Tuesday, December 4, 2012

"OUR Blacks are better than YOUR Blacks": The Reality of College Football and Basketball

Kudos to the Soviet-sounding The Center for the Study of Race and Equity in Education for compiling some incredibly impressive data that illustrates just how reliant black males are on college football and basketball scholarships to garner acceptance to some of the top colleges in America (outside of Ivy League schools).

Just take a look at the below graphs (courtesy of The Center for the Study of Race and Equity in Education study Black Male Student Athletes and Racial Inequities in NCAA Division 1 Sports available here) that break down the percentage of black males on the basketball and football rosters, compared to their overall percentage of the undergraduate population.

Breakdown of black males attending SEC schools and their participation on football/basketball teams

Breakdown of black males attending PAC-12 schools and their participation on football/basketball teams
Breakdown of black males attending Big 12 schools and their participation on football/basketball teams

Breakdown of black males attending Big Ten schools and their participation on football/basketball teams

Breakdown of black males attending Big East schools and their participation on football/basketball teams

Breakdown of black males attending ACC schools and their participation on football/basketball teams

Like most studies of this nature, The Center for the Study of Race and Equity in Education blasts the poor ability of these programs to graduate black male athletes (or non-student athlete black males), without looking at the graduation rates of black males at Historically Black Colleges and University's (HBCUs):
The Center for the Study of Race and Equity in Education provided data from a four-year study of athletes from the schools that comprise the ACC, Big East, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac 12 and SEC. The findings show that on average, 50.2 percent of African-American male student-athletes graduated within six years and that 96.1 percent of the schools graduated African-American male student-athletes at rates lower than student-athletes overall.
 Just how bad are the graduation rates of black students attending HBCUs? The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education (JBHE) provides the details:
We aren't supposed to notice poor graduation record at HBCUs
At nearly half the HBCUs in our survey, the Black student graduation rate is 33 percent or lower. At these institutions, less than one third of all entering African American students earned a bachelor’s degree within six years. There are six HBCUs in our survey where less than one in five entering Black students earn a bachelor’s degree within six years.
But who cares about HBCUs, right? All that matters is that black male athlete-students at schools like Georgia, Auburn, Alabama, Clemson, Florida State, Ole Miss, Southern California, Ohio State, Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, and Arizona continue to provide positive examples and role models of black males, a much needed counter (and reprieve) from the countless other examples of black males behaving badly.

All SEC, ACC, and Big Ten college basketball and football can be distilled into one sentence: "Our blacks are better than your blacks."

An honest undergraduate student or alumni would be able to add: "Even if they aren't really student-athletes to begin with."


Anonymous said...

I once went to a local HBC to do some research in their archives, and found the library almost empty a few weeks before Thanksgiving.

The assigned topic was on local black history, so I used the library and archives at the local black college. The library was almost, if not completely, empty every single time I went there. It was a good place to study.

The funny thing is that it was obvious that the archives were rarely used or dusted, and it was clear that the black students had no interest in the black history that they all claim is so dear to them.

You also have to wonder just how bad the students in TBCs are if they are graduating at such a low rate. I'm sure that everything is being done to graduate as many as possible.

Jay Santos said...

Univ. of the District of Columbia - 2011 black graduation rate = 10%

almost unbelievable

You can hardly imagine how low the standards have been set to reach the remarkable 10% graduation rate.

But always remember, they are just like us.

Mr. Rational said...

The astounding thing is that these 1-4% undergraduate enrollment fractions include the effects of affirmative action, diversity preferences and minority-only scholarships.

If Blacks got the same admissions treatment as Whites, they'd probably represented to the tune of 0.5-1%.

uziman said...

Slightly off topic, but since this story has blacks in sports as the headline it should be mentioned that it's time for the Mahogany Mob reports to surface about the release of the Air Jordan 28's (XX8).

Anonymous said...

That is scary, UDC is the pits.

Any info in University of Maryland? I like to here about DC metro area groid edumacation,

I knew a woman who did some adjunct teaching at the University of Maryland. She also taught at Temple in Philadelohia. She hated it and ultimately left education. She stated that she basically just had to pass on the black students and that most of them could not read or write. It was her job to bring them up to the standard...this is the guiding credo of education at ALL levels. The teacher is to blame.

I taught briefly at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Frightening. These were graduate level students and the school had to institute a writing center. The majority of the students were minorities. One time I was in the student lounge and I overheard students plotting on how they were going to steal the lounge furniture. They were joking... I hope, hey but half in fun all in earnest.

This ' higher education' now. Adjunct professors are expected to do the work for groid students who cannot think, write, or read for themselves. Adjuncts are used like toilet paper while the DWL elitist administrators make the money. The groid students ultimately fail out of school saddled with student loan debt and no degree to show for it.... Who pays for this? That's right the hard working middle class!

Anonymous said...

Meant to say I'd like to hear....IPhones are a challenge sometimes when responding!

Anonymous said...

Enough of funding these schools via taxes.We must stop dumming down colleges and high schools to enable the Blacks!It's utter BS.

Anonymous said...

There is a certain frustration in teaching blacks. Below is a link to the Tampa Bay Times article by Bill Maxwell entitled I had a dream. Bill Maxwell is a black columnist whose articles appear in the Tampa Bay Times. He took a leave from his writing and went to Stillman College as a professor thinking he could make a difference in these young black minds. He had his eyes opened and so will you.

undeniable said...

Its quite common in south africa white are now a minority in south african universities, yet the white students are the majority that graduate.

Genetics in that prove a point beyond refute

Anonymous said...

Only somewhat off topic, negro pushes stranger to his death at Times Square subway station.

Killer a possible graduate of Morehouse? We don't know.

Sure, it's a challenge in NYC, but why would any human being allow themselves to get within 10 feet of these things?

Mr. Rational said...

We must stop dumming [sic] down colleges and high schools to enable the Blacks!

You'll also need to restore tracking, or at least ability-grouping, to K-12 schools, plus moving the discipline/violence problems to reform schools.

Yes, this will have an enormous "disparate impact" on Blacks.  Sadly, the Congress and courts have tried to legislate away what evolution has created, and that works about as well as Trofim Lysenko's "communist agriculture" did.

HaroldC said...

Let's face facts. HBCU are no more than a scam to dupe hopeful blacks who want a higher education and a better life into taking out loans for tuition, books and living expenses when the great majority will end up wasting their time and all with borrowed money. The minority who do graduate are mostly not competitive in their selected fields and are looking for a government job or to be a diversity hire. Are there exceptions? Of course but that doesn't change facts. BRA is the biggest scam ever.

josh said...

4.5% of the students at Stanford are ni--I mean blacks? I sometimes hear about these Stanford negroes and I wonder what the hell theyre doing at Stanford;there must be a black ghetto of soft social science stuff they go after. The irony is that these are the relatively more intelligent blacks;theyre the ones who should be studying business and a technology curriculum that is appr. for their "ability",instead of just wasting their time ppretending that negroes are at Stanford!!! Here in Chi-Town we had ourselves a black Rhodes Scholla,Rihana Gunn-Wright. (Yes thats her first name,-diff. spelling--and she is from the Carribean,lol.)The chick,who seems to be a lez,went to Yale to study "Womens studies" & "Black studies"!!!! Now she is off to Oxford to study...wait for it...welfare distribution in various nations. Insane.

Pat Boyle said...

I'm glad to see this analysis but I don't think it's very surprising. About half of athletic statistics must be from basketball where everyone knows blacks reign supreme.

I was on the basketball team at George Mason when I was an undergraduate. A year or so back George Mason surprised all the sports pundits by getting in (or nearly in) the Final Four. When I played on our all white team we only won one game all year. The new successful George Mason team was almost all black.

These new black guys were basically mercenaries not citizen-soldiers or scholar-players as we had been. I think this is just another minor modern corruption.

Even when I was ga-ga for pro football (I lived in SF during the Joe Montana days) I never could stand college football. College basketball was the same. I never could understand the appeal of these teams of mercenaries who pretended to be college students. I was ape excrement over pro basketball (I lived in SF during the Rick Barry days) but college ball seemed totally artificial. I sure don't understand men who buy these expensive cable sports packages so as to be able to see any college game in the country.

That aside, we may see some of this reverse. Black men are better basketball players for simple mechnical reasons related to calf size, thigh size, percent of body fat and most importantly the ratio of fast twitch to slow twitch muscle fibers.

All top athletes have low body fat so that's not much of an advantage. The big difference in muscle composition is under active study in many labs. There was an article in Scientific America about two years ago on the prospects for genetic manipulations of muscle fibers. They speculated about the third type of mammal muscle fiber. The so-called rat fibers not normally found in humans.

Basketball used to be an all white sport and it may be again. Most of the basketball players in America are white. Only the really good ones are black - and we've got guys working to fix that.

When people used to ask me if I'd seen the movie "White Men Can't Jump" I'd say no but I'm I'm waiting for the sequel "Black Men Can't Think".


Anonymous said...

Is this a state funded school? If so it should be closed down. Insanity.

Anonymous said...

My boss is a negro.... Has a massa's degree from some college.com.... When he sends out emails, it is preposterous, they are filled with misspellings, grammatical errors, sentence fragments, etc... Edumacated coons in BRA are treated like royalty even though their degrees are usually nothing more than pieces of paper that demonstrate that were recipients of affirmative action and free money. For the most part, they completely lack the critical thinking skills that are supposed to be a hallmark of western education, usually the most that they pick up are a few big words to to misuse so they can sound impressive to themselves.

PDK said...

Obviously blacks not only, do not attend higher education because of their intellectual ability, they attend only for their physical ability. This is so in line with the product of the black gene pool as seen by both one`s eyes and science.

It occurs to me that although both the white and black, mutually exclusive gene pools produce an organism that would be categorized as genus-homo, species sapiens, they further would have to be categorized as separate sub-species, perhaps from the white gene pool emerges the homo-sapiens-Caucasian, and from the black gene pool, homo-sapiens- Negroid. We are not all the same except for skin color as liberal illusion enforces with Gestapo pressure, but are in reality sub-species, and we have been speciating out and away from our mutually exclusive gene pools for 40-50,000 years or more.

The incapability of blacks to perform well in higher education can no longer be viewed through the lens of liberal illusion. No longer can our white, non-liberal culture continue pretending black poor performance in things of intelligence is due to environment, nurture and poverty, because, now after a half century of great effort to rectify said black poor performance in things of intelligence, based on this premise, has failed so completely, we are forced by reality to recognized what the truth of said reality is; blacks are less intelligent.

White liberals surely have the IQ to see this reality as well. However, they continue to pretend they think blacks do poorly because of non-liberal, white racism. White liberals continue to beat this dead horse because they have vested interest in people believing their illusion.

White liberals need one, to bypass their immaturity, especially in the character trait of cowardice, and among other things can, pursue the false, moral high ground, from which they can feign courage by chastising friendly, fellow white, non-liberals and appear both courageous and noble simultaneously, while buddying up to the blacks they are secretly, and so, cowardly afraid of.

Secondly, the liberal leaders, the progressives, have a grand design which ultimately satisfies their God-complexed, narcissistic mind. They dream of a new world, one world order of globalism, socialism and democracy, with themselves at the top, fulfilling their good Sheppard role by lording over their flock while of course living the high life of power, fame and fortune.

This reality, a possible future for our posterity, will bring a satisfaction to the progressives, but to the hoi polloi, great unwashed masses, will only bring tyranny, poverty and misery.

Because there are only so many, very limited, professional opportunities in sports, the vast majority of lower IQ black males, with or without high quality, physical ability will be unemployable. Wherefore shall all those black males turn, what recourse of adult functioning therefore comes their way.

For many that answer is crime. Unfortunately, the sub-species Negroid did not evolve for higher culture; in higher culture, they are the proverbial, fish out of water. Because we cannot, at this late date, put the Genie back in the bottle, it occurs to me secession offers the only long term, positive solution.

To bring forth a new Republic, right here in America, where only white males are enfranchised and federal welfare ends can one expect a new, white, non-liberal Republic to emerge for ourselves and our posterity.

The American colonies had Concord and the minutemen who fired the shot heard round the world. The South seceded and Beauregard fired on Fort Sumter. Although I believe this time a peaceful attempt to secede should be made, an attempt is warranted.

A call to all non-liberal whites to gather together in republican states, followed by a declaration of independence, seems to me to be in order.

“Live free or die”, John Stark, American patriot, Revolutionary General. Thank you.

PDK said...

I posted this yesterday at American Renaissance. It is so apropos to Paul`s SBPDL, I offer it for what it`s worth.

I am a realist, first, foremost and last. To be a realist, one must necessarily mature, those who fail to embrace their personal responsibility to mature remain the immature, and in our world the immature gravitate to liberalism. Liberals, the immature, deny reality, and substitute a preferred illusion in said reality`s stead.

Being a realist I am necessarily a racist, one who accepts the reality of separate races and the different type of human produced by the mutually exclusive gene pools. It is science itself that has made clear the truth of this phenomenon, it has made manifest what my own eyes tell me I see, that the difference between the organisms produced by the mutually exclusive gene pools are more than skin color deep, and in fact are cerebrum deep.

Science has shown the black gene pool produces an organism that is more “r” selective, where reproductive energy favors higher output numbers coupled with less nurturing by parents, and further favors, a less neotenous development of and by the individual organism.

Neotenous development refers to the slowing down of development, allowing the human cerebrum to become bigger and therefore more intelligent.

The white gene pool is more “k” selective, where fewer output numbers are couple with more parental tutelage, and an organism that has a longer neotenous development strategy, therefore creating a larger, more intelligent cerebrum.

This is further borne out by science as the brains of blacks on average are physically smaller than whites, and further IQ tests have consistently, over decade’s, demonstrated higher IQs for whites, or lower for blacks, by 15 points.

Clearly to my eye, the white cerebrum is capable of higher culture creation, and higher culture maintenance, while the black cerebrum demonstrates, quite clearly, incapability in either higher culture creation or higher culture maintenance. For example look at Detroit, a once thriving white metropolis, now virtually destroyed by a 90% black population.

As a realist, and as a racist, I would not move to Detroit. White liberals may besmirch me for my position here; however they will not put their money where their mouth is and move to Detroit. In fact, you will find most white liberals that preach from their false moral high ground, living in whiteyville, an exclusively white area with the occasional, token black.

Our Founding Fathers gave us, their posterity a Republic, a free enterprise, capitalist nation-state. Our liberals and their minority allies are destroying our Republic, usurping it with their socialist democracy, and further ultimately intend the death of nation-states and the birth of the new world, one world order of globalism, socialism and democracy, which further produces a world of tyranny, poverty and misery.

I see secession as the only hope for our Founding Father`s culture and its subsequent liberty, wealth and happiness. I see further the need to reduce our new nation-state Republics democratic process, by limiting enfranchisement to white males only.

I sense white liberals are cowardly afraid of living their illusion without we non-liberal realist carrying their self- created burden for them, but I no longer care about them. They have made their house and they alone should have to live in it.

Liberalism is the iceberg targeting the Titanic.

If blacks are equal to whites, let them support themselves. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

mber 4, 2012 8:31 AM
Anonymous Jay Santos said...

Univ. of the District of Columbia - 2011 black graduation rate = 10%

almost unbelievable

You can hardly imagine how low the standards have been set to reach the remarkable 10% graduation rate.

But always remember, they are just like us.

December 4, 2012 8:50 AM

Yo........ever consider that even those numbers are 'cooked'?
That the # are not of 9th graders who graduate in 4 years, but 11th graders who graduate in the next year?
they numbers may be cooked.

imageine if 'they' had to take SAT/old style and get 450 in each test to 'pass' and get diploma.

Anonymous said...

How is that school still open?? Un-fucking-believable. I think if MLK Jr were alive today he'd be working to reinstate segregation.

So CAL Snowman said...

I was wondering if you were going to mention Johnny Football (Johnny Manziel) almost single-handedly beating the Number 1 ranked coal black Crimson Tide. White boy Johnny Football is going to be the first freshman to ever win the Heisman. HOW is that possible if the blacks are such superior afleets? Also regarding basketball ONLY 5 players have ever had a 50/40/90 season, shooting 50% from the field, 40% from the 3-point line and 90% from the free throw line. Three of the five are White guys. The NBA is an absolute joke. The game has devolved into guys dribbling around for 15 seconds before trying to go one on five. There is almost no strategy nor complex offenses anymore. Who needs to think when all you have to do is run straight at the basket, jump and wait for the whistle?

Anonymous said...

I just love how the very liberal University of California, Berkeley---where affirmative action certainly has very wide support---has an undergraduate student body that is only 1.2% black male. The hypocrisy of the egalitarian fanatics is palpable: the effects of vibrant diversity are reserved for everyone but themselves.

uziman said...

Competent schools - diversity = success



So CAL Snowman said...

From Amren :

Baketball Bandits Blindside Hofstra

City resident said...

Just boycott all these sports. It's not as though our lives will be unfulfilled unless we get to see blacks throwing a ball around. Spend your money elsewhere. The vast majority of people would just be so much better off if they engaged in a sport or exercise program themselves instead of just watching someone else do so. Tune in a science or nature program on the television when you want some entertainment.

Anonymous said...

White boy Johnny Football is going to be the first freshman to ever win the Heisman. HOW is that possible if the blacks are such superior afleets?
I am glad Johnny TD has accomplished so much. However don't ever forget the Heisman is an affirmative action program the same as all the others. The best player has become the best player that BRA can exploit.

Anonymous said...

I just love how the very liberal University of California, Berkeley---where affirmative action certainly has very wide support---has an undergraduate student body that is only 1.2% black male. The hypocrisy of the egalitarian fanatics is palpable: the effects of vibrant diversity are reserved for everyone but themselves.

California has banned affirmative action in college admissions so that explains the minuscule Black male population. If they could the liberals that run the Cali state universities would have a student body that was 20% Black


Anonymous said...

It's amazing to me that some so-called conservatives like Hannity and Dick Morris are big supporters of school vouchers and school choice. Morris even wants private schools involved in these scams. Brown v. Board of Ed failed...basically it said blacks need to sit next to white kids to succeed. Huge increases in per pupil spending, luxurious schools built with white tax money, free food, tutors, lowered standards, etc. all haven't worked. These so-called conservatives including Romney call education the new civil rights issue of our time. Sure, until young thugs go to their kids' schools on vouchers. Their property taxes will skyrocket too. Elites have already destroyed white schools and neighborhoods. Hopefully someday their chance to enjoy diversity will come. When the intelligence/IQ gap still hasn't closed, at long last there will be no other excuses or scams left. We'll all be free, at last.

SKIP said...

"A call to all non-liberal whites to gather together in republican states, followed by a declaration of independence, seems to me to be in order.

This idea sounds to much like surrendering parts of America to sub humans and you who have read my past posts know that I am against any sort of surrender of anything.If we can't keep it,SCORCH IT! make it worthless to anyone or anything for a thousand years! Genocide works!

SKIP said...

Wanna see places and things and activities with no blacks! Watch DELTA, SF, Rangers or Marine Recon teams leave camp on missions.

Anonymous said...

That data is wrong. UVA is 7.2% black, for example. University of Alabama is 13% black.

Every other school I checked was off by at least 2x or 3x.

Whiskey said...

Apparently the guy who killed his girlfriend and then shot himself at the Chiefs Stadium was a real piece of work at the University of Maine (who knew they had a football team?) and in West Babylon NY, where he terrorized one White kid in particular as part of a gang, handing out regular beatings and robberies (again as part of a gang). They guy apparently got into an argument with his baby mama after she was out all night in response to him being out all night drinking with his other girlfriend.

You can't make this up.

The thuggery and ghetto-ization of football and basketball are too much. I lost my College sports love for football after "Scoreboard, Baby" which I read on the recommendation by PK.

For Winter Sports, I'd suggest skiing events now in session, pretty girls and handsome guys doing stuff that takes skill and ability. Or College Hockey. [NHL on lockout sigh.] When the weather warms up there is motor sports: Moto GP, Superbike, Grand Prix, and of course F1 as well as NASCAR. You've got Golf year-round now; and of course MMA.

I just can't watch "My Black guy is faster/stronger than your Black guy" anymore. All it is basically is a contest to see who is the thuggiest. Who cares?

Tyrone shoelaces said...

Without Ron Paul, there are no conservatives in our government. Just liberals, and extreme liberals.

I won't do business with anybody liberal when possible. I am retreating from my associations with liberals. I treat them just like their pets. I won't hire one, I won't pay to watch one, I won't eat in their businesses, and I sure won't donate anymore of the money I am allowed to keep after paying their keepers to any charities with any hint of liberal policies.
I wouldn't piss on a liberal if he was on fire. At voting time, I vote to spend the least.
Spending proposition? No!
Cut a government budget? Yes.

This is really too funny, when you understand that the liberals have just pushed the very people on whom they depend, into a corner where our only choice is between risking our capital for no return, or helping them. Fuck them! I would rather hire a hard working conservative Mexican and pay him more under the table than to ever employ a libtard above board. If we all do this, where would they be? More dependent on the government. And the government will have to tax us more to pay for it.

This makes the government dependent on conservatives to pay for the handouts. That leaves us with the power.
We have to break them financially. If you can farm, you must. If you can raise chickens or hogs, you must. You must not be dependent on anything government or liberal, or you will be at the mercy of your worst enemy, and he will show no compassion, for this is a war in their minds, and it will be over soon if conservatives don't get together and destroy that which they need to make it all work-tax revenue.

Or are we just a bunch of big talking pussies?

I'll make it through, because I am nowhere near a city, and very very prepared. But I have a hard time having pity on people who see it coming, but don't want to lose money on their house and end up becoming victims. Get out of the city, and Learn to take care of your food and fuel supply. And sponsor a nlgger today.....

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

The data is 100 percent correct. Read it again: it's not entire black undergraduate enrollment, but black male enrollment.

Anonymous said...

My alma mater:




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According to U.S. Attorney Sally Yates, the officers “sold their badges” to provide protection for gang members.

“When they sold their badges they betrayed not only the citizens they were sworn to protect, but also their fellow law enforcement officers who literally put their lives on the line every day to protect all of us,” Yates said.

Yates went on to say that this investigation began in 2011 when the ATF began investigating an Atlanta gang and learned that some of the people providing protection for the gang members were Atlanta police officers.

“Each of the officers charged today engaged in multiple drug transactions and took thousands of dollars in payoffs,” Yates said.

The Feds charge that the Atlanta officers provided security to gang members during drug transactions in exchange for money.

“Oftentimes the defendants showed up to the drug deals wearing their police uniforms. Oftentimes they drove their patrol cars. They were carrying their service weapons and conducted surveillance for the drug dealers,” Yates said.

Yates also pointed out that this corruption was widespread.

“What is troubling to us is that it was widespread; it wasn’t limited to just a bad group in one particular agency,” Yates said.

Atlanta Police Chief George Turner said, ”We will not stand for any officer stepping on the other side of the law. We will work with whatever authority there is to bring those officers to justice just as if we bring any other criminal to justice.”

fatuous1 is MARK TRAINA an outspoken Civil Rights Activist from South Louisiana. Some describe him as a Racist; however, he describes himself as a Realist. Mr. Traina worked as a School Psychologist for the Jefferson Parish Public School System for nearly 30-years. He is currently retired and spends his days reading articles on-line and writing about current events from his personal perspective. Mr. Traina has is the Author of “THE REALIST”, a book published in 2012, shortly after his retirement from the JPPSS. He is also famous for his so-called TRAINAISMS, for example,“Good parents know that structure, discipline and respect for authority must start in the home or it will never end up in the School!”
FACTS: Mr. Traina grew up in New Orleans attending only Publicly Funded Schools. Mark graduated from Marion Abramson Senior High School in May of 1975 and obtained his B.A. in Economic (1979). Mr. Traina also obtained an M.A. in Counseling Psychology (1983) from Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, Louisiana. The fatuous1 can be reached at FatuousCRA@aol.com or by cell at (504) 231-3056. His personal website is (www.marktraina.webs.com )

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