Thursday, December 6, 2012

Peyton Manning, Race Realist?

The news of Kansas City Chief Jovan Belcher showing a complete lack of impulse control shouldn't startle anyone who pays attention to the reality of race and crime. Especially when it comes to those athletes who are employees of the National Football League (NFL), a billion-dollar entertainment enterprise.

Peyton Manning, flanked by Eric Decker and Brandon Stokley
Sixty-eight percent of those athletes who play for the NFL's various franchises are black, and as Jeff Benedict noted in his book "Pros and Cons" - just like in the real world - the overwhelmingly majority of those arrested for major and minor offenses are black.

Two recently retired superstar receivers, Terrell Owens and Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson, are both dealing with predictable black problems despite their status of world-class athletes (child support payments for a deadbeat dad in Owens; domestic violence charges against Johnson).

It was Jason Whitlock, a corpulent black sportswriter for Fox Sports, who decided to throw himself into the murky waters of the Jovan Belcher story by writing a column blasting America's gun culture; what Mr. Whitlock was unprepared to do in his story - quoted by Bob Costas on the Sunday night NBC telecast of "Football Night in America" - is point out that "off the field" problems in the NFL are almost always monopolized by black athletes.

As the New York Times noted in 2008 after New York Giants receiver Plaxico Burress shot himself in the leg at a night club, the NFL does have a gun culture. It also has a thug culture, courtesy of its 69 percent black athletes.

But what if, removing the New England Patriots and their outstanding lineup of white athletes (which is only growing) from the equation, there was a player - perhaps the greatest quarterback in NFL history - who understood the negative influence that thug athletes can have to a team's chemistry?

What if Jason Whitlock himself noticed this himself when he wrote of then Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning in 2010 [NFL Truths: Colts offense has white stuff, Fox Sports, 9-30-10]:
10. From the we’re-not-supposed-to-mention-this file: It was fascinating watching Peyton Manning and his BYU offense destroy the Denver Broncos
The unwritten rule in sports writing/journalism is we’re only supposed to mention racial progress when it involves dark-skin minorities. Obviously, I don’t care about rules. 
With receiver Pierre Garcon sidelined with an injury, the Colts started and played nine white guys on offense pretty much all day. NFL rosters are nearly 70 percent comprised of African-Americans. What the Colts did was significant. 
For a day, the best offense in football was 82 percent white. Austin Collie, Garcon’s replacement, put a clown suit on the Denver secondary with precise route running and nifty moves after the catch. Some practice-squad kid, Blair White, performed a Collie impersonation when Collie was tired. 
Peyton Manning is the Larry Bird of this era. I mean that as high, high praise. I’m not accusing Manning or the Colts of any kind of racism. Bill Polian, Jim Caldwell (and Tony Dungy) have surrounded Manning with players who mirror his approach to the game. 
Race is not the determining factor. 
A willingness to prepare and shared values, I believe, are the determining factors.
I’m not going to get back into it today, but I’ve been writing for three years that baby-mama culture (no father in a child’s life) is going to cost African-Americans jobs in professional team sports. This summer, Ron English, the black head coach at Eastern Michigan, came under fire for admitting he’d prefer to recruit players who have fathers in their lives.
The best offense in the history of the NFL might be the 2012 New England Patriots, led by quarterback Tom Brady. Throwing to a plethora of talented white receivers (Wes Welker, Rob Gronkowski, and Julian Edelman) and with criminally underused white running back Danny Woodhead, Brady offers NFL viewers the opportunity to deprogram from the decades of conditioning they have been exposed to: that only black athletes have the necessary "speed" and "athleticism" to participate in anything remotely considered 'legitimate' football. 

But with Peyton Manning in 2012 as the quarterback of the Denver Broncos, something different, much different is happening. Four of his five top receivers are white (Eric Decker, Brandon Stokley, Jacob Tamme, and Joel Dreessen); the latter two are both tight-ends, signed on March 23, 2012 just days after Manning signed with the Broncos. A month later, the 36-year-old Stokley would sign with the team. 

In August, two outstanding white veterans defenders - linebacker Keith Brooking and safety Jim Leonhard - would sign with the Broncos; a month later, center Dan Koppen - longtime center for Tom Brady - would sign with the Broncos.

The culture of the team changed to reflect that of Peyton Manning. Back in 2010, Heath Evans - a white fullback - was signed by New Orleans. Having played the prior few seasons with the whiter-than-average-NFL-franchise New England Patriots, he told the New Orleans Times-Picayune this
New Orleans Saints fullback Heath Evans has been in winning locker rooms, having played with the New England Patriots the past four seasons. Says Evans of the Saints, 'I made a lateral move when I left New England. I didn't take a step down.'

Culture is defined as "the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution, organization or group."
The culture of a football team is basically the collective attitude of the players in the locker room and on the practice field.

Culture has been a trendy buzzword at Saints camp this offseason -- organizational culture, locker room culture, team culture.
Evans should know what a good locker room looks and feels like. He played the previous four seasons in New England, the model for positive locker-room relations.
"If you had to backtrack to one thing (in New England), it would be selflessness," Evans said. "You have some teams that are racially divided. You have some teams that are positionally divided. Some teams divided between offense and defense. Everyone has to buy in and be on the same page."
Nurturing such an environment in the "me generation" can be difficult. If not managed properly, the wealth and fame associated with the NFL can be hazardous to a locker room's cultural health.
"I believe the difference between winning and losing, between first and last place, is this much," Evans said, holding his thumb and index finger an inch apart. "Not every team has great leadership."
What if the difference between winning and losing in the NFL is increasingly becoming measured by... what percentage of your team actually possess impulse control (i.e., not black)?

What if Peyton Manning has figured this out, which might be the reason why Denver just signed Jacob Hester to a contract? A former LSU Tigers standout running back, the white Jacob Hester found himself a target of racial taunts in the majority black Southeastern Conference; one player asked why he wasn't playing for the Air Force Academy in a game, a strange racial putdown considering the highly cerebral nature a candidate for appointment to the Air Force Academy a person must possess.

Must be why it's one of the whitest Football Bowl Championship (FBS) series teams....

Tom Brady and Wes Welker of the New England Patriots: White America's team
Peyton Manning, who has always been an on-the-field offensive coordinator, calling his own plays and then calling audibles into new plays based on defensive schemes, understands exactly what Heath Evans referred to about culture in the NFL.

He didn't come back from a year layoff after neck surgery to play for an 8-8 team; he came back to win a Super Bowl. And, playing with players who possess the mental aptitude of teenagers (looking at you black America) isn't the way to make this happen.

Just read this article about Brandon Stokley from the USA Today [Brandon Stokley knows it's good to be Peyton Manning's friend, 11-30-12]:

When Brandon Stokley canceled his 10-year anniversary trip with his wife to spend a week in February with Peyton Manning, neither the wide receiver nor the quarterback could have imagined what would come next.

How could they, back in February, have pictured that come November they'd be connecting for touchdowns during a run toward the playoffs with the Denver Broncos?
It wasn't for money (he signed a one-year deal for the veteran minimum), and it wasn't to chase a title (he has two Super Bowl rings, one each with the Baltimore Ravens and Colts). Stokley wanted one more chance to play alongside Manning, in the city Stokley has adopted as home now that his kids are old enough to remember it.
Stokley's sales pitch obviously worked, with Manning picking the Broncos over Tennessee, San Francisco and Arizona. When voluntary workouts began in April, Manning helped bring Stokley back to the Broncos. Manning told Denver's coaches what he saw from Stokley in their workouts together.
The Broncos needed a slot receiver, and they needed help in teaching a young receiving corps about what it would take to play with Manning. As Stokley began working with the first-team offense in practice not long after he signed Soon it became clear that Stokley had come back to contribute, not just to be a mentor to Eric Decker and Demaryius Thomas or a security blanket for Manning.
"Brandon is one of my favorite teammates of all time," Manning said. "For a guy his age to be able to keep his quickness is pretty rare for a wide receiver. He can be a matchup problem for teams."

You have to wonder if Stokley, like Peyton Manning and the Patriots white receiver Wes Welker, donated any money to Mitt Romney's campaign too (Manning and Welker both gave Romney $5,000 each -- the maximum amount)?

It's hard to imagine what the NFL might look like were it not populated by players who are, to paraphrase Evans, "this close" to losing all control and being just another black criminal statistic, but instead by athletes like the ones Manning has chosen to surround himself with... well, maybe not so hard.

Tom Brady appears to realize the formula to success as well.

Americans have been so conditioned to believe that only black participation in a sport like football or basketball can qualify it is as "legitimate" that the sight of white athletes dominating on the Patriots or the Broncos is grounds for searching Google for stories like: "Is the Patriots Offense Racist", "Are the Patriots Racist," "Patriots White Offense Players."

The real question should be: why do Americans tolerate watching a form of entertainment artificially dominated by the very people they do everything humanely possible to never have to call "neighbor"?


MuayTyson said...

I'm not a fan of team sports per se but White people could learn a lot from this story. Band together support yourselves and people like you. The mulitcults and the Left can not break a group of well disciplined Whites.
Someone suggested the name H.E.R.O for a White rights organization. We must be heros individuly and as a group. Brown Shirts in the right direction is not a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

Coaching in the NFL or NBA is about who is best at controlling the Black athletes.

Anonymous said...

For sure, the NFL has gone too far on the Black player card. It is a game of strategy and on-field thinking, not just reaction. IMO, the game is passing more than ever (because they can, at will it seems?).

Might have something to do with the dbacks not being able to read the offense very well, or maybe the more intelligent quarterbacks are able to out-think the defense at the line, etc.

Something else that is very tiresome, is the hyping of this Robert Griffin. I thought Can Newton was the annointed black quarterback.

Once the defenses learn how to play this guy, it will come down to smarts, like all the best ones - Manning, Brady, Rodgers, et al. When Griffin proves, like Cam Newton (an unfortunate last name to live up to), that he can't think either, it'll be someone new they'll hype, I'm sure.

Mr. Rational said...

why do American's tolerate watching a form of entertainment artificially dominated by the very people they do everything humanely possible to never have to call "neighbor"?

Answer:  I don't.  I don't watch TV at home, avoid it when out and turn it off in public places when I have the option.  Next question?

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but.

George Zimmerman to sue NBC for blatant falsification in their reporting.

Hope Zimmerman owns that propaganda mill when this is over with.

josh said...

That little dweeb Costas was talking to Charles Barkley the other day and sir Charles reported that he always was armed. Costas asked him if he had a gun on him "right now" which caused Barkley to laugh."I think I can handle you," he said. I think so too.In more ways than one,no doubt,to Costas' great pleasure!The point being that affletes NEED guns because they socialize wiff other blacks at black clubs. You dont wanna go out,having grown up in thug-culture,pockets bursting with money,and go to a Springsteen concert! Socializing with blacks is costly,ergo they have a "gun culture." Belcher felt he needed a gun,ironically,for his own protection--LOL!! I wonder if his 1/2 white girlfriend ever thought about getting one? (And i hope her mother suffers for the rest of her life. Being a African-American-lover,tho,,she probably wont.

Anonymous said...

"Something else that is very tiresome, is the hyping of this Robert Griffin. I thought Can Newton was the annointed black quarterback."

LOL When Vince Young entered the NFL, the talking heads at ESPN were practically sucking his dick, predicting he would be a superstar. They want SO BADLY for a successful black quarterback, just like Limbaugh said.

make it rain TRUTH said...

People buy into this black athletes are the only athletes for the NFL/NBA because they never stop to critically think about it.

That isn't a problem exclusive to sports fans.

The first problem is that many sports people in America put far too much emphasis on pure speed. Mostly because of their arrogance. Why? They think speed is natural... but EVERYTHING else could be coached by their brilliant selves.

Many sports franchises elsewhere in the world don't think that way at all. In fact, they actively seek players who have acumen/intelligence in their particular sport. Deeming the mental part of the game just as important as the physical part of the game. Realizing that while coaching can sharpen both the physical and the mental.... if you start with little basic tools you are never going to polish into anything special.

I say that to point out that color isn't, and shouldn't be, considered in sports period. But many lazy American sports types won't bother thinking that way.

Anonymous said...

I think whites like to watch blacks play football because it gives them the emotional cushion of not having to really care for the players themselves, i.e., as human beings with lives off the field. And, as a result, football has lost all pretense of being a "character-building" game of heroes and has become rather cartoonish, with almost no emotional content. It is just a bunch of over-muscled slugs walloping each other. I recall at the gym a while back watching some NFL game side-by-side with a strangely beautiful indoor tennis from Europe featuring Federer vs Murray.
The sheer difference in aesthetic quality was remarkable.It is obvious the human race has reached a point of bifurcation.

PDK said...

I started watching football in 1963, I was 9 years old. I hail from the great socialist democracy of Massachusetts; therefore as a boy I befriended the Boston teams. Like most sport fans, when I left the great socialist democracy, I brought with me my sports fan baggage, but none of the immature, liberal dolt stuff, so predominate in Massachusetts.

I grew up in an all-white, middleclass suburban town west of Boston. I loved playing sports with my fellow young white neighbors, including basketball and football. By the time Larry Bird came on the scene white basketball players were going the way of the dinosaur, and the Boston Celtics were the last white team in the league, it was so obvious.

When the Larry Bird era ended, I stopped watching basketball, and from then on, could care less about it.

I`m still a NE Patriots fan though. Tom Brady and company, a 65% white team in a 65% black league, really know how to take care of business. I suppose if the NFL goes as did the NBA, the end of the Tom Brady era will be the end of my NFL patronage. However, black, run fast, jump high athleticism, does not go as far in football as it does in basketball.

In fact, the best quarterbacks in the league are still the white quarterbacks. That is because quarterbacking is first and foremost a cerebrum position, athleticism is second in priority, and Tom Brady is the exemplar of this reality, little athleticism, lot of brains. T. Brady, P. Manning, D.Bress and A. Rogers really cannot be touched by black quarterbacks.

Further centers and place kickers are dominated by whites. Centers of course need the brain power to both snap the ball and block at the same time. Place kicking demands concentrated concentration, again a cerebrum thing. Many times the offensive line is white but the defensive line is black. One may deduce either a cultural reality here; where the bigger brain whites acquire and try to protect what is theirs, here the ball, while the smaller brain blacks who fail to acquire try to take away, steal, the property, here the ball. Or one may deduce it simply takes more brain power to protect than to aggress, both are probably causes to this phenomenon.

Liberal ideology, without doubt, pushes black domination in sports. Basketball is so much more athleticism than brains that blacks would dominate this game with or without liberal ideology help. However, tactics and strategy are big in football, and both tactics and strategy necessitate brains, the power of the cerebrum, and blacks, because their gene pool produces a physically smaller, lower IQ cerebrum, run second to whites in this department.

However, when the limited, higher cultural opportunities presented for smaller brained, but athletically gifted black people, is coupled with professional, high paying sports jobs, blacks will naturally gravitate to said pro-sport games. Further, liberal ideology,(LI), utilizing its well-known Gestapo, LMSM,and SportsMSM, terror tactics, constantly pushes for black domination in sports. One area where LI fails is baseball. Many times blacks and sometimes white liberals will claim racism is cutting blacks out, but in reality, run fast, jump high athleticism is menial in baseball, and pitching is more tactics and strategy than athleticism and therefore whites naturally dominate.

With white athletes being pariahized by LI in the SMSM, high quality, and good athletically, higher IQ cerebrumed whites are both genuinely and deliberately overlooked or passed over, leaving a repository of said high quality whites to be mined out by those not intoxicated, or terrorized, by SMSM.

This, favor the black athlete over the white athlete policy, has transmogrified sport casting as well. I refuse to watch ESPN because their black, commentator favoritism is so obvious, and even worse, the black commentators bring their inferiority/superiority baggage into their every comment, it is disgusting.

The sports commercials really get my goat, but I`m running out of word space and will pick that up in another post. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I can see in the future if teams start using "Peyton" logic and happen to have less than 40% Negro in players that lawsuits would be lodged against the NFL, the owners, Even head coaches demanding more Negros be hired. I already look for the NFL to adopt a double standard when it comes to law breakers and thuggery. Giving the Negro players leniency because violence is just a part of there way of life. Before long you will see that double standard used by referee's. Why is it so painfully obvious to most that everything the Negro touches, it ruins. But everyone remains silent?

Anonymous said...

As the black head coach at Eastern Michigan said, it makes sense to recruit players who come from two parent families. Almost every successful NFL quarterback has a devoted father. Almost every successful NFL quarterback is also a devoted Christian. RG3 is both, and it shows on the field. Cam Newton is nominally both, but in reality his father is a hustler in the image of Al Sharpton. Newton is hated by his teammates for his selfish and destructive behavior on the field.


Anonymous said...

"Once the defenses learn how to play this guy, it will come down to smarts, like all the best ones - Manning, Brady, Rodgers, et al. When Griffin proves, like Cam Newton (an unfortunate last name to live up to), that he can't think either, it'll be someone new they'll hype, I'm sure."

I'm glad that someone else has noticed this pattern. These black "athletic" QBs come into the league and have strong rookie seasons - Vick, post-prison Vick, Young, Newton, and now Griffin - but then all of them in their second season (not Griffin, yet) are neutralized.

What it all comes down to is that these players' success in their first season is an expression of the instincts and habits they developed throughout their football careers. But after a full season, these tendencies become predictable and are no longer effective against the great defensive coaching strategists.

These players lack the ability to intellectually adapt to the defensive changes they're faced with. At best, they can try to develop new "tricks" but those are figured out faster than they can innovate.

The difference between Vick and Brady or Griffin and Luck is that while Vick and Griffin are figuring out what they should do on a given play based on coaching during the week and on the sidelines, Brady and Luck are adjusting to the defensive strategy over the course of the actual game and making intelligent decisions at the line and even during the play.

This is why you see guys like Vick and Griffin live or die on the big (pre-designed) play or the desperate scramble, and guys like Brady and Luck running complex and flexible multi-route schemes and finding an open guy on every single down (especially third). Look at the third down conversion stats, and you'll basically see a rundown of the top 10 QBs in the league. Those are the most consistent scoring offenses because they're adapting on the fly, on every play, and cataloging the weaknesses in the defenses to take advantage of them when they need that first down.

Now that I think about it, I can't help but wonder if the refusal to recognize this is the result of a fan base largely made up of older DWL-mentality white men who sincerely want to believe that the old smart white man on the sidelines is all that matters, and that a young, strong, and equally smart white man under center isn't more important.

Anonymous said...

What word begins with n and ends with r do you never want to call a black? Neighbor. Enough with jokes and sorry if off topics but check this one out:

Whiskey said...

I just couldn't watch either college or pro football after PK's recommendation of "Scoreboard Baby" about Rick Neuheisel.

I've gone to skiing, hockey (if they come back off lockout), F1 (which is btw amazing) and Grand Prix racing along with MMA and Boxing. The latter two are pretty much Black/Hispanic, but its man against man at least. And often a question of will.

Anonymous said...

I love your articles on football.

Anonymous said...

anyone see the WHITE cheerleaders putting on a big show to recruit Andrew Wiggins to FSU?

Peyton Favre said...

More TNB in my beautiful city:


bubo said...

The best defense in college football doesn't reside in Tuscaloosa, Alabama or Columbus, Ohio or Baton Rouge.

It resides in Palo Alto. Stanford has the best defense in the nation and it is comprised of 8 or 9 white starters. I've dubbed it the "Snowstorm." They shut down seemingly unstoppable Oregon and USC. Plus you can actually understand what they say when interviewed. Kudos to them.

PDK said...

I do not watch TV these days; however on the NFL official web site I will watch the highlights of the just played games. It is both aggravating and shameful the number of commercials the uber wealthy NFL chooses to make its fans endure.

Worse still though, are the slimy, cheap-shot low, liberal ideology (LI), imbued, SMSM (sports main stream media), content of their commercials.

A two part commercial I have witnessed more times than I can count on both hands this year, starts off with two well dressed, business like, men, one white the other black. First up is the white man, who is clearly shown to be an inept buffoon. Then the black man is shown to be superior as he successfully negotiates his obstacle. In reality, if one was investing hard earned money, who would that investor back given the choice of a white or a black businessman? It is a no brainer, the white.

But wait there is more, the second part, though seen as a new commercial, shown immediately following the first part, is of a white women and a black man. In this part the black man impresses the white woman, hints at his availability and the white woman response approvingly by suggesting interest.

Clearly the LI imbued SMSM is seducing our young white women and worse, white teenage girls to mate with black males. This is more than disgusting; it is a liberal machination that abrogates nature. It should be seen for the fraud that it is, the attempted theft, of our soon to come of age, white females and their eggs, which belong to the white gene pool, not liberal ideology. God complexed LI is itself an abomination.

The black illusion, that white men lust for black women is a joke, and a bad one at that. I know of no white men married to black women. However, I have met white women married to black men. The white woman must do everything as the black man does nothing. She must do both the woman’s job and the man’s job. This is more than apparent as one sees the stress lines form deep in the white woman’s face at an early age.

As I know this, so too must others. Yet they would mislead a white, adolescent girl into believing she will be better off marrying a black man than she would marrying a white man. I saw a statistic somewhere that a white woman who marries a black man is 12 times more likely to be murdered than a white woman who marries a white man. Would you do this to your own daughter?

Further, what about the offspring, are they supped up black brained children, or dumbed down white brained children? Look at the Frankenstein monster Stanley Ann Dunham created when she mated with Obama Sr.. Among other realities, one could make the argument that BHO has a Negroid brain on steroids, and look at what he has done to America, all but destroyed her.

Liberal ideology is the ultimate culprit here. So many times I view liberal ideology as a beaching whale phenomenon. They may as well be saying, come on ye fellow whales, let`s beach ourselves.

Back in High School I knew a real liberal dolt. If he had had a better than average brain, or at least a triple digit IQ, he would have grown up to be a real dangerous man. He was obnoxious with his LI, as he imbued or injected it into everything he dealt with. At some point I came up with the idea of the TJPotersen award, to be given to the most obnoxious, virulent, liberal ideologue of the moment.

If there are no naysayers, I think I shall give the TJPotersen award to the NFLs commercial department. They have earned it. Thank you.

PS., that is an alteration of his real name for the obvious reasons; however, it still makes the point. Thanks.

PDK said...

On the black quarterback phenomenon, I too have noticed that for many or most, if not all, their first year is their best year. I call it the, “big splash” phenomenon.

It seems to me that many blacks suffer from a need to be the center of attention. They seem to be saying, “look at me, I`m everything”. Perhaps their mothers neglected them during their infant days and the unsatisfied need for infant care becomes part of their personality. Further many blacks, especially in basketball, I have not watched basketball in 25 years, so I do not know if the blacks have matured now, but also in football, prefer to play selfishly, even though they are playing a team sport. This could be more of the, look at me, I`m everything attitude, born of parental neglect, or perhaps a reflection of their nature.

In any event, the quarterback has a very responsible position that demands selfless play, very much like the leader of a people, as for instance a President. To be successful at his job the quarterback must do what is best for the team, even if it comes at his own expense. In the long run, these quarterbacks get the recognition they deserve because as their team does well, so too do they.

All the black quarterbacks I have seen demonstrate a run fast, jump high athleticism, and some such as Vic and RG3 employ that talent in their strategy for quarterbacking. It adds a dimension, however it does not itself eliminate, usurp or replace the need for a higher quality cerebrum which can make the “read” and make it quick. In the quarterback position, brains come first, brawn comes second.

By the way, defenses adjust to play offenses the best way for any particular offense once they relize how that offense works. Something new always gets figured out and then is not so special or productive anymore.

Lastly, quarterbacks that prefer to run like a running back put their body at higher risk for injury. An injury that impedes the passing arm seriously lessens the quarterback ability and therefore value.

It is always possible that a black, born of the black gene pool with the black gene pool run fast, jump high athleticism will also come as one of the more intelligent blacks born of the black gene pool, and therefore have a great potential for quarterbacking, a potential that could be realized if the black matures personally. Perhaps he is the great black hope to come.

To me it matters not, as this will be a rare phenomenon, not the usual, and may never come down the pike.

Time will tell how RG3 does, for now, if it is a nationally televised game, Monday Night Football, or Thanksgiving Day Football, he will perform exceptionally, above his norm, otherwise he`ll show his more natural self, and with the passage of time, that may well prove him to be, a below top ten quarterback. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Ok. Let me start out by saying that I would not touch a black penis with a ten foot pole!

I used to run track and field in college and at one point was majoring in Exercise Science. A professor pointed out to us one time how attending football and basket ball games was much like the Romans and the Colosseum. All these Americans eating crappy, fatty food watching big stupid guys bash each other up. This scene today reflects Rome and its times of excess before its fall. Interestingly, my professor was a limber, lean white guy, a distance runner. This lecture resonated with me as I was distance runner.

Sports and specific sports' popularity reflect or mirror the values, ideals, principles of a nation. Sorry, but eff basketball and football. I attended PSU in the early 90s and had academic study hall with the morons from the football team. I'll be frank in saying that the PSU scandal this past year just confirmed the behind the scenes amorality of sports in America.

I have a son. He does not watch football or basketball, in fact we don't do TV. Big overgrown stupid men running into each other or jumping 8 ft in the air are not what I consider role models for him. Give me a regular Joe who works with all of his faculties: mind, heart, soul.

The Greeks believed the ideal man was well rounded in mind/intellect, spirit, and physical health. Most black athletes do not fit that mold.

White Mom in the Turds

Anonymous said...

Whites generally are team oriented.blacks have the me first attitude such as players like terrell owens continually whining when the ball isnt thrown his way.There is definitely a bias against white football players.The all time great linebacker in history Dick Butkus probably would not get on the field in today's game.Here in the Chicago area,white suburban high schools dominate black city teams in football.High character white football teams will always beat undisciplined black teams.

Anonymous said...

@ bubo said...

"The best defense in college football doesn't reside in Tuscaloosa, Alabama or Columbus, Ohio or Baton Rouge.

It resides in Palo Alto. Stanford has the best defense in the nation and it is comprised of 8 or 9 white starters."

LOL no. Let's be realistic here. Bama has a better D than Stanford and would beat the hell out of them in a game. To say otherwise would mean 1) you know nothing of college football or 2) you're pro-white athlete fetishism clouds your judgement.

whitney5158 said...

Basketball.Football.Children's games played by spoiled millionaires for spoiled billionaires.As the negro population doesn't have the disposable income to support professional sports, not wasting your disposable income on such nonsense will cause it to go away. Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

I visit this site everyday, and love it. but I never will support paying these players;fools, millions of dollars a year, when outside of pro sports- they could not keep a job at a car wash.

Anonymous said...

So how many black quarterbacks have won the Vince Lombardi Tropy? One. Doug Williams (Grambling) 1987 Washington Redskins who came on in relief for an injured Jay Schroeder (UCLA). Williams had played in the league since 1978 when he joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I was a football fanatic growing up but now only watch one game of the local team then the teevee box is turned off.

Pat Boyle said...

There are games that favor blacks and games that favor whites. Let give an example of a game that favors Asians.

Watch "Ninja Warrior" on TV. Not American Ninja Warrior but the Japanese original.

No Westerner (white or black) has ever won at this game invented by orientals. Look at the size of the winners. Makoto Nagano is about 5'3" and weighs maybe 125. He has now been overtaken by Urushihara who is smaller yet. Bigger guys always run out of gas in the third stage. So you have a game invented by the smallest of the three major races and it works out that it strongly favors small men.

You could make basketball favor whites by simply raising the basket a couple feet. Then no one could dunk. The two hand set shot would return and the winning teams would be those who emphasized teamwork. That was what Naismith originally intended. He didn't foresee that blacks could jump that high.

Football and baseball are a bit harder to adjust. The real problem is that spectators seem to prefer black style athletics - not much team work but lots of individual speed.

BTW this guy Jovan Belcher looks pretty formidable. I don't think gun control would have mattered. He could have just killed them with his bare hands. He could have twisted off her head like a chicken. No?


Nikcrit said...

RE: "The best offense in the history of the NFL might be the 2012 New England Patriots"

Huh? How do you figure? Last year's Green Bay Packer's offensive stats demolished this years' Pats' pace; I haven't vouchproofed it, but I'd bet this years offensive Pats stats don't even match those of the Pats the year Brady set the touchdown pass record.

Anthony said...

2012 Patriots the best offense ever? How about the 80's 49ers? If you're old enough, you heard a *lot* of "Montana to Rice, touchdown 49ers!".

Joe Montana was your typical small-town white guy who went to Notre Dame.

Rice still has the record for career receptions (by almost 50% more than #2!) and for career touchdown receptions (30% more than #2).

While Jerry Rice is black, he had a father in his life; Wikipedia says he worked for his father as a kid, which implies that his father was a small contractor. He never got into trouble while playing in the NFL. He also managed to stay married for 20 years, which is pretty good these days.

bubo said...

Anonymous (December 7, 2012 7:13 AM) said...

LOL no. Let's be realistic here. Bama has a better D than Stanford and would beat the hell out of them in a game. To say otherwise would mean 1) you know nothing of college football or 2) you're pro-white athlete fetishism clouds your judgement.

Alabama that gave up 400 yards and 29 points to Texas AM? Alabama that gave up almost that much to Georgia? Bama's defense isn't what it was last year. Bama is in the NC game because of it's incredible offensive line, not it's defense. Even a Bama fan would tell you that.

Having watched Stanford against Oregon and USC they are better. No doubt in my mind. They also lead the nation in rushing defense.

Whiskey said...

The problem with White players is that their deficit in speed and power and explosiveness requires coaching. True, White players are more team oriented, smarter, make adjustments. But that requires coaching. A really skilled coach, who can teach the game and develop not just one player but a whole team that can adjust during the game based on his coaching philosophy.

And the supply of truly gifted teacher-coaches is vanishingly small. So its easier to just recruit speed/explosiveness.

Anonymous said...

Tom Brady has at least one child out of wedlock. What kind of father is he?

So CAL Snowman said...

RE: "The best offense in the history of the NFL might be the 2012 New England Patriots"

PK is actually pretty close on this one. The highest scoring team of all time was the 2007 Patriots (Tom Brady again) at 36.8 points per game. Last year's Green Bay Packers averaged 35.0 points per game which IS LESS than THIS YEAR'S Patriots team. The 2012-13 Patriots average 35.8 points per game which would equal the second highest scoring offense in NFL history if maintained for 4 more games. The 49ers of the 80's while good, are about 4 points off of the Patriots pace.

Whiskey said :
"The problem with White players is that their deficit in speed and power and explosiveness requires coaching"

Why you continue to trot this beaten horse out of the starting gate is beyond me. Whites lack speed, power, and explosiveness? That would certainly be news to the White Offensive lineman who routinely dominate for the best offenses in football (Pats, Broncos, Packers). That would be news to the best DEFENSIVE linemen in the game J.J Watt, who is REDEFINING how to play his position due to his freakish athletic ability. As for lack of speed and explosiveness see Welker, Wesley, the ONLY player in NFL history with 110 receptions in 3 different seasons along with a ton of other records. SPEED is not that big of a factor Whiskey. You put entirely TOO MUCH EMPHASIS on speed. Little Wes only ran a 4.65 40 yard dash at the combine. Just because a White receiver cannot run a 4.3 40 doesn't mean he can't get open or burn defensive backs after the catch. Your assertion that Whites need to respond better to coaching in order to play better to offset a .20 difference in speed is laughable.

So CAL Snowman said...

Just to PROVE that speed does not matter one whit in the pro game, try this on for size. Jerry Rice the unequivocally BEST receiver in the history of the NFL ran a 4.7 40 yard dash at the NFL combine. Speed indeed. FYI I'm faster than Jerry Rice in a 40, Wes Welker too. Maybe I should try out for the Chiefs?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but Tom Brady was all set to marry his baby moma and then Giselle stepped in. You can claim to be a family man all you want, but when a woman like that steps in....I mean there really just isn't that much you can do. Nature just takes over.

I'm gonna disagree with many of the posters about RG3. If you didn't know what he looked like and just listened to him talk, you would assume he was white. No ebonics, no accent, proper english, complete and coherent sentences. The kid also finished high school in 3.5 years and did the same in college (at Baylor nonetheless). Add in the fact that fathers have been active in his family lineage for at least 3 generations and I think you have a black QB that is an exception to the rule.

Plus, he's progressed a lot as a football player too this season. He's not running a dumbed down offense either. The read option out of the pistol formation generally gives him 3 or 4 alternatives each play and he makes a read on waht to do based on how the defense lines up. He's relied less and less on his legs to make plays as the weeks progress as well.

I'm in agreement with most commentators about the struggles of winning with a black QB, I just think Griffin is an exception to the rule.

Anonymous said...

So Cal...when you make the team I'll start watching. For sure you will be the new white guy.

SKIP said...

I watched the Denver/Oakland game here in Afghanistan because of this sites comments about the proliferation of White players and it was true, lots of good white players. BUT! did the announcers EVER comment on their playing??? NO! just constant fawning over whichever black was on the field. And THEN there was the usual halftime critique with the propaganda duo of White girl/black male!!! FN Disgusting to watch sports anymore because of that shit.

Anonymous said...

New England no superbowls with wes welker?

Anonymous said...

Nature takes over? He had no choice? He's just an animal who can't resist his urges? I was married over 20 years and had a few offers that would have been "irresistable" had I not had a moral compass, true love for my spouse, my own character I didn't want to tarnish and a true fear of God.

Anonymous said...

"baby-mama culture, no father in a child's life" produces mama's boys. Most black adolescents are just that which is why when mobbing and beating up a white teen they do so as a swarm. They're cowards. They're not tough. They've never done a day's work helping Dad around the house. What can they lift and carry? Sure, they can run 40 yards, but can they perform any physical labor for a sustained period of time? How? How can that be? When their daily life consists in riding around in cars or standing on street corners selling drugs and getting high. How can a person get toughened up living such a soft lifestyle? Gangsta "baby-mama" kids would be good for about 25 seconds of effort and then they'd run out of gas, which is why they always cold cock or sucker punch some poor unsuspecting white slob.

How ironic that these people who go on and on about their legacy as slaves couldn't perform an honest day's work involving physical labor today. Jesse Jackson's battle cry is "We'll never return to the fields (as pickers) again!" Well , JJ, guess what? That's all most of your people have the skills and intelligence for and if you don't do that you're useless, and therefore expendable.

Anonymous said...

It was more tongue and cheeck than anything else, not to be taken too seriously. But Brady wasn't married to her for over 20 years (they weren't even married at all) and the rumor is that his former gf deliberately stopped taking birth control without notifying Brady in order to get knocked up. It sounds like Brady was duped.

Anonymous said...

Coaching in the NFL or NBA is about who is best at controlling the Black athletes.

Moral of the story: Don't be the Raiders.

Anonymous said...

The problem with White players is that their deficit in speed and power and explosiveness requires coaching.

And a surplus of speed and explosiveness gives you the Raiders.

And the supply of truly gifted teacher-coaches is vanishingly small.

The Raiders agree.

Anonymous said...

drudge newsflash:

Jerry Brown, a linebacker on the Dallas Cowboys practice squad, died early this morning in a single- car accident -- and his teammate, Josh Brent, was arrested on charges of intoxication manslaughter.

According to police, Brent (see above) was driving at a high rate of speed at around 2:20 AM when his car "hit the outside curb," flipped over and came to rest in the middle of the road.

When cops came to the scene, Brent was dragging Brown away from the vehicle ... which had come to rest upside down and was on fire. Brown was unresponsive and was later pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

Officers at the scene suspected alcohol to be a factor, so they gave Brent was given a field sobriety test, which he failed. His blood was later drawn at the hospital to determine his blood alcohol level. Those results are not yet known.

Brent was arrested by Irving PD and booked on a second degree felony charge at 4:14 AM and is being held without bail.

Read more:

Anonymous said...

“Having watched Stanford against Oregon and USC..”

Oregon was overrated and USC is unranked, having lost 5 games. Stanford hasn’t played anyone. They would lose, and you don’t know what you’re talking about.

MilitStrat54 said...

Do your homework before offering your thoughts. Opinions that are knee-jerk lack the rational thought process we've been addressing here, and often are more jerk than knee.
This year's Pats set the all-time NFL record for first downs and just fell a bit short for total points. And the original writer said "might be" before the season had ended and while the Pats were on pace to break the record. That's how a thinking man figures, clear now?

MilitStrat54 said...

Do you actually believe the swill that comes out of your mouth? Brady split with his actress girl friend not knowing she was pregnant. THEN, he got chummy with his current wife before finding out about the impending birth of his first child. Staying with someone for the sake of the child creates a very negative atmosphere. His mistake was getting physical before finding and marrying the one he truly loved. Most of life's problems could be avoided if we read, understood and acted as directed by Scripture.

MilitStrat54 said...

Many people watch reality TV, mystery murders and Animal Planet but they don't want to live with or near the animals/scoundrels depicted on the tube.

Anonymous said...

Here's the deal.....why do teams that have black QB's have to dumb down their offense? Did Mike Shanahan dumb down the offense for John Elway or Steve Young? Why is he doing it for Robert Griffin ( dumb ass black)? If these black quarterbacks are so good, so great, Why can't they run a Bill Walsh or Sid Gilman offense? Why can't they read coverages? They simply key off the defensive end. I am a Pittsburgh Steeler fan, And for that reason alone should hate the New England Patriots. Yet the most prolific team in NFL history Is the Tom Brady led Patriots. And I'll be damned, there almost all white.
To exit the football arena and start a new conversation, Look at also communities/countries in which black people exist. The common denominator is A total lack of foresight and sacrifice for the future generation. In every community in which they exist as the majority, overwhelming poverty and despair is the norm. Do the research am I wrong? When you put same and money into the hands into one of these degenerates, you get an O J Simpson, a Plaxico Burress, a Steve McNair, etc. They either beat on or cheat on their women or both. Even with a black president they cannot let go of the race card. For God's sake, if it were not for slavery, they would still be making their houses out of elephant shit just like their ancestors still do in Africa. The answer to all of this? Yes let's welcome then into our society!!!!! Let's give them autonomy. A reward so richly deserved for milenea of great engineering, medical, mathematical and written accomplishments. Well done, black people...... houses built out of elephant shit.......