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Rush Limbaugh, Ze'ev Chafets, and "Devil's Night: And Other True Tales of Detroit" -- Yes, Detroit's Bankruptcy is a Story of Race

Ze'ev Chafets book on Detroit, Devil's Night: And Other True Tales of Detroit, is in the news more than 20 years after its publication.
A Rosetta Stone in understanding the truth behind Detroit's collapse

On his massive influential radio show, Rush Limbaugh discussed Chafets book and broke the unofficial embargo on discussing the racial role in the decline of the city of Detroit (Note to the Daily Mail: 'The future left Detroit behind' left the Motor City behind, because white people fled the city upon the democratically elected black rule).

He said [America Discovers Zev Chafets' Book on the Role of Race in Detroit's Demise,, July 24, 2013]:
By the way, I've gotta tell you something.  I talked about Zev Chafets' book about Detroit yesterday, what really explains Detroit's bankruptcy.  Zev Chafets published a book in 1990 called "Devil's Night: And Other True Tales of Detroit"   And I reviewed some of the book. "
I skimmed it, a little book report for you yesterday, and the book focuses on the Mayor Coleman Young as the real culprit in what happened to Detroit, and the fact that, yeah, you can't deny that liberalism played a large role in Detroit's failure, unchecked Democrat power, unions as well, the decline of the auto industry, all those are factors, but Zev Chafets' point in his book is that it was Coleman Young, the mayoralty of Coleman Young single-handedly is responsible -- well, nothing is single-handedly, but largely responsible for what happened to Detroit.

By the way, don't misunderstand, folks.  I'm not trying to deemphasize liberalism as a cause for what happened in Detroit, because racial tension is liberalism.  Race wars are liberalism.  Race wars happen because of liberalism, and if they're not caused by, they certainly are encouraged. The flames of race wars are fanned by liberals.  The two are inseparable.  But the point of Zev's book is it would be to miss the point just to chalk it all up to liberalism.  You have a card-carrying communist as a mayor who wanted a black nationalist, separatist city that was really done in by his leadership, and that was all brought about by the riots in 1967.
Read the full transcript at Mr. Limbaugh's site, but stay here for a candid look at Ze'ev Chafets book and some of the key excerpts from Devil's Night.

Unlike Rush, I've read the whole book.

Liberalism - that ubiquitous enemy - didn't bring down Detroit, it was simply blacks that did.

The key quotes from Chafets book:
Detroit's shift from a prosperous white city to a poor black one was extraordinarily fast; within six years of the riot [PK Note: 1967], it had a black majority and a black administration. And the change was far more complete than in other major America cities. Chicago maintained stable white ethnic neighborhoods and a vital business district; Washington D.C. , remained anchored by the federal government, which provided jobs; in Atlanta, mayors from the civil rights movement built economic and political alliances with white suburbia. 

For the two and half million whites who lived in America's most segregated suburbs, Detroit became the The Corner writ large- an alien, threatening wreck, a place to drive through, if at all, with the windows rolled up and the doors securely locked. Whites not only left the city physically, they abandoned it emotionally as well. 

... Detroit today is a genuinely a fearsome-looking place. May of its neighborhoods appear to be the victims of a sadistic aerial bombardment - houses burned and vacant, buildings twisted and crumbling, whole city blocks overrun with wees and the carcases of discarded automobiles. Shopping streets are depressing avenues - banks converted into Fundamentalists churches, party stores with bars and boards on their windows and, here and there, a barbecue joint or saloon. The decay is everywhere, but it is is especially noticeable on the east side, which has lost roughly half its residents in the past thirty years - the most extreme depopulation of any urban area in America. 

Suburban whites are dismayed by the physical degeneration of what was once their city; but they are truly terrified by its racial composition, and the physical threat they associate with blacks, who constitute between 70 and 80 percent of the population. Some, mostly elderly, whites still live in the extremities of the city, and municipal employees are required to reside there by law (although many have fictitious addresses). But in most parts of town, most of the time, Detroit is as black as Nairobi. (p. 23-24)
So pretty quickly into the book, it should be glaringly obvious the reality behind Detroit's unprecedented collapse. Sadly, Chafets book was published in the late 1980s, meaning Detroit has limped along for 23 more years before declaring the largest municipal bankruptcy in American history.

Here's a sickening prediction from Chafet's book about how what happened to Detroit will soon happen to all of America. That's a point Charlie LeDuff, author of Detroit: An American Autopsy, concedes in a recent piece at the New York Times.

Chafet's wrote:
A few days after the election, [Detroit] News columnist Chauncey Bailey, a thoughtful man who Coleman Young once branded an Uncle Tom, explained why.
"Observes miss the point when they suggest that Young is lesss of a historical figure because he does not come across as "moderate" as do other African-American leaders now making inroad in less black cities, and is therefore out ofstep with a "new generation" of leadership. 

Only New York City and Chicago have more African-American residents than Detroit. new York is 25 percent African-American and has just elected its "first Black" mayor. Chicago is 40 percent African-American but lost power when African-Americans showed disunity. Due to their racial makeups, leaders in those cities must be more moderate to win. But Detroit is where more big cities will be in the coming decades. Young's legend will be the model, not a myth, that many will turn to."
Bailey's prediction reminded me of something I had heard more than a year earlier from Father William Cunningham, a very savvy white priest who has worked in the inner city for twenty years. "Detroit is the center of an American revolution," he had told me. "We're twenty years ahead of Chicago, forty years ahead of New York City. God knows where we are in comparison to San Diego. In terms of civil rights, this is Broadway. There's no place else where black power has spoken like it has in this city. And what happens here will eventually happen in the rest of the country. (p. 231 - 232)
Mr. Limbaugh... do you get it yet?

Do you?

Here's more:
But most black Detroiters do not measure their lives, or their city, by the yardsticks of the American middle class. [Mayor Coleman Young -- the first black mayor of Detroit; elected in 1973] Young may not have provided them with the safest streets or most efficient services; nor has he been able to raise their standard of living. But he has given his constituents something even more valuable: a feeling of empowerment and personal worth. Detroit is one of the few places in the country where blacks can live in a sympathetic, black-oriented milieu.  
"Detroit is an environment where you can forget about being black," said Cassandra Smith-Gray, who heads the city's welfare department. (p. 178)
 The conditions of the city don't matter, as long as black people are in charge and running things.

Do you get it now Mr. Limbaugh?

Do you?

Here's more, Mr. Limbaugh. Please, be sure to read this passage to your audience on Monday:
Coleman Young is the black mayor of a black city, a fact never from his consciousness. 
As Arthur Johnson observed, in no other place in the country have blacks succeeded in gathering so much political power into their own hands; specifically, the hands of the mayor. After four terms, he has cast the city government in his own image. Five of the nine members of the City Council are black [this book was published in 1990; now, all members are Black]. So were the chief of police, the fire chief, all four police commissioners, and the heads of most city departments (and, although Young does not appoint them, both congressmen, the superintendent of the schools and a majority of the city’s judges).

In city departments, where they are a minority, white often feel like outsiders. One senior official told me that she received bomb threats from colleagues because she was not part of the “black political mafia.”

But Young has done more than broaden access to the pork barrel. Under him, Detroit has become not merely an American city that happens to have a black majority, but a black metropolis, the first major Third World city in the United States. The trappings are all there – showcase projects [Renaissance Center], black-fisted symbols [Joe Louis Statue], an external enemy and the cult of personality. Detroit has even developed a quasi-official ideology that regards the pre-Young era as a time of white colonialism, ended by the 1967 insurrection and its aftermath. An official city publication describes the police department as having been a “hostile white army, entrusted by white authorities with the job of keeping nonwhites penned up in ghettos.” (p. 176-177)
Do you get it now Mr. Limbaugh?

Do you?


blancdeseinesaintdenis said...

So which city is the next? In france the department of Seine Saint Denis is too in bankruptcy and it's the department of their are 80%of blacks and arabs

Puggg said...

Rush mentioning Devil's Night has drastically pushed its rank upward in Amazon. Rush didn't break the Conservatism Inc race embargo enough for my tastes, but he might have done it just enough for just enough people to get it. And I mean "get it" by getting the book then getting race.

Lisa said...

Limbaugh refuses to get it.

D-FENS said...

I have not read the book. But from the reviews, I sense that it engages in misdirection when it focuses on Coleman "the Commie" Young. Sure, he was the dominant force behind the destruction of Detroit. But the implication is that if he had been somewhat less zealous and more accommodating, events would have turned out much better. That certainly does not explain the universal failure of negroes much less confrontational to competently run cities or even nations.

Given Mr. Chavets past works which fawned over both "Christian Zionists" and Rush Limpballs, I would bet that Paul's review and excerpts provide make reading the book uneccessary.

Lorraine said...

He's paid by the squids to not get it.

White Mom in VA

10mm AUTO said...

Under him, Detroit has become not merely an American city that happens to have a black majority, but a black metropolis, the first major Third World city in the United States. The trappings are all there – showcase projects [Renaissance Center], black-fisted symbols [Joe Louis Statue], an external enemy and the cult of personality. Detroit has even developed a quasi-official ideology that regards the pre-Young era as a time of white colonialism, ended by the 1967 insurrection and its aftermath. An official city publication describes the police department as having been a “hostile white army, entrusted by white authorities with the job of keeping nonwhites penned up in ghettos.” (p. 176-177)


Paul, this is going to happen not just in the cities, but in the Counties as well. Though the "Boss Hogg" (Dukes of Hazzard) type of oppression was common in pre-WWII days (See: Battle of Athens, Ga.) with the rise of Corp. governance it is rare today to see a true County Potentate. But remember Clayton County?

"Hill set the immediate tone when he fired 27 deputies on his first day in office, including four of the highest-ranking officers, all of whom were white. He called the officers in on the pretext of swearing them in; instead, they were relieved of their badges and service weapons and taken out of the sheriff's office inside inmate vans with police snipers posted on nearby rooftops."

As to what it is like within the Government buildings?:

"Bad news in Clayton ranges from the bizarre to the sordid. Aside from [Clayton County Commissioner Eldrin] Bell's self-inflicted wound, word came this morning that another lawsuit had been filed against Victor Hill, the controversial sheriff. This one, a discrimination suit filed by a white employee, contains explosive allegations that Hill misused funds seized from drug busts and vending machines he operated in the department's headquarters and jail. The suit alleges that he used the money to purchase provocative artwork for his office that depicted "African American cowboys" and "a lynch mob scene portraying Caucasian people with shotguns. It's just another day in the headlines for Clayton County. The schools are on the verge of losing accreditation. The district attorney is a barrister who had little experience with criminal cases when she was elected...And there's the irony that Bell was at a party thrown by Galardi, who had successfully sued the sheriff for setting up roadblocks almost every weekend near the newly opened Pink Pony South.""

What you have here in Clayton County is little Africa, with the black head roaring around the County in a Cadillac draped with lion skins and the Whites too afraid to put a stop to the Circus for fear of being called "racist". This will get more and more common unless Whites find the Courage to resist. The murders, the corruption, the oppression, the awful governance, the terrible waste and broken lives. In short, Detroit wherever negros concentrate. These patches will NOT confine themselves to just the city limits or the County, but will spread like a disease.

Whites must concentrate themselves unconditionally.

This would not be happening if Whites had a Country of our Own.

Anonymous said...

Orginal copies were going for $2000 after El Rushbo mentioned it. He is a republicant boot licker operative and still believes in happy horseshit fairytales about voting and ballot boxes so don't get too excited. The two branches of the same status quo party is obsolete and I'll get excited about Rusty Limberger when he acknowledges it. Still there is nothing else on the radio at that hour and if you have an old car with only AM stereo it is about the only thing on.

R.E. Prindle said...

Paul: I don't disagree with anything you say. One could see it coming in 1954 with Brown vs. The Board Of Education when the government trounced the Whites of Little Rock in favor of the Negroes. It was publicly stated by the Liberals that Negroes had inferior educations, grades behind comparably aged Whites yet they were placed in grades in which they could only bring the average down not compete. Whites were to blame for destroying education in the US in one fell swoop.

Nineteen fifty-six registered the highest test scores in the nation's history and then began an annual decline that went on for decades. If a White merely pointed out the obvious facts he was ostracized, thrown on the garbage heap, reviled, hated as I'm sure you well know.

I grew up in Saginaw at the upper end of the Dixie, moving out before the decline got under way. Detroit never was as beautiful as it perhaps looks in retrospect but for some the future decline was obvious. Whites not only let it happen they encouraged it to happen. They thought it was owed to the Negroes.

Even today with the models of the future you have pointed out, indicators such as the old sci-fi novels of the fifties such Starship Trooper most Whites don't understand what Obama is doing to the country and the world or what the agenda of the Obama-Holder Axis is.

Yes, Negroes are incapable but Whites not only let it happen with their insane racial laws favoring Negroes they demanded it. Disregard those discriminatory laws, if they can't be repealed at least if they are massively disregarded they can't be enforced. Sink the occupation government by any means necessary.

james wilson said...

No, liberalism is the cause of the Detroit disaster. If there were no blacks within the borders of the US, liberals would import them. Actually, they do import them, don't they?

Californian said...

10mm AUTO said... Detroit has become not merely an American city that happens to have a black majority, but a black metropolis, the first major Third World city in the United States.

To recapitulate a basic premise of race realism: Race determines Culture. Whites produce European civilization wherever they go. Blacks produce African civilization wherever they go.

And if this statement is wrong, then can any troll please name those black majority cities which have the same level of civic order, economic development and educational achievement as equivalent white cities.

Anonymous said...

Another youthful accident.

Puggg said...

No, this isn't the fault of "liberalism." If there's an individual more worthy of blame for the death of Detroit than Coleman Young, it's Henry Ford. He recruited both blacks from the South and Arabs from the Middle East to flood into Detroit to bust the unions.

Anonymous said...

With regards to "liberalism" or "socialism", I think that it's safe to say that when "liberalism" and "socialism" refer to a system where people take money from the state and put money into the state, then you get a virtuous cycle of cooperation and improvement. The "liberalism" of Detroit is to simply throw away money as quickly as possible, without asking for any of it back.

Anonymous said...

OT, but here is an update to the sentencing of the one of the groids responsible for killing 7 year old Kyleigh Crane and her uncle.

Southron said...

I know everybody here wants more from Limbaugh, but give him a break.

If he came out all at once, and said that Detroit's problem is that it is filled will dysfunctional blacks who are incapable of running anything, much less a city, his sponsors would get so much heat that he would be off the air shortly thereafter.

I think Rush does get it. He simply can't say it.

Every thinking white person that has lived near urban areas knows what happens when there is an increase of feral blacks moving into their neighborhood. The neighborhood dies. In the case of Detroit, it was a city-wide phenomenon instead of neighborhood by neighborhood like in most large cities.

Remember, we didn't get where we are with BRA overnight. It happened gradually.

If we have any hope of reversing it. We'll have to take baby steps. At lease Limbaugh and O'Reilly are talking about it.

Bogolyubski said...

Does Limbaugh get it? Is he even capable of getting it? I doubt it. Yes he deserves credit for going as far as he has, which nobody else in the putative "opposition" would dare to - probably due to a large and increasingly anxious white audience. Nevertheless, at the end of the day Limbaugh, like nearly all "conservatives", accepts and endorses the central premise of the enemy's religious dogma: equality ├╝ber alles.

Limbaugh (and the majority of his listeners) continue to endorse the proposition-nation notion that anyone can be an American. Hell, we even saw it here on the other thread with the little La Raza cheer that erupted. He and his fellow conservatards make more numerous unprincipled exceptions to their fundamentally leftist ideology than a genocidal Marxist like Tim Wise does, but they still remain attached to the underlying principle - which is a massive lie.

So, like the Boy Scouts, the military, the churches both Catholic and Protestant, Limbaugh & Co. will end up caving over time. They have little choice for they are ultimately attempting to oppose the exterminationalist genocidal left within the left's own framework, which was a rigged contest from its inception.


Here is the sentence that got my attention:

"Detroit is an environment where you can forget about being black," said Cassandra Smith-Gray, who heads the city's welfare department. (p. 178)

It is thus obvious to me that the presence of White people is pathological to blacks. White people, by their very existence, cause irreparable damage and pain to black people.

Therefore, let it be resolved that we Whits should leave them alone. Everything we do, say, think and act is horrible for the black man. We owe it to them to leave them. Whites must face the fact that we damage, beyond comprehension, the black man.

Fellow Whites, out of kindness and love of life, let us leave the black man alone. Let us move ourselves, ALL OF US, to an area where we can take our sins, our criminal behavior, our inbred, genetic racism.

I admit it. We Whites are born racists and will always be racists and will always deny and mistreat and hold down the proud strong black man. Thus, let us leave them alone so they can build a better society that what us evil Whites have done. Let them have Detroit and without our presence they can have a multicultural, non-racists, utopia on earth like they once had in pre-colonial Africa.

To all blacks, on behalf of the racists White race, I apologize for bringing you here out of Africa and keeping you here against your will. So sorry. You are now free, free at last, God Almighty free at last to have nothing to do with us racists Whites.

Mr. Rational said...

If we have any hope of reversing it. We'll have to take baby steps.

What would it take to reverse Shelley vs. Kraemer?  Restrictive covenants are sufficient to fix most of what ails us.


Rush is a DWL.

He refuses to talk about race. He refuses to talk about the Federal Reserve and Income tax (both developed at the same time at Jekyl Islan, GA).

Rush is on the take. He has been from day one and his purpose is to vent steam for the psuedo-conservatives.

He is a shrill for the Right Side of the One World Government. I have noticed this for some time.

He knows and he intentionally steers the topic away so he can keep his multi-million dollar comedy act going. He does't give a shit about America, etc. He is one of them.

Anonymous said...

+1 what Southron said. Look how fast Dr. Laura lost her career, just for saying that blacks should stop saying "nigger nigger nigger" all the time. The best he can do is lead the sheep close to the water, and let them find it from there. It's better that way anyhow, as the thoughts will be rooted better if people do some of their own reasoning, rather than passively hearing it and nodding their heads in agreement.


oh mr. linbaugh gets it! it's just the obama world will persecute him for telling the whole story. to hell with Detroit anyway! things may spill down to all these so-called big cities or it may not pending an collapse of the fiscal situation. there has to be a spit of this country for whites not to become S. Africa that is for sure. if whites let it and there are those whites who couldn't care less and fuck them kinds of whites too! try looking@/reading the Censorbugbear reports to see how blacks govern over whites when they get in power. we've got 20+50 years before that shit would start. in the meantime we have places like this to discuss what we can actually do in the future. GODSPEED/SEGREGATION NOW!!! P.S. remember this greatwhites, we have the superior I.Q.'s and NGR's aren't going to catch us in that way anytime soon! That's the way we will beat them at there own game.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of what Limbaugh's motivations are, it IS significant that he's broached the subject.

Let's be honest-- once you initiate an honest inquiry into these topics, it picks up speed pretty quickly. When the scales fall, they drop off quickly There's no easy halfway compromise point. Blacks either can or can't coexist peacefully with us.

And Those Who Can See know the answer to that question already.

Anonymous said...

How long can people avoid the truth? The truth - it's simple. It just is. Sure, it's going to hurt a lot of people's feelings, but the consequences of avoiding the truth are far, far worse.

Grow up. Face the truth - the simple truth.

It's blacks. They did it. It isn't liberalism, racism, Jim Crow, or da turrible, turrible legacy ub da slabery. It's just blacks. It's the very nature of them.

Sooner or later someone is going to have to deal with this. The longer we wait .....

Anonymous said...

Fox stations that carry Rush cut him off in 3,2,1...Ohh wait the Saud owners called and said it was ok. He can remain...for now.

Anonymous said...

Hell, we even saw it here on the other thread with the little La Raza cheer that erupted.

There's a reason for that. I'm one of, maybe, 10 White people living on my residential block in an inner suburb of Los Angeles. The rest are mostly first and second-generation Mexican immigrants.

My neighborhood was less affected by the Trayvon mayhem than Beverly Hills was. There was a major Trayvon protest at La Cienega park, smack dab in the heart of Beverly Hills. A contingent of bleeding-heart White liberals joined up with a contingent of Blacks who came up from Leimert Park (Black neighborhood). There were protests in White-majority Pasadena, Santa Monica, Westwood ...

In contrast, young Black males *rarely* walk through my neighborhood. The last time I saw one walking on my block was probably half a year ago and I did a double-take. There definitely wasn't any Trayvon nonsense. The Mexican males in the neighborhood aren't exactly welcoming towards the African-American community.

Latino-on-White violence is relatively rare. On the other hand, the LAPD lollygagged and took 3 hours corralling 200 Black youths who were Bash Mobbin' in the middle of touristy Hollywood, stealing phones from anyone they could.

Don't forget that Hollywood and the Wilshire District went up in flames during the '92 riots. Both of those areas had a considerable White population, but they also had a considerable Black population. Boyle Heights and East LA (99% Mexican, low-income) were quiet (there were some robberies reported, but none of the looting, shooting, and burning ... LAPD ended up using the area as a staging area as it dealt with the rest of the city).

Not to mention that more Latino youth are being raised in two-parent, churchgoing households in the US than White youths are.

Thing is, a lot of White America's decline is self-inflicted.

It's cultural. It's spiritual.

Whites aren't losing out demographically because of foreign invaders. It's low birth-rates. It's high divorces. It's broken families. White women in Europe have a staggeringly low birth rate and that was the case before the Muslim hordes came in.

How many of you were raised in towns that valued education and intellectual pursuits over sports? Any wonder why our country idolizes Black pro sports stars while ignoring White scientific achievements?

This is a spiritual struggle. Often, races, nations and empires exhaust their vitality. Others fill the void. I suspect much of America's vitality over the next few decades may lie with Latino and Asian Americans, at least until upper-class Americans shake off the BRA/SWPL mentality or lower-class Americans stop aping (literally) Black "culture".

--From the Ashes of the Empire, the Phoenix of the Republic

D-FENS said...

"...when "liberalism" and "socialism" refer to a system where people take money from the state and put money into the state, then you get a virtuous cycle of cooperation and improvement."

A virtuous cycle? As in the USSR and the eastern bloc? They can't blame the collapse of Communism on negroes or illegal aliens.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to read that book but it looks impossible to get.

D-FENS said...

Limpballs is an entertainer. He once admitted this. He might actually be somewhat conservative personally but that is not what drives him. He has positioned himself in an under served niche market. He actually gets more market audience when a Clinton or Obama is in office. Even in his personal life there is no indication of practicing what he preaches. Multiple marriages, having flamer Elton John perform at his most recent marriage, the use of drugs, avoidance of military service etc.

If he does "get it" but believes he can't "say it", does he really get it?

The same comments apply to O'Reilly, Colter, Beck, Levin and the rest. Think about it. If someone really did "get it", they would not be allowed anywhere near a camera or microphone.

Anonymous said...

Liberalism gets blamed for everything. I contend that Liberalism does work in a white society. Look at Vermont, white, liberal and peaceful, for now. The problem is black.

Melanie said...

Anyone bashing Limbaugh for not risking his own career and what little he can say by implication, emphasis, etc, w/o losing the platform he has, is being no different from the orcs "waiting for Superman". Rep Steve King made remarks about illegal immigrants, and is being castigated by the Stupid And Evil Party, both of them, for saying them. He said nothing racial, he talked about illegals (thereby implicitly referring to Mexicans), and he's catching flack from both of the afore-mentioned parties and their media propagandists for it.

It's going to be up to us, we everyday people, to make the little holes in the dam, before the big flood waters will be able to come rushing in.

Melanie said...

And you people being so dedicated to pointing out the flaws of the right w/o being just as dedicated to mentioning the flaws of the left, are no better. Both parties have been dedicated to an elite oligarchy of whatever race for a long time. "limousine liberals" and "country club Republicans" are not new terms by a long shot.

I don't have a problem with the existence of wealthy people-I have a problem with those of the superwealth/government nexus who have the power to control the lives of us all. The "government" half of that includes the poverty pimps which are largely tied into the snivel rights movement (orcs, and now whatever "minority" jumps on the bandwagon, though orcs fight to keep the focus on them). The poverty pimps are not generally superrich, that's why they get caught in corrupt con schemes. But, they have overwhelming access to government resources, and power to have that government make decisions which affect whites negatively, while helping no one but them to line their pockets, and government to spread its tentacles.

This whole thing is actually such a huge mishmash of interests that we can't just focus on any one, and that's intentional. So our best bet is to focus on the positives which we can do, among which is reaching out to and attempting to influence fellow whites.

White Mom has said this in many ways, many times.

Bogolyubski said...

BTW, another thing I noticed about Limbaugh's reportage on Chafets' book - more than TWO DECADES after it was written - was the total lack of discussion about how Detroilet, black as the Congo since the days of Ol'King Coleman, has managed to keep stumbling along in zombie fashion for twenty plus years.

I expect it gets back to CENTURION's point about the private banking cartel which goes by the name of the "Federal Reserve" and its connection to regime, and the funding of said regime via a debt-slavery and taxation ponzi scheme. Just out of curiosity, I wonder how many of our readers understand that just a century ago - 1913 - there was no federal income tax. Just a century ago - 1913 - an once of gold was worth 20 dollars. The dollar has lost more than 99-percent of its value since then, which happens to be the very year in which a sucking sound commenced, at first barely audible, now a deafening racket. As I recall, Limbaugh has for year banished all mention of the cartel (and its owners) form his show - consigning those who wish to address the subject to the "kook bin".

Limbaugh, and most of his conservatard followers, think there's still such a thing as a free market and the rule of law here in the Banksta Banana Republick. They're either delusionally stupid or deliberately lying, for neither have been present for a long time.

PioneerPreppy said...

It's still American Liberalism. Black politicians take it further to the extreme and faster to boot than Whites, which just made the inevitable financial crash come sooner. Black Liberalism embraces racism openly whereas White have to practice open racism against themselves but they are still together under one banner.

A White American Liberal is just as bad as a Black one.

Melanie said...

BTW, I have no dog in this fight. I don't listen to Limbaugh or talk radio, just as I don't watch teevee. There seems to be a consensus here between his attackers and his defenders here on this board regarding what he says/doesn't say, by long-time posters, so I'm trusting that. My defense is not of him so much as the big picture, the waiting for Superman aspect of expecting any great white leader to lead us out of the wilderness in this political climate where they'd be neutered anyway if they said anything overt. We have plenty of "alt right" types on the web if people want to know. They know how to find Facebook, they can find other info if they care. It's up to us to try to get them to care, or at least bite on being interested.

Also, I believe that it's better to get information by reading, with its fewer emotional filters, especially for a female. Even there everyone must use discernment.

Anonymous said...

Limbaugh gets it but his sponsors want nothing to do with it. So he brings folks to the water's edge and they have to make the final crossing on their own. Limbaugh's audience is savvy enough to connect the dots.

Directing folks to Ze'ev's book is a huge step. Cut Limbaugh some slack.

Anonymous said...

I read that book when it came out. Lots of humor in it. The Chaldean immigrant shopkeepers would punish black shoplifters by chaining them to a pole in the basement for a few days and giving them a whack every hour or so when they remembered to.

Chaldeans are Iraqi Christians

Melanie said...

Actually, this whole problem is that it has gone global, thanks to a left/right consensus at the top. We people below were so busy being cheerleaders for "our team" , and so far removed from the power, that most of us didn't see it coming until it was upon us.

But that leads me into a whole other direction which is irrelevant here at this site.

Left Coast White Guy said...

We Hear From The La Raza Cheering Section Again!
A) This Changes Nothing.
B) They Haven't Been The Focus of 50 Years Of Marxist Agitprop And Propaganda.
C) We Are Inherently Different And Have The Right To Self Determination. America For Whites, Mexico For Mexicans.

Now Run Along To Your Bario Or Go To A La Raza Site, But Stop Telling Us That Shit Is Sugar! ILiveAmongst Them Too And Haven't Acclimated To Their 2Nd/3Rd World Standards As You Apparently Have. I RememberWhat This Place Was Like Before The Flood Of Immigrants (Primarily Mexican). It's Like Comparing The Disney Movie "The Parent Trap" To The Movie "Colors". That Is The hopey Changy Thing You Keep Trying Make Us choke Down. No Way!!!

Left Coast White Guy said...

The Problem Of All These Different Interests Is What Divides And separates Us. This Is Intentional As Bogolyubski Keeps Pointing Out. This Must Become Our Country Alone Once Again.

Bogolyubski said...

Limbaugh gets it but his sponsors want nothing to do with it. So he brings folks to the water's edge and they have to make the final crossing on their own. Limbaugh's audience is savvy enough to connect the dots.

Directing folks to Ze'ev's book is a huge step. Cut Limbaugh some slack.

You make a fair point, and (believe it or not) we are actually cutting Limbaugh some slack - despite his absolutely abominable track-record as a worthless Repuke step-n-fetchit on a host of issues ranging from negroid criminality to open borders to endless wars to make the ummah safe for feminism, sodomy and the Amurikan way.

The sponsors are the ones whose behavior is indicative of what the roots of the problem are. Doesn't anyone find it odd or strange that the folks who generate enough money to be able to afford advertising on stations who host Limbaugh all think in lock-step? It's almost as if they were all being told what to think, no? But, but, it's a free-market economy, isn't it? Amurika is the golden land of opportunity and anyone can grab the brass ring of prosperity if they just work hard, right? All ads go through the Dorscheiss and Merdegeld Partners and only pre-approved content is permitted. Pay no attention to that cephalopod behind the curtain!

Limbaugh is actually walking a tightrope here. On the one hand, his audience will implode if he appears to cave to the forces of BRA right now, because they are actually starting to perceive its overpowering putrid stench, even in their pathetic stare of blind inebriation. On the other hand, those very important folks who have control of the cash-spigot which enables Limbaugh to live the Hollywood lifestyle he enjoys really don't want YT waking up to what has been going on with that deafening sucking-sound they're hearing. Limbaugh, "the consummate broadcast professional", has a job to find that very slender middle thread-line which lies on the side of the idea that YT can make this roar subside by getting involved in the "process", for in just over a year we'll have another rendition of The mostest important erection evaaahhh!!, which will need YT's endorsement. With each passing year, YT gets weaker and fewer. Eventually, as we've already witnessed with Dyson, Wise, and in South Africa, the mask will fall away completely, and Limbaugh, like DeKlerk, can be tossed upon the trash-heap of history.

Anonymous said...

Whites are the new Jews
Obama = Hitler
Holder = Goebbels
Sharpton = Goring
Jackson = Himmler
Black Panthers = Brownshirts
Affirmative Action = Progroms
Congressional Black Caucus & NAACP = Nazi party
Like the German Jews, we are too slow to wake up to an increasingly, anti-white government, school system, entertainment industry and news media. God help us.

D-FENS said...

"Look at Vermont, white, liberal and peaceful, for now."

For now. Beautiful state. But whatever wealth it has was brought in by transplants from NYC seeking to escape what they created.

What saves Vermont from liberalism is that it is very rural.

You don't have to buy into the Rand cult to appreciate free markets and individual freedom.

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

SBPDL - if any of you missed Paul's brilliant appearance on the Political Cesspool radio program this evening, PLEASE CHECK IT OUT when available on their website! Perhaps Paul can post a link here when it's available.

The primary topic for Paul's appearance was Detroit, and his "Escape from Detroit." Paul delivered a very accessible presentation of his ideas that should make all of us proud, drawing heavily from his recent, powerful posts. Not that I thought he wouldn't be accessible and articulate, but it was a damn good feeling to hear him with my own ears in an entirely different medium. He even took a timely swipe at TWMNBN Tim Wise.

Paul articulated many of his core points, including the fact that a society is made up of (and can fairly and accurately be judged by) the collective actions of its individual members.

At this point, I have absolutely no concerns that Paul could more than hold his own in a debate with the anti-racist cultural marxists of the LMSM, as Jared Taylor does. In fact, I'm ready to see it!!

Fantastic job, PK!!



"I'd love to read that book but it looks impossible to get."

Devils Night was easily avaiable in the library a few years back, when I was pursuing an interest in Halloween.

Well worth reading.

With Rush's reccommeation a lot of people will be looking fot it now.

Mr. Rational said...

Left Coast White Guy, it is LONG past time for you to hard-reset your device, Google the option setting, or just suck it up and call technical support.

Unknown said...

I'm not black or white. I'm an American of East-Indian heritage. My thoughts - liberalism is irrational. It makes no sense. I asked my Mom what she thought of blacks being in charge of a city and she said that if you are not very smart, you should want someone smarter than you to be in charge, regardless of race. She said the problem with having a black in charge - instead of picking the best qualified people to run things, they always pick other blacks and that doesn't make sense.

Now, don't get me wrong. I think it's fine for all people to be proud of their heritage. But getting into this tribalistic group-think is irrational. I'm proud of certain things about my Indian heritage and find other things frankly disgraceful. Just like when I look at Irish or Italian or Teutonic culture - there are great things and lousy things. But, when it comes to hiring a plumber or a doctor or voting - I don't give a crap about the person's race. What I care about - can the person do the job?

I don't have a problem with white people being proud of their heritage. Though I do think there is no such thing as generic white culture - I've lived in different parts of the US, and I've noticed differences between Germanic derived parts, for example, and Scotch-Irish derived parts. Scandinavian settled areas have a different feel than Italian or Irish areas.

The things that are most important to me as an American - our founding fathers were geniuses who came up with a system of checks and balances in government, a Bill of Rights that traces back to English Common Law and the Magna Carta and the work of John Locke, etc. When you combine the Constitution with a free market economy, you have the basis of a great country.

Unfortunately, Presidents have been flouting the Constitution since Lincoln, at least, and a case can be made that as far back as Jefferson they were straying from it.

Plus, a free society operates best within a social framework of trust - Alexis de Tocqueville said that America was great because she was good, and she would cease to be great when she ceased to be good. How can we have a truly free society when people do not police themselves?

I tend to think the reason large groups of blacks are an issue is due to the breakdown of the family and their being brainwashed into thinking communism is desirable and that they are "owed" something due to the grievance industry. However, since none of these things is going to change any time in the near future... People like Cosby have tried to focus on these types of issues and get blasted for it.

Anonymous said...

Even CNN was broaching this effectively asking wtf is wrong with blacks?

The st. Trayvawn narrative is backfiring

Anonymous said...

Can you blame him?
We have an entire city destroyed by them....we can't exterminate them, wtf is anyone to do? Blacks are a subhuman race with a rare decent individual who STILL goes tribal when the chips are down

Anonymous said...

We HAD a country of our own. You're in it. Whites gave it they are doing to most every other white country

Anonymous said...

FiX your phone,you Are Really Starting To Look Dumb,Lazy,or Black.Really. As far as being in love with mexicans or whatever -that is your take on it.All I am saying (and can't believe I have to) is that we need to stay on target-nothing more,nothing less.Yes,the mexican border should have been secure,(as secure as the Korean DMZ /border or Berlin wall in it's heyday.)This should have been done right after WW2. Now,with our armed forces spread as thin as cheap paint,no can do,(or no will do.) They (latins) should not be able to just wander over here,that is ridiculous.We should have a border like a steel trap,and CHARGE $ for only the best and brightest to emigrate to the US.Giving amnesty to millions that are by definition criminals is outrageous-no disagreement here.I simply say that Latins/mexicans or whatever have many redeeming qualities compared to the nig.Truthfully,if by letting 15 million latins in we could trade them all of our nigs,who here wouldn't go for that? I say seal the borders,whatever it takes.Sift through those latins already here with a fucking HEPA filter.Deport all but top,top 3%.Start holding each and every fucking nig responsible for their behavior,their own family ,etc. We lock as many up as we can,for a long time.After many years,we offer them say 1500$ and be released +deported for life or 12 more years locked up.We don't care where they go,they just gotta leave.That is how I feel.If I had a choice of a mexican family living next door to me or a fambly of nigs I'd take the beaners every time-anyone who says different is a fool or hasn't lived around both.That is my position,sorry for any confusion.What kind of phone do you have? Perhaps I or one of our esteemed peers can help you.For real. Richard Cranium

Anonymous said...

Liberalism is workable if the vast majority of the populace is self-supporting and never get help except in emergencies.A safety net,so to speak.As soon as there is advantage to be had by gaming the system,and enough people find out,it is all over...Unless you can just print all the money you want.We shoulda stayed on the gold standard.I read somewhere that all or almost all the US 'gold reserves' are turning out to be gold-plated tungsten! Can you imagine that?

Anonymous said...

Of course Rush "gets it"; he lives in Palm Beach. If he didn't get it, he'd live in West Palm Beach.

He can only talk about it so much, though. The squids are always listening ....

Discard said...

Ashes of the Empire, Phoenix of the Republic/ La Raza cheerleader @ 2:23 PM: You are dead wrong to say that there are more Mexican kids being raised in two parent, churchgoing households than White kids. Where do you get this stuff? Half the Mexican kids in this country are born to unmarried women. And half the people arrested for looting during the Koon riot of '92 were Mexicans, they just didn't loot in their own neighborhoods.
Hating Blacks like the Mexicans do is not enough to make you a fit citizen of a this country. Being better than Black people may make you good enough to live in Mexico, but it's a pretty low standard for a civilized nation.
Foolishness like yours is what comes from immigration and integration. You live among the Browns long enough and you come to accept their primitive ways as normal. I, on the other hand, grew up in Los Angeles when it was a healthy White city that kept the Darks under control, and Mexicans don't bring vitality, they bring decay.

Anonymous said...

@unknown East Indian- I agree with you 100% and here's my secret I am Black. I just watched a documentary Dan Rather did on Detroit. Appalling. They showed clips of school board meetings it was abysmal, shouting & name calling with no rules of decorum.

I don't know what can be done to help us Black people it truly breaks my heart.

pat said...

Paul - I think you are making a mistake by ridiculing Rush Limbaugh.

Rather you should be taking a victory lap. You look to be the next Matt Drudge - an unknown presence on the web who is rocketed to national prominence simply by telling the truth that the general media wishes to repress.

Lately the biggest voice on radio - Limbaugh - and the biggest voice on cable news - O'Reilly - have both started to sound a lot like you on the black urban population menace. That definitely wasn't true even a tear ago.

You should be gracious in victory.


ToothlessBarney said...

Never forget the Rush has sponsors that sell products to black people as well.
Also never forget that the screaming over a small sleight could end his program. Remember the shit storm over the "whore" comment?
Nobody gets where he is without decorum, but the cracks are widening, and if just a percentage of his audience begins to SEE, that will be a huge number.

D-FENS said...

"Liberalism is workable if the vast majority of the populace is self-supporting and never get help except in emergencies."

Then we wouldn't need liberalism in the first place. Charity could handle the small number of truly needy.

Once you institutionalize charity, there inevitably appears some group that becomes more dependent than others or some group that doesn't feel they are being treated fairly. The solution is to expand the benefits and a creeping growth sets in. The inverse of the "virtuous cycle" a previous poster alluded to.

rosseuage said...

Thanks for that Southron. Rush gets it more than the author and many of the people leaving comments. SBPDL appears to be morphing into a maggot trap for leftists who'd like nothing more than to see Rush culled out of the pack and abandoned. It's how the left works, infiltrate, create chaos and confusion, then move on to the next target. Sadly this strategy works often.

Anonymous said...

Breaking, breaking: Race realism intrudes upon a MSM Sunday New program. Geirge Will blames Detroit's collapse on "culture".

PouponMarks said...

New Orleans' mayor Nagin said that he wanted to make NOLA a "Chocolate City". He got the color right, but the substance wrong. It was a "Shit City".
Amazing what is going on here. The race most associated with failure, its internal dynamic deeply pathological and toxic, produces "leaders" that want to metastasize it, to spread a disease, a pathogen.

They believe that they can eat rhetoric, that a child if it talks like an adult, will be the virtual thing. And those outside this swirling toilet bowl are supposed to be dragged down with it.

Jim said...

Rush is in it for the ratings ($$$). Apparently, he has no sway with the voters ofthis country. Why? He spent thousands of hours on the air belittling, criticizing and otherwise bloviating why Obama should not be elected / re-elected. We all know, big time, he was elected / re-elected.

So much for Rush's influence. Oh yeah, remember Operation Chaos? That worked well for Rush selling s**t.

I listen to Rush on my car radio while traveling. He is entertaining, and sometimes, makes sense. But....

Independent Accountant said...

Anonymous 5:44 PM. Yes whites are the new Jews. Hitler pushed gun control and disarmed the German Jews. Now Obama pushes gun control. Why? To facilitate Negro programs against Whites. Or did I miss something? What is amazing is that Senators like Feinstein and Schumer favor gun control. What did they learn at Stanford and Harvard respectively?

Anonymous said...

No doubt.Richard Cranium

Discard said...

I just saw an article on how Limbaugh and another guy (Hannity?) are about to get dropped by some 40 station network because so many advertisers are boycotting them. They are definitely walking a wire.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to get this video in front of people before it is removed.

Anonymous said...

Don't be too hard on Rush. He has been an amazing, powerful voice for the right for 20+ years. I guarantee he has steered untold thousands of people in the right direction over the years. For me, I listened to Rush, who turned me on to National Review, which turned me on to John Derbyshire, which turned me on to Takimag, which turned me on to American Renaissance, which led me to SBPDL.

Just because Rush is not the race realist you may want him to be, that is not his role, and his medium only gives him so much leeway in the race discussion.

Rush is like a gateway to the alt-right, race-realist political consciousness. He speaks to the multitudes, pointing them in the right direction. But if he were to speak as forthrightly about race realism on his show as SBPDL, he would A) lose listeners who have been culturally brainwashed and aren't yet ready to hear the full truth, and B) lose advertisers, who would be the targets of massive boycotts by BRA. If that were to happen his show would go off the air and we would lose a major force for bringing people over to our side.

Patrick said...

Also, if you are a semi-regular listener to Rush, you certainly should have picked up his growing exasperation with the Republican establishment.

I was pretty much republican establishment just a few years ago, and I've found myself reading and agreeing with blogs and forums like this. From my reading and the comments, especially to articles about black crime, I'm sensing we've perhaps reached some sort of quiet tipping point on race realism. We won't see this in the liberal media of course, and Limbaugh and O'Reilly have to tread somewhat lightly, but I think it's happening. I just don't think a majority of white people still buy the black society as perpetual victim meme. Only wealthy DWL buy into this crap. Unfortunately, they still control the media and can metaphorically lynch any one who goes too far publicly.

Discard said...

Anon at 7:42 AM: Ditto.

scott scott said...

President Jimmy Carter called Young "one of the greatest mayors our country has known."

Jeff Antonia said...

I am black. I was raised in a VERY white suburb. And I never have understood the way most other blacks are. I've always been kind of a misfit for doing things like working, studying, refusing handouts, using proper grammar, etc. This is not an exaggeration. It seems to me that blacks in general have a vendetta against hard work and decency. I have been uncle Tom since I was four and a good majority of whites don't give the few like me a chance because of the . . . others. I understand where most of you come from with your views. I don't blame you. All I know is that my work is sending me to Detroit for a week. . . and I am a bit worried.