Sunday, July 14, 2013

About Today

Ever see the movie Warrior?

A tribute to the disappearing white working-class in America, the movie ends with an epic showdown between two estranged brothers that needs to be viewed for true appreciation.
Pro-Trayvon Martin demonstrators burned a flag and attacked police cars (the symbol of violence and state power) in Oakland

Watching it earlier today, the song playing as the brothers engage in a mixed-martial art fight caused me to replay the final scene a few times just so I could savor it for a few seconds longer.

By the band The National, the song is About Today.

The first portion of the songs goes as follows:
Today you were far away
and I didn't ask you why
What could I say
I was far away
You just walked away
and I just watched you
What could I say
With all that has happened since the Zimmerman Verdict, I spent a lot of time reflecting on those lyrics and finally came to one simple conclusion: Twenty years from now, what would the me in 2033 - if given the chance - say to me in 2013?

Fitting that today is Bastille Day, and once again the mob is preparing to unleash hell. 

Just read some of these columns:
I found myself imagining being confronted by me, or at least the me in 20 years.

Twenty years is a long time. You lose family members, loved ones, and friends; you graduate, buy a house, start a career, and get married; you grow old, gain experience, and navigate through an unforgiven world.

But you make new friends and enjoy new experiences -- remembering all those who touched your life before and honoring them in how you live your life. 

More importantly, you bring new life into the world, watch it mature and grow.

Guide it, and put it on a path where they'll have the ability to steer themselves on a direction of their choice.

 Though there is virtually no case against Zimmerman [FBI records: agents found no evidence that Zimmerman was racist, July 12, 2012], the Department of Justice is reopening an investigation into George's thoughts [With Criminal Case Closed, Justice Department Will Restart Hate Crime Inquiry, New York Times, July 14, 2013].

Remember: Eric "My People" Holder doesn't believe hate crime laws protect white victims of black crime.

This is the world we find ourselves in, in 2013.

I can't have a conversation with myself in 2033, to have the latter impart wisdom on the former -- no matter how much I desire.

Twenty years is a long time; but if you've been paying only a remote amount of attention the past day - since the Zimmerman Verdict - you've received the education of a lifetime.

A symbolic storming of the Bastille, if you will, by a much different mob.

Those participating in "Hoodie Sunday", providing candid admissions on the verdict, and marching in demonstrations across America have let slip a brutal truth,  providing a bitter pill many people are going to swallow:
You are either pro-Zimmerman or pro-Trayvon. 
One represents rule of law, the other represents rule of emotion (coupled with the "real threat of violence if things don't go our way" mindset).

And yes, because America was founded by dead white guys, that rule of law concept is a byproduct of white people (and a culmination of bitter wars fought between various groups of white people who hated each other).
One of the final scenes of Warrior, representing the greatest fear of the Managers/Technocrats in charge of Black-Run America (BRA): a uniting of the white working-class

So, it's fair to call it the "white man's law."

Perhaps it's fate today is Bastille Day, for the next twenty years (for all of us) must be an attempt to create a new morality.

We have a right to survive.

Not just our laws, for devoid of the people whose blood spawned them, you're left with 2013 Detroit; a 90 percent black city where the echoes of a great society can still be heard as the winds roars through glassless windows in abandoned skyscrapers.

We have a right to survive.

And if it took a "white-Hispanic" to kindle this realization, well, history is weird that way.

What will you do with your next 20 years?

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reflections and musings said...

This proves the blood hounds dont care about the legal system, they are tribalists, a western legal system is to noble minded and unaitanable for tribal genes.

How many laws have they broken surrounding this zimmerman case, the US legal system has been raped like some victom in post katrina orclands

But I don't lament too much, for the legal system I do, but for zimmerman not, he voted for his dusky chief and his sub chiefs, and I hope that this has made him and his family and his judge father, and friends aware of the step back the US has taken by having the black dictator in charge.

With a judge father, jew no less, should have zimmerman well connected to legal advice, I hope all the holes that were made evident with this case get exposed.

US is a police state, make no mistake, run by a half african dictator

Anonymous said...

Chimp-out time in America! Game's on! Here come the inevitable race riots that result from the internal decomposition and rot of Negro culture.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, insightful article, Paul. I think the comparison to Bastille Day is very apropos.

Anonymous said...

This whole Trayvon Martin media circus reaffirms my firmly-held belief that blacks will ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS view the universe in terms of race, with evil Whitey embodying the evil of “bein' racis’.” This thinking is always accompanied with over-the-top loud hysterics and emotions. That’s the way black culture operated 250 years ago, it’s the way it operates now, and it will be the way it operates 250 years from now. The older I get, the more I crave segregation from the gutter of black culture.

Anonymous said...

The comparison to Bastille Day is PERFECT - it's actually got me wondering if I, like French aristocrats in 1789, should seriously consider fleeing the country. America is no longer the civil place where I grew up.

RedMoonProject said...

All of the outrage that was supposed to materialize in the wake of a verdict has failed to show up. I look out my window and see nothing. No crowds, no mass of humanity oppressed by the system. No one except the occasional person walking their dog.

The Occu-pests are trying to gin up something, but it's a farce. Just a few bored future college drop-outs.

This is a huge failure for the race pimp industry. Serves them right.

Zenster said...

Points at AshTrayvon:

[Nelson Munzt]

Ha Ha!

[/Nelson Muntz]

Robert in Arabia said...

Our rulers want to replace us and erase us. What are we going to do about it?

Anonymous said...

The Salon and Nation headlines are great news. They show that the mask is slipping and the nature of the race struggle is going to become increasingly clear. The motion of tectonic plates is slow but inexorable; it may not be visible to the short view observer but it is there. The Pew Research Center revealed a significant fact about the 2012 election. Although whites under 30 went for Obama by 9 points in 2008, in 2012 they went for Romney by 7 points, a 16 point shift despite the fact that Romney was opposed to all the social issues like abortion, gay rights, and free healthcare that young people are supposed to believe in. Obama won the under 30 vote overall because non-whites including Asians, Hispanics and Blacks went for him by a breathtaking 3 to 1 ratio, in a display of naked racial voting. I think Whites are slowly starting to realize at some level that a significant number of Non-Whites are united in their contempt,suspicion and hatred of Whites. As these kids continue to experience the effects of AA in their schools and jobs, there is going to be a growing realism about race and the realization that they are looking at a future as an oppressed and despised minority.

Anonymous said...

For the next 20 years? Going to head to the American Redoubt to live; where I can be amongst my own people and ride out the coming economic shitstorm. The climate is cold enough to ward off all but the most tenacious of Diversity-types. Those that infiltrate will be easy enough to identify and deal with in a proper fashion.

bubo said...

That ugly mestizo troll who wrote the Nation column reduced Thomas Jefferson to "that slave owning rapist."

I've just had enough.

Andrea Ostrov Letania said...


P.K. again hats off to you white man for bringing us this web-site to come together with like-minded fellow white realist's. this site becomes more important by the day. I have seen/heard talk here at this web-site about a billboard campaign across America.(pending if you can get space time) paul, this is the time right here and now to hit the un-informed fellow white(not the DWL'S)people to this side of the damn fence.

we have seen this before in America when you don't get what you want to go to the streets and fucking cry but never really try! I think the time is now to inform all the uninformed whites with the fact stats cause they don't lie. and your not a politician who needs votes. so that helps our creditability with these sleeper whites. and even in 2013 they still don't get it and they obviously never will.(ngr's)with all the evidence withheld and not presented to the defense these repulsive niggers cry racism. how about the newest race catch phrase-institutional racism. gee, ngr's I think that covers every end of the racism card. silly ngr's that won't hesitate to kill you if you say excuse me at a store. or now that e. "my stupid peeps" holder says we are chicken shit to talk about race. yea e-dog we can't talk about it cause you'll have us arrested for our thoughts now-a-days. go to hell race hustlers your a sick bunch of thieves. and your nothing more. and the new huxtable family "the martin's" have made 2 million dollars from the apt. complex that's why they needed an arrest so they had someone to blame for the death or they wouldn't have gotten the money!. that dad is a typical ngr he left the old bag after 3 yrs. and the new mother of the year had just kicked out trey-boon two weeks prior that's why he was at daddy girlfriends. and dad told the cops he went to pick his son up in Miami. that's a lie cause trey-boonie took the bus. all bullshit as we here know at SBPDL!GODSPEED/SEGREGATION NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

Only in America can a latino man killing a black kid be blamed on white racism.

Anonymous said...

We will hopefully see a divided America - Progressive States and Conservative States. The Southern States, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and some in the mid-west form their own federal government and leave the wasteland created by Democrat policies to those who created them. A proper border(s) is finally erected south and north. I want to make popcorn and watch the violence. This is my dream. I want those who promulgated these destructive policies to live with them. I want to see them face to face with the objects of their compassion. I imagine Mussolini type executions ad nauseum. I see cities burning like they did in the 1960s. And then, when the politicians and activists show up at the new border begging for asylum.... No Can Do. They have earned every bad thing that can and will happen. They must be prevented from escaping the "benefits" of their many Investments.

Anonymous said...

Is there hope to stop feeding them?

The split farm bill passes the house:

I am sure nothing will come of this, but I am hopeful that it will shine a light on how much we are paying them to destroy our cities.

Anonymous said...

White People, Check Your Privilege!

From Portland, OR

Anonymous said...

The Trayvon Martin Killing and The Myth of Black On Black Crime

Anonymous said...

The Trayvon Martin Killing and The Myth of Black On Black Crime

Anonymous said...

"A western legal system is too noble minded and unaitanable for tribal genes." -Reflection and Musings

Mr. Rational said...

Welcome back, Zenster.  Hope your time away was restful and refreshing.

Anonymous said...

Blacks don't care about the facts in the Zimmerman case. They want to play the collective victim and portray Trayvon as some sweet innocent black angel because that allows them to have a grievance. It's just more of the "Lawdy Jeebus! We dun been done so wrong!" card. They want to present Trayvon as a martyr as opposed the the punk bitch thug he actually was as it allows them to wail and demand "justice." Yet, it's not about justice~ it's about getting their way, playing the collective victim and being coddled and pampered. They want to act and behave in any way they please without having to suffer any repercussions and if there are any repercussions, they want anyone who objects or defends themselves to be punished for daring to offend their blackness or stand their ground against their niggery behavior. After all, they be all speshul and sheeit. The offense is not what Trayvon did but that someone actually fought back and stood their ground. They can't stand that a black came off the loser.
I've read many statements where blacks howl and claim Martin was "just walking while black." My response to them is to remind them of all the home invasion/beatings and murders of whites at the hands of blacks and to sarcastically remark, "I guess those people were just sitting in their living rooms while white."
Pointing that out makes me a "racist motherfucker."
Blacks operate on a double standard and that double standard will always be heavily weighted in their favor. Even pointing out the double standard is an offense to their black narcissistic mentality.
Comparing blacks to a mob storming the Bastille is a false analogy. In their minds, they're all supposed to be treated like aristocrats/royalty and be kow-towed and deferred to and given special rights above all others. Not doing so and not giving that to them is what pisses them off and offends them.

Lily White said...

While we're on the subject of Saint Trayvon, have you seen that the threats to George Zimmerman's life have now expanded to threats to the jurors? The judge ruled that their identities would be kept secret for six months, but what then? And what possible reason would there be to reveal these womens' names other than to let the mob have at them?


Welcome back, Andrea and Zenster.

Where the hell you been?

russell harris said...

What I find most disgusting is the hypocrisy all these clowns Kersey points out...

Where is their collective concern of all the people actually murdered in Barry's home town?

rent slave said...

Whites from all over need to support Steve Lonegan in October when he faces off against Obama lite,Cory Booker,who dedicated a park to child decapitator,Nat Turner,in New Jersey's special Senate election.

rent slave said...

Whites from all over need to support Steve Lonegan in October when he faces off against Obama lite,Cory Booker,who dedicated a park to child decapitator,Nat Turner,in New Jersey's special Senate election.

Jay Santos said...

Don't for a second overlook the presence of LOTS of white people, young white people, OCCUPY types in all these demonstration photos we see.

Same same as the '60's, an opportunity to be rebellious little pirates and get laid.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

It looked to me as though the LMSM made sure white people could be seen in the photos whether or not they were participating. Typical white liberal tactics.

Of the whites who were there, and further, were there because of liberal indoctrination, or because they themselves are immature, and are therefore future adult liberals, I hope they pay the price of their mindset/actions themselves, but I recon as always with liberals, the collective will bear their burden of failing to mature.

Trayvon should have matured into adult thuggery before trying to add murder 1 to his Negro resume.

As a punk Negro, an immature thug, he called the bluff of a man, George, who was not bluffing. Tray got his come-up-pence and rendezvoused with his Negro punk destiny, simultaneously.

Mother Trayvon, the lying, shakedown want-to-be and Negress hustler/loser really disgusted me to no end. I would love to see her get her come-up-pence.

White liberals and their allies, the Negros, Hispanic white/browns and Islamics are transmogrifying the white gene pool/race/cultures and usurping our white lands.

White liberals do their stuff because they are immature or insane, their allies do their stuff primarily because of loser status due to a smaller, lower IQed cerebrum which makes them uncompetitive.

Anyone guess what our white gene pool/race's future is?

Woe will be our posterity, if we non-liberal whites choose dereliction of our duty to preserve, protect and defend what is rightfully ours. Thank you.

Michigan Jim said...

Where will we be in 20 years? Either we turn back this black tide or be resigned to being total second class (at best) citizens. I don't see much room for a middle ground. Unlike whites, blacks are not noted for being compassionate and fair when in power.

Anonymous said...

In the mean time, what is going on
in Indianapolis! This is probably
where it is happening right now.

Anonymous said...

"Twenty years is a long time;..."

looking ahead, yes.
looking back, not so much.

Anonymous said...

the french revolution and whitey as french aristocrat is matter how much whitey concedes political and economic power to BRA they will always demand more and more their dysfunctional lifestyle causes mass poverty this is endlessly blamed or da ebil waycism..which can be cured only by more concessions, which the black 'man' produces more and more ghetto hood rats while chasing white women...ensuring more poverty which in turn is proof of 'waycism' which must be made MORE and neverending concession this is the dynamic of Camp of the Saints Collapse....flight seems the best option keep your USA citizenship...keep a foot in the BRA door just to milk the system with your own whitey SSI or social security milk BRA to death don't be the sucker host, find a safe place overseas and watch it all collapse from afar

Anonymous said...

Indianapolis violence? Nah, nothing to see here. It is just your imagination...

Anonymous said...

Shhh...don't tell the octabright protestors that their boy Barry is in charge now and protesting against the man is played out like the macarena. Did I miss out? I never got anything for having a paleface but had to fight and scrap for everything like everyone else. No I haven't seen that Warrior but I really enjoy The Warriors from 1979 about a gang summit that goes wrong and an innocent gang gets blamed for shooting of a dingle Barry type agitator/organizer and the gang has to get back home to the oceanside by going through an entire city of hostile gang territory until it gets worked it they had nothing to with shooting the agitator/organizer. Check it out if you have never heard of it is a cult classic that hollyturd will soon remake and destroy.

Anonymous said...

Got this tweet yesterday:

Tim Wise ‏@timjacobwise 14 Jul

Attention white supremacy: My 12yr old went 2 bed in tears over the verdict. She knows who u r & saw what u did. U have a new enemy. Beware.

R.E. Prindle said...

I've been somewhat ambivalent about the Zimmerman ruse from the beginning. It has had too much of the aroma of the movie Wag The Dog about it. In that movie the Pres. going up for reelection looks problematical for a landslide so he hires a Hollywood producer to work up a script for a phony war in Albania to gain popularity. Man proposes; God disposes so there are constant adverse circumstances circumvented by inventive rewrites of the script.

This sort of scenario would have great appeal to Obama's intellect. I posited this possibility in posts to one of my blogs a couple years ago. I believe the original plan was to use the trial to bolster Obama's re-election. The outcry was so strong that that plan had to be shelved with a rewrite to the scenario. That rewrite has now misfired so that a new scenario has to be concocted to convict Zimmerman on the Federal level.

Looking at Zimmerman more closely in this new light I'm beginning to be convinced he's a tool of Obama. Just a character in the movie. As the writer for the Nation linked by Paul pointed out, judging from the complexions of Zimmerman's mother and siblings he cannot in Negro eyes be termed White. There are whiter Negroes. That doesn't matter the female writer says because Zimmerman has embraced the White Supremacist ideology.

So now the true issue being written into the script is the contest between White and Negro supremacy. Obviously Obama as a Black Supremacist will stage a Federal anti-White Supremacy trial as the rejection of White Supremacy for Negro Supremacy. If you are a good White then you will be asked to reject your people for Negro Supremacy thus making a 14% minority the ruling constituency. Nice trick if you can pull it off. Tail wagging the dog, indeed!

If you've noticed then, the White male role in the trial has been written out. One has a White female judge and six, not twelve as a capital case would call for, White female jurors. Thus the attempt is to separate White women from White men.

This is a dangerous policy. On my WordPress websites I use Quantcast to check my stats for info WordPress does not supply. Two or three years ago my White female readership in the two categories comprising 18-34 year olds ran about 70 to 80% of internet normal. In the last few months, actually beginning before the election, my readership in those categories has be running 130% to 180% of internet normal. So a more conservative approach is appearing much more attractive to young women. This might indicate a swing away from a Negro sympathy.

In addition perhaps more powerful forces than the Obama-Holder axis realizing the dangers of conviction forced the acquittal on Obama-Holder.

There is more going on than meets the eye.

Zenster said...

This just in:

Trayvon Martin death 'unnecessary shooting' says Attorney General

WASHINGTON -- Attorney General Eric Holder on Monday called the killing of Trayvon Martin a "tragic, unnecessary shooting," and said the Justice Department will follow "the facts and the law" as it reviews evidence to see whether federal criminal charges are warranted.

Put another way: "Clearly the Black Grievance Industry was insufficiently outraged (i.e., violent), over Zimmerman's accquital! We must remedy this at all costs."

Criminal civil rights charges by the Federal Justice Department should take care of that niggling little problem, don't you think? For all of their race-mongering, it certainly appears that Holder and Sharpton are twins-separated-at-birth. Who knew?

In his first comments since the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the Martin case, the attorney general said the 17-year-old's death provides an opportunity for the nation to speak honestly about complicated and emotionally charged issues.

I believe twelve people in Florida spoke very "honestly about complicated and emotionally charged issues" surrounding a wannabe gansta punk thug getting his violent Black @ss blown away for jumping someone he was probably hoping would be unarmed.

He said the nation must not forgo an opportunity toward better understanding of one another.

White America understands all of this quite clearly. After all, enough of them were sufficiently "un-racist" (i.e., incredibly stupid enough) to re-elect our resident turd-in-the-punchbowl currently floating around the Oval Office.

What is not so clearly understood is how Black America needs to take their gibsmedat attitude and stick it where the sun don't shine.

Amazingly enough, Geraldo called this one correctly.

Now, let's go Drinking with Bob and see what he has to say.

In the "believe it or not" category, an Associated Press article by Mike Schneider and Kyle Hightower still showed a photo of Ashtrayvon as a 13 year-old.

These sick f&@%s must be starved for news and need some juicy race riots to put a bit of heat into their summer headlines.

Of course, since its Sunday release, the "little angel" photo of Ashtrayvon has been replaced with a more current picture. However, it is still buried in the piece—as a side-by-side with the adult Zimmerman— as picture number 26 (last) in the article's own gallery. Not to be outdone, ABC's image gallery of photos (number 12 to be precise) features some moron thug buck wearing a Zimmerman in the crosshairs t-shirt (scroll down for photos).

Zenster said...

Anon 07/15/13 at 5:29 AM: Only in America can a latino man killing a black kid be blamed on white racism.

Ding, ding, ding. We have a winner!

Californian said...

Zenster: good to see you back online!

Anonymous said...

Screw it, we are already paying, and paying, and will continue to pay for the lackluster AA population. I'm all for giving reparations with travel back to Africa for all of them, then they can define and build their own world. Within months our major cities would be completely different and on the upswing.

Picture major cities without all the Yo's running around. Is pay once and for all for that.

Anonymous said...

"...the Department of Justice is reopening an investigation into George's thoughts [With Criminal Case Closed, Justice Department Will Restart Hate Crime Inquiry, New York Times, July 14, 2013]."

The American NIGSTAPO is alive and well.

Zenster said...

Al Sharpton called George Zimmerman's acquittal in the killing of Trayvon Martin an "atrocity."

No, you race baiting wannabe warlord poverty pimp of a rectal cavity, Ashtrayvon getting himself turned into a "good" little gangsta thug is not an "atrocity".

An "atrocity" is when some sand-loving, lamb-eating Muslim pedophiles fly fully loaded passenger jet airliners into occupied skyscrapers.

A racist, criminal Black punk assaulting someone with a concealed carry permit and, subsequently, attaining room temperature due to swift onset high velocity lead poisoning is what's known as "experiencing the rightful consequences of one's own actions"; something that the majority of Black Americans vigorously struggle to avoid at every possible opportunity.

Zenster said...

Here's another interesting little nugget:

HARPER: Media misreporting rampant in Trayvon Martin case

It gets worse: NBC News and MSNBC took the misinformation campaign to a new level by editing a call to police from Mr. Zimmerman to make it appear the defendant was racist. NBC apologized and fired some of those responsible for the deception, which is a clear violation of journalism ethics. (Full disclosure: I am an expert witness in a lawsuit by Mr. Zimmerman against NBC and MSNBC.) MSNBC’s Al Sharpton also became a leading advocate for Trayvon’s family — a role that would usually violate the network’s prohibition on personnel engaging in political activities. An MSNBC representative said Mr. Sharpton had received an exemption from the policy. [emphasis added]

Do tell; "an exemption" so that this race baiting wannabe warlord poverty pimp of a rectal cavity can go out and create some headlines for these hate-mongering Liberal media sewers to spew into American homes.

Let's hope that not-so-Sharpton manages to cross the line and gets himself convicted of incitement to violence or rioting. Subsequent lawsuits could reach right down into the deep pockets at NBC and MSNBC. As if Zimmerman himself shouldn't be hoovering out several dozen million from these skanky media whores for their nasty little tape editing peccadillo.

Anonymous said...

Whoa-We-Ohhs,come out and play ! I concur,a great ,funny movie.I hope you are wrong about a remake,they nailed it the first time! Richard Cranium