Friday, July 19, 2013

The Detroit Bankruptcy Goes South -- Judge Orders Filing Withdrawn: "It's Not Honoring the President (Obama)"

Remember when Detroit Councilwoman JoAnn Watson said it was time for President Barack Obama to scratch the back of the 90 percent black city and bail them out?[Detroit councilwoman to Obama: We voted for you, now bail us out, My Fox Detroit, 12-5-12]:
Like Robocop, the Detroit situation is FUBAR

"Our people in an overwhelming way supported the re-election of this president and there ought to be a quid pro quo and you ought to exercise leadership on that," said Watson. "Of course, not just that, but why not?"

Nearly 75 percent of Wayne County voters pulled the lever for Obama in November.

"After the election of Jimmy Carter, the honorable Coleman Alexander Young, he went to Washington, D.C. He came home with some bacon," said Watson. "That's what you do."
Detroit was out of fuel by 1976, only a few years after the first black mayor was elected to the mayor's office. 

Today, it's out of fuel again. 

But bankruptcy isn't going to be tolerated, when such an action is deemed a slight against the nation's first black POTUS [Ingham County judge rules Detroit bankruptcy be withdrawn; Schuette appeals, Detroit News, 7-19-13]:
Ruling the governor and Detroit’s emergency manager violated the state constitution, an Ingham County Circuit judge ordered Friday that Detroit’s federal bankruptcy filing be withdrawn.

“It’s absolutely needed,” said Judge Rosemary Aquilina, observing she hopes Gov. Rick Snyder “reads certain sections of the (Michigan) constitution and reconsiders his actions.”

The judge said state law guards against retirement benefits being “diminished,” but there will be no such protection in federal bankruptcy court.

Prior to her ruling on Friday, the judge criticized the Snyder administration and Schuette’s office over their hasty move.

“It’s cheating, sir, and it’s cheating good people who work,” the judge told assistant state Attorney General Brian Devlin. “It’s also not honoring the (United States) president, who took (Detroit’s auto companies) out of bankruptcy.”
Not "honoring the president," a man who took Detroit's auto companies out of bankruptcy? 
Don't forget, these auto companies - especially General Motors (GM) - wanted to abandon Detroit and the Renaissance Center in downtown to avoid bankruptcy... but Rahm Emmanuel said such an action would "doom the city." 

There will be attempt to bailout Detroit. 

A 90 percent black city (one which when it was democratically taken over by blacks, through elections, was a fact Ebony and black media nationwide bragged about). 
Few people will admit it was bailed out before, only a year or two after the election of the first black mayor


Lorraine said...

Here it goes. It is stated in the article that it is not legal not to pay for retired city workers' benefits. So where is the money going tk come from? Oh you mean the piss poor population that inhabits Detroilet?

You guessed it... The white middle class taxpayers.

I will never ever retire nor will I see any social security and I am supposed to fork out money to pay for these lazy groids' retirements and medical expenses as they down buckets of KFC and grow chicken butts the size if a tractor trailer.

Sorry for the language but fuck Detroit and BRA!

Do not leave any scraps!

White Mom in VA

Anonymous said...

The radio said the governor deems the bankruptcy filing constitutional. Get ready to pay up those who are lucky enough to have a job. The crown jewel of BRA is too black to fail. What? You don't have any left after $4 a gallon gas and grocery prices doubling in the past year? Well you know glorious hopey changey fundamental transformations aren't cheap comrade.

Lorraine said...

Okay, second read, second post.

So Detroit should be bailed out because most the groids there voted for King Turd. Hmmmm ..., vote buying, croneyism, extortion, payoffs, intimidation, etc

Yeah, smells like BRA to me.

White Mom in VA


I have a happy thought. Perhaps this Detroit financial problem might open up a woop-ass can of worms.

It just may be that too many people are going to get involved and too much tension is going to boil up. We are talking something like 18 BILLION of debt. Somebody is going to get hurt and somebody is going to bring race into this.

How can this not happen? Detroit is 90% BLACK. That is the reason for the problem. It has nothing to do with cars or weather. It is BLACK.

Detroit is broke because the black race is broke. Detroit is bankrupt because the black race is bankrupt. They, the negro, can't produce. They can't build nor maintain a modern civilization. They were handed a complete functioning city and all they did was drive out the White people and destroy what was left.

The black race is retarded. They need to live in grass huts and raise cattle right outside the "door". That is all they can do. Take the cow shit for fuel, milk the cow for milk and then crawl back into your Krall to hump your woman.

Anonymous said...

The one constant in contemporary American politics:

"Money for negroes."

Independent Accountant said...

Acguilina is an idiot. The bankruptcy was filed. If the bankruptcy judge wants to let it proceed he can ignore Acquilina. I hope he does. If not, let Acquilina sign an order requiring Zimbabwe Ben Benrnanke to print all the money needed to bail out Detroit.


PioneerPreppy said...

Yep they are maneuvering to put this bill on the citizens of Michigan. They will focus on those in the suburbs of Detroit and claim they use Detroit's facilities/whatever.

It's the beginning of Agenda 21 crap and to oppose it will be WAAAAYCIST.

Anonymous said...

" So where is the money going tk come from?"

Lorraine aka White Mom in VA, which is my state btw

I have read that Detroit has a private security service which works better for the local Africans than the police. I assume the money therefore will come from private businesses, being that the Detroit government is corrupt as hell and is a mockery of my grandfather's city. I, as a 22 year old man am sorry to admit my father was one of the white libtards instrumental in dismantling Detroit as it was. But I am bloodily determined to restore it by 2070, which is the era in which I should be dead in. I refuse to let my nation die just because of one uppity minority.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but your humor is killing me. I saw that caption about Detroit being "FUBAR" and I honestly blew Diet Coke out of my nose.

Your information is objective fact with outstanding commentary, but I always get blindsided by your fantastic humor.

I honestly don't see some of the jokes coming. Outstanding writing. Thanks for many hours of education and entertainment.

Bogolyubski said...

OT (a little), but it looks like a purge is under way in the command structure of the USMC. At least 5 high-level folks in the officer-corps have been relieved of command recently. They very likely the final remnant of the old, patriotic cadre. This is a very bad sign.

Ariel Toliver said...

Never mind the content posted on this site on behalf of African American people is not what interest me in the least. It's the fact that the whole site is dedicated to a people that are supposed to be such a wretched down downtrodden race that you would think that it wouldn't be appeasing or even worth mentioning what goes on in the lives of African American just based on the fact that Caucasians are supposed to be so high up on the mountain of social standards that they wouldn't bother straining their eyes to look down on what another race is doing but yet you are, which is so weird it's scary.

But wait isn't it white men like Donald Trump and Mitt Romney who inadvertently admitted that keeping jobs on American soil is not viable to over seas trade, so they ship them outside the country to avoid a tax benefit they would other wise get like they do in the Cayman Islands? Or what they call the proverbial tax haven' isn't a secret anymore now that the online portal, called the Offshore Leaks Database, contains hundreds of thousands of records showing corporations set up in so-called "tax-haven" countries, gleaned from the contents of about 2.5 million emails and financial documents that ICIJ said it received in early 2012. Over the past year, the data have been used by journalists around the world to detail alleged tax evasion by billionaires, oligarchs, emirs, princes and multinational corporations on nearly every continent.

Ariel Toliver said...

These are the major five reasons why Detroit went broke because it has nothing to do with black people Lorraine you racist air head.

1.)Everyone moved away. Detroit was at one time the fourth-largest city in the country, but now it has more than 100,000 vacant lots and buildings, CNN reports. Set aside for a minute the problems of blight and crime that creates. The empty buildings have drained Detroit's revenue from property and income taxes. Check out the GooBing Detroit Tumblr for stark images of how far, and how fast, the city has fallen.

2.)So Detroit had to borrow. And borrow and borrow. Now it's carrying a crushing $15 billion in debt. It needs to pay $246 million a year on that debt -- a whopping 20% of its general fund budget.

3.)And it can't borrow more. Surprise, no one wants to lend money to a city on the verge of bankruptcy. The few who are willing to lend will exact a huge cost. A tax-exempt city general-obligation bond maturing in 2015 is trading at an 8.5% yield, Bloomberg reports. That's very expensive for the city.

4.)Too many employee unions. There are 48 employee unions in the city, and there's no way Detroit will reach consensus with all of them.

5.)Too many pension obligations. Retirees outnumber current employees by more than 2 to 1, and retiree benefits are one of Detroit's biggest bills. Last year, more than 8,000 former police officers and firefighters collected an average of $30,000 each, The Detroit News reports. Nearly 12,000 retired city workers or their spouses collect about $19,600 each year.

Anonymous said...

I understand why people are against open borders and unchecked immigration. But please ask yourself this question: If it was Mexicans that moved into Detroit instead of blacks would the city be such a shithole?

Go one step further and ask yourselves if a large influx of Mexicans moved in Detroit tomorrow would we not see a better city in a year?

commiefornia survivor said...

You might be referencing the wetting sci-fi film:

Anonymous said...

When it became known to certain members of the Titanic that the ship was sinking, one of these members cried out "Sinking? That's impossible." One of the members there replied. "This ship is made of steel, I assure you it will sink."
That came to my mind when I read what the female judge had to say about the Detroit bankruptcy. To paraphrase "Judge, Detroit is made of negroes, I assure you it will go bottom up."

Anonymous said...

Negroes have shown that they surpass the white race in one respect: They can destroy wealth faster than whites can create it.

Anonymous said...

p.k royal oak dude here,i can tell you right now they are going to bleed us all slowly to death like a frog,ive been saying detoilet is dead for 20+ yrs ,im tired of hearing its white people fault the city is dying,well i will point this out WHITES GAVE LIFE TO DETROIT,WHITES GAVE US THE MODERN INDUSTRIAL WORLD,p.k. i could fill semi-trucks a mile long full of cash and give to detroit in a year or two they will be broke again demanding more,more,more & americans are to stupid to realise detoilets just the start this will be every major city in america ,because white america is too stupid to save itself ,so good-bye america i will weep for you & miss you......


off T.--- how about every NGR with a bull horn and a staple gun all of a sudden has a job on the cable news networks. and the worst part about all of this is the LIES. no let me rephrase that the WORST PART is these WHITE WOMEN at the rally's and on the side of the negro. with all the touchy feely shit about different schools and such. most pig white female lib-turd's don't even reproduce and chip the fuck in at keeping our numbers high. and with no white-woman spurting out new white replacements we will lose that battle.

Lastly the arrogance with these ngr's is just over the top. I mean over the top and no I didn't just stutter. this is uglier than any old 1960's rally's since o-turdcutter got into office NGR's in America just think they are untouchable and I guess when your 1/2black president doesn't send a message to the black panthers voting booth issue and the million dollar bounty on Zimmerman.(yea like that will be paid and bye whom)PLAY VICTIMS FOREVER and you never will be held accountable at least bye your own people and the DWL's that is. GODSPEED/SEGREGATION NOW!!!

Cassie said...

Off with their heads.

Five prison officers have been suspended after one of the African murderers of soldier Lee Rigby was injured while being restrained,

Apparently, he lost several teeth (I dunno if they were gold) in the incident.

White liberals have been holding a vigil outside the prison. "This could have been me!", said President Obama, taking time out of his busy schedule to reflect on the shocking case of white on black brutality.

Anonymous said...

The African must be dealt with at some point. He is a blight. He is a weed. He is a virus. His growth must be stopped, and soon.

The King of All Crackers said...

The King of All Crackers

Detroit, Michigan
1701 to 2013

This is a serious problem for municipal retirees as a federal bankruptcy may wipe out their flush pensions. This may wipe out some bondholders and creditors making the future bond ratings of cities on the edge like Chicago that just got downgraded three levels to make future borrowings extremely expensive. I know in the City of Chicago the taxpayers pay less of their property taxes toward schools on a percentage basis than the rest of metro area and getting more money from the state. The problem has been federal money such as block grants and other financial help from Uncle Sugar along with in Illinois the ability for a municipal government to borrow beyond their means. The only way7 to get local government to watch how they run the system is to use local money only to run government not federal money, not state money an not county money. The socialist way of financing local government with all the federal money, state money and county money is not working. The City of Harvey in Illinois has a debt of $20,000,000 on a hotel that looks like it will never open in a economically majority black community. The question is why someone in Iron Mountain, Michigan has to pay for Detroit. I remember driving through Detroit in a bus in 1988 and I wondered what war went on to create such wide devastation compared to the time in 1973 when I drove through the same area. The ugly truth is maybe Detroit once the wealthiest city in America is now on death's door as a testament to the failure of political pandering especially of the Democratic Party.

Anonymous said...

Over time, the cumulative effect has been staggering. Justice Department and FBI statistics indicate that between 1964 and 1994 more than 25 million violent inter-racial crimes were committed, overwhelmingly involving black offenders and white victims, and more than 45,000 people were killed in inter-racial murders. By comparisons 58,000 Americans died in Vietnam, and 34,000 were killed in the Korean war.
When non-violent crimes (burglary, larceny, car theft and personal theft) are included, the cumulative totals become prodigious. The Bureau of Justice Statistics says 27 million non-violent crimes were committed in the US in 1992, and the survey found that 31 per cent of the robberies involved black offenders and white victims (while only 2 per cent in the reverse).
When all the crime figures are calculated, it appears that black Americans have committed at least 170 million crimes against white Americans in the past 30 years. It is the great defining disaster of American life and American ideals since World War II.
All these are facts, yet by simply writing this story, by assembling the facts in this way, I would be deemed a racist by the American news media. It prefers to maintain a paternalistic double-standard in its coverage of black America, a lower standard.

Anonymous said...

Cancellation of habeas corpus, scrapping of the space program, bankruptcy of Detroit,....
More and more, news coming from america reminds me of that footage of the Hindenburg crashing almost in slow-motion: tragic beyond words but also strangely captivating.....

Vicio Malo said...

A bit off topic...I was just over at amren and a few posters made some very good points. I am a product of the 50s and remember well when brasero workers were brought in by the truckload to pick the crops in California. The point has been made, "what do you do with outdated farm equipment",so true. You have a couple choices you shine it up and restore it as a museum piece or let it sit in the scrap heap because it's use is over. In the 19th century the potato famine caused a mass migration to the land of plenty. The negro did not like the mass imagration of Irish to the U.S. It functionally kicked them off the lowest rung of social as well as economic ladder. The Irish displaced them due to sloth, laziness and low intellect. The Irish, hard working intellectually capable, immediately made strides to better themselves into positions of respect. They moved up from dock workers to firemen, policemen and positions never possible for a negro to attain. As they left the bottom rung open, the negro again was able to attain that rung...they chose not. That outdated farm equipment never had the desire to work the fields and Mexicans were brought in. Here we are with an amnesty bill that will undoubtedly fill that bottom rung with, again, hard working individuals that have the intellect to start businesses work hard, sacrifice, live 10 deep in conditions not near as squalid as the typical negro finds himself in. To quote a commenter here, "I would gladly trade 20 million illegal Mexicans if I can get rid of 10 million niggers". have a blessed black free day...VM

Vicio Malo said...

as a side note... I saw your post over at AmRen white Mom. Pretty good site...have had it in my faves for a year or so and had forgotten about it. I started going to "angry white dude" from there I came here. Thank you for your hard work PK I also check out VDare but honestly I have more enjoyment realized here at SBPDL. I saw Elijah Cummings on a rant yesterday and I said"look darlin' a silverback" my girlfriend told me she was tired of my racist comments and I better shut up or she was gonna dump me! She can't help it...she's a libtard. I'll give up my sense of humor when they pry it from my cold dead lips!...y'all have a great negro free day

Anonymous said...

She is a only a state judge and bankruptcy is a federal process. She issued her order 30 minutes AFTER the bankruptcy was filed. When it was filed all legal actions against the city were put on hold as part of the process. This judge is making an activist political statement to sway the outcome of the process as she has no authority outside her courtroom. She does sound like a viable liberal candidate for the next opening on the SCOTUS tho'.
If the Feds bail Detroit, look for Baltimore, Stockton, Atlanta, etc. to fall in line as well. Most have the same problem too, huge promised but unfunded pension to unions for votes.

Anonymous said...

Detroit supplanted Jefferson county Al as the largest municipal bankruptcy in history. That one involved bonds issued to upgrade the sewage treatment facilities of the county. Most of hte commissioners of the past decade were sent to prions or somehow tainted by some level of corruption. Birmingham is like Detroit. Run by blacks with an occupational tax on the white people working within the city limits. The county lost their occupational tax when they tangled with the legislature, who was looking to raise it but slice off a portion for some old fashioned pork spending. The county fought and they simply repealed the tax. The county hospital for the poor recently morphed into a day clinic due to budget issues. To try to raise money to pay creditors, an assessment was considered on everyone within hte county, whether they had sewer service or not. When hte folks on septic tanks objected, they were told "Everyone benefits from clean water!" That is hte basis of the city's occupational tax, because workers utilize city services without paying property taxes in hte city. Funny how anywhere else int eh state you can get PD or FD help without having to pay some type of levy. Why not a toll booth on the interstate through the city? Catch all those out of state folks passing through "using city services".


Not only must the concept of "critical mass" be understood, but also 2 other concepts:

1) Event Horizon and

2) Cultural Shift.

Let us take "event horizon" which we can also call "point of no return" or "crossing the Rubicon".

Event Horizon is used in astro-physics to denote the moment when you (space vehicle, etc) crossed from one gravitational pull to another or when your craft (object) enters a gravitational field, like when a black hole's gravitational field captures you.

At this "event" there is no real obvious effect. You don't really notice it. It is basically a point near zero (limit) from which you cross over to the new event. BUT, you've been pulled into the new event and over time it gets worse and worse and worse. That is what has happened to America.

Perhaps 50 or 60 years ago, when the first blacks were allowed into factories, etc. our society crossed the event horizon into BRA. Now we feel the gravitational pull and stress and soon we will feel the disintegration of our society.

Cultural shift is what has happened in the last few weeks. The Zimmerman case and the Detroit bankruptcy is a dramatic shift (no surprise to us) which will cause a societal change that is going to open many eyes and cause much anguish.

Race relations will now go negative. The event horizon has been crossed and we all will be sucked into a more tense and difficult racial awareness (not to us). The cultural shift which will run along with this is now a reality.

Conclusion? The end has begun and will be obvious to the half-blind. The critical mass of disgusted Whites will form very fast now and a "blind eye" and "deaf ear" will be given to the screeching negroes. Since they won't be able to get what they are used to, they will resort to violence which is exactly what we need.

Far more Whites today are going to reject the bail-out of Detroit or the complaints of blacks about "Zimmerman". Negro fatigue is real and growing and this societal shift will not be reversed. The event horizon has been crossed.

Hold on for the ride. An Historical ride and the ride of a life-time.

Anonymous said...

Carolina Cicero sez:

Bad thing about Motor City going tits up? Do some math first, and it ain't what the chumps in DC wanna hear, nossuh.

One, under Chapter 11, if MC qualifies, the court appoints an overseer to attempt to de-fuck-up the situation. Contracts are null and void, nobody gets paid (oh shirt) and...a lot of people get stuck holding "bad paper".

Said overseer could, if need be, start selling stuff left and right. But...who'd want any of it?


Um......lessee.....not all that much? Oh, a big hole in the ground, surrounded on all sides by leeches and roaches, yeah, the two legged variety, natch....and...what we gonna do with them, pray tell?

It's simple: Bama gonna bail MC out. Lovely! And how much more deficit financing do we wish upon ourselves this time?

Oh, my bad. It's all just gonna speed up the eventual implosion of Murica.

Check please!

Californian said...

Note how "Ariel Toliver" has no argument when she states...

These are the major five reasons why Detroit went broke because it has nothing to do with black people Lorraine you racist air head.

Instead, she tosses out an insult "airhead," and uses the emotive term (oooh!) "racist." But it was racial factors which destroyed Detroit in the first place--i.e., black majority rule. Rather than face up to an unpleasant reality Ariel must dismiss facts because they do not fit into the ideological mold.

As for "everyone moved away [from Detroit]:" first of all, not "everyone" moved away. It was the productive sector of whites. And the reason they "moved away" was that they were forced out by the 1967 riot, by the exploding black crime rate, by race hustling government programs, and by a city elite led by Coleman Young et alia who ran the city like corrupt satraps of some African kingdom.

Other cities have faced financial crises and overcome them. Other cities have developed new industries to replace rustbelt economies. But these cities have populations with higher median IQs, and long range worldviews--largely genetic factors.

It Detroit were unique, then its decline might be attribute to factors other than race. But it is in the sorry tradition of Birmingham, Newark, Gary, Camden, Haiti, Congo, Zimbabwe, etc., etc.

Race is the determining factor.

And if I am wrong, perhaps Ariel can name for us those black majority cities which have the same standards of living, the same civic order, the same record of educational achievement as do white majority cities.

Let's see her try.

robins111 said...

CENTURIAN.. I agree with your assessment, the countdown is in its last phase.. Bammy is deliberately ramping up the vitriol and the consequences will be horrible. However I also think the Bullshit tolerance meters of many Americans has pegged, and its gonna get far worse than he wishes or plans..

Glad I moved my family from about 20 minutes from Buffalo, on the Canadian side, to northern Ontario.. the move should be finalized this weekend...

Anonymous said...

@Ariel Toliver

You state that Detroit is in ruins now because it has nothing to do with black people and yet your first reason for the ruin you list is everyone moved away. Those were white people that moved away. Want to take a guess as to why those whites moved out of the city?

And why do we "care" about Detroit and the black menace that resides there? It is because places like Detroit and Gary are examples to be learned from; and more importantly, warnings to cities that allow themselves to go black.

Californian said...

Another question for Ariel: we are told that "black labor built America." Fine. Then why can't blacks mobilize that same labor to rebuild Detroit?

One would think that freed of the heavy hand of white "racist" rule, the enlightened power of blacks would be unleashed and we would see the rise of a new and better Detroit. Glittering towers rising to the skies. Innovative industries. People of all races strolling through pleasant neighborhoods with nary a concern over crime. Streetlights that actually go on when the sun goes down.

Does that describe Detroit today?

Why did black labor and black leadership fail to rebuild the city?

Especially since blacks have had endless government and corporate programs to assist them: affirmative action; minorities-only contracts; "diversity" requirements; Teach for America; Bill Gates scholarships; black studies programs; no end to positive role models in the media; and even a White House squarely on their side.

But even with all that, a black-run city can not get its act together.

And again, we can see the same pattern in just about every other black majority city. But rather than blaming themselves, blacks blame whites for the debacle. Is this just clever politics on the part of blacks? Or are blacks collectively unable to understand the concept of cause and effect?

Regardless, the endless blaming of whites gives blacks a ticket to push every race hustle in the book, as well as justify endless black-on-white violence—while considering a single "White-Hispanic" who shoots back as some sort of international war criminal. And if black-run cities disintegrate around their denizens economically, morally and physically, that's a small price to be paid for having the power.

Life in Black Run America...


I would like to be a municipal bond salesman. I would have a fool-proof way of rating the bonds:

1) A city with a White population of 85% and up with a Republican or Independent city council will be rated: BUY

2) A city with a White population of 85% and up with a Democratic city council would be rated: HOLD

3) A city, any, with a White population under 85%, regardless of government would be rated: SELL

I can not imagine anybody being stupid to buy or own ANY Detroit bonds. They must have been purchased by somebody who was not using their own money but was getting some kick-back. No astute investor could be that stupid with his/her own money.

Every city bond where the black population is significant (25% and up) is a disaster waiting to happen. Short them.

There is absolutely NOTHING that can be done to help Detroit except the banishment of all Africans. That will never happen (without a violent war), therefor NOTHING can or will save Detroit. It is a non-entity that will only further decompose and rot and revert back to meadows and forests.

Jim Crow laws, segregation and White Rule Only are the necessary steps to "save" Detroit. But, it won't happen.

Vicio Malo said...

Can you say worthless in 3 languages? 1) worthless=English 2) Bob Beckel=libtard 3) Jemeu Greene=ebonics...and I haven't even received my Rosetta Stone Program yet...VM



Nice try, but you failed the test. You state that people moved out, but you don't say exactly WHO and WHY. this is critical.

The WHITES moved out. Not the Africans. Rather, the negro moved in and forced the Whites out by means of rape, theft, robbery, violence and "civil" rights law suits. Whites had NO choice but to leave since the negro made living in Detroit a hell. So, again, the loss of population is a direct result of Negro behavior and violence.

Then, in item 2 you state Detroit had to borrow. No. Sorry. Nobody HAS to borrow. They should have cut expenses, lowered wages and benefits and NOT promised pensions that could NOT be paid. They did this anyway since the City Government of Detroit was BLACK. They cheated the city, and each other, and over-paid their brathas and sistahs.

Detroit is in the mess they are due to BLACK PEOPLE. Just imagine if the city was 90% White. How would it look? Would it be bankrupt? Would the population have crashed? Would there be homes for $1?

Whites build civilizations. Africans destroy them. This is World Wide and in ANY location where Africans live, the place is a dump. That is World Wide.

As for calling Lorraine a "racist air head", who the f are you to insult a White Woman, Sambo. Watch your fucking tongue, Toby.

We are ALL RACISTS here. All of us. We know it and are proud of it. I am a racist. I am proud of it and I am a racist since I am extremely intelligent. You, boy, make your "talented 10%" look really stupid. Calling any of us names achieves nothing except make us smile with pride. Lorraine is a proud racists White woman since that is what she should be.

You should be back in Africa squatting on your ass with flies crawling out your nose as you defecate on your own feet.

robins111 said...

CENTURIAN...You just know that all the unions in the region, probably the state bought those bonds with their pension funds.. You can also bet, they got a sweet deal on the interest rate to fund this. I rather expect that some Canadian Unions like the CAW.. bought it also.. this is gonna be fun to watch..

Anonymous said...

Why Birmingham is the future Detroit: the city is a veritable killing field of black young men. You would think the city leaders would beef up the police department to blanket the city and assert control. You would be wrong of course!
The fiscal year began July 1st- here is what mayor Bell is arguing with the city council regarding funding:
"Bell requested $3 million for a proposed "Mow More" weed abatement program but later added $2 million to the program bringing the new spending request to $5 million. Bell also included wanted $250,000 to fund special activities around the city's yearlong celebration of the civil rights movement."
All of the abandoned and burned out houses within the city limits have weeds almost as high as the street signs.

Vicio Malo said...

to Centurion...Jim Crow laws were in place for a reason. I do not drink at public water fountains, Eat in restaurants that negroes frequent, attend any function that may attract negroes, in essence I self-segregated years ago. I use to buy my beer in Easton, MD. from a Korean convenience store. The man...his wife...and daughter...worked from sun up to sun down everyday, he was thankful for the opportunity. He is from Seoul south Korea.I paid a couple extra bux for my beer but the family was congenial and just thankful for the opportunity to be here. This store is in the dark section of Easton...after a few years of taking my business there I noticed that the negroes on the 1st day of the month come in for their lottery tickets and couvassier (brandy) like that is gonna instill some quasi-class to them. By far the rudest group of ner'do'wells ever. The Mexicans come in and he spoke Spanish to them...although somewhat broken. I was always welcomed and proud to be this man's customer. I would trade all the niggers in America for Asians...Mexicans...even Canadians...have agreat negro free your posts Centurion...keep it up VM

Anonymous said...

@ Bogylybuski Stalin purged all the generals in the 30s and it came back to bite him in the ass on June 22, 1941 when the nazi armada came crashing across the border.


Here is my solution to the Detroit problem:

Move the capital of Michigan to Detroit.

Move the main campus of the University of Michigan there. Or better, move the Sociology, Psychology and Liberal Arts degree programs to Detroit. If you want to "study" that crap, you have to do so IN the middle of Detroit.

Move the headquarters of the welfare offices to downtown Detroit.

Move the head of the Teachers Union to Detroit.

In other words, all negro loving people and entities must live and Detroit.

Jay Santos said...

We need to stop for a moment and recognize what's going on, to wit:

-Obama was re-elected
-Obama has 1,206 days remaining in office
-Detroit is bankrupt
-Other municipalities and states will follow
-Negro crime is spiking, both in volume and depravity
-The nation's borders are wide open
-The police are rapidly militarizing
-The DHS is growing and militarizing
-The Federal government is actively growing illegal immigration
-The second amendment is under serious, sustained attack
-There is no political party standing in opposition to the regime
-The true unemployment figures are said to be in the 16 to 18% range
-The Federal government is collecting all electronic communication
-Police departments are using technology to capture the movement of all vehicles
-The nation's debt stands at $16.7 trillion dollars, increasing by $2.3 billion daily
-More people in the country are on food stamps than people holding a job
-The quality, availability and affordability of health care is about to crash, by design

While all this swirls around us, the President of the United States has for the second time, spoke out about a self defense case in south Florida. A case in which the defendant was found not guilty, not by some odd circumvention of the legal system, but by a unanimous jury decision. The President then instructed his Attorney General to use all the machinery of the US Department of Justice to pursue additional charges against this defendant. The DOJ has gone so far as to open a “tip line” for people to send in tips to assist in their effort to build a federal criminal case against the defendant. The President then makes a statement wherein he discusses alleged patterns of racism against negroes and does this one day prior to multi-city marches sponsored by Al Sharpton, an individual who has incited violence in previous cases involving negroes.

What the hell happened to this country? Are we going to continue in this direction?

Anonymous said...

@Cassie prezmident taking time out of his "busy" schedule made me laugh out loud. He had to stop rolling a blunt and pour the coke lines back in his guitar slide pill bottle the poor dear. He has had it so rough with all these million dollar vactions and being stuck in that awful prison according to the first wookie

Vicio Malo said...

Hey Centurion can you imagine going into business for yourself. You are the best at what you do! Years ago salesman were called drummers. They drummed up business. A drummer was a dumb fuck that had no skill set no talent...snake oil salesman...hustlers. Now you have to have a salesman, you are the very best at what you do...manning the kiln 12 hours a day or the anvil...whatever. You soon realize that you need an accountant. Your 12 hour days leave little time for accounting whether or not you are making any money...and trying to make sense of all the regulations you face. Then you decide you need an apprentice. Your accountant advises you, that you need an African American apprentice. Really? you can write off some profit that way...OK. Your apprentice comes to work some days and blows you off on other days and you say enough is are fired. ya know that be rayciss now you hire a lawyer pay an a 12 hours a day to have the government put the coon tune on your ass...ain't life wonderful...VM

Anonymous said...

@Vicio Malo me and a high school bud used to work managing liquor stores on the West and South side of town for capitalist pig one percenters (sarc) one day a North American silverback came in and stole a half gallon of Grey Goose while we were extremely busy and the check out line was backed up. We noticed it right away when the line cleared up and reviewed the surveillance on the computer. The creepy ass cracker po leece caught him hiding in the bathroom at the nearby grocery store and carted him off. Later those capitalist pig one percenters (sarc) sold this particular store and the new owners made it groid friendly with single blunts, porno mags and crap in a can malt liquor, stuff we never stocked, the store went out of business within a year and is now vacant. The Black Hand of Economics will not stopped.

Californian said...

Centurion said...Whites build civilizations. Africans destroy them. This is World Wide and in ANY location where Africans live, the place is a dump.

And again, if this statement is wrong, could Ariel post links showing cities where it is not the case?

Speaking of which, looks like the Death of Johannesburg blogspot is up again:

Anonymous said...


The problematic phenomena of urban flight from decaying cities such as Detroit extend well beyond a simple matter of race.

Productive black individuals tend to leave black communities in the same way, and usually for the same reasons, that white individuals have historically fled such centers of urban blight.

Get it, Ariel?

It's not merely the productive, tax-paying "racist" whites that flee the black community, but the productive members of the black community itself that, given the ability to do so, also tend to get the fuck out of Dodge when they have the chance.

As it turns out, virtually nobody that has the option to do otherwise wants to live in and around the black community -- and that preference extends to the vast bulk of blacks themselves ironically enough.

I mean, who the hell do you think has been leaving the city during the past decade, eh? Almost 250,000 people have fled the city since the year 2000 -- and, given that there are few white people even left in the city at this point, who do you think made up that vast bulk of those tattered and war-torn refugees, eh?

Answer: the last dregs of even the most minimally socially functional blacks, who have finally reached the end of their rope and/or were lucky enough to get their hands on a juicy, taxpayer-funded section 8 voucher that enabled them to get the fuck away from the city and the black community as a whole.

Of course, the surrounding communities pay a price for this exodus; namely, that large numbers of said minimally-competent blacks come flooding into their suburban communities -- killing the school systems, draining community resources. dramatically raising crime rates, and generally acting as a degenerative force upon the host community that is unlucky and/or dumb enough to receive these bedraggled remnants of black civilization.

Anonymous said...

Detroit is the future of most American cities, and the country itself. I am SOOOO depressed to think about this. I am seriously considering emigrating with my family to Scotland... maybe Australia or New Zealand.

Vicio Malo said...

Just wondering and completely off topic...has anyone else noticed how the negro in charge looks very narrow shouldered and slight? John Wayne at one of his last public appearances wore a wet suit under his suit to bulk him up, he was dying of cancer. Obummer looks like a frail aids patient...on his last leg. Just wondering...VM

Anonymous said...

TNB at its finest.

This is typical of the negroid species. Left to their own devices the negroid species is very much akin to the locust. They descend upon a civilized area and do nothing but ask for 'gibs me dat' handouts while blaming YT for the destruction they cause and the crimes they commit. The negroid does nothing to further civilization, it only rapes it until its a burnt out hollow shell of what it once was.

Bogolyubski said...

I see our own CENTURION has provided an excellent retort to the lying faux-moralism and DWL asshattery of Ariel Toliver.

I'll add this observation:

All (as in 100-percent) of the various vampire-squids, banksters, oligrachs, CEOs and assorted well-heeled criminals cited in her post are loyal supporters of BRA. Of course they profit massively from BRA as well.

The Ariel Tolivers are going to need to be destroyed completely. As with Dyson, their smiling happy-face multikulti mask is slipping, revealing the monstrous visage beneath - the genocidal face of the enemy. As we've seen from Southern Africa to Brunswick, GA, their religious fanaticism to the cause of white genocide - which exceeds that of the wildest Musloid goat-humper by an exponential factor - knows no bounds. Our opportunity to deliver ice-cold justice to this type will come only after the collapse takes place on a massive, nationwide level to the point the regime cannot pay its legions of thugs and goons. No quarter, no mercy. We owe them nothing. Never again!

Erik W. said...

Man in Florida here:

Ariel lifted "her" reasons Detroit went broke word-for-word from a MSN Money article. So don't expect her to understand all of what "she" said.


The ability of Africans with some ability to leave (abandon) their fellow Negroes does add to the collapse of a black area. This is why segregation was/is good.

If the "talented 5%" are given the chance to leave Negroeville and chase White women, they certainly will. Why would a black boy who can earn good money stay around and be stuck with a hideous black woman when he can have a superior White woman? You wouldn't. Hell, no black is that stupid.

So, they leave and what remains behind is the worse of the worse. This is what we have today.

The way to prevent this is Segregation. Or better yet, Deportation. Until we do that, it is all down-hill to hell for us Whites.

Bogolyubski said...

I would like to be a municipal bond salesman. I would have a fool-proof way of rating the bonds:

1) A city with a White population of 85% and up with a Republican or Independent city council will be rated: BUY

2) A city with a White population of 85% and up with a Democratic city council would be rated: HOLD

3) A city, any, with a White population under 85%, regardless of government would be rated: SELL

In a non-rigged (or minimally-rigged) economy, you would be a very successful salesman of municipal bonds. That's not how things work in BRA however. Folks really fail to understand the profoundly corrosive nature of the Ponzi-debt-slavery racket referred to as the "free-market" by the Ministry of Truth and the vast idiocracy which swallows their torrent of lies faster than the Rev. Jones' flock guzzled grape-drank.

The fundamental laws of economics still operate, but they are distorted in ways which work to advantage of those with the counterfeiting power. As a very astute anonymous poster pointed out on the previous Detroilet thread, the city was insolvent decades ago under the reign of Afro-Kleptocrat Old King Coleman. It has been propped up via the systematic looting of taxpayers of surrounding counties, the state of MI and by the big-daddy in DC. Under this rigged system, Detroilet bonds were a sure deal for the squids who bought them, as they always paid (when they should have defaulted).

What we're seeing now is that the level of corruption, malfeasance, looting has continually increased while the tax base for exploitation has declined - resulting in a perfect storm of debt which is so obviously unpayable that even the racketeers cannot hide it any longer. As I stated earlier, this will not in any way stop the likes of Repuke-Rick Snyder and his Chamber-of-Commerce legislature from engineering a massive bailout by borrowing counterfeit cash from the squids so that more interest will be collected out of the hides of YT taxpayer. The looting which has been going on since the 1970s is simply "moving on up" to the state and national levels. that's all. All those nice oligrachs, CEOs, emirs, bankstas, etc. with lots of offshore accounts will be the ultimate beneficiaries, as they always are.

robins111 said...

Thought you should know, a massive crowd of one (1) showed up today in Toronto to demand justice for Traaaavon..

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Well, here's another sad and terrible Detroit video, if you haven't seen enough already:

Imagine being that lady.

Lorraine said...

I agree with you about the white women libtards. The white race NEEDs more children. Educated, smart white women, not necessarily DEGREED white women need to have more kids.

White Mom in VA

blancdeseinesaintdenis said...

Hello US white people, this story of Detroit's bailout has comen to the french newspapers...the official version is that Detroit is in bailout because of General Motors and Subprimes..they never tell French that there has been a white flight..they never said that Pittsburgh is a very good city today...

Big Bear said...

robins111: Wise move. I have relatives in Windsor and I worry about them. They were there in '67 and Canada closed the tunnel and the Ambassador Bridge. They could see the smoke columns from Detroit while they grilled steaks and the kids splashed in the pool. It was surreal.

I'm in Idaho about 90 miles from the border. I've been giving some serious thought to moving north of the 49th, to BC lake country. The only way I will die here is if Idaho secedes from BRA. That may happen as the pot boils over and the big cities burn. We will be forgotten quickly by the Empire back east.

Anonymous said...

NO ONE in the MSM, or even in mainstream or conservative blogs, will mention the fact that Detroit is 90% black, while cities with few blacks and THE SAME POLICIES prosper. To mention the elephant in the room is to be cast into outer darkness and have your life ruined. No one is immune.

A majority of Americans RE-elected Obama, and at least 40% feel he's doing a "good job". Don't hold your breath waiting for them to find a clue. They aren't "sleeping"; they're totally indoctrinated into a false picture of reality. They don't need to "wake up"; they need to be deprogrammed.

Don't keep hoping for "IT" to happen. There will be no deus ex machina. We will not be saved.

"There is none so blind as he who will not 'see'."

David said...

Guys and Ladies

please, please take one minute and twelve seconds to watch this disgusting trailer about Nat Turners rebellion. You will be upset and outraged but if this hits the cinema there will be war. As many whites as possible need to see this.
Ask yourself would you allow your child to be used in this way?

David..a friend from Ireland

R.E. Prindle said...

True, Aryans have been indoctrinated and conditioned to accept the nonsense of Negro equality. But that has been conditional based on the notion that Negroes want to be on a parity with Aryans but not above them as is the case.

This is obvious to 'us' but has not yet penetrated to the majority. They can nevertheless be shaken. We will never get far in enlightening them by only attacking Negroes. That, yes, but Aryans extended Negroes their good will and trust. They still wish to think well of Negroes but they don't want to feel badly about themselves. They don't wish to see themselves as fools.

A possible approach is to say that 'we' sure have been made to look lie fools by the Blacks..., Boy they sure took advantage of us and our good will....

One should not make them the other so it's best not to say 'you' but to include yourself in a 'we.' Promotes solidarity.

It isn't necessary to make them acquiesce all at once. It is enough first to sow doubt in their minds, always reinforcing that doubt. Let them think about it. Events as planned by the Obama-Holder Axis will bring them around.
Just keep playing on it.

The main thing is to win them back to a pro-Aryan point of view. It is possible to quickly turn love to hate when the lover feels betrayed. 'We' have been betrayed...stabbed in the back, etc.

Vicio Malo said...

Brutal times require brutal actions. We have a military that is disengaging from a war front. Every non-com has border security enforcement experience. They will flood back into the USA with no jobs. I think it is time to re-assign all military people into the corps of engineers. Retrain any that need retraining and access the talents of those that have skill sets of any variety. Build the return centers along the border to house the border the required fences to keep the jumpers on their own side. Like I said tough times require tough fixes. I think for Detroit and the safety of the Canadian border...Marshall law and restrictions on movement between the hours of 8PM to 6AM should be enforced,vagrancy laws and loitering not permitted, we have an awesome force fixing to come home to...NOTHING...the GIs that time on their hitch to be re-deployed as border guards. Any GI whose short time should be compelled to re-up on a yearly basis. Once a job has been offered, if you decline kills your option for "unemployment". If you have an offer in the free market all means take it. If not the option of a decent wage and VA med care base living are better perks than unemployment and an EBT card. Employ legal Mexicans to run the return centers...document all that pass thru. Return "visitors" receive a sentence maybe 3 months. Daily work for food. Second offense maybe 6 months, again, daily work for food. For Detroit, an expressway thru the city to the Canadian Border...3 checkpoints, monitor all traffic tourist and commercial. Expedite both on a thru-way (rapid access) to the border. Desperate times require desperate measures. Black people are, unfortunately, citizens of the USA. Do not encroach on their rights as citizens but make them very aware their bullshit will not be tolerated. Thank You and have a "groid free day"...VM

Anonymous said...

We will not be saved. Of course not but you can save yourself and loved ones. Let's celebrat the 44th anniversary of the moon landing comrades with some taxes for welfare checks.

Bogolyubski said...

Guys and Ladies

please, please take one minute and twelve seconds to watch this disgusting trailer about Nat Turners rebellion. You will be upset and outraged but if this hits the cinema there will be war. As many whites as possible need to see this.

Ask yourself would you allow your child to be used in this way?

Really? What on earth makes you believe that the next ratchet up in the outrage will be the one final straw that causes YT to awaken from his state of inebriation. The vast majority - even in Ireland - are so thoroughly gaslighted (HT to Lorraine) that they actually think that Nat Turner (yes, I actually know something about the historical incident) was a great Amurikan hero who laid his life down for freedumb, skittles, bakkaball, Mickey-Dees and the Amurikan way.

Here in the Banksta Banana Republick, YT has already been indoctrinated in the system - from kindergarten to PhD - about Nat Turner, who even in the 1970s series Roots was mentioned in passing as a freedom fighter. So, if a TWMBN movie racketeer gets some manufactured money from the usual suspects to produce an even more outrageous piece of hate-YT propaganda than the recent box-office success Django Unchained, YT will flock to see it just to reaffirm that good old-time BRA religion they've been indoctrinated into since they were toddlers. Not only do the usual suspects get to see more YT tots die a la Antonio Santiago, they get YT to pay them to gin-up the murderous deeds from the Sons of D'Won. As Uncle Yusif observed many moons ago - Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.

As I've pointed out, even in South Africa, where the extermination of whites is being openly discussed by members of the ruling ANC, most whites continue to live in complete denial of reality. Even the Boer farmers continue to hire blacks as workers - because they're cheaper, not because they're forced to by the regime. As long as YT continues to play the game by the enemy's rules, he is guaranteed to lose. The game is rigged from the get go, from top to bottom to everywhere between. Time to stop playing.

Don M said...


Your intellect is wasted trying to wake up the proles.

I think you should apply to the DoJ's Extraordinary Commission for Combating Racism (ECCRA).

Supervisory Commissar Officers are hired at the GS-14 level which I hear is right around 6 figures to start.

rjp said...

The 11th Commandment:

Honor thy black president.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but your humor is killing me. I saw that caption about Detroit being "FUBAR" and I honestly blew Diet Coke out of my nose.

I know what it means, but FUBAR:

Fuct up beyond all restoration?
Fuct up beyond all reorganization?
Fuct up by africans' region?
Fuct up by african retards?

Anonymous said...

You got it all wrong Ariel, we dont care what negros do (all though sometimes it is entertaining) until they do it to us and we are expected to pay for their dysfunction.

Mich Mike

Anonymous said...

off topic....this is at CNN:
far too many stereotypes and bigotries that divide us on a daily basis. Far too many people of different backgrounds who feel targeted, mocked, or looked down upon by others.

Obama's comments don't just speak to the young black man who worries he's being followed, or who sees other people look at him with fear. He spoke to the young Sikh-American man who is called a "terrorist" on the street or stared at with fear for wearing a turban publicly.

He spoke to the young Indian-American man, born and raised in this country, who is mocked and called a racial slur and told "welcome to America" by a U.S. senator because his skin color is a little darker.

He spoke to the servicewoman who wears our nation's uniform but finds that the greatest threat might come from male colleagues.

He spoke to the young woman who walks down the street and feels the need to cover up because of all the eyes "checking out" her body.

Anonymous said...

@Amoswtlcindy speaks with Gov. Mike Pence, IN about Trayvon verdict and Black Expo violence:

robins111 said...

Big bear.. Nice country in BC.. Think about north of Superior in Ontario also.. Better fishing and hunting.. All I got to say to all of you guys is watch your 6.. Its gonna get ugly soon.. You can almost smell it..

Anonymous said...

Not the slightest doubt in my mind.If only we could send 2 niggz to Mexico for every Mexican that comes here or has come here,legal or not.Sure would be sweet.I am certain many would disagree,but I have no problem with hispanics.There is no comparison between niggz and really anyone else.Can you give me an example of any race or nationality anywhere that is so dysfunctional as the lowly nigg? Richard Cranium

Anonymous said...

I live in upstate New York. The taxes are extremely high, but the standard of living is low. The working class here not only pays for the welfare recipients in our own city, but for NYC as well.

And I bet that Michigan's taxes all over go to support the welfare in Detroit. but now that's not enough I guess..

Now they need a "Bailout", just like the greedy top 1 percent of the population that make millions per year off juicing working class people on anything and everything that can have an interest rate.

So now the workers throughout the nation will have to bailout a different set of scumbags - fat, gluttonous, lazy baboons that REFUSE to do hard work, so they BREED for welfare money..

Their life is a permanent vacation, watching tv all day, buying cartloads of "pleasure foods" like ice cream, chips, candy, readymade meals, pizza, chicken wings, etc, on the taxpayer's dime.. Having sex with Jailbird Jamal, Drugdealer Darius, and No Limit Trayvon and then lying to the state, saying they don't know who the father is, so their boyfriends won't have to pay child support - the working class white man will pay it.

And the bailout for Detroit will only be the beginning. Eventually Baltimore, Chicago, and every other nigger city will have to get bailed out until America is DONE.

Anonymous said...

No doubt.This is the begining of the end.There will be a cascade effect-watch the other cities race to be next to get on the free money train.Get while the gettin's good,as long as it lasts.In 1950 the US manufactured more goods than the whole rest of the world put together.American industry was the envy of the entire fucking world.Words can not begin to express the profound sadness it gives me to know that somehow it all has been squandered.How,how,how can you screw up a lead like that ? What an unbelieveable shame. Richard Cranium

Nonhumans said...

Hey libtard, did you ever consider that the reason everyone moved away from Detroilet is the fact that it is over 90% nonhuman and that nonhumans tend to be savagely violent? So to correct your first point, they did not move away, they were driven out.

Anonymous said...

You are so right, but it has everything to do with race. Black hoods are shitholes, so white people move away when s hood gets too black. About 30% is too much.

Anonymous said...

All the crappy apartments in my hood are filled with Mexicans, I am so happy it isn't blacks on sec. 8

Anonymous said...

Those commenters who would trade Blacks for Mexicans should take a look at the former White working class neighborhoods of Southern California. Mexicans may look pretty good compared to Blacks, but so does a beating look pretty good compared to a rape, or a missing toe compared to a missing hand. Mexicans, just like Blacks, create a society intolerable to most Whites, which is why the White working class has largely abandoned Los Angeles. Only Whites who can afford to buy segregation choose to remain.

Anonymous said...

Who really cares if it honors the DL loving Obummer? It needs to be done.

Melanie said...

@ Bogolyubski July 19, 2013 at 9:23 PM-

Yes, they have to clear out the few remaining (in the upper echelons) old style, patriotic, "God, Country, Family" types to make room for the new style leadership which will command the new military of sodomites, under-qualified females and groids, muslim infiltrators, Christian haters (and they hate Christians in the new military with a vengeance) and gangbangers. The new military's mission is not to protect America from its enemies foreign and domestic, it's to be willing to follow orders to keep the citizenry in line and fire upon them if they resist.

The one mercy for us is that these types will never be as willing to die for this "cause" as our traditional, patriotic white males were for their country and their comrades. They may have been willing in the wrong wars (but that's hardly their fault), but at least they were willing. The bad thing is that the "sharp end" has traditionally been comprised of these types of white males, so they are the ones we lose in all these "actions" we have going on at present (and Obama wants to use them up even faster by puttng them in Syria and God knows where else before he's finished).

The other good thing is that many of these white males are aware of what's happening, and men who would have proudly served their country in the armed forces are opting out. Like my brother, app 30 yrs service, 3 different terms of combat in the Middle East. He refused to re-up, and has advised his children and all our nieces and nephews against military service.

Vicio Malo said...

I am one who mentioned trading 20 million Mexicans if we can rid of 20 million negroes. I grew up in Los Angeles had Spanish lessons from the time I was in 5th grade till I got outa high school. I have worked with a lot of Mexicans legal and illegal.Put me in a Mexican Barrio and I be drinkin' bud light talkin' shit with the Mexicans. If I'm drunk I guarantee you I will leave with my wallet unscathed. Take that chance partying with the asphalt apes, good luck. Mexicans are basically of 2 types the Spanish/Indian mix or the mostly Indian very few are mostly Spanish. By their dimension you can pretty much tell what you are dealing with. As I stated before I would trade every negro off of this continent for an even trade of Mexicans, Asians, or even Canadians. You my friend can even have the 2 negroes I have chained up in my barn. GOOD LUCK...VM

Melanie said...

@ Bogolyubski-

Yes, they have to clear out the few remaining (in the upper echelons) old style, patriotic, "God, Country, Family" types to make room for the new style leadership which will command the new military of sodomites, under-qualified females and groids, muslim infiltrators, and gangbangers. The new military's mission is not to protect America from its enemies foreign and domestic, it's to be willing to follow orders to keep the citizenry in line and fire upon them if they resist.

The one mercy for us is that these types will never be as willing to die for this "cause" as our traditional, patriotic white males were for their country and their comrades. They may have been willing in the wrong wars (but that's hardly their fault), but at least they were willing. The bad thing is that the "sharp end" has traditionally been comprised of these types of white males, so they are the ones we lose in all these "actions" we have going on at present (and Obama wants to use them up even faster by puttng them in Syria and God knows where else before he's finished).

The other good thing is that many of these white males are aware of what's happening, and men who would have proudly served their country in the armed forces are opting out. Like my brother, app 30 yrs service, 3 different terms of combat in the Middle East. He refused to re-up, and has advised his children and all our nieces and nephews against military service.

Melanie said...

@ Anonymous July 20, 2013 at 10:01 AM-

The difference is, when the middle class blacks flee decaying cities and follow the white flight, they are fleeing to an area which the preceding whites pioneered, created, and made successful and safe. They don't go to a new area and build it into a safe and successful black-pioneered area themselves-once again, they parasite off the white host.

Then all their deadbeat and/or criminal relatives and friends follow, bringing with them the same crime and dysfunction the whites fled in the first place. Also, the children of these middle class blacks regress to the mean both in IQ and in participating in black culture, which esteems the "gangsta" lifestyle-drugs, crime, disrespect for women, disrespect for legitimate authority and education, vandalism, and a mistaken idea of "respect". (Studies show that black males from educated, two-parent, middle and upper middle class families have lower scholastic scores, higher crime rates, and higher school drop-out rates than white males from lower socioeconomic families).

So the whites who fled in the first place and created the new successful suburb or town, have to do it all over again. Then come the "middle class" blacks, escaping their own race's dysfunction by following the whites, never by creating a successful area on their own.

No matter who they are, blacks feed off what whites create.

Melanie said...

Anonymous said...

Detroit is the future of most American cities, and the country itself. I am SOOOO depressed to think about this. I am seriously considering emigrating with my family to Scotland... maybe Australia or New Zealand.

July 20, 2013 at 10:06 AM

You might want to do a little more research on that. Australia and New Zealand have their own, similiar problems with their abos that we have with blacks, if not worse. They have no freedom of speech (for what ours is worth, we as of yet can't be thrown in jail for participating at sites like this), they have no right to KABA and other advances in PC. We may be right behind them, but we're not caught up yet.

Anonymous said...

30 X too much ! Richard Cranium

Anonymous said...

People move away from blacks. They run civilizations into the ground. Whites, like in Zimbabwe, are forced to flee or be slaughtered.

Without a means of income, a black government's habitual kleptomania will more quickly bankrupt it

Anonymous said...

Yes, better like a large Mexican city. Functional, but not on Scandinavian terms

Anonymous said...

Black labor built America? Yeah...i recall all those pictures with the black faces 1000' above NYC on steel girders, coming out of coal mines, hanging off the Hoover dam, etc. Black all

Anonymous said...

Talented tenth of Africans is only barely better than an average white

miltonrita said...

Wow such hatred

martin said...

Very interesting observations. Maybe this time there really will be a critical mass of whites so that a cultural shift will take place. :

Anonymous said...

MSNBC’s Liberal Denial Machine is blaming Republicans for the city’s downfall, despite the fact that Detroit hasn’t had a Republican mayor since 1962 and there has been only one Republican on the Detroit City Council during the last four decades. Still, despite such uncomfortable facts, Melissa Harris-Perry blamed the city’s woes on small government and “what Republicans would impose on us.” The jowly sack of flatulence known as Ed Schultz blamed Detroit’s decline on “a lot of Republican policies.”

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