Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Night the Reindeer Died

You knew Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen; Comet, Cupid, Donder and Blitzen.

Lee Majors once again saved Santa
You knew them.

Sadly, while Santa Claus was delivering gifts to the few children in Chicago on the "nice" list, a mob of "youths" engaged in a Yule-tide inspired flash mob on the unsuspecting reindeer and quickly made off with the contents of Mr. Claus' unattended sleigh.

As usual with most crime stories in Chicago, the Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune, along with the local network affiliates, worked quickly to spin a media narrative that positioned the city and its political leadership in the best light possible.

"We have it on good authority the children who attacked Santa's sleigh in the Gresham neighborhood on the  South Side of Chicago did so because they felt the bitter sting of racism for once again being off of Santa Claus "nice" list -- a list that is once again a reminder of the potent bigotry of white privilege," said Garry McCarthy, the top cop in Chicago.

Currently, Santa Claus' is missing; seven of the eight reindeer have been pronounced dead, while Vixen is in stable condition.

"Ours is a safe city," said Mayor Rahm Emanuel in an early morning press conference, attempting to downplay the attack on the North Pole's most prominent citizen. "Again, the continued gifts of coal in the stockings of black and brown children in Chicago, those poor, neglected souls who make up the vast majority of the Chicago Public School system, is an outrage."

"If Santa Claus will only bestow gifts on Christmas to white children, then we should be prepared to say that Santa is participating in, and perpetuate, gifting racism. The "naughty" list is just another way to to practice racial profiling," Emanuel said.

McCarthy went farther, saying, "The pervasion of illegal guns in America’s black and Latino communities is a result of “government-sponsored racism,” akin to “slavery, segregation, black codes [and] Jim Crow,” Rahm Emanuel’s new police chief, Garry McCarthy, told parishioners at St. Sabina’s Church earlier this month.

“This is sensitive. You know, because everybody’s afraid of race. Have you noticed that? Everybody’s afraid of race. I’m not afraid of race,” said McCarthy, who told of growing up in the Bronx with guns, gangs and drugs plentiful.

“Let’s see if we can make a connection here. Slavery. Segregation. Black codes. Jim Crow. What, what did they all have in common? Anybody getting scared? Government sponsored racism.”

Wait... he already said that in 2011.

Merry Christmas to all SBPDL readers. Santa and his reindeer are all alive and well, safely back at the North Pole for a long winters nap. Here's hoping you and your family have a magical Christmas -- we'll be back tomorrow with an article that - if all goes well - will end up on the Drudge Report.

That's my Christmas gift to you.


Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....If those urban youths did that to poor Santa I can not imagine what they will do when the Easter Bunny comes to town.

10mm AUTO said...

Sadly, in other news; North Pole Gazette is reporting that Santa's North Pole home has been the subject of a home invasion. Four "youths" who fit the description of those who attacked Santa and the reindeer earlier this evening were seen in the exclusive gated community of "Santa's Workshop". In this unconnected and random event Mrs Clause has appeared to have been raped and killed in what police are describing as a "robbery gone wrong". Chief Weasel made the announcement at a press conference in the bitter cold, saying,

"There are many unanswered questions as the investigation goes forward. It is possible that Mrs. Clause used racial epithets which may have sparked the confrontation. Or it is possible that her White privileged position as wife of St. Nick may have been a factor. She may simply have been in the wrong place at the wrong time."

As to the victim, Chief Weasel refused to describe her injuries, though he said it was clear that sexual assault had taken place.

"We will know once the DNA evidence is in as we are unable to fully identify the victim due to injuries sustained."

The investigation presses forward. The police are looking for 4 black males in a large SUV with 22 inch rims. No other description was available.

Mutant Swarm said...

Fröhlich Weihnachts, kameraden.

Jay Santos said...

And then there’s this. Reuter’s reports that during a press conference held Dec. 24th, Senator Diane Feinstein (D), called for Congress to act on her Public Defense and Employment Initiative (PDEI) immediately. Senator Feinstein said “we have an awful problem of unemployment among young African-Americans along with an explosion of violent shootings in our schools and in our public places. The unemployment rate of young African-Americans is close to 89%. That is unacceptable. Just as these daily mass shootings are unacceptable.” She went on to say, “What I am proposing is that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) immediately hire some seven million young African-Americans, train these young people to provide armed defense and station them at schools, malls, airports and sporting events. I am asking the Congress to create an African-American Defense Force (AADF) and deploy this group to any place where large numbers of citizens congregate and are presently at risk.” When asked to clarify her intent to arm this newly created Federal sub-agency, the Senator explained, “I intend to standardize their weapons on military-style assault weapons. Each member of the AADF would be armed with an AR-47, along with 70 round ammunition clips and Glock brand military handguns. They will be thoroughly trained with these weapons.” Senator Feinstein was passionate in her assertion that both she and President Obama have discussed the plan and that “this is the only way we can solve the simultaneous problem of gun violence and unemployment in our nation today. I urge Congress to act swiftly in passing SB-579100.”

I find this idea to be crazy, but I am afraid there are many Americans who will support this legislation.

Mr. Rational said...

Nice joke, Jay.  I'm sure some people are going to believe that.

Don M said...

"The police are looking for 4 black males in a large SUV with 22 inch rims. No other description was available."

Now, now 10mm, you know chief Wiesel would never dare describe the suspects as "black"!

That would be Rayciss (TM). I believe your report should read: "The police are looking for 4 youths in a large SUV with accessory wheels."

City resident said...

"Government sponsored racism"? So who has been in the White House for the past four years? Obama is sponsoring anti-black racism now, according to this wise police chief. Blame Palin and the Puritans for gangbanger shootings. He doesn't seem very bright. The man's brain has been corroded by alcohol.

rjp said...

I agree with Mutant Swarm.

Merry Christmas.

I ducked out of Mass last night during the conclusion, and on my walk home from Holy Name last night I saw nothing but bums and the occasional people returning home from a bar. The only things open were CVS, McDonald's, and some bars I don't patronize. I thought about McDonald's as it's been a long time but decided against, and kept walking, crossing the street a couple of times to avoid potential problems. There were none, just ended up being white people who were in shadows going home. I stopped at CVS, got some Nutty Bars, and walked down the street to home.

It was a silent night. All was well. At least here.

rjp said...

City resident said...
"Government sponsored racism"? So who has been in the White House for the past four years? Obama is sponsoring anti-black racism now, according to this wise police chief. Blame Palin and the Puritans for gangbanger shootings. He doesn't seem very bright. The man's brain has been corroded by alcohol.

Actually I think he looks high on drugs half the times he is on TV.

Anonymous said...


I've been reading your work for the past few months. You are practically the only one saying what needs to be said. Your analysis is excellent and your arrows are directed right where they should be, not where they should not be. Your site and your views thus deserve to go mainstream and I really hope they do. I live and work in whitopia, and while I have always probably shared your views, over the last few months, I have gone from checking National Review a bunch of times a day to checking SBPDL a bunch of times a day. Thanks and keep up the good work! - A friend

rex freeway said...

This warrants using the"N"word. Never turn your back on Negro's. Never trust a word that one oooks or eeeks to garner your trust. Being cautious is NOT racism.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of urban youfs I saw an article on Delaware online, it reported where four youfs aged 13 and14 wanted a young couple to give them a cigarette, the 22 year old young woman told them to get a job, not liking that answer one of the little darlins pulled a gun and shot her in the face, killing her dead. Pretty awful, right? If this isnt enough to get your blood boiling you should read some of the comments. One particular dumbass white liberal named Richard Wilson posted on his facebook that it was her own fault for replying to them in such a rude snide way after all they were just asking for a cigarette. This boot licking coward would probably freak out if a scary looking person aproached him and give the guy his girlfriends purse without even being asked, hell he would probably give them his girlfriend if he thought he was in danger. He deserves the DWL pussy of the year award sent to his face book account.

Anonymous said...

Actually its twentymillion and they wont be for national defense, thats just a ruse to get them to sign up. Then they will be shipped to Africa for training and they will fight for the muslims in Obamas home country of Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas SBPDL Readers:

Call me crazy..a few weeks ago I posted an idea that perhaps marriages should be arranged between South Africans and Americans to serve two purposes: 1) To help out our white brothers and sisters in SA who under seige and about to be racially cleansed; 2)Increase the white population here in the USA.

I am the poster White Mom Living Among the Turds. Please do not judge me as essentially I am pretty socially conservative BUT I am a single mom. I have a PhD in Psychology. I paid for my own graduate school education (Johns Hopkins) and worked part-time in undergraduate. I am 5'7, strawberry blonde and blue eyed. My father is orginally from Zeist, Holland and my mom is a natural born American from Pennsylvania. I have two wonderful children, a boy, five years of age and a girl 19 months. I take care of them both-I am not on TANF or Food Stamps. I work from home although I am not breaking the bank, I am making ends meet. I am athletic and I walk everywhere. I lost most of my pregnancy weight due to breastfeeding. I am clean and not a slob.

Here's the deal...I think I have an idea...if an SA man wants to get out of that big nigturd painted gold, I will marry him to get him out. In exchange, just pay the rent. I will feed my kids and everything and take of them...not looking for a baby daddy..Not looking for a boyfriend and hey, when you (he/husband)are here, you do what you want with who you want.I come from a good family..upper middle class (Dad) and good working class (Mom). DC rent is expensive BUT we do not have to live in Georgetown, just a regular place. We can arrange it all through family, whatever.

I think it could work, and be advantageous for both sides. I think it is important that families meet beforehand. It is an ARRANGEMENT.

Just throwing a line out there and thinking outside of the box...in order to win the war that is eing waged on the non-elite whites of the world, paradigm change is needed.

White Mom Among the Turds

Anonymous said...

American society undergoes radical changes every 100 years or so (the American Revolution, then the Civil War, then the Great Depression, etc.)

It's time for the next one, which will the turnaround when people recognize the absurdity of "entitling" every ghetto black and illegal immigrant into suburban soccer moms and dads. It's just not in these people's genes for this to happen.

The (white) taxpayer will soon revolt against having their wages transferred to this ridiculous pipe dream. The end result? Secession? I'm not sure how it will play out, but people are effing fed up with social engineering.

Anonymous said...


do a piece on what this guy wrote..great stuff!!

MuayTyson said...

White Mom,
That is an absolute terrible idea. You should NEVER have a starnge man around your young children.

I am going to lay some harsh truths to you.

#1. Pschology is a very soft science and I think Psychologist cause a hell of a lot of problems. Not saying you wasted your education but it really is faux science.

#2. I do not know your situation so don't think I am judging but you are a single mother I assume by choice? I have nothing against single mothers. Until my mother met my father she was a single widow.

#3. Marriage fraud is against the law and they will not treat you kindly if caught. I would not suggest taking illegal action.

#4. Whatever your situation is do not lose hope and go off half cocked it will only cause more trouble. I suggest joining a group maybe a single parents group or something similar. I am sure there are single men who you can meet and have a real family.

Just because blacks chose a path of distruction and liberals assist them I don't think it is wise if we compromise what makes us strong. You are suggesting a fake family that will not only screw up your kids(you should know better) but can result in a possible prison sentence.

I'm sorry but at this point I wonder if you might be a liberal troll or one of our resident blackies?

Anonymous said...

Was over at an aunt's house for Christmas. Lots of relatives there - cousins, grandparents, etc. One of my cousins is a coalburner; her Congoid fiancee was there. You should have seen the way my family all congregated around the buck, like he was some sort of celebrity. A messiah. They fawned over him, asked him about his feetsball aspirations, hugged him and kissed him and treated him like he was the reason for the season. Just a common coon.

Some people think a mass awakening of whites will take place if the economy collapses, but I'm skeptical of that. People have lived their entire lives inside the liberal propaganda matrix, and they aren't coming out. They believe what they see, and more importantly, they see what they believe. Blacks are Gods.

Just watch five minutes of t.v. to see what I mean.

Discard said...

White Mom Living Among the Turds: I once worked for a lesbian who married three Mexicans in succession. They got green cards and she got money. But after the 3rd one, the INS came to talk to her. Yes, it's illegal, but how could anyone prove it? Maybe by threatening the Mexicans with the fresh green cards.
Anyway, she gave it up after that. And no doubt it would be easier today to prove intent. After all, you just now told us and the whole world that you were thinking of breaking the law.

SKIP said...

:Nice joke, Jay. I'm sure some people are going to believe that.

HELL!!! he probably just gave the bitch an idea. After all, the nigger Obamuslim has contracted with the black panther niggers to be some sort of security force up in dearbornistan.

Jay Santos said...

Anonymous said...

They believe what they see... Blacks are Gods.

To a certain segment of the white population, there's some truth to that. Television and the movies, powerful stuff on a weak mind. On the other hand, the Christian, and possibly the Judaic, European mind has for a long time had a real fascination with the idea of the "noble savage". And the negroes certainly are savages. You sure wouldn't have Obama as the leader of America without this particular delusion, or mental illness.

Connor MacCleod said...

My father is originally from Zeist...

From Zeist, you say?! There can only be one...

Seriously though 'Strawberry Mom', looking for a sugar daddy is the wrong way to go. Let alone, posting in this forum full of rayciss horrible awful bad naughty people.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Paul, and to all you regular posters who stand up for the truth. I hope you all have a great new year.

AnalogMan said...

White Mom: Wow! Talk about an offer you can't refuse! Wasn't there a line in some movie: "That's an offer I can't even understand"?

I'm afraid I have to back up Muay Tyson here (that was the most sensible comment you've posted yet, MT. What you said, and what you implied, were spot on}.

What you are proposing is a crime, and you have just posted the evidence they would need to convict you on the internet. Even if you were now to marry a foreigner in good faith, I expect they could convict you.

I like your original concept, though. If there are any Americans looking for a wife, we have some nice old-fashioned girls in South Africa. Unfortunately for you, the best ones (my daughters) are all taken!

Ileyne said...

@Single Mom: Single white woman [with years of Internet message board experience] to DC single white mom: if I were you, I would withdraw the post in which you describe your physical attributes, revealing TMI, detailed personal family background stuff, and further suggest a possible illegal hook-up with a S.A. white male for purposes of his expatriation.
From Net newbie years ago personal experience, I can tell you, it is very, very risky.
Though your motive may be naively altruistic, I agree with Muay who suggests it is an Internet behavior that has historically been interpreted as "troll-like" on these boards/blogs.
I am not necessarily convinced you are one of the black trolls, however.
I also share Muay's concern that if you were caught, your and the children's lives would drastically change for the worse.
All best.....

Anonymous said...

i too have a phd in psych. MuayTyson is right on: not only is it NOT science (except for its testing & measurement aspect, which is quite precise, & very good at accurately quantifying even the small amount of imprecision - that's its donation to real science) it's the most PC of all fields. it panders to minorities & disregards genetic hypotheses like crazy. but... i'm long divorced & my kids are grown & gone, so i like white mom's idea:)

Dan said...

How exactly is that a crime? Sounds like the basis of a RomCom.

Anonymous said...

Muay Tyson:

You obviously did not read my post carefully. I said our families should meet. I said that it would be an arrangement where the man would pay rent. I take of my kids MYSELF all the time. They are MY kids. No one that I do not know Once in a blue moon a friend of my who I taught with for YEARS looks after my kids.

Save the pedantics.

My situation is fine thank you.

My family is a REAL family and for you to say otherwise is an insult to MY KIDS.

You know, at the turn of the 1900's, people would die young (40's due to pneumonia., etc.) Families were "blended" so to speak. Were the bad situations yes...BUT there was a greater sense of working together among white people.

Just by your comments laced with judgement, you placed a divide on this board. My family is not real because I am the only parent?

Look, the white community in the States,and abroad, if it is to make progress in re-unifying, must not take a cooker-cutter approach to instill an in-group, out-group phenomenon. If someone is white, you help that person because he or she is a white brother or sister. That is how the blacks and other minority groups were able to create the shifts we see in today's political landscape. While they were busy organizing, the white race was too busy dissecting and coveting each other's neighbors. My God, when my family first moved to the States, we ended living in a neighborhood for nearly twenty years and there were neighbors that WE NEVER MET OR KNEW. Does anyone on this board remember the Welcome Wagon? It would be a committee in the neighborhood that woukd welcome newcomers. It was also a way of "screening" or getting to know the new folks.

Muay Tyson: You by your statements crimialized and pathologized someone who is trying to make a difference. Your attitude is part of the problem in the White community.

White Mom in The Turds

Anonymous said...


I do testing and measurment.

And yes, Psychology is a science.

And, if people got it together on this board, you could the concepts of psychology, that "soft science" to turn the ship around.

ALL aspects of schooling (business, economics,) pander to minorities now. Remember, it was those Harvard business types who cracked up the whole housing market fiasco.

Mr. Rational said...

AnalogMan, I'm in the market myself.  Perhaps the pageant winners are taken, but I would look at the runners up if they'd look at me.

Anonymous said...

Remember, it was those Harvard business types who cracked up the whole housing market fiasco.

Harvard, where Obama graduated from, you say?

Sheila said...

Sorry, "White Mom Among the Turds," but a "family" is not whatever you say it is. You claim to be conservative but, when legitimately challenged and moderately chastised by Muay Tyson, you immediately resort to a leftist meme. One of their fundamental goals, in the destruction of Western Civilizati8on, was the destruction of the family. One of the many ways in which they did so was to redefine it out of existence. A "family" was/is anything they claimed it was - two moms, two dads, a mom and a few half-related children, and so forth. A "family," in classical Western European Christian civilization, was a man, a woman, their offspring, and perhaps their elderly parents. It's not a single mother and her children.

It's also interesting that, while you note you are a single mom, you don't explain how or why. Are your children White? If your older child was the result of a teenage indiscretion, how do you account for your younger, less than two years old? Have you not learned about morals and birth control and sexual morality since then?

A lot of your posts raise many questions in my mind. I wouldn't call you a black troll, but I seriously question your self-proclaimed identity and your ultimate goals in posting here.

Finally, as a former Foreign Service Officer, I can confirm that marriage fraud is illegal. While the government cares minimally about the illegal Haitian and Mexican marriages, they will definitely check out any White South African marrying an American, particularly one posting at a website such as this. I smell something rotten and designed to cause trouble for SBPDL.

I fully expect a sputtering, angry, self-justifying screed from you to follow.

Anonymous said...

Yet another Negro athlete battering his white wife.

Why is this eerily similar to the OJ Simpson fiasco? When are stupid white women ever going to learn

Anonymous said...

Shelia raises some good points. Be wary of the agent provacateur and their wily ways.

Lot's of Wolves in Sheeps clothing running around. Count on the EMBOLDENED Obama administration and the Lefties to use more and more COINTELPRO and more provocation to ram their agenda down our throats.

Anonymous said...

I checked out the story about the groid baseball player beating his (White) wife. I didn't think American negroes played baseball anymore. Further checking revealed that the afflete in question was from Curacao. See, da brothers, dey be playin' the NBA and the NFL.

I am so negro fatigued.

Californian said...

One of Frank Herbert's themes in "Dune" was to look at how a hero can be a disaster. We can see something like this in the fascination of DWLs with black "leaders" such as Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. To DWLs, these men are not simply politicians, but saviors who will lead them out of the wilderness.

Television and the movies, powerful stuff on a weak mind. On the other hand, the Christian, and possibly the Judaic, European mind has for a long time had a real fascination with the idea of the "noble savage".

Fascination turning into messiah complex. Look at how MLK and Mandela have been turned into Moses for the post-modern era. And the wilderness to DWLs is "racism." The promised land is some kind of global civilization where everyone holds hands and sings Children of the Rainbow.

The fact that MLK was an opportunistic demagog, or Mandela a convicted marxist terrorist, goes by the boards. Maybe it is a reflection of the failure of the DWLs themselves. They've been unable to build their own promised land. All the great liberal domestic programs of the late 20th century have been unable to stem the tide of poverty, crime and urban decay, nor have they been unable to uplift the majority of blacks as promised. Internationally, the world is becoming distinctly illiberal as the post colonial world is one of unending conflict and human rights fiascos.

So DWLs rally around hack black politicos to whom they attribute supernatural qualities to "end racism." And then rampage over everyone's rights while further wrecking civilization.

It goes back to seeing modern liberalism as a quasi-religion. And today we are engaged in a war of religion.

AnalogMan said...

Mr. Rational said...
AnalogMan, I'm in the market myself.

Alas, I'm not the man to help you in your quest. I'm an old fart with Asperger's Syndrome and the social skills of a turnip. Those girls are there, but I don't know any of them. They don't tend to stay on the market long, and I haven't kept up. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 7:18 Dec. 25.

I am so sorry for you. Your description of your family's open-arm acceptance of a black into a the family is repulsive to me. You are right about the public being brainwashed by the MSM that blacks are gods. Jesus God... it's almost enough to make one wish for reinstatement of Hitler's racial defilement decrees.

Mutant Swarm said...

@ Californian:

And let's not forget Maulana Karenga, true name Ronald McKinley Everett,The Monster Who Invented Kwanzaa.

rjp said...

I think people are being to hard on White Mom Among the Turds.

I want a wife, a child, and I have thought about SA women as being a possibility.

I live in Chicago. It is a shithole. The women are garbage. Carry plastic coated cloth LV bags and think it is status?

I saw a woman at the unemployment office (I was denied, contracted too long) that was actually carrying a real leather purse/bag. Doubt she was even legally in the country, but at least she had some system of value.

Anonymous said...


You sound like another deluded, self-important government worker who is all title and no substance. Look, been there, done that...don't need to explain squat to you.

White Mom Living Among the Turds

judge and jury said...

You've highlighted a problem among us.

Our greatest strength(individualism) is also our greatest weakness, and the elites are well aware of that.

Some once posted on here that any law a hostile government passes, that law can be morraly disobeyed.

But I think that green card marriages for whites would be made top priority for the elites police.

You display a good resistance accumen, and altho the nucleus family of man woman and children is nice, this do go wrong and the world isn't perfect.

A very good excise among blacks for have various children with various men and women is that the husband wasn't around.

My grandmother, had her husband in brasil, working, she never saw him again after he left, and she didn't resort to whoring with other men, and she didn't have the traditional nucleous family due to economics, but her children were raised with the right concept.

So not having a nucleous family doesn't mean that one will go ghetto, I bet angelina jolies family will be more ghetto than single white mom's, and angelinas family has man, woman, and children.

Lesson 1 we whites have to understand is, stick together, look at the ghetto, the way they stick together is what we should be doing

fraud history said...

Yes, I've been thinking od kwanza lately, and all the made up history and all the made up history and tradition.

Firstly corn, hails from south america and not africa, and the fruit isn't african either, the 7 candle are from hebrew traditions.

What a farse of a festival, trying to invent hostory and tradition where none have existed before.

The way to start dismanteling this charade is to do what commies always do, use their own weapons against them, start off by changing the spelling to quanza, use the commies tactics against them.

Merry quansa to all y'all

Dennis Dale said...

It was merely a visit from Santa "gone wrong".

genetic causality said...

Thanks for the link, scary how genetics create the same result, be those results in agrica or in the USA.

Women ordered to strip for the tribal chief, then whipped, and tortured, his goons shooting the goons of the other tribe.

How africa resurfaces when africans get together, this is proof that its genetics that create culture, I hope constructive feedback reads this article.

Positive proof of the effects of those irritating pesky things called genes, no amount of liberal delusions and programs can change that delicious little bit of cause and effect.

How the paranoia bloated ego, delusions of grandeur affect african dictators, as it affects dumb ass maulana karenga, then another inflated ego with delusions of grandeur called constructive feedback thinks he can save "his people"

Genetics at play once again

SKIP said...

To the mom, if you want to marry a SA white male and be free of possible criminal prosecution you can always say you are a muslim!!! da gubmint will/would never dare fuck with a muslim/s Fatwa and all ya know.

Anonymous said...

White mom; I have been stuck in the DC area for 11 years. I am a father in a situation similar to yours. I know most of the hidden groid free communities in the state, and have adapted to the nignorance, Should you feel inclined, drop an anonymous email to my name here(with no spaces) at gmail. Either way, anonymous email does not hurt.

To anyone chastising people here about family values and not having two parents, people change or you wake up and someone you are with changes. People are not cookie cutter units compatible with each other like TV shows you. Life, and relationships are much more complex and people can hide bad habits and self destructive behavior quite well!

Baltimore Watcher

AnalogMan said...

Anon 8:39 - ... people can hide bad habits and self destructive behavior quite well!

Quite. And then again, some of them advertise it. And some take advantage of it.

Be very careful, children. Both of you.