Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Mother's Love

Remember Kyser Miree? A recent graduate of Vanderbilt with his entire life ahead of him; murdered in 2010 after just moving to Mobile to start his first job. Predictably, as in most "senseless" murders, those participating in the brutal homicide - and torture - of Miree were all black males.

And, of course, the reason for the invasion of Miree's home and initial plan of mere robbery: "they were just bored."

“I’m going to kill you” -- Felicia Lee to a "snitch" in the Kyser Miree murder case
Which brings us to today and the sentencing of one Felicia Lee, the mother of one of the black males who participated in the murder of Miree [Mother of Kyser Miree's killer takes plea bargain in witness threat case; gets time served,, 12-13-12]:

The mother of the man who murdered Midtown resident Christopher Kyser Miree pleaded guilty today to a pair of misdemeanor witness tampering charges related to her conduct during her son’s case.
Prosecutors had charged Felicia Lee with two felony counts of intimidating a witness, alleging that she hadthreatened to kill a key witness in the case. But Mobile County prosecutors struck a deal for her to plead guilty to the lesser offenses, and Circuit Judge Robert Smith sentenced her to the time she already spent in jail before making bail.
“It’s been a long, hard road, and she’s glad to get it behind her,” defense attorney Sid Harrell said.
Lee spent 16 months in jail -- with judges refusing to grant her bail – until the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that she had constitutional right to bail. She got out Nov. 9 of last year and spent nine months under house arrest.
Mobile County Assistant District Attorney Jill Phillips said Lee did not cause any additional problems after her arrest or release from jail. She said she believes the arrest was sufficient to deter others from trying to illegally influence the case.
“Our concern all along was witness protection,” she said. “We wanted to protect our witnesses and that was done.” defense attorney Sid Harrell said.
Miree’s murder at his Macy Place home during a robbery on April 16, 2010, shocked the city. A jury in September convicted Michael Lee of capital murder, and a judge sentenced him to life in prison without the possibility of parole.
According to law enforcement authorities, hours before Michel Lee’s arrest on July 25 of last year, his mother drove by a witness’s house, pointed a gun and threatened to kill her.
Authorities alleged that Felicia Lee approached the witness after a court hearing at Mobile Government Plaza the following month and told her, “I’m going to kill you” and, “if he don’t get bond, I’m coming to shoot your house up.”
Miree, a Vanderbilt University graduate and Birmingham native, worked as an engineer at the Chevron Corp. refinery in Pascagoula. He lived on Macy Place with a roommate, who had left the house shortly before the murder.
Tell me more about Emmett Till; tell me more about James Byrd. 

Go ahead. Tell me.  

And when you're done, if you'll listen-- I'll tell you the tale of Kyser Miree. Will those who murdered him, and his mother who dared threaten with death anyone who "snitched" on her beloved son, see their actions as representative of the entire black race -- just as the deaths of Till and Byrd have been morphed into representing the nefarious nature of all white people?

Or, should I tell you story of a true tale of a mother's love: that of Miriam Shehane, whose daughter was brutally raped and then murdered by black males in Birmingham. Quenette Shehane was a white female student at Birmingham Southern College; she is no martyr in a white civil rights cause, though a fence was erected around the school to protect the primarily white students from the overwhelmingly poor black underclass that surrounds the institution.
Go ahead. Tell me again.


MuayTyson said...

In the last post some other commentors have brought up the issue of IQ and that a low IQ is not the only factor in black behavior.

I have stated this before not sure if it was here or not. One of the reasons we do not want refugees from war torn countries is the physical brain damage suffered. Actual physical trauma and being in an enviroment of starvation, neglect, and violence changes the the actual tissue of the brain.

These people who have this brain damage cannot be fixed. They have missed the important windows of growth and development. The enviroment is a huge influence and creates dysgenics as much as selected breeding.

The American ghettos are no different than war torn Sudan. The retarded(not just an insult true def.) black females breed with the retarded and violent black males. Abuse and neglect alter and defect the children even more. We have incredibly violent and sociopathic predators roaming our cities and they are not able to be rehabilitated.

PDK said...

I was perusing the online newspapers; in the NY Post I came across an article on Trayvon and George. I went right to the comments; I know the story only too well.

Most comments favored Trayvon, the “child” as blacks and liberals see it, or as I see it, the adulterated black punk, well-traveled on the common black path to prison time, and this by the tender age of 17. One commentator in Trayvon`s favor showed a picture of, presumably himself, a black man with a white, blond woman. Unbelievable to me it was, that a black man, while stealing, and/or having stolen a product of the white gene pool, would then call the only commentator, until later on, defending George, a racist. There the black man turns his back on his own race and fails to see his own racism, and this while he plunders the natural wealth of the white gene pool, by stealing a white woman via the power of liberalism in control, and it`s Gestapo tactics on ever vigilant patrol.

It was one thing, and certainly a true, miscarriage of justice, to allow OJ to beat the rap and walk clean from his double murder of two truly pulchritudinous, young whites, Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. Unfortunately, Nicole learned the hard way and further unfortunately the “permanent” way, why white women have no business marrying a black man. White women who marry a black man are 12 times more likely to be murdered than the white woman who marries a white man. She, for her last minute or two, undoubtedly saw the light and the reason why, but sadly for her, too late.

It however, would be another thing altogether, to once again besmirch, with extreme prejudice, justice by having the law penalize the victim, while simultaneously exculpating the culprit, that blacks, the black illusion and the fellow liberal white illusion; that blacks are losers because whitey persecutes them, can thus be protected, defended and supported, at the expense of said justice and non-liberal whites, and quite obviously, George.

Liberals fail to mature, they prefer to embrace an illusion and ultimately pursue their future mirage of Utopia, a socialist democracy, which, as with all socialist states, ultimates in a Dystopia.

Blacks, born of the black gene pool, are, by their gene pool`s nature, of a physically smaller, lower IQ cerebrum, not my fault. Sharing white gene pool genes with blacks creates a more intelligent, but still of lower IQ, black population, and this, just as with gun powder and fire, is a very dangerous combination.

Take the combination of Stanley Ann Dunham and Obama Sr., and the little bundle of joy they produced, one Barac Hussein Obama; the anti-American, anti-capitalist, pro-socialist, pro-social justice, pro-Islamic Messianic, now two term POTUS. With the possible exception of the staggeringly stupid LBJ, BHO is the most destructive POTUS to the Founding Fathers America of liberty, wealth and the pursuit of happiness of all the Presidents.

If the mulatto POTUS Barac continues doing America for the next 4 years, America will collapse beyond resuscitation. Further, because he will, because he has no alternative but to continue destroying America, the only hopeful, viable solution becomes secession, and if there is to be secession, why bring the excess, destructive baggage of blacks to the new nation-state.

A call to separate out from liberal whites, blacks, Hispanics and Islamics needs to go out; a call to separate out, to gather together in republican states, and finally, to declare independence. Forging a new Constitution, that among other things, foils the follies of our current, fully enfranchised democracy.

Whites liberated blacks from black slavery twice, the second time the expense was 625,000 mostly young white men. By a century later, blacks encouraged by liberal ideology pretended they thought they were let out of the cage.

Every Eve Carson, Nicole Brown, Ron Goldman and George Zimmerman knows this, I know it too.

“Give me liberty, or give me death”. Patrick Henry, Founding Father, American patriot. Thank you

YIH said...

He remembers when the ground began to shift beneath him. He was working as an investigator throughout the city, looking into homicides and major crimes. Most of his work was downtown. One day in 1997, he got a call to check out a dead car that someone had rolled up onto the side of the interstate, on the way to the northern suburbs. The car “looked like Swiss cheese,” he said, with 40 or 50 bullet holes in it and blood all over the seats. Barnes started investigating. He located one corpse in the woods nearby and another, which had been shoved out a car door, in the parking lot of a hospital a few miles away. He found a neighborhood witness, who gave up everything but the killers’ names. Two weeks later, he got another call about an abandoned car. This time the body was inside. “It was my witness,” he recalled, “deader than a mackerel.”

Life (and death) in Memfrica. And what Section 8 has wrought. Read the whole thing, especially the comments.

Anonymous said...

This nigress does not have a heart :/ her son tortures and kills an innocent thing man and all she does is threaten someone for "snitching."

bubo said...

Dade City Florida. Twenty five year old white woman named Stephanie Ross was murdered while doing her job as a health care caseworker. She was butchered by a 53 year old black felon with a long criminal history of violence.

She had just graduated with a degree in Psychology in September. This was her first job.

According to the CEO of Integra

"Stephanie joined Integra to improve the lives of disadvantaged people struggling in the community with chronic illnesses, and believed strongly in our mission and goals in serving these individuals."

Liberalism is a death cult. I wish more white people would understand that fact.

Anonymous said...

Trayvon Martin has destroyed so many people's lives....George Zimmerman, the police chief, and others who were fired for race realist comments. I like to think George Zimmerman did us a favour by saving our tax dollars when trayvon was made good, but than again it will probably go to another Negro's demon spawn.

Discard said...

This guy was murdered at home. You'd think that an engineer, even a newly minted one, could afford a pistol.

Whiskey said...

This will only get worse. Obama is in for good now, Harry Belafonte is calling for Obama to lock up opponents "like a third world dictator" his words.

Black is the not so secret weapon. White people don't want to hear about the truth, they want their Black guys like they want their gays and fat rednecks and guidos. Obama is teflon coated, he can't be touched by anything, because he's Black. And Whites believe Blacks, overwhelmingly, to possess "magical" qualities of goodness, wisdom, masculine behavior, feminine power, etc. I'm sure Michelle Obama will succeed Obama, followed by Valerie Jarrett and then Jessie Jackson Jr. or something as absurd as the President in Idiocracy.

Most White people's experience with Blacks is TV. So unless you move 99% of White people into the Ghetto, their attitudes will never, ever change.

Heck Django Unchained will do land office business. Sadly.

Anonymous said...

MuayTyson is right: black mean IQ in the US is a standard deviation lower than whites, but blacks commit crimes at a much higher rate than low-IQ whites. there's more goin' on there than just low IQ - blacks have more extreme rates of pathological personality variables - like lower impulse-control & overly high self esteem. b/c even when their low IQ is controlled for - blacks commit violent crime at a higher rate.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a theory as to why "diversity" always sides with the criminal scum? I've read many stories of White people turning in their own children when they go too far. I've also never seen the "White community" get behind a dangerous criminal. If there is real evidence of a miscarriage of justice people may protest, but never by default. I know my lily White family and friends have the philosophy "do the crime, do the time" but this line of thought seems completely absent in the minds of 3rd worlders. I wonder if this is a significant cause of the hellish conditions found in the 3rd world (and increasingly, here in the 1st world)

Bogolyubski said...

Good grief you're depressing Whiskey. Sad to say, you could well be right. The sooner the house of cards collapses the better. Time to go have a nice swig of grape drank from Rev. Repuke.

Anonymous said...

I googled KM images, I was wrong..
I figured with such an odd name he would be black.
Young, nice looking, WHITE.

Anonymous said...

in a way it reminds me of the Amanda Knox case..
Meredith Karcher killing.

Anonymous said...

in googling I found: Black Foot Soldiers:

according to the Slaves Schedules of the 1850 census, Wm. S. Miree of Perry County Alabama (Only 1 county removed from Jeffereson County Alabama – which Birmingham resides) owned a considerable number slaves.

My big brother and lifelong hero, the one and only Kyser Miree, was taken from us forever this weekend. Kyser was alone in his living room on Friday night when some human entered his home and shot him in the back of the head. My heart writhes in anguish over the senseless murder of the most peaceful and chipper man this world has ever seen.

Alabama Black Foot Soldiers have launched an investigation to determine if the families are the same. No one in Kiser’s family, however, has denied the relation.
Details developing

Anonymous said...

there's more goin' on there than just low IQ - blacks have more extreme rates of pathological personality variables - like lower impulse-control & overly high self esteem.

There may be a political component. the BRA agitprop machine has been telling blacks for decades that white people are oppressing them. It just may be that these over-the-edge crimes are a form of propaganda of the deed, terrorism to "liberate" the oppressed and strike fear into the oppressors. Look at similar terrorism being employed by the various anti-colonial movements in the Cold War era.

You also see these kinds of tribal killings in assorted multicultural battlegrounds, as in Africa or parts of the Middle East or in the Balkans during World War II. It's "us" against "them." You stand in solidarity with your own tribe no matter what they inflict on the next village over, and do not think very much of abstract principles such as "justice."

It's one more example of the breakdown of civilization in BRA. We can see another in the pictures of the Ruins of Detroit, per the URL.

Californian said...

MuayTyson said...I have stated this before not sure if it was here or not. One of the reasons we do not want refugees from war torn countries is the physical brain damage suffered. Actual physical trauma and being in an enviroment of starvation, neglect, and violence changes the the actual tissue of the brain.

Interesting point. Can you give more information?

There's been considerable effort to prevent pregnant American women from using drugs and alcohol due to their claimed effects on fetuses. And there's all sorts of programs in America such as WIC. Now consider the conditions in places like Somalia or Congo or etc. What kind of pre-natal development would you see among children from these places? What is the impact of the child soldier phenomenon?

DWLs might believe that bringing up a child from such countries in America will straighten them out. But if there is brain damage...then what?

Anonymous said...

Blacks will always howl about any black killed by a "white" as if it was the most horrendous and evil act in the history of mankind and yet, at the same time, not give one shit about hundreds of whites slaughtered by blacks.
They don't give a damn about you yet want you to have the deepest sympathy and compassion for them. You're supposed to rush in to help, to offer sympathy and support for them in every way imaginable if some black is killed by a white but if a white is killed by a black, all you will get from them is a "So what?" and complete indifference.
It's a one way street with blacks. You know the type- the kind that always expects you to be there for them but if the shoe is on the other foot, they can't be bothered to care or even notice.
To hell with them and their entire shitty race.

Anonymous said...

I know my lily White family and friends have the philosophy "do the crime, do the time" but this line of thought seems completely absent in the minds of 3rd worlders. I wonder if this is a significant cause of the hellish conditions found in the 3rd world (and increasingly, here in the 1st world)

Blacks do not value justice. Whatever gene or suite of genes are responsible for valuing justice is completely absent in blacks. This is why you have places like Detroit, Haiti, and Africa. This is why blogs like SBPDL and posts like this exist.

City resident said...

About a month ago the lead story on one of the major Chicago television news channels 10 pm broadcast was about some anonymous internet prankster who sent racial insults to some blacks seeking jobs. Yes, this was the top story that they spent quite some time on, the feelings of some blacks were hurt. Their hurt feelings are of greater importance than that of whites whose family members have been murdered. The media deliberately downplays stories of black wildings, interracial murders and assorted mayhem. This contributes to many people living in a bubble, not realizing what is really taking place all around them.

Anonymous said...

I hope this blog continues indefinitely. Even Drudge missed this news story of mahogany savages. I hope white people will stand up for themselves when The Day EBT Runs Out.

MuayTyson said...

Here are some resources California.

These are all from a simple Google search. These people CAN NOT be fixed they will never be "healthy" they can be treated but never can the retarded brain development be cured.

Our government imports these people by the millions every year to infect the rest of the poplation of the United States.

Oh, and for Zenster I think this applies to Muslims from violent Third World deserts as well.

rjp said...

Soft on crime ....

Anonymous said...

Can the Constructive Feedback hostile blackman explain this to me please?

From Occidental Dissent today:

"Man, U Betta Teac Sumin!"

This is your typical authentic ghetto black person, unlike the ones you see on TV courting on dates, trimming Christmas trees, baking cookies together, and sipping hot lattes.

White people need to wake up.

Anonymous said...

OT: Looting the treasury: Atlanta Mayor lets Council pay increase become law, wants to talk raises for employees

"Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed has allowed a roughly 50 percent pay increase for City Council members to become law, but is also committing to sit down with employees next month to start hammering out an agreement on an across-the board pay increase for more than 7,500 rank and file staff.

WarriorClass III said...

"there's more goin' on there than just low IQ - blacks have more extreme rates of pathological personality variables - like lower impulse-control & overly high self esteem."

According to tradition, the Biblical character Cush was the father of the Black race. Cush in Hebrew means "black." Cush and his son, Nimrod, were descendants of the Nephilim, the offspring of fallen angels and women, who were so violent that God destroyed the world to get rid of them. Unfortunately this genetic trait survived in one of Noah's son's wives to produce Cush and his son Nimrod, a notorious murderer and builder of city/nations. This is the origin of the black race and why they are so violent.

Know you know why God ordered His people to kill every last one of them, and not to spare even the women and children. Sadly, Israel failed to obey and we all suffer this disobedience.

Natassia said...

As a nation we can realistically prevent refugees from Africa from coming here. However, black Americans are Americans. They were born here, their parents born here, grandparents born here, etc.

The black ghettos in America ARE different from those in Sudan. In Sudan, the people have no choice about where they live and they are constantly at war. Muslims target people for their religious beliefs (or Christianity or animism). The ghettos of Baltimore are ghetto because of CHOICE, not war by hostile, organized groups. And in Sudan there is no rule of law and nowhere for people to go. The people of Baltimore can move. And many do. They head to the Eastern panhandle of West Virginia (or Martinsburg) and create new ghettos. But let's not say that this is like Sudan. Not at all. And unlike blocking Sudanese at the border, we must contend with OUR black citizens.

Natassia said...

This pathology of extreme immorality is seen among the high IQ as well (John Corzine, Ben Bernanke, etc.) The tip-top elite Overlords and the feral Lumpenproletariat are ruling our country. And they are becoming more and more pathological and destructive every year.

flavia said...

TO Anon:

Blacks giving a shit about other blacks being murdered is a top down phenomenon. The media and special interest groups drive them into a frenzy. This is not something they do on their own. They are taught to do it.

Black on white crime is treated the opposite, is is under-reported, and even when it is, the main facts are always omitted. Hence, no outcry and no frenzy.

If you want us to start caring, it needs to be a bottom up phenomenon, because none of the powers that be want to see it happen.

It already IS happening IMO, and I thank blogs like this for literally saving my life (I was targeted for a bump and run a few years back, but I didn't get out of my car, instead I sped away. The scariest part is they were in a brand new car, and I was driving a jalopy. So what did they want?).

The most important lesson in all of this, for everyone, is that the phrase "That's racist! You're racist!" should never rattle you, or even cause you to try to explain yourself. Smile and shrug your shoulders. Shame tactics only work if you are ashamed.

Muskegon Avenger said...

To Warrior Class:

The Hebrew word "Nephilim" which is usually translated into English as "giant" literally means, "that which fell" in Hebrew. Taken a step further, it means "the fallen race" i.e., those that fell.

I've never heard of a theory until now that attributes this to the black race before. Very intriguing, if only just conjecture.

Paradise Lost said...

Where the skunk goes, so does the stink.

Discard said...

What's the point of "fixing" Blacks? We already have a much superior primate available, the White Man. Trying to make Blacks equal to Whites is like trying to get a flathead four cylinder engine put out as much horsepower as an overhead cam V8. Or like building a house out of bamboo when brick is available.
Investment in Blacks means backing the loser. Put the resources into Whites and you get something for it.

Mr. Rational said...

What's the point of "fixing" Blacks?

Let me tell you something, folks...

Pat Boyle said...

Discard said:

What's the point of "fixing" Blacks?

The point I thought was clear. It's to avoid genocide. I presume from your post that you favor genocide.

It's quite simple. If blacks had had some educationl disadvantages the solution would be to improve the schools. But that isn't it. There have been no education reforms that have equalized the races.

If blacks had been discriminated against we could cut out that discreimination. We did just that but it didn't help.

The reason these measures had no effect is because the problem is biological. The black brain is smaller and less powerful. That only leaves you two choices - fix the black brain or get rid of blacks.

Intermarriage of whites and blacks does raise black IQs and eugenics could work too, but we won't have time.

Recognize that black social pathology is rising - not falling or even staying stable.

How to make a good black citizen? First have him be born to a married and united parents. Give him a good dose of "that old time religion". Let him get a high school diploma and a job. Have him marry a nice girl.

I estimate that it takes an IQ of about 95 to meet all of these criteria. A century ago an IQ of only about 80 would have sufficed.

The average black IQ of 85 means that black teens increasingly won't get that first job.

Black male teenagers are becoming unemployable as technology advances. Unemployed male black teens cannot be tolerated in a commiunity. Generally we lock them up, but only after they have already inflicted damage.

This means that Detroit is only a preview. In ten years it will be worse, much worse. We are not in a racial crisis - yet. The real crisis is still a couple decades in the future.


Pat Boyle said...

Continuing with my examination of the books on Amazon that are about Detroit I find:

* Detroit Disassembled - Andrew Moore
* Detroit Then and Now - Cherri Gay
* Forgotten Detroit - Paul Vachon
* Detroit 1930-1969 - David Lee Poremba
* Historic Photos of Detroit Mary J. Wallace
* Detroit Remember When Vols. 1 & 2* The Ruins of Detroit - Yves Marchand
* Reimagining Detroit - John Gallagher

Almost all of these are just pictures books. It's kinda strange. They are like archeology books about a fallen civilization except that even archeology pictures books will at least mention why the changes took place. None of these, as far as I could tell, offer an explanation as to why Detroit fell so far so fast.

Detroit's disintegration has been good for one group - photographers.

I will be looking at books that do offer an explanation next.


Jay Santos said...

Recognize that black social pathology is rising - not falling or even staying stable.

We have got to keep expanding the public's awareness of this. It's hugely important in the process of waking people up.

Negro dysfunction; the crime, violence, ignorance, dependency on welfare, total educational failure, these are all exploding. The media works to obscure it, we all need to do what we can to highlight it. The lives of your children and grand children actually depend on this.

10mm AUTO said...

Wow, lots to mention here but I will try to keep my comments succinct.

1. As to negro pathology, American Renaissance reprinted a great article by R. Lynn called "Race and Psychopathic Personality" which covers the negro mind. (See: ).

MuayTyson is right in that it is not just the lower I.Q. but a whole range of structures within the negros brain that contribute to negro dysfunction. I recommend it for everyone who is interested in the pathology of the enemy.

2. I disagree that removing the negro by whatever means is "genocide". Negros themselves are angry at being brought here (slavery, etc whine, whimper...) and were never meant to be here. Returning them to their homeland is simple self-defense or allowing them to die out of their own hand and incompetence through implant birth control is simply the allowing nature to take its course. What can be more unnatural than Whites (or any race) supporting another race that seeks to destroy them??!! To return to the regular balance of no welfare for anyone except for the blind or truly crippled would doom the black race to a long death, taking many Whites along with them. This way, negros that choose to work and prosper can have as many children as they can afford. Those who choose to be either sterilized for a financial reward or take welfare for life are required to not reproduce on the Whites money. Those who wish to return to their homeland can be DNA typed to find where their homeland is and returned, thus freeing them from the Evil White Man, forever! A total win for the negro.

3. My crime research has turned up some disturbing attributes of the negro. The negro appears to go into a killing frenzy at the slightest provocation, though it is coupled with a "psychic break". By this I mean that the negro can do horrific violence and not even be consciously aware of the experience. Case in point, the Anne Pressly murder: Anne Pressly was the epitome of a beautiful White woman and was attacked and raped in her home by a typical negro. During the rape she resisted, causing the negro to "lose it" (his words). To stop her resisting, he beat her face with a piece of firewood so hard and so many blows that her blood was on the ceiling, her jaw was driven back into her carotid artery and she was unrecognizable. Then he continued the rape. This was not the taking of a beautiful woman, but the culmination of a hate frenzy.

Many of these cases bear similar hallmarks. The jilted negro who stabs his girlfriend 30, 40, 70 times or more is so common that we have stopped remarking on it. The negro who doesn't just hit his girl, but throws acid in her face or doses her in gasoline and set her on fire. The rape of the Elderly White. The negro who wants a 12 year-old's bicycle and doesn't just hit her to make her go away, but "loses it" and holds her throat closed for minutes at a time and then casually dumps her in the recycle bin and writes about it on facebook. Whites call it carzy, but it appears to be a common thread in negro crime.

Want more examples? The negro who doesn't just shoot the White Pizza delivery diver once, but dumps the magazine of 7, 8 or 15 shots into him because he "loses it". The negro mammy who doesn't just get angry at her crying child, but fills a bathtub and scalds them to death (Street term: Ghetto Lobster).

Beyond just hatred and being psychopaths, I believe negros have a frustration psychic break with reality that needs to be researched.

Anonymous said...

A client came in to my place of work today and was talking to our secretary, my coworker and I heard something about our generation (we're in our mid 20s) doesn't have respect for people. While I would agree with her it set my coworker off about how she's ignorant and how it's not disrespect to try and get equal rights for everyone, not being able to resist I opened the can of worms. I said she's actually right and that we're actually not the norm for people our age (as in we value education, can hold down decent jobs and don't expect everyone to hand things to us). Somehow he got onto an example about a white kid talking 'smack' to a black kid then it's completely understandable when the white kid gets beat up! I asked what if the tables were turned and he made the same excuses for them as every other liberal does, slavery Jim Crow blah blah blah. I finally had to say in so many words that I'm talking about the present and judging them by their merits they still fall short. This apparently makes me ignorant by his standards. What's so shocking is that he has lived around black people and in school used to get jumped by them for no reason and he still defends them. Yet I'm the delusional one?!

Jay Santos said...

10mm AUTO said...

... The negro appears to go into a killing frenzy at the slightest provocation,...[re thePressley killing] causing the negro to "lose it" (his words).

The same thing, same words from the negro,"lose it", is found in the report linked here yesterday on the lye and baseball bat attack on the white woman in Vermont.

In an honest society, one that was even minimally interested in protecting people, these intensely dangerous characteristics of the negro would be discussed openly and studied clinically. The entire situation is insane.

So CAL Snowman said...

... The negro appears to go into a killing frenzy at the slightest provocation,...[re thePressley killing] causing the negro to "lose it" (his words).

The more I read about black behavior and their seemingly unexplainable outbursts of violence, the more I am convinced that many of them suffer from Bipolar Disorder. For White people this disorder affects a relatively small number of individuals, but for blacks it almost appears that a Bipolar brain is the norm for them.

"Bipolar disorder is a condition in which people experience abnormally elevated (manic or hypomanic) mood states, to a degree that interferes with the functions of ordinary life."

"Mania is the defining feature of bipolar disorder. Mania is a distinct period of elevated or irritable mood . . ."

" A manic person may exhibit pressured speech, with thoughts experienced as racing.[5] Attention span is low, and a person in a manic state may be easily distracted. Judgment may be impaired, and sufferers may go on spending sprees or engage in risky behavior that is not normal for them. They may indulge in substance abuse, particularly alcohol or other depressants, cocaine or other stimulants, or sleeping pills. Their behavior may become aggressive, intolerant, or intrusive. They may feel out of control or unstoppable, or as if they have been "chosen" and are "on a special mission", or have other grandiose or delusional ideas. Sexual drive may increase. At more extreme levels, a person in a manic state can experience psychosis, or a break with reality, where thinking is affected along with mood.[6] Some people in a manic state experience severe anxiety and are irritable (to the point of rage), while others are euphoric and grandiose."

The vast majority of people doing research on this subject are White. So to them, manic behavior is considered abnormal. However, as we have seen with blacks, the above criteria seems to be a normal, daily occurrence. It is my personal belief that black brains are hardwired much differently than Whites and that they are affected by mental disorders at a higher rate specifically because of their brain chemistry. Now I am not a psychologist and I didn't study any of this in school (I was an Earth Sciences man and a statistics guy) but it seems to me that what Whites' dub "mental illness" is normal brain activity for many blacks.

@ YIH - Great read! Thanks for that.

@ Anonymous 1:08

"What's so shocking is that he has lived around black people and in school used to get jumped by them for no reason and he still defends them. Yet I'm the delusional one?!"

Your friend suffers from Stockholm Syndrome

Anonymous said...


It sure sounds like he does, I also remember a conversation a while back about the election and him stating about how he used to be racist and that's why he voted for McCain. It took all the self control I have not to say 'Used to be? What made you stop thinking?' lol

Discard said...

Pat Albertosaurus: I am not in favor of genocide, if genocide is defined as killing all the Blacks. I am in favor of separating the parasitic Black race from its White host. The simple, and brutal, way to do this would be to cut off all their freebies. There are about 35-40 million Blacks in this country, most of whom are unable to support themselves and are dependent on crime, welfare of some sort, or affirmative action to feed themselves. Take away the White Man's generosity and millions would starve.
The humane way to free ourselves from the insufferable burden of Blacks would be to pay them to be sterilized. Blacks destroy everything we build, and our survival will require us to make them stop.

BTW, it's not eugenic to allow breeding between Blacks and Whites. It elevates the Blacks but lowers the Whites, which is no solution at all.

Pat Boyle said...

There is hard genocide and soft. The word to most Americans connotes Nazis putting Jews in gas chambers or the Rwanda mass machete murders. These techniques are war techniques meaning that they usually occur only in war time. The Nazi Holocaust mostly took place in conquered lands (Poland) while battle raged nearby.

A softer peacetime genocide is that in which a population is kept from reproducing and they gradually just die out. One of the softest genocide techniques is negative eugenics. Positive eugenics means breeding in more positive characteristics into the human population. An example might be resistance to tooth decay. Negative eugenics is also called dysgenics. You breed out the bad traits. This could mean restricting the reproduction of those people who were susceptible to tooth decay.

BTW tooth decay has a large genetic component so this isn't a frivolous example. Consanguinity (marriage to your relatives) results in bad teeth as anyone who has been to Appalachia knows. Siegfried probably had lots of cavities.

There are a couple problems with employing soft genocide to blacks. First of all it will be opposed, which means it will quickly turn to hard genocide. That means that if you started to sterilize black people they would resist with firearms rather quickly. It is highly unlikely that black people would allow white people to reduce their numbers for the benefit of white people.

If you want to reduce the number of blacks you should not fool yourself, that will mean war and mass executions. Discard wants to pay black people to be sterilized. I would like to try that but it seems to me to be very unlikely to work. What do you expect Al Sharpton would say on his MSNBC telecast? By all means we should try monetary inducements but we should be prepared for it's likely failure.

Also unlike tooth decay which is probably a single point locus for a single homozygous recessive trait, being black involves a whole host of traits. As 10mm pointed out there are other traits beside brain size that cause bad black behavior. People might fore go reproduction if they had a unitary genetic fault like Huntington's Chorea but they are much less likely to willingly participate in the complete eradication of their race.

Eugenics turns to soft genocide which turns to hard genocide which turns to race war. The Detroit Problem is real and deep. If your idea of how to solve it involves a reduction in the number of blacks, be prepared for a very nasty race war.


Pat Boyle said...

10 mm rightly objected to my emphasis on only IQ and brain size. He referred me to an excellent article by Lynn. I've read several of Lynn's books. He's probably the greatest living authority on race today. Actually this article reads more like an article by Rushton rather than Lynn.

Lynn's most famous books focus on IQ internationally, while Rushton also writes about sexual and social behavior differences among the races.

Thanks to 10 mm for the reference to that article.

In any case the Lynn article is persuasive. I suggest that the cause for what Lynn describes as psychopathic black behavior may be caused by differences in the melanocortin systems. I've commented on this hypothesis before.

The idea is that aggressiveness is a pleiotropic effect of melanin synthesis.


Genes have primary effects - like causing skin color and they often have seemingly unrelated effects like greater aggressiveness. This idea that one gene can have many very different effects is called pleiotropy.

The idea here is that black skin itself makes you nasty as a side effect. This hypothesis is that dark skin(skin with more melanin) causes the kind of psychopathic behavior that Lynn describes.

Note that this is still an early idea. Lynn doesn't say that. Rushton suggested it. I'm only discussing it here as a possibility. But if it's true it answers a lot of questions.

Dark skinned vertibrates are sexually more active and more aggressive. They are less tame. This is true for mammals, reptiles, birds and fish. It seems likely that it is also true for humans.

There are also other suggestions in pigment synthesis that are fascinating. Melanocortins are involved in obesity and black women are the most obese group of humans. This may mean nothing but it should be pursued and it probably will be.

Brain size differences between the races has been known for about one hundred and sixty years. IQ differences - maybe one hundred and twenty years but melanocortin is a new idea. All the journal articles I see are within the last ten years. So we should be careful lest we jump to premature conclusions.

That said, I think I believe in it. Certainly animal breeding experience and dog pound adoptions experience supports this idea. It means that black skin isn't an epiphenomenon. It isn't just a coincidence. If black people behave badly (and they do) it's because of their black skin.

So if we are to solve the Detroit problem it will be insufficient to just fix the black brain as I have been suggesting. We will also need to fix their skin. We will need nothing less that to turn them in to white people.

That's a tall order. I'll have to think about it some more.


Mr. Rational said...

The Detroit Problem is real and deep. If your idea of how to solve it involves a reduction in the number of blacks, be prepared for a very nasty race war.

We have a fairly nasty race war right now, made worse by an enemy emboldened by our refusal to fight back.  What do we have to lose?

Anonymous said...

You only let folks who agree with you post how can anyone debate you?

Anonymous said...

This kind of reporting in IMPERATIVE,VITAL AND CRUCIAL.
I would have known NOTHING about Christopher Kyser Miree if it weren't for SBPDL.

JB said...

In a weird way, the comments to this article have become parody...
Is this a put on?

Anonymous said...

Deare SBDL Readers:

I have been out of it for a couple of days due to work. It's funny because even when I am working, I reflect on the themes raised on this blog and what this means to my and my family's escape from Amurkistan to a place like the Middle.

I have said it before and I will say it again (Albertosaurus touched on this a couple of days ago), people in the US are in huge denial. It is bad out there and is going to get worse. Women like that one in the picture exist in the black community by the tens of thousands. "Dont snitch" is the guiding credo of most of Black America and really this phrase can be applied in all sectors outside of just committing crimes and getting away with it. It is a phrase of overall and mass deniability in the black community. Never will these people hold anyone accountable in their community for a wrongdoing: NEVER. It is a code of silence and it is STRONG. I work as a psychologist and I can tell you that the black community as whole rejects psychology and mental health and really healthcare in general. If they did not, they would really have to enegage in self-reflection and admit to wrong doings such as being mooches, theft of public monies, destroying cities, destroying the housing name it. Study AntiSocial Personality Disorder and in fact ALL cluster B personality disorders...It is like the Black Community is just one mass of personality disorders. Personality disorders cannot be medicated and it takes YEARS of therapy with little chance of change.

TO Albertosaurus:
No we cant change their brains and hell no am I procreating with a groid! -No way Albertosaurus....Ill tell you what Pat/Albertosaurus, you take one for the White team and bump and grind with a groid and then pop out a Trayvon or Trayvoness. It is what it is and what it is is not pretty!

There is no chance for redemption here folks. Get trained in survival skills, get trained in handling guns (of course use the mace/pepper spray first per advice from Jay in DC) and keep it moving.

White Mom Living With The Turds

Brute said...

Impending riots on Chicago's south side after some felonious asshole is blasted by police.,0,6774873.story

Have to love the picture of the feral savage chimping out, they had that on the coverpage, but rapidly tamed it down to some nonviolent pablum.


hey fellow law abiding whites, just outside pgh,pa this beautiful white woman was killed(shot in the fucking chest) cause she told the three 14teen yr. old ngr's to quote"get a job" cause they asked her husband for a smoke while he was sitting on his porch of the house that they bought when they were married. his wife died in his arms on the front porch. he said that she looked so peaceful while she was slowly dying. these KILLERS were all but 14yrs.old MY GOD what has this country come to? i'm really hating this shit more and more. our people are being slaughtered and the cunt media won't inform the masses. i wouldn't doubt that they throw all white people into those fema camps. white-people they are gonna come for our guns. they are going to steal your 401k too. did you people hear they want to nationalize our 401's and ira's! they said you wont be able to cash out the whole worth. i guess they want us to stay and fund these ngr's guys. i took mine so ole barry boy ain't getting mine. it cost me some dough but it was well worth it cause it's mine thru my hard work,blood,sweat and tears! so one for the little guy. right? to finish the smoke bumming story those motherfuckers got away but the police know their names. only in ngr america can 14teen yr. olds be on the fucking run. wow this country is going down-hill real fast. i guess when you take GOD out of america, all you got left is the devil. godspeed and keep your head up!

Anonymous said...

Trayvon Martin has destroyed so many people's lives....George Zimmerman, the police chief, and others who were fired for race realist comments

Were the Zimmermanns (Note different spelling) from a town two miles away (Note different town) ever able to go back to their house after a mob chased them out after Spike Lee incorrectly tweeted their address?

Anonymous said...

The level of sickness and racism on this blog overwhelms me. I cannot even be upset with any of you. I actually feel sorry for all of you. I am sorry that the only sense of our world is from TV or what is a few feet ahead of you. I am sorry that no one ever gave you the opportunity to experience humanity outside of hatred which has probably been brewing inside of you for years. Brothers and sisters on this blog, I do not hate you but will pray for you. I pray that your hate does not consume you and send you straight to hell.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 3:21 a.m.:

Thanks for your prayers, but no thanks. Take your ``brothers and sisters,'' find a nice piece of property to find your own (Namibia comes to mind, perhaps), and live the dream. Only then will you experience a level of hell that is truly sickening. You condescending putz.