Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The wind of change/ Blows straight into the face of time/ Like a stormwind that will ring the freedom bell

Remember those commercials for Domino Rally? You set up the game board of domino's and then push just one down setting in motion a chain of events culminating in all the domino's falling down.

Well, the domino board is set in America.

Only time will tell which seemingly isolated event is the catalyst...[Man shot and killed by Belleville police officers was Revolutionary Black Panther Party official, St Louis Post-Dispatch, June 28, 2016]:

A man who was shot and killed by Belleville police last week after officers say he fired at them was a member of the National Revolutionary Black Panther Party, organization officials said.
A St. Louis-area resident, Angelo Brown was also a national officer within the organization, and was the leader for the party in St. Louis. Members from across the country are planning a protest over the shooting, but haven’t set a date.
Brown, 35, was killed Thursday in an exchange of gunfire with police outside of an apartment complex, police said.
Belleville police were called to the first block of West Pheasantwood Drive for a disturbance before 10 p.m. When police arrived, Brown ran around the building with a gun, then fired at officers who chased him, police say. Two officers fired back at Brown, killing him, police say.
Dr. Alli Muhammad, founder of the Revolutionary Black Panther Party, said Brown — identified by the party under the name General Minister Houdari Juelani — was a U.S. Army veteran, a father of 13 children and a hard worker, but not a criminal.
Muhammad describes Brown as mild-mannered, saying he “had enough sense not to be shooting at police officers.”
Muhammad said he and 15 to 20 other national representatives from the Revolutionary Black Panther Party are coming to St. Louis for Brown’s funeral Friday, and that he will host a press conference after the event to discuss concerns the party and Brown’s family have about his death.
Family members of Brown could not be reached. An ex-wife told the Post-Dispatch last week that she hadn’t talked to Brown in years, but said shooting a gun at officers would have been out of character when she knew him.
According to Muhammad, Brown said before his death that police in St. Louis and Belleville were “harassing” him, ripping up flyers that he posted and threatening him.
“We really believe that this is politically motivated,” Muhammad said about Brown’s death. “We honestly see this as the first time since the 1960s or 70s that a Black Panther leader was killed by police.”
Belleville Master Sgt. Mark Heffernan said Tuesday that Belleville police “did not have any contact with Brown prior to this incident.”
Muhammad said Revolutionary Black Panther members will return to St. Louis for an upcoming weekend for demonstrations in Brown’s honor. The group doesn’t have an exact date for the protest yet.
“We also plan on pursuing every avenue that we can criminally with the U.S. Department of Justice,” Muhammad said. He said they’re also looking into what civil legal matters can be taken on behalf of Brown’s family.
Brown joined the Revolutionary Black Panther Party a year ago. In addition to being a St. Louis leader, he was also the “national minister of defense,” meaning he kept tabs on any persons or groups “threatening the party,” Muhammad explained.
Sgt. Matt Weller with the Illinois State Police said the investigation into the fatal shooting is ongoing. Once it’s finished, police will confer with the state’s attorney about the case, he said.
 The board is set. The pieces are in place. 

What event will it be ultimately producing the momentum to knock down all the domino's? 

Odds are it will be one like this.


Detroit Refugee said...

Chalk one up for the good guys!!

Anonymous said...

I had a paranoid grandmother. The family often said: "She makes up lies and then believes them."

These negroes don't just lie; they actually belive their lies.

Guess why? The unbelievable becomes believable because of "racism."

To them, it's perfectly reasonable that ordinary Whites will risk their lives, careers and treasure to murder negroes they don't know or care about.

These whites do this with the full knowledge that Federal, state, county and city law enforcement will come down on them with every pair of Chinese-made jack boots they can purchase.

I'd like this case to be reviewed by the US Supreme Court, with the following majority opinion: "What you talkin' 'bout, Willis?"

Bird of Paradise said...

These domestic terrorists and Obama and the news media and demacrats too busy attacking the Tea Party and ignoring the Black Panther terrorists

Anonymous said...

I've been told that the first step in recovery is admitting that there is a problem. They refuse to admit that there is a problem, therefore there can be no recovery. Let's see if the black panthers are motivated enough to declare war. I get the feeling they are just like the rest, all talk, very little action.

John Ross said...

35 years old and 13 children! His widow must be exhausted!

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Truth is: What an idiot. 35 years old, and sperm donor of 13 children? He's been in the Revolutionary Black Panthers for one year, and he's already a General? And he's got an impressive made up name, in the tradition of the African big man. Plus a two year degree in criminal justice from ITT Technical Institute. Wow!

Obviously has under developed frontal lobes controlling impulse control, and we're supposed to believe he doesn't drink, or take drugs? Or take shots at police he obviously has a burning hatred for in his comments? Snort of derision!

Don't know who the asshat commenting saying don't you ever disrepect my brother in all capitol letters is, but for sure I'll never start respecting him, or you either. The guy's got ears like Obama, another one of his sons. That is, if he was capable of sireing children. The main reason I'm not buying the narrative that Obama is heterosexual, is the fact that he doesn't have thirteen children. At his age he should have at least 10 grandchildren, if he were a normal negro.

So, a black male has never lied about drinking, or doping, or waving a gun around? And it's normal to drive at a high rate of speed in the parking lot of your baby mama's apartment, with music so loud it bothers the residents? OK, I know it's normal for blacks. Is this waste of oxygen a relative of Michael Brown by any chance?

Anonymous said...

B.r.a./ b.p.member killed. Cupcakes!!!

Anonymous said...

Lowlife negro had 13 niglets, no doubt all on the taxpayer dime.
Prime example of Barney Fifes line, "nip it in the bud." Government caused all this chaos.

Hammerdrill said...

In the organization for a year and reached General already. You can't make this up.

Paintjob Theory said...

“national minister of defense,” "Dr. Alli Muhammad", " General Minister Houdari Juelani"

I always chuckle when nogs appoint themselves titles that they think sound fancy or impressive "looks at muh".

Reminiscent of Yahya Jammeh “His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr. Yahya Abdul-Azziz Jemus Junkung Jammeh Naasiru Deen”, or Mobutu Sese Seko "the all-powerful warrior who, because of his endurance and will to win, will go from contest to contest leaving fire in his wake.“. From Liberia to Haiti, London to Detroit, Stockholm to Brazil, they are all the same.

Bets on whether the shines in the story have created uniforms for to go with their self-appointed titles and covered them with medals and ribbons?

Stone age savages frozen in time and thawed out in the modern world. Hilarity ensues as their primitive minds create a cargo cult to attempt to mimic the rituals which they associate with the inconceivable wonders and successes of civilization. No, this isn't a new Rob Reiner movie, it's the tragi-comedy being played out every day in once peaceful and prosperous nations built by white Europeans.

Anonymous said...

General Minister? lol. I wonder if (in true African fashion) he had a uniform/costume and a chest full of unearned medals to go along with the inflated title? And it's an absolute certainty he wasn't financially supporting his 13 "chilluns." No doubt the brood sows and offspring are being supported by the taxpayer.

Just more typical negro narcissism and irresponsibility on display along with the subsequent bleats of "he didn't do nuffin!"

Someone on another thread had the hilarious idea of Negro Bingo with all the typical excuses/phrases used by negroes on the cards instead of numbers. This article would have lit the boards up and half the crowd would have been screaming NigBingo!

Anonymous said...

The world was better when negros were in africa, muslims were herding and humping goats in the desert, queens stayed in the closet and Mexicans stayed in Mexico! Yes pk, America is iredeemable!
Ohio born

Eddie in St. Louis said...

Belleville Illinois used to be a town like the fictional Mayfield in Leave it to Beaver, very serene, very Catholic and a great place to live, but it has one big flaw. The flaw is being right up the hill from East St. Louis. The Vibrants with the help and blessing from Uncle Cracker are making a big move into Belleville with the same predictable results. Taking a nice town and reverting it to a fuxxated African Hell Hole like East St. Louis and it's rinse and repeat wherever they roost. R.I.P. White Belleville, I'm sure you left some good memories for former Whites who lived there. Nomesayin?

Valkyrie said...

Why do I get the feeling this was orchestrated to cause a major chimpout?

Brian in Ohio said...

Been with the group a year, and already a national officer!? Sounds like they run a tight ship. He was thoroughly vetted, I`m sure... Black- check, criminal record- check, hate whitey- check. You can read AND write?! Sheeiiiit, we put you in charge, son!

And the ridiculous titles they give themselves, "National Minister of Defense" and "General Minister", remind me of Idi Amin and all the silly ass titles and ranks he would give himself. King of Scotland was a good one. lol

Truly mental children.

Stay alert, stay alive.

D-FENS said...

THIRTEEN chirren?

Guamanian Pie said...

Oh yeah, it's always "politically minded" or "racism." Couldn't possibly be because the thug was shooting at police, now, could it? So SICK of them.

Anonymous said...

There will be much ooking, eeking, and gnashing of teeth to follow. Ah salami and bacon, my brother.

Anonymous said...

yeah...13 children. this dude was too busy being a father
to get into trouble like this. Oh....wait. that's right.
I see they don't list his occupation? is welfare exploiter
a valid job?. Typical. He din du nuffins the poleece be rayciss
and he was turning his life around.

Michael Isbell said...

I watched Angelo Brown's little video, "Black power equals unity, white power equals white supremacy"— The real truth is black power equals failure and chaos, white power equals law and order, and from that, peace and prosperity. Black people, especially in Amerika, will always scapegoat white people for their own failures and celebrate marginal accomplishments like they are of some great importance to the world.

Joshrandall said...

13 chilluns?!? This guy surely knew a thing or two bout letting the bullets fly! Good riddance.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Communism at work

This has Boko Haram Hussein Ovomit written all over it : behind the lies spewed by the thug Black panthers;that police harassed the deadvthug, and lying about the dead thug not capable of shooting "anyone" because he was soooooo sweet.

Wait, Commie Lyin Lynch will get involved, with Not So Sharpton and azz hole Jackson. Sharpton and Jackson need to make some more money as they have taxes to avoid and illegitimate spawns to support.

Anonymous said...

Angelo Brown a/k/a General Minister Houdari Juelani exemplifies a characteristic of blacks that I have always found puzzling. This is their complete inability to accurately assess their own ability. It is obvious that blacks generally have a much lower IQ than other races and much of their behavior reflects this inadequacy. I've known a number of individuals with intellectual or physical abilities that differ from the norm. I know very smart people, very athletic people and people who suffer from various levels of impairment in physical or intellectual areas.

With the exception of blacks, most people know where they stand in relation to other people. Most people are able to perceive when they are out of their league in a physical or intellectual activity. Blacks are different. For example, Marilyn Mosley honestly believes that she is an exceptional State's attorney. She is unable to grasp that she is nothing more than a token unqualified black who has been AAd through the system. A white person in this situation would realize when mingling with true qualified professionals that their own skills were lacking. You can ask a dumb white person why they don't become a doctor or astronaut and they will tell you that they simply are not smart enough.

General Minister Houdari Juelani believed that he was in fact a general on the same level as a Colin Powell. He believed that his superhuman skills would allow him to prevail in a shootout with police. Christopher Dorn followed the same pattern. He was an ex-military groid who went on a shooting rampage killing unarmed individuals, but he visualized himself as an unstoppable awakened giant. Of course, both General Juelani and Christopher Dorn were both quickly killed when they actually encountered armed resistance.

Low IQ alone doesn't explain the bizarre behavior of the groid. Other abnormalities of their thought process compound the problem of low IQ which results in a group of people who cannot be lifted into a first world society. Lifetimes of AA boost doesn't explain their behavior because at some point all AA groids come into contact with truly qualified individuals, and it would seem impossible for them not to perceive their inferiority.

Anonymous said...

O/T: another fine example of TNB. 19 year old pregnant white female fast food worker pulled through drive-thru window and beaten by negresses. Why? They claimed they didn't get straws and were apparently too stupid to look in their feed bag.


Anonymous said...

"35 years old and 13 children! His widow must be exhausted!"

John Ross, I think you forgot the "s" in "widows"

Unless you actually thought, .....nah, couldn't be


NJ Woman said...

TRUTH IS Generalisimo Hudari Juelani is not "mild-mannered"! The articles are rife with violent descriptors that belie that assertion. The photo too.

TRUTH IS the video is a hoot - especially the mood music!

TRUTH IS he probably has far more than 13 offspring, none of whom are supported by him!

TRUTH IS this is another humorous, feel-good story of TNB!

TRUTH IS I feel sorry for the officers. (And I'm glad the Minister of Defense didn't fall ON the tree. He would have killed it. Trees are beautiful and useful.)

Make America White Again. White is Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

13 keeds!?

Wow! He and his wife must be VERY wealthy to provide for all that family!

My wife and I stopped at 2 because we're only middle class.

Anonymous said...

Nigeria's woes are YT's fault...


Anonymous said...

Is Europe finished? abortion, low White birth rate and this----

going to the welfare states

Anonymous said...

It is the occasional realization that they're so incompetent and graceless that fuels their black rage.

Oil 'n Water said...

"…that he will host a press conference after the event to discuss concerns the party and Brown’s family have about his death."

Negro logic dictates that as soon as one of them is killed by the police, there must be not only a press conference but a protest as well.
Perhaps before this gathering takes place they should ask: was a gun found; shell casings; his prints on the gun and the casings? And what sort of priors did he have?
Instead, it's assumed he was simply a victim of police aggression, made worse by his putting up posters around the area.
Yes, I can see why posters would incite the police to shoot someone. Makes perfect sense. So, all of you would-be garage sale holders watch your step.
I hope there were credible witnesses present (probably not) or that the incident is on tape, because I can see another potentially lengthy and expensive Freddy Gray-like trial on the way. And an upcoming payday for the concerned family.
Another fine general, who dindu nuffin (including earning his title), lost in the battle for racial justice.

Pat Boyle said...

So what was he - an enemy combatant or a civilian? He claimed to be a member, indeed a leader, of a group of paramilitary troops at war with the police. When you are at war you expect to take some casualties. When one of your own is shot down you grieve but you don't complain.

This clown liked to call himself Generalisimo or some such. But when his bullets were returned his friends acted as if he was a civilian and they looked for sympathy. Not very manly.

In a related matter I was watching cable TV last night and saw Ewan McGregor in a Australian crime film - 'Son of a Gun'. Late in the movie McGregor, the head thief, explains that there are two types of people in the world - those descended from chimps and those descended from bonobos.

This is of course nonsense, no one is descended from bonobos or chimps. Chimps and man split from a common ancestor about seven million years ago and bonobos spilt off from chimps about two million years ago. I used the chimp bonobo difference to point out that there were in nature real genetic differences in propensity to be violent. I suggested that we saw some of than with Africans. It is an analogy not a statement of consanguinity.

It should probably be pointed out that most human violence is Nurture not Nature. The ISIS terrorists who shot up the Turkish airport were not acting on instinct. They had been schooled in rage against the infidel. When and if we strike back we will kill them also on orders and not from genetic predispositions.

Much human killing is like that. But African killings require another explanation. Blacks seem to shoot one another without any real motivation. Afterwards when they talk to the police they often can't explain why they did what they did. They just shot up the place for a minor provocation. Whites don't seem to do this. Whites kill one another but at a much lower rate and they kill differently. They plan out their murders. Whereas blacks just kill promiscuously without much thought.

The black pattern is so distinctive that it requires another explanation. I suggested a genetic basis perhaps from MOAO or something similar.


Butterscotch said...

What a great loss to society and the world. What ever will I do without this negro shooting at me or trying to reappropriate my possessions, gained off the backs of slabery?

The clouds have begun to gather and the thunder is rolling. Eventually the lightning will begin to strike, and the rain will begin to fall.

The world will never be the same again.

11-2016. Four months left to gather any preparations if you haven't already. And be ready to go, at a chimpout's notice.

NJ Woman said...

To Anon at 8:23 am - That is so true about negroes. Most Whites are capable of introspection and are aware of their strengths and shortcomings. I know I am. Not so negroes. They also have magic mirrors. 300 lb. women with rolls of fat, missing teeth and matted fur stuff themselves into clothing that is several sizes too small and shuffle around in public thinking "I be lookin' fine"!

Like Dirty Harry said, "A man's got to know his limitations".

Anonymous said...

When I was in the Air Force, we'd do security duty in the field in 2-man teams, often for 3 days at a time.

When you spend that much time alone with someone, the guards come down. This particularly gregarious negro I was partnered with on one trip decided to disclose a few nuggets from "Insider Secrets of The Black Man."

He said that regardless of the evidence, never admit anything. His example was: "Yo wife come home see you in da bed wid a bitch, you jus' say you don' see no bitch. She keep talkin' n' you jus' keep sayin' dey ain' no bitch til da bitch leave."

I think about him every time I read stories like the one above. The room-temp negro didn't do anything. The police just showed up and shot him. He didn't have a gun, and if he did, he would never point it at a cop. And specific to this case, he just happened to be a member of a para-military group with military ranks, but he was a peaceful man.

Anonymous said...


No description of the suspects?

Anonymous said...

I would like to add. To have a minimal knowledge of the direction this country is heading in. One must understand and except what is happening in Africa as a whole today. Research, learn and listen. The laws are written and tell all.

Our fate here is the same and falls under the affirmative action law of that country. Note that it's the law... and it’s designed to favor blacks above all others.

In Africa, companies and universities have to hire or admit workers/students according to the countries demographics, which mean, you need a minimum of 80% black employee/student ratio.

They hire or admit people according to a list of priorities, which have black female as highest priority, followed by black male, then other races and right at the bottom of the list is the white male. So if you are a white male, your chances of finding employment are really slim as you are a last legal choice.

Add to the fact that people from former disadvantaged communities (blacks) get preferential status and huge discounts on study fees and bursaries etc.

School teachers are instructed to pass all blacks regardless of their study performance. I don't know what law is used to make that happen, but it is a spirit killer to most teachers who get saddled with students who thus have no motivation to make an effort and to non-black students who noticed that their black classmates passed 'anyway'.

This is the future of America. It’s not on the way, or coming soon. It is here now!

Let that soak in for a bit. Negro fatigue is just the beginning.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean, taxpayer dime???

Didn't you see where the head negro said he was "hard-working"?

Besides, US Army generals are very well paid. How much difference could the scale be between one service and another?

kikz said...

so many good comments :)))))))))

Anonymous said...

"There was a fourth suspect, but the witness could not tell if that individual was a man or a woman" was one of a few rib-ticklers in this strange tale from Negroland.

Anonymous said...

RE: The story about the pregnant white woman attacked at Wendy's (http://www.wafb.com/story/32318535/pregnant-teen-beaten-by-customer-over-straws-while-working-at-wendys)

"If you would do something like this over straws and ketchup,” Salcedo said. “I'd hate to see what you would do to somebody if you were really upset."

This witness is close to SEEING, but still quite blind. Blacks don't have "really upset" or "mildly upset" settings, they merely have "upset". And when that "upset" switch is flipped, due to the lack of impulse control coded for in the black genome, they can launch into a violent rage. The offending stimulus matters not, and they don't think about whether their reactions are appropriate to whatever offended them. That's why it's almost primarily in the black community do you see people killed over such trivialities (to people of other races) as a chicken wing, spilled soda, or in this case, not readily visible straws.

Anonymous said...

From that Nigerian link:

Nigeria might reflect a new dawn on a continent scarred by the tyranny of its leaders in the post-colonial era – and, ironically, the Western development aid that “enables African leaders to ignore the demands of their own people, and facilitates the financing of the patronage systems and security machinery that keeps them in power.”

Oh come do they really expect us to believe that? As if the end of aid would make Nigerian leaders care about their people?

But by all means CUT THE AID. Of course in a few years they'll blame Nigeria's problems on a lack of aid.

Anonymous said...

My favorites are generals bin ladin and butt-naked from Liberia. I'm waiting to hear of general soup-bone or general wing-tips.

Anonymous said...

Remember the groid who was caught on the nanny cam after he invaded a home and was beating a woman half to death in front of her children? The primitive was just sentenced to life in prison plus 5 years- not eligible for parole for 60 years. He had an arrest list longer than your arm including felonies.

Why are these groids allowed to rack up double digit records including felonies and still be out on the street? At most, upon the second felony, they should be hanged, given a lethal injection or get a ride in the electric chair.

Oh wait. That would mean thousands upon thousands of groids would be getting executed per year and that would have a disparate impact on their wonderful communities. Silly me.

Anonymous said...

The real story: He was on his prayer mat in the yard, when a suspicious neighbor reported a Muslim terrorist on the lawn.

When a cop walked up on him, the minuster-general's head was down. On hearing the approach, the MG jerked his head up, striking the cop's unsnapped holster and propelling the pistol upward.

The general instinctively caught it, at which point 37 other cops opened up and put a Bonnie & Clyde on the brother's ass.

The city needs to settle with the family immediately for the obligatory $6 million, and a federal grand jury needs to convene.

Anonymous said...

Marilyn Mosby was too stupid to get into law school, even with AA. she bragged in a Vanity Fair article that she pestered the dean until he threw up her hands and let her in.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, in Chicago, there has already been 57 shootings so far this week, with 7 KIA. The upcoming weekend is going to be bad. I wouldn't be surprised to see the weekend (5PM Friday thru 3AM Tuesday) rack up 80+ shootings, say maybe around 11-13 KIA. Second City Cop is reporting that the OT machine is cranking up and that the blueshirts are being mandated to work at least one of their RDO's (regular days off), so I expect some major carnage. Those of you who live around there may want to visit relatives . . . Aunt Becky in Boise, for instance. Either that, or dig in like the 101st Airborne at Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge. Only problem with that option is Patton and the Third Army probably won't be able to rescue you.

Anonymous said...

New info on the Wendy's attack. The trailer-trash pregnant Mexican actually JUMPED through the drive-thru window on her own to escalate the fight with the straw-deprived negroes. There is a surveillance video of it on the Independence Mo Fox affiliate. You can't make this shit up.

Anonymous said...

"The black pattern is so distinctive that it requires another explanation. I suggested a genetic basis perhaps from MOAO or something similar."

more words but still too simple.

Environment and genetics can't be separated as cleanly as you would like. Attempts to do so by saying some particular behavior is genetic disregard this. The truth is, every human action has a genetic basis, but that genetic basis necessarily is always expressed in some kind of environment, which will bring some characteristics to the fore and cause others to be suppressed. For example, you might have the genetic potential to be a very nice guy, but if you are kept in a cage, starved, and beaten every day, you would probably develop quite a nasty personality. Likewise, if you were raised in a culture of violence in which every day you were encouraged to be violent; expected to be, and rewarded for it.

In the relevant case, blacks are violent in white society because whites have brought them into their society, lovingly support them, and allow them to be. Whites could easily manipulate the environment to suppress black violence, but they refuse to do so, so you have to wonder whether they secretly enjoy being victims. To me, it looks like they do. In this dance of death, whites affirm their moral purity to themselves by suffering at the hands of blacks. Proving over and over again whitey's saintly character for all to see -- that's become the black role in white society. This is the modern version of the white man's burden; a burden he voluntarily assumes.

Negro fatigued said...

YT. Do you remember all you have been taught? Ignore it. The rules, they’re no longer in your favor. Do not be bound by them, use them in your own way. Live your own life. Live destiny!

Anonymous said...

"There was a fourth suspect, but the witness could not tell if that individual was a man or a woman"

That's exactly what I thought after seeing the trailer for the new Ghostbusters movie for the first time.

Proudyt said...

Your assuming he fathered 13 children with the same swamp mama. I can almost guarantee 7-8 women involved in the breeding of these niglets and he paid little to nothing to support them. The sad truth is you and I have probably contributed more monetarily to his kids then he ever will.

Joshrandall said...

With 13 kids he must've been working 80 hours a week!

VariedSort said...

Negroes just need to start disappearing, and no body found. Then when 16 year old Shitavious gets caught in a felony, cops should just do a trap-and-release. After Shitavious been home a few days, he vanishes forever. When his momma sow say "whey be mah lil'Shit? He done been turnin his lie round in dey skreets, aspirin rappah an aw dat. I cane fine him no wheh"

Then the white man just keep telling her she ain't got no son named Shitavious til she belueves it"


From the Post: "Belleville police were called to the first block of West Pheasantwood Drive for a disturbance before 10 p.m"

AGAIN, it is only a "disturbance", which means Vibrancy and all that.

Now, We, White Men, call running around with a gun, pointing it at people, and what ever else Sambo was doing, as a "disturbance" (Again, White Man's Law), but to the negro......this is normal!!!! Why the police response?

My main complaint is why, why, why, do ANY White policeMEN, (I do not accept women as policeMEN and more than men doing tampon commercials).....even bother with taking the call?

If the "disturbance" is in da hood, then let it be. There is no disturbance. If Sambo is out of his cage (hood) and is in one of the few remaining White areas of a city, then YES, get there are fast as you can to protect White Children and Race-Loyal White Women. Be ready to take down the Silver-back, as well.

But, again and again, I have to ask why White PoliceMEN ever respond? Yes, I know you have to, but is there not some way the dispatcher takes her time? When the call comes in, that says Sambo is Acting Naturally, she can sound all concerned, then get off the line, go get a cup of coffee, chat with the office pool, walk slowly back to her station and then put the call out? And can't the dispatcher make a simple error and give the wrong address? Then, when the police get the "correct" address, they can drive.....really......sloooooooooooow?

Absolutely nothing good comes for the White Race any time we have any interaction with the negro.

Anonymous said...

OT , but good news - http://www.cbsnews.com/news/shawn-custis-home-intruder-sentenced-in-beating-of-mom-caught-on-nanny-cam/

I remember watching the extremely disturbing video. This groid should have been brought to room temp long ago for his previous crimes. The woman actually had opportunities to gain access to a weapon if she had had the foresight to prepare. Perhaps she is now more security concious.


We all need to be on the same page, and to make things MORE clear, especially for those who don't SEE it clearly, thus:

1) Let us stop using "paid for by the taxpayer. We need to say "paid for by the White Race".

2) Let us clearly differentiate between "normal" negro behavior and the behavior the WHITE RACE has determined "criminal" or "disturbance". This is important.

The behavior to create, establish and keep a civilization requires a totally different behavior needed to live in a mud-hut with a grass roof. Remember, in Sub-Sahara Africa, where these negroes come from, there was no wheel, no math, no written language, no schools, no wagons, sailing ships, etc. To maintain what the White Race has developed requires White based Eurocentric laws. The negro does not need a legal system, and that is why they never developed one and find laws extremely unnatural and offensive.

LAWS, especially those developed by WHITE MEN, to maintain civilization ARE racists since they have no meaning to the negro. They are correct. We, again, are mistaken.

3) All negro behavior is "good". Don't waste your time debating "good", because like Paragraph #2, above, there is a distinct difference between negro "good" and White Race good. When a male negro goes a few streets down and bring home stolen loot, to his hood, he do good. To the White Race, this behavior makes civilization impossible.

4) They are ALL Rappers. They are ALL planning to go to Harvard Med. They are all turning their lives around (360 degrees, duh) and they all "Dindu Nuffin". Don't waste your time arguing any of this. Spend your time, working 2 or 3 jobs so you can buy weapons and stockpile food..........you have just a few months left.

This summer will be a run on weapons and ammunition. Once that is out and obvious, there will be run on canned goods. Then, it "begins".

Anonymous said...

I watched a PBS show last night titled "Wild Indonesia". Of special interest was the segment on the tribes of New Guinea- which was said to number over 1,000 different tribes. The natives shown were black, wore only something similar to a loincloth, both men and women, lived in a primitive hut with no electricity or plumbing, and cooked over open fire. It was said that the tribe members shown seldom left their little area, because other tribes would immediately attack or try to kill them. Sound familiar yet?? And this is in Asia- so the primitive behavior is not limited to Africa. And this was filmed sometime in the last 10 years or so. Something tells me that if filmmakers were to go back in 100 years, EXACTLY the same conditions would exist. And there are very few, if any, hard working or wealthy YTs in New Guinea to pay taxes to lift the tribes out of these conditions, and it does not look like they can do it themselves.
Basically, most blacks, lets just say, strongly dislike and resent YT- but are addicted to our money, resources, and crave our attention. The blacks in America look out only for their own "tribe" and could care less whether YT thrives or even survives. Unbelievable that they can't make the connection between YT paying taxes and the gibs they be gettin'. If all YTs moved to their own country tomorrow, there would be a big BOOM- the sound of most of Americas blacks falling down financially, healthwise, living conditions wise, etc.
L in Atl hell

...Formerly Miss Greenbaum... said...

Cḿon, negroes, you can do it! I have faith in you!

PB said...

"No description of the suspects?"

There has been. Fat, ugly, female and Blacker than a colonoscope with the light out.

PB said...

"This clown liked to call himself Generalisimo or some such. But when his bullets were returned his friends acted as if he was a civilian and they looked for sympathy. Not very manly."

In civil warfare was it not a tenet of a good resistant that he could blend back into the crowd and become invisible? Could this be how they think that works, even after he's dead, they hide his true identity by blending him back into being part of the classical negro whine? I'm probably wrong because that would be the smart thing to do, were they blessed with self-awareness.

Ultra-Fatigued said...

Someone above wrote about colleges in Africa...Can I share a story with you about the last American college I taught at?

I was hired to teach senior level computer and technology courses. Most of the students were average, eager to learn and attentive. The worst students I had were blacks. The work they turned in (when they showed up and turned in anything) was laughable at best. Writhe with spelling & grammar errors, largely plagiarized, imbecilic dross.
Needless to say after the first few weeks many of the dropped the class because they knew (and were told) they were destined to fail. One particularly annoying "prince of bel aire" stuck in the class, came in exactly 3 times, never turned in any work and then showed up to the final written exam 20 minutes late. I told him to leave the class and not waste everyone's time, too which he grinned, made some noises and shuffled out waving to the rest of the class. I failed him - which left him 2 credits short of graduation...play you pay.

The president of the college called me into his office a week later and sat me down for unexpected meeting with the nog's mammy and grandmammy who were furious their little scholar was being held back due to...you guessed it, racism. I calmly explained to the administration and these cretins why the genius failed the course, provided attendance records, syllabi/class requirements and a list of assignments missed...all the documentation I had. The president and the admin didn't help me at all. I was told to give the kid a make up exam (multiple choice questions) or face disciplinary action. I flat out refused and was fired that same day.
"Dat's right! You a bad teacha'! My baby gonna get his degree afta all!"

I later discovered this was a norm with said college, just pushing this garbage through...of course my White, Asian and Hispanic students weren't given the same "free ride..."

I have since left academia for good...completely disillusioned.
That's what they call, "white privilege" I guess.

Anonymous said...

Stuck in Mississippi says....

NJ Woman, spot on..."They also have magic mirrors. 300 lb. women with rolls of fat, missing teeth and matted fur stuff themselves into clothing that is several sizes too small and shuffle around in public thinking "I be lookin' fine"!"

For those of you who don't live near a majority black city, imagine this horror: Everywhere you go there are these horrible creatures, hundreds of them at a time. It is so depressing to leave your house because you have to look at them everywhere. Wearing ridiculous spandex in light colors, no bras, they don't shave their arm pits or legs, they stink, lint in their hair, stupid hair colors, long fang-like nails, overgrown toe nails, then you have to listen to their ridiculous babble. And you can't avoid them, they are everywhere. No wonder their men want white women. When we got here, I looked around and asked, where are the pretty people?

When I see these stories of another shooting, I think one is not enough. Que the antics, blah blah blah, another protest, blah blah blah, another march, blah blah blah, another vigil, blah blah blah, where's my money? Really it's so f---ing old already.

The only thing I can laugh about here is watching them count. Want to piss off a black woman, pay with cash and hand them a lot of change. When they are halfway through, compliment their hair, then watch them go from "Oh yes beautiful me" to "Sheeit I lost my place." The look on their face when they realize why you said it is priceless.

Anonymous said...


cloudofhaze said...

John, blacks practice polygamy. I was once in Ghana and I saw a plaque detailing how the British introduced marriage and religion to Africans. More recently, I was watching RT.com and an Arab created secondwife.com for Muslims living in the UK. Marriage in the UK, according to the segment, is defined by monogamy. Monogamy is a white man's creation. Very few nonwhites practice it.

Anonymous said...

Self anointed general lol!!! Reminds me of Idi Imin dressing up as Captain Crunch.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Anybody who hasn't already, click on link provided by anonymous at 9:46am. Be sure to read the comments afterwards. Just the facts ma'am, as Sgnt Joe Friday used to say!

Anonymous said...

@Pat "blacks just kill promiscuously without much thought" Truer words have never been spoken. After watching about 50 episodes of "First 48", this phenomena plays out time and time again. Once Detectives have their guy(90% black) the question of motive even seems to bewilder the perp. There's no rhyme or reason to their senseless violence. It reminds me of the late Heath Ledger's Joker in the Dark Knight,u in which he explains to Harvey Dent "I'm like a mad dog chasing a car, I wouldn't know what to do if I caught it! I just DO things".

Kell said...


Anonymous said...

For immediate dissemination on shirts, decals, coasters, hats, memes, beer coolies:

I never owned any slaves and you never picked any cotton.

chattanooga gal said...

" And an upcoming payday for the concerned family."
which is the whole point of the press conference to discuss their concerns....

Oil 'n Water said...

After the black panthers conclude their business in St. Louis, I'm certain they will show their content of character by flying to Louisiana and announcing at a press conference that they intend to get to the bottom of what happened to the pregnant Wendy's worker, who could have been killed along with her baby…over straws.
My God, these people are animals without cages. If there is a satan, good luck with this bunch, and welcome to 'em.
As far as the General, I would salute his passing, but am prevented from doing so because of the arthritis in my middle finger.

Anonymous said...

Exactly right. The truth is that even though he fathered many children with many wives, I would bet that alot of them are the same age.
Which means that many black males he had quite a milk route. He was probably being supported by the women along with his illegal activities.
I remember a year ago another peace loving new black panther was wanted for bank robbery and was apprehended while trying to purchase weapons and explosives off an under cover FBI agent with food stamps received through his coal burning wife.

Michigan Mike

Anonymous said...

That's a good possibility.
I watched a movie the other night called " The Life of David Gale," it suggests just how far radical liberalism will go to get people thinking about their particular issue.

Michigan Mike

Anonymous said...

"I remember a year ago another peace loving new black panther was wanted for bank robbery and was apprehended while trying to purchase weapons and explosives off an under cover FBI agent with food stamps received through his coal burning wife."

Yep. It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest to find out that most of the 13 kee-uds this negro sired were from white women.

Anonymous said...

A lot of comments here are disappointing. Professor ultra-fatigued cannot spell and his grammar is poor, particularly for a college prof. Others are about as sophomoric as can be. The Host always thinks the subject out pretty well, but half the commenters here seem nearly as stupid as the blacks they rail against. I guess I should just skip the comments.

Bird of Paradise said...

One thing america must to for a full recovery is to totaly pull out of the United Nations they have never ever been for World Peace but World Goverment with them in change

Mr. Rational said...

When his momma sow say "whey be mah lil'Shit? He done been turnin his lie round in dey skreets, aspirin rappah an aw dat. I cane fine him no wheh"

Then the white man just keep telling her she ain't got no son named Shitavious til she belueves it"

Now, why would you even let momma sow stick around after showing a positive EPT?

Get rid of the problem at the outset.

D-FENS said...

Will Obama attend the funeral?

Anonymous said...

We're in a fight to the death and everyday our numbers grow, we may be down but we're far from out.