Sunday, December 16, 2012

Blast this Christmas music. It's joyful and triumphant.

My contribution to the "War on Christmas" is up over at VDare: War Against Christmas 2012: The “Great Tree” Of Atlanta…And The Not-Coincidental War Against White America. It tells the story of one of the great traditions for Christmas in all of America: the lighting of the Rich's Macy's Great Tree in Atlanta.

Here's part of the story:

Not the type of people the Atlanta "Great Tree" lighting attracted in Underground Atlanta
But just as events like Trick-or-Treating or even Christmas Caroling are dependent on high social capital within the community not merely to prosper, but even to exist, the Rich’s Great Tree ceremony required safe streets.

Celestine Sibley in Dear Store was celebrating an era in Atlanta’s history when white people felt safe going downtown into what is now one of America’s most crime-ridden cities:

Down in the street, the crowd has been assembling for hours. Forsyth Street is roped off to vehicular traffic, and people pour into it from all directions, city people and their country cousins, rich people and poor people, the young, the old, crippled people in wheelchairs, blind people clutching their white-painted canes, clinging to the arms of seeing relatives. There are babies in their mothers’ arms and toddlers riding fathers’ shoulders. They jam the street, making it a vast lane of crowded bodies and uplighted faces.
By 1967, however, when Sibley wrote, Atlanta was already experiencing high levels of white flight from areas of the city with increasing percentages of black residents, and increasing crime.
As Tamar Jacoby noted in her 1998 book  Someone Else’s House: America’s Unfinished Struggle for Integration, the outcome of the 1970s in Atlanta—when black people became the dominant population group and took political control—was not integration, but an “uneasy coexistence”:

Even so, many whites used crime as an excuse to avoid downtown, and blacks and whites divided up the landscape like a battleground. Sometime in the 70s, localized shopping nodes eclipsed the old central hub, and by the end of the [Maynard] Jackson era, Atlanta had two downtowns: the deteriorating black downtown in the center city and the new white downtown, Buckhead, six miles to the north. With the city’s upscale restaurants, its choicest hotels and newest office towers, Buckhead paid taxes to Atlanta and in an important way helped keep it alive, but its residents had less and less to do with the blacks on the south side of town.
Rich’s “Great Tree” appeared on the Crystal Bridge for the final time in 1990. The downtown Rich’s closed in 1991.
Clemmons reports that Rich’s initial thought was to move the Great Tree ceremony to Buckhead—

…but many people protested the idea of the ceremony leaving downtown. As a result, the store worked out a deal with the owners of Underground Atlanta, a unique shopping district built around an on top of old street viaducts, and invested approximately $400,00 into the new 1991 event. Part of the $400,000 was for the purchase of the tree and new, clear lights for decorations, which would replace the multicolored lights of years past. Other portions of the money were used to build a special platform on top of a parking deck at Underground Atlanta to support and anchor the tree...
The Great Tree remained at Underground Atlanta through 1999. Unfortunately, over the nine years the event was held there, attendance had steadily decreased. By that last year, only about ten thousand people showed up for the tree-lighting ceremony, forty thousand fewer than the number who had attended it eight years earlier when it had initially moved there. 
Rich's finally moved the tree to its Buckhead store in 2000. That worked—the first year, an estimated 75,000 to 110,000 people attended the tree-lighting ceremony at its new location, which they obviously felt was safer and more easily accessible than Underground Atlanta.

Read the rest there, and comment on it here.


PDK said...

I was having a couple of beers with a white neighbor; we got to talking about blacks.

I argued my point on mutually exclusive, sub-species gene pool strategies by stating the black gene pool produces greater numbers of a lower quality product and therefore is more r selective, while the white gene pool produces lower numbers of a higher quality product and is therefore more k selective.

I further pointed out that sex drive and physical sex anatomy would be larger for blacks and smaller for whites just as much as head and cerebrum size would be larger for whites and smaller for blacks.

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He argued against my reasoning by stating his own reasoning which was that blacks always have sex on their mind because they have pubic hair on their head.

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White liberal leaders, the progressives, the God-complexed, narcissistic megalomaniacs genuinely feel the need to parent all, and therefore push to create a flock that they can parent. Aside from the white liberal need for a black alliance in our fully enfranchised democracy to garner political power to further the advance of the total liberal, ideology agenda, they pursue an indoctrination of our young, soon to be women, white teenage girls.

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Unlike dirty clothes, we will not be able to simply wash the impurities out.

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In my opinion, this parasitic theft is intolerable and a violation of all that is sacrosanct in the world of our white gene pool.

Surrendering Detroit and political power is a bad thing, but to surrender our gene pool is nefarious and unforgivable. We non-liberal whites had better get on it or we will lose it. Thank you.

PDK said...

Blacks have a way of moseying up to a white success and abusing the white success to achieve an unearned profit at whitey`s expense. This is a form of low-brow parasitism. Further this black, low-brow parasitism eventuates in the destruction of white success, and leaves the blacks right where they started from, nowhere with nothing.

But this is a character trait of blacks whose birthbed is of course their gene pool produced, low IQ.

Secession is the only complete answer. Through secession, non-liberal whites could leave both blacks and white liberals behind for evermore. They could be outlawed if we secessionist had the courage of moral resolve achieved, just as the Earps and Doc Holliday had achieved their moral courage back in October 26th, 1881 Tombstone Arizona.

We could think of some other solutions, but ultimately a decent solution must be found or ultimately they will meld their black gene pool to ours. That scenario is the worst scenario I can think of.

The difference between our sub-species is not so much the color of the skin but the different IQs that become the individual`s nature. Low IQ people embrace low-brow thugery, murder, rape and other crimes. White flight must have a permanent, ultimate success in plan. We must be able to get away from blacks permantly.

As Juliam Bond once said,"where ever you go, we will follow". We cannot tolerate that position forever, we must save ourselves and our posterity before it is to late. I do not know what else to do but to try and light the fire of secessionary talk with other non-liberal whites.

Walling our non-liberal, white selves off from both white liberals and blacks through secession, would seem the best possible answer.

The black sub-species is the cancer of humanity.

Liberals are the iceberg targeting the Titanic.

Secession is the answer. Thank you.

Discard said...

Thirty or so years ago, Los Angeles used to put on a festival called the "Street Scene". They'd block off all the streets downtown and there were hundreds of booths selling who knows what. There were special bus schedules so you didn't have to struggle with parking, everything was well planned and copacetic. Cheap date, great fun.
There were also a number of stages, with lots of different bands, New Wave, mariachi, jazz. Things went fine for several years. But when Blacks started coming around, Whites started going home before dark. The vendors packed up when the paying customers left, and the event dribbled away. I have no numbers nor news stories to cite, just what I saw happen over a few years. Glad I was there with my girlfriend when Fraser Smith of KROQ was MC and the Blasters played for free. Blacks ruin everything.

Anonymous said...

Uneasy coexistence, LOL. Blacks make everything "uneasy".

Imagine if we could be rid of them somehow!

Anonymous said...

This is OT, but I need to share this experience.

I was out jogging at 3:00AM, no traffic on the roads, streets were empty. Suddenly I hear a woman scream "HELP!! HELP!!", I turn around and across the street, about 5 houses down, I see a woman running with a man in pursuit. He catches up to her, gets her in a bear hug and starts dragging her away. I turn around and continue on my way.

They looked latino, my city is about 55% White, 20% black, 20% latino and 5% other. In 1970 it was 99% White. Needless to say, there is no social capital in my city.

What could I do? If I try to intervene, will the guy pull a gun and shoot me? If I get into a scuffle with the guy, will he sue me? will his girl testify against me in court? If I lived in a White small town with high social capital I wouldn't hesitate to get involved. It bothers me that there was nothing I could do.

Welcome to BRA...

Anonymous said...

The innate status gap between whites and blacks,itself the product of several other immutable gaps, simply isn't going away. There is no option other than separation, and that will be the inevitable result in one way or another.

MuayTyson said...

I identify as a Athiest or Agnostic. I used to be pretty outspoken. I have since changed. No, I'm not a Christian but I now understand attacking the Christian religion is attacking White European history and culture.

I do not beleive but I support the church the beauty of the music, art, architecture and the traditions.

rjp said...

Discard said...
Thirty or so years ago, Los Angeles used to put on a festival called the "Street Scene".

Hmmmmmm ..... Taste of Chicago anyone?

Anonymous said...

Regarding a previous comment regarding intervening in a minority scuffle. ...I believe it is more indifference, rather than anything else that would prevent my intervening.

The coarsening of our social norms have instilled this attitude in me.

Anonymous said...

wtf does tamar jacoby mean in paragraph seven when she writes 'Even so, many whites used crime as an excuse to avoid downtown?'

isn't crime a valid reason to avoid going someplace?

she makes it seem like whites are racist for not wanting to venture out to some area where they will be victimized.

dirtydog1776 said...

I remember growing up in Detroit and going downtown to Christmas shop. There was Hudson's and a large variety of stores to choose from. I could shop at night and even ride the bus home (I was 13 or so.)

Now all the stores are gone and not only is there no reason to go downtown at night, but you don't dare.

The Hudson's building, empty for so long, was structurally sound and could have been converted to other uses.

But the City Council let it decay and in the end, it was demolished. The Council didn't like the Hudson's reminded them of the bad old days when there were more whites in the city.

Fisk Ellington Rutledge III said...

I worked in downtown Atlanta from 1981 to 1989, and I can tell you it was a hostile environment. I was determined not to let this keep me from going where I wanted, but there were some extremely tense and unpleasant moments and they ALL involved Blacks threatening me and insulting me. Every time the Blacks made it clear that they hated my guts because I was White. Sometimes I'd just be walking down the street and a Black imbecile coming the other way would veer off course and ram into me on purpose. That was the least of it. They really are just savages.

And the public transportation was a complete mess. All the Blacks would still sit at the back of the bus because it was easier for them to misbehave. On the buses and the trains Blacks ran confidence games and harassed Whites as a matter of course. It never, ever occurred to them that they should behave like civilized people.

Fisk Ellington Rutledge III said...

Another Atlanta memory from the 80s. There was an attempt to save some of the historic buildings downtown and I remember Andrew Young saying, out loud, publicly, that he didn't care about those buildings because they were built by White people. The White cowards where I worked at the Atlanta Journal Constitution were extremely agitated by this. These White cowards were very big on historic preservation and very big on surrendering to Black savages. Suddenly two of their pet projects were no longer compatible. There was some tortuous rationalizations going on in response to that.

Anonymous said...

Talk, talk, talk. Your post South Africa Now! At this very moment, the writing is on the wall plain & simple , for all to see, but all of you do is comment. Talk, worthless & non productive talk.

Personally, I carry a gun because I'm too young to die and too old to take an ass whoopin' unknown (but obviously brilliant)

MuayTyson said...

Anon @12:46 PM,

I used to think that too but thinking before acting is very important. This site allows us to think about the issue to discuss it, to plan. This site acts to inform other people who may not know the issue. It acts as a deprogramming site. Before we can do anything we need a large number of people to throw off the program the media, schools, and society have inplanted in White Americas brain.

Mr. Fisk,
I think you know this but for those who do not. Blacks live a short voilent life. Their lives are all about aquiring material things and having as much sex and children as possible. Maintaining status and social standing is very improtant in the black community. Like prison any show of kidness or empathy is seen as weakness. Weakness will get you punked or killed. Blacks are truly like the Lord of the Flies. Children with adult bodies and low reasoning skills.

Anonymous said...

My favorite is when they walk in the middle of the street so you can't get by them. Such silly antics make them feel powerful because that's all they have the street. They turned against any other way of life or success

Californian said...

MuayTyson said...This site allows us to think about the issue to discuss it, to plan. This site acts to inform other people who may not know the issue. It acts as a deprogramming site. Before we can do anything we need a large number of people to throw off the program the media, schools, and society have inplanted in White Americas brain.

Nicely summed up.

Room101 said...

The topic of the thread is Christmas music.

One of my favorite Christmas tunes is the Ronettes version of Sleigh Ride, 1963.
All black chicks.
They sound like angels, in addition to the Phil Spector Wall of Sound and all.

I don't doubt for a minute that any individual black person/Obama would hesitate to use a box-cutter on me, but I try not to think about it until New Year's.

Anonymous said...

I live in Buckhead...and it has always been the unofficial White downtown of Atlanta (although that is changing very rapidly since 2008...Year 0 for BRA) I go to Lenox Mall routinely. It is funny to see that the Christmas events there are still 95% white. No lie...the Pink Pig which is a Xmas themed kiddie ride, and the line for Santa are overwhelmingly White. My guess is that time investment is just not something Blacks engage in. If they can't cut to the front of the line, or get it right now some way than they are just not interested.

thuganomics said...

I have had that same feeling, it pisses me off so bad that I can't do what naturally comes to white people, helping someone in need.

That is what makes strong communities, and that is why ghettos are shitholes, cause no one tries to help, no one snitches, slowly that community is little less than a pack of feral animal groups.

Its sad that one can not act human, in a feral shithole ghetto.

Diversity is a wonderful thing isn't it.

You did the right thing, you can never be sure it wasn't a setup to draw you in.

That's why africa is the way it is, because of the people.

floating point error said...

I am having problems deciphering christianity's role in everything, since you mentioned architecture, I have come across a site that speaks about a hidden code built into the european gothic cathedrals.

Aparently when the pope discovered the "heresy" of the code that were built into the cathedral he issued and idict to eradicate the builders of the cathedrals.

But the damage was already done and the code was well weaved in.

If you google the "cathedral code", its very interesting

Why was the pope so incensed about the code in the cathedral architecture?

Are the powers now attacking white culture by attacking the european belief system helping us, or were the people who coded the cathedrals helping us, I can't work it out, I'm stale mated

MB said...

I was born in Macon and lived there as a child and remember my parents taking me to Rich's in Atlanta at Christmas time, ca. 1960. It seems further away in time than the entire century that preceded it.

Within less than the next decade I saw my parents' unfounded patriotism eclipse their instincts and common sense. They surrendered psychologically but fled physically. I was able to recognize that, as an eight year old.

As a man who is now eligible for AARP coverage I look back on white flight as logical but shortsighted, and frankly, cowardly.

My conclusion from all of this is that the average white person is better than almost anyone on Earth but is still a hardheaded numbskull who needs to be hit over the head with the future that awaits his children should he continue to try to escape rather than to stand his ground, rejecting all other authority. Only real men could possibly understand this.

Heh, I still remember being more awed by a handshake from Raymond (Perry Mason) Burr than by the hug from Jayne Mansfield. Wow, did I grow up.