattern... 91%+

North Lawndale: Area
• Total 3.20 sq mi (8.29 km2)
Population (2010)
• Total 35,912
• Density 11,000/sq mi (4,300/km2)
Demographics 2010[1]
• White 1.37%
• Black 91.43%
• Hispanic 5.97%
• Asian 0.21%
• Other 1.02%
Median household income: $25,797

My God! Chicongo, leading the pack of cities taken over by hordes of savage primates! I think it's safe to say we can give the city of Chicongo the MICA award !!
(Most Irredeemable City in America)

Talk about living in a real life war zone. The majority are ALL domestic terrorists, males and females alike. Absolutely disgusting !!

Enough is ENOUGH !! said...


Also worth noting:

North Lawndale population stats:

Historical population
Census Pop. %±
1930 112,261 —
1940 102,470 −8.7%
1950 100,489 −1.9%
1960 124,937 24.3%
1970 94,871 −24.1%
1980 61,534 −35.1%
1990 47,296 −23.1%
2000 41,768 −11.7%
2010 35,912 −14.0%
Who all moved in in the 60's? Who all left in the 80's?

And lastly, who's moving out in the 2000's to the present?

The same parasites that moved in in the 60's, now following the folks that moved in the 80's.

The negro is the biggest disease in America. It's not only terminal, but spreading like a wildfire out of control. The gub'ment is the accelerant. YOU are the target, YT!

I've reached the highest level of utter disgust I can harbor towards these savages. There is NOTHING in this world that can change my mind about it. It is what it is, and I'm going to continue to live who I am. These monsters NEED TO GO TODAY !!!

Anonymous said...

Seems like the Bloods are winning out against the Crips.

The Man said...

Wouldn't that still be better than what we have in Obama and might have in Hillary?

NJ Woman said...

And, of course, the big, hulking negro slob criminal welfare-leech with slimy dreads, dirty wifebeater, nasty tattoos, drooping pants and ridiculous footwear can't be bothered to MOW THE LAWN or TRIM THE BUSHES. How they disgust me. And I still feel guilty for feeling this way. Yet angry at the same time for feeling guilty. But I believe I confuse guilt with sadness.

If only this IMPD initiative could continue - and replicate. It is so simple and sane and obviously right.

Anonymous said...

Always carry and never back down. It emboldens the criminal to face a frightened victim. But they will mess themselves if their intended victim produces a weapon and properly displays it in the direction of their face.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has ever lived in or near a majority black community will tell you there is no justice for the non-black. They elect the most corrupt leaders to fleece the city and then can't understand why there are no jobs, no businesses, no revenue and not white people to clean it all up.

Racoon said...

@ PaintJob theory:

You said: "In truth the police are the thin blue line protecting black dysfunction, crime, and degeneracy from YTs righteous retribution."

That is so correct! Well done!

Anonymous said...


"Best $10 I ever spent."

Cool As F***!

Jan Sobieski

Anonymous said...

Lol, you made my day!!!

Anonymous said...

This is more than just a mere graduation ceremony. (Which if these people are having one for kindergarten, says a lot about how low their sights and standards are set) This is also an introduction to the rest of their lives. They get to learn what their culture is like. I suppose that's one of the more important lessons they are going to learn in their youth.

riptapart said...

What is completely surprising about that video is the day has arrived for me in which it ISN'T surprising. Absolutely no incident of violence and chaos surprises me no matter the time or place. Funerals, "Stop Da Bihlence" marches/rallies, weddings, kindergarten graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, vigils. Orcs are orcs. The setting means nothing.

Anonymous said...


AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said

When the truth is everywhere in disgrace, only liars will prosper. A society built on lies can't endure; it must fall. That's the phase we've entered now, and that's why America is irredeemable.

June 21, 2016 at 12:34 PM

Nicely said.

Every once in a while an anonymous poster comes out with one of these gems, but I can't tell if we have one or more anonymous stars. I suspect one or two posters are responsible for most of them. I wish he (or they) would get a handle.